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             MATRIX REVOLUTION Well praise the Lord, we are picking up at the point in Matrix Revolutions where Neo has just gone to see the Oracle, and the Oracle has some very profound things to say to Neo which we will try to pick apart. First of all Neo asked her, "How was I able to separate my mind from my body when I was not jacked into the Matrix?" Let me remind you that this whole concept of being jacked in the Matrix separates the mind of the person from the body, the body remains on the ship or in Zion, and the mind goes into the Matrix, and acquires a computer generated body which is not real in the Matrix. Of course if that computer generated body is killed in the Matrix, the real body which is up on the ship dies also, I guess you all know that, right?


            This is the Oracle's answer to Neo, "The power of The One extends all the way to the source." What she is telling Neo is that, this is what I have said earlier, he has become a hybrid, he is part human. This is what the term "The One" means, "The One" the unity, he is part human and he is part machine, somehow he became part machine when he joined with Smith. Smith became human and machine, and Neo became, well let me say it another way, Smith became machine and human, and Neo became human and machine.


            It is the same principle as me explaining the male and female concept to you, every male has female in him, female attributes in him, female attributes in him, and every female has male attributes in her. If we look at this on a scale of one to ten, the person that has male attributes greater than number five is a male, and the one that has male attributes less than five is a female. All physical men and physical women are mixtures of male and female attributes, but we have one primary attribute, either we are primarily female or we are primarily male. Well Neo and Smith mix together and they both became hybrid, and Smith became the evil one, and Neo became the good one.


            According to the Oracle, they are two parts of the same whole, and as they are trying to, well not Neo, but the evil side is trying to cancel out the good side, so that evil will encompass the whole world, and that world is meaning, the human world, and the machine world. I remind you that Smith which is a program that originally functioned out of and served the machine world is now a rogue program, which means that he is a program or world unto himself. His desire and intention is to swallow up the machine world and swallow up the human race which is Zion, to swallow up Zion, that the whole of existence should be just Smith, he is a program gone crazy.


            This is what the Oracle is explaining to Neo, let me give you the question again. He said, "How can I get into he Matrix without being jacked in?" How did my mind separate from my body without being jacked in? The Oracle is saying, well you are part machine now. Remember the Matrix is a part of the machine world. The Oracle is saying to Neo, you are part machine now, that is how you are able to go into the Matrix without the special mechanism that is necessary for us to get a human into the Matrix. You no longer have to go through that special procedure because you part machine. Any questions on that? That is what she is telling him. Okay.


            Then Neo says, "What happened to me when I felt those machines?" and then Neo defeated those sentinels. Again the Oracle says to him, the power of one extends all the way to the source which is the machine world. Pretty much, well she said in a very mystical way, but what she meant was, that part of you that is now machine was starting function, was starting to vibrate and you felt a rapport with the sentinels, and the power to defeat them with the machine part of yourself arose in you. Everybody okay? Okay.


            Then Neo says, "But Architect told me we were all going to die by midnight the next night." The Oracle knocked the Architect. Now remember the Architect mocked the Oracle. Now the Architect minimized the Oracle by saying, "Oh her, you know, do not call her an Oracle, she is just an intuitive program, do not give her more power than what she is." Now we are talking to the Oracle and she is saying about the Architect, "Oh that man, he cannot understand choice, he cannot comprehend choice, the only thing he knows is to balance the equation." What I see here is the difference between being under the law, and being able to flow and make changes and make choices as the circumstances require them.


            The Architect represents the rigidity of the law, the person that is unable to change and go with the flow, they just want everything to be their way. If you look at it from one point of view, it is a selfishness, but if you look at it from another point of view, the person that is rigid to this degree, you need to hear this, the person that is rigid to this degree goes out, unconsciously or subconsciously or otherwise, can make every other person in their life just like them, so that there should be no conflict, that there should be no ups and downs. If you have two people for example, and the two people are different from one another, then you have to more less compromise and find a way to get along with that person, and that is very difficult. The person that is represented by the Architect, the rigid person just goes out and tries to make everybody like them, that is the easiest way to go, everybody should be like me, and then there is no more conflict, there is no more trouble.


            In the terms of the Matrix, there are no more anomalies, the equation is balanced, the Architect is on one side of the equation, and the person that he making just like him is on the other side of the equation, and they equal each other, so there is no conflict, that is you. The Oracle is talking about the Architect, and this is what she is saying about him, he represents the law, well that is what I am saying, that he represents the law, that he wants everybody to be like him. He cannot deal with someone being different than him, he cannot deal with an anomaly, the person on the other side of him has to exactly like him or he cannot function.


            Another way to say this is that he cannot deal or does not want any creativity at all. See when we let people be themselves, it is a constant give and take, constant give and take, and a struggle and trying, and sacrifice, and he does not want any part of that, he just wants everybody to be like him, he is completely the opposite of choice, which is free will, another way of saying free will. Praise the Lord. Neo says to the Oracle, "Well if the Architect wants to balance the equation, what do you want?" She says, "I want to unbalance the equation."


            What she is saying is, I want everybody to have choice, I do not want it to be exactly the same on both sides of the equation, I want people and every person, I guess including the machines too, to have free choice, which means this constant upheaval and this constant lack of balance, because when you negotiate, when you acknowledge the person's, that the other person will have a different opinion than you, it is a constant sacrifice, because you are never equal. You know even when you look at married people, they are never equal, nobody is ever getting exactly what they want, they are always having to compromise and give up this, one day you give up, one day the husband gives up, the next day the wife gives up, they are always having to compromise to get by.


            This is what the Oracle is saying, I want that imbalance, I want that continuous struggle because you see, from the Architect's point of view, when you make everybody else just like yourself, there is no more struggle, there is peace but you have broken the heart and the spirit of the other person on the other side of the equation. The Oracle is saying, no, I want continuous upheaval and conflict and change because that is healthy and that is the way people prosper. Everybody understand what I am saying? Okay. Then Neo says to the Oracle, "Is the war going to end?" The Oracle says, "Yes, it will end one way or another." What does that mean? It will end one way or another, either the equation is going to be balanced and everybody will be the same with no room for creativity at all, or the equation will remain unbalanced and free choice and creativity will reign in both the human world, both Zion and in the machine world, but it is going to end, the conflict is going to end one way or another.


            We see what is going on in this country right now, the conflict is going to end one way or another. We are fighting for the soul of this nation, and again you cannot stay in this state of warfare indefinitely, and I believe Jesus Christ will come in and give us the victory. Praise God. A lot of people are saying the signs in this country are just like the signs that existed in Germany before Hitler took over, but I do not think there was a Christian community that fought like we are fighting in this country, I do not think so. Is the war going to end? Yes, one way or another.


            Then Neo asked, "Will Zion be saved?" The Oracle says, "Neo, if you cannot find the answer," that it is up to you Neo to save Zion, what a burden right? She said, ''If you cannot find the answer, Smith will take over both worlds." There will be death and destruction everywhere, and both worlds, the machine world and Zion will be absorbed into Smith's mind, and of course in the movie, everybody even looks the same, and you are completely under the mind control of Smith, and the equation will be balanced, everyone will be the same. Then the Oracle says, "Everything that has a beginning has an end" and she is referring to Smith and Neo.


            You see, when the two of them fought, when Smith and Neo fought, and the two of them became hybrids, a new creature emerged, so everything that has a beginning has an end, the question is how is it going to end? Is good going to win, or is evil going to win? The conflict, you know, this division, the separation of Neo and Smith has to end, only one of them can survive. Only Smith can survive or Neo can survive, they both cannot survive.


            That is what I teach you all the time about this condition of having a Christ mind and a carnal mind, it a perversion, they cannot continue, they cannot, one must prevail. Either Christ is going to rise up and destroy the carnal mind or the carnal mind is going to destroy Christ. We know that Christ is not going to be destroyed overall, but it can happen in an individual, that Christ can be destroyed. We are a perversion you see, if we have two minds, James talks about the double-minded man, that is a perversion, we cannot stay this way, you literally have two heads. Praise the Lord.


            The Oracle, we are hearing the wisdom of the Oracle now, the Oracle will not stop, oh she is saying, Smith will not stop until there is nothing left. Smith is Neo's negative, the alter ego, and Smith is the Matrix's way of trying to balance the equation. In other words, as one appeared, this powerful messenger of goodness and evil rose up. Jesus talked about that principle. He said He planted the good seed and the next day they looked and tares were appearing. In the world of good and evil, the equation seeks to be balanced, the same on both sides, Cain has good on one side and evil on the other side, both have to be the same. The question is, will both sides of the equation be good or will both sides of the equation be evil? Evil is always stronger than good, our hope is that the glorified Jesus Christ will join to the goodness of this world, which is Christ in you, and overthrow Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind and Leviathan.


            That is the principle that we are talking with here, Smith is Neo's negative, except in the movie, they are two physically separate entities. In our case it is a spiritual condition where there are two spiritual men inside of us, the old man and the new man, and only one can survive, one must die so that the other can live, everybody okay, any questions or comments? Alright, we will go on with the movie.


            Several comments, first of all, someone had asked me, "Why the emphasis on the Oracle liking candy?" I think the reason for that is, to pinpoint her identity, because of the first part of the movie, or I think maybe it is the previous movie in Matrix Reloaded, the Oracle is one actress, and in Revolutions she is another actress, but they both like candy, so that is pinpointing who she is, that she still likes candy. Next we have the little Indian girl that is baking cookies with the Oracle saying, she would like to come back tomorrow. Did you hear the Oracle say that she is going to miss it, she is going to miss something, did you hear that? Well that is a clue, she knows that she is about to be absorbed by Smith, the Oracle knows that Smith is stronger than she is and she is about to be absorbed by Smith.


            The little girl is leaving, and the little girl says, "Can I come back tomorrow? I would like to come back tomorrow." The Oracle says, "Well I would like that too, I hope so." The Oracle knows however that Smith is looking for the little girl to absorb her. Smith is absorbing machines and absorbing humans, absorbing programs, he is taking over both worlds, that is what is happening here. I have not quite figured out yet who the little girl represents. The movie tells us that she has no purpose and that all programs that have no purpose must be deleted. Why she has no purpose I am not sure, I have not, if I get that revelation by the end of the movie, I will put it on the tape. Are there any questions or comments?


            We are about to see Smith coming now to absorb the little girl, and the movie does not really say whether or not he absorbs Seraph, but I think that He does. After that we will see Smith coming to absorb the Oracle, and that is sort of profound when that happens, so I will comment when we get to that part of the movie. We see Seraph taking the little Indian girl, or trying to take her into an elevator and when the elevator does not work, they turn around and they see that hallway. If you recall my explanation of that hallway which Neo says it is like death, and when Neo is in that hallway he cannot be picked up by the monitor in the Nebuchadnezzar, the ship which is a part of Zion, that, that hallway is the collective unconscious part of the mind of man. All of those doorways along that hallway are the back door entranceway into people's psyches and each person, each human being is a kingdom, each human being is a timeline.


            I explained all of this in a previous tape, I do not know whether it was Revolutions or in Reloaded, but I have explained this before that, that hallway is a back door entrance into the mind and the life of human beings. Seraph is trying to take this little Indian girl out of the Matrix, I do not know exactly what the plan was, but we see that they are together in this hallway, and then suddenly this blackness comes and blocks off every door in the hallway. What has happened is that Smith has blocked every way of escape, Smith has blocked off every doorway to another life for this little girl, and now he is going to accost and absorb the little girl, and her name is Sati and Seraph the one who protects the Oracle, Seraph is the one who protects the Oracle. Seraph is absorbed first, and then Sati is absorbed.


            We are back on the ship that belongs to Zion right now, and the man which was the second survivor of the ship that was destroyed, remember there were two survivors. One was Neo, and the other is this, just a member of Zion, and what he is, is that he is Smith in another form, because when you go into Smith's world, all of the beings look like Smith, but Smith incarnated into the world of Zion, so he looks like a human, but you will hear the way he talks, he talks just like Smith. This is a great mystery, that in his soul, if he has a soul, he is a machine, and in his personality and in his mind, he is Smith, but his exterior appearance is that of a man of Zion.


            This is the exact problem that the sons of God are up against, to recognize the true human being underneath the physical persona that we have, that is a real challenge to look into the heart of the person and know who you are talking to, despite what they look like and what they see, it is a big challenge. Did you hear that? The Oracle asks Smith, "What did you do with Sati?" That is the name of the little girl, and Smith is there with all of his counterparts, the Smith counterpart that is next to him answers the Oracle and says, "Cookies need love just like people do." That is what the Oracle told Sati, the last time she saw her. That counterpart of Smith is the little girl Sati, she was absorbed into the Smith tribe.


            Now watch what is going to happen now because Smith is going to absorb the Oracle and there is going to be a lot of visual effects, what is happening as Smith moves to absorb the Oracle, there is a battle going on whether Smith will become a part of the Oracle, or the Oracle will become a part of Smith. That is what is happening, and the Oracle loses, she is absorbed by Smith, do you understand what I just said? Watch this now, it is really exciting.


            Now remember the man that Smith has incarnated in the one who was responsible for blowing up the ship that is now being interrogated by the captain, this man was a legitimate member of Zion. You may recall that he was in the Matrix, and before he could leave the Matrix, Smith absorbed him and took his form and then went up into the Matrix. This man is sitting there, and he is saying, "Why would I cut myself, why would I give myself, self inflicted wounds, unless I am not me, and if I am not me, who am I?"


            here has been a lot of action in the last five or ten minutes, Neo is blinded and Smith thinks that Neo has completely lost because he is blind, but Neo is seeing in the spirit, he is not seeing with his natural eyes, he is seeing with spiritual eyes, so he can fight Smith and defeat him, at least this manifestation of Smith is defeated because Neo is seeing in the spirit when his natural eyes fail. We see Trinity trying to comfort Neo and he is wounded, his eyes are all seared.


            The comment that I would like to make is something that the Lord taught me quite a few years ago, that the battle would be fierce. The fact that you are the representative of God, that we are the sons of God, does not mean that the battle will not be fierce, on the contrary, simply because we are the sons of God and we are in the midst of or in the process of overthrowing the powers of this world, and the battle will be fierce on many occasions, it will look like we are defeated, but we must know in our minds that we cannot be defeated, that no weapon formed against us will prosper.


            With all of the difficulties that we are having in this country at this time with president Bush and the war in Iraq, one thing that is really encouraging me that the conservative talk show hosts are doing, is they are bringing up a lot of news articles that took place during World War II. I had no idea how much opposition there was to World War II, did you know that? There was a tremendous opposition, with all of these liberal press, it was not all that different than it is now, and that is really encouraging, you know.


            On with the movie, Neo and Trinity are flying their ship into machine city. What you are looking at now indicates the, almost hysterical response of the inhabitants of machine city, that a human is actually coming in. Neo has been warned that he would not even survive going into machine city, but we will see that the leader, the leader machine or the head machine agrees to hear him. Neo says, "I just want you to hear what I have to say and then if you want to kill me, you can kill me." Of course what Neo is suggesting is that the machine world, that the leaders of machine city, permit Neo to jack into the program called Smith. Neo separates his mind from his body, just when his mind would go into the Matrix, and now his mind is going in to the program Smith who has expanded in to probably millions of counterparts.


            The plan is that when Smith absorbs him, do you remember how the Oracle tried to, how it was a conflict when the Oracle, when Smith tried to absorb the Oracle, it was a big conflict? Smith did not know whether that vessel would, whether the Oracle would overtake the Smith aspect, or the Smith aspect overtake the Oracle, and Smith overtook the Oracle. Well now Neo is going into Smith city, and he is going to take over all, he is going to become like the glorified Jesus Christ, and take over all of the manifestations of Smith. Just before that happens, you are going to hear Smith saying things that the Oracle said, in other words, the Oracle's consciousness survives inside of Smith, and somehow the Oracle's consciousness links up with Neo and the two of them together inside of the Smith, blow Smith apart, and the world returned to a world of choice instead of a world of tyranny.


            Of course there is something to that, the glorified Jesus Christ is linking up with the Christ in the individual to overthrow the carnal mind. Of course the spiritual, our spiritual new man Christ is blowing apart the old man and our image which is in the old man, even these physical bodies will be destroyed when Christ fully takes us over you know. The only reason that Neo's ship even made it into machine city is that he had the power to ward off all of the machines that were attacking him, because he was half machine. Now he is going into machine city, and he sees machine city and it is all light, he even says to Trinity before she dies, "I wish you could see what I see, it is all light it is just beautiful." Of course it is counterfeiting Jesus who is the light of the world.


            We see that Neo has entered into machine city, well after he entered into machine city, the machine city gave him whatever authority he needed to jack into Smith city, because actually this is the Matrix, Smith took over the Matrix, and is now Smith city. You see that all of the inhabitants of what was the Matrix, which is now Smith city, they all look like Smith. All of these hundreds of thousands of millions of counterparts, whatever they may be, are all standing on the side and they are watching Neo and Smith face off.


            Brethren this is what is happening in this world, in the spiritual plane Christ Jesus is facing off against Leviathan, and all of the human beings that are manifestations of Christ are watching him, all of the human beings that are manifestations of Leviathan are watching. This tremendous battle of the ages that is happening in our world right now, is manifesting in the conflict of America because, America, because it is a democracy, it is the nation that the Lord raised up to be the vehicle through which Christ Jesus would come forth as the ruler of the world. The face off is happening right here in this country right now, but you see a bunch of men on one side, and a bunch of men on the other side, but the truth is, Christ Jesus is facing off with Leviathan and the battle is fierce.


            This is exactly what we are going to see in the Matrix, with all of the humans in Zion, are realizing that Neo is fighting for them because the machines that were attacking Zion got very quiet. We see all the humans in Zion and all of the counterparts of Smith, everybody is watching as these two spiritual men duke it out. Kabbalah teaches that, that the conflicts in the world will be fought or the battle for the world will be fought in one man, and that is the concept of Messiah, that Messiah will overcome the negativity of this world, and thereby empower all of the people to follow after him.


            Now Kabbalah does not have it exactly right because they do not understand about Christ, but that is the principle, that the battle will be fought in the mind of one man, or in a company of men. We are fighting for the whole world. The sons of God, the people in whom Christ is coming forth, are fighting for the world, they are fighting in the spirit. We have people in this country and in this world that are fighting this wicked liberalism which is really fascism, there are many people involved, but there is just two spiritual men, actually there is one spiritual man, and a spiritual woman, duking it out. Praise the Lord.


            COMMENT: Why is it raining during this whole battle?


            PASTOR VITALE: I believe it is raining and there is also thundering and lightning, it is a big storm, is that this is showing, I think the spiritual reality that when there is a tremendous spiritual battle in the spiritual planes, it manifests as violent weather, such as we are seeing in the earth right now, rain storms, thunder and lightning storms, tornadoes, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, the whole earth is a rocking and rolling. That is the outward physical manifestation of the tremendous spiritual battle that is happening in the heavenlies, I have been preaching that for years. That is why it is raining and storming like that. Yeah, the battle is stirring up all of the powers of nature.


            I just received the answer from the Lord as to why Sati had to be destroyed, the little Indian girl that had no purpose, I was wondering who she signified? I believe she signifies all of the people in our world who we are told have no purpose, of course this is not true. For example, retarded people, people that are crippled, but the one thing that these people can give, aside from the labor that they can do, is that they can give their love, and that little girl, she had a lot of love, she told Neo, I am so glad that you got out of the train station.


            This is a personal lesson that I have learned from a down syndrome, I should not say child, I do not know whether to call her a child or a woman in this ministry, that the amount of love that comes out of her is immeasurable and it is not true, everything that breathes has a purpose, just because it is breathing, it is a contribution to the world and especially when it is a loving person, and at least that, every person has a capacity to love. It is not true that anything has no purpose, if we just look for it, everyone has a purpose. Praise the Lord.


            We now see Smith ascended in a fit of rage screaming this is my world, that is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, screaming this is my world. Again I point out to you, how absolutely beaten the savior is, and you will see that at the very end, Smith does absorb Neo, but after he is absorbed, he explodes Smith from the inside out. You know, no matter what things look like, Jesus is going to prevail in every aspect of our life and of our national life, and over the whole world. The Oracle is now speaking through Smith, everything that has a beginning has an end, now it either has to end that Smith absorbs the two worlds and the Matrix, and the city of Smith is the only thing that exists, or Neo wins and a community, a society of people that have choice survive.


            Of course in Christ we know it is not true that everything that has a beginning has an end because we know that there is an age without an end, and that Christ will win, that we will have an age without end. Right now, we see the Oracle manifesting, she is rising up in her consciousness within Smith, and that is strengthening Neo, and communicating with Neo. Let us see what happens. So we see that Smith, first of all he becomes frightened of Neo, he gets a premonition that things are not going exactly the way he thought they were, and he even asked Neo, "Is it over?" Neo says, "Yes it is" and Neo submits to Smith absorbing him. Indeed Neo turns into his external image, becomes one of the smith counterparts, but then you see Neo in machine city being strengthened by the machine world. The physical image that is now covering Neo, the Smith image that is now covering Neo blows apart because Neo has become a spiritual being. He has become a glorified man you might say, and he blows the image apart.


            Did I make that clear, that the physical Neo, the image of the physical Neo turns into an image of Smith and now the glory inside of that image of Smith which is really Neo, blew apart. You see, not only was the physical appearance of Neo supposed to change, but his whole consciousness and his mind and his nature was supposed to change. We see that Neo's exterior changed into that of Smith, when inside his mind and his spirit, he not only remained Neo, he then joined with the machine world and now has become a super being. He exploded the image of Smith that covered him, and now the glorified Neo is going to enter into all of the manifestations and counterparts of Smith and blow them apart and liberate them and turn them back into a variety of human beings that existed before Smith took them over.


            I did not tell you that Smith also blows apart, first the casing that covers the spiritual Neo blows apart, and now Smith himself blows apart and then all of the counterparts of Smith blow apart. We now see this young man running through Zion saying, "He did it, he did it, Neo did it." I remember being in a Pentecostal service with the preacher saying, "He did it, He did it, He rose from the dead, He did it, He did it!" The only problem is that there are two comings and that Jesus came a second time, but right now we are waiting for His appearing and until He appears, the fullness of the victory is not manifested. It is true Jesus rose from the dead but there is still war and destruction and disaster in the world. This is the major reason that the Jews reject Jesus as Messiah. All of the death and destruction that is still in the world, we see that this story definitely parallels the Scriptural message.


            COMMENT: When Neo became all light, everything in him became light, I was thinking of the transfiguration.


            PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is an excellent point, also one last point, did you notice the black cat walking along and then the machines that looked rats running towards it? They became one, the cat, the mammalian cat and the machine rat became one, the lion laid down with the lamb, (chuckles). That is the only answer to peace that we should all become hybrids, according to the Matrix, and I guess we are becoming spiritual hybrids, man merged with God, praise the Lord, God bless you all, goodnight.

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