571 - Part 10

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Praise the Lord, it has been a few weeks since we preached part 9, so we are going to do a brief review. Also, this subject matter that we are up to, is the impartation of Ze’ir Anpin’s Mochin, that is his brains. Drawing #1 on the board is a list of the partzufim of the world of Atzilut, just by way of review. We see that each partzuf, that each Sefirot has two partzuf, the Keter and the first partzuf looks up and relates to the Sefirah above it, and the lower partzuf looks down and relate to the Sefirah and the partzufim underneath it. So the Keter has Atik Yomin which looks up, and Arik Anpin which looks down. Chokhmah has Abba that looks up towards the Keter, and Yisrael Saba looks down towards Binah, Binah has Imma the partzuf that looks up and Tevunah the partzuf that looks down. Ze’ir Anpin has Yisrael looking up and Jacob looking down, and Malkhut has Leah looking up and Rachel looking down. Praise the Lord. So we see here 10 partzufim.


Now Ze’ir Anpin, now these are the partzufim of the world of Atzilut, and we see that Ze’ir Anpin is born of Abba and Imma, and he is born incomplete, he is born without his brains, that means he lacks the first triad. There are no Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah of Ze’ir Anpin. So these have to be added to him, because to a partzuf to be to fulfill his role of interacting with other partzufim, each partzuf must have its own 10, the Kabbalistic literature that I am studying calls it subjective Sefirot. Okay I know on some of my drawings I have called them subsefirot, but the Kabbalistic term is subjective, and I guess that is the same thing as sub. So we are going to review this, I believe this is on another message, on a previous message, but we are going to review how Ze’ir Anpin receives his Mochin because I have some additional information that I did not have at the time when I preached this, as to how the Mochin flow into Ze’ir Anpin from Abba and Imma, and then we will go on in our notes to study how this Ze’ir Anpin which we are, we are the Ze’ir Anpin of the Malkhut of Asiyah, and we have to receive our Mochin according to our Kabbalistic notes, we who study Christ Centered Kabbalah know that it is the Lord Jesus Christ who is Father and Mother to us, and giving us our Mochin.


So that should be a very interesting opportunity to apply Kabbalah once again to us personally. But right now I would like to review how Ze’ir Anpin of Atzilut receives his Mochin, and as I just said, I will show you the additional information that I have acquired, as to how that happens. Praise the Lord, okay let us take a picture of drawing #1, and we will go on.


Praise the Lord we are looking at drawing #2. Now this is a drawing of Ze’ir Anpin of Atzilut, let me remind you that Ze’ir Anpin is formed from six Sefirot, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod. Let me also remind you that each partzuf must have 10 subjective Sefirot. In other words, Binah must have within herself 10 Sefirot from Keter down to Malkhut. But Ze’ir Anpin only has six, he is lacking the upper triad, he is lacking Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah.


So Kabbalah teaches that Ze’ir Anpin who is the son, Ze’ir Anpin’s mother and father who have just birthed him now impart some of their own substance to him, so that he can have a Keter, a Chokhmah, and a Binah which are called his brains, his Mochin. That would make 9 subjective Sefirot, where Ze’ir Anpin marries Nukvah or the Nok, she will be his 10th. That is what this drawing is all about. We are being shown on the board how a Keter a Chokhmah and a Binah are being imparted to Ze’ir Anpin of Atzilut. This process takes place in 4 stages, on the left of the board you could see, the first is called Gadlut which is called smallness, that means the smaller amount of the emanation that come out of Imma and Abba. The first stage of Gadlut is the Mochin that comes from Tevunah. That is just the substance of Imma, and it becomes the brains of Ze’ir Anpin. The second stage of smallness is the Mochin that comes from Imma herself, the first stage of greatness comes from Yisrael Saba, which of course is a partzuf of Abba, and Tevunah is a partzuf of Binah, okay Binah has two partzufim, Tevunah and Imma, and Yisrael Saba is a partzuf of Chokhmah, Chokhmah has two partzufim, Yisrael Saba and Abba. I think I made it very clear on the board, I have done the best I can to show you the Sefirot of Keter Chokhmah and Binah of Ze’ir Anpin of Atzilut, with the 10 subjective Sefirot, that is how I have drawn them, 10 lines, or you know 10 areas in that what looks like a box. The reason I have written 10 upper Sefirot in the Keter, the box that signifies the Keter of Ze’ir Anpin, is that I could not get the information as to what, in what order the 7 upper Sefirot of the Keter of Ze’ir Anpin are placed.


You may notice that the first Sefirot of the Keter of Ze’ir Anpin of Atzilut which is Malkhut, comes from Tevunah and the second and third which would be the Yesod and the Hod of the Keter of the Ze’ir Anpin of Atzilut come from Yisrael Saba. The Rabbi that I called to ask for the information as to the order of the upper 7 Sefirot could not be obtained, he did not want to answer my question. Why did he not want to answer my question? Because he probably thought that I was using this information for meditation, and in his opinion I was not prepared to be involved in that deep of meditation. I was just explaining to the brethren off the tape that I do not meditate. When we first started studying Kabbalah which is well over two years ago, maybe even three years now, I ask the Lord if He was calling me to meditate. He never answered me but it just never came to pass in my life. The reason that the Kabbalists meditate is for the purpose of catapulting themselves into a trance state by which they can ascend into Beriah and contact the angels that exists on that level and get information from them, revelation, counsel, wisdom.


I receive revelation, counsel, and wisdom, simply by talking to the Lord. Whether or not at some future time the Lord will bring me that way of going into a trance, I do not know, but at this time, I have, He is giving me more information than I can process in a twenty four hour day while I am running a ministry and trying to do all of the other things that I have to do in this life. So for now, I do not have that information for you, I do not have the order that the 7 upper Sefirot of the Keter of Ze’ir Anpin of Atzilut are layered, because I could not find anyone to tell me. Praise the Lord, actually I did not look past this one Rabbi that I contacted. I do not think it is all that important, what is important is that you all understand that we are talking about the completion of Ze’ir Anpin, why is that important? Because we down here in the world of Asiyah we are the Ze’ir Anpin of the Malkhut of Asiyah, according to Kabbalah okay. To be perfectly honest with you, I am not really sure that, that is the case for those of us that have Christ Jesus. We may very well be the Ze’ir Anpin of Atzilut, the Scripture does say that we are seated in heavenly places with Him. So I have some questions that I do not have the answer to, I am just teaching you as well as I can. Well I do not want to go any further on issues that I do not know the answer to.


Are there any questions on this drawing #2, are there any questions concerning the fact that Ze’ir Anpin is being completed. Ze’ir Anpin is born with 6 Sefirot, when he marries, the Nukvah will be his 7th, so he has to receive his Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah from his parents, from Chokhmah and Binah above, and that is what is happening here. Now these emanations that are flowing into Ze’ir Anpin, it is a permanent union you see, brethren Kabbalah is very sexual, that is why for many years, women were not allowed to study Kabbalah and for a man to study Kabbalah he had to be married and he had to be at least 30 years of age. The connotations are very sexual, because in fact we are talking about spiritual sex of the mind, okay. These are all sexual connections, spiritual sexual connections. When the emanations flow out of Imma and Abba and Tevunah and Yisrael Saba, what is happening is that these partzufim are literally (word inaudible) a part of themselves and penetrating that part of themselves into the son. In humanity that would be incest but it can be likened to the male penetration of the woman, it is a penetration coming from Imma and Tevunah and Abba and Yisrael, into their son, and it is a permanent penetration, it is a permanent penetration that is connecting whole the whole image that Adam Kadmon is bringing forth, and this whole image is the creation, and one part is being connected to the other part, and then the next part is being connected to the next part, and a reproductive force is going forth where each part is reproducing itself on a lower plane of consciousness and then the progenitor connects itself to that which it has just brought forth, the purpose being to cause the light of the creator to descend to a place low enough or far enough away from its original source, which is the Ayn Sof, so that, that light can be formed into a visible vessel, that is what is happening here, an image is being formed, that is to be, that is ordained to be in the nature of Adam Kadmon who is in the nature of the Ayn Sof.


And each partzuf above is reproducing itself on a lower plane below, and this reproduction will continue, and after the partzuf reproduces itself it joins itself to what it has reproduced. So this is the lifeline that is being extended down into Sheol, the creation is in an empty space, and the creation is supposed to be suspended in this empty space. Just like the sun and the planets in the sky, what holds them up? They are suspended in space and it is the forces of the universe that hold them in their place and in their orbits.


Well the creation of God in the invisible planes are supposed to be, the creation is supposed to be suspended in the space of the empty space which is within Adam Kadmon, but what happened when the creation fell, was that, it lost the forces of energy that held it suspended failed. It would be as if to say the son went crashing down into the earth, and the whole creation went crashing down. This empty space is supposed to be bottomless, but I looked the word bottomless once, and the word bottomless can be applied to something that does have a bottom but the bottom is just so, so, so far away that for all intents and purposes, it is bottomless. So the creation is existing in Sheol, that is what we see in Genesis 1, okay, the empty space within Adam Kadmon, but when the Serpent stole the creation, and brought forth this substance of the creation forth in her own image, after she did that, she found that she did not have the strength to sustain that creation or to suspend that creation in the midst of the empty space and it fell down, it fell out of its orbit, and we crashed and now we are joined to the earth. We are joined to the earth, on the occasions that we get in airplane and fly, we can do that because of the manipulation of the forces of nature, but we ourselves, humanity and everything on this planet is bound to the earth, nothing is suspended in the air, nothing stays permanently suspended in the earth, that is the force of gravity that pulls it down.


I believe the force that keeps the planets in their orbit is called gravitation, it is a different force although possibly related. So the Serpent formed this creation but she could not, she was not powerful enough to suspend it between the heaven and the earth, so we became captured by and imprisoned in the earth. Is that not interesting? Well the Lord gave me a revelation yesterday and I guess He has just worked it into this message, so since I have just told you about that, I would like to do a drawing which would be drawing #3, which will show you, where we are. Let me put it on the board, and I will talk about it more. Drawing #3a, this is a revelation that the Lord gave me yesterday, it is not a part of our notes on the message at hand, but the Lord has worked it into the message, so we are sort of having a little side here. This drawing #3a, and I am showing you the empty space in the midst of the Ayn Sof. Sometimes the empty space is called the pit, it is called Sheol, King James translation. I am sorry it does not say Sheol in the King James translation but that is the Hebrew word that is translated "pit". Sometimes it is called the bottomless pit, and it is in the midst of the Ayn Sof, that is what the bottomless pit is. Praise the Lord.


And I have drawn a series of circles representing some of the Sefirot, the outermost circle, well please let me remind you that we have the Sefirot, the circular aspect of the Sefirot and the linear aspect of the Sefirot, the circular aspect of the Sefirot is female, and the linear aspect which enters into the female circles is male, within the empty space, the first world that is formed is the world of Adam Kadmon okay, the next world that is formed is the world of Atzilut, or the world of emanation. This is a very high world, and in this world of emanation called Atzilut, the original light that the Ayn Sof poured into the creation is still shining, everything after the world of emanation is just a reflection of that first light. So we have, I put Abba and Imma in the same circle because we are not really dealing with Abba and Imma right now, just because I ran out of space on the board.


So we have the world of Adam Kadmon, now we come into the world of Atzilut, here is Abba and Imma, here is Ze’ir Anpin of Atzilut, I did not show you his 6 Sefirot separately, and here is Malkhut in two circles, Malkhut, now Malkhut has 10 subjective Sefirot, right? Okay, for the purpose of this explanation, I have broken those 10 subjective Sefirot into two circles, one the ground, and then the next circle closer to the center is the dust. Adam was formed from the dust or from the ashes on top of the ground, okay. Praise the Lord. So we see the empty space being filled up with the female aspect of the creation, and the next thing that happens is Malkhut of Ze’ir Anpin of the Atzilut of straightness enters into the empty space okay. Ze’ir Anpin is Jehovah, in case you did not know that, Ze’ir Anpin is Jehovah, Ze’ir Anpin has 6 Sefirot, okay, and actually he has 7 because, well at this place he must be complete, I am going to say that he was complete at the time of the formation of the man, he must have been complete. So Malkhut of Ze’ir Anpin of Atzilut of straightness, she is the Shekinah that is who the Shekinah is. The Shekinah is the seed, the fertile seed of the Father in mankind. You see, the Lord is bringing forth a creation and there has to be a male seed and a female seed, in fallen humanity the female seed is an egg and it is female, and the male seed is a sperm and that is male, but in God’s world, every seed is male.


For those of you who are not familiar with my teaching, we are not talking about physical males or females, I am a liberated female, I live this life, this office that God has given me, as a teacher of his word, we are talking about spiritual principles. It is God’s intention to make every member of humanity spiritually male. What does that mean? People of power, people of mental power, people of spiritual power, people who are not needy, people who are not dependent, people who are strong and victorious in this world, the way you will be strong and victorious in this world and beyond this world is by being spiritually male in Christ Jesus, we are referring to a condition of mind. There is a promise in the Scripture that every one of our children will be male. See, in God’s kingdom everybody is male, God does not determine your sex by your physical body, He determines your sex by your mind, because God is mind, okay He is Spirit and on certain grades He is mind, God does not exist in an animal body, humanity existing in an animal body, that condition is a perversion. So the promise is that every woman being born, while we are still in this perverse condition of having an animal body, when you reach a certain level of maturity in Christ, every child will be male whether you are in a female body or a male body, your spirituality, your mentality your ability to cope and prevail in this world will be male because Christ Jesus will be found in you, and there is no male or female in Christ Jesus.


Okay, so in order to bring forth a male offspring every time, in the spiritual world, we find that both the male and the female seed is male. What makes a reproductive seed male? The reproductive seed that comes from God is male. The reproductive seed that comes from the earth is female. So because God is a Spirit, He has the ability to bring forth a seed from Himself and say, you will be the egg and then He brings for another seed for Himself, and He says, you will be the sperm, but spiritually speaking, both the egg and the sperm that come from Jehovah are spiritually male, and therefore it is assured that they will be a male offspring, okay? Okay.


So we see the first, the beginnings of the creation, the first thing that happened was that the female aspect was formed. An empty space came forth in the Ayn Sof, and the next thing that happened was that the circular Sefirot began to be formed, because the female had to be present before the male would enter in to deposit his seed.


In the circular aspect of the Sefirot, we have the world of Adam Kadmon and Atzilut, and we have Malkhut of Atzilut, the ground, the ground and the surface of the ground waiting to receive the seed of God that will be in the female world. Now not the female seed, the female seed is the seed of the earth, the female seed is the seed that comes forth from the Serpent. The ground is waiting to receive the seed of God, the seed of Jehovah of straightness, okay, that will function in the female role, what makes it a female role, it is subservient or it is underneath or it is has less authority then the seed that comes forth from Jehovah of straightness that is in the male role. The male seed penetrates, the female seed receives. But both the male and the female seed will be male because they come from Jehovah God, and God does not produce a female seed, only the earth produces a female seed. Are you okay? Okay.


So drawing #3a shows that the aspect of Jehovah of straightness that entered into the empty space to impart the seed of Jehovah which will be in the female role, okay, a seed, a reproductive seed that will be imparted to the dust which will be in the female role, but a seed that the male seed of Jehovah will be able to join with to produce a male mind in the creation. It is Jehovah’s intention to produce a male mind in this dust. If Jehovah mixes His male seed with the seed of the dust, I do not know what would happen, but I know that there is a chance that it might not be a male offspring. So Jehovah is imparting a male seed of Himself to the earth which will act as the female seed which will receive the fertilizing male seed of Jehovah of straightness, for the specific purpose of bringing forth a male mind in the empty space, do you understand that?


Okay, so we see that Jehovah is the name that we see in the King James, in Kabbalah He is Ze’ir Anpin, Jehovah is Ze’ir Anpin of Atzilut, that is who He is. Ze’ir Anpin, I am going to assume he is complete if he is bringing forth offspring, he must be complete, he sends forth Malkhut the lowest level of Malkhut, of Ze’ir Anpin of Atzilut of straightness to enter into the empty space to deposit the seed of Jehovah that will now abide permanently with the man. We are told by the Kabbalists that the Shekinah never leaves the earth, that when humanity went into exile, that the Shekinah remained in the earth. She is the seed that is capable of producing the male mind of God and her function is female in relationship to the male seed of God, but she is male in relationship to the earth and to humanity. So when humanity was cut off from God, the Shekinah went in to exile with humanity, she is in the earth in a fallen condition. And that is what we see in Genesis 2:7, "And Jehovah breathed the breath of life." He breathed the seed into the dust, He breathed into the dust the potential to be fertilized by a male seed from Jehovah and produce a male mind which would impart immortality to the earth. Praise the Lord. Now the King James translation says, "And God formed the man from the dust of the earth, and breathed the breath of life into Him." But I want to tell you that, that is the parable, I declare to you that, that is not what happened, I declare to you that there was unformed dust in the empty space, and breath that was breathed into the dust formed the man. Now if you can follow me along with advanced Kabbalistic studies, if you have read Chayyim Vital, you would know that it is the breath that impacted the Sefirot and formed them into vessels, and when the breath impacted the Sefirot and formed them into vessels, then the breath got inside of the vessel, and indwelt it. That is what we are taught by Chayyim Vital, and I am applying it to Genesis 2:7, the parable says Jehovah formed a man, well He did. He breathed His breath of life and when the breath hit the dust, the dust jumped up and obeyed the authority of that breath of life, and formed the vessel that the breath inhabited.


Praise the Lord, I am going to, and of course what happened, the result of the Shekinah bringing the seed into the dust and forming the man, is that Adam was formed, and Adam is an earthen mind. In our Alternate Translation years ago, one of the first verses in Genesis translate as, and the first thing that God formed was a mind. Brethren, we are a mind, we are not this body, we are a mind. Even physically speaking we are our brain and our spinal column, we are our nervous system. That is what we are, and then everything else is built around the nervous system. So Adam initially was a mind, he was a mind that was covered with dust and the dust gave him form, but Adam himself was a mind, I am mind, and there is a spirit that dwells in my mind, that is who I am, I am not this body, see.


So this interaction that we read about in Genesis 2:7, produced what I call a dust mind, a dust mind, that receives righteousness because the breath that formed it was righteous. It is what we call the imputed righteousness, and we know that Adam fell, you see, the righteousness that was imputed to Adam who was a mind was not permanent, it has the potential to fail, and it did fail, it fell down. But you see, the mind, the righteous mind of the glorified Jesus Christ can never fail, He can never die again, you see. That is the imparted anointing, or the imparted righteousness of almighty God. So this seed that came into the dust, I am going to say it again, it was the seed of Jehovah and everything that Jehovah produces is male, yet the function, the function of this seed that was imparted to the earth was that it should be in the female role because Jehovah intended at a future time to impart a male seed into the empty space to join with the seed that He gave to the dust that formed the man, to bring forth an immortal mind that would be incapable of failing. Did I make that clear? Okay, so I am going to leave this drawing #3a, and I am going to tell you, and you will see it in drawing #3b that the result of this interaction between the seed that was imparted in Genesis 2:7, to the dust, that it formed a mind, and the name of that mind was Adam, Adam was immortal but it was an imputed immortality. He was immortal because the seed that formed the vessel, was in control of the earth and imparted its righteousness to the earth, but it was possible for Adam to fail, why? Because Adam himself did not have the wisdom and the knowledge that he needed to avoid disobedience to God. You see it was the Lord’s intention from the beginning to have a second interaction, the first interaction was with the unformed dust, the second interaction would be with that which was formed from the dust, and we have talked about that for years, even in the doctrine of Christ, that Jehovah was supposed to marry Adam, the first interaction formed Adam, the second interaction that was planned was that Jehovah would marry Adam, but before Jehovah married Adam, before Jehovah joined to Adam permanently, and imparted to him all of the wisdom and knowledge that Adam would need to rule and reign and fulfill his function in the creation, Adam disobeyed God and the creation fell. So we are going to draw in the next circle in, we are going to draw the mind of Adam and I will do that on drawing #3b, let us take a picture of this right now. Drawing #3b, I have modified drawing #3a to show you the formation of Adam in the next ring closest to the center. Adam is both male and female, the seed that Adam received from the Shekinah is called the Spirit of the mind, Adam is the mind, and the spirit of the mind is the male seed that Adam received. Adam is male because of the spirit that comes from Jehovah, and he is female because of the dust that covers, the dust that forms, the container that the spirit dwells in, a mind was formed, okay.


And by the way, this is what the flesh is, the flesh is what comes into existence when the life of Jehovah mixes with the dust of the earth, we have a new substance okay, and that is what the flesh is, and it is a mind of flesh, okay, it is the mind of flesh because the dust is still very prominent in it, the dust has been formed into a container or a vessel, or a man, and the seed of Jehovah called the Shekinah, that makes the whole mind male because the male seed is ruling over the dust man, okay. But Adam is male and female and so long as the dust vessel is completely separate from the spiritual mind, there is always the danger of the authority being overthrown, the authority that Adam the moral order that Adam was in was that the male spirit rules over the dust vessel, and the man was righteous and he was alive, but as long as we could say that the spirit was male and the vessel was dust, there was always a danger that the dust would overthrow the spirit, which is exactly what happened, see.


The answer, God’s answer to the problem of fallen humanity is that we should be completely the spirit in us, well not the fallen spirit of man, but the new spirit that we are receiving, the Spirit of Christ and the mind of Christ, should be fully commingled with the dust of our flesh, but that spirit will be a fortified spirit, it will be the Spirit of Christ that indwells in Christ Jesus in us and Christ Jesus in us will be fully integrated to the glorified Jesus Christ, and when that rod, the Lord is telling me that the word is rod, when that rod okay, that rod that comes down from the Father of lights above, okay, from the highest level of the Godhead is completely interwoven without spiritual being, even though our spirit is commingled with the earth, the spirit in us will still prevail over the earth, and the spirit will be woven through the earth, there will be no more chance of the earth rising up and overthrowing the spirit, that is what happens to us in glorification, that is what happened to Jesus of Nazareth which he was glorified and what is really interesting is that I just saw the second episode of Matrix and that is what happens in the Matrix, it is really interesting, that is how the agents overcome Neo okay, they weave together with humanity, you see. That is what God is doing for us, He is going to weave Himself together with us but He is giving us an element of spirit that is so powerful that in that interweaving, the spirit will still prevail over the earth and render the earth utterly powerless, praise the Lord.


Okay, so we are looking at drawing #3b, we see that the union of the Shekinah and the dust has formed a mind called Adam and that mind has a spirit in it, so the mind is a vessel, and the spirit is the life of God that dwells in it, and then we see that the mind of Adam had an idea, and that idea, that thought that is in the mind of Adam brought forth a visible world. In the innermost part of the empty space. And this was the righteous world that existed before Adam fell. Now just, we see that going back to the board for a minute, that Adam is in the world of Beriah okay, everything prior to Adam is in the world of Atzilut of circles Adam is in the world of Beriah and that he brings forth through his mind and through his thoughts the image in the world of formation in Asiyah, I have not said anything here about the world of formation, I am not really sure where to fit in right now, and it is not a major point considering the main point of this exhortation, so I am just going to let it go.


So you see the sun and the planets of the visible universe exist in the empty space, this is infinite space, do you hear what I am telling you? Infinite space, there is, the scientists do know that there is an edge to space, but it is so far away that if it were possible to send a spaceship as far as the edge of space, I do not think that it is possible with the technology that we have right now, but if it were possible, by the time the men or the, whoever, men or women, whoever the astronauts are, and that spaceship would come back to earth, would be like 2000 years later, nobody that they know would be alive, that is how far the edge of space is, and is called infinite space, because the edge is so far that for all practical purposes it is infinite, it is not at all practical to think that we could arrive at the edge of space. Well on the other side of the edge of space, is the world of Atzilut. Is that amazing? Actually not even Atzilut it is Beriah I am sorry, we are inside of, well today this was before the fall, the world was a manifestation of the mind of Adam. So the edge of infinite space would be the mind of Adam which is Beriah and then beyond that is Atzilut, and beyond that is Adam Kadmon, and then beyond that is the Ayn Sof.


So this is where our whole universe is, it is inside all of the Sefirot which are inside Adam Kadmon which is inside the Ayn Sof, this is where we are. The righteous visible world exists in Adam’s mind, we exist in, you know I read Scriptures for so many years that the Lord remembers us and we prosper, and then there are Scriptures that indicate if the Lord forgets about us we cease to exist. I have read Scriptures about that for years but I never really got it. The whole existence before the fall and for those of us that are in Christ right now is that we are a thought in the mind of the Lord Jesus Christ today, and if He forgets about us, we cease to exist. We literally live move breath think eat as expressions of His will and His desire, and in the case of the fallen creation, which most of the creation is today, we exist, we live, we die, we eat, breath, marry, have children, everything we do as expressions of the thoughts of the Serpent, which is manifesting in this world today as Satan, Leviathan and the Devil. It is so bazaar you know but it is true.


I saw a science fiction movie once where there was a man typing on a typewriter, he was writing a play, and everything he typed it showed you two people acting out whatever he typed, that is what we are. Either we are acting out the deeds of our father, Satan, or we are acting out the deeds of our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and where people stumble is that they do not understand that Satan is good and evil, but the goodness of Satan in comparison to the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ are evil. Why are Satan’s good deeds evil? Because of no matter how many good deeds you do, you still die, the good deeds of Satan cannot keep you alive. Therefore from God’s point of view, they are evil, but by the standard of this world, compared to the evil of this world, we are much better off doing a good work, because you reap what you sow.


But this is where we exist, we exist in the middle of the mind today, well today it is of the Serpent, we are the Serpent’s mind, and those of us that are in Christ, Christ is invading the Serpent’s mind, but so long as we still have these flesh bodies, our existence is generated by the Serpent’s life, Jesus Christ does not give us animal bodies. See when Jesus Christ was crucified, and well actually He exited His body before He died. These physical bodies and this whole physical world exists in the mind of the Serpent. Those of us that have a second mind called Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus exists in the mind of the glorified Jesus Christ and there is a war going on, for the part of us that is redeemable, which is our immortal foundation which I am not going to get into right now, that part of us, Adam’s root system, that part of us our spiritual potential, that which can be regenerated back into righteous Adam and then even higher than him.


Our worm, Jesus says we have a worm that dieth not, that part of us that is immortal, that is what the Lord Jesus Christ and the Serpent are fighting over. It is the same substance, it is like two kids sitting on the beach saying, What are we going to do with this clay, who are we going to form it into? That is what we are, we think that we are our own, we think we have our own ideas, but we are not, we are not.


So this is what the Lord showed me and what really excited me is this, the righteous visible world exist in Adam’s mind and takes form in the midst of the empty space where it hangs suspended from a single thread, that is attached to the Jehovah of straightness. You see, we are supposed to be hanging just like the sun and the planets are suspended in space by the force of gravitation, the creation of God is supposed to be hanging in the midst of the empty space, and what sustains us there is described as a single thread, it is the life of Jehovah that is coming in through the channel of straightness into the empty space. Now that thread was broken and the whole, and when the Serpent reformed Adam’s mind into the carnal mind, when the Serpent reformed Adam’s righteous mind into the carnal mind the Serpent found that it did not have, she did not have the strength to sustain the creation in the midst of the empty space and it went crashing down.


Let me say that again, you know I just heard a preacher preaching the other day and he was telling his people, he was saying, You know, some people are out of their league, he said, You know some men desire a woman out of their league, and when they get her they cannot keep her. Do you know that happens a lot? I think it happens more with men than with women. They want a classy woman, they want a woman not because they love her, because it is going to build up their ego, so they go after a woman that they really could never make happy, because she is beautiful, she has money, or she is prestigious, whatever, they see something in her that they think is going to boost their own ego, and somehow they get her to marry them, but they cannot keep her happy, and the marriage is a disaster. That is what happened with the Serpent, she stole the creation but she did not have the wherewithal to suspend it in the empty space where it could exist in prosperity, why is that? Because the Serpent is on the same level as the dust, the creation of the righteous mind of Adam was being suspended by a string that came from a higher plane.


The Serpent could not sustain that mind, that carnal mind in the empty space, and it went crashing down, all the way down because this is the bottomless pit. Why is it bottomless? Because it is infinite, because the one that it is in the midst of is infinite. So the empty space is infinite, it went crashing down, and when the carnal mind went crashing down, all these other Sefirot went down with it. This is what we have studied in Kabbalah called, what Kabbalah says happened to the world of points, there is this whole story that Kabbalah has, this whole explanation for why the world of points crashed, but the world of points crashed because the Serpent got a hold of the substance of Adam’s mind which was sin, and converted that mind into a carnal mind and then the Serpent could not suspend the creation in the midst of the empty space, and the mind, the carnal mind went crashing down and the lower Sefirot from Atzilut which were on the outside of the empty space went crashing down with it, that is the fall of the world of points. It fell because of sin, you see. Kabbalah tells you that the world of points fell because the Sefirot came out in a straight line and they could not relate to one another, the world of points fell because of sin, see.


On the contrary not only could the Sefirot relate to one another, but they related to one another, well I have to change that back, the world of, the Kabbalistic teaching is that the world of points was Atzilut of straightness, Atzilut of straightness fell, okay, the world of points is in the world of straightness. Well here we have a mind in the middle of the empty space that is being suspended at the end of the thin thread that is anchored up here in the Sefirot of straightness, and the Serpent came, I sure wish we had a video so people could see where I am pointing, look at this drawing #3b, the Serpent over here, you see the line that says the ground, the dust and the ground together, that is the Serpent. This Serpent spoke to the female aspect of Adam’s mind and Jehovah was speaking to the male aspect of Adam’s mind. The Lord has shown me, it was no big mystery, the fall was no big mystery, I see it happening every day, the female aspect of Adam was dust, she heard the Serpent, the nature of the Serpent was in the female aspect. She was thinking like a Serpent, Adam’s nature, he was the spirit of the mind, he was thinking like his father, very simple, you think like who you are. That is why Adam was given authority over his female aspect, because her thoughts were death, but Adam buckled.


He heard his wife’s thoughts and he heard the thoughts of his Father, and he was disobedient, he did not obey the thoughts of his Father, he obeyed the thoughts of the woman. The Scripture says he was tricked, I have no problem believing he was tricked because I see people tricked every day. Christians think every thought that they hear is from God. Very few Christians hear from God in a lot of areas, they may hear from, you see, they hear from God in some areas, and then they assume that everything that comes into their mind is of God, very few Christians understand the warfare of the mind, that no matter how spiritual you are, you hear the thoughts of God, and you hear the thoughts of Satan, you hear both, and the more spiritual you get, the more you hear the voice of Satan, and the harder it is to determine which thoughts are of God and which thoughts are not of God. But the Christians that are so filled with pride that they think that every thought that comes into their mind is God, they are destroyed before they start.


So that is what happened to Adam, he heard the thought of the container that he lived in, the thoughts of his wife, and he heard the thoughts of his Father, and he was instructed as to what was right, but somehow he was tricked, exactly what manifested, we have had all kinds of theories here, the bottom line, his protection was obedience, and he disobeyed the word of the Lord, and I see it happening every single day to people in the church, not only with the invisible God, but with me, I sent somebody to the post office and I told them, this is what you do, and they speak to the clerk and the clerk says, you cannot do it, and they do not obey me, they obey the clerk, they do not even pick up a phone and call and say, What should I do? They just forget the instruction when they are confronted with another thought, they cannot hold on to the previous thought.


It is a lack of discipline see, it is a lack of character, the church needs to have its character built up, and I am not incapable of that, okay. Well right now it is an attribute of our fallen state, but we do not sin after the similitude of Adam, Adam really had the power to overcome, we are already fallen see, but that is what happened, this creation was hanging suspended by a single thread in the midst of the empty space with the world of Beriah and the world of Atzilut and the world of Adam Kadmon of circles surrounding it, but it was the thread that was coming down through the Sefirot of straightness that was suspending that world, that came from Adam’s mind, you see. The thread came from out of Adam’s mind and Adam’s mind sustained by the Shekinah that was his spirit that was connected to Jehovah of straightness above, and when Adam disobeyed his Father and agreed with the thoughts of the woman, he lost his connection with the thread that came down from the Sefirot of straightness that connected to his spirit, when he stopped obeying the spirit and he obeyed the flesh, he lost connection with the spirit and the thread broke and the spiritual world that was in his mind went hurling downward, it turned into the nature of the Serpent and it crashed and now we are all stuck to the earth.


I just thought this was so exciting, because I have heard about this silver thread because you see, those of us that are truly connected to the Lord Jesus Christ and not many are today you see, a lot of us have the Holy Spirit, a lot of us have Christ formed in us, but not many are connected to the glorified Jesus Christ yet, we will be, but not many are, that is that silver thread, that the thread of salvation, that connects us back up the immortal eternal one, that is why Jesus is called our anchor.


When the day comes, first Christ has to be formed in us, then Christ has to become an overcomer in His war with Satan and become Christ Jesus and then Christ Jesus has to join with the glorified Jesus Christ and in that joining the silver thread is reattached to us, except that there is one more step, we have to be circumcised away from Satan and Leviathan you see, but we get the silver thread back when Christ Jesus is formed in us and He is joined to the glorified Jesus Christ, not many in the church are in that condition today. One of the signs that you are in that condition is that you are getting this kind of revelation, that is just one of the signs, the other sign is the nature and the morality of Jesus Christ, or at least a desire for it. So this just excited me so much because it is information about what that thread is that is spoken about in the book of Ecclesiastes, and also in one of the foundational books of Kabbalah, the Sefer Yetzirah, and I think I am going to put that picture as an exhibit on one of these on this message. They are talking about the Leviathan and it says in the Sefer Yetzirah that this present fallen world is said to hang from one of the fins of Leviathan, and the first time I read that, I said, Well what does that mean? See, spiritual things are couched in terms of parables because if you are not spiritual enough to understand the concept, there is just no other way to explain it. What does that mean? Well if I just said to you that the world before the fall was hanging from a single thread that came out of Adam’s mind, out of the spirit of Adam’s mind and that the spirit of Adam’s mind was the Shekinah which was attached to Jehovah of Atzilut of straightness, okay. Can you understand that? If you can understand that, then you should be able to understand that when the Serpent overturned Adam’s mind and separated Adam from the Jehovah of straightness, and the Serpent brought her own world into existence, that the Serpent’s world is hanging from a single thread okay, that is attached to the spirit of our fallen mind which is Satan, and that the other end of that thread is attached to the Serpent who sustains this world, can you hear that? It is the same thing, it is the same thing.


So I think I am going to get that picture of that Serpent and so that it will be an exhibit here, that is what the myth or the folklore says, this whole world hangs from one of Leviathan’s fins. And of course Leviathan is attached to the Serpent, we are attached to Leviathan, Leviathan is the pride of man, and all of the Leviathan, all of the minds of the world is called the Dragon, just like we have a collective Christ Jesus or a body of Christ, the Dragon is the collective subconscious mind of all of humanity, and then the Dragon is attached to that old Serpent which is in her highest plane of consciousness in the circles, you see.


See when you ascend in Satan, you just ascend into a high place in the circular aspect of the Sefirot, you are still in the female realm, you have to get into the Sefirot of straightness to ascend above the female world because immortality, the true immortality is only in the male world, the immortality is the female world as it is distinct from the immortality of the male world, exist only so long as, or until Jesus Christ puts an end to that illegal divided age, and that illegal existence, the only true immortality will come by ascending into the Sefirot of straightness. The immortality that does exist today in the Sefirot of circles is illegal, it is illegal and the practice of it brings down the judgment, the righteous judgment that comes from the Sefirot of straightness and it will not last, it will come to an end, therefore it is a false immortality, it is an immortality so long as it exists. See so many people get confused where the Scripture in the Old Testament talks about for example the Feast of Passover, and this shall be a covenant between you and me, for the age, you know but the age came to an end you see in Jesus Christ. If I owe you 60 million dollars and I die tomorrow, how are you going to get your money? You see. The true immortality, the true infinity can only arise out of something that will never end and the worlds that exist as they presently do in the circular Sefirot which are independent of the Sefirot of straightness will not last indefinitely because it is a perversion that the circular worlds and the straight worlds should be divided, they are supposed to be one, it is a perversion, it cannot go on forever, therefore it is a false immortality, it is a false infinity and it is a lie, see. All the promises that Satan makes you are lies.


Now you may be a witch somewhere. You may be experiencing Satan paying you off right now, okay. But the day will come that her word to you will have to be broken to you, to your descendants to whoever you are, to whatever happens to us after this life. She cannot sustain her word to you because she in her separated condition is coming to an end. She will go back to being a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Okay, so can everybody see that? See, it is real simple, the mind, the container have the nature of the earth, and heard the voice of her father, Adam was the spirit of the mind, he heard the voice of his Father, the spirit was stronger than the earth, Adam should have obeyed his Father, but he did not, and we are told that he was tricked, we have some teaching on that in the world of points, how Adam was tricked, but even with the tricking, if he had remained obedient, okay, see you know what happens, you hear the voice of the Lord and the voice says, Do not touch that fruit, it looks poisonous. You go up to it and you say, Well it does not look poisonous to me, and your friend says, Oh no that is not poisonous, and your other friend says, Oh no that is not poisonous, and then you say to yourself, maybe that was not the Father’s voice that I heard, you see. All my friends say it is not poisonous, and it looks really good to me, maybe I did not hear the Father’s voice, maybe it was not the Lord that I heard, and you eat the fruit and you are dead.


It was something like that, that happened to Adam, it was a weakness, it was a weakness in his ability to communicate with the Father. What just popped into my mind right now is the Kabbalistic teaching that the world of points fell because the Sefirot could not communicate with was the Father problem with the Father, and we were just talking about that off the tape, the communication problem is your own thoughts. See, you went into confusion not because you could not understand what I was saying, but because your mind said something completely different and you did not know who to listen to. See, that is the whole issue, that is the whole issue in a nutshell, and where the Lord has me right now and it is a very hard place to be, I could almost call it painful, is I am under instruction right now to not really make any decisions unless the Lord tells me to do it. And there are a few things right now that I think need to be dealt with and if He is speaking to me, I cannot hear Him and I am supposed to just wait, see. And my own flesh wants to say, Well we have to do something about that, about that camera, we just have to do something about that camera, I have not heard one word from God about that camera.


See, so it not easy to just wait, you know but it seems so simple, well just go out and get a camera, you know. That is what happened to Adam, that is the pride of man. I know what the Lord said to me, but everything else looks exactly opposite, so maybe I did not hear from God, or maybe I misunderstood Him. Boom, you are dead. You are dead.


And I will give you a clue, your safest bet is to not make fast decisions, you know you have to overcome that immaturity in us that wants it now, and wait, because in the waiting, God will speak to you, in the waiting He will speak to you. But it really takes a lot of training to learn to recognize the voice of the Lord and to interpret the signs and the symbols, and you really should not be alone in these things you know, you really should not be making major decisions by yourself because it is just too easy to be deceived.


Praise the Lord. So I am not going to do a #3c, but I am going to just tell you that this mind, this righteous dust mind that existed before the fall was overturned when the nature of female who was listening to her father, the Serpent, had a different thought, she thought a different thought then the spiritual thought of her husband and her husband said, Oh you must right, and the whole mind was turned inside out became the carnal mind in the nature of the Serpent, the Serpent could not sustain it in the midst of the empty space and it fell down to a lower level. You see you are supposed to, the thread has to be, the world that exists, that comes out of someone’s mind has to exist on a lower level, those of you listening to the tape or reading the transcript, you cannot see me but I am holding my hand up like I am holding a string and the world is at the end of the string, you see, but I would have a lot of trouble trying to up that world if it was over head here you see, I could not do it, my hand is extended out in front of me and I am holding on to that string and sustaining that world.


This world that existed when Adam, this world that came out of the mind of Adam’s spirit, was sustained from a very high place, and in order for the Serpent to take over and suspend that world of necessity, it had to fall down to a much lower space which is lower than the Serpent so that she can sustain it. So we fell down to a very low place. Praise the Lord, any questions about this? Okay hopefully we will get back to our message now. Okay praise the Lord.


COMMENT: I was wondering if you referred to putting Adam in the garden twice, in Genesis, is that what you meant when you said, He put the male seed in twice in the garden?


PASTOR VITALE: Well I know that there were two impartations of seed, I have always preached what you are referring to and yes, one being a female Adam and the other being the male Adam, so that is probably is it, yes. You see, after, if there was no fall, if Adam had held on and been obedient, Jehovah intended to come again with the male seed of Jehovah of Atzilut of straightness, that would have joined with the Shekinah in Adam’s mind, the spirit of Adam’s mind and that union would have formed an immortal mind that could not be destroyed, and that is the mind of Christ that is being given to us today. So you are probably right yeah. Praise the Lord.


Drawing #4, I have shown you according to our notes where we as children of Hashem which would those of us who have Christ exist in the genealogy of the Sefirot. You may recall although we studied this a long time ago, is that we exist under Adam Kadmon, we are descendants of Adam Kadmon, and out of Adam Kadmon comes the Chokhmah and Binah and we are all, this creation is under Binah. So out of Binah comes the subjective Sefirot or the subjective four worlds, there are four worlds that come out of Binah, Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah, and we come from Asiyah. Out of Asiyah we have Arik Anpin, Abba, Imma, Ze’ir Anpin, and Malkhut of Asiyah of Binah of Adam Kadmon, and out of Asiyah we come out of Malkhut. Out of the Malkhut of the Asiyah of the Binah of Adam Kadmon we have Arik Anpin, Abba, Imma, and Ze’ir Anpin, this where we are. We are Ze’ir Anpin of the Malkhut of Asiyah of Binah of Adam Kadmon, if I have that correct, that is where we are.


You must understand that on some of these details, these technical details I may not have it correct, but you get the idea, we are not at the top, okay. And we are the children of Hashem, I am going to say this is true of those of us who have Christ and have been attached to the body of Christ, this is how we are connected to the Godhead and of course Adam Kadmon today is the glorified Jesus Christ. We as Ze’ir Anpin of the Malkhut of the Asiyah of the Binah of Adam Kadmon, we are Ze’ir Anpin, that means we are born without our brains, that is why we die because we do not have any brains, when you do not have any brains, that means you are stupid, you see. We are stupid, we are fools, if that insults you I am sorry, no one in this world can keep their own soul alive and that means we are all stupid, we are born without our brains. Jesus Christ has come to give us our brains, to make us smart so that we can get out of hell, because this world is hell. I do not know about you but I want to get my brains, you see. Now getting your brains is a spiritual experience, it is not knowledge. Our brains are Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus in me is growing and getting more and more powerful every day, I thank God for the wisdom that He gives me. I thank God for Him showing me the things that I have done wrong, and helping me to correct them, because I want to be filled and covered completely with my brains. I want to walk in victory in this world, I am walking in more victory than I have ever walked in, but I am not walking on the water, I am just coming out of this bad cold, I have been sick for a month, see, I want to get up higher, I want my brains, I want to know everything that I am doing wrong, and I want the power to correct it, and I want to be taught everything that I need to know to walk in victory in this world, in every aspect of this world, in health, in relationships, in life, I do not want to die.


Brethren, I have sacrificed to me everything these last twenty five years of my life to be where I am with God today, I do not want to die. I have experienced in God what not many people experience in one lifetime. I have experienced this in twenty five years, I do not want to die, I want to go on, you see, I want my brains. Brains are not knowledge, brains are a mature Christ Jesus in you, Christ Jesus in you married to you, married to your personality, what does that mean? It means you are obedient to Him, you do what He tells you, you know, so interwoven with my personality that He preserves my life. Now it is a fine line you see, how do we get this? We get it by studying to show ourselves approved. When it is not the knowledge, there must be a spiritual experience that arises out of our studies, you see. If your studies in Christ remain an intellectual pursuit, your studies are in vain, see. Now for your studies to become a spiritual experience or for your studies to be the precursor of a spiritual experience, what spiritual experience? Of the grafting of Christ to you and of His maturing into Christ Jesus and imparting life to you, life in every area, improvement in every area, for that to happen, in addition to your studies, you must be willing to look at your sins, and to correct everything that you are doing wrong that He shows you, you see.


If you pursue these two aspects from the life of Christ you will begin to receive your brains, you see. I am pretty far along, I do not want to die, I want to get the whole thing, you see, I am in the running, I am in this race, I stand a real chance, because I read all this material, and I see that I am in the second stage, my experiences line up with the second stage, suckling, you see, I am ready for the child to be fully born in me. I am hoping and believing it is going to happen before this body dies. You see that is what the race is, that Christ Jesus should be fully born and matured in you to the point that He is strong enough to save your life before Satan takes your life, that is what the race is about, okay. It is not whether or not I am smarter than you are, or you have show me up, that is not what the race is about, the race is about maturing in Christ Jesus before Satan kills you! The race is between Satan and Christ Jesus in each individual, the race is not between you and me, the race is between Christ in me and Satan in me. Is Christ going to be fully born in me before Satan can legally take my life, or can Christ keep me alive, because Satan had the right to legally take my life years ago, I should have died when I was twelve, and she has almost killed me several times since. So that is a really interesting question, you know what if it would take me until I was a hundred and twenty five to get to the point where I could enter into immortality, would Christ Jesus be able to keep me alive and functioning you know, to a hundred and twenty five? Or does He just have the authority to hinder or to defeat Satan’s attempts to kill me when I am within what would be called a normal age span, you know. See these are kinds of questions you have to ask the Lord, He loves it when you ask Him questions like that, you know.


Lord I would like to know the answer to that question, you see. But that is what the race is brethren, that is what the race is. So I am trying to help you to understand that because it is a fine line, that you do not get your brains from studying alone, you cannot have a spiritual experience based on study alone, your spiritual experience must mix with your facing bravely and fearlessly the activity of Satan in the unconscious part of your mind, and the activity of Leviathan the subconscious part of your mind. If you do not engage in this second aspect of ministry, all of the doctrine and the world will not give you eternal life and you are in danger of ascending in the Serpent. See we had someone in this ministry unfortunately that simply would not look at her sins, and the Lord separated her from us unfortunately, all she wanted was the doctrine, it does not work you see, because Paul clearly says, knowledge puffeth you up. Anybody that is here just for knowledge, I am going to ask you to leave, you have to be here for the spiritual experience, for the love of Jesus Christ and for the love of the truth and for His salvation, see.


So we are talking about getting our brains, our spiritual brains, our brains come in the form of the full mature Christ Jesus who marries our personality, Christ Jesus marries our personality in His early stages, then He matures, he overcomes the sub and unconscious parts of our mind, and ultimately marries His Father in heaven, the glorified Jesus Christ, and we become a part of that thread that is hanging, that the world of Christ is hanging from, you see. We become woven together with that threefold cord that is not easily broken, and we enter into immortality, we enter into the immortality of Christ Jesus but we must reject the life of this world, you see. And then of course the final stage is the circumcision from the life of the Serpent, that is the final stage, but that is glorification, because this physical body brethren, comes forth from the carnal mind. When we are completely severed from Leviathan, we will not have a physical body anymore, that is what happened to Jesus, that is called glorification.


So what I am waiting for right now is for my carnal mind to be put down in the bottomless pit, because right now I have two minds, I live to a large degree out of Christ, but Satan, my carnal mind is very active you know, and I sin all the time, I have wrong thoughts all the time, I do the best to cast them down, but they are there. See I have two minds, I am two men, that makes me unstable in all my ways. What does that mean? It means God can only rely upon me in a limited measure because I could be seduced at any moment, I could not hear Him, rebellion could rise up in me, I could be disobedient, see, I am unstable in all my ways, I go back and forth between the two minds. So I personally, who see signs in my life of the suckling level of the development of Christ Jesus in me, I am waiting for Revelation chapter 20 to be implemented in my life. I am waiting for that angel Christ Jesus in me to come with that big chain, see, and bind Satan and put her in the bottomless pit. The King James translation says, for a thousand years, I do not know about that, maybe you know, but to me the number one thousand is Chokhmah, wisdom, this is going to come to pass in my life, Christ Jesus will become powerful enough to put a chain on Satan and put her down in the bottomless pit, what does that mean? Put her so far under the authority of Christ that I cease from sin. And this is going to come to pass through wisdom, you see. Not only acquired wisdom of a knowledge of what is going to happen to me, but of the development of wisdom in me, and what is wisdom? Wisdom is Chokhmah, is from the upper triad. Remember, listen we are going around in a circle here, we are all Ze’ir Anpin, we do not have our brains, what does that mean? We are lacking Chokhmah wisdom, we are lacking Binah understanding, and we are lacking the Keter see. So when wisdom is fulfilled in me, Satan will be put in the bottomless pit, can you hear that? When wisdom is living through me, not when I get smart, but when the upper triad is completely set in place and Ze’ir Anpin in me which is Christ Jesus in me is manifesting the fullness of His life, He will be strong enough to chain that wicked one and put her down so far under me that she has no power to cause me to sin.


So I am waiting, man, I am waiting for the third stage of my Mochin to come into me. And wherever you are listening to this tape or you are reading this transcript, I am going to tell you again, because the whole is deceived you see, it is not in knowledge alone, you have got to look at your sins, and you have got to understand that you are two men, or if you are not two men yet, you need to have Christ grafted to you, and that the doctrine part of this message raises up Christ in you, but if you are not going to look at your sins and war against them, and make right everything that the Lord reveals to you that you have done wrong, you know, you are not going to have this experience in Christ Jesus, do not be deceived, any teacher that tells you that you can ascend into immortality without dealing with your sin nature and ultimately putting it under you, and of course the casting of it into the lake of fire, which we also read at the back of the book of Revelation, that is the joining of Christ Jesus who is the fire to your sin nature, burning her with the spirit of truth and righteousness, and then ultimately putting her down in the bottomless pit, putting Satan down in the bottomless pit. This is, the doctrine raises up Christ in you and then Christ must war against your sin nature, if all you have is the doctrine, you do not have the war, you have nothing, you have absolutely nothing.


Okay, so I am showing you drawing #4, I am going to now attempt to show you I believe it is three stages in which we receive, we, as the children of Hashem, Ze’ir Anpin of Malkhut of Asiyah of Binah of Adam Kadmon, okay, this is the stages in which we receive our Mochin, you see. We are being told pregnancy, suckling, and childhood, and now we are going to see a diagram of how the understanding of Imma and the wisdom of Chokhmah, and the glory that comes from the Keter flows into us, we are going to see it in a technical way.


Drawing #5, right now we are demonstrating in an abstract way, how the life of Christ is going to fill us, we who are fallen men, okay. Now this shows how the life of Imma enters into Ze’ir Anpin. So we are told that we are Ze’ir Anpin and I am going to suggest to you that this is, well this is the first stage of receiving our Mochin, receiving our brains okay, and we have three stages now, pregnancy, suckling, and childhood. So this stage is called pregnancy, and I am going to suggest to you that it means, what it means to us in the church is the grafting of the Christ seed to us, receive ye with meekness the grafted word, the life of Christ, okay. So who is it that is pouring this life into us, the fallen man, it is the glorified Jesus Christ, see, coming out of His Imma aspect, the glorified Jesus Christ coming out of His female aspect, and what I have drawn on the board for you here first of all, let me show you the key up here, these boxes with ten spaces in them, signify the 10 subjective Sefirot under each Sefirah of Ze’ir Anpin, okay. So that means we as natural people, have these 6 Sefirot because we are Ze’ir Anpin. So it has been a long time since we talked about the attributes of each Sefirah, but you may recall that each Sefirah has certain personality attributes, okay.


Now this is a Kabbalah study, you may recall let me remind you that those of us who are fallen men, we do not have a full, not only do we not have our brains, we do not even have the full 6 Sefirot of Ze’ir Anpin, and the more troubled we are when we come to the Lord, the more likely we are to be lacking all of the Sefirot on the right, the Chokhmah which is wisdom, Chesed which is kindness, and Netzach which is a drive to work, many of us are lazy, we are lacking Netzach we do not have any drive to go to work, although we may have Netzach in a negative way, we may be very domineering, we may be driving others, you see. What we all have, if we have an existence in this world, what we all have is Gevurah which is harsh judgment, Gevurah is the strength that is in nature, okay. We come into this world with existence with a consciousness, we have the strength of nature, the animal animation okay, the life of this flesh, we come into this world with, and we all have hope which the Lord tells me is mind, I have never seen that in any Kabbalistic book, but the Lord, one of the first things that the Lord told me is the Hod is mind, it is either the carnal mind or the Christ mind, depending on the interaction of the Sefirot that we do have, and of course Binah is understanding, most of us have no understanding at all in this world, okay.


So it has been my experience when I look at the people coming to the Lord, most of them are troubled and what they are, is they are Gevurah, they are Hod, and they are Yesod because of course Yesod is the sex drive, filled with lust, okay, they do have a mind, and they do have the animation of the flesh. This is my observation that fallen human beings come to the Lord with only three out of ten Sefirot.


And of course we also have Malkhut which is the physical body, but we are talking about Ze’ir Anpin, out of the 6 Sefirot that Ze’ir Anpin are supposed to have, the average person that I know that is in the church anyway, only his three, Gevurah, Hod, and Yesod, and of course remember now, each of these Sefirot has 10 subjective Sefirot, so there may be some people somewhere who have some understanding, they may have understanding of natural things, okay, so maybe they have a partial Binah, okay, then maybe they have a partial Netzach, maybe they may be motivated in some areas and not in others, maybe they have a partial Chesed, maybe they have some kindness okay. Maybe they have some of the wisdom in this world. So at the very best that I could say, is that the people that are coming, that come to the Lord, if they do have, and maybe, I think this is a correction from the Lord, they do come with 6 Sefirot because those 6 Sefirot give us existence in this world, but the 6 Sefirot are damaged and they are in part, okay they are damaged and they are in part. We are not whole, we are not whole at all, we all have all kinds of emotional damage just from existing in this world. Okay, did I make that clear, the Lord just corrected me. The natural man does have the full 6 Sefirot but they are not complete, they may have only two or three or one of the subjective Sefirot under each Sefirot, we are all damaged and fragmented. That is interesting, when I was in deliverance for five years, one of the things we talked about was having a fragmented soul, and I could never really conceptualize how your soul could be fragmented. Here is the answer, okay, if we exist as 6 Sefirot, each one having 10 subjective Sefirot okay, if we only have one or two of the 10, we are fragmented. Is that not interesting? I love this stuff, that is so interesting.


Okay, so we are the natural man, okay, and when we come to the Lord, He starts to heal us, we do not usually have Christ grafted to us right away, there is usually a process of healing that comes through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Now I do not really know but my inclination is to think that we are not fully made whole, okay, the Holy Spirit comes with some healing, but at the point that Christ is grafted to us, we are not whole, okay, we are not whole, everyone I have ever known in the church including myself has been damaged, and my healing has come through the grafted Christ, you see.


When the Christ is grafted to me and He is causing me to receive and He, His grafting to me is repairing all of my 6 Sefirot you see. Now I am not told this in the book that I am studying from, but this first stage of receiving my brains, if it is the grafted Christ, it is interesting because this is what the book says, I will read to you exactly, it says, The three columns of the NHY of Imma shine into Za’s or Ze’ir Anpin’s three columns filling them. So Kabbalah says that in the first stage of pregnancy, the NHY, the Netzach, Hod, and Yesod of Imma shines into the 6 Sefirot of Ze’ir Anpin and fills them. Now my understanding of what I am reading you in the Kabbalistic literature is that this is my brains, but from my practical experience, I see that, that is not my brains at all, that is simply completing this first stage, this pregnancy, simply completes all of the fragmented and damaged Sefirot of my human person, see. As Christ was grafted to me, since He is grafted to me, He is healing me in all these areas, He has toned down my Gevurah because I was too harsh, and He has given me kindness which I did not have all that much of, which I was lacking in, He has, well I always had a drive, was pretty focused, but He has even fined tuned that, He has given me understanding and He has given me wisdom that I never had, He has given me balance in Tiferet. He has taken my sex drive and used it to make me a highly spiritual person, because whether you know it or not, it is the same energy that either goes down, if you use it sexually, or it goes up if you use it to become spiritual, it is the same energy within you.


So the Lord has taken my sexual energy and brought me into celibacy and He used it to really cause me to excel spiritually, which I think is a wonderful thing.


So this is the first stage of receiving my brains, I do not perceive it as receiving brains, I perceive it as healing, although I am thinking as I am talking to you, well I guess the seed of Christ being grafted to me is my brains, and the first thing that my brains or my spiritual intelligence is doing for me is healing the natural man, I guess you could see it both ways, it makes sense both ways. So that is what we are looking at here. Okay the Mochin from the NHY, the Netzach, Hod, and Yesod of Imma shined into Ze’ir Anpin’s 90 subjective Sefirot. You see each one of Ze’ir Anpin’s 6 Sefirot has 10 subjective Sefirot within it, so Binah has 10, Gevurah has 10, and Hod has 10, that means under Hod, we have a full Keter through Malkhut, Dat has 10, Tiferet has 10, Yesod has 10, Chokhmah has 10, Chesed has 10, and Netzach has 10. That is 90. So we say that Ze’ir Anpin without his brains is equal to the #90, if ever you see the #90 in the Scripture it is talking about Ze’ir Anpin, and we see up here on the right hand side of the board that this is called the Tzelem image of Ze’ir Anpin, Tzelem, it is called the Tzelem image of Ze’ir Anpin, that is what we have on the board here, and the Tz, that is the Hebrew tzadeh, has a numerical value of 90. So we see that the first stage receiving our Mochin, the pregnancy of Ze’ir Anpin when he becomes pregnant, he is in the first stage of receiving his brains, he is in the stage of pregnancy, and the second witness to that, is that the, we have not been in gematria for a long time, that the first letter of the word Tzelem is 90, but if that is over your head, do not worry about it, okay.


Praise the Lord. Well is that not an interesting word, does anybody not understand anything that I have said here, that this Imma above Ze’ir Anpin, if you look at drawing #4 you will see where Imma is just above Ze’ir Anpin and she is the one who has brought forth Ze’ir Anpin who is her son, and after she has brought him forth, she is now nourishing him, okay, and she is giving him her life and she is also joining herself to him, because this energy that is shining to Ze’ir Anpin, it is not departing from Imma, it is not that she is giving him her energy and letting it go, that energy is still attached to her, this impartation of energy is attaching Ze’ir Anpin to the worlds above, because that is where our immortality is, through attachment to the worlds above, and that is what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing for us today. Praise the Lord. Any questions about this? You have a question? Okay.


COMMENT: I was just going over Isaiah 58, and in there it says the repairer of the breach, and we were talking all about repairing.


PASTOR VITALE: There it is, you know I have heard that Scripture for years, you do not really know what it means, but here it, here is the breach, all of the broken Sefirot broken down and damaged and separated from the worlds above. There it is in a diagram, very interesting.


COMMENT: And it also says the restorer of paths to dwell in.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, restorer of the path to the Father, absolutely, because life is only in the Father, and of course I do not really show it to you very often because it is hard to conceptualize, but all of these Sefirot, they are all inside of one another, they are all circles, okay, each one inside of the other, like the peels, like the layers of an onion. So to say that Imma is pouring out her or shining out her life into Ze’ir Anpin, try to understand that Abba in inside of Imma and the Keter is inside of Abba. So when Imma pours out her life, you are also getting elements of Abba and Arik Anpin, which is the Keter also. See they are all inside of each other. For example, this concept of Jehovah being the God of Israel. Before I studied Kabbalah, I thought Jehovah was all there was, then when we started studying Kabbalah I was a little alarmed at first, when I started to read that there were names of God that were higher than Jehovah, okay, but I studied it and I prayed about it, and at that time, I understood that Jehovah is the aspect of God that relates to humanity, and the other aspects of God are just too high, so I could deal with that, but today I understand that all of the aspects of God that are higher than Jehovah are inside of Jehovah, and they all shine themselves, of course Jehovah today has another orbit around Him, He is the Lord Jesus Christ, okay.


So all of the higher levels or grades of God are inside and shine out through Jehovah, through the Lord Jesus Christ. In the days of Israel, they were hearing from the highest grades of God, but the spokesperson, the mouthpiece, the part of God, the grade of God that Israel saw was Jehovah, but all the other grades were inside of Jehovah, all flowing out towards Israel, but Jehovah was the name that they had communication with, see. Praise the Lord.


Okay let us do the last two images and we are going to close down this study. I want to bring a correction to what I said about drawing #5, Ze’ir Anpin only has 6 Sefirot, and on drawing #5, I drew a Dat, a Binah, and a Chokhmah, which Ze’ir Anpin does not have, the reason it is on the drawing is that those three Sefirot, Dat, Chokhmah and Binah are built into Ze’ir Anpin by the emanations that come forth from Imma, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod. They literally create a Chokhmah, a Binah, and a Dat. They literally create them. That is what the first stage does, it builds up the 6 Sefirot that are there, which are Gevurah, Hod, Tiferet, Yesod, Chesed, and Netzach, it builds them up and repairs them and literally adds to Ze’ir Anpin a Dat, a Chokhmah, and a Binah. Okay.


Now we are on drawing #6 which is the second stage, the Kabbalah calls it suckling, and I find this so interesting, according to the doctrine of Christ the second stage of development or after Christ is grafted to you the next thing that happens to you is that Christ starts to wage a warfare against Satan, and Christ boils Satan, and Satan’s symbol is the sea. Christ boils Satan, and as Satan, which boiling distills Satan, leaving her impurities in the earth, and turning her waters into vapor, and Christ acquires that vapor, okay. In this way, remember Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind, Christ, now remember there is a warfare going on for you and me, there is a warfare in each individual, between Christ and Satan as to who will literally possess this individual, and every natural man is possessed by Satan, I am sorry if that upsets you, it is the truth. Satan is good and evil, this does not mean we are all serial killers, but we are generated by the Serpent and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, who is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, owns us, until Christ comes and takes us away, that is just the truth, and we come into this world with a measure of energy that gives us animation, it is the life of the flesh. So Satan owns that energy, because she owns us, as soon as Christ is grafted to us, He is come to take us away from her, He starts to acquire that energy, and He takes the energy, see, Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind, so Christ is taking that energy from the carnal mind and ingesting into the Christ mind, this is how we have a change of mind.


You see, repentance is not a change of opinion, repentance is a change of mind, the carnal mind must decrease, and the Christ mind must increase, and we are renewed in the spirit of our mind, and the spirit of the carnal mind is Satan. So Christ is boiling her and acquiring her energy to build His Christ mind. So Christ is suckling off of Satan. Is that not interesting, I just love it, I just love it, the energy of the carnal mind you see, and at some point, I do not really know how to measure that point, but Christ acquires a certain measure of energy or the Christ mind expands to a certain point at which his name changes, and His name becomes Christ Jesus, because at that point of power, because now Christ is acquiring Satan’s power. We have, one of our earliest messages is Satan swallowed up, Christ is literally swallowing up Satan’s energy and as Christ expands, He ascends into the higher levels of the heart center, which are above Satan’s, which are above the area of the heart center that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind possesses.


And the way we expressed it in the doctrine of Christ is that Satan is on the right side of the heart center which is under her sea, and Christ ascends to the left side of the heart center which is dry land, that is how the doctrine of Christ taught it.


So, we see that the second stage of receiving our Mochin is that the grafted Christ becomes Christ Jesus in us by suckling off of Satan’s energy. Praise the Lord. Okay, the Mochin from Imma’s HGT, formed Ze’ir Anpin’s Ohr Makif which is surrounding light, the first level of Ze’ir Anpin’s aura, Ze’ir Anpin has an aura that comes in two levels. The first level of aura surrounds each of, well now Ze’ir Anpin now has 9 Sefirot okay. At the end of our discussion of drawing #5, we saw that Ze’ir Anpin now had 9 Sefirot and actually 90 Sefirot because each Sefirot has 10 subjective Sefirot. So we see the Ohr Makif that comes in, and the reason that the emanations pouring out from Imma’s Gevurah, Chesed, and Tiferet, the reason they surround each Sefirot, is that all of Ze’ir Anpin’s Sefirot are now filled up, because they were filled up by the first stage, Christ coming in completed the 9 Sefirot of Ze’ir Anpin. So now the emanations pouring out from Imma, from Imma Chesed, Gevurah, and Tiferet, they cannot get inside of Ze’ir Anpin, because he is all filled up, so they become the surrounding light, and this Ohr Makif surrounds each individual Sefirot, each one of Ze’ir Anpin’s 9 Sefirot is now surrounded by the emanations coming forth from Chesed, Chesed goes to Chokhmah, Chesed, well the Chesed of Imma goes to the Chokhmah, the Chesed, and the Netzach of Ze’ir Anpin, and the Gevurah of Imma go to Binah, Binah, Gevurah, Hod of Ze’ir Anpin, and the Tiferet of Imma go to Dat, Tiferet, and Yesod of Ze’ir Anpin, okay.


Now we are told in our notes that there are Mochin that come forth from the Chesed, the Gevurah, and the Tiferet of Imma bring with them, each of them bring with them 10 subjective Sefirot. So we see that the surrounding light that surrounds each of Ze’ir Anpin’s Sefirot, that the surrounding light consists of the 10 subjective Sefirot. In other words, Gevurah of Imma, surrounds Binah of Ze’ir Anpin with 10 subjective Sefirot. This is not a thin aura, this is not a thin covering, this is a thick covering, Gevurah is coming with armor, okay, Gevurah is coming with a surrounding light that has 10 Sefirot of its own, and therefore we see 10 circles around each of Ze’ir Anpin’s 9 Sefirot. Now I have not been able to draw that on the board, but if you are listening to the tape or you are reading the message, if you are reading the message in a book, you will see the illustration that our illustrator has done for us which will show, Lord willing to the 10 circles, or if you are reading this message on line, if you click on the link for the illustration, #6, you will see the illustration of our illustrator, Celie Bryant. The only people who see the photographs are the people that study here and they get these photographs before our illustrator has time to do the work.


Praise the Lord, there was something else I wanted to tell you. Okay, one last point, we are dealing with the Tzelem image of Ze’ir Anpin now, and we are in this little bit of gematria, the second letter of the word, Lamed, the L, sound is associated, do you see the L, the first letter is the tzadeh, the second letter is the Lamed, which is associated with the second stage of receiving our Mochin and the second stage is suckling, and that Lamed has a numerical value of 30, and we see that the Sefirot that come from Imma, the Gevurah, the Chesed and the Tiferet, the HGT of Imma has a Gevurah and Tiferet, each come with 10 subjective Sefirot and 10 times 3 is 30, that lines up with the Lamed of the second letter of the word Tzelem, and the second stage of development of Ze’ir Anpin or of Christ Jesus in the individual, any questions? Okay let us take a picture and we will do the third stage.


Drawing #7, this is the third stage of the impartation of brains to Ze’ir Anpin, and we see that the emanations shine out from Imma, Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, and Dat. Now I mentioned the Dat several times tonight, I am not going to go into what it is, there will be a part 11 of this message, and Lord willing, I will go into it then. So we see emanations pouring out of four of Imma’s Sefirot for this second aura that surrounds Ze’ir Anpin, the Mochin from Imma’s Keter, Chokhmah, Binah and Dat form Ze’ir Anpin’s second Ohr Makif, or second aura, and please note that Ze’ir Anpin’s first aura actually has a many membered aura which surrounds each of his 9 Sefirot, and that aura that surrounds each of his 9 Sefirot consists of 10 subjective Sefirot of 3 of the Sefirot of Imma, and now the second aura that he has, okay, contains four subjective Sefirot because the second aura that is not around...


...his 9 Sefirot and that aura that surrounds each of his 9 Sefirot consists of 10 subjective Sefirot of 3 of the Sefirot of Imma, and now the second aura that he has, okay, contains four subjective Sefirot because the second aura that is not around the individual Sefirot, the second aura surrounds the whole of the 9 Sefirot of Ze’ir Anpin and that second aura consists of 40 subsefirot, because we have 10 subjective Sefirot coming out each of the Keter, the Dat, the Chokhmah, and the Binah. So we see there is a thick, actually Ze’ir Anpin has two thick auras around him, the inner aura surrounds each specific Sefirot and the outer aura surrounds the whole and I have a really good picture of that, that I am going to attach to the notes of this message.


So now Mem is the last letter of the Tzelem image, Mem has a numerical value of 40, which lines up with the 40 Sefirot thick external aura, that surrounds Ze’ir Anpin. Wow this is really, really defensed, I am looking forward to being that defensed in Christ Jesus. As I hack away with this cough that I have had for a while, I am really looking forward to that. Now remember, as each of these three different stages of our defense or of our being defended or built up in Christ Jesus pours out upon us, each stage does not happen in five minutes, each stage has many levels in it, and I preach a lot out of my own experience, and my own experience is that I have been receiving this build up in Christ for years, not only in my physical health, but in my mind, in my personality, in my ability to cope on every area, it has been going on with me for years. Now whether or not it is going to take that long for everybody, I do not know, but it would not surprise me, it depends on where you are when you come to the Lord, it depends on how much help you need, that is the bottom line, it depends on how much help you need, in your personality, I do not know whether it will get easier or whether it will go faster when the sons of God start standing up and we have people in full stature to pray for the other people, I do not really know that it would go that much faster because the issue is overcoming in your own personality, see. And the only thing that I know of right now that will speed up the process of overcoming the weaknesses, the flaws in your own personality, because we are supposed to be being made into the image of God, you see that is what the Tzelem image is, it is being made into the image of God. So the only thing that I know of that is going to speed this process up, is our willingness to look at our defects, see, because what builds us in the image of God is the correction and the reversal of the attributes of our fallen nature that are not like God. So what takes as long as it takes is our resistance to the truth about our own state of being, see.


And sometimes we cannot bear the truth all at once. My personal opinion of myself is that I am very open to the truth about myself, that is why I am where I am today, and as far as I know I am the only one that I know that is at the height that I am in Christ today, I do not know anyone else that is at this height, and I am very open to be corrected by the Lord, and I am in God twenty five years, He is working with me twenty five years, and that is not talking about all of the years that it took me to come to the point where I turn to God. So people that are resistant to the truth about themselves, may lose the race, you see, they may not get deep enough into the process in time for Christ to be powerful enough to save their life when Satan comes with a legal warrant for killing us, you see.


Everybody comes into this world with a writing, we can have premature death written on that writing, we can have long life written on that writing, I do not believe that we come into the world with a certain date for our death, but I do believe that there is a certain season in which it becomes legal for Satan to kill us, see. And Christ Jesus has to be powerful enough in our life at that time that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, comes with a death warrant and says I want that person. Christ in you has to be strong enough to throw her off, see. So praise the Lord, maybe things will speed up when people stand up in full stature, I hope so, but I know that the Lord is going to have a Tzelem image of Himself in the earth, and it is not seen right now, it is not seen in Israel and it is not seen in the church, the church is dying, okay.


But the Lord, He is going to stand on the earth again, those two witnesses are going to stand up, two witnesses for what? Two witnesses to the life, to the resurrection, to the power and to the glory of Jesus Christ. They are going to stand up and they are going to appear in many people, see.


For years the Scripture that said the witness of Jesus Christ is the spirit of testimony, I never understood that, it is the witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the individual that has the spirit of prophecy, and that is not talking about the gift of prophecy you see, that is talking about the prophecy that is the very words that come forth from a resurrected Christ in an individual. When someone speaks the words of God, it does not have to be a personal word, it could be instruction, it could be doctrine, when someone is, when it is Christ Jesus speaking through the person it is prophecy, and when Christ Jesus speaks through a person, that is the witness that He is risen.


So the witness, the only true witness to Jesus Christ, and you have to know what that means, the witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ is that He is alive and He is living in you and He is speaking through you, see, and it is not the gift of prophecy now, it is Christ in you, the gift of prophecy comes from the Holy Ghost, okay.


we have to finish this up since we are preaching here for seven hours now, and we are only the second tape, but it takes a long time to draw these drawings brethren. Okay, the Tzelem image of Ze’ir Anpin, the third stage is childhood. Kabbalah says the third stage is childhood, the doctrine of Christ says, this is the full emergence of Christ Jesus, also called the new birth. Christ Jesus must be born again in the individual for the individual to see the kingdom of God, John 3:3, and the kingdom of God is righteousness, which Strong’s says is justification, that means your sins are covered, you can now stand before God because the righteousness of Jesus Christ gives you that privilege, you are justified before God, the kingdom of God is righteousness which means justification, peace, brethren that is peace with God, okay, and joy which is calm emotions. You see, Satan is raging passions, the joy of the Lord is that your passions quiet down. That means you are not afraid anymore, you are not hysterical anymore, that means you are not filled with a human joy, the Lord told me a long time ago, be very careful when you get excited about something, because if you are the kind of person that goes off halfcocked and you are just jumping around and dancing around because something good happens, the day that something bad happens you are open to depression.


The life of God is consistently calm, you do not have any highs and you do not have any lows, and this is happened to me over the last couple of years. I appear to be passive and emotionless to a lot of people, but I will tell you it is better than having the highs and lows that I had before this. But it is not, to the people of the world, you look like you are passionless, you know, but there is passion, you see passion comes forth when Christ Jesus in me becomes passionate, but me, Pastor Vitale, the soul man, I have reached a stage of evenness, most of the time, well compared to what I use to be, I am even, and that means the only passion that I show is when Christ Jesus shows passion through me, I can cry in Christ Jesus, I can be filled with joy in Christ Jesus but that does not hurt me. See, it is just the passion of the fallen man, that one day you are all excited about something, and the next day it does not work out quite the way you want it and you are depressed, those are the passions of the natural man. When the natural man quiets down and becomes silent, then the passions of Christ operate through us, and that joy and that excitement does not damage us, if you can hear that, it is the truth.


So this is the Holy Ghost, righteousness, justification, peace with God and calm human emotions. That means Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is being tamed because Satan is our emotions, she is the sea within us, and we experience all this when Christ the fruit of the Holy Ghost is formed in us. The kingdom of God is the mind of Christ, we will see or acquire the understanding that comes from God when Christ is formed in us, and understanding is Binah, so Christ is our brains, we have just come full circle, and you see how I have related Kabbalah to the New Testament, we will see the kingdom of God when we acquire understanding, the understanding that comes from God because, and that will happen when Christ is formed in us. This is just proof that Christ is our Mochin, and there are three stages of Christ coming in to us, He is grafted to us, He suckles on Satan’s energy, and He emerges as a full grown man, an all-powerful magnificent man, the example of which we see is in Jesus Christ and in Moses, power over all the powers and principalities of this world.


Are there any questions? I do not think so after seven hours, okay, we will finish this up Lord willing next week. God bless you.


12/22/03 Transcribed by RS



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