571 - Part 7

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Once again we will eventually get to the Pregnancy, Suckling, and Childhood part, but after I made this message I decided to go all the way back and make it a complete review of the spiritual principles leading up to Pregnancy, Suckling, and Childhood, which principles we will not arrive at this part 7, but hopefully in the next couple of parts we will get to that aspect of the teaching of Kabbalah. Okay right now we are in the midst of a study on the partzufim, we are finding out that each of the partzufim has a female, and that pretty much every aspect of whatever we study in Kabbalah, will contain aspects of male and female, that is a basic principle of Kabbalah, and for this reason, the study of Kabbalah is highly sexual, although we are not talking about human sexuality, we are talking about unions and relationships of spirit and mind, but the metaphor, the type that we can relate to is human sexuality. I know that when the Lord first started me teaching on this level, those of you who know me, know that I did not know the first thing about Kabbalah. I started receiving these teachings by revelation, and I was, at one point I experienced a lot of anxiety over the sexual nature of the teachings, and I was very concerned that I was not hearing from God, however as I prayed through and was convinced that I was hearing from God and continued on, eventually the Lord brought me to the study of Kabbalah where I see a great deal if not all of what I have taught previously, in addition to what I am learning and now teaching to you, praise the Lord.


So we have drawing #1, and I showed the world of Adam Kadmon under that the world of Atzilut, I remind you that we do not study the world of Adam Kadmon, at least at this point, Isaac Luria and his student Chayyim Vital forbids us to study Adam Kadmon and the worlds higher than that. I understand that some Kabbalists do, but Chayyim Vital forbids it and the Lord Jesus at this point has not told me otherwise. At this point we are studying the major teachings of Isaac Luria through his student Chayyim Vital, and making whatever correction the Lord Jesus shows us. So we see the world of Atzilut under the world of Adam Kadmon, within the world of Atzilut we see he Keter, actually there are 4 partzufim associated with the Keter, there are 2 that have, each of which have a personal name.


We see Atik Yomin called the ancient of days, Atik has a male and a female. This male and female is unnamed because they are so completely integrated with one another and within Atik Yomin that they do not have individual names. Atik Yomin looks up to Adam Kadmon, now what is he looking up to Adam Kadmon for? Any partzufim that is looking up, is looking up for sustenance, for energy, for strength. See the Scripture talks about food, but we are challenged to understand that in the spiritual plane, food is energy, just like a mosquito can come and feed off of our blood by biting us, the evil entities on the other side of the veil seek to extract energy from our etheric body and from our mental body. So food in the spiritual plane is energy. Atik Yomin looks up to Adam Kadmon to receive energy, counsel, wisdom whatever Atik Yomin needs, Atik Yomin is a very high place, so I do not exactly know what he needs from Adam Kadmon, but whatever he needs, that is where he gets it. And then there is a second partzuf associated with the Keter called Arik Anpin, which is called the long face, and this means the face or the personality that has compassion, and is very long suffering. There is no judgment coming from the Keter, there is just compassion and mercy. Arik Anpin has a male and female aspect which also is so completely integrated with each other and with Arik Anpin, that they are not named. Arik Anpin looks down to Abba, and what does that mean he looks down. Arik Anpin provides nourishment and sustenance and counsel, and meets all of the needs of the partzuf underneath him. The partzuf underneath Arik Anpin is Abba which is the Hebrew word father. So Arik Anpin looks down upon Abba, now Abba is one of the actually the 4 partzuf one of the 4 partzufim associated with Chokhmah, although it gets a little confusing here, I have done the best I can to explain it to you, there are two major partzufim associated with Chokhmah, the first one is Abba which is the Hebrew word for father. Now father looks up to Arik Anpin for his nourishment and sustenance and whatever else he needs. We are told in our notes that Abba can also shine his light down into Ze’ir Anpin, and of course Ze’ir Anpin is the offspring of Imma. Now let me just review one important point that somehow I feel that I have not explained this adequately. We do not just have 3 Sefirot here, Keter, Chokhmah,and Binah, Chokhmah emerges out of the Keter, you might say Chokhmah is born of the Keter, okay, and Binah emerges out of the Chokhmah. They come out of one another. And all of the subsequent Sefirot come out. Now after Binah emerges out of Chokhmah, Ze’ir Anpin which is the next 6 Sefirot emerges out of Binah, and therefore Ze’ir Anpin is called Binah’s son. So they emerge out from each other. So Abba is the partzuf of Chokhmah that looks up to Arik Anpin and we are also told that Abba, now Abba father looks up to Arik Anpin, and Abba can also shine his light into Ze’ir Anpin, the son.


So we see that even though Ze’ir Anpin emerges out of Imma, the partzuf of Binah, Ze’ir Anpin receives his light or his sustenance not only from mother, Imma, but also from his father Abba. And the reason I did this, I said Chokhmah, Abba, Binah, Imma, Chokhmah, Yisrael Saba, Binah Tevunah, the reason I integrated the partzufim of Chokhmah and Binah, it is because the two partzufim of Binah are the mates of the two partzufim of Chokhmah. So we see that Abba father looks up to Arik Anpin and he is married to Imma mother from Binah. So it is the first partzuf of Abba, the partzuf that looks up is married to the partzuf of Imma that looks up. So Abba looks up to Arik Anpin and Imma looks up to Abba, and Abba and Imma are a married a couple. Is everybody okay? Now this married couple Abba, and Imma, they are together continuously, they never separate, nevertheless they are not as completely integrated as the male and female of Atik Yomin and Arik Anpin, and what gives us that information is that the wife of Abba which is Imma, the wife Imma has her own identity, Binah and the partzuf Imma. So even though Abba and Imma are completely married, permanently married, permanently couple together, they are not so completely integrated that they do not have an identity of their own.


Imma looks up to Abba, and she is the female of Abba. Now the second partzuf of Chokhmah is Yisrael Saba, also called grandfather Yisrael, who looks down and gives his light to Ze’ir Anpin the son of Imma. Then we have Binah and the second partzuf of Binah is called Tevunah which means intelligence, and Tevunah looks down and gives her light to Ze’ir Anpin, and she is also the female of Yisrael Saba. So the first, the second partzuf of Chokhmah is married to the second partzuf of Binah, grandfather Yisrael is married to the intelligence of Binah. And the coupling of Chokhmah and Binah which would be the coupling of these 4 aspects give birth to the son Ze’ir Anpin, who we will discuss next. Praise the Lord.


Now I just want to read what is on the board, Chokhmah and Binah manifest the male and female aspects of the Keter which is their source. Chokhmah and Binah come out of the Keter, and manifest the male and female aspects of the Keter. You see there are male and female aspects associated with the Atik Yomin and Arik Anpin that have no name, the male and female aspects that have no name, as the light, as their light descends, they are revealed, and they are revealed as Abba, Yisrael Saba, and Tevunah. This is the expression, Abba, Imma, Yisrael Saba and Tevunah are the expression on a lower plane of consciousness of the male and female of an Atik Yomin and unnamed male and female of Arik Anpin. They are more completely revealed in the lower planes of consciousness called Chokhmah, and Binah. Is that okay? Okay. Thank you. This is drawing #2. We have on the board the world of Adam Kadmon, and then underneath that the world of Atzilut, and as I have shown you in previous drawings, the Keter, the partzufim associated with the Keter are Atik Yomin and Arik Anpin, and the partzufim associated with Chokhmah are Abba and Yisrael Saba, and the partzufim associated with Binah are Imma and Tevunah, and out of Binah mother emerges the son Ze’ir Anpin. Ze’ir Anpin has 6 Sefirot, sometimes called 6 limbs, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod. Ze’ir Anpin is the heart or at the center of the world of Atzilut. Now remember the world of Atzilut is a part of the creator, the creator has a head and a body, Adam Kadmon the world of Adam Kadmon, is the head of the creator, and the world of Atzilut is the body of the creator or the body of Adam Kadmon. The 3 worlds that come after that, the world of creation, formation and action are the clothing of Adam Kadmon. So the world of Atzilut is a very high place, and remember that within each world, within each of the 5 worlds, the worlds are repeated, we have the 5 worlds within the world of Atzilut, is Atzilut of Atzilut, Beriah of Atzilut, Yetzirah of Atzilut and Asiyah of Atzilut. So it gets pretty complicated. But right now we are going to take the simple way out.


Drawing #2 is showing us the son Ze’ir Anpin and Ze’ir Anpin gives his light to the Nukvah which is the partzuf of the Malkhut and Nukvah sometimes called the Nok, depending on which school you are studying with, you can be studying with the, well I will not get into that right now. So Ze’ir Anpin has a mate and her name is Nukvah. And this Ze’ir Anpin nourishes the Nukvah. Ze’ir Anpin is the partzuf of God, that is the God of the Bible, the holy one blessed be He. So if ever you are reading the Zohar, and you read about the holy one, blessed be He, it is talking about Ze’ir Anpin which is really manifesting Tiferet to us, Ze’ir Anpin is Tiferet or the Jehovah of the Bible, of course the Jews, the Jewish people do not pronounce the name Jehovah, they YHVH, and they say that the true pronunciation of the name is lost, that the high priest in the past was the only one who knew the correct pronunciation of the name and the high priest would go into the most holy place on the day of atonement and pronounce that name and miracles would happen. I guess forgiveness of sins perhaps healing also, I do not know, according to my reading the correct pronunciation of that name is lost, and this is an interesting point, according to what I have learned in my studies of Kabbalah, the pronunciation of the names of God are absolutely essential to cause the manifestation of miracle working power, and to me that is hard for me to fathom because I have experienced miracle working power, I have been the recipient of miracles, and I have been the vessel through which God has manifested miracle working power, and I have never had to say any names, but of course I am in the new covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ and it is His life within me that manifests the power.


So I cannot relate to this pronunciation of names, to me it is a whole different world, and maybe at some time in the future the Lord will show me that I have to pronounce names, because I am still a very immature Christian concerning the manifestation of miracle working power. I have received a lot of wisdom of God, but I cannot do what Jesus did, I cannot walk around healing people or discerning who has the faith to be healed and healing them. I have pronounced healing on some people because the Lord has agreed with my prayer, but all of my spiritual strength at this time is in wisdom and understanding and a spirit of righteousness concerning injustice, that has happened to people and in the world I have power to bring deliverance, when I am hit with an understanding of the righteous circumstance, but I am still developing, I am still maturing. So I do not know what will happen when I mature into the place which I fully expect to happen, when miracle working power will be added to everything that I am and everything that I have received from the Lord to date. Maybe I will be pronouncing the names of God, but where I am, I do not think so, but I could be wrong you see, because what I am basing my opinion on is that I have seen a lot of miracles take place, and I have never had to pronounce any name at all. I mean I call on the name of Jesus, I call the name of Jesus all the time, but I have never looked at a diseased and said, heal, Jesus, you know. So I cannot really, I do not mean to be offensive, I am really having trouble understanding this that some people are in a spiritual place where they want a miracle to take place and they pronounce a particular name and the miracle happens, and if they are one syllable off on the pronunciation of the name, the miracle does not happen, I cannot really relate to that.


However on the other hand, all that, that says to me is how I have taken for granted the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and how simple He has made connecting to God and receiving miracles, how He has incredibly simplified this whole process because I believe that the Jews in the Old Testament and maybe some today still touch God and acquire miracle working power, I do not know, I think if it does happen, that there are very few, or we would be hearing more about it, unless they just keep it a secret.


My personal feeling is that there are not that many miracles of healing today in the Jewish community. If there is, if there are then they are keeping a great secret, and I just have a problem believing that healing is very simple thing, or an easy thing, or something to even be hoped for. Why do I say that? Because I am studying with a Rabbi who I personally think is one of the most educated Rabbi that I have ever met, he seems to have an incredible amount of knowledge about all things, and wisdom and he studied under the student to the top Kabbalist in Israel, his wife became sick, and there was no healing for her. He called everybody that he knew, all over Israel, and they were at the point where they were considering taking a trip to Israel because the belief was that healing might take place if the victim, this Rabbi’s wife, the sick person would be present in the land of Israel, because Kabbalists believe that there is a power in the physical land of Israel. However this Rabbi and his wife never did make the trip to Israel, they went to a secular doctor and received medication, she is on medication now, and they never went to Israel.


So this is the basis for which I am drawing my opinion, that if this Rabbi was so connected to the Kabbalistic community in Israel, could not acquire a supernatural healing for his wife, that I do not think there are that many miracles in Israel today. Now the truth is there are not that many miracles in the church today, it is very hard to find God on that level, although there are miracle healings in the church today, I am an example, although I have not had miracles, because a miracle if you have a miraculous healing, you are healed instantly, and I have not been healed instantly, but I was dying 25 years ago when I came to the Lord, and I am no longer dying, I am a relatively healthy person for my age, I am healthier than a lot of other people. So I have been healing, see. Well how did I get on the subject of healing? Oh I was talking about pronouncing the name of God you see. So I find it based on my experience with God which today I realize how absolutely privileged I am based on that experience, I find the concept of having to pronounce a name in a specific to my mind rigid uncompromising way and if you say it just a little bit wrong, the power does not come down, I cannot relate to that, because of the liberty that I move in, in the Spirit of Christ, but I do believe and have no trouble believing that under the old covenant that this applies. My goodness what we have been delivered from in Christ, we not only have been delivered from the slaughtering of animals and all of the bondage of the law, but all of the rigorous disciplines that the Jews have to go through in the hope of contacting God, I never knew until I started studying Kabbalah that all of the prophets receive their prophecy as a result of meditation and they actually had to submit themselves to a formula of entering into a trance that would bring them in contact with the Spirit of God or the angel that would give them their message.


I am just walking along the street and the spirit hits me, I have a face to face relationship with the Lord. We talk all the time, as two friends. Now I understand that a couple of Rabbis have that relationship with the Lord, but even then I do not know whether they have enter in with meditation or they obtain to this place, but it certainly was not the whole of the nation of Israel, it was just few exalted Rabbis that had that great privilege. So I realize that I have not appreciated the privilege that I have had. For years I just thought the whole church was like me, but I find out that they are not. Wherefore I am a privileged person who cannot relate to the necessity for pronouncing the name of God correctly in order to receive a miracle, but I believe that this was the case, at the time that Judah was moving in miracle working power.


Praise the Lord, so I said all that to tell you that Ze’ir Anpin is the partzuf of God that is the God of the Bible, the holy one blessed be He and that the Christian world calls Him Jehovah, but the Kabbalistic world says that, that is not a true pronunciation of the name. And the Jews today are or the Kabbalists today do not pronounce the name, it is forbidden to pronounce the name of God or to pronounce the name of angels.


So when I first heard that, I could not understand why it would be forbidden to pronounce the name of God or to pronounce the name of angels. Today now I have somewhat of an understanding. If one believes that if in fact it was true at one time or if it is true today, that if you pronounce the name of God or you pronounce the name of an angel, that, that manifestation or that partzuf of God or that angel will appear before you, well then, you would not want to be pronouncing those names and having the angels appear before you. In other words, pronouncing a name of God or pronouncing the name of an angel was, is considered today by Kabbalists the invoking of that angel, the calling forth of that angel, and I remember that I took a movie out once called Dante, I heard so much about Dante that I wanted to see the movie, see the whole thing through because it was very depressing, but the movie started out with a man standing in a circle, in a witchcraft circle with a pentagram in the middle and he would, he would pronounce the name of an angel and I think he was throwing some incense but I am not sure about that, he would pronounce the name of an angel, and he was just very slowly pronouncing very dramatically the names of angels, and then suddenly a demon appeared to him and said, you summon me? What is it that you want? And this man made a contract with this devil, you know, he wanted something evil, and the demon said he would do it, and of course the man must have paid with his soul, and I did not watch the rest of the movie, wherefore this is the reasoning behind pronouncing the names of angels, or the names of God, but again I cannot relate to this either, you know. But there is a difference between standing in a pentagram and naming the name of angels where you are deliberately trying to invoke that angel, deliberately trying to cause that angel to appear so that you could speak to him.


There is a difference between that and between me studying here and speaking in to my microphone and saying, Well the name of the angel is Gabriel, or the name of the angel is Metatron which I am told you are not supposed to say Metatron, you are not supposed to say that, well I just said Metatron, I do not see any angel appearing before me, and I do not mean to be irreverent to people’s beliefs, I am just telling you what my experience is, that I have no problem pronouncing the names of these angels, and they never appear for me, and I am not looking for them to appear, I am just teaching about them, and when it comes to the names of God, that just has not been my experience, I talk about Jesus all the time, and it does not cause Him to well, it does not cause any obvious manifestation, I know that when I am talking to Jesus or I am talking about Jesus to another person, that when two people have a discussion concerning Jesus, that His spirit will arise and partake of that conversation in a positive way. But it has never been my experience that I have talked about Him, because I was in deliverance for five years, and it never happened to me that I would talk about a demon or a name of a particular demon and that demon would appear because I named his name, because my whole motive, now this is the way I see it, because my whole motive for talking about the demon, was about casting it out, and about the cleansing of the person, and the glorification of Jesus Christ, so why would my naming the angel cause it to appear, and it has never happened to me, see.


However on the other hand, during my deliverance sessions, I had five years in deliverance, if someone wanted to be delivered from anger for example, a few of us would gather around and say, anger now you appear, anger, you appear, and when we forced it, we would have to force it, the anger would appear in the person. But to just name the name in passing as in a casual way or to be teaching it and expect it to appear, that simply has not been my experience, but I may be having a different experience then the people under the old covenant, I do not know. But on the other hand I do not really understand why they would not want to say the name of Jehovah, whatever the correct spelling is, to them it is a disrespect. Perhaps invoking him without a serious, in other words, what it seems to me is, just following this train of thought, if just naming the name of God cause Him to manifest, well then you would not want to just mention Him casually because then God would manifest and say, What can I do for you? We would say, Oh, we were not really calling you Lord, we were just talking about you, if that is where they are coming from, I do not know.


But that has not been my experience, and I went through that at one point, some literature came to me by a Christian, Jewish Christian organization saying, you should not say the name of Jehovah or that I was pronouncing it wrong, that the correct name was Yahweh, and I asked the Lord if He wanted me to change my pronunciation of the name, and I was willing to do it if the Lord told me to do it, but He never told me to do it. To me, it is not just a big deal, and I do wield the power of God, I have very, I walk in a very high anointing, one of the highest anointings that I know in the church, and the pronunciation of the names means nothing to me. But it could be that I will mature into that revelation, either that, or I have already matured out of it through Christ Jesus, does anyone not understand what I am talking about? Okay, that was just a side thing.


Alright I have one more drawing here I want to show you, that the Keter, the Chokhmah, and the Binah are inside of Ze’ir Anpin, I will do that on drawing #3. Before my exhortation on pronouncing names, we had drawing #2 on the board, and I could not seem to locate the two partzuf associated with Ze’ir Anpin, I have now found them, so I will redo drawing #2, but just for the people listening to the tape, the names of the two partzufim associated with Ze’ir Anpin are Yisrael is the face that looks up and Jacob is the face that looks down. So those are the two names of Jacob, Yisrael looks up and Jacob looks down. Praise the Lord.


Now looking at drawing #3, again we see the world of Atzilut in circular form and please remember that each of these circles represents a sphere, they do not represent linear circles, but spheres as the planet in the heavenlies, we see that Atik is at the center and then Atik is within Arik, and Arik is within Abba, Abba is within Yisrael Saba, Yisrael Saba is within Imma, Imma is within Tevunah, and then is within Ze’ir Anpin. Somebody looking from the outside would only see a sphere labeled Ze’ir Anpin, or Jehovah or YHVH, or the God of the Bible, He is called by all of those names. Keter, Chokhmah and Binah and their partzuf are concealed within Ze’ir Anpin and act within him as his brains and will. Ze’ir Anpin is the focal point of all divine revelation within the universe. What this means is that with all of the elements of God within, and these are all within Adam Kadmon, the aspect of God or the partzuf or the personality of God by which He communicates with humanity is Ze’ir Anpin, also known as Jehovah or Yahweh. Now I do not know about you but that was a revelation for me, knowing that all of the higher elements of God are within Jehovah. When we first started studying Kabbalah, and I heard that there were names of God higher than Jehovah, I was very reluctant to believe that this was true, until the Lord witnessed to me, and then I could not understand why the Lord related to humanity with such a lower name, eventually I came to the understanding that the highest aspects of God would fry us, we would be electrocuted, if the Lord tried to communicate with us from His highest aspects.


So He clothes Himself in many garments, each garment less toxic to humanity than the inner one or then the one within it. So finally, as you could see, and of course in the midst of Atik, is Adam Kadmon. Okay. So you can see with all of these spheres clothing Him, Adam Kadmon the creator will communicate with the lower realms through the partzuf known as Jehovah, YHVH, Ze’ir Anpin, Yahweh, or the God of the Bible. Does everybody understand this? Okay, we will take a picture.


Drawing #4, at the beginning, it is actually the same as the earlier drawings but down at the bottom, I have given you some more information about Nukvah, sometimes called the Nok depending on what school of Kabbalah you are dealing with, the Sefirah is Malkhut the partzuf is Nok or Nukvah, and the Nukvah, when we started studying Kabbalah, we started studying with a teacher who said Nukvah, so I am more less comfortable staying with the word Nukvah, however the notes that we are dealing with today say Nok, so that is where the confusion comes in. The Nukvah has two partzuf of its own, Leah looks up to Ze’ir Anpin, and Rachel looks down upon humanity, and Rachel is the Shekinah, the divine presence of God, the spark of holiness that is the source of all Beriatic souls. What does that means Beriatic souls? Well Beriatic comes from the word Beriah, the world of Beriah which is the world of creation, and that which is created in Beriah are the souls, all souls originate and are created in the world of Beriah. And as we see on the board here, the source of all of the souls is the Shekinah which comes down from the world above, the world above Beriah which is Atzilut. So we see that there must be a connection between the world of Atzilut and the lower worlds for the souls of God to appear.


Praise the Lord and of course the souls of God have to do with the Neshamah, the mind of God, and we are going to get into that shortly. Over on the left side of the board, creation experiences God through Ze’ir Anpin and Nok or Nukvah of Atzilut, together they are the holy ones, blessed be He, and His Shekinah. That is how they are, whenever you read in the Zohar, blessed be He, the holy one blessed be He, it is talking about Ze’ir Anpin and if you read blessed be He the holy one and His Shekinah, it is talking about Ze’ir Anpin and Nukvah. And together these 7 Sefirot, remember there are 6 Sefirot in Ze’ir Anpin, oh I am sorry I did not say that, so together let me start at the beginning, creation experiences God through Ze’ir Anpin and Nukvah of Atzilut, together they are the holy one blessed be He and His Shekinah. Together they manifest all the Sefirot of Atzilut, the 10 Sefirot of Atzilut can all be found in Ze’ir Anpin and Nok. 7 revealed that is the 6 of Ze’ir Anpin and the one of the Nukvah, those 7 are revealed, and three concealed, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah are concealed within Ze’ir Anpin, and Nukvah. Ze’ir Anpin and Nok together or Ze’ir Anpin and Nok of Atzilut together are the 7 days of creation. Now as I understand it, Imma gives birth to the son, a Sefirah at a time, I am not exactly sure which one comes first, but she gives birth to the 6 Sefirot, Chesed, I guess she gives birth to Chesed first, and cd, I do not really know exactly how it works, whether Chesed brings forth Gevurah and Gevurah brings forth Tiferet, or whether Imma gives birth separately to each of those 6 Sefirot, I am not sure what the answer is, that is a good question to ask a Kabbalist, I am going to have to see if I cannot find out the answer to that. So here we see the whole kit and caboodle of the creator, this is the creator, Adam Kadmon and the world of Atzilut, and we see that Adam Kadmon of course is within the world of Atzilut, and the world of Atzilut is presented to humanity through the heart of the world of Atzilut which is Tiferet, and Tiferet is Ze’ir Anpin, and Ze’ir Anpin joins with and couples with his mate Nukvah, and the result of that is that the Shekinah which is the divine spark of holiness that comes out of Rachel brings forth all of the souls and reaches down and plants those souls in the lower worlds. Praise the Lord.


So we see that famous Scripture and Rachel was crying for her children, I think it is in the book of Isaiah has to do with the Shekinah being separated from the children of Israel, because when the children of Israel go into sin, they are separated from the creator, that is the divorce that the book of Isaiah talks about, when Jehovah divorces Israel or divorces, when Jehovah divorces Israel because of sin, this Shekinah is, actually the Shekinah stays with fallen Israel and is separated from Ze’ir Anpin and the higher Sefirot, and that is Rachel crying for her children, because her children are separated from God. We will put that Scripture on the board before we take the picture.


Okay, we have some more information here about Malkhut, and her partzuf, let us just see what we have here. Ze’ir Anpin and the Nok of Atzilut are the central partzufim and it is their relationship, the relationship between Ze’ir Anpin and Nok, with all of the other partzufim that define how God is revealed experienced and manifest to all creatures within creation. What that means is that everything that happens on the earth is the result of some interaction between the partzufim of Atzilut. I find that so interesting, I really look forward to the Lord giving me more information about it, because at this point, I do not have any more information about it, but I find that a fascinating concept, that it is the interaction of these partzufim that produce everything that happens on the earth. That is quite amazing to me. I make this a formal prayer, asking the Lord for more information about this. Therefore, no maybe I did not read that yet, therefore an understanding of Ze’ir Anpin’s relationship to the upper Sefirot of Atzilut and of Adam Kadmon, his relationship to Nok and her relationship to the upper Sefirot explains the majority of Kabbalistic teachings about time, space, and mind.


Wow, that blows me away, I really would like to understand more of this Lord, let me read that again, therefore an understanding of Ze’ir Anpin’s relationship to Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, and also to the world of Adam Kadmon, and also Ze’ir Anpin’s relationship to Nok, and the Nok’s relationship to the upper Sefirot, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, explains the majority of Kabbalistic teachings about time, space, and mind. That is so interesting, time, space, and mind. We know, the only thing that I know about so far is the Shabat, when Ze’ir Anpin joins with Nukvah, which is on the weekend, and Ze’ir Anpin joins with Nukvah on the Shabat, and for the rest of the week, they separate, okay. Abba and Imma are permanently coupled, okay, but not as integrated as the partzufim of Keter, okay but Ze’ir Anpin and Nok are not permanently coupled. This is according to Kabbalah now, okay what is happening in Christ Jesus is that Ze’ir Anpin is appearing as Christ Jesus and marrying the personality, I believe that Ze’ir Anpin is permanently married to Nukvah in me, and who is the Nukvah?


The Nukvah is the seed of Abel that is in all human beings. All human beings come into this world with a mortal foundation which are the symbiotic brothers or the symbiotic twins, Cain and Abel, they are inseparable, they are mortal, they are the foundation of mortal humanity, and only one of the two seeds can be predominant. In most people Cain is predominant through her relationship with Leviathan and Satan, the unconscious part of the mind, this is the fallen world. When the Lord Jesus Christ comes into somebody’s life and they are reconciled to God, the seed the aspect of Abel starts to be exalted through a relationship with Christ, and with Christ Jesus and that raises Abel up out from under the ground, and overturns Cain, and puts Cain under Abel’s authority. So we see that one aspect of our mortal foundation or the other can be exalted, only one at a time can be exalted, and this is the warfare that all mortal men are engaged in.


So I believe that Ze’ir Anpin in me appearing as Christ Jesus today is permanently married to Abel in me, that means that every day of my life is Shabbat, and what happens on Shabbat? Miracles happen on Shabbat.


I have miracles in my life every day, just the fact that I hear, that I have an open face to face relationship with the Lord that I have a relationship with Christ Jesus within me, and I also have a relationship with the glorified Jesus Christ that I can talk to Him at will and He answers me, is a miracle, and that happens every day of my life, and new souls are born on the Shabbat. That means every time I talk to somebody that does not have Christ grafted to them, there is the potential for Christ grafting to them. Every time I preach, and make a tape like this, thought forms are being produced by everything that I am thinking and saying, these thought forms go out and respond to people who are praying to know more about God who are asking for wisdom and knowledge, and cause the souls of God, okay what is the soul? The personality of God to be developed in those people.


So I am a permanent manifestation of the Shabbat. Do the Kabbalists know that the fulfillment of the doctrine of Shabbat is to be in a man in the flesh, in a permanent union? I do not know, because I have not read, first of all I have not read all of the books that have been translated and second of all, all of the books on Kabbalah have not been translated, and third of all, the deepest revelations of Kabbalah are not even written down in Hebrew I am told, they are just passed on by word of mouth. So I do not know what the master Kabbalists believe, but I am studying with a teacher that I believe is in touch with the master Kabbalist of Israel, and I heard one of his tapes the other day, and he did not, from what he was saying, I would not think that he has a revelation that the creation here on earth is going to be perfected, because he was talking about this world here, and what is going to happen when you go there.


I know Kabbalah talks about the world to come, but the world to come is right here in this same place, in this very same place which is Malkhut which is the visible world, okay. The world to come is already here, but it is very flickering, and it is not in its full manifestation, but it is not another physical place, the world to come is a mental place, it is a place where your mind is, it is a place where you desire and pursue after a relationship with God more than any other relationship in your life, where the most important thing to you is to talk to God and to get into the word.


The world to come is a place where when you settle down and you have free time, your choice is to fellowship with God through His word, when that is your first choice, you are in the world to come, or the beginnings of the world to come, and then you ascend into a higher and higher level of mind, a higher and higher level of ability to understand, and the greater your ability to understand, the greater your ability to fellowship with God, because you are starting to speak His language and to understand His language. That is what the world to come is, it is a place of mind. Jesus said, I went to prepare a place for you. What that meant was, what Jesus meant was, that because he would be glorified, and pour out of His spirit and give us His life, it is now a possibility for every human being to enter into that spiritual height, or at least where Jesus was in the days of His flesh.


We could not do it without His glorified life. We are not capable of it, we just do not have the apparatus, we do not have what it takes, but He has given us His life, He has made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Jesus Christ gave up a life in the flesh that could have gone on forever, His flesh would have been preserved forever, but He gave that up to become a glorified spirit and to be the savior of all humanity. Praise the Lord. Well I think that covers Malkhut. Are there any questions? I just was talking about this concept of the relationships between the Sefirot being responsible for all of the teachings about time, space, and mind, and I was telling you that the only relationship that I know about is Shabbat, well maybe that is not true, I know about Shabbat, the union of Ze’ir Anpin and the Shekinah, and you see a lot of what I teach, I teach because I have had the experience before I have ever read about it in Kabbalah, I have had the experience, therefore I recognize it when I see it written up in Kabbalah, and I experience Shabbat every day.


The other relationship that I experience from time to time is Christ Jesus in me joining with the glorified Jesus Christ, and I think that happens when I receive high levels of revelation, but it is not as obvious to me as the relationship between Ze’ir Anpin and Malkhut within me, and I guess also that I experience the relationship between Ze’ir Anpin and myself and other partzuf with other believers, this is all coming down by revelation now, remember we are the partzufim, we are the partzufim, humanity, well the church anyway, we are partzufim in the world of action. So when we interact with each other, we affect time, space, and mind. See when I interact with you, when you sit under this teaching, I am affecting your mind, I am impressing your Christ mind and I am killing your carnal mind, that is what I am doing, when you interact with me, especially when I rebuke your carnal mind, I am affecting your mind and time and space for you.


That is interesting. So this is what is coming forth by revelation, it is the interaction of people and how we interact and what happens when we get together, we are affecting all of time and space and the mind of man. Is that not interesting? It is all happening right here in the earth as the mind of Christ comes forth and challenges openly the carnal mind of Satan and Leviathan. We will change the whole world by what is preached and by what we think and what we say, as the mind of Christ becomes more and more powerful in us, as we ascend, we will affect the thinking and therefore the time and seasons of this whole world. Wow.


Is that not exciting? So it is a big job that we have ahead of us, discerning our carnal mind and rejecting our carnal mind and living out of our Christ mind and building it and making it stronger, and becoming harmless and blameless in our relationships with all men, learning what the right thing is so that we can do the right thing, and then once we start living that way, then we can bring a godly rebuke to people, who will be changed by what we have to say to them. Someone said to me today, that her niece was leaving, a born again niece was leaving her husband for another man, and she said to him, do you think that is of God? And the niece said, Yes. And then the believer said to me, What could I have said to her after she said yes? And I said, you should have told her, you are mistaken, God would never tell you to leave your husband for another man. That is a sin. This is what we will be telling people when our character becomes strong enough, because our carnal mind is weakened and our Christ mind is exalted, you see. If it did not come forth in your mind, then you could not have said it to her, you see. Christ in you did not come forth and say it to her. Praise the Lord.


So we have to be built up in Christ because we are the saviors of the world, who knows what would have happened to that woman if you would have told her, that is Satan, the unconscious part of the mind, talking to you, this is sin. Who knows how we could have changed the times and the seasons by what we say and what we believe and what we think. We are the partzufim, down here in the world of action. We are not in Atzilut, although we may be in Atzilut in Christ, the Lord Jesus is exalted, and if the Lord Jesus is speaking through you, you are speaking from Atzilut. Amen, that is a high place. Okay.


The next heading in our notes is Miamnokbin, and Miamdukrin, which are the Hebrew words for the male and the female waters, but as I read the few paragraphs in advance, well I will just read from here, okay these are our notes, we have now discussed the Sefirot, the order of the worlds and the partzufim that apply to them, now it will be explained how the affairs of mankind have a strong influence on the order of and the building of the supernal worlds. Now my first question when I read this, is I thought that our world was an expression of the supernal worlds, my understanding is that the earth can never cease to exist because the earth is a reflection of the reality of the heavenlies, we are the illusion, the reality is in the heavenlies, so how can this Kabbalist say that the affairs of mankind have a strong influence on the order of the building of the supernal worlds. The answer to that question is this, that there are more, there is more than one category of supernal worlds. The supernal world that is being influenced by the affairs of men is the mind of Christ that is being formed in men, but the mind of Christ that is being formed in men, is vulnerable, it is an immortal world that can die. Now that sounds like a contradiction but I remind you that Adam was immortal and he died to his immortality.


The mind of Christ which is the supernal world which is influenced by the affairs of men is in the same condition that Adam was in, or in a similar condition, concerning immortality, he was in the same condition, in that Christ is immortal, but He can die, okay because He is vulnerable until He is fully joined to the higher realms. The mind of Christ within man is Ze’ir Anpin, who is born of Abba and Imma, he has all of the potential to be immortal and he is immortal until He is destroyed.


That sounds like a contradiction, I do not want to spend any more time on that, on this message, but I have taught on that a lot. So, those are the supernal worlds, the Asiyah, Yetzirah and Beriah of the mind of Christ, that is coming forth, that is being generated in the midst of the raging waters of the abyss, which is the astral plane of the Serpent’s universe, that is where we live, we exist underneath the sea of the astral plane of Satan’s universe, and the Lord’s plan of salvation for humanity is to plant the seed of His life in the members of humanity and then ultimately join the seed of His life that is in each of us to the glorified Jesus Christ who is anchored in the supernal world above that can never die, and that is the worlds of Adam Kadmon and the world of Atzilut.


If you look at drawing #5, you will see that I show you the glorified Jesus Christ in Atzilut, Atzilut cannot be destroyed, neither can Adam Kadmon which is the head or his body, Atzilut cannot be destroyed, okay. The other worlds which are creation, Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah can be destroyed. Now, in well I may not have things exactly right which Beriah it is or which Yetzirah is, I am dealing in general principles, because I do not have all of the details here, but I know that Adam Kadmon, the world of Adam Kadmon and the world of Atzilut can never be destroyed, and the worlds of Adam Kadmon and of Atzilut reflect themselves in the worlds below, okay.


However, the world down here, definitely influences the mind of Christ that is being built in us in the hopes of this mind of Christ being connected to the glorified Jesus Christ, who is our anchor in Atzilut. You see we have to be anchored to that which is stable, and that which is stable is the world of Atzilut which can never be destroyed. Now on my drawing, I show that the mental plane, the Neshamah, which is in the world of Beriah, if you could see a hand reaching up to grab the end of the anchor which is anchored in Atzilut, and that is the hand of Christ Jesus, the Neshamah is the mind of God which is a part of Christ Jesus.


Now the Neshamah is attached to the Ruach, which comes from the world of Yetzirah which is the spiritual personality and underneath that is the Nephesh which associated with Asiyah which is the animal personality, the personality of this animal life, and that is what is being saved, the Nephesh the personality associated with this animal life is being saved and part of that salvation is the personality of God that develops when we receive a Ruach which may be the Holy Spirit, I do not have these details worked out yet, but we receive something from the life of God, which gives us the ability to establish or to translate our personality into the personality of God, okay. There is a carnal mind and a Christ mind, and there is a personality that is expressed by the carnal mind and a personality that is expressed by Christ.


The personality that is expressed by the carnal mind is called the Nephesh, that is being saved, and the personality that is being expressed by the mind of God is the Ruach, and that is a part of the salvation which is coming through the Nephesh which is the mind of God. So all three are attached, the Nephesh, the Ruach, and the Neshamah, they are all attached, and the Neshamah is likened to a ship, Christ Jesus is the ship that our soul the Nephesh and our personality, our spiritual personality, the Ruach are riding in, and the sea is a raging turbulent sea, okay. And our only hope is according to Hebrews 6:18, we are encouraged to lay hold of the hope that is set before us and up to the left of the board, I have verses 19 and 20, and that tells us that this hope is an anchor of the soul, which enters within the veil, where Jesus the forerunner has entered and become a high priest after the order of Melchizedek, who never dies.


So Christ Jesus in the raging sea of the Serpent’s astral plane is seeking to connect to the anchor which will stabilize us down here in the turbulent seas and that anchor is in Atzilut in the person of the glorified Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord, and as I look at this drawing, I went in to look up the Scripture about the disciples being in a boat in the middle of the sea, and where they, the King James translation accuses according to the King James translation, the disciples accused Jesus of not trying to help them. Let us take a look at that in the Scripture. We are in Mark, chapter 4 beginning with verse 35, "In the same day when the even was come, He saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side. And when they had sent away the multitude, they took Him even as He was at the ship and there were also with Him other little ships." Brethren, I want to suggest to you that the passing over to the other side as passing over the astral plane to arrive at Beriah, okay this is a form of meditation. You have to pass through the astral plane which is where Satan, the unconscious part of the mind, is, which is Satan, in order to enter into Beriah, this is the object of all of the Kabbalists that meditate, they want to arrive at Beriah, where angels talk to them and give them revelation, and this was what Jesus was talking about when He said, Let us go to the other side. And going into meditation and passing through the astral plane can be a dangerous experience, you can lose your mind trying to pass through the astral plane if you are not properly insulated with Christ Jesus, you can lose your mind, or you can get hurt very badly, you can even get physically hurt.


So reading in verse 37, well back in verse 36, it says, "And when they had sent away the multitude, they took Him even as He was in the ship and there were also with Him other little ships, or little boats." And what that means is that Jesus Christ, Jesus the Christ was there and He was in His ship with Christ Jesus in the midst of Him, and the disciples that were with Him had Christ within them, little ships. What that means is that the Christ was mature in Jesus of Nazareth, and the Christ was not quite that mature in the disciples. "So there arose a great storm of wind and the waves beat into the ship so that it was now full." That is a spiritual storm, I go through these spiritual storms all the time, when you enter into the astral plane, the turbulence is violent, and He was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow, I suggest to you, we do not know who He is. I further suggest to you that there were two manifestations of Christ on that ship, there was Jesus of Nazareth who was the Christ who was God in the flesh, and there was Christ in the disciples who was not yet in full stature.


The one who is sleeping on the pillow is the Christ in the disciples, the Christ in them was sleeping, why would Christ in them be sleeping? Because their carnal mind was awake, they were all in their carnal minds, see. And Satan, the unconscious part of the mind, was raging against them as they entered into her sea. "And they awake Him and say unto Him, Master carest thou not that we perish?" Well I looked at this in the Interlinear Text, and the Interlinear Text reveals that it was Christ within the disciples that aroused, that woke up, and said, that word, "carest thou not that we perish", that negative can be translated Satan. So it was Christ in the disciples that woke up and said to Jesus of Nazareth, Satan desires to destroy master, Satan is trying to kill us.


You see, the disciples were having a spiritual experience in the astral plane, and they became alarmed, and they said to Jesus of Nazareth, Satan is trying to kill us. Verse 39, "And when Jesus of Nazareth heard that, that they were asking for help, that His disciples were asking for help, He arose and He rebuked the wind and sea, which is Satan, the unconscious part of the mind, that was beating at His disciples. "And He said, Peace be still, and the wind ceased and there was a great calm. And He said to them, Jesus of Nazareth said to them, why are you so fearful, do you not believe that the Christ in you could have sustained you, that you could have kept on going? You are not hurt, you were just afraid, and if you want to learn how to pass over to the other side, if you want to arrive at Beriah, you are going to have to pass through the other astral plane. And Jesus said to them, Do you not have any faith that you could make it through? And the disciples feared exceedingly and said to one another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea of the astral plane obey Him?"


Brethren, I have these experiences all of the time, I am going through one of them right now, and I have shared with the brethren here at these meetings, I do not know who is reading this transcript or listening to this tape, but I frequently get pummeled with the waves that are hitting at me because I abide probably if not 100%, 95% of the time, maybe even 100% of the time, I am ascended, I am in the astral plane, and if somebody that I am connected to or somebody that is directly praying against me gets very upset, the waves of the, you see, when we get upset, that is emotion and emotion is the astral plane, when someone gets upset, they make great waves in the astral plane. Did you ever hear the expression, do not make any waves? Any kind of distress causes great waves in the astral plane, anybody that is ascended in the boat of Christ Jesus in the astral plane then gets caught in the wake of all of these waves and title waves that are rocking and rolling in the astral plane. "And Jesus said to His disciples, you were not hurt, do you not have any faith that the ship that you are in is sure enough to sustain you to the other side, til you get to the other side?" I have been wanting an explanation of that for a long time, why would Jesus be sleeping on pillow. Of course I did not go into the details of these words, but I did look up pillow, and simply what it meant, what I saw at a quick glance in the Interlinear Text, was that Christ in the disciples was immature and not that active, it was inactive because of their carnality, see. And it was the Lord, it was Christ Himself that said, Satan is going, wake up, wake up, you know Satan is trying to kill you. Praise the Lord. Okay. That was just a little extra over here.


So, it was a little extra but it really ties into what I am telling you here, of course Jesus of Nazareth was not glorified, but Jesus of Nazareth was anchored into Elijah. Jesus of Nazareth was an incarnation of Elijah, Elijah, the spirit of Elijah was Jesus of Nazareth’s higher self, and Elijah was ascended, Elijah was anchored in Atzilut. So we see two different manifestations of the supernal worlds, the supernal worlds that are permanent and can never be moved, which for us is the glorified Jesus Christ today, and the supernal worlds of the mind of Christ which can be destroyed, up until the point that the mind of Christ in us is completely joined to the glorified Jesus Christ at which point Christ Jesus within us will be preserved, He will be preserved, see. Now why did I tell you all this? I told you all this because the notes that we are going to read now do not have this revelation and actually say something that is really the exact opposite.


As I tell you all the time, the carnal mind frequently sees things backwards, the carnal mind is completely opposite of the mind of Christ and sees revelation backwards, okay, sees righteousness backwards, the carnal mind is the exact opposite of the Christ mind. Also what amazes me, one more time, and I just, I do not know why I never stop being amazed, because it must be my pride that I am just so impressed with the degree of revelation that is in the Kabbalist library for lack of a better word, the revelation on the Scripture is just awesome, and the revelation beyond the Scripture with this whole revelation of Adam Kadmon, it is just awesome, but time and time and time again, it is revealed to me that the guts of the message, the guts of the message that is going to deliver us from hell is absent in their understanding, that just never ceases to amaze me.


So I will show you, we will read through the next portions of the notes and I will show you why this writer who I have a great deal of respect for as a Kabbalist is thinking with his carnal mind. Being that all worlds are interconnected, okay now that does not include the world where Jesus Christ is, you see. This is the same mistake that the Hindus and the Buddhists make, they tell you that everything that we can see and what we cannot see, are interconnected, and that is true except the glorified mind of Jesus Christ, other than to the extent that the glorified Jesus Christ who escaped this world and is not connected with this world at all, because this world is fallen, and filled with sin, the glorified Jesus Christ is not connected with this world, but He has sent an aspect of Himself into this world, and aspect of Himself that Jesus Christ has sent into this world, is His son, the son of Jesus Christ, and the glorified Jesus Christ, and that aspect, Christ Jesus is in fact weaving Himself together with fallen humanity, see, and as Christ Jesus weaves Himself together with the fallen individual, there is an incredible battle going on for who will rule over each individual.


Will the carnal mind continue to rule or will Christ Jesus who is weaving Himself together with that personality rule? So we have this war going on, as soon as Christ grafts to you, He is fighting for dominion over you, there are two men fighting for you, as soon as Christ grafts to you, the seed of Christ is fighting with Leviathan over you. If you are a personality, you are female, even if you are a physical male, you are spiritually female, and Christ and Leviathan are fighting over who will marry you. The Christ that is grafted to you is intending to weave Himself together with you and therefore from that point of view, Christ Jesus is interconnected with this whole fallen world, but only for the purpose of being hooked up to the glorified Jesus Christ which is in Atzilut, which union will bring the whole fallen world under the dominion of the Lord Jesus Christ, rather than the Serpent, thereby saving the world. But the glorified Jesus Christ in the higher realms will never be woven together with sin. Then when the whole world is purified, we will all be woven together under the righteous dominion of the glorified Jesus Christ.


Praise the Lord. So let us take a look at what our writer says, being that all worlds are interconnected, they are also interdependent. Well the glorified Jesus Christ and the worlds of Adam Kadmon and Atzilut will never be interdependent upon this fallen world, our physical world being as it is at the center of the universe, that is the center of the fallen universe, okay, holds tremendous power over the alignment and function of the upper worlds. Okay, so now our physical world, it is the center of Satan’s universe, and it does hold tremendous power over the alignment and function of the upper worlds. What we think and say and do definitely affects the mind of Christ that not only exists in the individual, but there is a collective mind of Christ that is in the earth today. What we see happening in this country today is that because our nation has so deviated from the moral laws of God, we see the partzuf of Christ Jesus dissolving in this nation, this nation, the United States of America was an expression of the glory of God for years, although we were imperfect, even though there was sin here, because the laws of the nation were in accordance with the laws of God, we lived and existed under the blessings of Jesus Christ, and those blessings are starting to dissolve because the people are departing from the mind of God, and the righteousness of God. So it is true that in this world, in this physical world, what we think and do affects the supernal world of the mind that is existing in this fallen world, if you can hear what I am saying. But the things that we think and do in this fallen world do not affect Adam Kadmon and the world of Atzilut, neither do they affect the glorified Jesus Christ, they only affect us, and as we continue to depart from the laws of God, we separate from our stability which is in Atzilut, and Adam Kadmon.


You see they will separate from us, they are not going to be polluted by us, as we as a people, as we as a nation depart from God in our thoughts in our behavior, we separate from the supernal realms that will never be polluted by us, we will only hurt ourselves, but the mind of Christ that exists down here because of faith in Jesus Christ, will be changed, will be diluted and polluted and if it were possible would be completely destroyed but I do not think that it is possible, as long as there is one person that is pursuing God, you see, and how do we pursue God, how do we relate to God? Through the study of His word. See, you pursue God by talking to Him, and more specifically by talking to Him about the things of His life that brings the things of His life down to earth.


So there is this incredible warfare going today in the United States of America, in Great Britain, and in the whole Christian world, as the sons of God stand up. Who are the sons of God? The people who are pursuing a son father relationship with the Lord. That means they talk to Him about everything, that means they are under His instruction, that means they hear what He is telling them and they understand it, and it also means that they are talking to the Lord about His plan for this country and for Christendom.


Therefore the sons of God are praying in accordance with God’s will, and things are changing, they are changing in this country, they are changing in Great Britain, and they are going to turn around and all of Christendom and in all of the whole world, because the mind of God is active in this earth, therefore the reversal of the destruction of the partzuf called Christ Jesus, of the image of Christ Jesus in the western world is about, has already begun to be reversed, although it is hard to see. So are there any questions about what I just said? There are two categories of supernal realms, one permanently immortal and the other temporarily immortal, for lack of a better way of expressing it.


Okay so our physical world being at the center of the universe, holds tremendous power over the alignment and function of the upper worlds. Our physical world is a kind of, now listen to this, our physical world, this temporal world which is an illusion, our physical world is kind of spiritual anchor that keeps the entire universe stable and grounded in the raging waters of God’s ultimate essence, the Ayn Sof. Now this sentence has been seen backwards by this man’s carnal mind, our physical world, how could our physical world be an anchor, it is temporal, it is corrupt, what kind of an anchor, we are not the anchor, okay, the supernal worlds are the anchor, the supernal worlds that can never be corrupted, the worlds of Adam Kadmon, and of Atzilut, and our connection, our anchor to that world today is the glorified Jesus Christ, aside from Him, there is no anchor, whoever has not connected to the glorified Jesus Christ in their spirit and mind has no anchor to the supernal realms and they have no stability in this world whatsoever. They may have the illusion of stability, but we do not know how stable we are until we are faced with a title wave. Does the title wave destroy you? Does it sweep you away completely? How fast do you recover from it? How great is the damage? Or are you in the eye of the storm where it does not bother you at all? It all depends on the degree to which you are attached to the only anchor, and the only stabilizing force in the universe. So this very well meaning writer has it backwards. The earth is not stable, okay.


And then the second statement that I disagree with is that the entire universe is not only stabilized by our physical world but is grounded in the raging waters of God’s ultimate essence, the Ayn Sof. I thought the Ayn Sof was peace, and calm, and a simple light, that was perfectly peaceful. What are these raging waters? No, no, the raging waters are the waters of this universe, which are the Serpent’s waters. You see, one of the problems that I see in the writings, in the Kabbalistic writings that I am reading is I see a lack of an understanding that this physical world, and that the whole universe is not the universe of God, the Serpent has brought forth this whole universe and it exists in Adam Kadmon’s belly, we are a cancer in his belly, we are a fetus in his belly that has been utterly diseased, and Adam Kadmon is in the process of purging us, his offspring of the filth that has killed us, we are a dead fetus in the womb of Adam Kadmon, and this whole universe is the Serpent’s universe within the midst of Adam Kadmon, and I do not see that recognition in what I have read so far.


So I must disagree with this writer that the raging waters are the Ayn Sof, the Ayn Sof is perfect peace, you know, praise the Lord. You see, brethren no matter how much knowledge that you have, no matter how much knowledge that anybody has concerning revelation of the Sod aspect of the Scripture you know, the plan of salvation is only in the mind of Christ, it is a secret, the plan, God’s plan to save us from hell and death is only in the mind of Christ. So I do not see any, to the best of my knowledge from what I know, I do not see any Kabbalist understanding the plan of salvation, of escape, you see.


And when Jesus of Nazareth appeared in Judea, He tried to give this information to the Pharisees, and they on the one hand were envious of Him and on the other hand, they did not believe Him. I think they did not believe Him, maybe some people are crazy enough to kill the person that has the answer. You know that is my definition of Jezebel, that they try to kill, the spirit of Jezebel manifesting in a man will attempt to destroy the person that they are jealous of, thinking that they could take that person’s place, and then when the person who has the true authority of God is killed, the chain of communication is broken because you cannot force God to communicate with you, God will only communicate with the person that He raises up in the headship and if you kill that person who is raised up in the headship, then the communication of God is broken, and nobody hears from God. So maybe they did recognize what He was saying you know, maybe they did understand it and believe it to be the truth, I am talking about the Pharisees now, and they envied Him they crucified Him and offered Him up because of envy thinking that they could lay hold of what He had. And I will tell you this, if that is what happened, that the Pharisees believed the message, you know, after they crucified Jesus Christ, all memory of it was stripped of them, but I believe the Lord is telling me right now that they never believed the message.


They never believed the message, they thought that they were saved by all of their works, they never believed the message. Praise the Lord. Let us read on, The great rule of the Kabbalah states that the physical plane is the equal and opposite counterpart of the spiritual plane, and as it is above so it is below, and visa versa, therefore whatever actions we perform here in the physical world, have profound ramifications in the supernal worlds, that is the world of mind, that is the astral plane, that is not the untouchable worlds of Adam Kadmon and Atzilut. We become responsible for the creation of our own heaven and hell, well that is true.


If we have a fit or a temper tantrum, we cause all kinds of title waves in the spiritual plane that come back and bonk us in the head. And that is where the sowing and reaping judgment exists, what we sow, we shall reap. This is the result of God giving to mankind His greatest gift, free will, that is the freedom to choose our destiny and to create our own reality all within the context of the laws of the universe. See this is true, we can create our own reality, the Scripture clearly says calling into existence the things that do not exist, by believing what God is saying, we create our own reality, by refusing to believe what the Serpent is saying, but believing the Scripture, we create our own reality, and therefore we, but all of this has to be done within the context of the laws of the universe, okay, that means there are certain, we are not going to change the law of gravity, that is what it means, but we do bring our own existence, we do bring our own creation into existence by what we believe, and we must force ourselves to be positive in all things because the word of God is positive. See, the word of God is positive, and as long as we abide in the word of God, we will create a reality of heaven rather than a reality of hell. In order for us to solicit assistance from God, we must desire it, now do you hear that? In order to get assistance from God you must desire it, you must really want it, or He is not going to help you, you must really want it.


For as we have learned it is the power of desire that first stimulated the creation of the universe. Our desire for God, and His intervention, must be strong as well as defined. That means you have to make it very clear what you want from Him, if you want your character flaws removed, you have to say that, and if all that you say is show it to me, that does not mean He is going to remove your character flaws, to just say show it to me or expose it, okay. This desire for God and His righteousness on behalf of the individual or on behalf of all Israel, is called Miamnokbin, which means feminine waters.


#6 shows the Miamnokbin, the feminine waters, the acronym for which is Mon, the desire for God, I show that as horizontal waves, and the vertical waves are the Miamdukrin, masculine waters the acronym is Mad, Mad responds to Mon the desire of man for God and the descending male seed which is Mad impregnates the desiring personality with its male life. And the human being involved here, the human being that is desiring God becomes impregnated with the life of God. Something is being born in us, the very life of God, the personality of God and the mind of God is being born in us. Praise the Lord, that is very, that is a miracle, you know, that we who are down here in hell, we are the spiritual untouchables, you know, are actually being impregnated with the life of God, that is quite incredible.


Being that the relationship between heaven and earth is represented as the love between male, which is heaven and female which is earth, the desire coming forth from the earth to mate with her husband, that is heaven, is represented as the semen of the female, that is the feminine waters. In order for a pregnancy and birth to occur, the male must first release his seed, this means that only when there is desire from earth below is there power to awaken the desire of heaven, to look down upon us and bond with us. The force of radiance that descends down from heaven is therefore called Miamdukrin, the masculine waters that are known as Mad. Whenever a Jew performs a commandment of the Torah, he elevates Mon, this in turn causes the descent of Mad, the merging of the two enables God’s energy to become manifest here upon the earth. So we see once again that the Jew believes that his salvation and his impregnation with the life of God is the result of doing physical commandments. I do not know to what degree this worked at the time of the covenant at Mount Sinai, I believe that the Jews or Israelites that entered into a covenant with God at Mount Sinai received supernatural power, and then somehow they fell down into these religious works, I do not know what their existence was like at the time of Mount Sinai, if it was actually these religious works that produced the mind of God in them, did God honor these religious works at that time, or did the Jews in the day of Mount Sinai, did they have a similar experience to what we are having today with the Holy Spirit? But did they lose it because of disobedience, I do not know. But I do know this, that there is no spiritual work that will cause me to be impregnated with the life of God, you know. It is possible that before Jesus, you know, well Jesus Christ had to be impregnated with the life of God, so something happened in the life of Jesus of Nazareth that caused Him to be impregnated with the life of God, but we do not know, we do not know anything about His earlier life, we do not know whether He kept the law, we do not know, I better stop right here, because we just do not know. I do know that today, in this covenant today there is no religious work that will impregnate us with the life of God, the only thing that will impregnate us with the life of God is intimacy with God, and that is intimacy through the face to face relationship that is granted to us because of the glorification of Jesus Christ, it is available to us. If you pursue God and you study His word, but you do not hear Him talking back to you, do not stop talking to Him, He is talking back to you, you are just so carnal, you cannot hear it, just keep on going, keep on going and eventually, you will break through and you will realize that you have had a relationship with Him all along that you just did not recognize the extent of. Praise the Lord.


Well I had wanted to stop at this point, but it really bothers me make such a short tape, so I think we will just take a picture of this drawing and then the next category is the 5 levels of soul, we will start talking about the 5 levels of soul until I finish the tape up. Praise the Lord, I have put the 5 levels of soul on the board for you, it is drawing #7, and the acronym is Naronai, we will now just read through the different aspects of soul. Just as God reveals Himself in the world through the different partzufim, so too is the soul within each of partzufim made up of different parts that express which world and which level within the partzuf is being manifest. So we see that each partzufim has the 5 levels of soul, and depending on what aspect of the partzuf is being manifest, that will be expressed by naming the level of soul within the partzuf. The human soul is also made up of these 5 unique aspects, each of which relates to a specific level of consciousness. The 5 levels of the soul are simply the soul as it is revealed at the levels of the different worlds. The level of the soul emanated the Keter is the Yechida. Within man, the Yechida contains within it that spark of the divine which we call the Shekinah. The Yechida is the essence of the soul or as the holy Zohar calls it, the Neshmata of the DaNeshmata, the soul of the soul, now the first book that we studied, the tree of life calls the Chayyah level of soul, the soul of the soul, so we see that there are many opinions within Kabbalah, I am not going to let it stop me in any way. This writer tells us that, not only that he says the Yechida is the soul of the soul but that the Zohar calls it the soul of the soul. So I do not know why the Arizal would change that, but like I said, I am not going to get hung up on it. The level of the soul emanating Chokhmah is called Chayyah. The Chayyah is like a super soul in that it is concealed within the Neshamah and guides it. Now remember the Neshamah is the mind of Christ, so this Chayyah would be likened unto the Spirit of Christ which is in the mind of Christ, the Chayyah can be called the spirit or the motivation within the Neshamah soul.


Neshamah the level of soul emanating Binah is the Neshamah, this is the soul proper, one’s higher self, and of course that Christ Jesus within us, one’s Neshamah is also one’s guardian angel and one’s destiny. Well what does that mean? Well definitely it is our protector and it was the Neshamah within the disciples that arose and said, you know, you better call for help, you know you better call for help because these waves are knocking against you, you should ask the Lord, or you should ask your master, your teacher for help. Well, you know, I am thinking that I got that backwards, I am talking about the carnal mind of this writer being backward, I think that I got that backwards, what I said about the disciples in the ship, okay, let me try that again, I think it must have been that the Christ within the disciples was sleeping because their carnal mind was so active, when your carnal mind is active, it puts Christ in you to sleep. So it was the carnal mind of the disciples that said, This turbulence in the astral plane is going to kill us, Satan, the unconscious part of the mind is trying to kill us, and it was okay, I got it, okay, the Christ mind in the disciples was sleeping, it was their carnal mind that rose up and said, This turbulence in the astral plane is going to kill us, and that it was Jesus who was with them who said to the storm be still, and then He said to the disciples, Do you not have any faith? And the answer is no, they did not have any faith because their Christ mind was sleeping, and their Christ was sleeping because they were all in their carnal minds.


Okay, did I make that clear? Yeah, I think originally earlier in this message, I said it was the Christ mind that woke up and warned them, no, it was not, it was not. It was their carnal minds that Satan is trying to kill us, okay. Did I make it clear this time, is it clear? Okay. Let us go on, so the Chayyah is the spirit of the soul, and that is the Spirit of Christ within the Christ mind. The level of soul emanating Binah is the Neshamah, this is the soul proper or the higher self, okay that is what we were up to. One’s Neshamah is also one’s guardian angel and one’s destiny. Okay that is what made me think about the disciples and Jesus in the ship again, because your Christ mind is your guardian angel. So Jesus was rebuking those disciples and saying, where is your faith, how come your faith is sleeping? It is because you are so carnal that Christ is sleeping in you.


So we see that the mind of Christ in us is our guardian angel if we do not put Him to sleep all the time. He will warn us about danger, He will warn us about errors that we are making, He will warn about wrong thinking, He will be our wisdom and our counselor, if we do not fall asleep on Him by preferring our carnal mind. According to this writer, the Neshamah soul is also our higher self, that is just another way of saying that is our Christ identity, we are two people, the Neshamah within us is our new man, it is Christ Jesus, okay, and the reason He is called our destiny is because, we, when Christ Jesus dwells in us, He becomes our destiny, the destiny that we enter into this world with that the Serpent gives us is canceled and Christ Jesus become our potential to be fulfill our, Christ Jesus in us becomes our potential to fulfill our creative potential. So that is why He is our destiny, if we let Him be our destiny, but we can kill Him, you see, by preferring the destiny of our carnal mind, it is no simple thing to say that our Neshamah is destiny, because the destiny that we come into this world with, which is written in Leviathan is not tucking its tail between its legs and going away. Leviathan will fight to manifest her destiny in our lives, and this is why Paul tells us that to follow after Jesus Christ is a warfare condition. If there is no war in your life, you are not bothering Satan and you are completely carnal, see. It is a continuous warfare and the more advanced you get, the more mature you get in Christ, the more intense the warfare, it is a warfare in your emotions, it is a warfare in your mind, and it is a warfare in your life, all kinds of continuous problems that never seem to go away, but we have the victory in Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord. The Neshamah with the Chayyah and the Yechida within it always stands in the presence of God.


Remember each level of soul wraps around a previous level of soul, all layers of soul are within each other. So it is the Neshamah with the Chayyah and the Yechida within it that always stands in the presence of God in that place which is called the supernal garden of Eden. I believe the supernal garden of Eden is Beriah, but I could be mistaken. The Neshamot of Israel collectively form a single spiritual body, so here we see the doctrine of the body of Christ. There is a great deal of Kabbalah in the New Testament, this is the body of Christ that Paul was talking about. The Neshamot of Israel collectively form a single spiritual body, the collective body of Christ Jesus. So when a Jew violates those commandments of the Torah, whose punishment is being cut off, one is cut off or disconnected from one’s Neshamah above, and this is the true state of psychological exile. So all that is saying is that when we sin, our soul separates from the mind of Christ or Christ Jesus can actually die in us, and that is what we are cut off from. And this is the state of psychological exile, when you are cut off from the body of Christ. Well I do not know if I can agree with that, I am, when I am cut off, my understanding is that when we are cut off, we are cut off from Jesus Christ, we are cut off from God, you know, but I guess that could happen that to be cut off from the body of Christ would be to be cut off from Christ Jesus within ourselves. Well I guess you could look at it that way, there is two levels of being cut off, Christ Jesus within us can be separated from the glorified Jesus Christ, or our personality can be separated from Christ Jesus. So both could be true. And according to this teacher, he says, when a Jew violates those commandments of the Torah, whose punishment is, that means if you violate a commandment that says the punishment will be for you to be cut off, what that means is that you are separated from your higher self which is connected to the whole body of or in the Kabbalah they would say the whole community of Israel. Well we would be separated from the body of Christ, and this is psychological exile.


The level of the soul that emanates the 6 is the Ruach, the Ruach which means either spirit or wind, is one’s emotional soul, one’s spirit. And I remind you that when we, those of you that have been studying with me for a long time, when we graduated from the doctrine of Christ to the study of Kabbalah we found that some of these names like spirit and soul that they were not exactly the same, the usage of the same, that these words are not used the same way in Kabbalah as in the doctrine of Christ, and just like I showed you earlier, that in the book by Chayyim Vital, he says the Chayyah is the soul of the soul, and this writer says the Yechida is the soul of the soul, so we are not going to get all hung up on the difference of opinions as to what is called spirit and what is called soul, at least not tonight anyway. So we are talking about the Ruach, the Ruach which means either spirit or wind is one’s emotional soul or one’s spirit, the Ruach is subject to influence from the Neshamah as well as subject to forces surrounding a person from below. Now I know that only too well because I am just blown and knocked from pillar to post frequently, because I mean I am never destroyed because I am anchored in the glorified Jesus Christ in Atzilut, but it is my emotions that are just blown from pillar to post, when I come under a spiritual attack, or when I am simply experiencing someone else’s sin in that plane. So like the winds of this world, one’s Ruach, that is one’s emotions come and go and change constantly.


Well I could tell you that is true, one minute I could be at my depths, and the next minute filled with joy that hope of God, I have come to the point where I simply cannot pay any attention to my emotions at all, because they change instantly, makes no sense at all, I have to live out of my mind, I have to live out of my Christ mind, that is the only way I will survive my existence in the astral plane, see.


Now with the Kabbalists and probably even with Jesus, with His disciples, they just meditated and entered into the astral plane for short periods of time, as was taught in the message permanent meditative consciousness, which was one of the earlier messages that we did, those of us that are being joined to Christ Jesus are experiencing the same experiences or similar experiences that Kabbalists experience when they meditate but we are experiencing them for long periods of time because we are entering in to a spiritual plane and we will never come out again. So I have been knocked around from pillar to post in the astral plane for years, I am waiting to be elevated above it. Praise the Lord.


So within man the Ruach corresponds to one’s personal unconscious, or as the psychologist Carl Young would say, the shadow, the Ruach is one’s motivations and conceals one’s true feelings about issues which may or may not be consciously known. Now another thing that I see with this writer, I do not know whether it is with most Kabbalists or not, but this writer, I believe that he cannot, I do not even know that he believes that there are two minds. So there is no distinction made between the mind of Christ and the carnal mind. Now it is my understanding that as this writer writes, he is writing about the aspects of the soul of the person who is in God. So to say within man the Ruach corresponds to one’s personal unconscious, well that is true, we have an unconscious in the Christ mind which is the glorified Jesus Christ, and then he says, or as the psychologist Carl Young would say, the shadow. Well I guess you could have a clean shadow, but the next thing our writer says is that the Ruach is one’s motivations, well that is true, we could be motivated by the mind of Christ or we could be motivated by the carnal mind, but then he says, and this Ruach conceals one’s true feelings about issues. Now the Spirit of Christ does not conceal your true feelings about issues, because the Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of Truth, it is the spirit of the carnal mind that will conceal your true feelings, and hide your true feelings for yourself. And then he goes on to say, one’s true feelings which may or may not be consciously known, so we see that there is no distinction made here between the mind of Christ, and the carnal mind, or with the Spirit of the carnal mind which is Satan, the unconscious part of the mind, which does this, it is Satan who will conceal your true feelings, that is the spirit of the carnal mind, but the Spirit of Christ does not do that.


The level of soul that emanates Malkhut is the Nephesh. The Nephesh is simply the life force energy that keeps the soul connected to the body, Nephesh is today called the ego, the lower self, that part of you that recognizes that you are you. The Nephesh is your conscious awake rational mind that is dominated by the sensorial input by the external corporeal world. So let us see what we could say about that. The Nephesh is today called the ego, the lower self, I call it the personality of the flesh, that part of you that recognizes you as you in this world, of course we are hoping to recognize ourselves by our Christ identity, see, but the Nephesh is the personality of the animal life which makes me Sheila Vitale, whether I am spiritual or whether I am not spiritual, this is what he is saying, you know and I do agree, that the Nephesh is what makes us recognizable in this world, it is what makes us who we are, or not who we are but the part of us that recognizes that this personality... The Nephesh is your conscious awake rational mind that is dominated by the sensorial input from the external corporeal world, that is talking about that is saying that our Nephesh, our conscious mind is influenced by what we see, hear, and taste, see, hear, smell, and taste, by the 5 senses.


In relationship to men, it is only the 3 lower levels of soul, talking about the Nephesh now, in relationship to man, it is only the 3 lower levels of soul, the Neshamah the Ruach and the Nephesh that actually dwell in our physical bodies. The upper two levels of soul, the Chayyah and the Yechida the soul of the soul and the spirit of the soul, are two sublime and lofty to fit, to high to fit into the body. Therefore these two surround the body from the outside and are called Makefim or auras. So we now know that the aura that comes from the Christ mind is the Yechida and the Chayyah, but we also have an aura from the carnal mind, I do not know exactly how that works, well what just came into my mind, and I believe the Lord told me this, is that we have an aura that emanates from our carnal mind, but when the Christ mind takes up residence in us, and the Yechida and Chayyah are present, if we have a Yechida and a Chayyah, remember the Christ mind has to be built in us, and we may have the Ruach of the Christ mind and nothing else, we may have the Ruach and the Neshamah and nothing else. So everybody that has a Christ mind does not have the Chayyah and the Yechida. See. That was what Peter had when he walked through the streets and people were healed.


You know he had the Yechida soul. So if you are walking through the streets and people are not healed, you may not have the Yechida soul, but when that Yechida soul, that Chayyah and Yechida come to dwell in us, they shine so brightly that they completely overshadow the aura of the carnal mind, and the carnal mind for all intents and purposes is not seen and is the deactivated, and brethren, this is the whole principle, this is the foundational principle of the plan of salvation, that the life of God will take up residence in our body with such power that the existence and the evil of the carnal mind will be completely nullified in the same way that a bright light comes into a room where just a little night light is shining, and the bright light shines so brightly that you can no longer see the little night light.


So the death of the carnal mind will be accomplished by the infilling of the mind of God, by the brightness of the mind of God. Praise the Lord, let it happen Father. The 3 souls within the body are called by their capital letters, thus they are the NRN, Nephesh, Ruach, Neshamah, together all 5 levels of soul are called the NRNCHY, NRN are also called the Ohr Penimi or the inner light, and the Chayyah and the Yechida are called Ohr Makif, the surrounding light, as it is above, so it is below, therefore Ze’ir Anpin who is the man above also has 5 levels of soul, the NRNCHY, and this is the secret of his Mochin or his brains. And we are going to stop tonight, Lord willing on the next time we meet, which will not be until next Sunday, we will pick up with the study of the Mohin, the brains of Ze’ir Anpin. And we are probably going to get some information on pregnancy, suckling, and childhood in the next part. Praise the Lord, goodnight and God bless you.



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