577 - Part 2

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We have drawing #1 on the board right now, and as I was sitting here waiting for the brethren to finish copying the drawing, the Lord spoke to me and looking at drawing #1, and I was just so excited to see what God is doing, because drawing #1 shows the two energy fields of this world system, how Christ Jesus or the glorified Jesus Christ is rising into the midst of this world system, and has already begun to absorb it, both on a world level, and on an individual level.  This is expressed in the doctrine of Christ, as Christ boiling Satan, and absorbing the energy that is separated from the pollutants in the form of steam, spiritual steam.


This warfare has now been going on for two thousand years, but it is happening so slowly, that many have become disheartened and those who do not have spiritual eyes have become, many have become very disheartened, but I am looking at this drawing, and I am just so excited to hear that the Messiah is in the earth and there is a warfare going on to possess the land, if you have the eyes to see it and the ears to understand it, then the thoughts came into my mind how excited the Jews must have been when Messiah arrived, and how devastated many must have been when He was crucified, and how devastated many must have been when they heard Jesus preaching, You must eat My flesh, and drink My blood, many departed from Him because either they could not comprehend what He was saying, when I was disciple, I was taught that they departed from Him because they thought He was preaching cannibalism, but today I am more inclined to believe that they understood what He was saying, and they were not, they were just, those that departed were just not willing to pay the price. 


What is the price?  To eat His flesh and to drink His blood is to die to your natural life.  I do not believe that Jesus was preaching to carnal people, He was preaching to people that were spiritually educated.  This is what the Lord told me as I was waiting for you, how exciting and how disappointed people have been over this two thousand year period, and I see the waves and the undulations of excitement and disappointment, the rising of excitement and the falling of disappointment, but even more than that, what the Lord was showing me was, the significant length of time between the rising of the two waves, or between the rising of one wave and the next wave, to those that do not have spiritual eyes, it looks like everything is dead.


It is just like the seasons, we have beautiful trees and flowers blooming right now, but not too long ago, everything was dead, snow was on the ground, there were no leaves on the trees, no flowers, for those who did not know that spring was coming, he would think it was the end of the world, that there would never be a sign of life on this planet again.  Then the Lord related it to the battle that Living Epistles is going through right now, to acquire the building that He has promised us, the Lord has promised us a building that will be acquired supernaturally, this means we have to wait for and discern the move of the Spirit, we cannot try to bring this to pass in our own strength, that would be witchcraft, our part is to believe what the Lord tells us, because we do not have any money, this is going to be a supernatural miracle, the Lord is not going to give us the money to buy the building, He has promised us that the building will be given to us, and we must be very careful to not try to influence the owner in any way, this is the Lord’s work.


The way this process has been going, is that there will be an uprising of the Spirit of God, and the next step will come to pass.  The first step is that the ministry that was occupying the building, put the building up for sale.  This ministry had been in that building for more than twenty years, it was a miracle that they even put the building up for sale, that everything lay fallow.  Then somebody else bought the building, and the Lord said, Do not worry, I have everything under control, and the next step, one or one and a half years later, was that the person who bought the building never occupied it and put it up for sale.  Recently, I am not giving you all of the details, but recently there was a powerful move of the Spirit, an uprising, if you can see Christ Jesus just rising up into this world system, and a second for sale sign was put up.  We had called this real estate, and never got a call back.  Apparently so many people were calling the real estate was not even answering their calls.  The administrative assistant here called and no one called her back, but I called, and I got the receptionist at the real estate who just offered me the cell phone of the real estate agent, which is totally unacceptable to give out somebody’s cell phone number, she did not even know who I was.


I got in touch with the real estate, we got inside the building, the Lord told me that is the next step inside the building, then the real estate agent also completely out of line of general business protocol, told me who the owner of the building was, and the Lord sent me to the owner with one of our books, it was such a powerful move of the Spirit, such a powerful, it was so powerful I cannot even describe it to you, it was bringing tears to me, it was so emotional, such an outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord, and now everything is lying fallow, everything is dead, we drive up to the building, there is a spirit of death on it, it is just lying there fallow.


Two times the real estate put up a for sale sign, the first time the wind blew it down, the second time some car mowed it down.  The for sale sign cannot stand on that property, we have nothing to do with it, but right now it must be at least three or four months since that exciting moment, when after the event was prophesied by a dream, by one of the believers here had, this powerful move of the Spirit got us in contact with the real estate, who was not returning anyone’s phone calls, got us inside of the building, and enabled me to contact and give our materials, introduced the ministry to the present owner.  Usually the owner does not want to be known, he want his agent to deal with the whole issue, and now everything is dead.  It was spring time, and the Spirit of God was flowing, and the move of the Spirit was blossoming, there was momentum towards the transference of the building to us, and now everything died, the wave went down.  There is no more, we are not in the crest of the wave, we are in the low part, and at the moment the word alluding me. 


We are waiting for the next wave to rise up, the next wave of spiritual power that is going to take the next step. 


The Spirit of the Lord has to convince this man to donate the building, we cannot do anything except to say, This is our prayer, Lord if I misunderstood you, please correct me, I do not want anything that you are not giving us, and if this is true, tell me what my part is, and my part seems to be to say, Thank you Lord for the Living Epistles church building.  The whole point is that the Lord, that I am trying to tell you, I do not know if I am making it clear, that there could be long periods of time between each wave coming in, and when the wave flows out, if you do not have this revelation, that this is how God moves, He moves in thrusts of a rising into this world system, and showing His powers and whatever He wants to do, and then recedes, and it could be to us a long period before the next wave comes in, so we must not lose heart, and understand, that this is the way the Lord operates, the Lord is not human, He does not operate by the laws of this world, He operates by the laws of the Spirit world that He rules over.  You say, Well the Lord rules over this world too, He does, but the Lord chooses to not violate the laws of this world except when He comes to a conclusion that it is no longer possible to move and accomplish His goals through the rules and the laws of this world, and it is very important that His plan be accomplished, then He will override the rules of this world just like the United States Supreme Court, but He will move through the spiritual and physical laws of this world, He will move through the natural authorities of this world, so long as they are functioning. 


He will not come in here like a storm trooper and violate the systems of this world, He does not do that, but He enters into this world in bursts of power.  Does this not sound familiar to you?  I believe on part one of this message, I spoke to you about virtual particles, there are different theories of quantum mechanics out in the scientific world today, and on this very message on part one, we discuss the difference between the world line theory and the virtual particle theory, and the world line theory is that a particle comes into existence, and it has a history, it may change form, but it never dies, I should not say that, it may change form, but it has a history until the day of its destruction, a particle has a beginning and it has an end, it may change form, but it is not considered to be destroyed until it is actually destroyed, what I am trying to say is, the change of form of that particle is not considered its destruction. 


A world line is a history of every form that, that particle has taken.


The other view of a subatomic particle, is that of virtual particles, that they are, you said, there really is no such thing as a virtual particle, and the reason the particles in this view are called virtual, what virtual means, it means temporary, it means that they are not real. 


The concept of a true particle is something that comes into existence, and follows up a world line until its destruction, it becomes a real thing, the reason a virtual particle is called virtual is that it arises up, it arises up, if you can just envision a spiritual sea, it rises up out of the sea, it exists for a season, as far as particles go, for a nanosecond, these particles have very short lives, it exists for this period of time, and it dissolves back down into the sea, therefore, it has been dubbed, the scientists have dubbed these particles virtual particles on this basis.


If a real particle had arisen up out of the sea, it would then go on its journey in life, and have an existence, but these particles exist for a brief period of time, less than a second, and melt right back down into the source that they came out of.  They are temporary expressions of the whole, and therefore they are called virtual particles.  What we see, what I am telling you about right now, is that every uprising of the Lord, into this world system, you might call it a virtual particle, it is a manifestation of the Lord, but it is not something that becomes a part of this world system, and then goes off to have an existence of its own, the power of God after it accomplishes its work, receives back into the world where God exists, of course God exists in this world, but this is a criminal world, and it is the aspect of the Lord, that is rising into this world, showing its strength to accomplish its purposes and then receiving back to the world of God.


To put it in a better way, the expression or the aspect of God that has penetrated into this world, then receives and becomes and receives and goes back to the higher world, the higher world, the higher world.  Praise the Lord.  We see that the manifestation of Christ Jesus in the world, can be viewed as a virtual particle.  I am not in any way putting down the Lord, what I am trying to do is to give you all an understanding of the operation of the Lord, the Lord is Spirit, He operates by rules and regulations that are alien to a human.  Listen to this, what the Lord just showed me. 


We have just established that the way that the Lord operates in this world is that He is, at least for now He is a virtual particle, at the time that His purposes are completely accomplished, He will enter into this world as a particle that is born, a literal particle that is born into this world, that will have a beginning, that will have a world line, and the world line will never end.  Right now the Lord is entering the world in a series of thrusts that can be likened to virtual particles accomplishing His goal and receiving like commandos enter into hostile territory to accomplish their goal, and to receive, but the end of the whole plan when the Lord is ready to apprehend this whole world, He will enter in as a real particle, He will be born into this world, in a form that will never end, that will never leave this world, He will be born into this world in a form that will have a world line, a beginning, and a history. 


Are you following me, is everybody following me?  On the other hand, in this hour, we see entities from the astral plane illegally entering into this world, if they can find a gateway, a human being who is open to them because of sin, usually who practices witchcraft, and when aliens enter into this world, they have a beginning, they have a world line, that is what the aliens are.  Did I say aliens before?  What I meant when entities enter into this world, the entities from the spiritual planes enter into this world, they take a form, they become solid, and frequently they cannot get back. 


That is when we have reports from crashed spaceships and aliens, dead aliens, that is what happened at Roswell.  On a lesser plane, I recently had reports of insects coming out of people’s energy fields, when the entity passes through that person as a gateway on this side of the world, in this world they become an insect, and they do not ever go back.  Are there entities today entering into this world that are appearing as human beings?  I do not know.  I do not know.  I have to ask this question, when we hear that there is a plague of mosquitos with West Nile virus or tics with Lyme’s disease, are they really, is this just a phenomenon that happens to arise up in our nation, or are we being attacked by entities in another world entering into this world?  Remember the reason that entities will enter into this world is to seek food.  If they come, if they enter in and take the physical form of insects, they are seeking to feed off of human beings.


That was just an extra, that was just an extra, you are all looking at me.  We have drawing #1 on the board, and I called it two energy fields in the earth, or two systems, ever since the glorified Jesus Christ returned to the earth on the day of Pentecost, we now have two energy fields in the earth, and these are alien to one another, and they oppose one another.  I have drawn this world system as a square, and the Lord Jesus Christ is a circle, I do not know if I have my symbols correct, but that is how I have done it for now. 


We see the spiritual blood of Jesus Christ is rising into this world and it is rising initially in people. 


Let me remind you that the Scripture says, a guard threw a spear and pierced Jesus’ side and blood and water came out, the water is the Holy Spirit, and the blood is the Spirit of Christ.  Brethren, we are not saved by the physical blood of the human man called Jesus of Nazareth, that blood, if it poured out at all, poured out on the earth, and no longer exists, what do I mean if it poured out at all?  I do not read anything in the Scripture about Jesus bleeding aside from that, and aside from that Scripture that says the guard thrust a spear into Jesus’ side, I do not read anything about Jesus bleeding from the beating or from the crucifixion, I do not read anything about it.  I know He was supernatural man, He was God, maybe He did not bleed.  Does that shock you or offend you?  We should be allowed to ask the Lord any question, any legitimate question, let us see what He has to say to us, maybe the Scripture, maybe He did bleed, and the Scripture is ignoring that fact because it is not important.  


Maybe He did bleed and the Scripture is ignoring that fact because the Lord is making a point by omission that it is not the physical blood that is saving us, it is the spiritual blood that is saving us, and that spiritual blood was poured out after the physical body of the man Jesus of Nazareth was pronounced dead.  The Scripture says the centurions came to check the men that were crucified, and that normally to make sure the men were dead, they broke their legs, but in Jesus’ case, because the Scripture said, not a bone would be broken, they did not break his legs.  This particular centurion whose job it was to make sure that the physical body was dead, instead of breaking Jesus’ legs, he put a spear in His side.


That may have happened, that the centurion put the spear in His side, but the blood and the water that poured out was spiritual.  The water was the Holy Spirit, and the blood was the Spirit of Christ.  The Holy Spirit is still being spread across the earth.  The Holy Spirit is the female aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is the renewed Shekinah, the Nephesh of the glorified Jesus Christ, the hem of His garment.  The blood that came out of His side is the Spirit of Christ, the sperma of the glorified Jesus Christ, the male aspect.  Brethren, the Lord is pouring out Himself a spiritually female and a spiritual male aspect.  We must acquire both aspects, because to be a completed man we must be male and female.  We need the spiritual aspect and the male aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ, so that the life of the glorified Jesus Christ can be reproduced in us, can be fully reproduced in us, so that we can get a new soul, and many miracles that come forth through that union which is Kabbalah is called Shebat, spiritual Shebat, that never ends.


The church is pretty familiar with the Holy Spirit, but the church may think that they are familiar with the blood of Jesus, but they are not, the blood of Jesus is the grafted Christ, and the grafted Christ is the reality of Christ in you the hope of glory.  When He grafts to a believer, when Christ, when that sperma, that blood of Jesus is grafted to a believer, He begins to, He is an energy field, the glorified Jesus Christ is an energy field, and His sperma, His seed is an energy field.  When that energy field, that seed of Christ becomes grafted to an individual, a warfare immediately ensues.  Any believer that has ongoing peace in his life is not in the war.


Jesus said, I came with a sword, to bring division.  That seed that is grafted to you is an energy field that begins to wage war against the energy field of the individual believer.  We see within one person, two life forms vying for the personality and the physical body of the individual, and this is nothing new, I have been preaching this for a long time but I am just preaching it from a different point of view.  As this even happens in more and more people, there is taking form what the Scripture calls the body of Christ, Christ in you and Christ in you and Christ in me, on a deep spiritual level, is one spiritual man.  You might say each of us is a finger on his hand.  Right now we are temporary projections that house His life.  It is the intention of the Lord to make us permanent projections or permanent houses that contain His life.  The warfare is a spiritual warfare, Christ, the Spirit of Christ that is in Christ and Satan, the spiritual energy of this world system, trying to absorb each other.


If only the people could understand that it is happening so slowly and so subtly, that our carnal mind does not tend to get excited about it.  The Lord is fighting for us, He is fighting to fully possess us to take us away from the spiritual husband that presently owns us who is Leviathan.  To relate this to this message however, I want to tell you this, that and I already began, that when Christ is existing in many personalities and He is winning the war, He is acquiring the energy of that person that He is winning over the thought process of that person, that, that personality is agreeing with the righteousness which is in Christ, and His thought process and His morals and His mind set is becoming more and more pronounced in that individual, on a deep spiritual level all of the people that answer to this description, are a member of the body of Christ. 


There is an entity in the earth called Christ Jesus, who on a deep spiritual is a single spiritual man, and all of the rest of the human beings on the face of the earth that are not having this experience on a deep spiritual level are a part of the spiritual body of Leviathan.


Leviathan and Satan are one energy field and Christ Jesus and the Spirit of Christ are a completely alien energy field.  The Lord Jesus Christ is an alien in this world.  He clearly said, I am not of this world.  He said, If I was of this world, I would call a series of angels and I would be set free immediately.  Jesus clearly said He was not of this world, that makes Him an alien. 


There are good aliens and there are bad aliens, both come from another world, both come from spiritual worlds that are alien to this world, both come from spiritual worlds that are superior to this physical world, and on this deep spiritual level, there exists in this world two men, Christ Jesus, and Leviathan, and they are fighting to possess the energy that forms this world, and they are fighting to possess the people that are in this world.  We are who Satan was talking about when she said to Jesus, I will give you the kingdoms of this world, she was talking about the people, we are the kingdoms, and the whole world besides us with the animals and the trees and the plants, is the environment of the spiritual being, of the many membered spiritual being that lives here, that is us.  Either we are expressions of Leviathan or we are expressions of Christ.  Today most people are expressions of Leviathan, and those who are not are double minded man, sometimes we are Leviathan and sometimes we are Christ.  I do not know anyone today who is a 100% manifestation of the glorified Jesus Christ, but that is where we are headed, that is what the promise is, the promise is not to die and go to heaven, the promise is to come to the fullness of the stature that the Lord Jesus Christ attained to, to be a fully equipped spiritual man with the powers of immortality in the flesh, invulnerability in the flesh, the power to live a glorious life, walking above all of the destruction and disasters of this world, having all of our needs met, and acting out the program of the Lord., whatever that would be. 


After the whole world is reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ, I do not know what we will be doing.  Paul said he did not know what we will be doing, but the Lord knows.  The job at hand, is to absorb this world system into Christ Jesus on a spiritual level.  We have some people out there that misunderstand this and they think that they have to take a gun and go force people to say some words that they acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ, and that was done years ago, you know, modern missionaries went to the jungles and they would get a hold of some of natives and say, You have to confess Jesus Christ, and if they would not do it, they would kill them.  That is not the Lord Jesus.


The Lord Jesus is rising up from underneath the earth convincing men by His righteousness and His goodness to become a part of His world.  We have a world rising up within a world, and there is a constant battle going on between what on the deepest spiritual levels are two spiritual men, Christ Jesus and Leviathan.  Each human being is only an appendage or a temporary uprising or in quantum mechanics language we are a ripple in the earth, we are a slight uprising in the earth.  The battle is between two spiritual men.  For the purpose of this message, I would like to show you this cosmic battle that is going on between the two systems.  Christ Jesus has penetrated this world system, it is the best science fiction you have ever heard, it is like the body snatchers, he is coming in and giving, and taking over from the inside, so that you can live forever, it is a rescue. 


We were talking off of the tape earlier about a marriage and how the Scripture says that when a man and a wife are joined that they are one flesh. That promise is a spiritual promise, I do not know any human male and human female that become one flesh, usually there is a warfare when you get married, and the only reason we have peace is because the woman submits to the husband because she is told that is what she is supposed to do.  One person has to submit or you have continuous ongoing war.  That is not one flesh. 


When Christ comes into you, and Christ marries you, He absorbs you, He makes you like, you see, any human male, any human husband that tries to make his wife like himself is considered a tyrant, and is rebuked by any Godly elder in the church.  Any man that tells his wife that she cannot think what she wants to think, any man that tries to tell you how to vote, any man that wants to tell his wife what opinion she should hold.  This is very ungodly, he is working witchcraft on his own wife, and for centuries men did that, they thought it was the right thing to do. 


Marriage between a physical man and a physical woman, is just a type of the spiritual marriage between Christ and His church.  Christ is marrying His church on a collective level, and He is also marrying us on an individual level.  Christ in you, your hope of glorification is your personal savior, your husband in the midst of you, and His work, is to convince you of your own free will to agree with him, not to force you into it, and cut off of your individuality and break your heart. 


His job is through loving you, through revealing His righteousness to you and how He cares for you, to convince you by experiences that He will give you that He is right, and that it is to your benefit and advantage to agree with everything that He says and follow Him. 


The problem with a human marriage is that very frequently although he has authority in the marriage is not right, frequently he is not right, frequently his opinions are wrong, his judgments are wrong, but God says he has the authority you see, and so the woman submits and says, I do not agree with you dear, but I am not going to say anything because you are the husband.  Then the Lord deals with the husband, depending on what the issue is, if he has made a mistake and he has any humility at all, hopefully he will realize he made a mistake, but those two are not of one mind and one accord, but the marriage to Christ which is a reality, the Spirit married to the flesh, they are the one, that is the marriage where the male and the female become one flesh, one mind, one purpose, one being, and true union, human marriage is just a type, brethren. 


This struggle between the two energy fields, or we could say between the two particles, it is a struggle between the two particles, the particle that is fully manifested in this world, Satan and Leviathan, they are manifested to the point that they there exists a physical structure, this world is a physical structure.


The Kingdom of God is not yet a physical structure, it will be, you know, the kingdom of God will be a physical structure, and the day that Christ Jesus enters into this world, in permanency, and begins His world line, a visible manifestation of His world line, this world appear, there will be a visible appearance of the kingdom of God.  I have to correct something that I said, the world line of the kingdom of God has already started in Jesus Christ. 


Remember what I told you, the world line can change form, but it is still the same particle until it is completely destroyed.  The beginning of the world line of the kingdom of God was Jesus Christ.  He will never die again, that was the beginning of the kingdom, the beginning of the creation of God.  All of these appearances in the earth before Jesus Christ, the prophets and all of the great men of God that came up through Israel, they were all virtual particles, they were uprising through the Spirit and then they dissolved back into the earth, but Jesus Christ was the beginning, they were all virtual particles, the prophets and the great men of Israel, they were all virtual particles, but Jesus of Nazareth, and the Christ within Jesus of Nazareth, was the beginning of the world line of the kingdom of God, and then He took another form, He dissolved and He went to another place, and He is now invisible. 


He is reproducing Himself, He is reproducing Himself into many seeds.  If you study quantum mechanics, you will see how the behavior of subatomic particles is that they are continuously crashing into each other, and then they take on another form, two particles can crash into each other, and those two particles for all intents and purposes cease to exist, and they become four other particles, but according to the world line view, the original particle still exists in another form, that is what happened to Jesus.  He became the beginning of the world line, and He left this world, and now He is back here and He is planting His seeds, and He has, Jesus of Nazareth who was the Christ, He had a clash with this world system, and the result of it was, that His physical form ceased to exist, but His spiritual form, His world line multiplied and is multiplying into hundreds of thousands of millions and trillions of other subatomic particles which are grafting to the human beings on the face of the earth, and producing His life.


The way I have preached this previously, in the doctrine of Christ, is that we are a cutting, Christ in you and Christ in me is a cutting of the glorified Jesus Christ.  Today the church is not receiving the same seed that Jesus Christ received.  The Lord Jesus received the direct seed from God.  We are receiving a cutting of the mature life, the overcoming life of the glorified Jesus Christ, I am saying the same thing in another way.


Once again, to relate this, what I am saying to this message, I am trying to tell you that there are two energy fields in the earth, and they are striving one against the other, and every point at which those two energy fields touch, there are changes taking place, there is annihilation taking place, annihilation of the other world system, there is growth of the kingdom of God, there continuous activity in this ongoing warfare that has been going on for two thousand years.  It is going on at the deep level of two people, two beings, Christ Jesus and Leviathan, and it goes on between individuals. 


Every time you listen to me preach, I am impacting you, I am boiling Satan in you, I am strengthening Christ in you, so that this warfare can be taking place in your mind and in your spiritual being.  The whole world is engaged in a tremendous conflict, and the wars and the rumors of wars that you see outside in this world, outside of the spiritual plane in this world, they are just a manifestation of what is going on in the spiritual plane, there is a tremendous war going on.


Satan is fighting for her life, look at what is going on in this country, and in the world today, Satan is fighting with all her life, because the glorified Jesus Christ is in the earth swallowing her energy, and consuming her.  Our God is a consuming fire, world without end.  Did you ever wonder about that Scripture?  What does one phrase have to do with the other, Our God is consuming fire, world without end, Huh?  One, the first phrase, our God is a consuming fire, means death and destruction does it not?  Hell, world without end, heaven, what does that mean?  It means that there are two worlds, and our God who is the lake of fire that is burning up our sin nature, when His work is finished in you and when His work is finished in the whole of humanity, that which is consumed will leave a residue that which will remain will be the kingdom of God within you, world without end, your source of immortality. 


Do we not hear something like that in I Thessalonians, where it says, And those which remained, shall be caught up to the Lord, after all the sin in you is burnt up and made into hay and stubble and destroyed, that part of you which remains will be caught up and joined to the Lord, because He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit, one spirit and one flesh, and forever we will be with the Lord, immortal, in the earth, heaven and earth are meeting. 


Mankind is the earth, the Lord is heaven, the Lord from heaven, He is the Lord from heaven, He is heaven.  This is marriage of heaven and earth.  We are dealing with a conflict of energy fields.  I want to show you one more drawing, of the affect that the Lord has on the people in the earth.  When Christ Jesus of any stature is dwelling in a human being, the world will call that person charismatic, that person will draw people unto them, and this is a spiritual application of the laws of gravity.  People are actually drawn into that man, to that man and begin to orbit around that man that is manifesting the Christ.


The Lord was talking to me about this last night, and I will put another drawing on the board, and I will try to give you more understanding of it, of Einstein’s quantum theory of gravity.  I said, Wow Lord, I guess Christ in me really cannot be that big yet, because if Christ in me was that mature, the whole world would be following after me.  If Christ in me was that mature that he was exercising a spiritual gravity upon everyone that He came in contact with, this message and the spiritual manifestations here, would be irresistible to the Christians that came to investigate. 


In this hour, many Christians come to investigate and cannot find it within themselves to take the step forward from the fundamental church into this level of ministry, they are afraid.  Some are drawn here, some are drawn here, and others are not, why are some drawn here and others are not?  It has to do with your spiritual man, it has to do with how strong you are spiritually, strong spiritual people are drawn to the spirituality here.  I am going to show it to you on the board.  Let me just read what is on the board and then we will take a picture of it, and I will try to relate what it happening, I will try to relate how Christ Jesus in the earth is drawing people unto Himself, and how this relates to Einstein’s theory of gravity. 


We are looking at drawing #1 now, two energy fields in the earth, two systems, and I believe I have explained to you that each of these two systems is a many membered system, that on a deep spiritual level, each of these systems exists as a whole entity, which by the way, is referred to in the book of Revelation chapter 12, as Michael and his angels, Michael representing the Lord Jesus Christ, at the deep spiritual level, and all of his angels being all of the people in this level or in this world that are manifesting the Christ.  Why does this Scripture say Michael and not the Lord Jesus Christ?  Because it is a great mystery, it is a great, it is a mystery, Christ in you the hope of glory is the mystery of God, that I believe a lot of people in the church that preach that Scripture do not even understand. 


It sounds good, it makes you feel good, but to really understand that a life, another entity, another being wants to come and live in you and convince you to be like Him, convince you to want what He wants, to like what He likes, to think what He thinks, and to do what He wants to do.  I do not think many Christians fully grasp that, I could be wrong, but I do not believe that they do, because they do not. 


It is a mystery, when the Scripture says Michael.  Why would the Scripture choose Michael, even if, okay, Sheila, we agree with you that it is a mystery, Christ in you, Christ in the midst of all of these human beings fighting Satan, the warfare on the individual is a mystery, the church most of the church do not accept that, they think if they answer an altar call, that the war is over.  Let us say, for the sake of argument, we accept what you are saying, that Christ is going to possess His church and possess all of humanity, and there will be one spiritual man manifesting in His harem of humanity, if you want to look at it that way, it is a truth if you want to look at it that way, which is very offensive to a lot of people, why Michael, you know, why not Gabriel, why not another angel, why Michael


The answer to that is that Michael, the aspect of almighty God is sent to be the prince of Israel, it is Michael that we read about in the book of Daniel, because he is the prince of Israel, and the church today is spiritual Israel, he is the spiritual foundation that incarnated Jesus Christ.  There is a spiritual genealogy brethren, there is an aspect of God that has been sent to fallen humanity to save us, He first appeared as Enoch, Enoch was taken from the earth, then Michael appeared as Moses, and then Moses was taken from the earth, and then Michael appeared as Elijah, and then Elijah went up in a chariot of fire, and then next Michael appeared as the Lord Jesus Christ, but the Scripture tells us, the Scripture does not say Michael, Jesus said if you could receive it, this is Elias that has come, and of course the whole church thinks that Jesus is talking about John, but in another place, the Pharisees said to I am sorry I am not sure who it was, I think it was the Pharisees said, Who are you John, are you Messiah, are you the prophet who is to come, are you Messiah? 


John said, No, I am not.  They said, Are you Elijah?  They said to John, Are you Elijah?!  And John said, No.  It was Jesus, but of course I do not want to get into this whole subject again, I believe that Elijah was in both John, and Jesus, the reason John said no to the question, Are you Elijah, is that although there was an aspect of Elijah in him, which we call the imputed anointing or the power of Elijah, the mind, the brains, and the nature of Elijah was in Jesus.  At the time of the Baptism, that which was in John transferred into Jesus, and Jesus had both, the nature, the character, the mind, and the power of Elijah. 


That is why Revelation 12 says Michael.  Michael is the root of the incarnation of Jesus of Nazareth, who today is no longer in a physical body, and that same root, Michael the archangel who incarnated as Enoch, as Moses, as Elijah, as Jesus, that same root which retains within himself aspects of the greatness of each of those men, today is attaching itself to you in the form of the sperma of the glorified Jesus Christ, seeking to do even greater things in you, then He did in all of the previous personalities named, and did not Jesus say, You shall do greater works than me?  Amen.


We are back to drawing #1, showing the two energy fields that are at war with one another today, but they are many membered energy fields.  We see the same principle in a human army.  This is Memorial Day weekend, and they are showing, I watched one of them last night, I do not know why, I said, I am living in hell, I am living in an insane asylum, people shooting at each other, and killing each other, and throwing them into the ocean, everybody is crazy, this world is insane! 


This is truly hell, and so we have one army, and then we have another army, and individual soldiers in the army are shooting at each other, and soldiers on each side die, but when you look at the big picture, only one army can win, even though that army has experienced much loss of life, and the same thing is true in the spirit.  There will be many Christians who will not make it, many Christians who have not made it, but Jesus Christ is going to rule over this earth, in the government of righteousness which has been given to Him by the Father, and He is going to do it through human beings, not by carnal men going to Washington to be a part of the system.


In the day that Jesus Christ takes over the earth and rules the earth, we will be a theocracy, which is a higher degree, which is higher than democracy.  Democracy as I understand it today is the ultimate form of government for fallen men that are in submission to the Lord, but there is a higher form, Christ in you, so completely living through you that you are incapable of breaking the law.  When everybody answers to that description, there will not be any longer, any need for a government, because the government will be in you, and no man will thrust the other. 


This was the great crime of Israel when they demanded a king, and the Lord said to them alright and He gave them Saul, an inferior king, at the time that Israel demanded a king, they had available to them an existence through marriage to Jehovah, where each man would be so indwelled by Jehovah that he would be incapable of breaking the law, therefore there would be no need for government, but Israel could not comprehend this, and they wanted what was outside of themselves, they wanted what other men had.  That is the promise brethren, to be so completely possessed by Jesus Christ that we become incapable of sin, and there is no law against a righteous man, and it is the law that takes our life, it is the law that gives Satan the right to kill us. 


The power of death is in the law, the power of death is that we sin, and that Satan has the legal right to kill us.  The Lord is not wiping out Satan who is the officer that enforces the law, the Lord is making us holy and righteous so that Satan loses her power over us, He is a holy God, and a righteous God, He will never say that good is evil and evil is good, but He will take evil and make it good, praise the Lord.  Back to drawing #1, we have two many membered energy fields, and the latest example that I gave you was a human army, where many unfortunately thousands of men die in the winning army, there are thousands of deaths and losses.  The battle is raging, and the race is being run, and the race is that Christ should matured in us to the point that He can completely protect us and save us from death before Satan comes with legal ground to kill us, that is the race, it is the race against death.  Will Christ perfect us before Satan kills us?  Satan has the legal right to kill us because we sin all of the time, and Christ has the right to save us from death because we have been adopted through the glorified Jesus Christ, and because righteousness dwells in us, if Christ is grafted to you. 


Jehovah said to Abraham, I will save Sodom and Gomorrah, if you can show me ten righteous men in that city.  There is a righteous man in the earth today, and of course that number 10, I am not going to get into the numerology right now, but ten and one, I cannot get into that right now, but there is a righteous man in humanity today, his name is Christ Jesus, and it is for the sake of Christ Jesus, that this world will be spared, and wherever Christians are praying and actively seeking God, whatever country you are in, that country will be saved for the sake of the righteous man in your country, of your city, of your town, of your family, for the sake of Christ Jesus living through people, in that town, or in that family, that family will be saved, you see, protected. 


Christ Jesus has to come to a certain level of maturity in you for Him to touch your whole family.  There are many disappointed people in the church who are told that by answering an altar call and going to church, their whole family would be saved, and it has not happened.  Christ in you manifesting as a mature spiritual adult, will seek to save your family, it may not happen in your lifetime, but we are going to live to see the day, we are going to see the day, that the kingdom of God is going to be manifested in the earth.  What is the kingdom of God?  It is a community of Christians who are fully controlled by Christ Jesus, living His life, thinking His thoughts, studying His doctrine, communicating with Him on His adult spiritual level, manifesting His righteousness.  In order to come to that condition, your sin nature must be judged.  You do not become a manifestation of Christ Jesus overnight or easily. 


That is the promise brethren, the kingdom of God, a community of people fully under the control of the Lord, doing good, judging their sin nature, casting down imaginations, seeking Him with all of their heart, their mind and their soul.  Even I do not seek Him all of the time with my mind, as much as I love His doctrine, every once in a while I just cannot take it anymore, and I will watch a piece of junk on the tv, I will go passed all of the political stations, I just take what is going on anymore, I just do not feel like studying, show me a piece of trash on TV, I do not mean anything violent or with bad language or anything, but some silly movie, on TV, and rests my brain.  That is not worshiping God with my mind, every time we are studying or seeking or discussing the doctrine of Christ, that is worshiping God with our mind.


How often do you worship God with your mind?  I am not here to condemn you, I am here to enlighten you, do you worship God with your mind?  Outside of these meetings, how often are you talking this kind of talk, or are you listening to this kind of talk?  This is Christ Jesus talking to you, this is what He talks about.  I am not telling you not to do it, but I am just telling you the truth, He is not talking about garage sales and picnics and barbecues and vacations, He is not talking about that stuff, is it bad, am I telling you not to do it?  No, I am just telling you that, that is your carnal side, so judge yourself, how much of your life is given over to worship the Lord Jesus?  Do I condemn you?  No, but you need to know where you are.  I want to tell you that as you judge your sin nature, in direct proportion to the judgment and the exposure and the rejection of your sin nature, in direct proportion to that, you will find yourself being propelled more and more into the energy field of the glorified Jesus Christ.


My purpose in this message is to make you aware of the warfare that you are engaged in.  I am not in any way trying to condemn you, but you need to know that you have not arrived, the church world is told that they have arrived, they have not arrived.  They think they have arrived and they are waiting to die and go to heaven, no.  They have not arrived brethren, they have not arrived. 


Back again to drawing #1, so there are two energy fields warring against one another in the earth, and each energy field is a many membered energy field, and each individual, human being on the face of the earth, is at any given moment, is either a part of Leviathan’s energy field, or the energy field of Christ Jesus.  This is a hard word, but you need to understand that as much as you think you love the Lord, and I do not, again I know that you are loving the Lord as much as you are able, but we are not able to do it fully, that is the whole problem, you need to know that every time that you entertain a thought that is not of the Lord, for that moment you are a part of Leviathan’s energy field. 


We have had so much instruction and teaching here in these meetings, we have seen Satan come right into these meetings by the thought of a person’s carnal mind.  That is what I am here to teach you, to distinguish between your Christ mind and your carnal mind, so that you can forcibly direct yourself to be a part of the energy field of the glorified Jesus Christ, and not the energy field of Leviathan, and it has to do with what you think.  Of course what you say is an outgrowth of what you think, you are an energy field, everybody here is an energy field, you are a part of a greater energy field, and what you think and say and do, either builds up the kingdom of God, or builds up the kingdom of Leviathan.  It is the truth, the Lord Jesus Christ is swallowing up Satan and Leviathan’s kingdom, so get inside of the kingdom of God, or at least tell the Lord that you want it and see what He will do for you.


Back to drawing #1 again, this is what I have written down here, the energy field that the Lord Jesus Christ is rising into the midst of this world system, and absorbing Satan, the Serpent’s energy field in the earth.  This is happening on a world and on an individual level, Satan is trying to absorb Christ but cannot do it, and the Scripture that witnesses to that is John 1:5, which says:


John 1:5

5 And the light shineth in the darkness, but Satan the darkness could not seize it.  KJV


That English word comprehend, if you look it up in the Strong’s you will see that it could be translated seize it.  The message is all through the Scripture, it is time for the people to hear it.  Any questions about this.  We are going to take a picture, and I just want to cover one more issue of showing you, of applying gravity to our spiritual condition, showing you the spiritual gravity, and how we are being either drawn into Christ Jesus or drawn to Leviathan, and I think I, I am sorry on the other side of this tape, I said we are going to talking about Einstein’s theory of quantum gravity, and that was wrong, that came later.  Einstein developed a new theory of gravity, that is a theory of gravity that is new in relation to Isaac Newton, Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity.  Isaac Newton came forth first with the theory of gravity, and I will go over that, what it is, and Einstein came forth with a new theory of gravity which I believe is called super gravity, I may have the names wrong, but I know quantum gravity came later, so I may have the names wrong, I am really sorry about that, but I do get mixed up on that names sometimes.  We are going to stop now and take this picture. 


Drawing #2, this is a diagram of Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity.  Two objects that have mass, matter, anything that has matter is mass, will attract one another, the energy that attracts is called gravity.  The force of gravity, in other words, we are being told that when two objects that have mass are in each other’s presence, a spiritual force comes into play that is called gravity, that will attract the two to one another.  The force of gravity that exists between the sun and each planet, keeps that planet in orbit around the sun.  The planet orbits around the sun and not vise versa, that is the sun is not orbiting around the planet, because the sun has a greater mass than that planet.  The space that these gravitational attractions take place in, according to Isaac Newton, is an uninvolved back drop for this cosmic activity. 


This theory was the standard for centuries until Albert Einstein came forth with a new theory of gravity, which made Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity outdated, although of course, what Einstein brought forth was an improvement on Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity, it was not completely rejected.  The force of gravity and I show you on the board, with an arrow between the sun and each of those black circles that I have, that indicate planets, I indicate the force of gravity that keeps the planet in orbit, the object with the greater mass exerts the greater force. I felt led to give you a Scripture on this drawing, Malachi 4:2 which reads:


Malachi 4:2 – AT: But to you who respect, that is a translation of the word fear, my power, that is a translation of the word name, Christ Jesus the energy field of the sun of objective fear and moral justice, that is a translation of righteousness, shall arise within you from Binah, and that is the same, I translated it the high place, but it can also be translated pinnacle, which is the word that appears in the New Testament, when Jesus was caught up to the pinnacle, and we have several messages on that showing where Jesus was caught up to, and high place, that is the same word that is over here.  Let me start again, But to you who respect my power, Christ Jesus the energy fields of the sun of objective fear and moral justice shall arise within you from Binah, the high place, that is a translation of the word wings in the King James translation, the high place of the spirit, and Christ, the healer shall be born and scatter His seed, that is a translation of grow up, and Abel the male calf shall be untied.  (ATB)



Untied is a translation of the word stall, that is Malachi 4:2.  I found that so interesting because when Jesus called Lazarus forth, we are told that Lazarus came forth bound with a napkin over his face, and I have known for a long time, that the way Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead was that He raised up Abel in Lazarus from the dead.  What we are saying is that even though Lazarus physical body had died, Jesus really did not speak to the physical body, He spoke to the spiritual seed within Lazarus, which had the potential to rise from the dead, and regenerate Adam, in the man Lazarus.  When Jesus, if you look in the King James, when Jesus says, Come forth, He does not use any names you know, and I said for a long time, He is speaking to Christ, saying Christ come forth, and when Christ rose from the dead in that physically dead body, it gave life to the physical body and the personality of Lazarus came back in. 


I never fully understood why the Scripture says that Lazarus was bound, he had a napkin over his face, and I now understand that Abel in the individual is bound under Cain, and the napkin over his face is referring to the veil.  You may recall that we have called Cain Abel’s maidenhead, Cain covers over Abel and prevents, keeps Abel in an animalistic state of mind, so that Abel does not respond to the spiritual stimuli. 


Christ Jesus is going forth in the earth today, exercising spiritual stimuli, this message is spiritual stimuli, it is designed, let me put it this way, when I speak about these things, a particular vibration is going forth that is higher than the vibration of that result from average communication, see everything we do is vibration, and the words that we say, the words that we say, express the thoughts of our mind, and the thoughts of the doctrine of Christ produce a higher or a more rapid rate of vibration than the thoughts of the carnal mind. 


When I speak, or anybody speaks this message, there is a vibrational message, it is like you see in the movies about the natives pounding the drums, you know, the American Indians beating the drums, In Africa, they beat the drums, wherever we have primitive tribes, they beat the drums, that was the way that they communicated with each other.  There is a vibration going forth from me right now as Christ Jesus thinks and preaches this word through me, that is going, that has the ability to touch people that may not understand what I am saying. 


We are talking about sympathetic vibration, if this spiritual vibration that is going forth from me can find somebody who has the ability within them whether they know it or not, to produce a response within that person is called a sympathetic vibration, after the spiritual that I am manifesting or what I am saying, can touch a human being that may not even understand what I am saying, but cause a response, a positive, of course there are negative responses too, cause a positive response to come forth, and start vibrating at the same rate of rapidity that my spirit is vibrating at right now, that person will be drawn to me, and will desire to understand what I am talking about.  There are two messages going forth, and I have preached on this many times in the doctrine of Christ, that even when Jesus came out of the garden, and the King James says Peter cut off Malchus’ ear, which I believe there is a spiritual application of that, that there were two messages coming forth from Jesus, He was speaking the words that we read about in the Scripture, He said, Are you looking for Jesus, I am He, but His spirit was vibrating at such a rapid rate of speed because He had just come from a communication with the Father, that there was somebody or a company of men called Malchus, in the guard, in the Sanhedrin guard, and whoever else was present, that an ability was found in them, probably an awakened Abel was found in them, who responded to that vibration, and Abel in that man started to vibrate at the same rate of rapidity, and this is how, because I have just given you a diagram of how individuals will recognize the Spirit of Christ when He comes forth in a man. 


You have to have something in you that can recognize that Christ is vibrating, you have to be able to recognize the vibration or the sound or the song of Christ, because words will deceive you, men will deceive you, You have to have the ability to recognize the vibration, the spiritual communication of Christ, how do you get that?  You seek after the Lord with all of your heart and all of your soul and all of your mind, and some day let us hope it is found in you.  I am telling you the truth, words, you will always be deceived with words alone. 


When Lazarus came forth, it was Abel that was all tied up in him, Abel is bound under Cain, and Cain is the veil that is over Abel’s mouth, that keeps Abel ignorant, Abel, our potential to have Adam, the glorious Adam restored.  The spiritual man, the righteous man who is in right standing with God, regenerated and restored in us.  His root system is Abel in us and Cain keeps a napkin over Abel, keeps a veil over him, so that Abel cannot respond, or maybe not even hear, Cain blocks Abel’s ears from even hearing or perceiving the vibration of the Lord. 


In the book of Genesis, it says, And Jehovah walked in the garden, and called to Adam.  If you look at those Hebrew words, it does not imply an animal form to Jehovah, it is Jehovah vibration, it flowed through the garden.  Everything is vibration brethren, you may not know that you are responding to a vibration, but why do you like one thing and not like something else?  You are responding to a particular level of vibration.  Either Christ in you is responding or your carnal mind is responding, and we are challenged to recognize when our carnal mind is responding to a vibration, to an idea, to a thought, to suggestion, and for Christ to rise up in us and say, No, this body, I am the male here in this body, I am the male in this household, my own physical household, and you are not going to listen to that, you are not going to do that, you are not going to engage in that. 


That is the meaning of Lazarus coming out bound, it was Abel that Jesus raised up from the dead, and unbound him, and there is even more to it than that, except that I am going to close this meeting, and maybe we will talk about it later this evening, that, that which, well I will not even start it now. 


Let me just read this to you one more time.  But to you who respect my power, and please note that the word name signifies power, I do not know, maybe you all know that but after all my years in God, I just figured this out recently, that the word name is referring to power, and in Kabbalah, Kabbalah talks about the names of God, and what a name of God is, it is a series of letters.  Each letter representing a particular grade of power, we are talking about spiritual alchemy.  The mixing and matching and the combining, and specific applications of the various grades or strings of power of God to produce the greatest power. 


The Scripture says that Jesus is the name that is above all names, the name of Jesus, it is not the Jesus, it is the Spirit behind it, and the Spirit behind the man Jesus, is the unification of all of the forces of God, brought down to this level for us, that is what it means, that this name is higher than every other name, it is talking about power, and it is talking about a power that is greater than the seventy two letter name of God and the forty two letter name of God, it is the greatest measure of power that has ever been seen in the earth as a result of the mixing and matching of the various degrees of powers available, it higher, the name of Jesus is higher than the seventy two letter name of God.  We are talking about a spirit, we are not talking about saying the word, and that is why I say all of the time, that if you are ministering to a Jewish person or to somebody that is offended by the name Jesus, you do not have to say Jesus to them, you speak the doctrine of Christ, you speak the wisdom of God, you speak the life of the truth of God, and they are receiving that vibration, which is a spiritual force, and the name that we give that spiritual force is Jesus.


We are talking about a spiritual force power.  We are not talking about a carnal name that you are going to fight with somebody over, you have to minister His Spirit and His nature and His life, and the truth of His word by His Spirit.  It is Abel in us that is bound and tied and Lord willing this afternoon, I will show you a Scripture in Isaiah, where the Lord talks about a judgment that is rolling Israel up into ball, and for years I questioned that, what in the world does that mean, and today I understand, that Jehovah as a judgment, atrophied levels, certain specific levels of the powers that had been opened up and expanded in Israel, and we will talk about that more this afternoon.  I know that you all want to go, that it is Memorial Day and I have agreed to cut the meeting short, which I do not usually do.  Are there any questions or comments today?  God bless you, we will see you after dinner. 


Praise the Lord, we are back from dinner, and we are looking at drawing #3, which is the first of several drawings which I will attempt to give a general idea of Einstein’s theory of gravity.  Einstein’s theory of gravity begins with his portrayal or his perception of space as a grid, and the purpose for this, the purpose for perceiving space time as a grid, is the grid gives us the ability to name, identify with a name specific points in space, and as you can see, I have drawn both horizontal and vertical lines through a square on drawing #3, and I have named each vertical line with a number and each horizontal line with a letter to identify or name a point in space time.  We first named the vertical line and then we named the horizontal line.  The orange dot, is located at a point called 1b in space time.  The purple dot is located at a point called 3c in space time, and the green dot is located a point called 2d in space time.


According to Einstein, space time plays an active role in the relationships between objects, and of course in gravity, as opposed to Newton’s theory of gravity, which says that space time is just a back drop for the interactions between the objects and the planets.  Everybody got this?  Space time by itself is flat, it is flat but it can be likened, for the purpose of understanding it, it can be likened to a rubber sheet, when you put something on it, there is going to be an indentation, an indentation will form in space time.  I am going to try and draw that for you, did I make that clear?  Space time is flat which can be, and it can be likened to a rubber sheet that when you put an object that has mass or has weight onto it, an indentation will form in space time.  This indentation that forms in space time is called the warping of space. 


Please note that according to Einstein, space does not exist by itself, there is a fourth dimension called space time.  Space and time are inseparable, and basically, different facets of the same thing, so we now say there is a fourth dimension called space time.  We will do another, are there any questions about this?  We will do another drawing here.


Drawing #4, I am not the best artist but I think I have made my point.  We see the sun in the midst of space time, and as I mentioned previously, if you think of the sun as a ball falling on or resting on that rubber sheet, it puts a dent in the sheet and now the sheet is no longer fully flat, but the sheet is flat, flat, flat, until you come to the place where the sun is and then there is an indentation and that is what I have tried to show you, space time is bent.  Any questions or comments on this?  On the next drawing I will attempt to show you, I will draw a line down the middle of the board, and I will try to show you the two theories of gravity, Newton and Einstein, and how they differ.  Drawing #5, the board is divided in half as I said I would, the left side shows a diagram of Newton’s theory of gravity.  According Newton, space is flat, and Newton’s theory works with Euclidean geometry, that is what is called plane geometry, it talks about, just to make it simple, it talks about triangles and squares, on a flat surface, there are certain rules of Euclidean geometry, one rule is the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, if you want to get from the planet to the sun, the fastest way to do it is with a straight line, on a flat surface, Euclidean geometry deals with figures on a flat surface.  According to Newton, it is the gravitational force of the sun working against the gravitational planet, they are pressing against one another, that is holding the planets in orbit. 


We come over here to Einstein, and Einstein says, Hey wait a minute, something is wrong here.  Of course I really just making this very simple, Einstein proved that space is bent, or space is warped, and I have tried to show you this on the grid, you can see the planet is going, well I did not label the point with a name, but if you are listening to the tape, just look at the drawing, and you will see the path of the planet, it is going in a straight vertical line, and then it comes in contact with the indentation in space that is made by the mass of the sun.  


This law that says the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, does not work on space time that is bent, or curved, that law only works on a flat surface, because we see that when the space time is bent, and is no longer a flat surface, the planet that is going in a straight line, does not keep on going straight, does not climb over the sun and keep on going straight, it goes around it.  It takes the course of least resistance, it does not resist, it goes around.


The problem that the planet runs into, is that when it comes around the curve of the indentation from the sun, it does not flow back into its vertical course, it gets trapped in an orbit, and keeps going around and around the sun.  We see two different theories of why the planets circle the sun.  The first one says, the mutual gravitational force, or the force of the sun holds planet in place, and Einstein’s theory says, No, there is an indentation in space, space is bent, space is curved, and the planet that is just trying to get around it gets trapped into an orbit, into this indentation around the sun. 


Both times, the gravitational pull of the sun, is significant, but in the first case with Newton, according to that theory, what holds the planet in place, is the interaction of the gravitational force of the two objects interacting directly.  Einstein says, No, it is the indirect of the sun, because the gravitational force of the sun bends space and the planet gets trapped in it.  That is the difference between the two theories. 


Let me read what I have here, indentation space time around the sun trapped the traveling planet in orbit.  Einstein says that the shortest distance between two points is the path of least resistance, in other words it is easier for the planet to go around the sun which is the longer root, then to climb over it, because to climb over it, it is like climbing mountains, it would take more energy to climb over the sun.  The planets orbit around the sun because they have become trapped in the indentation space time, that is made by the gravitational force of the sun.  Any questions about this?  Why have I told you all this?  Because the Lord is showing us that the information that is coming forth about science, in particular the science of subatomic particles, can be directly applied to our spiritual lives. 


Brethren, each individual human being is an energy field, each individual human being is a force, we are a force in and of ourselves, and we can get trapped around a powerfully spiritual person that is a spiritual sun.  This is the foundation for cult leaders.  Some people have a very powerful, a massive spiritual presence, some people have a lot of energy, and they attract other people with less energy to them, and sometimes people get trapped under the influence of a human being that is spiritually powerful enough to be designated a sun.  Cult leaders are usually men, I personally have never heard of a female cult leader.  A cult leader is a person who has an unusually powerful spiritual presence, or an unusual amount of energy, and that energy manifests as a charismatic personality which attracts human beings which can be likened to planets, with a lesser gravitational pull that get trapped in the orbit around that leader, cult leaders, pastors, movie stars.


I have a, I am a sun, I am a sun to the people that are gravitating around me, I hope I have not trapped anybody here, because the Lord does not trap people.  On the contrary, there is a contrary force called repulsion, a lot of people flee from the Spirit of Christ, but that is another whole issue.  Everybody that is a leader that has followers is a sun.  I put this whole thing on the board to show you how Christians get trapped, if you are a spiritual person, you are in danger of getting trapped in someone else’s energy field.  You cannot follow your feelings.


When a believer gets trapped in the energy field of another believer, and you know it does not have to be, if you are going to get trapped in someone’s energy field, the person does not have to be a leader, you could be trapped in the energy field of another person in the congregation.  Any person whose energy field is more spiritually powerful than yours, any person whose energy field is more massive than yours, is capable, not that they are doing it deliberately, but is capable of bending space time in your life, and trapping you in a relationship with them, it is called an ungodly soul tie.  We have been hearing about ungodly soul ties for years but this is a deeper understanding of what an ungodly soul tie is, it is a person with spiritual energy, catching or capturing another energy field, which is a believer, or it could be two believers with strong energy fields that cannot break away from each other.


As you become more and more spiritual, and you become subject to this kind of thing, when the ungodly soul tie forms, when you are trapped in somebody’s orbit, you will be able to hear their thoughts, you will be able to hear their suggestions, but you will not know that it is them, you will think it is your own idea.  You will think of calling somebody and the phone will ring, and it will be them, because a sympathetic vibration will have been set up between the two of you.


Brethren, we are called to obey the Spirit of Christ, not to obey the spirit of another human being whose orbit we are trapped in.  A big problem in the Pentecostal church is Christians saying, I have been led to do this, I have been led to do that, brethren sometimes it is God talking to you, sometimes it is your own carnal mind talking to you, and sometimes it is somebody else’s mind talking to you saying, Now hear this, I am God.  You have to hear this, because the church is being called to spiritual ascension, and this is the danger, every voice that you hear is not God, every spirit is not of God brethren, so test the spirit, test the spirit, every thought has to be brought into captivity, and every thought that is not of God has to be rejected, even thoughts that you would like to believe are insignificant, thoughts of everyday life, have to be examined, put under the microscope, and questioned as to where they came from, because this is your condition. 


Several years ago, we found some Scriptures that talked about the daughters of Israel being curved back into a black hole, so here we see a deeper explanation of what those Scriptures are talking about, they are talking about catching the believer in an orbit that they should not be in.  Any questions or comments on this? 


We are looking at Drawing #6, you may recall before we went out to dinner, I told you that on this message, I would give you a deeper explanation of the world of dimensions and what the Lord was talking about in Isaiah 22:18, where the judgment in executed where the Lord is saying, I am going to wrap you up like a ball, the King James says, I am going to violently turn you into a ball.  There are certain Scriptures that have stuck with me from the first time that I heard them, that I knew there had to be some really interesting meaning to it, and we finally have the understanding why, the understanding as to what it means through quantum mechanics. 


Quantum mechanics says that our world has ten dimensions called hyperspace, but six of those dimensions are not functioning.  Viewing our world from the perspective of all ten dimensions, quantum mechanics says, should provide the grand unified theory of everything, also called a gut, which is the reconstructed tower of Babel, which would place the power that was manifest at the time of creation, that critical power that brought our world into existence, in the hands of fallen man, and as the Lord has revealed here recently, this is what the world scientific community is after. 


They are after the ability, the knowledge with which to unify all of the forces of nature so that they can control nature, control this planet, control the weather, control the stars, and literally make the whole universe our back yard, our oil well, our diamond mines, to provide everything that we could possibly need. 


Here we see a sphere, I have drawn a sphere, these are the ten dimensions that the scientists are talking about these days, they are calling it hyperspace, they are saying that our world is really a ten dimensional world, and that some cataclysm happened, they do not know what, but six of those dimensions died, and we only live in four dimensions today, height, width, depth, and space time. 


We that know something about Kabbalah, understand that in the fall, the higher Sefirot of Malkhut, remember there are ten Sefirot within each Sefirot.  This visible world is Malkhut, and there are ten Sefirot within Malkhut.  The six higher Sefirot of Malkhut died in the fall when we were cut off from Jehovah.  We see that Binah is dead, Keter is dead, Tiferet is dead, Chokhmah is dead, Chesed is dead, and Netzach is dead, only the left column remained, Gevurah, which when Gevurah is not restrained by Tiferet, Gevurah is what we know to be Satan.  Hod, that is the carnal mind, and Yesod and Malkhut come under the authority of the left column in a circumstance like this, and the whole world is evil, evil from God’s perspective. 


We know that there is both good and evil in this world, but from God’s perspective, this whole world is evil.  Malkhut, the physical world with the higher dimension that connects us to the immortal world, that is Zeir Anpin above, and Binah above, let me start again.  Malkhut the physical world with the higher dimension that connect us to the immortal worlds above, that is Atzilut and Beriah, are rolled up, only the left column is active.  This is the condition that Kabbalah tells us is true, and this is what the scientists have discovered.  Mysticism and spiritual studies are meeting quantum mechanics, and I declare to you that the Lord stopped the building of the tower of Babel, eons ago, and He will stop it again, He will not let it come to pass, He will not put the power or allow the power that was present at the creation of our universe in the hands of fallen men.


We have one more witness that we are truly living in the last days.  This is the reason that the Lord brought the flood upon the world because the people, humanity whatever they looked like, whatever form they took on the other side of the flood, were rebuilding the tower of Babel, the hour is truly at hand.


To be honest with you I cannot remember what I was telling you before we went out to dinner that made me say that I would show you this, but if you are listening to the tape, you will be able to roll it back and find out why I am showing you this now, but in this revelation the Lord has revealed to me the meaning of the Scripture Isaiah 22:18, which says:


Isaiah 22:18 – AT: Jehovah will surely wrap the higher Sefirot, or the higher dimensions which were enlarged in Israel in to a ball, within the sphere of Malkhut, the Sefirot that is rolled out and there you shall die.  (ATB)


It is the Scriptural principle that Malkhut is the only Sefirot that is rolled out, the Leviathan has rolled out, this physical world, it is called rolled out, it is visible, you can see it, because all of the Sefirot were undifferentiated, rolled up into tight little balls, Malkhut is the only dimension or Sefirot that is rolled out and we can see openly what she is made of.  The judgment, I think I have not made my point yet, in Israel, when Israel was right with God, okay, all of the these Sefirot were enlarged, they were differentiated, they were manifested, they were functioning, they were vibrating their power, was available to Israel, and all of the combinations of the power resident in all of the combinations of the Sefirot, were resident in Israel, the judgment of Jehovah wrapping up or rolling up these upper Sefirot is the withdrawal of power from Israel. 


The significance is the withdrawal of power from Israel, and the enlarging of Israel, or we are going to read all of the Scriptures that talk about enlarging your borders, enlarging your coasts. 


I always wondered what the Lord was talking about, He is going to enlarge our borders, it means He is going to enlarge, He is going to differentiate, He is going to expand the Sefirot, the six Sefirot that are wrapped up into a ball, that are atrophied in us, that we are not using them.  Brethren, we need power to overcome disease, we need power to overcome mental weakness, spiritual problems, emotional problems, poverty, what we need is power.  The Lord is coming to enlarge our coasts.  When Christ is grafted to us, that is the beginning of the enlarging of us.  What is enlarging mean?  It means to open and increase the number of Sefirot in us. 


According to quantum mechanics, it is an enablement to function in the higher dimensions.  There is power in the higher dimensions.  We see that the blessing of God is to enlarge our borders or our coasts which means to expand, to expand us to the point until all ten Sefirot within Malkhut are fully expanded and functioning, which not only brings blessings into our life, but now makes us eligible to connect to the next world above which is Yetzirah, which is where the male is, and there is to be a marriage between Yesod and Malkhut, or between the world of Yetzirah and the world of Asiyah.  Malkhut is the name of the Sefirah, the name of the world is Asiyah, and it is a female world.


For the Lord to enlarge us in Malkhut, is to enlarge us to the maximum amount of female power.  The next step is to give us male power, which is the development of the Yesod, or the world of Yetzirah, and to bring a marriage between the two which is called the spiritual shabat.  That is when we get a new soul and miracles take place.  Tiferet is the hand of the Lord, and when Jesus came and He said to I think two different men in the Scripture, Hold out your hand, because the man had a withered hand, I do not know whether the man had a physical withered hand or not, but I do believe that the Lord told me that Jesus, we are going to read these two Scriptures, Jesus said to the man, Hold out your hand and stand.  He was unraveling, He was enlarging, He was expanding Tiferet in the heart center.  This is just another way of saying, Let Christ stand up in your heart center.  I taught you that for years, let Christ stand up in your heart center and rule over Satan and Leviathan, and starting ruling in your life and giving you power in your life.  This is what Jesus was saying when He said to man, Hold out your hand and stand.  Let us start by reading those two Scriptures.  Mark 3:3 and Luke 6:6-8.  


Mark 3:3

3 And He said unto the man which had the withered hand, stand forth.  KJV



Luke 6:6-8

8 And it came to pass also on another Sabbath, that He entered into the synagogue and taught, and there was a man whose right hand was withered.  And the Scribes and the Pharisees watched Him, whether He would heal on the Sabbath day, that they might find an accusation against Him.  But He knew their thoughts and said to the man which had the withered hand, Rise up and stand forth in the midst, and He arose the stood forth.  KJV



We have to ask ourselves, Why would Jesus say to man with a withered hand, stand?  Why did he not say to the hand, Grow out!?  Why did He say stand in one place and in the second place He said, Rise and stand forth.  Stand up, stand up in the heart center.  Let Adam stand up in the heart center, and let a resistance, let a spiritual gravity start opposing Gevurah and Hod, and Yesod and Malkhut that is under their control, in the fallen man.  And spiritual gravity was created, can you see that?  That started to oppose the four Sefirot that are active, and to move them into and under the influence of the Lord, and that is the beginning of the war that we were talking about, in the earlier part of this message.  Are there any questions so far?  If not let us start with enlarge your borders, that should really be the place to start.  Who has Exodus 34:24.


Exodus 34:24

24 For I will cast out the nations before thee, and enlarge thy borders: neither shall any man desire thy land, when thou shalt go up to appear before the LORD thy God thrice in the year. KJV


In the King James translation, it is a little reversed. First the Lord is going to enlarge their borders.  The carnal minds of the scholars that translated the King James, that translated the King James translations, that made sense to them, that first the Lord would cast out your enemies, and then He would enlarge your borders, but now that we understand the spiritual meaning, we know that first the Lord is going to enlarge your borders, He is going to expand and liven, quicken, activate the Sefirot that are dead or inactive as a part of Malkhut, they are a part of us, they are a part of this world, so He is going to enlarge us that way, and then He is going to cast out all our enemies.  All of these Sefirot that have been raised from the dead so to speak, are going to form an army of righteousness within us, Christ in you the hope of glory, that is going to bring the left column into submission, and your whole life will change.  No matter what your problem is, the answer in Christ in you the hope of glory.  No matter what your problem is, it does not matter, the answer is the same, the answer is consistently generic, submit to God, find out what He wants from you, study to show yourself approved. 


Seek ye first the kingdom of God, may the seed of Christ be grafted to you, and may Adam stand up in your heart center, and rule over the powers and principalities that have been bringing destruction into your life.  That is your answer, it is the same answer for everybody.  Then again of course, when you start doing it, you will have messages from the Lord, and communications from the Lord, for the specific individual because everybody’s condition is not the same, the solution in general is the same, but when you get to the individual person, each individual person will need specific ministry to help them to do this, to help them to accomplish Christ standing up in their heart center.  What is next? 


Deuteronomy 12:20

20 When the Lord thy God shall enlarge thy border, as He has promised thee, and thou shalt say, I will eat flesh, because thy soul longeth to eat flesh, thou mayest eat flesh, whatsoever thy soul lustest after.  KJV 



Deuteronomy 19:8

8 And if the Lord thy God enlarge thy coast, as He hath sworn unto thy fathers, and give thee all of the land which He promised to give unto thy fathers.  KJV


He is going to enlarge your coast, He is going to roll out the power of the Sefirot in you, and then He is going to keep His promises to you by the power of those Sefirot within you. 


I Chronicles 4:10

10 And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh, that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me!  And God granted him that which he requested.  KJV



Praise God, did you hear it?  Enlarge my coast, roll out the fullness of the ten Sefirot in Malkhut, and let your hand be with me, let Tiferet stand up, let Adam stand up in the heart center, and let the hand of God, the power of God be in my life.  Praise the Lord, I love it, I love it. 


Psalm 119:32

32 I will run the way of thy commandments, when thou shalt enlarge my heart.  KJV



We are talking about enlarging the heart.  That is Tiferet, the heart center is Tiferet.  The rolling out or the extending or activation of the heart center, by Adam standing up in power, enables us to obey the Lord’s commandments.  Isaiah 54:2.


Isaiah 54:2  

2 Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations, spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes.  KJV



Enlarge thy tent, enlarge the consciousness or the mind of the Lord within Malkhut, because in the fallen man we see all that we see there is Satan and Leviathan.  Enlarge the consciousness and the mind, and the wisdom of God in that Sefirot called Malkhut, which is the tent.  Praise the Lord.  It is the tent of the Lord, the household of God. 


Amos 1:13

13 Thus saith the Lord, For three transgressions of the children of Ammon, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof, because they have ripped up the women with child of Gilead, that they might enlarge their border.  KJV



They have ripped up, I do not have the Scripture open in front of me, I believe it said, they ripped up the child of Gilead.  What does that mean?  They have ripped up the indwelling Christ.  This is reversal, this is talking about the powers and principalities of the carnal mind.  They have ripped up that holy child, the grafted Christ, well I do not know about the grafted Christ in the Old Testament, but it is prophecy, so it could be for now, they have ripped up the Christ, so that the powers and principalities of the carnal mind can roll out their world, can enlarge their borders.  This is the whole story of our existence, two kingdoms, two kingdoms, two of everything, fighting for who will prevail over the creation, two spirits, two cities, two minds, two kingdoms, two bodies.  We are not formed yet, humanity is not formed yet. 


Paul says we do not even know what we are going to be, but we have this hope, that Jesus was formed in the image of God.  We do not know, look, I do not know whether the end of me will be the I will be formed in the image of Christ, or in the image of the Serpent, I cannot tell you for sure, but I have this hope, that Jesus made it, Jesus was born of a fallen woman, He had carnal mind, that He overcame, and He was formed in the image of Christ, and liberated from death, so now I have this hope, that I can do it too, with His help I can do it too, but there is no guarantee. 


You do not live in fear, but you live in hope and faith, believing that if you do you all that know how to do, and you call on the name of the Lord, that you are going to make it.  Praise the Lord.  Any questions or comments on this message?  That is it for tonight.  God bless you.


04/06/08 Transcribed by RR



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