577 - Part 1

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We are dealing with the world line view of subatomic particles as opposed to quantum field theory, the quantum field theory view of subatomic particles which says that there is no such thing as a subatomic particle. What I do not have written on the board, is that, the quantum field theory view of subatomic particles lines right up with Buddhists spiritual philosophy. What we have happening in the scientific community today is a merging and a marriage of scientific theory with spiritual principles. For years, the years of scientific research, that have culminated in western civilization and science and the medical community of western civilization today as it continues on, is moving beyond the scientific principle of proof of visible, proof that can be established into the field of possibilities and probabilities as expressed with quantum mechanics.


As a matter of fact, one of the books that I have been reading, I am sorry at the moment, I do not recall which one it was, has a chapter which says, The End of Science. Science has come to an end, because everything that has been considered written in stone is now being disproved in view of new information that is coming to pass, and the truth of the matter is, that the spiritual philosophy and the spiritual wisdom of the Serpent is appearing in the minds of men who are not spiritual, appearing in the minds of non-spiritual men, but very intellectually exercised men.


It is interesting to note that if you pursue any of the spiritual philosophies that are known, Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, they all say the same thing, there are several ways to become spiritual, and one of the ways to become spiritual is to exercise your mind in deep meditative studies, because when you concentrate on anything deeply, you go into a meditative state, whether you know it or not or whether you are aware of it or not, you go into at least what is called an contemplative state, someone might argue with me as to whether you go into a meditative state or a contemplative state.


Contemplation is a form of meditation, which pretty much catapults your mind into a trance, when you focus long and hard enough on an object. The way the Lord had me to bring forth the doctrine of Christ, is that I spent hours that added up to days, weeks, months, and years, literally just staring at my computer monitor which was showing me the Interlinear Text of that particular verse, and I would just stare at it saying, Lord what are you saying here, what are you saying here? Until the spiritual truth behind the written word would come, would emerge in my mind in the form of understanding. I did this for about thirteen years and the Lord brought forth the doctrine of Christ through me.


Today, as I dabble in Kabbalah, I understand that the famous Rabbi Isaac Luria who brought forth the concept of, or at least wrote down, was responsible for committing to text the content of the ten Sefirot and his great work called The Tree Of Life, he claims the same procedure. The way that Rabbi Isaac Luria got the revelation of the Tree of Life is that he took a paragraph of the Zohar at a time and just contemplated on it, and focused on it, until the spiritual understanding of the parable arose in his mind.


What we see today, is a paradox, we see a group of largely secular scientists, many of which have completely eliminated God from the picture of creation, exercising their mind in the study of the sciences and mathematics to the point that they have tapped into spiritual wisdom that is beyond the intellect of man. I want to tell you that the great wisdom that is coming forth from science today is coming forth from the Serpent within these scientists. I believe that initially, the pursuit of science came from the presence of the Holy Spirit influencing western society.


I believe that it was and is the will of God that men should be educated to the point that electricity could be discovered, and the modern conveniences today that we need, computers to operate or the actual communication of computers and all of the households machines that free people up and farm equipment, the electrical farm equipment, the gas operated farm equipment, everything that frees up men from the labor that must be done for survival so that they can pursue the activities of the mind, and in particular to pursue a spiritual knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, I believe that came from the Holy Spirit, but today, I believe international scientists have broken the sound barrier so to speak, and they have gone pass the purposes of the Holy Ghost, that was intended to free up man from labor to pursue God.


They have gone beyond the limitations set by the Lord Jesus Christ, and have made contact with the wisdom of the Serpent. How do I know that? I know that for several reasons. First of all, I have been studying quantum mechanics, recently the Lord has had me studying, and the spiritual principles being discovered through quantum mechanics amaze me, and the reason that they amaze me is that I am not a scientist, I am definitely a lay person, and I do not understand, and I am telling you on this message, I do not understand how spiritual principles or scientific principles can be expressed with the language of mathematics. I do not understand it. I understand the principle of it that Albert Einstein said, If you want to acquire energy, if you want to create energy, if you choose to use that word, this is what you have to do, you have to take something that has mass, some mass made of matter, this chair, this table, and you have to find a way to speed it up so rapidly that the measurement of the speed of the vibration of the matter is equal to the speed of light multiplied by itself, and if somehow you can find a way to do this, this chair or this table would disappear and in its place would be a measure of energy that if you knew how to capture it, you could use to operate an electrical appliance.


That is what energy equals mc squared means, that is what Albert Einstein discovered, and shared with the world, and the result of that, or the outgrowth of that is all of the modern conveniences that have catapulted mankind into the 21st century, and made us of the nature of species that we are, that we have harnessed large elements of the powers of nature and forced them to work for us, we have harnessed them we have captured them, we have captured the powers of nature, harnessed them and are forcing them to work for us.


The scientists today tell us that there are four major sources of energy in the universe, and the grand plan of the physicists and I may even have the names of the scientists wrong, I am very much of a lay person, but the grand plan brethren that many scientists and physicists are seeking today is the unification of all of the forces in the universe.


As the Lord has told us, I believe I have this somewhere in the series on Babel, but if I do not have it, I am going to tell you now, that the Lord has told me, that this is the rebuilding of the tower of Babel, that this is what the people were doing at the time of Babel, they were unifying the forces available in this world system for the specific purpose of restoring themselves to immortality, of restoring themselves to the first estate, of restoring themselves to that which they lost, the power or authority to implement the power of God.


Adam had the authority to implement and manipulate the powers of God and the powers of nature, but Adam had a righteous mind before the fall, and Jehovah had given him all of these powers fully trusting that Adam would use them only in accordance with the mindset if that is the correct word, of the same purposes that Jehovah would use these powers. As soon as Adam fell prey to the Serpent, and let me tell you right here for those of you who may be listening to me for the first time, Adam before the fall was not in a humanoid form, he was a spiritual being, and he had two aspects to himself, he was both male and female, and God made them male and female. There was a female Adam and there was a male Adam, and it was the female aspect of Adam called the woman who was seduced by the Serpent.


From the time that the female aspect of Adam was seduced by the Serpent, his mind became corrupted and the privilege of manipulating the powers of nature and the powers of God were removed from him, because Jehovah said to Elohim, Look at what the man has done, and now he will lay hold of the powers of eternal life. He has become as one of us, and if we do not do something to stop it, this fallen man, whose named changed when he fell, his name became the Serpent, this fallen entity will now be manipulating the unified powers of nature and the powers of God, the unified powers of the universe to do a degree of evil that I tell you brethren, my mind at this point cannot even conceive of.


I fully believe that I cannot conceive of the depth of the evil that would be manifested in the earth at the time that mankind which is the manifestation of the Serpent, would acquire the power of the unification of all of the forces of the universe. This is what was happening on the other side of the flood. This is why Jehovah and Elohim came down and confounded their language, and I want to tell you brethren, that for years I was naive enough to believe that the language that Jehovah confounded was an ability for the beings however, whatever form they took in those days, to say to one another, Pass the bricks, or to say to one another, I think the tower should go more to the left or more to the right.


The Lord has told me brethren, that the language that Jehovah confounded was the language of mathematics. Mathematics is a language, it is the language which the scientists use to express the forces of the universe and the operations of those forces. I do not understand it, I never learned calculus, I do not know calculus, and I do not understand how you could take, how you could comprehend a source of power and write it down in the language of mathematics and then find a way to apply that equation to some kind of reality that would produce a computer, I do not understand it, but I believe that, that is what has been done in our society.


The language that Jehovah confounded, was the language of mathematics. What Jehovah did, was He brought confusion, because the word confound means confusion, Jehovah came down and brought confusion upon the brilliant minds of mankind as he existed on the other side of the flood. The Lord brought confusion upon that brilliant mind that could unify the forces of the universe, most likely without a piece of paper, most likely in their very own minds.


That is the language, they lost their intelligence, they lost their ability, and I think it was more than intelligence, I believe that when your mind is that brilliant, I am told for example, Steven Hawkings who was completely paralyzed, he cannot write, he performs all of his calculations, the calculations of his scientific principles and physics and whatever he is doing that is so beyond me that I cannot even express it to you right now, he performs all of his calculations in his head.


I am told that the Jews of previous generations memorized or had memorized the whole Scripture, they did not have Bibles like we do, the Rabbi teacher that was teaching, would start speaking and every student was supposed to know where that portion of the Scripture was, and was supposed to be familiar with it.


I could not even begin to memorize the Scripture. What I have retained by the grace of God is spiritual principles, and then when I want the Scripture because I feel somebody need to see the exact quote, I have to go into my database and look up the Scripture, and there are, I have read the Bible through many times, and every day I open the Bible and say, Oh that is in there, I do not ever remember reading that.


The Jews of old, retained the whole Scripture, every word of it in their mind. Do you know what else the Jews of old did, they manipulated the Sefirot in their mind. The Jews of old, they had a revelation that it was the unification of the Sefirot in specific specified order, that would produce the powers and the spiritual fruits that they were trying to produce. The meditation of the Jew, was and still is, although the Jewish authorities today will admit to you that the best of them do not have the powers of mind that the ancient Jew had.


They were unified, the forces of the Sefirot in their mind, and that is how you do miracles, that is how you do contrived miracles. Listen to me brethren, in the church today, the Holy Spirit has been given to us. What is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is the hem of Jesus’ garment. If you are familiar with the teachings on reincarnation here at all, the Holy Spirit is the Nephesh, the lowest Sefirot of the glorified Jesus Christ that has been given to the earth as the renewed Shekinah, the female aspect of the godhead. The unification of the forces of the Sefirot, have been done for us, in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, and He has given to us His Holy Spirit which is the unified force, unified in the right moral order, the completely balanced force, the completely balanced energy source, in its lowest form, the Nephesh level of soul.


The Jews of old, they would manipulate and unify the forces of the Sefirot in their mind, by employing meditative exercises, and they apparently had a knowledge of, for example, if they wanted to heal a wound on your leg, by manipulating the Sefirot in their mind, they could produce a measure or a grade of energy that when they focused on that wound, it would heal it. Brethren, we are a fallen people, even the Jew is not what he used to be. I have read the writings of Jewish Rabbis, they openly admit that the best of them do not have the powers of mind that the ancient Rabbis had. This is the mystery of miracles, it is called spiritual alchemy, the mixing together of the spiritual sources.


Brethren, I cannot do it, I know that there are ten Sefirot, and there are twenty two Hebrew letters, each of which represent a grade of energy, and just as the pharmacists mixes chemicals to produce a tonic that one might be able to swallow which would affect the biochemistry of the body, it produced a healing, spiritual alchemy is reality for the man who has the power of mind to do it. This is what I believe Jesus Christ manifested, that His mind was so ascended, not only ascended, but completely integrated in a balanced way that reflected the moral integrity of the Godhead, that He had in His possession such measure of knowledge, that all He had to do, well He saw what the situation was, whether the man was blind, or his arm was withered, and He knew the exact combination of the different grades of energy that was necessary to correct the situation, and he actually called forth, laid hold of, and mixed together in His mind, a combination of energies, that when He focused on the man’s problem, on the eye that could not see, or on the hand that was withered, He actually had the power to reform the malformed flesh. It is the powers of the mind.


When we heal with the Holy Spirit, it is hit and miss, we have been given this spirit by the Lord Jesus Christ as His mercy on us, we do not deserve it, we did not deserve it and we never will deserve it in our present condition, and we have a measure of power and if we pray for somebody, maybe that power will heal the person and maybe it will not, but we really do have, maybe you do, but I do not have the power or the knowledge to call forth the specific combination or the specific grade of energy that will deal with the specific problem that any one person has.


All I could do is say, In the name of Jesus, and if the Lord Jesus honors my words, the person is healed, and if the Lord Jesus does not honor my words, the person is not healed. Jesus had a knowledge, He could control and direct and reform and mix and match the powers that came out of His mind. We see many in the church today saying, All I am interested in is giving out tracts, I am not an intellect. Brethren, salvation is of the mind, salvation involves the acquisition of a renewed powerful mind that will eventually attain to genius status.


It is the translation of an existence based upon physical labor into an existence based upon the combined powers of the mind that will emerge in us so naturally that it will be as unconscious as us getting up to get a drink of water.


It is the powers of the mind, and this is what has happened to our scientists, they are a group of intellectually gifted people who have pursued their gift and looked and looked and observed and observed and sought and sought, and at the day, at the time I believe, that these scientists, and I am generalizing here, at the time that the scientific community at large disconnected their scientific pursuit from a knowledge of God, and decided that there was no creator, that the concept of the creator was childish and naive and that man could now pursue all of the knowledge of the heavens because of his own intellect, at that point, the pursuit of knowledge that had been sanctioned by and influenced by and even initiated by the Holy Spirit or the Lord Jesus Christ, deviated or separated from the pursuit of the scientific community, who having no knowledge whatsoever that they were now moving in the wisdom of the Serpent, continued in that new direction as they departed from a knowledge of the integral and foundational aspects of God in all things.


They translated from the wisdom of God into the wisdom of the Serpent. Today we see many scientists, a large number of scientists believing that there is no creator. Praise the Lord. We see scientific pursuits headed in the direction of eastern mysticism, and the truth of the matter, is that the scientific community is presently unearthing the spiritual principles that are at the foundation of our existence. What most do not seem to understand however is that this world system is not the creation of God. This world system is hell. It is the place that Adam and we his descendants fell into when Adam was separated from Jehovah because of sin.


The substance that this world is formed from is of God, God created the substance, but the substance married the Serpent instead of Jehovah and a perverted illegitimate creation was birthed which we are. The environment that we live in is called hell, and the nature that we experience and manifest is called death. And behold, I saw a pale horse, and death was upon him and hell followed thereafter. That is us.


Praise the Lord. I do not know if I made my point but it was very shocking and profound for me to hear the Lord tell me, that the pursuits of international scientific community today is the pursuit of the rebuilding of the tower of Babel, that is a profound revelation, because what that means is that we truly are in the last days, Jehovah did not allow humanity however it existed on the other side of the flood, to complete the unification of all of the forces of nature.


He came down and confounded them and they fell down, they fell down into low intellectual depths compared to the giant intellects that they were, and we have climbed back up over all of these thousands of years, we have climbed back up, and be not deceived, if Jehovah did it once, He who is now manifest as and is the Lord Jesus, will do it again.


The Lord God will not allow the unified forces of nature in the hands of Serpent, it will not happen. The promise to Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, is that the next time man climbs as high as we have climbed today, He will not destroy humanity with water. What does that mean? He will not dissolve the clay bodies that the spiritual beings which we really are appearing in, He will not dissolve the formations of the earth. I do not know what the beings looked like on the other side of the flood, but I believe that they had spiritual earthen bodies, they had earthen bodies that were spiritual that did not get sick, and did not have the potential to cause the torment that these human bodies that we have cause them, they were bodies that were much more functional than our physical bodies, and they were not prison houses to the degree that these bodies are prison houses.


The Lord wiped them with the flood, He dissolved the earthen houses which were spiritual bodies of the beings that lived on the other side of the flood. He separated them from incarnation, He drove them from incarnation back into the spiritual worlds. Brethren, I am the last person to tell you that I have all of the answers because the more I learn the less I know, but what appears to me from my studies and from all that the Lord has told me, is that, it is very desirable for the spiritual life in the other worlds to incarnate, they desire to incarnate. It is very desirable for them to incarnate. The revelation that I have concerning that today is that the whole creation is seeking food.


Since Adam was cut off from Jehovah, let me say it to you this way, when Adam was joined to Jehovah, he was connected to, the eternal source of sustenance, he was connected to immortality, and he experienced a spiritual circulation, or spiritual circulatory system that continuously refreshed the needs of his spiritual being, the needs for food, the needs for intellectual stimulation, the needs for affection, if there was anything like that outside of the physical body.


The need for affection as we think of affection, of touching and kissing and hugging, that all human beings need, is directly related to the physical body which is an animal body. Just observe your kittens and your puppies and your animals how they huddle together, and comfort one another. I do not know what kind of comfort the beings on the other side of the flood required, but I do know that those who live largely out of Christ, your comfort is of the mind, our comfort is of the mind, and the emotions are to be denied because the emotions is the area where Satan manipulates us either with pain or pleasure.


The Lord dissolved or He separated, He dissolved the spiritual bodies that the beings on the other side were in, and He separated the spiritual man from the visible earthen body. Does that sound so strange to you, is that not what happened to Jesus of Nazareth? Did not the spiritual man inside of Jesus of Nazareth emerge from the cocoon of the physical body and stand glorified before 500 witnesses, and then again before the disciples? Is that not what happened?


Yes, that is what happened, the spiritual man or the personality of the man emerged out of death, arose out of death, death being the physical body, I just told you that, death is the physical body and hell is the environment, this world system that we live in. Jesus rose out of death, He ascended to a spiritual place where He no longer needed a physical body to survive, and then after He emerged out of His physical body, He ascended fully into the spiritual world which is the environment of the personality that has been delivered from the physical body.


He ascended into his own environment. That is why there was no body found. Church, you are going to have to wake up, when the body is found, the personality dies. Moses’ body was never found, Moses went back to the spirit world without death. If the body is found, you are not on the other side alive. The sign of deliverance from death and the sign of true ascension and the completed salvation experience is that you leave no carcass behind. Jesus left no carcass behind. Praise the Lord.


Elohim’s covenant with Shem, Ham, and Japheth was, that the next time mankind retain the intellect necessary to unify all of the forces of nature, he would not separate the spiritual aspect of man from his vehicle, from his body, whether it be a spiritual body or a physical body. The next time man attains to that level of intellect, he would deal with the problem with fire.


What does that mean? We are told in the book of Hebrews, if after a man has tasted of the world to come, and of all of the good things of God, and he continues to sin, which we all do brethren, there is nothing left for him but the fearsome fiery judgment that will purify him so that he does not sin anymore. This is the fiery judgment that Peter speaks about, when he is saying that the elements will crash, and the whole world will be destroyed. Brethren, do you know that each of us is considered a world? It is our carnal nature that is coming down in flames of fire, and the flames of fire that is burning up our carnal nature is the lake of fire which is within us, which is the Christ that has been regenerated in us.


The blood of Jesus brethren, the blood of Jesus, what does that mean? Do you think it is the physical blood of the man Jesus of Nazareth that is saving you? How brethren, that blood, if physical blood were shed, it dried up long ago. I remind you the only mention of the blood concerning the crucifixion is the blood that came out of Jesus’ side along with the water, when the centurion cast the spear in.


I do not hear anything about Jesus hanging on the cross and blood streaming down, I do not hear about it. If all of that blood did stream down, do you really think there was that much blood left in Him when the centurion pierced His side, if the centurion really pierced His side, why would the centurion throw a spear in His side when he believed that Jesus was dead? The soldiers were walking by breaking the legs of the other people that were crucified to be sure that they were dead, why did he throw a spear in Jesus’ side?


No, brethren, that aspect, now I believe Jesus was crucified, I believe that, but that phrase, that aspect of Scripture that says the centurion threw a spear in Jesus’ side and blood and water came out, that brethren, is a sod, that the level of the mysteries that the Hebrews call sod, that is a mystery, that is a phrase with a hidden message in it, that is an advice or information as to what happened in the spirit, while in the natural Jesus was being crucified, in the spirit His side was opened, and the Holy Spirit, the water of the Holy Spirit came out, and the blood of the Spirit of Christ came out, and it became available to mankind to produce salvation in our lives, it came out of His side, and it went into the heavenly planes and became available, it is there today and can be appropriated by anyone who seeks it with a true heart.


The water that came out is the Holy Spirit, the first stage of the plan of salvation, the blood that came out, the second stage of the plan of salvation. The blood of Jesus, the spiritual blood of Jesus is the sperma of the Lord Jesus Christ that is grafting to your mortal foundation, and regenerating Adam within Him, the source of life. This is the plan of salvation. To be honest with you, I do not know how I got here, but let us get back to the scientists, the scientists deviated from the influence of the Holy Spirit as they pursued knowledge apart from the belief in and worship of the Lord Jesus Christ, and what they, the knowledge that they are acquiring today, is the knowledge of this world system, that is where I got to. They have acquired a knowledge of this world system, and they do not understand that this world system is a drop in the midst of the greatness of almighty God. We are cancer in the midst of Him, that is being healed.


We are a deformed fetus in the midst of the creator that is being corrected, and the method of correction in this hour is fire, the fire of judgment, and the enforcer of that judgment is Christ in you, the hope of your glorification that when that lake of fire gets inside of you and burns up the foundations of your carnal existence, you have the hope that you will be glorified as Jesus was glorified. What does it mean to be glorified? It means that you escape from the physical body, you escape from death. Praise the Lord.


We see the tower of Babel is being rebuilt today through the language of mathematics, and through the intention and purpose of the unification of the forces of nature. Brethren, for years I could not understand that sign and the symptoms that I saw and see going on in our nation and in our world, I knew that there had to be a planned program to destroy this nation with sexual immorality, to bring the world into one world government and one world religion, I knew there was a plan behind it, it was too contrived, and I said frequently if I was, if this was fifty years ago, I would say it was a communist plot, but I did not know who could be behind this, who could benefit from the destruction of a moral lifestyle, who could benefit from all of the abominations that are going today?


Through the study of quantum mechanics that the Lord has put me into, I now understand the reason behind the folly, and this is the reason, there is a group of men, and when I say men, it includes physical women, there is a group of people who are highly intelligent and highly educated and have attained to high places in international government, this is an international movement, and they have recognized that our planet is in danger every second of every minute of every hour of every day, that there are meteorites in space that could hit this planet and wipe us out so fast that we would not even know what hit us.


This group of intellects and scientists they know that the majority of the peoples of the earth in this context are spiritual or intellectual children who would never believe that the sky could fall. Do you know the story of Chicken Little, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, well apparently there is a truth to this, meteorites whiz by us all of the time. The scientific community is seeking for a solution to the problem, and they think the average man in the street is just to childish to face the reality of the imminent disaster that we live with every second of every minute of every hour of every day. They are taking the position of parent, and adults and have moved to solve the problem without fully advising the people or giving them the opportunity to have something to say about it.


The secondary problem is the problem of energy. These men who have declared themselves to be the spiritual adults of the world’s children, have concerned themselves and are concerning themselves with the energy problem. In this country, our whole lifestyle is based on energy, and so it is in the whole western world, and this situation is spreading to the third world, we will be a world that cannot exist without energy. Everything is done by machines the old ways are falling away, even in the third world countries, more and more each generation.


The women are, well in this country, most women could not sew if they had to, a lot of people could not have a garden if they needed to, everything is done for us as we pursue our intellectual pursuits. The development of the mind is dependent, and the development on the lifestyle based on an ascended mind is dependent.


...that will do the work that we need to survive. I have heard, and I have heard new of and read articles about solar energy, and atomic energy as being a solution to the problem of the rapidly diminishing fossil fuels, fossil fuels are oil and coal and natural gas, what will we use for energy? I have always heard, Oh well the scientific community is working on it and surely by the time the fossil fuels are use up, the scientific community will have come up with something that is going to provide our needs.


I have found recently that many plans have been made to meet these needs by the spiritual adults of the world community, and their plans include the complete harvesting of the energy resources of this planet. When this planet is completely depleted, they expect to have devised the technology necessary to fully harvest the energy of the sun, and I am not talking about a little solar mirror that is warming your house.


Our elders, the world elders fully expect of the emergence of the technology that will fully harvest the energy of the sun, and when the sun is completely depleted, the next plan is to go out into the solar system, and harvest, and fully harvest the energy of the solar system, and after that, all of the other solar systems out in outer space, all of which depends upon the development of the technology, the wisdom, the understanding, the mathematical understanding of how to capture this energy and apply it safely to the needs of humanity.


The world elders have a plan. I use to think that Star Trek, The Next Generation was a fantasy. It is not, the series, Star Trek, The Next Generation is a fictionalized version of the plans the world elders have for us. They actually about zero, type zero, type one, type two and type three civilizations, on type zero, one, two, and three planets. A type three planet has developed the technology the energy from the stars. These world elders that have devised these plans and that have these great visions have also determined that in order to mature our world, which is at this time categorized as a zero level planet, we have not even reached stage one, we are still tapping the fossil fuels of this world, that what is needed to move us on to become a phase one planet is world unity.


I do not have any information at this time that I could share with you, but these spiritual elders have decided that we must become a world community if we are to accomplish the harvesting and the full extraction of the energy that this planet has to offer us, that we cannot continue to waste the energy that we waste on wars and disagreement, that it is absolutely essential that a social program, or a socialistic program of human interaction be implemented, that everything should be shared, which sounds wonderful and is politically correct, but it is very anti-Scriptural. The Scripture says, You do not work, you do not eat, the Scripture says, If you have a need, seek Me, and I will meet your every need, the Scripture says, Seek ye the kingdom of God first, and all of these things will be added unto you.


The Scripture does not say, Take from the rich and give to the poor, the Scripture says, Seek Me, I have enough to give all of you. This is where these socialistic programs have come from.


Do you know that the whole western world has gone socialist except for this country, and a battle is waging today to turn our democratic government, to turn our democratic republican to a socialist welfare state? Part of the plan is to destroy all of the monotheistic religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Why? Because these religions separate. At some point, I am sure that I will, the Lord will lead me to the understanding of why, I do not, I should not say our, why these spiritual elders believe that we must have world unity in order move into the category of a phase one planet. That is what is behind all of this world trade and mixing and matching, it is way beyond money.


I thought it was for world trade, that it was for money and economic benefit, it is way beyond that. The program includes the destruction of any worship of the true God, and to replace that with the worship of humanistic religion which is dead, no controversy, this where political correctness has arisen from, do not speak the truth, do not offend anybody, the Scripture says, Confront, tell your brother, and if he listens, you have gained a brother. The teaching of these world elders is anti-Scriptural, and anti-Christ from its beginning to its end. They are not only seeking to unify the forces of nature, they are seeking to unify the peoples of the earth. Is that a bad thing, Sheila. No, if you are unified in the true unifier, if you are unified in the mediator which is Christ Jesus. The only true unification is with God, and everybody that is unified with God will be at peace with one another. These spiritual elders are trying to force people into unification by changing the way God has told them to relate to people, by changing the way God has told them to prosper, by making it a crime to speak the truth.


I now know where all of this is coming from, and the Lord just told me why these spiritual elders believe that we must be a one world community in order to move on, the Lord just told me why, and this is what the Lord just told me. Brethren, every human being is an energy field, I will get to the drawing on the board eventually, every human being is an energy field, we all contain energy, our mind emanates energy, the thoughts that we think emanate energy. Jesus said, The thoughts that I think, they are life, they give life unto you. People who are immersed in witchcraft, the thoughts that they think produce death. The energies of this planet or a large portion of the energies of this planet, are in the mind and the mind processes of the people, and while the people are hostile to one another, and are disagreeing with one another, energy is being lost, it is being wasted.


As I understand what the Lord just said to me, these spiritual elders not only are harvesting the energy of the fossil fuels of this planet, it is their intention to harvest the energies of the mind of all of the people. I know that a year or so ago when the Lord was giving us some information about Maitreya, he was telling me that Maitreya who claims to be, Maitreya by his spokesman, Benjamin Creme, claims to have been in the earth since the 1940s if I am not mistaken, claims to exist in Pakistan and keeps threatening to reveal himself to the people as the Christ of this age, but has not done so, he claims by his spokesperson Benjamin Creme that the people are not ready for him yet, but the Lord told me no that is not true, the Lord told me that this Maitreya, by the way Maitreya is a Hindu word for Christ. He claims to be the Christ of this age, Maitreya, and he is an entity that is in intending to and has been trying to incarnate in this world system in a manner other than the traditional manner.


The traditional legal manner of incarnation into this world is to be born as an infant in a woman’s womb. God is the only one who has the legal authority to self-incarnate in this world, and self-incarnation requires a large measure of energy and even if you can accomplish it, it requires a large measure of energy from second to second to maintain the physical body that one acquires through self-incarnation.


Apparently when one is born in the traditional way, there is enough energy in the sperm and in the egg and in the mother’s body that the fetus acquires through the nine month gestation period to give the baby that is born enough energy to live what we would call a natural lifetime, seventy, eighty, ninety years old, if you live to a hundred years old, you are usually today.


You have taken the energy from the body of your father and your mother to give you a life source for what we call a lifetime today, or to self-incarnate, for an entity to self-incarnate and to stay incarnated, to seventy, eighty, ninety years, apparently requires a great deal of energy, and the Lord revealed to me at that time that Maitreya does in fact exists, but he has not been able to acquire the necessary energy to make a permanent appearance.


The Lord also told us that Maitreya is spiritually appearing in a very well-known preacher who claims to serve Jesus Christ, in who I believe, believes he serves Jesus Christ, but I do not believe that is the truth, and the preacher has large crowds following him like Simon the sorcerer. The Lord told me that if Maitreya does manifest, if it does come to that place, that he acquires the energy necessary to permanently manifest, it will come through the energy that is acquired from the adoration of the people that come to hear this preacher preach, the Maitreya will feed off of the energy that is manifested in large corporate collective meetings of believers coming hoping to be healed.


I do not know whether the Lord Jesus put a stop to it or what happened, but this is what the Lord told me a couple of years ago, that Maitreya was planning on incarnating through this preacher who has tremendous crowds following him wherever he goes, but nothing has happened, so I do not know whether the Lord has hindered his plans or I do not know what the story is, but he has pronounced his coming, he pronounced his coming for years, and now I do not even hear very much about him, he is not even trumpeting his coming, if he is, I have not heard it in a long time.


I was saying that the world elders or the men that have acquired or self-acquired the role of world elders, believe and it may very well be true, that we cannot have individuals warring against one another, because such war diminishes energy if we are to move into the phase of what they would call spiritual development and maturation by which we harvest all of the energy of this planet and acquire the technology to move on to the harvesting of the energy of the sun, we cannot have this energy leak of people being mad at each other, and people competing with one another, and people offending one another, it creates an energy leak, it creates a leak in the boat. That is what the Lord just told me.


The world fathers have devised this concept of political correctness in attempt to stop all conflict, but brethren my Bible says, Peace, Peace, but there is no peace, aside from the peace that comes through submission to the Lord Jesus Christ, it is a lie, you may have peace from the words of your mouth, but your soul or the souls of the people are raging in hatred and envy and competition and all forms of evil with one another.


The world fathers will never stop it. Why? Because this is the nature of the fallen man called death, and this is the way it is in his environment called hell.


This is the plan, it is on the drawing board, all of the way to the harvesting of the energy of the stars. Do you know that the scientific community, well a large percentage of the scientific community believes that our universe must eventually end in what they call the big crunch. They believe we began with a big bang, and that we will end with a big crunch. What does that mean? Our universe is going to die, our planet is going to die. Our race is going to die. Our scientists and these world leaders are actually talking about the fate of our race, humanity okay, trillions of years from now, which is destined to die, they are talking about saving the human race which is destined to die, trillions of years from now, and the way they are going to save the human race is to in an attempt to find the technology, that will create such a large measure of energy that if they cannot stop the big crunch, we will be able to escape to another solar system.


Everything you see on TV in science fiction, it is on the drawing board by the world fathers.


That is where it is all coming from, division results in a loss of energy, and we need all of the energy that we can get to survive the death sentence that Jehovah placed upon humanity. Look at the lengths that men will go to rather than to repent, is that not amazing. It just never ceases to amaze me, what the fallen man will reason to be logical. Here is an exciting witness brethren, that we are truly in the last days, but I am excited because the doctrine of Christ, which is the spiritual understanding of the Scripture, tells me, that I am not going to be separated from my body as the result of the sins of the world and of the elements of the world which is so much smarter than I am that they have taken upon themselves this burden of saving humanity in this ungodly way.


My Bible tells me this time the end of the maniacal mind of man, because that is maniacal brethren, to tell people you cannot express what you feel, you cannot express what you think, and you have to lie and be politically correct, and not have an honest confrontation but suffer in your emotions because you cannot have any ripples on the surface of your communication.


That is maniacal brethren, to force someone to deny themselves. The Lord tells me this time, the maniacal mind of the Serpent which is manifesting in really just a small group of scientists and other worlds leaders compared to the masses of humanity, that level of intelligence is just manifesting in a very small percentage of humanity, that this time the Lord will not deal with this problem by dissolving my body and forcing me and you out of incarnation, this time He is going to deal with the problem in the body. He is going to graft His blood, that blood that came out of His side whether it came out His natural side or it came out of His spiritual side, the blood that is being grafted is the spiritual blood, not the red blood of His humanity that was poured out on Calvary to whatever degree that it was poured out.


He is going to graft that to my spiritual being, that is what the cornerstone is, Jesus Christ, the chief cornerstone, that blood that drop of blood that became available to men when Jesus ascended on high is grafted to the mortal foundation of mankind in the form of the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ, that is the male sperma, the blood is the male sperma, is grafting to your humanity, and together they are called the Christ in you, that zygote, that spiritual zygote in you, the hope of your glorification, He is the chief cornerstone of Christ that is being formed in you, the first cell of the Christ that is being formed in you, and the Christ in each of you is the cornerstone of the spiritual body of Christ, whose environment will never end, it will be the age that will never end. That is the answer brethren.


We have a warfare going on you see, between the human being that the mind of the Serpent is manifesting in, and the human being that the mind of the Christ is appearing in, and the Lord has placed His life in me and in you and that Christ is the lake of fire which is warring against your own carnal mind and your own carnal nature, and as you take the victory over your own carnal nature, Christ in you will mature to the point that it will war against the collective manifestation of the mind of the Serpent. There is war today, and I am going to show you that warfare in the terms of energy fields and subatomic particles, I will get there, I will get there as soon as the Lord lets me get there.


What is going on in this world today is the end of the age, and we are not going to be separated from our body as a punishment of the Lord. People may live out their allotted lifetime before the process is completed, but the purpose of the Lord in this age is to purify us from within. Praise the Lord.


Before I comment on what is on the board, the two views of subatomic particles, I will just say one more thing about the disappearance of the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth, and that is to get on this message what the Lord has taught me as to what occurred in the garden of Gethsemane. If you look at the account of Jesus in the garden and His communication with the Father, you will see that He was not asking to be delivered from what traditionally is considered the cup of this experience, but He was referring to His physical body as the cup that His spiritual life was occupying, and what He was saying to the Father, was, and I am relating this now to the self-incarnation of Maitreya, and whatever other entities would desire to self-incarnate.


Jesus, the Christ inside of the man Jesus, had so completely swallowed up His carnal nature, that, that Christ was seeking its own environment, you see whatever we are, we see our own level. It is just the truth, if you are a person that is on a, and I am not putting anybody down, I am just trying to find an example, if you are an adult, and your intellect is on the level of the sixth grade, let us say you did not have the opportunity to graduate high school, or to be educated, it is not likely that you are going to wind up marrying a PhD of someone who teaches cosmology, water seeks its own level, you seek your own level.


In the same way, spiritually speaking, the spiritual being, the mind and the personality of Jesus of Nazareth, had so completely ascended that it was seeking its own environment, and the environment of an animal body was alien to the spiritual, the level of the spiritual development of the Christ within the physical or mortal man Jesus, the physical animal body had become alien to it, and it was seeking to, it was, let me clarify this, the spiritual being, the personality of Jesus and the spiritual man within Him, now remember was we have Christ grafted to us, the man Jesus of Nazareth had the person of Elijah grafted within Him, so the spiritual man within Jesus plus the personality that was perfected, those were the two men that appeared within the cave, when Mary got there, there were two men shining, those were the two men, it was the personality of Jesus that had been perfected and emerged or escaped from the physical body, and the aspect of Elijah which can be likened to the Christ in us, who also escaped from the physical body, that was the two men.


Eventually those two men became one man, they got married, of the twain He made one new man. when they ascended into the environment that supported the spiritual life of the glorified personality and the spiritual man Elijah that was within Jesus, as they ascended to the environment a spiritual world that was on their level, the two merged and became one new man, the Lord Jesus Christ.


The man Jesus of Nazareth had so completely changed in His inner man as a result of the lake of fire. I am relating this to us, it is going to happen to us, or can happen to us too. The personality of Jesus was so purified by the aspect of Elijah that was grafted to Him and become His new spiritual man, that the physical body had become an alien environment, and the perfected personality plus the spiritual man Elijah were surging against the restrictions of the borders of the physical body, and the Scripture describes this by saying, And there appeared great drops of blood, of sweat as though they were blood. It was the spiritual being, the sweat was the water of the Holy Spirit, and the blood, the Spirit of Christ was oozing through the physical barrier or the physical borders of the body of Jesus of Nazareth dissolving it like acid dissolves metal, seeking to ascend to his natural environment which is the highest spiritual world of God.


Jesus was saying to the Father, Lord, I do not know how long I can hold this physical body in incarnation. Do you remember what I said about Maitreya, he can only appear if he has enough energy to keep this physical body incarnated, brethren, the scientific reality of our existence is that our body is created and recreated from second to second? We just appear solid because our brains, we are so slowed down, but the scientific reality is that we are recreated from second to second, and our cell structure is completely revamped every seven years. Jesus who was now the Christ, whose nature environment was the spiritual world of life, not the physical world, not a body of death and a physical world of hell, you see, but His natural environment was now life and a spiritual world of life, or of heaven. His spiritual being was thrusting and surging like an ocean against the borders of the physical body which was dissolving as great drops of sweat and blood, and He said, Father I do not know how much longer I can hold this together, I have come Oh God to do thy will as it is written in the volume of the book I have done it, now get me out of here because I do not know how much longer I can keep this up. Jesus rose up off His knees and walked out of the garden, met the Sanhedrin guards, and boom, He was on the cross crucified.


Jesus was not saying, I do not want to be crucified, He was saying, Lord, you better crucify me now or I am not going to be able to complete my assignment.


Energy, energy, it is all about energy, the name of the game is energy. Listen, the world’s fathers are talking about harvesting the galaxy. What happens when you run out of galaxies? Brethren, you have got to get this, the visible world is manifestation of the infinite energy of the Ayn Sof, almighty God, in His highest form. The only way we will survive is to have a union with the creator, which will continuously promote the spiritual circulation that will keep our existence alive and well nourished, that every need will be met, so that all we will need to do is pursue God with the things of the spirit and the mind, look at what you are wasting.


All you world leaders and scientists of the world, the futility, the futility of your intelligence, of your studies, of your space programs, of your plans, your world three planets, that people have to sacrifice their individuality so that they can live in a slave world. How silly, but the saddest part of the whole thing is, that these brilliant scientists do not have a clue of what I am talking about. One of them, a scientist that I have a great deal of respect for, I am never putting anybody down, he has written a book, saying, and I preached on this, I have another message on this, that I no longer believe that God is a creator, and I have manipulated of the truth of universe, with mathematics, with the language of mathematics by using negative, not negative numbers, I forgot what he called it, not negative number, but imaginary numbers, I have written the equation of a universe without God by using imaginary numbers, and I now believe the creation had no beginning and no end, and I have proved it by using imaginary numbers. I do not mean to put this man down at all.


How futile, how futile, seek God brethren, can you imagine if someone or a group of men with the intelligence of these physicists would pursue the truth of God? I am limited as to what I could teach you by my own intellect. Can you imagine what God could tell them, that I am not capable of understanding at this moment, that they could chew up and feed to us in a form that we could understand, but they do not, so God comes to simple men. He took me off of death row and he is teaching me these wonderful things.


That was my introduction, I think that we are going to stop here and tonight we will pick up with the drawing on the board, I will just briefly introduce you to it before we stop here. I have labeled here two views of subatomic particles, and that is the name of this message. Number one is the world line view of subatomic particles, and the second view is called quantum field theory, which is a view that says, there is no such thing as a subatomic particle.


The world line view says, that individual particles exist eternally, that is a subatomic particle can be tracked from the time of its creation and inclusion into a field, through the annihilation of that field, its inclusion into another field, and so on at infinitum. The record or history of a particle through multiple inclusions and annihilations is called the world line of that particle. Quantum field theory says, that which is called the subatomic particle, is actually an interaction between fields, which interact instantaneously and locally, that is, at specific points on the fields. The whole surface of each of the fields does not interact with the whole surface of the other fields.


If we consider the physical body of a man to be a field, and the right hand of the man, of the two men interact in a hand shake, we can say that those two fields, or those two men, have interacted or instantaneously or spontaneously, and locally, locally because only the right hand of each field or the right hand of each man interacted.


Now, these are two opposing views, these are two opposing scientific views accepted by various members of the scientific community today. I intend to show you with the help of the Lord after dinner that they are both true. The world line view is true from a spiritual point of view, for example, all of the sparks that Adam broke into, when he died, they did have a beginning and the formation of Adam Kadmon, and they exist today in a different form, as the mortal foundation of mankind, as the worm that Jesus spoke about that goes on into eternity, and we will review that, and that the quantum field theory which says there is no such thing as a subatomic particle, but there are only interactions between people, that too is true.


Every human being that you see, me, you, every human being on the face of the earth. We are the result or we are the particle which has resulted from the interaction of Leviathan, and Abel. We will review that teaching of the doctrine of Christ. I have found that just about every scientific view that I have read in the books that I am studying, I find to be true if you apply that truth to the right environment, they are all true. The scientists are discovering the many truths of a many faceted creation, each world has its own set of rules, we find all of these truths.


I was reading in one book, where I was told that one scientist, and again I do not understand how they do it, they work all of this out with advanced mathematics, I do not know whether it is calculus or whether there is something even beyond calculus, I do not know, but these scientists, they use mathematical equations to discover spiritual truths about our world, I do not get it how it works, but they say it works. This one scientist we are told, I read in this book, discovered a world that was so bizarre that it was impractical. This is how he described this world, it was a world that could be likened to a spiral staircase, so that every time you would complete your three hundred and sixty degree turn, you would wind up on another sheet, because the cylinder that you were going around was ascending upward, so you complete a three hundred and sixty degree circle but you would not be back where you started, you would be at a point above, where you started. The scientists called it a new sheet.


Brethren, is that not incarnation? Is that not a definition of reincarnation? We believe in reincarnation but not as it is preached by the Hindus, or the Buddhists or the New Agers, but reincarnation is a reality, it is a manifestation of the curse. The reason that, well let me say this first, the true salvation, let me say this, the Hindus and the Buddhists and the New Agers, they say the reason or the fruit of the benefit of reincarnation is that you keep doing it over until you get it right, and then your personality is perfected, and you do not have to reincarnate anymore, but Christ Centered Kabbalah says, No, no, that is not true, you could do it over for eternity and you are never going to get it right, the only thing that is going to perfect you and do away with your sin nature, is union with the Lord Jesus Christ, who will join with you to overthrow your sin filled soul, that is your only deliverance from the sin nature.


Reincarnation is a reality because these physical bodies which are houses of the spiritual man or the personality died. The reason we have reincarnation brethren, is that the worm that Jesus talks about which is our immortal soul, that worm that goes on, that is on the world line view, that worm which is a spark that chipped off of Adam when he died, that is what that worm is that Jesus talks about, it builds a house for itself, and we are the house, the human being is the house that it lives in, and that worm is the spiritual man.


Jehovah called Jacob a worm. Brethren, from a spiritual point of view our spiritual life is still in the larvae stage, we have not been born yet, and the physical man is just a house. Paul clearly said that, that this is our house and that we have another house, a house from heaven. The reason we reincarnate, is that this creation in the form it is in today is separated from the source of infinite energy. This is the divided age, we are separated from the Ayn Sof, the infinite source of energy and life.


The only energy that we have is the energy that we, now I am not talking about Jesus and His work in the earth today, I am not talking about that right now, the only energy that humanity has is that energy which was trapped in creation when Jehovah severed us from the land of life, which is Binah by the way, if you want to look at this from a Kabbalistic point of view.


This creation has been recycling the energy that was trapped in it at the time of separation for, only God knows for how many years, we keep recycling the energy that we have. The energy that is available to us, in this world, in this divided age, is insufficient, it is insufficient to keep a body incarnated indefinitely.


You and I may have always thought in the terms of the self-incarnated person, well when they run out of energy, they just sort of fade away and disappear. Maybe that is true of the self-incarnated person, but the truth of the person that has incarnated the legal way by being born of the woman also disappears when the source of energy that promotes and sustains that incarnation is diminished. The body that was born of a woman when it ceases to exist has a particular pattern that is different than the pattern of the self-incarnated body that ceases to exist. The self-incarnated body fades away. The body born of a woman gets weaker, and starts to get wrinkles, and shrinks and gets smaller, and gets tired, and eventually lays down and the last breath of life is breathed out of it, and a carcass remains and eventually the flesh turns to dust, and the bones remain in the earth as a sign that this person is dead.


The person that is alive leaves no remains in the earth of death. The person that is alive does not have a bone in the earth of hell. The person that is alive takes everything with them. The carcass of the dead human being is the sign for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear, that this person died unregenerated. I do not condemn you, just believe the truth, it will set you free, that person died unregenerated, their bones are in the ground, you can dig them up, and see their skeleton. They did not pick up their bed and walk, they left something of themselves.


They did not have the necessary energy to keep their house and their house burnt down and collapsed because it was built on sand you see. It was a mud house, and when all of the energy that was making the sand into mud was used up, the mud turned to grains of sand and the house fell down. That worm has to start all over again. That is the whole purpose for reincarnation, it is a part of the curse, that guy’s house keeps falling down, it is not for the purposes for perfection. That is like justifying, that is justifying a curse. I am very sorry, I really do not intend to hurt your feelings but I have to say what the Lord tells me to say, there is a person in this ministry, when she first came here, truly believed that because she gave birth to a down syndrome child, that it was blessing from God, and we had to work on that, and I had to explain to her and teach her, that no, that was not a blessing from God. Then she went to the opposite side and said, Oh, do you mean I am cursed, or do you mean my daughter is cursed. I said, No, I am not saying your daughter is cursed, I am saying your beautiful down syndrome daughter is the product of a curse, which is a judgment for sin. This young lady is one of the greatest blessings in my life today, this down syndrome child, but that does not change the fact that the condition that she is in, does not glorify God, that this is the product, the fruit of a curse which is a judgment for sin.


You have to have the right balance. Reincarnation is not a blessing! Reincarnation is not a plan that was implemented so that men could have the opportunity to perfect themselves. Reincarnation is a curse to be despised, to be overcome, to be done away with! The only way to do away with it is for that worm, which is our immortal foundation to be joined to the one, the only one who has the true immortality, even the glorified Jesus Christ, the only one who has the true immortality.


There is a false immortality and a true immortality, the false immortality is the immortality of this age. Those worms which we all are, in our spiritual being, are in immortal, they will continue as long as this age continues, the reason there is a false immortality is that the age is not immortal, the worm is immortal in the context of this age, but the age is not immortal.


The age is coming to an end, and when Jesus Christ brings this age to an end, those who are immortal in the context of this age will die. Jesus Christ is the only one who possesses the true immortality, He is the founder of the age that will never end, the true immortality will never end, and He will give us a vessel, the Christ in you, the Christ in me, will form a house for Himself that will never die, because He will have the necessary energy to sustain it, and that energy will come through a union with the glorified Jesus Christ who is one with the Ayn Sof today, and spiritual circulation will be re-established in us, and we will be nourished by the unending source of the son of righteousness, a son that will never use up its fuel and collapse into a black hole.


When a person dies, see each of us can be considered a star, and when we die, we collapse into a black hole, the only thing that survives a black hole is radiation, everything else is chewed up. The spirit escapes, or the worm, I am not going to get into those terms right now. Incarnation is a curse, it is a curse to, it is a curse to spend seventy, eighty, ninety, or a hundred years of your life becoming the kind of person that you like, becoming a person that you can respect, by developing skills that you have worked years to acquire, and then to die, how could you say that is a blessing, and then to have to start all over again! No, it is a curse, and it is a sign of spiritual weakness, the spiritual weakness of your true spiritual nature which cannot keep his house alive.


When I went into the hospital for three months, I almost died several times, the last time that I went into the hospital, I was in there for three months and nobody expected me to live. When I came out, but the Lord expected me to live, and when I came out, I came home, it was really like having been institutionalized being in the hospital for three months, and as I walked into my house, I sat down at the chair that I preached from, and when I sat down on that chair, and I was very thin and weak, and was not well, I sat down on that chair, in my mind I recognized the Lord Jesus Christ manifesting Himself through me, and I literally heard a lion roar, I just sat there in that chair with such a spirit of victory, He had kept His house alive. All of the work that He has done in me, He kept it alive so that He does not have to start all over again with somebody else, He kept me alive, His house. Glory to God.


After dinner, we will go on with our explanation of the two views of subatomic particles which we are. We are the subatomic particles of a world that is greater than this world. We will talk about that after dinner. Are there any questions or comments?


Praise the Lord, we are back from dinner. The name of our message is two views of subatomic particles, apparently the first ninety minute message was an introduction to the aspect of the message concerning subatomic particles which we are addressing now. I gave you an introduction to it before we went out to dinner, I told you that the first view of subatomic particles, and there are many people in the scientific community that still subscribe to this view, is called the world line view of subatomic particles, and it speaks about the lifetime of a particle.


I believe the reason it is called a world view is that it is talking about the existence of a particle through what we might call multiple incarnations. We are looking at drawing #2, I have split the board in to A and B, and I am showing you a picture of the concept of the world view which is a world line. In section A of the board, we see two subatomic particles, one I have colored red, and the other I have colored blue, and I have indicated the paths of the particles by a black dashed line. We see the destructive interference of two particles which annihilate each other, but out of the death of their annihilation comes forth three more particles. As I have shown one red, one blue, and one black.


We see that there really is, from this point of view, there is no death, there is merely the change of formation. This basically is the teaching that you hear coming forth from the new age today, there is no death, there is merely a change of position, you go from this world into the world of the other side; there is no death. Of course that is all a false teaching which I do not think I will address right now, but this is where they are coming from. Since the discovery of quantum mechanics, let me put it this way, the discovery of quantum mechanics has had an incredible social and spiritual impact on humanity. The principles of quantum mechanics have been laid hold of by social institutions, by educational institutions, by spiritual institutions, and has been used to promote their positions and their false doctrines, and their false methods of educating and working with society, and I call them false because anything that opposes the instruction of the Lord as it is laid out in the holy Scripture as to how to live our live and raise our children, to understand the life about us, anything that opposes that word is false.


Of course we get into a problem here because there are different levels upon which we can understand the word of God. The only way you can tell the difference between a deep spiritual understanding of the truth of God, and an error, is by the discernment that is in Christ, and that is why so many people hear me speaking and they think that I am teaching what the new age teaches, I am not teaching what the new age teaches, I am teaching the spiritual truth about the creation and about our existence by the Spirit of Christ, and the only way you can believe that is by laying hold of the Christ in the midst of you and asking Him to confirm the truth to you.


The answer is near to you. We read in the Scriptures that, at some point, I believe it is Paul, that is rebuking the Jews, I think this was in the book of Hebrews where he is saying, Do not be saying, Who can call down someone from heaven, and who can ascend back up to heaven again. You do not have to do that, the message is nigh unto you, the answer is already in your mouth. What Paul is telling the Hebrews is, Do not be worrying about who is going to call down or pull down the power of God into the lives of the people. Do not be worrying about who is going to find the power to ascend back up into heaven. Do not be wasting your energy, pursuing these questions because you do not have to do that because the power which gives you the answer to your questions, is already in your own mouth. What that means is, when the Christ within you gives you the answer, He will speak it out of your own mouth, do you not understand, Paul was saying, You do not have to be looking, out there, Christ is risen, He is available to be in the midst of you, all wisdom and knowledge is in Christ.


We have to pull it out from within us, do not look out there, you have to pull it out from within us. Even as you stood under this kind of teaching, as I teach you, the only thing that is going to make this teaching real to you, is that the Christ within you is going to lay hold of it and make it real to you, the answer is within your own mouth. Do not be looking to someone else to do it for you. Does anyone not understand what I am talking about? Praise the Lord. Paul is saying, Even when Messiah appears to you, all He can do is assist you, the message and the messenger, Christ in you the hope of glory, is within you, and all the teacher like me can do for you, is to preach this word which will awaken or stir up the Christ in the midst of you to start manifesting in your life.


It is not going to come from out there, it is going to come from inside of you. Jesus said, Do not be looking here or there in desert for the Messiah, it is going to be as obvious as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. What does that mean? It is going to be inside of you, in your mind, and in the very, the things that come out of your mouth, you are not going to know where they come from. That is how it is going to be so obvious, it is going to be your personal experience, and once you have personally experience the Christ manifesting in you, you will not be prone to be deceived by others because you will have experienced the reality, it will be very difficult to deceive you. That is what Jesus was saying, and that was what Paul was saying. It is already nigh unto you. Look inside of you, seek God, seek ye first the kingdom of God, do not go looking for another.


Praise the Lord. I hope I have given you an idea of what the world view is and of course on the right side of the board, on the B side of the board, I show you an newborn particle, and the world line continues on and that particle becomes included in a field and becomes a part of an incarnation, each human being, we are all energy fields, all of us are energy fields, and I will talk more about that in a little bit. The particle incarnates and becomes a part of the energy field known as this man, and this man dies and the particle appears in another form, the particle is a different type of particle. I did not put down the names of the particles on the board, I did not want to be getting too technical, we could have two electrons interacting, and then there are other kinds of particles, I feel to get into that right now, I just indicated different kinds of particles by different colors. This is the principle of the world, and what it really is, you see, it is true, as I told you before we went out to dinner, both views are true in their own venue, this is true of the worm that Jesus talks about, this world line view is true of the spark or the aspect of Adam that died, and when Adam died, he fell off of the wall, he is Humpty Dumpty, he had a great fall, and all of the king’s horses and all of the king’s men, could not put Adam back together again.


Only the power of God can do it, so Adam broke into trillions of pieces, each piece calls for the purposes of our understanding, a worm, each piece of Adam is alive, did you ever see a worm cut up for bait, chopped into pieces and each piece is alive, each piece is alive and wiggling, we are, there has to be a reason that the Scripture calls us a worm, maybe that is one of the reasons that we are called a worm, we are all a part of that worm in us which is our mortal foundation is a part of the great Adam that was destroyed.


Each one of us, that worm is the immortality of this fallen world, I know this can get confusing, because that worm which is called the Fiery Serpent, is our mortal foundation. Jesus Christ is our immortal foundation. This mortal foundation that we have, is immortal in the venue of this world system as I explained earlier today, and it is immortal of the context of the reality that it spins or weaves a house for itself which is our physical body and the personality that comes forth in it, and when a human being dies, that immortal aspect, the immortality of this age goes on, it goes on and at some point it becomes a part of another house or another field, and when that person dies, the body and personality dissolves and that core that foundation, it is mortal in relationship to the immortality of Jesus Christ, but that foundation, that worm is immortal in relation to the physical body that it dwells in because the physical body and the personality passes on, and the worm keeps on going and keeps on taking on new houses, new physical bodies and new personalities.


I explained to you earlier that the reason for that, is that this mortal foundation called the Fiery Serpent or called the worm, many principles in the Scripture have several names depending on the context in which it is being used, such as the winepress judgment and the lake of fire, they are the same judgment, but used in different contexts, it has different names. This Fiery Serpent, or this worm, survives the death of the physical body and the personality, and goes on, in another form, and eventually incarnates again with a new physical body and a new personality, and that is the manifestation of this world view of the world line, that worm is the world line, that is going from incarnation to incarnation, and what if any experience the worm has between incarnations, I do not know, I have heard a lot of theories about it. Some say that aspect of us that survives sleeps, and I have heard new age teachings and Hindu teachings that they have an existence similar to ours with universities and opportunities to study. I believe that the Zohar teaches that there is consciousness after death but some day the Lord will give me some specific information about it.


I do not like to put it on messages because I have not really had a personal word from the Lord about it, but whatever kind of existence there is, for that worm, that has incarnated us, it goes on, it goes on and it will take on other houses, and the reason for this rising up of houses and destruction of houses, the reason for this continuous destructive interaction, this continuous annihilation and changing our position and form is because the creation is dead. This does not happen in a living creation.


The Scripture clearly says in the living creation we have a world that has no end. The Scripture clearly says in the living creation we have prosperity that has no end. We have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that has no end, we have access to the only true immortality, and the definition of immortality is endlessness.


That means the house that our foundation lives in, is endless, our relationships are endless, you do not lose loved ones. Everyone and everything goes on forever, it becomes permanent. This is world of death is impermanent, it is temporal, and therefore it is called an illusion, because from the view of the eagle which flies very high in the spiritual planes, looking down at this world, things are so continuously changing, that the way the spiritual being sees us, if you wanted to compare it to the way we would see a similar thing, we would be a sand castle, that one day you build it up and the next day you smash it down.


The particles of this world system are continuously interacting and annihilating, dying, being born, rising up, falling down, rising up, falling down, rising up in a different form, falling down, rising up in a different form, falling down, that is why this world is an illusion, but because we are vibrating so slowly, to us it is not an illusion. You have to have a revelation of what an illusion is. Everything changes, there are ancient cities found buried under the sand in the deserts. Some say Atlantis, the legendary Atlantis is under the Atlantis ocean, nations rise and fall, people rise and fall, nations rise and fall, families rise and fall, buildings rise and fall, everything is changing like sand dunes, sand drifting sand dunes in the desert, if you have the spiritual eyes to see it, that is what happens in our world. This is the concept of the world view which is a world line, it is true for this mortal world. There is an aspect of this mortal world called a worm, Jesus called it the worm that is continuously interacting with other particles, annihilating each other and going forward in other forms. Does anybody have any question about this principle? We will take a picture of this and then we will talk a little more about fields and about quantum field theory.


Drawing #3, quantum field theory view. Our note from drawing #1 says, quantum field theory view says that there is no such thing as a subatomic particle, what is called a subatomic particle is actually an interaction between fields, which interact instantaneously and locally, that was one drawing #1, drawing #3 shows the interaction between two minds, and an interaction between two men.


We are saying a physical interaction is a handshake. Something happens when people shake hands. You may not be able to see it, but there is an exchange when people shake hands. There is an exchange of the tissue on your hands, there could be an exchange of a germ on your hands, and there is a spiritual exchange, but it is not obvious, but a handshake is creates a particle, an instantaneous particle which exists only as long as the two people are holding hands. The particle that arises out of that interaction is mostly, well what you can see is mostly emotional, usually, it makes you feel good.


The particle arises in your emotions, as a good feeling, or if a germ is exchanged, or if a disease is exchanged, that is the particle. As far as the two squares that I have drawn, although they are not really squares, the two, well they are not really even parallelograms because I did not draw them properly, but the two geometric objects that I drew up there on the board, and that I have labeled two minds, as you can see these two minds have passed into each other, or are in the process of passing through each other, and they are interacting as two local points.


Each of those geometric objects represents a field. We see on the left side of the board an explanation, particles have no history, a world line is a history, it is a history of the particle, the particle appeared in this form, and then the particle appeared in that form, and the particle appeared in that form. It is like a genealogy, it is like the spiritual lifetime, that I teach in the doctrine of Christ, but there is one spiritual man passing through the earth, but he keeps changing his garment, he keeps changing his body. He appeared, for example, Michael the archangel, appeared, and then Michael the archangel took on a garment and he appeared as, he tried to take on the garment of the man Moses, and he could not do it because he did not have Moses’ cooperation. The archangel Michael appeared as Elijah, and then Michael the archangel appeared as Jesus of Nazareth, and some that study Kabbalah say that it was Michael the archangel who appeared as Enoch, that Enoch was the first incarnation, or the first garment that Michael the archangel took on.


Michael the archangel has a world line, he was Michael the archangel, he was Enoch, he tried to be Moses, but could not complete the process, he was Elijah, he was Jesus, and now Michael the archangel in his latest incarnation as the Lord Jesus Christ is now taking on many garments, the many garments of all of the people that Christ is being grafted to. Praise the Lord. Quantum field theory says there is no such thing as a world line, there is no such thing as a history, what is perceived to be particles are spontaneous interactions between local points of different fields. That particles arise into existence spontaneously as two fields pass by or through each other, and when the last interaction no longer exists because the fields which are in constant motion are no longer interacting, the particle that was created at the moment of the interaction, ceases to exist. It was a brief illusion, something that existed for a moment in time, and then vanished like smoke.


Quantum field theory is also correct, because this description that I just read to you, can anybody sitting here see what in your experience you can apply the quantum field theory view to? What is it that you know about, what kind of particles do you know about that arise into existence, exist for a moment in time, and then disappear and are never seen again? Nobody? If you have spiritual eyes brethren, that is the truth about human beings, it is the truth about snowflakes, they say there are no two snowflakes that are exactly alike, they fall out of the sky, they exist for a moment, and then they cease to exist, they become part of the field called packed snow and eventually melt away into water and go down into the drain.


Human beings arise into this world, exist for a moment in time, for a season and then they die and they cease to exist, and I am sorry but they never rise again. They do not rise again. That personality that existed for a lifetime, in this world, does not rise again, the mortal foundation, the worm that incarnated and took a house on which is the physical body and the personality of the person that just died, that worm has a world line, and goes on, and will take another form, but the forms that the worm takes exists only for that brief moment in time.


We see that both theories are correct, if you apply them in the right venue. This is shocking to Christians who would like to believe that after they die they are going to wake up in heaven which is a city that has streets of gold, and mansions, where they are going to meet all of their loved ones again, but I am sorry it is not true. The Scripture does not teach that. Any intellectually honest person that studies that subject in the Scripture would have to admit the Scripture does not say that, it simply does not. Human beings, this form that we are in today, it is an illusion, therefore anybody who is pursuing their spiritual life should want to know who you really are, who are you. This personality and this body that you are appearing in, is only for a brief moment in time, there is a real you inside of this body that has a world line.


Who are you? You have to ask the Lord, who are you? I am Christ. I am a manifestation of Christ. Who are you? Who is the real you? The truth is that there are only two choices, either you are Christ, or you are the Serpent, either you are a spark of Christ or you are a spark of the Serpent. Only your pride would get upset about it, it is just the truth, there are only two men in the earth, and the one man is an illusion, first of all, he is not a man, he is a woman who is the wife of Adam, who is not supposed to even have a separate existence from Adam, and when the divided age is over, and when the rebellion and the adultery is put down, the wife of Adam that departed from him is going to be completely merged with him and so under his authority that the only thing that will be seen in her will be Adam himself living through her, she will no longer be a separate entity.


The division is an illusion, not only are the trillions of people on the earth an illusion, the two spiritual beings are an illusion, there is only one.


Hear O Israel, the Lord your God is one God, there can be only one, this division is an illusion. What does that mean? It means that it is not permanent. The permanent reality is a singularity. This whole creation began from a singularity as we taught in another message where we dealt with some scientific principles.


The creation began with a singularity, and it expanded into many branches and it expanded into a great tree, and filled all of the earth, where the only thing that is the reality is the root that sprouted all of the branches. In the book of Job, we are told about the tree stump, that even though a tree be cut down, if the stump remains in the ground, at the scent of water that tree will bloom again. The only reality is the root. That is why if you have the manifestation of Christ in the form of the branch of the tree, it is only a temporary manifestation. What is the branch of the tree? The branch of the tree is the power of God. The power of God does not abide in the earth if the root is not grounded, and the root is the wisdom, and the righteousness of God. The power will not survive without the wisdom and the righteousness of God being added to it.


Where do we go from here, I would just like to say a little bit about the interactions of mind, the minds of people are bumping into each other continuously, just like the subatomic particles, we are told by the scientists that they are continuously bumping into each other, and of course the world line view says that the particles are bumping into each other and the quantum field theory says, that the fields are continuously bumping into each other, and causing interactions that are called particles. The two theories agree in that, whether you want to call them particles or fields, there are two entities, there are two objects, they are continuously interacting with each other, and producing results, a change in the atmosphere, or a change in the environment.


Most people unless there is something wrong with you know if another human being bumps into you, that is why we are always being trained to say excuse me, or I am sorry, sorry that I violated you, I am sorry that I stepped on your toe, sorry that I accidently bumped my shoulder into you. It is obvious when physical people bump into each other, but it is not obvious when our minds bump into somebody else.


You could look at it two different ways, and you can look at it, that each mind is a particle, and the two particles are bumping into each other, and each mind is affected by the interaction, or you can believe that the mind is a field, and that when two minds interact with each other, a particle is produced in the form of a thought, how about that? Let us put something like that on the board, would you take this picture and I will demonstrate this to you? I have to make a correction to something that I just said, people from one point of view definitely are a part of a world line, we have generations, we have genealogies, so if you are looking at a genealogy, you see that a human being is a part of a world line, you had the founder of the family line, and you may know who your ancestors are for five or ten generations, maybe you know, in that event, you are a part of a physical world line, because your physical body has reproduced itself, your physical body has interacted with another human being and produced a particle, and then you die afterwards.


I believe also that we have a spiritual world line, I believe that you pass your spiritual qualities onto your children also, so looking at humanity from that point of view, humanity is a world line, but if you look at it from the quantum field theory point of view, you see a human being just one day, they are not there, and the next day they are born, and they live for a season, and they die.


We have both, human beings are both involved in a world view and in the view of quantum field theory, both are true depending on the context that you want to use the term particle. Praise the Lord. Certainly the individual personality is a one-time thing. That is clear as I could make it, both are true, both are true, and as I told you earlier, I found that just about every theory that I have read about, in the books I am reading, even though the author of the book would be saying this is a bizarre model of the universe, or it is a bizarre concept of humanity, I see a spiritual reality in it and the suggestion that I gave, I believe that alternate translation of the account of Abraham sacrificing Isaac mentions a spiral staircase which is, the spiral staircase is what the doctrine of Christ calls the spiritual lifetime.


Every time you make a complete 350 degree circle, you find yourself not back where you started from but on next level, you complete your life experience, you die, and then you are reincarnated again and you are right back where you started from, you are an infant again, but you are in a different place.


Let us just talk a little bit about the interaction of mind. Brethren, when two people are having a conversation, and the two people enter into the conversation with a specific thought in their mind, and they discuss the issue, we are influenced, or there are a series of interactions of mind, of opinion, of thought and possibly of emotions, and sometimes when we interact with other people in the thoughts of our mind or in our emotions, we experience a change, a thought that we had is annihilated, it no longer exists, and another thought takes its place, sometimes it is the thought of the person that you are interacting with, and sometimes I talk to people, and I listen to their opinion, but something that they say influences me, and I change my opinion, so a third opinion, not the opinion that I entered into the conversation with, neither the opinion of the party that I am interacting with, but a third opinion is born out of that exchange of ideas.


I want to suggest to you brethren, that the most significant conclusion that we can draw from what we are hearing here today is that human beings are both waves and particles, we are both physical solid, and we both have a spiritual aspect to ourselves that can extend way beyond the borders of our physical body.


If we are going to be spiritual people, it is very important that we understand that we affect other people. We affect other people, our attitudes and the subconscious thoughts of our mind affect other people. That is why the things that you do and the attitudes that you have, carry a message. When I say to you, this is what you said to me, for anyone who would answer me, But I did not say a word, you are being naive, because your attitude speaks to me, your thoughts speak to me, your body language speaks to me, your movement speaks to me. To think that the only form of communication is verbal, is naive.


If we are going to be spiritual people, we are going to have to get beyond that. I do not really know how far the Lord wants me to go with this, I am just going to draw one more drawing for you, to try to give you an understanding of the degree to which we affect one another. I remember several years ago, I had two experiences, it is interesting, I have a lot of spiritual experiences that never seem to repeat themselves, I do not know what that is all about, but it seems to be a pattern, and you were sitting right over there on that couch in my house, and I walked passed you and as I walked passed you, I walked through your energy field. Before I approached you I was happy and singing, and by the time I passed through your energy field, I was in a rage of anger, something in your energy field, touched me, and when I looked at you, you were just sitting there doing something, no one would have ever guessed that you were angry, but apparently you were repressing your anger, and as I pressed through your energy field, there was a spontaneous local interaction between some point in my energy center, and some point in your energy field, and what was in your energy field transferred in to your energy field. Then it happened one more time about a week later. Again we were sitting right across the room from each other, and I was affected by your energy field, and it never happened again. A lot of what I teach, I teach out of my practical experience, this is what has happened to me and then the Lord explains it to me.


First I have the experience and then the Lord explains it to me. This is the point that I am trying to make tonight, that there is an aspect of ourselves that extends way beyond ourselves, it is an invisible spiritual aspect of ourselves. Sometimes it is called an aura, sometimes it is called an energy field, and the energy field that we are or the aspect of ourselves that is an energy field is continuously interacting with the energy fields of other people, and sometimes within some people, that are so spiritual strong, is that their energy field has the power to hurt, to kill, or to make sick, another person that they come in contact with.


We need to know these things, and of course the Scriptural example, what the King James calls it, Peter’s shadow. Peter’s shadow did not make people sick, Peter’s shadow made people well. That shadow is our energy field, that part of us that is spiritual, we are both solid and liquid, the Scripture says, I think it is in the book of Jude, but I could be mistaken, it is back there in one of the little epistles, and the world was formed both in the water and out of the water, standing in the water and out of the water. A part of us is solid and a part of us is spiritually liquid, and the spiritually liquid part of ourselves goes into all the nooks and crannies of other people’s minds and other people’s emotions, and can either be a source of healing, or a source of death and destruction.


Drawing #4, I have shown you two people inside of an energy field. If you remember some of the teachings, the earlier teachings of quantum mechanics, concerning waves and particles, our energy field is a wave, our physical body is a particle, and sometimes our wave aspect which is our energy field, or sometimes called an aura, interacts with the energy field of other people without our agreement.


Sitting in a ministry like this is making you spiritual, it is very dangerous to become spiritual people and not know how to function in the spiritual world. You are truly very young spiritual children, you can be kidnaped, your soul can be captured. I say over here, we can influence people by standing next to them because our thoughts, desire, and passions can create a sympathetic response in another person’s energy field. Your energy field is basically your emotions, but it is also a thought process, it is your emotions and your thought process. If you are not guarding the doors of your mind and examining every thought that wants to come in, your mind can be penetrated, and you could be thinking thoughts which result in your doing things, or taking attitudes that could be very destructive to yourself, and could divert you away from God’s plan for you. Just as you are taught when you are a child to look both ways when you cross the street, you need to be examining your spiritual environment. I do not know how to make this any clearer, I have been preaching it for a long time, but I do not really, it is just taking a long, the people here a long time to start moving in this area.


You need to understand that a strong mind can influence you in the same way that bumping into a six foot 250 pound man can bounce to the side of the street. Once you become spiritually sensitive, these are the dangers of the spiritual world. I think we did not record the message that I preached Thursday night, but we were talking about the journey that the spies took into the promised land, they said they saw Anak there, the sons of Anak there, there was great danger and great difficulties, but great fruit, and that it was possible to take the land even though the spies were so small as grasshoppers in the eyes of the giants.


This is the spiritual world that you are entering into, and to enter into it without your spiritual eyes working, without your spiritual eyes being opened to see the dangers, it could be very dangerous. This is a warning, if you are going to become spiritual, it is absolutely essential that you start looking at the giants in the land which represent your sin nature. Spiritual people must continually examine their thoughts to weed out thoughts that disagree with the mind of God. Paul said bring every thought into captivity, bring every imagination, cast down every imagination. Do you examine your thoughts daily? Do you pray for the Lord to show you every error in your mind? You must pray for the Lord to show you every error in your mind.


As we become more and more spiritual, we must learn to discern the source of what we feel and think, and recognize whether it is a thought particle, it is resulted from an interaction with the mind of Christ, or a thought particle that is result from an interaction with another person, or a thought particle that has resulted from an interaction with a spirit. Our energy field is a part of another spiritual world. We exist in two worlds, we are both visible and invisible, and spiritual people for centuries have known that the whole world, and the planets and the whole universe is both physical and spiritual, and today the scientists are aware of what they call dark matter, dark matter, meaning matter substance, something that has mass that is invisible. There is a part of us that is invisible, there is a part of this planet that is invisible, and there is a part of every heavenly body that is invisible. I believe that I have read somewhere that the part of us that is invisible is much greater, is more extensive than the part of us that is physical.


Our energy field, I do not know how far it can extend. Recently events have come to my attention that have led me to believe that at least on this one occasion, my energy field extended maybe fifteen or twenty feet, I do not know how far it extended, I have no idea. Can you imagine if our energy field can extend miles, we could be interacting with people that we have never even laid eyes on. You have to guard your territory. Listen to this, our energy field is a part of another spiritual world, we can see other humans in this visible world, but we usually cannot see the spiritual entities that live in the world that our energy field is a part of, we live in two worlds, but we only see this visible world.


That means the entities that live in the spiritual world that our energy field is a part of, have an advantage over us. This is interesting, we cannot see these entities, and the only time we are aware of them is when we have an interaction with them. They are usually hostile, aside from, well of course the angels of God and the Lord Himself is not hostile. Is this not, can we not apply this to what we have been teaching here, what the quantum field theory view of particles is. As far as we know, we cannot even see these entities, we have no way of seeing them, but at the moment that they interact with us, we have a particle of interaction, that is good if it is with God, and it is bad when it is a spiritual entity, if that interaction arises, that experience occurs, and when it is finished, it disappears never to rise again.


Our energy field is a part of another spiritual world that we can see other humans in this visible world, but we usually cannot see the spiritual entities that live in the world that our energy field is a part of. It is like walking blind. When these entities interact with our energy field which is in their world, or which is a part of their world, they gain access through that interaction, through the interaction of our energy field which is a part of their world, the entities which are indigent to that world gain access to this physical world. We become a gateway, we become the gateway between the two worlds. As far as I know, the only time someone from this world passes through into the other world is when they die, but apparently the entities in the invisible world, find passing into this world very desirable. We become a gateway, we can become a gateway as we become more and more spiritual.


I have been preaching here for years that to become spiritual, to ascend spiritually, while you are not recognizing exposing and judging your sin nature can be deadly. Here is a more detailed explanation of what can happen, when these entities interact with our energy field which is a part of their world, they can gain access to this physical world through us. In such an event, the man who experiences this interaction becomes a gateway between the two worlds. In this event, this man is in danger of losing his ability to distinguish between the two worlds.


If your mind gets trapped in the spiritual worlds of your energy field while your body is still out here, in this world you become a mindless person. You could become autistic, you go into catatonia, lose complete contact with this world, but if you are living in both worlds at the same time, and something happens to you that you cannot tell the difference, this condition is called schizophrenia.


This is very serious. The way that you exercise yourself to recognize the other world and to distinguish the difference, is by learning all that you are learning here to expose your sin nature, to receive what I tell you and to ask the Lord to help you to recognize your own sin nature, and to distinguish between that sin nature and the mind of God in you.


This exercise which I have been teaching you for years will guard you against these dangers. You will find that as you perceive your sin nature, and you are wiling to look at it, and you are willing to oppose it because now once you are doing that, you are no longer your old man, but you are your new man, which is made of the righteousness of God, once you are ready to take that position and pick up that gauntlet to fight against your old man, to recognize him, expose him, call him sin, and do everything you can to destroy him, this battle will result in the ascendency of Christ in you, the one who has the ability to do all of these things, to police your energy field and to see that entities from the world that your energy field is a part of does not use you, as a gateway.


Christ in you is fully equipped to protect that doorway which is in you, and the way Christ arises to this function, is by your willingness to recognize your sin nature and oppose it with all of your strength. That is how you get to a position of safety, when you are living in two worlds. Of course I just took the opportunity to show you how the interaction of the fields is a soul tie, if you get tied to somebody else’s energy field, somebody that is lusting for you for example, can capture you through an interaction of your energy field which will affect your mind, you have to know how to pray spiritual warfare to rebuke that and break that soul tie.


It is possible for one person’s thoughts to invade the thoughts of another person. What I am telling you tonight is that there is another part of yourself that you have to keep clean and care for, you have to know that it is there because you cannot see it, you have to know that it is there. The bottom line once again, ,know thyself, ask the Lord to help you to see yourself as you really are, to recognize everything that does not line up with Christ, and ask the Lord to help you to convert it into Christ. Praise the Lord, are there any questions or comments about this message? Goodnight everybody.


03/30/08 Transcribed by RR



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