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            Praise the Lord, I have a revelation that I would like to share with the Body of Christ. The revelation has to do with the origin of the Jews, and a possible explanation of the enmity between Europe, and Israel. We will touch a little bit on Moses and the Ethiopian woman also, because these subjects are all connected.


            I will go back in time to share a series of revelations with the Body of Christ that the Lord has given me over the years, which He is now putting together for me. 


            This ministry is eighteen years old. Before this ministry started, it had to be twenty or more years, a ministry came into the church I was discipling in preaching British Israel. Basically, that doctrine says that the royal family of England, or Great Britain, descends from the tribe of Judah.


            It says, further, that Jeremiah took some faithful disciples and fled to Europe when Nebuchadnezzar was razing Judah, that is, the time that Judah fell, and was taken over by Babylon. But, the Bible says that Jeremiah went to Egypt.


          Nevertheless, the teaching that Jeremiah escaped to the British Isles has survived, and has been circulating through the church for years. Jeremiah went to Ireland, this teaching says, and that is how the descendants of the Jews came to the outskirts of the British Isles. This teaching is talking about Judah, and says further that the ten tribes that we claim are lost, but are not really lost, are manifesting today as the nations of Europe, such as Denmark being the tribe of Dan, etc.


            This revelation, however, never cleaved to me. It did not stick to me when I heard it twenty or more years ago, and it did not stay with me when I heard it more recently. I reevaluated this revelation several times because it always seemed to come before me. At one point it stuck to me for a while, and I thought that I believed it, but then, it faded away again.  No matter how many times it came to my attention, this doctrine would not stay with me.


Phase I


Who Is Europe?


            The question is, who is Europe, that there is such hatred from the European nations towards Israel? Why is there so much anti-Semitism in the European nations against the modern day Israel, which is the tribe of Judah? That is the question.


            I know that Israel, meaning the ten tribes, was at war with Judah from time to time. But, even if Europe is the ten lost tribes, why would the great anti-semetic hatred which manifested in Europe and reached its zenith in Hitler’s Germany, be coming from the ten tribes of Israel? I cannot buy that. This is phase one, that question came into my mind years and years ago.


Phase II


An Israel Before Israel 


            Then several years ago, I received an email advertising a book written by a Black Christian. His position is that there was a physical group of people who Jehovah had gone to before Israel, that there was an Israel before the Israel of the Bible who we know as the chosen of God. He goes on to say that this pre-Israelite people sinned, and because of their idolatry and pride, were cast down.  After that, the Lord took His spiritual offer to Israel, as we know him today.


            This teaching, that there was an Israel before the Israel we know today, which is really only the Tribe of Judah,  touched my spirit, and witnessed the truth of this assertion to me. Today, there is another Black preacher, preaching the same message, and I am inclined to believe it.


Phase III


Europe Is Not Israel


            The next piece of information came to me a couple of years ago, when the History or the Discovery Channel aired  a program about an anthropologist who claims to have genetic evidence that the ten lost tribes are in Africa, India, and the Middle East. It was a very fascinating study.


            He showed that one particular tribe in Africa had the same genetic mark of the tribe of Levi, that he proved could be found in the Levite priests.


            This is very interesting, because, if there is any truth to the assertion that the ten lost tribes are in Africa, India, and the Middle east (and this seems to be the case), it would mean that Israel is comprised of dark-skinned Hamites and Shemites, and not the white skinned, European descendants of Japheth.


            At the very least, there is some genetic, anthropological  evidence here, whereas, as far as I know,  there is not any evidence of this kind that the nations of Europe are the ten lost tribes. It is just a theory that could be coming down by revelation, but there is no physical proof for it. 


Phase IV


Europe Is Esau 


            I learned Recently that the Rabbis of  today say that Europe is Esau. Now, I can believe that, because if the European nations are Esau, Europe’s hatred for Israel makes sense. I can believe that Esau (Europe’s) hatred for Jacob (Israel) is so intense that it could rise to the peak of the anti-Semitism that we saw in Europe around the time of World War II. 


            Esau believes that Jacob stole his natural birthright and his spiritual inheritance unrighteously, and, therefore, his hatred for Israel is justified. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for food, and Jacob acquired Esau’s blessing when he deceived Isaac into thinking that he was Esau.


            Esau has a tremendous hatred for Jacob, so I can comprehend that hatred rising to the fever pitch of the anti-Semitism that we see coming from Europe against Israel, even today. I am inclined to go along with the Rabbis that the European nations are Esau and not the ten lost tribes.


Some Conclusions


            My spirit witnesses to Europe being Esau, and, in addition, I have seen a video proving that the ten lost tribes are in Africa, India, and the Middle East. Everything is starting to fall into place for me now. I have located Esau, and  have located the ten lost tribes (Israel). Only one of them, Esau or Israel, can be Europe, and the answer for me, in view of the evidence set forth above, is Esau.


            I remember talking to a relative about this at the time that the video was shown.  I Remember uncle Phil saying to me, do you know what that means? It means that if this is true, at some time in the past, we Jews must have been black.  I wondered, at that time, how we could become white after being black.


            It is also very interesting to note that where ever I have seen an ultra- orthodox Jewish Community, there is always a black community contiguous to it. Many Jews recognize the connection between the Jews and the Black people.


Phase V


Is Judah (Modern Israel), Judah? 


            The next segment of the revelation that the Lord has been bringing forth within me for over twenty years now, came to my attention when I heard that a ministry in Arkansas was teaching that today’s Jews, of which I am one, are not the Jews of  Bible -- they are a different group of people. When I first heard that, my reaction was, how utterly ridiculous!  I kept hearing about this theory after that, and eventually, I heard of a published book on the issue. (The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler, Random House, NY, 1975.)


            The Lord has trained me to always listen to, and seriously consider, both sides of an issue, so I knew that I had to read the book and hear the other side before I could refute that ridiculous argument intelligently.


            Much to my amazement, however, I found out that Arthur Koestler, the author of The Thirteenth Tribe, is a Jewish anthropologist who is associated with one of the most respected universities in Israel. I had expected the book to be written by some anti-Semite, but this man is not a Jewish anti-Semite.  He is not an anti-Semite at all! He is a scholar, an anthropologist who seriously believes, on good evidence, that the Jews of today are not the Jews of Bible days, and he makes a very good case for his theory.


            To put it simply, Mr. Koestler says that the Jews of Bible days fell into idolatry to such a degree that the Lord transferred His Spirit to another nation.  Now, since I am Jewish, I was really upset to hear that I was a member of an European nation that inherited Jehovah’s Spirit after Abraham’s Israel fell into idolatry.


            I felt better, however, after the Lord explained to me that the commission to be God’s ambassadors to the world passed from Abraham’s Israel to European Judah in the same way that the commission passed from European Judah to Christianity; and that today, all men, black, Jewish, European, men of all nations, have the opportunity to be a part of the Israel of God, the spiritual nation that represents God to the world, through the Lord Jesus Christ,


Rom 2:28-29


28 For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:


29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God. KJV


Gal 6:15-16


15 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature.


16 And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God. KJV




Israel Is A many-membered Spiritual Man


            The Israel of God that Paul speaks about is a reflection, or manifestation, of a spiritual Israel that exists in the Heavenlies. A company of spiritual beings has been incarnate in the earth now for more than 5,000 years, first as the natural man, Israel and his descendants, and now as the spiritual man, Christ Jesus.


1 Cor 15:44-46 


44 It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.


45 And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.


46 Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual. KJV


            This group of spiritual beings appears in the earth as the representatives of the Living God to the rest of the world. They are called Spiritual Israel. Paul calls them the Israel of God. They have appeared in Black Israel, Abraham’s Israel, European Judah, and now they are appearing in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is nationally diverse, and has no physical national identity. Christians are a spiritual nation, or, as the Scripture says, a holy generation, even though we are not physically related to one another.




1 Peter 2:9


9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light: KJV


             Spiritual Israel was manifest in Abraham’s Israel and then European Judah until two thousand years ago when Jesus, the Christ, appeared on the world scene. Spiritual Israel began to withdraw from the Jewish nation and transfer their incarnation to the Christian Church, however, when European Judah’s spiritual leaders refused to accept Christ, the next move in God’s Plan to redeem fallen Adam.


 First To The Jew And Then To The Greek 


Rom. 1:16  Now, the Gospel of Christ that went to the Jew first and then to the Greek,  [which is capable of] rescuing everyone who trusts [in Christ], does not embarrass me, because it is the dunamis power of God (Alternate Translation Bible)


            The withdrawal of spiritual Israel from one nation, and its incarnation into another nation, is a process, and processes take a long time. Two thousand years have already passed since Herod’s temple fell.


            My personal belief is that spiritual Israel is manifest in both European Judah and the Church today, and that individual members of Black Israel exist within the Church.


I believe that Jehovah is manifesting in Christianity today as Christ Jesus, and in a handful of Jews within European Judah, who are still experiencing what  the Rabbis call, bonding to Jehovah.


            There are individual Jews today who still have a relationship with God. The Lord revealed Himself to me, a 10 year old Jewish girl, during Saturday morning services at my Synagogue. I didn’t understand what I was experiencing at the time, but I looked everywhere for that feeling for years, until I found it in the Church.


            What would cause us bond to God? We bond to the God of the Scripture when we seek Him with all of our heart, even though we might not know His Name, or understand that He is revealing Himself by a New Name today, even Jesus.


            I am suggesting that there are Jews within European Judah, and Jews of other nations from all over the world, as well, who are reaching out for the Jehovah that they know through the Scripture. Their heart is cleaving, not so much to the Law or the rituals (although they do keep the law), but to the God of the Bible.


            These Jews are reaching out to the God of the Scripture, as they understand Him, with such intensity that spiritual Israel from above has not completely withdrawn from them. God, through Spiritual Israel, responds to the vessels He occupies. 


            The Church understands this spiritual principle as Christ Jesus, the only Mediator between God and man (1 Tim. 2:5). God responds to us through the man, Christ Jesus. Physical men are the vessels that God occupies through a mediator. There are Jews who are still crying out to Jehovah, today, trying to draw Him into their lives, and He is responding to them.   An interesting question is, are they being touched by the same manifestation of Jehovah that spoke to Israel through Moses, or are they being touched by the Lord Jesus?


            Modern Jewry does not understand that Israel, their forefather, is appearing to them today as Christ Jesus. The God of Israel is still present in a community of people within Israel. He is still present in an Israel within Israel, and He is also present in the form of the Holy Spirit in the Church. He is in two national, or generational places right now, just like He was in both Judah and the ten tribes when they were know as Israel.


            This is how the Lord explained it to me.  First of all, if that is true, that the Jews, the modern Jew today of which I am one, that we are not the Jews of the Bible, we are a different nation than the Jews of the Bible, what happened was that the Jews of the Bible fell into such a degree of idolatry that spiritual Israel transferred to another nation.


Israel In The 21st Century


             The Thirteenth Tribe is a very scholarly book. I could not perceive any prejudice in it at all. Mr. Koestler is an anthropologist who claims that there was a small heretofore insignificant European nation called the Khazars which came in contact with the Torah and with Judaism, in general. The Khazars sought the God of Israel and touched Him, while the Israel of Bible days was falling into idolatry. The Khazars loved Jehovah, so Israel from above transferred from the Israel of Bible days to the Khazar Empire. The term, insignificant small heretofore unknown European nation of white people is coined by  Mr. Koestler, who bases it upon his anthropological findings.


            According to Mr. Koestler, the Khazar Empire completely embraced Judaism as  it is laid out in the Torah and other books that the Khazars found, and they are the ancestors of today’s Jews of which I am one.


Shem or Japheth?


             The Arabs complain that the Jews do not belong in the Middle East, because they are not a Middle Eastern or a Semitic nation. They are a European nation. All of my life, I have been told that the Jews are a Semitic people, the offspring of Shem, but I do not look like a Semite. I am a very pale skinned person. My heritage is Hungarian, and I look Hungarian. I know a lot of Jews who come from Russia, and they look Russian. They are very white.


            I have been aware of this contradiction for a long time. I could not understand how a Semitic, dark-skinned people that immigrated from the Middle East to European nations, would take on the physical characteristics of those nations -- become white and look like the citizens of their host nation – apart from intermarriage. I never did understand it, but neither did I invest a lot of time looking into it.


            The thought touched me, but I never pursued it. Now that I believe this teaching, that the modern day Jew is not the Jew of the Bible, Black Judah, but the European Jew, a descendant of Japheth, that Spiritual Israel transferred to when the Jew of the Bible fell into deep idolatry.


Phase VII


Black Israel


            The next step of this revelation came down very recently when I realized that, if it is true that modern Jewry are descendants of the European Khazar Empire, then the black teachers must be right: The original Jews of Bible days, the people who served God before the European Jews, must have been Ham’s descendants.


            I think that the two teachings, that Israel was black, and that modern Jewry descend form the European Khazar Empire, completely sync. I know that the higher you are when you begin to descend, the lower you fall. We are presented, here, with a believable explanation as to why the African nations are in such a desperate condition. We know  that Africa labors, even to this day, under heavy curses of idolatry and witchcraft, but we didn’t know the true reason why.


            I used to think that Africa is in such a serious condition because Noah cursed Canaan, Ham’s offspring. But now I know that the reason is a much more serious than that: Africa, Black Israel, is experiencing Jehovah’s righteous Sowing & Reaping Judgment, right up to this very day.


            I also wondered, at one point, why God went to Abraham, a Shemite, first. Why not Ham? I thought the Lord always goes to the people who are most downtrodden and needy first. Of course, I have no way of knowing what condition Ham was in when Jehovah approached him. I just know that Noah cursed Ham’s progeny.


            Any honest person will admit that there are heavy curses that are still unbroken, even on black people who have the Holy Spirit. Pastor Manning, a black man, is boldly preaching that there are still heavy curses on Black people today.


            I always thought that the condition that many black people are in today, was from Noah’s curse upon Canaan, but I am coming to the conclusion that there are heavy curses on black people today, because they were the original Israel who fell into idolatry.


            Africa is experiencing Jehovah’s judgment for turning to idolatry at a time when they knew the Most High God!


Rom. 1:21      Because when Christ [was in] their heart [center], instead of being grateful, [they desired] intimacy with Satan, and honored [her] as God, and [Leviathan], their foolish [side], overshadowed [Christ], and they became idolatrous in their motives, reasoning and communication with their fellows (Alternate Translation Bible)


            Then again, of course, Israel’s continually falling into idolatry, even though they were the chosen of God, could have gone back to Noah’s curse upon Canaan.  Both reasons may be valid.


            My point is that I do not know what condition Ham’s descendants were in when Jehovah chose them to be the people of God, the original Israel, the Israel of Bible days, the collective Israel of twelve tribes that dwelt in the Middle East. They should not have white skin like I have.  At the very least, they should have the dark skin color of the Arabs. I have always been taught that the Jews were a Semitic people, and that they are dark skinned. I know Jews who are dark. My brother-in-law had olive skin and dark hair and eyes, but I am light skinned with hazel eyes, and I am told that my grandfather, who came from Austria, was blonde.



Phase VIII


Moses And The Ethopian Woman




            The next stage of the revelation is Moses and the Ethiopian woman.  We are told that Miriam and Aaron were jealous of Moses because he married an Ethiopian woman. I never believed that Moses married a second time after he left Zipporah, and  I have not believed for years, now, that Moses married an Ethiopian woman. I teach that Moses was taking Zipporah, his wife who was a Midianite high priestess, with him on a mission for God, so Jehovah separated them.     


            We know from the book of Ezra that the Jewish men who married Babylonian women had to leave those women and the children they gave those women when they returned to God. In the same manner, Moses was required by God to leave his Midianite, high priestess wife and her children when he was called into the service of God.


            Jehovah met Moses and Zipporah in the way, because Moses was supposed to leave Zipporah and her children behind. I do not believe that Jehovah threatened to kill Moses. He threatened to kill Zipporah, the Midianite high priestess who understood very well that her marriage to Moses ended when Moses was apprehended by the Living God.






             As you may know, later on Jethro, Zipporah’s father, brought her and her two children to the place in the wilderness where Moses and the Hebrew children he led out of Egypt were camping.


            Some say that Jethro repented and was converted, and brought Zipporah and her children to Moses as an act of  obedience to the Lord. But, I believe that Jethro was a super witch, a pagan high priest who sought to cause Moses to stumble. I do not believe that Jethro brought Zipporah and her children to Moses as a servant of God, because that marriage ended when the Lord told Moses to leave his idolatress wife home.


            I believe that Jethro brought Zipporah and her children to Moses in the wilderness because the Midianite god within him, the Jezebel within Jethro, told him to do so. There is no Scripture that I know of that even suggests that the God of Israel told Jethro to bring Zipporah and her children to Moses in the wilderness. 


            Jewish scholars say that Jethro repented because Jethro acknowledged the God of Israel and sacrificed to Him (Ex.18:9-12). And, indeed, Jethro did acknowledge the God of Israel and recognize His power, but this does not mean that Jethro’s heart was converted.


            It was common in Bible days for people, even high priests, to abandon the gods they had served for years to serve other gods who they perceived to have more power. As recently as 1993, a woman said to me (when I was ministering in Nigeria), show me the power of your God and I will serve him.


            The issue is power, brethren. Practitioners of pagan religions are attracted to, and seek after, power! Jethro’s heart and motives had not even been touched, let alone converted! Yet, the very next day after Jethro’s acknowledgment that the God of Israel was more powerful than the gods of Egypt (Ex. 18:12-23), Jethro presumed to be wise enough to counsel Moses (Ex. 18:19)!


            Amazing as it may be, Moses the man of God, the only Mediator  between Jehovah and Israel (1 Cor.10:2) who Jehovah spoke to, face to face (Ex. 33:11), accepted Jethro, a brand new convert, so to speak, as mediator between Jehovah and himself, and received Jethro’s counsel (Ex. 18:24)!


            Jethro spoke in the name of elohim, god, and not in the name of Jehovah (Ex. 15:11). There is no indication in the Scripture as to which god Jethro was speaking of (Ex. 18:23; 1 Cor. 8:5), but, apparently, Moses assumed that Jethro was speaking on behalf of Jehovah.


            Moses made the same mistake that the woman in the Garden made, that other prophets made after him (1 Kings 13:18, 24), and that Sons of God are still making today: They believe the word of another man, rather than remember the Word that the Lord spoke to them.


            I know of no Scripture where Jehovah instructs Moses to judge the people alone, but the Scripture does say that Jehovah spoke to Moses face to face. It is reasonable to assume, then, that, Moses was following the instructions that Jehovah had given him directly, face to face, at the time that Jethro acted a mediator for a strange god, and modified those instructions.


            Please note, that Jehovah imparted wisdom and an understanding heart to Solomon (1 Kings 3:12) so that he could judge the people.


            On the other hand, it was Artaxerxes, King of Persia, not Jehovah, who appointed Ezra to set magistrates and judges to judge the people.


            Even if Jethro was converted, the Scripture says nothing whatsoever about Zipporah converting. I do not believe that Jehovah told Jethro to bring Zipporah back to Moses. A spirit of Jezebel within Jethro told him to do it. We do not hear anything more about Moses’ relationship with Zipporah, or Moses’ sons by Zipporah after that.


Moses Was Married To God. 


            This is the danger and the blessing of the Scripture, which, sometimes, is so general that it is left to the reader to interpret -- and we all understand things in accordance with where our mind is.


            The carnal minds of the modern day teachers, I am sorry to say, could not come up with a reason why Aaron, and Miriam would be jealous of Moses other than Moses was sexually or romantically involved with this Ethiopian woman. That is where their mind is, I never really believed it.  I recently read a study which contained Scriptural proof that Moses never married again, but, rather, ascended into a high spiritual place where marriage is not allowed. I have no trouble believing such a teaching because I am called to that place            


            In Ex. 19:15 Jehovah tells the men of Israel, not to come at their wives. Then, after Jehovah communicates with the men of Israel, He tells them to go back to their tents, which means, “Go back to your physical lives.”


            The Hebrew idiom “tent,” suggests that a man’s wife is his tent, because he lives inside of her, both sexually and emotionally (Gen. 2:4; 1 Cor. 6:16-17; Eph. 5:31-32). A married man’s wisdom is inside of his wife directing her, and watching over her when he is not physically present.


            Jehovah said to the men of Israel, “Go back to your tents,” meaning, “Go back to your natural lives where you live inside of your wife,” but He did not say that to Moses. Jehovah did not tell Moses to go back to his tent, because Moses had ascended to a spiritual place that is higher than the physical life. Moses was married to God.


            That study is another witness to me that Aaron and Miriam were not jealous of Moses because he had a romantic attachment, or a marriage, to an Ethiopian woman. I never believed that.


            After that, as all this information was coming together in my mind, I remembered what the Lord had taught me years ago, that hidden spiritual principles are frequently expressed in the Scripture as impersonal names.


            Why would the Scripture speak about an “Ethiopian woman,” and not name her, I asked myself? After that, I remembered that a physical man can be a spiritual woman and wondered if this Ethiopian could be a physical man who  was a spiritual woman. After that, the thought came to me that Joshua was the Ethiopian woman. 


            Joshua and Hur were assigned by God to support Moses. The Scripture says that they held up Moses’ arms when Israel battled with Amalek (Ex. 17:12), but Joshua and Hur did not hold up Moses’ physical arms. Joshua and Hur sustained Moses spiritually. Miriam and Aaron were jealous of Moses‘ high spiritual relationship with Joshua, because Joshua was chosen to take over Moses command.


            This teaching  that Miriam and Aaron were jealous of Joshua, who they called the Ethiopian woman, is not my personal opinion. The Spirit of Revelation dropped on me, and I am teaching what I was taught by the Wisdom of God.


Joshua Was Black


             Now, Joshua might very well have been a spiritual female at the time, but was Joshua an Ethiopian? The name Ethiopian is used to describe any descendant of Cush (Unger’s Bible Dictionary), one of the sons of Ham. Joshua was an Ephriamite (Num. 13:8), a descendant of Joseph and his Egyptian wife (Gen 41:50,52). Egypt is in Africa, and its inhabitants are descendants of Ham.


            Joseph married a black woman, so their offspring were most likely black. In addition, Israel was in Egypt for hundreds of years, so it is not unreasonable to assume that there was intermarriage amongst all of the tribes, or that an Ephraimite might have married an Ethiopian.


            Is it possible that many such intermarriages between Israelites and Ethiopians led to the promise that Ethiopia will be saved (Ps 68:31)?




Joshua, The Ethiopian Woman


             The Wisdom of God says that Joshua is the Ethiopian woman. Joshua’s relationship to Moses was similar to John’s relationship to Jesus. Joshua was Moses’ disciple. The two were very close -- they were  spiritually intimate. Miriam and Aaron resented their relationship because they thought that Moses should be spiritually intimate with his blood relatives, especially with Aaron, who went with Moses to challenge Pharaoh. They could not understand why Moses would be intimate with Joshua instead of themselves, and It was this very Jealousy that resulted in the judgment of leprosy that fell upon Miriam. 


            Why would Miriam and Aaron be jealous of Moses marrying again? Even if Moses did get married again, why would his brother and sister care? It does not make any sense at all, unless we are to believe that anti-black prejudice was the issue. But as we have suggested earlier, there was most likely widespread intermarriage between Israel and black Egypt, which nullifies this charge.        


Spiritual Ham 


            Another possibility why the Scripture might describe Joshua as an Ethiopian woman is that sometimes someone a white person may appear as a black person in a dream or in some spiritual communication. This would suggest that the subject of the dream or spiritual communication has the spiritual strength of Ham. They may even be an incarnation of someone who was black at one time, possibly even one of the spiritual beings who was incarnated in natural Israel. Is that not an interesting thought? This is the radical revelation of the hour, that the Ethiopian woman who Moses was involved with was Joshua.  




Leprosy, A Just Recompense?


            Is Leprosy a Scriptural judgment for Miriam’s jealousy of Moses’ marriage to an Ethiopian woman?


            Jealousy is a very serious spiritual crime, especially when one is jealous of a spiritual relationship.


            Miriam, who was spiritually ascended herself, was attacking both Moses and Joshua. She had to be attacking..., she and Aaron, but it mostly had to be Miriam, because Aaron was not punished.  Miriam was the one punished.


            Her witchcraft and her envy had to be doing serious damage to Moses, and Joshua, and/or to their relationship for this judgment to fall on her, because a judgment, at least in this case, was designed to stop the attack upon the other two.  Moses forgave her sins, and she was allowed back into the camp.


            Just to reiterate this revelation that has come down, let us put some points on it. The Jew today is not the Jew of the Bible days, although they are a Jewish nation that the Israel above has incarnated in. They are not the Jew of the Bible day, because the Israel above rejected the Jew of the Bible day which are the black people, because they fell into idolatry, which is the condition that we find in many Africans today. 


            There is great Idolatry across the land of Africa. The land is cursed, and that curse has not been lifted in the Holy Spirit. That curse can only be lifted in Christ, as Christ comes forth in the black people.


            Not the Holy Spirit..., there are a lot of Holy Spirit Christians in Africa today. The witchcraft within them is a lot stronger. I am told of people that go to Holy Ghost churches that are still manifesting witchcraft as it is so deeply ingrained in them.  It will take Christ coming forth in the individual to swallow up that witchcraft that is in them personally, that is going to deliver and break the curses on Africa. That is what they are waiting for. That is point number one the Jew of the Bible days is the black man and not the European Jew that we see today.


            I do not know if I finished this point, this is why there is such a validity to what the Arabs are saying, that Jews do not belong in the Middle East because they are a European nation. Then, you have to ask yourself the question “How come the Jews were there originally?” The original Jews came from Israel, the Middle East, and that is why they have gone back there. There is one more proof that the European people, the European Jews that are in Israel are not the original Jews.


            Do not misunderstand me. I think that they have a right there, because they are the incarnation of Israel above today, but that is the answer to that confusion, and to that point that seems valid to the Arabs of what is a European nation doing in Israel?  They belong there, because Spiritual Israel is incarnated in them, and they are the Jew of today.  Yes, I believe that they belong there.


            The second point that I have made here is that the European nations are Esau, and they have a murderous spirit towards Israel manifesting as anti- Semitism, because Jacob acquired Esau’s inheritance, his heritage, his birthright, and his blessing so Esau hates Jacob with a passion. He hates Jacob, and that means he does not only hate the Jew he also hates the other ten tribes. He hates all of Jacob’s twelve children.


            You might be saying when Jacob confronted Esau at the river, Esau forgave Jacob, and let him pass in peace. What happened there is that Jacob had sought the Living God, the Living God intervened and overshadowed Esau,  caused him to make peace with Jacob, and let Jacob return in safety. It was only a temporary overshadowing. After Jacob was home and safe, Jehovah took His hand off of Esau, and this hatred still remains. That is the explanation for that. That is the second major point, that the European nations are Esau.


            The third major point is that Joshua is the Ethiopian woman, then there is another section that I left out that I would like to add it right now, and that has to do with Jacob’s deception. It always bothered me that Jacob one of the forefathers of Israel could be such a morally weak man that he stole his brother’s blessing.


            Several years ago I preached a message on this when I was still teaching the Doctrine of Christ. I looked up every word in the Scripture, and I received a revelation that Jacob was told to do so by the Lord, which the Lord spoke through his mother.


            It is true that he deceived Isaac, but it was necessary because Isaac himself was deceived. Apparently, in those days Isaac had the power, or the forefathers had the ability to impart spiritual power to their children. This was not just a blessing, this was spiritual power, and also the spiritual seed was important, that Isaac was dying, and he had to impart the spiritual seed to the son who was prepared to receive it. That son was Jacob, but Isaac was in love with Esau. Esau was his eldest.  Number one, Isaac was thinking, “This is the natural rule in the world that the eldest gets the blessing, gets the seed, and gets all my spiritual inheritance.”


            In addition to that, Esau was the one who was spiritually powerful, and Isaac was the one who had the root. He had the wisdom, and he had the spiritual potential, but he had no spiritual power. Isaac was drawn to the son, we might say he was drawn to the son who was charismatic.


            This is a powerful lesson that the Lord taught me several years ago, when I was new at running this ministry. There was someone here spiritually powerful, and I thought that they should be the one to assist me, but I found out that the selection that I should have made,  let me say it this way, I found out that, that person was not ready to assist me in that spiritual authority, words of knowledge. I should not say spiritual authority, spirituality; speaking in tongues, prophesying, and things like that do not mean that you are prepared for ministry. The sign that you are ready for ministry is that you are stable, that you are committed, you keep your word, that you labor faithfully, and that you submit to authority.


        Most of the people who are high spiritually do not necessarily have these other qualities because these other qualities are developed over time. They are a sign of maturity. Spirituality in the form of speaking in tongues, prophesying, and having words of Knowledge, is called the female spirituality. It is not necessarily accompanied by any kind of emotional or spiritual stability. It is charisma; that is all it is.


        I have learned my lesson. I have to choose the people that will assist me based upon their faithfulness, on their submission to me, on their willingness to rectify wrong things and seek God, and do what is right. It is maturity.


        We see that Isaac had the same experience that I had; he was running after the highly spiritual person thinking that he was the heir. Isaac was mistaken. For the Lord to raise up Jacob to deceive Isaac, the Lord must have gone to Isaac many times before that, to tell him that he was going to give the blessing and the promised seed to the wrong son, which son by the way, wound up marrying a heathen woman. The seed would have been corrupted.


        Isaac apparently did not hear Him, so the Lord went to Jacob through his mother Rebecca and told him to deceive Isaac so that he could receive the seed. Of course Jacob was the one that was supposed to get the seed. It was like stealing what was already his. It was not obvious to Isaac or Esau that Jacob was the one to get the seed. They were not hearing from God.


        It always bothered me to think that Jacob put goat skins on his hands or his wrists, and the back of his neck. It bothered me that Esau was so hairy, that his hairiness was likened to goat skin. It just never sat right with me, but I could not understand it so I let it go.


        Also concerning hair, I have been saying for years that hair signifies spirituality, but I did not understand where that symbol came from. I had always questioned why Elijah was called a hairy man. I always thought that it meant that he was spiritual but I thought it was a strange way to express spirituality.


        I recently learned through a Kabbalistic study that was dealing with Adam Kadmon how hair signifies spirituality. If you are hearing this tape you should have some Kabbalistic background and you should know who Adam Kadmon is. He is the primordial man.


        Some of the light from the Ayn Sof that poured into Adam Kadmon’s head came out of His ears, some of it came out of His eyes, some of it came out of His nose, some of it came out of His mouth. After that, the light to be channeled down into Adam Kadmon’s torso had to pass through his neck and the neck is a bottleneck.


        Think of it this way. Adam Kadmon’s head was filled with light, and even though some of the light came out of his ears, eyes, nose, and mouth, there was still so much light and all of that light had to get into the neck to be passed down to the torso. The light was too much to fit into that bottleneck.


         That preponderance of light in the head of Adam Kadmon therefore burst forth through his face and chin in the form of a beard, in the form of hair. That is why Adam Kadmon is described as having a long beard. Of course this is a Kabbalistic principle but the thirteen attributes of mercy are in that beard.


        I could never understand that, but it is because the beard represents the light of the Ayn Sof that entered into Adam Kadmon that could not fit through the throat in order to pass on down to the torso and the reproductive areas.


        I now understand why we are told Elijah is a hairy man. What it means is that he had so much of the light and energy of God in him that it was bursting out of every pore in his body. Whether or not Elijah was physically hairy, I do not know. Personally I doubt it, but that is what the term means. It means that he had so much of the light and energy of God that it was pouring out of his very pores.


        Back to Jacob, I am telling you that it is just a parable that Jacob put the goat skin on the back of his neck and on his fore arms or his hands (I do not remember exactly where they were). The back of the neck is the throat energy center.


        For some reason the Hindus call that energy center the throat center, but the Jews call it the neck. Of course it is the same center that goes through from the neck to the throat. I do not know why the Jews see it the other way. Actually it is the Hindus that see it the other way, because it is probably the carnal mind that sees it as the throat center, and the Christ mind that sees it as the neck center.


        Let me remind you that Esau was the brother with the branch of the tree. He had all of this spiritual energy but he was not responsible or emotionally or intellectually stable. Jacob was the brother who had the root; he was faithful and stable but had no power. In order to deceive Isaac, Jacob had to receive an increase in power.


        We have a Scripture in the Book of Acts that says that if we seek after God, if we feel after Him, we will be sure to find Him. This is talking about seeking God or feeling after Him with our mind. Our mind is likened to the hand in the Scripture because the minds grasps. It grasps ideas. It also grasps people’s souls.


        The mind is the spiritual hand, so we spiritually feel after someone with our mind. It is called discernment. We are told in this account of Isaac and Jacob that Isaac felt after Jacob. He did not feel his hands. I want to tell you right now he did not feel his hands.


        This whole concept of Jacob putting the goat skin on the back of his neck and on his hands is talking about Jacob acquiring the power, the power of Imma actually, to increase whatever power he had.


        Jacob’s deception of Isaac was based upon the power that was on him when Jacob entered into Isaac’s presence. Isaac discerned whoever was around him by judging the spiritual power on them. Isaac says in the Scripture, “You have the voice of my son Jacob but the feel of my son Esau.”


        Here we see a weakness in Isaac. He is listening to his discernment of the presence of spirituality as opposed to the intelligence of his own mind. This is part of the training that we all go through when we are learning to serve God.


        We cannot live our life by dreams, revelations, and prophesy. All of these have to be witnessed to, and be under the control of the wisdom of Christ within us. If we just follow after dreams and spiritual signs we will be destroyed.


        This is a weakness that carried from Isaac all the way to the modern-day Jew today. Jesus said to the Jews, “You Jews are always seeking after a sign. You are supposed to be able to look at me and see my works and hear my words and recognize that I am of God. Why are you looking for a sign? The only sign that you are going to get is that I am going be delivered from this physical body.  That is the only sign you are going to get, and you are not even going to believe that one.”


        We see that Isaac was weak in his spiritual education and that he was following after the spiritual person and not the wisdom of God. This is a major lesson that every Christian moving on in maturity has to learn. We live our life by the wisdom of God and not by the spirituality, which may be of God or it may not be of God. Satan comes like an angel of Light and does everything that the Holy Spirit can do except deliver us to Christ. She is the complete counterfeit.


        Jacob was not so hairy that his skin felt like an animal skin, it makes no sense at all.


        I think I did not make a point here. Let me put this in. When Jacob slaughtered those goats and cooked the meat, that slaughtering was in the form of a sacrifice to Jehovah. We are not told that in the Scripture but I believe it was slaughtered as a sacrifice to Jehovah. When that sacrifice was made out of obedience to God, power came down upon Jacob and he received the power that he needed to deceive Isaac.


        God spoke to Jacob either through his physical mother, or through the Partzuf called Rebecca. I do not know which it is at this point.  Jacob was doing as he was told, and because of his obedience when he slaughtered those goats, the power of the Imma, or the power of the Partzuf Rebecca (I am not really sure which), came down upon Jacob and he received the power that he needed to deceive Isaac.


        The reason for the deception was that Isaac was about to make a mistake, and there was no way to convince Isaac not to give it to Esau. It was not a physical tangible thing that Isaac was going to give to Esau, it was a spiritual impartation. There was no way to wrest it away from Isaac other than by deception. It was not something that he held in his hand that one could take away from him. Deception was the only way.


        If Jacob was spiritually mature enough or powerful enough to take it from Isaac that would have been the other way, but Jacob did not have that spiritual authority or spiritual power. Therefore Jehovah had to use the methods of this world and Jacob is still paying the price for using a method of this world to achieve God’s purposes, which methods are not acceptable in this world. He is still called a thief and a deceiver today, yet he did what needed to be done.


        This is a dangerous teaching, to say God can use methods considered wrong by the world to achieve His purposes. We have Christians all over the church doing what they think needs to be done, but it is their thoughts coming out of the carnal mind and not God, so that does not count. It only counts when you are really hearing from God, and you do what needs to be done to achieve God’s goals, because the Lord has told you to do it.


        Jacob had to use the methods of this world to achieve God’s purposes, but he had to reap what he sowed. Deceiving your father is wrong and stealing is wrong. What Jacob did is a form of stealing. However, God stopped the judgment short of destruction.


        How did Jacob reap what he sowed? He had to leave his home to go marry far away. He was afflicted by Laban who robbed him. Jacob stole and he was stolen from. Jacob escaped and he was confronted by Esau who wanted to murder him and his whole family. He was only saved because Jacob sought God in that account in the Book of Genesis of Jacob wrestling with the angel.


        When I studied and preached that message, I came to the conclusion that the angel was Christ coming forth in Jacob. The Kabbalists say it was Esau’s mind that Jacob was struggling with. When I sought the Lord on this issue, He told me that both were true, that there were two angels there. At that time the Lord showed me in the Scripture that there really were two angels there.


        First Jacob struggled within himself, he struggled with his own fear and Christ overcame Jacob’s fear. When Christ emerged in Jacob, then that angel Christ struggled with Esau’s angel, the mind of Esau, and defeated Esau spiritually. That is why Esau let Jacob and his family or his tribe cross the river without harming them. Jacob experienced a bad moment, he experienced fear. He experienced being robbed, and he experienced being betrayed by his father-in-law.


        Here we see a very interesting principle that has manifested in my own life. I will just take a few minutes to put this on the tape.


        I live in a condominium, and over a year ago, the Lord raised me up to unseat the woman who was President of the board, because she was abusing the condominium. She was stealing. I was the vessel that He used to unseat her. I became President and this past year, I definitely have been reaping what I had sown.


        Exactly what I had done to overcome the previous President was happening to me. The board was rebelling against me. I could not understand why the board was rebelling against me this way, and why I was having the same experience, when I was serving God by doing what I did.


        Here is the answer to my question. I did not have the spiritual power or authority to unseat this woman strictly with spiritual power. I had to do things in the natural that are not acceptable to God. I had to rebel against the establish authority, for example, to unseat her. Therefore when I became President my board rebelled against me. I had to reap what I sowed even though I was fulfilling God’s purposes.


        The Lord will always stop that sort of sowing and reaping judgment short of destruction when you have done it for Him. I still had to reap what I sowed, and Jacob still had to reap what he sowed. He is still reaping today; he is still called a deceiver today.


        I am not inclined to impute that term, deceiver, to Jacob. I know what he did was deception, but he served God and he saved the promised seed.


       If Isaac had imparted that seed to Esau, when Esau married the heathen woman, that seed would have been corrupted, and everything that Jehovah had put into His plan to that date, would have been destroyed. He would have had to start all over again. He would have had to find another Abraham and would have had to start all over again.


        I think I have pretty much covered everything. Do you have any questions?


        COMMENT: This is a very interesting teaching. I would like to have the message so I can study through it again.


        PASTOR VITALE: For those of you who did not understand what I said previously, I would like to clarify that Numbers 12:1 does say that Moses married an Ethiopian woman, but there is such a thing as a spiritual marriage. Moses was spiritually married to Joshua, just as Elijah was spiritually married to Elisha and Jesus was spiritually married to John. It is just a term indicating a degree of spiritual intimacy.


        I have no problem taking Numbers 12:1 to mean that Moses had a spiritual intimacy with Joshua that was on a level that would be described as a spiritual marriage. Apparently Moses was training Joshua to be his successor, and this is what Miriam and Aaron spoke against.


        What did they say? They said, “Hath the Lord indeed spoken only to Moses? Has He not spoken by us?” What would this kind of question have to do with Moses’ physical, carnal, human marriage to an Ethiopian woman? This is the kind of response that we would hear as a result of spiritual jealousy.


        They are saying, “Moses, what do you mean, joining into this intimate relationship with Joshua. Who do you think you are that you have the right to choose Joshua as your successor and by-pass us? Who do you think you are?” That is what Numbers 12:1 is talking about.


        Again I point out that Miriam was the one punished, not Aaron. We see that Miriam was the ring-leader. She had apparently convinced Aaron to go along with her, but Miriam was the one who the Lord held responsible. Praise the Lord.


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