582 - Part 5

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Praise the Lord, on part 4 of this message, it may sound like it did not fit into the message because I was going in a particular direction that the Lord turned me back from. On part 3 of this message, the Lord revealed to us, that tohu is Satan, Satan’s emotional, Satan is the symbol of the sea, and she is emotions of fallen Adam. I had told you on part 4, which I thought I was making into a different number and a different name, I thought I was starting a series called Tohu, I intended to look up every reference of Tohu in the Zohar and comment on it, but the Lord told me that He did not want me to do that.


Instead He wanted me to proceed with an alternate translation of the Zohar, beginning on page sixty six, and we are looking at the Soncino Zohar, about two thirds of the way down, we see a commentary beginning on, Genesis 1, I believe it is Genesis 1:2, Now the earth had been void and without form. Genesis 1:1 said, something to the effect of, And God made heaven and earth. We know here the Zeir Anpin or to us Christ Jesus is heaven, and the earth is Malkhut, or the visible aspect of the creation.


Genesis 1:1 gives us an introduction, and God made Zeir Anpin and Malkhut, and then beginning with verse 2, he begins to tell us how He made them, therefore the Zohar does not begin commenting on verse 1, because the writer of the Zohar knows that number 1, it is just the introduction verse 1, and that verse 2 begins the explanation of how Zeir Anpin and Malkhut were formed.


I am going to read the, it is only a portion of the first paragraph under the heading, I am going to read to you from the Zohar, as far as we will go today, in so far as an alternate translation, I am incredibly excited about this because I remember the first time I read it, and I asked the Lord what all of this meant, actually I have read it several times and asked the Lord what all of this meant, and now He has revealed to me what it means. We, in fact Christ in me is most definitely the key, that is opening the locked Scripture, how absolutely exciting.


I am going to begin reading on page 66, and what we will be working on today is just that last part of page 66, we will not go further, unless the Lord lets me. I have notes, I am going to read to you now the portion that I have notes on, I will see what time it is, I do not know whether I will be doing drawings or not, if the Lord leads me, I will go on to the next few sentences, but this is what we are going to be working on right now. The earth had been void and without form. The Hebrew word hoithah meaning was, being in the pluperfect tense implies the earth has been previously, the earth existed before the Scripture says, now the earth had been void and without form, the earth was empty. There was snow in the midst of the water from the action of which was produced a slime, then a mighty fire beat upon it and produced it is a refuse. So it was transformed and became tohu, chaos, the abode of slime, the nest of refuse, and also bohu, formlessness, the finer part, which was sifted from the tohu and rested on it. The word darkness in the text, alludes to this mighty fire, this darkness covered the tohu, namely the refuse, and was buoyed up by it.


That is as far as I got with my notes. Let me remind you brethren, what the Lord revealed to us in the last one or two parts of this message, everything that the Lord has to say, has to do with mankind, the Zohar, the Scripture, every part of the Lord’s communication to us, is teaching us about ourselves, about who He intends us to be, about what happened to us, because in Adam we fell and died, and who we were before we fell and what we will be after the regeneration, everything is about us, the heaven and earth is us. The heaven is the mind of Christ, or Adam, heaven is Adam, depending upon the context of the sentence, we will either translate it Adam, Zier Anpin, or Christ Jesus.


What is the difference between Adam and Zier Anpin? Zier Anpin exists in the world of Atzilut, Adam is the Zier Anpin of Beriah, the world below, and Christ Jesus of course is the glorified Jesus Christ manifesting in the flesh on Atzilut, in the world of Atzilut. Everything we are reading about, is about God’s creation which is Christ, Adam, Christ, I will be using those different terms depending on the context of what we are translating, everything is about us, happening to us and happening within us. This paragraph that I just read, it is not at all different from the King James translation, it is just different more mysterious terms that do release a little bit more information. Praise the Lord.


The first sentence, The word Hoithah was being a pluperfect, implies that the earth had been previously, I do not think I have anything to say about that, I picked up with the next sentence. There was snow in the midst of the water. I hope that everyone or anyone that would be listening to this message or reading this transcript, would understand that the Zohar is not talking about the snow that falls on Long Island during the winter, it is talking about spiritual snow.


What is spiritual snow? There was snow in the midst of the water. The first definition that I have in my notes is water, so we will start with that. The waters are the abyss, or the waters are the pit that Adam fell into, the waters are the second energy center, the abode of Satan, the seminal fluid of the Serpent, Adam became the sperm of the Serpent’s seminal fluid. This a radical thing that I am saying, let me put this on the board for you. I sort of jumped ahead of my notes because you will see later on that I talk about Satan buoying up Adam or Christ, so I am just going to go with the drawing and hopefully it will get clearer to you as we go on with our notes.


Binah is called the terrible ice, I am not going to go into that in any more depths tonight, because I looked in the Zohar and the few references that I found for it were very involved and I did not think that they would edify us tonight, but we do see the reference in Ezekiel 1:22, which says;


Ezekiel 1:22


22 And the likeness of the firmament upon the heads of the living creature was as the color of terrible crystal, stretched forth above their heads above.  KJV




The Kabbalists translate that as terrible ice. I have not looked at that Hebrew word for a while so I am going to take the Kabbalists word for it. The concept being of not liquid, but a crystalized state. We know that book of Revelation talks about the sea becoming a crystal sea, and what that is talking about, I now understand is that, there is a Kabbalistic principle that Binah is going to come down to the earth and manifest herself in Malkhut. I do not know if you recall that or not, but it is a basic Kabbalistic principle, that Binah who is the female aspect of the highest triad, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah. As a reflection of herself, Binah is called the mother, and she has a reflection of herself called the daughter down in the earth which is Malkhut, today Malkhut is evil, but Binah the mother is going to descend into the earth and join herself to Malkhut and make Malkhut reflection of the holiness and the righteousness that exists in the upper triad above. Therefore we see in the book of Revelation that the liquid sea which was Satan’s emotional and evil sea, has become crystalized, has become a reflection of the mother, Malkhut, which is righteous and holy, is that not exciting? We just got that tonight. And the word firmament, I know it confused me for a long time, I asked the Lord many times, how could there be a firmament of heaven when the Scripture calls heaven a firmament.


We will just read that to you, we see in verse, Genesis 1:8;


Genesis 1:8


8 And God called the firmament heaven, and the evening and the morning were the second day.  KJV




If God called the firmament heaven, how can verse 14 say, And God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven? That is like saying in the firmament of the firmament. I remember questioning the Lord about that several times. The answer to that predicament, is that there is more than one firmament. We are talking about a creation that exists, that begins as an invisible outpouring of energy, a sea of energy, and everything that becomes visible in the midst of that sea, of that invisible sea, is called a firmament. Adam, because he was mixed with the earth, now remember heaven is Adam, Adam is heaven, because Adam was mixed with the earth, he became visible, he became a firmament.


The Scripture talks about snow in the midst of the water. The snow is Binah which is a firmament, which apparently she is visible, she has the appearance of ice, crystalized water, and eventually her waters will melt, and she is destined, her waters are destined to melt and flow down over Adam who is in the heart center, and this is how Adam becomes the sperm in Elohim’s waters, Adam is in the heart center, and Binah’s firmament, her ice, her crystalized sea is going to melt and flow over Adam and they will become the spiritual sperm from above, we called it Jehovah’s spiritual sperm from above.


There is also a spiritual sperm below, and we see in the second energy center below, we have found out, has the appearance of a cave filled with a body of water, which is Satan’s sea of emotions. The second energy center is Satan’s sea of emotions. This water is liquid, Binah’s water is crystalized, it is solid, it is stable, it is not changing. Satan’s waters can be whipped up into a tsunami, those waters are inside of us.


When we go into a rage, when we get emotionally upset, when we become fearful, that is Satan’s waters whipping up, destabilizing us. Have you ever sat on a water bed, if you have ever sat on a water bed, or maybe if you are at sea, I really have not been at sea, but I am use to sleeping on a mattress that is solid. I am going to get on a water bed one night and I did not like it all, I was slipping and sloshing, now the water was not getting me wet, it was inside of a casing, but it was not as solid of a foundation under me, it made me very uncomfortable.


Satan’s emotions destabilize us, every mature human being knows that those emotions have to be brought into submission to, the rational mind. Every socialized person in the world knows that. You cannot do everything your emotions want to do, if you do that, you are going to live a life of destruction. You have to live out of a mind that knows right and wrong that will police and discipline your emotions if you want to be safe and successful in this world. This is the way the creation was set up, Binah was in the higher centers, the upper triad, as we know, and Zier Anpin or Adam, we will say Adam was in the heart center, formed from the dust of the earth, innocent. That was the female Adam, innocent, did not know from anything, did not, we are told that he was instructed, but it is really hard to know about life from instruction, and he fell prey to the emotionalism of Satan’s sea which was in the energy centers underneath him.


He fell down into his emotions. The reason Adam fell down into his emotions was that his rational mind was not, was not grounded. From our fallen position, we would say, his rational mind was not solid because he did not have the experiences that he was told about, but I am convinced that Jehovah was full well able to give Adam everything that he needed to make his rational mind what we would, the equivalent of what we would consider great wisdom acquired through experience, that Jehovah was full well able to give Adam that without Adam experiencing evil, without Adam falling down.


He was able to do it, but before Jehovah came to do it, Adam was overcome by the emotional sea that was under him, you see, he had an emotional sea that was under him and a rational mind above him. He heard the voice of his mother Binah, he heard the voice say to him, Do not do it, do not do this, do not do that, but he was pulled by his emotions.


Brethren, the same thing is going on in the church today, the test has not stopped, it only changed its location, Adam died so the test moved downward on the scale or on the ladder of the energy centers, the test is still going on, will we listen to our emotions or to the rational mind of Christ, and brethren, the church is failing, the church is running after the signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit which are good in their place, but there is also a false holy spirit that is in the church, the church is running after signs and wonders just like we are told in the Scripture that the Jews did.


They are not looking for or rejecting when it appears to them, the rational mind of Christ, and the spiritual understanding of the word which is the food of the rational mind of Christ, the church is rejecting the mind of God, although of course they do not know it, and would object violently if they heard me say this, but they are rejecting the rational mind of God as they are rejecting the doctrine of Christ. They are living out of the Holy Spirit which is the energy of God without the wisdom, and the wisdom of their own carnal mind sometimes overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, there is a level of wisdom that comes from our own human mind that is overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, but it is not the wisdom of God that makes us spiritually male.


Adam was a metamorph, he was not yet, he was male because God said he was male, but he was still very young and was not functioning as a male, wherefore he was overtaken by the pull of the emotionalism that existed underneath him because the waters of his mother had not yet poured out upon him, which waters would become his brain and make him male. Is everybody with me?


I will just read what is on the board, and then we will go on. We all know this story, everything that we are reading about in the Zohar is what we have already learned from the doctrine of Christ, it is just in another form. How interesting, is it not? Binah is the terrible ice, Ezekiel 1:22, that will eventually melt and overcome and overshadow Adam who will be the seed of Elohim’s waters. Binah is the firmament, Genesis 1:14, of heaven, which means she is the solid part that is above the heaven, which is Adam, she is the terrible ice, I do not know if it is solid or not, but at least the visible part that is above Adam, who himself is a firmament. Binah is the firmament of heaven, or the firmament of the firmament, which is above Adam, who himself is a firmament, Genesis 1:8. Adam’s consciousness was in the heart center, Adam is the seed of Elohim or Binah’s waters, but the two had not yet joined, Adam was a dry seed, and underneath we have Satan’s sea of emotions, reveals Adam who walks above Satan’s emotional waters, the value of Christ’s rational mind is revealed when contrasted with Satan’s emotionalism.


We know that God frequently explains things to us by contrast. The earth, the darkness of the earth reveals the light of our spirit, and the emotionalism of our lower centers reveals the rational mind, or reveals that Christ is rational. Satan the emotional sea makes so much noise that most people do not even hear Christ, all they hear is their own emotionalism, that is a struggle in all human beings between emotionalism and our conscience, everybody goes through that. You cannot do everything you feel like doing or that you desire to do.


Here we see a diagram of Adam before the fall. The question came to my mind if what we are reading about in the Zohar now is just another way of expressing Christ or just another way of expressing Genesis 1, why bother? The answer that comes to me at this time is that the beginning or before the beginning, Genesis 1 is being expressed in a highly spiritual tone, which is stimulating our human spirit, it is stimulating Abel to wake up and to rise up and to regenerate, to become spiritual. The message is the same, the message is the same anywhere you see it, anywhere in the Scripture, anywhere in the Kabbalistic literature, God’s truth is God’s truth, but He gives it to us on increasingly spiritual, on increasingly high spiritual levels, because this is food for the Christ within us, that is making more and more spiritual. It is the same message wherever you look, it is the same message, everywhere.


We have this drawing because of my note which said, The waters of the abyss or the pit that Adam fell into, which are the waters of the second energy center, the abode of Satan, the seminal fluid of the Serpent. Adam became the sperm of the Serpent’s seminal fluid. We see that Adam was a metamorph, he was between Satan’s sea and Binah’s ice, and he was a dry seed waiting to be hydrated by either the frozen waters of Binah which were going to melt, which were designated to melt by the already liquid sea of Satan’s emotionalism. Adam fell down, instead of waiting for Binah to pour out upon him, he fell down into Satan’s emotional sea.


Brethren, I want to tell you this is happening in the church today, how many people do you know that did not wait for the anointing, but got up and went on their own power and got into all kinds of trouble? The same thing, nothing has changed brethren, nothing had changed; Adam could not wait for Binah’s ice to melt and pour out on him and hydrate him as the seed of Jehovah’s seminal fluid. He was drawn down into the already liquid waters of Satan’s emotionalism and died in them. He died in them. The same thing is happening to the church today brethren. Are there any questions about this?


I am going to say it again, Adam, at the beginning he was a metamorph, he was a dry seed, he was either going to be hydrated by his mother’s waters from above, or Satan’s waters from below, and he fell down into the second energy center, and he became the seed of the Serpent’s seminal fluid, Satan is the Serpent’s seminal fluid, which before Adam fell into her waters was a barren seminal fluid, there was no seed in it. There is only one seed, two sets of waters, the waters below, and the waters above, only one seed. We are told in the book of Revelations, only one seed, He did not say seeds, He said seed, and that seed is Christ. Satan’s waters are designated at some time in the future to be visited by Binah’s waters, and Satan’s waters in the second energy center, are designated to reflect the mother from above.


We see an incomplete creation, Adam is a dry seed, Satan’s emotional waters eventually will be completely mixed with Binah’s waters and become the crystal sea of the book of Revelation. Satan’s sea will be overshadowed actually, not mixed with but overshadowed by Binah’s crystal ice, terrible meaning powerful, mighty, awesome, controlled, directed energy. Satan’s energy is wild, it is misdirected, it is undirected, it is dangerous. Binah’s mighty terrible energy is controlled, directed, and completely focused, and that terrible fearsome mighty energy is coming down into the earth of mankind, to cover over our emotional sea, and stabilize us in Christ so that we stop sinning.


Satan is the unconscious part of the conscious mind, she is the source of every sinful thought that enters into our mind, Satan must be silenced and stabilized, at which point she will no longer be Satan. Is Satan being saved? I would not say Satan is being saved, I would say Satan is being controlled, Satan is being finished, Satan is being dominated, Satan is being curtailed, she is being forcibly brought under control, and when she comes under control, under these conditions, her name changes, but not because Satan was saved, that is definitely a misnomer, to say that Satan is being saved, Satan is not being saved, the personality, the soul, the souls of mankind are being saved. Praise the Lord.


Adam became the seed of the Serpent’s seminal fluid rather than the seed of Elohim’s seminal fluid, amazing, what a story, nobody believes it.


Let us go on, water is the sea of the lower world which is Malkhut. Snow, I have a definition for you of snow, snow - frozen precipitation in the form of white or translucent hexagonal ice crystals that fall in soft white flakes. Binah is the hexagonal ice crystals, Binah is the terrible ice, hexagonal ice crystals are the eight Sefirot from Binah through Malkhut that appear as snow in Malkhut, the visible world.


Drawing #2, the day of snow is the judgment of the unconscious part of the carnal mind, snowflakes, spiritual snowflakes or subsets of Binah’s eight Sefirot from Binah through Malkhut, and that is Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkhut. Binah’s terrible ice in many members of the body of Christ, well the snow comes out of the ice, we have a Scripture that will tell us that the snow comes out of the ice, I may have to rephrase that. I should say, Binah is snowflakes, in many members of the body of Christ, which is the mind of Christ. Binah’s snowflakes which come out of her ice, her terrible ice, are the many membered mind of Christ in the body of Christ, each of us that has the mind of Christ is a snow flake, a subset of Binah, and the mind of Christ and those of us, those personalities which are woven together with the mind of Christ, will judge the corrective Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind and cover her, we will cover her and crystalize her.


I should say that too, so let me fix that before we read the Scriptures. Binah’s snowflakes in many members of the body of Christ, that is the mind of Christ in the many members of the body of Christ, will judge the collective Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and cover her and crystalize her. I have drawn Satan’s sea as a collective sea. Of course Satan, or little rivers you might say, or streams of her sea exist in every carnal mind, she is the unconscious aspect of the individual carnal mind, she is also the collective unconscious, just like we have the body of Christ, Christ in everybody forms the body of Christ, and Christ is not divided, there is a collective sea, and that sea rests on the sea bed, which is Malkhut, Malkhut is the first energy center, and then Satan, the second energy center rests upon her. We could see in my drawing that the snowflakes are above the sea and falling into the sea which result in Satan beginning to crystalize. We know that the judgment upon Satan is that she will be boiled, so these snowflakes are judging her and they are boiling her. The way that Satan’s sea is going to crystalize is that she is going to be boiled, she is going to be distilled, the sediment that remains after the energy is removed from her will be crystals, crystals of the life of God appearing in the earth, Binah’s life, the mother, the life of the mother appearing in the location of the daughter.


We have four Scriptures that we are going to, June is going read Revelation 4:6 for us now.


Revelation 4:6


6 And before the throne, there was a sea of glass like unto crystal. And in the midst of the throne and round about the throne were four beasts full of eyes before and behind.  KJV




We see that Satan, the sea that was a liquid sea is now becoming a crystal sea, and those of us that have been reading the New Testament for a while now understand what that symbol means, praise the Lord. June is now going to read four Scriptures in Job which talk about the snow, Job 6:16, Job 37:6, Job 38:22, and Proverbs 31:21. I will make a brief comment on the Scripture after she read each one.


Job 6:16


16 Which are blackish by reason of the ice, and wherein the snow is hid.  KJV




We see that the snow comes from out of the ice, ice signifying Binah and the snow signifying the subsets of Binah’s eight Sefirot, as I have written on the board.


Job 37:6


6 For he saith to the snow, be thou on the earth, likewise to the small rain and the great rain of His strength.  KJV




We see that the snow and the rain are commanded to be on the earth. To me this is a direct contradiction to the rapture, and to the doctrine of the rapture. God is sending His life to the earth, He is sending the snow which is the subset of Binah to the earth, He is sending the rain, which is Binah’s melted crystal, He is sending the glory of God and the life of the world to the earth so that we could live here, you know, He is not taking us away brethren, He is coming here. Praise the Lord.


Job 38:22


22 Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow, or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail.  KJV




We see that there are great spiritual treasures in Binah, sometimes it appears as hail, sometimes as snow, sometimes as ice, and she is filled awesome spiritual treasures, the power of God to do great exploits in the lives of men. Praise the Lord.


Proverbs 31:21


21 She is not afraid of the snow for her household, for all her household are clothed with scarlet.  KJV




This is talking about the Shekinah, it is talking about the Godly Malkhut, the Malkhut who has become Godly because the life of Christ signified by scarlet, the blood of Jesus has come down to her and given her righteousness and she is not afraid of the judgment because she is covered in the blood of Jesus, and she knows that the judgment will not destroy her but will expose her sin nature and therefore make her eligible to acquire the nature of Christ. Praise the Lord.


Reading from the Zohar, There was snow in the midst of the water, from the action of which was produced a slime. The Zohar says the Tohu meaning chaos or strangulation or the emotions that strangle Christ is the abode of slime. Tohu, chaos and Satan’s sea which is emotionalism. Tohu, chaos, strangulation, is the Klipot Nogah. All of this is about us brethren, I hope I made it clear on drawing #1, that diagram that I showed you of Adam being in his heart center, and waiting to receive the waters from above, the latter rain that will hydrate his seed and make him a part of Elohim, Jehovah’s spiritual seminal fluid, while he is waiting for this outpouring, he is being drawn by Satan’s emotional sea who wants to draw him unto herself to make him the seed of the Serpent’s seminal fluid.


This is what is happening to the church today, it is happening inside the believers, it is happening inside of the individual members of the body of Christ, and we are Klipot Nogah, the members of the body of Christ are Klipot Nogah.


Obviously to be a member of the body of Christ, you have to have Christ in you. The whole church world, most of which are carnal men under the influence of the Holy Spirit, believe that they are a part of the body of Christ. To be a part of the body of Christ, you have to have Christ abiding in you, and most of the church world does not understand the difference, but there is, brethren, there is a significant difference.


I want to suggest to you that if you have Christ in you, you not only are a member of the body of Christ, but you are Klipot Nogah, or Klipot Nogah in the making, what does that mean? When Christ is in you, you have become the filter, you have become the curtain that Christ hides behind, that Christ shines through, for the purpose of feeding the evil, feeding unregenerate men, and even unregenerate men under the influence of the Holy Spirit, if Christ is in you, you become the garment or the curtain that covers Christ, so that He can shine out through you to give His life and His seed to unregenerate men. Brethren, Christians that are under the influence of the Holy Spirit have not been converted, and the conversion involves receiving the seed of Christ.


You cannot convert, what do you convert to? You convert to the nature of Christ. To convert to the nature of Christ you have to have the seed of Christ, you have to have the mind of Christ, you have to have the life of Christ, you have to have the thought life of Christ. The church is not converted brethren, the church has a bad reputation in the world because so many Christians act just like the world, and sometimes the not so pleasant members of the world.


What am I telling you? I am telling you that if you have Christ in you, you are Klipot Nogah, even if He is not manifesting through you yet, He will be because that is His whole purpose of being in you, to reveal Himself from behind the curtain to people who are not converted, and to give them the seed of His life and the power to become converted without you or me being polluted by the unclean spirit in the person that we are ministering to.


Brethren, this is no small thing. I happened to pick up the paper the other day and I saw that there is a man who was a pastor, I forget what state he was in, who is now doing 41 years, a 41 year sentence in jail because I think he drove the getaway car of an armed robbery. The way that it happened to him was that he embraced a criminal who he believed was repenting, and took him into his life and somehow was seduced into this position where the criminal who for eight months supposedly he lived an exemplary life, got this pastor in this position and threatened to kill his wife and child if he did not do whatever he was told to do, I think it was drive the getaway car, but I may be mistaken.


Brethren, that is an unregenerate man under the influence of the Holy Spirit, if that was a man who was mature in Christ, he would not have done that, he would have heard from the Lord, the Lord would have protected him, he would have understood how dangerous this was, what he was doing.


When Christ is given to us, we are called to be Klipot Nogah, but not before we are ready. It is dangerous ministering to people who are fallen in this world, and I have been preaching this for years. I know what the Lord has shown me, I know that people that are, I am not prejudice against anybody, the truth will set you free, street people, prostitutes, drug addicts, they are filled with witchcraft, and corrupt minds, they need deliverance, God loves them too, but you have to minister to them in a safe environment whereby you are not going to be destroyed by it.


Let me read my notes here, the body of Christ is either already the Klipot Nogah, or called to be Klipot Nogah, the curtain or the filter from which, from behind which Christ expresses Himself to nourish the realm of evil which is this world that we live in, and the people that are not converted. Here is my note. Total chaos or strangulation is the Klipot Nogah, the person in whom the Lord has a strangle hold upon their carnal mind and upon their emotions, and is filtering limited amounts of his light through that person to a spiritually immature person in the Lord.


I am going to read it again, we are Klipot Nogah when the Lord dwells in us and has a strangle hold upon our carnal mind, and upon our emotions, and He is also filtering limited amounts of His light through us to other spiritual immature people that the Lord is drawing unto Himself, but brethren he is not shining through you before He has a strangle hold on your carnal mind and on your emotions. He is not shining through you, He is not filtering His life through you, why? Because Satan and Leviathan will prevent it.


Once Christ, His seed is added to you, then He is formed in you, then He strangles Satan and Leviathan, and then He starts shining through you, and that filter limits the amount of light going forth, why? Because unregenerate people cannot take too much light, it burns them, it could hurt them seriously, and that same filter prevents the evil from the one you are ministering to, from polluting you or hurting you.


This is what we are called to, at least on the level that I am preaching now, who knows what we are called to, but it is the next step up for the church, I am just beginning to move in that area myself. Praise the Lord.


Let me see what else I have here, the personality and spirit of the vessel that the Lord is manifesting through is protected from any animation of impurity from the person being rescued because that person is protected by the same filter that limits the amount of light that is given to feed and nourish the one being rescued. When I first started studying Kabbalah, and I started reading about the Sefirot, and I read that the Sefirot are curtains that are designed to diminish God’s light, I got angry, I was angry, I could not understand why anyone would be saying that God’s light should be diminished, that was very naive of me brethren, God’s light would kill us in a second if the fullness of His light shined on us, we would be dead in a second, His light kills sin, and we are, we exist on a foundation of sin, we are sin, we would be wiped out in a second, so as the light of the Ayn Sof passes through the Sefirot, as He steps down, actually it is Adam Kadmon, as he steps down closer and closer to the level of consciousness of mortal man whereby he would even hope to talk to us where we are so low compared to him in our level of intellect and consciousness, each curtain, each Sefirot that he passes through diminishes His light because it would kill us, so he has to dim himself so that he can talk to us.


It is just like us saying, we have to humble ourselves to talk to people that do not know what we know, we have to humble ourselves to talk to a child, you know, or to talk to someone who is not, who could be ill and not in their right senses, you have to humble yourself, you have to veil who you are. I veil who I am all of the time when I am outside of these meetings, I veil who I am, people cannot bear to even listen to me talk. The average person in the world, they would not want to hear what I have to say, and I have seen people get very upset when I talk about what I do, so I veil who I am, I hide, nobody knows who I am, they think they know who I am, the few people who know that I, I tell them I teach spiritual philosophy, but they do not know who I am, only Christ can recognize me, only Christ in another man will know who I am. Praise the Lord.


Back to the word slime, the word slime means, I have a definition of the word slime. The word slime is talking about a bitumen which boils up from the subterranean fountains like oil and gas. Brethren, we are talking about human beings again, it is something that you burn for fuel, it is found in petroleum and found in gas, and it is these kinds of deposits, these bitumen deposits that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities were built upon.


Brethren the slime is the anointing, that sounds terrible, but that is what it is, it is oil, it is bitumen, it is oil, it is boiling oil that boils up from the subterranean fountains, from the unconscious realm of the mind of Christ, from the unconscious realms that come from the Lord Jesus Christ, or before the Lord Jesus Christ, it came from Elijah. That is what the slime is, it is the subterranean, it is the mind of Christ, it is the oil in the mind of Christ, and it is something that you burn for fuel. Is not the mind of Christ a source of energy for us? Is it not a source of energizing fuel for us? It most certainly is, it has changed my whole life. I was dying for lack of energy, and now there is energy in me from a source that is not outside of myself, it is coming from the subterranean parts, from the subconscious part of the mind of Christ in me, and I burn it for fuel, it keeps me alive, it is found in petroleum and found in gas, and it is these kinds of bitumen deposits that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities were built upon.


Brethren, maybe there was a physical Sodom and Gomorrah, most likely there was a physical Sodom and Gomorrah, but the what the Bible is talking about is men, we did I think two or three studies dealing with Sodom and Gomorrah, and the Lord revealed to us that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, they were in Gehennum, they were under the sowing and reaping judgment but they had come to the point that they were under judgment and they were waiting for their change, they were waiting for the judgment seat of Christ to judge their sins and help them to change so that they could come out from under the judgment that was coming from the sowing and reaping judgment. They must have had the oil of Christ in them, it was in them and they burnt up. Were they destroyed? I do not think so, because when you burn up from the oil of Christ, your old man burns up and your new man comes into existence. Sheila, what are you talking about? If Sodom and Gomorrah were people who were converted, where are they today, who are they today? I do not know, I do not know, I honestly do not know, maybe Sodom and Gomorrah existed physically and they were just a type of the church today, I do not know, but the church today has oil in them if they have the imputed Christ, a lot of Christians have the imputed Christ. The Holy Spirit is water, signified by water, a lot of Christians have an imputed Christ, and then Christ comes into your life and you start to go under judgment.


The question is, are the Christians who have Christ in them and has begun to go under judgment, are they going to receive Christ when He comes to them, when Christ in another man comes to them and says, Here is the doctrine of Christ and here is the judgment seat of Christ, and here is the way out from your torment, are they going to receive Christ when He comes or will they not receive Him and wind up like Lot? We have something like that going on with a pastor right now in this ministry.


The Lord offered him the doctrine of Christ seventeen years ago, he refused it and he is experienced a lot of pain and destruction since then. Did God punish him? No, Satan punished him, and now the Lord just sent him another offer to receive the doctrine of Christ and he does not want it, he is completely without understanding, what in the world is going to happen to him? I do not know, I do not know, I pray for the best for him, I do not know. When an imputed Christ forms in you, you are ready for the judgment. Praise the Lord.


The slime is referring to the anointing. The human vessel that is the Klipot Nogah, is the abode or the household of the anointing or of Christ, or of the anointed one. Let me read you the sentence again, there was snow in the midst of water, so Binah was in the midst of Satan’s waters raining judgment, bringing judgment, and from the action of that judgment, there was produced a slime an imputed Christ. Do you hear it? Okay.


Then a mighty fire beat upon it and produced in it a refuse, a refuse. It was transformed and became tohu the abode of slime, the nest of refuse. Nest, I have some definitions of the word nest for you, a container or a shelter made by a bird, a similar structure in which fish hatch their eggs. Brethren, we are the nest, this physical body is the nest, and I am not even sure, maybe the carnal mind is the nest, you know, for the seeds of the mind of Christ, which will eventually mature into a regenerated Adam, I should say, the seeds of Christ. We are the nest, human beings are the nest, we are the containers or the shelters made by a bird, who is the bird that made us? Christ is the bird that made us, the glorified Jesus Christ, the great eagle that made us, because He is laying His eggs, and He is going to have many sons that He is going to bring to glory.


A similar structure in which fish, insects, or other animals deposit eggs or keep their young, a place where young a reared, and we know that Christ is being raised up in us. Praise the Lord. Refuse, I have a definition of refuse, items or material discarded as rejected as useless or worthless, trash our rubbish. Brethren this may hurt a lot of people that cannot take this, but we were worthless until the Lord Jesus came and gave us some work to do. No matter how important we may have been in this world, from the point of view of the Lord Jesus Christ, we were worthless until we started moving towards Him and responding to Him, and until we became a vessel that He could manifest Himself through, we were worthless.


Spiritual beings are symbolized in the Scripture as birds, believers who are Klipot Nogah are the household of the anointed one, but they are also the place where unclean spiritual life is generated. We are both, Klipot Nogah is both, we are the household of the seeds of Satan, and we are also the household of the seeds of Christ, we are both, we cannot stay both, it is a perversion, we are under a period of grace, we cannot stay both, either we are going to be one or the other, at some point.


Revelation 18:2


2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.  KJV




Babylon, that is the city that is the Serpent’s city, that is us, that is where we abide. I have some, on your notes, I am quoting the Zohar here, and I am starting to work up an alternate translation. Now the earth had been void and without form. The Hebrew word Hoithah was and being a pluperfect implies that the earth had been previously. There was snow in the midst of the water. This is my comment, Binah the female aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ which is snow was in the midst of the water. The water signifies the sea and the lower world which is Malkhut, there is always a higher world and a lower world, we are always the lower world, the visible world is always the lower world. Binah had descended into the midst of the waters of Malkhut and appeared as snow in the midst of the water. Quoting from the Zohar, From the action of which was produced, I did this two days ago, so I see that as I preached here, the Lord has updated some of the things that I have said, from the action which was produced a slime, and my comment is, Binah mixed with Malkhut’s waters which produced Christ in the lower world.


What did I say over here, I had some piece of revelation over here, There was snow in the midst of the water from action of which was produce a slime, from the judgment, let me add that to my own notes here, the water signified, I just want to read that again, There was snow in the midst of the water from the action of which, from the action of the snow, which brought judgment on the waters, the imputed Christ appeared. I want to write that up.


We have adjusted our notes in accordance with the revelation that has come forth tonight, there was snow in the midst of the water, quoting the Zohar, and we changed our notes to say, subsets of Binah the female aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ was in the midst of the water, crystalizing the water.


The water signifies the sea of the lower world, Binah descended into the midst of the waters of Malkhut, and appeared as snow, or again it is subsets of Binah, subsets of Binah descended into the midst of the waters of Malkhut and appeared as snow which appeared as snow, in the midst of the water or, quoting the Zohar, from the action of which was produced a slime, which we now know means that the snow judged Satan’s waters and the imputed Christ, the oil appeared.


Quoting the Zohar, Then a mighty fire beat upon it, beat upon the slime, and produced a refuse, a produced in it, the slime, a refuse. The refuse is the ashes of the earth, and the mighty fire that beat upon the refuse is Binah from above. We know that our God is a consuming fire, and Binah is also a fire. I do not know how she could be a terrible ice and a fire, but she has both of those names. Fire purifies by division, because we know that fire is going to boil Satan’s sea and separated that sea into water vapor and a residue. Fire purifies by division after the mixture which produced the slime, the slime was then, and the mixture was water and snow, and the mixture which produce the slime, or it really was not a mixture, I cannot even say that, we have to say after the judgment which produced the slime, the slime was then separated into conscious refuse, meaning the Serpent or the carnal mind, and Christ or Adam’s consciousness, and this process is described in the Scripture.


We see, subsets of Binah came down into Satan’s waters and produced a crystal sea or the mind of Christ, and then a mighty fire beat upon it. I think that, I just got it, the snow judged Satan’s waters, and the imputed Christ appeared, no the snow was the imputed Christ, the imputed Christ called the snow appeared and judged Satan’s waters, and then that Christ beat upon what? Beat upon, what has come forth here tonight is new revelation, so we are going to stop here, we are going to end this part and when we come back together again, I am going to have to redo this whole thing based upon the revelation that came forth tonight and we will pick up with this part of our notes, we were actually translating this part of the Zohar. Are there any questions or comments right now? God bless you.


12/16/06 Transcribed by RS



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