604 - Part 3

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Praise the Lord everybody. We have already rendered an alternate translation for Genesis 6:1-8, and when I looked at verse 9, when I looked at the Interlinear Text, I realized that there was no way that I could render an alternate translation of verse 9, without first reviewing some of the basic foundational principles of Kabbalah, and for some of the people sitting here today, it is not a review, it is the first time they will be hearing it. The King James translation of Genesis 6:9 says:


Genesis 6:9 These are the generations of Noah, Noah was a just man, and perfect in his generation, and Noah walked with God.



It is such a simple verse in the King James translation, but it is a very complicated verse, when I looked at the Interlinear Text. We are going to review the concept of the Sefirot, and that is a Hebrew word. I did my best to refresh my memory for you of what these Hebrew words mean, and I may not have an English counterpart in every case, but basically this is what the word Sefirot means. The Sefirot, it means sphere, there are ten primary Sefirot, and that is what they are, they are spheres that contain the light of God. The Sefirot itself I do not believe has any consciousness but it is the light of God within the Sefirot that gives it consciousness and power.


We are told that the Sefirot, and there are ten of them. Drawing #1, The Sefirot appear in two configurations. When I read the Kabbalistic literature, I read it as if at least that is what it sounds like to me, that the first configuration is gone and over and done with, and the second configuration is present today, but I do not agree with that, I think that the first configuration still exists in this world. What are these Sefirot? They are talking about mind. All of these attributes are human qualities, except for Keter, crown. Chokhmah is Hebrew word for wisdom, that is the second Sefirot down, the second highest, the third one is Binah, that signifies understanding, the next one is Chesed, which means lovingkindness, Gevurah is strength, Tiferet is balance, because Tiferet balances the lovingkindness of Chesed, and the strength of Gevurah, when which strength is out of control becomes cruelty, so Tiferet is the balance. Netzach is overcoming power, Hod is empathy, Yesod is foundation, Malkhut is kingdom, and this is the kingdom.


We hear about the kingdom of God, we hear about the kingdom of heaven, and this world is a kingdom in a physical visible world. We see that Yesod is the foundation of the kingdom. What this is really talking about, personality, spirit and personality of human beings. Human beings, we are spirit, we have a human spirit and we also have a soul, and what we are talking about today is the interaction or the relationship between spirit and soul.


When we look at these Sefirot, this is what we are talking about, we are talking about human qualities. Jesus clearly said, Behold the kingdom of God is within you. The kingdom of God is within you. A kingdom is a mind. Malkhut is a mind and well I do not want to say Malkhut is a mind, but the kingdom is a mind and Malkhut is kingdom, so it is a mind, and the mind, it is a mind that produces the physical body and the personality. This is what we are dealing with, human qualities, human attributes, human characteristics, and how they interact with each other because every human being is made up of all kinds of emotions and qualities, understanding, loving kindness, Gevurah which I said can be cruelty if it is not limited by loving kindness. We all have these qualities within us, and it is the combinations of these qualities or the balance of these qualities or the relationship of these qualities, maybe we have too much of one and not enough of another, that ultimately forms one unity that we would call personality.


We know that human personality is not stable, the nicest person, the person who is doing everything to help you, to love you, that is manifesting maybe the greatest kindness you have ever seen, in a moment’s notice can turn to their other side, and manifest Gevurah, and manifest unkindness or cruelty or that balance that is in Tiferet can be blown apart, and that person that you know to be the most reasonable people in the world, can be saying crazy things to you, or behaving in a crazy way.


We know all about that in this world, in an extreme case it is called a nervous breakdown. We all have mini nervous breakdowns all of the time, the reality is that every time we leave a state of mind which is a state of sanity, where we are reasonable, and communicative, every time we depart from that state of mind, and become unreasonable, or abusive in any way, we have had a mini breakdown. Our balance which is #6 Tiferet, that balance has broken down, that is what breaks down. When we have a breakdown, that is what breaks down. It is the integration and the coherence of all these human qualities into a singular whole that is balanced out of which we live a sane life.


Our relationships are healthy, our relationship with God, our relationship with ourselves, our relationships with our relatives, our relationship with our employers, are balanced, but what happened over here in the original configuration when the creation first came forth, all of these qualities were lined up, this is what we are taught in Kabbalah. All of these qualities were lined up, as we see 1a, and because of the way they came out, they were not able to relate to one another or to balance one another. If you look over on 1b, let me show this concept of balance, so you will know what I am talking about by balance.


We see Chokhmah which we are told is wisdom, brings us to the center, and then we have Binah, understanding, when the two of them mix, wisdom and understanding mix, we get a balanced understanding of the wisdom. To have wisdom without understanding, sometimes can result in devilish wisdom, that is what James calls it, devilish wisdom, that is what comes out of the carnal mind, can produce false wisdom.


Xxxx was giving us a testimony early this morning about an unintelligent woman who happened to also be a very wealthy woman, who went to see some kind of fortune teller who put a guilt trip on her, this woman was the widow of the man who invented the Winchester rifle, and this fortune teller put a guilt trip on her, telling her that she was responsible for thousands of people who had died by that rifle, and the woman spent the rest of her life and her money you building, building houses and staircases that went nowhere, maybe I did not get it right, I do not know why she would do that, within one house, she built 46 bathrooms, so this woman came under the power of the devilish wisdom of this fortune teller, and she was not balanced.


Then over here we have Chesed which is loving kindness, so loving Kindness comes to the center and Gevurah which is strength, Gevurah by itself becomes Satan. Gevurah unrestrained, unrestrained power becomes Satan. Gevurah when it is brought to the center and it is restricted by loving kindness, strength, aggression, restricted by loving kindness, produces the balance called beauty, Tiferet is called beauty, called balance. That is a major thing in human life, that our human strength and our loving kindness have to be balanced, if we are, see this is what is happening in the country today, a lot of people are saying, forgive and be good, and when people are trying to kill us. There has to be a certain aggression within us, but that aggression needs to be under the control of loving kindness, judgment with mercy, fairness, decency, and honesty, but you do not let people kill you.


If our consciousness is here on our left side, and we are primarily aggressive, we are unbalanced, if our consciousness is over here on the right side, and we so much loving kindness that we are letting ourselves be walked on, we are unbalanced. These two human qualities come to the center, in an attribute called balance, and in Hebrew it is Tiferet, it is also called beauty, and we had at the end of part 2 of this message, xxxx had said that she was surprised that the name beauty came up, but balance is called beautiful. Balance is called beautiful by God.


Then below that we have Netzach which is overcoming power, and that overcoming power goes towards the center, and we have Hod which is empathy. Empathy is different than sympathy, sympathy makes you feel bad for somebody, but empathy brings you into a communication of emotion, empathy is a communication of emotion, and if we let that emotion, someone else’s emotion overwhelm us, we will be destroyed. There is power in empathy, there is power to heal, there is power to deliver, power to comfort, great power. We see that the overcoming power and empathy restrict each other, if we have too much overcoming power, we become an aggressive business person for example who will stop at nothing who does not care about his family or anybody, he will step on anybody to be successful, that is overcoming power out of control.


Empathy, if it is out of control, we could be drawn into somebody else’s emotions, and be destroyed. The overcoming power is you might say, selfishness, it is that we want to prevail, and we want to survive, empathy is giving all of your energy to another person, and the balance between the two is found in Yesod, which is our reproductive force, it is a very powerful force, our reproductive force. Then Yesod gives his reproductive force to Malkhut, which is the mind, the kingdom of God is within you, Malkhut is kingdom, and Malkhut is the spiritual chamaeleon, she can be the kingdom of God, or she can be Satan’s seat within you, depending on how she is being influenced by the other Sefirot. If the right column which is wisdom, loving kindness and self-actualization overcoming, if that right column is weak or not there, which is the case in a lot of people today, and only the left column exists, we have Binah, Binah is understanding but she, judgment, a high level of judgment comes out of understanding, because if you can understand somebody’s motives, then you bring the truth to them, and the truth of judgment is not always there, judgment is deliverance.


We have judgment is in understanding, Gevurah is strength, Gevurah is the one who becomes Satan when left itself, and Hod is empathy. When you get two Sefirot of judgment and then empathy, you find Malkhut becomes evil, Malkhut becomes evil and that is who Satan is, Malkhut influenced by empathy, being drawn into other people’s emotions, plus the strength of Gevurah, plus the judgment of Binah, and we get a human being, Malkhtut typifies a personality, we get a personality that is evil.


This is very interesting because one of the things that the Lord told me early on with regard to this ministry, is that the Lord is reaching out to people who are highly spiritual, and the example of the reason I have given to people until now, is that the Lord has told me if you are highly spiritual, there are two people that are looking for you today, because the whole creation is getting ready for the time of love, we are getting ready to produce the spiritual child that will raise us up into high powerful spirituality, either the resurrection of damnation or the resurrection of life. Either the Christ child is going to be born in us or the daughter of Babylon will be born in us, and the people of humanity who are highly spiritual, today the Lord is going for them because they are the ones most vulnerable to be approached by Satan to bear Satan’s child.


Here we see a perfect example of what that means, Hod means that you are empathetic, that means that you are highly spiritual. If you have, if Hod is very strong in your life, you are empathetic, that is the same thing as being spiritual, and if you do not have the loving kindness of Chesed, if you do not have the wisdom of Chokhmah, all of this force of the understanding, because the person that is highly spiritual, the person that is empathetic, this is me, this is a description of me when the Lord saved me, He saved me from the destruction of my spiritual condition. I did not have much on the right side, I had no wisdom at all, I was lacking loving kindness, and my overcoming power was completely misdirected, it was being controlled out of fear, it was not a positive force in my life, because to overcome, I would be aggressive towards other people.


My whole right side was not functioning, and on the left side, I did not have any understanding but I had a lot of spiritual strength, and I was empathetic, in other words, if you had a negative feeling about me, I knew it, I am still that way today, I have gotten even more sensitive. I would know your deepest motives, I would know, and Gevurah was judging the motives of people around me. Where somebody else could throw it off easily if you had a bad moment, I would see right through to your core motive, and would rise up in much too much strength, because this whole right side was missing on me.


The aggression of Satan was appearing in my kingdom. Now we see an even better understanding of why the Lord is reaching for people who are highly spiritual, if you are highly spiritual and you do not have Christ, one of two things are happening to you, either you have become aggressive because of the scenario that I have just described, or if your left side is missing, then so kind that you are being destroyed by the world, because you have strength over here, your strength over here defends you in the world, to be completely wise and kind in this world with no strength, you are going to be a victim.


I was both, I was dying from when I was ten years old, because as a child, I had no way of defending myself and I was completely out of balance. That is why the Lord is coming to people that are highly spiritual, if you are highly spiritual, and you are not being trained, you are not being directed towards the Lord, and trained in the things of God which develops your right side, you tend because of your spirituality, because you are so empathetic, that you are picking up everybody’s negative vibes, you becomes a negative person.


I watched videos of a family therapist and the scenario that comes to my mind, is this mother, father, and three children sitting in a therapist’s room looking for family help, and the father sitting there saying, I do not know what is going on, I feel fine. The therapist pointed to the child in the corner of the room sitting there weeping, and said to the father, You are fine, she is feeling all of your feelings. That was me. There is whole branch of psychology that has to do with family systems, and there is usually one person, sometimes there is more, but usually one person that carries the pain of the whole family, and that person is a person who is empathetic, that is the person who is spiritual, that was me, I carried the pain of the whole family, I was empathetic.


I also had strength, so empathy and strength were manifesting in my personality here down in Malkhut, I had no wisdom, I had no understanding, I had very little loving kindness and I did have an overcoming drive that was misdirected, it was the Netzach on my left side trying to overcome, trying to survive. What I needed was the whole right side to be established in me, and then to balance off my left side, and bring forth the middle column which is called beautiful, and it’s name is Christ Jesus, this balance is in Christ Jesus. There is a balance of people that do not have Christ Jesus, but it is on the other side, and it does not lead to immortality, and it is just for this life. I do not believe that the balanced personality is available to the person that I just described, the spiritual person who is being destroyed because they are empathetic and they are absorbing all of the negative emotions and thoughts of the family, and they have some strength, but they have no wisdom or understanding, they are being wiped out, a childlike that might wind up on a therapists couch, but they will suffer for their whole life.


Hopefully the therapist will help them so that they will have some kind of productive life, but they will suffer for their whole life, they will never completely restored. The best they could hope for is to survive in this world and have some kind of positive existence. In Christ Jesus, on the side of Christ Jesus, it is possible to be completely restored, no matter how you started out, no matter what your childhood was, when Christ Jesus, this middle column is developed in you, everything that you lost will be restored to you. That is what the Scripture promises, everything eaten by the cankerworm and the locust, everything you have been denied in this life because of your spiritual condition, in Christ Jesus will be restored to you.


We are talking about personality, we are talking about the interaction of spirit with personality, and that is my introduction to you, so we are going to read a deeper explanation of what each of these Sefirot or the qualities of each of these Sefirot, and of course as I am sure you can understand, it is similar to the genetic code. We have ten Sefirot, and each of these Sefirot have subsefirot, subsefirot, subsefirot, and I will put that on the board for you. There is an infinite number of potential interactions between these qualities, and each interaction produces a new quality. If you have wisdom and understanding, and it is 50/50, and you are a certain, that appears in the human personality in some way. If you are 75% wise and 25% understanding, it appears in your personality another way, because wisdom without understanding is not very valuable.


If you have 75% understanding and 25% wisdom, you are better off that way, that all of the percentages in-between, so these interactions are infinite within the individual, we have two individuals interacting with each other, and in these qualities can rise up in one person, and any of these qualities rise up in another person.


When the two people are balanced and you are both in Christ Jesus, you have a positive relationship, but today nobody is permanently in Christ Jesus, and if an emotion rises up over here in Gevurah, or if you are empathetic, and you pick up somebody else’s negative emotion, it can unbalance you, break the middle column apart, you will go to your two sides, and then you have a fight, either you have a fight with somebody, or you are a victim, if you are all on the right side then you are a victim. If you are all on the left side after your balance breaks up, if your personality gathers together on the left side, you become the aggressor. If after the balance of your emotional balance, it breaks up, you gravitate towards the right side, you become a victim.


In Christ Jesus we have the ability to grow stronger and stronger, in our middle column, because He is our middle column, and all that we have to do to have a life of balance is to make a decision to die the extreme, to die to the aggression, or to die or to learn to deal with the empathy, and to understand, see with wisdom, we will understand that loving kindness can extend to a fault, and you can be good to people and good to people and good to people, you cannot call forth the Godly response in people by being good to them. I mean it is a good thing to be good, but when the person has an ungodly attitude towards you, or they are lacking something that you need, or they are doing something that you would like them not to do, you can love them to death, and unless they are willing to change, your loving kindness is not going to change them. Loving kindness cannot change aggression. It takes two people to solve a problem, it takes two people to have a relationship, if one person is doing all of the work, it will never come to pass, they will never find a balanced relationship, unless both people are working to find this middle column, and Netzach of course is overcoming.


If you are too aggressive, if you are too selfish, you will never find that balance in a relationship, because relationships require compromise. Did you have any comments here before we go over this more specific details of these qualities which are human qualities? By the way, these qualities are the substructure of the emotional genetic code, we know that there a physical genetic code, if your parents have blue eyes, your grandparents have blue eyes, most likely you are going to have blue eyes. There is also an emotional genetic code, and these qualities, these Sefirot are where they are coming from.


COMMENT:  Sheila, when you are speaking of loving kindness I can see where in the political realm, right now with these politics, that is where the people that are on the, the liberals want it to be loving kindness to our enemies, which is never going to help.


PASTOR VITALE:  Right, exactly, if you have somebody that thinks they are going to go to heaven because they blow you up, being kind to them is not going to change them, you better defend, you better get over on this side of the board, and you better activate Gevurah and start defending yourself or you are going to be dead. That is how loving kindness out of control brings death and destruction, and it is the same principle with parents today, and the whole society today.


Of course that does not mean you are not exceptions, when I say the whole society is lopsided. Many today are teaching not to discipline your children, just love them, do not respond to the negative behavior, just respond the positive behavior. The negative behavior that comes out of Gevurah must be restricted by the loving kindness. We have to be restricted. You should give wisdom to your children, give loving kindness to your children, but you also give overcoming power, you have to overcome their aggression if you do not, actually I said that wrong, you have to help them to overcome their own aggression, their own passion.


If you do not apply your own adult self-restraint and teach your children to overcome their own aggressions, they will have trouble as adults. Of course if you just restrict them without giving them loving kindness, and the wisdom of why you are telling them, why you are restricting them, that it is for their own good, the child will be unbalanced. We need the whole right column, we need the whole left column, and we need the perfect balance which is in Christ Jesus. That is why I say all of the time, there is absolutely no excuse for any conflict not being resolved through true believers. Anyone who is a true believer and willing to be corrected by the Lord, willing to get their own witness from the Lord that they have not been in the center, they have not been reasonable. Anyone, if you are have two people that are willing to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ to that degree, that they are really open to Him, to be told that they have been wrong in a particular situation, there is absolutely no reason for unresolved conflicts ever.


You have to sit down, you have to talk about it, you have to pray about it, and submit to the Lord, and balance will exist in your life, even if you through an emotional stress your balance pulls apart and you pull to the left and the right, if you are truly submitted to the Lord, you will come back to the center, and you will have balance. It is a continuous battle every day to stop Satan from pulling you from the left to the right, and to stay in the center. We all have this potential to be pulled apart, or to break.


A nervous breakdown is when you are pulled to the left or to the right so severely that you cannot recover and come back, or it takes you a long time to come back again. A nervous breakdown can occur in two different ways, you can come out of your balance and all of your mental energies can go to the right, then you cannot get out of bed, your mentally ill and you cannot get out of bed. Your balance can break down, all of your energies can go to the left, and then you go take a gun and you kill 20 people, and then they put you in jail or they kill you, a mental breakdown, it is an unbalance, an inability usually due to stress, to hold yourself in balance. That is why we need a savior.


That is why the people in this world who have it together do not realize that they need a savior, because they come into this world with a spiritual heritage of balance and they are stable, and they are making it in life and they say, What do I need a savior for? It is the people who have not been able to hold this balance, in my personal opinion because of their spiritual condition, not being strong enough, they realize that they need the Lord because He is our balance.


As far as this Hod goes, the experience that I had the other day, that actually I have been having for years that every time it happens it amazes me. I wanted to share with you that I was sitting in a doctor’s office, and suddenly for absolutely no reason out of the clear blue sky, I had a negative impulse about a friend of mine, and this was the old man would have gotten into a fight with them, because I would have been influenced by empathy. What is empathy? I felt that person’s feelings. If we have empathy for another person, and we are going to be feeling other people’s feelings, it is absolutely essential that we receive the wisdom and the understanding of the Lord, that will help us learn how to deal with them. Number one, I said, No way I am fighting with this person, forget it, but then my first thought was, Well they must be mad at me. Besides they had walked into the, I was in a doctor’s office, I could not see them, but this person had walked into the waiting room, the minute they walked in, I got mad at them, I did not see them walk in. My first reaction was, Well I am not mad at them, they must be mad at me. I prayed about it, and the Lord told me, No, they are not mad at you but they are just upset today. That was just a tremendous experience for me because I spoke to them and they told me, yes there were certain things bothering them, that I felt their distress over their life situations which really were not even that extreme, just they were not happy about something, I am so sensitive that I felt their distress in a manner that registered in my carnal mind that Satan wanted me to go have a fight with that person. I empathetically recognized that person, that they had walked, it was the same room, just a wall between us, same house.


Something in me recognized that, that person walked in but it did not pick up the love on them, it picked up their negativity, my carnal mind, there is empathy in my carnal mind that picked up their negativity. That has been my situation my whole life. Picking up someone else’s negativity puts a weight on your left column, it puts a weight on you. If you are balanced, I was perfectly balanced that day, I was perfectly balanced, happy, and all of a sudden, I am ready to have a fight with somebody, because an additional weight came on Hod in my personality, in my emotions, the weight of that person’s distress.


By submitting myself to the Lord Jesus and praying about it, I pulled myself back into the middle column, and then I talked to them about it, and something positive came out of it. When you are empathetic like this, it is a real challenge, life is a real challenge, but we are in a position to really help people, and my most famous testimony is that one day I was lying on the couch watching TV and a split second thought of suicide came into my mind, split second, and I lay on the couch and I said, Lord, I do not know where that came from but I rebuke it, and whatever else I prayed.


Within five minutes I received a phone call from a person who was suicidal, and she told me she was about to do it, and my face came up in front of her, and she did not, she called me. If we could just get a grip on ourselves, through wisdom and understanding, this quality of empathy can be a great gift to help other people or it could be a curse that will destroy us, and for a large part of my life, but today it is a blessing, because of wisdom and understanding, and there is something called knowledge that comes in over here, that I will talk to you about later.


There is wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, and the spiritual strength in Christ Jesus has saved, and saved me, saved me from destruction and saved me from death, because I was so much on my left side that I was dying. I was absorbing everybody’s negative energy and it was killing me. We do have something called knowledge and the Hebrew word is Dat and it comes right over here underneath Binah and Chokhmah, and Dat is not a true Sefirah, it is what they call a quasi-Sefirah, it is not a true Sefirah, and what that is this, Keter we are told is so high that it is really not a part of the human paradigm, but Keter which the Kabbalists say is concealed to human beings, Keter sometimes reveals itself as Dat, in the form of knowledge.


I have received from the Lord Jesus Christ wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, which have taught me and given me the ability to deal with my empathetic quality which is intense, the testimony I just gave you is incredible, and that empathy was working with Gevurah, strength in a negative way in my life, but wisdom, knowledge, and understanding has dealt with that empathy, and that emotional and spiritual strength, it has dealt with it, and it has helped me to deal with it well enough to such a degree that loving kindness was able to come into my life and overcoming power to overcome the ungodly strength of Gevurah, and to overcome the empathy, the absorbing of the negative energy of all of these other people, I am overcoming it through Netzach, the overcoming power, endurance, I have endured.


My condition has not destroyed me, I have endured, and that is Netzach, and loving kindness has come into my life, it took a long time for it to appear, I use to pray for it daily, at least when I started to get this revelation of what my problem was, after praying for years asking the Lord what my problem was, I pray daily for Chesed to come into my life and it has appeared, and the wisdom, so the right side has appeared in my life through Christ Jesus, and has interfered with the destruction of my left. Your left side is only bad when it is standing there by itself. When your left side is modified by your right side, you need your left side, you need understanding, you need spiritual strength, and you need some empathy or you are a very cold person. I have moved into the middle most of the time, I am in the middle most of the time, and when I am not in the middle, I fight, I do not always win that battle, but I will win the war.


That is why the Lord is going to, today, primarily to people who are highly spiritual, because when you are highly spiritual, you are vulnerable for the negative to be victimized by the negative forces of the world, and the Lord Jesus Christ and His son in us, Christ in us, is what gives us balance, it gives us power to overcome. We read about that in the book of Revelation, over and over Jesus said, To he who overcomes, to he who overcomes, to he who overcomes, to he who overcomes what? To he who overcomes his left side and comes into balance, it brings sanity into your life. All things are promised to the one who overcomes, and of course the overcomer is Christ Jesus. He is the one, He is the one that overcometh the world. Any questions before we go on? I am just going to go through these notes giving you a little more detail, and then we will go on.


We are on page 2, Sefirot, speak about the way that the infinite interacts with the finite world. I do not know how well I explained that but I did tell you that the middle column is Christ Jesus, but in addition to that, I guess I did not make this clear at all. I did mention that the Sefirot are spheres that contain the light of God.


All of these qualities are, you see there is nothing but the light of God, that is all that there is. All of the qualities that we are dealing with are the light of God. Sheila, how can you say that these negatives qualities are the light of God? The Lord clearly says in the book of Isaiah, that He forms the light and He creates the darkness, He said that He makes evil. What does that mean? God, we really cannot comprehend who He is, we know that, what we do know is that He is a simple light. Kabbalah says a simple a light, I say a homogeneous light, and my example is, a cake batter. You are baking a cake, and you blend butter, eggs, sugar, flour, once you blend the ingredients to the point that you have a batter, in this natural world you cannot separate that batter, it is too late, the ingredients have been permanently changed.


God is that batter, He is that homogeneous batter, it had different ingredients but now there is just one, one batter, one cake batter. That is what the Kabbalists mean when they say a simple light, God is a simple light, He is homogeneous, He has all kinds, I am taught that He, God does not have attributes, we do not know what He is, but we have all kinds of stuff in Him, I do not know how to say it, but He is homogeneous, He is a simple light that never changes.


God is in a very high spiritual plane, and He has to step down, He takes steps downward in order to come to a place where human beings can, where He can interact with him on some level, He keeps veiling His light, because that light, that simple light is so bright that it would destroy us if we would look at it, or if we would experience it, because it is a spiritual light, it is not a light that we would see with these eyes. He keeps veiling His light, He keeps putting curtains over Himself, curtains over Himself, and each time He adds a curtain, the light from our side anyway, gets dimmer, from His side, He is still the same bright light, but for those of us on the other side of the curtain, His light gets dimmer and dimmer and it gets safer for us to see Him or relate to him.


Each of these ten Sefirot are a step downward, the light of God is the lightest in the Keter, and then it is veiled by wisdom, veiled by understanding, and it gets darker and darker and darker. My point is, I did not make my point, my point is this, as the Lord steps down into each level, signified by each Sefirot, that simple light that He is, is divided and it is divided into these qualities. All of these, we see them here, they are attributes, in God, where did they come from? They were in that simple light, but God does not manifest any of these things, God in His highest place, He is just a simple light, He does not have attributes, but as He comes down to meet us, that same light that is a simple light all of the way at the top, starts to more or less break down into different qualities.


God is the perfect balance, He is the perfect balance, He is the middle column, there is no left or right column where God is, but as He steps down lower and lower, He breaks down into three columns, when man sins, we lose the middle column and in severe cases, we lose the right column, and then you have a serial killer, someone that is just the left column. They are either a serial killer or they are self-righteous Pharisee that is putting everybody under the law and killing everybody that is not doing things the way they think it should be done.


There are all grades of people in-between, between the serial killer and the righteous Pharisee that is killing everybody that is not doing things the way they think it should be done, there are all different stages in-between. The Sefirot are vehicles for the conveyance of the light of God which is infinite to mankind, and our desire, those of us that are pursuing the Lord Jesus, is to climb up, climb up and ascend into all of these qualities, and to manifest, our desire should be to manifest these positive balanced qualities in our life.


I was in court not too long ago, and I am always observing society, and I saw the judge, and I saw his whole staff behind his desk, and I saw young women who were lawyers, and men, you know, younger and older, I saw police officers, and then I saw all of the people that were in trouble, waiting to see the judge, and the thought that came into my mind was, Wow, I want to be on the high end of society, I do not want to be one of the people that is in trouble that is standing before the judge hoping to get a lighter sentence, I want to be in the positive end of society. How does the Scripture say that? The Scripture says we shall be the head and not the tail. We have to get our life together to be at the positive end of society.


We see that the Sefirot are instrumental in the creation of the world, it is talking about our world here, because this at the bottom, Malkhut, this is the kingdom, and all of the other nine Sefirot above Malkhut are emotional and spiritual attributes that have resulted in the formation of a world, you see, all of the light that fills all of the Sefirot from one through nine, has dumped into this world, because it takes a lot of, light is energy, it takes energy to produce a visible world.


All of the energy that has filled all of these Sefirot, and all of their subsefirot on the way down, has been dumped into this world to produce it. The term Sefirah as related to the Hebrew words which mean to count, book, and communication, let me write that down here, Hebrew words which mean to count, book, and communication. I have already told you how the Sefirot at least on the right side of the board, how they communicate with one another, and modify one another and restrict one another for the purpose of producing balance, and the term count has to do with our spiritual ascension. We are told in the book of Revelation, count the number of the beast. What that is talking about is, see how spiritually high the beast is, what is the number of the beast, where is he abiding, is he in Yesod, is he in Tiferet, is he in Chesed, no the beast is in Keter on the other side, he is very high on the other side. The word book has to do I believe with the word of God, which is our handbook that teaches us how to survive in this world. The term Sefirah is also related to the Hebrew word for Sapphire, it contains the light of God, the Sefirot are metaphysical forces, that means they are spiritual, they are illumines emanations and they are agents of deity.


These are the spiritual qualities and when we finish this, I will show you the soul qualities of our humanity. The Sefirot are metaphysical forces, illumines emanations, they are agents of deity, they are spirit. These qualities are spirit. As I told you earlier, if you have strength, it is spiritual strength that you have sometimes, that spiritual strength manifests in your emotions, but it is spiritual. We see that understanding is spiritual, empathy is definitely spiritual, and Malkhut which is the 10th Sefirot, is spiritual, but she is the spiritual female, she is also called the daughter, and she is the spiritual chamaeleon. She is the product of all of these or whichever of these other Sefirot influence her.


If she is under the dominion of the middle column, she is called the Shekinah glory, the presence of the Lord. If she is under the influence of the left column, she is Satan, and I do not know what she is if she is under the influence of the right column only, she is probably dying, I do not know what she is if she is under the influence of the right column only. The Sefirot have the appearance of lightning, and their limit has no end. That is interesting to know that the Sefirot have the appearance of lightning. Sometimes, recently when I close my eyes, or when I pray, I say lightning. What would that mean that I see lightning when I close my eyes and I pray? It means that my prayers are moving the Sefirot.


These Sefirot fill the atmosphere, they are subatomic particles, the Sefirot lie underneath subatomic particles. They are continuously moving, there is as plenteous as atoms in the subatomic particles, they are infinite, and they are responsible for the things that, the events of the world as they come together, as the Sefirot come together, as they, how do I explain this? As they come together, they have a formation and then they break apart, because this world is not permanent like we have a meeting right here, this meeting will break up and the Sefirot that have brought this meeting together will be dissolved and they will go form other combinations, just like atomic particles, atomic particles are doing that continuously.


They are continuously interfering with each other, and creating new particles. We see this manifested in relationships, people are continuously meeting, forming relationships, breaking up, and going out and forming other relationships, these are all manifestations of the activities of the Sefirot, and they appear as lightning. Jesus said, that when the lightning appears from the east to the west, He said, My coming again will as obvious as the lightning appearing from the east to the west. He was not talking about physical lightning in the sky, he was saying that He would be coming in the energy of the Sefirot, and it will be obvious to spirit people, that have spiritual eyes. He said, If they tell that Christ is in the desert, do not go. If they tell you that Christ is over there, do not go. Do not go chasing after it, when Christ comes, He is going to be right there where you are, and it is going to be as obvious to you as the lightning that goes from the east to the west. You are going to know it in your spirit, do not look in the natural for Christ, because He is spiritual. Also in the book of Revelation chapter 4, we read about lightning appearing when the seals are opened. The opening of the seals is the beginning of the judgment of the fallen soul that will restore her to her first estate, and we see that the Sefirot are integral in the judgment that will restore us to our first estate. God’s word in the Sefirot is running and returning. I do not know what that word Sefirot is, I was using my voice software, so I may have a wrong word there, that does not sound right to me. God’s word in the Sefirot is running and returning, they rushed about as His command like a whirlwind and prostrate themselves before His throne. That is in the book of Ezekiel.


There are ten Sefirot, each one is assigned a specialized function in an integrated system of supernal powers. That is talking about powers from on high, supernal powers. Each one is assigned a specialized function in an integrated system of supernal powers, and these powers are continuously interacting, coming together, breaking apart, coming together, breaking apart. They are the foundation of a miracle. When the Lord brings a miracle in to your life, He gathers together the sefirot in the right configuration to produce exactly what you need.


We see that when Jesus went forth and created eyes where there were no eyes and called the withered arm to come out, the way He did it, was that He ascended in His mind into a very high spiritual plane and manipulated the Sefirot that formed the human body of that person. Can you heart that? Can you hear that? We have a spiritual root, so sometimes medicine helps us and sometimes surgery helps us, but our physical body is the flower on a plant that has a deep root that goes down deep into the spiritual earth, and to heal your body, if you have any kind of a chronic condition like the woman in the Scripture that spent all of her earnings, all of her living on doctors and she was still dying, that was me, if you have a condition like that, you need to be healed from a high spiritual plane, because the spirit is inside of the earth. I know that does not sound right to you, but that is the way it is, the spirit is on the inside, we have to dig down deep and get to our spiritual root in Christ Jesus to heal that problem.


Does anyone have a question before I go on? Healing for chronic illness, the only time you will get healed from a chronic illness is by manipulating or rearranging or reconfiguring the Sefirot that are forming that disease in your physical body, if you can hear that, that is the truth of it.


The highest Sefirot is called Keter which means crown, and that Keter, that Sefirot or that sphere is where the light of God enters into, it is the first place that it enters in, so the light is very, very powerful in Keter. Some Kabbalists teach that Keter interacts with Chokhmah, but others teach that Keter does not even interact with Chokhmah, and Keter is the mediator between the lower Sefirot and God. The light of god comes into the Keter and then, on the top, and then it comes out of Keter on the bottom, and goes down to Chokhmah, from Chokhmah, from wisdom, it goes from the Keter to wisdom, from wisdom to understanding, and from understanding to loving kindness.


What we are talking about here brethren, is the creation of thought, thought comes down, thought comes down or emerges originally in the unconscious part of the mind. Wisdom is in the unconscious part of the mind, it is a spiritual thing. If you have never heard of this before, it is not the wisdom that we think about, wisdom is like another language that does us no good if we do not have understanding. We can hear the words of wisdom and it will do us no good at all, if we do not understand what they mean.


That is the condition of the church today, and this is the commission of this ministry, to bring understanding to the wisdom that the church has. The Bible is wisdom, the King James Version is wisdom, the Greek and the Hebrew text are wisdom, but if you do not know, if you do not have the understanding of what the wisdom means, the power that is in the wisdom remains locked up in the wisdom. In order to release the power to change your life whatever your problem is, the power to change your life, is the release of the wisdom through understanding and knowledge.


Wisdom alone is worthless, and the example that I usually give, is a true story that was in the paper quite a few years ago, that some poor woman died alone in her room, she starved to death, and when the police came in, she had all of the walls of her home, or her room, the walls were plastered with checks that her son had sent her, money, she did not know what to do with it, but she knew it was from her son so she put it up on the wall, and she starved to death, because she did not know what to do, she did not have the understanding of what to do with the wisdom of his provision.


The names of the remaining nine Sefirot are all derived from Scripture, Chokhmah-wisdom, Binah-understanding, and those two are the second and third Sefirot, they appear in the Bible as parallel instruments of creation. Proverbs 3:19 says:


Proverbs 3:19 With wisdom God established the earth and with understanding He established the heavens, and with knowledge, (that is the dat that I told you about) the depths were broken up.


I looked up those words in the Interlinear Text and the meaning of the Hebrew word translated depth is abyss, we are in a multifaceted abyss brother, the abyss is the waters that we read about in Genesis 1, the whole universe is an abyss. We have done a lot of work with black holes, well not so much in CCK, but in LEM we have done a lot of work with black holes, the whole universe is an abyss or black hole, and each individual person is an abyss or black hole. We are all down here, our spirit is captured, held captive at the bottom of the black hole that our physical body contains and then we are in a bigger black hole, if our family is negative, we are in bigger black hole, if we are in a country that is not free, and the whole universe is one giant black hole, a whole bunch of black holes, each one inside of the other. Science tells us that the only escape from a black hole is energy, that no matter what falls into that black hole, it is just crushed unto dust, and only the energy of what was cast into that black hole can escape.


That is the extent of the miracle that Jesus Christ is doing today, that our spirit which is the energy within us, that can only be released, our spirit, listen to this, our spirit can only be released when our body and our personality is crushed and turned to dust. When our physical body dies, and our personality dies, our spirit escapes to return to the Father, because we are told that our spirit returns to the Father. That is our condition. Because God sent His son, Jesus Christ, an actual miracle has taken place and now escaped from this multifaceted black hole, is possible, not only of our spirit, but of our personality, it is possible to escape through union with His life, through union with His Spirit, our soul can return to our first estate with God, we can get out of the black hole the we fell down into without being broken apart.


We are told that with knowledge, the depths were broken up, that Hebrew word translated broken up means to cleave. What are you talking about Sheila? What I am talking to you about is that our spirit today is married to an unclean spirit, the Serpent, that is what has to be broken apart, our union with the Serpent has to be broken apart so that we can cleave fully unto the Lord, and escape from this black hole. Knowledge is not enough, learning the doctrine is not enough, binding and loosing is not enough, ascending spiritually is not enough, our carnal mind has to be broken up and our spirit has to escape from the black hole of our carnal mind.


Paul tells us, that we are to be renewed in the spirit of our mind. There is really only one mind, because the mind is built around the spirit, and either the carnal mind is built around the spirit, or the Christ mind is built around the spirit, and for the time period that we have two minds, we are a perversion, we are like symbiotic twins, sharing a heart, only one mind can survive. The carnal mind has to be broken up, the depths referring to the soul, the carnal mind in the mind of the soul has to be broken up so that the mind of the Spirit can be formed in us.


The names of the next seven Sefirot are based one single Biblical verse,


I Chronicles 20:9-11, and that is what that verse says:


I Chronicles 20:9-11


Yours oh God, are the greatness (that is Chesed), the strength (that is Gevurah), the beauty (that is Tiferet), the victory (that is Netzach), and the majesty or the empathy (that is Hod), for all (Yesod is all), because all of the life that enters into all of these other Sefirot dump into Yesod, and from Yesod dumps into Malkhut, and we are Malkhut, we are waiting for this energy, we need this energy to survive. Yesod is called all, because he receives the energy all before him, that is in the heavens and in the earth is yours.


Yours oh God, are the greatness, the strength, the beauty, the victory, and the majesty for all, (all of the energy) that is in the heavens and the earth is yours. Yours oh God is this sovereignty, (that is another word for kingdom), and you are exalted as head above all.


God is even higher than Keter. God is above all Sefirot. More specifically now, Keter meaning crown, is the will of God. The Lord does not have, God does not have thoughts, He does not have a mind but He has a will, when God wills something, all of the Sefirot and the atoms of the, the Sefirot of the spiritual plane and the atoms of the physical plane all move to bring into existence what God has willed. It is the will of God that there should be a creation called man, who will reflect His nature, and therefore no matter what it looks like, and no matter how bad it looks, mankind cannot continue on in this condition, and in the exact proper time because God is never late, although it is hard to believe that sometimes, this whole creation, all of mankind will manifest the nature and the image of almighty God, and then in that day, the lion will lie down with the lamb, and there will be peace in all of the Lord’s holy mountain. That is His will and it will come to pass.


The will and desire to create is the primal source of all created activity. The will of God is the primal source of all creative activity. The Keter is the intermediary between the infinite and the finite. Again the light of God which is infinite pours into the Keter, and filters down all the way down to kingdom, which is where we are, we are the finite ones. Keter is beyond the power, authority, or imagination, Keter, the light that is in the Keter is higher than any attribute known to man, mankind cannot relate to it. It has no analogy, that mankind can relate to, we just do not know what it is, and we are not capable of understanding it, we cannot understand something that we have not experienced in some way.


I know that all this tremendous exciting wonderful wisdom and knowledge that I have, most of it comes when I experience it, I read about it, usually I read about it after I experience it, but it would not be real to me if I did not experience it. The energy that is in Keter is the primal source of all creative activity. That means God is behind every talent that you have, God is behind every talent and skill that we have, even thought it might at the present moment have been captured by a local demon, and misused, God is the source of it. That is the same thing as me saying, we are in the likeness of God but not in His image. God formed a holy substance, and He formed it into a man, and that man became a living soul, but the living soul died and the Serpent laid hold of that holy substance and reformed it.


Let me go back, because I lost my point, it is the intermediary between the infinite and the finite, it is beyond power, authority, or imagination, and has no analogy that mankind can relate to. It is a substance and an existence that we cannot, we have never experienced it, we just simply cannot relate to it.


Keter is sometimes referred to as nothingness, it is thought of as remaining hidden within the supreme emanator. I had a struggle with that when the Lord first brought me to Kabbalah, but it is a nothingness that has substance, it is nothingness of a type that this world cannot even comprehend. It would be as if to say that the air in this room had a consciousness, we are just not aware of it. We are not aware of it, we cannot see it, we cannot understand it, to us it is nothing. You know, sometimes, we were just talking about this earlier, sometimes we have situations in families where one person has an interest and another family member who does not want them to have that interest and to that other family member, it is nothing. What means everything to you, is just nothing to that other person, because they cannot comprehend it.


What we cannot see or what we cannot comprehend, what we cannot see we cannot comprehend it, we cannot recognize it for what it is, it means nothing to us. If we cannot appreciate it, if we cannot comprehend its value, it is nothing to us. We are told that God is nothingness because we are not even capable of appreciating Him. What we are capable of is appreciating His acts that He does towards us. The good that He does towards us, the grace that He pours out upon us, we are capable of appreciating, but we cannot appreciate Him because we cannot see Him, and that is why mortal men tend to form God in their own image, they impute qualities to God that are human qualities, like unforgiveness, eternal damnation, is not eternal damnation unforgiveness? Is that not the epitome of unforgiveness? Eternal damnation because you did not accept Jesus when you had a chance to do it, now you are punished and tortured forever, it is the antithesis of everything that God is, and we have a whole church imputing that quality of unforgiveness to almighty God.


This is because we cannot see Him, and the word see means to understand, we are not capable of understanding God. Everything that God does arises out of a motive of love, even when His actions or when the actions that arise out of His will, hurt us, the motive driving it, is to help us, it is love, and unless we can see that, unless we can understand that, we think evil of our savior. Therefore, what we cannot see, what we cannot comprehend to us does not exist. Nothingness means non-existence. When the Lord first called me, I was absolutely amazed, I had no idea that the church existed, I did not know that there were people everywhere that read and study the Bible and teach, and that the anointing poured out, I did not know that it existed, I did not see it, I did not comprehend it, and to me it was nothing, when I heard the word church, it meant nothing to me, because I did not see it.


Keter is thought of as remaining hidden within the supreme emanator. Who is the supreme emanator? The supreme emanator is primordial Adam, which I am not going to talk anymore about that today, although I have mentioned it in these meetings. Chokhmah, wisdom, is the first creative activity of the emanator, that is primordial Adam, Adam that was created in his initial pristine state, in a high spiritual realm. Remember Adam was being created on the multiplicity of spiritual levels. In the initial creation was a thought, or initially it was the will of God, then it appeared as a thought which is a spiritual creation. Wisdom is the first created activity of the primordial Adam, Kabbalah calls him Adam Kadmon, primordial Adam, he is the beginning. Jesus said, I am the beginning, and I am the end. He said, I am the first Adam and I am the last Adam.


Jesus is saying, I am a manifestation, I am a visible representation of the spiritual entity known as Adam Kadmon, who was here from the beginning. When was the beginning? It was before time began. Beginning is an entity, before time began, God formed Adam Kadmon. We cannot relate to when that happened because it was beyond time, but from the instant that He came into existence it was the beginning. He is the beginning, he is the seed, he is the promised seed that the Scripture talks about, he is the seed of Christ that the doctrine of Christ talks about, that James talks about, the grafted word, the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ. He is the original germ of an idea, and I have been preaching that for a long time. All thought, all ideas, all creativity, even evil thoughts, everything arises out of the unconscious part of the mind.


We have the wisdom of God, and we have the devilish wisdom that James talks about, because we have a carnal mind, and the unconscious part of the mind, whether it is the carnal mind or the Christ mind, is the one who originates ideas and thoughts, the potential reality whose details have yet to be fully developed. That is just saying a mouthful, wisdom is the potential reality whose details have yet to be fully developed. That means God has a plan for you, and God has a plan for me, and wisdom says, we are called to be sons of God, and the carnal mind says, You have got to be kidding, you are a mess, you are old, you are sick, you failed in school, you are emotionally weak. That is what your carnal mind says, but the wisdom of God says, All of humanity is mine, and I have a plan to bring you into My image, and it must come to pass because I am God almighty.


Who do you believe? This is a problem that mankind has, who do we believe? Do we believe the carnal mind speaking through human beings, or do we believe the wisdom of God. Who are we? Are we sons of God even though we are imperfect? If we are living for Him, yes we are. Wisdom on the other side, the devilish wisdom, is the author of every evil work, the author of hatred, the author of envy, the author of prejudice, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and who is that? That is where Satan is. She is the unconscious part of the carnal mind and she is the author, the creator of every evil thought that arises in your mind.


Listen, wisdom is the potential, the potential, the potential reality, it is potential, so God sees us as sons of God, maybe we will appear as sons of God, and maybe we will not. Satan has filled with the potential for envy, and hatred, will we agree with it? Maybe we will agree with it, and maybe we will not. In Christ Jesus, we have the ability to look into the unconscious part of our mind, and deal with every ungodly thought before it goes anywhere, because our thoughts hurt people, when we agree with them, we hurt people. If we hurt people, we will reap what we sow. If you hurt, you will be hurt.


We have this privilege in Christ Jesus to look into our motives. The unconscious part of our mind are our motives. The sin is in our motives, the root of sin is in motive, so to this honor have the saints of God, to break the chains and to deliver the creation, deliver ourselves from bondage, and after we deliver ourselves, to deliver others, by looking at people’s motives and dealing with their motives without condemnation.


Of course there is a counterpart, it is called a spirit of divination, somebody sees somebody’s motives or somebody’s vulnerabilities, or weaknesses and they use it against them, it is called a spirit of divination.


My point is, wisdom is potential, wisdom is potential, either it will be manifested in our lives or it will not be manifested in our lives and we have a lot to say about whether or not both evil wisdom, devilish wisdom, and the wisdom of God, will be manifesting in our lives. We have to be obedient to have his wisdom manifested in our lives. How can you be obedient if you do not know what he wants you to be obedient to. You have to study to show yourself approved, you have to submit yourself to God. We start out by learning, just like young children in school, we start out by learning, you sit in a meeting like this and you learn, and then we pray and we hope that God hears us, and then we have experiences, and we learn. Then the potential of God’s wisdom can manifest in our life.


Binah, understanding, represents, and let me say, the Lord just told me to tell you this, because the danger of this potential and not understanding is that the carnal mind gets in there with its own understanding and messes you up bad. Aside from knowing what God wants from us or requires of us, is essential, and at some point, we learn to distinguish between the Christ mind and the carnal mind. If we cannot distinguish between the Christ mind and the carnal mind within ourselves, we will never recognize Christ in somebody else. That as far as I know you can only learn from somebody who has already accomplished this, somebody who can recognize or distinguish between their own Christ mind and their own carnal mind, someone who can recognize which mind is generating the motives that are rising up in them at the moment. You need to be close to somebody who is going to share their experiences with you, and help you to recognize it within yourself. There is no book that can teach you that.


Paul says something about being exercised to distinguish between good and evil, he is talking about the two minds, we have to exercised, and that ability comes with practice. If I am talking to you and I say, What you just said came out of your carnal mind, you can drop it right there, and say, Oh, I am sorry, and forget about it, or you can say, Lord, help me, I want to recognize that, that what I just felt, what I just experienced in my mind, and in my emotions, that was carnality, let me not forget it, so that I can recognize Christ when He arises in me.


I can just give you the theory, you have got to have the experience, and your attitude towards what you are taught will result in whether or not you acquire the ability to distinguish between good and evil, because you need that to survive in the spiritual world. Going on to understanding, understanding represents the development, gestation, and unfolding of the conceptual details of the ideas that come from wisdom. The wisdom is useless to you if you do not understand it. That means that wisdom has to be developed, it has to, gestation means it has to grow in you, understanding grows in you. I understand more and more every day. Thank God for understanding, understanding unfolds. We have, for nineteen years now, we have had an unfolding revelation in this ministry, it just keeps rolling on out and getting richer and deeper, it unfolds, it is an ongoing, what does that mean? It means it is an ongoing process. Anybody thinks that they understand anything fully is blinded by their pride because understanding grows, it matures, understanding of ourselves of other people, understanding of life, understanding of life, understanding of God, we are supposed to be growing continuously, and I understand in greater and greater detail all of the time.


We see that understanding represents the development, gestation and unfolding of the details of the concept, wisdom of the concept, an ideal, then it has to be played out in people’s lives. Knowledge, also the Hebrew word is Dat, is a quasi-Sefirah, which is the revealed aspect of the hidden Keter, and I told you that briefly on the board. The Keter, you know, does not, I do not have my own revelation on this, some Kabbalists say it does interact with man through wisdom, and other Kabbalists says that it does not. The book that I got these definitions from, says that Keter is hidden, it does not interact with the other qualities of mankind, but Keter does send forth a revealed aspect of itself. That is what we read about when we read something that says, And the finger of God has come unto you. We cannot comprehend God, we cannot see God, all that we would see is His finger, a little aspect of Himself that goes forth. When Dat replaces Keter, and Keter is the concealed will of the infinite one, the concealed will of the infinite one comes to us as knowledge, knowledge of what, of what the will of God is. In other words, this will of God is beyond our ability to comprehend as a whole, so the Lord sends forth a crumb of Himself, a finger of Himself in the form of knowledge, which to us is a big thing, and that is all that we can comprehend.


When Dat replaces Keter, the concealed will of the infinite one, Chokhmah and Binah become the first to Sefirot followed by higher and harmonizing force that unites them. Chokhmah and Binah, become the first two Sefirot. When Dat replaces Keter, Chokhmah and Binah become the first two Sefirot followed by Dat, and Dat becomes the harmonizing force that unites Chokhmah and Binah. That is basically what I am saying, see Dat is in the middle column, and Dat becomes the harmony or the harmonizing force that pulls Binah from the left and Chokhmah from the right, so wisdom and understanding, result in knowledge, that is what this is saying.


The first three Sefirot, wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, correspond to the mental faculties, the thought process that direct and control the actions that must be taken to realize the divine plan. That is what I said to you earlier, wisdom says, we are sons of God, understanding says that we have got to do something, it is the Lord’s will that we be the sons of God, but if we lay in bed for the rest of our lives, we are not going to be the son of God, a son of God. There is something that we have to do. Knowledge reveals, wisdom says we are going to be a son of God, understanding says, there is something that we have to do, on our part, and knowledge tells us what actions we have to take, so that God’s plan for our life can be manifested. That is what I am trying to convey to you when we have the kind of meeting that we had before we went on the message. I could teach you for the rest of your life. I can give you the understanding of the wisdom of Scripture, but if you do not move in knowledge, if you do not take the action, if you do not move in the knowledge that you have to take this action, there is nothing that anybody can do for you. You have to fight the war.


You need to ask for prayer when you are having a problem, because you know the Lord responds to our cry for help, and I find that I have the same quality, I am not really sure what it is, I really, well I do, I think it is Christ in me, I respond to the intensity of the cry, and what happens to me a lot with you, is that your cry is mild, I mean you may be feeling bad, but you do not ask for prayer, you do not, I do not perceive any need, I see that you are feeling bad, but I do not perceive that you need anything from me, and nothing comes forth from me. We have to draw down the power of God and if we need help, we have to ask for that help, and it is in the nature of God to only respond to cries for help.


To the carnal mind that sounds very hard, and cruel, okay, but that is His quality, and I believe it is His quality in me, I respond to people that reach out to me because they think that I might be able to help them, and if I do not feel that reaching out, I go on to someone else. It happens with you a lot.


Chesed, loving kindness, benevolence or grace, now that is an interesting word, grace, because we know that who brought grace? Who came with grace, somebody, who came with grace? What is one of the key words of modern Christianity, who came with grace? The Lord Jesus Christ brought us grace, forgiveness of sins. We are under the grace of God, the forgiveness of sins is the grace of God, it is that amnesty. Grace is unconditional giving, the Lord Jesus came with unconditional forgiveness, the gifts and calling of God are without repentance, unconditional forgiveness, unlimited kindness, altruism, the free unrestrained outpouring of grace, without regard to the merits of the recipient. These qualities characterize this age, since the Lord Jesus Christ appeared on the scene, these are the characteristics of this age of grace. A lot of Christians do not realize that this age is coming to an end, grace is coming to an end, amnesty is coming to an end. What happens when grace comes to an end? We go back under the sowing and reaping judgment which is hardship. Right now, all we have to do is say to the Lord we are sorry for our sins, and He is moving in our life to help us, but you may recall we have had some teachings here on wormwood judgment. Wormwood judgment, sometimes judgment falls on people, and even if they repent, they still have to go through.


Our example is Israel. When they were defeated by Nebuchadnezzar, the Lord sent a military enemy against Israel, defeated Israel and they went into captivity in Babylon, and Daniel cried out to God and said, How long will my people be here? The Lord said, You are not coming out soon, you can get married if you want to, plant your vineyards and settle down because you are going to be there for seventy years and nothing is going to shorten your sentence. It is called wormwood judgment.


Right now we have grace, you say you are sorry, and you are forgiven and you go on. Wormwood judgment can manifest in a believer’s life, by them being cut off from God. I know one woman who for whatever reason, I do not even remember what her reason was, but she was separated from God and He did not call her back for twenty three years, she said she prayed and prayed and prayed, but there was not move of the Spirit in her life for twenty three years. I fell out of the grace of God but it only lasted one year, He was very merciful to me, only one year.


You cannot have a relationship with the Lord unless He invites you. We can call to Him, we can ask Him, but unless He says, Yes come in, you are not coming in and enter into a relationship with Him, He has to agree to it. That is what we are told in the book of Revelation, Jesus said, I stand at the door and knock, all you have to do is ask me to come in, I am wanting you, this is the period of grace, just call me in and I am here, but when grace ends, He is moving away from the door, and you can invite Him in all you want, and He will not come.


Even though this is a general period of grace, I know people that have been looking for the Lord for years and they never seem to connect with Him. There was a time when I was discipling in another church, the same people came to every service, they answered every altar call, they wanted to connect with God, and it did not happen, I do not know why, but it never happened.


The church today and the people today with their ignorance, we do not realize what we got, that all we have to do is say, Come in, Jesus is not only standing at the door, He is knocking, and He is calling to us, and all we have to do is say, Come in. It is not always going to be like this. Tiferet, that means beauty or glory, and Tiferet is the Sefirot that represents Jehovah, that is the position of Jehovah in the Sefirot, and Jehovah is the God of Israel, He is the harmony, He is the balance, and of course we can have Tiferet, that balance within ourselves. If He is the balance the blend, and the blend of the opposing forces of Chesed and Gevurah, Chesed being loving kindness, Gevurah being that strength that when left unrestrained, becomes Satan. Tiferet makes it possible, the balance full of energy, to flow from the infinite into the world, and each one of us is a world. This is not just talking about energy flowing into the street outside, we are a world, we need the energy to survive, we need God’s energy to survive.


The next three Sefirot represent the means through which the higher Sefirot manifests themselves, they are farther than Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, from the realm of pure ideas, but closer to the more complex realm of human interactions. We are being told that Chesed, Tiferet, Gevurah, that is still mental, those are still loving kindness, balance, and spiritual strength, is still in the realm of ideas. When we are strong, we have loving kindness and strength, we produce creativity, we produce ideas, but when we come down to Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, Netzach, Hod and Yesod are closer to the actual existence of humanity, Netzach is the drive for success, we have talked about that, that if you overdue that, you become a workaholic and you do not develop other aspects of your life. Hod is the empathetic aspect of ourselves, that we can become involved with other people through empathy, and Yesod well we will get to it, let us do it one at a time. Yesod is the foundation, it is our foundation of our existence. We read in the Scripture that we are given a new foundation, because or mortal foundation is decaying, and our new foundation is the Lord Jesus Christ. Yesod represents the Lord Jesus in our existence, our spiritual foundation, that which holds us up, in this world.


Spiritually speaking, we are standing on a pedestal, and the base of the pedestal is in the spiritual plane, we cannot see it because we walk around and our feet come off the ground, but spiritually speaking, we have a root just like a plant that is growing out of the earth outside of our house.


Netzach means victory and endurance, because in order to become victorious, you have to endure, and we are bunch of people who endure in this ministry, we have been here together for a long time most of us, and we have endured through all kinds of difficulties and troubles, and we are victorious, and we are more and more victorious everyday as the ministry is starting to really blossom. This Netzach, victory, overcomes obstacles and conquers everything that would interfere with the flow of divine energy, and that is what we have seen in this ministry, we have been up against a lot of spiritual enemies and we have prevailed. Hod, it means majesty or splendor, and it represents empathy and consideration of others, and limits the domination that would be imposed upon them, if Netzach’s victory were total and unrestrained. That endurance and that victory of Netzach, could get the point that it could kill somebody. It has to be restrained, as you are driving forward to be successful, and you look at the people who you are about to mow down, when Hod manifests, You say, well they are people too, they have feelings also, and that will hold you back from too aggressive.


Here we are dealing not with mind, not with idea, but with human drives and human motives, or we are right down to the nitty gritty of our humanity here. Yesod means foundation at which both balances Netzach and Hod, it balances the two, that drive for success and then empathy brings a perfect balance, and it also acts as a funnel, it collects all of the proceeding forces and energy that channels them into the ten Sefirot which is Malkhut, and that is us. We are the physical manifestation of Malkhut.


Yesod is likened to the male organ that pours its seed into the woman, and spiritually speaking strengthens her to reproduce, because in the, God is interested in reproduction, He wants to bring His son into the world. Malkhut means sovereignty, it is both the final stage, and the creative process, and the means of its fulfillment, it is the final stage in what process? The process of the light of God traveling from, the infinite realm into the life of a man, that is the process, that is the fulfillment of the process, that we should receive the light, energy, and power of God. Right now, the most of the world is cut off from the light, power, and energy of God because the Serpent stole the holy substance, reformed it, and reformed it in a certain way that was the antithesis of God’s purpose, and God withdrew from the creation, so the creation as a whole is cut off from its source of life.


Malkhut is the instrument through which the creative potential that began in Chokhmah ultimately manifest itself as a reality to us.


We cannot, even though Malkhut represents humanity okay, we cannot receive the light of God apart from the Spirit of God. This is why the Lord Jesus Christ gave us the Holy Spirit, and His mind, so that we could receive the things of God. God wants to give us everything, He wants to heal us of all of our problems, but if He just hands us these things, we will never learn and we will fall again. That is why it looks to some people like the Lord does not want to give it to us, or it is taking so long, or He likes someone else better than He likes us. That is not the case at all, but He, the Lord is not a respecter of persons, but each human being has a different set of problems.


He wants to give us everything, but just like when we raise our children, you are not going to give your eight year old the keys to the Mercedes, you are just not, and He is not going to give us things that we would like, if giving us those things would interfere with our spiritual and emotional development.


He wants us to grow up because He has a job for us to do, and it is in our best interest to grow up. Malkhut is the gateway through which the divine energy which originates in the infinite and is shaped, the divine energy now is shaped through the dynamic interaction of the Sefirot. What does that mean? It means that the purpose of the energies determines by the way the Sefirot interact with each other, and flow from one world to the next. Remember, we are the worlds, so energy, the energy of the Sefirot in me interact with the energy of the Sefirot in you, and Malkhut is the gateway because Malkhut is humanity, she is the gateway. Maybe I am saying that wrong, Malkhut is the Shekinah glory, she is the energy of God that manifests through people. She is in people, she is the Spirit of God in people, and she is the Shekinah glory of Israel, and she is the Holy Spirit of the church today.


Let me say that again, Malkhut is the gateway through which the divine energy which originates in the infinite and is shaped through the dynamic interactions of the Sefirot flows from one world into the next, that is from the world of emanation to the world of creation, creation to formation, and from formation to action, from the hidden in the realm of pure potential flows from the hidden in the realm of, Malkhut the Shekinah glory or the Holy Spirit, she flows from the very hidden into the realm of pure potential, to the outwardly visible world of our day to day experience. Malkhut is the bridge between the seen and unseen world. She is the entrance into the deeper realms of the spirit, and is therefore associated with the Rabbinic concept of the Shekinah or the divine presence.


She is the entrance way, Malkhut is the entranceway into the deeper realms of the Sefirot, it is by her, by the Holy Spirit that we enter into Christ, and she is the one who brings the comfort and grace that supports and sustains us in the world, and does that not sound like the Lord Jesus. He said, I leave you, but I am sending you a comforter, right? The comforter is the Spirit of Truth. She brings us the comfort and the grace that supports and sustains us in the world and who is our gateway, she is our gateway to spiritual vitality and enlightenment.


The Holy Spirit, I have to say this here, the Holy Spirit comes in two stages, and we see both stages here, it is the Holy Spirit that church knows, which can come, the Holy Spirit can appear as faith, or you can receive the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues, but you do not have to, you can still have the Holy Spirit through faith, and then the Holy Spirit manifests on a high level as the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit which is in Christ, which manifests as wisdom. I see the two are combined here.


I want to read that again, Malkhut is the bridge between the seen and the unseen world, the entrance into the deeper realms of the spirit. To me that is the Spirit of Christ, and is therefore associated with the Rabbinic concepts of the Shekinah, the divine presence, who brings comfort. Jesus said, I am sending you a comforter, the comforter is the Spirit of Truth, it is not the Holy Spirit, the comforter is the Spirit of Truth which is in Christ, so that is the Spirit of Christ again, and she brings grace. The grace is the Holy Spirit, comfort, the comforter is the Spirit of Christ, grace is the Holy Spirit, so she brings the grace that supports and sustains us in the world, and who is our gateway to spiritual vitality and enlightenment, the Holy Spirit points us to Christ.


Where are these two manifestations of the Shekinah? The Spirit of Christ is up here in Binah, and she is up here in Binah, the Holy Spirit is down here in Malkhut, and for those of you that have been with me for a while, you may remember we have had a lot of teaching on that.


Ultimately as we develop and appear as the will of God would have us to be, as Christ develops in us. The powers of Binah, the spiritual power of Binah, now Binah is the lowest, she is the third Sefirot down. The Keter and the Chokhmah do not interact with human beings, Binah, the third one down, she is the only one of this upper triad that will interact with mankind. Binah is like the highest, well this is what Kabbalah teaches that Binah is the highest that we can hear from, but of course the Lord Jesus Christ today, ascended on high, and ascended on the right hand of the Father, and He is up here in Keter. Kabbalists do not agree with that teaching, but that is the teaching of Christ Centered Kabbalah, but aside from the Lord Jesus Christ being in our life, what does that mean? If the Lord Jesus Christ is in our life, we have access to the Keter, but if He does not have access, if He is not in our life, Binah is highest, I should say the highest Sefirot that we could hope to attain to understanding. This energy, this light that is in Binah, eventually will come down and join with Malkhut and the two of them will be here.


We had a whole teaching on this, I think we even have a message named out of it, and this is the emergence or the maturing of the Holy Spirit into the Spirit of Christ, when the energy of Binah comes down, and joins with and becomes the driving force that is expressing herself through Malkhut. That is how the gifts are passing away, because the Holy Spirit is being swallowed up by a greater spirit, the Spirit of Christ, the spirit of Binah is coming down and overshadowing Malkhut with the Holy Spirit, and the gifts are passing away, because when you have this double portion, the Scripture talks about the double portion, this is the double portion, Binah, the spirit in Binah, and the spirit in Malkhut, that is the double portion, and that is the power of Christ, so we no longer have the gifts, we have the reality, the gifts are passing away, because we are receiving the reality. The gifts are the calling of God, are just something, we do not do anything to get them, they are just that, gifts.


We speak in tongues, what does that mean? It means we have access to God, He hears our prayers, but you do not have to speak in tongues for Him to hear your prayers. We speak in tongues we are told because we do not know what to pray, is that not what the Scripture says, We speak in tongues because we do not know what to pray. When you have the wisdom and you know what to pray, there is no reason to speak in tongues. I speak very infrequently anymore, but the times in which I do speak in tongues, it is the times that I do not know what to pray, that the Spirit manifests in emotionally, for whatever reason I am being stimulated in some way, and I desire to pray, but I do not know, I do not even have a clue as to what the will of God is in that area, so I speak in tongues.


I have a lot of ideas about, a lot of educated ideas about what the will of God in a lot of areas, so when I know what the will of God is, I know how to pray, I do not have to pray in tongues. Peter Demetris used to call speaking in tongues baby talk, it is the beginning, the Christ child is conceived in you, but He is still is not educated enough to know what the wisdom is in a particular situation, so He cries, and it comes out in tongues, I do not mean to be irreverent, that is what it is, so when we grow up, and we have an idea of what God’s will would be in a circumstance, but even more than that, when we pray, what I do today, especially when it comes to people of political situations, I say, I am praying right now about this up and coming election, we just have nine days to go. I say, Lord, What is Your will in this election, and what is my part in it, and what do you want me to pray? I am praying for three days already and I have not heard anything yet, but I do not doubt, I do not have one single doubt, that in the very near future, because we only have nine days, Christ Jesus in me is going to pray a prayer in English words that I will understand that will be the will of the Father. I am waiting for wisdom to come to me.


I have an idea of what the Lord wants. What does the Lord want in government? He wants men that, when I say men, that generic, men and women, He wants men that will manifest the integrity of God, He wants honest people, He wants righteous people, He wants people in government that share the ideals and the principles of the living God. We have got a big mess in our politics today, who do you trust, who do you believe, I do not know, I am waiting to find out, if I find out I will let you know, I do not know, I have not heard anything yet, because we cannot tell, I cannot who somebody is by looking at them from the outside, I have to hear from God. Anyway, I think we will take a break, maybe we are going to finish for today actually. I think we are going to finish today.


COMMENT:  Sheila, early on you were talking about grace will cease. How do we relate that to the Scripture of His mercy endures forever?


PASTOR VITALE:  Mercy is different than grace, that is a good question. Grace is amnesty. Mercy is not amnesty, grace is poured out across the board, it is available to all of humanity today. The mercy, the Scripture says, the Lord speaking, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy. That is an individual at a time. That is the best I can give you right now.


I just looked up the words mercy and grace, there are several Hebrew words translated that way. Basically mercy is the kindness of God, but grace as it is used in the New Testament, is the influence of God on the heart, which means when the Spirit of God influences us, we repent, because it is impossible for a man to repent. That is what it means when it says we can only come when the Father draws us because our heart, the heart of mortal man is hard, it is impossible for us to repent without the grace of God, so the grace of God softens our heart and gives us the ability to repent, mercy is just compassion. Would you please give that woman a microphone?


COMMENT:  So I take it from that, when grace is taken away, people cannot repent anymore.


PASTOR VITALE:  Exactly. That is like sort of what I said when I said, wormwood judgment.


COMMENT:  Will that go on for thousands of years?


PASTOR VITALE:  Well we do not know, but it is wormwood judgment. The removal of grace is wormwood judgment that I mentioned, that it could take years and years before God gives you the opportunity to draw close to Him again. It is a privilege to draw close to God. I do not know about the rest of the church, but I know that I really never understood it until I started studying Kabbalah. I did not understand the extent of what God has done for us in this two thousand year period, that no man can come unless the Father calls him. I have had it so easy, I mean the Lord called me and I have been running towards Him ever since, it has just been easy for me, I mean I have had trials and tribulations but it has been easy for me to repent, it is has been easy for me to confess my sins, and sometimes it’s hard for me to understand why people cannot do that, but after all of these years of serving Him I understand more and more, most people do not have it as easy as I have had it, but I never really appreciated what we have got here until I started studying Kabbalah.


I realized what the Jews had to go through all of those rituals to get close to God, and how they had to meditate to hear from Him, He talks to me you know continuously. This is the grace of God, that my heart is softened so that I can hear Him, because He talks to us all of the time, but people do not hear Him. The Jews that meditate, they have all of this time and techniques to get their mind is a certain condition that it will not interfere with hearing from the Lord. I hear from Him all of the time.


There was a time that I thought everybody was like me, and then I found out that they are not. In church that I was raised up in, I thought everybody was like me, and they were not, so I am really a recipient of grace, because I do not know how I got this way, the Lord had a job for me to do so He softened my heart. Fallen man is hard hearted, cold, you know, we cannot reach out to Him, unless He softens our heart, so that is what grace is.


COMMENT:  That is why they call it the gift of repentance, right?


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, repentance is a gift, exactly, repentance is a gift. I am just going to draw a quick drawing, and then we will call it a day. Drawing #2, I am trying to show you what are called the subsefirot, remember these Sefirot, they are similar to atoms which are continuously breaking down into subatomic particles, and when the scientists break down the atoms into subatomic particles, they have different names for all of the subatomic particles, but in Kabbalah, they do not have different names, they say, this Chokhamah breaks down, Chokhmah which is the second Sefirot of the series of ten Sefirots, breaks down into ten more subjective Sefirot, ten more of the same. This is called Keter of Chokhmah or Chokhmah of Chokhmah.


It would be for example, there are several of us standing here and we all had the ability to take our hearts out and put them on the table, okay, this is the heart of Sheila, this is the heart of xxxx, okay, these are subjective Sefirot, they are within the main Sefirot, and each one of these subjective Sefirot, like over here I did Binah, and I showed you the ten subjective Sefirot, Sefirot consists of these ten. It is like saying, I consist of a heart, a lungs, these ten subjective Sefirot are within the Sefirot Binah. Then down here I said Malkhut also breaks down into another ten, so within Malkhut of Binah there is another ten. This over here I drew the line, this Tiferet here, this the Tiferet of the Malkhut of the Binah, and it goes on indefinitely, and these Sefirot, they get smaller and smaller, and smaller, and the whole universe is founded on these, these are underneath the atoms and the subatomic particles of our world. I am told the scientists, they are constantly trying to find what is the foundation of an atom, finally the scientists split the atom, and now we have gluons and I do not remember the names of the other subatomic particles, and they keep splitting these subatomic particles, and eventually they get nothing, they split it, and they split it, and they split it, until there is nothing left, so what does that mean? That means our universe is founded on nothing, because the atoms are the foundation, we believed that atoms were the foundation of all matter, now subatomic particles are foundation of all matter, so they split the subatomic particles, and there is nothing, which means we are founded on nothing. What did I tell you at the beginning of the message? Who is nothing? God is nothing, He is nothing, because we cannot, see that is not an insult, when I first heard that, I thought it was an insult, He not nothing, He is nothingness, because we cannot comprehend Him. If He did not go out of His way to reveal Himself to us, as far as we were concerned, who is this God, He is nothing, you know, what is this God that you are talking about, nothing to me, I cannot see Him, I cannot hear Him, what?


He is called nothingness, He is so high that He is nothingness. They keep splitting the subatomic particles and there is nothing there that the scientists can see, there is nothing there that they can comprehend because the foundation of the material world, this is the material world, the foundation of the material world is a spiritual world, that cannot be seen. We see that the spiritual which is invisible supports the material which is visible. This whole material world is founded on a spiritual foundation that cannot be seen. That is awesome is it not? That is absolutely awesome. That is why I say the spiritual controls, what happens in the spiritual world controls what happens in natural, in the material world. All of these events, car accidents, bombs, sickness, joy, happiness, birth, wonderful things, a meeting like this, it all arises out of the invisible world that we are standing on, we are standing on, we are founded on an invisible foundation. That is incredible. It challenges the mind, because we walk, there is nothing underneath my feet you know. You have a question? Okay.


COMMENT:  What you are saying makes it sound like this is all an illusion.


PASTOR VITALE:  It all depends on what your definition of illusion is, a lot of people say it is an illusion, and I believe it is an illusion, so what my definition of illusion is, an image, a temporary image, and this is world is a temporary image. Right now you are sitting on my couch, in ten or fifteen minutes, you are not going to be sitting on my couch. And if these other people are still sitting here, it will be a completely different picture because you will be gone. This world is continuously changing. When I first use to hear that the world was an illusion, it use to get me mad, because I was so sick and I was in such pain, and I would say, How could you tell me this world is an illusion, this pain is not an illusion. Then I found out that the spiritual definition of illusion is change. God never changes. He said, I am the Lord your God, I change not. What He said today still stands if our understanding of it is correct, what He said yesterday still stands today, and will stand tomorrow. What changes is our understanding of what He says, but He does not change, He loves us, He will never stop loving us, He intends to save us from every destruction. That motive will never change. Maybe we will not be delivered from some destruction in our life, because maybe we did not understand what our part was, but He intends to save us, He intends to heal us, He intends to feed those that are hungry, that is His intention towards us, and He will never change, but this world changes.


One day this country is a Christian country and it loves God, and today Christ is dissolving in this country, and there are people that are saying, it is not a Christian country, people are fickle, emotions are fickle, the carnal mind fickle, we are fickle. One day we are giant beings on the other side of the flood, and today we are living to 900 years, and today we humans, if we live to 100 years we are doing well, we do not stay the same, we are an illusion, constantly changing, the only thing that is real about us is our spiritual root which is our spirit, and when that spirit is Christ Jesus, we are real. That is why when we die, our spiritual body dies, and our personality dies, the only thing that remains is our spirit, Jesus said we have a worm, that dieth not, that is our true reality. We are a spiritual worm that builds a house for itself, like a catepillar, spins a house around itself, this body is a house with spiritual life, and the spiritual life is the only reality. Jesus Christ is the only reality, He is the only reality, He is the only thing that is real, and that why He says, and this so hard to get, that is why He says, if you are in pain, well the church praise Him, and they think that means jump around and wave your hands, and that is not bad, but that is not really what it means. If you are in pain, if you are dying, if you experienced terrible thing, what is happening that you acknowledged that He is the only thing in this world that will never change, He is the only person we can rely upon indefinitely, He is the only person, that can help us, and we put our mind on Him. Everybody does that a different way.


I do it by studying, some people do it with music; however you get close to the Lord. No matter what your pain is, if you focus on Him and you do what He has commissioned Him you to do, either you are a musician, you are a teacher, you are something, you do something that draws His Spirit down into your life, and you will be delivered. Your whole life will changed, that illusion will change from a negative illusion to a positive illusion, and when our life, the illusion of our life lines up with His will for us, then we become permanent too, because He is permanent. Every thought, because every one of us, this house, our persons, we are all a thought, we came into existence because of a thought. When the thought which we are lines up with His thoughts, we will not die anymore, the reason that we die is because the thought that we are is not lining up with his love. As we understand more and more, and change more and more that our thinking should line up with His thinking, some day we are going to stop dying, because He does not want us to die, says it is an enemy, so why do we die? Because we are broken. He is here, the person of the Lord Jesus Christ is here to give us a way out, we have this period of grace, to study and try and find out, I mean we cannot get ourselves out, but there is something that we have to do, we have to be positioned for Him to grab us, and that position is that our consciousness has to ascend into, basically our consciousness is down in our belly, that is what this world about, eat, drink, have babies, go to work, is that bad? No, that is where they are, most people, that is all that life is to them. He cannot grab, you see we are in a hole, He wants to grab us and pull us out, and He cannot get us when we are down in our bellies, but when we start to look for Him and we ascend into our heart center, that is called the ariel center, that when our consciousness is in our heart center, He comes down and He grabs us, and pulls us out of the hole, that is what happened to Jesus. He is not here anymore, He is not here as a man anymore, He is not bound to the physical body anymore. He escaped from the black hole that He was in, because His mind lined up with the mind of God. That is a thought that never dies, the thoughts of God never die. Does that make any sense to you? Yes ma’am.


COMMENT:  I think in the Revelations in the things that remain, that is the only thing that I can remember, the things that remain, can you finish that?


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, I cannot remember the Scripture but I could look it up if you want to give me another five minutes for you, basically what that is saying, well let me look it up for you. I think the Scripture that you are talking about is Hebrews 12:27, which says, And this word yet once more signifieth the rermoving of the those things that are shaken, that is the illusion, it is going to shake up and reform, the particles or illusion, shake up and reform, so He says, yet once more these things are going to be shaken, the illusion of this world is going to change, and the things that are made, and the reason that this world is going to shake up and change form is so that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. In other words, as this world continues to change, whether it is for good or for evil, is going to reveal that which is immovable, and we see that, that is the Scripture you meant right? Is that the Scripture you meant? You thought it was in Revelations? Okay.



Be watchful and strengthen the things that remain, that are ready to die for I have not found thy works perfect before God.



That is the only thing in Revelation.


COMMENT:  Well I thought the things that remain are all things that are done in Christ, they will remain, which is an illusion, because it is all spirit, it is all things of Christ, so it is all spirit.


PASTOR VITALE:  I think the principle is, I keep saying it in the spirit right now, that when you make a papier mache doll, and you have a foundation and you have like a post, and paste the papier mache around, you know, we have a spiritual root that does not die, but this is manifested in many different levels. For example, if this principle of that which remains is manifesting spiritual warfare, you know like we recently had experience with people throwing heavy curses against us, and this ministry has remained, it has not changed, but the area from where the curses were coming, that ministry shut down, I have never had any desire to shut it down, but that was what happened.


Only that which is in Christ remains. It is that kind of thing, because there is this continuous, like with atoms hitting each other and exploding, and changing, that is how this world changes, the atoms or Sefirot, the spiritual come together, things change, people get married, people die, people are born, ministries rise, ministries die, all kinds of changes happen, but that which is of God remains. The fact that this ministry is here for nineteen years says something.


If you happen to be with a ministry, it could be in a conflict between two people, if someone is suing you and you are innocent, I saw a movie that just moved me, you know, I saw it a long time ago, I do not remember the name, but someone in England in the 1800s, someone without much money was accused of something, and I think they were going to be executed if they were found guilty, and they were innocent, and it shows you the father just sitting there every day, the Bible, the King James translation, faith, just reading that Bible, and would you believe God raised up a lawyer to defend the young man for nothing, he was really innocent, and it was an absolute miracle that he got off, and you see the father just reading that Bible, the King James version.


It means that wherever Christ is present in righteousness, He has stand, everything falls away. What just came to my mind right now is our teachings on quantum mechanics, and the Copenhagen wave function, and I remember that teaching, there is like ten possibilities, like right now, well let us make this easy, there are two possibilities, I said earlier you were going to gone 10 minutes, well it is 15 minutes and you are still here, so there were two possibilities, you could be here in ten minutes, or you could be gone in ten minutes, and because you are here, the other possibility has fallen away, the will of God has remained, which was whatever way it plays out, that is the will of God, when God is in your life, any kind of a conflict, if you are sick, if you have financial problems, if you have emotional problems, no matter what it is, when you are willing to give up your carnal mind, give up, and we were talking about this earlier xxxx, give up, give up everything, just focus on Christ and let Him do it. All of those problems will fall away, He is the only one that remains.


If we want to be victorious in life, we have to get a hold of Him because He never fails, that means we have to give up every idea that disagrees with what He thinks. If that idea that disagrees with what He thinks is fear, that is a big problem because fear really separates you from God. It is the exact opposite of faith, and without faith, a man cannot please God, is that not what the Scripture says. It is impossible, and what does that mean, God is mad at you if you do not have faith? No, it does not mean that, it means you cannot get the benefits that He wants to give you, without faith, if you are clinging to your fears, you cannot do it. He is the only thing that remains, that those that are joined to Him remain, in every conflict, in every victory, in every problem known to man, He is the only reality, and unless we are praying to Him, we are not real. We are only real for a season.


People get upset if I say we are not real, we are only real for a season. What do you mean? We are all going to die. If we do not enter into the time period where we start overcoming death, which we are hoping in this ministry that it is going to happen in our lifetime, we will not be here, so we are an illusion, because anything that is made from God does not live for 80, 90, or 100 years and die.


If you are real, if you are truly real, you do not change. Only illusions die. The Serpent has proven herself to be incapable of forming a permanent or a real creation, so when she forms us this way, with our carnal mind and we get into the trouble that we get into, and everybody has problems in this world, she has just proven herself that she is not capable of producing a reality, she is not a reality, and she cannot produce a real world, and she cannot produce real people, we are not real because we are only last for a season.


If your ego is flying, if you are listening to this message and your ego is flying, and I am telling you that we are not real because we only live for a season, you are going to be mad at me, but I am telling you the spiritual truth, we are not real.


Christ Jesus in me is the only reality, and what I do for Him, this is what you were saying, what I do for Him, is really the only, well things count on two levels, if we do good works, we reap what we sow and our descendants benefit from it, but as far as eternal life is concerned, the only thing that counts is what we do, well the people say for Christ, but what that means is what we do because Christ has moved upon us to do it, and I told you this just not too long ago, if you are sick and you want to get healed, the best thing you can do for yourself is find out what He wants you to do, and do it, and I do not mean a one-time thing, find out what He wants you to do with your life and do it, and then you become very important in His kingdom, and you get healed. Line up with the winner, everybody knows about that, swing with the winners right? That is what it is all about, He is the only winner, He is the winner. Anybody else? We will pick this up next week Lord willing.


COMMENT:  You said something before about Satan, I do not remember exactly what you said, something about Satan is a lie, if we are an illusion. How can Satan put all of these curses on us?


PASTOR VITALE:  That is a good question, Satan is the one, she is forming the illusion, and she is part of the illusion, and sickness and disease are a part of the illusion, because she does not have the power or the authority to form a reality, but the reason all of these curses come upon us is because we sin, and the sickness is a fruit of the sowing and reaping judgment, it is impossible to be sick and not have sinned, but of course we have, you have to be careful that you do not get into condemnation, we all are born with an inherited sin nature because our ancestor Adam, sinned, and then we do things, our parents do things, and our grandparents, who knows why we are sick, I was dying at ten years old, and the curses go back ten generations, so who knows why what, the answer is serve God and we will be okay.


COMMENT:  Satan and witchcraft are two different things then?


PASTOR VITALE:  Witchcraft is behavior, it is something that you do, Satan is a spiritual person that abides in mortal man, she is the one who does the witchcraft, she is the practitioner of the art of witchcraft. This is a very difficult concept, but I see that you are grasping it somewhat, which is great because it took me a long time, I was mad for a long time when someone told me that this world was an illusion, I just did not understand it, but now that I understand it, it is liberating. I mean, can you, listen to what I just said, the truth is that, well I do not know how you feel, but I am really high on this message today, and this is the truth, the lie is the emotions that may not be so happy that are going try and come in after I finish preaching. The truth is whatever exists in His Spirit. This is the joy that is in His Spirit, and the pain of our life, that is a lie.


It is real for us at the moment because at the moment we do not have the strength to get our consciousness into Christ, and the way we get our consciousness into Christ, is to focus on Him, which is not always easy because we have to work and take care of the house and do things like that, and that is why it is an incredible, incredible privilege to have a job working on the things of God, because then you have the opportunity to be in the spirit all of these hours, and in His Spirit we are told is life, healing, victory, everything we need. It is a great, great privilege to work in a ministry like this. It is, and I do not really mean to making a point, it just came out naturally and it is the truth.


COMMENT:  Yes, I understand that the reason that I smiled though is because, Satan or witchcraft is always trying to stop us from what we are doing, that is why I smiled, witchcraft with the computers.


PASTOR VITALE:  Absolutely, you know I worked in this ministry for years when I was sick as a dog, I was only able to do it because my office was in the house, I worked for an hour and I would lay down for an hour, I would work for an hour and I would lay down for an hour, and somewhere along the line, I got healed. The greatest thing my doctor could have said to me, recently I did have a virus that resulted in a urinary tract infection, so I went to the doctor, and she said, Well some people it takes a long time to recover, but you are healthy, I had a doctor say to me, You are healthy, that was unbelievable to me, unbelievable, so, and that is how I got healed, and that is how I am still getting healed, that I spend so much of my conscious time in His Spirit, that is how it works, He is life. When we embrace Him and chase after Him, we are going to live, He is life, He is the life, the truth, and the way, the way home. Anybody else? Okay.


03/25/07 Transcribed by RS


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