572 - Part 7

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Praise the Lord, we are really celebrating today because the Lord has given me the key to unlock the message of the Gate of Reincarnations. Once again, I do not know whether Rabbi Luria received a word from the Lord, but that word passed through his carnal mind and it came out confused or the translator is the one who is confused. The most likely guess is that the translator is confused, that I am sure of. Why do I say that? Because the translator is someone who lives, I do not know whether he is alive today or not, but he at least lived if not lives in our generation, and we know that it is very easy to try to understand spiritual things with your carnal mind in this world when the creation has moved so far away from God.


Whether or not Rabbi Luria was also confused, I do not know, but what we have to work with is the English translation, we cannot understand the Hebrew, so I do not know about Rabbi Luria, but the Lord has given me the key to understand what He is really saying, in this message. It is very exciting because it really lines up with what we have learned in the doctrine of Christ, but then there always something that we did not quite see when I taught the doctrine of Christ, so not only are we bringing forth an understandable, as far as I am concerned, the condition that the translation is in now, it makes no sense. As I told you on previous messages, there is no way I can receive this message the way it is written, without a very clear word from the Lord telling me that it is His word. I did get a clear word from the Lord and He did not confirm that it was His understanding, and in fact gave me His understanding, which we will begin to share in this message.


The major problem, to simplify the major problem of the translator is this, and this is a problem that I have spoken to you about over the years, in our translation of the Scripture, it is so common, that you look at a verse of Scripture, and there is no personal pronoun, there is only the impersonal pronoun, he, or it, or she, we do not know specifically who the Lord is talking about.


Most people draw the conclusion that the Lord is talking about, in the verse that begins with the impersonal pronoun, that the Scripture is talking about the same personal pronoun that was present in a previous Scripture, which frequently is untrue. When we see an impersonal pronoun where the person speaking or is being spoken about is not clear, this is a sign that this verse has a deep spiritual meaning, the Sod of Kabbalah. If you do not have a clue in your heart, or if the spirit of revelation is not working in your heart, the chances of you guessing who that verse is about, are just about nil, or just about zero, why? Because when you do not know what you are reading, your carnal mind kicks in and gives her version, and the carnal mind is always wrong.


The problem with the translation here is that the text goes back and forth between speaking about the first Adam before the fall, and the descendants of the first Adam after the fall which is mortal humanity that exists today. Some statements apply to the first Adam, even the first Adam that fell, but applies to the first Adam, and other statements apply to us, mortal humanity. I just thank God for the privilege of unknotting this very exciting text.


I have given you some notes, to be honest with you, I have to consult an attorney because I do not know, I honestly do not know if what I have done here is legal, I have taken the translation, which is on the Internet, and it is the translation of Isaac Luria’s Gate of Reincarnations Chapter 2, and I understand that these excerpts are from a book that is actually in print, so we have the translation by a certain Rabbi, and then we have a commentary by the person who took the book and made into an online file, and then we have my comments in addition.


Somebody told me at one time, all that you have to do is change a word or two and then you are not liable, but I really have to check this out with a lawyer, so I am not going to release any of these notes until, anyone outside of this little, this area right here until I find out what I can do and what I cannot do. What we have done with the notes that you have, and I really have not had the time to complete the job, is that I have made the translation of the original text is in black bold print. The explanation of the translator is black unbolded print, the comments by Sheila Vitale, are in green and the alternate translation by Sheila Vitale is in red.


Scriptures quoted from the King James version are in blue, and I see to start with at the very top there where it says, one, two, three, the entry of the Nephesh, that should be green, because those are my comments. To start with, I decided to just give you a brief review of the updated understanding that the Lord has given us of the energy centers of the fallen mind of man. I explained this on recent messages, that the Lord has given us a deeper understanding of the energy centers, as our ability to understand has increased. On the board drawing #1, we have the seven energy centers, the bottom energy center, well we have, let us start at the very bottom, we have the collective unconscious of mortal man, which we now understand to be the hallway and the hallway came into existence when the snake joined itself to Cain and Abel.


The hallway is the collective unconscious of mortal man. Every mortal man has a spiritual doorway within him that has on one side of it our consciousness, and on the other side of it, this great hallway which is really I am sorry, the anus of the collective old man, we fell into the anus of the first Adam. I am sorry but this is, God is just graphic, it is not me, and the suggestion is that we, the female aspect of Adam engaged in anal sexuality with snake. That is the suggestion, God said it not me, I am very sorry, if that offends you.


Instead of a child forming in our womb, in our spiritual womb, the child has formed in our anus which of course physically is impossible, okay, but this is the spiritual understanding of the Scripture. Just in case this is the first message that someone is reading or hearing, let me remind you that there are two Adams. There is a male aspect of Adam and a female aspect of Adam. That word design, that we are brought into existence for the specific purpose of joining together and bringing forth a visible creation. We can see in Genesis, I think it is Genesis 2, Genesis 1 or 2, I am sorry, that I do not get these verses straight, that Jehovah put Adam in the garden twice. That is because Jehovah put the female Adam in the garden, and later on he put the male Adam in the garden.


Before Adam, before the male Adam could join with the female Adam, the female Adam who was put in the garden first was seduced and she married the snake, and she engaged in spiritual anal intercourse with the snake, she married the snake and she has brought forth an offspring that is not in her belly, but is in her anus. We exist in the anus of the snake, I am sorry we exist in the anus of the spiritual female aspect of Adam. That is just the spiritual reality as the Lord has shown it to me.


Looking at drawing #1, we see the collective unconscious of mortal man is called the hallway, but it really is the anus of the spiritual woman or the spiritual aspect of Adam, and all of those doorways have one side facing this hallway and the other side facing the unconscious part of the carnal mind of the individual. The second energy center is Leviathan, and remember there are two Leviathans, there is Leviathan the fugitive or the fleeing Serpent, and Leviathan the piercing Serpent. We gave Scriptures on this in previous parts of this message.


The second energy center is Leviathan, the fugitive, the Serpent that is running away from her husband, and Leviathan is the second energy center which represents the spiritual sexual organ, actually it is the spiritual sexual organ of the snake who is penetrating the woman. The third energy center is Abel, the whore or Revelation, this is the belly or the third energy center, it is also the lusts of the flesh which I do not have written down here, and Abel is completely overtaken by Cain, and has become engraved in Cain’s evil image. Abel our only hope of deliverance from this condition, is completely overshadowed by Cain who is in the fourth energy center, and Cain is the evil heart of disbelief, everybody that will not believe in Jesus Christ, is completely overshadowed by Cain.


Cain stands up in the heart center and defends the whole mind, those three energy centers below him, against Christ, against Christ preaching through a man like me, against the truth that will strengthen Abel and bring the creation back into right order with God. That fourth energy center is a very important place, and we see that when Cain fully possesses it, we see that Cain the son of the first Adam is standing in a full stature of evil, and we have a lot of evil people in this world, everybody is good and evil, but either you are predominantly good, or predominantly evil.


The people who are not predominantly evil usually but not all of the time, are people whose Abel has been subjected to instruction, to godly instruction by parents and other adults influences who have been taught, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not lie, whenever this instruction goes forth to a child, it is instructing Abel. To the fullest degree that Abel is strengthened by instruction in youth or at some time in the future, if the person is in rehabilitation, to whatever degree Abel is strengthened, Abel will stand against Cain’s desire to make that man a completely evil man.


When you find somebody that is a hardened criminal, Cain has stood up in the heart center of that man, and Abel is completely overtaken. People that obey the law and at least lead decent lives on the surface, because we all know that we all have secret sins in our heart, but people that are at least functioning as citizens, godly citizens of a society, Abel is functioning on some level.


Then we have the three higher centers which are uninhabited in most mortal men, and the fifth energy center which is the throat center is the home of the piercing Serpent. That is when Leviathan from the second center through yielding to sin, through the yielding to sin of the personality, Leviathan ascends above Cain, climbs up over Abel and over Cain and ascends into the fifth energy center from where she pierces Cain, and that is a spiritual marriage between Leviathan and Cain, which produces a personality that is malignant. This can happen to you in one area and not in another area, we have people that are bound with malignant pride, people that have a tendency to lie, people that manipulate and twists things in their mind, yet they are not in jail, they are functioning in the society. There are different degrees that Leviathan climbs up over Cain and pierces him and literally has spiritual sex with her, I am sorry Cain is a her.


There are different degrees of this experience. Again, whatever ministry was given to Abel as a child, is resisting that union of Cain and Leviathan, and what that unified Cain and Leviathan would like to make that personality to be. If you have resistance against criminal behavior, against taking drugs, against being an alcoholic, against robbing a bank, all of that strength is coming out of what Abel received as the child was growing up.


Then the sixth energy center is the evil eye of disbelief, that is the place where Satan ascends to when she succeeds in ascending, when Satan succeeds in ascending, she ascends not only above Cain, but also above Leviathan, and she, that person is moving in a spirit of witchcraft, the person that is in the sixth energy center, and that is called the brow center.


The seventh energy center, this is something new, that I really never had a revelation of the crown energy center, but today I understand that the man whose consciousness is in the crown energy center is a man who is a full expression of the first Adam, and that is an evil, that is a spiritually powerful evil man. He is called the angel of blasphemy, and he is ascended into the crown center meaning that outer most center or that which is seen, and that which is seen is the physical man, and the personality of the physical man. To get to that place, you have to be ascended into all six energy centers beneath you, and then you are a man with spiritual power that arises from the snake.


We understand that it is Satan’s intention to bring mortal man into that condition, that we should all be an expression of the snake. That I preached years ago, but I did not quite fully understand what it meant. I preached that in those days I think I was saying the Serpent, that the Serpent wants to marry us, and we are being seduced by Satan and Leviathan to marry the Serpent, but I still did not, and I did not preach about a full stature of evil, but somehow I just have so much of a better understanding of it as it is coming forth in this form, this is a man whose carnal mind is ascended to its fullest potential on the evil side of the snake.


The Scripture in the book of Revelation describes him as 666, he is the man, well 6 is the number of Zeir Anpin, Zeir Anpin has 6 Sefirot and each of those 6 Sefirot has 6 Sefirot within it, so the number 666 indicates Zeir Anpin, which is, well Zeir Anpin is Christ, but we are talking about the negative counterpart of Zeir Anpin, so 666 is talking about the negative counterpart of Zeir Anpin which is the piercing Leviathan, completed to the highest level in all 6 of his Sefirot, and appearing in a 7th Sefirah as a visible man, inside that visible man, the full manifestation and the full development of the 6 energy center of the piercing Leviathan who is the counterpart of the righteous Zeir Anpin. Did you follow what I said, did you understand me? You want me to say it again, what 666 is?


Zeir Anpin has 6 energy centers, and each of Zeir Anpin’s 6 energy centers has 6 subjective energy centers within it, and the number 666 relates to Zeir Anpin’s unrighteous counterpart which is Leviathan who appears in the 5th energy center, the piercing Leviathan, that is Christ Jesus’ opponent, and his counterpart of the carnal mind. That is the 6 energy centers of the piercing Leviathan completed in all 6 levels, completed in evil, and when that mind develops that is 666, and the 6 energy centers of the spiritual child within you or the new man within you, if that new man within you is not Christ, but if the snake has impregnated you, and brought forth you, when that spiritually comes a full grown man, the energy centers are completed on three levels, you have a mind that is in a full stature of evil, and the 7th energy center is the outer man, the physical man and the personality that covers or clothes that completed evil mind. Is that better? Okay.


That was just really a review from last week. I am trying to prepare you for what I am going to say here, and I think I will just take a picture of this, and I will do one more explanation before we actually start on the text.


Praise the Lord, I went to put that explanation of 666 on the board, and the Lord gave it to me in a much clearer way, this is very exciting, I always wondered you know where the number 666 came from, and the New Testament is laced with Kabbalah, it is founded on Kabbalah, you really cannot understand that depth of it without a knowledge of Kabbalah, and I have been saying this for a long time, it is quite amazing.


Let us show where the number 666 is derived from. Well, let us read the Scripture first in the book of Revelation.




18 Here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man and his number is six hundred three score and six. KJV


It is the number of a man, this is a man in a full stature of evil, this is the first Adam raised up to full power, that is his number 666. It is not just one man, okay, it is well the one man is the first Adam, and he has many manifestations of himself raised up in the height of witchcraft power to do evil and in particular to do evil to the people of God and to the Christ Himself. This is the Genesis of number 666. Binah, we should all know that Binah’s number is 100, but we are talking about the fallen Adam here, I am giving the Hebrew names of the Sefirot but I am just doing that so that you can relate it to what we have learned from Kabbalah, but this is not the holy Sefirot of God, these are the negative Sefirot.


These are the Sefirot of Leviathan. There is no Keter, and there is no Chokhmah, Keter and Chokhmah are incapable of falling, but Binah, the one who does have an interaction with the lower Sefirot, I do not think the whole of Binah fell, I just think her lower Sefirot fell, but there is a Binah in the fallen world, and she, her number is 600, the 100 that is attributed to Binah, and the 6 is added to indicate that she is the queen of the six fallen kings of Edom, if you remember that term. That is a primary teaching, a primary Kabbalistic teaching about the 6 kings of Edom, signifying the 6 Sefirot that died and fell down into this world which is hell.


We have known for a long time that the name of some female goddesses are the queen of heaven, and I know that, that has offended a lot of people, that Mary or other female goddesses are called the queen of heaven, and the problem is how could you call Mary the queen of heaven you know, Jesus is the king over all? Well we now see that the female goddess Ashtoreth, Astarte, that is all the same female goddess with different names in different societies that she is the queen of the heaven of the underworld, she is the queen of the fallen Sefirot, and she is queen over the kings that fell down and died, the kings of Edom that fell down and died.


We have the 6 kings, Chesed, Gevruah, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, each one of them has built themselves up to ten subjective Sefirot, they are filled up into full stature, each one of these kings, so we see that ten subjective Sefirot of Leviatnan’s 6 Sefirot is the number 60, and Malkut whose number is 6. So we have 600 Binah, we have 60 for the 6 Sefirot which are the fallen kings of Edom, and 6 from Malkhut, each one of these Sefirot is filled up to capacity with witchcraft power, and that is the first Adam whose deadly wound was healed, who died when he was separated from God and was cast down into hell which is this world system, yet it is a great mystery, he did not cease to exist, he died but he did not cease to exist, and he has raised himself up in great strength, of witchcraft power to oppose the will and the purposes and the plans of God and to oppose God’s people.


Are there any questions about this? Okay, so once again we see you really have to have a knowledge of Kabbalah to fully understand the New Testament. This does not really have anything to do with our message today but it is what came out so we praise God for it. We will now take a look at our notes, and see if we cannot do something on this today, the time is really going down.


We have our notes, we a translation, we have comments by the translator, and then we comments and alternate translation by Sheila. We are on section, well actually we have gone back to section 1 of chapter 2, I have gone back to section 1, this is the third time we are doing section 1 because the Lord has unlocked the understanding of it to me, so this is the third time we are doing section 1.


Let us see what we have here. We are now reading the text of the translation. When a person is born, his Nephesh enters him, if he is adequately rectified through his actions, his Ruach will enter him at the end of his thirteenth year when he becomes a completed person. His Neshamah will enter him only when he completes his twentieth year as it says in the Zohar. The translator has a comment and he says, this is talking about the ideal situation during a person’s first gilgul, as we shall soon see. I think that I should get these terms back up on the board for you.


We are going to try and get started here. I already read the first paragraph of translated text. Well, I should tell you what is on the board. This is drawing #3, a Nephesh, we are going to be hearing a lot about the Nephesh, the Ruach, and somewhat about the Neshamah. There are two aspects of Nephesh. The first aspect is the personality or the soul that we are born with. The Nephesh is also the glorified Nephesh of the Lord Jesus which is given to us as the Holy Spirit or the comforter. There is no distinction in this text between the Nephesh that is the personality or soul that we are born with, and the glorified Nephesh of the Lord Jesus which is given to us and called by us as the Holy Spirit the comforter.


These are the keys that are unlocking the message that the Lord has in this Gate of Reincarnations. The second term or the second aspect of the soul is the Ruach, and there is no distinction between the text of this document, between the Ruach which is the spirit of man and the Ruach which is the glorified Yesod of the Lord Jesus, which is given to us, mortal humanity, as the Holy seed of Christ to be grafted to our mortal personality. There is no distinction made.


The third aspect of the soul is the Neshamah, and that is the mind of Christ which we read about in 1 Corinthians 2:16, that is the mind of the new man that emerges within a mortal or fallen man which we are, from the weaving together of Abel, Adam’s root system, every man is born with Abel, but Abel is dead, Cain has slain him, Abel in every mortal man is dead. The mind of Christ, the beginning of the new man in a fallen man, comes from the weaving together of Abel, Adam’s root system, the imputed Christ, which is the concentrated accumulation of the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and the glorified Yesod, of the Lord Jesus. This is the first time you have ever heard me preach this.


The Scripture is, Ecclesiastes 4:12, and a threefold cord is not quickly broken. There was a time that I was preaching that the seed grafts to the Holy Spirit, then I changed it, and I said, No the seed of Christ grafts to Abel, and now the Lord is telling us that both are correct. There is a weaving together of our fallen spiritual potential Abel, the Holy Spirit that has accumulated and is appearing as an imputed Christ, a Christ without a root in the man, and the seed, the Holy seed or the glorified Yesod of the Lord Jesus Christ which must be engrafted to us, which must come, that seed, that glorified seed must come from a man that has the seed to give it to you.


Those three elements woven together have the potential to emerge in a new form, as the mind or the beginning of the heart of the new man within you, and of course the new man is Christ. He starts with his heart and then as He marries your personality, as He engraves your personality with His righteous nature and righteous thought process, the whole man, a whole new man emerges in you and eventually will destroy the old man. Of course the old man is the first Adam, and the new man is the last Adam, the son of the glorified Jesus Christ in you. The first Adam is desperately wicked, he is the one that, we are in this condition because of him, and we cannot get out of this condition because he will not let us go. It is the first Adam that will not let us go, he is completely given over to the mind of the snake, and that is who we are, we are the first Adam that died when we sinned.


We were in him when he died, okay? Everybody alright with that? Okay. Then I have, gilgul is the Hebrew word for reincarnation, and it is referring to the reincarnation of a soul or an aspect of a soul, because this text talks about the reincarnation of the Nephesh, the Ruach, and the Neshamah, as separate events, and it was this concept that you heard me say on previous parts of this very message, I just cannot go along with this, unless I really get a message from God that this is right. I did not get a message from God that this is right, I got a message from God unlocking the truth behind the confusion in this translation. That is what gilgul means, it is the Hebrew word for reincarnation.


Last but not least, number 5, we have Ibur, which is a form of reincarnation, it is the reincarnation of a soul or an aspect of a soul into a person that is previously born, and this is exactly what the Lord Jesus is doing for us. He is reincarnating in us, He is grafting His life to us, and Christ is literally incarnating in us, not from birth, not from the womb, okay, but He is reincarnating, he is rebuilding His nature and His thought process, and His moral ability within us, and in order to do that He has to destroy our old man. That is what an Ibur is. On with our notes now. The first paragraph of text in bold type says, When a person is born, his Nephesh enters him.


That is talking about fallen man, it is true, as we are born, we come out of our mother’s womb, a soul which is a personality, enters into us, enters into the flesh body that is born in the mother or from the flesh and blood of the mother. If that child is adequately rectified through his actions, now here we go again because the whole foundational belief of the whole Kabbalistic system is that you can be rectified, restored to righteousness by doing certain good works which we know is impossible. There is no good work that a fallen man can do that will restore him to righteousness, only a work of righteousness will restore us to righteousness and being fallen, we are incapable of doing the righteousness of God. That is why we need a savior.


If the man is adequately rectified through his actions, his Ruach will enter him at the end of his thirteenth year. The way it is written here, it looks like, well the man is going to get his spirit at thirteen years old, did we not have a spirit when we were born? It was just total confusion in my mind, but the Lord has shown me that the Ruach as it is used in this text is speaking about the Ruach level of soul of the glorified Jesus Christ which is His Yesod, the glorified Yesod of Jesus Christ, which is the holy seed that grafts to us. The Nephesh, the Holy Spirit is the Nephesh of the glorified Jesus Christ, that is the female seed, and the Ruach is the Yesod of the glorified Jesus Christ which is the male aspect of the seed, and we need both of those aspects to join with Abel who is dead in us to raise Christ, to raise up Christ, or to raise up Adam from the dead, or to convert the first Adam into the last Adam, to go from death unto life.


Then we are told that when he gets his Yesod on his thirteenth birthday, he becomes a completed person. We know that we are complete in Christ, when we receive that seed, it is true we are complete. But what is interesting, I have read ahead and in some future messages we are told that only men can reincarnate, that women cannot reincarnate. There is definitely a sexual bias in orthodox Jewry, praise the Lord. They will never accept this right. Short of a miracle, they have to overshadowed by God.


We know that our receiving the Holy Spirit or receiving the seed of Christ, it has nothing to do with our physical age, but I do believe the Lord told me in a previous message, that to whatever degree or whatever time that the Lord was honoring the good works of the Jew, that it was true that at thirteen years old, God honored His own law and He imparted a particular anointing for that young man, who was trained and bar mitzvahed, etc, etc. What is happening today, I mean I cannot sit here and say that God is not doing anything for the Jew, I cannot, I do not know that, but I do know that there is a new dispensation and usually when a new dispensation comes in, the old falls away, but there can be remnants of the old hanging on there for people who really seeking God with all of their strength.


Do not be closed minded about that.


As far as we are concerned, receiving the Holy Spirit or receiving the seed of Christ which is our potential to acquire the male nature, the male morality, the righteousness of Christ in mind and in ethics and in behavior and the whole thought process of Christ which judges righteous judgment, that happens to us as we proceed along with God, there is no set chronological age, and I really think that you have to be called to it anyway, I do not think you can even have faith in Jesus Christ if He does not choose you, I do not think that you can receive the Holy Spirit if He does not draw you to it, and I do not believe you can get the mind of Christ unless you are drawn. So first of all you have to you know, if you want it, you should ask for it, because the Lord is always granting His favors to strangers in the camp, but I believe, and this used to really offend me, but I believe it today, that there are people in the earth that are called to the place that they are in. They are called to have the Holy Spirit, they are called to be Baptist, they are called to be Pentecostals, they are called to be in this end time ministry where we are on the cutting edge of the war, we were born for this, we were born for it, and there are always people out there that see it, they get a vision of us and want to go along or they saw, something attracts them to whatever of the camps that I just named, and they hang on the fringes, so everybody in the church was not called from birth, but there is a people in the earth that were called to be expressions of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they are incarnating for that specific purpose, and these people will never fall, because that is what they were called for, they will go through hard times, but the Lord will raise them up every time. Praise the Lord.


Then we are told the Neshamah will enter him only when he completes his twentieth year. Well I do not know what is happening in Jewry, but I know that there are very few people in the church today that really have the mind of Christ, they think they have the mind of Christ but they do not, they may have, there is a wisdom that comes with the carnal mind, there is a wisdom that is present in the person who immerses himself in the Scripture and truly pursues God to the best of his ability, but that is the wisdom of this world, that is wisdom concerning the things of this world.


The wisdom that comes with the mind of God is beyond this world. Praise the Lord. The text, well now we have a comment from the translator, this is talking about the ideal situation during a person’s first gilgul, as we will soon see. This comment, a person’s first gilgul is talking about the first Adam. The first Adam would have received a Nephesh, Ruach and Neshamah without dying, he would have received all three aspects of his soul in one gilgul if he had not sinned see, so what is this issue that once you die, now you are in a different category and now you have to die when you get your Nephesh, you have to die when you get your Ruach, and then you have to die before you get your Neshamah, what is this all about? It is all about the carnal mind that was formed when Adam sinned.


The only reason that you have to die between acquiring aspects of your soul is that you have to die not physically, but you have to die to your carnal mind, so that the new aspect of your Christ soul or your Christ mind, or your new man, can come into existence. You have to die to your carnal mind in that aspect, so that you can move into the corresponding aspect of Christ. There are, what benefit is there for the physical body dying, what possible benefit is there that the physical body should die, if there is one, I cannot see it, I cannot see any possible benefit for the physical body dying and for the soul to come back and start all over again as a baby, why, I have not yet read any explanation as to why that is necessary, it may be there, I have not read it yet, but I know that the Lord told me that the physical body does not have to die, it is the carnal mind that has to die, and maybe the person is so, the carnal mind is so strong in the person, that they cannot go on to the next level because they cannot die to that next level of their carnal mind, their carnal mind is too strong, it will not, the carnal mind will not die, so they have to physically die if that is true. That may be true, that your carnal mind could be so strong that you just cannot do anymore in this lifetime. Then you die because your body gives out, that is the reason we all die, we die because our body gives out, because of sin.


We are not supposed to die, can you imagine how brilliant we would be if we would really live for hundreds of years and acquire, have all of, acquire many experiences and opportunities to learn and acquire wisdom, how wise we would be. We die because our bodies give out. It is not the will of God that we should die, it is part of the curse because, because we are dead, our body keeps dying, and we keep trying to rise from the dead and our body keeps dying. It is a part of the curse, it is not that we have to die to get the next aspect of our soul, it is not that we have to physically die to get the next aspect of our soul, we do have to die to our carnal mind to get the next aspect of our soul, and if our physical body dies before we die to our carnal mind, then our physical body has to die before we acquire our next aspect of soul, if you can hear, does that make any sense to you, did I make any sense at all, do you want me to say that again, (chuckle).


Listen, we do not have to physically die to acquire the next aspect of soul, we have to die to the corresponding aspect of our carnal mind in order to go up to the next level of the soul, but sometimes the carnal mind is so stubborn and has such a grip on our personality that our body, our physical body dies before we can die to our carnal mind. The way it is written here is really not accurate, the way it is written, the translation is written is that to acquire your Ruach after you have acquired your Nephesh, to go to the next level, the only way that you can get that is if your physical body dies, but that is not true, because the death of your physical body has nothing to do with you acquiring the next level of soul.


What must die in order for you to acquire your next level of soul is the corresponding aspect of your carnal mind, but sometimes we are so stubborn, that our physical body dies, before we overcome our carnal mind, you see. If you do not understand what I have just told you and you read this translation, you are going to think that, well I was reconciled to Jesus Christ and I have a relationship with Him and now there is nothing more to do except die and be reborn in a new state where I can hope to get the grafted seed, well that is not true.


It is completely misleading, the translation is completely misleading, praise the Lord. I just wanted to clarify to you here that the text talks about the Nephesh and the Ruach and the Neshamah entering in, so I wanted to clarify to you that the entry of the Nephesh is speaking about the entry of the Nephesh of the glorified Jesus Christ into a mortal man, we call that experience receiving the Holy Spirit.


The entry of the Ruach which is the glorified Yesod of the glorified Jesus Christ, when the text speaks about the entry of the Ruach, it is speaking about the entry of the Yesod of the glorified Jesus Christ entering into a mortal man, but when the text speaks about the entry of the Neshamah, this is not really an entry. The Neshamah as I explained on number 3, of drawing #3, the Neshamah is the mind of the new man, that emerges from within you, it does not enter in to you, it emerges, it rises up from within you as a result of the weaving together of Abel, Adam’s root system in every mortal man that is born, plus the imputed Christ which means the person has had the Holy Spirit and has built up faith through reading the word and being preached to, and the third element is the Yesod of the glorified Jesus Christ, the grafted seed, the three of them weave together, that is the threefold cord that is not quickly broken. When those three elements weave together, we have the emergence of the mind or the foundation of the new man in that personality.


What I am saying is, that the Nephesh of the glorified Jesus Christ enters into you as the Holy Spirit, the Yesod of the glorified Jesus Christ enters into you as the grafted seed, but the Neshamah does not enter into you from any place outside of you. The Nephesh is formed in you, just like the fetus is formed inside of a woman after the sperm enters in and interacts with one of her ovum. The fetus does not enter into her, the fetus is the fruit of the union of the ovum and the sperm. The Neshamah, which is the mind of God in our case the mind of Christ, emerges and rises up within the individual as a result of the union of Abel, which is Adam’s root within us, the imputed Christ, which is the accumulation of the Holy Spirit within us and the fruit of the Spirit, and the grafted word that comes from a man that has the ability to impart that seed to you.


The Neshamah does not enter into you, it is formed within you, do you understand that? These are still my comments, when I give you a Scripture here, Colossians 3:9:10;




9 Lie not one to another, seeing that you have put off the old man with his deeds;


10 And have put on the new man which is renewed in knowledge after the image of Him that created him. KJV


It is very clear that we have an old man and new man, and these two men are the first Adam and the last Adam. The first Adam has become very wicked. Satan, Leviathan, the snake, these are all, well I do not know about the snake, but Satan and Leviathan, well, let me say it this way, moral humanity is the offspring, the offspring of the first Adam, the offspring of the first Adam who joined with the snake in the garden. Maybe this is a good time to speak about the two Adams.


Drawing #4, I show you Adam Kadmon at the top because he is the creator, Adam Kadmon is the creator, he is the essence of the Ayn Sof in a border, and Adam Kadmon is bringing forth the creation. In order to do that, he has created a female and a male aspect of himself which can be likened to a man who has both ovaries and sperm, because there is just Adam Kadmon, which is neuter, he is not male or female, he is God in a border. He brings forth a male and a female aspect of himself because he is going to produce a creation that is both male and female.


The creation that is both darkness and light, a creation that is both spirit and earth and visible creation. As you can see, both the female and the male aspects of Adam which by the way are the first Adam, and the last Adam, both aspects of Adam, the female and the male Adam, are male and female, the female aspect of Adam is both woman and man. The male aspect of Adam is both man and woman, both the female and the male Adams have both male and female aspects. The female Adam has female and male aspects, but is predominantly female, so the female aspect of the female Adam is stronger than the male aspect of the female Adam.


The male Adam has male and female aspects, but is predominantly male. The male aspects of the male Adam are stronger than the female aspects of the male Adam. Everybody always wants to know where was Adam when the woman was seduced by the snake. Let us find out. Jehovah placed the female Adam in the garden in Genesis 2:8, before he put the male there, the male was put there in Genesis 2:15. Genesis 2:8 tells us that Jehovah placed the man in the garden, or placed Adam in the garden, the Hebrew word translated man is Adam, and that word put, Jehovah put the man in the garden, is a different Hebrew word then the Hebrew word translated put in Genesis 2:15.


Did you ever wonder why Jehovah put the man in the garden twice? The first time He just put the man in the garden, and the second time He put the man in the garden to dress and to keep it, to keep the weeds from growing up, to keep the female aspect of Adam from being seduced, but before Jehovah formed the male aspect of Adam or however it worked, I do not have any details as to how it worked, I just know he put the woman in there first, and before the man got there, the woman was being approached by the snake, and the female aspect of the woman, the one that was seduced was predominant over the male aspect of the woman, that is why her husband is silent, and it says, and she ate, and she gave to her husband with her. She had the dominance over her husband within that female aspect of Adam, do you understand what I am talking about.


The woman side of the female Adam was dominant over the male side of the woman. Both the female and male aspects of the female Adam are female. Let us go on, I have it all written out for you, I am just going to read it. Both the female and male aspects of Adam are female, now there are male and female in relationship to each other, but they are still two aspects of the female Adam, thus they are both female. They are still female, but to each other, one has authority over the other.


I am still spiritually female because I have all of the problems of everybody else in this world, I get sick, if the Lord does not intervene, I am going to die, which I believe He is going to intervene, but if He does not, I am going to die. I could get hurt, so I am spiritually female, but I am male to you. Both the female Adam was seduced by the snake, and her husband’s protest, well that should really read, the female aspect of the female Adam was seduced by the snake, and her husband’s protest were not heard because he was under her authority.


It was ordained that the male aspect of the female Adam would be joined to the male Adam, and then the double portion of the male would rule over the female, but the female aspect of the female Adam was seduced before the male Adam was put in the garden, he was not there. The collective consciousness of the female Adam died when the male side of the woman disagreed with the female side and they divided. The Scripture, the King James says, And Adam knew his wife, and they gave birth to Cain, she gave birth to Cain and Abel, that is a parable. There was a collective consciousness called the female Adam or the first Adam, and the husband did disagree, the male did disagree with the female, and they broke apart into individual consciousnesses, one called Cain and one called Abel. Cain is the female side, and Abel was the male side, but they were both, they were male and female to each other but they were both female, both weak.


The collective consciousness of the female, that is the first Adam, died when the male side of the woman disagreed with the female, well of course they really died because she sinned, I should not say died, I should say divided, I will have to change that to divided. We fixed that, the collective consciousness of the female or the first Adam divided when the male side of the woman disagreed with the female, and the divided first Adam became Cain the female, and Abel the male. They were female and male to each other, but they were both female. Cain thought she was still in control, in their divided state, but Jehovah appointed Abel the male aspect of the female Adam as Cain’s head. Cain and Abel are both from the female side of Adam, and thus even Abel who is male to Cain is female to the last Adam which is male.


Cain is stronger than Abel however because she is the female aspect of the female Adam. She is stronger than her husband. Wherefore, the last, or the male Adam is coming to the woman, that is us, mortal humanity, to join himself to Abel which will make the male aspect of the woman strong enough to dominate Cain the female aspect of the woman who today is ruling through mortal humanity.


I did this whole board to help you to understand that Abel is female, because I have been teaching you here for years that Abel is the male and Cain is the female in relationship to each other, but Abel is female. This is the key as to why the imputed Christ of the Holy Spirit cannot graft to Abel, why you need the seed of Christ. Let us take a picture and I am going to put the next point on the board for you.


Drawing #5, I am attempting to show you the reason why the Holy Spirit, even when the Holy Spirit is so powerful in somebody’s life that we call it the imputed Christ, that is a formation of Christ, but the root is not there, we now have a deeper understanding of that, and why the intense manifestation of the Holy Spirit is not powerful enough to resurrect Abel and bring forth the male anointing, which is the Spirit of Christ into that individual. Here we have the understanding for the first time. The Holy Spirit is female, she is the Shekinah, the Shekinah is female, the Nephesh of the glorified Jesus Christ, female, she is the female seed that is given to us to replace the evil woman, Cain, because we are all a manifestation of Cain, when we receive the Holy Spirit, hopefully she convicts us of sin, and we start to, our heart starts to soften, and we start to receive the fruit of the Spirit which is the nature of Christ, the love God. It is the nature of the female aspect of Christ.


Brethren the nature of male aspect of Christ is judgment, is righteous judgment, so the fruit of the Spirit is the nature of the female aspect of Christ, of the good woman of Proverbs as opposed to the evil woman, but the Holy Spirit is female, even in her concentrated state. When the Holy Spirit is overshadowing Cain having penetrated into the heart center from where Cain rules, the Holy Spirit is now overshadowing Cain, with an intense manifestation of the love of the female aspect of God, which is also touching Abel, but Abel too is female as I just demonstrated to you with drawing #5, so we have two females, and as I say on the left side of the board, two females do not a male make.


What the savior has, the savior that we need to deliver us from hell, has to be the male aspect of God, or the male aspect of Christ, He has to come and judge the woman and that does not mean to destroy her, judgment is a good word, He has to reveal the sins of the woman so that she can repent and come into right order and be saved from hell.


The Holy Spirit is female even in her intense state as the imputed Christ, Abel is female as I explained to you on drawing #4, wherefore the imputed Christ, that is the concentrated Holy Spirit, cannot impart the male strength to Abel that he needs to be the man of the mortal vessel. All of mortal humanity is female, we are waiting for the man to come to save us.


The Holy Spirit who is female herself cannot do that by joining to Abel who is also female. We must have a third element to this joining, to this grafting which is really, I now understand a weaving through, actually it is the Holy Spirit, I am sorry, it is the Spirit of Christ which is signified as liquid, the waters of the Spirit of Christ, the male waters, and Kabbalah clearly talks about the female waters, Mayim Nokbin, and the male waters, I do not recall the Hebrew name of the male waters, so it is likened to the water base that the sperm flows through.


The male waters of the Spirit of Christ literally flow over Cain and Abel, even though Cain and Abel are already overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, we now have the, which are the female waters, we now have the male waters, the Spirit of Christ that comes from another man, preaching mortal man preaching the doctrine of Christ, like me, and that those female waters contain the sperm, the sperm that has the power to produce the male nature, and the Spirit of Christ comes with righteousness. This is why the Holy Spirit alone no matter how anointed the person is, the Holy Spirit alone will never do it. An intense manifestation of the Holy Spirit can produce all kinds of miracles, all kinds of miracles, but there will never result from that manifestation the seed of the spiritual male that will save the personality from hell, it will never happen.


You must have the Spirit of Christ which contains the male seed joining to the Holy Spirit and Abel, and then the mind of Christ, the new man within the personality emerges out of this threefold union. The Holy Spirit is the good woman of Proverbs that replaces the evil Cain. This renewed woman, the new female Adam, this is the new female Adam, the Holy Spirit overshadowing Cain and Abel, it is the new female Adam, the female imputed Christ and the male Abel, the holy female seed, that is the Nephesh, marries the holy male seed or the Yesod of the glorified Jesus Christ, and the new man Christ in you, your hope of glorification and your personal savior arises out of this threefold union, the Holy Spirit, Abel that you are born with, and the Spirit of Christ.


The Holy Spirit together with Abel is your new female Adam, is the holy female seed in you, that has to join with the holy male seed for you to birth the new man, because you are only saved in childbearing, you are only saved when you bear that child. Are there any questions? I am sorry that we are not going to have an evening service tonight, this is so good, but I have to go and we will pick up with part 8 Lord willing on Thursday night. God bless you.


05/13/09 Transcribed by RR



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