571 - Part 3

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Praise the Lord, we are doing a review on the Sefirot, and right now we are up to discussing the six Sefirot, that is the six, not the sixth Sefirot, but the six Sefirot which comprise Ze'ir Anpin, and those six Sefirot are the fourth through the ninth Sefirot, is the man, the spiritual man Ze'ir Anpin in this covenant we would call him Christ Jesus. He is the man who marries the woman, Nukvah which is the partzuf of the Sefirah Malkhut. We are especially when the Holy Spirit is added to us, we are or we become the Nukvah, we become the bride of Christ, when the Holy Spirit is added to us, and it is Christ Jesus, it is the glorified Jesus Christ who sends his son, and his son is given to us in the form of a seed. James talks about the grafted word received with humility or with humbleness, the grafted word, because you see the word cannot graft to you without humility.


What does that mean? If your pride is prominent in your life, that pride will destroy the seed as it is grafted to you. See every word in the Scripture has a meaning. We must ask why James would say receive the grafted word with humility. Because your pride will kill that seed. The seed of the life, of the glorified life of Jesus Christ is added to us, and it is added to us in a, if a seed is complete but it is a form of infancy, not even infancy, you are considered pregnant, so it is not even infancy, it is not even born yet, see he is not even born yet. And that seed has to be trained up to learn to be like its father, and that training is done in a discipleship setting, where the Lord will raise up a senior son, someone who is not yet perfect but who has Christ Jesus, in whom Christ Jesus is matured to the point where he can have disciples. And everybody who is invited to this discipleship program is challenged to see the ministry of Christ on the imperfect person.


Praise the Lord, so Ze'ir Anpin is comprised of the six Sefirot from the fourth through the ninth, and that is Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod. These six Sefirot come forth from Binah, the mother. Binah couples with Abba, Binah her partzuf is mother, mother couples with father and gives birth to the son, Ze'ir Anpin. And after that she gives birth to the daughters, so we see and of course the son and daughter are destined to marry each other.


So once again we see that the rules of this world are the complete opposite of the rules in the spirit. Incest is not only allowed but it is the norm in the spiritual world, incest is forbidden amongst physical people, praise the Lord. So let us see what our notes have to say about these six, the six Sefirot that comprise the man. The next six Sefirot are the primordial forces that underlie the creation of the physical universe. Ze'ir Anpin is the foundation, the spiritual and visible foundation that underlies the physical universe. We are told in another place that scientists already know that they break down all the elements of an atom, as far as you could go, there is nothing there, nothing in the scientist's mind, but the truth is that there is an invisible foundation underneath the smallest aspect of the atom. There is the spiritual foundation of Ze'ir Anpin. Praise the Lord. And there are many spiritual layers after him. And then we are told that corresponding to these six Sefirot, Chesed through Yesod, that these six correspond to the six days of creation, the first six days of creation.


Now I told you earlier, I believe it was in this message that the days of creation are happening to us. The whole of humanity that does not know God is the empty void with the waters raging and no form whatsoever. So you say to yourself, what do you mean no form, they are human beings, they are people? Their spiritual life is unformed in the large masses of humanity, their spiritual life is unformed. When you receive the Holy Spirit, you are in the process of being prepared to receive the life of God and you are in the first day of creation. I honestly do not know if when the Holy Spirit is grafted to you, when you receive the Holy Spirit or when Christ is grafted to you, if that is when you see the light. I would really have to pray about that, and I am preaching this off of the hoof, I have not really studied it in advance. So either the Lord will give me that answer while I am preaching or we will just have to leave it for another time, what answer Sheila? I do not know when the Scripture that says, And they received the light is fulfilled in a person. Is it fulfilled when they receive the Holy Spirit, or is it received when they receive the grafted word?


At this moment, I am thinking it would be received only, it would only manifest when they receive the grafted word. Because the Holy Spirit is really not enlightenment, the Holy Spirit ministers to the people, heals their body, delivers them from demons, points them to Christ by showing them the Scripture, but there is no deep revelation of the truth of God's word. So unless the Lord corrects me at this point, I would say that we become manifestations of the Scripture that says, Let there be light, when the seed of Christ is grafted to us. Praise the Lord. So the six days of creation are six stages of development, not only of the worlds, but of the individual human being, stages of development that go from physical man to spiritual man glorified, delivered from the physical body, and that would be the seventh day, well that would be the eighth day because we are circumcised on the eighth day. So there are six days of creation in which Christ Jesus is being formed in us, okay, and in the seventh day, God rests in us, that means our carnal mind is put under completely. There is no more warfare, Christ Jesus is resting in us, and then on the seventh day, we are circumcised away from Leviathan and Satan, and that I believe is the coming out of the body on the eighth day.


Praise the Lord, first we receive the Holy Spirit, the woman, then we receive the man, then there has to be a marriage between the two within us, then Christ Jesus after he is married to the personality, must return and be rejoined to the glorified Jesus Christ his father. Then there is a warfare that completely puts down Satan and Leviathan, puts them into the bottomless pit and chains them there, and then when there is no more war because Christ Jesus has fully prevailed over the powers and principalities within, we are cut away from Leviathan and Satan. Does anybody know why we are only cut away from Leviathan and Satan at the very last minute? Can anybody answer that question? Why does not God do it sooner, why does not he cut us away from Leviathan and Satan now, and why all of this warfare? Does anyone know the answer? Yes.


COMMENT: Because Christ has not grown enough to take over.


SHEILA: Okay, I hear what you are saying, can anybody make that clearer? Okay, we would die if the Lord cut us away from Satan and Leviathan right now, we would die because Christ Jesus is not mature enough to sustain the life of this physical body, that is what you were trying to say. Okay, see Christ Jesus is our new foundation, our foundation made of gold that will not corrupt, that the moth cannot corrupt, see. If we have a new foundation coming we must have an old foundation, and if our new foundation is immortal, our old foundation must be mortal. This is just reverse inference, we have been teaching that here for many years. Our mortal foundation is our Fiery Serpent, otherwise known as Cain and Abel, with Cain dominating Abel. That is our mortal foundation, if that is cut away from us and Christ Jesus is not prepared to take on, to shoulder to fully shoulder the burden of our existence, we would die. So therefore we are not circumcised until Satan and Leviathan are completely overcome and Christ Jesus has already proven that he can sustain our existence.


You see, before the time that we are circumcised when Satan and Leviathan are in the bottomless pit, Christ Jesus is tested. We are told about that, I believe it is in Revelation 20, and Satan came up from the bottomless pit, she ascended out of the bottomless pit, the angel Christ Jesus came and put her down in the bottomless pit, put a big chain on her, a seal on her, and after a thousand years, she ascended out of the pit, to seduce the children of God. And lightning came down from heaven and destroyed her. That is the testing of Christ Jesus in you, and when it is proven that Christ Jesus can fully sustain you, you will be cut away completely from Satan and Leviathan and there will be no possibility of her rising to seduce you again, or to seduce me again. But before the circumcision, Satan and Leviathan are jailed and Christ Jesus is functioning in his office as immortal foundation, but that immortal foundation must be tested, and it will be tested because God does not want us to cease to exist. God is not taking any chances, that he is going to circumcise us from Satan and Leviathan and Christ Jesus will fail, and we will cease to exist, puff, we will no longer be in existence. Any questions about that issue? Okay.


Going on with our notes, anything that exists within the mind be it in the primordial mind or in the mind of man, must be charged with an almost electric type of force, in order to move it from the realm of non-corporeal thought into the realm of corporeal being. Do you hear this? Anything that exists within the mind be it the primordial mind, I am not really sure what it means by the primordial mind, I guess our author is saying, the mind before the fall, okay. Our author is saying the mind before the fall because our notes are coming from a Kabbalistic magazine where the author does not believe in the mind of Christ as far I know he does not believe, he certainly does not believe in the mind of Christ, I have looked into a lot of his tapes and I do not have any reason to believe that he has any concept of the mind of God being restored to man. So he says here, anything that exists within the mind be it in the primordial mind or in the mind of man, must be charge with an almost electric type of force in order to move it from the realm of the non-corporeal, that is the non-physical, a non-physical thought into the realm of corporeal being.


Now who can tell us what the personal name is of the entity, does everybody understand that? To move a thought from the unconscious part of the mind into the subconscious part of the mind into the conscious part of the mind so that the thought results in the movement of the physical body or an activity of the physical body, this requires energy. Does anybody not understand that principle? This means whether we are talking about the mind of Christ or the carnal mind, for a thought to get from the unconscious part of your mind to the conscious part of your mind, it requires energy. What is the name of that energy in either mind, anybody? What is the name of the energy?


COMMENT: Christ Jesus?


SHEILA: Close, but the answer is no, and you were saying?




SHEILA: Yes, Satan is the name of the spiritual blood of the carnal mind and the name of the spiritual blood of the Christ mind? See Christ Jesus is the Christ mind, Christ Jesus is our new man, what is the name of his blood? What part of Christ Jesus is the blood? It is the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Christ, that is why the Spirit of Christ always opposes Satan because they have an equal office, they are both spirit. Christ Jesus always opposes Leviathan because they are on the same level, they are spiritual man. Everybody okay? So it takes energy to move, well first of all, Satan and the Spirit of Christ in their respective minds originates a thought, all thought originates with this source of energy. It not only takes energy to move a thought from the unconscious into the conscious, it takes energy to bring forth a thought. A thought is a birth, and thought comes forth after the copulation of Satan and your personality or, after the copulation of the Spirit of Christ and your personality. All thoughts are the result of spiritual sex. If the thought that comes forth in you comes from your carnal mind, you have committed adultery, it is a thought that is the product of adultery.


That is why James says to us, we are all adulterers and adulteresses, every thought that is birthed in us is the result of the spiritual sexual union of Satan and Leviathan with your personality. That means on some deep spiritual level, you must agree with the thoughts of Satan, and you must agree with Leviathan to bring forth a thought that is impure, and this is why we are all called sinners, this is why we need a savior, this is why we get sick and this is why we die, because in the deepest recesses of our mind we are cast into a bed, we are chained to that bed, and we are available at a spiritual sexual level to Satan and Leviathan at their will. And that is the truth of the whole human race, we are enslaved including the people that serve Jesus Christ.


Well what about you Sheila? I am in the process of being liberated, but I am still enslaved, sinful thoughts are still birthed in my mind every day. I am at the level of maturity where I am casting down those thoughts, but I do not have the strength at this time to stop them from being birthed, and my understanding at this time is that, at the only point which these sinful thoughts will stop being birthed in us, is after the circumcision, because that bed that we are chained to which makes us accessible to Satan and Leviathan is our very mortal foundation. We are chained, we the personality are chained to our mortal foundation, which is in an ongoing spiritual fornication or spiritual adultery with Leviathan. So until that mortal foundation is exchanged for an incorruptible foundation, we will continue to birth illegitimate children.


Now this will come to an end when Christ Jesus in us is strong enough to put Satan down in the bottomless pit and becomes our mortal foundation for a thousand years. Now I do not believe it is a literal thousand years, the number one thousand refers to Chokhmah, which is wisdom, I believe the mystery or the sod explanation of that Scripture that Satan is put into the bottomless pit for a thousand years is that when the individual and this is talking about individual human beings, when the individual ascends to the level of Chokhmah and receives the wisdom of God understanding the truth of our existence, understanding the genesis of sin within us, when that individual arises to that level of wisdom in God, Christ Jesus, well you cannot do it apart from Christ Jesus . So when Christ Jesus in you arises to that level, you will be married to Christ Jesus and you will put that Satan down in the bottomless pit, and Satan will be ashes under your feet, but not until you put her there, and you will not put her there until you receive the wisdom or the truth concerning your condition, and this is true of all human beings, no exceptions. We are all prostitutes available for Satan and Leviathan at their whim.


A movie is coming to my mind that I saw a while back, a woman in Mexico decides to have an affair, she cheats on her husband, they are pretty rough down there in Mexico, this guy was a very powerful man, and he caught her, and his judgment on her, this wife that he adored, he put her in a whore house, that was his judgment, he compared, and he said to her, if you could have an affair with someone that you supposedly love, I am going to put you in a whore house and you will have fifty men a day. Well the only way they could keep her quiet was to pump her up filled with drugs, and this woman convinced the person who was ministering the drugs to her to ease up on the dosages so that she had her consciousness when the men were coming into her room, and she stabbed the man as he lay on top of her.


You see, she resisted you see, every one of us is in a whore house. Are you resisting? That is the question you must ask yourself. If Christ is not grafted to you, the Lord is winking at your sin because you have nothing to resist with. If Christ is not grafted to you, you have nothing to resist with, the Lord is having mercy on you. Once Christ is grafted to you, you are expected to begin to resist, and when you are strong enough, you are expected to stab Leviathan and to boil Satan and to put them under your feet. You see where some people pray for deliverance, this is not Pentecost. I have been telling you all for a long time, you are not in Pentecost anymore. Now we have people here who are clinging to Pentecost, the rules of discipleship are very different than the rules of Pentecost. In Pentecost you ask the Lord to deliver you and Lord willing he will deliver you. You ask the Lord to open doors and close doors, and Lord willing he does that, but not so in discipleship.


In discipleship you are expected to be growing up and starting to learn how to think like Christ thinks, how to make decisions like he makes decisions and the Lord is not babying you anymore, this is not Pentecost. You must fight for your deliverance. You are not a baby anymore. You must confront your enemy and defeat him or you stay undelivered, and I want to tell you that our God is a very tough God, and you can cry and moan and groan for twenty years and condemn God for not delivering you, but I am telling you right now he will not deliver you, he will give you the power to do your part to get delivered. His involvement in your deliverance is the supernatural power that he imparts to you. You must learn how to use that power, you must learn what is expected of you, you must look at your own heart, you must acquaint yourself, you must establish a relationship with Satan and Leviathan within your own mind.


You must establish a relationship with them where you are so intimate with the principalities in your mind that the second that sin begins to vibrate because all thought is a vibration, you are right there on top of them casting it down. They have to be before you always, that is discipleship. Specific repentance, specific attitudes, specific thoughts, this is discipleship, and I am telling you if you wind up promoted to discipleship and you insist on living out of Pentecost, you will suffer, and the Lord will disappoint you because the Lord is not obligated to fulfill your unrealistic expectations of him. Each of us must find out what are the realistic expectations that we might have of the Lord at each stage of our spiritual growth, and then we pray for the realistic expectations. Praise the Lord, he does not budge I am telling you, I am a real, I am really a softy, I am telling you he does not budge.


If he says that you are in discipleship, if you are in a ministry like this and you will not grow up, you refuse to come out of Pentecost, he is not answering your prayers. So if he is not answering your prayers, that is why, because you are praying the wrong prayers. You have not because you ask not, and when you ask, you ask amiss, you are praying wrong. That means there is a right and a wrong way to pray. Praise the Lord. So it takes energy to conceptualize a thought and to move it from the unconscious realm to the conscious realm. Now we are told that the function of these six Sefirot known as Ze'ir Anpin, their function is their middle ground, the Hebrew word for them is Medot, and these are the six Sefirot which are the primordial source of emotion. So the writer is telling us that if emotion that moves the thought from the unconscious realm to the conscious realm. Now of course flowing through these six Sefirot is the Spirit of Christ. I just presented this truth to you differently when I asked you, what is the name of the energy that moves the thought. I just presented the concept to you differently. Ze'ir Anpin, or Christ Jesus has a spirit in the midst of him and that spirit is the Spirit of Christ. So it is the Spirit of Christ which is the energy that if, in the man, in Ze'ir Anpin that energy manifests as emotion.


Now you have to be very careful about this because, this concept is not talking about the emotions of the fallen mind. There are emotions in Christ Jesus, but they are not the destructive emotions of the carnal mind. There is anger in Christ Jesus, but the anger is against sin, the anger of the carnal mind is self-defensive, the anger of the carnal mind is because one's spirit has been wounded or your feelings have been hurt. The anger of God is against sin, and if the same anger manifests whether the sin has been against your own child God forbid, or of the child of a total stranger, God is angry at sin all the time, without ceasing God is angry at sin. God rejoices, he rejoices in the deliverance of his people. So God is happy, God is angry, God is compassionate and we have not discussed this in a long time, but there is a difference between the compassion of God and the mercy of mortal man. Does anyone remember the difference between the compassion of God and the mercy of mortal man? Nobody? The compassion of God carries the power to deliver, to heal and deliver.


When Jesus has compassion on you, your problems have begun to be solved. Mortal man that has sympathy has no power to heal you, and on the contrary can weaken you, someone's sympathy can weaken a person and make them worse and keep them in bondage. We saw a movie today where a young lady's life was in danger, and the two saviors were a man and woman, the woman completely lost sight of the person that needed to be saved, she had to choose between saving literally a homicidal maniac who even if she could have saved him would have spent the rest of his life in jail, or in an insane asylum, she had to choose between that man, and an innocent young woman, who was about to be killed in a horrible way, the victim of this homicidal maniac, and the woman savior and I am calling her a savior because I do not know how else to describe her, she actually chose to deliver the homicidal maniac because of an emotional our of emotional sympathy that came forth in her, she chose to save the homicidal maniac and let the young girl die, the young lady died. But the male savior would not let her do it, he laid hold of her and forced her to do the right thing. So here we see a stereotype of an emotional female and the strong rational male. But I tell you today that in Christ Jesus, all women who are arising in Christ Jesus, you are being called to spiritual manhood, that means as you ascend in Christ Jesus, you will be giving up this false compassion which is really a form of sympathy that is called enabling.


You enable a sinner with a false compassion, that has to go because you cannot be a son of God and function as a woman. The son of God functions out of the mind of Christ. You cannot be both. Either you are in your carnal mind or you are in Christ. Either you are yielding to false and sinful emotions, or you are living out of Christ, one or the other, you cannot have it both ways. Praise the Lord, okay. Let us see what else we have here. Emotions charge that which one thinks and gives the thought emphasis passion and flavor and that is something that the mind alone cannot do. Well we even saw this morning, somebody was told they really have to get their act together or they could come under the sowing and reaping judgment, there was no reaction whatsoever, no emotion which would have stirred the person to repent, that was lacking, so there was a short circuit, a short circuit in the person's understanding or the person's comprehension. So we see that the idea comes to, it is conceptualized in wisdom and it is understood and that wisdom is Chokhmah, the idea is understood in Binah, and in the emotion of the sun, arises up, if that emotion is coming from Ze'ir Anpin, the emotion propels the person to act upon the understanding, see.


Now if we are not functioning on that level, we need to know that there is a short circuit in our mental apparatus. First wisdom comes, that is a word from God, then we understand what that wisdom means, that is Binah or the mother, Imma. Okay, that Imma passes that understanding on to the son who responds with an emotion that propels the person to action based upon that information. That is the role of Christ Jesus in us, to propel us to the proper Godly action based upon the understanding of the wisdom that has just been received. And if your reaction is anything other than that, you have a malfunction in your mental system. You need to pray about that. You know we see that in the world today, that some children are born without being able to feel pain, they could bleed to death because they do not feel the wound. It is very important that we feel, that we feel the pain of the truth, and then we must act upon it, but of course we see the exact opposite in the carnal mind. We feel the pain of the truth and in the carnal mind, we become afraid, we become emotionally angry which drains our energy, and therefore our responses are all wrong, and we are more hurt than helped from the information. And it is pretty dangerous to be in ministry like this with all kinds of spiritual information coming down, and your carnal mind grabbing that information, and your carnal mind acting that information, it is very dangerous.


This ministry is to Christ Jesus, you are supposed to be sitting here in Christ Jesus, your carnal mind is not supposed to be in this ministry. Now if Christ Jesus is not functioning in you and the Lord has let you in here, your under some kind of grace, but you need to understand that to misunderstand what I am teaching you and to misappropriate it and misuse what I am teaching you, is very dangerous.


And I have been telling you for years, I need your feedback, I need to hear what you are doing with what I teach you, I need to hear what you think so that I could tell you if you are processing the information I am giving you incorrectly, because only destruction can come out of the misappropriation of this information. So we see that the mind alone cannot bring forth action, the mind, the understanding and the emotion which drives us to do something about it, praise the Lord. Now that could either be the understanding of our sin nature and emotion will drive us to deal with our sin nature, or just the understanding of this, the promise of this marvelous word. Just the thought of immortality can excite us to the point of motivation to do what we must do to acquire or obtain the promises.


So going on with our notes. We are told here, this is something that the mind cannot do, essence manifests within spirit, I am not sure what he means by that, spirit is perceived within the mind, the mind then forms ideas which motivate and steer the emotional tides. See the emotions are like a body of water, the emotions are like the sea. That is why Reuben was told as unstable as water, that he means he was an emotional man, that he did not live by his righteous mind, or he did not live by his male mind, but he was, he led his life by following after his emotions, only destruction can come with that.


See women have this tendency that is why in days gone past, women had to be under a male authority, the husband, their brother, their father, women were not even allowed to possess money, but we know that in Christ Jesus it is possible to do develop a male stability, and actually we even see that happening in the world today. There are many women who are not in Christ who are developing a male stability, they are lawyers and doctors, but this ability is bringing other problems into their life. In Christ Jesus for a woman to develop a male stability, it is very, very hard to be married and develop a male stability because your natural husband by his masculinity is always expecting the woman to be under him, it is a real problem for a female to be a son of God and be in a physical marriage, it is doable if you are not married when you are called, I do not think you should get married, if you are married when you are called, I think if you can live in peace with your husband, you should stay there for the sake of your family. Praise the Lord.


So listen to this, all emotions are based upon preconceived mental notions. One feels a certain way about a thing because one has certain ideas and preconceived notions about that thing, change the way you think about the thing, and the way you feel about it will also change. Now if that is not pertinent to what was going on here this morning. All thoughts have to do with preconceived notions. You have already got it set in your mind what is going to happen before you step in the car, and sure enough disaster happens. You have to deal with these emotions or you are as unstable as water. You must be led by the mind of Christ. If you are led by your emotions, you are as unstable as water. Change the way one thinks about a thing and the way he feels about it will also change. Praise the Lord.


The six Sefirot here therefore are the powers that transform thought. Ze'ir Anpin, Christ Jesus transforms thought, there are six in number, for this double triad reflects the dual nature of Keter's manifestation into Chokhmah and Binah. Let me explain that to you, let me put that on the board for you. The Keter brings forth the Chokhmah and Binah, Chokhmah and Binah come forth out of the Keter. So that which was one has now become three. Is everybody okay? That which is one brings or gives birth, I do not know if that is the accurate term, but I am trying to make a point, that which was one gives birth to the two and now the two have become three, the two plus the one that they came out of becomes the upper triad. Anybody have a question on that? Okay. In the same manner, Binah gives birth to three and then another three because what comes forth below has to manifest what is above. So if you have three over here, if you have three in the upper triad, you have to have three in the lower triad and therefore she had to bring forth three more because there is Chokhmah and Binah, I do not think I am explaining this too well, but it seems to be the best that I could do right now. The double triad down here has to be one triad for Chokhmah, and another triad for Binah. Well you say, what happened to the Keter? The Keter became Chokhmah and Binah. So there is two over here, you have to have two sets of double triads down here. If you can ask me a question, I will try and answer it, I do not know how to make this any clearer except to say that Keter wound up as an upper triad over here and therefore everything underneath has to be in threes to match the manifestation of the Keter.


Keter gave birth to two and now these two, each one of them gave birth to another three. That is the best I could do, I am sorry, and of course underneath this all, we are all talking about thought here, and the thought actually plays out into action down here with Malkhut, Malkhut is the action. If you cannot understand it, I would not make big deal out of this. Malkhut is the action. Everything has to be in threes because Keter expanded himself into a threesome, Keter expanded himself into a triad, therefore every aspect of the Sefirot is operating in threes after that. Any questions anybody?


Drawing #2 are the ten Sefirot of straightness. Now remember the Sefirot of circles are spheres within one another, the Sefirot of straightness are in three columns, and the reason for these columns, let me just start at the top here, okay, the we will start with the first attribute. According to this teaching that we are reading from, he starts with Chesed, he does not start with Keter, because he is talking about the six, okay. Chesed is the first attribute to come forth the Mohin, from the brains in the form of columns. Maybe I should draw that differently xxxx. We have already had some teaching on the Mohin in the series called the Serpent In The Void Of Creation, I showed you the Mohin. The Mohin are elements of the Binah and Chokhmah that descend into this six, into Ze'ir Anpin. Ze'ir Anpin is born without a head, he has no brains, and he brains are the elements of wisdom and understanding that come from Chokhmah and Binah, and when these elements enter into Ze'ir Anpin or into Christ Jesus, they do not sit on top of Christ Jesus, they literally become the marrow of his bones, they enter into his very being, and we will go over that again as we get to it in this series, but if you want to review it, it is in the series, The Serpent In The Void Of Creation. It is either part one or two. Praise the Lord.


Now, we see that the Sefirot are arranged in a zigzag descending order. Chokhmah is directly under Keter, and Chokhmah is off to the right. Binah comes forth under Chokhmah and Binah is off to the left. Chesed comes forth after Binah and Chesed is off to the right. So we see as the Sefirot descend, they arrange themselves, the Sefirot are across from one another for the specific purpose of being able to relate to one another, and they relate to one another in terms of restriction of each other, restriction of each other, and we will hear more about that as we go along. This method of descent was established by God so that all polarities would be able to interact with their opposite, thus giving rise to the multiple forms of diverse creations. Chesed is the force of expansion, the Sefirot, Chesed, it is the force of expansion, a free and complete giving.


Now surely you could understand that, that must be restricted. This attribute of free and complete giving, if you want to relate that to human beings you would be penniless if you give everything away. Now we have that over here, my friend over here. We had a manifestation of Chesed that resulted in loss, because it was not restricted, the giving was not restricted, and now the person is suffering also, the family is suffering loss because of that. So Chesed is defined as mercy but this writer says he chooses to call Chesed freedom, for this word more properly expresses Chesed's function, you cannot have unlimited freedom. We are finding out in this country that freedom cannot be unlimited, that unlimited freedom becomes anarchy. We must have rules and laws that provide peace and order for the society. So we see that freedom the true freedom exists within limitation. That is very interesting because I see that as the opposite of our world. Our world is a finite world in the midst of infinity, but true freedom can only exist within limitation. Everything is the exact opposite here in the earth than it is in the spirit. That is very interesting, okay.


Chesed is freedom, Chesed is always outgoing, always accepting, always forgiving, always giving all that it has. Chesed is the creative force which is always expanding outward, formless boundary less without any contraction constriction, discipline or limitation, even creativity must be limited. When I first started manifesting the intense spirit of revelation that was upon me, I was unrestricted and unlimited and my life became chaotic. I would go for three or four days just sleeping and eating, not even getting dressed, I would just stay in my night clothes, as soon I opened my eyes, I would be at that computer bringing forth doctrine, and that had to stop. I was unbalanced. I would stay in the house for days at a time, not seeing other people, just bringing forth this word, and the Lord used it for a while, we got a lot of work done, but the day came where I had to be restricted, and I had to be limited because it was not a healthy lifestyle that I was living, and aside from that, there were people that needed, that I needed to meet, people that needed to hear from me.


So I had to be restricted in pursuing the life of God, who ever heard of such a thing, I never heard of anybody except myself that would be restricted in pursuing the life of God, I went so overboard, I did not go out for days at a time. I just went out to buy food actually when I did go out. Praise the Lord. So we must have balance in everything that we do. Chesed is simply pure unadulterated abundance, yet Chesed by itself cannot create and support a world for a world without boundaries, definitions and limitations will soon fall into chaos and self-destruct.


Discipline is essential in our life, and order is essential. For this reason Chesed's antithesis came forth next, antithesis, exact opposite. Chesed's antithesis the fifth Sefirot, Gevurah. Gevurah emanates the force of restriction severity, discipline, and judgment. Gevurah means severity but it is better described as limitation. Within the context of discipline, limitation within the context of discipline, where the force of Chesed shines outward without boundary and end, Gevurah describes the boundary and the end. Gevurah says, enough. Gevurah says when enough is enough, as such Gevurah is the source of judgment. Gevurah is also referred to as Zahoot, which means merit, for Gevurah will only give forth that which is absolutely deserved. For us in the physical plane we continually rely upon God's mercies, we are unable to stand before the unadulterated power of Gevurah. We would all be wiped out and destroyed. And Gevurah is the sowing and reaping judgment. Gevurah is the sowing and reaping judgment which is destruction. There is no opportunity to understand, there is no opportunity for wisdom, and therefore there is no opportunity to make changes, because how can you make changes if you do not understand what needs to be changed?


That is the sowing and reaping judgment as opposed to the white throne judgment which gives you understanding and choices, and if you refuse those choices, you are subject to the destruction of Gevurah. God's law will be satisfied one way or another. Praise the Lord.


Next comes Tiferet. Well let me say this first, Gevurah stands on the left column underneath Binah, as Binah constricts the expansive force of intuitive Chokhmah, understanding restricts intuition. How can understanding restrict intuition? I want to tell you that intuition can dump spiritual, I do not even know what to call it because it is wisdom without understanding, it is raw unadulterated wisdom, it is like looking at a whole mass of symbols and not knowing what they mean. Wisdom can dump into my mind to the point that I have to hold my head because it hurts me.


All of that wisdom dumping in to my head without the understanding can make you crazy. Then understanding comes along and says, Hold it, stop dumping all that stuff into my mind, I have not understood it yet. You dump some wisdom into my mind, give me a chance to understand it before you dump more wisdom into my mind. So therefore understanding restricts the wisdom because the wisdom is unending.


Once that window opens in your mind, it pours out to a degree that the human mind cannot contain it. And wisdom without understanding is very dangerous. Wisdom that is understood by the carnal mind is misused and misappropriated and it can only lead to destruction. See wisdom that is not understood will be misused to your destruction. Wisdom is a very dangerous thing without understanding. Praise the Lord.


So, Binah understanding restricts intuitive Chokhmah because the mind simply cannot process it indefinitely, I believe you would go insane, with all of these spiritual symbols dumping into your mind with no understanding at all, they would completely overwhelm your mind and you would probably lose your mind. So Gevurah restricts the expansive force of all giving Chesed and Binah restricts the expansive force of intuitive, Chokhmah. Gevurah and Chesed function as opposites, constantly tugging at one another. What results from this constant tug of war is the balance and harmony of the next Sefirot, Tiferet. Tiferet is the balanced product of the generosity and this expansiveness of Chesed, and the restrictiveness of Gevurah, which will only give you what is deserved. Gevurah will only give you what you deserve. Chesed gives you whether you deserve it, whether you do not deserve it, Chesed just gives and gives and gives and gives and that is a fault, that is a complete fault.


So when you balance Gevurah and Tiferet, when you balance the one that gives too much, and the one that will only give you what you deserve, you wind up with Tiferet which is the white throne judgment, judgment with mercy. Tiferet is judgment with mercy, judgment with understanding, judgment with room for the expression guilty with explanation, that is Tiferet, the white throne judgment of God, guilty with an explanation. I was ignorant Lord, I am so sorry that I was ignorant, and what is the Lord's answer to that? If you want the forgiveness of sins in such a situation where you have been ignorant, you must be willing to be taught the right way and change. See. If you are not taught the right way and if you do not change after being taught the right way, then Gevurah must come in and stop you from whatever you are doing, that the Lord has said, Now it is time, it is enough, you have just gone far enough, Chesed you have just gone far enough with your sympathy and your enabling, and actually a false sympathy, and sticking up for the people and defending the people that God is saying judgment should be executed upon, it is just enough, you have got to stop.


So you see I am a force, I am a force of restriction in this ministry, I restrict your carnal mind. But the force of restriction that I am is Tiferet, I am a restrictive force with mercy. I teach you and hopefully you understand, but in any event, I will stop your carnal mind from manifesting in this meeting and in this ministry, and I will do whatever I have to do to stop it, because the female opinion is not welcome in God's house. So if you want to be welcome in God's house, you must learn to manifest the mind of Christ. Praise the Lord. Women have to be silent in this church. Well you are a woman Pastor Vitale, well then you did not hear what I just said. The woman is the carnal mind, I am not talking about your physical body. Paul is not talking about your physical body, the Scripture is not talking about your physical body. The female is a mind and the male is a mind. Praise the Lord. Tiferet, this is the attribute which is called the heart, and such Tiferet is the specific revelation of God to his creation in time and space. Tiferet is the balance created by the proper alignment of Chesed and Gevurah.


Tiferet is also called justice, for herein are the basic forces underlying the universe, harmonize and brought together into a form wherein justice manifests. Tiferet is the perfect alignment and Tiferet is known to the world and to humanity as Jehovah, or Yahweh. Yahweh is the manifestation of God to humanity. Tiferet embodies and unites these six Sefirot which are called the Medot, meaning attributes, the six are many times referred to as the six appendages of Tiferet, for everything revolves around justice.


So we see that Tiferet is the sun, sun, and all the other Sefirot revolve around this manifestation of the Godhead to humanity. Justice is the heart of the universe, this is why God's holy name, Yahweh, is associated specifically with the Sefirah Tiferet. The justice that is Tiferet manifests itself as the written Torah.


That is the five books of Moses, and this is why the Torah deals with laws. Tiferet imparts the law but he imparts the law with mercy. Now the law that we see in Judah today is a law without mercy. It is a rigid restrictive law that does not take into consideration human emotions, human feelings, or human needs. The law that is in Judah today is not Tiferet, it is Gevurah, and it is harsh and it is painful especially for women.


The laws of the Torah are the laws of Tiferet, they are the universal laws of the universe and the source of primordial justice, primordial justice, the justice of Christ Jesus. You see in the church today, Gevurah is manifesting as a religious spirit, trying to put God's people in bondage to religious laws. So we see that, let me read this again, the laws of the Torah are the laws of Tiferet, they are the universal laws of the universe and the source of primordial justice, or the justice which is in Christ Jesus.


You see this writing says primordial justice, primordial mind, because the writer does not understand that, that glorious uncorrupted mind that existed before time began is in existence again today as Christ Jesus. So this is what he means by primordial mind, he is talking about the mind of God before it was corrupted, but that mind is even a higher state today in the form of Christ Jesus.


So he says this is why it is paramount for a Jew to observe the commandments of the Torah, only in this way is the Jew in alignment with the universal force of balance and justice. Okay so what is being said here, that Tiferet is justice and all of the other six orbit around him and the only way the Jew or, well the Jew, he says the Jew here can be in right alignment and in balance with the universe is to keep the law. The law is our guideline; that is what he is saying. And who today is our ability to be in balance with the universe? How do we stay in balance with the universe today because the Christian does not, well even the Jew has been delivered from the law of ordinances, we have not been delivered from the spiritual law of righteousness, thou shalt not worship other gods, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not steal, we have not been delivered from that, but we have been delivered from the law of ordinances, we have been delivered from animal sacrifices, we have been delivered from all of the laws of Shabbat that are not even in the Scripture that have evolved as an oral law. So what do we have today, what do we have today that balances us with the universe? Who is the mediator today? Yes.


COMMENT: Christ Jesus?


SHEILA: Christ Jesus, when we align our mind with Christ Jesus we come into balance with the universe of God, but first you have to have Christ grafted to you and then you have to be able to hear him and then you have to be able to distinguish between Christ Jesus and your carnal mind, because there is another voice inside of you that says "I am God" that tells you everything you want to hear. Tiferet as the embodiment of justice must execute its judgments, you see I am Tiferet to you, I am Christ Jesus to you, Christ Jesus executes the judgments of God when he is mature enough to do so. How do you know when he is mature enough to do so?


Well you should be under a teacher and your teacher should be able to tell you when he is mature enough to do so. We execute judgments in this ministry and I will tell you if the judgment you have executed has come out of your carnal mind if it has, I break the curses and I deliver you, I deliver you by covering your sins, I deliver you from the sowing and reaping judgment. So you are all here in training to execute righteous judgment. You should practice in front of me so that I could tell you where you are. So this execution of the righteous judgments give rise to the next two sefirot, Netzach and Hod, which while they are two in number, act as the unified executors of the judgments of Tiferet, Netzach and Hod we say in this ministry enforces, Tiferet executes the judgment and Netzach and Hod enforces them.


Well, let us see what this writer has to say about that, oh he does not say anything more about it. The Lord told me early on in our study of Kabbalah that Hod is the mind of Christ, it is either the mind of Christ or the carnal mind, and Netzach the interaction between Hod and Netzach determines whether Hod is the carnal mind or the Christ mind, because Netzach manifests dominance and authority over Hod which is the mind. So if Netzach is in right order within you and Netzach is restricting, if Netzach is in right order within you, Netzach is restricting your carnal mind and therefore the Christ mind is manifesting in the location of Hod. The Lord told me that right at the beginning, although this particular writer does not seem to see it that way. So if Tiferet executes the judgments and Netzach and Hod carry out those judgments, what does that mean? The mind that appears in you in the place of Hod depends on the activity of Netzach.


So if Tiferet is actually manifesting correctly in you, Netzach is bringing forth the mind of Christ in you, and how do you enforce the judgments that come down from Tiferet? In what you think. Sometimes the judgments are enforced by what you say, but they are always enforced by what you think. Now what you need, we had this very issue here this morning, when you are convinced that somebody is wrong, your mind is executing a judgment on them, and if what you are thinking is coming out of your carnal mind, you are an unrighteous judge, executing punishment on somebody for what you think is wrong. Now you need to get this. Everybody here, everybody listening to this tape, or reading this transcript, you need to understand this, that when you pronounce somebody wrong in your mind, you send forth a demon to punish them. This is classic Kabbalah. Your mind creates angels, evil angels and good angels, and whatever you think towards somebody, you send an angel to them.


Where did you get that from Pastor Vitale? It is all through the Scripture, and he sent a messenger, and he sent a messenger, oh you thought he sent a man, not necessarily so. You think towards somebody, you create a thought form. You send your thoughts to that person in the form of a spiritual messenger and they get your message, like you do not know how to drive a car, and that message gets inside of the person's head and if they are weak, they receive the communication and suddenly they do not know how to drive a car. You need to hear this, you need to understand this, you are responsible for every evil angel that you create and send forth. Christ Jesus in you, Tiferet in you is supposed to be restricting the angels that come forth from your carnal mind. Now I do not know exactly how to relate that to this Kabbalistic teaching which says, Tiferet executes the judgment and Netzach brings forth the judgment that comes from the mind, I do not know how to relate that exactly, my understanding is Christ Jesus is supposed to restrict your carnal mind. According to this Kabbalistic teaching, Netzach restricts your carnal mind, at the moment I do not know how to reconcile those two truths. Christ Jesus is here to restrict your carnal mind. Now maybe you do not have Christ Jesus. If your carnal mind is not restricted, I am here to restrict your carnal mind, somebody has to restrict your carnal mind, why? Because if nobody restricts your carnal mind, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind is coming after you to restrict your carnal mind.


So Hod, the mind enforces the judgments, both righteous judgments and unrighteous judgments. And if you are an unrighteous judge, you need to get before God and ask Him to help you to stop doing this because at some point the white throne judgment will fail and Satan will come in with the sowing and reaping judgment. If you do not respond to reason, if you do not respond to reasonable instruction, the restriction of God will be forced upon you. See the white throne judgment does not force anything upon you, the white throne judgment teaches you and prepares you to make the right and the Godly choice, if the white throne judgment fails, the sowing and reaping judgment kicks in and will stop you against your will, in one way or another. Usually what happens is that the sowing and reaping judgment causes you pain, and when you have pain, you do not have time to be judging other people, you are too busy nursing your own pain. I am just telling you the truth, I am just telling you the truth. Praise the Lord.


Netzach, this manifestation of Tiferet comes forth on the right column of the Sefirot underneath Chesed and Chokhmah, as such Netzach concludes the right column by carrying forth and congealing the expansiveness function of the right. Netzach means victory, but can also mean conquering. See, so it is Netzach that is conquering your carnal mind. Netzach is the outgoing force that is focused specifically into bringing order and organization. Oh the Lord just told me what Netzach is. Okay Tiferet is the collective body of Christ, and in me, Christ Jesus in me or Christ Jesus in you would be likened to Netzach, Tiferet is the collective body of Christ on the subconscious plane. Does anybody not understand that? Okay, praise the Lord.


So Netzach is the outgoing force that if focused specifically into bringing order and organization. Well order itself might be a left column characteristic, the desire to bring order comes from the expansive giving nature of Chesed. The desire to bring order comes from Chesed. I thought he said Chesed was unlimited. I do not understand that but let us go on.


Netzach therefore manifests the outgoing desire that seeks to dominate for the sake of giving good. Well Netzach manifests the outgoing desire and seeks to dominate for the sake of giving good, but of course we have all of the Sefirot on the other side. So if you have a dominating or a domineering personality and you think that you are responsible for everybody, that you have to watch everything that everybody does, that is not Netzach from the mind of Christ, that is Netzach from the other side. I grew up with that, it is called a spirit of Jezebel. And you think that you are responsible for other people, but the truth is that you just want to control them. That is the truth of it, praise the Lord. Netzach is a product of Tiferet for it is the nature of justice to want to impose order. You see, all of these qualities when they appear in the Sefirot on the other side become a perversion. We are told here that justice wants to impose order, well Tiferet of the other side wants to control people so as to impose order, it is called witchcraft. An imposition of proper holy order is an act of mercy, and not of severity, that is true. Netzach therefore conquers and dominates all so as to impose merciful goodness, but then we have the Netzach of the other side, which seeks to conquer and dominate all so that one can feel safe, it is called witchcraft.


Netzach is the force that imposes the justice of Tiferet. So we now know that Netzach is Christ Jesus in the individual, and Tiferet is the collective Christ Jesus on the subconscious plane, the only mediator between God and man. Hod, this Sefirah compliments Netzach in that Hod meaning glory, well you see I do not agree with this writer on this, he says Hod, meaning glory brings home the benefits of what it conquers. Well the benefit of what is conquered is the mind, okay. When the carnal mind is conquered, the benefit of that is Christ Jesus comes forth, coming from the other side, with the evil Sefirot when the mind of Christ is conquered, the benefit is that the carnal mind comes forth, which is the desire of the other side. Hod means glory, it is an attribute of the left column under Gevurah. For like Gevurah, Hod restricts and confines the expansiveness of the right column. Well how does that happen? How does Hod restrict Netzach? Well when the carnal mind is fully restricted and the mind of Christ comes forth, there is no more reason for Netzach to be restrictive. It is just like saying, a fire is burning, and when there is no more fuel, the fire goes out. So the manifestation of the mind of Christ in a person brings forth the cessation or the at least the lessening of the correction that comes from Netzach. You’re offended by my corrections or maybe not offended you just wish I would go away sometimes with all the things that I tell you, you want me to stop correcting you, start doing the right thing. Get into the mind of Christ and start doing the right thing, and you will not hear the correction. But you see, if you only change your behavior and you do not change your heart, you may shut me up for a season, but in due season it will be revealed that your heart has never changed, and it will be a series on a regular basis of eruptions of conflict between us, because you have just changed your behavior, and your heart has not changed. Praise the Lord. Okay, let us go on. The relationship of Netzach and Hod, can best be compared to the traditional role of husband and wife.


Well I do not agree with this writer on this, so we are just going to skip past this, when Netzach and Hod are properly aligned, there comes forth the 9thSefirot, Yesod, which balances out the entire Sefirotic pattern which is called the Etz Chayyim, the Sefirotic tree of life. How does Yesod balance out everything? All of the emanations form the Sefirot above, all funnel down into Yesod, therefore he is called foundation, and he contains all that there is in a form, in a capsulized form which can be imparted to Malkhut, the woman below, the physical world, therefore Yesod is the foundation of the physical world, and he has the ability to give us down here in the physical world everything that comes from as high up as the Keter, everything must channel through Yesod. Praise the Lord, Yesod, well let me say this right now, Yesod is born of the union between Netzach and Hod, and the forces of justice which is Tiferet ruled Netzach and its benefit the mind of Christ is felt throughout the resulting order leads to the release of the creative spirit. Well when the mind of Christ is present in you, the creative spirit is released in you. Yesod is also referred to as Sadic, meaning righteousness, for only when there is complete harmony and balance in those spheres, in those Sefirot which motivate human action, can one behave in the proper and correct manner. There must be harmony and balance.


If you are not behaving in the proper and correct manner, you are unbalanced, you are spiritually unbalanced, and possibly unbalanced in your mind also. For only those whose actions and motivations are correct before God can be called righteous. See, Jesus is our righteousness, but only when we live out of Him, in order to be called righteous, not only your actions but your motives must be right before God. If your actions do not line up with your motives, you are a phony, you are a false Christian, you are a lie, that is the definition of lie, you are a lie. Not only, this is the definition of someone who manifests the Christ, he thinks the right way, he is also charged with Netzach, he is charged with righteous judgment to bring the right way to others. So the prophet and the Sage were always at the head of outreach movement, always seeking to impose Netzach restriction, dominance, which is the proper order Tiferet, so that the people would benefit, so that the people would receive the mind of Christ. I do not read anything here about doctrine. I do not read anything here about doctrine, defining the Christ, I do not read anything here about doctrine being an overridingly important aspect of your development in Christ, doctrine is the least important manifestation or the least important teaching of this ministry.


Doctrine is given to nourish the Christ in you, doctrine is given as an opportunity for you to learn to think, and to reason and to use the mind of Christ that is given to you, doctrine is given as a point of contact to receive the deep spiritual truths that will convert your personality into Christ, the major focus of this ministry is to convert you into Christ. You can know the whole Scripture backwards and forwards, you can be an expert Kabbalist, if your nature is not converted, this ministry has failed in its ministry to you, if you are still thinking with your carnal mind, if you are still in rebellion and pride, this ministry has failed in its ministry to you. That is the truth. Praise the Lord. Either this ministry has failed or you have failed to partake of the blessings of this ministry, however you choose to look at it.


When all of the Sefirot are in proper alignment and thus all manifest creation is in harmony, the result is the final Sefirah called Malkhut. Malkhut is the final stage of creation, the lowest of the Sefirot and the worlds, in Malkhut all of the above worlds merge in perfect union and harmony, and this is possible only because the laws of the universe of Malkhut are different from those laws of the worlds above her. Malkhut is the realm of corporeal, the physical world around us, as such Malkhut enables all the supernal forces of will, mind, heart, and motivation to become united and manifest in the realm of action, this physical world. Now that is just another way of saying that Adam was created to unify all the worlds. All of the worlds are invisible except Malkhut. And Malkhut is where Adam is fallen to. We have to be conscious on all of the levels of consciousness, conscious in all of the realms, conscious in all of the worlds, and we are called to rule over all of the world, knowing doctrine does not make you a son. Acting like Christ and being Christ from your motives is what makes you a son. Doctrine is very, very unimportant. But it is very important to you at this time, you are at an immature level of development. I love doctrine, do not get me wrong, I love it, that is the honey, but the bittersweet, the bitter part is the conversion of your nature, and the only aspect of your training here that will endure forever is the conversion of your nature.


If you have a strong understanding of doctrine but your nature is not being converted, then the Scripture that applies to you is the fires are burning, the fires are hot, the smithy has put the metal part of you into the fire, but the wicked are not plucked out. All of the burning and the heat and the glory of God have not profited you.


Wow that sounds familiar, that sounds like something that Paul said, and the Hebrew children in the wilderness, they were not profited by all that God had done, because what they learned was not mixed with faith. It was of no profit to them because it was not mixed with faith, and faith is Christ Jesus. What he is saying is, all that they learned did not bring forth Christ in them, and they died in the wilderness, they were deceived, they thought that doctrine and keeping the law would bring them into the eternal life of God, and they died in the wilderness because they believed that lie. Everything that we learn must be mixed with faith. It must manifest as Christ Jesus in us or you have not produced fruit. You are menstruous rags. You have aborted. That is the word of God.


The Malkhut is the farthest away from the surrounding light of God's ultimate essence, the Ayn Sof, however as far as she is from the Ayn Sof, Malkhut is still the most important of the Sefirot, she is the icing on the cake of creation. When God began to create His universe, He contracted His ultimate essence from a point which was said to be the expression of His will to create, and this center became the focal point that is now called Malkhut. Even though Malkhut is the last level of creation, Malkhut is the ultimate expression of the will of the creator. What we see in the Malkhut of God is that this is what the Ayn Sof envisioned when the desire to create arose within him. Now of course we do not see that today, but who do we see? We do not see the will of God in the creation today, but who do we see? Yes.


COMMENT: Leviathan, the enemies?


PASTOR VITALE: Well that is not wrong but I was really quoting a Scripture, Paul says, We see Jesus, we do not know what we are going to be, because this creation is so in the image of Leviathan, you are absolutely right, that we cannot even have a clue as to what we are supposed to be, but we see Jesus, you see, He is our only clue, we are supposed to be like Him. Of all of the worlds, only Malkhut is corporeal. You know I had somebody say to me once, it was somebody that was really mocking the Christianity, I mean they were very spiritual and they were really mocking where I was coming from, and they said, Oh you believe there is one world, is that not so? And I said, No, I believe there are many worlds, but this world is the only visible one. And they looked at me with their mouth open. All the other higher realms are not corporeal, this becomes extremely significant when we come to understand how the worlds interact and by what laws of physics they are governed. In the non-corporeal realm, in the spiritual realm, time and space are different from how they are here in the physical world, and in the spiritual world, there is no space as we understand it. Therefore in order to define how close two things are to one another, well I am not going to get into this now, the way we define how close two things are to one another in the spirit is by similarity, you see.


Brethren if you want to know how close you are to Christ Jesus, you have to line up your behavior, but even more than that, you have to line up your motives with Christ Jesus. Compare your motives to Christ Jesus, and you will find out how close you are to the savior.


Similarity determines closeness in the spirit because there is no space as we know it in the spirit. So you can compare yourself to anybody, and compare where you are in Christ and you will know how close you are. See you do not look at the part of the person that has not yet been reconciled to Christ, you look at Christ. You see Satan judges your sins. Satan knows another man by their sins. Christ Jesus knows another man by Christ Jesus in that man. See, this is the curse of Absalom, you know, to see the negative in the person and to give more power to the negative in a person then you give to the good in a person, that is the curse of Absalom. Now for years the Lord told me that He was going to deliver me from the curse of Absalom years ago, and I read that whole account of Absalom and Tamar, and for years I believed that the Lord was telling me that He was delivering me from a curse of incest, and I sort of related, although I did not have the exact experience that Tamar had with Absalom, I related it to problems in my family, and that was years ago.


Just a few months ago, the Lord corrected me, I had completely misunderstood what the curse of Absalom was, and the reason I misunderstood it was because I could not see that error in myself until recently. The curse of Absalom is that he lusted for, and the Scripture says, he loved her, the Scripture says he loved Tamar to the point that he went to extremes to possess her, but of course his extremes were to possess her illegally. She said to the man, do not do this thing, ask for my hand in marriage if you feel this way about me. And she further said to him, this is folly, and you are being a fool. And after the act was over, he raped her, after the act was over, the Scripture says, he hated her so much for calling him a fool, that his hatred outweighed his love for her. So we now know that the curse of Absalom is to focus on the negative rather than on the positive, and I did that for years.


I did that for years, and you know what my foundation was? I was afraid of intimacy, I had been so hurt in my childhood that I was afraid to get close to anybody, especially a man. Some people are afraid to get close to anybody in authority, so they focus on their weaknesses, and on their negative points to the complete exclusion, or to the large exclusion of their good points, this is the curse of Absalom. If you can perceive that you are doing it, you can ask to have that curse broken on you. I thank God that curse is broken on me. I had it completely backwards. I knew people by their negative qualities, and I hardly looked at their good qualities because I was obsessed with their negative qualities. But today I know that the true manifestation of the love of God is to focus on the good qualities, and minimize the negative qualities, other than on the occasions that the Lord might use you, if He does, to expose those qualities for the purpose of deliverance.


You see, that comes under the Scripture that says, And love covers a multitude of sin. See a lot of people misuse that Scripture, and they say, Love covers a multitude of sins, that means you cannot expose sin in people, but you see everything we do should be judged by our motive. If it is Christ Jesus in you manifesting as the Tiferet, the minister of justice for the purpose of the deliverance of God, it is okay to reveal sin, if you are not moving in that office, you should be covering people's sins. Now you have to learn the difference between protecting people when the Tiferet is here, when Jehovah is here, when Christ Jesus is here to reveal sin for a righteous reason, and you cover that sin, then you are justifying the person's sin, and you are blocking the deliverance that the Lord wants to bring to that person, that is the sin of pride. But if in the circumstance, it is just a normal relationship with another person, we are supposed to cover people's sins. We are supposed to help them. We are not supposed to be against them, or condemn them, or challenge them, we are supposed to be covering their sins with the love of God. So I hope I gave you an explanation of those two Scriptures. And this is the curse of Absalom, to have that completely backwards, that you expose people's sins out of your carnal mind, and you have trouble seeing their good points. I was in that bondage for years, it is a horrible bondage to be in. I thank God for deliverance. Today you see, the Lord did not shut my eyes completely, because I have eyes that see everything.


So He did not shut my eyes completely, I still see people's faults, but they no longer outweigh the person's good points, and I pray for them in a manner that will help them, and you need to know that if you pray for somebody out of fear, you are not praying for that person, you are praying for yourself. If your motive is fear, do not be deceived and think that you are trying to help the other person, because it is a lie, your praying for yourself, anybody that is afraid, anything that comes out of fear is to save yourself, and to believe anything else is to believe a lie, and that is the truth, I am telling you the truth. So Malkhut, well we are talking about similarity, we are talking about closeness, you see, human relationships usually have to be physically close to be close, it is possible to love somebody who is far away, it all depends if that person is a father or a brother or a sister, you would probably sustain the feeling while they are far away, but if that person is a mate, and they stay away long enough, most people would be going out looking for another mate.


But of course in the spirit, the closeness is one of mind and one of similar ideals. See the best marriage you could hope for would be a marriage that is a physical marriage between two people who are also similar in their goals and in their desires, and in their aspiration for life, and whoever finds themselves in a physical marriage, married to a physical mate who they have nothing in common with, who are at odds with each other and the way they think, that is a very painful place to be, you are better off not being married. It is a very painful place to be, because you may be physically together, but you are really not together, because once your mind starts to develop especially if it develops in Christ, the people that you are closest to are the people who think as you do, who have the same desires for God as you do. And that is the basis for the Scripture in the book of Acts, that says, the ties between the brethren in Christ are stronger than the physical ties, and if that is not true in your life right now, it will be some day, because if Christ Jesus becomes strong enough in you, His appetite to have fellowship with other people that manifest the anointing of Christ and think like Christ, eventually will become stronger than your physical ties with your family.


You are not supposed to force that, I am just telling you the Scripture says, in the book of Acts that, that is what is going to happen to you. And it is really understandable if you stop to think about it, it is very understandable. And I am not telling anybody to leave their family, I am just telling you what is going to happen to you, and you still should not leave your family, you are just going to have to deal with this division in yourself, you have to go out and get your spiritual needs satisfied and then deal with your family on another level. Okay, so we now know that closeness in the spirit has to do with similarity. Praise the Lord, and you know what happens to a lot of people in Christ, is that they find themselves fellowshipping with people from a background in the natural world that if it was not for Christ, they would not have anything in common with them at all. So you see people from all backgrounds gathering together in Christ Jesus, from all, the physical backgrounds, well the natural background, from various degrees of wealth, various degrees of education, various degrees of experience, all of these people coming together, and what they have in common is Christ, see. And in the early stages, what brings them together is the word, which is glorious but it is a level of immaturity. What ultimately brings the body of Christ together, is what? Can anybody answer that? What is the core that brings the body of Christ together, beyond the word, way beyond the word, what is the attribute of the nature of God that joins the body of Christ, what is it that brings you into agreement of mind? It is righteousness, it is righteousness. Righteousness and the justice of God, the opinions of God concerning world events, the opinions of God concerning society, the opinions of God of how people should behave, of how people should relate to one another. That is what brings people together in Christ, at least ultimately that is what should bring you together.


If you are at a stage where the word is bringing you together, if that is where you are, that is where you are, but you will not stay that way. If you continue to grow in Christ, you will not stay that way because it is righteousness, righteousness is the polarity, righteousness is the magnet that draws all true Christians together, I do not want to say true Christians because there are Christians at all stages of development, let me say mature Christians, righteousness is the magnet that draws all mature Christians, because I want to tell you, as you start maturing in these areas, you can know people who could share doctrine with you, but if they do not share your values, if they do not share the mind and the opinions of Christ, a knowledge of doctrine will not keep you together. It is the same principle as saying, when you start to develop in Christ Jesus, your mate is not developing with you, you will draw apart from your mate, in the same manner, the people that you have studied doctrine with for years, you will start to separate from them as you draw near to the morality of Christ and they do not. You may be equals in your ability of your knowledge of doctrine, but when you start drawing to the morality of Christ, you will be departing from your friends in the word, because the ultimate transformation that ultimately leads to immortality is the morality of Christ. Doctrine does not bring forth eternal life, it is the morality which is just another way of saying righteousness of the mind of God that catapults us into eternal life. We enter into eternal life when we cease from sin. Brethren, you can know everything there is to know about doctrine and be the greatest sinner. The fact that you know doctrine does not, you cannot draw an accurate calculation as to a person's degree of righteousness from the measure of doctrine that they know, you cannot.


Now I am talking about a head knowledge, again the line becomes very fine. The line becomes very fine here, I am talking about a head knowledge of the doctrine, a person who is manifesting that doctrine from their heart, not from the head knowledge, not from something you have learned from another man, but doctrine that is arising in the man's own spirit, that is the measure of the righteousness of Christ. That is always difficult to discern, it is easier to discern a person's relationship with the righteous opinions of Jesus Christ, praise the Lord. It is the nature brethren, immortality is in the nature of Christ, immortality is in the nature of Christ, and if there is a man in whom the word is arising from his innermost being, that is a symptom of the righteous nature of Christ. A head knowledge is just a symptom of head knowledge. Let me put it this way, the spirit of revelation in a man, well it gets to be very, very difficult, because there is such a thing as a gift of a spirit of revelation when you get words of knowledge about a righteous spirit, I am talking about revelation that comes with understanding, like the revelation that came forth last week about the truth, about Esau asking for Jacob's pottage, that is the most incredible revelation that I think has ever come up in my spirit without any study whatsoever, it just arose in my spirit, that arose out of the righteous nature of Christ in me. There was like a whole teaching, that is not the same thing as a word of knowledge that comes forth from the gift of the spirit of revelation. So, I do not know if anybody's understanding me, this is a very fine line, but the bottom line is this, God knows, you see, that nobody is fooling anybody, nobody is entering into immortality based on a knowledge of doctrine. We enter into immortality when our carnal mind has been converted and our spirit has been renewed and we are now in the image of Christ Jesus. And one of the symptoms of that condition is that you will have a knowledge of doctrine, if you can hear it, the line is very fine. Praise the Lord.


Okay, so let us go on. The laws of physics in Malkhut are different from the other realms, unlike the other realms Malkhut can serve to bring opposites in to nearness to one another, these opposites can then be exposed to one another and communicate with one another. And the potential in this is that the opposites can find common ground and thus merge together within that aspect of unity. Well that is what we do here, every time I confront your sin nature, we are bringing opposites together, and we are looking for that one thing in common, which is your desire to truly be in Christ, and we strive together and hopefully the mind of Christ comes forth, and you hopefully righteousness appears in you in the issue.


Praise the Lord. This is Malkhut, this is just another way of saying, this is the spirit of reconciliation, the New Testament calls it the spirit of reconciliation, that is what I call it, it is a spirit of reconciliation, that you come together, the mind of Christ comes together with somebody who is struggling, you find out one little issue that you have in common which can merely be a desire to overcome and that spirit of reconciliation will flow and will bring forth grace and truth. Praise the Lord.


Okay, this should all be review for all of us, we are told here Malkhut, Malkhut can thus unite all the worlds, which is something that none of the spiritual worlds can do. Each spiritual world stands alone, Malkhut alone can unite all of the worlds. And I remind you that this is what we are challenged to do to unite all of the worlds, I have not really used that expression too much here, but the way I have expressed it to you is that we are to become conscious on all planes of existence. We have to become conscious on the unconscious and subconscious levels of our mind, what does that mean? We have to see what is going on there. We have to see what is going on there, and we have to affect it, we have to interact with what is going on in the other realms of consciousness, that is the unification, you see. First we look at it, when we see something wrong we fix it, and that brings all of these spiritual realms under the authority of the conscious mind of Christ Jesus and therefore the unity. We are to bring all of ourselves under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are to bring our physical bodies under the authority, we are to pray against infirmity, and we are to bring all unrighteousness in our own mind under the authority of Christ Jesus, but you have to see the unrighteousness to do that.


But that is ultimately what we are told to do. This too what I have just described to you is a symptom of the righteous mind of Christ Jesus appearing in you, you will bring all of the worlds within you under your dominion, that means you will have full control of the unconscious part of your mind, instead of saying, What can I do about my thoughts? You will have full control over the unconscious parts of your mind. That is what you are called to do, to control that wild beast, the unconscious part of your mind is your libido, it is wild raging passions, you are supposed to control it. So if you are thinking, What can you expect of me, these are just my thoughts, you need to know that you are failing in the program here. If you do not understand what you are supposed to do with your thoughts, you are failing in this aspect of the program, the Christ mind is given to control the carnal mind, the Christ mind is given to recognize and control sin in you, not in me. You are not supposed to be looking at me and trying to control in me, you are supposed to be controlling sin in yourself. And if you think that you are helpless concerning your thoughts, you have utterly failed to grasp this message, and you utterly fail to understand what you are called to do, you have utterly failed to understand it, and you could only fail to understand it because it is the sin of pride, because I have been preaching it for years. Praise the Lord. So we see that in Malkhut all of the potential that exists in the Keter and Chokhmah actually become fulfilled, the purposes of creation are fulfilled in Malkhut, and we are Malkhut, we are called to do all of these great things including control our carnal mind, the Sefirot therefore serve as the complete pattern that underlies everything in the universe. God reveals an aspect of Himself into creation, this is His will the Keter, then an insight of His will manifest, that is the Chokhmah called wisdom, then the will of God is received or understood, this is Binah. This understanding expands outward that is Chesed to a point when it starts to contract, it only goes so far and then it starts to contract. The scientists say that even this universe in several trillion years will begin to contract, everything goes so far and then it reverses, we see this happening in this society, I see this happening in our society all the time, I see this principle happening right now with the medical society, medicine has expanded it has done great things, there are teams that go to other parts of the world on mercy missions operating on children that are born with harelips, that is a marvelous thing for people whose lives would be largely ruined because they are born with this deformity.


Medical science has done great things for so many people, but at this point, medical science is in the process of self-destructing, because so many of the procedures that do wonderful things have become so expensive that they are no longer available, if they ever were available to the simple people of the world. They are only available to the most people. And now that we are giving medical treatment to everybody or it is our desire to get medical treatment to everybody, and this is a fact, medical treatment to the average person is diminishing in quality. Pastor Vitale, are you against giving medical treatment to poor children? No, I am merely reporting the facts to you, that the expansion of medical treatment to everybody is resulting in a variety of forms of socialized medicine, which we do not have what we would call socialized medicine in this country yet, but we are pretty close to it. Doctors are leaving the field, fewer and fewer universities students are going in for medicine because the HMO situation that we have here, it restricts the doctors as to practicing, as to how they practice their medicine, business people are telling doctors how to practice medicine, and doctors in utter frustration are leaving the field. And the doctors that do not leave the field cannot treat their patients properly because the business men that run the HMO restrict the tests and the treatments that they can give the people. So the overall quality of medical care at least in the areas of HMOs are diminishing.


So that means the poorest people are getting the least qualified medical care, and in the nations, I hope it never happens here, but the plan that Hillary Clinton was devising which was defeated by the United States Congress would have made it a crime for a doctor to care for somebody outside of the socialized medicine spectrum. If someone came to this doctor, and said, Look, I want a treatment that is not allowed through the socialized medicine, I am going to pay you $10,000, give me this procedure, if the doctor did it, he could go to jail. So there is only so much money to be given to the medical community that is now being spread through all corners of this society. Is that bad? No it is not bad, but the facts are the quality of medical treatment has gone down. For the people that had no medical treatment at all, what they have is better than nothing, but for the people who have been use to a fine level of medical treatment, that is less and less available to them. This is not God's solution. I am telling you everything in this world expands to a point and then it begins to contract. We saw the snow come down here, a beautiful, it was gorgeous, everything was white, a winter wonderland, two days later, it is dirty and ugly, people slipping on the ice and being hurt, every good thing in this world that does not come from God, reaches its apex and reverses. Only the goodness of God has no ending, only the goodness of God. Everything in this world corrupts. And in some degrees, in some aspects even that which is given of God reaches an apex and begins to contract. You may have heard of waves of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit came into Long Island, what was it, 10 or 15 years ago, we had revival in Long Island, many churches, 3, 4, 5 services a night, anointed, now you cannot find a Sunday night service anywhere except here. You cannot find a Sunday night service, you cannot find a Friday night service, it is hard to find a Wednesday night service, they may have a prayer meeting, but not a, we had 4 full services every week, music, testimonies, preaching, the whole thing. You cannot find that on Long Island except here.


So the Holy Spirit came in, and came in with a great wave, and that wave peaked, it reached its apex, and it contracted, and it started to recede. See that is what the Holy Spirit does, but I do not believe Christ Jesus does that, and the reason the Holy Spirit does that is that the Holy Spirit is given to point you to Christ. You have to get to Christ by the time the Holy Spirit apexes and starts to recede, but once Christ is grafted to you, so long as you continue in your part which is examining your sin nature and facing it and warring against it, I believe that your increase will go on into eternity. But you must know that you are out of Pentecost and you have a large part of the responsibility in discipleship, and if you do not do your part, the Lord is going to leave you. I remember the day that, I was not even in discipleship, I was in Pentecost, when the Lord gave me an assignment that I did not want to do, why did I not want to do it? I knew that I would be punished for doing it, I knew that what I did was righteous, I confronting sin and that I would be punished by the mind of the man who did not like what I did, which happened to be my pastor at the time, and I did not want to do it, and the Lord told me in no uncertain terms, I will never forget it. If you do not do what I have asked you to do, I will leave for junk on the banks of the Jordan, that is what He said.


I want to tell you something brethren, if you are not fulfilling your commission, God is very long suffering, but the day will come that He will just turn away and go on to somebody else, if you do not do what He has raised you up to do. Yes, He has healed you and yes He has delivered you and yes He loves you but the bottom line brethren, if the Lord has raised you up to do His will, He wants to manifest His life through you to work on the perfecting of His kingdom, and if you do not do what you are raised up to do, you are going to get fired. Jesus fires people, it takes Him a long time to do it, but He does it. Okay. Praise the Lord. So I was reading this synopsis to you, God reveals an aspect of Himself into creation, this is His will, the Keter, then you get an insight into His will, that is the Chokhmah, and then you perceive His will and you understand His will, that is the Binah manifesting in you, and Binah expands outward, this understanding expands outward to a point when it then starts to contract, and that is Gevurah. The result is a state of balance which is Tiferet, which ordains the order of the universe and this is talking about your personal universe, each one of us is a world. This state of balance order needs to be imposed upon the universe. That means each of us balance and order needs to be imposed upon us, so that the benefit which is Hod or the mind of Christ of creation can be received. When this occurs there is harmony, that is Yesod in the universe, and everything is complete in Malkhut. That is the synopsis. Okay this is the end of our review on the Sefirot, are there any questions or comments on the Sefirot? If not we will go on to the next section which is the 4 worlds, which is still a review, at the end of the 4 worlds, we do have some, to me, from my point of view some very small information, I would really like more information on the seven palaces, but I will just let you know what I have here, and then we go on to the Partzufim which should also, well the Partzufim, the beginning of the Partzufim are a review, but we are going to be introduced to several Partzufim that we have not heard about before. I think that we will stop here and pick up with part 4, okay God bless you, goodbye.


01/17/04 Transcribed by RS



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