571 - Part 2

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Praise the Lord, we are doing a study on the Sefirot, working up the place where we will talk about the partzufim and then the concept of the maturation of Christ in the individual. I do not even think I made this clear on part 1, but this whole concept of pregnancy, suckling and childhood is talking about the maturation of the Christ in the individual. The Christ in you must grow up to the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. First you must receive Christ, Christ must be grafted to you, Christ is different from the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is the female aspect of the spiritual man, the glorified Jesus Christ, and the Christ is the whole man. That Christ is grafted to us in the form of a seed, that holy seed, and that holy seed becomes a holy child which must be nurtured and raised up, must be taught with instruction, it must receive spiritual strength from its father. There are three stages during which Christ is perfected in us. Christ is the one who is being perfected in us, Christ is the one who is being born again in us, and Christ is the child that will save us when we bear him, when he is fully born again into the spiritual planes of God, he will be our salvation, okay, praise the Lord, he is the savior in the midst of us.


So, in preparation to understand more about the maturation of Christ Jesus and how he is matured, we are doing this study on the ten Sefirot, and what page are we up to on our notes? Is it page two of our notes? Yeah, page two of your notes. We at the end of part 1, we were talking about the first aspect of the light to manifest within the void, which is the expression of God's desire to create the universe. Our notes say, this first aspect of light entered the void like a laser beam and quickly formed a sphere surrounding the outermost parameter of the void, but we did show you on part 1, how Christ centered Kabbalah views this, and I will not review that. The first aspect of creation is the first of ten filters which God uses to channel his divine light from his ultimate essence to the lowest of all lower worlds. It is the primordial essence of all things to come.


This first Sefirah, the first expression of God into the realm of creation is called Keter, which means crown. It is called crown because like the crown upon a head which is above the entire body and is its glory, so too Keter is above all the rest of creation. The first expression of God also has other names which better describe its meaning and function. Keter is also called the Ra'avah Ila'ah, meaning the supernal will of the divine.


For it is the will more than anything else that defines existence. Will is the force of life, the will that is the Keter, can also be called Ani, meaning I. For prior to one being conscious of existence, one already exists. Before you can be conscious of existence you yourself must first exist. Existence preexists the awareness of one's existence, thus Keter is I, before the I can say, I am. Keter is also known as Adam Kadmon. As a matter of fact, this is the term most often used to describe the Keter. Adam Kadmon means primordial man. This does not mean that Keter is in the form of a physical man, rather Adam Kadmon or Ak as the Kabbalists refer to this level is considered the primordial pattern of the universe. Ak contains within him all of the lower worlds. These lower worlds will emanate God's ultimate essence. In Ak, all things exist in their potential form waiting to become manifest, yet Keter the Ak, the supernal I is unaware of itself and therefore is in need of revelation.


This then leads to the manifestation of a second level Sefirah within the void, the Sefirah Chokhmah, well before we go on to the Sefirah, Chokhmah, I would like to put something on the board for you just emphasizing that all of the subsequent Sefirot emanate out from Adam Kadmon and that each one comes out from the one before it. Let me put that on the board so I can make this point for you. Drawing #1, I have drawn actually what looks like an upside down pyramid. My purpose in this drawing is to show you that each Sefirah emerges out of the Sefirah before it. I did not want you to think that each Sefirah comes into existence as an independent whole. It is as if to say a child comes out of the body of a woman and then that child produces, grows up and has its own child, okay.


So the child has come out of the mother, the grandchild has come out of the child and the great grandchild has come out of the grandchild. That is the concept of each Sefirah coming or emerging out from the one before it, and that is why I have drawn it like this to try and give you that concept. Each Sefirot emerges out of the Sefirah before it or above it. Each Sefirot is a sphere, not just a flat two dimensional circle, it is a sphere just like the planets and they spin just like the planets. Each Sefirah is a sphere, the ten Sefirot are spheres within spheres, and down below, I have shown you a flat two dimensional series of circles indicating a much more accurate representation of the Sefirot, although that is not accurate either. The most accurate representation would be our universe with the sun at the center and each planet orbiting the sun and spinning on its own axis, that is one sphere, each orbit of each planet that surrounds our sun is a sphere within a sphere within a sphere. Although even that is not accurate, okay, because the true reality is a sphere literally inside of the sphere. That is the best I can do to explain it.


So we have the Malkhut at the center and the Malkhut is the physical world. Our physical world is surrounded by spiritual worlds. Ze'ir Anpin comes next and Ze'ir Anpin consists of six Sefirot, Chesed Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, and then after that comes Binah, after that comes Chokhmah, and the outermost Keter, and the outermost realm is Keter. Except of course that has, well that is the configuration for the circular aspect of the Sefirot. In the linear aspect of the Sefirot, it is the exact opposite. The Keter is the innermost level and the Malkhut is the outermost level. Praise the Lord. Are there any questions on that? This is really a review. Are there any questions on this at all? See, we have invisible worlds surrounding us, there are invisible within us and invisible worlds surrounding us. We are surrounded by worlds that we cannot see, and they manifests as levels of mind, the subconscious aspect of the mind, the unconscious aspect of the mind, and these two aspects, subconscious and unconscious are further subdivided into other aspects of mind.


This is all mind. Ze'ir Anpin is the subconscious aspect of the mind and Binah, I am not sure where she is, I know Keter is the unconscious, Chokhmah and Binah, I really at the moment do not know where to place them, whether they are in the subconscious or the unconscious aspect of the mind. Probably Keter and Chokhmah are unconscious and Binah must be both unconscious and subconscious. Ze'ir Anpin is the subconscious aspect of your mind. So the question is who are you? Are you this animal mind that dwells out here in the physical plane alone, or are you Ze'ir Anpin which is Christ Jesus to us. Where are you living at, or where are you coming from, where are you rooted? Where are you grounded? Are you a spiritual person or you just living this animal existence, and I do not say that with any condemnation, I would just like you to know who you are.


I was in the gym the other day walking on the tread mill and this woman was walking in and out, she had some function there in the gym and the Lord just said to me, look at her. She seemed to be a very nice lady, I must have looked into her soul however because what the Lord was telling me about her was that she is just a typically carnal person and again this is without condemnation, she lives her life, she works her days work, she goes home, her pleasure in life is in her children, in her family, and just like the Lord was saying to me, just like an infant compare the typical human being to an infant, they need food, they need clothing, they need affection in their life, and affection is supposed to be coming to you both from your husband or your wife, and that is one kind of affection and then your children and your extended family that is another kind of affection. But the Lord was saying to me, that is what people need, the same thing as an infant. So what was he saying to me, that the average person in our world has not really matured very far from infancy? We still need the same things, we physically grow bigger, we develop our intellect, we learn to talk and read and write hopefully, but adult people need the same thing that human babies need, food, clothing, affection, and human relationships.


But there is a much higher life style and that is a lifestyle of mind. There is spiritual growth, there is growth that is available to the human being that far transcends what we see in our world today. It is a potential that is glorious, but it requires giving up what we have here. The Lord told me years ago the whole world is addicted. We are addicted to the pleasures of the flesh, and to the lusts of the flesh, that is the condition we are in, and somehow the Lord is going to enable the whole creation to rise back up to their first estate, which is an ascended mind, which is a mind that is so high that the lusts of the flesh are like a memory. That is what he said to me. The average person dwells right in here in Malkhut, they never go any further. Praise the Lord, any questions or comments on this? Let us go on. The second Sefirot, Keter is the divine will, the I of creation, however in order for that the I be realized and actualized, it must be cognizant of itself, the I must translate from simply being I and become I am. This I am level of self-recognition is the second Sefirah, Chokhmah, meaning wisdom.


Now let me remind you brethren that we are the Sefirot, and we are experiencing the seven days of creation. Each one of us is destined to experience the seven days of creation within ourselves, and to be circumcised on the eighth day. We are circumcised away from our carnal minds on the eighth day. I was listening to a tape called the Serpent In The Void Of Creation, and I was listening to myself preach, I did not remember this, saying that I was experiencing the first day of creation because Christ Jesus is married to my personality, that it is the first day of creation, the joining of the evening and the morning. I really have not had time to work out, to look at those Scriptures and work out what the other six days of creation or how, what that would mean or how that would manifest in a human life, I have not had time to pray about it, but I know this, we are the Sefirot, we are destined to experience the seven days of creation and to be circumcised away from our sin nature on the eighth day, and I know that we are from this point of view, we are the Keter, we exist, but we do not know who we are. We do not know who we are. Those of us who are studying on this level, we are called and challenged to recognize who we are, because the whole of creation is out there with very few exceptions not knowing who we are. We think we are these animal bodies, we think we are these animal minds, and we are not, we are the sons of God, who have fallen down into an animal form.


We are spiritual seeds who have fallen into the earth, and are covered with the earth and we have become unconscious, we are amnesiacs. So the whole creation is just sifting and rolling in this sea, in this cosmic sea, waiting for a small company of people to arise up out of it and know who we are. We know that we have existence, but we do not know who we are, and I will tell you it has been quite a battle for me to find out who I am and I still do not know that I fully know I am because I look around me and I have to enter into this battle between what God says I am, or who God says I am, and who this world says that I am, and it is a real problem when I see that I have infirmities that I would like to be healed that are just thorns in my flesh, nothing serious, just this little problem and that little problem and that little ache, and that little pain, and this little problem over there, it is hard to believe that you are a son of God, but we are challenged to believe the word of God rather than what our eyes see and our ears hear.


And let me tell you that is a battle for me every day, but I am taking the victory, I am finding out who I am, and today if somebody asks me, I will tell you I am the Christ, and I can say that because I see aspects of the Christ in my life. I see things that happened to Moses happening in my life, I see things that happened to Elijah happening in my life, I see things that happened to Jesus happening in my life, I see things that happened to Paul happening in my life. Therefore I know that I am the Christ.


Now if you are a human being and you cannot relate to anything that the genealogy that came before you or the members of the genealogy that came before you have experienced, you do not know who you are, and you are not living in your true reality, see. You are not living in your true reality, but if you have relationship with Jesus Christ, that is something, you are living in your true reality, Jesus ascended to a high mountain every night and spoke to the Lord. So most likely everybody listening to this message or reading this transcript can relate to the Christ in some level. Even those of you here you are disciples in a discipleship ministry, so you can relate to the apostles. You should know who you are. Well I am not manifesting the life of an apostle yet Sheila. Well what life did the apostle manifest, you are talking about going out two by twos and doing healings, the apostles did not do that until after Jesus was crucified and ascended. The apostles originally were students in a discipleship ministry, and Jesus was the chief apostle. Are you not students in an apostleship ministry, in a discipleship ministry? That is what you are. You need to start focusing on recognizing yourself in this role, because it is a battle of the minds.


As you think of yourself, so you will be, you ascend in your mind. If you think of yourself as weak, you will be weak, if you think of yourself as an overcomer, you will be an overcomer. You can truly do all things in Christ. It is all in your mind, and when that persons or persons in your life tells you that you are the exact opposite of what you know yourself to be, the answer is not to fight with them, because it does not matter what they think you are, the only thing that matters is who you think you are. The carnal mind seems to think that we have to convince the other person of who we are, and to be who we are, but that is not true. We could be the only person in the world who knows who we are, as long as Jesus agrees with us, that is who we are, and the whole world is deceived. Praise the Lord. So we are the Keter, now do not misunderstand me, we are the Keter of the circular aspect of the Sefirot. We are not the Keter where the glorified Jesus Christ is. We are the Keter, well, let me put that on the board for you. This is drawing #2, this is what we are supposed to look like, drawing #2a, this is a diagram of a spiritual man, the Keter realized the spiritual man who knows who he is, that is Ze'ir Anpin or Christ Jesus, which ever you choose to call him, knowing who he is, and are we not Christ Jesus? As Christ Jesus grows and matures in us, actually once he is grafted to us, we are Christ Jesus, okay. But we do not know who we are, so this is us on the far side of the board on 2b. First of all, well let me get back here on 2a, you could see that this man Christ Jesus or Ze'ir Anpin, he is penetrated by the glorified Jesus Christ or Adam Kadmon, which ever you choose to call him, and he is a fully functioning male with the Keter in his outermost ring, his carnality, his physicality is in his innermost being, that is Malkhut, and his outermost layer is Keter.


Now that is the Keter of the circular aspect of the Sefirot, not the Keter of straightness, this is the glorified Jesus Christ in the Sefirot of straightness penetrating into this man who is Christ Jesus, okay. But we see that in the fall, this man was turned inside out, and that is the condition that we are in now, in 2b. The Keter is in our, now this is not the male Keter, cause in our condition now we are, not I am not talking about those of us who are being regenerated, this is carnal men, there is no male entrance at all, the Sefirot have been completely sealed, the open space through which the light is entering into the void is completely sealed off, there is no spiritual male aspect, and therefore this is a diagram of a eunuch. Access to the spiritual worlds above are sealed off, and the Sefirot are inside out. The Keter of the circular aspect is at the innermost place, and the Malkhut which is the physicality is at the outermost realm. This physical body is the Malkhut of circles, but she does not belong in the outermost realm, she is supposed to be inside, you see.


Now, so the Keter of circles has become the male aspect. Somebody is not understanding this, let me try it again. Look at the left, this is the way it is supposed to be. The Malkhut of the circular aspect is supposed to be in the innermost place, and the Keter is the outermost place, and the Keter is the highest level of spirituality. And these circular aspects of the Sefirot are to be penetrated by the Sefirot of straightness which is Adam Kadmon or the glorified Jesus Christ, and this is Christ Jesus married to the glorified Jesus Christ, a fully functioning spiritual man. In the fall, the whole male aspect was removed, and the only thing that man had left was the female aspect that was at his center, but the circular aspect of the Sefirot were turned inside out, so the Keter of circles which is Satan, okay the Keter of circles is now at the innermost aspect of man, of fallen man, and the outer most aspect is Malkhut, this physical shell. Is there anybody that does not know what I just said? Anybody need me to say this again? Yes.


COMMENT: Please explain when you said Satan.


SHEILA: Well I jumped ahead of myself, we turned inside out and because the male aspect is gone, the Keter which is the highest spiritual level has become evil, the Keter of circles, not under the authority of the spiritual man that we see in 2a, became the man.


Okay, you got that? So, we see that this is the reality of Revelation 5:2,5, who is strong enough to open the seals. Do not cry, or do not fret, Jesus the Christ is strong enough to open the seven seals, and here are the seven seals, Malkhut, the carnal mind, the conscious part of the carnal mind which we know to be Cain is the first line of defense and after her comes the six, I did not draw the six circles but the six Sefirot that make up the man and who is the counter part of Ze'ir Anpin, Christ Jesus in the fallen creation? Who is the man of the fallen creation? Who is the counterpart of Christ Jesus, who is Christ Jesus' foe?


COMMENT: Leviathan.


SHEILA: Yes, Christ Jesus fights Leviathan and the Spirit of Christ fights Satan, spirit fights spirit and spirit soul, Christ Jesus is a man okay, not the spirit of a man but the whole man, spirit soul fights spirit soul, Christ Jesus fights Leviathan, spirit and personality, and the Spirit of Christ fights Satan, the spirit that rules over that personality. So here are your seven seals right here, the outermost layer is Malkhut, that is your conscious part of your carnal mind which we know to be Cain, which is a very strong klipot as the Kabbalist would say, a very strong shell that just will not let spiritual instruction pass through. And if we can get past this first shell, Cain the conscious part of the carnal mind, then we are up against, this is Leviathan in here, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod of the other side is Leviathan, that is the subconscious part of the mind. It is interesting that the Scripture just says, who can open the seven seals, well let us say we get past Malkhut and the six, then is Binah, Chokhmah and the Keter no contest? I really do not know, but that is what the Scripture says, Who can open these seven seals. Do not fret, Jesus, the lion of the tribe of Judah is strong enough to open your mind to his truth, because your salvation is in your mind. Your body, well first of all this physical body is not being saved, but your spiritual body will be saved when your mind is converted into Christ.


Salvation is of the mind. The whole world and the church thinks the physical body is being saved. Well that is not true, the church will tell you that your soul is being saved, but I do not think they relate soul to mind. Salvation is of the mind. You cannot be saved on the gifts alone. Spirituality is not salvation, it is your mind that is being saved. Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind. This spirit right here, that is Keter of the other side which we just identified as Satan must depart from your center. This is your renewal right here. Satan must depart from your center. You see the unconscious part of your mind is at your center and the Spirit of Christ must take her place, and when the Spirit of Christ displaces Satan at your center, the rest of the mind will line up and become Christ Jesus.


Salvation is of the mind, it is of the spirit and the mind, and then everything else follows. Now these are some tough seven seals to get through, and the people that the Lord is trying to save are working against him. So my whole point of drawing this illustration for you, is to tell you that we are the Keter. This is us over here in 2a, but our problem is, now we are the Keter of circles, okay, we are not the Adam Kadmon, the creator okay, we are the female aspect of Adam Kadmon, we are the Keter of circles, but that Keter is deep inside of us and it is all confused as to who it is, we are living out of the Malkhut. We are living an animal existence. Brethren I tell you the truth, we eat like animals, we have animal emotions, and we reproduce like animals. What do animals do, they spend their whole day looking for food, consuming the food and reproducing themselves.


Brethren there are millions of human beings whose existence does not get beyond that. And the few human beings that are developing their mind only because of the industrial revolution in this country because all of the machines that we have, okay, the degree to which we are developed our minds are really very small. You see the fruit of the mind development is the cessation of labor. As your mind develops, the need for labor diminishes. Now what we have in this world today is really a counterfeit. You see labor is diminishing in this country but it is not really diminishing, labor is diminishing, not just this country, the western world, it is not really diminishing, and wherever else if it is touching the rest of the world too, labor is not really diminishing, it is just diminishing for some people who are now so prosperous that they can afford to pay other people to do the labor for them.


But you see with a scenario such as this, there must always be a slave race, even if those slaves are simply enslaved because they serve other men because they have no other way to eat and have a roof over their head. I call them slaves because they do not have the power to become the head and not the tail, they do not have the power to become the one paying someone else to do their laundry for them. There is nothing wrong with that, it is an honest living, but this is not God's world, you see. In the world of the Lord, everybody is a prosperous man, and the labor is a labor of the mind, you think and it comes into existence. The way the world is today, there will always have to be people who are not prosperous, who are not wealthy, who are not educated, because somebody has to do the laundry, and vacuum the rug and sew your clothes in a factory, and harvest the vegetables and the fruit from the field. Somebody has to pack the chickens, somebody has to wash the floors, and somebody has to collect the garbage.


So this is a world of haves and have nots, another way to say it is, this is a world of good and evil, but the kingdom of God is a world of righteousness, where all men prosper and all men fulfill the creative potential of their existence, by the power of their mind. The prosperity of this world is an illusion, we can lose it in a second, we could lose it as individuals, or we could lose it as a nation, it is an illusion, it is not permanent, it is false, it is phony, and I want to tell you something, that the prosperity that we see largely in the western world today although I should really stop saying that because I know there are Asian nations that are very prosperous today and perhaps African nations too, I do not know so I should stop saying the western world, the nations that are prosperous today, they have received their prosperity as a gift, in the same manner that the Holy Ghost is a gift. The Holy Ghost is a gift, but it is a temporary gift. The gifts and the calling of God are passing away.


You have received or the church or the world has received the Holy Ghost for a season, and we are supposed to take advantage of that season to do our part which will result in having Christ grafted to us, so that when the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the spirit pass away, we will not be left empty. In the same manner, the prosperity of the industrial revolution has been given to the world, just for a season, because it is this deliverance from labor that allows us to study the Scriptures and pursue God. People in nations where the industrial revolution has not yet come, they work from sun up to sun down, seeding and plowing their fields, preparing food, sewing clothes, that is their whole existence, survival. So all the blessings that you see which originally came to the Christian world were delivered to us for the specific purpose of liberating the people or liberating enough time for the people to pursue God. It is not going to last forever. The gifts are passing away and the industrialized prosperity is passing away. What are you talking about Sheila?


Just look at the world. The medical system is not surviving, all of the technology that we have is just too expensive, I do not know to what degree we are running out of fuel but there is all kinds of threats of running out of fuel. There are problems with the prosperity in the world today, and it will not last forever. It was given for a season and the season is coming to a close. But once again, the purpose of this drawing for this message is to tell you all that we are the circular aspect of Adam Kadmon, or of the Keter, we are the ones who have existence but do not know who we are.


We must find out who we are so that we can go on and complete the seven days of creation and be circumcised on the eighth day, and become this glorious spiritual man whose every need is met by the power of his mind. We are the Keter, does anybody not understand this principle? Does anybody need me to say it again? Okay, so we are the Keter, we are the divine will, the Keter is the divine will, the I of creation. However in order that the I be realized and actualized, what does that mean? We have to function as what we are, we must become aware of our self, and our true self is in the midst of us, our true self before Christ comes to us is Abel who is dead, buried under Cain's ground. And even after Christ is grafted to us, I believe most Christians do not even know who he is, and I do not think you can know who he is until he is revealed to you through this kind of teaching, and he is us, he is the new us, that is who we really are.


Christ is grafted to Abel to restore Abel our true identity, we are not Cain, but we are functioning as Cain, we are living as Cain. I get a real kick out of it when some preachers on TV say you should stop acting like the devil, you know, well we are the devil, you act like the devil cause you are the devil, you do not just act like the devil, you are the devil. You need a change of mind. We are the fallen sons of God brethren, we are the sons of God living like animals, do you know who we are? We are Nebuchadnezzar cast down with our nails grown long and long hair grown all over us, living like animals, and we will stay in this condition until we learn to understand that God rules in the earth as well as in the heavens. Praise the Lord.


So the I must be realized, it must become cognizant of itself, that means aware of itself, the I must translate from simply being I and become I am, this I am level of self-recognition is the second Sefirah, Chokhmah, meaning wisdom. So we are told that the first sign that we are recognizing who we are is the manifestation of supernatural wisdom. Kabbalists might not agree with me, but this is the way I will explain it to you, it is a form of knowledge that you did not acquire, you never studied to acquire this knowledge, nobody ever told you about it, it is just knowledge that rises up in your mind, like the dew from under the ground. Sometimes it is called a spirit of revelation, although the spirit of revelation, I think applies to the Scripture, I have intuition concerning all aspects of my life. Simply what happened earlier tonight when I said, Please remind me, the Lord just reminded me I have not planned on putting in my forward mail address into the post office, that is wisdom, that is not me remembering to do it. That knowledge just arose from within me, that is the Lord within me.


Although Chokhmah means wisdom, I choose to call it intuition for Chokhmah is the initial grasp of awareness for the beginning of consciousness and recognition. Chokhmah is like the proverbial light bulb that lights up over one's head revealing a brilliant idea. Praise the Lord. As I told you all, I had the issue of the ministry finances before the Lord, and I was aware that I could not hear from God what he wanted me to do with that money. I have been trained to that point that I could tell he had not spoken.


I had some ideas, but it was from my own mind and I just waited and prayed and waited and prayed and then last week this wisdom just arose in me, what the right thing to do was, and what the will of the Lord was in the circumstance. It was a brilliant idea. That idea popped up fully developed for its source is the Keter, a fully developed idea, you know what do to and you know how to, what is a fully developed idea, you know what to do and you know how to do it, you know how to bring it to pass. I experienced this recently when I redid our web page. I am telling you I was under the most incredible anointing and I had the image in my mind, we have a very extensive web page and it took me, I worked on it for like at least a week or two weeks on the major part of it, I am still working on it, little details here and there. I have this image in my mind, I knew exactly what I was doing, I did not falter for a second, it was very supernatural, that is Chokhmah.


Chokhmah reveals inner subjective knowledge, that which is known because it is an inner truth, not because of an external lesson. Well that is interesting because to me that says, that is the difference between knowing something from God and the knowledge that you get from facts, see. Facts are deceiving because they may not even be facts, and even if they are facts you do not know that you are applying them properly, but when wisdom rises up in you, you know that you have heard from God, and that you have a truth in your possession. You cannot do anything without truth, and the truth is the way Jesus thinks. Your carnal mind will deceive you and destroy you every time. Your carnal mind, your own reasoning, you cannot function in the spiritual plane with your carnal mind, the entities in the other planes of consciousness will destroy you very quickly. Now they may not be able to kill you but they will knock you right out of a spiritual life. They will knock you right out of the spiritual life, at the very least.


You must learn to see, hear, and think in the spirit. Praise the Lord. It is a holy way of life, and you can only acquire the benefits of this life in the spirit if you are willing to give up your own thoughts. I believe I have set an example for you, I waited literally for months to hear from the Lord what he wanted me to do with that money, I waited so long it was causing me...


What I was doing wrong was that my thinking was very far from what the Lord would have wanted me to do, and he gave me a long period of time to figure it out, and I could not figure it out. I could not lay hold of the Lord's thinking, I could not figure out what was wrong, so he gave me a long period of time and then he told me. I could not figure it out for myself, I was lacking in that area. It is the Lord's intention to line our own creative thinking up with his thoughts, this is the benefit of having Christ Jesus in the midst of us. We die to our carnal thoughts and eventually Christ Jesus is mature enough in us to be, not our carnal thoughts, but to be our thoughts. We are becoming him, and he is becoming his father, or I should say he is becoming his father, and we are becoming him.


Chokhmah is the inner truth. You do not acquire Chokhmah by external lessons. You cannot learn this, this is why you cannot learn Kabbalah or even the doctrine of Christ by reading books, I keep telling you all the time, do not worry about it if you do not understand everything that I say, the most important thing is that this tree of life that is being preached here that is present here, starts growing in you and producing fruit in you, that is the most important thing. When that tree is manifesting in you, then you will understand. The primordial Chokhmah gave form to the latent power lying dormant within Adam Kadmon, therefore the I of Keter became the I am in Chokhmah. The two are inseparable.


So when we are Keter alone we are I, that means we have existence, but when Chokhmah starts manifesting in us, then we know that we are I am, we start to get a revelation of who we are, when this intuition, when the mind of God starts manifesting in us, because as long as we are living out of our carnal mind, we do not know who we are. If we are satisfied with our carnal mind, we do not know who we are. You see I was not satisfied with my carnal mind, I prayed and I prayed and I waited and I waited and I said, Lord, I know the thoughts in my mind are not you, they are not the real me, and I reject them. You see I know who I am, at least in this area. Praise the Lord.


So, Chokhmah and the Keter are inseparable. Keter and Chokhmah are united as are the soul and the spirit within the body. The original light that entered the void from God's ultimate essence only penetrated to the level of this Chokhmah, the light of the Chokhmah took the place of the original descending light and continued to descend into the very middle of the void. Let us put that on the board. Drawing #3, I have also divided the board into two parts, and the principle that I am trying to show you here is that the original light that enters into the void, which comes from the Ayn Sof, it is like the Ayn Sof is putting a finger of himself into the void, that original light manifests to the level of Keter and Chokhmah. It pulls down, that light goes down as far as the Chokhmah and goes no further. The original light that comes into the void goes down to the level of Chokhmah and no further.


The light that descends after the level of Chokhmah, you see on the right side of the board is the Keter cloaked with the Chokhmah, that is one sphere inside of the other sphere, and then that sphere goes down to the level of Binah, to the level of Chesed, all the way into the center of the void. Does anybody not understand what I just said? Is everybody okay with this? Okay. The Keter and the Chokhmah are inseparable. We also know that the Chokhmah is well let me say it this way, the Keter and the Chokhmah are inseparable, the Chokhmah has a relationship with the Binah, but it is not as intense a relationship as it has with the Keter, but really the three are one.


Keter cloaked within Chokhmah descends into the void. The light from the level of Binah downward is not the original light that entered into the void. It is still very powerful but it is not the original light, what does that mean? It means that Binah is on a lower level than Chokhmah and the Keter. Everybody okay? Okay. I am not going to read every word as I have been doing, I am going to just pick out the basic principle and keep on going. So Keter feeds into Chokhmah, that which exists now knows that it exists and from there the work goes on, or the light continues on to Binah which means understanding, the place where the I am can understand what it is, and thus say, I am, whatever I am. Now, that is very interesting because you have to remember we are the Sefirot, okay. And the way I see it, the experience that you all are having is not the experience that is described in this book. Whether or not it is the experience that I had, I am not sure, but I know that right now in this discipleship ministry, you are not first recognizing who you are and then receiving understanding, but it is my job to give you understanding so that you can recognize who you are, it is coming the exact opposite way.


Is everybody following me? Are you following me? Are you following me? Okay, so this abstract teaching of the Sefirot is manifesting in the opposite way that we know in fact it to be happening, God is giving you understanding through a teacher and that understanding is resulting in you recognizing who you are, and when you recognize who you are, then you will recognize your existence, then you will become aware of your existence in the spiritual planes. See, as I have told you many times, we exist on multiple planes of consciousness. We have a spiritual body in the astral plane, the Kabbalists call it Yetzirah, we exist in Yetzirah, we exist in Atzilut because of Christ in us, we exist on all these planes of consciousness, but we do not know who we are on those planes of consciousness, we do not even know, you do not even know that you exist on those planes of consciousness. So first you are getting an understanding, then you are recognizing who you are, and then you are going to one day open your eyes and see that you actually exist in the levels of Atzilut, Beriah, and Yetzirah. Everybody okay with what I am telling you? As far as I could see right now my own personal experience, and I am the teacher, it was the same as yours, nope, that is not true, that is not true, I had an opposite experience from you. I started getting revelations of this deep doctrine, I did not know that I existed on other planes of consciousness, I did not know who I was, I had no understanding, and this revelation and all of the experiences that I was having frightened me because I could not understand them at all. So I was experiencing Keter and Chokhmah before I had understanding. I was experiencing spiritual existence, that is Keter, and I was experiencing intuition which was Chokhmah, and I was experiencing understanding in revelation in the word before I knew who I was, but I was experiencing it the way it is in this magazine, but you are receiving it in the reverse order. Have I just confused anybody? Do you know what I am talking about? Okay.


Let us go on, I will not go to a second tape tonight, we will try and fill up the tape. Okay I already told you that Binah is connected with Chokhmah and Keter, I told you that, although she is on a lesser level. Now with the third Sefirah is Binah, and we are told that she is the motivation, I find that very interesting, she is the mother of invention, she is understanding, she, the level of Binah in us lays hold of knowing who we are and puts it to use, and is that not what we teach in this ministry, you must know who you are, you must know that you are existing on other planes of consciousness, you must know that there are evil entities operating through people's minds, even the people that you love dearly, people who are not conscious, who are not aware and are not conscious on the level of the unconscious and subconscious planes have no way to defend you against what is operating through them. You must understand the reality of our human existence to understand that we are all skins, and there are entities that exist in spiritual planes of consciousness that seek to manifest themselves through us, if we cannot see them coming to speak through us and think through us, we cannot stop them.


If we do not understand what they are doing, we speak every thought that comes into our mind and we throw stumbling blocks in front of other people. Therefore those of us who are the sons of God, those of us who are maturing in Christ Jesus, we must be aware that the people that we love dearly are not capable of policing the thoughts that come through their own mind, and that they can make statements and make suggestions to us which can throw us into a turmoil until we become strong enough to deal with this kind of seduction. So Binah is understanding which makes intuition or puts intuition to use. Intuition, communications from Chokhmah, for years I was seeing images and having memories of experiences, then I finally understood they were really words of knowledge, they were messages telling me something similar is going on right now. Ask the Lord what he wants you to do, who it is, what he wants you to pray about it.


So I was receiving communications from the level of Chokhmah for years, until I understood what I was supposed to do with it, and even you all now, I do not think you understand what you are supposed to do with it when you get these memories or thoughts in your mind, you have the opportunity to help people. Somebody is in need when these thoughts come into your mind. I have given you many testimonies, I do not want to put testimonies on this tape because it is very late, but I will just tell you one. I was lying on the couch watching tv one night and suddenly instantaneously a thought of suicide passed through my mind. I am not suicidal. I recognized somebody was suicidal, did not have a clue who it was, just rebuked that suicide and within five minutes I received a phone call, somebody told that they were really seriously considering committing suicide and the thought of me just welled up in their mind and they found the strength to stop.


This is applying understanding which is Binah to Chokhmah, which is intuition. You will be receiving trances, you will be having open eye trances, you will be seeing events playing out, you have tremendous opportunity to help people and do good in this world and serve the Lord Jesus Christ, when you understand who you are when the Chokhmah intuition is operating in your mind. If you do not understand what it means, if you do not know who you are, if you do not know that you are Christ, if you do not know that these thoughts that come into your mind can be used to do a great good, they just get wasted. And what is that Scripture that says, Do not cast your seed, it is a sin to cast your seed, it is not, well I do not know to what degree it manifests in the natural, but brethren we, all of this is seed, all of these thoughts that come into a mind, they are seed.


Now the Lord is not condemning you for not using it on a higher level, he is trying to raise your consciousness. Do you know that we could spend twenty four hours a day doing spiritual work if we did not have to eat and sleep, and do the labors of life, and if our mind could even bear it, just dealing with every thought that flows through the mind of Christ in you, we could spend twenty four hours a day doing that? That is how much work there is to be done, for the person who is conscious on the spiritual plane of Chokhmah. You have to be conscious on that plane and then you have to be able to understand what it means and know what to do with it, or least have the wherewithal to ask the Lord, what he wants you to do with it. Praise the Lord.


So Binah is the mother of invention, she gives us insight, she receives the seed from the father, that is the seeds that I just talked to you about. Praise the Lord, and we are told here that it is, that Chokhmah that intuition which impregnates Binah, Binah is impregnated and Binah gives birth to Ze'ir Anpin, which is Christ, or actually Christ Jesus. So we are told that Binah is also perception, she is understanding, she is perception and understanding together with intuition, produces Christ in you, see, Christ in you. I had the intuition, then I had to get the understanding, and Christ Jesus was born in me. Maybe the Lord has given you intuition and I am the one that is giving you the understanding, maybe you are getting a two pronged attack to bring forth Christ Jesus in you. All of this is happening in you, it is the creation, the literal creation of Christ Jesus in you, the savior in the midst of you, the spiritual child who will save your life, is literally being birthed, the intercourse between mother and father is your mind, and the life is being birthed within you. Praise the Lord. It is a glorious event. So we see that Binah is the level of pure mind, pure consciousness, and it is from within her womb that the rest of creation is born.


Now I told you all off the tape this morning that the first disciple that came forth from this ministry that was literally doing what I do was the fruit of my spiritual womb. And we see in this magazine that it is from this womb that the rest of creation is born. Well you are creation, you are creation and I am creation. Whatever, whoever the Lord will bring forth from any of our spiritual wombs, that is creation.


We are in the midst of creation, we are in Genesis 1 right now. Praise the Lord. And all of the people including the people in the church who are not having these experiences, they are at the point of creation where everything is just chaos, nothing has happened in them yet. It is wild. So we see that the first three Sefirot manifests the power of the mind, and in the Hebrew they are called the mochin, the brains, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah. What is really interesting about these brains is that when Ze'ir Anpin receives his brains, the brains are aspects of these three Sefirot, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, they actually enter into Ze'ir Anpin like the marrow of the bones. That is aspects of the Keter, the Chokhmah and the Binah actually enter into the limbs of Ze'ir Anpin. Praise the Lord.


I told you all that I had an experience before I ever learned this in Kabbalah about the mochin entering into the midst of Ze'ir Anpin, I had an experience with some entity entering into me, it really alarmed me, I just prayed, I said, Lord if it is not you deliver me, but it turned out that it was of God, because right after that, my understanding of Kabbalah opened greatly. I now believe that, that was an aspect of the mochin, that I was receiving mochin, and that these brains, because I am Ze'ir Anpin, you see, I am Ze'ir Anpin, which is Christ Jesus, and I need my brains because I need a lot of help in a lot of areas. I know that I do not have all my brains, you see. I need help from the Lord. And that entity that entered me, it was an aspect of the Lord Jesus Christ because the Lord Jesus Christ is the Keter, the Chokhmah and the Binah, and what are we talking about? We are talking about the union of Christ Jesus in me and the glorified Jesus Christ, that union that I have been speaking about for years is a literal impartation of the brains to Ze'ir Anpin, or Christ Jesus, and that impartation I now understand, is coming an aspect at a time.


You see, in my carnality, I had this vision of a continuous dripping almost like water flowing into Ze'ir Anpin, but the, I never read anything like that, the Lord never told me that, that was just what was in my mind, and now I have to change my mind because there was an actual entity that entered into me which was an aspect of the Lord Jesus Christ. So I do not know how much longer I will have to wait for the next aspect of the Lord Jesus Christ to enter into me, but I know that in my case, the marriage is well underway. So let me say that again, the impartation of the mochin, of Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, to become the brains of Ze'ir Anpin, that this manifestation takes the form of literal aspects of the Lord Jesus Christ entering into your person. Praise the Lord.


So, Binah is the left brain and Chokhmah is the right brain, Keter is the skull that like a crown is on top of them both. So we see that Binah transforms the power of mind into action, but before action, there must first be motivation, see, we can have, you can have all of these things, you can have intuition, you can have Chokhmah, you can have understanding, but if you are not motivated to do anything, you are really an unproductive vessel, and Binah is our motivation, she is absolutely necessary, and it is her, it is Binah that moves through the awareness and the intuition and brings forth the first motivation, and that motivation results in the physical form. The physical form joins together all aspects of mind.


Now this motivation that Binah manifests, it is the power of emotion, and this emotion is manifested in the next six Sefirot, which are Ze'ir Anpin or Christ Jesus. Now although these six are unique and independent of one another, they act together as one. Praise the Lord, so we are talking about Ze'ir Anpin, we are talking about the birth of Ze'ir Anpin at this time.


So just by way of review, I do not think I am going to go on to the next section here it is too late, by way of review, we have intuition from Chokhmah, understanding from Binah, and then Binah is the motivation within us and that motivation manifests in the form of emotion, to bring forth something into existence. Now we sort of, the way the Lord is relating that to me right now is what happened in this meeting earlier this evening, that some information came forth, it was not intuitive information but it was information that came forth, and an anger rose up in me, it was an anger against the blasphemy against God's name. So that kind of emotion is the emotion that brings forth the things of God. We are not talking about the emotion of the, we are not talking about the emotions of the animal nature, there are emotions that come forth in Christ Jesus, and those are the motivations, so that emotion that anger at the blasphemy of God's name brought forth, something came forth in the spirit, at the very least we wound up praying for the man, and some form of corrective judgment went forth.


So corrective judgment was birthed in us, first the information came, then the understanding came, we discussed how it was sin, then the emotion, the anger came which motivated us to pray for the man, and the Lord will be glorified in the whole thing. Okay I am losing you all, so we are going to call it quits tonight, are there any questions or comments here? Okay, God bless you, we will go on with this Lord willing on Sunday.


04/23/03 Transcribed by RS



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