579 - Part 1

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            There are just two comments I would like to put on this message before we start watching the movie, pretty much two levels of understanding that I did not get on the message of Matrix Reloaded, and that is as follows. The first point that I would like to call to your attention is concerning Morpheus and the woman that he supposedly loved who was involved with man called, Lock. The woman's name was Niobe, she had been having an affair with Morpheus, and there was one line in the movie that said yes, Niobe used to be with Morpheus but Morpheus saw the Oracle and that pretty much ended their romance. Niobe went with Lock. The significance there is that Morpheus became spiritual, he became a believer, he believed in the prophecy and he was no longer interested in human male, female relationships, that is the suggestion.


            The second thing that I did not comment on because I did not fully understand it myself until after we closed the message was this concept of Neo walking down the hallway with all of the doors. We saw that in two different clips of the movie. The first time we saw Neo walking down this hallways with doors on the left and the right, was when he was with the Seraph, the one who guards the Oracle. The second time we saw, actually we saw, we see it three times. The second time we saw this back door or this back alley, is everybody following me, do you recall that at all, there was like a back alley with doors on every side, the second time we see it is when the Key Maker took Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity there. The third time we see it, actually the third time we see it is in Revolutions, it was not in Matrix Reloaded, it is in Revolutions, this hallway and they did tell us in the movie that it is the back door.


            The concept here, just bear with me I am having a little trouble getting my thoughts together to explain this to you. You see, the Matrix, the Matrix is a computer generated society, of course it is really an illusion. Every scene, in other words, if you would walk into this room where I am preaching, this is a computer program, if you would go into another building outside, it is a computer program. You may recall one door was opened, Neo walked through it and the Oracle was sitting on a park bench feeding the birds. That is another computer program.


            It is the same principle as me teaching there are many timelines, there are probably trillions of timelines in our world. Every human being is a timeline, every human being, well quantum mechanics would call it a world line, every human being has a world line. We have a history of everything that we do, and everywhere that we go, and every person that we interact with, we are a specific timeline, from the beginning of our existence to the end of our existence and beyond. This hallway and another thing that was said about the hallway, was that it was like death. When Neo was in that hallway, the telephone operator on the ship, I forget the name of the ship at the moment, that Morpheus was the captain of, he could not read, you could not get a reading on the so called radar of Neo. He was in a blind spot, that hallway was a blind spot that even radar could not pick him up.


            The suggestion is that those doors enter into all of these timelines. In other words, if I was in the Matrix and you wanted to enter into my life, you can get in through the back door into my life, or into the life of anybody here. When you walk down that hallway, you had access to every life that existed in the Matrix or every aspect of the Matrix, you just had to walk through that door and you would be instantly there. Now, to apply that to our reality, I will tell you this, I have been preaching this for a while, I do not know if I have on a tape, I may not have it on a tape, but I have been saying for a long time that people that are spiritually high enough, have the ability to find the root of a human being.


            Human beings as we see them appearing in this world are like the flower of the plant. We have a spiritual root that goes deep, deep, deep, deep, into the spirit world, someone who has the spiritual authority to access that root, see, can incarnate, can enter in, if it is a hostile spirit, can enter in and possess the person, if it is the Lord, can enter in through that root. We have done some studies here on reincarnation as Kabbalah teaches it, and we have found a lot of truth in that. We have brought forth Christ Centered Kabbalah concerning reincarnation, where the Lord has told me something needs to be added or corrected, we have done that, but there is a lot of truth in the theory of reincarnation that Kabbalah teaches.


            One of those truths is, that more than one soul can incarnate in a person. Now actually, we have not gotten up to that message yet, I hope that Lord lets me go back teaching on the Gate of Reincarnations. Kabbalah tells us that more than one soul can incarnate in an infant at birth, and brethren this is exactly what happened to Jesus, there was a baby boy named Jesus born, and the Spirit of Elijah incarnated with that boy Jesus. Jesus was a human being that was born of the human woman Mary, and the glorified Spirit of Elijah incarnated with Him. See when the wise men came, they did not bow down to an infant baby boy, they bowed down the spirit that was present in that baby boy, see. This is the reason that Jesus received worship, because He knew that the worship was for the spiritual man that ruled Him, the personality of Jesus with the submission to the spiritual man Elijah who lived through Him, and for that reason Jesus received worship, you see.


            I do not know that I have made it clear, let me try again, I have been preaching for a long time, I am sorry I did not finish my point, another kind of incarnation is that a spirit or a spiritual being can enter an existing human being while they are still alive and share their body. Now at first, when I first read that, I was shocked, but is that not what Jesus is doing? Is not Jesus entering into human beings after we are born and sharing our body with us, and influencing our soul? That is exactly what Jesus is doing, that is the second kind of incarnation. Now on the negative side, I have heard of voodoo practitioners entering into the physical body of people, and planting all kinds of objects, and then the person dies and when they cut them open, they are filled with snakes. How do they do it? They get to the lowest point of the root of the human being, and they have the spiritual power to enter into that person at their root, and then ascend up, and just be inside of them.


            Now that is really deep. Is everybody following me at what I am saying, do you understand what I am saying? I know I have told you this at least off of the tape, I do not know that I, I probably never had it on a message because this is very shocking and very deep, but this is the genesis of possession whether it is possession by the Lord Jesus Christ, or whether it is possession by an unclean spirit. This is how they get inside of you, they access your root and they literally penetrate your root and then flow up into your consciousness and into your physical body. This is what the hallway signifies, the hallway with all of these doors on it, someone that has the spiritual authority to access this hallway, then has the key to open the door to your soul, can get inside of you, that is what that doorway signifies. Is everybody okay, any questions or comments on this?


            The third time we see that hallway which will be in Matrix Revolutions is when the little girl, when the Seraph who guards the Oracle tries to help the little girl escape, and I will not talk about the little girl anymore right now until she comes up in the movie. The little girl is trying to escape from the rogue agent Smith who wants to absorb her, and the Seraph takes the little girl into the hallway and I do not know how to describe the effect, but the hallway is blocked off, he enters into this hallway and it is blocked off to them. In other words, all of the doors are blocked off, they cannot get to any of the escape doors, they cannot get into another program. Is everybody okay, you are all looking at me, I know this is very deep, but do you all follow me?


            Let me just prep you for the beginning of this movie and we will turn it on and start watching it. We have Neo who is the hero, he is the savior. We have the Oracle who is a good program who is guarded by a man who is an expert in Kung Fu, his name is Seraph, which I suggest to you, suggest that the Oracle is Jehovah, because the Seraph stretch their wings over the mercy seat where Jehovah said He would meet us. Then we have the machine world, which projects agents, that police the humans who are really plugged into a power plant, because the machines are living off of their energy. Then we have a rogue agent, his name is Smith, he was a faithful servant of the machine world, but Neo defeated him, and Neo defeated him spiritually.


            When Neo defeated him spiritually, he got inside of Smith and blew him apart, but Smith survived, but he survived in a different form, he was no longer plugged into the machine world, and he has become a hybrid, a new creature, part machine and part man, and he was criminal. Smith had the power, he was criminal and he had acquired the power to absorb human beings into himself. You see Smith appearing, the way cinematically the producers and the directors did it, is to show Smith in multiples. Everyone that Smith absorbed, they looked like him, it was another human being that looked just like Smith. Eventually you will see something called Smith city with thousands or millions or trillions of human beings that all look like Smith.


            Smith was going crazy in the world absorbing humans and absorbing programs, he absorbed the Oracle, you will see that he absorbed the Oracle, and he is out to take over the whole world, the machine world and the human world. He has become a computer gone wild, he is a criminal program. The machine world wants to delete him, the human beings have no power over him, the only hope of both the machine world and Neo, I am sorry of the human beings and the machine world, is that Neo will defeat the rogue program Smith.


            The reason why Neo is the only one that can defeat the rogue program is that Smith is really the alter ego of Neo, he is Neo's negative counterpart, the psychological term or the psychiatric term is, alter ego. I think that Freud coined that phrase if I am not mistaken, our other self, our negative self. If we are applying this to our Scriptural principle, we would say that Neo is Christ is Smith is Leviathan. The way things are set up in this movie, Smith is a separate physical entity. It takes Neo a while to figure out, well he does not figure it out, the Oracle tells him who this Smith is. She said, "Neo, he is your other self and you are the only one that can destroy him. Either this world is going to be a good world, or it is going to be a world controlled by Smith, an evil tyrannical world, and everybody will be prisoners, the machine world and the human beings."


            Of course this movie is a take off on the doctrine of Christ, but the spiritual principles are very, very interesting. If there are no questions or comments right now, we will start watching the movie. Anybody have any questions, or comments, anything to say? Okay. Let us go on. I did not tell you how the movie starts, of course this is the third movie in a trilogy, the first movie is The Matrix, the second movie is Matrix Reloaded, and this is Matrix Revolutions. At the end of Matrix Reloaded, Neo is becoming half man and half machine, he is mutating, into a new creature.


            See both Smith and Neo are mutating into new creatures, Neo with all of the power on the good side, and Smith with all of his powers on the evil side, and there can be only one, (chuckles), I am just mixing the Highlander into this, there can be only one. At the end of Matrix Reloaded, Neo was just starting to be able to have a spiritual, if that is the right word, he was able to have a response to the machines. Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus, and I think a few others were running from the attack of the machines, when Neo suddenly felt that he could sense the machines and instead of running, he turned and faced them and destroyed them, Neo destroyed the machines that were chasing the humans. As soon as the machines were destroyed, Neo collapsed and went into a coma.


            At the end of the movie, Neo is lying on a table in sick bay, along with another man. We are told these were only two survivors, Neo and this other man who happens to be an incarnated aspect of Smith, an aspect of Smith that does not look like Smith, that looks like another human being who penetrated into Zion, and is appearing as a human being. He is the Judas aspect, he is the betrayer. Neo is lying on the table, he is in a coma, the doctor is saying that she has seen these kind of brains waves before on her scan, and this is the brain waves of someone whose plugged in or jacked into the Matrix.


            You may recall if you have listened to the or if you have seen the movies, you should know that when the human beings that liberated in Zion want to enter into the Matrix, their physical body lays down in a chair, and their mind separates from their physical body. It is their mind that goes into the Matrix, and takes on a computer generated form, but their actual physical body remains on the ship or wherever they are jacking in from. We see Neo lying on the table, he is not jacked into the Matrix, but his brain waves look like the brain waves of someone who is jacked into the Matrix.


            In another scene, we see Morpheus, asking the operator to check out or to scan the Matrix to see if Neo is there, and the operator says to him, "How could that be, Neo is not jacked into the Matrix" but Morpheus says, "Well do me a favor and look anyway." This is the suggestion, Neo is no longer human, he has become some kind of hybrid who has the ability to appear in the Matrix in a computer generated body without being "jacked in". We are going to watch the movie now.


            We see Neo stretched out, spread eagle in a subway station with a little girl leaning over him talking to him. What I find so interesting about this, and I do not know the answer to it, is that this is the second movie that I have seen concerning traveling between timelines that when the person wakes up in the alternate timeline, he is lying on a street. The other movie was Danny Darko, who was traveling back and forth between two timelines and every time he would wake up in his new location, he would be lying either in the middle of the road or in the middle of a park. We see Neo lying flat on his back all stretched out on the floor of a train station. I have asked the Lord what the significance of that is, and I have not heard any answer yet, but this is the scene. Neo is in, actually he is not in the Matrix, he is in between worlds, he is not in the Matrix, but he is not in the human world, he is in this in between spiritual place and he is trapped there.


            I wonder if Lazarus was not in a similar place when he was lost. You may recall the teaching that came down in this ministry, that Lazarus was doing some kind of mediation and got lost in the spirit world, that was what he died from, and he could not get back into his body, that was how he died, you never heard me say that before? Yeah, the Lord told me that a long time ago, that when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, He more than raised a dead man from the dead. Lazarus received some kind of spiritual increase that was so obvious that people came from all over to see him, because of all of the people that Jesus raised from the dead, Lazarus is the only one that the Scripture says people came from all over to see Lazarus because he was raised, actually it was Abel in him, it was Abel in Lazarus that was raised from the dead.


            The one that came forth all bound and with a napkin over his head was Abel in Lazarus, and the napkin over his head was Cain, Cain is the veil that covers Abel. Lazarus was not raised from the dead in the same condition that he was in when he died, which was that of a fallen man, Lazarus was raised from the dead because Abel rose from the dead, and in order for Abel to rise from the dead, the personality that was carrying had to stand up also. What I do not know is how this event appeared to the common man, so that people came all over to see him, you know, interesting. Any questions about what I just told you?


            Neo is in between worlds, and there is this, it looks like Indian families sitting on this train station waiting to return. Well I think the little girl is going to the Oracle and the parents are going back into the Matrix. Everybody okay? Let us go on. We now see one more incident of that hallway only it was very quick. The Seraph called into Zion and said that it was urgent, that Morpheus and Trinity come to see her because the Oracle knows that Neo is in danger and she wants to help him through his friends. There is just a very brief clip that Trinity and Morpheus came into that hallway and then went through one of the doors that came in through the unconscious mind if I did not make that clear when I was speaking earlier.


            That hallway typifies the general corridor of the unconscious, of the collective unconscious mind through which the individual unconscious mind of every human being on the face of the earth is plugged in. Should I say that again? That hallway signifies the collective or the innermost aspect of the unconscious part of the carnal mind of man and everyone of those doorways is the opening to the unconscious part of the carnal mind of an individual. That hallway signifies that collective place where we are all one. See, and when you talk to Hindus or Buddhists or other people that are into spiritual philosophies apart from Christ, they will tell you, the whole world is connected and woven together and nobody is separate and apart, but Jesus Christ is separate and apart from the tapestry.


            This world is a spiritual tapestry, and our physical bodies and our souls are in fact woven into that tapestry, but Jesus Christ, He is the needle, you see, one of His titles is the needle. Jesus Christ is coming and He is re-weaving and changing the image of that tapestry, and when He weaves Himself through us, we now are a part of both worlds. We are a double minded man, we are woven into the tapestry of the Serpent, that the Serpent has woven, and we are woven into the tapestry that Jesus Christ is weaving. That is a perverse condition, we cannot be both, eventually we must be one or the other. We are in the process of having our nature changed, we are in the process of being completely translated into a thread which is a part of the fabric of the world of Jesus Christ, that is just another way of saying, you are being translated into the kingdom of God. Everybody okay?


            I am going to roll that back, watch that hallway again, it is fascinating. Well we just saw Morpheus and Trinity visiting the Oracle who has a completely different physical body. Can anybody explain what happened here? Did anybody notice that the Oracle had a completely different physical body? You did not notice? Okay (chuckles).


            COMMENT: When I saw her, I was going to ask if she was the same person who acted as the Oracle in Matrix Reloaded.


            PASTOR VITALE: Well she is not the same actress, she is a different person. The suggestion is that, she was killed and incarnated again. That is the suggestion, that the same personality is now appearing in another physical body. Now we in Christ Centered Kabbalah do not believe that the personality continues on, and I do not believe Hinduism or Buddhism teaches that, and I do not believe that Kabbalah teaches that, that this whole personality like it would be Sheila in a completely different body, that just by talking to me, you could know who I am.


            I believe that the personality is made of earth, just as the physical body and it does not go on. The part of us that goes on is our spiritual root, Jesus called it a worm, not the personality. But the area in which I see this teaching coming forth is in New Age circles. I cannot specifically name the discipline, but I just know in this country, I have seen this doctrine come forth in this country, that the whole personality is so in tact that even though the body is completely changed, you can recognize it and not only that, but the Oracle is actually calling herself Oracle, and she just took on a new garment. Is everybody okay with that?


            She is saying, they asked her what happened to her, Morpheus said, "What happened to you?" or Trinity said, "What happened to you?" She said, I made a choice, the choice was to help you and Neo, and this is what happened to me. Obviously she was killed and had to incarnate again in another form, that is the suggestion. Morpheus and Trinity are really challenged to believe that she is the Oracle, because here is somebody who the last time they saw her, she was white, now she is black. She has a completely different shape to her face, her voice is completely different, she physically is a radically different person, but she is speaking the same way with the same intonations in her voice. She is sitting there drinking that same cup of tea, with that same home body like attitude about her, and she is completely recognizing them and challenging them to recognize her by what she says.


            Now, this is so interesting, even though I do not believe reincarnation works that way, I believe that we are all challenged to judge people by who they are, not by what they look like, but by who they are and you judge who they are by what they say. You have to have conversations with people and get to know them to find out who they are. We have situations, I have seen it so many times where people change, they change radically in their personality, and in their whole mentality, but the people that know them, or that knew them before cannot deal with the change. They cannot recognize the change because the person's visage, or their appearance has not changed. Family members or people that have been close to them, they are still judging that person or their physical appearance and not listening to them, and not listening to their ideas. They are not seeing the behavior and they are not recognizing or acknowledging or accepting that you have got a whole new person inside the same body.


            I know I am a radically different person than I was twenty or thirty years ago, but it would take a spiritual person you know to see that I am really not the same person anymore. That is the principle that is being set forth here, the challenge to the average person to judge a man by who he is inside and not what he looks like outside, this is the big challenge of the hour. You see up until now, society or humanity has lived in their physical bodies, we have gathered together in groups by religion, by nationality, by color, that is how we have gathered together in our groups. What is happening today, is happening in Christ and it is also happening outside of Christ, as people become more and more educated, people of the same mentality, of the same intellectual interests are gravitated towards one another, despite their ethnic background, their religious background or the background of their race.


            That is what is happening, people are gathering together based upon their spiritual and intellectual interests, and it is causing to a large degree an upheaval in society. What seems to be happening as the races and the religions and the nationalities are mixing as the world grows smaller, you know, and so many people are moving to other countries and having opportunity or going to college where there are people from other nations and everything is mixing up, people are not staying in their own little tribes anymore, see, and it is really causing a social crisis in the world. I am sure that humanity will survive but upheaval and change always causes a crisis, because in the natural, there is a big mixing going in the exterior, but the reality of what is happening is now people are being developed mature.


            Years ago, people did not develop their intellect, they just had to work to survive, to have a roof over their head and food to eat, and all they knew was to stay with their own tribe, or their own ethnic group. But now that people are having the opportunity to find out who they really are and what their interests really are, it is crossing all of these other lines, and it is causing a lot of anxiety for a lot of people in the physical plane, but eventually it will sort itself out.


            The Oracle is reincarnated, with the fully in tact personality and full knowledge and a full memory of her relationships, which is something that does not happen. Does anybody have any question about what I just said? Any questions about what I just said? Please give her the microphone.


            COMMENT: Did you say the Oracle was white?


            PASTOR VITALE: Yes, in the first two movies, there are three movies, this is a trilogy, in Matrix, in the original Matrix, and Matrix Reloaded, which we just finished commenting on, it was a different actress, a white actress, yes.


            COMMENT: I thought she was black in the Matrix.


            PASTOR VITALE: Was she black? You know you are right, but she was a very light skinned black woman. I am sorry, she was black, but a very light skinned black woman, I stand corrected. We see Morpheus' deep chagrin. Now in case, I know that I pointed it out in the Matrix reloaded, but I may not have emphasized the point. Let me point out to you once again, that Morpheus and Trinity and Neo, these humans, they are spiritually, according to this movie, spiritually and intellectually, and educationally, inferior to the machine world. They simply do not have the knowledge or the sophistication that the machines that, or that the programs have. The Oracle is sitting there very cool, you know very sophisticated and saying that she has put her life on the line again to help Neo, and Morpheus and Trinity are obviously emotional.


            Notice that emotionalism is associated with spiritual immaturity, they are both emotional, and Morpheus is confused and saying to her, "Why should I believe you?" I want to tell you that people have said this to me, "Why should I believe you, why should I believe what you teach?" My answer is in the same vein as the Oracle, it does not make any difference to me whether or not you believe what I teach, if you want to believe it, believe it, if you do not want to believe it, then do not believe it. The thing to do, is to pray about it and ask God to help you and try and find out if He sent you here to be instructed. I will help you in any way I can, but it is your choice, it is not my problem, and that is what the Oracle says to Morpheus, you know.


            As a matter of fact, I think you said something similar to me last week, you asked what I expected about something, I cannot recall what the issue was, and I said to you, I have no expectations. I may have a hope that you will make the right choice, but I have no expectations from anybody, expectation is witchcraft, when you expect something of somebody, that is an influence that goes forth towards them to do what you expect them to do. Unless you have a legitimate authority over someone, like that your child will pick up their clothes after they take their clothes off when they go to bed and not leave them laying on the floor and put them with the other dirty clothes in the hamper, that is an expectation that you have a right to expect from your children.


            In so far as human beings go, and of course if you are married, if you are woman, you have right to expect your husband to work, and to take care of you, and if you are a husband, you have a right to expect certain things of your wife, you know it is a legal ground to get divorced. Well right now in this country, we have no fault divorce, but aside from that, a man has a legal right to get divorce if the woman refuses to give him a child. There are certain things that you have a right to expect from certain people under certain circumstances. As far as I am concerned as a teacher, I do not expect anything from anybody as so far as coming to study with me.


            Once you become a disciple here, I have certain expectations of you, and I make that known, and then you could do it, or not do it, and the consequences are whatever they are. If you do it, the consequences are that you are in right standing here, and if you do not do it, then you cannot continue on here. If you are not officially a disciple here, it makes no difference to me whether you believe it or not. If I had the power to choose for you, I would choose that you would believe it, but I do not have that power, it is your choice. That was what the Oracle just said to him, "You can either believe that I am the Oracle, or you can not believe it. I called you in to tell you that your friend Neo is in trouble, and I am willing to help you. I am willing to send the man who guards me to help you, and you can believe what I am saying or not believe what I am saying."


            See, to expect something from somebody when you have no authority to expect that, you are putting yourself in a very foolish position because if I expect something from you and I have no power to enforce what I expect, and you do not do it, then what? It just does not make any sense at all, and it is a form of witchcraft, expectation is a form of witchcraft. We see that the Oracle is a very spiritually mature person, and she is dealing with Morpheus' immature reaction to her high level spiritual experience at a very healthy way.


            Now this is very interesting because in the first movie, Morpheus was the big shot, he was the smart one, he was the captain of the ship, he was the one that was initiating Neo into the truth of humanity in the Matrix, but in this movie and somewhat in the Matrix Reloaded also, Morpheus is not such a big shot anymore. Now we see the vulnerability of the human in relation to the sophistication of a program from the machine world, very interesting. I think that this is true of most people, we have aspects that are very strong, and then we have aspects of ourselves that are not that strong. No matter how strong a man or a woman appears to be, when you really, really get to know them, their weaknesses will be uncovered, and that is what is happening, Morpheus' human weaknesses are being uncovered, very interesting.


            Any other questions or comments? Let us go on, oh let me just make it clear to you that what is happening here in case you did not follow it, is that the Oracle has told Seraph who guards her to take Trinity and Morpheus to Neo. Neo is trapped in the train station which is a world, it is in between the world of the humans and the machines, the Matrix is part of the machine world. The entity that has authority over the underground trains is called the trainman who works for the Merovingian, if you remember the Merovingian from Matrix Reloaded. Merovingian is a very old program who is spiritually criminal, and we were also told that he smuggles things in people between the Matrix and the human world. Any questions about this?


            We are going to be picking up on the part of the movie where Seraph, Morpheus, and Trinity are trying to contact the trainman to ask for his assistance in releasing Neo from this purgatory you might say, Neo is in purgatory (chuckles). Of course we were told that there is a bounty on Neo's head, the Merovingian put a bounty on Neo's head. Why, does anybody remember why the Merovingian put a bounty on Neo's head, anybody remember?


            Because Neo made a way of escape for the Key Maker, and you may recall that the Key Maker lines up with the Biblical character of Abel in accordance with the doctrine of Christ. Abel who was captured, who was killed by Cain and buried under the ground, and he is called the Key Maker because he has the keys to all of the doors that line up the hallway. It is true that Abel in the individual is the key, he is the root system that remains after Adam dies. It is Abel in each of us that is our potential to have Adam regenerated in us.


            Neo was responsible for the release of the Key Maker who was possessed by, or held captive by the Merovingian, and I think I did not put this, I did not mention this on the Matrix Reloaded tapes also, but from this point of view, the Merovingian is Leviathan, because it is Leviathan that holds Abel captive. From another point of view that I have told you that the Merovingian was the Serpent, because he married the female, but the Serpent, Satan, and the Devil, they are really all one. Did you have a question? Any questions or comments, did I make all of this clear?


            The Merovingian has a bounty on Neo's head, and Neo is now trapped in between worlds because he is in the process of changing, he is not human anymore, you know, he is now a mixture between human and machine and he is trapped in this never, never world. Let us go on with the movie. The father of the little girl says to Neo, "We are nowhere." Neo said, "Where are we?" The father said, "Nowhere." There is a principle in quantum mechanics that says, there is a certain area that human beings cannot access because you have travel faster than light to access those areas. The suggestion is, now quantum mechanics says, no one or nothing can move faster than the speed of light, which I think is a hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second if I am not mistaken. The suggestion that this train station is nowhere, it is purgatory, it is in an area where you have travel faster than the speed of light to get there.


            I mentioned to you in Matrix Reloaded, I did not go into it in any depth but the Merovingian has the power to move faster than the speed of light. You may recall in Matrix reloaded, the Merovingian leaves, goes out and slams the door before Neo can get there, and when Neo opens the door, it is not the corridor outside of the room, but he was on a mountain top 500 miles away, instant physical displacement, instant physical travel. Do you understand what I am saying? He moved faster than the speed of light.


            Here again we see this principle of Neo being in a place where you have to move faster than the speed of light to get there. Let us see what else can I say. The trainman has just punched Neo, Neo does not understand you know that, oh yes, and the trainman obviously is signifying Satan or the Devil down in hell because he is saying, "I built this place down here, I make the rules down here, I am God". What you are going to see now, after the train has taken off leaving Neo all by himself on the train station, Neo is going to jump down into where the train goes, the tunnel where the train goes, and to start walking. You will see Neo walking into the tunnel, and then one second later, you will see him coming out of the tunnel.


            The significance here is that Neo is caught in a spiritual loop, he cannot get out of this train station, because the train pulls out and disappeared down the tunnel, but when Neo started walking down that same tunnel, for him the tunnel only went back to where he came from, another supernatural event, are you following me? You will see this on the movie.


            Morpheus, Trinity, and Seraph are going to see the Merovingian, the Merovingian is the only one who can free Neo, and the three of them have just had a spiritual battle with the armed guards that guard the Merovingian. I would like to point out to you that some of those guards were spiritual flies, spiritual insects, and they walk on the ceiling because they are spiritual insects, that is why they were walking on the ceiling. What is coming up next in the movie is that the three of them, Morpheus, Trinity, and Seraph are going to see the Merovingian.


            The Merovingian is telling the three, that there is no action that does not have a consequence, and that they should know or that they should tell the Oracle, I do not recall exactly what he said, but he referred to the Oracle that she should know, that if she takes something from him, there has to be a consequence. Now let me remind you what happened in Matrix Reloaded, it looked to Morpheus, Neo, and Trinity that they were freeing the Key Maker simply because Neo had received a word from the Oracle that Zion could be saved if Neo would make it to the source, and that Neo could not make it to the source without the Key Maker. This was the information that the team from Zion, that Trinity, Morpheus, and Neo, this is the reason they approached the Merovingian to free the Key Maker.


            We find out that, and I did mention this on Matrix Reloaded, that the Oracle had a higher purpose, that the Oracle knew the truth about the Key Maker, that he could be likened to Abel in the Scripture, that he was very valuable, that the Key Maker had the keys to all of the back doors that existed along that corridor which is the collective unconscious part of the carnal mind of all of humanity. The Key Maker signified Abel, the potential of each human being to have Adam raised from the dead in them in righteousness. That is who Abel represented, you know. If you do not recall it, you may want to listen to the tape of Matrix Reloaded, but I did explain to you that the Frenchman spoke to, I am going to say, the three, Morpheus, Trinity and Neo, so that I do not have to repeat their names all the time, that the Frenchman did have a dialogue in which he told the three that the Oracle had a higher purpose, but the three could not comprehend that higher purpose, it was just over their head.


            What we see here, what is happening here, let me recap for you, Neo is trapped in never land, in purgatory where he cannot get out, the only one that could free him is the Merovingian. The three heroes have come to the Merovingian to request or demand or fight for, whatever the circumstance called for, Neo's release. The Merovingian is saying to the three heroes, I know that the Oracle has a higher purpose than you even know of, and the Oracle should know that you cannot take something from me without their being a consequence. What would take you from the Merovingian? The Key Maker, the Key Maker would take from the Merovingian.


            Why is this Key Maker so important to the Merovingian? Well, I do not see anything in any of these, of the three movies of the trilogy that explain why the Key Maker is so important, but the doctrine of Christ explains why the Key Maker is so important, because the Merovingian signifies the Serpent and Leviathan who wants to control all of humanity, and the Key Maker has the keys to free humanity from the captivity of the Serpent and Leviathan. It is to the Merovingian's advantage to keep the Key Maker in jail. This is, the Key Maker is very important.


            I want to tell you the first time I saw this movie, I sat there and I said, "What is this with this Key Maker, that people are fighting over him and getting killed over him, and he is just a silly man sitting in a room all filled with keys?" Because I watched the movie two or three times in preparation for this commentary, the Lord revealed to me who the Key Maker was. He is, in Matrix Reloaded he was a very weak mild character that had to be defended by the warriors, and this is the condition that Abel is in before Christ is grafted to him, and Adam regenerates in him.


            We see that the Merovingian is telling the three heroes, you cannot take the Key Maker from me without there being a consequence, and the consequence is that Neo is trapped in never, never land, sometimes called elsewhere. Do you know that TV program called St. Elsewhere? Did you ever see that TV program? When I first saw that TV program, St. Elsewhere, I do not know if that is the name of the program, but it was about a hospital, and the name of the hospital was St. Elsewhere, and there were a lot of spiritual principles, in that TV series.


            When I first watched it I said, "What a crazy name for a hospital" until I found out that Elsewhere is the name that quantum mechanics uses to describe that area which you have to travel faster than the speed of light to get to, and nobody can travel faster than the speed of light, so it was talking about a hospital in a spiritual realm. Did you follow what I just said? You did not follow what I just said? There was a TV program, I may have the name of the TV program wrong, but in the TV program it was about life in this hospital called St. Elsewhere. In this country we have hospitals named after Catholic saints, St. Jude's is a famous hospital, this hospital was called St. Elsewhere.


            I watched the program once or twice and it had spiritual principles in it, but for the life of me I could not figure out why they would name a hospital St. Elsewhere, and now I know, that according to quantum mechanics, elsewhere signifies that area that can only be accessed if you travel faster than the speed of light, which nobody can do. In this movie in the Matrix, they are not calling it elsewhere, they are calling it nowhere, but that is the significance, this area which nobody can get to, and if you get there, you are trapped, nobody can get out, that is the significance here.


            The Merovingian is saying to the three heroes, you cannot get Neo back because the Oracle used you, she did not tell you the whole story, but she used you to go release the Key Maker and now I am in danger of the whole of humanity being regenerated into Adam. There is no way that I am letting Neo out because even though you have the Key Maker, humanity still cannot be born again, or Adam cannot be regenerated in all of humanity until Neo completes his mission. Neo's is trapped in Elsewhere, Neo is trapped in Nowhere because he is second best to having the Key Maker, as far as the Merovingian is concerned, as far as Satan and Leviathan are concerned, they want to keep humanity captive. If you could not keep Abel captive, called the Key Maker in the Matrix, well then he will capture Messiah, he is going to stop this liberation of humanity at what ever point he has to stop it. That is what he is saying to them. We should send this commentary to the writers of the book. We really should (chuckles).


            Also I will tell you this, right now the screen is frozen, you see the woman, I guess it is the wife of the Merovingian in Matrix Reloaded, we are told that she is his wife, I remind you that she signifies the female Adam which the church world called Eve. Actually that word Eve is not in the Scripture, the correct translation is the woman, but the woman that was seduced by the Serpent is the female aspect of Adam. Initially as the creation began to come forth which was before time began, there was a male and a female aspect of Adam, and it was the female aspect of Adam that was seduced by the Serpent and fell.


            You will see as the fight starts that the Merovingian's wife gets very emotional and she starts breathing deeply see, signifying her emotionalism and this is how she became the wife or came under the power of Merovingian because of her emotionalism. Any questions or comments? Okay. The Merovingian is asking the three heroes, Do you know how this happened to Neo? How did he get into this condition? Morpheus says, "No we do not know." In other words, I do not want to be bothered with this, but the Merovingian is tormenting them, he is talking down to them.


            You see, the Merovingian is a very old program, and he knows exactly what the Oracle is up to. He knows the whole truth about salvation and what is needed to rent the human race from his power, and he is knocking these silly humans that are coming to release the Messiah. It is just like Satan and Leviathan laughing at the Church. I mean we are so naive compared to the Serpent and the Serpent's crowd, you know. The Scripture clearly says that the children of darkness are wiser than the children of light. This is a wise Serpent laughing at these silly Christians, they typify, I am relating this movie to the Scripture, the movie is not about Christians, but this is the powers and principalities, that even the workers of witchcraft, the sophisticated spiritually sophisticated laugh at Christians, because most of them are very naive, and not very knowledgeable.


            I do not even know how to measure myself, I know according to the Church world, I have more spiritual knowledge than the Church world, but I do not know how I stand up against the type of spiritual people that are signified by the Merovingian. I would not, I do not want to be tested unless the Lord sends me up against them, I do not know where I stand. He is a very spiritually wise man, laughing at the three heroes, saying, "How did Neo get in this position, you know, how did this happen to him?" They are saying, "We do not know." The Merovingian is taunting them. Any questions or comments? Okay.


            The Merovingian is ready to negotiate, he will release Neo, if the heroes can provide the eyes of the Oracle, he wants the powers of the Oracle, that is what he wants. In accordance to what I said earlier, that Merovingian is willing to, is stopping the liberation of the human race, at the point of Neo the savior. He could not stop the liberation at the point of Abel, he lost Abel, he lost the Key Maker, so now he is stopping the liberation of the human race by capturing the savior, Neo. He says now he is willing to exchange the savior, for the spiritual power of the Oracle who signifies Jehovah.


            The significance here as I see it is this, that as the script goes, and I am relating it spiritually, and I am relating it to the Scripture, I see here this error in the Church, and this anti-Christ spirit, that says that Jehovah is higher than the Savior. See when Jesus in the days of Jesus' flesh, Jehovah was higher than the Savior in the flesh, but when Jesus was glorified, his name became higher than every other name, including the name of Jehovah. The glorified Jesus Christ is Jehovah raised to a higher power, but according, if we are following the Script of the movie, the Merovingian is saying, you can have your savior if you give me the powers of Jehovah, because Jehovah is higher than the Messiah.


            It is an error in the church, and it is also an anti-Christ spirit that we see in the Jehovah's witnesses for example, that says, "Jehovah and his Messiah" putting the glorified Jesus Christ underneath Jehovah, that is the spirit here. The Merovingian is saying, you can have the Messiah, if I can have the powers of Jehovah, who is higher than the Messiah. Are you following me? Okay. We have a question here about something that happened about ten or fifteen years ago, but we are going to put it on the tape now, here is the question.


            COMMENT: In the beginning of the movie, he is laying on the I guess it was a hospital where he was at, he is laying on one of the beds, Neo, and the next time you see him, he is like unconscious on the train station, my question is, how did he get there, is it in the spirit or how?


            PASTOR VITALE: Well, his body is still lying on the stretcher in the infirmity on the ship, his mind or his soul has transferred to this place called the train station. His soul is separated from his body and that is why he is unconscious in the infirmary, because his soul and his mind has separated from his body. Do understand that according to the Matrix that when these people go into the Matrix, that they leave their body behind and it is their mind and their soul which is their personality that goes into the Matrix, did you understand that?


            The body that they have in the Matrix are computed generated bodies, their physical body is on the ship, and they are plugged in. Do you remember seeing them stick the jack in to the back of the neck? Right, so the body becomes, goes into stasis, becomes like unconscious, and their soul and their mind go into the Matrix. His body and his mind have separated, which that really is a definition of death you know, the Greek word Thanatos, the separation of the mind and the personality from the body is what is known as death, but he is not completely dead because his, it is like a person who is a vegetable.


            We do not really know where people go, people who are in a coma, we do not really know what happens to them, or where they go, but that is the whole principle of the Matrix, so the separation of the body and the mind and personality, and that the mind and the personality should have experiences apart from the location of where the body is, that is the whole principle of the Matrix. Instead of going into the Matrix, he went into the train station. You are asking me, is it traveling in the spirit? I guess there are two different kinds of traveling in the spirit, one kind of traveling in the spirit, you are just the mind and the soul goes, and the other form of traveling is that the whole body goes with you. I guess it is a form of spiritual travel, to answer your question, you know, except that he is not traveling, he is trapped, he traveled and now he is trapped, did I answer your question? Anything else before we go on with the movie?


            We see that Trinity has taken matters into her own hands, and threatened the Merovingian and the Merovingian has decided that Trinity means business, that she is going to kill him and everybody in the room if he does not release the love of her life which is Neo. What is interesting is that the Merovingian keeps his word, you know, the man is a criminal, he is a criminal program, and she takes him at his word, and puts her guns down, and the Merovingian does what he says he is going to do, he is an honorable crook, so I find that very interesting. Let us go on with the movie.


            We see that the three heroes are communicating with the operator on the ship trying to make the connection to get the heroes out of the Matrix and Morpheus says to the operator, well the operator says, "Did you get Neo?" Morpheus says, "Can you not see him, he is sitting right here with us, can you not see him on the radar?" Radar is not the right word, but that is the word I am using, "Can you not see him on your monitor?" The telephone operator says, "No we cannot see him, I see something sitting there, but it does not register as a human being." Neo is mutating, he is becoming the mediator, he is half machine and half man.


            Please note that Neo is going to say now that he cannot leave you know because he is now, this mission to save both humanity and the machine world, the revelation of the mission that he is called to is starting to appear in his mind. It starts as a cloud, it is unclear and he does not know what he is supposed to do, but he is starting to get the revelation that there is really something that he is supposed to do. Now the Oracle has not told him you see, you never tell somebody what you know about their life, it is wrong to tell people what you know about their life, you have to let them find out for themselves unless God specific tells you to go and tell them something in the form of a prophecy, you know.


            Although, Neo was prophesied over, he was told he was the one, and it took him so long to even believe that he was the one, now that he finally believes that he is the one, he is trying to find out what the one is supposed to do, you know. He has to find out by himself, he has to, see somebody could tell you from the outside, but unless the word rises up in your heart, you are not going to have the power to do it. You do not have, there is no power in someone else giving you a word, it is a spiritual call and the authority has to rise up within you. You will see he starting to realize it, he cannot leave, there is just something he has to do, you know. Check out Neo.


            I did not have it exactly right, what I told you was true, but what Neo was feeling in the car, was that he had to see the Oracle, what I told you about Neo sensing that he had a purpose, that is all true, but it was not, I was putting it in the wrong place. As Neo sat in the car, he was thinking that he had to see the Oracle before he left the Matrix. Then we see him entering into the Oracle's home, and she says to him, the Oracle says to him, "Can you recognize me?" Now remember, Morpheus and Trinity could not recognize the Oracle at all, Neo says, "I recognize some things about you." The Oracle says, "Yeah, that is the way it is, some things you take with you and some things you do not."


            We have preached here about permanent atoms, I have told you according to the Doctrine of Christ and I believe this is true of that Hindu and Buddhists reincarnation and I think Kabbalistic reincarnation, they teach pretty much the same thing. As I said, none of them teach that your whole complete personality comes forth in another body. But we take aspects of ourselves, as the soul dissolves, aspects of ourselves that I call spiritual molecules or aspects of ourselves that have been highly developed, cling to the reincarnating part of us.


            For example, if you have spent your whole life pursuing Christ, and He is really a large part of your life, if you are a musician and you have practiced playing you instrument ten hours a day for your whole life, permanent atoms of your relationship with Christ or permanent atoms of your talent of a musician will cling to the reincarnating part of you. You will in your next incarnation, you are very likely to either be a Christian again, or be musician, are you following what I am saying?


            That is what the Oracle is saying. She said to Neo, "Do you recognize me?" He said, "Some of the things I recognize." She said, "Yeah that is the way it is, some qualities goes with you in reincarnation and other qualities do not go with you in reincarnation, that is what she is saying." Also, please note that when you saw the little girl Sati preparing the cookies, preparing the cookie dough with the Oracle, please note that the Oracle said to the child, she said, "Cookies need love, or dough needs love just like everybody else." Now remember that phrase because you are going to hear it again.


            We just heard the conversation between the Oracle and Neo, but it is a very complicated conversation and everybody is I think saturated for the evening. One thing did excite me though, the Oracle is talking about the balancing of the equations, and that has to do with physics and quantum mechanics, and it just excited me very much. She said, the Architect wants to balance the equation, he wants all, and this is what that means, he wants all of the forces, all of the spiritual forces of the Matrix to be unified, no problems, no trouble, he wants the unification of all forces which is the quest of physicists today to find the theory of everything, the theory or the equation that will unify all of the forces of the universe.


            The Oracle says, she is seeking to unbalance the equation because the equation that Architect wants to balance is a machine world where human beings are total slaves, and the Oracle wants a world without war. See in this world that the Architect wants to express through a mathematical equation in that world, there will always be an uprising by humanity, because human beings have that aspect in their personality that you may recall from Matrix Reloaded, that aspect of humanity is called an anomaly, it is a problem in the Matrix. The individuality and the rebellion of mankind and their resistance to being enslaved will always rise up somewhere in the Matrix.


            The Architect is dealing with this problem by utterly repressing, tyrannizing and repressing humanity and destroying Zion, Zion was already destroyed five or six times. The Oracle says, "No, that is not the way to go." She wants to unbalance the equation, she does not want everyone to be completely automated or, she wants people to be individuals, that basically what she is saying, she wants to unbalance the equation that the Architect is trying to balance. We will go on to this more, I will deal with this in more detail in part two, it is just too late and everybody is passing out on me here, so I am just going to say goodnight here. Are there any other questions or comments right now. We will pick this up on part two Lord willing. God bless you.


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