576 - Part 2

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Praise the Lord Brethren, part 1 of this message is a study in the sod revelation of Matthew chapter 8. What we did was, we picked out the two chapters of the New Testament that deal with the word "swine", and we have done a deep study on those two chapters and we have compared them. We found out that Matthew chapter 8 is an account of, well first of all let me tell you, let me review for you what the swine is, we found out and we established this on part 1 of the message, that the swine refers to a spiritual male hog, it is talking about in Matthew chapter 8 anyway about a pastor who is taking from his congregation rather than giving to his congregation. You see brethren, when it comes to spiritual things, and even human relationships, everything is a give and take, either you are giving your energy to somebody, or you are taking energy from them. In the ideal relationship, in a marriage for example, there is an exchange of energy, see, a husband is supposed to be doing his best to meet his wife's need and his wife is supposed to be doing her best to meet her husband's needs, and there is a cycle of exchange or a cycle of the renewal of energy which produces a vital living entity called a marriage. And we are told that the relationship between the pastor and congregation is a spiritual marriage. But the pastor is supposed to be having a vital relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, he is supposed to be refreshed and receiving his energy from the Lord Jesus Christ and feeding the congregation and that energy that he feeds the congregation with goes to be cycled back to him in the form of honor and respect, and positive growth, because when the pastor sees the congregation prospering, and growing, it is a source of energy to him that is the proper order. But when the pastor does not have the required relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, he is not being nourished from above, then that pastor starting taking energy from the people without giving them what they need to make them grow, and the congregation bears the brunt of the error in the relationship, and that brunt manifests itself as sin in the congregation, as the pastor goes, so goes the congregation, the pastor is in adultery, we find adultery breaking out all through the congregation.


I heard once of a pastor being a hidden homosexual, nobody knew he was a homosexual, and there was homosexuality through the whole congregation. If the pastor is in right relationship with the Lord, we see the congregation growing and prospering and maturing in the admonition of the Lord.


So the definition of the swine, which means a male hog, is in the one account in Matthew 8, the meaning is that it is a pastor who is not a true shepherd, he is a counterfeit shepherd and instead of feeding the flock, he is draining the energy of the flock, and we find a highly demonized man in that congregation, with no power to deliver that man. The end of the account of Matthew 8 is that the pastor does not repent, the congregation is liberated, but the pastor does not repent. Then we went into Mark 5, where we see the other account of the swine, and of course we are translating the word "herd" as the congregation, and these definitions are brought forth in part 1 of this message. In Mark 5 we see that it is an account of an individual, Matthew 8 is the account of a whole congregation that is being drained of their energy because the pastor is a spiritual male hog, and in the account of Mark 5 which is the account of an individual who was highly demonized because his inner principles are feeding off of him. Now brethren, that was my condition when the Lord found me, I was dying, I was physically dying and I was highly demonized and I was very young, much too young to be dying. I was dying because my inner principles, and we all have inner principles, that is the elements of our carnal mind, were so, were feeding off of my energy. You see, when we come into the world, we all come into the world with a measure of energy, and as that energy dissipates over the years, we eventually die, that is why we die, because there are principalities inside of us that feed off of our energy, the person who is in Christ, the reason we stop dying is because their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ provides an unending source, an infinite source of energy which keeps the body alive. But because the creation is dead and separated from God, the principalities that are born in us in the form of our mind, steal from the energy that we come into this world with, and we just dry up and eventually die when there is no energy left for these principalities to feed on, that is what our condition is. So the second account where the word swine is used is the account of an individual who has problems in this life, he is a demonized man, we are told that he is tormented in his emotions, because the principalities within him have increased to the point that he is being tormented and his wife is being affected negatively. Now both accounts, Matthew 8 and Mark 5 are about a demonized man, the account in Matthew 8, the pastor could not cast the demons out of the man because the pastor was not a true shepherd. In Mark 5, where, I believe that Mark 5 is about Peter, and there was one verse which clearly identifies him as Peter, Peter is the one that said in Matthew 16:16, Jesus says, Who am I, and Peter says, You are the son of the most high God, and Jesus says, the Holy Ghost has revealed that to you, or the Father has revealed that to you, I am not sure which it is off hand. And that same statement comes forth, a very similar statement comes forth in verse 7 of Mark chapter 5, and I believe that this is the accont of Peter's deliverance. I have heard a lot of preachers preach about Peter, Peter had a bad temper, you know Peter was unlearned, you know Peter did not stop to think frequently, Peter had some emotional problems, he was the Pharisee that was highly demonized that Jesus delivered through a personal spiritual experience that we will read about in Mark 5. Now another strong element of Mark 5 is this concept of going to the other side, of Jesus taking His disciples and going to another country.


Brethren, I want to declare to you that the country that the spies went into after the Hebrew children came out of, came out of Egypt, it was a spiritual country. They went inward to investigate their carnal minds. In modern society we would call it psychoanalysis, they went in and became acquainted with, they were introduced to and became acquainted with their inner principalities, their subconscious part of their mind which is Leviathan, and the unconscious part of their mind which is Satan, they became acquainted with their own motives.


Brethren, there is no true change unless you first become acquainted with your true motives, and become acquainted with the way they manifests themselves through you, even if that manifestation is simply a short memory, to have a whole session about something on Sunday and completely forget about the major issue by Thursday, something is wrong in your mind, okay, something is very wrong. And the outward manifestation of it, is that you do not learn from your experiences, something is wrong in there that you do not learn from your experience, that you fully take the correction one day to the point that you are in tears and four days later, it is completely wiped out of your mind. That is a serious problem okay. And it is this kind of problem that Jesus says the answer to, is to go into the forbidden area, to go into the unconscious and the subconscious part of your mind and reckon with and war against Satan and Leviathan. You know if you really want to fight this kind of thing, every time that something is exposed here, after what happened here on Sunday, you should have written that down, written down the main thing that was revealed and stuck it to your bathroom mirror and look at it every morning, and I have been telling you things like that for years, okay.


Okay, so the only way, the only help for people who have these kind of problems is basically called narcissism, it is a general umbrella definition, I will call it narcissism, and narcissism, a condition of narcissism is the foundation of the personality type called the Pharisee, it is a personality type that is rooted and grounded in pride that is so thick that one has a problem, if they are not completely blinded to any ungodly motive that is present in their carnal mind. Brethren, everybody has ungodly motives, we are fallen, all of us are fallen, but this inability to look at oneself to look at one's true motives, and to not forget about it, you know within two hours, or twenty four hours, Jesus' answer to this problem is to look at it and to look at it and look at it, and look at it, put it on the wall, stamp it on your forehead, write it on your palms like the kids use to write the answers to tests on their palm, do not forget it, but nobody could force you to do that. Everything that is revealed to you, you have to write it down and read it every day, this is what my unconscious mind did, this is how my unconscious mind manifested through me, Jesus, I do not want to do that anymore, you will never get anywhere forgetting every question in a couple of days later, it went in this ear and it came out that ear, how do you expect to get anywhere? You will never get anywhere, you have to fight a lot harder than you are fighting, okay.


So brethren, this is the message for the church, that the church does not want to hear, it is the message that is terrifying the church, Jesus is challenging us to enter into that hostile land called our carnal mind, and to meet the dragon and the giants that are in there. But the Lord has promised us that if we do it, and if we are willing to look and we are willing to fight, that He will give us the victory. So we see that Mark chapter 5 is an account of Jesus leading His disciples into the uncharted territory of their own carnal minds. It starts out, I believe the chapter starts out with Jesus leading all of the disciples into this exploratory venture into their carnal minds, but then the chapter focuses in on Peter, who is delivered. And we have seen a similar account in our message called the woman at the well, where Jesus entered into John, John the Baptist's carnal mind and found that John the Baptist was envious of Jesus, and in competition with Jesus, and the Pharisees here in this message or horrified to hear me suggest that John the Baptist was jealous of Jesus and competitive with Jesus, why are you horrified, John the Baptist was just a human being, and someone came and upstaged him, it only human, it is human to feel feelings of jealousy and competition, it only becomes sin when you agree with those feelings, the only way you are going to be delivered from the sin nature is to acknowledge that those thoughts and feelings are there, and struggle with them, and wrestle with them, and utterly put them under your authority. If you are not facing that they are there, you are not struggling, you are not fighting, and you are still in your sin, you are in your sin.


Actually we are going over an alternate translation, we are doing an expedition on the alternate translation of Mark chapter 5, and I have moved some of the verse around, and I have even interspersed some of them to make some sense out of them, I guess I have not really, Yeah, I did intersperse something at the end. So let us see what the Lord is going to give us on this message.


Mark chapter 5, starting with verse 4, "Indeed, no mortal man has tamed Leviathan yet, so Christ chained Satan in the bottomless pit, within the disciples." Within the disciples there is a bottomless pit within each disciple, that is their soul. "and broke the shackle that bound Cain to Leviathan, and Christ knit together within Abel within Jesus disciples, but after Christ did all this, Satan broke in pieces the chain that Christ had placed upon her and released Cain who Christ had forced under Abel's feet." Wow, that one verse is a whole message, that one verse. "Indeed no mortal man has tamed Leviathan yet." Leviathan is the pride of man, Leviathan is responsible for blinding us to our own sins. So, "No mortal man has tamed Leviathan yet." So Christ, and I believe that they are talking about the Lord Jesus Christ, chained Satan in His disciples in the bottomless pit, that is right out of Revelation 20:3, "And an angel came with a great chain and put it around Satan and chained her in the bottomless pit and put a seal on it." That has to happen inside of you, that has to happen inside of your mind. And the way the Lord is doing this brethren is in a discipleship setting with a teacher. I do not see it, you know the Christians that are expecting the Lord to do this for them through their personal relationship with the Holy Spirit are going to wait a long time because that is not the way the Lord does it, and if you, you cannot change the Lord's mind, He has a program of the way He is going to accomplish or delivering, and the fastest way to get delivered is to fall into line with His plan, and the plan of the Lord, although I grant you all, is difficult to deal with because this level of the Lord's ministry to His church is something new, it is the new thing that He is doing, it is the next step up from the Holy Spirit. But every person that has a relationship with the Lord, should be able to get their personal witness from the Lord that this is God and that this is what He is doing. If you study the New Testament, it clearly tells you that the Holy Spirit is the paraclete, it is the nursemaid, the Holy Spirit is the nursemaid.


Now if someone has a nursemaid, I do not care if you are sixty five years old, and you have been in the church for sixty four years, if you have the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is the nursemaid, what does that make you? If you have a nursemaid, what does that make you? It makes you a spiritual infant. So the Holy Spirit ministers to spiritual infants and the next step up is when the infant becomes old enough to go to school, and when you go to school, you leave your nursemaid at home, you maybe have a friendship with your nursemaid for the rest of your life, you may love her, she may have raised you since you were an infant, but when you go to school, you are under the authority of the teacher, and the teacher can teach you things that your nursemaid cannot teach you, and the teacher is Christ in the flesh.


So this is the way that the Lord is doing it, if you are one of the rare people that have an ability to have your sins revealed to you directly from the Lord, well then it will be revealed to the teacher, it will be revealed to the teacher, but what the Lord is telling you has to line up with what the Lord is telling the teacher. And if the Lord is telling the teacher something different than what the Lord is telling you, you are supposed to take the word of the teacher, assuming that you recognize that the Lord has sent you to that ministry, praise the Lord.


So we are talking here about the exposure of the sin nature, I am telling and I am suggesting to you that the whole account of the excursion into the promise land by the spies was a spiritual experience of being shown their own sin nature, which in modern times would be called psychoanalysis, and the giants are very large and very frightening, they are called Satan and Leviathan and all of the levels of principalities that are within them, and let us not forget Cain, Satan, Leviathan, and Cain. It could be a very frightening experience. So we see here that the Lord Jesus, this is what He did for His disciples, they were not able to chain Leviathan, so He chained Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, in them, and put her in the bottomless pit, and He broke the shackle that bound Cain to Leviathan. Now that is very interesting because years ago we did a study in the book of Judges, we did several studies in the book of Judges on Samson, and in one of those studies we see Satan threatening to marry Samson, to I do not remember exactly how it was phrased, but Satan was threatening to marry Leviathan within Samson to Cain, something like that, Satan was threatening to bind the personality within Samson to the carnal mind, I do not remember exactly how we expressed it.


So a lot of the alternate translations that we receive, they come forth out of all of the deep mysteries that the Lord has brought forth in this ministry over the years and that is what we are talking about here, that Cain was married to Leviathan, this is the condition of the carnal mind, Cain is one side of the symbiotic mortal foundation in mankind called the Fiery Serpent, the Fiery Serpent is Cain and Abel, that is our mortal foundation. They are the residue of the Adam who died. Cain and Abel are called the Fiery Serpent, when Cain has buried Abel under her spiritual ground. When Abel is resurrected by Christ and rules over Cain, the entity is no longer called the Fiery Serpent, but the entity is called Christ, the Fiery Serpent is the worm that Jesus tells us about, the immortal worm that reincarnates over and over again, and when that immortal worm enters into a fetus, it brings with it the personality or the soul depending on what your nomenclature is. In this one sentence, we have almost the whole doctrine of Christ, it is quite amazing. So we see that Cain is bound to Leviathan, Cain that is, the mortal foundation is good and evil so Cain is the evil side of the mortal foundation, Cain is only appearing in the individual, that is the conscious mind, it is joined to Leviathan who is a collective Leviathan. When the Scripture talks about legions, that demon saying, we are legion, it is talking about the collective Leviathan, the collective subconscious mind of all of humanity, that is who the legion is, just like the body of Christ, there is a body of Leviathan, the subconscious, the carnal mind on the subconscious level. So what does that mean that the Pharisee and in this case, Peter was possessed of a legion, what does that mean? It means that the power of the whole collective subconscious mind of the body of Leviathan had found a channel to express itself through in this man, it is sort of like a hernia. Do you know what a hernia is? It is a part of your intestine that protrudes through the lining. So the person that has a legion, their mind has been penetrated by the collective thought process of all of humanity, the negative collective thought process of all of humanity, and that could make you crazy. And of course this kind of penetration comes in varying degrees, if the penetration is severe enough, you are schizophrenic, and you are hearing voices, the voices that you are hearing are the subconscious part of the carnal mind of people all over. Praise the Lord.


So we see that in every mortal man, Cain is married to Leviathan, we are the, mankind is a plant, we are what is appearing above the ground, the root that we have is in the spiritual plane, the root that gives us existence is in the spiritual plane, so the Fiery Serpent which is our mortal foundation, that is the worm that dwells in us and feeds on our energy, she exists in the spiritual plane, and who is she attached to? She is attached to Leviathan, that is what this means, Cain, the conscious part of the carnal mind is attached to Leviathan, the collective subconscious of mortal humanity, which is infused by the spiritual blood of Satan, and all of those are attached to the Serpent in an even deeper realm of the spirit. This is the principal that Jesus was talking about, the spiritual principle that Jesus was talking about when He said, I am the vine and you are the branches, if you are the branches that are showing in the visible plane, I am the vine that goes underground and the end of my vine attaches me to the immortality of the higher realms, and we know that to be Adam Kadmon and eventually the Ayn Sof. That is why Jesus called Himself a vine, we can be likened to a flowering plant that has a whole root system under the ground, all you see is the plant, and you need to be spiritual to understand that if you look at me or look at any human being, I could lift my finger up and it looks to you that I am not attached to this physical ground right here, but I have a spiritual root, I am attached to the spiritual earth, and that root flows through many planes of consciousness, in my case, I have two roots, I have one root that attaches me to the Serpent’s timeline, and I have another root that attaches me to the timeline of the Lord Jesus. Now eventually Christ in me is going to become strong enough to sustain my life, at which point I will be circumcised away from my carnal mind, but until that time, you see the wheat the tares are growing together, until that time that Christ can sustain my life, okay, I have to know that I have two minds, that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is rooted in me, that she has the full ability and authority to create or form thoughts in the unconscious part of my mind, and that I have the responsibility of identifying those thoughts in their most infantile stage that is possible. I do not believe that I see these evil thoughts being formed in me in the very beginning, I do not know how far gone, I do not know how far they have to ascend into the subconscious part of my mind for me to recognize an ungodly motive, all I know is that the Lord knows that I am doing the best that I can, that the second I perceive that ungodly motive, I am all over it. And this is how our sins are covered brethren. Our sins are covered because Jesus Christ has given us the weapon to fight them, the mind of Christ to fight the thoughts of the carnal mind. Without the mind of Christ we are hopelessly sold under sin, there is nothing that we could do about it. You see you not only resist evil thoughts, you have to replace the evil thoughts with a righteous counterpart. Now most of the people in the church, when they recognize an evil thought, they will resist that evil thought, but they do not necessarily replace it with a righteous counterpart. Before you can replace it with a righteous counterpart, you have to know what the righteous counterpart is, you see. As soon as your carnal mind told you that earlier today, your Christ mind should have stood up and said, No, you are giving me bad advice. So you see, Christ in you, either He did not rise to defend you or you did not hear Him or you ignored Him, because He is in there, I know He is in there. Now if I were you and that happened to me, I would want to know from the Lord what happened, I would want to know if Christ in me was sleeping in the bottom of the boat, or if Christ warned me and told me I doing wrong and thinking wrong, and I did not hear Him, I would want to know the answer to that question, and if the answer is that the Lord told me and I did not hear Him because I was so focused on wrong thinking, then you need to repent, you need to confess it as sin and repent, but if it turns out that Christ was simply in the bottom of your boat, I would praying day and night for the Lord to wake Him up. So you have some work to do, you see. Praise the Lord.


We are told, let us start at the beginning, "Indeed no mortal man has tamed Leviathan yet, so Christ chained Satan in the bottomless pit within the disciples and broke the shackle that bound Cain to Leviathan, the carnal mind in the disciples were separated from the strengthening union with the collective Leviathan and Satan and everything that is deep in the root, including Pharaoh and the Serpent, and after Christ broke the union between Cain and Leviathan which is a spiritual marriage, Christ knit together with Abel within Jesus’ disciples, that is the good side of the Fiery Serpent, but after Christ did all this, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, broke in pieces the chain that Christ had placed upon her, and we read about that in the book of Revelation also, and after a thousand years, Satan breaks free and rises up to tempt the saints again, so we are told that Satan breaks the chain that Christ puts upon her and released Cain, who Christ had forced under Abel’s feet. You see, it is a constant struggle between Cain and Abel who will be on top, who will dominate who, and when Christ is formed in you it is a constant struggle between who will dominate who, will Leviathan dominate, or will Christ dominate. This struggle exists in the individual, and this struggle exists throughout humanity. Now some people are more involved in this struggle than others, and if everyone that you have a relationship with, if your relationship turns into a power play, that means there is witchcraft operating in your life, because there should not be any reason for a continuous power play, in Christ Jesus we are called to peace, we are called to have relationships where people respect one another, honor one another, submit to one another, consider the other better than they, that is what Jesus said we should do, put the other ahead of you, that means ahead of your needs, and be at peace, but if almost everyday you are in a power play or a conflict with somebody, there is witchcraft operating in your life, and you need to petition the Lord for deliverance from witchcraft that you are continuously thrusting in and bumping into your brothers, you need deliverance, there is something wrong in your personality, praise the Lord.


Jesus, Christ was in Jesus, put a chain on Satan in the disciples, but Satan broke the chain, there is only one reason why Satan could succeed in breaking the chain, and that is sin, that is the only reason that Satan could have any power over any of us, we have an open door somewhere, and we all have open doors. If we did not have open doors, we would be immortal, we all have sin, the weapon that will defend us is confession and repentance, it is the most powerful weapon available to us in Christ Jesus, confession and repentance, because when you confess and repent, you come under the protection of the Lord Jesus Christ and you cannot lose, you cannot lose, it is only your own sin that will keep you away from the protection of the Lord Jesus that will result in any level of defeat. I was talking to Xxxx before you got here how the Lord is training me these days to sense any kind of communication that will destabilize my emotions, make me angry, make me offended, get me too excited because joy can turn into a case of hysteria, anything that would unsettle my emotions is to be avoided like the plague, because what happens, to have my emotions unsettled it means that my carnal mind has come to the surface and overturned Christ, no matter how briefly, that is not a good thing. We have to work with the Lord to remain in Christ, my goal is to be in Christ to whatever degree it is possible 100% of the time, because when I am in Christ, when Christ is dominating Leviathan in me, I simply cannot fail, and I want to tell you it is a bunting match. You know when I was a little girl, wonder woman was my favorite hero, for those of you who remember wonder woman, she had metal bracelets on her wrists that if somebody shot her with a bullet or spear, she would just lift up her arms and the arrow or the bullet would bounce right off of her metal wrist bands, that is what life is like for me, I am continuously bunting off suggestions that would not be to my advantage, suggestions that oppose what Christ is telling me, suggestions that oppose the wisdom of Christ within me is telling me, and it is not just for me, the whole world goes through this, but some people cope better than other people, some people just fall under other people’s influence all the time, other people become very hard. I remember my father, no matter what I asked him, the answer was no, his immediate reaction was no, that was his defense against being influenced, no matter what you asked him, the answer was no. Sometimes he came around and changed his mind, and sometimes he did not. He could not say to me, I want to think about it, his immediate answer was no. He defended himself by what goes on in this world. The promise that we have is in Ezekiel chapter 1, that we are going to be a part of a body of Christ that is all going in the same direction, and we are not going to be bumping into each other anymore, because we are all going to be thinking with the straight mind of Christ, that is the promise, that is the whole foundation of the promise, every problem we have, every disease that we have, no matter what the problem is, it is because of the sins of our carnal mind, the answer to every problem you have to is develop the mind of Christ in you and replace the thoughts of your carnal mind with the thoughts of the mind of Christ, that is just another way of saying, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all of these things will be added unto you." The kingdom of God is the mind of Christ, seek the mind of Christ and seek the wisdom of God, and seek the understanding of God and do not go running after signs and wonders, because the signs and wonders are not for the mature Christian, that does not mean that God will not give you a miracle, that is not what that means. That means that God does not communicate with the mature Christian through signs and wonders. Signs and wonders are for the unbeliever, that says, Oh there is someone down there that is healing all manner of disease, let me go down there, maybe this God is real. You know when I was in Africa, my first trip to Africa, somebody said to me, Show me the power of your God and I will serve Him. Well the signs and wonders of healing and deliverance, that is the power of God, drawing people out of paganism, drawing people out of witchcraft, that is not the sign He gives to a seasoned believer. Praise the Lord. Okay so Satan broke into pieces the chain that Christ had placed upon her, and released Cain who Christ had forced under Abel’s feet. So we see when Jesus came into the life of the disciples, one of the first things that He did was that He overturned the relationship between Cain and Abel in the disciples. Every time I rebuke your carnal mind, that is what I am trying to do for you, I am trying to force Cain under the authority of Abel in you, that is what I am doing, I am rebuking Cain every time you speak to me or your communicate to me and you have something to say to me out of Cain, the conscious part of your carnal mind, and I rebuke like I did tonight, that is what I am doing, I am forcing Cain under Abel within you, because you did not do it yourself, and I will keep doing that as long as you are here and to let me do it, until you can start doing it yourself, that is procedure, so you can start doing it yourself. Praise the Lord.


The next verse that we have is verse 1, "So Christ passed over Satan’s sea, the unconscious part of the carnal mind within Jesus’ disciples, and Adam appeared in the left side of the disciples’ heart energy center which is the etheric plane. So Christ passed over Satan’s sea, Christ covered over, actually that is the Spirit of Christ, let me put that in, "So the Spirit of Christ within Jesus passed over Satan’s sea, it neutralized Satan’s sea." And when the Spirit of Christ moved upon the disciples, the next thing that happened was that Adam appeared in their heart center. Now for those believers who are a part of a discipleship ministry like this, that is what is going on in your life. So the Lord Jesus Christ is manifesting through me, He has a relationship with the Christ in me, and the Christ in me has a relationship with Abel in each of you, and Abel is Adam’s root system, so Adam is rising from the dead because of the strength that you are receiving from the Lord Jesus Christ that is flowing through the Christ in me into your mind and you have an imputed Christ standing in your heart center, He is standing, He is imputed because He is standing with a crutch, He cannot stand by Himself, but He is strengthened by the spiritual root that is coming through the Lord Jesus Christ. Let me say here that the heart center is the etheric plane, the etheric plane has many different names, it is really the spiritual insides of our physical body. Just as if you look at your hand, you have a palm and then you have a back of your hand, but it is one hand, the etheric body is the inside, the spiritual lining of this physical body. Sometimes it is called the health aura, all the diseases generate from I am told from this etheric body. Verse 2, "And Abel with the righteous Pharisees get Satan, that morally impure spirit in the brow energy center." Now this is a mystery, see, the Scripture says Pharisee, and I want to suggest to you that the Pharisees are Jesus’ disciples, that they were righteous Pharisees, and the reason I say righteous Pharisees is because they were not amongst the Pharisees that tried to snare Jesus and destroy Him, that is what I mean by righteous Pharisees. Jesus’ disciples were Pharisees. Now I do not know that Jesus’ disciples were members of the group of Jews called Pharisees, but they were spiritual Pharisees, just as we have spiritual Pharisees in this ministry, and a Pharisee is a religious person who is living out of their carnal mind, and their carnal mind is ministering religion, and when the carnal mind ministers religion, it puts people in bondage, it opposes the Christ mind in the fellowship, and if you are a righteous Pharisee, the Lord wants to put your carnal mind, wants to smite your carnal mind, wants to crucify your carnal mind, and put it down under the authority of Christ, and He wants Christ grafted to you so that you have the strength to keep that carnal mind chained in the bottomless pit of your spiritual being, that is the Lord’s gift to you, that His salvation for you, and Abel within the righteous Pharisees are within the disciples met Satan, they met that unconscious part of their own mind, that morally impure spirit that was abiding in their brow energy center. Now the brow energy center is a pretty high place, but I am not surprised to hear that Satan had ascended all the way to the brow energy center in the disciples, because the disciples were spiritual, they were exposed to the spirituality of the Lord Jesus Christ, Jesus who was the Christ, and they were exposed to the spiritual doctrine, and not only that, but I would believe that the men that Jesus chose as His disciples were highly spiritual men, why would I say that? Because I see the Lord doing that here, that He is reaching out to the highly spiritual people first, why is Jesus a respecter of persons? No, Jesus is not a respecter of persons, but He is raising up an army, this is the battle of the ages, and He is picking the most qualified people, and that qualifying factor which is spirituality is something that they were born with, not even something that the person is responsible for, Jesus is picking the people that have the potential to be raised up in power to fight His war, to save the whole world from complete enslavement, which is what Satan would do if she had a chance. Satan always manifests in tyranny, enslavement, torture, and denying of personal privileges and personal freedom and liberty.


"And Abel within the righteous Pharisees met Satan, they went inward and they met the unconscious part of their own mind, they met Satan, that morally impure spirit who was abiding in their brow energy center." That is a pretty spiritual person brethren when Satan is ascended to your brow energy center, you are pretty spiritual.


Verse 3, "Who was living, and that is Satan now, who was living within the righteous Pharisees, and they also met Leviathan who was preventing Christ from knitting together with Abel within Jesus’ disciples because Satan had chained Cain to Leviathan." So we see that Christ comes to penetrate the carnal mind of the individual, and that it is Cain’s job to prevent that union from taking place, Cain is the maidenhead, Cain covers over Abel and prevents Christ in a teacher from joining with Abel in that individual, because that union between Christ in the teacher or a mature Christ in whoever the person is, and Abel in the other individual is designed to quicken Abel which is Adam’s root system, so that Adam may be raised from the dead, and Cain stands in between blocking that procedure. So what manifestation does Cain take? Cain manifests as the thoughts of the carnal mind, the conscious thoughts of the carnal mind that continuously oppose the spiritual intentions or spiritual concepts and the spiritual thoughts of the Christ who is reaching for Abel in the individual, that carnal mind is there causing you to forget the correction, that carnal mind is there causing you to be selfish and pursue after your own goals rather than putting the benefits of the kingdom of God first, and all of this activity of Cain, the conscious part of your carnal mind, is preventing you from having spiritual sexual intercourse with the Christ, whose specific purpose is to raise up Christ in you and make you into a spiritual giant, and Christ is not likely to succeed unless you help Him. You have to cast down that carnal mind, you have to do your part.


Verse 3, "So Abel within the righteous Pharisees met Satan, the unconscious part of their carnal mind, that morally impure spirit who was living within the righteous Pharisees, and they also met Leviathan who was preventing Christ from knitting together with Abel within Jesus’ disciples because Satan had chained Cain to Leviathan, and Cain was the maidenhead that was covering over Abel, the seed, the female seed in the individual that is capable of conceiving the Christ."


Verse 5, "Wherefore, both the mind of Christ and the carnal mind were within the righteous Pharisees", now that is Jesus’ disciples, this is the mystery, but the righteous Pharisees are Jesus’ disciples. "So wherefore both the mind of Christ and the carnal mind were within the righteous Pharisees, and Leviathan, Satan’s mouthpiece was preaching from the throat energy center of Leviathan’s timeline, and cutting off the message that Christ the righteous Pharisees spiritual heritage was preaching from their heart energy center. So we see that we have Leviathan in the throat center, Leviathan speaks like a dragon out of the mouth, and she is in the throat center, and Christ is in the heart center, and this is the problem, the throat center is higher than the heart center. So Christ is up against an incredible awesome task to liberate human beings who are completely possessed by Leviathan, Satan, and Cain. Leviathan is in their throat center, Leviathan’s thoughts are higher than the thoughts of the single Christ. Oh Sheila, how could you say that Leviathan is higher than Christ? I am talking about the young Christ that has been stood up in your heart center, not under His own power, but because of the mercy of some other human being that has a mature Christ in them, that young Christ could never overcome Leviathan. So the Lord Jesus is sending all kinds of reinforcements, He is sending you teachers, He is speaking to you by the Holy Ghost, He is giving you all kinds of witnesses, He is doing everything He can to reach you, to get you to start living out of the thoughts of Christ, which are in your heart center, rather than the thoughts of Leviathan which are in your throat center. Some people are really struggling with this, because Cain is covering Abel in you, and even though the teacher has stood up Christ in your heart center, Leviathan is covering Christ, and Cain is covering Abel, and you are deaf and you are dumb, and you cannot hear, and when you hear you do not remember, so you need a miracle. I pray that you all should get your miracle, that miracle is coming.


Satan was living within the righteous Pharisees, and Leviathan who was preventing Christ from knitting together with Abel within Jesus’ disciples, because Satan had Cain chained to Leviathan, wherefore both the mind of Christ and the carnal mind were within the righteous Pharisees. So we see that the disciples had two minds, they were double minded, in accordance to what James tells us, that their carnal mind, and they had the mind of Christ, and Leviathan, Satan’s mouthpiece was preaching from the throat center of Leviathan’s timeline, and cutting off the message that Christ, the righteous Pharisees spiritual genetic heritage was preaching from the heart energy center.


So we see that it is very difficult to hear when Christ is speaking to us from the heart center, and Leviathan is in the throat center drowning Him out, it is very hard to hear from God. So we all need a miracle, we need Cain overturned and Abel standing on top of Cain, and we need Leviathan overturned and Christ standing on top of Leviathan, that is the miracle that we all need. "So Jesus said, Let Satan the morally impure spirit depart from the brow energy center of this Adam." Now we see in the first few verses Jesus is talking about exploring the mind of all of the disciples, and now we see verse 8, all of sudden Jesus is focusing on only one disciple, and I suggest to you that the disciple is Peter. This is really interesting because in the King James, Jesus just says to Peter, who do you think I am, and Peter says, you know, You are the son of the living God, and we do not really see what happened on the other side, according to this account, this sod issue, the understanding on the level of the mysteries of the account, we see that Jesus said to Peter, well, I am sorry I do not recall whether he said the Father or the Holy Ghost has revealed that to you, okay, but the truth is that the only reason that Peter could hear in the spirit because Jesus was in there dealing with Satan and Leviathan in Peter’s carnal mind, and then Peter realized who Jesus was.


So you see if the Lord puts you under a teacher and you struggle together and eventually you are convinced that, that teacher is a manifestation of Christ to you, you have been penetrated to some degree and you should be encouraged, because just for you to be able to say, Yes, I believe that the Lord Jesus is ministering to us through you, means that you are hearing from God on some level. So you must be encouraged in this difficult walk. Let us look at that again.


So Leviathan preaches out of the throat, so that means what is coming out of the mouth of the disciples is Leviathan’s words, and Christ is in the heart whispering to you a different message. So it is very hard, that Leviathan is speaking out of your throat, and out of your mouth, and the thoughts and the words of Christ are a whisper in your heart. No one ever said it would be easy, you need to know that it is hard, but it is doable because Jesus would not say do it if it was not doable, it is doable. So Jesus said, this is Jesus’ solution to this problem, "So Jesus said, Let Satan the morally impure spirit depart from the brow energy center of this Adam." Now every time I rebuke Leviathan speaking through your mouth, that is what I am saying to you, because Satan supports Leviathan, Leviathan is in the throat energy center, and Satan is in your brow energy center, and every time I rebuke something that you say that comes out of your carnal mind that should not have been said, that is what I am saying, let Satan depart from your brow energy center, let Satan depart from you. "Let Satan that morally impure spirit depart from the brow energy center of this Adam." Now of course the very use of the word Adam is significant, and it is my understanding that Jesus would never be praying a prayer like this over somebody who was not an Adam. What does it mean to be an Adam? It means to be what the Scripture calls a completed man, that means you are both male and female in Christ Jesus. That Jesus is calling this man an Adam means that Christ is present, Christ had completed you, there is no judgment when Christ is not present, there is no judgment to half a man, because what is the point of judging your sins if Christ is not there to take the energy that is released when Satan is chastened. Do you understand that, there is no point in chastening you if Christ is not present? And when the Scripture calls a man an Adam, that means that Christ is present, Christ is your spiritual manhood that is added to your female soul and you are complete, you are not perfect, you are not in full stature, but you are complete, you are male and female, that is what it means to be complete.


So Jesus is fighting for Peter, and He says, Satan get out of this man’s mind. Verse 9, "And then Satan within Peter asked Jesus, By what authority do you command me to depart?" Satan spoke right out of Peter’s mouth and said, who are you telling me to depart? "And Jesus answered Peter saying", see Jesus did not respond to that ungodly remark, which was Satan speaking right out of Peter’s mouth, who are you to tell me that this is my carnal mind, who are you to tell me that what I just said to you was an ungodly response. Jesus did not even respond to that, Jesus spoke directly to Peter the man saying teaching him. See Peter disrespected Jesus, dishonored Him and Jesus response was to teach him, and Jesus answered Peter saying, you are manifesting the strength of Leviathan’s timeline, and the morally impure nature of Satan’s second energy center, you are manifesting the strength of mind of stubbornness coupled with spiritual immorality, but my authority comes from the Spirit of Elijah, and we are too great for you. Even though Satan and Leviathan were teamed up to lock up Peter’s mind and possess it, Jesus said, I am the Christ and I come with the Spirit of Elijah, and we are stronger than Satan and Leviathan. That is what Jesus said to Peter.


Verse 6, "And when Abel within Peter, one of the righteous Pharisees who was running the race perceived that Jesus was from the age to come but still afar off, Peter submitted to Jesus." Peter recognized that Jesus was from the age to come, Jesus was from another world, Jesus clearly declares that He is from another world, He said if He wanted to, He could have called angels to deliver Him from the cross, but He was from another world, He said, I do not fight the way you fight in this world, and Peter recognized that. What convinced Peter that Jesus was from another world? Jesus spoke to the principalities within Peter, that is just another way of saying that Jesus recognized Peter’s motives, Jesus recognized Peter’s motives that they were Satanic, and He rebuked Satan and told him to depart, and He had wisdom, He instructed Peter in explaining to him that, that strength of that pride plus Satan’s morally impure spirit was causing all of this problem, and when Abel within Peter, one of the righteous Pharisees who were running the race perceived that Jesus was from the age to come, but still afar off, Peter submitted to Jesus. So we see that Peter perceived that Jesus was from another age, was from a future age because He had the authority to discern motives to speak directly to the principalities within him, and to command the principalities to depart from Peter. So that was what Peter needed to recognize that Jesus was from the future age, the age that will swallow up this age, the age of righteousness and peace that will swallow up the immoral turpitude of this world, and when Peter recognized it, he submitted. Now in the church today, we have some people recognizing that people are from the world to come but they still will not submit, because they are without understanding and sometimes they are just plain foolish, because they do not even understand where God’s deliverance is for them. Praise the Lord.


Verse 7, "And Christ within Peter spoke loudly with Peter’s voice", Christ within Peter spoke with Peter’s voice, this is such a big stumbling block in the church that Christ is in his people, he who confesses not that Christ is come in the flesh is an anti-Christ spirit, that cannot believe that Christ could be speaking through the mouth of a man. "And Christ within Peter spoke loudly with Peter’s voice, saying, I know that Elohim and I am are within you Jesus, son of the most high God", okay now the second witness to that is Matthew 16:16, where Peter declared that Jesus is the son of the living God, and I believe that this account is of Peter also. So the Christ, now look it was the Christ that recognized Jesus, okay, it was not Peter’s carnal mind that recognized that Jesus was the Christ, see only Christ can recognize Christ. So it was Christ within Peter that recognized that Jesus was the Christ in the son of the most high God. And he said, "So I solemnly implore you who have the nature of God to deliver me from Satan who is tormenting me."


Verse 10, "Now the Fiery Serpent within Peter had increased into a swarm of spiritual insects in Peter’s belly energy center, and the spiritual insects had ascended up into Peter’s brow energy center from where they married the mighty Leviathan who was in Peter’s throat energy center, but as soon as Peter submitted to Jesus, the Fiery Serpent requested earnestly that Jesus, the holy city should not separate the married couple." Okay I am going to comment on this verse and I think I am going to close for the night, because everyone is getting slain in the spirit including me. Praise the Lord, okay let us take a look at this. Okay back in verse 7, as soon as Peter recognized that Jesus was the son of God, he asked for healing and deliverance. Next we have verse 10. "Now the Fiery Serpent within Peter had increased into a swarm of spiritual insects in Peter’s belly." Now that is a teaching that came down here several years ago in this ministry, that Satan in the second energy center that is her home the second energy center, desires to ascend all the way up into the heart center and then ultimately the brow and even the crown center, and the reason for this is that is where she meets Leviathan, and when the two of them join forces, a unification of spiritual forces produces an intense spiritual power. So Satan, it is Satan’s desire to ascend, and the way she ascends is by passing through the energy centers above her. So she penetrates into the, from the second energy center she penetrates into the third energy center, and has some kind of interaction with the Fiery Serpent, and causes them, now remember the Fiery Serpent is a worm, so this worm, this larva that is the Fiery Serpent, receives some kind of fertilization from Satan and increases into flying insects, just like the worms that become, what is the name of the worms that become flying insects? Does anybody know? Okay, so Satan rises into the third energy center and interacts with the Fiery Serpent, and the Fiery Serpent which are little worms manifest and become flies in the belly, in the spiritual third energy center of the individual that has this experience. Brethren this can only happen if sin is operating in the individual. Satan only increases when we are feeding sin in the individual. So this parable, this word that says the Fiery Serpent turned into flies in the belly energy center, that is just another way of saying that Satan has ascended into the belly and is operating there and there has been change in that person’s spiritual condition because of Satan’s ascension. So we read, "Now the Fiery Serpent within Peter had increased into a swarm of spiritual insects in Peter’s belly third energy center, and the spiritual insects had ascended up to Peter’s brow energy center." So we see that is how Satan gets up to the brow center, she penetrates into the third energy center, she turns into a flying insect and then she rises up into the sixth energy center. Now I just have to show you this on the board.


I am going to do the drawing on Sunday, I am going to pick up on this message then, I am being slain in the spirit, I really cannot do the drawing right now. I just want to finish the comment on verse 10.


"Now the Fiery Serpent within Peter had increased into a swarm of spiritual insects in Peter’s belly", we explained that, "...and the spiritual insects had ascended up to Peter’s brow energy center, from where they married the mighty Leviathan, who was in Peter’s throat center." So we see that Satan managed to fly all the way up, to ascend all the way up to the brow energy center, by passing through the belly, the third energy center where the Fiery Serpents were. I thank God for His anointing, you know we have had this kind of an anointing pour out here for years and for years I have been asking the Lord, telling the Lord I am so grateful for His anointing because when an anointing like this falls, I usually pass right out and sleep like a log and if there is anything bothering me, I am healed, I wake up in the morning and I usually feel wonderful, but I do not understand how I am supposed to preach with this kind of anointing falling on me, and after years of asking the Lord about this, He just told me recently just a month or so ago, He gave me the Scripture that when Solomon temple was completed, the priests entered into the temple and the glory cloud came down and it was so powerful, that the priests, nobody could stand up inside the temple, and He said, that is the anointing that is in these meetings, nobody can even stand up it is so thick. So I am not complaining that I cannot preach, I thank God that I got out what I got out, and there is healing in this anointing, there is healing of your mind, there is healing of your spirit, there is healing in your body, there is repentance in this anointing, this anointing is spiritual food, it is feeding the Christ in you, this anointing is power, and we thank you for it Lord, and we are most grateful for it. You know I remember years ago when I first started preaching, this thought just came to my mind, that when I first started preaching, and I was so completely prepared for every message, and one of the early messages, this anointing, well I do not know if it was this anointing, but a heavy anointing fell on the meeting, and I resisted it, and I fought it off because I wanted to preach the message that I had prepared, and the Lord rebuked me and told me that, that was a high spirit of pride that the Lord moves and you just have to back down.


We have had almost a, we have filled almost a whole tape tonight, and we will just pick up on Sunday Lord willing. I cannot even ask for any questions because I cannot even open my eyes. I will ask anyway, are there any questions on this message, any questions or comments?  Lord willing we pick up on Sunday, goodnight.


7/26/04 Transcribed by RR



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