580 - Part 1

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I am just going to make some comments, I am going to just read some very isolated statements from this work as a jumping off point for me to respond to. So we are told basically the issue of free will arises and this is very interesting, you know, so often I read things in Kabbalah that initially make no sense to me and then when I pray about it, the Lord shows me that I preach the same thing I just express it a different way. So I remind everybody once again that if something that I am saying is shocking to you or you are convinced that it is wrong, if you want to get the most out of this teaching, if you want to know the truth, it is in your best interest to say to the Lord, that sounds crazy to me but if it is true I would like to believe it, please help me to understand the truth.


Okay, so I am looking at this work that I have here, and initially what I have underlined is, how do I get started with this, okay, in the Zohar, we are told that it says, every righteous person shall be a governor of 310 worlds. I have no revelation on that number, 310 worlds at all, so it is here so I mentioned it to you because sometimes when I address things that I do not understand, the Lord may give me the answer before the message is over, that is why I am putting on this message that I do not know the answer to it. Basically let me say this, according to this writing, the Hebrew Sages were, you know, in the Kabbalistic literature there are diverse opinions, there are diverse opinions in the church about many things, but everyone as far as I know that is in the church considers every other opinion wrong, in other words, to the best of my knowledge it is not acceptable in the church to have a variety of understanding of the Scripture, and for that to be acceptable, okay, to all of the teachers bringing forth the doctrine. In Kabbalah this is acceptable, it is acceptable to say, such and such a Rabbi believes this and such and such a Rabbi believes that and that is okay, and we considering everything that everyone says as long as we respect them as a Rabbi, based on all of my readings, I have not yet found anyone, any respected writer in Jewish circles that is not a Rabbi, I have not found that yet, it might be out there, but I have not found it yet. So apparently it is the Rabbis that pray and meditate and bring forth all of this doctrine and as long as you are a respected Sage, okay, whatever you think is on the board, is on the table and no one is knocking it, someone may disagree with you and I guess basically the students or the disciples can make up their own mind.


Basically what happens in Kabbalistic studies, you will find a Rabbi with a following sort of like we have in this ministry, but what we have in this ministry is very unusual in the church, okay, there are groups of disciples that follow me that believe my teachings and something that I teach, if they cannot agree with it, they are praying about it and they have a confidence in me that I am of God, this is rare in the church because it is rare to find teachers in the church bringing forth original revelation, but it is common in Kabbalistic circles that a Rabbi who is a teacher okay, and every pastor is supposed to be a teacher okay, if you are a true pastor you are also a teacher, there are teaching Rabbis that get revelation that have disciples following after them. So you see this principle of teacher and group of disciples very, very common in Jewish circles, not yet common in Christian circles, because in my opinion Christianity has not yet matured to that place but it will, and we may be the first ministry of that type, or there may have been others that I do not know about. I am going to drop it at that, if there were others that is fine, but it is not common, because there is no other group like us where it is a teacher, a teaching pastor and a group of disciples where the teacher is preaching by revelation, I do not know any other group like this, so if they are out there, they are few and far between.


In Kabbalistic circles it is acceptable. So there are Rabbis who teach that there are an infinite number of worlds which are spiritual worlds, but there are also physical worlds the planets that are inhabited, some of them by advanced civilizations with advanced technology, but, okay, they do not, these civilizations that exist on other planets, do not have free will. According to the Kabbalistic idiom, they do not have free will, and the definition the Kabbalistic definition of free will is, that you do not have access to the Torah, which we call the Scriptures, or you do not have access to Jehovah God. And when I first read that, I said to myself, I do not know you know, aside from the fact that I know that Christians have access to Jehovah God who is now appearing to us as Jesus Christ, aside from the fact that I know that, my first reaction was, well, is that not a very exclusive attitude? And then I said, well is that not what the church says, you know you need to know Jesus to be saved, but then again I thought it over and I said, No, because the church believes that you need Jesus to be saved, but they want the whole world to come and know Jesus, okay. My understanding of the Kabbalistic view is, that although it is possible to convert to Judaism, the Jew is not out to convert the world, okay, the basic mentality is the law and all of this information and access to Jehovah has been given to the Jew primarily okay, and the Jew is to be the teacher of the world. Now if you are a Gentile and you want to become a Jew, you can, but you never attain to the full status of the Jew. I do not know the details of this, but I know it is true, the Gentiles that are accepted by the Rabbis and come under the teaching of the Rabbis, and you have to come under the teaching of the Rabbis, and you have to give up all other gods including Jesus Christ, you are called Beni Noah, meaning the offspring of Noah that are acceptable to God, because you come under the cover of the Jewish headship, and there are certain aspects or there are certain benefits of serving Jehovah that you are entitled to, but you never come to the same place that the Jew is at. So it is not the same thing, what we hear in the Christian church saying, you have to come to Jesus to be saved, but all are welcome and whoever you are, if you come and you accept Jesus you by faith come into the same right standing with everybody else.


So when I first read this that free will means access to Jehovah, at first it offended me because I felt that it was saying and I guess that is what it is saying, that only the Jew and those who come under the authority of the Jewish cover can have access to Jehovah, but only a limited access, but as I pursued it, and you know this concept of free will, free will is, well let me stop right here, because it is the same thing that I was just preaching in this meeting recently, no one has free will, I found out that it is correct, no one has free will, because this is the Serpent's world, and the Serpent is ruling through all of us, some to a more destructive degree than others, but the Serpent is ruling through all of us, so the only time that we truly have free will is when Christ comes into our life and joins to Abel in us and Abel is the root of the righteousness of God that is dead in the average human being, Christ comes in and joins to that root of Abel and now we have a choice, now we have a choice between following after the Serpent who is manifesting as Satan and Leviathan today, or following after the process of Jesus Christ.


But if you do not have Christ grafted to you, if you do not have the power of God in your life, I guess He does not have to grafted to you, you have to have the Holy Spirit, you have to have the beginning of the power of God in your life for you to have free choice, otherwise there is no choice, see. So I found that, the Lord showed me that I preach the same thing, that I read in this Kabbalistic work here that the definition of free choice is access to Jehovah, only we know that Jehovah is appearing to us today as the Lord Jesus Christ. So this is where the Rabbis are coming from, they say that there are actual physical worlds and actual physical populations, they may be humanoid, they may not be humanoid, but they are intelligent and they are advanced technical societies but they do not free choice, they do not have access to Jehovah, and that, it did not, I guess the spirit in me did not witness to it. Now I know that human beings, if you want, have the opportunity to convert to Judaism, see. And a long time ago, the thought occurred to me, how could you have converts to Judaism if being a Jew is a physical event, you know if you are born of the nation of Judah, if you are physical descendant of Abraham, and now we know in Jesus Christ, through that seed, okay we are grafted to that tree, but where does the Rabbinical authority come from, what is their mentality, what is their thinking when they are saying, Yes, you can convert and you can become a Jew, when as far as I know the Jews believe that being a Jew is your national state, it is your genetic heritage. And today I understand that, it may not be widely broadcast but it is understood in the Rabbinical atmosphere it is understood that to be a Jew is a spiritual thing, and in fact today, let me say this first, it is a spiritual thing and what makes you a Jew, in other words Paul said it, but I was surprised that the Jews had the revelation, what makes you a Jew is the spirit that lives through you, see. So therefore if you convert to Judaism you now receive permission to study and hopefully that spirit will bond to you as well as to the Jew. So that knowledge is available in Jewish circles although they are not evangelizing the whole world, the knowledge is available. So we see this issue of free will being defined as access to Jehovah see, and even though I preach the same thing as I just explained to you, I was surprised to hear it defined that way, free will is access to the one and only true living God. If you do not have access to Him, you have no free will, according to the Kabbalists you are 100% under the influence of Leviathan and Satan and I agree with that.


Okay, now in so far as agreeing with the Kabbalists that these other worlds exist and that there are other worlds that are inhabited but these beings do not have free will, do not have access to Jehovah, I do not know if the writer of this work, because I have no access to the writer would say, Yes these beings on other planets can come under the Levitical cover and be converted, I do not know, okay. But I will tell you right up front that I believe that the Lord has told me that this is not correct, that there are not, and I have always felt this in my heart, that there are not societies, that we will never find life on other planets, everything that God is doing, He is doing right here on the planet earth, this has been my opinion for a long time, but I did not have anything to back it up with, and I did not have any answer to the question of, Well if God is only working on this planet earth which is a planet okay, which orbits the sun, our sun which is a star, which is only one start of millions or billions of starts in the galaxy that we live in, and that there are millions and billions of galaxies in the universe, how can we be the only planet that God is working on? And the reverse manifestation of pride would say, is that not a manifestation of pride? And that is what our liberal society is saying, because for years the church largely the Catholic church who had a great deal of collective interest, the Protestant church is not organized to the degree that the Catholic church is, so the Catholic church had a lot of influence saying that the world was square, and the Catholic church was influencing a scientific opinion, based on the carnal understanding of the Scripture. So of recent years, now that scientists have broken away from the restrictions of the church and all of this research is going on, we find scientists and more liberal people saying, how prideful to think that we are the center of the universe, you know. But of course Kabbalah teaches that we are the center of the universe, okay, we as a human being, the earth of humanity is the center of the universe in that we are the point of which spiritual life dwells within, and the physical life dwells without, we are that fulcrum, we are that point where everything outside of us becomes the physical world, it is a physical world and everything that spiritual is inside of us. We are the point, we are the mediator, where we are both spirit and flesh, everything inside of us is spirit, everything outside of us is flesh or of the earth, so we are the center of the earth, if you look at it spiritually, but if you look at it physically, we are not anywhere near the center of the universe, we are not the center of the physical universe, and there is billions and trillions of stars and galaxies, how could we be so proud as to think that this is the only place that God would bring forth life, you know. And today as we have questioned for many years, the Lord has given me the, you were looking at me so I am going to give you the answer up front, and then we will try to develop this, this is what the Lord told me.


In accordance with the doctrine of Christ as we have already brought it forth here, the Serpent seduced the female aspect of Adam called the woman, now remember that before time began, as the Lord began to, as the Ayn Sof, God okay initiated this creation, and brought forth the creator who is Adam Kadmon, this was before time began, Adam Kadmon was a superior and is a superior spiritual being that is male and female within himself, and the type of that is the plant, the plant is both male and female, God is not animal, Adam Kadmon is not an animal, he is a superior spiritual being in the image of the Ayn Sof, okay, and he is, was and is male and female. So Adam Kadmon brought forth within himself, he developed within himself both male and female elements that were intended to mate and bring forth a visible world. Now that is just a review, does anybody not understand that? Okay. It was the female Adam, both Adams were in the garden, if you read Genesis, I believe Genesis 2, you will see that God put Adam in the garden twice, he put in the female aspect of Adam and he put in the male aspect of Adam in the garden, okay. And He said to Adam, Now guard the garden, make sure that your virginity is not violated, make sure that you guard your ability to procreate, that you guard your ability to bring forth an offspring, make sure that the man that you cohabit with is the male Adam and not anyone else, because there is a Serpent out there that would like to be a man, of course the Serpent is female, that was what Jehovah meant when he said to the female Adam, guard your garden, every human female has a garden within us, our ovaries are a garden, we have the potential to bring forth life in that garden okay. So as we all know the Serpent seduced the female aspect of Adam and what is not commonly known is that the female aspect of Adam called the woman, the Scripture really just says the woman, okay, it is common in the church to say Eve, but the Scripture really just says the woman, she brought forth the Serpent's child, the humanity as it exists today is the offspring of the female aspect of Adam and the Serpent. That is the reason that the Lord does not wipe us out, we are a bastard child, but we have, we are formed from the substance of God, from the female Adam which is the substance of God, that is why He does not wipe us out, see.


The Serpent who cohabited with the female Adam at the time that the creation was still in its infinite point, has been trying to bring forth a living child ever since. Now let me expound on that, just to remind you, I know we have had these teachings here but I know it is a little difficult, the creation as we know it, began from an infinite point, we are the product, the universe as we see it today, is the product or the outgrowth of what is called an infinite point. What does infinite mean in this context? Infinite means unmeasurable, the point was so small that it was unmeasurable, and within that point was all, was everything that, all of the work that Adam had brought forth to date, but it had no, it took up no space, it was all in the form of consciousness, it took up no space. That is why the point of the beginning was infinite, the work that had been done up to that point by Adam Kadmon had no form, it had mass, because that energy had mass okay, it was energy without form, and that is how each human being can be a house for an infinite amount of spiritual life because spiritual life has, is energy without form, it does not take up any space inside of us, it manifests as thought. So we have an infinite ability for thought depending on the spirit that is living through us, our brain is just an organic organ, mind is spirit okay.


So the creation at the beginning was an infinite point so small you could not even see with a microscope, and the offspring of the two Adams, the male and the female Adam was intended to be a spiritual offspring, that means when the offspring came forth, it would be inside, inside that infinitely small point. But when the Serpent cohabited with the woman, the offspring that came forth did not go in, it went out. Now Adam who was both spirit and flesh, both spirit and earth, everything that God does is male and female, Adam was, the female aspect of Adam was male and female and the male aspect of Adam was male and female, the male aspect of Adam was male and female with the male attributes predominant, the female aspect of Adam was and is okay, both male and female with the female attributes predominant. So when the Serpent cohabited with the female aspects of Adam, the female or the earthen aspects of the creation became predominant, and the creation expanded outward in its earthen physical form. Is anybody not following me, I will stop if you are not following me, okay. The creation was intended to expand inward in its male formless state, but it went outward, and everything that we see out there, all of the galaxies, the trillions of stars, the comets, the meteorites, everything that is out there, space debris, planets, sun and stars, everything is a residue of the Serpent's attempt to bring forth a spiritual child in her own image, it is the fruit of spontaneous abortion on a spiritual level. See we read in the Scripture, both in Isaiah and we read about in the New Testament, I have the Scriptures, but I am not looking at my notes, I am just going to keep on going, "And to us a child is given" to us a child is born, well I do not know about you, but that word "child" never really meant anything to me, it is a child you know, I have a child, I have a daughter, you have a child, you have children, a child, No, no, no, no, no, a spiritual child, the child that we read more about in the book of Revelation in chapter 12, that spiritual child that is being born inside of many human beings.


So the Serpent you see, our destiny is in our children, Adam Kadmon is bringing forth a child, a spiritual child that will be the representative, it will in the likeness and image of God and appear in a visible form, that child will represent the Ayn Sof, the Almighty. Well the Dragon wanted that child, she wanted a child born in her image, and when a high spiritual being like the Ayn Sof or Adam Kadmon or the Dragon wants to bring forth a child, we are just ants in that picture, we are talking about a superior spiritual being. We are told that this child that will lead us to liberty in the image of God, that the government will be on His shoulders and He will rule with a rod of iron, He is not any one single human being, this is a spiritual child that is going to rule over the whole universe and over aspects and over infinite aspects of the creation that are eternal that we do not even know about. That is the child, that is the heir, the superior spiritual being, is anybody following me here? Are you following me here? Do you know what I am talking about, not a single man like me or you, because technically we are not even whole men, until Christ is grafted to us, then we become a whole man, and even then we are not a whole man, Christ Jesus is the man, and maybe He has billions or trillions of people in the earth right now that this spiritual man is manifesting His life through and we are complete in Him because He is joined to us, but not any one of us is really a whole man, we are a whole man compared to a person that does not have Christ, but if you want to get down to the nitty gritty of the truth, okay, there are only two beings involved in this whole creation and that is Christ Jesus and the Serpent, and we are a cell in the body of one or the other, although in this hour, those of us who have Christ grafted to us, we are in a perverse formation, we are double minded and we are a cell in the body of Christ and we are also a cell in the body of the Dragon, and this cannot continue, it is a perversion, see.


So there is only one Malkhut, there is only one female, only one visible female, this whole visible creation of humanity, this whole visible manifestation of humanity is Malkhut, well the whole visible world is Malkhut, she is the skin through which the spiritual man is expressing herself, and Malkhut has many members, one man, many, many wives. The man is spiritual and the wife is physical, or I should say visible, because this physical world is a perversion and in the regeneration this physical world will roll up and not be there anymore, because these physical bodies are our jail houses, okay, but we will be visible, we will have an etheric body. Many wives, one spiritual man, one man, many wives, it is legal in the spirit, it is not legal in the flesh, why not? Because the physical man in the flesh is not a spiritual man. The only male that is allowed to engage in polygamy is the spiritual man that spreads himself out through many physical beings, both physically male and physically female. So having the child is very important, having a child is very important, and lots of, in many parts of the world it is still important, it use to be important in this country, but in western society having a child to a large degree has lost its importance, we have become so self-sufficient and so independent, you know, that a lot of people are choosing to not have children anymore, or just to have one child, and the development of one's mind and one's career which is usually away from home, has become more important in many cases than raising children. But having a child was always important, why? Because our children are our future. Without children there is no future, and there is something in man that wants his name to go on in the form of the children and grandchildren. Young people do not realize that in their young, they tend to feel it, when they move on in years and they see that they are not going to be remembered in the earth. So this concept of child is much more important than I ever realized it to be, as it is used in the Scripture, that child that we are all waiting for this child to be born, and they shall be saved in childbearing. Well that I have been preaching for a long time. You are not saved by producing a human child, it is when the Christ child is born in you, when Christ is born again in you, you are saved, you know. But I still never understood the extent of it as I am preaching it today, that the birth of this child is essentially important, God, the Ayn Sof, He wants this child born, a child of Himself and on the same wise, the Serpent who stole the female, the garden that had the potential to bring forth that child, that Serpent wants a child in her image, and the child is in the form of I do not even know whether to say a world or a universe, I guess it is the whole universe, it is supposed to be and is in fact an expression of the Dragon which is the offspring of the Serpent and the female Adam, this whole universe came into existence as a result of the spiritual sexual union of Serpent and the female Adam, and all of the stars, galaxies, planets, debris, comets, everything that is out there, you know, are the residue of the Dragon's attempt to bring forth this child in the image of the Serpent. But every spiritual fetus that the Dragon brings forth has died to date with one exception, there is one offspring of this planet and this planet represents Noah, and I have been preaching that for years, that this planet earth is a manifestation of Noah. We are the offspring of Noah with all of the, you looked up how many people were on the earth recently did you not? 6 billion, we did not reach trillion yet, 6 billion people on the earth, we are the cells in the body of Noah, the only one to survive. Now the Lord showed me something very interesting this morning, He had me go into Genesis where we see the genealogy of the descendants of Adam after Cain and Abel, and there are nine descendants up to Noah, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, and Noah. There are also nine planets around the sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and of course the earth. We now, we have had some of our space probes take pictures of Mars and it appears that there was water on Mars at one time, and as of now I have not been able to line up the planets with the descendants of Adam, and we know that the earth is the third planet around this sun, but Noah is the ninth after Seth, I do not have an answer to that right now, but this is what the Lord told me, these nine descendants of Seth are spiritual or were spiritual, superior spiritual beings, not beings like us, I preached that Noah was not a man like we are, and Noah still exist, he exists in us. So when the ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans worshiped the gods, and we know that according to these ancient religions, that each one of their gods was associated with a planet, there was a god, a humanoid god that these pagan religions associated with a planet, with each of the planets, and they has some spiritual knowledge, each of these planets, Kabbalah says that each of these planets, the physical planet is the garment that the spiritual being wore, in other words you have an invisible spiritual being manifesting as a world, and there was knowledge in these ancient religions of a single consciousness behind the whole world. There is a single consciousness which is this whole planet earth, and it is Noah, one may not comprehend that because we are, our mind is so low that we can only recognize ourselves and the people in our society, but I know that I spoke to some of the people here about this, but if you can hear it, we are the subatomic particles of a superior being. I have been preaching here for years and I have a whole message on it, quantum mechanics, the science of spiritual activity, the principles of quantum mechanics line right up with the spiritual principles that the Lord has been teaching here for years, quantum mechanics is the study of subatomic particles. So why do you the principles of quantum mechanics line up with the spiritual principles of man? Because spiritually speaking, we are the subatomic particles of a superior being or of a superior world, but that world is so big and we are so small, that we cannot comprehend it, we are just in our own little world. I wondered this morning if an ant, or a mosquito has any concept whatsoever of our world, I mean they fly around, the ants, they crawl around and they build their ant hills and the mosquitos fly around and they land on us and bite us, do they have any conception at all, even when they bite us that we are an entity or that we are a part of a whole world, I mean how can their mind comprehend, a little ant, or a little mosquito? Well, we cannot comprehend it, but we are the subatomic particles of a superior being and his name is Noah.


So that is my position okay, I do not believe there is life on other planets because I believe the other planets are the residue of a spontaneous abortion of the dragon. I disagree with the Kabbalists from their point of view. Let me see if I told you everything that I had in my notes. Now the Kabbalists call our solar system, the Teli, which means the dragon. Everything that I read in Kabbalah however is positive, maybe there is other information that is not made available to the public, but according to what I read, the Kabbalists think that God made this world, I do not believe that God made this world, this world is the offspring of Noah and Satan, see. Noah fell, he made it to the other side, but he fornicated with Satan in his tent, in his physical expression whatever it looked like at that time, and produced this fallen world. God did not make this world you know, every time I drive through the streets and I see an ambulance you know with its siren going and I see an accident on the street, I say to myself, How could people really believe that God would make this world, this world is a hostile environment, it is hostile. If you live in the jungle, the animals and the mosquitos are hostile to you. So where it is civilized society and all of our animals are in jail that they call the zoos, we do not have wild animals running through the streets anymore, but we have bugs and mosquitos and all kinds ticks that carry diseases, we have rats that carry diseases, we have viruses and bacteria that carry diseases, we live in a hostile environment, do you really think that almighty God would create a hostile world and put His creation whom I believe He loves in that hostile world and say, Overcome, well some of you might die and suffer, but somebody will make it, some of you will make it, do you really think that, that is the mind of God? How absolutely outrageous to think that of almighty God. What I do find also interesting, as I read to the degree that I read the Kabbalists, is I have read several times the opinion of a Rabbi that says that angels are frequently hostile to human beings. I asked the Lord about that, I said, Lord, Iwould not think that, that should be true, I mean I know that there are evil angels, but this Rabbi was talking about angels of God, and describing them as being short tempered and not interested in humans and being really annoyed at humans that need to communicate with them. And my revelation of angels is that angels are the cells of the body of Adam Kadmon, that Adam Kadmon is such a high spiritual being that every cell of his body is conscious and capable of performing a function or going on a mission that Adam Kadmon sent them on, it is no different than saying a heart cell knows what it is supposed to do to keep the blood pumping or that a liver cell knows what it is supposed to do to purify, whoever purifies the blood, the liver purifies the blood of the body does it not? Yes, that every cell of every organ in our body is programmed, it has a function and that function contributes to the health and wellbeing and life of the whole. So angels although they have consciousness and they can communicate with men, they are the cells of such a superior spiritual being, that the single cell of the superior being which is Adam Kadmon is superior to one of us.


I believe that the creation is infinite in both directions. We know that the universe is expanding outward and I believe that it is expanding inward, it is infinite, and the Kabbalists say that the spiritual worlds are infinite, the worlds on the inside are infinite. Now as I study quantum mechanics today, I see that the scientific community has split the atoms and they now know that the atoms consists of a nucleus which contains protons and neutrons and then electrons which orbit around the nucleus and now scientists have split the nucleus, split the protons and the neutrons and found that each proton or neutrons break down into quarks and then all of the quarks and the electrons now we are told break down into something smaller than that called strings. The scientific community is very excited with this discovery because they think they found the fundamental building blocks of our world, but they have not. It is just a matter of time until they break down the strings because the worlds are infinite, the infinite is going outward, this universe is every expanding, and the infinite going inward, they will subdivide and subdivide and subdivide and subdivide and subdivide and subdivide because there is no end to the subdivision, that is my opinion anyway.


So, I lost my main point, bear with me as I try to get back to my main point here. The Kabbalists say that our solar system which is called the Milky Way and probably the Kabbalistic Teli which means dragon, and we are told in the Sefir Yetzirah that our world hangs by one fin of the Teli. So they are saying that this Teli, this spiritual being is a whole solar system and our world the earth is just one fin of this giant spiritual dragon. Well, that really lines up with what I am telling you, we are just one offspring, one tiny little offspring, one speck, one cell that the dragon has put forth in an attempt to bring forth a child in the image of the Serpent, and an immortal child, everybody dies, see. I know if I completed this thought, but the reason that Mars is dead and now there is signs that there was water on Mars at one time, is that the spiritual being that wore the garment called Mars okay was withdrawn from the earth. What happened when Jehovah pronounced the flood upon mankind on the other side of the flood, the Scripture says, everything that was in the earth died. The planet Mars is part of the earth and it died, but the spiritual being that had a garment called Mars, that spiritual being did not die, we are not told that life in the sea died, just everything that was in the earth died, the flood covered the earth. So the spiritual being itself still exists today, in what form I do not know, somehow incorporated back into the dragon, I do not have the specific answer to that, but all of these planets and stars, they at one time probably were at one time conscious but they failed to mature and maybe the dragon has some stillbirth, maybe some that were never conscious, but any planet that our scientists discover have signs that life use to exist on that planet, that planet is or was the garment of a spiritual being that was wiped out in the flood, his external expression was wiped out in the flood, and the spiritual being was absorbed in the hole called the dragon. Are there any questions about what I told you? If not I would like to just address some of the comments that I see in this writing and I am deliberately not telling you the name of the writer because I know the Rabbi who wrote it would be very upset, he sent me this article of his, of course he has it on his web page, but he was very upset to find out what I teach and I really do not want to associate me to his name in any way, do not want to do him any harm, do not want to do anything that would upset him or hurt him, so that is why I am not giving his name of the man who wrote this article.


Okay let us just go down my notes here and see if I copied everything, and just in case if I did not make it clear, me associating myself with him would hurt him very badly, he thinks that I am not of God, and he thinks that I have, that I am off you know, so I do not want to do him any harm. Okay, so just looking at my few notes that I wrote down here, let me just go through them, the planets of the shed skins, oh I did not even put it to you this way, the planets of the shed skins of the Serpent that was born of the union of the female Adam and the Serpent in the garden, we know that our natural type of Serpent sheds its skin every seven years, it is very common to go through an area where snakes live in the desert and find a dried out snake skin because the snake grows a new skin and then it crawls out of its old skin and leaves the skin behind, that is what these planets are, they are the shed skins, at least the planets that represent the beings that were taken back in the flood, they are the shed skins of the Serpent, or the serpentine life form that was born of the union of the female Adam and the Serpent in the garden.


All of these planets, all of these garments, all these living garments of the spiritual beings are now dead except Noah, who was manifesting as the planet earth. We are the cells of Noah who exist in him and on his surface, okay. That is another point that I read in this article, well we will go through the comments on this article later, we are the cells of Noah who exist in him and on his surface, just as there is bacteria on the surface of our bodies okay, we exist in Noah and on him, and I believe that we exist on him because Jesus called this world outer darkness, so I think that we are the outermost layer of the skin or the exterior or the garment of Noah. Praise the Lord, the earth is a conscious entity in its wholeness. Now this is something that is acknowledged by the scientists, by a lot of scientists, that the earth as a whole has a consciousness, they do not know what to make out of it, but it was discovered by some scientists that the earth as a whole has a consciousness, and we have cults that worship the earth goddess. See Noah fornicated with Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and we are the offspring. Ultimately going all the way back in our generations, we are the offspring of the Serpent and the female Adam, but our immediate heritage is that, we are the offspring of Satan and Noah. Praise the Lord. ...( Words inaudible), present day manifestation of the Dragon the Serpent’s offspring, the Kabbalists call our solar system, the Teli, which means Dragon, and say that we hang by one fin of the Dragon. All of the galaxies, solar systems, planets, etc. are failed attempts by the Dragon to incarnate herself as a world without end. That is another way of saying, she wants to bring forth a mortal child that will bring a permanent child that will be a permanent expression of herself. And all, as I told you, all of the planets and all of the heavenly bodies are the carcasses or parts of the carcasses of the Dragon's aborted children, all of the failed births. This whole universe is the violated field of creation. Maybe I will put that on the board for you, let me put that on the board.


Drawing #1, sort of a simple drawing, I just showed the infinite point out of which this external universe emerged, the elements of the expanding material universe which include galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, comets, etc., are the residue of the Dragon's failed attempts to produce an immortal child in the Serpent's image, that means, just by way of review, that some of the comets and planets or space dust or space residue are spontaneous abortions that never actually emerged as a child, or the planets such as possibly Mars, the planets of this solar system or of our sun, lived and died, were wiped out in the flood, but the whole of the objects, the objects in space as a whole, are the residue of the Serpent's failed attempts to produce an immortal child in the Serpent's image. All of the children that she produces if they ever get born, ultimately die, and if they do not die of their own accord, the Lord wiped them out, because the Lord wiped out the offspring of our sun, our sun has produced nine planets, our sun is a star which is somewhere in the genealogy a descendant of the original Dragon, and that star which is our sun produced nine offspring. Today only one survives because the Lord Jehovah came and wiped out the other eight, the other eight superior beings that were manifesting on the other side of the flood. Now ask the Lord to help you to think big, each superior being could have had millions of human beings expressing itself, I do not know how many, I do not know what mankind looked like on the other side of the flood, I do not believe that they were in animal bodies on the other side of the flood. But just so that our carnal minds can understand it, if we want to think in terms of the beings on the other side of the flood being individuals like we are, and I do not know if that is true, okay, but let us just say it is true so we can try and understand something, if there were nine sons, nine spiritual beings that were the offspring of a spiritual being that is associated with the sun of our solar system, okay, each one of those nine offspring could have had as a spiritual man could have had millions of beings, he could have been expressing himself through many human beings, only one son survived, Noah, and we are the expression of Noah who is still very much alive, the spiritual Noah is alive. So the father and son still exists. Our sun which is a star okay, and the offspring of that star called Noah still exists.


Let me say it again, if they do not, if these offspring of the Dragon do not self-destruct or die for whatever reason, Jehovah wiped them out, because if they do not self-destruct, if they do not die, they start becoming so smart that they are about to control the energy or the power of the universe at which point, we have a tower of Babel situation and Jehovah comes down and wipes them out. Now as I have been preaching here for a couple of months now, the world scientists of our world today are approaching the ability to control all of the powers of the universe, we are in a tower of Babel situation. So either we are about to be wiped out, either humanity is about to be wiped out by Jehovah who is now manifesting as the Lord Jesus Christ, either we are about to be wiped out again, or the Lord Jesus is going to come in and change us from the inside and convert the creation so that there will be one residue of the Serpent which will be returned to the image of its original source, the father. So we see that the Dragon is the offspring of the Serpent and the female Adam, we have God's blood in us, although the Serpent's blood is ruling over it, who is God's blood in fallen man, what personal name would you give God's blood in fallen man?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Abel is God's blood in fallen man, okay, so that is why God wants us back, His life is in us, His you might say, His sperm is in us, that is why He has not just wiped us out. But this whole planet and everything on it, humanity, the animals, the insects, everything on it, we are a visible representation of a spiritual man, of a very great large spiritual man, called Noah. You have to have an expanded mind to see this. We are the cells of his body, we are the subatomic particles of this man's world, and actually more than Noah, we are descendants of Seth, even Noah, if we want to go back to our original ancestor, we are Seth. I do not know whether to call the world Seth or Noah, well I guess Seth, well I am not going to get into that right now until I have time to think about it, I hope you get general principle of what I am telling you. The Lord is challenging us to think on a scale that I do not even know if anyone who does not have the mind of Christ can even think on that scale if they wanted to, it is really mind boggling, to think of us in terms, in these terms, okay.


Now getting back to the board, I was reading this universe is infinite which means it is immeasurable in its expansive or its outward direction, but the universe was never intended to expand outward in this manner. Now it may have been intended to expand outward somewhat, I am not even sure about that, but certainly not in this manner, and certainly not with this destructive force. The world was never intended, the universe was never intended to be a hostile environment, God never created any creature including man and place them in a hostile environment and said, Overcome, never. Now this is being preached in some aspects of the kingdom church, that is a lie, God created man and He placed Him in a benign atmosphere, and He said, Obey my law and you will prosper, and Adam failed to obey the law and we fell down into a hostile environment. Praise the Lord.


On the left side of the board, we see, Adam is the infinite point which was intended to reproduce infinitely in an inward direction, the creation of God is within the female creation which we are. "Behold the kingdom of God is within you", Luke 17:21. You know I have read that Scripture so many times, "Behold the kingdom of God is within you", and it never occurred to me that Jesus was speaking to the Kabbalistic authorities that did not know that the kingdom of God was within them. Why would Jesus walk around in Judah saying, "Behold the kingdom of God is within you" if everybody knew that the kingdom of God was in them? Now I know that the Kabbalists have a revelation that there is a revealed world and an unrevealed world, and we are going to go over some of the statements in this writing where you will see that, but according to what I read, they believe that both the revealed world and the unrevealed world is a part of this universe, and I believe that, just as me and myself as a human being, I have a physical body and I also have an etheric body, there is a part of me that is invisible. To make it as simple as possible, my internal organs are invisible, you cannot see my heart, I do not go walking around with my heart and my liver and my lungs exposed, well there is also a spiritual aspect of myself that is invisible, I am revealed and I am also concealed, and that is true of every human being. This is also true of the whole planet, every aspect of this universe has both a revealed and a concealed aspect, but besides that you know, there is a totally different separate world which is of God and the Kabbalists do recognize this, we will read about that as we go through this work here. But I do not know, see as we go through this work, we are going to read this Rabbi talking about the worlds of God, you know which are completely separate from both the concealed and the revealed aspect of this world, but somehow I think at the moment, I may be at a loss to explain it, but I believe that the Lord is telling me, that for Him to be walking through Judah announcing "Behold the kingdom of God is within you", and He said this to His disciples, He said this to you know to people that He was teaching, they obviously did not know that the kingdom of God was within them, and of course the Jews in those days were waiting for Messiah to come and defeat the Romans and establish the kingdom of God in Judah which was a basal state of Rome. Jesus when He left this planet, He went inward, He went into the inner worlds, He came out of the inner worlds, Christ came out of and returned into the universe within the infinite point that still exists, and you can read about that in Luke 16:14. At one point I thought that the infinite point was destroyed when the Serpent exploded in the big bang, it exploded, I thought he exploded the infinite point outward into this universe, but no, the infinite point still exists. Something came out of it, something grew out of it, the infinite point which is the external manifestation of the inner universe, did not cease to exist when its center, I am sorry when its earthen or its flesh aspect exploded outward, it was just the earthen aspect that exploded outward, the infinite point and all of the universe or universes I do not know, within that point, all of the spiritual worlds within that point still exists. It is the world that is displayed the blue dashes that is both revealed and concealed that we contact, if you are somebody, a medium contacting the spirit world, they are contacting the spirit world which is the other side of this world where all the demons are, and the other angels are, but there is another spiritual world beyond that, that you can only enter into through Christ.


So you see anybody claiming to receive knowledge or information from an angel, anybody that is not manifesting, that really does not truly have Christ, cannot possibly be being instructed by an angel of God. Not in this hour anyway, I guess God could do anything He wants, but in this hour He is manifesting through His son. And the days before Jesus Christ, it was rare for man to receive a visitation from an angel, to get a word from an angel, that is why we see in the law, if a man, if a prophet prophesies to you and it does not come to pass, you should stone him to death, it means that he was being possessed and accessed by an ungodly entity. That is how it is to actually hear from God. Are there any questions about any of this? Okay we will take a picture and then we are going to start going through some of the comments in this writing here.


COMMENT FROM DISCIPLE: I have a question about the infinite point, is that in itself, it does not expand inwardly does it?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes it expands inwardly, but it is a spiritual expansion that takes up no space, okay.


COMMENT FROM DISCIPLE: And is that hidden from us or is that revealed what takes place in that expansion inward?


PASTOR VITALE: It is hidden from me, I only know what God tells me, but my understanding of it is, that the expansion in this inner world, is it's a spiritual expansion which is energy, which is intelligence, first of all that inner world, that inner point, a manifestation of that inner point is in each of us, an aspect of that inner point is in each of us, and the expansion of it as indicated by an increase in intelligence, an increase in wisdom, an increase of Christ, see Christ is increasing in us, but He is not, we are not blowing up, if we are blowing up, it is because we are eating too much, (laughing), so as Christ increases in us, we do not grow physically, it is our mind that is growing, and mind is spirit, okay, so we become wiser and more intelligent and more knowledgeable, and kinder and we start manifesting all of the qualities of God, but physically we have not changed at all, okay.


COMMENT FROM DISCIPLE: Then it cannot stay as an infinite point if it is expanding inwardly, is that right?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, because infinite means immeasurable, okay and if we do not know how to measure an expansion, we do not know how to measure it, so the point remains infinite, okay. It was a good question. What we are dealing with here is a translation of a work Rabbi Pakas, Eliahu Harueth Avilna, who lived in the eighteenth century, this is his work and we are told that he created this work in response to the newly emerging scientific community which was using all of its strength to prove the Bible wrong on every point, and he came forth with this great work, and of course what I have here is the translation of just aspects of that work. So we will comment on, and we are using this just in case I did not make it clear as sort of a guide or a framework of what is considered Kabbalistic teaching. Obviously there must be Kabbalists that do not but it is at least in the main stream of Kabbalistic thinking concerning worlds apart from this planet, and that is what we are dealing with here, we are going to look at some of these comments that he makes, okay.


First of all, Kabbalah he says, Kabbalah teaches that what we are talking about, well let me start here, he is saying that God created an infinite number of worlds, the Zohar says that God created an infinite number of worlds and he says, most commentators will believe that these worlds are spiritual worlds, I believe there are an infinite number of spiritual worlds, that is what I just told you, an immeasurable amount of infinite worlds that exist within the infinite point, okay, and he says,Kabbalah is talking about an infinite interdimensional quantum reality, okay, and that is talking about us, that is talking about the whole creation, he is calling us an infinite interdimensional quantum reality, okay, that means that the reality which we are is more than this physical world, okay. Quantum, the word "quantum" refers to packets of energy. Now I would call each human being a packet of energy. So we are a reality that is made up of many parts, many individual human beings, okay, and we are also interdimensional. Well we are finding out now that are ten, I am still studying my quantum mechanics and my physics and we are told that there are ten dimensions to the human beings, one writer says eleven and I have not completed my studies on why he says eleven, so I cannot speak on it now, we know that the Kabbalah talks about ten Sefirot, so I have no problem whatsoever believing that we have ten dimensions, however, the quantum mechanics theory that talks about human beings as ten dimensional creatures is not really talking about the ten Sefirot as we have studied here. This quantum mechanics is talking about the ten subjective Sefirot of Malkhut alone. This material world is Malkhut, the tenth and lowest Sefirah. So the ten dimensions that quantum mechanics is talking about is the ten subjective dimensions of Malkhut. Let me put this on the board for you.


Drawing #2, I have the ten Sefirot in their traditional position and I am showing you that our world is a manifestation of Malkhut, and we have ten subjective Sefirot within Malkhut, from Keter through Malkhut, within Malkhut, and Keter through Tiferet we have six dimensions or six Sefirot that are curled up into six balls according, in accordance with the way Isaiah expresses it, we have ten, we have six of the ten Sefirot of Malkhut not functioning in fallen man, we live in four dimensions, Netzach's space time, Hod with Yesod length, and Malkhut breadth. I may have assigned the four dimension space time with length and breadth to the wrong Sefirot, I am not sure about that, but I put it down as I thought it should be. So we see there are ten spiritual dimensions of our world, six are not active in fallen man consciousness. And these six dimensions I quote the Scripture to you Isaiah 2:18, "He will surely", speaking about Job, "He will surely violently turn and toss you like a ball into a large country, and there you shall die and there the chariots of your glory shall be the shame of the Lord, a house." You know when I first came to the Lord there were several Scriptures that jumped out at me that I could never forget, that it took years for me to find out what they meant, one of those Scriptures was in the New Testament talking about the regeneration, I had no idea what that meant, and this Scripture about the ball never left my mind, I always wondered what the Lord could possibly be talking about. So here the Lord is talking and passing His judgment on Israel because they have not, they have not lived up to what, to the covenant that they made with Him. In what way have they not lived up to the covenant with Him? They have not confessed their sins and looked inward and dealt with the giants within so that Christ live and prosper through them, see. Christ wants to be grafted to us and express His life and His or His mind, His consciousness and everything about Him, His life through us, but in order to do that, we must agree with Him that our carnal mind must decrease. If the personality does not agree with Christ, that the carnal mind must decrease and wage a warfare against that carnal mind, Christ cannot prosper and expand and live His life through us. So judgment is falling on Israel and the Lord is saying, or the prophet is saying, The Lord will surely violently turn you...", what does that mean? Turn you from Christ back to your carnal mind and it is going to be a violent turning, okay, "...and He will toss you like a ball", you see when Christ is fully manifested through you, when Christ was fully manifested in Israel, no one was even wounded let alone killed, they had 100% victory, Christ was fully expanded in Israel, and they became mental and spiritual giants, it amazes me to this day that I am told the Bible, the Scriptures was not written down, the young men that study, the young me of Israel that study, they have to commit the whole Bible to memory, the Rabbi or the teacher stood up there and just spoke and they were supposed to know where in the Bible that Scripture was. I cannot even imagine memorizing the whole Scripture, they were mental giants because the mind and life of God which was Christ was fully manifested in them, and all six of these dimensions were uncurled, they were opened up and fully manifested. Israel was a ten dimensional man, they were fully complete men, a full manifestation of Christ, their heyday of course when they were fulfilling the covenant.


So here is the judgment saying, Well look at what I did for you, I made you a mental giant, I made you a spiritual giant, I gave you health, I healed you, I gave you everything you needed, and you still did not distinguish between me and your carnal mind, because you did not want to admit that sin was a part of you. So this is what is going to happen to you, you are going to violently turn back to the carnal mind, why violently? Because you refused to judge your sin nature, to expose it, to recognize it, and to fight against it, that sin nature, that carnal mind is going to rise up and violently kill Christ in you. It is not Jehovah that is going to be violent, see. And this takes us to Daniel chapter 8, where we see the ram ruling and reigning, that is Israel, ruling and reigning, and suddenly, there appeared a goat and the goat was enraged at the ram, and that goat was the carnal mind, enraged that Christ was reigning in this nation, and the only reason that the goat could appear, and butt that ram and kill that ram was because the ram was not fighting back, the goat appeared, the Scripture says nothing whatsoever about the ram rising up and defending itself, the ram just stood there, the men of Israel just stood there and the carnal mind just stood up and killed Christ, and the personalities of the men of Israel did nothing, and therefore Christ in Israel was violently overturned, and tossed to and fro meaning spiritual confusion, and the result of this was that the balls, the six spiritual dimensions that were expanded and that could only be expanded through Christ, okay, curved back down and rolled up like a ball again, they became atrophied, and they were sent into a large country, see the country of the Lord is a small country, although this may sound like I am contradicting myself, what I am saying, the six dimensions are expanding, they are expanded inward into the infinite point, I mean it is an infinite, the life of the infinite point is manifesting in you. The large country is the world that Leviathan rolled down, it is the carnal mind. So it sounds like a contradiction but it is not. The expansion of the six dimensions is an inward expansion, okay, and the fact that they are being atrophied means that your spiritual worlds are dying but your material worlds are rolling out into a large country. Does anybody have a question on that, is everybody okay with that? There you shall die, you shall die spiritually when your consciousness goes into the outward expanding material world, or I should say, leaves the spiritual world to expand into material worlds. You are going to die spiritually, you are going to die to everything that you had an experience in your ten dimensional consciousness. Is that not what happened to Adam? Adam died to the level of consciousness that he was given by Jehovah, and he woke up in a lower level of consciousness, that is what happened to Adam. So in Israel Adam was regenerated, and they were experiencing probably a consciousness very much like unto, it is not exactly the one that Adam, well it could not be exactly the one, because they were already fallen, but Israel, the six dimensions were expanded in Israel and they were dwelling in a spiritual place that can be likened to the place that Adam was at before the fall.


Then the goat appeared, the carnal mind appeared, killed Christ, overturned Israel, the six dimensions of Christ were atrophied, rolled up like a ball, Leviathan's large country was rolled out and they died spiritually, Israel died spiritually.


"And there the chariots of your glory", and men are the chariots, we are the chariots, we are the chariots that carry the spiritual man. So he human beings that make up Israel of your glory, all the men that carried the glory of God now, they shall be the shame of the Lord's house, and that word "shame" if you look it up in the Hebrew, it refers to the pudenda which is the female organ, and what it is saying is that they were spiritual men in Christ and now the female organ is going to be revealed through these human beings, and spiritually speaking now, the female is ashamed. Okay, now this has nothing to do with physical women, okay, because physical men and physical women, we are all spiritually female, and it has to do with not having a male organ, the shame is that you do not have a male organ, and those of us that know anything at all about psychology, know that Freud talks about penis envy, and that a lot of women have competition with men and they have a problem with being the subjective sex in marriage you know and in the family situation. And frequently women envy men, and they envy the position that men have in the world. So that is the shame to be lacking a male organ. So that means everyone that is female is ashamed, or should be ashamed, I mean I am talking spiritually now. Mortal man is ashamed, we are shamed. The fact that mosquitos can bite us and drink our blood, that is a shame, the fact that there are people that do not have enough food to eat, that is a shame, the fact that there are people that cannot study as much as they would like to because they have to labor in this world to survive, that is a shame, this is the lifestyle and the condition of fallen man, this is not the lifestyle and the condition of a spiritual man in right standing with God. The spiritual man in right standing with God is forever with the Lord, he does not have to spend one second of his time is activities that take him away from God because he exists in a fallen world, okay.


Do not anybody misunderstand me on this, this has nothing to do with the human female, we are all shamed, we have no power in this world. And anybody listening to this message and says, well I have power, I am a self-made man, I became, I made my own business and became a millionaire, and you are going to die, you are going to die, do you have power over death? Maybe you can get money in this world, but you do not have power to stop yourself from dying, only the male has power to stop you from dying, only the spiritual male has that power to give you true immortality and true permanent life. So if you think you have power in this world and you have every reason to believe you know, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, or a hundred years you are going to die, you are female, and you are powerless and the power that you have is an illusion, it is an illusion. Do you have power to stop your child from getting cancer? Do you have power to stop your beloved son from getting killed in Iraq or World War II, you do not have any power, you just think you have power. Satan has deceived you. Do you have power to stop your wife from driving out of the driveway and getting hit by a truck, do you have power to stop that? You are deceived, you have no power. Your power is shame, your power is a female spiritual organ, and you are ashamed, everyone in this world is ashamed.


I have tried on this board, I just cannot draw, but if you are listening to this message, and you have access to a computer, eventually we will have our ministry illustrator write this up, I am sure she is going to do a lot better than I did, so you could look for this drawing #2 under this message number on the internet. What I am drawing is a grid, showing height and width, and the circles, and this is according quantum mechanics now, the circles, the curled up dimensions exist, well let me tell you this, this grid with the height and the width, okay, the lines that I have drawn intersecting each other, that indicates our material consciousness, height, width, and depth and the circles are the depth. So these additional dimensions exist at every point in our consciousness. So this is sort of hard to understand, if you do not understand, do not worry about it. I have just drawn a grid as an example of our consciousness, and what I am telling you is that these curled up dimensions, they do not exist in like six places in your brain, they exist like blood is in every part of your body, they exist in every part of your mind, they exist in every part of your consciousness, and they are curled up. You see, the height is spread out in lines, and the width is spread out in lines, but the depth represented by these six dimensions are curled up, they are not spread out, they are not spread out, they are not being used. Any questions on this, this is the best I could explain that, any questions on that? You know okay.


Okay, and here we see this is the phrase that we read by the Rabbi Hariwitz, that we live in an interdimensional quantum, quantum meaning many parts reality, the many parts of the human beings, quantum means many parts, these are the interdimensionals, the dimensions intercept one another, height, width, depth, space, time, they are all interwoven together, and the Scripture symbolically talks about our world as a messagestry, they are all woven together, okay everybody, okay do you have a question?


COMMENT: When you talk about the grid and you said, curled up, what came into my mind as you said it was, how it is used, he had all the power and all the money, and when he was dying it was in the fetal stage.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen, you see a lot, well first of all, being a hunchback is a curse, but you see a lot of people as they get on in years, that their spine starts curving you know, and it is just a visible representation of Satan showing her muscles by being able to curve over the human body because she has got us all curled up, but she has the power, our potential to have power in Christ is curled up like a ball. Praise the Lord. Rabbi Hariwitz goes on to say that there are four general dimensions or worlds that the Kabbalists talk about, and that we have studied them here for a long time are Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah, okay, Asiyah is our world here. So we are told here that the three correspond to the dimensions, spirit mind and emotions, Atzilut, Beriah and Yetzirah are spirit mind and emotions, so the question arises, if the spiritual worlds are infinite, okay, why would it not be only fair that the material should also be infinite, okay, but he is saying that the material world is not infinite, the number of planets out there is not infinite, that is where he is coming from. So he is looking for an explanation as to why the spiritual worlds should be unlimited and the material worlds limited.


I am sorry I have to make a correction here, this is not Rabbi Hariwitz saying this, the Zohar says, that every righteous person that the Lord will be placing every righteous person as a governor over 310 worlds. Now, I personally am convinced that the numbers that we read in the Zohar which frequently talks in the hundreds of thousands, that they are all symbolic numbers, there is really not a doubt in my mind at all that these are symbolic numbers, what the number 310 means, I do not know, but I do know, I believe in the New Testament Jesus says something to the effect of, If you rule your own city, the ten cities will be added to you, something like that, the Lord says this in the New Testament, and what the meaning of that is, is that when you take dominion over your own carnal mind, now nobody is 100% in this hour, but when you take enough dominion over your carnal mind, so that you could be obedient to Christ, such as running a ministry like this, that is run by Christ, when your carnal mind is subdued enough that you could obey God to the degree of running a ministry that is under Christ, okay, now you are going to be giving people to help to people in the ministry, you see. When you have enough control of your carnal mind okay, that you have strength left over, people will be added to you, people being called cities, okay. People will be added to you so that you can join yourself to them, join yourself to Abel in the cities that are sent to you, to help that person stand against their carnal mind. That is what it means, from theNew Testament now. Okay from the Zohar, which is a vehicle of the Old Testament says, every righteous person will be a governor over 310 worlds, I do not know what that means, but I suspect that it has something to do or that it is similar in some way to the explanation of the 10 cities being added to you that I just explained to you, and I do not for a second think that it is a real number, it is a symbolic number. If I take the New Testament seriously and I say, Well I have enough control over my carnal mind so that 10 cities can be added to me, does that mean only 10 people, what about ministers that have 22,000 people in their congregation, they must be very spiritual strong people to be able to do that, because you know, the carnal minds of the members of your congregation are attacking you continuously, I hope that everybody here knows that, because that is the truth, the carnal minds of the people who you are trying to help are attacking you continuously. So you have to be a very strong person to have 22,000 people in your congregation. I heard someone on TV this morning, a TV minister saying, as far as the records go, 22,000 people do not come to church, but they have got 22,000 people signed up as members of their church. Now of course, the more you attack the carnal mind, the more the carnal minds of the people attack you, and in this ministry, we are outright exposing the hidden sins of the heart, okay, see. Well you have to be a very strong person, to have you know, to be doing this kind of work, to even have a thousand people, you know, and of course you have to be strengthened in Christ to withstand the attacks of the carnal mind that want to stop doing what you are doing.


This particular man that has 22,000 people, he was rebuking the congregation today, saying to them, and I am just trying to give you an idea of the level that he is on, I am in no way putting him down, I am talking about the attack coming from the minds of the people, okay, the rebuke today was that you know he says, I know that you do not come to church every Sunday, he was making a joke out it, today we have the people that come every third Sunday, but this past Friday we had a church function that is just once a year, what is your excuse for not turning out? That is the level on which the attack on the carnal mind was going forth, okay, but in a ministry like this, the Lord is exposing the hidden sins of the heart that the people initially cannot even believe that it is true what I am telling to you, what I am saying to you, okay that is Satan really rising up to kill me. Do you understand what I am saying? These people that this preacher was rebuking, they know that he is probably right, they just did not want to come so they were ignoring him, but they do not doubt for a second, they are not for a second saying, How could he be saying that about me, you know, how does he know that I was not there Friday night, how could he be revealing that sin in me? Well because you were not there Friday night, so you know were not there Friday night and you are just ignoring him. But in a ministry like this, where I am revealing sin that you did not know was there, that carnal mind rising up and attacking me or whoever is doing this work, because you are all doing this work, you are all going to be doing it, that is what you are training for, that level of attack that comes from Satan and the carnal mind, when you are exposing the sin that the person had no idea is there, or at least initially does not agree with you is there, you are talking two different ball games, I could not imagine doing this for 22,000 people before I would be in full stature in any event you know.


Praise the Lord. So, what point was I making? I go on and on and go from my point. Okay, we are talking about the 310 worlds. So this Rabbi Hariwitz, he is saying, the reason there are so fewer people, this is my understanding of what he is saying, the reason that there is so much fewer people in the material world than in the infinite spiritual worlds is that each individual in the material world is going to be ruling over 310 worlds. And you know I heard this sixteen years ago, the ministry, the Lord had just started up this ministry, I heard this from a fellow believer who had gone to church with me but then we had both moved on, and I was talking to him and he said this to me, well is that not amazing that some day when we are in full stature, we are each going to own our world, and we will be God over that world, and maybe we will have to do what Jesus did and be crucified to the people of that world? And I looked and I never heard anything like that, and I just did not answer him, but I see that the teacher that he was studying under must have been reading Kabbalah. You see you reach a certain point in God where you are really not satisfied with the doctrine in the church anymore. So a lot of the kingdom preachers, as I study Kabbalah I realize that a lot of the kingdom preachers had dabbled in Kabbalah, you know. But to me that is such a, I do not mean to hurt anyone's feelings but that is such a foolish thought, I mean such a foolish prideful thought that someday we are going to have our own world and we are going to have rule over that world and die for the people of that world, that really is the epitome of pride, it really is the epitome of pride, okay, and I think very unrealistic, okay, we are the worlds, each one of us is a world.


As I taught the doctrine of Christ I called it a timeline, you know. All of the people are the multidimensions of this existence, each one of us is a dimension unto ourselves, and we are the crisscrossing worlds. Any questions on this issue here? Okay, so I disagree with Rabbi Hariwitz, the reason this physical world has a limited number of planets in it and the spiritual worlds are infinite, is because the material world was designed to rule over the spiritual worlds, it is the exact opposite, the spiritual worlds are supposed to be ruling over the material world. Unless I am misunderstanding him, I do not see how this could be true, but I pray with everything I read here and everything I teach, if I am not understanding this and if this is God's spiritual truth I would ask the Lord to explain it to me, and correct this before this message is over, but I do not see how He could be saying that, and for now I reject it.


Okay now this Rabbi, he emphasizes that there are physical worlds in outer space, and he says here that the reward of the righteous, now who is our reward? Who knows who our reward is, who is the reward, who is our reward? Okay.


COMMENT: Christ Jesus?


PASTOR VITALE: Christ Jesus is our reward, absolutely, so Rabbi Hariwitz says, the reward of the righteous is that they are to ascend to the stars and rule sections of the galaxy, to ascend to the stars and rule sections of the galaxy as the regents of the holy one. Okay now he does not say that our reward is that we will be a regent of the holy one which means Christ Jesus is our reward, and in that office we will ascend to the stars and rule the galaxies, he puts the emphasis on ascending to the stars and ruling the galaxies. I do not know because I know that Paul said, we do not know what is going to be, after we ascend into full stature, Paul said, we do not know what we are going to be, but we see Jesus, okay. So I guess that is what that other teacher was coming from, we see Jesus. Well what did Jesus do? Jesus came and died for us. So the conclusion is drawn, well maybe we have to go into other worlds and do what Jesus did for us and be crucified for us, you know, but I do not think so. I see where they are coming from, I see where this teaching is coming from, but I do not think so, I think that our work is going to take a couple of thousand years to reconcile the whole planet, the whole human race which is now the descendant of Noah and the descendants of Seth, to reconcile us to not only to the place that Adam was at when he fell but to a higher place from where Adam can no longer fall, okay. Then we are going back to Eden, we have a Scripture in the book of Joel that says we are going back to Eden, okay. So are you suggesting, this is a rhetorical question, are you suggesting that Adam in the garden was created to go to other worlds and save other fallen worlds? Well I do not know, maybe it is true, but I cannot find anything in the Scripture that would indicate that. So I am just going to go on, now maybe the Lord told these other people something that He has not told me yet, I do not know what we are going to do when we are in full stature, when we have dominion over the physical world and the spiritual worlds, when we become immortal and indestructible, and after we help all of our brethren to be restored to our first estate, the only thing that I know about our commission is that we are to manifest the nature of God, or to be the regent of God as Rabbi Hariwitz says, okay, but if it is true that there are other creations that were before us that we have to go and save, God has not said anything like that to me, but maybe next year He will tell me that, I do not know, I do not want to have a closed mind, just at this moment I am telling you that I do not know what our commission is. I know that we are supposed to rule over the whole creation, I believe that, I believe that there are other species in the creation, and that Adam is the ultimate consciousness.


Let me see if I can explain this to you. As I explained to you earlier I think on this very message, we have a consciousness on this level, we have a whole existence as a society or world, but we are also the subatomic particles of a greater being, do you understand that? Do you understand what I am talking about? You do not understand that? That there is a superior spiritual being, that we are just a cell in his body, okay, we are cells in his body, we the subatomic particles of the superior being called Adam Kadmon. So in relationship or in the frame of reference of Adam Kadmon we are subatomic particles, and yet there are subatomic particles within us. And so the world keeps dividing, dividing, dividing, okay.


So this is my point, the role of Adam as I understand it, Adam restored to his first estate, is that he is the collective mind, listening to what I just said to you, we have a whole society and a whole consciousness on our plane of consciousness, but we are the subatomic particles of a greater being, okay. Adam's role is to be the consciousness of that greater being and have many layers of other species within him that have their own society, but they are all partial species. Adam is the name of the whole, I guess I have to put this on the board for you.


Drawing #3, I have done the best that I can to show you that the intention of the Lord for the creation was that there was to be one spiritual man, we are talking about the visible creation now, there was to be, not how many billions of people in the earth? Not 6 billion people in the earth, it was Jehovah's intention that there was to be one visible man, okay, which was to emerge out of the infinite point in seven layers of spiritual earth, and each of these layers would be a full society where each layer of earth has its own distinct inhabitants, its own terrain, its own culture, its own language, its own society, but they are all to be partial elements of the whole man, just as my heart is a partial element of me. My heart cannot depart from me and have a life apart from me. So there were elements within the spiritual man Adam, okay, that were a part of this collective whole, and the invisible world on the part of the infinite point that went outward, there was to be just one man, but the spiritual aspect of this man that was inward, was to be infinite. And when Adam, actually what happened was, if you want to go beyond the parable of one Serpent and one female aspect of Adam, the inhabitants that dwelt in Adam did not want his headship, Adam was the name of the collective consciousness of all of these different species that existed within him. If it helps you, think of your heart as a nation within you filled with conscious beings, and your liver exist within you, you know it is made up of many cells, think of it as a society and a culture that has many beings, and there is a liver man and a heart man, okay the spleen man, and they all existed as a part of a collective consciousness called Adam, but they were not content with being a partial tree. So rebellion rose and manifested in the parable as one Serpent seducing the female, one woman, and Adam died and all of the parts of himself were scattered, and now each of the worlds has its own identity, and we are all divided, the whole creation is divided, and that is what is going on at Babel, see. Adam the unifying seventh layer ceased to exist when he died to its first estate, but the six dividing layers of Adam's external appearance, of Adam's skin continued to speak the same language until Jehovah confused their language because they were developing into a spiritual woman in the image of the Serpent. As soon as the man died, the remaining layers of his existence were developing into a spiritual woman in the image of the Serpent, so Jehovah came down, and the result is that each layer of earth has its own distinct inhabitants, its own terrain, its own culture, its own language, and its own society, and we do not know that it is there because we are blind, and because the other six dimensions of our spirituality are curled up into balls, and we cannot see, but this world is just a part of a much greater whole, but we were isolated. There is supposed to be communication between all of the layers of consciousness and all of the layers of existence with Adam ruling and keeping peace among them all. All of the fowls of heaven made their nests in his bows, and under his branches did all the beasts of the field of creation bring forth their young, and under his shadow, dwelled all the great nations, Ezekiel 31:6, there was just supposed to be one visible man with an infinite number of spiritual worlds internally, inward, not outward. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? Does anybody need me to say this again? Okay.


So, I was not going to do this until after dinner, but I guess I might as well, okay, I know that the Kabbalists teach that there are seven layers to the earth, we know that there are seven layers of skin to our physical body, the Kabbalists teach that there are seven layers of earth, only one is visible, there are six invisible layers, and they innumerate them, and the Kabbalists have names for each layer, and they talk about them, there are seven layers of spiritual earth, see. It is as if, my heart separated and set up its own community, my liver separated and set up its own community, andAdam blew apart.


When Christ comes and takes up residence in us, and He completes us, we become a manifestation of Adam, we are now male and female, but the ultimate goal, and the ultimate assignment of Jesus, the Christ, who is now glorified was to put this whole creation back together again as one man. We are not to stay billions of people. So a mentality, and I am never putting anybody down, I am certainly not putting down a Rabbi that is dead, I just disagree with him, I hope I am not coming across in any ungodly spirit, but to think that the ultimate goal of God, is that each human being as we know mankind today is to become the regent of God who will rule over planets in outer space, this is just wrong, do you follow me? It is just not the truth, you see, and it is the pride of man that will rise up and bring forth revelations like this, because brethren we all have to die, we have to die to self, we have to die to self and become a part of the collective consciousness of Christ Jesus, the body of Christ. That is not a metaphor, we are His body, and some of us manifest as His hand, and some of us manifest as His brains, and some of us manifest as His eyes, we are a part of a superior spiritual being and just like all the cells of our body have to come under the command of our brain or we would die, okay, if Christ does not bring all the parts of His body into one functioning whole, He is going to die. Now God is not going to die, but the element of God that is being reproduced, the child that is being born to be the visible creature will die, Christ the visible creature, the son of God will die. And that makes sense does it not? If your stomach is going that way, and your heart is going that way, and one leg is going this way and the other leg is going that way, how can you survive? If your urine was flowing backwards, you would be poisoned and die. So this kind of message gives me so much hope you know, I know that all of the troubles of our world have to be ironed out, they simply have to be, because Christ Jesus is not going to die, you see. It is Christ Jesus who is going to inherit all of the peoples who are a part of the divided world, and at some point we are coming out of this physical body, and we are going to become a part of the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, that is the inner world, okay, and outwardly we will all share one visible persona. Now on the surface to the carnal mind that is so upsetting, because it sounds like we are going to lose our individuality, but we are not, I do not understand the details, all that I know is that we are slaves now, that we are captive now, and that when we are released from these divided physical bodies that divide us, and we become one, we become a part of the spiritual man that lives in the infinite point, we will have more freedom that we can even imagine at this time, but I cannot explain to you how it is going to work. There is just to be one visible man. And what he is supposed to do, I do not know, but I simply, what God has shown me in the past, and what he is showing me today, I simply cannot believe that even this one visible man is going to be going to other planets and saving people on other planets, no, there is one creation, his name is Adam, and God made him male and female, and Adam died, you know, and the Lord is restoring him.


So, that is my opinion for what it is worth, and everybody's opinions are valid, I believe that God has told me this, and I think that it is not healthy personally for Christians to believe that they are going to be, that they are going to arrive at full stature so that they could be kings over planets, you know it is the exact opposite of what Jesus taught, it is the exact opposite of what Jesus taught. You have to die to everything that you are so that you can be what He is. I am dying to everything that I ever was and everything that I am so that I could be a manifestation of Christ Jesus and bring forth a ministry that teaches what He wants the people to hear, I have to die to everything that I think, I have to die to everything that disagrees with Him, I have to die to everything that I want, if He gives it to me He does, if He does not, then He does not, I have to be content with what I have, that teaching, it just builds pride in people, I cannot see any good coming out of it all. It is true that we are to be His regents, that is the Kabbalistic term, regent meaning like a king or a queen was called a regent, we are to be the ambassadors for Christ, we are to be the spokespersons for Christ, but what did Jesus say? He said, the greatest amongst you will serve the people. And believe me, I am not against the Jews, I am Jewish, anyone listening to this message and does not know it, I am Jewish, I am not against the Jewish people, but I can see the problem that Jesus came to correct when it came to the Jewish people and I have been preaching this for a while now, that I believe that the Rabbis that had all of this knowledge and whatever power they had or hopes for power that they had, it never occurred to them to use that power to heal the leper in the street, you see.


So if they, I believe that they must have had this knowledge at one point, but there was laws to Judah, because it was just Judah at that point, the knowledge of why God had called them, well I know that they believed that they were to teach the world and to teach the world about God, but the knowledge of what God's purpose is through them towards the rest of humanity was somehow lost, it was just lost. And I preached this recently that a large part if not all of the rage that the Pharisees had against Jesus was that He, and the apostles, was that they were in the streets healing the common people, you see, they were in the streets healing the people, they were showing the Rabbis up, because they did not do that, or they did think of it. But Jesus did not come to show them up, He came to show them the way, but instead of saying, "We were wrong, help us and give us the power and let us do it", they killed Him, they decided to get rid of Him. Now it was not, it was the people in authority, it was not every Jew in the street, He had a lot of followers, but the people in government, the people in power in Judah were the ones that decided that this man had to go. He looked so different than what they expected the Messiah to be, see, He did not come to restore the kingdom of Judah, He came to make them like God, to restore them spiritually to their first estate. So they had to be missing it somewhere in this, they were missing it, you see.


Praise the Lord, did I read everything on this board? Yes, okay, by way of example, I said the layers of the earth by way of example, because I do not really know what their names are. I said, one is the lion society, one is the calf society, the hobbit society, the elf society, the fairy society, the eagle society, and then there is Adam, it is just as if to say, that my heart has citizens, and my lungs have citizens, and my liver has citizens, but you never talk to my heart to the citizens of heartland, or liverland, or spleenland, you talk to Sheila, but I have all these organs inside of me that you cannot see that have trillions of cells, and that is what we are, we are the subatomic particles or the cells in the body of this one spiritual man who is a singularity, and internally, well I should not say, I do not know what he is internally, I just know that He is infinite internally and that somehow our individuality will be retained, we will be content, it has got to be better than this, I just do not understand it completely, but this is the divided age, we are not going to be a couple of million or billion, or even a couple of hundred thousand people ruling over all of the other people, you know this is only temporary, teachers and disciples are only temporary until everyone is raised up to the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. But the ultimate goal is to be returned to one man Adam. Praise the Lord.


And another thought that has just come into my mind for whatever it is worth, you know even if this creation, the formation of Adam was not the first time that God tried to or attempted to restore a broken or a failed initial creation, okay, all of the other attempts out there, it is my understanding by the message that came forth today are dead. Every child that the Serpent tried to bring forth has died. According to the Yetzirah, we are hanging by one fin from Leviathan, everything, all of the other attempts have died, for whatever it is worth. I may not have it a hundred percent correct but this is the word today okay, that we must die so that He can increase, not physically, we must die to our carnal mind, we must die to our own ideas, and our own desires and when the Lord expands the six curled up dimensions within us, which are dimensions of mind and we become brilliant and geniuses, we will laugh at all of the things that we thought we wanted and gave up. So we see that a spiritual man has seven layers of consciousness in the spiritual earth or I should say, seven layers of spiritual earth, maybe I will change that, seven layers of spiritual earth, seven species exist within him, and Adam is the name of the collective consciousness of the seven species, the seven species is the collective species. You know, for quite a while now, this has been going on for a couple of years, when I read these spiritual studies, I will hear, I hear bits of a conversation, when it first started I would just hear a word, not enough to have any idea of what I was hearing, and now I hear, sometimes I can hear a whole sentence but it does not make any sense to me, it is nothing spiritual, and it is not like I am being spoken to it is like I am hearing someone else's conversation, I have been asking the Lord for a long time, what in the world am I hearing? And the answer to that question, when I was on the plane to Florida a couple of months ago, and He told me that I was hearing the conversation of the higher consciousness that I am a part of. That is as if to say, my liver was hearing me preaching to you. Does anyone not understand what I just said? You want me to say that again? The Lord told me that I was hearing the conversation of the higher consciousness that I am a part of. That is as if to say, my liver or my heart was reading a spiritual book and heard somebody saying, higher consciousness, heard me talking to you, it is as if my, the being that lives in my heart, was speaking on and heard me preaching to you, but could just hear one or two words, he would hear the higher consciousness of the whole that he was a part of. That is what the Lord told me, and He gave me a vision of with it, I will show you the vision, I draw the vision for you, it is mind-boggling, but it is God's truth, I just know it is God's truth. That is why we have to die to our pride, because our pride blinds us from seeing the greater whole that we are a part of, we are all narcissistic, turned inward looking at ourselves, all curled up like a ball, each one of us are cells curled up like a ball instead of being a part of the whole spread out and enjoying everything that God has provided for us, and we see levels of this right in our society.


I remember when I was not the least bit interested in politics, I was not the least bit interested in the world around me, and then as the Lord matured me, I stopped being so selfish that I was just interested in me and I became interested in politics, and now I live in a community here, I do not think I am going to be able to do anything, but someone said to me, Why do you not become a board member? And my thought was, Lord that would really be fun you know, but there is no way I have time to do it. But there was a time I would have said, What are you talking about. The only one that is important is me, you know, and that is the difference, there are people in this world, there are different kinds of people in this world, right in this country, there are people that are just interested in themselves, and I am not saying that there is anything wrong with shopping, shopping and their girlfriends or their boyfriends, or their family or their children, I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, but there are people that, that is all that they are interested in, they do not want to know anything else, and then there are other kinds of people whose horizon and whose consciousness is expanded beyond that point, and they are interested in other things, they are interested in politics, they are interested in science, they are interested in something, they are interested in golf, they are interested you know, traditionally things are changing in this society because women have really made a lot of progress, but traditionally the way things used to be, typically was that it was always the man that had an interest outside of the house, and it was the wife sitting home saying, Oh, you are going out, you are going golfing again? Oh you are going bowling again, or you are going out with the boys again? When are you going to stay home and be with me?


And the man is saying, maybe not consciously but he is saying, I cannot stand talking about what, you know what you bought at the store yesterday anymore, my consciousness has gone beyond that. So traditionally it was the male that reached out, but things are changing today because of modern conveniences women do not have to be scrubbing clothes anymore on a washboard, so a lot of women are opening up that way, that they are interested in the world around them, and they are interested in national affairs, and some people go even beyond that, some people give up their comfortable life in this country to go help hurting people overseas, they give up their whole life, to go overseas and help starving people overseas. So we see right in humanity today, we have different levels of consciousness, people that are all turned inward towards themselves, people that are somewhere in the middle and people that are so turned outward that they are giving up their whole life to help, you know be a volunteer in some war torn or some poverty stricken nation. And this is just a type of the spiritual reality. The one with the greatest expanded consciousness is called Adam and he is the male figure that holds all of the other immature ones which are immature compared to him, he holds them together, he feeds them. I have a Scripture for that, "All the fowls of the heaven made their nest in his bows, and under his branches did all the beast of the field of creation bring forth their young." He took care everybody, before his inner parts rebelled and blew him apart. I have another Scripture up there which is Ezekiel 47:7, "Behold at the bank of the river were very many trees on the one side," you know do you know how many times I read that Scripture? First of all I did not know who the many trees were, and I knew it just did not make any sense to me, and this is what the Lord just gave me as I was sitting here, behold at the bank of the river, where very many trees all of these partial trees, the lion society, the calf society, the hobbit society, all the trees, all of the partial parts of the whole tree of life which is called Adam, and at the bank of the river were very many trees on the one side, on the one side of the infinite point, and Adam was on the other side, on the one side of the infinite point. Behold at the bank of the river there were very many trees on the one side and Adam was external visage, that is what the Lord told me. On the one side Adam was a singular man and on the inside he had seven layers, each was complete with societies and cultures and terrains, externally he appeared like he was one, on the one side, but on the other side of what? Of his skin, he had seven layers, seven worlds, many trees on one side of the river, and on the other side, Adam, although the King James does not say that, it is a secret. I hope after sitting here all of these years there are a lot of words missing from, not so much from the King James translation, but from the Hebrew text, there are words missing, there are secrets, there are mysteries in the doctrine of God, so there are words left out that if you do not what, if you do not have a clue to the mystery, you will never be able to figure it out, the word Adam was left out here, many trees on the one side, and Adam the singular Adam was on the other side, but a reads in the King James, that there were many trees on the one side and on the other side, meaning that there were many trees on one side of the river and also many trees on the other side of the river, it did not make any sense to me.


On one side of this, look, Sheila Vitale, on one person, on this side of my spiritual, my blood, on the other side of my spiritual river I am trillions of cells and systems and organs and many parts are on the other side of me. So what is the message today, what is God saying to us today? He is saying, Die to your selfish desires and face the reality that you are a part of a greater whole and every restriction that He puts on your life is not to hurt you, but to integrate you into the life giving whole of Christ Jesus. Stretch yourself, take your eyes off yourself, not only with doctrine, He said, consider the other man better than yourself. Forget about yourself and live the Scripture. You know the New Testament is not, well I am going to be crucified for this, the New Testament is not really the Scripture, the New Testament is the story about the fulfillment of the promises of the Scripture, which is the Old Testament. Those promises and those prophesies of the Old Testament manifested in a man called Jesus of Nazareth, and when you look at what that man Jesus of Nazareth did, you get a clue as to the purposes of God for us. And then in other books of the New Testament we are told how to behave and how to treat one another, and how to act so that the nature of God could be developed in us because we are at least starting to act that way even though we are not that way inside. The whole intention of God is to get us back to the integrated whole, in which is the only true immortality, the only joy, the only peace, the only safety, the only deliverance from this hostile environment that we live in, and the only true happiness and sense of wellbeing. So it is for two thousand years the glorified Christ has been trying to turn this creation back to where they fell from, two thousand years, and the Lord is saying today, Put away your selfish desires, and give yourself over to the Lord, that we can get on with the program, because it is time.


And as I have been preaching here, the world scientific community is building a new tower of Babel, there are four known forces, they have already unified three of them. The strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force and the electromagnetic force, our scientists have unified those three forces, the fly in the ointment is gravity, and as soon as they unify the fourth one, they will control the weather and all of nature. You know what that means? Do you know who nature is? Nature is Elohim, nature is Gevurah. Do you know who Gevurah is? Gevurah is manifesting in this fallen world as Satan. The forces of nature, that is who Satan is, and the words fathers or the worlds scientists are about to possess that power, and Jehovah who is now manifesting to us as the Lord Jesus, will not allow that to happen. What does this all mean? This evil woman, the child of the Serpent is going to come into existence. The Lord Jesus will never allow it, either you come over to the Lord’s side or you are going to be destroyed, am I threatening you, am I preaching what the rest of the church world preaches that because you reject Jesus that you are going to be destroyed? No, we are having another tower of Babel, you see we are all so self-centered, you know that we think that when destruction falls it is because God is mad at us. Let me tell you something, it is very hard to get God's attention, He is not looking at us ants on the ground, He is just not, He is looking at the collective whole. On the contrary I have been preaching this for years, if you want help from God, you have got to stand out there waving that red flag, crying Jesus help me! Jesus help me!, Jesus help me! And maybe if you yell loud enough, He will hear you. You think if you do one little thing wrong, He is looking at you and throwing a lightning bolt at you? You really think He is going to kill you because you reject Him? The epitome of the selfishness and the ego of man, it is, that is completely wrong, He is looking at humanity as a whole, and He will not allow the child of the Serpent to come into existence in unity and take over the powers that control the powers of judgment and nature in this world. He is not going to let it happen.


I do not even know the depths of what that means, I just know it is bad, bad for us, bad for everybody, so bad that the Lord is not going to let that happen. And if in fact what I am telling you is the truth, and I believe it is, that as our world scientists put this power, this ability to control the powers of nature into the hands of men, destruction is going to come on the human race, not because you are green, white, or orange, or because you did something bad yesterday, or because you blasphemed the Holy Ghost, no. I hope you all get what I am saying, it is the season, look at all the signs, it is the season. Noah preached for a hundred and twenty years and no one believed him and they were all wiped out, that is what I am talking about. Not because you disrespected your husband yesterday, or you did not go to church yesterday. So that is the message brethren, that is the message, you see, the Lord had this to say to you today but He does not come to me and tell me, Sheila this is what I want to say to the people, He put me in this teaching and that was a point that I jumped off from, this is the word that He has for you, that has come forth today.


I may continue with this tonight and may not continue with this tonight because I think I brought out the main message that the Lord had for us, I do not know, we will see after dinner what we will do. This world, this society, this people, we belong to the Lord and we have been kidnaped and we are not going to stay kidnaped, we are just not, this world, this universe, the substance that we are made out of is His, and He came into the earth two thousand years ago, took the form of a man, to give us the opportunity to get out safely before He blows us up. Praise the Lord, any questions? And when I say, before He blows us up, that was an exaggeration, all of the upheavals in nature, volcanoes, tidal waves, tornados, that is what is happening, floods, it is not directed against any one single ant called human. But it is good news, it is good news, it is good news, we are not going to be destroyed but you see there will be people that will pass out of the earth, let me end with this, humanity is not going to be destroyed, this is the last time, Messiah has manifested, He has come twice, we are waiting for His appearance, He already came the second time, He came on the day of Pentecost, He came as a seed and He buried Himself inside of men, and now we are waiting for Him to be born again to appear in us. We are waiting for His appearing, and when He appears, He will bring forth the destruction of the internal structure of the Serpent which is the carnal mind, that is what Peter is talking in first and second Peter, where he talks about all that destruction by fire, it is the destruction of the structure of the Serpent, the internal spiritual structure of the Serpent that is possessing the substance of God. There are going to be many human beings that survive this, but there are going to be many who are ignorant or stubborn or whatever, it is not a personal judgment on the person, okay, there are going to be many people that are either going to pass out of this world naturally or get caught in these nature disasters, there are thousands of people already caught in natural disasters, floods, tornados, volcanoes, nothing personal, it is just business. God has nothing personal against you other than that He loves you, so that is what I am talking about, it is an exciting time that we are living in, if we manage to become a part of His body, I am sure hoping that I will be a part of His body when this whole thing comes to a head, and it is coming to head rapidly, for those who are not, some will die naturally, some will die from natural disasters. So what is the message, it is especially to His church, to the people who are praying to Him every day for help, who just do not understand the scope of what He is doing, and they are waiting to be raptured, and their mind is focusing on all of the wrong things. What should your mind be focusing on, your mind should be, well you should be putting away your selfish desires but looking inward to identify and deal with your sin nature in preparation for the conversion of your nature into Christ. So this is a good word, it is an exciting word, it is an eye opening word, I hope I have not depressed anybody, because if you are depressed, or if you are fearful, you need to rebuke it, this is good message, this is an exciting message, you know, and it is dispelling an element of the church and this is not just in Kabbalah, this message of we are going to have worlds to rule over and all that, it has seeped into the kingdom church, it has seeped very severely into the kingdom church. So this is a message of correction to false doctrine, and it is a message of hope, and it is a message of truth as to what we can expect. So I am going to end here. This may be the end of this message, if I pick it up again after dinner then you will hear my voice, if you do not hear me, if this is the last thing that you hear, then you know that the Lord did not continue with this message after dinner. Any questions or comments? Okay, God bless you all. We have a correction on drawing #1, the reference on the drawing says, Luke 16:19, but it should be Mark 16:19, okay.


Praise the Lord we are back from dinner and I will continue a little more along with this theme. Continuing on with the document that I was reading from, we see that Rabbi Hariwitz makes the following point, he claims that extraterrestrial beings are masters of intelligence and science, yet with all their intellectual potentials, Rabbi Hariwitz claims that all extraterrestrials will lack one essential component that will forever set them apart from the human race, they lacked the ability of free will. Free will separates mankind from any and every other species, it is free will that is the God given spiritual component that separates the human race from being just another animal. And I want to suggest to you that with all due respect, what Rabbi Hariwitz perceives to be extraterrestrial outside of the human race are the other worlds and the other creatures and the other species that exist inside of Adam, okay. The reason that the Scripture says that Adam is made in the image and likeness of God and therefore that is the Scripture that Rabbi Hariwitz and other Rabbis that believe this way are basing the exclusivity of mankind, actually to the Jew okay, that is the Scripture that they are basing it on, that mankind is the only species that can have free will, mankind is made in the image and likeness of God and therefore the only species that can have free will, because the only way you can have free will is if God is on your side to oppose your negative nature. But I want to suggest to you that the carnal mind is in operation here, and the carnal mind gets everything backwards, so Rabbi Hariwitz is seeing the other species which he calls extraterrestrials outside of himself on the planets in the visible universe, but I declare to you that these extraterrestrials if that is what you want to call them, these other species are the other species that are the partial species that exist within Adam. Do I need to explain this again, does everybody know what I am talking about? Adam is the name of the collective consciousness of all of the partial species, and it is true that any single one partial species does not have access to Jehovah, it is only the whole, the whole man, Adam the collective man, and the level of consciousness that represents the whole that has access to God. You see, man as we know him, mortal man really has no access to God, all that we have is the hope that God will smile upon us, and when Christ is added to us, or even before that actually when he sends his Holy Spirit to us okay, we then receive access to God, that is what reconciliation is all about, what the church world calls salvation is really just reconciliation, it is the reinstitution of a relationship with Jehovah through the mediator Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, and now we have access to God.


So we see a major, a major error in Jewish doctrine in that the Jew is the only one, you know that has the actual access to God, although what they are saying here is humanity is the only species that has access to God, but then they go further to say, that it is primarily for the Jew, it is for all of humanity through the indwelling Christ rising in us, and it is the for the whole world, it is for whosoever will, whosoever will.


When Christ is grafted to you, okay, you then become an agent of God and you have access to God, you have access to God, you have access to His mind, and His wisdom and you have free will. Does everyone understand what I said? What Rabbi Hariwitz perceives to be extraterrestrials living on the planets out there are really other species living in here, alright. And the partial tree we have preached a lot about the partial tree in this ministry over 16 years, we are preaching for 16 years you know. It was the partial tree that departed form the whole tree of life, and the partial tree was like the pit inside of a peach, the peach is fine without the pit, the pit is not fine without the peach, see. Praise the Lord, is everybody okay with this?


Alright, so let us see, we are reading from our text now, Free will is not just the ability to think for yourself and choose between this or that direction, free will is something far more than the discretionary ability of determination that is to be found within most all species of life. Free will is the spiritual ability to raise consciousness above the control of the forces of time and space. See the forces that control time and space are the powers and principalities of this world. We are talking about raising our consciousness above the carnal mind, that is what he just said, that is what I just read. Free will is the spiritual ability to raise consciousness above the control of the forces of time and space, we are talking about ascending above the authority of the carnal mind, that is what we are talking about, that is what free will is, okay. According to the Kabbalists, it is even more than leveling the playing field which is what I said on this message. Once you have Christ grafted to you, now you can have a thought apart from the carnal mind and you have the power to choose, the Kabbalists I guess I would have to agree with them that free will, well it is still saying the same thing that I said, it is having the ability to think apart from or ascend above the forces of time and space. Free will is the ability of an entity to evolve at the spiritual level. See we are all evolving spiritually in Christ Jesus, we are all evolving spiritually. This is something that all of the technologies in the universe. All of science cannot, has never found a way to help man to evolve spiritually. Okay, then he goes on to talk about Elohim, and he says, the universe which is seen and unseen that we read about in Genesis 1:1 was created by Elohim. See now I do not agree with that. The universe that was created by Elohim was destroyed when Adam fell, and this perverted came forth, this universe of destruction, this negative universe. Then he goes on to say, that the name of Elohim is the impersonal name of God, God's smallness. The name that expresses only the outer most expressions of the divine, and then he says that the name Elohim in Gemetria which is Hebrew numerology, is equal to the word which means nature. So the Kabbalists believe that Elohim is nature, and nature we know to be Satan, nature who is ruling this world is Satan. So Elohim separated from the other forces, from the restrictive forces of the Sefirot, from the balancing forces of the Sefirot, has become Satan, because there is nothing other than God.


So Satan is an aspect of God that has become isolated that has become an unbalanced aspect of the creation. Is everybody okay with that? Okay. He says, and nature, in reference to the laws of nature, and it is talking about the natural universe, okay. But he says there is an entirely different level of reality undermining the manifest, of the unmanifest universe, I talked about this earlier, this universe which is an expression of the Serpent, Satan and Leviathan, is both visible and invisible, it is both manifest and unmanifest, and then there is another whole level of consciousness which we call the mind of Christ, and which Rabbi Hariwitz says is Jehovah, but we are pretty much saying the same thing.


He says, the level of Jehovah is above the level of Elohim as the heavens are above the earth, and then he says, there is the universal pattern of operations, and when these are discovered technologies could be developed to manipulate them. Now this is exactly what I have been teaching you about quantum mechanics, saying that there are four known forces of nature, and three of them are already unified, and have been manipulated, that is how we get electricity from the manipulation of the electromagnetic force, okay. So Rabbi Hariwitz is saying, that Elohim, in this, although I do not believe Elohim formed this world, okay, I believe that it is Elohim’s work turned inside out in a perverse way. He says, this universe is referred to as the left hand of God, the source of divine restriction and judgment. So we see Elohim has manifesting as Gevurah which is in the language of our world is Satan, Satan who is bringing judgment on this fallen world, and Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind. So we bring judgment on each other all the time, the sowing and reaping judgment. If I hit you and hit me back, Satan has moved through you to judge me, and that is just putting it very simply.


Rabbi Hariwitz goes on to say, that yet there is power beyond the universe, this power by the direction of the divine will supersede or can supersede the laws of nature, and this is exact what I have been talking about. The laws of nature are operating today as the sowing and reaping judgment. The Lord Jesus Christ comes with the white throne judgment to override the destructive sowing and reaping judgment and turned that judgment into, which is unto destruction, into something positive. So we see that according to this Kabbalists, Jesus Christ came in the authority of Jehovah, higher than the authority of this world, higher than the laws of this world, He is above the natural laws of this world, and Elohim is called the source of divine restriction and judgment. Then we are told that there is a power above and beyond this universe okay, that supersedes the laws of nature, and this power is called the right hand of God that intervenes in His universe, and this is Jehovah, okay. So we see that Jesus when He came, came in the authority of Jehovah to override the sowing and reaping judgment which is authority of the level of Elohim. He came with a higher authority, okay.


Now this is interesting, I do not know about you but I have been hearing for years obviously that I have been in the church, that Jesus is the word, I do not know about you but I never really fully understood why He was called the word, I know that I heard it explained that He is the living expression of the Bible, but somehow my understanding of that was never completed, I think that it has been completed now. Listen to this explanation of Jesus being the word, okay.


He is saying that Jehovah is above and beyond the laws of the universe. Jehovah is a law unto itself, the true eternal law. In order for it to be revealed experienced and expressed within our universe of time and space, Jehovah had to cloak Himself in an appropriate garment that could contain Him, and this garment which exists in time and space is the house where the Spirit of Jehovah dwells, this garment, this house, is the holy Torah, it is the Bible, the Bible, the word of God is the house, the physical house that Jehovah dwelled in. So Jesus is the word, He is the physical house for the Spirit of the living God, that is what it means that He is the word, He is the house for the living God.


He says, the Torah is the exclusive domain and inheritance of Israel, the people of this planet given to us by Jehovah at Mount Sinai. Well we know that, that is not true, that the Scripture has been given to the whole world and it certainly belongs to those who worship Jesus Christ, who is the present day manifestation of Jehovah. Jehovah, well Jesus ascended to a higher place than Jehovah, Jesus came as a manifestation of Jehovah, which is the name of God that is on the level of Chokhmah, and when Jesus ascended, He went to the level of God that is Keter, He went up even higher. So we are told that the Torah only takes the form of a book, as it is revealed in this world. I now have a better understanding of Jesus being the living word, He is the manifestation of every word written in this Bible, it is very similar to what I said earlier on this message, that the New Testament is not really the Scripture, the New Testament is a story, it is the account of the outplay of the Scripture, because I do not know about you brethren, but I know my own experience, I hear from God a lot, I get a lot of words from God, a lot of dreams from God, and when I get a spiritual communication from the Lord, I may understand it in principle, but I never know how it is going to play out in the natural until it plays out in the natural, and that spiritual communication that I get can play out in probably an infinite possibilities, an infinite number of possibilities.


So when we see Jesus and the New Testament records we see the outplaying, the fulfillment of all of the promises of prophecy in the Old Testament, so that we can get a handle on what these things really mean when we see them manifested through a human being Jesus, and through the apostles, the disciples and then the apostles, okay. So in the same way, that is what Jesus is, and that is why He is called the word, He is the expression, He is the physical expression of Jehovah clothed in a human being, and then when Jesus ascended, He went up to one level higher. Praise the Lord.


I am jumping ahead now, and this is, I am dealing with a translation again of Rabbi Hariwitz, and it says here that, well first of all the Zohar says that, talks about stars, but this is the translation of Rabbi Hariwitz, He says that the stars are really worlds and that they each have a place of habitation, he also says that the 18,000 worlds, this term 18,000 worlds exists in the Zohar, and this Rabbi Hariwitz says that these 18,000 worlds are physical planets. I told you earlier on this message, I have a real problem with taking these numbers, and they have very big numbers in the Zohar, in the thousands and in the hundreds of thousands, I have real a problem taking them literally, and I am much more inclined to take them spiritually, the number 18 is the number for life, and all numbers in the thousands refer to Chokhmah. So we are talking about the life of wisdom, Chokhmah is associated with wisdom. So to talk about 18,000 worlds is talking about the quality of life or the quality of consciousness that we experience when we are raised up to the level of Chokhmah, and that life, that wisdom that comes forth from that level produces true life, because immortality is in Binah, Chokhmah, and Keter. So if our consciousness is raised up to the level of Chokhmah, which is in the thousands, then we experience the life of that wisdom, and that is what the 18,000 is, I am convinced of that.


Further on, Rabbi Hariwitz says, well it says here that it is written in the Zohar that every righteous person has his own star, okay, and we know that when Jesus was born the wise men said, we saw Jesus' star. Every righteous person has His own star, and therefore each has his own private world. Now, I have no problem believing that, because I teach here that each human being is a timeline, okay, and that timeline that we are, and what is a timeline, what does it mean a timeline that we are? It means the life that we lead, and everyone whose life that we touch, and every place that we go, is a timeline, you know that affects other people all of the time. So from that point of view, we have our own private world, but to me that does not mean that we have our own private planet, it means this is my world, what goes on in my life, my relationship with the Lord, my relationship with you, everywhere I go, every place that I touch, that is my world, it is a spiritual world, it is a spiritual path, or a world line, it is not a planet.


So every righteous person has his own star, and we know that the sun is a star and Jesus is the sun of righteousness. So every righteous person has Christ in them, that is what that means that every righteous person has his own star, every righteous person has Christ in him. There is a sun and a moon inside of all of us, we have a spiritual sun and moon inside of us.


And then it goes on to say, it appears according to this, that the 18,000 worlds spoken about in a particular Hebrew book, correspond to the 18,000 righteous, hinted in Ezekiel 48:35, where the phrase is surrounded by 18,000. Once again, that is talking about the level of consciousness that produces the level of consciousness where wisdom produces life. And what we are talking about is the level of life in Christ Jesus that will take over the functions of our body so that we could be cut off from Leviathan and still live, that is what we are talking about, the wisdom that produces life, okay.


So, you know it is really surprising to me, but it should not be, nothing should surprise me, because I know that no matter how much revelation anybody has including myself, nobody how much revelation we have, when you come to the end of your revelation, you are as ignorant as everybody else, you know. But I am surprised to see that a Kabbalistic community that has such deep revelation, I read the Zohar, they have such deep revelation available to them, you know, to find these Rabbis translating the Zohar which is an intensely deep spiritual work, to be translating the Zohar literally just absolutely amazes me. Do you understand what I am talking about? That these Rabbis that have access to the Zohar which is deep revelation on the Scripture, that they should take the Zohar literally, and not understand that it needs to be understood on a deep spiritual level.


And another thing that surprises me, this particular Rabbi that wrote this work that I am reading you from, he has written articles opposing the New Testament, and he takes the New Testament Scriptures absolutely literally, which also amazes me, how could you come out of a background and an education where you are taught to understand what they call the Sod, the spiritual understanding of the Scripture and then go outside of that frame of reference into another frame of reference which is called the New Testament, and take every word that you read literally. You know what that says to me? It says to me, and I am in no way putting this person down, this is just the truth, it says to me, that this is not a spiritual person that is looking for spiritual understanding in every corner, this was a man who conceived spiritual things when he is instructed and he is told this is the Sod, this is the spiritual understanding, but as soon as he goes to another frame of reference, he is as carnal as everybody else, so what does that mean? He is not functioning from a spiritual source within himself, do you understand what I just said? Okay.


I am going to wind this down right now, I am just reading the last few sentences right now where Rabbi Hariwitz position is that everything that is made is made, all the supernal worlds are made for the sake of the human species, and all of this so that the human species can guide mankind and enable them to receive reward and punishment. I do not, I cannot agree with the way that is expressed, that mankind is the only species that has free will. I prefer to say that mankind is the name of the collective species, you see.


When you say mankind is the only species that has access to God, it is putting all of the other species in a lower place than you, and I do not believe that, that is God's intention, even though the other species are the partial tree, the Lord is speaking to the collective whole, it is like speaking to a whole family, but He is speaking to the husband which is the physical representative of the family, but you are still speaking to the whole family, but you speak to the head of the family. Mankind or Adam is the head of the family, it is not that the other species have no access to God, they do have access to God through Adam, the mediator, you see. All of the partial species okay, within Adam most definitely do have access to God through Adam the mediator, and I have not read this word for word, but I did come across a paragraph where the point is made or the question is raised, how can this be, a contradiction was found, okay.


According to Kabbalistic principles, the only people that can receive reward or punishment are the people who have free will because if you do not have free will, how can God punish you if you do something wrong, if you do not have free will and you are just completely controlled, okay. And there was some proof found that these other species received reward and punishment. So this was an unanswered question, as far as, I have not read every single word of this treatise, but to the best of my revelation, this was an unanswered question, how could these what is called here extraterrestrials receive reward and punishment okay, when they have no free will, when they have no access to God, they do have access to God, through the mediator, Adam, who is appearing in this world today as Christ Jesus the only mediator between God and man. Every species has access to God. Brethren, you may remember me teaching you that this was Cain's problem, Cain's wrath against Abel, was because Jehovah appointed Abel as the male, in the male position, and said, Cain, you are in the female position, and if you want access to me, Jehovah speaking, Cain if you want access to me, you have to go through Abel who will mediate for you, and that was the source of Cain's wrath against Abel.


So it is not true that other species have no access to God, everybody has access to God, through a mediator, the man Christ Jesus, praise the Lord. Well this was an interesting study, are there any questions or comments before we close, okay, Goodnight all.





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