580 - Part 2

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Praise the Lord, I am dealing with a paragraph in our notes which talks about Meroz. Now we find that word in Judges 5:23 which reads, "Curse ye Meroz, said the angel of the Lord, Curse ye bitterly the inhabitants thereof because they came not to the help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty." Now the author of the writing that we are dealing with claims that this Meroz is another planet, and this is what he says in his written work, he brings evidence from the Bible quoting the verse from Judges 5:23, "Cursed be Meroz, cursed be those that dwell there."


According to what is written, in a particular Hebrew reference book, Meroz is the name of a planet, and the verse says, "Cursed be those that dwell there", which clearly implies that those who are, that there are those who dwell in the stars. Now, that is a pretty big jump you know, to read a verse, you know, a verse in the book of Judges that I just read to you, that says, "Curse ye Meroz, said the angel of the Lord, curse ye bitterly the inhabitants thereof because they came not to the help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty." To take that verse and determine that, that verse signifies Meroz is a planet? That is a big jump, okay. Now, it could be that the person writing this had an inspiration from the Lord, but I tell you as of this moment that I get no witness to it.


That is all that I am saying, that I get no witness to that, okay. Going on with the commentary that we are working with, we are told, once again, the man who writes this says this clearly implies that there are those who dwell in the stars. Now remember what we are talking about here is the possibility of life on other planets, okay. Now what we have is somebody, we are dealing with an article that is quoting another writer okay. The writer of the article says, This can be refuted, that Meroz is talking about, is a planet, and this is what he says, We can say that this verse speaks of the host of the star, that means the surrounding stars. As it is written in the Zohar, relating to this particular verse, there in the Zohar refers to the star's assistance, however according to the plain meaning of the matter, the view of the sefir, have bret seems clear.


There in chapter 4, he writes about the stars, whether they are worlds, are the stars worlds, with other peoples on them, and if they are all equal to one another, and if creation there is as creation here. He brings down the example of the ocean and points out how different life in the ocean is from the life on land. The article that we are dealing with is commenting on someone else's article that is written by a Rabbi, a well-known Rabbi of his day, claiming that there is life on other planets, and that mankind is the regent or the caretaker of the species on other planets, that is what this Rabbi is coming from. I tend to think that the writer of the article that we are dealing with tends to go along with him, but I disagree with much of what he is saying as you can hear on the first part of this message.


Okay, now the writer of the article goes on to say, oh okay, this is a quote, the writer of the article is quoting now, "there is no doubt that there are no other people in our image and likeness who have free will, even if they are very smart and intelligent, for it is already known that it is impossible for there to be free will other than with the species of man who inhabits the earth."


This is the position of the writer that mankind is superior to all the other species and races that exist on the other planets, and in particular he says here, all the stars were created for the sake of Israel. What he is saying is that mankind is superior to all of the species on the other world, and that Israel is superior to all of the other races of mankind. I disagree with this, I believe that the Spirit of God is the great equalizer, that the superior one is the spiritual man Christ Jesus, and at the end of our processing, all will be equal in Christ, just as all are equal before the law, we are supposed to be equal before the law, okay.


Now it has been quite a while since I preached part one of this message, and I have reviewed those messages, but probably the people listening to me have not, so I will just remind you that it is my opinion as I have received revelation from the Lord, that there are no people inhabiting the other planets, all of the other stars, I believe that the other heavenly bodies as they are called in our world, that they are all barren, they are dead and they are barren, why? Because, they are the external expression of a superior spiritual being, the planet earth is the garment if you will or the external or the visible or the physical expression of Noah.


The whole earth is Noah, Noah the only one who survived the flood. Noah I have been preaching for years was not a humanoid, I have been preaching for years, that Noah was not in an animal body, that mankind on the other side of the flood were not beings that inhabited animal bodies, humanity as we see him today is in the third stage of the fall, we have become animals. Mankind on the other side of the flood was not an animal, they were superior spiritual beings and they had visible manifestations that appeared as planets.


The Greek and the Romans knew it, they imputed or they drew an analogy between the planets and their gods that they worshiped. These are all spiritual beings that existed on the other side of the flood. I also state on part one of this message if you care to review it, that in my opinion, all of the galaxies, now remember, our sun is just one star in a galaxy that contains probably millions if not billions or trillions of stars, then there are maybe millions of galaxies, I do not have the numbers in front of me, but the thinking of mankind, the political correct thinking of mankind is, how could we possibly be so arrogant as to think that this little planet in all of the universe, is the only place where life exists, how could we be so arrogant to believe that? Well we could be so arrogant to believe that when we have a knowledge of the truth, and my understanding of the truth in this instance is that, let us take this a step at a time, if you can believe that a visible planet is somehow a visible manifestation of superior being, okay, if you can believe that, okay, then you can say that all of these dead planets are the shed skins or the shed visible manifestations of dead spiritual beings, can you hear that?


Just as a snake sheds his skin every seven years, and you can walk through the desert and see snake skins lying there, these planets are shed garments of spiritual beings, and in many cases, I believe them to be, shed garments of spiritual beings that never even got started. I believe that the Serpent has been trying to bring forth a spiritual child in her own image since the time of the fall, and that the Lord has interfered with the birthing of a spiritual child in the image of the Serpent, therefore many of these planets and stars and all of the heavenly bodies out there, they are the aborted attempts of the Serpent to bring forth a child.


If you can hear this brethren, unto us a child is given. You would say, Sheila, do you not believe that refers to Jesus Christ? I believe it refers to Christ Jesus, I believe that every prophecy can manifested on several levels, but ultimately it has one ultimate meaning, and the ultimate meaning of that prophecy "to us a child is given" is that a spiritual child Christ Jesus is given to fallen mankind who exists in animal bodies, and that child is many membered spiritual child, and his name is salvation to every human being that He indwells. Jesus the Christ was the first human being that was indwelt by this spiritual child.


Now Jesus the Christ is glorified, and in His glorified state, He is pouring Himself out upon all of humanity that the spiritual child that was in Jesus, that swallowed up the personality of Jesus in the glorification, the soulish and the earthen aspect of Jesus was swallowed up, and the spiritual child was exalted, now that spiritual child of which Jesus of Nazareth is now a part, is pouring Himself out upon all of humanity.


I know to the people who do not understand what I am saying, this is going to sound like blasphemy, but it is the glorified Jesus Christ okay who gave birth, Jesus the Christ gave birth to that spiritual child, and it was that spiritual child that married His soul and enabled Jesus the Christ to shed His physical body, and ascend in a glorified state into the higher worlds, and from that high place, that spiritual child called Christ Jesus is now spreading Himself out and grafting Himself, in the process of grafting Himself to the many members of humanity. That is the spiritual child that is given to us for salvation.


When the Scripture says, a child is given, well it is wrong to say, it was talking about Jesus of Nazareth? No, that is not wrong, that was the beginning, that is the basic initial understanding of that Scripture, but the ultimate fulfillment of that Scripture is a spiritual child that you know, you can be fifty years old, and still be the child of your parents, you are still the child of your parents, the spiritual child that is coming forth that we read about in Revelation chapter 12, that is the child, the offspring of Adam Kadmon. It is the child of God, okay, He is a spiritual being, appearing in many members, a single male spiritual child with many human wives, and all of these planets and asteroids and stars and suns, and everything else that is out there, that is all the residue, the trash of the Serpent's aborted attempts to produce a child and therefore a universe in her own image, that is why everything is dead out there, that is why there are no people, there are no beings living on these other planets, I do not believe we will ever find intelligent life on any of these planets. Praise the Lord.


Anybody could make a case you know, you can take a Scripture, you can take scientific material, and make a case for what you believe, so what I am presenting to you today is the answer to the politically correct statement, how could you be so arrogant as to think that this is the only place in the entire universe that intelligent life has come forth. I can believe that because I understand that the Serpent seduced the female aspect of Adam, had spiritual sexual intercourse with her, and brought forth a fallen creation, and is in the process of trying to bring forth a spiritual child in the Serpent's own image that will inhabit, you see, this is the Serpent's plan, that there should be intelligent life on every planet of the universe, all inhabited by the spiritual female child and in the Serpent's image.


That is the Serpent's plan, that is not God's plan. What is God's plan? I do not know what God's plan is, but I know that I have, I know that I am telling you the truth about the reason that we have not found intelligent life on other planets yet, because everything out there is an abortion of the Serpent. Either the Serpent failed to bring forth life, or the Serpent was in the process of bringing forth life, and the Lord interfered with it, but everything died. I want to tell you something else, that Noah would be dead too if the Lord was not having mercy on us, because Noah sinned, Noah made it to the other side of the flood and he fornicated with Satan. We are the result of Noah's fornication with Satan. Noah's descendants fell into animal bodies because Noah fornicated with the animal aspect of his mind rather than with the Christ, or rather than with Adam in his mind, which ever word you want to use, Noah agreed with the thoughts of the Serpent rather than the thoughts of Jehovah, let us put it in the Old Testament terms, and he reproduced in the form and in the nature of the spiritual man that he fornicated with.


We, all of his descendants walk around, we look like the animals, and we have animal emotions. Animals have emotions, the emotional part of us arises out of our animal nature, God is rational, God is a rational intelligent intellectual being. You hear this message and you say, Well I am not rational and intellectual, so there is hope for me I am going to go out and give out some tracks. Brethren if you choose to follow after the Lord Jesus Christ, He will give you the ability to be intellectual, and rational and logical, because maturity in Christ Jesus are those things. If you are not intelligent, He will make you intelligent, if you are willing to make the effort, He will increase it.


I hope that I have explained my position and that I have given an answer for anyone who chooses to lay hold of it and use it, to anyone that says the Bible is believed by ignorant people, and it does not make any sense, well it makes sense when you understand where God is coming from. This whole universe is the product of the Serpent, and it is filled with the debris of the Serpent's destruction, the Serpent is death, everything that she touches is death, and there is death through the whole universe. The only planet that survived is the earth, and we are Noah, and the only reason we survived is that the Lord made a covenant with Noah and his sons, that we would not be wiped out, that He would come and purify us with fire that we might continue to live, that the Lord might have a name or an expression in the earth. The Lord who is spiritual wants to be revealed in the earth, the Serpent has utterly failed to bring forth a spiritual child in her own image, and on the contrary, wait for the birth of Christ in mankind, so that she can swallow him up and destroy him, because the Serpent in her ignorance still has the hope of ruling and reigning through humanity.


She still does not get it, that when she wins, and when she brings her life forth in the form of a spiritual child in human being, that the end of that is death, because we cannot continue on for so long as we are disconnected from the Lord, we cannot live without Him, and it is only the corrupted polluted mind of the Serpent that thinks that it is possible to do so. Well this is hard word brethren, I tell you again, this is hell. You know, you look at all of the things going on in the medical community, all of the wonderful things that we have in the western world, to save our lives and preserve our lives, hospitals, surgery, operating rooms, all of these wonderful things, it is true it preserves your life, but look at it from the other side brethren, it is hell, and this is the Serpent's way of keeping us alive, this is not God's way, surgery, having tubes come out of you, cutting yourself wide open, having doctors poke you and prod you where they should not be, this is not the healing of the Lord. Am I telling you not to go for that kind of treatment? No, I am not, I am just telling you that the truth will set you free, and if you want to be delivered from hell, translated into heaven, you need to know that you are in hell, and that God does not heal you by sticking metal things inside of you, and down your mouth, and cutting you open, and cutting your organs out, that is not what God does. You are in the Serpent's world, and you have to believe that if you want to have any hope of being translated into Christ. Praise the Lord. Okay, before we go on, are there any questions or comments before we go on? Okay.


We are moving on with this writing that we are dealing with, we are in a chapter called non-extraterrestrial alien origins, angels, or demons. We are told that Tammud says, that if the eye could see, and a person would not be able to function normally do the abundance of spirits surrounding us at all times. Kabbalah says that these spirits, well let me read this, Sages have identified our invisible neighbor as being the different races of the angels and another race called demons. The Sages of Israel have full knowledge of all non-corporeal entities that is angels and demons. Unlike the Christians who believe that all demons are fallen angels. Well I do not know about other Christians, but I do not teach that here, that all demons are fallen angels.


I believe that, at least there are a class of demons that are aspects of the fallen soul, well that is interesting, we are the fallen angels. Mankind and the members of mankind in particular are the fallen angels. We are the angels who sinned on the other side of the flood. The King James translation says that, I cannot quote it to you exactly, but at least the method that Jesus says, that the Scripture says, Jesus died and He went down to hell to preach, I believe that is in one of the books of Peter, that He went down to preach to the souls that had sinned on the other side of the flood. I Peter 3:18, "For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit, by which Spirit also He went and preached unto the spirits in prison." It does not say hell, it says, prison, "which sometimes were disobedient", the spirits in prison were sometimes disobedient, "When once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah while the ark was preparing, wherein few that is, eight souls were saved by water."


Of course we are told in Acts 2:31 that Jesus was in hell. So some of the teachers in the church, some of the people who teach in the church drew a conclusion, their carnal mind drew a conclusion from these Scriptures that Jesus, after He was crucified went down to hell and preached to the spirits in hell, okay, that were cast down into hell when God sent the flood in, but the truth of the matter is, that we are the spirits who existed, we are the angels that existed on the other side of the flood, reincarnated in these animal bodies.


Verse 18 says that Christ was quickened by the Spirit, by that same Spirit by which He went and preached unto the spirits in prison. What that means is that the Spirit of Christ preached to us, through the man Jesus. We are in hell, we are in prison, our spirits are in prison in these animal bodies that bind us to the earth and keep us carnal. You know, what we have in our penal system today, depending on what your crime is, they may let you out of jail with a bracelet on you, and by that bracelet they keep track of you where you are. Well we have these bracelets on us, we are trapped in these animal bodies, so that we cannot escape from this world. Do you know the ultimate proof in my mind that this whole world is a prison colony, in Einstein's discovery about light, do you know that in order to escape this world, we would have to travel faster than the speed of light, and do you also know that the faster we go trying to outrun light, okay, the more we slow down. Time slows down, the faster we run, time slows down.


It is impossible for people in our condition to outrun the speed of light. In order to outrun the speed of light, we would have to be able to access an infinite speed, but praise be to God, the Lord Jesus Christ can access or cause us to run at infinite speed. I have been talking about a quantum jump here for a long time, that we have to go over a wall, that we have to have a quantum, we have to get a real push from the Lord or a catching up from the Lord to escape from the gravity of this world, and quantum mechanics justifies that statement.


We are trapped in this world, the faster we run, the more time slows down, we cannot go any faster than light, we cannot escape from this world without an infinite measure of power, and praise God, the glorified Jesus Christ is that infinite power that is going to give us that extra push, it is going to cause us to catapult out of the prison houses of these bodies. My whole point in reading this Scripture to you is to tell you that I disagree with this Kabbalistic writer who says he speaks for Jewish teaching, maybe the majority of Sages do believe in angels and demons, but I am telling you that we are the angels that sinned and are presently in prison houses, therefore my definition of demons, or at least one class of demons, is aspects of the human soul.


I have taught this for years, that when you repent, you see we all have a sin nature, and there are all kinds of sinful thoughts and lustful thoughts and sinful and lustful motives that continuously turn around in our sin nature, when we repent, this is the way the Lord gave me to describe it two years ago, when we repent, that area in which we repented is scored like it is a piece of glass, it is scored, and when you score a piece of glass, and you just tap it, and that piece of glass comes out of the whole sheet of glass, that is what a demon is on this level anyway. A demon is the expelling of an aspect of your sin nature which the person getting delivered from, has rejected through repentance. That is at least one level of demons, now there may be other demons out there that are entities unto themselves, I would not deny that, because I do not know, it may very well be the case, and then as far as angels go, the Lord has told me after many years of prayer what the angels are, the angels are aspects of either Adam Kadmon or the Serpent. You see, when a superior being has a thought, that thought materializes in the form of a demon or an angel, and goes forth to bring to pass the desire of the whole entity.


It is just as if we, I wanted to buy, I wanted a bagel and cream cheese, I would go in my car, and go and get myself, go buy that bagel and cream cheese. In the mind of a superior being, the thought or the desire for that bagel and cream cheese manifests as a being called an angel which goes forth to bring it to pass. In my case, I was an angel, I wanted a bagel and cream cheese, I got in the car, I went and I got it. In the Scripture, Abraham sends his servant to bring a wife for Isaac. That is a type of the manifestation of angels, a superior being that is spirit sends forth a thought and that thought materializes as a being called an angel which sometimes communicates with men and sometimes does not, but who goes on a mission, angels are messengers to bring to pass the will of the great spiritual mind that sent them. And of course, evil angels are the thoughts of the Serpent, the Serpent on a very high spiritual level. See, so that is my understanding, now I could be wrong, or there could be more information that I do not know about, but this is what we are dealing with right now in this writing. It says, our Sages have identified our visible neighbors as being the different races of the angels and another race called demons. Unlike the Christians who believe that the demons are fallen angels, well I do not know maybe the Catholic Church believes that, I do not know who believes that, Torah has always known demons to be a separate race different from any of the angelic races and that they were created as such.


Now, I do not know about that, you know, and this is just my opinion and it could be this writer is wrong, I do not know but I had a problem believing that the Lord created demons, you know, but what I do believe the Lord created was many different species, and I talk about this on part one of this message, and that the name of the collective whole of humanity is Adam. Adam is a spiritual being with a visible appearance, visible external presence and that visible external presence which is not supposed to be solid like this, it is supposed to be etheric, okay, has seven layers to it. Let me show you this on the board.


Drawing #1, I am showing you the spiritual woman, Malkhut, now this is great mystery, okay, this spiritual woman is a single entity and each of us are within her, but everything that I am showing you on this board is also true of the individual, it is just like saying, let us look at a pregnant woman, a woman with a fetus inside of her, okay. That fetus inside of the woman has all of the same organs that the woman has, if the woman is pregnant with twins or triplets or with today's wonder drugs we have some women giving birth to six, or being pregnant with six babies, if she has six babies inside of this one woman, each of those babies has a heart and a lung, and a liver and a spleen, so this diagram on the board is a diagram of the whole spiritual woman which is all of mankind and it is also true of each of us. There are internal worlds, our flesh, when we talk about our flesh, it includes this whole physical body, it is not the sin, it is not my outer skin here, when I talk about my flesh, I am talking about my inner organs, everything that you could see, if the surgeon were to cut me open, everything that you could see is still, actually spiritually it is the skin, the flesh is the spiritual part of me, the flesh is the six inner worlds that are invisible, six inner worlds that are inhabited, but invisible.


I do not have all of the answers, but I know that at least some of these internal worlds are inhabited by intelligent spiritual insects. Now I do not know whether all six of them are inhabited by that or not. I know that the Hindu gods, any pagan god that you see that has six arms and legs, they are insects, Kali is a spiritual insect, that is why she has six arms, she is an insect.


Everything is, as far as words go, as far as nomenclature goes, nomenclature means the names that you give things, different disciplines apply different names. If you study psychology, you will find that several of the great psychologists talk about the same thing, but apply different names to the concept that they are talking about. If the Kabbalists say that these species that live, they live inside of us, and they also live inside of the collective woman, which is so big that we cannot see her, her name is, I am not even sure, well I guess her name is Leviathan or the Dragon, I get mixed up myself, okay, I am not sure what the name is, probably the Dragon, because Leviathan is the Dragon's spiritual sexual organ. The inner worlds exist on a collective level and they exists inside of us. All of these worlds are inside of us, and they are all feeding off of us, they drink like spiritual blood, just like the insects of this world, seen on our physical blood, and please note that in the midst of the woman is Adam who is pure energy, the woman is Adam's form, okay. So we had Adam in the midst who is pure energy, you could call him Zeir Anpin or Adam, and you see that Adam shines through the, and of course I did not say this, there are seven layers to this woman.


The world that we are conscious, we are conscious in this external physical world, and this is a world that Jesus called outer darkness because Jesus came from deep in here, Jesus came from deep underneath the earth. Now, when I first, when the Lord first showed me this, I got a little confused because we are always, we are trained to think that God comes down from heaven, and that underneath the earth is hell, but Jesus said, this is outer darkness and heaven is Zeir Anpin. This internal world, heaven is inside of us and heaven is under the earth, the exact opposite of what we were taught. For us to get back to heaven, we have to penetrate through these six layers of other worlds. I remember not too long ago, I was ministering to someone over the telephone, and what I mean is, they were not in New York, so I had a telephone relationship with them, they would call me once a week, and shortly after they started calling me, all kinds of problems cropped up in their life, which is typical, and I said, when they asked me why, I said, Well you are pressing into the astral plane, you are in outer darkness here and you are pressing into next world, which is inhabited by spiritual insects and demons if you want to call them demons, and she says, Oh, I thought I was pressing into the kingdom of God. Well the kingdom of God is on the other side of hell. We are in outer darkness, we have to penetrate all six worlds to get to heaven in the center where Adam is.


Each of these worlds has its own inhabitants, and they are all hostile, how do you know that Sheila? I read my Bible, when the Jews came out of captivity in Egypt, all of the kings of the lands that they pass through would not let them pass through, the leaders said, Look we do not want any trouble with you, we just want to pass through, we are on our way to the holy land, but the kings fought with them, with the Israelites, they would not let them through. We are told in the book of Joel, that we are headed back to the Garden of Eden. Well the garden of Eden is in the center, and it is a level of consciousness, it is a level of consciousness, your body is not, your physical body is not going anywhere, we are penetrating into the inner world, and when our consciousness abides in the inner world, there will be nothing in the outer world that can harm us, because we will become one with the energy source.


You know, as I study my science and my cosmology, I now understand that all, that our sun and every star that is a living star has an atomic stock pile in its internal parts, did you know that?


Stars at their innermost core are atomic fuel plants, they are just churning out atomic fuel, but you see, our sun is a star that gives us light and heat because it is an atomic dynamo. We cannot travel to the sun, you do not hear anything about our space program traveling to the sun, because we would be burned to a crisp, or the astronaut would be burned to a crisp, that star is on fire, and the fire is generating from its internal core of chemicals that are in this star, and all stars ultimately run out of fuel, so you will hear the scientists prophesying, well in a couple of trillions years our sun is going to run out of fuel, and we will all be destroyed because we cannot live on this planet without the sun, and that is what a black hole is.


When a star runs out of fuel, the force in the universe known as gravity causes that star to collapse in upon itself, and a black hole is a dead star. Well if we do not have a spiritual atomic dynamo in the midst of us, we are a dead black hole, but when Christ is grafted and when Christ abides in our heart center, he starts churning out this energy, and we here in outer darkness are challenged to agree with him and not with these internal worlds that are standing between us and immortality in Christ.


Anyway, what this message, well let me finish, this message is about definitions of angels and demons, and I am just telling you that the Kabbalists say that this is the definition of angels, that they are other species, and that God made them that way. Now, maybe I misunderstood what I read to you, I believe that God made all of these species, but each of these species is a part of the partial tree, when these species are under the dominion of the king of universe Adam, or Christ Jesus, they will not be deadly, that is what the Scripture means when it talks about the lion lying down with the lamb. All of the animals in the jungle, if there are any left, would not be deadly to a man who is standing in full stature, and it is not just the man who is standing in full stature, when the whole earth is reconciled to God, and this energy source in the midst of each individual and in the midst of each individual and in the midst of the collective mankind is burning just as our sun provides heat and light for humanity, we will be providing all of the nourishment that the these other entities need and that the animals of this world need. The only reason we have violence in the animal world is when animals are hungry, it is very rare for an animal to kill except when it is hungry, and these entities if you want to call them devils, I do not know, God has not given me a name, if you want to call them demons or whatever, they drink our spiritual blood because they are starving and because they have become evil, since humanity and this whole creation was cut off from God, but in the hour that all things are restored, in the regeneration, did you ever wonder what the regeneration was? This is the regeneration, the regeneration of the spiritual atomic stock pile in the middle of the creation which was going to turn a black hole back into a living vibrating, vital star that is giving off energy and heat. (Starting second side) ...and giving light to all of the planets that surround it and that orbit around it, that is what Jesus meant when He talked about the regeneration, and the rekindling of this spiritual atomic stock pile is happening inside each of us and inside of the woman as a whole, the spiritual woman as a whole, inside of the creation as a whole, it is the literal reversal of a black hole unknown to the scientists.


As far as the scientists go, it is impossible to reverse the death of a star and the death of a star is called a black hole. That is what Jesus is doing. The scientists tell you that the whole universe is covered with black holes, that there are black holes all over the universe. Brethren this is a universe of death, and death shows in every aspect of the universe and of our world, it is a world of death and in the regeneration, every one of the black holes, well I do not know what will be left, we know that the Lord is rolling up this world like a scroll, so I should not really say that, that all of the black holes will be reversed, I do not know about that, but all of the black holes of humanity will be reversed, we will become shining stars again, stars that are giving out energy, stars that nourish and strengthen other people, we will no longer be negative, drawing people to us because we are weak and afraid and we want strong people to protect us, because we are poor, we want people to, and I am not putting down poor people that are hungry, it is a part of the work of the bride to feed the hungry and take care of the poor, but it is not the Lord's intention that you should stay hungry and poor.


You are supposed to stop being something negative that needs to be fed and become a star in Christ that is now giving out, and giving life to other people. This is the plan of the Lord, but again what we are talking about now is angels and demons. The six layers, these six worlds inside of each human being and inside of the whole collective woman, this is where the angels or the other species, okay, this is where the other species live, so we are coming to sort of a confusion here, because my definition of angels as I explained to you earlier, are the materialized thoughts of a superior being with a specific function, okay.


Now, even Kabbalah says that there are some angels that exist only for a season, they exist only until they fulfill their role, until they fulfill their commission, and then there are some angels that exist forever, they do not die after or cease to exist after they fulfill their commission. Kabbalah says for example, the archangel Michael exists. Well the archangel Michael is a manifestation of Christ, I do not want to get into that right now. We see that there are two kinds of angels, the angels that are thought forms of superior beings that execute their commission and cease to exist, and then angels that are permanent aspects of Adam Kadmon that exist forever, okay that is my definition of angels. I perceive these other species as species, now whether or not they are angels and demons in here, or whether we are just disagreeing on the word that we are using, I do not know, but I hope I have made my point.


We see that Adam is shining through the woman, now this is the glorified female, this can happen in an individual, it will eventually happen in mankind as a whole, Adam who is pure energy will be shining through his wife and we are going to see a visible creation with the glory of God emanating all, from all over, from his hands, eyes, nose, ears, energy, the energy of the internal core of the life-giving internal core flowing out of the whole creation, and these entities will no longer be evil, because they will be nurtured and fed and taken care of. I know as I said, I know at least one world is spiritual insects, I do not know about the other worlds. I have lined up each of these worlds with a Sefirot, of course outer darkness is Malkhut of Malkhut, the seventh layer, the innermost layer is Chesed of Malkhut, and we have Gevurah of Malkhut, and Tiferet of Malkhut, and Netzach of Malkhut, and Hod of Malkhut, and Yesod of Malkhut. Of course Adam shining through to outer darkness is called the healing shadow or Adam or Christ's healing shadow, the glory of God in this world, and of course this is the Lord Jesus' intention that the glory of God, the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, is now in the center of humanity, he went back to the center, and it is his job to overcome all of the resistance in the inner and outer worlds and shine through unhindered into the outer world, and through his anointing to feed and nourish all aspects of life and bring his peace and his law to all of the worlds including the outermost world.


Now the Kabbalists have a name for each layer of the earth, and I do not, off hand I do not know what they all are, so I related the layers of earth to the Sefirot, but the Kabbalists have a specific name for each layer of earth. Now there has been a series of movies made recently called the Lord of the Rings that has been very popular, and those movies are based on a, it is called a trilogy, a series of three books, that talks about the hobbits, the people or the beings that live in middle earth. That is a Kabbalistic principle, do you know what they are talking about?


They are saying, the writer is saying, well these hobbits which are not human although the writer has imputed human qualities to them, live in one of these center worlds, that they do not live out here in the seventh layer in outer darkness, that is what that movie is all about, it is about the beings that live on the inside, and of course according to that trilogy it shows you good and evil amongst the hobbits, I do not know you know. I do not know how much of this is real and how much of it is fantasy, I only know what the Lord tells me, the little bit that the Lord tells me.


I gave you this whole drawing okay, to tell you that the Kabbalists use the words angels and demons, with reference to the internal species, and at the moment I am not comfortable doing that, that maybe the Lord is going to show me that I need to learn something more, I do not know, but I have given you my definition of angels and demons, okay, that they are the source of the superior beings of the Dragon, and of Adam Kadmon, and I prefer to call the inhabitants of these internal worlds species, and not angels and demons, but it could turn out that I am wrong, but it could just be nomenclature, just a choice of words, is everybody okay?


COMMENT: Sheila, when I was looking at it where it says all of those thoughts that are coming out, and his healing shadow, I was thinking of Peter.


PASTOR VITALE: Right, that is what I had in mind, maybe I should put that Scripture up there before we take the picture, thank you. Praise the Lord, we are back from dinner and we have a question from the congregation.


COMMENT: You said that this diagram is of the individual with Adam, and the energy on the inside and the, if we are looking at this with the inside of the individual, and then the corporate would be on the outside in that case, is that right?


PASTOR VITALE: That is a good question, and this is a spiritual principle that is very difficult to explain, the outermost realm of the collective is the borders of the universe, the whole universe is inside of the collective woman, and each of us is a cell, and each cell is a complete reproduction of the whole, just like a pit in an apple, it does not look like the apple but it has all of the genes of the apple. I guess I have to draw another picture for you. I will draw another picture. I have done the best that I can to explain this spiritual principle to you, that there is a spiritual woman and her name is Malkhut, and within that spiritual woman are many spiritual women, or there are many cells in the body of the collective spiritual woman, each one of us is a cell in the body of Christ, if Christ is grafted to us, and we are also a cell in the body of the woman, which is Malkhut, we are both spirit and earth, alright so that is the best that I can do to explain it to you that we are within the collective woman. Of course everything is multidimensional, when I draw it on the board it is just two dimensions, but especially when we are in Christ, we are going to be ten or eleven dimension or probably eleven dimensional beings, and of the glory that is coming through each cell is going to be interacting with the glory that is coming through each of the other cells and all of that glory will be interacting with the glory from the center of the whole collective woman, and everything is going to be mixed together producing a dynamo of energy that is going to be feeding and sustaining the life of the whole creation. Did I answer your question?


Drawing #2 is an excellent example of my spiritual understanding of the Kabbalistic principle of many worlds and of each righteous man being a region of his own world, okay, according to the writing that we are dealing with and the Rabbi that is being quoted, he believes that each righteous man, and remember the Jews think that you are righteous by keeping the law, okay, he thinks that every righteous man will travel, will have his own planet and be a regent of his own planet, and that is in my opinion a carnal understanding of a spiritual truth that each righteous man, and how are we righteous? We are righteous when Christ Jesus is completely ruling over our sin nature, and eventually the sin nature, we will be separated from the sin nature, when we are righteous, we will truly be the regents of our personal world. You see, I am a world, and there are six other levels of spiritual consciousness inside of me, okay, which are according to string theory and M, theory, which we are studying here also, in the average man, those six dimensions are curled up like balls inside of us, okay, but as we grow in Christ, they are being unfurled, that is how we become spiritual and psychic and have words of knowledge, these other dimensions are rolling, being rolled out and starting to function in us, so I am already the regent of my world, if I am in warfare, if I engage in a police action against the powers and principalities that live in me, I am the regent of my world. When I perceive sin rising in my mind, and I say in the name of Jesus I rebuke you and I burn you at the stake, when I discipline my own sin nature, I am the regent of this world called Sheila Vitale, I am a collective world, and the Sheila Vitale that you see contains within herself six spiritual worlds, which contain six other species, all of which whispers their thoughts and their intentions into my mind, and as I rule over them, and bring them all into submission to the righteousness of the Christ mind in me, I truly own my own world, and am a regent over it, I am also the savior of all of the species that dwell within me, and I am also the mediator between them and the Christ which lives at my center. See, me, the external Sheila, and I am pointing to one of the women within now, in drawing #2, one of these women is me, one of these spiritual women is me, okay, I am in the outermost realm and I am ruling all of the six realms within me, and the species thereof, and bringing them into submission to the Christ that is at my center.


That is the, in my opinion that is the truth of the Scripture, that is the truth of the Zohar, yes we will each have a world when we become righteous, and we will be the regent of that world, that does not mean that we are flying to outer space to rule Mars, that is I am sorry a carnal understanding of a spiritual truth, and I see more and more every day, I do not mean to insult anyone, a lot of Jewish people come to our website and read our material and it is not my intention to disrespect anyone, it is my intention to get the truth of the word of God out to everyone that the Lord brings our information to, and this is the truth, the great Sages of the past, the great Hebrew Sages of the past, are being largely misunderstood by modern Rabbis who do not have the spiritual depth of the Sages that they are writing about, do you understand what I am saying?


A lot of the people today, a lot of the Jews today are reading the commentaries of the modern day Rabbis who are completely misinterpreting the Sages of the past. I am going to tell you for those of you who have ears to hear, if you are Jewish and you are reading this transcript or you are listening to this message, there is another Sage in the midst of you, his name is Christ Jesus, and He is speaking through me, and He will speak through many others just as He spoke through Moses and Abraham and Isaac and I speak to Him and He speaks to me face to face, and I am telling you the true intent of the author of every legitimate spiritual work that was given to the Jews. I am also telling you that, not all but a lot of revelation, a lot of understanding that is being written by modern day Rabbis is a misunderstanding, is an understanding, either it is carnal, or it is on a level of spirituality that does not line up with the depths of the original revelation, and therefore it is coming out as error, and that is a high manifestation of pride to say, that each man is going to get a planet to rule over and be a regent for it, okay, it is a high level of pride. Praise the Lord, and God bless you all, may the truth set you all free. Are there any more questions on this issue here? Okay.


The Scripture says, that we are the stars of the firmament. For many years I could not understand it, I could accept that the Scripture says we are the stars of the firmament and that we are going to shine, and I can appreciate the concept of shining, that Christ shines through me, and I actually had a pastor say to me once, I was sitting in the back of her church, and after the service was over, someone brought me up to introduce me to her and she said, I saw something shining in the back there, she saw my spirit without even knowing me, so I know that I shine, several people have seen me shining. I can understand that concept that we are spiritual stars and that we shine, but I could never quite understand that we are the stars of the firmament, I could not comprehend it, and June had a word of knowledge today that gave me revelation on that subject, so I am going to let her give her word of knowledge and then I will comment on it.


COMMENT: When you had mentioned stars earlier on one of the photos, it brought to mind that in the last chapter of Daniel, that the stars, we will resemble the stars, and I just want to bring that out.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, when June said that, what came forth in me is the following, what I have said previously on this message that Christ Jesus will be, Christ is at our center, and I likened us to physical stars, I told you about physical stars and I said, that the, what makes a star is the fact that it has an atomic dynamo at its center, okay, churning out energy, okay, and that energy comes forth in the form of light and heat, and it is this light and heat that gives existence to all life on the planet earth, and that when a star dies it becomes a black hole, when that star stops, when that star uses up all of its atomic fuel, gravity crushes the star and it becomes a black hole. We have taught in this ministry for many years, that we are in a black hole, that each individual is a black hole, so we are black holes within black holes, and that we all died and that Jesus is regenerating us.


One of the first Scriptures that the Lord illuminated to me, He literal flashed at me from the pages of my King James, was that when Jesus said, "in the regeneration", there is going to be a regeneration, and I have known that the regeneration means that we are dead and we are going to live again, and we are going to overcome the powers of death, but I never thought like I thought tonight, we are stars because when Christ is grafted to us, we are regenerated, Christ is that spiritual atomic dynamo, and when He is grafted to us and ascends into our heart center, we are a black hole, each of us is a black hole, a star that has collapsed in on itself, because its atomic fuel was used up, and the forces of gravity crushed it, okay. Well when Christ is grafted to us and ascends to the heart center, He has rekindled our spiritual and physical atomic dynamo. We are a black hole that is being resurrected and being restored back to being a star again, so this is what it means to be a star, that we are individuals, each of us is an entity, that has an atomic, a spiritual atomic dynamo at our center, and that spiritual atomic dynamo is now reversing the crushing effects of the spiritual gravity which has killed us, and who is the spiritual gravity that has killed us? Satan is the spiritual gravity that has crushed us, Satan is the one that has used up all of our spiritual atomic fuel and crushed into a black hole, but Christ in our heart center is the regeneration of the atomic fuel, of the spiritual atomic fuel of the individual, so we are dead stars that are being regeneration, our dynamo is being regenerated and when it is fully functioning in us, we will be human beings that will live on this earth with this spiritual atomic generator or the spiritual atomic dynamo churning out spiritual energy, spiritual heat, spiritual light wherever we go, we will be bringing life and healing and restoration and victory, just as a our natural sun gives life and light to this planet, and nothing can live without it, we will be the stars of the firmament, and the firmament is our flesh.


I even read that, the Kabbalists say that the physical body is the firmament, we will be the stars of the firmament, Christ inside the physical body is the star of the firmament, my own firmament is my physical body, and Christ in me is the star part of me, okay, I am both the firmament and the star, and I have been regenerated, but the Lord is still building up restoring the energy of my internal spiritual dynamo. How do I know that I am not fully, that my dynamo is not fully functioning yet? Because I still have physical problems, and I am certainly not immortal, but everyday Christ in me is getting stronger, everyday Christ in me being fed by the glorified Jesus Christ, He is being fed spiritual atomic food, and the dynamo is being rebuilt. Just like in the Scripture we read that the temple is being rebuilt, and when that dynamo is regenerated in us, we will be the stars of the firmament, we will be the shining light of the seventh layer, not only the seventh layer, we will be the shining light of all seven layers of earth, all seven layers of earth, did I make it clear? Do you understand what I am saying? Okay.


Now, that really excited me because now, I understand what it means to be the star of the firmament, you see, there are many things in the Scripture that sound wonderful, but that is not enough for me, I need to know what it means to me. There is all kinds of symbols in the Scripture that you can get excited about if you take it face value, God help me, I cannot take anything at face value, thank God, and I thank God for it, I have to know what it means, and it is when you ask these questions that you get the answers, and I am just so excited to find out what it means that we are going to be stars of the firmament. Of course Jesus, the glorified Jesus is the sun, okay, He is the sun, well I am not going to get into that right now, because the sun is a star, so Jesus is the sun of the collective firmament okay, and each of which is a star, we are Christ in us is a sun of our, I do not know what to call it, a galaxy is many stars, so I really do not know what to call the earth and the planets that surround the earth, I do not know what to say about that. Did I make my point, did you have a question or comment? Okay.


COMMENT: Sheila, when you were talking, what came to was, when Jesus was upon the, when he appeared with Moses in the transfiguration, I felt that the Lord was saying, that is going to be the brightness that these people are going to turn into that brightness, that light is going to be so bright.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I receive that, that, that was the revelation of Jesus being a star, and we are going to be as He was in the earth, that is our potential, that is the potential of everyone that serves Jesus Christ to become a star, to be what Jesus was in the earth, and I agree with you completely that in that mount of transfiguration, that, that was what happened, what was inside of him, that spiritual dynamo that was inside of him was fully revealed to Peter, James, and John. See, I think, it really was not something that happened to Jesus, it was that the scales were taken off of the eyes of Peter, James, and John, and they saw Jesus spiritually and what He was, was a shining light. There is another Scripture I believe in the gospel of John, that calls Him a shining light, He was a star in the firmament, see. We do not know what we are going to be, but we see Jesus, He was a star in the firmament. I do not see Jesus flying to Mars to rule over a planet, He ruled over His own person, and He ruled over all of the species and entities that dwelled in the seven layers of the spiritual earth, the outer layer and the other six layers of the spiritual earth that were inside of Him, He was a regent of Himself.


Now we are not the regent of ourselves, you see, unless you are fighting with the other species and the other six worlds inside of you, you are not the regent of your world, and all of your subjects are feeding off of you, and that is why you die, because the species living inside of you are consuming you, you see. There is one more thing I want to show you before we end this message, it is something that the Lord showed me to do with the tower of Babel in the confusion of the languages, so I am just going to put this on the board for you.


COMMENT: These cells within the collective woman, we would call them subatomic particles.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the subatomic particles are the collective woman, exactly, and one of the characteristics of subatomic particles is that they have a very short life span, they are continuously annihilating each other and rising again in another form, and well this is true of fallen man okay, that there is a continuous cycle of death and births, okay, so we are the subatomic particles except that the drawings that we have had on the board were showing the collective woman with Jesus shining through her, so the subatomic particles of the regenerated creation, are going to have some different qualities than the subatomic particles that are scientists are discovering, I do not know exactly how it will work but I know that we are not going to be dying and rising again, but I cannot comment on that any further, do you understand what I am saying, but that was a very good observation. Okay I will draw one more picture.


The revelation that the Lord gave me that I wanted to show you has to do with the tower of Babel, I do not know about you but I always thought that there was different people in different nations spread across the surface of the earth, we live on the surface of the earth, the seventh world is the surface of the earth, and when the Scripture says that Jehovah confused the languages of all of the people, I thought He meant that He changed the languages into English and Russian and Spanish, and German and all that thing, but the Lord tells me today, No not so, the languages, the people and the languages of the people that were confused were the languages of the different species in the inner worlds. You see, mankind at the time of the tower of Babel was the runaway woman, the woman who had run away from her husband Adam, she was the rebellious woman, but she was completely integrated. The different species in each of the seven worlds all could see each other and communicated with each other just like the nations of the surface worlds can see and visit and communicate with each other. The collective woman was completely integrated and spoke with one voice for the whole creation, and with that one voice, they were moving forward to capture, to acquire and implement for their own selfish motives the power of creation.


Jehovah came down and He sent each of these seven worlds in confusion, He gave them each a separate language, and divided them and set one against the other. Now I really do not know to what degree the inner worlds communicate, I honestly do not know, but I know that out here in outer darkness except for a few people that are involved in spiritual things, we do not communicate with the inner worlds, we are just out here by ourselves, especially in the western worlds, we think that we are all that there is. Now in some other countries where they believe in the spiritual life, they have some revelation and I am no expert on this, but from what I know, from what I have seen in movies and things, they have some revelation of the world next to ours, the astral plane, but I do not know that they go any deeper than that. Everybody following me? This is what the Lord told me, these are the languages that the Lord confused, the languages of the inner worlds that made the collective woman powerful. You see, I do not even, I do not have an understanding of what she would do with that power, but apparently it is something serious enough for the Lord to divide her like that, okay.


Well I will read you my notes, Jehovah assigned different languages to each of the seven worlds within mankind, so that the seven worlds could no longer communicate and join their strength, the outermost world where we are lost all ability to even perceive the six other worlds within us, and is now being victimized by the inner worlds, the inhabitants of the inner worlds feed on us, just like the insects of this world feed on us. This woman, specie seven, speaks with one speech, or she use to speak with one speech and one language for all seven worlds, the inhabitants of all seven worlds within the earth, spoke the same language and the same meaning, their speech, they spoke the same language and when they, when two of them spoke, or when all seven of them spoke the same language, they all meant the same thing, sometimes the same word. From nation to nation the same word means something different, but all seven worlds spoke the same language and the words of the language had the same meaning in all seven worlds.


Now, as I was writing this up, the Lord gave me an additional revelation, okay, and He showed me, He gave me a Scripture revelation 16:10, which we are going to do on drawing #4, but as that, what the Lord was telling me, developed in me, I realized that in the previous drawings I was showing you Adam at the center, and that, that was an error, because Adam is not at the center, it is the glorified Jesus Christ, it is the Spirit that is at the center, is the glorified Jesus Christ, or the Spirit of Christ, however you want to say it, Adam is not in the center, okay.


Adam is in the heart center, He is not, Adam is not the sun of the world, the sun is the glorified, s-u-n, sun is the glorified Jesus Christ. I Know that I have told you before the Satan is the sun of fallen world, so the entity which is the sun, s-u-n, is at the center of the individual. In the other drawings, I do not want to change it because I commented on it, and said that Adam was at the center, but I am bringing a correction right now, okay, this is what the Lord is showing us now, and so I show you Satan at the center, Satan is the sun of the fallen woman, and this is Satan's seat, we read about Satan's seat in the book of Revelation, Satan's seat, or Satan's throne okay, she is sitting and ruling over the individual and the collective woman, and in the book of Revelation, we see the horror of Revelation sitting on many waters, those are the many individuals that she is ruling over, and what I tried to show you with these arrows is that when the Spirit of Christ is at a man's center as we saw in previous drawings, He is pouring out His glory, it is coming out of Him, it is healing people, it is touching people, but when Satan is at the center, she is drawing on the energy of all of the worlds, she is drawing on the energies of outer darkness and that is why we die because she literally consumes us, she feeds off of our energy and literally consumes us, so that is what I am showing here, and I would just like to give you one more drawing with my alternate translation of Revelation 16:10, which came forth as I worked on this, an understanding of that Scripture. Okay any questions about this? No, okay.


Praise the Lord, drawing #4, each world has seven energy centers, Leviathan occupies the fifth which is the throat energy center, and speaks from that person's mouth. Now what I am talking about, I am really talking about the fifth energy center of the seventh world which is where we are, I do not have any information about the inner worlds, but I know that each inner world has seven layers just like our, the outer worlds, we have seven layers out here in the seventh layer, it is the same principle, worlds within worlds within worlds, so I am talking about the fifth energy center of our world or the fifth layer of our world.


Satan is in the first center, okay, I am sorry, Leviathan occupies the fifth or the throat energy center and speaks from that person's mouth, Satan is in the first center from where she shines on the whole kingdom or the whole world, this whole outer darkness, Satan is in the center, she is the sun, the s-u-n, of this fallen world. Let me start at the beginning of the sentence, Satan is in the first center from where she shines on the whole kingdom or the whole world which each of us is, each of us is a world, so Satan is the center of the whole of outer darkness and she is the center of the individual, now I am sorry if that shocks anybody that is reading this message or hearing this message, but it is just the truth and the truth is going to set you free. It is our hope that Christ Jesus will be our center, if Christ is grafted to you, He has begun a warfare to unseat Satan and become the sun of our life. If you have the Holy Spirit, He is not the sun of your life, the Holy Spirit is not at the center, only Christ, only the Spirit of Christ can be at the center.


Satan is in the first center from where she shines on the whole kingdom or the whole world which each of us is. When Christ Jesus pours out judgment upon Satan in order to unseat her, the sun, s-u-n of the fallen woman, Satan the sun of the fallen woman, the fifth energy center, well I am sorry let me start my sentence again, when Christ Jesus pours out judgment on Satan, the sun of the fallen woman, the fifth energy center from where Leviathan fornicates with the human she inhabits by penetrating their third belly energy center, now this does not read too well. Listen, Satan is here in the center and Leviathan is in the fifth center, and Satan from the fifth center reaches down, Satan in the fifth center reaches down into the third center which is the belly the third energy center is the belly of the spiritual womb of the person, and fornicates with that human being, okay, so it looks like my writing is not too good, let me try again. When Christ Jesus pours out judgment on Satan the sun of the fallen woman, the fifth energy center from where Leviathan fornicates with the human she inhabits by penetrating their third belly energy center is darkened. When Christ Jesus pours out judgment on Satan the sun of the fallen woman, the fifth energy center is darkened, okay and that fifth energy center is the place from where Leviathan fornicates with the human she inhabits by penetrating their third belly energy center. Leviathan is in the throat, Leviathan comes from a higher place, Leviathan is an aspect of the collective, who has penetrated that individual person, and that actual act of spiritual sexual intercourse between Leviathan and a human being takes place in the third energy center which is the belly or the spiritual womb or the individual. When Christ Jesus pours out judgment on Satan, the sun of the fallen woman, the fifth energy center is darkened, why? Because Satan is the sun, and she stopped shining. What is the judgment on Satan? That she is going to be covered by sackcloth, and Adam is the sackcloth, Adam is covering over Satan, he is stopping her from shining, why? Because when she shines, she strengthens Leviathan and gives Leviathan the power to have spiritual sexual intercourse with the individual that is penetrated.


The Lord, He is not attacking Leviathan, well He is in a warfare with Satan and Leviathan, but the Lord's primary attack is upon Satan because Satan is crushed, Leviathan cannot function on her own. If you crush Leviathan, Satan is still there raising up Leviathan again. Although we deal with Leviathan and we have to resist Leviathan because Leviathan which is pride, wants us to sin, our primary enemy is Satan, she is the energy, she is the power source behind Leviathan's penetration of our person, and that penetration is a spiritual sexual penetration, Leviathan is the male organ of the Serpent in the individual, we are all penetrated, every human being on the face of the earth is penetrated. If Christ is grafted to you, you are penetrated by two males, by Christ Jesus, thank God for that, and you are also penetrated by the pseudo male Leviathan, because it is really a female acting as a male.


Okay, so when Christ Jesus covers over Satan, throws that sackcloth over her, the fifth energy center is darkened and Leviathan alone is no longer strong enough to dominate the human she is illegally married to. Well that is just a nice way of saying it, brethren, I am sorry to be crude but it is the Lord's message not mine, okay, and to say that Leviathan is not strong enough, it is a very nice way of saying that the bottom line is that when Satan is cut off, Satan is the spiritual energy that is producing the Serpent's erection by which the Serpent is penetrating the woman, you might say the Serpent loses her erection, and Leviathan withdraws, that is just the truth. Satan is the sun that will be covered by sackcloth which is judgment, Adam is judgment, and Leviathan is the scroll that is going to roll up, and the scroll is a writing, the scroll is another way of saying a book, so the scroll that Leviathan is, is the opposite of Christ who is the word. We have Christ who is the word and He writes that one world, and we have Leviathan who is the scroll of the negative word and she writes out another world. The script that has produced this world is going to roll up. That is a word that is used in computers, you want to produce something on a computer, you write a script for it. The Serpent has written a script that has produced this world, and that script is going to roll up, when the sun of this fallen world is darkened, when Satan's energy is cut off, the script that produces Leviathan and Leviathan with an erection is going to roll up.


Again I say, rolled up is a nice way of saying, that Leviathan's erection, by which he penetrates humanity will deflate, then the woman will be free from her forced marriage to the Serpent and she will marry Christ Jesus her true husband.


This whole concept of being rolled up or being rolled out is referring to the extra dimensions that our physicists have just recently in recent years discovered, okay, string theory and M, theory reveals that there are six dimensions, six or seven dimensions, string theory says six, and M, theory says seven, I do not really have an opinion, I could see where it could be six or seven but I do not know which it is, you know probably it is seven, okay, that these, there are seven extra dimensions of our world that are not active, they are inactive, they are rolled up and curled up like a ball, and I mentioned on other messages that when these dimensions are rolled out, okay, we become spiritual giants, psychic, have all knowledge and have all dominion over the powers of nature, and God only knows what else that I do not even comprehend, it is talking about rolling out all of the Sefirot of this world, the ten Sefirot, rolling out the ten Sefirot of Malkhut, that is what it is talking about.


These energy centers exist in Leviathan's world, or Satan's world, and they also exist in the world of Christ Jesus, but you see, these two worlds, the world of Christ Jesus and the world of Satan and Leviathan, they are partners. We have not, I have not really preached this string theory, I am really hoping that the Lord is going to let me do it, I think it is going to take a lot of time for preparation so if you are interested, ask Him to let me do it, because I am not, I am just not going to be able to preach it off the hoof, like I am doing this, I am going to have to really sit down make lesson plans for it, I would really like to share it with you, so if you are interested, tell the Lord that you are interested, okay. We are told in string theory that every particle has an anti-particle, every particle has an anti-particle, so Satan and Leviathan is the anti-particle of Christ Jesus, or the anti-world of Christ Jesus, everything has an opposite. When the full ten dimensions or when any, well in this case, even the four dimensions of this world of Leviathan's particles, of negative particle are rolled out, okay, the world of Christ Jesus is hidden, so if this world, whether we are manifesting a four dimension world, which is what we experience here, okay, height, width, depth, and space time, okay, or whether we are experiencing the expression of the whole ten Sefirot of Leviathan, Satan and Leviathan's world, that is the rolling out of Satan and Leviathan's world. I know in our alternate translation, I have probably in the Old Testament somewhere, I remember one of the alternate translations that all Leviathan wants is to roll out her world, and I never really understood what that means. This world, Satan and Leviathan's world, is not fully rolled out, only four of the eleven dimensions are rolled out, she wants to have full power over nature. That is what Satan and Leviathan wants, to have full power over nature and over all of humanity, see. Not only are her eleven dimensions not going to be rolled out, the four dimensions that are rolled out are going to be rolled up, okay, the scroll of this world is going to be rolled up and the eleven dimensions of the world of Christ Jesus are going to be rolled out.


This is what we are talking about, and humanity is the channel through which either one of these particles or either one of these worlds is manifesting, they are an expression of themselves, right now we are a perversion because both Christ Jesus and Satan and Leviathan are manifesting through humanity, this cannot continue, one must destroy the other, because they are opposite. They both cannot survive equally, the anti-particle or the anti-world must be destroyed, and that is the bottom line. That is the concept of being rolled up like a scroll, we are rolled out, see? Very interesting. Okay, of course we have an alternate translation over here of Revelation 16:10, "And judgment poured from the sons of God", and that sons of God are a translation of the word vial, which means cup, we are all cups that carry the energy either of the Serpent or of God. "And judgment poured out from the sons of God upon the seat of the bestial carnal mind, and Satan's kingdom was darkened", each one of us is a kingdom, okay, and the kingdom, I am so excited, listen to this, the kingdom of Satan, that is the carnal mind, the kingdom of Satan in me is going to be darkened. Listen, I do not have any time or desire to argue with someone that is going to tell me that Satan is not in them, I am reading this message, Satan's kingdom in me is going to be darkened. You want to believe that you are already in the likeness and image of God, God bless you man, but I want to tell you, that I have already asked the Lord, and I am asking Him, Lord please, I am begging you, pour out your spirit upon Satan's kingdom in me, and darken it, and let Leviathan withdraw from my fifth energy center and marry me, I am waiting for this for years, let it happen already, and all you people that want think you are already saved or you do not have Satan in you, God bless you all, I do not bother you, just do not bother me, because I am getting this thing and I am going to do everything that I can do to get it, and if I do not get it, it will not be because I did not do my part.


"And judgment poured out of the sons of God upon the seat of the bestial carnal mind and Satan's kingdom was darkened and Leviathan departed from the fifth energy center of the world of outer darkness and, Christ Jesus was the only man penetrating me." Okay, it is not enough to have the Holy Spirit, it is not enough to have Christ, you could be fully penetrated by Christ, you could have a mature Christ manifesting through you, you have got to get rid of the carnal mind, you cannot stay that way, having two lovers, because you are adulterous. I do not know whether the Lord will let me do it or not, but coming from this point of view, I would be really curious to see what the other six vials, the judgments of the other six vials are, if the judgments of the seven vials are talking about judgment on these seven worlds, I would really be curious to see what the other six judgments are, but it is just, it is one o'clock in the morning, I do not know if the Lord will let me do it or not, but I would be interested in finding out. Is everybody following me, you understand what I am saying?


Well before we go let me just read some of these other statements that I have written on the board. I revised the image of drawing #3, the image of drawing #3 shows this woman with the seven worlds within her, and here in image number 4, I have changed it to one of the individual women, within the collective woman, and I have shown the seven energy centers rather than the seven worlds.


You can see that Leviathan is in the fifth center, and I have shown Leviathan's penetration into the third energy center which is the female spiritual organ of the individual, also known as the belly which is the word for the womb, and Christ is in the fourth center which is the heart center, if Christ is grafted to you, and Christ is grafted into your third energy center, so even if He is grafted to you, when He ascends to the fourth center, He begins to war against Leviathan and Satan, and of course Christ has to defeat Satan to some degree to begin to touch, I am sorry has to defeat Leviathan to some degree to begin to touch Satan. You can see that the initial warfare is between Christ or the mind of Christ and Leviathan, which is the foundation of the carnal mind, it is the pride of Leviathan that opposes the mind of Christ and to the fullest degree that she can do it in you, stops Christ from covering over Satan, because it is Christ's job to throw the sackcloth over Satan, which is going to darken her or going to cut off her energy which energy is the source of Leviathan's penetration or erection and penetration into the third energy center.


Christ in you as soon as He grafts to you, He begins to attack your carnal mind, and that is the sign of maturity in Christ, I wish it were not true, but I am telling you the truth that from the day that Christ grafts to you, the joy and the singing of Pentecost starts to dry up, because you become a pregnant married woman, and you are now carrying a spiritual child, Christ, whose job is to overthrow your soul, because your soul is fallen, the job of Christ once He is grafted to you, is to overthrow your soul, to overthrow Leviathan, to throw that judgment over Satan, to dry up her energy, and to take you in marriage to Himself. Well that sounds wonderful, to take you in marriage to Himself, but before that happens, you have to experience the warfare and it is difficult, it is difficult, it is the tribulation, you see.


The true meaning of the tribulation is the driving of Satan under the authority of Christ, that is the true meaning of the tribulation. I think that the church has to hear this, because at some point, the whole church world is going to be thrown into tribulation, why? Because the Lord is going to have His bride, you see, and to those that have not received this message, have not heard it or have not believed it, have not prepared themselves for it, they are going to be like, they will be likened to let us say a retarded woman who does not even know what she is doing and has sex with a man and finds herself pregnant, it is terrifying, I have seen movies about that, you know retarded women that find themselves pregnant, they are terrified, they do not understand what is happening to them, or how it happened, you know, and that is what is going to be happening to the church world, you know.


I thank God that we have the privilege of being educated about this, because look, Satan has got to go, Leviathan has got to go, the Lord has, He was resurrected out of death 2,000 years ago, the creation is His, everything is set in place except that the bride will not come to the wedding, that is the bottom line, the bride will not come to the wedding, we like our captor, we like the guy that captured us, we do not want to leave him, that is the truth of it. Something has to happen, and my understanding is that there will be a small company of people who will stand up in full stature who will be delivered from Satan and Leviathan so that they can be an example that will encourage the other people and say, look this is what it is all about, you are going to have the same experience as me, and then the Lord is going to fall upon the rest of the church like a thief in the night, and they may not have time to fully prepare for it. Praise the Lord, I think, we all have to go to sleep, okay, are there any questions or comments, at one thirty in the morning? Goodnight to you all, God bless you.


10/01/04 Transcribed by RS



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