581 - Part 1

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On the board, drawing #1, this is an image of our physical world depicted by the red circular aspect, I am not too good at drawing, but I have tried to show you a car and a building and someone on a bicycle and two people playing ball, and that physical world is penetrated by, I do not know how to describe that shape, but it is penetrated by a root, and the root is at its most expanded point, the part of, I guess that is the tree, that is what it is, this world is penetrated by a tree, and the tree is the Serpent or the snake, I think it was a snake in the garden, and the tree branches out into this world and the root of the tree is deep inside the mind of the individuals of this world. Now this drawing #1 shows you the collective humanity. I am going to do other drawings which will show you the individual person and will have even more information on that.


So the whole of humanity or this whole physical world is in the form of a sphere, we just have to look around us, all of the planets are spheres, and that is because this world is a manifestation of the circular aspect of the Sefirot which rose up and killed the spiritual husband which was about to penetrate her and bring forth, the whole purpose of the penetration which is a union is to bring forth a visible world. So if you can see it in my drawing, this visible world is penetrated by an apparent male. We know that the Serpent is false male, that she acquired the male role, she is really a female but she acquired a male role, and so we see the male organ penetrating this physical world and actually sustaining and not only sustaining it, but actually creating this world, creating and recreating this world from nanosecond to nanosecond. The hour that, and of course the world is Malkhut, okay the substance or the physical substance of the world comes from the Sefirah Malkhut, and she is penetrated by the Serpent in an ongoing act of spiritual sexual intercourse, in the day that her lover, withdraws from her, this world would cease to exist, this is the whole reason why the Lord does not just overthrow Satan and save us, because if he pulls the Serpent, the male organ out of us, we would cease to exist, so what is the Lord doing? The Lord is penetrating us at the same time, and James says, we are a double minded man.


Where is the Lord penetrating? The mind, the issue is the mind. That is why we are a double minded man because the Lord Jesus Christ is penetrating us while we are unclean, we are all, the whole human race, we are engaged in spiritual adultery, and the Lord Jesus is penetrating us at the same time that we are engaged is spiritual sexual intercourse with our lover.


Now Leviathan is the name of the Serpent’s male organ, I am not going to get into those details right now because they just might clash with what I have to show you tonight. Please do not get hung up on these details, I have a deep spiritual principle to convey to you, and I have not really worked it through to that point yet to see if the names that I have given the different aspects clash, okay.


This is the condition of mankind, where we exist in spherical world that has a physical expression, and we are penetrated by a tree, a spiritual tree which is a mind that has seven, at least seven major energy centers in it, and we have some new information here tonight. We see, the Lord shows us tonight that there is such a thing as sub-energy centers, energy centers below the first energy center. Now I had read about that years ago when the Lord was first teaching me about the energy centers and He had me reading occult books and Hindu books to get this information, there was a dispute, actually there was a dispute between I think it was Madam Blavatski, who was the founder of Theosophy, who said, Do not go into the sub-energy centers, they are unclean, and some Hindu Buddha was arguing with Madam Blavatski saying, No it is not unclean. You see it is my understanding that the people in the occult, or maybe the Kabbalists too I do not know, that when they meditate, they actually enter into worlds that are associated with these energy centers, I have not had any such experience yet, and I honestly do not know if they are legal or not. I do not know whether I just, am not mature enough that the Lord has given me those experiences, or they are legal experiences. I do not know what the answer is. I know that I experienced, I had experiences of mind on these different levels okay. Well first let me tell you this, okay, please bear with me because the Lord dumped this on me tonight, I do not mean to sound disrespectful, but I did not expect it and I am just going to do the best I can to present it to you. I did not have room to put it on the board, but of course, we have a Christ mind that parallels the diagram that is on the board, okay. When I am talking about spiritual experiences, I am talking about my Christ mind, okay.


I know that it is illegal to have spiritual experiences in the carnal mind, I do have experiences of the different aspect of my Christ mind which would be analogous to these aspects. I know that I have experiences in the mind of Christ, I have experiences in the Spirit of Christ, and I have experiences with the high levels of the glorified Jesus Christ, as I know I have experiences of different spiritual levels of the Christ mind, but I have never had the experience where I close my eyes and I open my eyes and I am literally in another world, which is my understanding of what some people have, the experiences that some people have. If the Lord has answered my question I have not heard Him, and the question is, are these experiences legal and will I have them one day, or are they illegal, so I have not heard anything about that yet. I know that those of us who are spiritually ascended to some degree that we will manifest out of the different energy centers depending upon what we are doing.


Wherever I am speaking from tonight, I do not speak from this level when I am talking to green grocer in the supermarket, okay neither do I speak from this level when I am doing office work. We manifest from different levels depending on what the Lord is trying to accomplish through us, okay. This is the condition of humanity. Now I am not talking about Christians that have the Christ mind grafted and are starting to ascend. I am talking about humanity in general, this is our condition, this is a drawing of the collective carnal mind which penetrates the physical world with its energy centers, this is the carnal mind in black, you see, the carnal mind with its energy centers. Of course it is interesting but I have some of the information here came forth when we did the commentary on the Matrix series. You may recall in the third movie, Matrix Revolutions, Neo was trapped in the subway, okay, and this is where he was, he was in the sub-energy centers, he was trapped in the energy centers below the first energy center, and that subway you may recall went nowhere, the train just went round and round and round.


Now we have people in this world brethren, who are trapped in the subway level of the carnal mind, we have drug addicts and alcoholics, and compulsive adulterers, and compulsive masturbators and compulsive liars, people that cannot overcome a problem, but go round and round and round, and are trapped in a destructive habit that is ruling their life, they are living out of the sub-energy centers and going nowhere. And of course, the more desperate the person’s condition is, if we are talking about a drug addict, a woman or even a man today that has become a prostitute, they are really in a low place in the sub-energy centers, they are trapped and there is no way out short of Christ.


The first energy center is Leviathan, which is the subconscious part of the mind. Now this really surprised me, what the Lord has shown me today has surprised me because I guess I did not know that Leviathan was in the first energy center. I am just going to try to read you this board and then do the next drawing, because there is so much on this board I cannot draw anymore, so let me just identify the energy centers. The first energy center is associated with the, let me tell you this first, the energy centers, when they are spoken about are associated with points on the physical body, okay. The first energy center is associated with the physical anus, and it is the subconscious mind. Now this is so interesting because I have known this for years, I have never known it in this context you know, but I have seen it in the Scripture, and yes I have seen it in the Scripture in the account of Ehud being murdered and the King James says, “And the dirt came out.” He was slain in his spiritual anus, which is the first energy center, the subconscious part of the carnal mind of that evil kind was slain. Satan, I have known for a long time, Satan is in the second energy center, and I am getting all ahead of myself, I am just going to read what is on the board, okay. Satan is in the second energy center and this is where the hallway is. Now we heard about the hallway and we learned about the hallway when we did the Matrix series, and when we did that series, I had asked the Lord, what is this long hallway with all of these doors along it, and then there was a character in the Matrix Revolutions called the Keymaker who had the keys to all of these doors, when I asked the Lord what this was all about, the Lord told me, this hallway is the collective unconscious mind of all of humanity and each doorway in that hallway opens up into the unconscious part of an individual’s carnal mind.


Now this is really the main thrust of the message today, this concept of the hallway, okay, and the interaction of this unconscious part of the carnal mind of the individual, interacting through a doorway into that collective unconscious mind, which is the hallway, is the major thrust of this message today, because the person who knows how, or has the ability to go inward in his mind, and enters into that hallway, also has the power to open any door of any human being and enter in to that person through the unconscious part of their mind. Now the witches have known about it for years, that is not at all an uncommon practice amongst the workers of voodoo, see. Remember everything that the occult does is a counterfeit, does Jesus really enter into the unconscious part of somebody’s carnal mind and enter in to their spiritual household? Yes he does, that is how he is going to save the world, because the world will never yield to the penetration of Jesus Christ. Jesus has come to penetrate our carnal mind.


Well you might say, Oh I do not think that is so bad, I think that I could tolerate that the Lord is going to penetrate my carnal mind. What does that mean? He is going to show you the manifestation of your sin nature. When you think you are doing nothing wrong, He is going to show you witchcraft, manipulation, lies, spiritual adultery, every evil work, and no matter how much you think you love Jesus, there is a Leviathan in you that does not want you to hear this, and Leviathan will stand up with a vengeance and resist the vessel that Christ is coming in to penetrate your mind.


Now I am not exactly sure how this message is going to play out because I am really hoofing it, I just have some general outline that the Lord gave me, and He has shown me how our spiritual maturation lines up, with the maturation of the natural child. Freud did a study on the development of children, and he classified the first six years of their life into three categories, the first category is the child from when its born to eight months old, and that is the oral stage, and then I think the next is from the ninth month through the first year, I have it written down in my notes, but I am not going to take, well let me look at my notes, I have them right here, I might as well get them on the message correctly. Okay, the ninth month through one year is the anal stage, and two years to six years is the phallic stage, and I intend to show you Lord willing that these three stages of human development can be likened, can be lined up with the energy centers and specifically the Lord has asked me to show you, how spiritual children which we are, will go through all of these stages, every stage that the human child goes through, the oral stage, that is when they suck, they prefer breast milk, or they are sucking their hands, or they are always sucking on something. Well spiritual children go through an oral stage, where they are always using their mouth, okay, they love to talk, they love to sing, is there something wrong with this? No, that is their spiritual age, they love to talk about Jesus. They are always using their mouth, using their mouth, they love to prophesy, they love to speak in tongues, they are always using their mouth, it is very gratifying to them to use their mouth. Those are spiritual children up to the eighth month, the second stage is the anal stage, and the anal stage in a young child is when that young child becomes very interested in his anus, and he just loves to play with feces. Did you ever see a child grab a hold of a feces and play with it and smear it all over the house? I have seen it, have you ever seen it? I have seen it, they love it, it does not bother them, and then you see them starting to eat it and you go running, No, no, right? Is that not true? Okay, so there is an anal stage for spiritual children.


We have known in this ministry for many years that when we have dreams about going to the bathroom or feces in the dreams, it always means deliverance, right? We have known that for years in this ministry. We have spiritual children in the church who are playing with their feces. You know, I remember years ago there was a preacher who was a deliverance preacher, actually we were sister churches, we were both, I was in a deliverance church, and this preacher had a deliverance church, and we were sister churches. Then the other preacher got out of deliverance and he started preaching, I do not really know, I cannot think of a name to describe his preaching, but he got out of deliverance, he did not want to do deliverance anymore, and I never forgot him saying to me one day when I asked him about it, are you really out of deliverance? He said to me, Do you know where you are and what you are playing with when you deal with these demons? We are in the, I remember him saying that, because at the time I was just gungho deliverance, but today I know that when we cast out demons and we play in that realm, we are dealing in the spiritual anal canal, that is where we are, it is filthy, but it did not bother me when I was in it, I was casting out demons, I was doing the whole thing. Today if the Lord told me to do it, I would do it, but I would not particularly choose to go back to that life and watch the people vomit in buckets and my experiences, I had this one woman, every time I would pray for her, a drop of blood would appear on her lower lip, it is dirty stuff, so I would not choose to go back to that, although when I was in it, it did not bother me, I enjoyed it, so that is the anal stage, dealing with your feces, and looking in to the anus of your mind.


I also have been preaching here for years that when someone has a dream about receiving an anal examination, it is talking about the penetration of the unconscious part of your mind. Do you remember that, we have had that symbol here for years, because we do a lot of dream interpretation here, when the Lord first told me that, I thought it was strange, but the Lord has been developing that theme for years in this ministry, and today we have a message that is going to take you a little deeper. The third stage is called the phallic stage, now the phallic stage is different than the genital stage, there is a genital stage also, but that is for an older, really a teenager, the difference between a phallus is the undeveloped genital before it becomes a clitoris, you do not know what it is going to be yet, it is a very immature genital area. Children go into the phallic stage I think it is between two and six, I think I got that straight, between two to six years, they are in the phallic stage, and what does that mean? It means that these physical children, discover their genitals, that means they have absolutely no shame, they touched themselves, if you do not tell them not to do it, they take their pants off, and sit down with their legs wide open, is that not true about children? They are very interested, boys want to see girls, and girls want to see boys, and some girls get very upset that they do not have a penis, they thought they were robbed, this is called the phallic stage, okay. Well spiritual children go through a phallic stage, they have to find out, they have to discover their genitals, and what is the name of the genitals of the spiritual child, does anybody remember? Nobody remembers?


What is the, okay I will just tell you, Christ is your spiritual genital, He is your male organ, every human being, every carnal person is a spiritual female, it is only when we get our carnal mind that we have our male organ added to us. So there is a stage for the spiritual children of God to discover that they have a mind of Christ, the problem is that a lot of Christians think that they have it by answering an altar call, but they do not, see they have to discover their mind of Christ, and they have to learn the difference between the spiritual boy and the spiritual girl because there are children of the Lord who have the Holy Spirit which means that they are still spiritually female, it is only the spiritual children that have the grafted Christ that are spiritually male.


The spiritual children of God have to discover how to recognize the male genital.


That is basically what this message is all about, and I am going to associate these principles to the energy centers and like I said, we have some information that is new that the Lord gave me just for this message, so let us continue to look at this board. Satan is in the second energy center and she is associated with the anal stage. You know, I have known for a long time, this message is not for the weak hearted brethren, I have known for a long time that Satan was in the second energy center, and the second energy center is characterized by deep caverns, by caves with water in the caves, you know.


I saw that the Lord was giving me a message for tonight along these lines, I said, Lord, what is that cave? Now remember that I told you that each energy center has a world associated with it, and the world of Satan is depicted as a cavern with water or you know like little puddles of water. I said, Lord what is this cavern that is Satan’s energy center, the world associated with Satan’s energy center, and the Lord said to me, Satan is the god over the anal stage, and that world associated with the second energy center is the spiritual anus of that person, the spiritual anus of that person. You see, the parts of our physical body has spiritual counterparts. Now we have known for a long time here that the true healing, or the roots of the healing has to be done in the etheric body. We have a spiritual body and I have always been told that it looks exactly like this body, this physical body, I do not really know what it looks like but I know what the Lord is telling me tonight is that, there is such a thing as a spiritual anus, and that, that is Satan’s world, and there is activity going on in that world.


Now I know and I have taught here for years, that envy is associated with Satan, and that envy arises out of the second energy center, but as I told you just a minute ago, I honestly do not know if it is just an illegal experience or if, in Christ there is an experience where we literally go to another world and have experiences there, I do not know, but even if you see occult movies, in the Matrix, there was a depiction of these caverns with the water that you step in puddles as you go through them, that is Satan’s world is associated with the unconscious part of the mind and it is associated with the anus of the physical body. Now I have known for years that when I get attacked by witchcraft, and it is affecting me physically, when I cry out to God for deliverance, I am sorry if this message is grossing you out, it is not for the weak hearted, but the Lord wants us to get this message, I am telling you the truth.


Frequently when I am really down and out because of witchcraft, I will get deliverance when I have a bowel movement. When I questioned the Lord about it, He said to me, witchcraft is in the feces. I guess I understood what the Lord said to me at that time, I understood it on that level, I thought that the witchcraft was actually in the physical feces, but today I understand that the movement, that bowel movement, that physical bowel movement is just a physical manifestation of the flushing out of the witchcraft from the spiritual anus, see. Everything that happens in the physical world first happens in the spiritual world, see.


Okay, in the third energy center, we have Cain which is the conscious part of the carnal mind. Now the fourth energy center, well I will come back to that, the way it seems to go, and I do not really have any explanation for this right at this time, but it seems that we are counting up one, two, three energy centers from the bottom up, and then when we get to the higher energy centers, we are counting down, it is looks like seven, six, five, come into the heart center which is the fourth, and one, two, three, come into the heart center from underneath, that is what it looks like right now. In the fourth energy center is the heart center, and in the fifth center we have the Serpent who controls the mortal man, this is the throat, the fifth energy center is the throat, and the person whose energy abides in the fifth energy center, okay, is a man who will control other men, we are talking about leadership qualities, the man whose energy abides in the throat energy center is a leader of men, and the sixth energy center which is between the brows, because all of this is in the Scripture for all of you faint of heart, you know, the place between the eyebrows is in the Scripture, the belly is in the Scripture, the heart center is in the Scripture, even the cavern is in the Scripture, if you want to look in the Old Testament, it is there.


The sixth energy center is where the snake is. Now, for all of the years that I have been preaching, I have never really distinguished between the snake and the Serpent, and all of these years, but today the Kabbalists talk about the snake a lot, but I never really questioned the Lord until today when the Lord told me there is a difference the snake and the Serpent, and what the difference is, is that they are on different spiritual levels. It is all the same entity, okay, manifesting on different levels of energy. We have the same principle with the Lord. God is the Ayn Sof, we cannot relate to the Ayn Sof, we are too far away from Him, so He steps down, and He becomes I am, and then He steps down from there, and He becomes Ja, and then He steps down from there and He becomes Jehovah, okay, from where He can relate to human beings. We see that the Serpent is doing the same thing, the Serpent is I think the Serpent is stepping up, I am not really sure, stepping up, stepping down, spiritual entities will move towards human beings in steps, and will relate to human beings from different steps to accomplish different purposes in their relationship with the human being.


I am telling you today that the Serpent is in the fifth energy center from where he controls the mortal man, the snake, the one who manifests the witchcraft, is in the sixth energy center between eyebrows, and this you have never heard me say either, and the seventh energy center, the crown energy center, we have the angel of the god of this world, called anti-Christ, and anti-Christ preaches from this high place. Now, I think I am not going to say anymore on this drawing, because it is just too crowded. Here from the heart center you see, although this whole drawing is about the carnal mind, I tell you for the heart center, the Serpent descends, see the Serpent is in the fifth energy center, and she descends if she can into the heart center to occupy it. I do not have the details aside from Christ being in the heart center, in the man where Christ is not in the heart center, at this point, I cannot tell you what prevents the Serpent from descending into the heart center, but I know that sin will let the Serpent in, and then you have an evil heart, you have an evil heart of unbelief, and you are cruel, and in an extreme case, you are even sadistic, that means that the Serpent has descended from the fifth energy center into the heart center. When Christ comes, Christ grafts to Abel in the third energy center and Christ starts to ascend into the heart center, so you may recall that there were two levels of the heart center, in the days that we did all of those studies. Christ ascends from underneath, and He gets into the left side of the heart center, and the Serpent is trying to descend from above. Christ, when he grafts to the carnal mind, and grafts to Abel in the carnal mind, has Satan underneath Him, that He is fighting with, and has the Serpent above Him that He is fighting with, and Christ is caught between, Christ is here in the third energy center, Satan is bombing Him from underneath, and the Serpent is bombing Him from above. The spiritual child of Jesus Christ, because that is who we are, we are the children of Jesus Christ, the spiritual child of Jesus Christ begins to be engaged in warfare after the seed of Christ is grafted to Him, because Satan does not like it that He is there, and the Serpent does not like it that He is there. If you are not engaged in a daily warfare, that means that Christ is not in there yet, that is okay, do not get upset, the Lord Jesus has spiritual children of all different ages.


Now we know a man right now who was a great man of God, a highly anointed man of God, who made a bad decision and ascended in the wrong channel, and he has become an anti-Christ, he has ascended right up to his seventh energy center and he is preaching an anti-Christ message right out of his seventh energy center, and by his own words, he is praying to the snake, although he did not say “snake”, who is right here underneath him, why is the snake underneath him? Because a physical man is always the garment of the spiritual being that generates him. The snake that raised this preacher all the way up to the seventh energy center is being petitioned to give this preacher who is now an anti-Christ the spiritual power to overthrow another ministry, that is what is happening.


We have a couple of Scriptures here that I would like to read on to the message, and then I am going to do a drawing of the individual carnal mind, and I will give you a few more principles on that, okay.


I John 2:18, “Little children, it is the last time, and as you have heard that the anti-Christ shall come, even now are there many anti-Christs, where we know that it is the last time.”


That is so interesting that in all of the years and times that I have read that Scripture, I never fully understood what it meant. Now that I see this preacher ascended into the seventh energy center, I know that, I did not know that he was in the seventh energy center, but I knew that he had become Satan’s mouthpiece, I knew that he had become an anti-Christ, okay, the Scripture that you just read now has become real for me, now I know what it means, there will be many anti-Christs, that is how we know that it is the last days. This particular preacher, he is the only one that I know that preaches on that level. There are a lot of preachers out there preaching a false message, and all that, but this man is moving in spiritual power, he is actually calling down to the snake to give him power to overthrow another ministry, I never have seen anything like this before, he is the first one that I have ever seen like that. As far as I am concerned, he is a powerful proof that the end times have just begun, and that there are going to be more preachers like that, the anti-Christ is going to be in the church, praise God, okay.


Revelations 15:13, “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the Dragon and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.”


That is the false prophet speaking, I have a couple of other Scriptures here I did not put them on the board, I should have put them on the board. Would you put them on the board for me please?


Acts 13:6, “And when they had gone through the isle unto Patmos, they found a certain sorcerer, a false prophet, a Jew, whose name was Barjesus.”


The reason I chose that Scripture is to show you that the Scripture really, clearly the Scripture clearly shows, that there is such a thing as an anti-Christ, a man who is preaching the Gospel, or he says he is preaching the Gospel, this man Barjesus, he was an influential man, and we know that Simon the Sorcerer was a preacher also. This preacher that I am telling you about that stood up, and is cursing other ministries right now and he is preaching a particular word which I think is a false word, but that is besides the point, he is preaching an unusual word, and he is calling power, spiritual power from his god to shut down other ministries, and there is also another ministry in the world today, of course based in America, not of course, but based in America, who I also believe is an anti-Christ, but this particular man is revered by most of the church. The difference between these two anti-Christs, these two men that I believe are anti-Christs, is that the man who is revered by the church is mild mannered, is not verbally offensive, he manifests a high degree of spiritual power through healing and he is therefore honored by the church. The second man who just rose up in spiritual power who is cursing other ministries, he is more easily identifiable because most Christians should know that true Christian pastors do not go cursing other ministries, they do not go petitioning their God for the power and prayer to throw another ministry out of the building.


If you are a Christian, you should know that God and His Servants do not do that, so this man is obviously an anti-Christ, but the other man is not recognized as an anti-Christ, because the only way you can recognize someone doing good works is an anti-Christ, is to have an intimate relationship with the Christ yourself which will reveal to you that the spirit on this man is anti-Christ. Did I make that clear? Okay.


COMMENT: I have Revelations 19:20, “And the beast was taken and with him the false prophet, what miracles before him with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, in them that worshiped in his image, they were both cast alive into the lake of burning with brimstone.”


PASTOR VITALE: I chose that Scripture just to show you that there is a false prophet, and we see so many in the church attributing the Scripture to some place called hell, but the truth of the matter is that the place burning with brimstone and fire is Christ, the false prophet is going to be thrown into the mind of Christ, Christ is going to overshadow, see Christ is going to come higher than the seventh energy center of the carnal mind, the seventh energy center of the Christ mind is higher than the seventh energy center of the carnal mind, and that whole carnal mind is going to get cast into Christ, swallowed up by Christ. See it has nothing to do with going to some place where you are, where you are going to be tortured because you rejected Jesus, you know, Jesus, either the purifying fires of Christ are going to destroy the criminal activities of the carnal mind, praise God. Okay. Is there another one? Yeah.


COMMENT: Revelation 20:10, “And the devil that deceived them was cast in to the lake of fire, and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night forever and ever.”


PASTOR VITALE: Amen. We see that the false prophet is in the seventh energy center of the carnal mind, he is preaching high doctrine that is false, and the beast, I am not really sure where the beast is, my guess would be that the beast is the Serpent is in the fifth energy center or the fourth energy center, but I am not really sure. That is interesting, are there any questions on what I have taught you so far, or on this board? Any questions? Okay.


10/03/04 Transcribed by RS



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