571 - Part 5

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Well this is part 5 and I have not even started speaking about pregnancy yet, and that is because I decided to review everything that builds up the spiritual pregnancy. I will tell you at this point however that every believer in whom the seed of Christ resides is a midwife for the seed or the fetus of Christ Jesus who is the son of God. So the believers are the ones who are pregnant with Christ and suckling is a stage of development of the Christ child within us, and childhood is another stage, so we will get to that eventually believe it or not even though this is part 5. Now at the end of part 4, we were reviewing the 4 worlds, we talked about Atzilut, which is the realm of God and I remind you that Adam Kadmon plus Atzilut is called the creator and the three worlds below that, Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah, are the clothing of Adam Kadmon or the creation. I think that I will just read through the notes on Beriah, we stopped in the middle of Beriah. So I will just remind you of a couple of points about Beriah. Beriah itself means creation, in Atzilut God’s unity is recognized in all, from Beriah below, and below, God’s unity begins to be blurred, and we explained that on part 4. Beriah is called the throne of God, you hear a lot about the throne of God in studying Kabbalistic studies, and it is talking about the realm or the world of Beriah.


Now this is important, a spark of the Malkhut of Atzilut cloaks itself or buries itself within the Keter of Beriah, and this is how Beriah receives life. Also all of the worlds below Beriah receive life in the same way, a spark of the Malkhut of Beriah buries itself in Yetzirah, and that is how Yetzirah receives life, and a spark of the Malkhut of Yetzirah buries itself in Asiyah, and that is how Asiyah receives life. But this connecting sequence was broken, and Asiyah died, and Yetzirah died, and all of the worlds where we are on the other side have died because that connection with the eternal realm of God has been broken, and this is the connection that the Lord Jesus Christ has been sent to reestablish, the King James calls it the regeneration, the establishment of the pipeline that will cause the energy, the immortal energy of almighty God to flow through us continuously as a circuit, continuous flow, just as the blood of this body flows through our body and is pumped by our heart, it flows out of our heart and returns to our heart, there is a spiritual blood or a spiritual energy that must flow through us in the same kind of a spiritual circuit, which circuit has been broken, but is in the process of being restored, and the first element of the process for the restoration of the circulatory system of our spiritual being is that Christ Jesus should be formed in us, because He is the heart within us that will receive and also pump out the energy of God that need to be renewed. The second aspect of the process is the glorified Jesus Christ who is embedded in the eternal realm, the glorified Jesus Christ is anchored or embedded in the eternal realm, He can never fall down out of it, He can never die again, and Christ Jesus is to be rooted and grounded in the individual.


These are the two polarities, the glorified Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus, these are the two polarities, one in the earth, and one in heaven. The energy of the glorified Jesus Christ now must reach Christ Jesus in the individual, actually must reach this whole earth realm and quicken it, but there is a warfare going on because the powers and principalities of this world, Satan, the unconscious part of the mind, and Leviathan, do not want this world quickened or made alive, because the enlivening or the quickening of this world is the death of Satan and Leviathan. You can have only one set of rulers, Christ Jesus and the glorified Jesus Christ. The other set of rulers, the rulers of darkness must bow their knee, so this war is going on, and the war is in the mind, it is a war of understanding, it is a war of belief, because one can tell the way we tell which world we are in, is by what we believe. If we remain in the world of darkness, we believe the message of darkness. For those of us who believe the message of light, but yet are still in this world, our bodies are still in this world, we are engaged in an ongoing warfare that is vicious and merciless, and that warfare is to establish the circuit of spiritual energy, at least between us the individual who believes in the eternal realm. The person who does not believe the whole truth that the Lord Jesus Christ comes to bring, because He is the truth, if you do not believe the whole truth, there is a faulty aspect to polarity that is being established in you, and the energy cannot flow properly if the polarity is not correct and whole. Of course the polarity in heaven, the glorified Jesus Christ is firmly established, so the problem now is establishing the polarity in the individual, what does that mean? To establish the doctrine and the understanding and the willingness of the individual to do their part to recognize the other side in their own mind and to resist, to reject, to reject to resist and overcome, in other words to engage in that warfare between the two minds which exists within one person.


If the individual, if the midwife is not willing to do that, okay, the spiritual circulation cannot be established, and therefore we abide in death. So we see that we can even have Christ Jesus grafted to us and still be abiding in death, because we the personality must choose to believe Christ Jesus or to believe our carnal mind. Okay, he who believes, wow, the first time I ever read that word, he who believes, whoever dreamt at how much there is to believe, he who believes the truth, you know, but the truth is much more than Jesus Christ was crucified and rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, the truth is much more than that, you see believing the truth of the glorified Jesus Christ, believing His doctrine, establishes His mind in you, and gives His mind preeminence and power in you.


So if you choose to believe the doctrine of darkness, you may have the mind of Christ, but the circuitry the flow of the spiritual blood of Jesus Christ will not be established in you, when you choose to believe the lie rather than the truth. So, we are talking about Beriah right now, let us see what else I can tell you, yes Beriah, there begins a new form of manifestation in Beriah, and this is called souls, this is where the souls come from, Beriah the world of creation. The Hebrew word for souls is Neshamot, singular Neshamah, plural, Neshamot. Beriah is the realm of the Sefirot Binah, the realm of I am what I am, in other words Binah is the realm of mind, the abstract level of pure consciousness, and souls are expressions of consciousness. They are beyond the realm of body and form as we understand them, nevertheless souls do have an identity that distinguishes one from the other and it is possible for souls to be united, but not in the way that human beings or bodies are united, mind is very different than the physical world, as I explained in part 4, what makes, what brings two minds together is similarity, similarity of belief, and we even see this in this world, two people who have the same beliefs draw very close to one another even though their physical life may have nothing whatsoever in common with each other.


So, Beriah is the highest realm outside of God, and thus is closest to Him, the spark of God dwells in Beriah, and of course the spark of God is called the Shekinah. Praise the Lord. So the Shekinah dwells upon and within the manifestations within Beriah which are the Neshamot souls. It is these souls that are the throne of God, for God dwells upon and within them. Now of course we are studying from Kabbalistic notes and of course we know that today the believers, the human beings, we are the vessels that God dwells upon and in, and we are the throne of God. When our mind is set up to receive Him, the throne is in man, the throne is a level of consciousness of man. And of course, we are, a man could be the throne for God or he could be Satan’s seat. See, the King James translation does not talk about Satan’s throne, but it does talk about Satan’s seat, and a human being is either Satan’s seat or the throne of God. Now that is hard to deal with, because most people it appears to the carnal mind are neutral, but that is not true, Satan is both good and evil. So the best person in this world is still a manifestation of Satan’s seat the good side of Satan’s seat, and the proof of the fact of that is that we die, no matter how good you are, we still die. That means the judgment of death which is a judgment upon unrighteousness is executed on all of the peoples of this world, the very, very best people, which is the proof that the very, very best people are the good side of Satan’s seat.


She cannot keep us alive because a righteous man cannot die, therefore everybody who dies has been proven to be unrighteous by God’s standard, good by the standards of this world perhaps, but unrighteous by the standards of God, because in God’s kingdom, eternal life is associated with righteousness. Praise the Lord.


Let us go on. As Beriah manifests division, that means there are different kinds of souls, it is also a source of judgment in the universe, because judgment always decides between what is right and what is wrong. So Jesus said, I judge no man, yet what I judge, I judge righteous judgment. So there is a judgment that is legitimate of God. Everything has to be judged, it is silly that we are not to judge anything. You have to judge who you will be friends with, you have to judge who you will associate with, you have to judge who you will trust, you have to judge who you will do business with, we pass judgments all the time, on whether or not we believe people are trustworthy, ethical, moral, good for our children to marry, whatever. So there is a form of judgment that is legitimate.


The judgment that we are not to be passing is the judgment for condemnation sake, the judgment that some people pass to win a point or to exalt themselves, that is against God. Any judgment that condemns somebody apart from God, that is the judgment that we are not to pass, but everybody passes judgment every day, you have to judge whether it is right to cross the street or whether it is right if you are driving the car to turn out on the highway at a particular time. Is somebody driving very quickly, well maybe you should not turn out then, you have to make a judgment, you have to make value judgment. So there is a valid judgment, and all judgment comes out of Beriah, that is what we are told.


So there are people in this world, you may know some, who are very poor at making judgments, and they are getting hurt all the time, they are getting hurt socially, they are getting hurt spiritually, because they make bad decisions all the time, that means that they are not rooted and grounded in the level of Beriah in Christ, either they are rooted and grounded in the level of Beriah of the other side, or Beriah does not exist in them. Now remember Beriah is referring to the Neshamah level of soul, and the Neshamah level of soul which is the mind of Christ, most people do not have the mind of Christ. Now there is a mind of Christ or an intellectual mind of the other side, in the goodness of Satan, the unconscious part of the mind. A lot of people do not have that, they do not have wisdom, they have not even ascended to Beriah of the other side, and these people are called foolish, and they have much disaster in their life, because disaster is the judgment of the fool, it could be physical disaster, it could be spiritual disaster, it could be intellectual disaster, or it could be emotional disaster. Praise the Lord.


So we now know that disaster is the judgment of the fall. Okay, we had that word in the ministry and I believe that a word of knowledge just came forth as to what it means, that judgment has fallen on the fool, we pray that they will learn from the judgment and be restored, may the mercy of the Lord fall upon them. Okay, so all judgment and in particular righteous judgment comes out of Beriah of the mind of God. Binah embodies perception which is the true definition of consciousness, to be alert, and Chokhmah which is wisdom is unconscious. Remember the highest Sefirot is Keter, he does not communicate with human beings at all from his high lofty place, although we know that the Keter did come down and communicate with us through Jesus of Nazareth, Chokhmah is wisdom and wisdom is unconscious, it is knowledge that arises out of the unconscious part of the mind, and that wisdom is imparted to Binah which is understanding, Binah is the first Sefirot that communicates with men. Therefore Beriatic perception which is pure mind or pure consciousness, constructs the forms that we see, it constructs the forms of the lower worlds that are yet to come. Yetzirah that is the world where we see forms, and Beriah constructs those forms, that is just another way of saying Brethren, that everything that we see in this world originated in a higher level of soul. Everything that happens in this world, was originally thought into existence from a higher level of consciousness, nothing exists in this world, no word that you speak, no thing that you do, just grew up by itself, it has a root, every thought you think, every word you say, everything you do, every piece of furniture in this room, has a spiritual root that attaches it to an invisible spiritual world which generated it, which literally thought it and then spoke it into existence.


This is very hard for some people, that would like to believe that innocent words come out of their mouth, that they never thought about it, therefore they are not responsible for it, but every word that comes out of your mouth, everything that you do, even sleep walking has a spiritual root, it is growing out of a spiritual realm which has generated it. These spiritual roots, most of the time arise out of our sin nature. If you do not have the nature of Christ, all of them arise out of your sin nature, and cause you to be involved in the sowing and reaping judgment. For every wrong motive, you will receive a like judgment.


Jesus Christ has come to deliver us from the cycle of the sowing and reaping judgment. The way He is doing this for us, is by number one, giving us His Christ mind, a mind that is not rooted and grounded in this fallen world, it is a mind that is rooted and grounded in righteousness, and that mind is in Beriah which helps us, and Beriah of righteousness is higher than the Beriah of this world. So with this mind of God, we have the ability if we are willing to look, to see what is happening in the mind of Beriah from the other side, which is our carnal mind. We can look at the source of all ungodly thoughts and ungodly attitudes and ungodly behavior, and attack them. This is the Lord’s deliverance for us. The free gift is the Holy Spirit which leads us to the power of Christ.


The free gift is the power of Christ, we must use it, but we must be willing to look into our motives, into our carnal mind, and see the evil that is there, and all of the potential evil that is there, but more than the potential, to see the seed, the literal seeds that exist in us, of pride and envy, and all of the wickedness of the carnal mind. Then we must, we, our personality must join with the Christ mind to wipe out that ungodly and unholy garden. This is the plan for the Lord’s deliverance for us, if you are brave enough to look. You must look. Praise the Lord.


So Beriatic perception is pure consciousness, it is the pure consciousness that constructs the forms that we see in the lower worlds. Beriah which is Binah is the mother of the laws of creation. Now let me tell you this, Beriah that constructs the forms does not construct the essence, the essence of everything exists here comes from a much higher place. Okay, but it is Binah that constructs the forms. So we can see when we look at the forms of this world today, how corrupt people are, how vulnerable this body is, how we get sick, how we get hurt, my own nephew just had a paper scratch last week, and wound up with a staph infection, his whole hand swelled up, he wound up in the hospital, these vessels that our consciousness dwells in are very, very vulnerable. So these vessels are very corrupt, they are of a very poor quality, God did not make us like this, they were not formed from the Beriah of holiness, these vessels were formed from the Beriah of the other side, from the Beriah of unholiness and this is why we are so vulnerable and so subject to sickness, disease, and to death. Praise the Lord.


So, Beriah or Binah is the mother of the laws of creation. When God manifests this aspect of Himself, He is called Elohim, and Elohim is the name of God associated with Binah and with Beriah, and this word Elohim technically means judge. This is the name of God used when creating the universe, this signifies that God created the seven days of creation from the aspect of judgment. Now that is very interesting, why would God make a creation from the aspect of judgment? Because God knew that there would be a multiplicity of forces in creation, negative forces, positive forces, and without judgment there would be only chaos in the universe. So judgment is an aspect of God that is holy and this is righteous. Judgment is the foundation of the sowing and reaping judgment. There is no law against a righteous man. If you obey the law, you have nothing to fear of the sowing and reaping judgment, do good and good will be done unto you.


Even in this world, even though because we have fallen minds, we are still under the judgment of death, if we resist evil inclinations and do good, we will prosper in this world, however, to be delivered from death, we have to deal with the hidden sins of our heart, and dig out those motives and thoughts that most people never even look at, when we reject them and stamp them out, we will enter into eternal life, that is one of the foundational teachings of this ministry, how to recognize the seeds of good side of the carnal mind, which appear harmless to the inhabitants of this world, but which result in our physical death. Praise the Lord.


So, judging from the severity of the laws of nature, this point should not be in doubt, that the creation was formed in judgment, it is the seven days of creation and their spiritual counterparts that are the next two worlds, the first of which corresponding to six days of work is Yetzirah. What that means is, is that the seven days of creation and their spiritual counterparts are the world of Yetzirah, that is the six days, and the seventh day of creation, I guess must be Malkhut. I did not recall reading this myself, to be honest with you. Now the seven days of creation, that is a very interesting topic brethren, because creation is happening today, the seven days of creation are happening in us. You see there is no time or space in the spirit, everything is happening at the same time, Adam’s fall is happening right now in the appropriate plane of consciousness, and we, the human beings, the members of humanity, we are subject to the seven days of creation right now. Most of the human beings in the world today, have not even been touched by the first day, they are in spiritual chaos. Those of us who are being initiated into the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are in anywhere from the first to the second or third or I do not know where you are, only God knows what day of creation you can be in. I was checking this out for myself recently, and I think by examining the work that I see in myself, that I am in about the fourth or the fifth day of creation, maybe the fourth day, I am not sure, I know that I looked it up, but I do not recall at the moment. Praise the Lord.


Okay, so the seven days of creation and their spiritual counterparts are in the next two worlds, the first of which corresponding to the six days of work is Yetzirah. This realm is the realm of the heart and the place of motivation, it is here in Yetzirah that the pure mind of Beriah becomes infused with passion, passion being emotion. Now the principle is that you can have all of the thoughts in the world but if you are not motivated, if you do not have a desire to see all of your thoughts manifested in the earth, the thoughts will just die in your mind. So a passion to see the fruit of your ideas or to see the fruit of your emotions, is necessary for the manifestation and the fulfillment of your emotions. We are talking about the world of Yetzirah, the can be likened to the astral plane, but of course the world that we are talking here are the worlds of God, we are talking about the Yetzirah of God, the spiritual plane of God.


The Yetzirah on the other side is an evil place, all the evil entities and demons dwell in Yetzirah. The entities manifest at the Yetziratic level are therefore very highly polarized and charged to accomplish specific tasks, that is where the energy, emotion, and passion is energy, imparts energy to the idea to bring it to pass. These entities are not so much thinking entities as much as feeling entities, being that they do not emanate from the realm of mind, these Yetziratic entities do not possess what I call the thinking function, for that is the exclusive domain for those of beriatic consciousness.


Yetziratic entities therefore are kind of like the animals in the spiritual non-corporeal planes. We know them as angels, when they manifest functions and missions from above, otherwise when these entities perform acts of their own, we know them as demons. Well brethren I want to tell you that we, human beings, we are the angels or the demons, we are, many human beings are not thinking human beings, but they act basically on their emotions, there are millions of people across the world that can be manipulated because they are emotional people, and all that someone has to do or all that a manipulator has to do is know where to press the right buttons and stir up these people’s passions, they go ahead and they do whatever the manipulator wants them to do. These people are called agitators.


I remember years ago when I was working in the wall street area, to be honest with you I do not know what was going on but there was a whole big crowd and everybody was down there to see what going on, and I heard this man making inflammatory remarks, I am sorry I cannot recall what he was saying, but I turned around to see who was making these inflammatory remarks, and there was this tall thin man, very calm, just making these remarks, and I knew instantly that he was an agitator trying to stir up the crowd to do something ungodly. Now remember everything that we study in Kabbalah is about human nature and human beings. The majority of human beings today are emotional creatures, that can be manipulated and driven by their passions, because it takes a very special person, it takes special training considering the place where humanity is in its maturity, because humanity is maturing. Humanity as a whole is maturing, as the years go by, it is very difficult to train your mind to be so strong to overcome your emotions and we do not see it too much in this world today, the people that are successful in living out of mind rather than emotions are usually the successful people of the world, because emotions are not our friend. To follow after our emotions usually leads to disaster. So we, I am trying to show you that according to these notes, we human beings, most of us are the Yetziratic creatures that are not thinking creatures. What does that mean? It means most of us are human beings who are on the lower, who exist on the lower levels of mind, they do not have a Neshamah, even of God, or an intellectual Neshamah of the other side, they do not have a higher mind, they are living out of their Nephesh, and possibly out of their Ruach, but the majority of people in the world just live out of their Nephesh, which is their soul life, it is the life that we have or the existence that we have from the blood in our veins, in our physical body, and what are those, what is life like for those people? Life is usually something like this, they work to have a roof over their head, or to grow food or to buy food so that they can have food to eat, okay, and they engage usually in human marriage most of the time so that they can have a sexual outlet, and they can have children. Now there is nothing wrong with this, but I am just telling you that people that live only on that level, there are people who live only on that level, and their minds very rarely get developed, they are not interested in what is going on in the world, they are not interested in politics, and again I am not putting them down, this is where they are, they live to eat, sleep, have sex, and enjoy human interactive activities. Their mind does not come into play.


But there is a higher way in this world, there is a higher way, there are some people who develop their mind, and that is not an easy life, to develop your mind usually means you have to study, and you have to think analytically, this puts you in a completely different world then the people who are living the flesh life. That is just the truth, my whole point of what I am telling you, the whole point that I am making is that what we are being taught here about the world can be applied to human beings, that human beings have the potential to manifest all the way up to the 7th day of creation and to manifest the life of God all the way up to Atzilut.


We are called to be, Jesus said you can be as your master, you cannot be greater than Him, but you can be as Him. We are called to be all that Jesus was in the days of His flesh, and Jesus was all mind. You see I watched a tv program this morning, there has been a lot going on in the world today with war in Iraq, and I heard this very well meaning preacher preaching about from the book of Daniel and the beasts and the little horn, now of course the church at large pretty much believes that the little horn is the anti-Christ but I have been preaching for years that the little horn is Christ. And because I did a word by word study in the Interlinear Text of Daniel chapter 7, and I believe the Lord has told me that the little horn is Christ, the reason the church has such a problem believing that the little horn is Christ is that the little horn comes with judgment, see, and the church does not believe that it is the church that is going to be judged, they think it is the sinner that is going to be judged.


But the truth of the matter is that the corrective judgment of God is necessary to catapult us into eternal life, so the first people who are eligible for this honor, it is an honor to have our sins judged so that we can be catapulted into eternal life, the first people will be the church and the elders thereof, see. But as I heard this preacher preach, I just got another witness, I have not really talked about the little horn in Daniel in years, but as I heard this preacher preach I got another witness, renewed witness that the little horn is Christ, because all of the other beasts, the Scripture tells us are going, that they are dangerous, and one beast has three ribs in his mouth and another beast is stomping down and crushing his enemies, but the little horn, he just speaks great words. The little horn is a spiritual ruler that has power in his mouth, he does not have anything in his teeth or under his feet, he has power in his words, that is a sign of a spiritual ruler, if someone who has power in his mouth is coming out of his carnal mind then he is a witch or a wizard, but if that person is serving Jesus Christ and is speaking with the power of Jesus Christ, He is the savior, it is so simple. The little horn, He is the savior, and He is a humble man, that comes forth in the midst of all of these vicious dangerous governments, I believe that, that prophecy is true on a governmental level and it is also true on an individual human level, because wherever Christ is appearing, anti-Christ rises up in the people around him, at his job, in his home, in his life, everywhere, there is always a conflict, whenever Christ appears, anti-Christ rises up to try to destroy Him, but the Christ speaks words of power, He does not have to fight anybody, and He does not have to trample on anybody, He speaks great words. Now the church translates that Hebrew word that says great words on the TV this well-meaning preacher translated it pompous words, haughty words, prideful words, no they are words of power, words of delivering power, the living God and the prophets of the living God, you know speak their warfare, their warfare is in their mouth. See in today’s world, the way it is now, not now let us say 50 or 100 years or however many years ago it was, we definitely have Christian armies fighting against oppression, it is very Scriptural , not that, I am not pro war to the degree that I want a war for any reason, but I do believe that war is Scriptural, and to take a position which is very common in the world today, that war is not Scriptural is wrong, war is very Scriptural, but the reason we have had great wars like world war II for example, where it really was the Christian world against a great oppressor in Germany, why am I telling you this? Because I just said to you that Christ wars with His mouth, He does not have to get in to an armed conflict, I am explaining to you why in World War II, the Christian nations were involved in an armed conflict, because the power of Christ was not manifesting in the Christian world at that time. We were on the same level as the enemy and it had to be the power of God that enabled us to overcome that enemy but in the world to come, the world to come is a spiritual world, and our warfare will be a warfare of the mind. So that little horn coming forth speaking great words, that is the symbol in the Scripture of the next level that humanity will be ascended to, and the little horn is a many membered company. All of the people who will speak the great words of Christ Jesus will put an end to the warfare of the, even of the righteous nations who are fighting with guns and weapons because that is a legal level of power that they have, but ultimately there will be no more guns and tanks, the righteous in Christ will speak the word, and people will not be killed anymore.


You know the Scripture says that when the Hebrew children came out of Egypt, they entered into many conflicts with other nations and not one Hebrew was killed or wounded, that is because it was a spiritual warfare brethren, it was not a physical warfare. Praise the Lord. Let everyone who can hear it, hear the truth. Praise the Lord. Okay so we are reading here about the Yetzratic planes which is talking about animals. Now there are spiritual animals that exist in Yetzirah, okay, there are also spiritual insects that exist in Yetzirah, in the Yetzirah of the other side, there are in the Yetzirah of God there are spiritual animals that serve God and in the Yetzirah of the other side there are insects, spiritual insects and spiritual animals because we know there is a beast that serves the Serpent, praise the Lord, and that these entities in Yetzirah, they manifest through human beings. That means that every human being is an expression of something in the invisible world, are you an expression of one of the animals of God because we are animals you know, there are spiritual animals, the angels on the etheric realm, what does that mean that they are animals? I think what it means is that they have some kind of a form, because spirit has no form at all. So once they take form, you have to call them something, and the Scripture calls them animals, but that does not mean that they are mammals, they are some form of spiritual animal which means they have a form.


So every human being is an expression either of one of the animals of God, something on, we are either an expression of something on Yetziratic plane of God, or we are an expression of something on the Yetziratic plane of the other side. Everybody in the world today is both good and evil, but you are either more good or more evil, and depending on where you are, that is who you are expressing most of the time. Praise the Lord. Okay let us go on, we are still on Yetzirah here, the name Yetzirah means formation, for Yetzirah gave form to that dimension which we know as time. Each of the 6 Sefirot of Yetzirah manifest and form one of the 6 days of creation following the form of their Sefiratic emanation, Yetzirah as the realm of time also is the realm of emotions, for as time comes and goes but is never stationary, so are the emotions. Praise the Lord, now my life is very active in the realm of Yetzirah. Sometimes I am completely afflicted in my emotions because I am feeling the impact of other people’s minds and other people’s emotions, that is where all the winds and the storms are in the realm of Yetzirah. One of the first prophecies probably the first prophecy that was prophesied over me was by an evangelist that said, Lord let her be blown about no more by every wind and doctrine. Well the prophecy concerning doctrine started to manifest in my life very early, it is very, very hard to blow me into a false doctrine, very, very, I am not saying it is impossible, but it is very difficult, the Lord delivers me immediately so far in 25 years, it has only happened once or twice and He has delivered me immediately, very, very quickly, but being blown about by every wind, I did not even know what that meant at the beginning. Today I realize that I am blown about by a lot of winds, now I am much more stable today than I was 25 years, but I know that when somebody that I have a relationship with is in turmoil, it affects my emotional stability, it has taken me years to understand this, because at one point I could not understand what was happening to me, and I was in great distress. Today, I have a wealth of information for anybody that the Lord sends to me who is being blown about in their emotions and not understanding where it is coming from.


If you are reading this message or hearing this tape and you can relate to what I am saying, I will tell you that the solution to your problem, if you are being blown about winds, by spiritual winds and storms in the invisible emotional plane, if you are being afflicted by other people’s emotions, the solution for you is the development of your mind, you see. This means if you are being blown about and touched in an ungodly way by other people’s emotions, that means you are conscious on the Yetziratic plane or you are conscious on the astral plane, the average person is not, the average person is just conscious on the plane of action right here in this physical plane.


You are conscious, you are emotionally conscious, conscious on the astral plane, or conscious in the Yetziratic plane, and the only answer for you, the help for you is to develop your mind, you must petition God to receive your Neshamah, your intellectual mind, because that is the only thing that will stabilize you, and I am telling you this from someone who has been working on this problem for years, probably for my whole life, but certainly for at least 20 years, if not the full 25 that I have been with the Lord, crying out to God, asking Him what is wrong with me, why am I being swept away emotionally, it is because my, I am conscious on the Yetziratic realm, and the answer to that is the development of the mind on the Neshamotic, on the level of Neshamah, and that is why every time I ever went to the Lord with a problem that I had, He put me in a study, I never understood that until recently, the answer to all of my problems, and if you are conscious on the emotional plane and being pushed and swept to and fro by your emotions, the only answer for you is the development of your mind, you must learn to rule by your mind, you must rule over those emotions in order to stabilize yourself. Praise the Lord, that is how I became a teacher here, I was so being blown about from pillar to post in the emotional planes, that the Lord in His response to my cries for help, developed my Neshamah, my mind in God, to such a degree that once I had all this knowledge, He made me teacher. Praise the Lord, that is the truth of how I became a teacher.


Each of the 6 Sefirot of Yetzirah manifest and form one of the 6 days of creation, following the from of their Sefirotic emanation. What does that mean? It means that the 6 days of Yetzirah are Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod. So that would mean that Chesed would be I think I am just filling this in, that is what it sounds like to me, that Chesed would be the 1st day of creation, and Gevurah would be the 2nd day of creation, and Tiferet would be the 3rd day of creation and so on and so on. Yetzirah is the realm of time and is also the realm of emotions, okay. The realm of Yetzirah is the closest to our physical world, therefore emotions more than pure thought often direct our actions. I think that is true of most people, it is those Yetziratic influences, those are the winds and the storms that I was just telling you about. It is those Yetziratic influences that we are able to cognize in the form of the archetypes of the personal and collective unconscious.


Let me say that again, it is these Yetziratic influences that we are able to form into the personal and collective unconscious, there is a personal and a collective unconscious, there is a collective unconscious of the whole human race, there is a collective unconscious of all of the people in particular areas, in other words, there would be a collective unconscious of your family, there is a collective unconscious of all of the people who are studying this message, you know, and then you have your own personal unconscious, and all of these levels of unconscious are connected to one another, and if you are awake on these realms, you will be hearing not only your own thoughts but other people’s thoughts, there is a whole course of study as how to recognize and how to deal with this, and that course of study is not on tape, it is a person program that the Lord has to bring you into.


Praise the Lord. So it is these Yetziratic influences that we are able to, from these influences that we form, the personal and collective unconscious. And remember there are multiple levels of collective unconsciouses, I just explained to you, being that they are pure mind, also take on a pictorial form that our mind cognize in an archetypal form. What does that mean? Well I could give you an example, I frequently see images all the time, all the time, I am seeing images, almost continuously. God rarely speaks to me in an audible voice, but much, God speaks to me much more often by showing me images then with an audible voice, and I know that when the Lord speaks to me from that realm, He is speaking to me from Beriah, see.


I was told many years ago, not to covet hearing the voice, the audible voice of God, because that is one of the lowest manifestations of God’s communication to us, to speak in an audible voice, the Lord will only speak in an audible voice to us when we are so immature that He cannot speak to us in images.


Because an audible voice language is not God’s natural form of communication. God speaks in images and they are called archetypal images because they are universal. In other words, I know that our whole society is going in to images, there used to be a stop sign or there used to be a sign on the road that would say curve, slow down, now all you see in the sign is a picture of a curve, and a hand holding out its palm, saying stop, that is an archetypal image, you do not have to know language to understand what you are being told, because your consciousness comprehends the image. So an archetypal image that we see in our mind is a universal form of communication that can be understood by many people, although the archetypal images that I see in my mind, I had to be taught to understand, I had to be instructed on how to interpret them, and how to apply them. So the archetypal images that we see in the mind are very basic from a spiritual point of view.


You see, I have people coming to me with dreams, mostly dreams, I do not know too many people that have visions these days, like I do, but most of the people have dreams, and they come to me with these images that they see in dreams, and I can help them to understand the dream, because the Lord has been instructing me in these archetypal images for years. If the Lord ever lets me do it, one of the things I would love to do is to write a book on dreams symbols. Now that is not a new idea, Fraud has a book out, there was a published book on Fraud on what particular symbols in dreams mean, but of course everything in that book is coming out of Fraud’s carnal mind, and any book that I would write if the Lord ever let me write it, personally I do not see that happening at any time in the near future, it would be a book on the archetypal images by which God communicates with people. There are specific ways that God communicates with us by image, and the shocking part of the whole thing is, that very frequently these images are very sexual. People have dreams that are very sexual and sometimes they are embarrassed to tell me, as soon as I see they are embarrassed, I come right out and I say to them, Was it a sexual dream? And they say, Yes. I then explain to them that from the Lord’s point of view that all forms of spiritual communication are sexual, and that human sexuality down here in the physical realm where bodies join, are just the natural type of the communication of mind, and the activity of mind on the higher realms. So if God is trying to explain something to us, like idolatry for example, I had one woman call me up, she could barely get the dream out, and when she told me, the dream was that she was in an adulterous relationship, and she said to me, I would never do that, I do not understand why I would be dreaming that, I am a Christian woman, I would never commit adultery.


And I had to tell her, this is the Lord’s way of telling you that there is some form of idolatry operating in your mind, because the Lord sees adultery as unfaithfulness to Him. I have had people have some very wrong sexual dreams and it always has to do with sin of the mind, sin of the mind. Praise the Lord, sin of the mind. And this is what we are talking about when we say archetypes. Beriatic entities being that they are pure mind, also take on a pictorial form that our minds cognize in an archetypal form, I said that just before. However, Beriatic beings can only be cognized once the mind is calm and clear of emotion. Now that is very interesting because, well what is the difference between cognize and recognize? The prefix "re", before cognize, recognize means to see something that you have seen before, so you know what it is, you recognize it, you have seen it before. To cognize means that you have never seen it before, yet you are aware of it, you are aware of it but you never saw it before, so you cognize it, it is touching you, you are looking at it, but you do not recognize it, it has to be explained to you. Praise the Lord.


So, Beriatic beings can only be cognized once the mind is calm and clear of emotion. You see, this is very true, part of the, the emotions are really controlled by Satan, and anyone who is trying to seek God either through praying and fasting or studying, you will be able to witness to anybody that as soon as you decide to settle down and seek God, your emotions are in a turmoil, this is one of the ways that Satan will move to stop you from moving into a place of mind where you can really hear from God. See, that still small voice that Elijah heard, it came from the higher realms, and we cannot hear it until we not only quiet down, but we really have to withdraw from other people. We really have to withdraw from other people to hear the voice of God. He is not competing with our fellowship with other people. So we see that life with God is the exact opposite of the family life of this world, of the family life and just the whole social life of what is considered a healthy person in this world that has a nice family and lots of friends and all kinds of activities, that is considered a healthy person in this world, but when you start to have your relationship with God, you will find yourself spending more and more time alone, the Lord speaks to you in the silence. He speaks to you when you are alone, and that is a hard thing. So we see that a life with God is a life that appears to be a life of isolation to the people of this world, but it is really not a life of isolation, it is merely a different kind of life, but you are with God and He is with you all the time, and once you break through the Yetziratic plane and pierce through to the other side, He is with you always, the Lord never leaves me, He is here to talk to me at a moment’s notice. I just turn and talk to him and He is right there, and He is answering me, lots of times He is answering me, not all of the time, it is a totally different lifestyle that is frightening to most people, because it looks to them like complete isolation, it is greatly distressful to most people. But if you want to hear from God, it requires being alone. He will speak to you in the aloneness, not in the loneliness but in the aloneness.


Okay, I am going to repeat this sentence, however Beriatic beings can only be cognized once the mind is calm and clear of emotion. This level is not reached by the vast majority of people, that is what I just told you, it has been, I have reached it at least to some degree, I spend a lot of time alone, and there was a time that I was crying to God all the time, saying, Why am I alone all the time, and this was years ago, I was very lonely, but today I understand that I am never alone, that He is with me, and I am comforted, and we talk about the most interesting things, and he teaches me, and he never tires, I am the one that shuts Him off when I cannot take anymore. He is an open window, whenever I turn to Him, He is there to talk to me, explain things to me, teach me, train me, as much as I could bear, He is there.


So, this level is not reached by the vast majority of people. That is true, most people could never even bear being alone long enough to acquire that, however, I believe that when people, when Christians begin to be taught, that it is in this aloneness that you find God, there will be more people that will be willing to be alone. It is the lack of understanding that drives most people away. Yetziratic beings on the other hand, are able to be cognized whenever there is a strong emotional attachment, be it to something good or evil. Let me read that again, Yetzirah beings on the other hand are able to be cognized whenever there is a strong emotional attachment, be it to something good or evil. Well, that is just another way of saying what I told you before, that I am very sensitive to the Yetziratic plane or the astral plane, and I feel other people’s emotions. For the longest time I was acting out other people’s emotions and thoughts until the Lord raised my consciousness and now most of the time, I rule by my mind, when I perceive something in my emotions, I ask the Lord where it is coming from, and sometimes I am feeling other people’s emotions, I just had that today, I was really afflicted by somebody else’s emotions, but I knew that it was not me, and I passed out of it.


The human mind has two functions: one is cognition of the external world surrounding us and the other is the experience of the internal world of the unconscious within us. See our human mind can look outward or it can look inward. In this ministry, we train the believer in Christ to look at the inner mind and if you are not willing to look at the inner mind, you really cannot go on with the advanced program that the Lord is bringing to us here. Therefore, we as humans can experience the archetypes of Yetziratic reality through our unconscious mind. As we know from dream language, archetypal Yetziratic reality is cognized in symbolic pictorial form; that is what I told you about the dreams and the symbols of the dreams. Therefore people experiencing non-corporeal reality, that means when we are looking at images or visions, we always picture it through some kind of vision or similar apparently visual experience.


Okay, what that is saying is, Yetziratic reality does not have form out here in the natural realm, and that form of communication is always symbolic in a symbolic pictorial form that we see in the form of a vision or a dream. Now we can be getting these visions or dreams from God or from our carnal mind. It is very important that we learn how to interpret them correctly, and to recognize whether the vision or dream is from God or from the other side. Rabbi Chayyim Vital writes in his Sha’arei Kadusha that with the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, the gateways of direct Beriatic experience were closed, thus the prophet Ezekiel saw his vision recorded in Ezekiel 1 through the filter of the Yetziratic realm. Now this Kabbalistic writer is saying that it is no longer possible to receive Beriatic communication, I do not believe these notes that we are studying from, even describe Beriatic communications.


I am going to tell you what Beriatic communication is, Beriatic communication is direct communication from the Lord without images, and in Christ Jesus we can have that experience. I am not talking about an audible voice, I am talking about the Lord speaking with your own lips, He could speak to you through your own lips, through your own thoughts, sometimes I receive a communication where I know it is another party, which would be the Lord speaking to me in my mind with a thought, not with words, sometimes words, sometimes thoughts, sometimes the Lord speaks to me through my own mind. This all depends on whether it is Christ Jesus speaking to me or whether it is the glorified Jesus Christ speaking to me. When it is Christ Jesus within me speaking to me, His thoughts come forth as my own thoughts, because I am Christ, and I am also the carnal Pastor Vitale, I am both, eventually the Christ in me will swallow up my carnality and I will be all Christ, when the Lord Jesus Christ speaks to me, it sounds like another party speaking to me, see. And also communication from the Beriatic realm is flashes of sometimes I am at a loss of the words to explain this, it is just a flash of information that just dumps into my mind, it has no image, it has no, it is not even a thought, you see, it is pre-thought, it is just information dropped into my mind, and that comes from the Beriatic realm.


That is the best I can do to describe it, and then it has to filter down you know it has to become, that is the wisdom of God that just drops into your mind and then as it opens up in the Beriatic realm, you have understanding, you have understanding, I do not know how well I explained that, but you are just given understanding, without a word, without any kind of comprehensible explanation, it just drops in your mind, and then it just opens up and expands to understanding. But there were no images, there were no archetypes at all. Now this kind Chayyim Vital is saying that, that form of communication does not exist anymore, because since the destruction of the temple, the only communication that is available to the prophets of God are the Yetziratic realm, but of course in Christ Jesus we have everything, those of us who mature to the proper place in Christ Jesus, have everything that the Jew had prior to the destruction of the temple, and more so, we have even more than Moses had.


You see, Moses, the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, but Moses had to go in to the temple, he would go into the tent and the cloud would descend upon him, and he would speak, or God would speak to him face to face, but those of us in the new covenant, we have Christ Jesus within us, we do not have to go into any tent, He is with us wherever we go, and the communication can be non-stop, once you pierce through into that level of communication with the Lord, the human being, the believer must develop their ability to communicate with God on that level, the potential that I just described to you which I have comes as we mature in Christ, but we all, everyone that has Christ the seed of Christ, has the potential to mature to the point that we can communicate with the Lord on that level, which is not only face to face, not only, I ask Him questions and He gives me answers. He gives me knowledge and information about all kinds of things, and it just comes into my mind. There are no images, I do not get any images, I just get the information, see, anywhere, anytime, because He has become a part of us, He is woven together with us, and it is just a wonderful marvelous thing, I thank God for it, and I pray that someday these Hebrew scholars will be able to partake of the glory which is just a more advanced manifestation of what this nation of Jews experienced for so long, what a shame that they are not partaking of it, I pray that it should not be much longer before they partake of this glory and this wonderful privilege of having a relationship with God. Praise the Lord.


Let us go on, okay so this is what Chayyim Vital is saying, that the gateways to direct Beriatic experience were closed, thus the prophet Ezekiel saw his vision recording in Ezekiel 1, through the filter of the Yetziratic realm, in other words, pictorial images. Rabbi Chayyim says that all Atzilutic and Beriatic experiences will today be filtered through Yetziratic archetypes, it must be remembered that when a prophet sees a vision, he is not seeing an external reality but an internal one, the pathway to prophecy is within the mind, a mind that is calm and in control of one’s emotions. The Kabbalists have taught that prophecy has its source in the two Sefirot Netzach, and Hod, one imposes order, that is Netzach, and the other brings down the benefit, Hod from that activity, and one of the first things the Lord told me when I started studying Kabbalah, when He started me studying Kabbalah, was that Hod, the order that Hod imposes is the order or the restraint upon the carnal mind, and the benefit of that, is that the mind of Christ arises and manifests itself in the person.


This explains why prophetic messages always consisted of moral admonitions, all prophetic predictions of the future were based upon the rewards or punishments of receiving and conforming to the divine order. Praise the Lord. All prophetic predictions of the future were based upon the rewards or punishments of receiving and conforming to the divine order. Yetzirah the realm of the angels, is a domain that is lower than the souls, and Hebrew word for souls is Neshamot, and remember the souls come forth from Beriah now, so what we are being told is that the angels in Yetzirah are lower, spiritually lower than the souls that come from Beriah, therefore the source of the human soul is much higher than that of an angel, however, the angels are of a higher state when we as humans are disconnected from our Beriatic source. This will not be rectified fully until the coming of Messiah.


Drawing #1, on the left side of the board, I show you the man whose mind is ascended to Beriah, now remember that is the Neshamah level of soul, that is the mind of Christ, and that man is higher than the angels. Now remember there are good angels and there are evil angels, and Yetzirah or the astral plane is filled with evil angels, at least not the God side of Yetzirah, but the what they call the other side, of Yetzirah, which is in the carnal mind, is filled with evil angels, and that man whose mind is connected to Beriah, has dominion over those angels. On the right side of the board I show you the man whose mind is disconnected from Beriah, and he is subject to the angels. Now this gets a little confusing because Yetzirah, it could be either the Yetzirah of God or the astral plane where all the demons are, but I think they are basically the same, I do not really know how to explain the difference to you right now, let me see if I could explain that to you.


Okay, for the man whose mind is connected to Beriah, the entities in the Yetziratic planes become his servants, okay, and this is a mystery you know but it is really the truth of human nature, that a lot of men will take advantage of somebody if that person is weak, yet if that person rises up and becomes strong, that same person that was taking advantage of them will be their servant. And that is just human nature, and the way that it is. This is the way that it is in the Yetziratic realm with these demons and angels, this is the best that I can do for you right now, the man whose mind is ascended to Beriah, even if that man’s mind is ascended to Beriah on the other side, that means he is a very intellectual man, and the demons really do not have any power over him. Now this is very interesting because this is what has happened in this country, and it has happened in the whole western world, where the Lord Jesus Christ has come in and really stamped out witchcraft in the western mind, most western people do not believe it, most educated, people educated with a western education do not believe in the power of the occult, and they are not bothered by the occult, it does not bother them, they do not believe it and it does not bother them, therefore this which is really a lie has been perpetuated in the west that if you do not believe it, it cannot bother you.


Now this is true apparently for the level of the operation of the demons in the west today, and this is a very fine line, I am going to do the best I can to explain this to you, because Jesus Christ has been the protector of this country we are in very great danger of losing His protection at this time because the government has turned away from Him and is turning away from Him, but there is a war going on in this country right now to turn the government back towards Him, the Lord holds the elder responsible. So as long as the laws of God are being set forth by the government the Lord will stay with us, and the people will be corrected. It is very, very important that our government manifests the laws of Jesus Christ.


So for all of these years you know, however long it has been in western society, the country is a couple of hundred years old, and but even in Europe you know with Great Britain, and even in the Catholic countries, witchcraft has been largely at least by the government repressed, a lot of people just do not believe in it anymore, and that belief has kept the demons at bay because the Lord Jesus Christ is the savior of those countries, but as our countries turn away from God, as the people turn away from God and the government turns away from God, and His protection over us starts to dissolve, we will find and actually are finding, people may not be recognizing what is happening, but the demons from Yetzirah, the demons from the Astral plane are more and more afflicting the intellectuals and the educated people of the western world. Well Pastor Vitale how do you say that? Well more and more intellects of the western world are turning towards the occult. They are believing in astrologists they are going after witchcraft, and it is happening a lot more than we see in the press, it is happening a lot, a lot of very intellectual educated westerners are giving up Christianity to pursue pagan religion and a lot of them are outright interested in witchcraft, and the casting of spells.


Therefore it is just a manner of time until these people start going into bondage, and I am believing that the whole country will not go into bondage because the Lord has told me that He is working to reverse the situation. Did I make myself clear? That because the Lord Jesus was the savior over the whole country, the people of the country seem to have an ability to say, well I do not believe in this witchcraft and therefore it cannot hurt me, but they can descend into a place when they come out from under the dominion of Jesus Christ where their belief, where they can say I do not believe it and it will not hurt me, that, that will not work anymore. Do you understand what I am saying? That the demons will become, not so much that the demons will become stronger, but the people are becoming weaker because of their lack of honoring of the Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore their disbelief will no longer protect them, okay I hope I made that clear. So, you might say in this country we even had an imputed protection from the demons without being connected to the Beriatic ground because the whole country was under the protection of the Lord Jesus, but it is possible for one person to have Beriatic consciousness through the Lord Jesus Christ and even if the whole nation is no longer under the protection of the Lord Jesus, that individual can have protection and dominion over the demons, because Beriatic communication has been restored for them through the Lord Jesus Christ. Did I make that clear? And on the right side of the board, okay, well that is the man on the right side of the board, he is subject to the angels, and what that means is, when you are subject to the angels, that means you could die, and of course on the contrary or the reverse is, that if you have Beriatic communications, you can only die if the Lord lets you die. Now I do not have Jesus’, well maybe I do have Jesus’ testimony, I do not know that I could tell that I would live forever, but I know that I could tell you that no man can kill me unless the Lord Jesus gives him permission, I know that. Now Jesus said He would live forever, I do not know that I have that testimony, if I have that testimony, I am not aware of it at this time, but I know that Satan, the unconscious part of the mind, has tried to kill me many times, and she has failed. I believe that she will fail as many times as she tries, because I am under the protection of the Lord Jesus Christ through Beriatic consciousness.


So we see in Hebrews 2:9 which says that Jesus was made a little lower than the angels, that means His mind was disconnected from Beriah. So in Hebrews 2:9, the man Jesus was separated, now this is the man Jesus, this is not the, this is the son of man, it is not the Son of God, okay, the Son of God was not crucified, the son of man was crucified, but this son of man, Jesus, He was incapable of death in His flesh, because of His Beriatic communication. Therefore when He hung on the cross in Matthew 27:46 He had to cry out to the Father and say, Father, and that Greek word "why", "why have you forsaken me?" If you check it back into the Hebrew it is the word Strong’s 4100 which means "what", which is a synonym for Elohim. So He was really saying, Father Elohim forsake me now, okay, leave me, release me from the Beriatic consciousness so that I could die, because I am hanging up here on this cross, let it happen already.


And what He was really saying was give me the power to do it, and right after that, the Greek, if you study the Greek with an open mind, you will see that it says that Jesus breathed out the spiritual man, the Son of God breathed out of that physical body and the son of man died, at least the physical body died. But the personality cleaved to the Son of God and left the body with the Son of God, you see. And the reason that the body was never found is this, as I have told you many times we know the Scripture says that Satan wants our soul, okay, but most people do not understand why, Satan wants the energy in our flesh, that is what she wants, all these years I could never understand why she wanted our soul, what she wanted to do with it, she wants the energy that gives us life, that gives us existence. When Satan, the unconscious part of the mind, can cause us to die because of sin, okay, she takes the soul leaves the body and there is still energy left in the flesh, just as with blood as you cut yourself, even though the main amount of blood is in your heart and your veins, if you cut yourself there is blood in all of the tissues. When somebody dies, there is still some energy left in the tissues and the demons come in and consume it.


Everybody knows that worms appear in the body and start consuming the body, these are just physical manifestations of entities from the Yetziratic plane that are coming in to consume whatever energy is left in the body. But when Jesus breathed Himself out of His own will, He took every last drop of energy that was in that body with Him, and therefore the dust that the body was made of, dust, this body is spiritual clay, it is made of dust and water, the water is a type of energy, so Jesus took every last drop of His own soul, He took His energy with him, the body just turned to spiritual dust and disappeared, that is what happened to the body. Jesus was saying, Father, Elohim forsake me now, release me from Beriatic consciousness, and then darkness covered the earth because as soon as you are separated from Beriatic consciousness you are in darkness because the light comes from the mind of God, and the Son of God breathed out of the body and the son of man died. Praise the Lord. Okay I think I made that point clear.


Let us go on, we are still, we are studying Yetzirah, the realm of where the angels are. So we see that the source of the human soul is much higher than that of an angel, however the angels are of a higher state when we as humans are disconnected from our Beriatic source, this will not be rectified fully until the coming of Messiah. Well we know that Messiah has come and that rectification is now available to all Christians, but it is not free, you have to take your Holy Spirit, you have to study to show yourself approved, you have to confess your sins, and go on with God to develop this level of relationship with the Lord Jesus. Yetzirah is the realm of in closest proximity to the final level, Asiyah, the realm of the physical.


Being that Yetzirah is the closest to us, the physical plane is most subject to its influence. This last realm Asiyah, Malkhut is the center of all, the world of action is the center of all. Now this is very interesting because the Scripture clearly says that the earth is the center of the universe, and this was believed by the church for years until it was proven scientifically that this physical planet is not the center of the universe, but I do not believe the Scripture ever meant that this physical planet earth was the center of the universe. Our earth, we are the center of the universe, we and the human body is the focal point from where you go inward and all the realms, all the spiritual realms exist within you, and then when you go outward, all the physical worlds exist outside of you, the Scripture never meant that the planet earth was the center of the universe, it meant as far as man is concerned, our physical body is the center, the point from which we either go further outward or further inward, we either go further outward into the natural, into the material, or inward into the spiritual realms.


There is a big misunderstanding about that. And I believe the Catholic church burnt somebody alive maybe it was Galileo, I am not sure, I am not good at my history, they burnt somebody alive because he insisted that the earth, the physical material earth was not the center of the universe. That makes a lot of sense does it not? Remind me to burn you the next time you do not agree with me. God help us, right?


The world Asiyah, this the realm of the corporeal, both what is seen and unseen to the human eye. The realm of Asiyah is the realm of matter which traditional Torah sources tell us, are divided into the 4 basic elements, fire, air, water and earth, and of course air is the word for spirit. However that which we recognize as these elements, are not what these elements truly are. As each realm has within it complete representative aspects of all the other realms, what does that mean? It means that the realm of fire has within it fire, air, water, and earth, the realm of air has within it, air, water, earth, and fire. The realm of water has within it, water, earth, fire, and air, and the realm of earth has within it, earth, fire, air, and water. They all, everything contains everything, but in disproportionate amounts. As each realm has within it complete representative aspects of all of the other realms, the realm of matter as we know it, is the Asiyah within Asiyah, therefore the fire, air, water, and earth that we perceive are the 4 worlds, or the 4 realms of the Asiyah. I am going to have to put this on the board for you, okay.


Drawing #2, I have tried to show you where we are, and it is called outer darkness, we are in the earth which is the Asiyah of the Asiyah of the Asiyah. Jesus called it outer darkness and the way that I have drawn it, it appears that we are in the innermost part, but I did not know how to draw it correctly, this is the best I could do from the high realm of the spirit where Jesus is, we are in outer darkness, but from our point of view, we are in the center of the earth in the dark, dark part of the earth, and that is where we are, worlds within worlds within worlds. We are in a very dense dark place, we are not in a good place brethren, and the way out is by ascending in our mind, we are not getting out of this dark place physically. As our mind ascends, our physical condition will change. I admit that, that is very hard to see, because my mind has been ascending for quite a long, well for me it is a long time, 25 years in God is a long time to me, but it is not long time in view of how long we have been separated from God, who knows how long the human race has been separated from God. I know that I have ascended in my mind and my physical condition has changed, I was dying and now I am not dying, okay. Aside from that, physically speaking, my circumstances really have not changed, I am getting healthier every day, but I am still very much a part of this world, and very much subject to the gravity of this world, which leads me to believe once again that we are waiting for a quantum leap, and that quantum leap I think has to be that we have to leap over the Yetziratic realm, we have to according to this board here, drawing #2, I do not know exactly, you know I talk about myself a lot because I am the only example that I have, I am not really sure where I am, I know that at the very least, I have ascended to the Atzilut of the Asiyah of the Asiyah. I know that to some degree I am in Atzilut because I look at the circumstances of my life and it lines up with Atzilut, but I honestly do not know whether I am here in the Atzilut of the Asiyah of the Asiyah, or I am in the Atzilut. Okay we are back on drawing #2, and I am showing you the place where our feet stand is the Asiyah of the Asiyah of the Asiyah, so we are in a very deep dense dark place. If this tape runs out, I am going to, I am not going to start another tape until we come back from dinner. I am going to try to finish this last paragraph hopefully the tape will not run out while I am working on it.


All forms of physical matter as we know it, are therefore only the Asiyah within Asiyah, the conclusion that the Kabbalists learn from this, is that there exist in the universe and on our planet earth other forms of matter of a higher and purer nature than what our eye recognizes. Some of these forms we have begun to recognize as atomic and subatomic particles, waves and beams, these and other yet undiscovered forms of matter are as real and concrete as that which we experience today.


What this is saying is that we have man has spiritual bodies on every level of ascension, but they are not physical bodies, okay, yet the notes that we are reading from is saying that we can have a visible body, we have a visible body on the level of Yetzirah, and that is what the occult people call the astral body, but the bodies above that, have some measure of form, and maybe that is not even true, I should not even say that.


Yes we have a spiritual body in the world of Yetzirah which is the astral plane, which I am told looks exactly like this physical body except that it is not solid, the bodies that we have on the other planes of consciousness as far as I know have no form there is a mental body, the body is formed of thought, on different levels, different levels of thought, that is the fullest extent of my knowledge at this time, so I will not say anything else, now going on with our notes, these other forms of matter, okay, now this is, let me just read where we left off over here. There are other forms of matter, some of these other forms we have begun to recognize as atomic and subatomic particles, waves and beams, these and other yet undiscovered forms of matter are as real and concrete as that which we experience today. So that means, maybe there are life forms on the realm of consciousness where we see waves or beams, there is so much that we do not know, but I want you to understand, I want to suggest to you and encourage you to understand that all of the light forms on these other planes of consciousness are a part of us. The creation, the whole of the creation exists within man, and that is why Adam was formed last, and this is why the angels complained to God when Adam was formed, because Adam was sent to rule over and control over and also provide the needs, all control is not ungodly, all control is not bad, Adam was designed to rule over and to control and to pull together so that all elements of the creation function as one, Adam was sent to control and rule over the whole creation to coordinate it and arrange for it to function as one homogeneous whole, that means every aspect of life on every realm of consciousness, has to submit to Adam, in the same way in the same manner that every cell of our human body and every organ of our body must submit to the whole person, my heart, my lungs, my spleen, my blood, they must submit to my brain which is ruling Pastor Vitale as one whole.


And of course, we are all a part of a greater whole, and the name of that greater whole is Adam Kadmon. We are all in the midst of Adam Kadmon, as a matter of fact, we make up his body, we are the body of Adam Kadmon. Praise the Lord, although I do confess that it is a little difficult to comprehend at the time, nevertheless it is the truth, and the reason the creation is dying is because all of the cells and organs of the body are not obeying the brains of Adam Kadmon, that is why we are dying. Jesus came into the world, actually Jesus is the spirit of Elijah, came into the world through the man Jesus, to bring understanding, to bring understanding that will result in all of the human beings of this plane submitting to the Lord Jesus Christ so that the whole creation can live, so that we can live, and the whole creation can live with us. Now these are the forms of matter, form entire universes, that means a whole universe of waves, a whole universe of beams, and these universes exist parallel to our own, for example, the Rabbis speak of what is called a Haluka D’rabbanan, that is what the Rabbis call it and this is the Torah term for what today is popularly called the astral body.


Rabbi ChayyimVital in his books Etz Chayyim describes this other body of ours which clothes our soul and exists within, and surrounding the physical body, it clothes our soul and it exists both within and around our physical body. That means the astral body penetrates our physical body.


In order to exist within it and outside of it, it means it passes through our physical body. This astral body is nourished by the energy effects, now listen to this, this astral body is nourished the energy effects of a person’s actions within each realm of matter, our actions, well I do not know according to this Kabbalist, I am more inclined to think that this astral body is nourished by the energy of effects our emotions, more than our actions and our actions are the fruit of our emotions, this a major disagreement that I have with the Kabbalists who believe that rectification or correction to the soul can be accomplished by behavior, by the fulfilling of the Mitzvot which is the Hebrew law, that by this behavior you can correct your soul, I do not believe that, I believe that, I believe if that were true, there would have been no reason for Jesus Christ to come into the world, I believe that these Kabbalists who have this incredible revelation are just completely in error concerning this foundational principle of how we accomplish this Tekune, and we accomplish this Tekune by looking at the negative side of our soul and by choosing the righteous mind of Christ Jesus, and waging the warfare against our own evil side, so that we can be translated from our old man into our new man, you must become a new creature, there is no rectification for the creature which we presently are, we must live again the life, Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life, the life must be born in us again, so that we can live. We have been cut off from our Beriatic connection and the only way we will live is for the life to be born in us again, we will be born again when the life is born again in us. Jesus, so we see that we have this spiritual body or this astral body or this Yetziratic body that penetrates us and wraps around our physical body. This astral body is nourished by the energy effects of a person’s actions, I believe it is their emotions, within this realm of matter. It does appear that this astral body and thus the entire astral plane are made up of a form of matter that we can define as being the Yetzirah of Asiyah, which is one step above the Asiyah of the Asiyah, of which are bodies are made.


Well if you look at drawing #2, this will show it more clearly, our bodies are made of the earth of the Asiyah of the Asiyah of the Asiyah, and our spiritual body is made up according to this is water of the Yetzirah of the Asiyah of Asiyah, and it is my understanding that we have a spiritual body on every level above this. We are much more than this physical appearance that you see, we are attached to the place where we are planted, we all have a spiritual root that goes down into a spiritual earth, and well to be honest with you I do not know what to say about fallen humanity, but I do know what to say about fallen humanity, we are not attached to the highest realm of God, but we are attached to the highest realm of the Serpent, on the other side.


Remember everything that we learn about in Kabbalah is about the worlds of God, but there is a counterpart, which is the world of the Serpent which has generated us. So, if you want to look at drawing #2 and see the highest realm of Atzilut, that is where the Serpent is, and we have a body that exists on every one of these levels that you can see on drawing #2, and these bodies are levels of mind, they are elements of mind. Now we may not be using these elements of mind, we may not be thinking with them, but they exist, or at least the potential for them exists. So we see that there are many disciplines many spiritual disciplines in the world today that are preaching the mental ascension of man, these disciplines are saying that man has evolved physically as far as he is going to evolve, and the rest of the evolution of man is mental, that we only use about 1/10th of our brain, and we have to develop our mental abilities, this is possible in the Serpent, but the man who ascends in the Serpent will be an evil genius.


So this is why our, the human ability to ascend mentally and spiritually is locked up with a seal on it, because we would become evil geniuses, and those who experience that ascension will become evil geniuses, it may appear at the beginning that they are good geniuses but the end of the whole thing is that they will be evil geniuses. It is only in Christ Jesus where we can ascend and become a righteous and holy genius, because Christ Jesus destroys our sin nature. The ascension that occult is talking about is an ascension of the sin nature, which no matter how good it starts out, will end up as an evil genius, because everything that happens in this world, every good think goes bad, every good thing goes bad aside from what Jesus Christ does, because the Serpent cannot maintain any level of positive, of a positive result, it always corrupts everything that she does, every good thing that she does reaches a point of no return, and then it starts to descend. Only Christ Jesus can bring forth an ascension that will guarantee peace and contentment with eternal life, with righteousness.


Like the triads of the Sefirot the 4 worlds are also abbreviated and they are called, A’Be’Y’Ah. Therefore each world or realm has a complete A’Be’Y’Ah, that means Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah. So each world or realm has a complete A’Be’Y’Ah, and Atzilut, a Beriah, a Yetzirah, and Asiyah within it. Whenever we discuss a world, we have to know which level within which world we are discussing. Without this spiritual road map, one will just get as lost as one would in a foreign country, without any direction or knowledge or language. Well I guess I do not have to put it on the board, I will just spell it to you, A’Be’Y’Ah. Are there any questions about anything so far? Okay we are going to continue now with an introduction to the 7 palaces. I would prefer it if I had more information for you about these palaces, but I do not, so I will share the information that I have with you. They are called the Sheva Hek Halot, and that means, that is the Hebrew for the 7 palaces. Each of the worlds of A’Be’Y’Ah has within it 10 Sefirot, yet as A’Be’Y’Ah are worlds, the Sefirot within these worlds are divided into areas or levels called Hek Halot meaning palaces. When one makes an ascent into the supernal worlds, now this Kabbalistic teaching is talking about meditation and let me just remind you all of what my experience has been, I believe that I am example to you of how the Lord is manifesting these experiences in the new covenant through Christ Jesus, the Lord has not brought me to Kabbalistic type meditation where you sit still and close your eyes and meditate and try to cause yourself to enter into a state of altered consciousness. I go into a trance at the drop of a hat when the Lord calls me into a trance. We did bring a message called I do not remember the name, something about meditative consciousness, where I explained to you all that all of these experiences that I read about, that the people entering into meditation have, the experience is that they have for a few minutes or for an hour, each of those experiences I have been experiencing for years, and that what I feel happening to me as I go forward in Christ Jesus is that I enter into a permanent state of trance.


This is what the Scripture talks about when it talks about being in heaven and earth at the same time. People in certain occult disciplines say, being asleep and awake at the same time. I am told large numbers of the population of Haiti live in this dual world where their conscious in both the spiritual and natural world at the same time. Of course that is not the people that do this in Haiti are not doing it with the kingdom of God, they are conscious in the astral plane of the Serpent’s kingdom. But I am awake and asleep at the same time, just about always, it is just about continuous, I receive information and impulses from both worlds, I have walked down the street or in my house and I receive all of the stimuli that I see in my house, the light is on, the couch is here, the furniture is here, but I also see in the spirit simultaneously, I receive communications simultaneously, almost continuously. So the notes that I am reading from are for someone who is going to have these experiences as they try to meditate and go into an altered state of consciousness. Those of us who are in Christ Jesus, as we develop our relationship with Him, we will be experiencing these altered states of consciousness on a continuous level. So I will try and put them together for you.


Okay, so when one makes an ascent in to the supernal worlds, one rises through palace after palace, and only then world after world, there are 7 palaces within each world, and these 7 manifests all 10 Sefirot within each specific world. I think I have to put that on the board for you.


Drawing #3, I put the acronym for the 5 worlds on the board, A’Be’Y’Ah, and I have also written in Sheva Hek Halot, which means the 7 palaces that exist in each world. And as you can see Yesod and Malkhut is the first palace, Hod is the second palace, Netzach is the third palace, and Gevurah is the fourth palace, Chesed is the fifth palace, Tiferet is the sixth palace, and the Keter, Chokhmah, and the Binah which are inseparable are the seventh palace, now I have written, I have written the 10 Sefirot as Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, I do not know whether the teacher of the notes that we have lists these Sefirot in a different descending order, or if that is not the case, I do not know why Tiferet comes after three, Yesod and Malkhut one, Hod two, Netzach three, Tiferet six, Gevurah four, Chesed five, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah seven. I will try to call this teacher tomorrow, and hopefully I will put this explanation on part 6 Lord willing, I am going to preach it on Thursday. But for now, what I am telling you is that the Kabbalists who meditate claim that you must go through each one of these palaces, in other words, when you start to meditate you are in the Asiyah of the Asiyah. You must pass through each one of these palaces to get to Asiyah, and then these palaces are repeated in Asiyah, you have to ascend to all of these palaces in Asiyah, and then you come to Yetzirah. I did not even say that correctly, let me start again, we are in the Asiyah of the Asiyah. According to the Kabbalists, we have to ascend through all 7 of these palaces in the Asiyah of the Asiyah to get to the Yetzirah of Asiyah, then we must ascend through all 7 of these palaces again, in the Yetzirah to get through the Beriah of Asiyah, then we have to ascend through all of these 7 palaces in the Beriah of Asiyah to get to the Atzilut of Asiyah. And when I first saw this I said, Oh my goodness we are really so far down it seems almost impossible, but I remind you that the Lord said that we are with Him in heavenly places, the Lord Jesus Christ is in the ultimate, He is in the general Atzilut, and even higher, He is Adam Kadmon, the general Adam Kadmon, a part of us is there with Him.


But this whole procedure of ascending through all of these realms is what the Hebrew prophets had to do and I do not know how high they even succeeded in ascending, but according to what I have read in my Kabbalistic studies, the Kabbalists believe that you have to start at the lowest level and ascend. But in Christ Jesus we are automatically a part of us is automatically catapulted through the highest level and Lord is pulling us up by our hair, He is pulling us up by our hair, and the hair typifies the spirit, He is pulling us up from where He is.


We are not ascending up the steps from underneath, He is pulling us from the top. Do you understand what I just said? Okay, now these 7 levels of, these 7 palaces are levels of experience, there are 7 levels of experience, that have something in common with each other, as they appear in every level, in other words, these 7 palaces in the Asiyah of the Asiyah are similar to these 7 palaces in the Asiyah of Atzilut, they are similar, but there has to be a higher experience in the higher the world you are in, the higher the experience of the palace, even though the palace has the same name, if you are in a higher world, your experience has to be somehow higher.


Now once again, the Hebrew Kabbalists are telling us that as they sit and meditate for 10 minutes for an hour, for five hours, I do not know how long they sit and meditate, they pass through these experiences. The first palace which is Yesod and Malkhut, we have called the Hekhal Livnat HaSapir, and that means brick of sapphire. The second palace which is the Sefirah Hod, is called Hekhal Etzem HaShamayim which means the essence of heaven. The third palace is associated with the Sefirah Netzach, and is called Hekhal Nogah meaning brightness, the sixth palace is called Tiferet is associated with the Sefirot Tiferet and is called Hekhal Ratzon which means desire, the fourth palace is associated with the Sefirah Gevurah and is called Hekhal Zekhut, meaning merit, the fifth palace is associated with the Sefirah Chesed and is called Hekhal Ahava, meaning love, the seventh palace is Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah together, that is the seventh palace associated with those three Sefirot, and it called Hekhal Kodesh HaKodashim, the holy of holies. These are seven levels of experience in each world and in each world within each world. Now again the Kabbalists experience this if they are meditating for an hour, how long can they be experiencing each level, maybe a few minutes, but I as your example of the person ascending in Christ Jesus have experienced most, if I have experienced all of these levels I am not aware of it, okay, but I have experienced more than half of these levels without meditation, I just experience them as I live my life in Christ Jesus, the strangest part of the whole thing is, that the first palace which is a brick of sapphire to the best of my knowledge I have never experienced that, a brick of sapphire, I understand that when you ascend into that place when you spiritually ascend into that place, that everything appears yellow to you, and I have no recollection of ever experiencing anything like that at all where everything looked yellow to me, yet I believe I have experienced the second palace because the Lord tells me that the essence of heaven which is the name of the second palace is what I have experienced when usually it happens after I preach, sometimes it could happen after I am in prayer, but most of the time that I have experienced this essence of heaven, the Lord has poured it out at the end or not necessarily at the end, He pours it out when I am preaching and you just feel wonderful, it must feel, people who take drugs must feel like this, it is just the best feeling in the world, I am on cloud nine and I do not want to come down. The Lord has told me that, that is the essence of heaven, that comes forth when Christ Jesus in me rises very high to join with the glorified Jesus Christ to bring forth some very powerful message, when I am preaching publicly like this, that is usually when it comes forth.


I believe there is an occult counterpart, well there is an occult counterpart of everything, and it is called in the occult a crown experience. Praise the Lord, it is the result of the union of Christ Jesus in me with the glorified Jesus Christ, praise the Lord. Now the third palace is called brightness, and the only thing that I could say about that unless the Lord gives me some further understanding is that on occasion when I have prayed with my eyes closed, I have experienced a blinding brightness because as you may know when your eyes closed light can penetrate your eyelids, did you know that, that light can penetrate your eyelids? If you close your eyes right in this room right now, okay close your eyes, now put your hand over your closed and you will see the difference, can you see the difference? Yeah, so the light penetrates your eyelids, and I have been in a pitch black room with my eyes closed and I have seen a blinding light, but I do not I could not see any benefit from that experience unless I am not understanding it completely, maybe some benefit came forth that I did not understand.


Well I am just going to go in order the fourth palace is associated with Gevurah, and that is called merit. I am not really sure what that means. I know that Gevurah has to do with judgment, so I am going to go out on a limb and say that, the fourth palace has to do with the recognition or the legitimate judgment of certain situations. When you ascend into that level of consciousness called the fourth palace, you understand the mind of God, you pass judgment, you have opinion, it could be on another person, it could be on political events, but you become privy to the opinion of God, so the judgment is not illegal, the judgment is not condemnatory, but you enter into the mind of God concerning the merit as to a person’s behavior or the merit of any political decision or the merit of anything that you would need to know about that person, what their merit is, are they really in God, to what degree are they in God, you become privy to the Lord’s opinion on the merit of any situation, okay, and that merit, it can even flow into your personal life, the merit of some decision that you are about to make. So if I have hit it correctly, the fourth level which is Gevurah is a very important level because it helps you to make decisions according to the will of God in your life. The essence of heaven feels wonderful but I do not really recall any wisdom every coming down and it is just healing to my wounded emotions, and the brightness, I am not aware of the benefit of that.


Now the, and of course the fourth palace I have just described to you, that is very valuable because we are privileged to enter into the opinion of God as to the aspects of, as to the merit of the aspects of our life, of our relationships, and of our decisions, so that is a very valuable place to be in God. And the fifth palace is called Hekhal Ahava, and that is love. Now I have experienced that, I experience that a lot, it really just started this last year or so, this overwhelming love for the Lord will just flow upon me, and this is something new for me, just overwhelming love for Him. I also have experienced that level although I expect, you see I have no way of telling what world I was in, when I am telling you that I experiencing these palaces, I can relate to these palaces but at this point, I have no way of being able to identify what world I was in. Now I have experienced this love in two ways, this overwhelming love for the Lord and on another occasion, one occasion I was caught up very high to pray for my pastor at the time who was having a heart attack, I was caught up so high I did not come down for two weeks, and I just loved everybody. It was impossible to hurt my feelings, nobody could hurt my feelings, I just was filled with love for everybody, if they would have looked at me and said, I hate you, I was filled with love for them.


So I was caught up to the fifth palace but I cannot identify the world that I was in. The sixth palace associate with Tiferet, Hekhal Ratzon is desire, and I have experienced desire, I have been in study one night in particular, I was studying and this overwhelming desire for spiritual expansion came upon me, I fell on my knees and prayed like I have never prayed before or since, telling God how I loved His life and His world and how much I wanted to experience all of the advanced spiritual experiences to the fullest degree that He would let me do it. I still have desire for the things of God, but that was a one-time experience, it was so powerful, that I knew that it was Christ Jesus in me that was praying it, and I know that someday it will come to pass, and perhaps it is already on its way coming to pass, but I know that I had in mind traveling in the spirit and being conscious of all of the realms of consciousness, great spiritual experiences, and that has not happened to me yet.


Now the seventh, I guess we got them all, okay now the seventh palace is Keter, Chokhmah and Binah which are inseparable, and that is the holy of holies. I do not know if I have experienced the holy of holies, because I do not know what happens in the holy of holies, I really do not know, perhaps it is a miracle working experience, if that is the case I have not experienced yet, but I do not know, I have not heard, if the Lord is telling me I cannot hear Him at the moment, what we experience when we enter in to the holy of holies. I know that it is a very high level power of God, a very high level of the power of God, but exactly what happens in there, ah you know what the Lord just said to me, what happens in there is the forgiveness of sins. The high priest goes into the holy of holies only once a year, and I believe it is on Yom Kippur, and that he goes in there for the forgiveness of sins. Now I hope that is correct because that is what just came into my mind. Well if that is the case that entrance to the level of the holy of holies gives us the power to forgive people’s sins, then I am there a lot, because I know that, well what is the forgiveness of sins? It is healing, the demonstration of the forgiveness of sins, well maybe I am not there a lot then, the demonstration of the forgiveness of sins is that the person stops dying and they live.


So, well I do not really know whether I can say I have been in there or not, I may have been, I just do not feel like going into it on this message, but somebody was, had a death sentence pronounced on them, and I forgave their sins and they lived, they might have lived anyway, I do not know. In any event, if that is the demonstration of being in the holy of holies, I am not there frequently, but I may have been there. Praise the Lord, okay now does everybody understand that we have to pass through these levels in every world? So right now we are in the Asiyah of the Asiyah of the Asiyah, okay. According to the Kabbalists, they have to pass through all of these levels, and of course the place that the Kabbalists want to get to is Beriah, see, because Beriah is where the throne of God is, and the reason that Kabbalists want to ascend to that place, my understanding is, that, that is where they get revelation, the Kabbalists are looking for revelation, that is my understanding of what their primary goal is in ascension, to get more revelation and more understanding. Well I want more revelation and more understanding but I would say my primary goal is to get to a place where I can heal people and give them a new opportunity for life. I know that the Kabbalists believe in healing, but they do not talk about it very much. I do not really, I cannot really speak for them, all I can tell you is what I have read, and their primary goal is to get to that high place at the throne of God, they call it descending before the Merkava, Merkava meaning throne, so that they can get information from the beings that dwell in Beriah. Praise the Lord.


See, that is not a big deal to me because I get information from the Lord all the time, I guess that means I must ascend to Beriah a lot, I do not Beriah of which world, I do not know, but I have words of knowledge frequently, about people, about people’s motives, about what is going to happen, about what to expect in my own life, usually if people have evil intentions towards me, I will hear about it in advance from the Lord. So if that is what it means to ascend before the throne, then I do that all the time, but of course the Kabbalists are interested in the future of Israel, and the future of the world, but I believe that the Lord has spoken to me about the future of the world, and He has spoken to me about the future of the United States, I have not really heard anything about the future of Israel. For all of you who may be confused now, I know what all of the preachers say, I know all that they preach about what is going to happen to Israel, I am talking about a personal word from the Lord. I have a personal word from the Lord that this country will survive, will repent, and will return unto Him, but I do not have any personal word about Israel.


I know the Scripture says that they will be grafted back into their own olive tree, but I have no personal word about the geographical physical country called Israel. Praise the Lord, so I guess I do descend before the throne, and this concept, it is really amazing, how jaded we humans are, you know once we have an experience, it does not become a special experience, that is not exciting to me, getting information from the Lord, because to me that is an everyday thing, but I know it is not an everyday thing for other people. What would be exciting for me right now, would be the power to really help people in their healing and deliverance, and just to set their lives straight, to help them to be able to repent, to help them to go on with God, and I do not know maybe if I was doing that every day, I would not be excited about that either, I do not know, but I know that we are very spoiled in this country and that I am very spoiled, I am very spoiled in this country.


I know I was over in Greece, it was quite a while ago, and we were out in the country in Greece and one of the farmers told us he was going to make us a feast, a special dinner, he was so happy that we were there, and I was so looking forward to this special food that he was making, and it turned out that the special food was lamb chops, and I was so spoiled that to me lamb chops was no big deal, I just looked at it and they were just broiled lamb chops, and I had to realize that those people did not eat lamb chops very often and they probably did not have very much meat to eat. So I admit that I am very spoiled and I have a great deal from God, both in the natural and in the spiritual. I just, but I do get excited when He pours out His spirit, I have to admit that. Okay, so that is the extent of the information that I have about the 7 palaces, let me see if there is anything more here in these notes. The names of the palaces are taken from different Scripture verses which were mentioned as made of heavenly visions, these visions of the Biblical prophets revealed these palaces and the Kabbalists simply call them what the Bible calls them. And I know that brick of sapphire, that color appears all through Ezekiel’s vision in Ezekiel 1. Rabbi Chayyim reveals a most crucial point, although we say that the first palace Livnat HaSapir embodies both the Sefirot Yesod and Malkhut, it really only embodies Yesod, because the Malkhut of each world descends into the world that is beneath it and becomes concealed with Envi, Hekhal Kodesh HaKodashim, that is the holy of holies. The Malkhut of each world descends into the world that is beneath it and becomes concealed within the holy of holies within that world, this is not the normal state of affairs, but occurred as result of the lessening of the moon which means the fall. This state of affairs is to be rectified by us here on earth as we ascend through supernal palaces and assist in elevating the Malkhut to her rightful place. This function is what is performed in the secret meditations within the daily prayer service.


To me brethren, this is really, it is really the height of pride to say that it is the job of fallen man to elevate the Malkhut to her rightful place. Brethren, we cannot elevate the Malkhut to her rightful place. We do not have the power to do it. That is why we need a savior. But I will draw that on the board for you so that you could see it.


Drawing #4, I am just showing you how the Malkhut of one palace is nested in the holy of holies, which is the Keter, the Chokhmah and the Binah of the world below. So if there are no questions, I am going close tonight, and Lord willing on Thursday, we will start with part 6, reviewing the partzufim. God bless you all goodnight.


11/20/03 Transcribed by RS



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