581 - Part 3

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Praise the Lord, we have received some incredible revelation over this last couple of days, what we are dealing with right now is a new understanding of the energy centers, the Lord has completely revised my understanding of the energy centers, does that mean what I taught for quite a while was wrong? I do not consider it wrong, I just have now have received a deeper understanding of it, there is just no way to preach a message that is never going to be changed. The other understanding of the energy centers that I had and that I taught you, it served its purpose at the time, and I remind you all that the end of the process of our education in Christ, is not to have the perfect knowledge, because we will never have the perfect knowledge, it is impossible because the word of God is infinite. As we become capable of understanding more, the message becomes deeper, and then if you are looking at it with the carnal mind, you will say, well you have changed the message. No, I now understand it on a deeper level, okay, and that is the way it is, I am sorry if this is disturbing anybody, but this is the only way to go forward, and no matter how spiritual we get, or how advanced we get, the Lord Jesus is always going to come in showing us something in a new way, and you have to be able to flow with it.


I also want to remind you, or at least I want to expand on what I just said, the primary goal of preaching and teaching and learning is that Christ should be formed in us, these messages are the spiritual food for the Christ that is being formed in the midst of you, that is the primary purpose for the teachings, not that you should have all the answers and then, how are you going to face everybody when you no longer have all the answers or when it is coming forth a different way, if that is where you are at, you are in pride and you are missing the whole point of the teaching.


Let us go over this new listing of energy centers, and really very, I am very, very excited about it, and let me show you what the Lord has shown me because I have had a few questions about this, that the Lord has answered me.


First of all, the first energy center is Satan, and I have been telling you that she is the second energy center, I will tell you what the Lord told me about that shortly, the second energy center, even on the previous part of this message or the first part of this message, I was telling you, well it looks like Satan is the first energy center but she is overtaken her husband and that is why she is in the second place, but she is first, she is in the first energy center. The second energy center is Leviathan, the fugitive or the fleeing Serpent, Satan is the collective unconscious part of the mind of the whole beast, which is mortal humanity, and she is the hallway.


I will draw you a picture of the hallway, but it is really like we saw it in the Matrix, very, very exciting, Leviathan, the subconscious, the collective subconscious of the whole beast. Now, one of the changes is that I have taught you that there was a collective unconscious and subconscious, and that there was an individual unconscious, and an individual subconscious, and apparently this is not accurate, okay. Let me just go up to the third and fourth energy centers, and I will explain that to you. Abel is in the third energy center, and Abel is the lust of the flesh. Now I have taught you that Cain was the lust of the flesh, that was what I thought, that Cain was the lust of the flesh, no, Abel, remember Abel is completely overtaken by the evil, Abel is our spiritual potential, our hope of having Adam, the last Adam who is Christ, regenerated in us, and being the child that is going to save us in childbearing, but Abel is completely overcome, look he is all he is got Leviathan and Satan underneath him, and Leviathan the snake above him, Abel is completely overtaken. Abel has become as evil as Cain, and Abel is the one that is spiritual, okay, Abel is the one that has a desire for God, but when that desire is perverted, Abel lusts for the things of the flesh, Abel is the one that has the potential to pant after God, but Abel has lost all sight of God, so he is panting after sex, he is panting after food, and he is panting after drugs, and he is panting after all of the things of this world because he is confused. Everybody okay? Cain is in the fourth energy center which is the heart center, and when I asked the Lord about that, I said, Wow Lord, pain in the heart center, the way I was preaching it, was that Christ came in and grafted to Abel, and battled with Satan and ascended to the heart center, but I have to tell you that I never asked the Lord, who was in the heart center before Christ got there, I guess now that I think back about it, I do not know that I ever actually addressed the issue, but I think I was coming from a place that would have indicated that I was thinking that the heart center was empty, and that Christ was ascending to it and occupying it, okay.


That was how I thought, or I think the way I preached it was that Satan was the seed that was flooding the heart center, and Christ has to get up there and make it dry land, okay, so I guess I saw Satan in the heart center. Well Cain is not very far from Satan, they are all in the same family, but today I realize that it is Cain sitting in the heart center controlling the emotions of the man, and giving evil thoughts to the man.


I think in my previous preaching, I was not distinguishing as much as I will be now, between Satan and Cain, I think I had a lot to say about Satan and I had a lot to say about Leviathan, but I really did not have much to say about Cain. I believe the Lord is showing me that Cain is very, very active, and when we get evil thoughts in our minds, it is really Cain speaking to us, yes the thoughts start with Satan in the unconscious, and rises through Leviathan in the subconscious and it is Cain who whispers in our ear. It is Cain who whispers in our ear, and I recall from when I did the alternate translation of Peter being tested after Jesus was crucified, the account of the cock crowing, the Sod of that, the mysteries the understanding of the level of mysteries of that, is that after Jesus was crucified and taken from, and left there, He was not taken, He left the earth, Satan rose up in Peter, and spoke to Leviathan in Peter, and it was Cain in my alternate translation, it was Cain who whispering in Peter’s ear and said, Oh, are you not a great one, you are one of those who were with Jesus.


The significance being that Cain, Cain was the mouthpiece for the whole carnal mind that was standing ready to rise up and overthrow the Christ in Peter, okay, but Peter recognized that it was Cain’s voice and cried out, and the cock crew, the Glorified Christ came from heaven and strengthened Peter to take the victory, that is the Sod of that account. Even then it was Cain that spoke to Peter. I have been saying, it is Satan that speaks to you, that is not wrong, it is just more accurate to say, that Cain is the mouthpiece who is right up against your ear, Cain is the one that is right up against your ear. Cain is the one that is right up against Abel speaking to Abel who is supposed to be the good one you see. When your parents raise you and teach you how to survive in this world, that you should not murder and you should not steal, the one that is being instructed is Abel, because Cain is incapable of being instructed.


Whatever good you have in you, whatever good has been developed in you, because your parents have taught you or because it is just there, is coming out of Abel, and Cain is right next to Abel whispering Satan’s evil thoughts. I really have not been speaking enough about Cain and I have been imputing a lot of Cain’s activities to Satan, I have not made the differentiation yet. Is everybody understanding me?


Okay, so we have Cain and Abel being the focal point of the mind of the individual, that is who we really are, Cain and Abel and everything else is built around us. Now, concerning the individual unconscious and the individual subconscious, there really is no such thing. When Leviathan rises up to influence Abel or Cain and they are usually together, because Abel is completely overcome, when Leviathan rises up to influence them, they are being influenced by the subconscious mind, they do not have an individual subconscious mind. Just like the Holy Spirit comes in, just like I have taught you that the Holy Spirit comes in and influences the carnal man. Okay, we had a little interruption here, so I am not exactly sure what I was saying, but I will pick up with this, that there is no individual unconscious or subconscious mind, per say, that just as the Holy Spirit overshadows a man and influences him, Leviathan the collective subconscious and Satan the collective unconscious, overshadows Cain and Abel, and influences them in that way, and Cain and Abel, they really are one, okay, they really are one, and that is why they have a collective name called the Fiery Serpent. They really are one and they work together, they are in step, they are in sync with each other.


That is the first, second, third, and fourth energy centers. Now these higher energy centers, the fifth one, which is Leviathan the piercing Serpent, the one who pierces into Cain and marries that aspect of our soul, the snake, which is the evil eye, that is a pretty high level of witchcraft power, and the seventh energy center, the crown center which is the angel of blasphemy, a man who is in a full stature of evil, these energy centers are not active in the average person. If you are living out of the fifth energy center of your carnal mind, you are a witch, you are very powerful witch. Okay, so not many people are living up there, and I do not even know that, that many people are living out of there, I think we have more people living out of their fifth energy center, people that are suffering from malignant pride, and a strong narcissism, all the people that are bound with addictions and things like that.


As I understand it now, it is Leviathan and Satan that influence Cain and Abel when it is possible through the individual to such a degree that they literally climb up over them and appear above them, and when Leviathan climbs up over Abel and Cain, he appears above them in the fifth energy center as a high level, as a fortified level of pride. When Satan climbs up, when Satan climbs up, she not only climbs up over Abel and Cain, she climbs over Leviathan her husband, Abel and Cain, and rises even higher than her husband in the sixth energy center and influences everyone underneath her. What I told you right in this message, that Satan rises up over her husband and is in a higher center, that is true concerning the sixth and fifth energy centers, Satan is in the sixth, she becomes a snake, and Leviathan the piercing Serpent is in the fifth. Satan does overshadow her husband up here in the higher centers, but in the man, and in average man who just has four energy centers, Satan is in her place in the first energy center. Is everybody okay? Okay.


Now I also taught you that Christ grafts to Abel, I now have a deeper understanding of this, Christ does graft to the Fiery Serpent, but He grafts to the Cain aspect of the Fiery Serpent. You see, it made sense to my carnal mind that Christ should graft to Abel, the one who is our potential for spiritual regeneration, okay, but today, well I have known for a long time that Cain is the maidenhead that covers Abel, and that Cain is the one that stands in front of Abel when Christ, like Christ in a teacher like me tries to penetrate Abel in you, it is Cain that stands up and blocks, and opposes, I have known that, but my understanding of the message was that Christ grafts to Abel and then starts to fight with Cain above. When I think about it now, I say, Well Sheila, that does not make any sense, how could Christ get in there and graft to Abel when Cain is the one that opposes? I think I saw Cain opposing Christ ascension to the heart center, but the Lord tells me today, that Christ cannot get to Abel, Christ cannot access Abel, Cain is too powerful, especially when Cain is fortified by the piercing Serpent. Christ does not try to get into Abel, Christ attacks Cain, in some people it is just Cain, and in people where Cain is fortified, Christ is opposing Cain and Leviathan junior, I say Leviathan junior, it is just like Christ is the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ, Leviathan when he pierces Cain, deposits his seed, and there is a seed of Leviathan. Now remember Leviathan is the collective subconscious and he drops his seed which fortifies Cain, so we have a combination of Cain and Leviathan junior, and Christ comes in and He cannot go directly to Abel, He has to fight with Cain and Leviathan, it makes so much sense does it not? Why did I not notice a couple of years ago? I do not know, everything is simple once you understand it, you just have to take it a step at a time. And also, we know in Genesis 3, Jehovah said to Cain, do what is right because sin is waiting at the door. Well who is the door, Cain is the door, Cain is the door, okay.


Cain is the Satan’s mouthpiece, Satan’s agent in the conscious part of our mind, Cain is the evil side of our personality, Cain is our evil potential, Abel is our potential to be good, Abel is our potential to be holy, Abel is our potential to regenerate Christ, and Cain is our potential for evil, Cain is the potential for the ultimate evil. All conscience is in Abel, in a man that is a social murderer, someone who kills without any conscience, Abel is completely non-functioning, see. Cain is the door, and Christ enters in to the door. Well you say, Jesus said, I am the door. That is right, Jesus said, I am the door to the spiritual realm of God. Cain is the door to the mortal man.


If I want to convince you of something, I am talking to Cain and Abel, and well hopefully if you are in this meeting, I am talking to Abel in you, but most Christians are talking to Cain, that is the door, you have to overcome their mind. Praise the Lord, and I think I explained Abel being the lust of the flesh to you, lust and desire are two sides of the same coin. Abel is the one that has the potential for passion, either a passion for the Lord, or a passion for ungodly things, a passion for the lusts of the flesh, Abel is the one with passion. It is interesting because when we recently did the Matrix series, and we saw the Persephone, okay, she was, we determined that she typified the woman, the female side of Adam and she was a very emotional lustful woman, it was so interesting to see her portrayed that way, but of course this is Abel, not exactly the same thing, so I hope I did not confuse you.


I think I explained to you that Leviathan climbs up over Abel in Cain and settles in the fifth energy center where he becomes the piercing Serpent that pierces Cain and impregnates Cain, and then Satan if she can, rises up from the first energy center and goes above her husband, and becomes the snake, the one with the evil eye. I have seen science fiction movies where the evil character has a snake coming right out of his third eye, and I knew that it was the third eye and that he was evil, but it never occurred to me that, that third eye was actually the home of the snake. It is just true, the people in the occult have much more knowledge than we do, but we are coming up fast, we are coming up very fast, if you can call it fast. I mean, they have had their teachers around for generations, we are doing all this in one generation, you know, I have been in the church for about twenty seven years, that is not even a whole lifetime, it is a very short period of time for the Lord to be teaching us all of this information.


Of course the angel of blasphemy is a man who is in a full stature of evil, a full stature of evil. You can be in a permanent full stature of evil, or you could have episodes of being in a full stature of evil, that evil can rise up in you and fill you completely and then, it can recede, you know, or there could be different degrees, and then of course there is the ultimate full stature of evil. Are there any questions on this? I hope you are as excited as I am, you know, and I do not know if I said it, Satan is the hallway, I am going to draw you a picture of the hallway. Christ comes in, Christ penetrates Cain and if necessary penetrates Leviathan junior, and then starts working His way downward. Now I taught you that He comes in and works upward to the heart center, no, it is so clear to me now that I got it backwards, you have to go down before you can go up, and you may even remember that we did a couple of meetings in Christ Centered Kabbalah, I do not really know which message it was, I would have to look through the illustrations to find it, where I think it was, “And The Swine Fell Down”, was that the name of the message, where we saw the two mountain peaks when Jesus was being tempted, and I said he would have to come all the way down to the bottom of the carnal timeline and then ascend in the mountain of the righteous timeline, you cannot jump from peak to peak.


Christ comes in and He is going down, He starts working His way down, first He defeats Cain, and then do not fool yourself, He has to defeat Abel, because Abel has become the whore of Revelation and the false prophet, and Abel is as much against Christ is Cain is in most cases. Then Christ works his way down, then he has to overcome Leviathan, the Serpent that is running away from God. All of the fear rises up when this anointing comes to people, frequently they become very afraid, this is where the fear is coming from, the Leviathan that is running away from God, when Christ overcomes the fears of your life, then He continues to descend until He gets to Satan, and when he overcomes Satan, He has access to the hallway, Christ then has access to the hallway which is the collective unconscious of the whole beast.


When Christ gets one man in one man, that He can complete this process in, He is now in the hallway for the rest of humanity, and that is what He has done with me, He has gotten into my hallway, and He has opened up your mind, He is dealing with your mind and He is dealing with your mind, and I have become a vessel in which Christ has penetrated all the way down into the hallway, and the Lord told me, when I first started preaching sixteen or seventeen years ago, I was preaching in a little room in Smithtown with a small group, and He said to me, Sheila, you are cutting up Satan’s kingdom, and I could not understand it.


Well, I was preaching on this level. You know the Scripture that says, Jesus went down to hell and the church preaches that He, well He did not die on the cross, after He was crucified, that He went down to hell. I have known for a long time that, that is not true, I know that He came to hell when He incarnated as a physical baby in this world, which is hell, okay, but everything can be understood on multiple levels, when Jesus entered into my mind and He overcame Cain and Leviathan in me, and then He overcame Abel in me, and then He overcame the fleeing Serpent in me, all my fears He overcame, and then when He approached and overcame Satan in me, Jesus fully descended into hell in me. Can you hear this?


Then after He descended into hell in me, He started to rise with me on His back into His own timeline. Can you hear this? You have to go down before you go up. Now when I first started studying Kabbalah, I was a little confused to hear the Kabbalistic expression that we need to descend before the throne of God. I said, Well is not the throne of God up? What do we have to descend before the throne of God for? Then I found out, that I read in a Kabbalistic letter, an article, that in order to get to the spiritual realm of God, you have to go down, you have to go down, down, down, until you access the unconscious part of your mind, then you rise up in the Spirit of God. The Kabbalists, they have a lot of knowledge, and that is what this is all about, Christ comes in and as He overcomes Cain and Abel and descends, He takes your consciousness with Him.


I have been exhorting you for the longest time, you must start looking at the unconscious part of your mind and you must see Satan, and you must rebuke her and stop her as best you can, where she is in her territory, this is how you do it, this is how you do it. Christ wants to enter into you, He has already pierced Leviathan, He has already pierced Cain in you or you could never be sitting here okay, my opinion of you two right here, is that He has not yet fully pierced Abel in your lives, this is where He is, He pierced Cain, He penetrated your maidenhead, okay, He is in there, but Abel in you, your own spiritual potential has not yet yielded up to Him, okay.


Eventually He will overcome Abel in you, and let me tell you this, I really believe that none of this is linear, it is all happening simultaneously, I believe the Lord is trying to penetrate Abel in you, that is your spiritual potential, actually I think He must have pierced your spiritual potential, because you all have a manifestation of Christ here, so I think He has pierced you, maybe not fully, but He pierced Abel in you somewhat, He is up against Leviathan in you, and He is also up against Satan in you, and you are sitting here accepting it from me when I tell you that thought came out of Satan, and that thought came out of Leviathan, that is Christ in me penetrating Satan and Leviathan in you. That is how it is happening, Christ in me is penetrating Abel, Leviathan, and Satan in you, and I am in the unconscious part of your mind, I see you.


Do you remember me telling you that I have to know somebody for a long time, for the Lord to open them to me? Okay, well I see you, and I am just starting to see you, that means Christ in me is down here, He is penetrating into your first energy center, and finding out what you are really about, so that not only will Christ in me see it, but that I can reveal it to you, so that your eyes can open, and you can start functioning on your own, because we are supposed to rule, and the first place that you have to rule is your own spirit, and this is who you rule your own spirit, by knowing who we are, we are the beast, we are the first Adam who was ruined.


You know who this blasphemer is, you know who this angel of blasphemy is? He is the man that is fully expressing the nature of the first Adam who became a beast, that is who he is, that is the first Adam. Adam is alive and well in hell, he is the one that blasphemes God. You know that Scripture that says, He that blasphemes the Holy Ghost, there is no forgiveness in this world or the next? It is not talking about you, your personality, it is talking about your old man, the first Adam. He is the one that is blaspheming God, and standing against and opposing Christ Jesus who wants to save his ox.


We are the first Adam’s ox, that is who we are, we are the horse, okay, and the first Adam will not let us go, and when Christ Jesus comes to deliver us, the first Adam is standing there saying, it is my ox, and you cannot have them, that is the first Adam, our old man, the whole man, not just your carnal mind, not just Satan, the unconscious part of your carnal mind, the whole man, the beast, the first Adam who became a beast, and we are his ox, that is the truth.


If you want to get out of here, you have to believe that, if you cannot believe that, you are still going to stay in hell. You have to know who you are, we are the ox that fell in a pit. We are down in a big black hole here.


Christ enters into Leviathan and works His way down to hell, He works His way down to the bottom of your black hole, and as He works His way down, as He overcomes, Cain, Abel, even after He penetrates Cain, still He has to overcome him completely, Cain, Abel, Leviathan, and Satan, I believe it is all happening simultaneously, the way Christ is overcoming them is that He is weaving Himself together with them, that is why you have two thoughts in your mind, because you are woven together with the two men, the first Adam and the last Adam, and this is the grafting, grafting is just another way of saying, weaving together.


As Christ weaves Himself through, what does grafting mean? Grafting means to strike into and ultimately grow together as one, is that not what grafting means? Well, Christ is striking into Cain, He is striking into Abel, He is striking into Leviathan, He is striking into Satan, and He is moving upon them, and weaving Himself through them completely neutralizing them, that is His ultimate goal, to swallow them up completely, completely neutralize them. Christ Jesus is the colored thread in the messagestry, He is the woof of the garment. Satan and the whole, well the whole man is the warp of the garment. Christ is literally coming in with a needle, is He not the needle? That is one of His names, He is the needle, okay, and He is coming in and literally weaving His Spirit through these entities which are made of spirit or energy, He is weaving His energy, His colored, many colored energy through the dim black energy of Cain, Abel, Leviathan, and Satan, and neutralizing them.


I am just so excited at this, it just makes so much sense, although where I was in the past, my carnal mind could not comprehend that Christ could enter in and go down, it just, see, I was not capable of understanding that at the time, that Christ would enter in and go down, so I figured He entered in and He went up, and the Lord said, Okay, you could believe in Santa Claus until you are old enough to understand, that is what the Lord said to me. I mean not in those words, but He just let me believe that, and He used it, however I taught it to you at that time, He used it to promote spiritual growth in you, and how did He use it to promote spiritual growth? He anointed me and He supported me as I taught on that level, so His Spirit flowed through me and gave you spiritual growth, because He knew that I was doing the best I could at that stage of my development.


The angel of blasphemy, the man who is in a full stature of evil, he is the man who is a full blown 100% manifestation of the first Adam who became evil, the first Adam is evil, the first Adam is the female aspect of Adam who married the Serpent and became a beast like her husband, and became evil, and that is who we are.


In Christ Jesus we have this tremendous opportunity if we are willing to fight the fight and not faint, but you have to follow the rules you see, you have to follow the rules and fight and do not ever give up, and when things look hopeless, you have to do what we all did this morning, and say, Lord, there just does not seem to be any way out, what are you willing to do for us, how are you willing to help us, because we have been trying here for years, and we cannot, all of us want to change and we cannot seem to do it.


I hope you are as excited as I am, I am just really excited with this revelation, are there any questions or comments on this board so far? Okay, we are going to a drawing #2, I am going to draw the hallway for you and demonstrate it just in case somebody needs to see it visually. In drawing #2, here is the door, that is me, a teacher in Christ, I have already had this experience, not 100%, let me tell you this, I said on drawing #1 that Christ penetrates Cain and Leviathan, it is Christ coming at Cain, but when Christ enters into the mind of a man that does not have Christ, when He gets inside of that man, He enters in as the Holy Spirit, He enters in as the Holy Spirit, okay, and He becomes Christ as He overcomes Cain and Leviathan and starts to influence Abel, and Abel starts to study the Scripture, and the fruit of the Spirit begins to be developed in Abel, that Holy Spirit is now maturing into Christ, okay, and the grafting of that imputed Christ is the weaving itself through of Abel, Leviathan and Satan, so that is something new also then what I have told you in the past.


What I have told you in the past is, the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit, and then the seed of Christ comes as a completely different experience okay, and now I have changed that now, okay, no matter what kind of an anointing the preacher has, when that spirit gets inside of a man that has not penetrated yet, it comes in as the Holy Spirit okay, and this I have told you before that, that the imputed Christ is developed as the fruit of the Spirit develops in the man, okay. It is sort of tricky, my understanding of what I am hearing the Lord say, is that it is really not possible for the fruit, for the imputed Christ alone to penetrate down into Leviathan, and Satan. The Holy Spirit enters into you, and you start studying the Scripture, the imputed Christ which is the fruit of the Spirit forms in you, and then you need the support of someone in whom Christ is already standing to join with that imputed Christ with you to penetrate down into Leviathan and Satan, and somehow I guess I do not understand it exactly, but it is the combination of that imputed Christ and the imparted Christ from you that enters into you to assist Christ in you to weave Himself through Leviathan and Satan, and that is how the seed of Christ is imparted, did I make it clear? Yeah, okay that is the best I have at this time, okay.


I guess you can say that the grafting of the seed really is another experience, because most people receive the Holy Spirit, you see you can get the Holy Spirit from a preacher that has the Holy Spirit, or if you are sitting under an anointing like this where Christ is preaching by the time that Spirit gets inside of you, it is still the Holy Spirit, okay, so wherever you get the Holy Spirit from, when the time comes for you to mature and to start, and that imputed Christ to start penetrating downward, you need the assistance of Christ in a teacher that is already ruling over the Satanic realm in himself. I guess you call that the grafting of the seed then, that seed comes in to assist the imputed Christ in you, to penetrate downward and to weave Himself together with the lower centers. I guess that is the best I have right now that you could call that the seed, did I make it clear what I am saying? Okay.


Drawing #2, we see here a teacher in Christ, such as myself, Christ has penetrated down into my first energy center and is walking boldly up and down this hallway in me, or let say He is walking boldly within my doorway, okay. What I find very interesting is that Genesis 1, Genesis 2 I guess, I really think it is Genesis 2, Jehovah says to Adam, the Scripture says, it is either Genesis 2 or 3, I am really sorry about that, that Jehovah was walking through the garden you know in the cool of the day, and He said to Adam, Where are you? Well that is where Jehovah was walking, He was walking in the garden, in the unconscious realm, He was walking in the depths of Adam, and He recognized that something was wrong. Jesus is walking freely in my timeline which is my doorway in to the collective unconscious, Jesus freely accesses that doorway and the area around it, and He has also opened that doorway and entered into Satan’s hallway.


I initially said, He is walking freely in Satan’s hallway, I guess I could say, the Lord is walking freely in Satan’s hallway, but He is not penetrating every door, the Spirit of Christ in me has penetrated the first energy center, He has opened my door, and He has penetrated Cain, Abel, and Leviathan in me and He has accessed the hallway, and He has opened your door, and He has opened your door, and He has opened your door, okay, and He is fighting with Cain, Abel, and Leviathan in you to get into your lower centers, okay. I can say Jesus is walking freely in Satan’s hallway, but not accessing every door, because right now I am still much too human to tolerate it, if the Lord Jesus were to open every door, if the Lord Jesus were to enter in through my vessel and open every door, Satan and Leviathan would kill me, see, so if He intends to do that through me, He has to raise me up to a higher spiritual place.


He is doing it, I may not be the only one He is doing it through whoever He is doing it through, I do not know what other people there are in the world, if He has descended to this depth in other people, I am sure that He has done that on an imputed level, you know, where He wants to, He can overshadow the person and enter into their lower centers and open a spiritual door and do a miracle for a human being, probably that is where the miracles come from, miracles of healing, that is probably what happens, that the Lord in that preacher or that person that is ministering, the Lord must go right down in to his first energy center, access the hallway, open the door of the other person, enter into their person and bring forth a healing, I think we just got an anatomy of how the healing works, if you can hear it, okay.


The Lord Jesus is not doing this for all of humanity because He does not want to kill the vessels that He is doing it through, but the day is going to come brethren, that there is going to be one or a company of vessels okay, that are defensed, that the Lord has fortified, okay, so that Leviathan and Satan can kill them, and He is going to walk freely through the unconscious realm of the whole beast, and He is going to be opening these doors, click, click, click, click, and nobody is going to have anything to say about it, they are not going to be able to stop Him. Okay, because there has to be a big change, where first Adam will never let any vessel come to the Lord, okay, he is not, he is just going to block it, okay, he would rather kill us then see us come to the Lord, and Satan is a part of the first Adam, Satan is a part of the mind of the first Adam who is a whole man, our old man, we are the horse, okay, so there is no way, Cain, Abel, and Leviathan are just too strong, okay, the Lord got through to a couple of us here and a couple of us there, but the Lord wants the whole of humanity, that we are His ox that fell into the pit, and He wants us back, okay.


The Lord Jesus is working on a plan to fortify and strengthen a few people that will be the doorway for Christ Jesus to access the whole of the unconscious of humanity, and this is where this conviction of repentance is going through this conviction of sins and spirit of repentance is going to come forth from the lower realms. It is not that Jesus cannot do it, it is that He wants to do it without killing us, that is the whole problem, to save us without killing us, okay. We read about Jehovah walking in the garden in the cool of the day, this is the garden He was walking in, of course Adam had already fallen, and Jehovah was walking right down this garden, right down this hallway, and He knew that the hallway had changed you know, and that something was there that should not be there. Satan’s hallway is the collective unconsciousness of the beast, which is mortal humanity which is the first Adam, the whole Adam, the whole man, the first Adam. Christ descending from the first energy center in one man who is now a teacher, whose words are penetrating the first energy center of many men, that is what this is a picture of, okay. This means that, Christ does not have to penetrate Cain, Abel, and Leviathan in these men, these men depicted by these doors from above, because it is too hard getting through Cain, Abel, and Leviathan, but Christ is entering their consciousness by direct penetration of their first energy center, He is entering their consciousness through the unconscious part of their consciousness through the unconscious part of their consciousness, and then He is rising through Leviathan, Abel, and Cain like a mist from under the earth, who has Genesis 2:6, who is going to read Genesis 2:6 to us? Actually see if you can read 2:5 and 2:6.


COMMENT: Genesis 2:5-6, “And before every plant of the field was in the earth, and before every herb of the field grew; for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground.


6. But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.”



PASTOR VITALE: I have been asking the Lord for years what this mist under the ground was, literally for years, I am in God 27 years and almost from the beginning I have been asking Him what that mist was, that is the mist, okay. There was no rain coming from Above, because there was not yet a man to til the ground. What does that mean? It means that the rocks and the roots, the sin that was in the earthen part of the creation was not yet being controlled by Adam. On the surface, the surface of the creation was still criminal, so the Spirit of God rose up from the unconscious realm and kept the earth alive. All of God’s people who are still controlled by Satan, Leviathan, and Cain in some way, but you know that the Lord is sustaining you somehow, this is how He is sustaining you, He is rising from underneath because He has not yet succeeded in penetrating Cain, Leviathan, and Satan in you, because He cannot use all of His strength because He will kill you, and He has not succeeded in doing that, but He is coming from the unconscious realm and He is like a mist and He is giving you life, He is giving you life until He breaks through your own defenses, okay.


There is a little or no opposition from Leviathan, Abel, and Cain because Leviathan, Abel and Cain are looking in the wrong direction, they are looking up, they are not too smart you know, they may be smart when it comes to hurting us, but thanks to Jesus, they are retarded, do you realize that Leviathan, Abel, and Cain are retarded when you put them up next against Jesus, you know, so they are looking up waiting for Christ to try and penetrate through Cain, Cain is all defensed, Leviathan is the piercing Serpent that is piercing Cain and fortifying him, and Satan is up there supporting the two of them, and Jesus is coming in the back door, He is coming in the back door. Let us read Mark 13:36-37, and get some insight into those Scriptures.


COMMENT: Mark 13:35-37, “Watch ye therefore, for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight or at the cock crowing, or in the morning. Lest coming suddenly He find you sleeping, and what I say unto you, I say unto all, watch.”


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I think that we have some very interesting insight into that Scripture which I never had before, the word “even” the Greek word translated “even” means “night”, and Leviathan is the night you know he is darkness, and Abel is midnight. You know when the Lord called me, I had a very exciting calling, and one of the events that was involved in my call, was this powerful dream that I had, there was a big clock striking midnight. Then years later when I studied Kabbalah, I read in the Kabbalah that the Lord comes into His garden at midnight, and we are His garden. When you read the Song Of Solomon, we are the garden that He is entering into, and so I believe as I ask the Lord how He wants me to explain this, I believe He told me that when He comes at midnight, it means He is entering into Abel in you, that is the hour that Christ is or the Holy Spirit is penetrating down into Abel, and He is starting to convict you of sin, and change your nature and form the fruit of the Spirit in you.


The reason I chose to say that Cain is the cock crowing, because of our alternate translation of the Scripture that I actually mentioned right in this message right after Jesus died when Peter was tempted by Cain whispering in His ear, saying, Are you not a great one, who was with Jesus? You see, the King James translation translates it, that the people standing around said, Oh look he is the one that was with Jesus, and Peter was afraid of being crucified, but the alternate translation when I investigated it, came out that no, it was not true at all, it was Cain inside of Peter trying to puff him up and being a great one for having been with Jesus, and when Peter resisted Cain’s thought, the cock crew, that means the Lord Jesus came out of the glorified realm and saved him.


Based on that understanding, I am saying that the cock crowing is when Jesus saves us from Cain. What is Jesus saying in the Scripture of Mark 13:35? I believe Jesus is saying, Watch and pray, okay, do not be looking in the wrong direction, because when I come, you have to be there to work with me. The Lord, He cannot save you if you do not work with Him. He is saying, watch and pray, do not be looking in the wrong place okay, I am coming from underneath, I am not coming from above, and I need you to recognize where I am coming from, so that you can work with me. When Cain whispers in your ear, I need you to recognize that it is Cain whispering in your ear, and I am going to rise up and save you from that, okay, and I need you to give me the glory, I need you to know that you are watching, you are expecting me to come and help you and that your victory was in me, not in your husband’s letter, right? Then He said, Watch and pray, that sometimes I come at midnight, okay, sometimes I am coming to enter into your garden, you Abel, all of you, do not be influenced by Cain and resist me, do not think that I am Satan and resist me. Brethren the whole church is saying that this word is Satan’s word, with very few exceptions, the whole church is saying this doctrine of Christ is Satanic doctrine, and they are warning their congregations to not have anything to do with it, and Jesus is saying, Watch and pray, you know, that you do not reject me when I come.


Then on the third level, He may be coming at eventide, that is the darkness of Leviathan’s mind, He is saying, do not be influenced by Leviathan, when I come to penetrate you, do not listen to Leviathan, when he makes you afraid. That is what Jesus is saying, Watch and pray, recognize me when I come, and do not let the opportunity be stolen from you, do not be found fighting against God, is that not what Gamalial, he said, Let us leave these men alone, and let the Lord take care of it, lest you be found fighting against God. Do not be jumping to conclusions, and saying, you know whether this is God or not God without seriously praying it through, and without recognizing whether or not you have an ability or you have arrived at a place where you can really hear from God about subjective things.


What does that mean? Maybe you do not like this word, maybe you do not like what I am saying to you, maybe it is making you afraid, and then you say, Lord is this word of you? And Cain pipes up and says, Of course it is not God, and you say, Oh, amen, it is not God, because that is what you wanted to hear in the first place.


Are you capable of hearing from God under situations like that? If not, you better go to an elder to have them pray with you. That is what Jesus is talking about, Watch and pray, do not be fighting against me, open the door and let me in, do not be found sleeping when I come. What does it mean? Does it really mean to be physically sleeping? No, He said, do not be found in your carnal mind, because the carnal mind is asleep.


Do not be found sleeping when I arrive, be found in your Christ mind, be fully awake and recognize me and open the door and let me in. Did not Jesus say, I stand at the door and knock? And if you open the door and invite me in, I will come in and sup with you, these are the doors that Jesus was talking about, and He is standing at the door, and He is trying to penetrate you on all three levels at once, He is having His best success coming in through Satan, but He is still trying, His seed and His light, and His life are falling on you in all three energy centers, Cain, Abel, Leviathan, and Satan, all of the first four energy centers, His light is falling on you, because He has all different kinds of ministers.


There are ministers preaching out of the Holy Spirit, their light is falling on Cain, if He has a preacher preaching out of this level, He is coming up through the first energy center, He is hitting you and attacking the first Adam in you on every energy center where He has a vessel to do the work. He says, I am coming at you on all three levels, Cain, Abel, and Leviathan, do not oppose me, do not oppose me.


I wonder why He does not say that He is coming, okay I got the answer, why He is not wanting us to not oppose Him on the first level, on Satan’s level? Because that is the unconscious level, and He knows that there is no way that you could see Him coming in the unconscious level, that is what He meant when He said, He is coming as a thief in the night. You know I always said to the Lord, Why would you come as a thief in the night? Well what does that mean that you are coming as a thief climbing up a wall as it tells us in Joel, climbing up a wall, you know. He is coming as a thief, it means that He is coming from Satan’s hallway where you cannot see Him coming, you cannot see Him coming, Leviathan cannot see Him coming, Abel and Cain cannot see Him coming, and apparently Satan, it is too late once He opens the door. Maybe Satan is sleeping and she is depending on Leviathan, Abel, and Cain to defend her, I do not know about Satan, it does not say anything about Satan, just that He is coming as a thief, He is coming from the underground realm, is that not interesting? It is so interesting. Are there any questions or comments? Yes, okay, you have a question, alright!


COMMENT: Sheila, I have to say this is just so inspiring, I have got Matthew 25, and Jesus coming at midnight, and I feel that us, having the oil would be the preparation for us to hear Him, and it touched me so much when you said that Jesus is coming as a mist, that no matter how hard we try, we cannot do it.


PASTOR VITALE: Right, there is no man, Christ is not in you in a form that can till your ground, but He has not abandoned you anyway.


COMMENT: I am just so amazed. Thank you Lord.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen, praise God, okay anybody else?


What I would like to do now then, is read through my notes because I did see when I looked over these notes, that there were one or two points that I did not get on the message, so I am just going to read through them briefly and try to hit those points. Well I did not talk to you about the soul being a black hole, so I am going to start reading, I will come back to that after this, I am going to start reading with point 17. The unconscious part of the individual carnal mind connects to the great hallway of the collective unconsciousness, I have covered that, the snake is the collective unconscious of mortal men, and Satan is the well, I changed that, Satan is the individual unconscious of the part of the carnal mind, I do not have a pen here. Does anybody have a pen that I could use here? I intended to take that out, and I explained that to you.


Okay, Leviathan, the fugitive Serpent is the collective subconscious of mortal men, and the individual, this must be an old one, I know that I changed this. I think I did not save my last changes, so, we are on point 19 now, Leviathan the fugitive Serpent is the collective subconscious of mortal men, and the rest of this sentence we are going to take out, because I explained how there is no permanent individual subconscious or unconscious, it is when Leviathan influences Cain or Abel, that there is a temporary manifestation of the subconscious part of the mind in that man.


Point 20, The Fiery Serpent, Cain, and Abel, is the collective consciousness of mortal mankind, Cain is the evil side, and Abel is the good side of mortal man’s consciousness, I told you that.


21. There is no individual unconscious or subconscious. What I have previously taught was the individual unconscious and subconscious parts of an individual man’s mind is in reality either Satan or Leviathan influencing Cain, and or Abel, just as the Holy Spirit influences Cain and or Abel.

22. Leviathan guards the hallway to prevent Christ from accessing the many doors of the carnal mind of mortal men.

23. Abel is the third energy center, which is the belly that Paul talks about, the seat of all lust and fleshly appetites, Abel is supposed to be panting after God, but He is so confused and overtaken, he lusts for and pursues Leviathan’s kingdom.

24. Cain occupies the heart energy center, the doorway to the individual mortal man, where she stands guard against Christ’s efforts to enter.

25. The Holy Spirit must, okay, I think I did not tell you this, the Holy Spirit must overcome Cain in an individual to enter into the heart center of the mortal man. Once in the man’s heart, the Holy Spirit begins to convict Abel of sin, and Abel of course is the third center which is below the heart center, and this conviction of sin is the first step of the process that eventually re-engraves Abel in the image of Jesus Christ.

26. The conviction of sin continues until Abel begins to manifest the fruit of the Spirit, which is the imputed Christ, that is the Christ without any roots, the imputed Christ then begins to wage war against the fugitive Leviathan in the center below who guards Satan, the doorway to the collective unconscious mind of the beast, which is mortal humanity. This warfare is the beginning of the grafting of Christ.

27. The grafting of Christ is the imputed Christ weaving Himself through the unconscious and subconscious aspects of the carnal mind which eventually swallows up their thoughts, the thoughts of Leviathan and Satan, Christ is not in a separate timeline, He Himself is the other timeline. The two thought processes are both within the beast wrestling for control of the man/beast, which we now know is the first Adam. Of course what I do not have down here is that there is no way an imputed Christ can penetrate Leviathan without the assistance of a human being manifesting an imparted Christ, the imputed Christ is just not strong enough to do it. That is the grafting of the seed, the man with the imparted Christ, joins with you in your battle to weave Christ through Leviathan and Satan, that is the grafting of the seed.

28. Christ overcomes Leviathan, penetrates into the first energy center, where Satan is, enters the hallway and begins to open the doors to the minds of other mortal men.

29. To the best of my present knowledge, we penetrate with words and thoughts.

30. Satan’s home is the first energy center which is located in the anus, in the anus of the ethereal body, and it is a watery cavern which is the spiritual counterpart of the physical anus.

31. The fugitive Leviathan’s home is the second energy center which is the genitals, and Leviathan is a spiritual mouth. Leviathan is typified by the mouth, Leviathan always had a big mouth and is spouting off and the connection of Leviathan being in the genital area is that Leviathan is the counterpart of the physical mouth which typifies the female sex organ.



Leviathan is declared to be eunuch, by Jehovah, because she is a spiritual female who is acting like a male, but is not capable of producing a male child. Leviathan has produced a child, a female child, this creation is a spiritual female child.


32. Leviathan is the male and the counterpart of Christ, the male in this fallen world, or the male aspect of the first Adam, and the counterpart of Christ. Satan is the female of the first Adam, and the counterpart of the Spirit of Christ. Now, Oh I think I have a couple more here, on the next page.

35. Christ must overcome Leviathan in the mortal man that He resides in as well as He must overcome Cain and Leviathan in the mortal man that He is trying to penetrate.



When someone has been given this job from the Lord, like me for example, and I am trying to pierce into, trying to penetrate your carnal mind, my own Leviathan will rise up to try and stop me, try to get you and me into a conflict so that I can stop the work the Lord has given me to help you to penetrate Cain. Whoever is doing this ministry, we have to fight Leviathan in ourselves and Leviathan in the other person, I have been telling you that for years, but as soon as come to a conflict, as soon as I see a conflict with somebody, the first thing that I do is rebuke my own pride, and see that I stay in Christ.


36. Leviathan being overcome in both parties, the Spirit of Christ then enters into the hallway, unlocks the door to the mind He desires to access and enters into the spiritual household of that person to influence the personality in righteousness. Now brethren, I want to suggest to you that this is what Elijah did when he overcame the prophets of Baal, this is what he did, Elijah had a mind that was powerful enough to overcome Satan in himself, enter into the hallway and unlock the doors of those 385 prophets of Baal, and he rose up within them like a mist and took the carnal minds of those prophets of Baal off guard and overthrew them. The Scripture describes that as they killed the prophets of Baal, I do not believe that they dismembered 385 human beings, I do not believe that. That is what happened, you see, Elijah’s mind was powerful enough to do that, but his mind was not powerful enough to do it permanently and then when his mind released these men, the carnal mind within them rose up and ran after Elijah and knocked him down, okay.



This is what Christ is going to do, He is going to raise up some sons, and He is going to give them a mind that is powerful enough to do that, you see my mind is not powerful enough to do that. If you are not in agreement with me, I cannot help you, my mind is not powerful enough to enter into the unconscious part of somebody else’s mind, rise up in them and convince them of righteousness. I have to, my ministry at this point is to penetrate Cain, see. If I want to convince you of righteousness, I have to talk to you, and if I fail to convince you, I have failed, I have failed to penetrate Cain in you, okay. Sometimes I penetrate Cain and I cannot get past Leviathan, and everything is going so slow, we keep saying, when are we going to have more victory in overcoming our carnal mind? The bottom line is that my ministry at the level of maturity that I am at, all I could do is attack Cain from the outside.


Those of you that work with me have some victory, but this is not the way that it is going to be, see. Ultimately when there are people in full stature, they are going to have a mind that is going to powerful enough to go down through Satan within themselves to descend into hell to preach to the spirits that were disobedient at the time of the flood, which who we are, we are the spirits that were disobedient at the time of the flood. He is going to rise up within you from underneath, and He is going to slay Leviathan, Abel, and Cain, and He is going to convict you of righteousness, and that is what we are waiting for to happen. The Lord at the present time is preparing vessels through which He can do His work without killing them, either without the Lord killing them, or without the retaliation from the people killing them. That is what we are waiting for, for the Lord to raise up some people that are going to be powerful enough to help us in this manner. What manner? Like a thief in the night. He is going to be a thief coming through the night, the darkness of Satan and Leviathan’s night, praise the Lord.


Now, I just have a couple of points that I started out this series with, where I was telling you that the unconscious part of the mind, I am on point 1 now if you want to follow me, the unconscious part of the mind is analogous to the deepest point of a black hole, and this is sort of a review on what we did on part one, there is no time at the deepest part of the black hole, timelessness reigns there, and of course the deepest point of the black hole is the unconscious part of the mind, see.


It is so interesting, when we watched the Matrix and we saw this concept of the hallway depicted in the Matrix, you may recall that when Neo descended into hallway, he went off all of the computer monitors, they could not get a life reading on him, it was as if he was dead, what that means is, he was beyond time, they could not get a reading on him.


The collective unconscious of mortal humanity is a long hallway, we have been talking a lot about that, a spiritual door connects the unconscious part of each individual carnal mind to this hallway, we have been talking about that, it is possible to traverse this hallway, as far as I know, people who know about it, access it by meditation. I do not see any sign as yet that, that is how Christ will do it, but I could be wrong, okay. One of the earlier messages when we started preaching Kabbalah that I preached is, Permanent Meditative Consciousness, something like that, and what that means is that when Christ becomes imparted in us, we are in a continuous state, a continuous state of meditation, but we are in continuous contact with the spiritual realms that men meditate in order to access, and there are people in other parts of the world that call it being asleep and awake at the same time, it means that you are continuously in contact with the invisible realms.


Now I have heard this ability imputed to Haitians, I believe it was Haitians, or some group of people that are known for their ability in voodoo, that they spend, they are as much in touch with the spiritual realm as the physical realm, and sometimes more in touch with the spiritual realm then the physical realm, and they call it being awake and asleep at the same time. I have never heard that from a Kabbalist, I have only heard of the Kabbalists meditating in order to access these realms, and of course, I believe at least the Kabbalists that I study with, that they access the realm of God, whereas the voodoo workers are accessing the Satanic realms you know, but I believe that in Christ we will be, and I already to some degree am asleep and awake at the same time, I am always in contact with the spiritual realm, I could be doing the most carnal thing and I am in contact with the spiritual realm, but how deep I go, I do not think I go that deep. I am not going to get into that now, I have nothing to measure it against, but I certainly, I have never had an experience to the best of my knowledge of accessing someone else’s mind, you know.


I know someone who I believe to be a woman of God, who she gave me a testimony years ago, I am still waiting for the Lord to tell me whether or not it was God, if He has answered yet, I have not heard Him yet, but her testimony is that she was praying all night for her young nephew or niece, I forget which one it was, and then when she went to sleep, in a dream, she found herself in that person’s body swimming around in their body, and when she woke up the next morning the person was healed. To this day, if the Lord answered me, I have not heard Him, I do not know whether it was of God or not, I do not know what to say, but apparently she entered into some deep place in that person’s spiritual being and actually, and they were healed as a result of it. Only God knows who did it, basically I consider her a woman of God, so who knows. Frequently we have two spirits.


Okay, reading on point 11, it is possible to enter into the hallway, acquire the key of the unconscious part of another person’s mind, and enter into the spiritual household of that person, many entities comprise each person’s single personality. We are in pieces brethren, many entities comprise each person’s single personality. Some of these entities are souls of disembodied beings, sometimes we have souls of disembodied beings inside of us, sometimes they are born with us, and sometimes they enter in afterwards, and we have been researching this, and looking into it in our series called the Gate of Reincarnations.


Okay, here in point 14, I say, Steven Hawking, the cosmologist who discovered worm holes, has now disavowed his own discovery, and says that black holes do not exist. I do not, I do not think he said, black holes do not exist, he said, worm holes do not exist, I got the wrong word in there. I do not know if worm holes are a part of the physical dimension, but there is no doubt in my mind that there are spiritual black holes, that we are all connected to each other, by these channels that are depicted by these doors here. Each individual carnal mind is a black hole, and this whole universe that we are a part of is one gigantic black hole, the physical world as we know it, the physical world as we know it is the event horizon of the collective black hole and the physical body is the event horizon of the individual black hole, and the scuttlebutt on the event horizon is that the gravity is so intense in the event horizon that anything that comes close enough to it, is captured by the gravity and eventually sucked down into the black hole, and basically this is the description of charisma.


Actually God is doing that legally, He has a man that He gives charisma to, or that He gives an anointing to, and lots of people are sucked in to that event horizon and are sucked down into the kingdom of God, it is a positive thing, but then we have people called cult leaders who suck people into their charisma and people are destroyed. Well brethren, that is pretty much it, this ends the series, and Lord willing this Sunday we will go back to the Gate of Reincarnations, which the Lord has given me a lot of revelation on. Are there any questions or comments here? Okay God bless you all.


11/05/04 Transcribed by RS



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