576 - Part 3

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Praise the Lord everybody, we have drawing # 1 on the board, and this drawing is dealing with verse 10 of our alternate translation which reads, "Now the fiery Serpent within Peter had increased into a swarm of spiritual insects in Peter's belly energy center, and the spiritual insects had ascended up to Peter's brow energy center from where they married the mighty Leviathan, who was in Peter's throat energy center. I am going to change that a little bit, and I am going to try to impart to you this understanding of the unification of forces.


First of all, let me try to make it clear to you that each of these energy centers on the left side of the board, we have series of energy centers and this is the method that the Lord taught the doctrine of Christ by, and on the right side of the board we have the Sefirot, and what the two sides of the board are expressing are the condition of mind, the left side of the board is the condition of the fallen mind who, the fallen mind of a man which is ascended spiritually, and the right side of the board shows the ascended mind of the person who has ascended in Christ Jesus, that is what we have on the board.


The Lord has really been dealing with me with this concept of the unification of forces. Brethren for those of you who feel that you can make your way through a few books on physics, in particular quantum mechanics, and the new physics, it is just so exciting to me, I cannot even tell you how it is so obvious that quantum mechanics which is the study of subatomic particles, or how the rules and principles discovered in quantum mechanics so completely line up with everything the Lord is showing us in the spiritual world.


The study of quantum mechanics is a second witness to me, and it has also helped me to understand what the Lord is trying to tell us here. What the scientists through quantum mechanics are after brethren is the unification of all of the forces of the universe. They are looking to understand the forces of the universe so that they can manipulate the forces of the universe, and how do they want to manipulate them? They want to unify all of the forces of the universe and their goal, the end of their work is to find and recreate and to possess the level and the degree of power that was present at the moment of creation.


The Lord has revealed to us here that our very own scientists here in the United States and now I understand Germany is close behind us and China is close behind us, but for years it was basically the United States that was charging ahead with the space program, and I never could understand, I use to take the position, Why are we spending all of this money on a space program? Well the space program is very important because, if an ungodly power captures space, they are just going to capture the whole world, it is the next battlefield, space, but aside from that, in all of this research is coming forth, the knowledge, I believe we will do it, but we will not do it because God will intervene as He did at the Tower of Babel, this unification of the forces is the present day expression of the Tower of Babel, this is what the beings on the other side of the flood were doing, they were seeking to unify the forces of nature in order to possess the power of creation, what would they have done with it? My mind is not evil enough thank God to imagine, okay, but the Lord put a stop to it, Jehovah came down with Elohim and He said, Look at what they are doing? And He put a stop to it, and I believe that this was what was going on, on the other side of the flood, I believe that the Lord did not wipe out civilization on the other side of the flood because people were not nice to each other, I do not even believe that He wiped out the civilization because murderers were loose, or because homosexuality was rampant, He wiped out that society because they were on the verge of accomplishing the unification of the forces and possessing the power of creation.


I have heard it said these days that the world today is very similar to the world that existed on the other side of the flood, and I never really thought about it, I said, Well maybe it is true, the world is covered with violence, and homosexuality is spreading, but brethren these signs are just symptoms of something much deeper, and what they are a sign of is that the Serpent is beginning to move the members of humanity in such power that we are close to capturing the powers of creation once again, and brethren we will not survive, but I remind you of the covenant that Elohim made with Noah and Shem, Ham, and Japheth, He said, I will never wipe you out with a flood again.


We have to understand what the flood is, I do not know if there was a physical flood or not brethren, I do not know what the beings looked like on the other side of the flood, but I am convinced that they were not humanoid, I am convinced they did not live in animal bodies, they were spiritual beings, and the destruction of that world and the fall in this world into animal bodies was what I have called the third stage of the fall. There may have been a physical flood, I do not know, I do not know what the beings looked like on the other side.


The Scriptures says, everything in the earth was destroyed, it does not say everything in the sea was destroyed, it does not say everything in the heaven was destroyed, it says everything in the earth was destroyed, I do not know what they looked like, but I believe it was a spiritual flood and what is a flood? What does a flood do? A flood dissolves the earth, you overrun the earth with water and it dissolves any structure or edifice that you have made from the earth, okay.


Whatever those beings looked like, they were some form of congealed matter. Even a spiritual body is a form of congealed matter. The Lord dissolved their form, but the spiritual intelligence or the intelligent energy that we all are, okay, that mankind is, whether mankind is formed in an animal body, whether mankind is formed in a spiritual body, mankind is an intelligent energy, that is what we are. Our body is just our house, whatever kind of a house this intelligent energy was living in, the house was dissolved, the earth was dissolved, everything that was made out of earth, the formation of the earth was dissolved, but the intelligent energy continued to exist.


When Elohim made his covenant with Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, He said to them, I am never going to dissolve your house again, I am not going to stop you from trying or to stop you from actually capturing the creative power of the universe by destroying your form, I am not going to do that anymore. Instead of that, I am going to rain down fire on your form. Elohim was not taking about a physical body, he was not talking about a spiritual body, he was talking about mind, our mind is a body for the spirit, and our mind is formed either in the image of God or the image of the Serpent.


Elohim said, and Elohim was a spokesperson for Jehovah in this covenant, Elohim said, I am no longer going to dissolve the house that you live in, I am not going to dissolve your body, whatever their body looked like, and I am not going to dissolve your mind and return you to pure intelligent unformed energy with no form whatsoever. What I am going to do, is put down fire, I am going to put fire on that mind, I am going to melt it down and reform in into the image of God. This world is not about to be wiped out, what is going to happen brethren is the judgment that we have been going through in this ministry for years now is going to be forced on people, not by me, not by any mortal or fallen man, but by the powers of God, that is what we have to look forward to, those of us that are graced enough by God to be receiving this knowledge who will be able to understand God's plan for us and work with Him, it will go easy on us, and we all know it is not easy, but certainly easier than the people that will fall into the circumstances, I do not know what they will be, which will result in the remolding of their mind, and some people will die, but what will be left of the earth after the process will be a many membered Adam, a many membered mankind all possessing a mind with the image of God, in the image of God, that is what is coming.


The Lord has been talking to us for several months now, and we have had several messages on Babel, the other side of Babel, and now we fell into this message, who would have ever dreamt that Matthew 8 and Mark 5 would result in teachings on the Tower of Babel. Why is the Lord telling us this? Because brethren the saints of God, those of us who are moving into having our nature changed today are the vessels that the Lord is moving through to bring to pass the fruition of His covenant, the covenant between Elohim and Noah, Ham, Shem, and Japheth, this is the beginning of the fulfillment of the covenant, that we are not going to be dissolved, we are not going to be wiped out, but our mind must be changed if we are to survive, because there will be some people who will die, but it is not God's intention for us to die, there will be collateral damage unfortunately as they say, it is the Lord's intention to reshape our mind if we can survive the process, and if, I should not even say if, for those of us who live long enough to complete the process.


Paul talked about a race, I never understand what he was talking about, what are we racing? We are racing against time, we are racing against death, we are racing against all of the legal ground that Satan has to take our life before the Lord completes the process in us, because despite what the church has been teaching for all of these years or however long it has been going on, when your physical body dies, your soul dissolves, and your spiritual root that intelligent energy which we all are, begins all over again. We are racing against time, that is what we are racing against.


Praise the Lord, does anybody have any questions about what I just said? Looking at the left side of the board here, this is the condition of the man who was spiritually ascended in the Serpent. We have rules in this ministry, everybody cannot come in here and study Kabbalah, the reason for that is, if you study, Kabbalah is very powerful and it will raise you up spiritually, if you are not coincidentally judging your sin nature, if you are not willing to have your sin nature revealed, if you are not willing to look at it, and recognize that it is a part of you and that it is a part of you that needs to be controlled and ultimately destroyed as you live more and more out of Christ, if you are not willing to do that, this is what is going to happen to you, what you see on the left side of the board.


We see that when Jesus appeared on the scene that there were many Jews who were ascended illegally. Brethren, let me tell that there are many Jewish people who are very against and afraid of Kabbalah, there are many Rabbis that will refuse to teach Kabbalah because somewhere along the line, and I do not travel in these circles, but somewhere along the line, the information is available that just one too many Jewish scholar wound up ascending into witchcraft, and they either died from it or they did great damage and their families suffered because of it. I am told to whatever degree that it is true that there were sound Kabbalists who sent a warning to all of the Rabbis in eastern Europe 50 years before Hitler appeared on the scene, warning them of the scourge to come and begging them to start to educate their people in Kabbalah as a defense, and the Rabbis refused, and we all know what happened Hitler's Germany.


I am also told that the Jewish community called the Sephardim community which lives in the Arab states for example, there were never any concentration camps there, the Jews were not sent to concentration camps, and I am told that there was one Kabbalist who heard that Hitler's troops were coming into that part of Africa where it just meets the Middle east, and he went out and he drew a line in the sand and he did a Kabbalistic prayer, and he said, You will not cross that line. This is what I am told, okay, I read it in a book, but this is what I am told, and it was right at that point where that Rabbi did that, that Rommel's forces were defeated by an American General.


Brethren, there is power in Kabbalah, there is power in this word, there is power in this knowledge, but if you do not pursue this knowledge where simultaneously dealing with your sin nature, it will be your sin nature that will arise in you and not Christ that will arise in you and therefore we have strong restrictions on who can study Kabbalah in this ministry anyway, I know there is a lot of Kabbalah on the internet, and we even have our material on the internet. I questioned the Lord about that once, why would there be so many restrictions here and all of the materials on the internet? The Lord's response to me was, that the same level of power is not in the printed word, although there is a level of power in it, it is not the same thing as sitting under this anointing, hearing this message as it is originally preached, it is just not the same thing.


Here we are on the left side of the board, this was the condition of Peter, and as I have already told you, I believe that in Mark 5, Jesus is dealing with Peter directly, this was his condition; this was the condition of so many Jews in those days. I will try to explain it to you, I have labeled it the destruction that mortal man will never overcome without a savior in the midst of him.


Brethren Jesus being my savior cannot save you, I may if the Lord allows me, I may be able to heal your body, I may be able to give you some wisdom that will be able to help you in a life situation, but you will never enter into immortality based on the savior in the midst of me, okay, and in a way to the carnal mind that is almost unfair, the carnal mind sees it is almost unfair because people think that they have it all because their body was healed, because they were in poverty and now they are not in poverty anymore, because they were widowed at a young age and a prince charming came and married them and they are living happily ever after and their children now have a father, because of all of the miracles that God has done for them, they think they have inherited eternal life, and because eternal life has not appeared in 2,000 years because immortality has not appeared on the earth in 2,000 years, somewhere along the line, ignorant preachers started preaching, "Well you have to die first, you become immortal after you die", it is just not true.


The kingdom of God will be in the earth, the kingdom of God, immortality in the flesh in the earth, and of course this message is just an unfolding revelation, it is just a jigsaw puzzle that you have to put all of the pieces together, so I hear somebody saying in the spirit, Well Sheila Jesus died. No, Jesus did not die on the cross, I cannot re-preach that whole thing, He did not die on the cross, the reason the physical body that the Christ lived in died, was because the Christ left the body.


The personality of Jesus departed from the flesh of the son of man, and the Christ within Him, His Father departed from the flesh of the son of man as a sack, the physical body, collapsed and yes it died. Jesus did not die physically in order to enter into immortality, Jesus died to His carnal mind, He went through the process of dying to the carnal mind or overcoming His carnal mind, Jesus died you know, or the Christ within Him died when it incarnated in a body of death. You do not have to physically die to inherit the promise. God has created a visible creation, He wants a visible creation. We start at the bottom, and we see the fiery Serpent, the fiery Serpent in seed form is our mortal foundation, and Jesus calls it a worm, He called Jacob a worm, well it was not Jesus, in the Old Testament we see Jehovah calling Jacob a worm, and Jesus talks about the worm that dieth not, it is our immortal foundation, it is the seed of humanity that has, well how do I say that? Let me say that another way, there are many fiery Serpents which are the residue of Adam, when Adam died, Adam broke apart into many pieces, and each of those many pieces is a worm or a seed of himself that is capable of reproducing his fallen life, each seed is also capable of reproducing his resurrected life under the right procedure which procedure we are being instructed in, in this ministry.


We start off with the seed of Adam's death, the seed of Adam's death. The mortal foundation which is a seed sprouts, revealing the animal nature and Satan's sea in the second energy center. As soon as the seed sprouts, there is an ascension, if you put a seed under the ground, if you plant it, and that seed sprouts, what happens? It pierces through the earth and you see something that does not look like the seed, you see a seedling the original sprout. In the second energy center, and let me remind you again, this is the Tower of Babel, this is the reappearance of the energy structure of God. We just have to start thinking of ourselves in terms of energy beings because that is what we really are.


Everything is made of energy, even this flesh that we see here, everything is made of energy but it does not appear that way to the carnal mind, but even our dead flesh is made of energy. This continuous of births and deaths, the series of births and deaths that we see in this world, it is Satan's or the Serpent's attempt to completely take over the creation, you see the Serpent seduced the woman in the garden okay, and caused the fall and the death of Adam and as a result of which she captured all of the pieces that he shattered into, and has now engraved them with her nature and now she is trying, the Serpent is trying to go forward to complete the creation in her own image, we are not a completed creation in our fallen condition.


Every time a baby is born, it is an attempt by the Serpent to bring the creation to its maturation, to its fullness in her image, that is what the Tower of Babel is, that is what the acquisition of the unified forces of the universe are all about, to fulfill the maturation of mankind, and that maturation will only come into existence through marriage. Either we marry the Serpent and we become a manifestation of the resurrection of damnation that John talks about, or we marry the Glorified Jesus Christ, and we become a magnificent man as demonstrated by the Glorified Jesus Christ. There was an episode on Star Trek that demonstrated this principle, and the woman was called a metamorph, she was a metamorph, and she was a completely voluptuous sexual woman, nothing on her mind except sex, and she was in that condition to attract the male, brethren that is mankind.


There are two men fighting over us, see, each individual matures spiritually, physically, and mentally on his own level, and the nations mature, we see the western nations more mature then other nations, there are some nations that still have almost no modern facilities at all, so nations mature, individuals mature, and mankind as a whole is maturing. There is a spiritual maturation, and the way that Ezekiel puts it, is that it is now the time for love, mankind as a whole is read for union with a very high level spiritual entity, and there are two of those high level spiritual entities vying for us. Of course the Serpent is not as high as the Lord Jesus, but the Serpent is empowered enough to be creating a warfare over us, over mankind and over each member of mankind in particular and what is more, today, because the marriage is so close, more specifically or the more spiritual you are, the more highly spiritually developed you are, whether you are just born that way, or whether you get that way because you are pursuing, because you are attracted to and pursuing a high spiritual doctrine or witchcraft, whichever way you are going, she is looking for you. Why? Because you are most, including me, we are the most likely candidates to do our part of what must be done to make us open to the consummation of the marriage.


Brethren, it is not the wedding ceremony that makes you married, it is not putting the ring on your finger that makes you married. If a man marries a woman and they go off together and five months later the marriage has still not been consummated, in most civilized societies, you can apply for an annulment, a piece of paper that says, you were never married, and if you go forth and you find another man that wants to marry you, you do not have to tell him what happened. If you have been divorced you have to divulge it to that other person that you have been divorced, you do not ever have to tell anyone that you had a marriage ceremony because you were never married if the marriage was not consummated.


For all of you who are hearing this message and are saying, I am married to Jesus Christ, I am telling you, that you are not married to Jesus Christ until the marriage is consummated, and the consummation of the marriage involves His penetration of your mind, and if you are still going through life and doing whatever you want to do, you have not been penetrated, not by the Lord Jesus Christ. We are born penetrated by the fiery Serpent, there is a double marriage brethren, look over here on the right side of the board, on the right side of the board I show you just briefly, I will go over this in detail, down here at the bottom where it says the Christ reproductive seed in the form of Yesod, that seed, that is Christ in you, He marries the fiery Serpent in you signifying the personality.


Some of us have already had that experience, I am a married woman, Christ being formed in me has married my personality, which I identify as the fiery Serpent, but that is not enough, you see, Christ in me is immortal, immortality dwells in me but I am not immortal, immortality, what is in me in is my potential to be immortal if and when, if and when immortality within me, Christ within me makes it up to the top of the tower and marries a second time the Glorified Jesus Christ. Christ in me and Christ in you is the mediator, he marries the personality underneath Him and then He marries the Glorified Jesus Christ above Him, and because the Glorified Jesus Christ is joined to Christ and you are joined to Christ, in Christ is a mixing of the forces of the energies of the Glorified Jesus Christ and of the female seed, and in the Glorified Jesus Christ exists the only true immortality, we are told that in the Scripture, He is the only one the possess the true immortality, and is there is a false immortality? There is a false immortality, there is an immortality that the Serpent can give you, I believe there are ascended masters that somewhere that have received the immortality of this age, and they will continue to exist until the Lord Jesus Christ rolls up this age and puts it to an end.


There is an immortality in the Serpent but it is a false immortality because by definition, immortality means you never die, yet they are immortal but they are capable of death. Does that sound so strange to you, it sounds familiar to me, was that not Adam's condition in the garden, was Adam not immortal, and did he not die to his immortality? Yes he did, there are two levels of immortality, two degrees of immortality, imputed immortality and imparted immortality, immortality that is imputed is given to you as a gift, you would never be immortal based on your own righteousness, your immortal based on the righteousness of the one who gives you that immortality, and the Serpent has, you cannot really say that the Serpent has righteousness but she has stolen the power of immortality of this age.


Adam had imputed immortality, Jehovah gave it to him, but he could have never attained it himself, and the only way he could have sustained it was by absolute obedience to Jehovah, which he failed to do, and as soon as he stepped out from that obedience, the covenant was broken, and he died. Then there is the imparted immortality which Lord willing, everyone that is hearing my voice through union with the Glorified Jesus Christ who does not give you immortality as a gift, but the Glorified Jesus Christ through His mediator Christ in you the hope of glory will change your nature into His righteousness nature so that you will incapable of sin, you will be incapable of seduction, and therefore you will acquire immortality based on your own righteousness, of course which righteousness is based on the Christ within you, but it is not that someone else is holding you up, He will still be a part of you, but you will be incapable of sin, and your whole nature will be revamped.


Brethren, this is the message that has to do to the world, in this secular society, in this big business society, this age of world commerce, and this is what I am told, that the big push and this big move today, is world commerce, stop fighting with each other, just educate the people, give them good jobs, give them material possessions and that they should be happy in this world, and it is going to put an end to all of the wars, that is what they are saying.


I just heard someone on TV saying this the other day talking about what is going on in India, there has been conflict over the state of Kashmir in India, between Pakistan and India and both Pakistan and India are atomic powers so this is a very serious thing. The person that was talking on TV said, well let me tell you this first, all of the sudden I read in the paper that India was backing down concerning the nuclear power, and I did not know what happened, this gentleman on TV told us what happened to whatever degree he was correct, he said, India is the largest democracy in the world, we have a lot of people, I cannot quote you any numbers, 50% of the India citizens are under the age of 30, it is whole new world coming forth in India, and he said, These people, these young people, they are educated, they have good jobs, and they put a political pressure on their government saying, You stop threatening nuclear warfare because is too good here and we are not willing to blown out of the sky, there are other means to settle this matter, and apparently the elected government capitulated under the pressure. That is what I was told on TV.


This is the message that the new world has to hear, these educated people, these people that think they do not need anybody. Secularism is going across the world, I do not know whether you noticed it or not or you had the opportunity to notice it, but I do because I am on the computer a lot, just about any help desk that you call these days, the people answering on the help desk are in India, are you aware of that, they are coming from India, and the same man told us how that happened, they are coming from India and other countries.


The other night I spoke to someone and he said, Bonsoir to me, at the end of the conversation, so I do not know where he was coming from, but he had a British accent but he said Bonsoir, which is French. He said this is what happened, During the y2k crisis, there was so much hysteria about the whole computer system going down, that someone had an idea in India and they went to all of the big corporations in the Unites States anyway, I do not know about Europe, and they said, Look we can help you out, we are nation that speaks English, all of the telephone wires were already in place by the phone company for other business purposes, let us assist you. Apparently they did an excellent job and there was no y2k crisis, and big business realized that we can hire these Indian people at such a lesser salary than we are paying the people in the United States and they speak English and they know their stuff and they are good and now India has taken over almost all or the business industry in India has taken over almost all of that industry called help desk, people working on the computers that will call for help concerning a new program that they just bought.


The world commerce is the goal of the large nations, of course there are always crazy people out there that are lusting for power that do not care about world business and they just want to dominate, but that is what is going on in the country today, and these people, I spoke to one of these Indian men who was on the phone with me for a half an hour helping me with something, and we were waiting for my computer to go through a certain cycle, so we were talking, he is secular, he is not a practicing Hindu, so I told you all that to tell you this, the young people in India, the ones that get educated and start making money, they start gravitate away from dogmatic religion, religion that tells them things that they cannot imagine being true, that they are no longer willing to just follow after and obey without any witness themselves, the man was completely secular.


This is the message that these people have to hear, they are not going to believe the message that they are going to die and go to hell, they just do not believe it, they just do not believe it, this message is their only hope, to whatever degree the Lord witnesses to them that it is true. At least it is something that they can look at and they can say, well is that not interesting, and then if the Lord, if it is their time, the Lord can quicken to them, some experience that they had, or some story that they heard about someone else, that they could say, Wow, I could really believe that, that is what happened to that person.


We must believe that our life is not worth 2 cents without the Lord Jesus Christ, that everybody is just living on borrowed time, and this is the condition of the man, and of course there is also a resurgence of spirituality in the world, but they do not want anything to do with God, so there is a pursuit of spirituality without God, this is how you are going to wind up, which it does not have to be Kabbalah, any kind of spiritual study apart from God, this is how you will wind up.


When you are born, you are born with a seed in you called the fiery Serpent and as soon as you are born, well I, now do not take me at my word okay, Kabbalah has some time periods but I do not have any word from God about that, as soon as you are born, shortly after you are born, I do not have any word on it yet, that seed begins to unfold and it develops into a nature, an infant is born with an animal nature, there is nothing reasonable about an infant that is born, they want what they want and they will scream and yell until you give it to them, or until you comfort them in some other way, pure animal nature, they are pure emotion, infants are pure emotion.


We see the second Sefirah is the animal nature which is born in a medium of water, and is that not the fetus in the waters of the placenta? The second energy center is the subterranean sea, which is Satan's sea, and Cain the animal nature is in the midst of it. If that exists only in utero or not, I do not know, we are just dealing with spiritual principles here.


The next level up, now remember we are building the Tower of Babel, this is the Serpent incarnating into a form that will equip her to possess the creative powers of the universe, she needs a physical body and she needs an ascended mentality, either through being an astral-physicist or being a spiritual person, the astral-physicists today, they are just discovering what spiritual people have known for centuries, what mystics have known centuries.


The third level up, the third energy center is called the belly energy center, and that is the energy center where Abel abides, it is the energy center whereby we live out of our lusts, and Paul in the New Testament refers to the belly centers, it is that level of consciousness where our whole mentality is devoted to satisfying our lusts. Brethren this whole society is founded on lust, that is why marriage exists, that is why family exists, these are laws that have been put in place to deal with people's lusts without destroying society. It is a control on the passions and the lusts and the needs of mankind, it is not a denial of the passions of mankind, it is a channel, marriage is a channel that funnels these needs and desires and lusts into a positive result rather than a destructive result. Mankind, mortal mankind is founded on lust, it is typified by Behemoth in the book of Job, that is what we are, that is the animal nature, down here that is Cain.


The animal nature has a second side to it, which is Abel, Abel is the dead Adam's root system, Abel is our potential to resurrect Adam, and with Adam the nature of God, and our ability to connect with God, but as you all know we are born except for Jesus Christ, Jesus who became Christ, we are born with Abel dead under the authority of Cain, and that becomes apparent as we get into the third energy center, Cain the animal nature is ruling over the spiritual man, is this not true? The animal nature rules over the spiritual man in humanity, see. Brethren, this is the basic difference between the masculine spirituality which is in Christ and the female spirituality which is in every spiritual discipline outside of Christ.


In Christ, the spiritual nature rises above and ultimately represses and overshadows the animal nature, you see. In other spiritual disciplines, the selfishness and the self-preservation continues to exist. I hear somebody saying the question in my mind right now, well what about Buddhists you know and what about all of these Gurus that fast and pray and give up this natural life? It is does not change their nature, even Gandhi found out that it did not change his nature, he became highly spiritual, I have read the biographies of other spiritual men, their sacrificial lifestyles, may have produced some kind of spiritual fruit in their lifetime, but it did not change their nature, how do I know? How do I know it did not change their nature, how do I know? They died, they died, they died, you see, and when Jesus came along, okay, and He was eating and drinking, you see, John the Baptist he was fasting and he was an ascetic, he was out in the wilderness all by himself and they said he was crazy, okay, because he did not drink or eat or partake of the natural life, then Jesus came along and he ate and He drank and He partook of the natural life and they called winebibber you see. What does that mean?


The ascension in Christ does not require the destruction of the body, spiritual ascetics of other disciplines, disciplines other than Christ believed that you must fast and starve yourself and some disciplines whip yourself, all different ministrations to the body to make yourself a spiritual person, and pretty much what they are saying is, Let me beat Cain and let me control Cain, because Cain has generated this physical body, and Abel will come forth. They would not agree with that, but that is my take on what they are saying, based on what the Lord has shown us, but it does not work that way. There is only one thing that is going to make Abel come forth, what is the one thing that will make Abel come forth? Christ, the seed of Christ, Abel is the sleeping beauty, Christ must come and kiss him and wake him up, that is the only thing that will raise Abel.


For all of these ascetics that fast and beat themselves and crawl on their knees or do whatever else they are doing, they may become spiritual, but not, but they do not receive the spirituality that will produce the true immortality. Praise the Lord.


In the third energy center which Paul refers to in the Scripture, we see that Cain is dominating Abel and the two are known by one collective name, they are a symbiotic unity called the fiery Serpent, the nature of Cain which is the nature of Satan, being revealed through the mortal man.


I have an arrow here, a curved arrow going from the second energy center to the third energy center, and what I am trying to show you here and this is something that I really have never preached before in relation to the energy centers or even to the Sefirot, because the Lord is just showing me this. This ascension is the fruit of the unification of forces, everything that happens in this world requires energy. In our natural example, in order for a seed planted in the ground to grow, it needs the energy in the fertilizer. You bury the fertilizer in the ground, you border it and the fertilizer I understand gives off heat, decay gives off heat and produces the sprouting of the seed. Every growth, everything that moves here requires energy, so to get from the initial seed into, for the seed grow into a fertilized seed requires the energy that is produced by the union of the sperm and the egg, the fusion, the energy is released from the fusion.


For the fetus to be born into the third energy center, as an infant requires the energy of the mother to bring forth that infant, and what we see happening here is that the energy of Satan in the, and I have to tell you right here that I know what I just said but I do not know how to apply this to the actual physical birth, so unless the Lord gives it to me, I know that I am leaving an empty hole here but I do not have the answer. Assuming that the second energy center is the condition of the child in utero which it certainly looks likes okay, in order, the fluid of the uterine fluid would typify Satan, Satan flowing around the animal nature, and it is the energy of Satan somehow that wants to bring forth this birth. It is the will of Satan to be born because every, Satan is born in every person that she is born in has an assignment and the assignment is given to humanity as a whole to bring forth either the mystics or the scientists that are going to bring us into a unified state of all of the forces of the universe, that is the collective assignment to all of humanity.


There is an energy given off, just as we all are born with a, we are all born with a, all healthy people are born with a desire to achieve, a desire to better ourselves, a desire to learn, a desire to go forward, this is the forward momentum of mankind is manifested in the intelligent energy of Satan that is present in the infant to go forth and to be born and to enter into the next stage of the unified forces and that next force is what we call lust, lust is a force, it is an energy, lust will cause us to go forward to do whatever needs to be done to satisfy that lust, whether that lust is a lust for food, because our body needs it, whether it is a lust for love, whether it is a lust for sex, whether it is a lust to be respected or honored, whatever okay, it is an energy that comes forth within us on a forward momentum.


We see that the energy of Satan which is manifested as the will of the baby to be born. How is the will of the baby to be born manifested? Labor starts, labor, and what is really interesting is that the first sign that the birth is at hand is what? What is the first sign that the birth is at hand? The placenta breaks and the water goes, Satan says, I am not staying in here anymore, that is the will of Satan saying the uterine time is over, okay, this child is going to be born, so it is really Satan taking the initiative, that is an interesting analogy, saying, It is time to go up to the next energy center, time to the go up to the next level and we see a baby born exercising its screaming will on the mother to the fullest degree that it can.


Is not the nature of human children to dominate the parents to the fullest degree that they are able? That is the fallen nature. We see the will of Satan, the fluid in the uterine cavity, if that is the right word, the fluid in the uterus to ascend to the next level, which is the unification of force, and the water comes out and we now have the force of lust manifesting, we do not see lust in the womb, I do not think there is any sign of lust in the womb? The next manifestation of the unified force of Satan's forward momentum okay, is in the form of lust in the third energy center, in the form of the symbiotic entity called the fiery Serpent.


What I am trying to say to you is that what we really see is that Satan in many different forms. It is the same principle as I have told you about the Sefirot, now a lot of people stumble including me. When the Lord first led me into Kabbalah, I was horrified at the thought of all of these names and all of these entities and the Kabbalists talk about all of these angels, and it really alarmed me, for quite a while I was continuously testing the spirit, Lord are you leading me into Kabbalah, these teachings are making me very uncomfortable, all of the different names of God, and then I found out that there were names that were higher than Jehovah, and I was very on the edge of being alarmed there for a while thinking that I may have been deceived.


Today I understand that God is so great that our finite mind could not possibly comprehend it, not even come near to comprehending it. God reveals Himself to us in a series, from a series of different positions, and from a series of different levels or grades of energy that we can hopefully relate to, but there is only one God, anybody who studies Kabbalah, and thinks that it is idolatrous such as Hinduism is which has thousands of gods, you are mistaken, and we have some false Kabbalah out there, that I do not know what they are preaching, but the true Kabbalah teaches one God, stepping down, taking steps downward lowing Himself a step at a time so that He can finally reach a grade that we mere mortals can relate to Him by, but just one God, see.


There is just one God okay, Satan, all of these different energy centers, and all of these different entities called Satan and the fiery Serpent and even Leviathan and the Serpent, they are really one entity manifesting in different forms so that in order to relate to human beings and accomplish its purposes.


This principle is given to us in Revelation chapter 20, which I believe says, that old Serpent, even Satan and the Devil, that Serpent that existed of old, that Serpent that existed in ancient times existing today as Satan and the Devil, the same entity in a different form, you see. Here we see in third energy center Satan appearing as Cain and Abel and lust. Satan joins with the fiery Serpent and then Satan arises, she gives birth to the next level of energy and then she joins with that level of energy, and it is the same principle here in Kabbalah, okay, in Kabbalah Binah gives birth to Zeir Anpin, Binah the mother gives birth to Zeir Anpin who we know as Christ Jesus, and then the mother, Binah she unifies with her own son.


In humanity, in this world which is the mirror world, a woman gives birth to a child and the child departs from the mother at least in a healthy situation and eventually grows up and leads its own life, departs, gets married, has its own family, okay, but in spiritual families, it is a unification, it is not a separation it is a unification. We see with the Sefirot Chokhmah which is known as father joins with Binah which is known as mother and they produce the son which on this board is appearing as Tefirot, for the purposes of what you can see in front of you, and then there is a union between the mother and the son and that union has its own name, does anybody remember what the name is, do you remember what the name is?


No, the son is Zeir Anpin, the union of the mother and the son are Elohim, or the lower half of the mother and the son are called Elohim, and this whole concept you know, these Sefirot, they are continuously joining with each other in different formations, and they are connected, although you cannot see it on this board, the Sefirot are connected by the Hebrew letters, and that is why you see Kabbalah talking about 32 paths of wisdom, okay, there are twenty two Hebrew letters in the Hebrew alphabet, and there are ten Sefirot, and those are the thirty two paths of wisdom, and there is probably an infinite number of combinations between these thirty two elements, and it is these unification of forces, each Sefirot, the Sefirot is just a structure, we human beings, we are the manifestation of the Sefirot on this level, on higher levels angels are the manifestation of the Sefirot, the Sefirot are vessels that contain the energy of God.


Right here in this room tonight, we are producing something that did not exist before this meeting started because Christ in me and Christ in each of you to the fullest degree that you comprehend me and are not resisting of what I am saying, have now formed a new entity, there is a unification of forces right in this room, Christ in all of us is unified. I preached this in the past that we come together and a cloud goes up, Christ in each of us ascends okay, as the glorified Jesus Christ calls us up with this message, and there is a cloud covering this whole room right now, out of which thought forms are being developed and all kinds of spiritual ministry is going forth to do the will of God, but today I give you the same message that I preached years ago, and I give it to you in a different form, there is a unification of the force called Christ that exists in each of us, and every time we gather, even if we are the same people, it may not be the same, He may not be that strong in you some day, or the Lord may be doing something else through us that day.


There is a continuous movement just like there is continuous movement of the planets in the physical world, there is a continuous movement of Christ in the individual, and of the Sefirot on all of the other different levels of God. When the Lord wants to accomplish something, we are waiting for a miracle right now, we are waiting for a building to be signed over us, when the Lord wants to accomplish something, He knows, I do not have this knowledge at this time, which forces He has to put together, to create the level of energy that is going to influence everybody involved to do their part so that the will of the Lord comes to pass in the earth.


When men do this in the world, it is called witchcraft. There are people who do this, I do not know how to do it you know, but there are people who do it, some people say they are in Christ, some people know that they are not in Christ, and there are prayers that they pray and incantations that they pray, and they call forth or they invoke spiritual forces to accomplish or to bring to pass what they want to bring to pass in this world to get a woman that they want to marry them, to get the job that they want, to bring prosperity into their life, to bring fertility to a barren woman, this is what witches do, they gather and apparently succeed at controlling spiritual forces that manifest in the physical world.


Everything that God does is counterfeited by Satan in this world, God does the same thing. Everything that happens as a result of the unification of forces, I have been telling you for years there are no accidents, you hear about a big crash on the highway, or an airplane crash, there have been for something like that to happen, there has been a unification of negative energy that may have been building up for a long period of time, that some intelligent energy has gathered together and applied to that situation, what intelligent energy Sheila? Maybe someone who really hates you. You think there is no hate in this world? If the person's mind is strong enough it does forth and if there is already enough negative energy gathered together towards that person, that one more hatred can be enough to slam them into a car accident.


Sheila that is terrifying, you are scaring me. I am sorry I am telling you the truth, you better get a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, you do not have to be afraid about dying and going to hell, you are in hell, you are in hell right now, and you better get a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and you better start looking at your sins and covering them up so that Satan loses the little ground that she has to do that to you, and you better get yourself a protector in this world, because I am telling you the truth, that is what it is all about.


The unification of forces, the unification of forces to do good and the unification of forces to do evil. Satan is very busy in this world unifying forces to do evil, and every human being that is born is Satan's potential to do evil, that is the truth, every baby that is born is Satan's potential to do evil, get your babies dedicating to the Lord, serve Jesus Christ and receive and learn to love Him, do not just do it out of fear, learn to love Him and honor Him for what He does for us, and He will protect you, it is called blessings as opposed to curses. Now we see the third energy center has emerged, we have a fetus or a young child, with Cain dominating Abel, lust is rampant, some adults, some people grow into physical adulthood and never get past their lust, and at some point we see the will, let me make this point to you, see, in this ascension, in this climb into the higher energy centers, you do not leave the energy center below, the first energy center does not disappear because now our consciousness is manifesting out of the third energy center, the first energy center and the second energy center continue to exist on their levels of consciousness, and you can always fall down.


I believe an adult person or an adult child that is beyond infancy okay that falls down into the first energy center is an autistic person, that is what a severe autistic person is, to some degree they have fallen back down, I know there highly functional autistic children, but some autistic children are completely incommunicable, you cannot communicate with them at all, they are in their own world and they just sit there and rot, where are they? Their consciousness is down in the first energy center, their consciousness is still in utero, and that is why they are rocking, the rocking movement that a fetus feels when the mother walks and they are in the water and they are rocking, that is why autistic children walk or at least autistic on that level. Their consciousness has fallen down to pre-birth. There is psychiatric state called catatonic, you can become catatonic, you go inward to such a degree that you lose all contact with the outside world. What happened to them, where did they go? I saw a movie about autistic children once, and the mother was trying to communicate with her child, and the child was if the mother was not even there, and the mother was saying to the child, where are you? Consciously and spiritually the child had returned to the first energy center where he was in utero.


That obviously is not a normal thing, Satan can only do that under certain conditions. We see that the first and second energy center still exists, and the second energy center is the subterranean center known as Satan's sea okay, even though the animal nature has ascended up to the third energy center, the second energy center still exists, and Cain has roots in the second energy center, Cain is our evil side, every human being is good and evil.


We see that Satan which is still a force, still an energy force, at some point rises up to unify with the energy of the third energy center, and the legal ground by which she can do that is lust. Because Abel is under the dominion of Cain, righteousness is not appearing, what is appearing is lust is appearing and if this person is not adequately resisting their lust or having their lust controlled. Brethren, if you are a parent, you have the authority to control your children's lust, if they have a lust to overeat, you have the authority to tell them they cannot overeat, if they have a lust to ride their bike twenty four hours a day, you have a right to tell them they have to do their homework and go to sleep.


That is why the Scripture says, If you do not discipline your children you hate them, because when you leave them to their lusts, they became fair targets for Satan.


We see in the condition of this child or this adult, that Abel is still completely dead, and the evil animal nature has already unified with the lust of Abel who is powerless to do anything about it, and the person or the child is manifesting lust towards some end that will destroy them, okay, Satan takes advantage of that opportunity, that the person whose consciousness is living out of the third energy center, is an open door for unification with another evil force, Satan rises up not missing the opportunity and unifies with the third energy center.


If you are not disciplining your children, this is what you have left your children open to, and the result or the fruit of this unification, see there is always a change, every unification produces a new entity, and if you ever get around to studying quantum mechanics or if not take my word for it, quantum mechanics is the study of the interaction of subatomic particles which in this world are continuously crashing into one another, and when they crash, when two particles crash into one another they can produce two or three or four new particles, that is what is happening here. Satan is unifying with Cain who is possessing Abel's energy, there is an interaction between two subatomic particles and the fruit is a swarming mass of spiritual insects, a mass of new particles that go forth that have the power to ascend higher.


Remember, what we are dealing with here is the spiritually ascended man, okay, why does Satan want to go higher? Because in this spiritually ascended man, now this is the spiritually ascended man in Christ who is not judging his sins, Christ is standing in the left side of the heart center, why is Christ standing there, how did Christ get in the left side of the heart center? This Jewish person or this Christian person who is studying spiritual doctrine has placed themselves in some form of spiritual discipline under some teacher.


Everybody in this ministry that is submitted to me, if you do not have the power, if Christ is not standing, when Christ stands, He stands in the heart center, in the left side of the heart center, okay, if Christ is not standing in you because of your own relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, He will stand, because Christ in me will stand Him up in the left side of your heart center and hold Him up there until you become strong enough or He becomes strong enough to stand by Himself, until your righteousness or until your lack of righteousness in your mind is dealt with to the degree that Christ can stand on his own. What does it mean that Christ is standing?


It means that you are thinking with the mind of Christ, it means that you can distinguish between good and evil, it means that you can recognize righteous judgment, that you can see your own sins, that you can function in the spiritual world without being destroyed, that is a sign that Christ is standing in you, if you cannot say amen to these things, then you need to be under a teacher, a God ordained teacher that God has directed you to so that Christ in you can stand up and you can be instructed and strengthened to the point that eventually you will be doing it on your own.


This is a spiritually ascended man because he is studying the Scripture, at the very least he is in a synagogue or he is going to a church, and he is under some kind of an anointing that is pouring down, and Christ is formed in him. Going back to other messages that we have preached, there is two ways that Christ could be standing in you, I mean He could be standing in you because you are under a teacher, but also we found out that the imputed Christ can emerge in a man who has found the Holy Spirit, he has found Jesus and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in his life and he is pursuing God with such a strength that an imputed Christ forms in him, and that imputed Christ is called the fruit of the Spirit, the fruit of the Spirit is Christ in you without a root.


That is another way that you could have an imputed Christ formed in you. You could be just a person, this could be a chart of just a person that is going to church, reading the Bible every day, gobbling up every bit of knowledge and experience with Christ that they can, you can find an imputed Christ standing in the left side of your heart center, and Christ in the left side of your heart center is strong enough to dominate Cain, because the heart center is the fourth center, and Christ in the fourth center is strong enough to dominate Cain who is dominating Abel, and in then this person's life is covered you see, it is sort of hard for Satan to get in there and become spiritual insects if Christ is fully doing the job from the left side of the heart center.


The man who has Christ formed in him because of his pursuit of the Lord Jesus, the man in whom the imputed Christ is in the form of the fruit of the Spirit, okay, if his sins are not being judged in his third energy center, he is still filled with lust you see, he may not be doing the lust, he may not be fornicating, he may not be committing adultery, but there is lust that comes out of the subconscious part of the mind that if he is not dealing with, Satan will be able to pull this off, Satan will be able to unify, Satan in the second energy center will able to unify with Cain in the third energy center if this young immature Christ in the left side of the heart center is not dealing with the sin nature on the subconscious and unconscious level.


If the imputed Christ in you has emerged because you just love the Spirit of God and you are in church all of the time and you are casting out demons and you are studying and you are listening to messages but you do not know anything at all about judging the subconscious and unconscious parts of your mind, you are very vulnerable to this happening to you and your condition is the very reason that Satan is rising out of the, what condition? Your condition of having an imputed Christ, okay, is Satan's very motivation to ascend out of the second energy center and unify with Cain in the third energy center, so that this mass or swarm of spiritual insects so that Satan can be converted through the unification into the swarm of spiritual insects which can fly above the authority of the imputed Christ in the fourth energy center and she flies all of the way up to the sixth energy center, that is her motive for doing it, that is why she wants to become a spiritual insect, and that is why she wants to ascend to overshadow and not only stop the Christ in the left side of the heart center but to consume His energy.


Brethren, as this world is a jungle, and everybody is eating everybody's flesh in this world, we eat the flesh of animals, we eat the flesh of plants, wild animals eat the flesh of each other, spiritually speaking, every time we take advantage of somebody or are dishonest with them, we eat their flesh, this whole world is consuming itself, and in the same manner, these spiritual forces are all consuming each other, everybody is starving because the divided and separated from God, who is the ultimate source of food, if we were connected to God we would not have to be eating each other, it would be, if we in an appropriate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, He feeds us on a regular cycle, see. Praise the Lord.


The person that has an imputed Christ because you are under a teacher, now, you are in a much better condition, see, if you are submitting to the teacher who is, and I am talking about, not just any pastor, someone who God has raised up to show you your sins, if your sins are being revealed to you, and you are adequately dealing with them, and you are taking the godly counsel of the teacher that the Lord has put you under, hopefully this unification of Satan in the second energy center and Cain in the third energy center will not take place, and who do we know that it is has taken place? When Christ in you falls down, because if the unification takes place and the spiritual insects are born, and they ascend up to the brow energy center, and we will get into the details of that in a minute, and consume Christ, there has to be destruction in your life, but of course at the very least your teacher will be telling you something is very wrong in your life, but if that does not help you, you will go into some form of destruction. Now do not get scared, because it is going to happen whether you know about it or not, you might as well know about it and stop it. I am not saying you are going to have a car accident on the highway, you will lose some spiritual ground, hopefully that is all that will happen to you, but who wants to lose spiritual ground?


What has the Lord established here today? We are getting a lot of revelation today, you may not know it but I have preached a lot that I have never heard before, so there is a lot of good stuff coming forth today. The Lord has just revealed to us that there are two kinds of imputed Christ, okay, some men have the pursue the Lord to the point that the fruit if formed in them, but they do not really know what they are supposed to do with it, and usually what I have seen in most people that come to this place is that their pride gets out of control and they think that they have a big ministry and they go out looking for people to teach and counsel, and they are teaching, but they are teaching and counseling out of their carnal mind, and they are puffed up and they absolutely vulnerable to being cast down by the ascended Satan, and you may recall that, that is what happened to the pastor in the account in Matthew 8, he was cast down, his sin was revealed and he fell, he spiritually fell down as a result of the spiritual ascension where he became top heavy with the evil aspect of his nature.


All men are good and evil, and when you get enough of the evil ascended into the highest centers, you become top heavy with evil, and what happened to the pastor in Matthew 8 was that he fell into some kind of sin, we do not know, the Scripture does not say why, but he fell into some kind of sin that became obvious to the whole congregation.


Usually in our society the pastor runs away with the organist, or he steals from the church, it usually one of those two things, some kind of sexual problem or money. Everybody okay with this so far? Okay. You have a question?


COMMENT: It is just to ask the question about Cain and Abel, if Cain has Satan's nature, what is Abel?


PASTOR VITALE: Abel is the spiritual aspect of our fallen nature that has the potential to be resurrected as Adam, he is our spiritual side, okay, because initially Adam was joined to the earth, Adam's wife or the woman that he was joined to was the earth and the earth has its own nature, Adam was spiritual in the nature of Jehovah and those two forces, the forces of the earth and the forces of Jehovah's Spirit were unified to form a visible being, okay so there were two natures that were unified, and when Adam died, Adam was in immortal, and when he died, his mortal residue or Cain and Abel, Cain representing the nature of the earth, and Abel representing the nature of the spiritual man Adam, did I make that clear? Okay.


Of course initially Adam, the spiritual nature of Adam was ruling over the intelligent energy of the earth that he was mixed with, but when he fell, everything was reversed, and now the intelligent nature of the earth in the form of Cain is ruling over the spiritual nature of Adam who was just lying there powerless, but Abel is still present and he still is a source of energy, so Cain by ruling over Abel is possessing the double energy, Cain is possessing the energy of the earth and he is possessing the energy of the spiritual aspect of the creation, and the authority that is ruling the unified whole is now no longer the righteous Adam but the unrighteous Cain, okay? Okay.


We see that the average man, the nature of the fallen man is lust, you know lust and pride, so we see even though someone has Christ ascended and standing in the left side of the heart center, we are still vulnerable because of our fallen nature, you see, and I do not think I am going to re-preach the whole thing, but just to remind you, it is Satan on the right side of the heart center, Satan possesses the right side of the heart center and when Adam stands on the left side, it is called dry ground because where Satan is, is wet ground, she is the sea, and I do not think I am going to say any more than that today, we have a hundred messages on it.


Our board says, the imputed Adam which is also known as Christ, when I say the imputed Adam, that means Adam has risen from the dead out of his root system, Adam is the tree of life and his root system is Abel, and we are told in the book of Job, even though a tree be cut down, as long as that stump, as long as that root stays in the ground, when just the scent of water comes, okay, of course water over here is the, well Chesed is kindness and also there is wisdom is water, when the grade of God that is identified as water comes and unifies with that stump in the ground which is Abel, Adam rises from the dead, that is what Christ is doing for us, He is causing Adam to rise from the dead, and Adam is the tree of life.


As soon as Adam rises from the dead, the war begins, and who are the combatants in the war, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the tree of knowledge is supposed to be and was initially under the dominion of the tree of life, but the tree of knowledge broke away from the authority of the tree of life and set up a creation on its own foundation we are told in the book of Zechariah, and the tree of knowledge became the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, so as soon as Adam is raised from the dead, Adam's assignment is to get that tree back, get that tree of the knowledge of good and evil back under your authority, and these trees exist in the people.


We are all born with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, if the tree of life is raised in you, you are man at war, you are a spiritual man at war, if that tree of life is raised in you. We see that even though this person loves Jesus, both the person who has Adam formed because of the fruit of the Spirit is formed in him and the people who have Adam formed in the left side of the heart center because they have submitted to a teacher. Let me tell you, it is very possible to be submitted to a teacher because the Lord has touched you with this message and you believe it and you have agreed to submit yourself to that teacher and never ever have any sign of the fruit of the Spirit at all.


I see a lot of people in this walk that do not have the fruit of the Spirit but they have recognized that there is something wrong in their life and they want help from God, so they have submitted to me and we are in this war together, see, so you are almost better off not having the fruit of the Spirit because the people that wind up with an imputed Christ because they just seem to be so good and kind, but they do not have this message, they are in more danger than the wicked people that recognize that they are wicked and they have submitted to a teacher. Praise the Lord.


The spiritual insects are flying, okay, well perhaps I never really thought about this before but maybe it is the spiritual insects that produce the water in the right side of the heart center, I never really saw it that way before but that would make sense, that Satan takes a pit stop on the right side of the heart center and possesses that to the fullest degree that she can, and then she continues to ascend and in the heart center, we see Christ dominates the fiery Serpent in the belly from here, so Satan ascends above the heart center to dominate Christ, these spiritual insects, they fly, they pass the throat center.


Leviathan is in the throat energy center which is the fifth center, Leviathan is in the throat, okay, the Leviathan is the voice that speaks through the natural man, and unfortunately Leviathan is the voice that speaks through many Christians, you know.


The throat center is an important center, both Christ and Leviathan are fighting to speak through your mouth, and I tell the brethren here all of the time, Satan will enter into your mind right in the midst of a holy meeting like this, and challenge you to speak something out of order that will interfere with what God is doing here, and that all of you are challenged to stand at that door.


Jehovah said to Cain, sin lies at the door, and if you do well, things will go okay with you, but if you do not do well, you are going to fall into sin, and what is this doing well talking about? Are you going to agree with her thought, are you going to speak out of turn, are you going to be disorderly in a meeting, or are you going to stand at that door and fight and say, Satan I am not going to let you in and I am not going to do what you tell me, you cannot get through that door, and if you are not doing this, then the person in charge of the meeting has to rebuke you.


Just like I said about your children, if you are not defending your children, they are going to be wide open to the unification of Satan's force of the second energy center which by the way is likened to the libido, the lust in the second energy center which it usually manifests as the sex drive, but the libido is more than sex, it is the unbridled passions of man coming out of the unconscious part of the mind, that is what the libido is. You cannot go out and kill that person, you cannot have sex with that woman, you cannot have sex, you cannot have sex with that man, you cannot kill the person, you cannot rob him, you must learn to restrain yourself. All of these passions come out of the unconscious part of the mind, which is the second energy center.


Praise the Lord. We see that as this message is unfolding that the third energy center must be the subconscious part of the mind, that the lust is coming out of the subconscious part of the mind, and by the time we get to the heart center, that is the conscious mind, we are already in touch with what we are feeling here, but to be in the heart center without wisdom is very dangerous because we see the two sides, Christ if he is there on the left side, and Satan on the right side, you have an evil angel on one shoulder and the good angel on the other shoulder, that is it right there in the heart center, that is your challenge.


It is very important, who is in the throat center which is above the heart center is very important. Over here on the right side of the board, we see that Christ speaks from Binah which is the world to come, Christ speaks through Binah, and understanding and intelligence all come through Binah. In the natural man, I do not who is in your throat center, if Christ is not ascended in you or if you do not the Glorified Jesus Christ, the best that you can hope for is that Leviathan in your throat center has been raised, that you have been raised by someone who has imparted morals to you and ethics to you and taught, your natural man has taught Leviathan in you how to lead a decent life, that is the best you can hope for.


Even if that has been your experience that you have been trained up to be what we would call a godly person and live a godly lifestyle, if Satan can ascend because of lust in you and let me tell you something, this lust can be repressed, this is the whole issue if you repress your sin, Satan can still rise, it is not enough to say, I do not want, I am not going to do it, I am not going to do it, and I do not want to look at it, Satan is going to rise right up to the top, you have got to confront her, you have got to turn and you have got to admit that, that thought appeared in you, and that, that thought is sin, and you have got to fight with it and struggle with it and talk to it and tell it, you cannot live in me and I will punish you every time I see you. Then she cannot ascend.


When you just turned your back on it, and think it is sufficient to not do it, or to not say it, you have given her free passage to the higher centers, and once she gets up to the higher centers, what is going to happen, you will lose your power to say, I am not going to do it, and that is enough. Do you hear that? I am going to say that again.


If you do not look at your sins, and recognize that, that thought or that desire or that evil impulse came out of you and talked to that sin nature, and rebuke her and punish her, if you choose to go into denial, and think that you are okay because you did not do it, or you did not say it, you may not do it or say it, but you have not blocked Satan's passage, and she will continue to ascend in you until she gets up to the brow center, and when she gets up to the brow center, and unifies with the spiritual force called Leviathan, when Satan marries Leviathan.


You will lose your power to say, I refuse to do it. It is essential, this message is essential, you must understand and believe that you must stop Satan when she is in her lowest, when she, if you cannot see her when she is in the unconscious part of your mind which is the second center, you must stop her when she is in the third center, you must stop her from rising to the sixth center from where she will cause you to lose your power, your power to say no to her evil suggestions. We see the insects flying all the way up to the, bypassing the throat center, okay, and now this is interesting because the Lord just taught us this recently, I never would understand why Satan would fly up to the brow center which is the sixth center and marry Leviathan from there, but we understand, the Lord taught us in the message called "The Scapegoat", that Satan is the spiritual female, she is the wife of Leviathan, and all of these years that I am preaching the doctrine of Christ, even though I knew that Satan was female, and I knew that Leviathan was the Serpent's male organ in mankind, I always thought that Satan was male to Leviathan, but we found out in the message called "The Scapegoat", that Satan is Leviathan's wife, and that Leviathan is the male, the spiritual male of the fallen man, but Satan is doing the same thing that she did before the fall and the female is even in the fallen state where Satan, where the Serpent rules over this fallen world, Satan, the female is dominating the male just as she tried to dominate Christ, the Serpent, the female dominated Adam in the garden, and yes I know it was the woman who was seduced, but it was Adam in his female condition that was seduced, and I cannot re-preach that whole thing, okay, the female overthrew the male aspect that was in the garden, the Adam that was in the garden was the female aspect of Adam Kadmon, a higher Adam, but even in that lower world, there was a male and a female aspect, and it was the female Adam that was overthrown by the Serpent, the female aspect in the garden, and I cannot re-preach that whole thing now, but even in the fallen world, Satan or the Serpent got her way, she overthrew the creation, she turned it inside out and turned it upside down, and she made, and now the female rules over this fallen creation, but even the male and female that the Serpent set up in this world, the female still engaged in her illegal activity of dominating the male, I hope I made that clear, did I make that clear, I did not make it clear? Okay


When the Serpent overthrew, okay let me start from this place, in the original form of the creation which was much higher than we are, okay, the creation began with an entity called Adam Kadmon and he had a female and a male aspect, and both the female and the male aspect were called Adam because that was the way it was set up, it was the male Adam and the female Adam, and this was demonstrated in the book of Genesis, you can find it if you want to take the time to look it up, one of the first things the Lord ever showed me was that Jehovah put Adam in the garden twice, and each time if you find that in the book of Genesis, where Jehovah put Adam in the garden twice, the English word "put" appears twice, but is a rendition of two different Hebrew words, and Jehovah put Adam, put the imputed Adam in the garden and then Jehovah put the imparted Adam in the garden.


We had a female imputed and a male imparted Adam, and it was the female Adam that was overthrown, and Kabbalistically speaking every entity is male and female, so the male Adam existed on a higher a plane of, existed in the garden on a higher plane of consciousness. The Adam that was overthrown, the female Adam, was Adam on a lower plane of consciousness, but the Adam on a lower plane of consciousness also had his female in Kabbalah every male has its female, and we see that with the parable of the animals going on the ark, every male had its female. The female of the lower Adam which was the female Adam, the female of the female Adam is what the Scripture or what the parable calls the Serpent. The female of the female Adam that was overthrown, okay, rose up and overthrew her authority, turned the whole world inside out, and upside down, and this world as it exists today is ruled by a female mentality. That is why so many pagan religions have female dominance, stories about the amazons, and when Christianity came in, it put the male in authority over the female and I guess I cannot preach all of this now, this is only under the curse you see, in Christ Jesus every male and every female, physical male and physical female, have the authority to have a relation, or not the authority but have the opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus Christ which when it comes to certain level of maturity, makes that physical person spiritually male, you see. Now when you are a physical female and you become spiritually male, it causes some problems in your marriage, you see because your husband, your physically male husband is still the head of the family and you must give him that respect, you must give him that respect, you see, but the Lord will show you how overcome this difficult situation and especially if the man does not understand what has happened to you, you know.


What is happening to me brethren is I am getting very tired, I am going to try to finish out this thought and then we are going to break for dinner, I did not even realize how late it was. We have a physical world where the natural tendency is towards female dominance. You see it happening in this country, as all of the restraints of Christianity are being torn down in this nation, what you see evolving is female dominance. I am not talking about women going forward and becoming mature and even if you are not in Christ, I am not talking about a woman becoming a lawyer or a doctor, there is nothing wrong with that at all, that is not what I am talking about, I am talking about role reversal in the God ordained relationships between men and women, okay, and there are God ordained rules, spiritual rules in how men and women relate to one another.


If you are female boss and you have a man working for you, you have a natural authority, you are not supposed to be domineering to anybody but you have a natural authority within certain parameters to rule over that man as his boss, I am not talking about that, I am talking about the male female relationship which is a sexual relationship, that is what I am talking about, the woman is not supposed to dominate in a sexual relationship or in marital relationship, and in particular the sexual relationship, and all you see, you see all over our society today that, that sexual relationship is being completely perverted in the form of sexual activity that is going on, the man is supposed to be the dominate force satisfying the passive woman, and that is completely reversed, just look at the advertisements, the woman on top, I mean I do not want to get too graphic, but the women have become very aggressive, one party of a team of two cannot become aggressive without diminishing the aggression of the other party.


For women to become sexually aggressive, the male must become more passive, and if you just look at the perversion that is out there today, you will see how the man is being forced into a passive position and being told that it is a good thing, laying on the back and letting the woman satisfy him, this is, it has spiritual ramifications that destroy one's spiritual manhood, I do not think I want to say any more than that, but it is what is going on today.


Somebody told me a story just recently that a young couple wanted to get married, and neither of them were particular religious and they wanted to get married quickly, so they could not get a pastor, they were Christians, like secularized Christians, they were looking for a pastor to marry them and they could not make arrangements, so they did not care who it was, and they found this woman clergyman, a female clergyman to marry them, and they never even bothered to find out what denomination she was or who she was, well she turned out to be a wiccan, you know that is a witch, a wiccan is a form of witchcraft, and witchcraft is legal in this country today, so she had herself advertised as a clergyman legally, not according to God but according to the laws of the land, she was a clergyman. They were standing there while she is performing this ceremony, and she is saying to the man, "Do you promise to obey her?" you know, the whole wedding ceremony was reversed with the woman in the dominate role.


I was listening to Rush Limbaugh not too long ago and a man called in and he was telling Rush, the issue was making large expensive expenditures in a marriage, and the man was saying that he now has worked this out with his wife, that he does not buy anything unless she approves and his whole speech was as if he was in the female role, it was bazaar. Now I believe that in a marriage, especially when the woman is emancipated, if she is matured, some women are very childish, that is just the truth, I am an emancipated woman, I am just telling you the truth, some women are very childish, if the woman is matured, if she works, if she is educated, you should treat your wife if you are a man with the utmost respect, and every decision that you make should be a decision that you both agree to, you should discuss it and agree to it, you should not be ruling or reigning over her like you are a king, okay, sometimes if you have a very immature wife, you may have to do that, that is an individual situation, but for the woman to be in that dominate role with a male that is forced into the female position is a perversion, it is a homosexual spirit, even though the physical act may not be homosexual is an abomination to the Lord, and Rush Limbaugh, listen to this man, he said to him, "Are you really satisfied with this?" And he said, Yeah, this way I do not make any mistakes, I do not have any arguments with my wife, I do not have any problems, she controls everything, we are all happy Although I do not consider that ideal, if a man and a woman have that arrangement, if the woman decides that she wants her husband to run everything in the marriage and he agrees, that is okay, but the other way around is an abomination, a complete abomination, did I make myself clear, I am not against women, I am not putting women in bondage, I am just looking at what is going on out there, there is a female dominate spirit ruling across the land, and it is pressing very hard the manhood, the Christian manhood, well maybe not all men, but it is at its worst in the Christian countries.


I think it was you yesterday that told me you read somewhere that it is a big problem with males, that they do not want to go on with school and they are, and what was that? The teenagers, the male teenagers, teenage boys, that years ago you know a boy was raised up he was told, "well you are going to have to support a wife and family someday, you better get out there and get an education and get a career, and these days the teenage boys do not want to go to school, you know, and I have seen the evolution, and I am not saying anything is right, I am someone who comments on society, okay, I am not saying what is right or wrong, except if it is a real perversion, years ago, you know, it used to be, you were hear men saying, I want a wife that is going to be home, men use to fight with their wives to stay home and stay in the house and be there when they come home, and I am not saying that was good or bad, then women started in this country anyway, started getting educated and wanting careers and, the first women who did this, okay, I have read their books and magazine articles, they never married, because they could not find a man who would put up with this, but they broke the frontier, and now after that, things changed, men changed, and they started, a lot of men, not all of them, started excepting women with careers, and now it is not all in this country to see men with babies in the supermarket, and they are sharing the household duties so that their wife can work, and that lasted for ten or fifteen years, and now it is going all of the way to the other side, you see men staying home, giving up their jobs and becoming house husbands okay, and women fully in the male role, and I do not think that is a healthy situation, there is someone in my family who does that right now, he could not get a job and that was their agreement.


There is something not right about that, for the man to be in the traditionally female role, it is okay if he is sharing it, but you see, that is why the Scripture is really against partnerships, because nothing ever stays equal, it is the tendency of fallen man for an authority figure either positive or tyrannical to rise to the surface, people are just not equal, they do not stay equal, situations do not stay equal, if you do not have a God appointed authority over a family or a marriage or a situation, the ungodly authority will rise and take control, it is just human nature.


And the Lord Jesus said, and Jehovah said, the man is the head of the woman in the family situation, and that is the situation that will produce healthy children and a healthy lifestyle for you, and the whole country and probably the whole western world, but I do not know that much about Europe, are moving in to female dominance which is associated with pagan religion, praise the Lord.


Let me see if I can finish this out, let me see how much more we have here. The throat center, Leviathan is in the throat center, but Satan bypasses Leviathan because she is dominating her own husband even in this fallen world, even in this fallen world, the female is still dominating the male, even though the world turned upside down, and the world before the fall where the man was in charge and the woman rebelled, you might think that in this fallen world, well now the female would be in control, okay, and dominate the male, that, that would be the natural state of being, maybe it is the natural state of being, I know what came forth in "The Scapegoat" was that, well maybe, that is interesting, you know lots of times when the Lord gives me revelation, it comes out in pieces, so what came out in "The Scapegoat" was that Satan really is the female and she was rebelling against her husband just as she rebelled against Adam in the garden. What seems to be coming to me now is that it is not even a rebellion, that in this fallen world, the natural state is that the female dominates. Does everybody understand what I just said? Did I make it clear? Okay.


Satan even though she is the female in the fallen spiritual world, she rules over her husband, so she ascends above her husband to the brow center, Satan occupies the brow center which is a very supernatural place, that is a very high center, the brow center, from where she dominates Leviathan her husband, which we now know is the natural state in the fallen spiritual world, and their unified force, their unified force, this is the key word the Lord is hitting home, their unified force consumes Christ in the heart center, the imputed Christ will not stand under the unified force of Satan and Leviathan, the only exception being, if the imputed Christ in the heart center is under a teacher that is equipped by Jesus Christ to defend you. The imputed Christ that is formed in the person that just loved Jesus and developed the fruit of the spirit will never stand, will never stand, under the authority of the unified Satan and Leviathan, okay, it will never happen.


When the Scripture says, I think it was Jesus who said it, "The fields are white to harvest, but there are no laborers", this is what he was talking about, the church is filled with people that have an imputed Christ in the left side of their heart center, but they are not receiving this message, the sins in the subconscious and the unconscious part of their mind are not being exposed, or if they are being exposed, they are being denied, and Satan is rising, and Satan is the flood waters, I preached that a long time ago, everybody is waiting for a physical flood, it is a spiritual flood, Satan's sea from the second energy center rising is Noah's' flood happening in the spirit, it is happening today, Satan is the spiritual urine, it is happening nationally, it is happening internationally, and it is happening in the individual, but it does not have to be happening in you or me, if we are in Christ, but it is happening all around us, and Satan is the flood waters and she is rising up to the brow center, from where she will marry Leviathan in the individual and in the nation, that is what is happening to our nation, Satan has ascended into the brow center of our nation and of the Christian world, and she is unified with Leviathan in the throat center you can hear the garbage coming out of people's mouths.


Satan is now controlling her husband in the throat center and they are in the process of destroying the imputed Christ that has existed in this world and in Great Britain and in Europe for a very long time, that is what is happening. If you are looking around and saying, what is happening? That is what is happening, Noah's flood, and the only hope for the world right now is that the Lord Jesus has a handful of people in whom Christ is standing in the left side of the heart center under his authority that will not go down under this unified force of Satan and Leviathan, and not only will Christ not go down, but from that position, He is waging war against this unified force over here and the name of that unified force is Pharaoh okay, but even more than that, the Lord Jesus Christ has a son in the earth.


Jehovah said to Abraham, "I will not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if you could just give me what was it ten righteous men? Just show me ten righteous men, show me a man standing in the ten Sefirot, show me a completed man living out of whose consciousness is coming out of the full unified power of the ten Sefirot, and I will not destroy the land. Well do you think that Jehovah was just being frivolous and saying, well if you could show me ten men I will not destroy the land? No, no, no, no, show me a man or men manifesting the unified force of the ten Sefirot and that man will destroy the wickedness, that man will overcome this wickedness, but the parable says, I will not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, but Jehovah was saying, "If just one man manifesting the unified power of God exists in that nation, Satan will fail, that is what Jehovah was saying to Abraham.


It was not a frivolous thing, show me ten men and I will save them, otherwise I am going to kill everybody. The Lord Jesus Christ has that man, that man Christ Jesus exists in this nation, United States of America today. At this point He is not fully mature yet, I do not know where He is on this chart, I do not know what center He is in, but He is not showing yet and we are told from our studies in Kabbalah that the name of this man is Zeir Anpin, we would call Him Christ Jesus and that He appears and develops in three stages, and that in the second stage, he is already actively opposing these forces, and actively influencing and political and world events, but he is invisible, nobody can see Him, and this spiritual man, Christ is manifesting and maturing in human beings, and He is actively, His prayers are actively influencing political and world events but nobody knows who He is, but there is a third stage of development in which He will become visible to the whole world Zeir Anpin or Christ Jesus I believe exists today and he is in the middle stage of development, He is influencing world events, He is fighting this wickedness, and He is affecting this wickedness and he is deterring this wickedness and turning it back, but nobody could see Him, and what the whole world is waiting for is this man or this group of men to be fully born, to have this Christ fully born in them, and I cannot even tell you where He will ascend to fully, on the right side of the board here, I am not even going to try it, we will see if it comes forth by revelation after dinner, but that man, that man in whom the unified ten Sefirot are manifesting is in the earth.


The full unification of all ten Sefirot is not yet accomplished, if it were, he would be in the third stage where everybody would see Him.


Moses divided the Red Sea, he had the ten Sefirot fully unified in him, so we can expect great miracles on a national level. We saw a manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the church, but the miracles are on an individual level healing and deliverance and individual lives set forth. What is about to appear in the earth and in the church are miracles of a national level, when Christ Jesus fully unified, manifesting the full unification of the ten Sefirot appears in a man or a group of men and it is coming soon, there will be national deliverance.


I believe first here, because I think it is going to come forth in the United States, then Great Britain and all of Christendom, there will be national deliverance. It is coming, we are not waiting for the rapture brethren, you know, and honestly look at the selfishness of that doctrine, the self-preservation, get me out of here before the tribulation comes, we are not waiting for any rapture, we are waiting for national deliverance to be wrought at the hands of that holy child who is being born in human beings.


I am a little excited just preaching this here today brethren, this is just really exciting, and the Lord is going to do it even if there is just a handful of us that believe it, because He is going to do it for His sake, for His name's sake, because this is possession and it is His creation and the United States is the only nation that was ever born and dedicated to the Lord, and He is going to do for Him so that He can have a name in the earth and the United States and Europe and all over the earth, the whole earth is coming under His nature and His law.


This whole creation is His, the Serpent stole it! I could hear the unbelieving mind say, Well, how could the Serpent steal God's creation? Because God's creation exists in many planes of consciousness, and what was stolen was the very lowest plane of consciousness. Remember what I told you before that God is so great that we could not even relate to Him, so He steps down in a variety of grades until he finds a grade that our puny brains can relate to Him, a level on which we can relate to Him? Well it was just that lowest level that was corrupted, God was not corrupted, Adam Kadmon was not corrupted, but the lower Adam that was going down, the Adam that was just before the level where he would appear, the lower was corrupted, God was not corrupted. Hallelujah, what a message.


We see I have the Serpent up here with a crown, because the Serpent exists on a high spiritual plane, of course not as high as Adam Kadmon, but he exists, the Serpent is a she, sits on a high spiritual plane, and it is the Serpent herself that incarnates in, that is an aspect of this seed, the seed called the fiery Serpent, and incarnates, it is that old Serpent, that ancient Serpent, that Serpent of old that is appearing today as Satan who is coming forth in the first energy center, and the Devil, and the Devil is the personality that is in agreement with their carnal mind, this is the Devil right here, this is the third energy center, that is the subconscious mind, that is the Devil, and the human being, the personality that agrees with the thoughts of Cain who is in agreement with the thoughts of Satan, is the Devil.


This is the big problem for the world and the church, the Devil is good and evil, Satan is good and evil, the whole of humanity is the Devil. I remember the day that I was, the church that I was being raised up in, that someone came and preached to us that the beast of Revelation is mankind, you know. Our pride is so thick that we cannot, that God has to talk to us in parables, because we cannot believe, we think we are all good, and we are all walking around deformed and dying and all, I am all mutilated inside, I had half my intestines chopped out, you have a tumor on your neck, everybody is all messed up from disease in their minds and in their physical body, and you watch on tv, sometimes I think I am losing my mind, I saw something on tv recently where they were showing how they were making all of these prosthetic devices so the people that were losing their arms and their legs in Iraq and Afghanistan and are saying, How wonderful this is that we have these prosthetic devices with false legs so people who have had their legs blown off of them, everybody is crazy, this world is hell, it is not supposed to be like this!


On the left side of the board, the destruction that mortal man will never, never, never overcome unless you have a savior in the midst of you, is this diagram on the left side of the board, you will never overcome your sin nature if you do not have your righteous nature in place, all you could do is divide your sin nature and Jesus clearly said, "A house divided will not stand", Satan cannot cast out Satan, the good side of Satan cannot cast out the evil side of Satan without destroying herself. Any deliverance that you think you have had, if you it is at the hands of the good side of Satan, you are deceived and you are going to die just like everybody else. Any questions before we break for dinner? Okay, God bless you all.


Praise the Lord we are back from dinner and we are going to finish up on drawing #1 by commenting on the right side of the board which is the ten Sefirot written in three columns Let me just remind you that the Kabbalistic teaching is that initially the first ten, the ten Sefirot first appeared in a straight line, as we see on the left side of the board, and as the energy centers are shown in Hindu teaching, the ten Sefirot, one under the other, each one under the other in a straight line, and those ten Sefirot shattered according to Kabbalistic philosophy because this relationship that they had with one another, one under the other did not permit each Sefirot to have an adequate relationship, okay, I am not going to be re-teaching that whole message right now, according to Kabbalistic philosophy, the ten Sefirot that originally appeared one underneath the other, resulted in those ten Sefirot shattering, and the reconstruction of the ten Sefirot in a configuration by which the ten Sefirot are able to relate to one another adequately is the configuration of the three columns which we see on the right side of the board.


We see that the Keter which I really did not comment much on the Keter earlier when looking at the left side of the board, I told you the Keter was or the Serpent was in a high spiritual place. Now of course I not comparing the Sefirah of God to the Sefirah of the fallen world, I am drawing an analogy between them to just give you an understanding, to try to give you an understanding of the fallen mind, but of course God is always higher than the Serpent, but for the purposes of an analogy, we see the Keter in the mind of God where the glorified Jesus Christ is today, and on the other side is the Serpent in a similar place, as far as the Serpent's kingdom goes, the Serpent is the Keter of the other side. As we descend we see Christ, we see wisdom, the next Sefirah down is Wisdom, or also known as Chokhmah, which I am representing by the all-seeing eye, or the third eye, and we see that appears as the sixth energy center.


The Hindu energy centers usually just appear as seven, although in some Hindu drawings we see them as ten and even as twelve, but in most Hindu drawings, they appear as seven, so I am trying to draw between the ten Sefirot of the Kabbalah and the seven energy centers of the Hindu teaching, and in order to have ten Sefirot on the left side where the Hindu doctrine is, I divided the belly energy center into two parts into Cain and Abel, and I divided the heart center into two parts. The analogy is, the crown center, both the left and the right side of the board is the Keter, on the right side of the board, #9 comes Chokhmah, which is called wisdom, and Chokhmah would be likened unto the brow energy center, and the Hindu diagram, and from wisdom we go over to understanding on the right side of the board, and understanding is the Sefirah from which God speaks of the understanding known as the Sefirah Binah is known as the world to come, and that can be, and we can draw an analogy between Binah and the world to come and Leviathan in the throat energy center, because Leviathan speaks through the throat energy center, that is called the fifth energy center of the Hindu configuration.


From there on the Hindu side we go to the heart center which is divided into the left and right side of the heart center, Satan occupies the right side of the heart center and Adam or Christ stands in the left side of the heart center, and that those two centers can be likened to the kindness on the right side of the board, kindness which is Chesed on the right, in harsh judgment which is Gevurah on the left. The whole principle here in this reconfiguration on the right side of the board is that this principle of the Sefirot appearing in three columns stabilizes and balances the Sefirot. We see that we have kindness on one side and harsh judgment on the other side, and in the balanced man, these two Sefirah meet in the middle column and appear as the Sefirah called Tiferet which is Jehovah's mercy, Jehovah's mercy the completely blended unified forces of the kindness of God and the harsh judgment of God, the harsh judgment of God is unto death without mercy, so the unification of kindness with harsh judgment, produces Jehovah's justice which is judgment with mercy, but it is still harsh judgment, you could still die from Jehovah's judgment.


Praise the Lord. After that from there we go to the judgment of the carnal mind can be likened to Netzach, and now over here we are dealing with the two sides of the third energy center which are Cain and Abel. Over here on the left side, on the left column of the right side of the board, we have the mind of Christ and the Sefirot is called Hod. This area that is identified as the Hod Sefirah on the right side of the board, can go either to the left or to the right, this third energy center from the Hindu point of view can either Cain or Abel, when Cain is ruling over Abel, we have the carnal mind which is in the nature of the Serpent, when Christ comes in, Christ joins to Abel who is lying dead under Cain's dominion and raises Abel up and Abel overturns Cain and now in the third energy center, when Abel is ruling because of the strength of Christ, we no longer have the carnal mind but we have the Christ mind appearing on the right side of the board, that is the Christ mind, and the Sefirah Netzach over here on the right side of the board is the Sefirah that is continuously judging the mind making sure that, that mind is the Christ mind and not the carnal mind.


All of these Sefirot, they are all parts of the nature and the mind of man. We see here that Netzach is the power of Christ in the form of judgment upon the mind that continuously, actually judgment upon Cain, actually or judgment upon the carnal mind, that assures that the Christ mind will always be the mind that is functioning in this individual, and individual on the right side of the board, we have on the right side of the board, what we are looking at, is the configuration of the salvation that is available to mankind through the indwelling Christ in you our hope of glorification.


When Christ is standing in the left side of your heart center, and judging Cain and all of the negative Sefirot underneath, this is what you are going to look like, you are going to be a manifestation of the glorified Jesus Christ, being revealed through Jehovah's justice, and the mind of Christ in the center here, you will have analogous to the second energy center which is Satan's sea and Cain the animal nature in the midst of it, you have Yesod, which is the Christ, the reproductive seed dwelling in the waters of Elohim. You may recall that Christ is the sperm aspect of Elohim, Elohim is Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, which has two sides to it, water and seed. The second energy center, the seed is Christ and the water is the fluid aspect of Elohim likened unto the second energy center, so we have the nature of Christ here in Yesod, in the form of the spiritual seed. The first energy center, it is the same, the same worm as on the left side, it is the female seed, it is called Malkhut, in the Kabbalah, and when the Malkhut is joined, or when the female seed is joined to the male seed as in human reproduction a new life comes forth, called the Zygote, the first cell of the new baby, we have the righteous woman of Revelation.


Malkhut under the influence of the household of God, or under the influence of Christ becomes the righteous woman of Proverbs, and this union together produces what Kabbalah calls the Sabbath, it is Christ married to your personality, produces miracles in your life, and those miracles are new souls, I received a new soul, I was dying when I came to the Lord, and this is the experience that the Lord gave me, He grafted Christ in me married my soul, and miracles came forth, I stopped dying and I began to live and a new soul, a new personality in the image of the righteous one began to appear in me. On the right side of the board we see what the church world would call the saved soul, or the soul which is in process of being saved, because we are not fully saved brethren, until we come out of the body, it is only irreversible when we come out of the body.


Just for your information I did draw in here something called Dat knowledge, Dat is not a Sefirah, it is called a semi-Sefirah which means it functions like a Sefirah but it is not really a Sefirah, and what is a Sefirah? A Sefirah is a vessel that contains a level or grade of energy of the Ayn Sof.


The Keter is not, it depends on what school of Kabbalah you subscribe to, in some schools of Kabbalah, the Keter is not counted as one of the ten Sefirot because the Keter is so high and so close to the Ayn Sof which is God, that it is not even considered an aspect of the ten Sefirot, but yet an aspect of the Keter is given unto the configuration of the human mind, and that aspect of the Keter that is given, it is called Dat and knowledge, and I am not going to go into it now, Dat I believe it is an element of wisdom, and an element of understanding that join together, I believe it is the Keter of wisdom, and the Keter of understanding, I may have that backwards, it is a high element of wisdom and understanding joining together that appears in the human being and takes the place of the ten Sefirot in the form of knowledge, and intelligence you may remember is the Malkhut of Binah, Tevunah.


What we need to survive in this world is basically in the higher Sefirah wisdom from Chokhmah, understanding, intelligence and knowledge from the Keter and Binah, and when those three are in place and Christ is in place, and the carnal mind is judged, and harsh judgment is tempered with kindness, we find what we call in the church the saved man, or the man in the image or in the process of being formed into the image of Christ, and this is the configuration of salvation, Christ in you, Christ in you our hope of glorification. Why would the Scripture say, the King James says, "the hope of glory"? Why do we have a hope of glorification? What is glorification? Glorification is the withdrawal of the spiritual man from the carcase or the shell of the physical body, and that is the true salvation, that is the completed salvation. Salvation is a process brethren.


What the church world calls salvation is the first contact of the Spirit of God with the fallen soul, which is really called reconciliation. When I was in my young and in combatant days I use to fight with people and tell them they were not saved, but I do not do that anymore, there is no value in upsetting people, if they want to believe they are saved, alright you’re saved in the process of being saved. Concerning the fall the Scripture says, dying you shall die, so the reverse is, saved, you’re in the process of being saved, but the process is not completed until your soul like a butterfly exiting the cocoon that it has gestated in, leaves or withdrawals from the physical body and survives, that is the end of salvation, praise the Lord. Are there any questions about drawing #1?


We are going to continue our commentary on the alternate translation right now, I just want to let those of you who have notes know that I will probably be changing some of the terms as we go along, it has nothing, this is an unfolding revelation, I preach by revelation and the Lord is continuously correcting my revelation, so if I change Satan for the fiery Serpent, it is just the Lord continuously refining the understanding that I have but you need to know that some aspect of the negative personality that we are talking about some aspect of the negative personality and the Lord is continuously increasing my understanding at to what aspect that is.


For your edification, what you need to survive these continuous corrections, it is just to know that it is just an aspect of the negative creation, that should be good enough for you, or if the day comes that I can completely reverse it and make it as aspect of the positive creation, this is the way it works, hopefully if you are listening to this message, your mature enough, to follow me as the Lord corrects me, and what I find so interesting, is that if my studies of quantum mechanics reveals that the scientists that are seeking to discover the forces of the universe and the mysteries of them, and to unify those forces, the scientists when they think they have the understanding of a particular force in the universe, they express that understanding of this force, but they call a physical force, okay, in the language of mathematics, in the form of an equation, of a mathematical equation, and if you read the literature on quantum mechanics, they talk about the corrections to quantum theory, they continuously make corrections to the quantum theory, okay, until they get it straight, and what is getting, at what point do they get it straight? At the point that they hold of the power.


We are doing the best we can to understand what the Lord is teaching us and the Lord is continuously, the Lord who is the scientist is continuously making corrections to my understanding which is, I am the one who is writing out the explanation of the force of the universe, I am the explanation to you, my teaching to you can be likened to the mathematical equation, that eventually when we get it right, will produce the creative power of the universe, that power which is able to fully cause us to be reformed in the righteous image of God, so the Lord is the scientist, I represent the mathematical equation, and my teaching represents the mathematical equation, the Lord is continuously making my new corrections to my theory or to my expression or to the equation which represent me, and at the moment that we hit exactly right, the power that everybody is waiting for will be released, and that power initially will heal this physical body, but that power will do a great deal more than heal problems with this body, that power when it is released will heal our mortality, it will heal the wound that causes us to die. Praise the Lord, that is very exciting, that is very exciting, this is what we are waiting for, the release of the power that will heal our wound.


Spiritually speaking there is a sword that has penetrated mortal man, and that sword actually is Leviathan, the male sexual organ of the Serpent, we are penetrated, mortal humanity is penetrated, and that sword must be removed from our belly. Belly in the Hebrew Scripture is a common euphemism for the womb. The sword of Leviathan must be removed from our spiritual wound which is in our mind, the spiritual sexual organs are a mind, we are penetrated, and because we are penetrated, because our spiritual aspect actually which is Abel is penetrated by the sword of the Serpent which is the Serpent's sexual organ, okay.


We are formed in the image of an animal, we have a bestial mind, and we die from generation to generation, so the Lord is seeking, the Lord Jesus Christ is seeking to remove that sword from our spiritual belly which is Abel, and replace that sword with His own male spiritual organ which is Christ in you, and the unification of that force, the unification of Christ with Abel is producing a level of restorative power in our life, but the ultimate union, the union of everything, the scientists are looking for a quantum theory of everything, of all of the forces of the universe, no matter how mature Christ, no matter what the degree of maturity that Christ arrives at in us, to accomplish the quantum theory of everything in human beings, okay, the expression of it in humanity, Christ in us must be more than fully joined to every aspect of our humanity, after Christ in us fully joins to every aspect of our humanity, He must then rejoin with the Glorified Jesus Christ.


This is a process, it is not an immediate thing, it is a process, He is simultaneously,


Christ in you is simultaneously being joined to every aspect of your personality and taking control and ruling over every aspect of your personality, that is what He is doing, this is what the exposure of sin is all about, it is exposed and then Christ moves, Christ in you moves to deal with it, and at some point, and I do not know what that point is, I do not believe that our sin nature has to be fully apprehended by Christ, I could be wrong, but I do not think so, I think we have to be doing the best we can, in the process that exposes the sin nature, and enables Christ to deal with us in those areas, simultaneously therewith, the Glorified Jesus Christ is moving to join with Christ in you, and at some point, that unification which is a penetration is going to reach a point where suddenly there will be such a burst forth, such an outburst of energy that the process will be completed, if you can hear what I am saying. It is a process on all sides, everything is happening simultaneously, all things work for the good for those who love the Lord, the penetration, the crushing of the carnal mind, the penetration is increasing, increasing, increasing, and then suddenly it is going to reach the point where the energy is going to be released. When it comes to nuclear power, when it comes to the atomic bomb okay, the force of gravitation is involved, what causes the nuclear explosion of an atomic bomb is that the atom itself is ripped to pieces, the electron the negative aspects of the atoms are ripped away from the nucleus, and that division of the atom causes what we know as atomic power or an atomic explosion.


Brethren, the electrons of an atom can be likened to our carnal mind, being ripped away from the nucleus which is our mortal foundation being ripped away from Cain and Abel, that is the explosion you see, but what is the power, where is the power that is going to rip the electrons which let us say is the carnal mind away from the nucleus of ourselves which is our own mortal foundation, what is going to rip those electrons away? It is the penetrating power of Christ Jesus penetrating into us, I am pressing on you, I am pressing on you, I am pressing on you, all of you here this is going on for years, I am pressing on you, one day I pray and hope and believe that there will be an explosion in your life, but I have been pressing on you here for a very long time, and one day, in one hour Babylon will fall, your carnal mind will just give up under the pressure and just sit down and Christ will soar forth in you, and that is your hope, I am doing my part, I believe you are doing your part, it has got to happen. Praise the Lord.


Let me just re-read to you verse 5:10, and then we will go on with verse 5:11, and I just remind you that these verses are not consecutive, I moved the verses around in order to bring forth a smooth rendition of what the Lord has revealed to me, He is telling us in these verses. Verse 5:10 says, alternate translation, "Now the fiery Serpent within Peter had increased into a form of spiritual insects in Peter's belly energy center and the spiritual insects had ascended up to Peter's brow energy center...", now remember these spiritual insects, they are a manifestation of Satan, Satan in the one that is arising to the position above her husband Leviathan for the specific purpose of engaging in an active spiritual sexual intercourse which union will, which unification of forces will create a burst of power or an atmosphere of power that will be strong enough to overshadow and consume the imputed Christ in the heart energy center, that is what this is all about, that is the battle ground, okay


"The spiritual insects had ascended up to Peter's brow energy center from where they married the mighty Leviathan or from where they, or from where Satan..." let us make that Satan, "from where Satan married the mighty Leviathan who was in Peter's throat energy center, and as soon as Peter submitted to Jesus", well the Lord just showed me an image in my mind concerning those fiery Serpents, have you ever seen a horror movie you know, there is nothing new under the sun, have you ever seen a horror movie where a witch is manifesting as a great bird, raven, and you see the flying bird descends and suddenly turns into a human being, have you ever seen anything like that?


These are the flying insects, Satan in the form of the flying insects ascends up to the brow energy center when she arrives there, she settles down and becomes Satan, and takes her position in mounting her husband, the great Leviathan, she mounts her husband and produces the act of spiritual sexual intercourse which releases the spiritual atmosphere that overshadows and has the power to consume the imputed Christ, if there is no intervention from a force more powerful than that unified force, is everybody with me? Okay.


The end of verse 5:10, "..where she married the mighty Leviathan who was in Peter's throat energy center, but as soon as Peter submitted to Jesus", listen brethren, I have been telling for a long time, the most powerful weapon you can manifest is confession of sins, repentance, which are submission to God, and submission to a godly leader or that the Lord has put you under is the equivalent, well the only way you can submit to that godly leader is through confession of sin and repentance, when you do that you have immediately defeated the powers and principalities in your own mind, through that act of submission which is confession and repentance, you have completely overturned or disannulled the power of this cloud that is standing poised to destroy whatever spiritual progress you have made. If you cannot, and we have seen that in this ministry, if you cannot find it within your heart to recognize the kind of authority that I am teaching that to believe that it truly exists in God's servant which in this case to those of you here in this meeting, are me, if you really cannot believe that, you have left yourself in the condition that we see on the left side of the board with an imputed Christ in the left side of the heart center which is not strong enough to overcome or resist the unified force of the ascended Satan who is married to Leviathan in your throat center, and what does that mean, the Christ in your heart center will begin to deteriorate, and that is what happening to the one person that we all know that this happening to.


If you cannot believe this message, and you cannot find in your relationship with Jesus a witness to what I am telling you, it will result in your separation from the cover that the Lord has put you under and whatever measure of Christ that you possess by yourself will never be able to stand under that cloud of atomic fall out, that is hovering over Christ, in your spiritual being, you will never stand.


You can find out that this is true the easy way by believing me and going before God and telling the Lord that you believe it, will you please give you the second witness, or you could find out the hard way by departing from us and waiting until Christ in you is consumed by that atomic fall out, and then when all of your hair is falling out, and you are suffering from radiation poisoning, maybe you will open your eyes and look up into heaven and say, Lord how did this happen to me?


Will the Lord restore you? Of course the Lord will destroy you, but would you rather be restored from a position of radiation poisoning where you are at the point of death or, would you rather be restored from a position that says, Lord I really cannot believe what she is telling me, but I am do what she tells me, I am going to tell you that I do believe it by faith, please give me the second witness, and if this is you, make it real in my heart. Which way is the intelligent way to go brethren? Praise the Lord.


"But as soon as Peter submitted to Jesus", verse 11, "Satan requested earnestly", I do not know whether that is Satan or Leviathan, so I am just going to let it go for now, I am going to make it Leviathan for now, Leviathan requested earnestly, that Jesus the holy city should not separate the married couple, so who is the married couple? Which married couple are we talking about?


Are we talking about Satan's marriage to Leviathan or are we talking about Leviathan's marriage to Cain, because Leviathan is married to Cain. Remember it is the same thing on the left side as on the right side. I said, Christ is fully married to the personality below, and then Christ fully joins with the Lord Jesus Christ above. Leviathan who is being married by Satan, by the ascended Satan is already penetrating Cain. I am just going to try and go on we will see if the Lord will give me the answer here. "But as soon as Peter submitted to Jesus, Leviathan earnestly requested Jesus the holy city should not separate the married couple.


You know I just said to you that Leviathan is penetrating Cain, and then Christ comes in and penetrates Abel, and pulls that sword, now Cain and Abel, they are one entity, so Christ comes in and He pulls the sword out of Cain and Abel, and that sword is Leviathan, Leviathan is penetrating that unity, Cain and Abel, and it is an act of spiritual sexual intercourse. I believe what the Scripture is saying is that it is either Satan, maybe pleads that Jesus does not break up this marriage between although you cannot really see it on the left side of the board, because it appears that the heart center is in the way, but we see it more over here on the right side of the board, where Tefiret, you cannot really see it on this drawing, so let me just leave it like this, that Leviathan is penetrating the belly energy center through her union with Cain. Let us just say Satan is saying, Please do not break up this marriage. I do not know who is making the plea right now but please do not break up this marriage between Leviathan whose penetrating Cain, do not pull that sword out of Cain, why? Because when the sword comes out Cain, the whole carnal mind is completely weakened and Christ begins to rule in the vessel. Who is pleading with Jesus, not to break up that marriage? I do not know whether it is Leviathan, Satan or Cain, we will see if I can figure it out by the time, or if the Lord tells us by the time I finish preaching, but I hope you understand that it is not, that the fact that I cannot tell you which principality is saying, Jesus do not break up the marriage, does not nullify this teaching, are you all okay with this? Okay.


We know, well I would be inclined to say that it would be Leviathan saying, Do not break up this marriage, do not separate me from Cain, well I am going to let it go, let us just go on and we will see what happens, is everybody with me, do you see my question here? Okay. Leviathan earnestly requested that Jesus the holy city should not separate the married couple, okay, if Jesus is the one that is separating the holy couple because Christ in Jesus is penetrating Abel, that means that somebody is begging, Do not separate Leviathan from Cain, so I am just going to say that it is Satan and go on.


"So Satan requested earnestly that Jesus the holy city should not separate the married couple, Cain and Leviathan."


I just would like to comment on Jesus being the holy city, the personality is the city that the mind and the spirit dwell in, we are all cities, we our personality is the new Jerusalem, we are the city, the new Jerusalem that the mind of Christ and the Spirit of Christ that is in the mind of Christ live in, we are cities for spiritual life, and Malkhut is the city for spiritual life, we are all Malkhut, we are the female seed, okay.


Verse 12, "But Jesus called to Abel within Peter, a member of the heard of mortal humanity saying, May we enter into your carnal mind that increased, or may we enter into your belly energy center that increased into a swarm of spiritual insects in Peter's belly, from where Satan ascended to the brow energy center, and from where she, Satan and Leviathan feed on the energy of Christ in Peter's heart energy center, and may we do this for the purpose of crucifying Cain." Jesus and the Christ in Jesus was seeking permission from Peter the host personality, to enter here into the third energy center which was already penetrated by Leviathan. He said, Jesus said to the whole man, you, you are penetrated by Leviathan, Cain in you is penetrated by Leviathan, but we want to come into your mind and penetrate Abel in you, and once Abel is penetrated by Christ, then we will be able to safely remove Leviathan's penetration of Cain, and you will not die.


Unless you are penetrated, unless the personality is engaged in an ongoing act of spiritual sexual intercourse, the person will cease to exist, you will just go poof. Mortal humanity, the female seed, we exist because of an act of spiritual sexual intercourse, we exist because of a unification of forces, we are the product of the unification of the force known as Leviathan and Cain, and the Lord wants to convert us into the product of the unification of Christ Jesus and Abel, and we are both Cain and Abel, so the question is who will be penetrated in us, and brethren, this is not an easy message and it is not a message for children, I have told you this before, I do not really make a point of it but it is has come forth before, our physical analogy is that we are penetrated by two men at the same time, and Leviathan is penetrating you anally and Christ is penetrating you vaginally, and I am sorry if that offends you, if it does, there is nothing I can do about it, I am telling you the truth.


Jesus or Christ in Jesus called to Peter and said, Look, we want to penetrate your carnal mind and more specifically Abel in your carnal mind, we want to penetrate Abel, Christ wants to graft to Abel, and that is the kiss that will raise Abel from the dead, and you are going to be uncomfortable for a season, because you are going to have two husbands, and you are going to be penetrated by two spiritual males, but Paul said, Act as though you are divorced, you are not divorced yet, that sword is still sticking in your heart, Leviathan is still penetrating you and still controlling you and still injecting her emotions and reprobate thoughts in to you, but despite that fact, act like you are not married to her anymore. That is what Paul said in the book of Romans, act as though you were already divorced. What does that mean? When you hear the thought in your mind, the ungodly thought, when it stands at the door of your mind, do not agree with it, you must not agree with it. How do you agree with it?


When you speak it out of your mouth, you have agreed with it. You must fight in the doorway, do not let it get through your mind, do not let it get out of your mouth, and eventually the sword will be pulled out of you. There is an account in the Old Testament where an ungodly rule over Israel called Ehud, I believe the name is Ehud, he is assassinated, I am sorry I cannot remember who assassinated him, but it may be Jehu but I am not sure, and the Scripture says he goes into the palace where Ehud is, the put the sword in his belly, this is the King James translation, and all of the dirt came out. This is the parable, this is parable way of saying that Leviathan's penetration of Cain in that man was removed, and what does that mean?


The man's power to tyrannize Israel was broken, why? Because the penetration of Leviathan into Cain is a unification of forces that produces leadership abilities on the negative side in the man, what is a negative leadership ability? It means you are a tyrant. Brethren any leader has power, no matter how kind that leader is, there is power behind it or he could never be a leader. Jesus was a powerful leader, He had to have great power to accomplish what He accomplished, only His power was not revealed to the carnal mind of man, His power was not revealed to the Jew of that day who said, if this was really the son of God, He would overthrow the Romans and restore the natural kingdom, because they did not understand what Jesus' mission was.


Jesus' mission brethren, was to do all that He had to do so that His soul and the spiritual man that saved his soul which was, we call it Christ, but it was the Spirit of Elijah that was incarnated in Him, Jesus was a manifestation of the reincarnation of Elijah, Jesus was sent to complete the process as an example for all men, what process? The process that resulted in the personality Jesus, and the spiritual man Elijah that had incarnated in Him, departing from or shedding the skin of the physical body without dying, the skin died. When a snake sheds its skin, you have a dead skin, but when the skin is on the snake, the skin is a part of the living snake, the carcass that you saw on the cross was the snake skin, and the snake skin was dead indeed, and the snake skin died absolutely, but the man inside it did not die, the man inside that did not die, the man inside is separated from that snake skin and survived on a higher plane of consciousness, that is what Jesus came to do, to show us the way, to show us what we could hope for, to show us what we was possible to all mortal men, and this message is going to be preached despite all of the church world opposing it, and despite all of Satan's hordes of hell opposing it, this message is now being preached into the heavenlies and is going to be preached to us on a much wider forum in the days to come, but right now it is going forth into the spirit, into the heavens, to the few people who are mature enough to hear it.


The man Jesus died to his carnal mind, he died for us, He died to His carnal mind to show us the way and to give us the power to do the same thing. Praise the Lord, He died to this world system, but He lives in another plane of consciousness, the word death does not mean the same thing on the higher plane of consciousness that it means to us. To mortal man, death is not a good thing, to mortal man, death is something to be feared or avoided or overcome, Jesus said, the last enemy is death, death is our enemy, that is the death of our soul, but once Christ is added to you, the death of your old man is a good thing so that you could begin to live out of your new man, precious is the death of His saints in the eyes of the Lord.


Paul said, It is better, better to die, well he did not mean that it is better to die in the concept that we, mortal man knows what death is, that would be a contradiction of the Scripture, the Scripture says death is our enemy! Paul says, Death is gain, you die to your carnal mind and you gain Christ when you are up to that step, or that stage of your maturation. Brethren, definitions of words change from glory to glory, words change, the meanings of words change, that is why the letter of the law killeth, if you read this Scripture without spiritual understanding, it will kill you, or it will keep you dead. Satan tries to stop us at every step of the way, she could not stop Jesus from being resurrected out of this realm of death, she could not stop the church coming to the point that it is at now, but she could pervert the doctrine you see.


Brethren, without a vision my people perish, if you do not have the true message, you do not have the experience, if you do not have a vision of the true message, you will buck the experience every step of the way. The message has to get out.


Now this is the message, we are penetrated, we are captured, we are all members of Leviathan's harem, we are bought, owned, captured, penetrated, and Christ is here to take us away without killing us, so Christ is here to penetrate us while we are already penetrated, Christ is here to penetrate the penetrated, and then to break our shackles, so that when our shackles are broken, we do not die.


Brethren, to be penetrated by Christ is a whole new way of life, we have to be re-educated, we have to be re-trained, we have to become like little children and learn how to think all over again, we have to learn to choose to follow after Christ instead of Leviathan whose thoughts have been controlling us our entire life.


We need to be rehabilitated and the Scripture says that the fivefold ministry has been given for the equipping of the saints, for the rehabilitation of the saints, for the re-education of the saints.


You have doubly penetrated which male will you follow after, you must be educated to choose to recognize to choose Christ, because your natural reaction is to choose Leviathan and wind up like Peter on the left side of the board, that is the default, the left side of the board is the default.


In order to have a mind and a soul that is manifestation of the right side of the board, if that can only happen to you through education and your willing participation in the change, if you are not willingly participating in the change, you will wind up like the left side of the board, that is the default, that is what default means.


"So Christ in Jesus called to Peter, Christ spoke through Jesus' vocal chords, and called to Peter, Peter who had already preached this message, said, Can I enter into your mind?" Well what does that mean? Look that is the covenant I have with you people here, we have a covenant, that when I see sin appearing, in the subconscious or the unconscious part of your mind and you cannot see it, that I am going to tell you and you are not going to fight with me even if that truth hurts you, but you are going to do everything you can to submit to that truth and put it before the Lord and receive your second witness and fight that thing until you cover it, we have a covenant, that is me, that is Christ in me calling to you, saying to you, May I enter into your carnal mind, may I penetrate Abel in you for the specific purpose of kissing him and raising him from the dead, and even with your permission, it is a warfare because we have to get pass Leviathan who is married to Satan, and their unified force is opposing the penetration of Abel in you by Christ.


That is what the parable says, Christ with Jesus' vocal cord, called to Peter and said, Can I penetrate your carnal mind? Well to a carnally minded man that makes no sense at all, until I show it to you, that it is something that is happening right now in this fellowship, and what it means appearing in Mark 5 in this sentence, what it is saying probably is that before the procedure started, Peter already had a covenant with Jesus that he was Jesus' disciple, and that he was agreeing to this kind of penetration, but this truth is expressed in one sentence by the Scripture saying, "And Jesus called to Peter, and said, Can I penetrate you?", but the penetration had already probably been going on for quite a while.


The Scripture is abbreviated, can you imagine? Look at how long I am preaching on one verse? Everything is abbreviated. At the bottom of verse 12 Jesus says, "And the reason that I want to penetrate you is for the purpose of crucifying Cain", because when Christ penetrates Abel, Cain and Abel are a symbiotic entity, Cain becomes penetrated by Christ and that penetration of Cain by Christ forcibly removes or pushes out Cain's penetration by Leviathan.


Verse 13, "And when Peter gave Christ permission to transfer into his carnal mind, the Spirit of Elijah within Jesus entered into Abel", let us make that Abel, "entered into Abel, and from there spread abroad upon the swarm of morally impure spiritual insects, that the fiery Serpent had increased into within Peter. And Satan that spiritual male hog," which is a translation of "swine", "who was married to Leviathan in Peter's throat energy center of Leviathan's timeline, plunged downward from the astral plane into the spiritual sea of Satan's morally impure second energy center." What we are talking about there, is this ascended Satan up here who is ascended above Leviathan okay, and she is ascended as a result of all of the unification that she has accomplished.


When Christ in Jesus penetrated Abel, there was that unification, admitted just a burst of power that it completely destabilized and of course when Christ in Jesus penetrated Abel and crucified Cain.


What we are really talking about is the removal of Leviathan which is the sword that was penetrating Cain, that removal of that unification of Leviathan piercing Cain, destabilized the unification of Satan and Leviathan, and there was a great earthquake brethren, and the heavens shook and Satan could no longer maintain her position in the brow energy center, and she went shooting down to the second energy center from where she first started to arise, through all of these unifications that we have talked about earlier.


We see that Jesus' ministry to Peter was a double edged sword, Christ in Jesus penetrated Abel, and at the same time crucified Cain and forced Leviathan out of the third energy center. This is a spiritual atomic explosion that reverberated all of the way back up to the sixth energy center and caused an earthquake which caused Satan to fall back down to the point from which her ascension began, she lost everything that she had gained. Praise the Lord, "And this is how Jesus chocked off Satan's ascension from the morally impure second energy center to the brow energy center of Leviathan's timeline from where Satan fed or from where the married couple", let us say that, "from where the married couple or from where Satan and Leviathan, the unified Satan and Leviathan, fed on the young Christ in Peter's heart energy center.


I mentioned this earlier, that this is a world of energy, it is a fallen world of energy where one energy source is seeking to consume another energy source, just like in this mortal, one form of flesh is always consuming another form of flesh, in the spiritual world one form of intelligent energy is always consuming another form of intelligent energy. We see that not only were unified Satan and Leviathan overshadowing Christ for the purposing of domineering or dominating the individual, but they were actually consuming the energy of Christ.


We also found out in other translations that everyone in the spiritual realm is very hungry because the creation is cut off from the nurturing circular a relationship with God with which is the intension of the creator to nourish the creation through a unifying circulating ongoing relationship with Himself, the creation is cut off from Adam Kadmon, God source of nourishment to the creation, so we are all feeding on each other, and Satan, the motivation for Satan's ascension in the first place is to acquire food for herself, and the food that she wants is Christ.


Satan will feed on the body of the individual, that is why we get sick and die because the energy that we come into the world with is being consumed by the powers and principalities that have access to us. When a person becomes a Christian and in particular.


Christ is perceived as a source of food by Satan and the powers and principalities in the individual, the young Christ okay is perceived and is in fact a source of food, so once again we get back to what I was telling you before, the Christian who has an imputed Christ in their heart center because they have pursued the Lord to the point that the fruit of the Spirit has been formed in them, but at the same time that, that person is not under a teacher who is raised up by the Glorified Jesus Christ to defend the Christ in the heart center of the person who has developed the fruit of the Spirit, that Christ in that individual is capable of being consumed by Satan, and how does that happen? It happens all of the time, that you read it in the newspapers, Oh that person was serving God for twenty years and all of a sudden they fell into sin, what happened? Satan, because of the sin in them succeeded in rising to the brow center unifying with Leviathan and they consumed Christ in the man.


When the Scripture says, when Jesus said in the Scripture, "The field is white to harvest, but the laborers are few", Jesus was talking about all of these beloved saints who have developed the fruit of the Spirit in themselves but do not understand that they have by developing the fruit of the Spirit, they have become a target for Satan's kingdom, and for the unified force, at some point the Lord will give me the name, I do not know what the name is right now of the unified force, or the unified force that is the fruit of the union of Satan and Leviathan, it has to have a name, I just do not know what it is right now, every believer that has pursued the Lord and developed the fruit of the Spirit in themselves is a marked victim of this unified force coming out of the brow energy center of Leviathan's timeline.


You need to find the teacher that the Lord is assigning you to, and the fellowship that the Lord is assigning you to, to strengthen a higher manifestation of Christ Jesus which is assigned to defend Christ in your heart center, or you will be victimized He is the young Christ, He is the infant Christ in you, even though He is standing in the heart center, He cannot defend Himself against the unified force which is the result of the unification or the union or the marriage of Satan and Leviathan, He will never stand.


In order to stand against that unified force, you need the male spirituality which is wisdom, see.


Speaking in tongues is not going to help you to survive the ascended force of Satan and Leviathan, speaking in tongues and prophesying, even the ability to cast out demons will not help you; you need a manifestation of the male spirituality, Christ Jesus which includes wisdom, understanding and the intelligence of God. You need to be educated, praise the Lord.


Moving on, "And then Satan who was feeding on the young Christ", okay now this is right after Satan fell down to the second energy center, "And then Satan who was feeding on the young Christ in Peter's heart center, because she was married to Leviathan, who was in the throat center of Peter's carnal mind, vanished, okay, Satan who had been feeding on the young Christ in Peter's heart center, and she was able to do that because she had unified forces with Leviathan which is the energy center that is directly next to the heart center, she vanished, Satan vanished from Peter's brow energy center, and the mind of Christ, and the personality of Christ appeared in Peter. Brethren, this is the body of Jesus of Nazareth vanishing, the body of Jesus of Nazareth vanished because Satan was completely defeated. Of course Satan was defeated in Jesus before the crucifixion, but that is the outplay of it, I am just giving you the analogy as best I can, Satan, how does Satan vanish? There must be a visible, look, the word vanish refers to something that is visible, Satan is invisible, so for Satan to vanish, we must draw an inference from that statement, if Satan is invisible where the Scripture says that Satan vanished, Satan must have had an expression of herself that vanished. In the case of Jesus of Nazareth, it was the physical body that the spiritual man had inhabited, it vanished when the process was completed, when the spiritual man, when the glorified soul exited the sheath, exited the carcass, exited the skin, the skin vanished, the skin the physical expression of Satan vanished, and it does not have to be the same on every account, well maybe it is your carnal mind that is going to vanish, maybe in your case, or in my case before our skin is going to vanish, maybe the carnal mind is going to vanish, and that mind that was speaking silliness for years suddenly is going to be speaking great wisdom. Something that we can see has to vanish for the Scripture to say that Satan vanished.


"And the personality of Christ appeared in Peter, and when Peter who had been demonized entered into the mind of Christ, the holy city within the midst of himself, Peter begged Jesus to perfect him." As soon as the mind of Christ appeared in Peter and the carnal mind was overthrown, and the mind of Christ appeared in Peter, and Peter understood the whole message that Jesus was preaching, Peter was no longer satisfied with being a fallen man who was able to live out of the mind of Christ, he wanted the whole thing, he wanted to be perfected. What is perfection? Let me remind you what is perfection? Jesus, when He was already receiving worship and doing miracles said," On the third day I will be perfected", so perfection only takes place upon the exiting of the skin. What happened to Peter, Peter was caught up into the experience that we call full stature or the fullness of the stature of Jesus Christ, where the Christ mind was completely ruling over the carnal mind, Satan was cast down to a place where she was no longer a threat, Satan was in the bottomless pit, chained up, but that was not enough for Peter, you know, he wanted the whole thing, he wanted to be perfected, see, it is not enough to want a healing, you see, you should want more than a healing.


Right now the church world is satisfied with the very, I mean the truth of the matter is that the church world in this hour has very little from God, there is only, I mean healing is still going on, but it is not going on everywhere, there are Christians dying every day, and not being healed, Christians that are crying out to God that are not being healed every day, the power to heal has withdrawn, it is not what it used to be in the church.


The truth of the matter is that Christians have very little of God today, because the wrong message is being preached, and sin is being justified in the church, the church is very weak, there is very little power in the church today because of sin and because of wrong doctrine, and according to the Scripture because the church at large is not recognizing the body of Christ and the body of Christ is the mind of Christ, they cannot distinguish between the mind of Christ and the carnal mind so they are sick and they are dying.


"Peter begged Jesus to perfect him, but Jesus said, Jesus told Peter, It is not the time for humanity to be perfected, it is not time to come out of your skins yet". There will be a season, there will be a season that believers who are living out of their Christ mind, believers who have received the fullness of the stature of Jesus Christ will be living in the flesh in this world, I personally believe it will at least a thousand if not more years, a thousand or a couple of thousand years, and our job in the flesh will be to reconcile the world to Christ, to be preaching this message, to be imparting the seed of Christ, to be helping people recognize their sin nature, and overcome it. This ministry is spoken about in a parable form in Ezekiel, where it says, laborers you know men of labor, I am sorry at the moment I cannot recall the exact expression in the King James, but men of labor, something like that, will be going all through the earth, and every time they see a human bone, they will mark it and bury it, the human bone is Cain in you, the human bone is your sin nature.


I believe it is going to take a couple of thousand years to purify the human race, because it is going to be a man at a time, and brethren this just does not happen overnight, you are just not going to identify your sin nature and change overnight, it may not take as long as it is taking you all now, because I am not in full stature, so it may go faster when the teacher that you are put under is in full stature, there may be more power to help you, but the bottom line is that your finite mind, your finite mind which is breakable, and when your mind breaks you go insane, you see, your finite mind must be able to comprehend this message, your finite mind must be able to deal with looking at the sin within yourself and blotting it out an aspect at a time, your finite mind cannot do this in a flash of lightning, the problem is not God, the problem is not a lack of the power of God, the problem is the finite mind of fallen man, how fast can you tolerate the conversion, and it is a procedure that is one on one, one teacher with one disciple. The way I see it, from the time that the first teacher is raised up, I see as being a couple of thousand years just raising up enough teachers to deal with all of the members of humanity, I could be wrong but that is how I see it, praise the Lord.


"But Jesus said, It is not time for humanity to be perfected, Peter, so for now preach about how Jesus had compassion on you and about the great things that Christ the Lord has done for you." Go out and preach the message. You know, according to the Old Testament when the Hebrew children crossed the Jordan, the priests went across first, the priests went out into the Jordan and stood in the Jordan manifesting spiritual power until all of the Hebrew children crossed over to the other side, and then the priests came to the shore. I believe the sons of God who will attain to the fullness of the stature that Jesus Christ attained to in the days of His flesh, we will be in the flesh until all of humanity passes over to the other side, and Jordan typifies death, so the near side of Jordan is hell and the land of death, and the far side of Jordan is heaven or the world to come where we have immortality.


I believe the priests, which we are being raised up to be the priests, we will stand in the border, we will stand in the realm of death until every last man gets to the other side, and I do not see how that is going to be in any short period time. Praise the Lord.


"And when Peter declared all that had happened to him", so Peter obeyed Jesus, he went out and he preached about the great things that the Lord had done for him, "And when Peter declared all that had happened to him, the other disciples went out to see him, and Jesus' disciples came to understand that Peter became demonized when the fiery Serpent within Peter increased into a swarm of spiritual insects in Peter's belly energy center, and they also came to understand that Peter was able to abstain from Satan's thoughts because Abel was covering Cain, and the Spirit of Christ was holding back Satan, the moral impurity in the second energy center, it was stopping Satan from climbing up and ascending again."


Of course that verse is everything that I have been talking to you about from the beginning of this message in few sentences. "And Peter told everyone who came to see him, that he became demonized when the fiery Serpent within him increased into a form of spiritual insects in his belly energy center, and from there ascended into the brow energy center of Peter's carnal mind, from where, and revealed herself as Satan in that brow energy center, that was that great bird that ascended up to the brow energy center and then was revealed as Satan, she was Satan the whole time, and from that brow energy center from where she married Leviathan in the throat energy center, where the unified force of Satan plus Leviathan whatever that name is, fed on the young Christ in Peter's heart energy center.


Peter is out there preaching his testimony exactly as Jesus told him to do. "And when the disciples saw what was done in Peter, they began to beg Jesus to make the swarm of spiritual insects within their belly, depart also." We see that all of the disciples were demonized, they had all been, they were all Jewish, they were all studying the Scriptures, to whatever degree they were studying Kabbalah, they were exposed to the spirituality that was available in Judah at that time.


Brethren, the whole church is demonized, the whole church has preached this false doctrine, the whole church is suffering from ascended pride, the whole church is suffering from ignorance and rebellion, the whole church is demonized. No matter how dignified the person might be, if they are out there telling you that they are waiting for the rapture, they are demonized. The rapture is the doctrine that Leviathan is preaching from their throat center, anyone that is preaching the rapture, you know that they are ascended in the wrong time line. Praise the Lord.


I want to suggest to you, that for Leviathan in throat center to preaching, he needs the power that comes from his unification with Satan to be preaching false doctrine, you do not preach false doctrine without spiritual power, you need power to preach. That is the false prophet that sounds like a lamb but is really the voice of a dragon, we read about that in the book of Revelation, the false prophet preaching a false message, sounds like the lamb Christ, when it is really the dragon preaching, her false doctrine, the power to do that comes from an ascended Satan in that person.


Let me see I do not know if I read this or not, so I will just read it again, I did read that one, okay verse 17, "And when the disciples saw what was done in Peter, okay we read that one already too, "They began to beg Jesus to make the swarms of spiritual insects within their belly energy center depart also." "And when Jesus saw that the disciples had forsaken Satan", that has to be Satan in there.


I will read verses 16 and 17 for you with the change. "And Peter told everyone who came to see him, that he became demonized when the fiery Serpent within him increased into a form of spiritual insects in his belly and from there ascended into the brow energy center of Peter's carnal mind, where she again appeared as Satan and married Leviathan in the throat energy center and the two of them fed on the young Christ in Peter's heart energy center. And when the disciples saw what was done in Peter, they began to beg Jesus to make Satan depart from them also. And when Jesus saw that the disciples had forsaken Satan, Jesus forgave the disciples sins saying, Withdraw from Leviathan's timeline, the carnal mind that you dwell in", "And when Jesus saw that the disciples had forsaken Satan, Jesus forgave the disciples' sins, saying to Leviathan, Withdraw from Cain", "saying to Leviathan, Withdraw from Cain, that you dwell in."


When a man is engaged in an act of spiritual sexual intercourse with a woman, he can be said that he dwells in her, he is inside of her. Jesus commanded Leviathan, You withdraw from Cain, withdraw from the belly energy center of that man, and go towards Christ, the holy city within the midst of you."


"And when Jesus saw that the disciples had forsaken Satan, Jesus forgave the disciples' sins, saying to Leviathan, Withdraw from Cain, and He said to the disciples, Withdraw from Leviathan's timeline and enter into the mind of Christ that you dwell in, as I go toward the mind of Christ the holy city within the midst of you, which is your true home. And this is how Peter departed from the nature of Cain, the personality of the belly energy center, to proclaim the great things that Jesus had done for him. And everyone that heard Peter's testimony was amazed."


For those of you that will be reading the alternate translation, obviously I am going to have some corrections to this alternate translation that I did not have time to do on this message, but what a marvelous testimony. "And this how Peter departed from the nature of Cain, the personality of the belly energy center to proclaim the great things that Jesus had done for him. And everyone that heard Peter's testimony was amazed Our God is an amazing God. Praise the Lord.


Just to remind you what we have done with this message, is we have compared the two accounts in the Scripture that we refer to the swine, and we have found out that the swine is the ascended Satan, the swine is the ascended Satan okay, who not only the ascended Satan but Satan that is married to Leviathan who is very hungry and is desiring food and consuming or is intending to consume the Christ that she is presently overshadowing. We found that when we looked at Matthew 8, that was an account of a congregation where the pastor instead of feeding the congregation was living off of the energy of the Christ in the congregation, and that pastor did not repent, and we do not hear anything more about him.


In Mark 5, we see that this is an account of a single person having an experience with the ascended Satan, the swine, the hog, that feeds off of the Christ in the heart energy center, and in this case, it was an account of Peter the disciple who did repent and we see that he was completely delivered from his demonized condition and became a preacher of the word, praise the Lord. Any questions or comments on this message? Glory to God, Hallelujah.


For those of you who do not know me, I have Peter's testimony, I was a highly demonized person, I invited Jesus into my life, I invited Him to expose my sin nature and change me, I was dying, I am no longer dying, I was highly demonized, I am no longer highly demonized, and I am preaching about my testimony, not only about my testimony about what happened to me, but I am preaching the message that Jesus gave me which has healed me, the power of the message, the power of the spiritual force that has brought forth this message, unifying with my soul has released the power that has stopped me from dying and still healing me on a daily basis, so I have Peter's testimony brethren, which means that we see that there is even more to this ending than we know, it says, according to the Scripture, it says Jesus just told Peter to go out and give his testimony, but if I am an example of Peter, we know that everybody that has this experience will be doing more than giving their testimony, included in their testimony will be this message, not just that Jesus healed me, but Jesus healed by the word of truth. This is what the Lord is doing right now, He is raising up a group of people who will preach this message and give their testimony.


Brethren, I want to tell you something, you cannot preach this message unless you have lived it, see, the people that are going to be preaching this message are the people in whom Satan was ascended into the brow energy center, married to Leviathan, and feeding off of their life, and because Jesus came into their life, Satan, that unification, I believe the Lord is telling me that the swine is the unified Satan and Leviathan. Remember I said earlier on this message there is a name for that energy which in the unified Satan and Leviathan, but I do not know what it is? That is who the swine is, the swine is the name of the unified Satan and Leviathan. Satan was cast down, and so now coming with that point of view, going back a few verses, I would say the marriage, that whoever was begging Satan or Leviathan, was begging Jesus, do not break up this marriage, the marriage that Satan did not want broken up was her marriage to Leviathan which produced the unified force called swine.


It was Satan who was begging Jesus to not break up the marriage between Satan and Leviathan, we got the answer and I will work that into the alternate translation. Praise the Lord everybody, goodnight.


03/07/06 Transcribed by RS



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