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Praise the Lord everybody, today we are going to take a look at the one of the sections of the book entitled THE GATE OF REINCARNATIONS which is a translation of the teachings of Rabbi Isaac Luria. We are going to take a look at what is called the twenty second introduction, there are no chapters in this book. Those of you who have been studying with me for a while know that we have two series on The Gate of Reincarnations, chapter 1 and chapter 2, those studies were taken from a writing that was rendered from this book, I believe it was put together by a Rabbi who put the information in this book in a form that would be more easily understood by English speaking people, and people who are not as versed in Kabbalah as some might be.


After studying those on line messages I purchased the book. I now have the book in front of me and I see that there are no chapters in the book. There are just introductions which is very interesting. This book is a translation of a work written by Chayyim Vital, who was Rabbi Luria’s primary student or chief student. Rabbi Luria just taught, he did not write, Rabbi Vital put that information whatever he could recall of it, which is quite a bit, into several writings, and this is one of them.


What is interesting is that the man is so humble, Rabbi Vital is so humble, that ever section here, he calls it an introduction, this deep spiritual truth he calls an introduction to the truth, which just indicates how high the truth is, and how high it is beyond our ability to comprehend, because I believe the average person could not understand this book. You have to be somebody who has the ability to comprehend spiritual things. I do not see how anyone could understand it without some foundation in spiritual philosophy, I do not think it is possible, it is definitely an advanced book.


Rabbi Vital is that humble, every section of the book is called an introduction. We are taking a look at the twenty second introduction, and he breaks each introduction into sections that he numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. We are going to take a look at section 6, if you have the book, it is page 181; however, we are going to start with the last paragraph of section 5. I find this so interesting because this happens in the Scripture a lot, I will start to do a study at the beginning of a chapter, and I will realize that the last verse of the previous chapter is really where the study should start. In other words, the person who determined where the paragraph would end and another paragraph would begin, had a different understanding of the material then I did, and ended the paragraph in my opinion, ended the section or the chapter in my understanding one paragraph too late. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? You do not know what I am talking about? Okay.


Frequently, when I study the Scripture, and I start a study at the beginning of the chapter, to gain the understanding of the whole chapter, I find that I have to include in my study the last paragraph of the previous chapter, so that the chapter division, whoever decided that, that was where the chapter should end and a new chapter begin, had a different opinion than I did as to where the previous chapter should end and the next chapter should begin.


Here we see the same thing in this book, and of course the, I do not know whether the sections 1-6, 7, 8, 9, etc., I do not know whether that numerology was put, not numerology, but that numbering was put in Rabbi Vital, or the translator, I honestly do not know. In any event, in my opinion, at least for this study, we are going to begin with the paragraph, the last paragraph of section 5, and the name or the subtitle of that section is Order Of Ascension, and it is basically talking about the premise of reincarnation into something inanimate, that means like a stone or a rock, or a piece of wood.


I have held the position for quite a few years now and I have had it before the Lord, because every opinion that I have is put before the Lord for correction. I have held the opinion for several years now that I have a great deal of difficulty believing that the spirit or of course the soul of a man would be, would reincarnate into a rock or a plant or even an animal. That is my opinion. My understanding of that is that the name of that, reincarnation into a life form lower than your present life form, is called transmigration, to be a man and reincarnate as an animal, would be transmigration. Reincarnation into a different level of existence in this world, and I have a problem with it. I have been asking the Lord for years that if I am wrong to help me to understand that, because it just does not make any sense to me, but of course that does not mean anything, it does not make any sense to me right now, but it might make sense to me next year, although I have been asking for a couple of years, and I still cannot believe it. I do not see how it is productive, although the Kabbalists, Rabbi Luria teaches that what is productive about it is that he sees the whole scheme of things, the whole scheme of reincarnation, well the one who he believes is reincarnating is the fallen Adam, which we know today is mortal humanity, but he sees every reincarnation as a need for, rectification. In other words, he believes in salvation by works.


You did something wrong in a previous life so you reincarnate as a stone or a piece of wood to learn something to help you not make the mistake again. I have also told you, I have my thoughts on this in other messages, I also told you that there is no way of me knowing unless the Lord tells me whether Rabbi Luria, and Chayyim Vital who wrote the work, really believes that a human soul would reincarnate into a rock or a piece of wood, or into a plant. I have no way of knowing whether Rabbi Luria or Rabbi Vital really believe that or whether he is just writing in metaphor, and we are supposed to know that it is metaphor and not believe that it is a reality.


We have to ask ourselves, what does the stone represent, and what does the wood represent. It seems to me though, that the translator of the book unless, believes what? That a human soul reincarnate into a stone a piece of wood, but we have to deal with the possibility or the reality that Kabbalah is taught both on the concealed and the revealed level. It is a possibility that the translator of the book who himself is a modern day Kabbalists who is alive today, knows that these statements that a soul can reincarnate into a rock or a piece of wood knows that it is just metaphor, and it is keeping the secret.


In other words, that these writings are just for the initiated. Jesus clearly said that He tells parables to those who are outside but to His disciples He tells the understanding of the parable. It is very possible that the translator knows very well what Rabbi Luria was doing, that he is just writing it in a surface way which is called, well it is called the surface understanding of this deep spiritual mystery, and he knows that it is not true that souls reincarnate as a piece of wood, but for those who are not initiated which should not be reading Kabbalah, if you are not being led here by the Spirit of the Lord, you should not be reading it, and most people should not, no one should be reading it without a teacher, and that teacher happens to be the glorified Jesus Christ, we should not be reading it without a teacher who will help us to understand, to not to misunderstand these words, because when you misunderstand a book like this, or when you misunderstand the Scripture, only destruction can come out of it. Misunderstood principles bring disaster. It is very possible that the translation is in code, and just as the Scripture is in code, and that when understood on the surface is destructive, and that the translator as well Rabbi Luria and Rabbi Vital know very well that to say something like a soul can reincarnate into a leaf does not mean a leaf on the tree out in my garden, although it might mean a life on the tree of life, it does not mean a leaf on the tree outside of my window.


That is my opinion off of the top of my head, that this kind of teaching is metaphorical and that the author and both the translator and the writer do not believe this, but I cannot prove it to you, we are going to have an interesting discussion today. Does anybody have a question before we go on, does anybody not understand what I said?


The last paragraph of section 5 of the twenty second introduction read as follows: The concept of reincarnating into something inanimate is also hinted to by the verse, the stone from the wall cries out, and that is Habbakuk 2:11, and I have printed out the Interlinear Text for you of that verse. For it is possible for stones in a wall to be reincarnations or for wood rafters to be from a level of vegetation, and they will cry out from the extent of their punishment which they are undergoing. We will explain other verses along these lines.


I think that at least in recent years, I am of the very strong opinion that there are lot of people in this country, I do not know about outside of the country, who do not have a legitimate relationship with the Lord Jesus or even with Jehovah, who for some reason have an ability to understand spiritual things, and have done deep studies in these Kabbalah books. A lot of these people are in Hollywood, have made movies and written books based on their understanding of this word.


One movie that I saw that I can never get out of my mind, the name of which I do not even remember, it is just an occultish movie, was somebody, it was never revealed who that somebody was, sitting in a window of a second story of a house, looking, and they just sat there, and today I realize they sat there like a stone, never moving, just looking out that window, never moving, there was no indication of whether they slept or ate, every time you looked at the window, that person was sitting out there looking out the window, and the suggestion in the movie was that this was some kind of a judgment, I think the movie was called The Sentinel or something like that, and they were just watching, but it would be me looking out my window here on the pathway, what good would that do looking down the path just watching who is walking?


I did have that revelation that, that was the message that was being transmitted through this Hollywood movie, that there was some kind of a spiritual judgment on this person, and at one point another character in the movie who was walking around and going in and out of the house, looked up at the window and spoke to that person who did not even, who seemed to be in some kind of a trance to me, and said to them, Soon my friend, soon, it will be over soon, and there was no response.


I was never able to forget that movie and actually it was not until years after I had seen it and started to become spiritual, that I had any understanding at all that it was a sowing and reaping according to the movie that would soon be coming to an end. The Lord brought that movie back to my mind just now, and I am relating it to what I am reading here that this human being was having an experience of sitting like a stone with no quality of life whatsoever until his time of punishment was over. Where this is coming from is my recognition over the last year or two how much of what I am learning in Kabbalah I have seen in the movies.


We know that Hollywood, a lot of Hollywood characters are into Kabbalah, we know about Madonna and many others, they are into Kabbalah, they are reading these books and they have no relationship with God, which means the spirit of their carnal mind is giving them the understanding of these books, which is most instances is the surface understanding. That movie came to mind.


I do not believe that at this point, you know the Lord can tell me, can correct me tomorrow, this is me at this point, I am learning and growing, every day I desire the truth, on every level, as the Lord will allow me to embrace it. We are not capable of embracing the whole truth right now. Just like you start a child in school, in kindergarten, you cannot be teaching them PhD level subjects, you know, so we are just growing every day, this is the level that I am at right now. I believe that this teaching that a soul can reincarnate in a stone, or in a piece of wood is referring to the quality of the heart of the person.


We all have heard the saying, You are as hard hearted as a stone. We know that the Scripture both in the Old and the New Testaments refer to a stony heart. I believe that to reincarnate into a stone means to reincarnate into a personality who has a hard heart. We see this principle brought to the forefront in the New Testament. Of course we are, I have a Scripture, it is at the bottom of page 1, I Peter 2:5. Peter said, You are living stones, the King James says lively, but that is just old English, the word means living, you are living stones, you are built up into a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, and your function is to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.


1 PETER 2:5


5 Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. KJV




We see in Ezekiel 11:19 the prophet says, or the Lord says through the prophet:




19 And I will give them one heart...  KJV




Which indicates, what is the reverse inference of I will give them one heart? They have more than one, I agree with you, it is two, but the reverse inference is that they have more than one heart.




...and I will put a new spirit within you, and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them a heart of flesh.  KJV




You are living stones. To be a living stone you have to have life in you, to have life in you, you have to have Christ in you. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. The Holy Spirit is not the life, Christ is the life, what life? The life of God. There is no life other than the life of God, there is consciousness and existence apart from the life of God, but it has a different name, what is the name of consciousness and existence apart from the life of God? What is it called? Close, what? What goes with hell? Death, death, it is called death, it is called death. Hell is the environment that death exists in, heaven is the environment that life exists in.


We are living stones, those of us that have Christ grafted to us, and the word stone, the Hebrew word translated stone, I have never seen it mean anything other than foundation stone, and that is the one of the titles of Jesus Christ, He is the foundation stone. What foundation stone? He is the cornerstone, of a spiritual temple that is being built which the living God intends to occupy, the temple that Solomon built was just a sample, was just as type of the spiritual temple that is being built. Each human being that has Christ grafted to them is a stone which is alive that is part of a spiritual building, and we are not physically attached to each other, but we are spiritually attached to each other.


Jesus Christ is the cornerstone or the foundation stone of that spiritual building, He is the one that holds it all together and He is the one that keeps it from falling apart. Peter is telling us number 1, each of you is a living foundation, each one of us is a foundation stone within the foundation stone. Jesus Christ is the foundation stone in me, and I am the foundation stone in everybody who is being raised up through me. We have a series of foundation stones and small stones spreading out from there and each of the smaller stones, you are a foundation stone for whoever you are holding up as Christ is being formed in you.


We are stones when we are functioning as a member of the body of Christ, to bring this message to the ones that the Lord directs us to, not to anybody out there in the street, and I am not saying that is a bad thing to do, I am not saying that, what do I know about what God asks other Christians to do, who am I to say He is not telling them to do that, all I know is what He has given me to teach to the people who study with me, and this message is His from me through you who study with me, that once Christ is grafted to you, your ministry is to the Christ child that is growing within you. That is your primary responsibility, and to those people that the Lord directs you to, but it is not our job to spend our time standing on street corners giving out tracks. Is that bad? No, but that is not, that is what the female does, that is what the Christian who does not have Christ grafted to them does.


Once you are pregnant, you have to take care of the baby. It is just as simple as that, so you are stones, you are foundation stones for whoever else is going to be built up through you, you are alive because Christ is grafted to you, and all of us together are part of a spiritual house. It says here, house, but if I were translating that, I would say household. We know that in another place the Scripture talks about the household of God.


You can look at it both ways, you are a spiritual house that the Lord will inhabit, or we are a part of the household of God, personally I prefer the household of God, because I just feel a lot better about that. You could see it any way you want, there is liberty in this level of understanding of the Scripture, but I like being a member of the household of God, that makes me feel that I am more connected to the other stones, it makes me feel protected, it makes me feel loved, it makes me feel useful. Somehow when I use the word stone it does not make me feel any of those things, so I would much rather be a member of the household of God.


We are also a holy priesthood, if you are a stone in the house of God, you are a priest. We have other Scriptures that tell us in Christ we are both kings and priests. Kings rule and minister the law, and priests offer up intercession between or from the people to God. That means that when Christ is in us, we minister to God’s people, we are God’s landmark people, we are what people can see when they are looking for God.


It is possible even if the Lord sends somebody to bump into us in the airport, it is possible to contact God through us, we are somebody He can send. That is what it means to be a priest.


The fact that we are a king means that we have authority to minister the law, to minister justice, this is a big issue. God has a people in the earth to be able to tell other people clearly what is right and wrong according to the Spirit of God. God has a standard of what is acceptable to Him and what is not acceptable to Him.


It is necessary that there are people who can explain this to other people and then also when the Lord has a people that are mature enough, justice is ministered, spiritual justice is ministered, and that is just the truth. That may be frightening to some people that there are Christians who think that they have the right to pronounce somebody guilty of anything, it is very frightening, you have to look at this from the point of view of what was going on when Jesus was in the flesh.


Why would they, and the apostles, why was this big push to kill them and put them in jail, what were they teaching? In one place in the book of Acts we are told that the apostles were warned, Do not teach in that name. What were they teaching that had people so afraid that authorities were willing to lock them up in jail? I think that one of the things that they were teaching was that there is divine justice, and that this divine justice is ministered through men.


There are going to be counterfeits, there are going to be people that say, I speak in the name of God, and everybody in this nation or this town should be burnt alive, and I do not believe the Lord is doing anything like that, so there will be counterfeits, but what is frightening is that there will be people standing up in the authority of God saying, We represent God and this whatever it is that you are doing, it dishonors God, it is breaking His spiritual law, and He is going to take it down and then it comes down, whether it be a building or a law, or whatever, that is very frightening to people, and they are going to try to kill people and lock them up and put them in jail, and stop their free speech and stop them from talking.


Right now the church is a toothless tiger, there is very, very little that the church can do. Nobody is afraid of the church, do you know anybody who is afraid of the church? Do you know anybody who is afraid of us, no there is nobody who is afraid of us. It the church, the church is the people, the church is not a building, the Greek word for church is Ekklesia, and the church is God’s people, it is this spiritual building that I am talking about, it is a spiritual church.


We are a priest, we intercede, that means if somebody is not getting justice, the Lord can intervene. Do you know that in the days of Martin Luther King, when one of the issues that he was fighting for, the rights of black people to vote, was before the Supreme court, and for all points and intentions and purposes it looked like the law would upheld that said that black people do not have a right to vote, and in that day when that was the situation, in the last minute, one of the justices that was openly, it was openly obvious that he would vote to maintain the status quo that black people cannot vote, he died, and he was replaced by a justice that voted the other way, and that black people were given the right to vote.


That my friend was divine intervention. There are people in the earth that will intervene to the point of people dying to bring forth God’s justice, and I am glad that I am not living in a day that they could put me in jail or stone me for saying that, because people get really scared when you say that, but it is true. God has divine ports, there is divine justice, and there is a people through whom He is manifesting through, and it is all done through people, and there is a people, there is a holy people in the earth today, that he trusts enough to bring down judgments through, and things happen, institutions fall, plans fall apart, people die, new people are raised up, it is just true. That is who we are when the Lord deals with our carnal mind to the point that He can trust us.


We were working on Xxxxx’s computer last night, and she put in a new firewall, which recognizes new networks, and you have to indicate whether they are a trusted network or not. We have to pass a lot of testing before the Lord will trust us with an office that executes judgment on people, and why would we execute judgment on people?


We are called to defend the orphan and the widow. That is what the Bible says, this is the true religion, true religion, ministry to the widow and the orphan, to the defenseless. The ministry of the Christian is to help the defenseless, and all of these ministries that are preaching the messages you should have a good life, are preaching a false message.


The church, the fivefold ministry is not here to give the church a good life, the members of the fivefold ministry are here for what? Does anybody know, why is the fivefold ministry here? Yes.


COMMENT: convicts us of sin.


PASTOR VITALE: the fivefold ministry?


COMMENT: Oh, no, the fivefold ministry is this ministry.


PASTOR VITALE: It is to equip the saints, it is to teach and equip the saints to do what? Do defend the innocent, to defend the people that are not equipped. Everyone that does not have the Lord Jesus in their life is a widow, whether you are a physical male or a physical female, and everyone that does not have Christ grafted is an orphan, a spiritual orphan. That is our job, God is a righteous judge who is sent to defend the defenseless.


Where do you hear that preached? That is what the Bible, that is what my Bible says. My Bible says the government shall be on his shoulders, we are the government of God, may God have mercy on all of the people that we are the manifestations of the government of God. I want to tell you something brethren, that when the government of God is standing in the spirit, when God raises up His number, I do not even know how many people it would be, when He raises up His number of people, that are delivered enough, that are manifesting His nature enough, to be executing judgment, what does that mean? To be declaring what is righteous in a given situation, world politics, local politics, conflicts between two people in the ministry, from the top to the bottom, God raises up people with the mind of Christ, like Solomon did, can judge righteous judgment, and that institution stands, even if only a few people know they exist. When it becomes a reality, that reality will be reflected in the government of the United States, and in the governments across the world. It is the spiritual reality that erects and holds up the material reality that people see.


The only reason our government can be in the condition that it is in now, is because the government of God which is the church, is sleeping, they are not doing their job. Does anybody not understand that? God has a few people, a few people that think with the mind of Christ, that recognize situations, from political situations, worldwide political situations, to simple conflicts between two people in the church, God has somebody all through the Scripture, somebody sits in the gate and judges the people, just read your Bible. When that situation exists in the world, that there are people who can judge righteous judgment with the mind of Christ, that reality will be reflected in the government that the whole world sees. You just have to look at the government that the whole world sees and see how corrupt it is, and you know the condition of the Lord’s church, corrupt.


We are stones okay, we are foundations, each of us is a foundation from which other people can begin a relationship with God, we are alive when Christ is grafted to us, we are a part of the spiritual household, we are not alone, and of course Jesus Christ is our older brother, and we are a holy priesthood, we intercede, we intercede with God on behalf of the people who do not have a relationship with Him to the extent that we have a relationship with Him.


What do we plead on their behalf? Do we plead that they are punished? No, we plead for mercy, we plead for mercy towards the people. Sometimes when we plead for mercy, judgment falls on them, because the mercy of God is the correction of their wrong thinking that is producing the problem in their life. Do you hear that, did you hear what I said?


We are a holy priesthood, we intercede on behalf of the people, to offer up spiritual sacrifices that are acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. What does that mean? Who is the spiritual sacrifice, who is the sacrifice? Who is being sacrificed? Well you are close but more specific? Leviathan, Leviathan is the sacrifice, our pride, the pride of man is the sacrifice. She is being boiled in Satan’s sea and consumed by Christ Jesus. It is our job to sacrifice Leviathan in ourselves, and to sacrifice Leviathan in the people for whom we are interceding. Somebody comes to me with a problem, I can pray for them, but as I pray for them, or after I pray for them, when the Lord speaks to me, I will tell you what you are doing that is contributing to the problem, as the Lord shows me, or what you need to do to get out of the problem. That is the sacrifice of Leviathan, and the person who can hear that can hear what I have to say, and implement it, you will then be offering up a spiritual sacrifice, you will be offering up your pride and Christ Jesus will move on your behalf and your problem will be solved.


I am not telling you it will be solved overnight. Big problems, problems that have been in the making for twenty years do not get solved overnight, but a beginning will be made, smaller problems will be solved overnight. I know there was one woman who called me up a few years ago in great distress, she felt that her husband was being seduced by a couple in the church that he was over there all of the time to the point that he was neglecting her and what was going on over there was very ungodly, so I prayed about it, and I prayed if her evaluation was true, it sounded like it was, whatever I prayed, I do not remember. Within one month they left the state, they moved to Florida, suddenly with no warning, they just packed up, sold the house, and moved to Florida.


Do you know that there is such a thing as spiritual seduction, that people are seduced into things, I mean sometimes it could be a sexual seduction, seduced into mind sets, seduced into business projects, seduced into spending money in an ungodly way, people are seduced in all kinds of ways.


That is the kind of intercession that the sons of God do on the human level. There is no glory in it, there is no proof at all that, that prayer resulted in those people moving to Florida, but I know what happened because I see it happen all of the time, I see situations change, circumstances change all of the time after prayer. That is what I have been warned for, that is what I am called to do, and if you are hearing this message, you are probably called to do the same thing, but the Lord is not going to give you assignments like that when you still live out of your carnal mind most of the time.


We offer up, we intercede on behalf of the people, and we sacrifice Leviathan on their behalf, and these sacrifices are acceptable to God and can only be done through Jesus Christ, why can they only be done through Jesus Christ? Because only Christ Jesus can sacrifice Leviathan. It is because of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made which was His, well He sacrificed Leviathan within Himself, and paid the price of experiencing humiliation of crucifixion so that He could rise, so that He could ascend, He rose from the dead before the crucifixion but that is another whole message, He spiritually rose from the dead and He breathed out of that body that was hanging on the cross and ascended and because of that sacrifice, a drop of His life is inside of me as His son, His name is in me.


Something called Christ, I still, I do not have it clear, I want to say Christ, and Christ Jesus in this context in inside of me, a reflection of the nature of the glorified Jesus Christ is in me, and He is my weapon to fight His great enemy Leviathan which is pride within me. The sacrifice that I sacrifice when I sacrifice Leviathan in myself and when I sacrifice Leviathan in you as I did today Xxxx, by risking your displeasure and you’re not liking me, or your being mad at me, I risked all of that to sacrifice Leviathan in you so that you should remain holy before God.


That means I was in the office of a priest that interceded for you, even though it was unpleasant, but not as unpleasant as it used to be right? That is what this means, spiritual sacrifices which are acceptable to God, but can only be done by Jesus Christ, we can only do it if it is Christ in you doing it, if it is Leviathan in you pointing out somebody’s sins, that sacrifice is not acceptable to God, because when Leviathan in you points out sin, it is usually for the purposes of one’s own pride, the exception to that are, a parent in a godly chastisement of a child, and all legal authority, the law, our law.


If a police officer chastises you or says you are doing something wrong, you should do what he says or you could wind up in jail. That is not considered a manifestation of pride, that sacrifice is acceptable to God even though it comes out of the carnal mind, it comes out of authority.


We are told in Romans 13, everyone in authority is put there by God, even if it is a tyrannical authority, that is hard to understand, but the truth is that the body politic, the people of that particular area, if it is a mayor, the people of the city, if it is a state, the governor of the state, is put there by the hearts of the people.


Our authorities reflect the people, the people in office have been put there by the citizens. We get who we elect especially in this country, we get who we elect and the only safe way to go is to do your best to find out from God who His candidate is.


To vote for your pocket book, is a big mistake, because the leader who can potentially bring this nation down, may be campaigning on a basis of a chicken in every pot or whatever you need, we need to, if we want this country to be strong, and if we want to go God’s way with the way that we vote, we need to vote on the basis of God’s choice, of God’s choice, and what is best for the nation.


What is happening in this country today is everybody is into self-interest and we are imploding, we are imploding. We are just being destroyed by special interest groups, and the nation is blowing apart.


We are talking about incarnating into a stone, and here we see this concealed Kabbalah being revealed through Peter. The Lord, whoever spoke this to Rabbi Luria, was not talking about a stone that is out in our garden, he is talking about reincarnating into the foundation stone, if it is positive, or if it is negative, reincarnating into a human being with a stony heart.


We also have Jesus saying in Matthew 13:5 and 6, talking about the seed, Jesus is talking about the seeds which will graft Christ to the people. He says, Some seed fell on stony places, where they had not much earth, forthwith, they sprung up, who sprung up? The sons of God, because they had no deepness of earth. Christ appeared in these people very quickly.


Win Worley use to describe them as, like the 4th of July sizzlers you know, you shoot that thing off and it would sparkling in the sky and then it is all over in a second, big show, big splash, a big anointing manifesting on this person, rising stars, and they fall as quickly as they rise up.


The growth of Christ in us brethren is slow and steady and sure. If you rise up too fast, the chances of you falling are excellent because your pride will not survive a quick rise to any kind of stardom or high place of authority in the church. Pride is the enemy of the believer. A slow but steady ascent is the way to go in direct proportion to the putting away of your pride.


Some seeds of Christ fell on stony hearts. We know that the stony places that Jesus talks about are stony hearts because Ezekiel, the Lord says through Ezekiel in 11:19, and I will give them one heart and I will put a new spirit within you and I will take the stony heart out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. We know that Jesus is talking about a stony heart when He talks about stony places.


Some of the seed of Christ fell upon stony places where they had not much earth, and forthwith they sprung up because they had no deepness of earth. The anointing broke forth on them very quickly but there was no foundation in there, no teaching, no wisdom, no learning to submit, no learning to honor God, no learning to pray things through and wait to have your needs met.


The character of God was not built in these people but the anointing broke forth on them, very quickly. This is what happened to them, when the sun came up, they were scorched, and because they had no root, they withered away. Who is the sun, who is the sun? Christ, Christ is the sun. What Jesus is saying here that you can listen to a message and love it and because you love the doctrine of Christ, the anointing, let us say the Holy Spirit could break forth on you very quickly, and you know a lot of people think they are really something because they prophesy in the church.


I have met people, I meet more Christians than not who test their spirituality and their spiritual maturity based upon spiritual gifts. I believe that Jesus is talking about spiritual gifts here, which can come on you very quickly when hands are laid on you, if you receive the Holy Spirit, some people come up speaking in tongues, prophesying, and they become big shots in the church, because they prophesy all of the time, but this is the gift of prophecy, it does not rise out of wisdom, it is just that, a gift, it is the spirit that came upon you suddenly. Why it happens to one person and not another person, at the moment I am not going to go into that, I do not even know that I know the answer except that it has something to do with the conditions upon which you have reincarnated into this world.


I started to prophesy very quickly, I prophesied in a measure that was definitely a cut above all of the other people with the gift of prophecy in the church. I guess I had a lot of pride, I know that it really got away with me in that area, but I know that I definitely had some pride there, you know. With some people, they think they are so much it that they go into destruction. What is coming to my mind right now is an example for you. It is a testimony that I heard from Joyce Meyer, one year when Joyce Meyer brought her convention, a conference to this area, several members of the ministry and myself served as ushers in that conference, and in the training session, the orientation that I attended, where it was given by a young lady, she looked like she was in her early twenties, she was very good, but she was very young, and shortly after that, I am not sure that this was who Joyce was talking about, that I heard Joyce say on the TV, that this young lady had come into their organization and she showed so much promise and they promoted her and she could do the job, and they promoted her and she did the job, and they promoted her, and finally she got promoted to a pretty high place, and suddenly she walking around with such pride, not treating the other employees properly, then it came to the point after all of those promotions, they had no choice but to fire her, and I am sure that they spoke to her multiple times, her pride just overtook her and she lost everything.


That is an example of the anointing breaking forth on your suddenly in a visible way that you become desirable to other people, another example would be, that you have this visible anointing but you do not have the wisdom to counsel, I have seen that in this ministry, someone who prays for you and you get healed, and you think that you now have the wisdom to counsel and you do not, and you start giving people incorrect counsel.


Your pride will bring you down. This is what Jesus is talking about in Matthew 13:6. But when the sun, you may think you are a big shot that you prophesy and you speak in tongues and interpret in the church, and you pray in the spirit, you may think you are hot stuff, but when Christ rises in you, you are going to find out that you are not hot stuff, you are going to find out that there is one greater than you, and James clearly talks about this, when he says, When you come into a church, sit in the back seat, because if you sit in the front seat, and then someone who is important comes in, you may be asked to move to the back seat and you may be embarrassed. I do not think he is talking about seats in the churches, because I like to sit in the front row wherever I go.


He is saying, Do not think that you are hot stuff, because you never know when you might be replaced, when someone more important that you might come in, and what is not said in that Scripture, is when someone with a higher anointing than you comes in, we are all required to recognize that and sit down, we are all required to recognize when someone with a greater anointing than ours is speaking, we are all required to shut up, to recognize it, and shut up.


That has nothing to do with you as a whole human being, the anointing could rest on any one of you here, and if He is speaking through you and He is not speaking through me, I am supposed to shut up. This is something we all have to learn to do, not many Christians can do it. You should not be shutting up because, well until you learn how to do it, you should shut up because I am the pastor, but when you are mature, you should not be shutting up because I am the pastor, you should be shutting up because you recognize the anointing on me. Then if the anointing rests on you, I can shut up and let you talk.


The sun is Christ, so you have experienced an outbreak of the Holy Spirit, and now Christ is risen in you and you are scorched. What does that mean? You are going under judgment for pride. All of that pride that rose up in you, because of the spiritual gifts that you did nothing to deserve, now when Christ rises in you, you are going to get spanked.


Because they had no root they withered away. Of course the root is the grafted Christ, so what Jesus is saying is, Watch out for that Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is a wonderful thing, but watch your pride, because Christ is coming after the Holy Spirit and Christ comes with judgment, and when that judgment comes, it is going to come in direct proportion to the degree of your pride, and because Christ is not grafted to you, when that judgment comes, the life of Christ in you, the imputed Christ is going to wither away. It is better off to stay very small, stay very small, and if you do have a problem with pride, if you can do it, thank God for the judgment, because pride will destroy you. You have to be quiet and sit down, or sit down and be quiet unless it is Christ talking though you or doing through you, sit down and be quiet and listen and learn.


I think I read you everything I had to say about the stones. Let me look at this paragraph again, I think this is the last paragraph of section 5. Does anybody have a question or a comment on what I just said? The concept of reincarnating into something inanimate is also hinted by the verse, the stone from the wall cries out. I did not talk about that. I printed out the Interlinear Text of Habbakuk 2:11, which says: The stone from the wall cries out. If you can see these notes that I gave you, the English words, there are two lines of Hebrew words, how do I describe this to you, the lowest line, I should have done it in another color, those are words that I added in, where it says, shriek, foundation, connect, those are the words that I typed in there and those are alternate translations of the Hebrew word that you see, the Strong’s number is present, the Hebrew word is present, the English translation that is used in the King James is present, and I have chosen alternate translations down at the bottom. The stone that cries out, out of the wall, that Hebrew word translated cry out, Strong’s #2199, the Lord taught me that so many years ago, the word means shriek, and it is talking about a spiritual communication.


The example I could give you, is a high whistle that only a dog could hear? Does that not hurt your ears if you can hear it at all, it hurts your ears. You can call it a shriek, a scratching, a screeching, spiritual communication to the carnal mind sounds like screeching. Someone with a carnal mind sitting in this meeting, hearing me talk like this, could run out of here holding their head, I have seen people leave holding their head, if affects their mind like a screeching sound would affect you, they cannot bear it, the carnal mind cannot bear it, it causes them pain


As far as we spiritual people are concerned, it is a spiritual communication, and this verse is talking about the stone wall which is the Lord Jesus Christ, talking to the wood, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is us. Christ is in the tree. For the stone out of the wall, that is the Lord Jesus Christ, is communicating at a high spiritual pitch to the beam of the tree. And the Hebrew word translated beam means the connection or the girder, and the tree I suggest to you is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.


The Lord Jesus Christ in the wall, the stone in the wall, He is the foundation stone, is screeching or communicating on a high spiritual level, to the one that He can connect to, to the girder, and that is Christ in you, the glorified Jesus Christ is directing a high spiritual communication to Christ in you, that is what is happening right here in this meeting today.


The glorified Jesus Christ is speaking through me to the Christ in you, because He does not speak to the carnal mind, He does not teach Cain, Cain would never sit for this message, this message is for Christ in you, to build up Christ in you. That is what it means. The stone from the wall cried out, and the revealed Kabbalah says, For it is possible for stones in a wall to be reincarnations or for wood rafters to be from the level of vegetation because they are from a tree, and they would cry out from the extent of their punishment which they are undergoing. Christ in us is crying out to God. Is there not a Scripture in the book of Romans that says that we cry out Abba Father, the whole creation is on tip toe, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God.


Do we not cry out to God saying, Abba Father, how much longer until our bodies are healed, how much longer until our mind is healed, how much longer until the country is healed, how much longer? And in the book of Revelation, we see the souls under the altar saying, Jesus how much longer? People all over this earth crying out, Jesus help us, how much longer, where is the help? And the Lord Jesus Christ, the stone is in the wall is crying out to Christ, to the heart of God in the people saying, I hear you but you have to hear me back and follow, I hear your cries but you have follow me, and He is crying and crying and crying and crying, not crying like a human cries, He is transmitting, transmitting, transmitting like our scientists transmitted to our space waiting for a response from some alien.


Jesus Christ is transmitting down into this earth trying desperately to reach the people and in particular the people who are crying out to Him for help, and they cannot see Him, and they cannot find Him and they cannot hear Him, so what He is doing is raising up a company of people who will be His name, who will manifest His nature to the degree that He will be able to reach people who are truly looking for Him.


This may sound hard to you, but the truth is that the Lord’s first move is towards the people who are truly looking for Him! If a track goes to someone that is walking down the street that has never cried out to God in their life, well there is no harm in that, but that is not your job, your job is finding the people who have been truly looking for Him, praying, begging, crying, for years, that is your job, and you can only go to a person like that if you are sent, and you are not going to be sent until your pride is dealt with enough to be in submission to the Lord or in submission to the leader that He put you under.


The whole world is waiting on tip toe for the manifestation of the sons of God, who are in training right now, to learn how to shut their mouth and sit down, and that is the simplest way I can put it. Do the Kabbalists know this? They probably do, but it is not in the book, so anybody reading this book on face value in Hollywood is going to make a movie with stones talking. Interesting right? I read something in this book earlier today that really blessed me, it said everybody reads and understands the Scripture in accordance with their ability, the only error is when it is the spirit of error, when it is Satan’s spirit interpreting for you, it is error, but if your heart is right towards God, you understand the Scripture on the level that you are able, at that point, and to go around and telling people that they are required to understand the Scripture on the level that you are at, is counterproductive, it is fruitless, you only put people under the law, you only drive people away from God.


Everybody is at their own level. That paragraph went on to say, that after we leave the body in the Garden of Eden we all understand everything on the deepest level, so we are all equal. That is interesting because the Scripture said after Jesus rose from the dead and walked on the road to Emmaus, He expounded on all of the Scriptures about Himself, He had a full knowledge of the understanding of the word of God after resurrection.


As long as we are in this flesh, as long as we are subject to this carnal mind, we need to know and understand that everybody cannot be where we are, and the higher we are, the less we should be handing out our material to anybody who comes along, or trying to promote this word, because not only will the people not want it, they will curse you for it, because they will not like it, it will frighten them, it will frighten them, it will spiritually hurt them to even think, just reading the word hurts their mind, and terrifies their emotions. Any questions or comments before we go on?


The first paragraph of section six of the twenty second introduction, which is called sins and their reincarnations. One who speaks disparaging speech about another, even what is being said is true, if you do it when there is no Torah basis for it, is a sin. I have been talking to the disciples here about this for a long time. I encourage you to not be afraid to speak the truth about somebody, if the reason that you are speaking the truth or that you are listening to me speak the truth, is that I am trying to explain to you the understanding of the unconscious part of the mind, I am trying to explain the workings of Satan who fabricates evil thoughts and inputs them into your mind in the form of suggestion and tempts you to embrace those thoughts of your own, even if it is on a subconscious level, so that you will come under the sowing and reaping judgment. This ministry of reconciliation, it is very psychological, it is teaching us to recognize our motives and why we do things, it is teaching us to recognize sin in ourselves, it is teaching us to enter into a relationship, let me put it this way, it is teaching our new man which is Christ, to enter into a relationship with our old man, and our new man is supposed to be instructing our old man.


I could say it another way, our new man is Abel, the regenerated Abel, who is supposed to be instructing Cain, who is the spiritual female, and evil. Both Abel and Cain are within us, both Christ and Leviathan are within us, we have an old man and a new man, and our old man, our new man is supposed to be in relationship with the Lord Jesus, being instructed Himself, and all of us here, Christ in all of us here, the name for the regenerated Abel is Christ, and all of here should be receiving instruction, Christ in us should be receiving instruction in righteousness, and in turn, turning around and instructing our old man, explaining things to our old man an stopping our old man, our old self, our other side from engaging in and entertaining ungodly thoughts or communicating in a way that glorifies the carnal mind.


We are not supposed to be an expression of the carnal mind, we are supposed to be an expression of the nature of Christ, and there is no way we can stop agreeing with the unconscious forces within ourselves and stop being an expression of the nature of the Serpent until we can recognize the nature of the Serpent. If the true motive for talking about something that happened or what somebody did or somebody’s motives or that they are very angry, or that they are having an anti-Christ reaction, if the true motive is to raise our consciousness and to help us to understand the operation of the powers and the principalities, it is not a sin.


We have some people, I minister to some people who are very reluctant to listen to me when I try to raise these issues because either they are afraid that it is a sin, or they are afraid that they are betraying their loved one, or they think it is just plain wrong, and I have been telling the people here for years, it is not wrong, it is the instruction in righteousness which will result ultimately in deliverance, the spirit of truth, recognizing the spirit of truth will result in deliverance, and it is never intended to divide you from the person, or to hurt them in any way, the truth will set us free, that is what Jesus said. You cannot be a son of God, and not be willing to deal with the truth, even when it comes to yourself, and the members of your family, and I keep telling you, there is no reason to stop loving them, or helping them or assisting them, but the truth about their motives even towards you will only help in the long run as you start to deal with these issues in Christ, both on your own behalf and on behalf of the relative who may be out of the way or the other members of your family.


If you are being raised up in Christ, you are the priest of your family. First when the Lord starts to come to you and starts to deal with you in Christ, first He regenerates Abel in you and as soon as Christ is in you, you now become the priest of your whole personal household. You now have the right to intercede, to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ on behalf of your fallen nature, on behalf of your physical body, on behalf of having your needs of your whole person being met by the Lord Jesus, and as you prevail in that area, then the Lord sends you as priest or savior to your immediate family and if you prevail and take the victory in that area, He starts sending you to people outside of your family, you will have people that you minister to, and then maybe you will have a public ministry and maybe you will not.


The Scripture says that if He finds you faithful, He gives you more and more people that you are assigned to, to the degree that you are able to do it. We cannot do this without truth. This truth is lacking in the church today, pastors that have problems with people in the church, people who are disorderly in the church whose behavior is ungodly, the pastors will not say a word to them, they go in their office, close the door and try to pray the person out of the church, but they will not confront them. There may be exceptions here or there, but basically that is what the pastors do, they think there should be no confrontation. Let us take a break since we lost the sound man, (laughing), we lost the sound man.


Section 6, Sins and their reincarnations. One who speaks disparaging speech about another, even if what is being said is true, if you do it when there is no Torah basis to do so, that person or under similar circumstances, will reincarnate into a stone. What we are being told here is a person who speaks disparagingly, what does that mean? Someone who reveals someone else’s sins in a wrong spirit, is a spirit of cruelty or in a spirit of retaliation or in some evil way that is designed to hurt the person, you will reincarnate into a stone or as we just discovered, you will reincarnate into a hard hearted person.


This is so interesting, studies like this are so interesting to me, because I believe that we are all required to examine ourselves and see our faults, and if we are determined that we are a hard hearted person, that means that we can wow, in previous incarnation, we must have talked disparagingly about others, and in another place the Scripture says to do that is likened unto murder, to kill someone with your words, because that is a spirit of murder, it is a spirit of hate that goes out when you talk badly about people like that.


We can take it a little further, someone who talks badly about people for evil motives, that, that is a spirit of murder, that will cause you reincarnate with a hard heart, and what happens when you have a hard heart? It means that you do not have loving relationships in your life, that if you are hard towards people, people will be hard towards you, there will be no love in your life, and perhaps you will be a very lonely person.


If we look in our lives and we see that there is no love in our lives and we are a very lonely person, even, well maybe we are doing it in this incarnation, maybe we are saying bad things about people out of an evil motive, out of I would say not only hatred, but envy, a lot of it comes out of a spirit of envy, whether we recognize it or not. If we are honest enough to see that about ourselves, that we find ourselves with a hard heart, that now we have opportunity to say, Wow, that hard heart must have come from bad talking about other people, and now we have the opportunity to repent of that, and if we are still doing it, to ask the Lord to help us to stop doing it. So this teaching can be so valuable to our lives if we are honest enough to take a look at ourselves and see what the Lord is revealing in us, we then can take this teaching, find out what the source of it is, and repent of the root, and hope to get deliverance. That is the whole purpose of this teaching. That is the whole purpose of revealing sin, to help us to deal with the other side of ourselves, so that it be caused to wither and die and the Christ side of ourselves can blossom and grow.


That is the whole purpose, it says here in the book, a Torah basis of revealing sin. This is not designed to make you afraid, to say you are going to reincarnate into a stone if you do that, it is to help you stop doing it and to find the source of why you are doing it, so that you can stop. The example that Rabbi Luria gives here, is Nabal, the example of a hard heart or a stony heart is Nabal. Does anybody remember of Nabal?


Nabal and Abigail.


COMMENT: He was the evil husband of Abigail, and he was mean and selfish, and she overdid it by being nice to David and brought him food and things to make up for the nastiness of her husband, and I think he died.


PASTOR VITALE: Nabal died, yes, I will just clarify that for the message. During those years that David was in the wilderness he went to the Chieftain of Nabal and asked for food and provisions, and he said, I am David, the son of Jesse, and we would like provisions. Nabal said, Who are you, I never heard of Jesse, and who is the son of Jesse? And he had no mercy at all that these men were out in the field and they needed food and he just turned them away with no heart, no softness at all, and David wanted to kill him.


David came with an army, he could have killed the man. Aside from having no compassion or mercy, he was not very smart because here is the captain of an army who can kill you, so some people are just very arrogant without being very smart, but David did not kill him, he left, David did the righteous thing, and then Nabal’s wife Abigail realized what a fool her husband and how he could have endangered the whole community that he was in charge of, and she put together some food and took it to David and his men in the wilderness. Thereafter David died, and Abigail became David’s wife. Did I say Nabal died and Abigail became one of David’s wives.


Rabbi Luria is quoting Nabal as an example of someone with a stony heart and he says, he says, one who speaks with disparaging speech or similar will reincarnate into a stone which cannot speak.


As we said regarding Nabal, since the opposite of speaking is silence, I believe what this is saying is if you have a hard heart or if your tongue is your own enemy, you have to learn to be silent. Do not speak if you do not know what to say, do not say anything, at least stop and think about it.


Silence is the solution to arrogance and hard heartedness. Do not yield to your initial reaction if you cannot be kind, be silent. I think that advice is well known. If the Christ is not speaking through you, be quiet, we were talking about that earlier. In this case, it is related to having a hard heart. Next paragraph, anybody, does anybody have anything to say before we go on?


Next paragraph in section 6. Someone who feeds improperly slaughtered meat to a Jew comes back as a leaf on a tree, the level of vegetation. For those of you who do not know, Jewish, observing Jews are allowed to eat only kosher meat, and there are several steps to kosher meat, the initial steps, the initial step is that there are only parts of the animal that you are allowed to eat. It is my understanding that the back half of the cow, the part closest to the anus where the cow eliminates from, you are not allowed to eat that meat. It is unclean.


Improperly slaughtered meat, and also the rule is that the animal is not supposed to suffer. There is a specific provision for how to slaughter meat, and they do it so that the animal dies quickly and it is as painless as possible, they slit their throat, and then they turn the animal, I do not know about cows, but I know with chicken and lambs, they turn them upside down so that all of the blood drains out because they are not supposed to eat the blood, but it is very important that the animal does not suffer. The way some of our animals are slaughtered today is very unacceptable to God, some of them are beaten to death with clubs and it is really terrible.


I think about it sometimes and it is really offensive to me, yet we have to eat, and what are we supposed to do, it just gets very confusing, but God does, it is acceptable for us to eat meat, and there are specific provisions for how to treat and prepare the animals for those who observe, I do not buy kosher meat. I prayed about that, kosher meat is very expensive, it is almost twice the price of regular meat and the Lord never told me to go for kosher meat.


I sort of take the position that Paul took, you read about this in the Scripture, he says, wherever he is invited to eat, he sits down and he eats and he does not worry about whether the meat was offered up as a sacrifice to pagan gods, and in those days, in Paul’s day, a lot of the meat that was being sold in the market was meat that had been sacrificed to pagan gods, they sacrificed the blood and then they sell the meat to the butcher. He said if someone invited him to dinner he would just eat, he would not worry about whether that meat was sacrificed to a pagan god.


That is what I go by today. I believe that this aspect of our study has to do with the meat of the word. Paul clearly talks about the meat of the word as opposed to the milk of the word, the deeper understanding and the more nourishing part of the word, the more nourishing part of the word, is the spirit of the word, the mysteries of the word, that is what nourishes our spirit the most.


Someone who feeds false doctrine to a Jew, will come back as a leaf on a tree, this is interesting because there is a distinction here between teaching false doctrine to someone who is not really into the Lord, and it really would not make much difference to them, and somebody who is going on in Christ, feeding false doctrine to somebody who is going on in Christ, is very, very serious, and associating with that, is trying to separate someone who is going on in Christ from the true word. It is a very serious crime. We have somebody in another state right now who is in a big crisis, who his wife is really determined to stop him from pursuing the word of God, she has no idea how she is placing her own self in danger.


This is a very, very serious thing to do, to step in the way and hinder somebody whose truly following God, and if you can succeed in turning from the path, you will have a heavy judgment against you, however that would manifest in this life or in the next, or in your children’s lives, I do not know. I only know one person that I know for sure it happened to, that was your next door neighbor, your neighbor across the street, and this man was really called to the word, his wife threatened to divorce him if he continued, so he gave it up, and she divorced him anyway a few years later, the whole family blew apart. You just cannot compromise on things like that, you just cannot, it will never work out for you. We have somebody out of state right now going through a similar thing and this man is standing, he is not yielding to his wife, and I have never seen anything what she is doing to try to break him away from this word, but there is a heavy judgment on it and we are told in our study today that the person who feeds improperly slaughtered meat, that means the word of God that is broken down in the wrong way, because every verse that we read needs to be broken down and explained, all of the parts of it explained, so improperly slaughtered meat means, an incorrect or an ungodly breaking down into understanding of the word.


If you feed it to a Jew, if you feed it to someone who is called to go on in God, if you tell them the wrong thing, you know, it never ceases to amaze me, how the pride of man, how people and I have been seeing this for years, I have been up against this in my own family, people because they have a chronological age on them, think that they are qualified to counsel the younger members of their family, I live that, this is my testimony.


Ever since I was a little girl, I loved my parents, they have been dead now, I am sorry that they are gone, but the truth of the matter is that as a very young child I found out that in many areas the advice that they were giving me was not the good advice, it was not good for me at all, and it did not work too well for me, because instead of just realizing it and finding my wisdom elsewhere because I did not really know the Lord at the time, I just became very angry with them, I became a very angry person, I became very fearful and hostile towards anyone who tried to tell me anything. My whole youth, all of the years that my personality was being developed, I was fighting for my life because my parents and my older sister were determined to direct my life with instructions that I knew then and today I know is true, that they were pushing me in the wrong direction. Everything inside of me as a young, very young woman knew they were giving me bad advice. I carry that baggage with me today, I hope I am doing better and better about it.


Even today if somebody gives me advice that I know at the moment is wrong, it is all I could do to keep a civil tongues in my mouth which is an ungodly response, and if you think about it, it is insane that at my age I am still responding to what happened to me in my childhood, but a lot of us have that experience, we are still responding to what happened to us in our childhood.


The truth is that my family, they meant good towards me, they did not have any intention of hurting me, they just believed that their wisdom was better than my wisdom, and they were wrong, but they were so sure that they were right, that they were trying to force their wisdom on me, to a degree that caused me to rise up in such strength against them that it contributed to my chronic illness, I used all my energy resisting them. As a very young child, I knew that they were telling me the wrong thing, in many areas.


That is what we have here, someone who gives wrong advice or teaches wrong doctrine to someone who is truly called will reincarnate as a leaf on a tree, which is the level of vegetation. In other words, you will no longer be a human, and your next reincarnation, you will not even be the level below which is animal, you will be on the level, you will reincarnate on the level of vegetation, let us find out what that means. The next section says, continuing on, section 6: The wind blowing him back and forth, this is someone who feeds improperly slaughtered meat to a Jew comes back as a leaf on a tree, the level of vegetation, and the wind will blow him back and forth. The wind will never allow him to rest, and this will be his punishment. That is interesting because there is a Scripture which is very personal in my life, where the Scripture talks about being blown about by every wind and doctrine.


When the Lord first called me, I was a brand new Christian, and I was in a church, I did not know which end was up, did not know anything about the church world, I was in this small little church, that invited an evangelist to speak, it was a female evangelist, it was the first altar call I had ever seen, she had a personal word for me, that I would no longer be blown about by every wind or doctrine, and she laid hands on me and I went out in the spirit. It was a very powerful experience for me.


Almost immediately I was very, very strong in doctrine, it is very, very hard to turn me onto a wrong doctrine, I did believe ultimate reconciliation for six months, it was taught to me by a teacher that I trusted and I did believe it for six months, it is just very hard to get me to believe false doctrine, but being blown about by every wind or every spirit, that is a whole other issue, I get blown about by spirits a lot, and in my case, the way that manifests is that other people’s thoughts and will and desires influence me, I am spiritually ascended and when a strong spirit that is also spiritually ascended, a human being, when their will and their mind is very strong, it blows me about. I have been praying for years to be strengthened in this area, to stand in the conviction of Christ Jesus no matter whose spirit, mind, or will is trying to influence me knowingly or unknowingly.


The second part of the prophecy over my life has not yet come to pass although I am doing much better. Does this mean that in a previous incarnation, does this mean that I, at least a part of my personality is an incarnation as a leaf, am I a leaf on the tree of life? I hope I am on the tree of life, Christ in me is the tree of life, and is my personality a leaf that blows this way and that way, am I sometimes influenced by a spirit that is not from the tree of life? I do not know.


Let us just say it is true, I am blown about a lot, although I am doing better and better, I am still influenced much too easily for my own happiness. The Lord will come back to me, I will be corrected, I will make a correction, He always brings me back because He is very strong in me, but years ago, I was much more easily influenced.


As you all know with my famous story about us having this discussion about how we were going to go to Connecticut, Xxxx wanted to go her way, and I said, No, we are going another way, Xxxx said, Okay, we got in the car I drove Xxxx’s way, (laughing), and it was not until I was on the highway that I knew I was going Xxxx’s way. I cannot blame Xxxx’s strong will, I had to take responsibility for my own inability to stand under her strong desire to go that way. You cannot be blaming other people for your own weaknesses.


What does this say about me? Someone who feeds false doctrine to a Jew will come back as a leaf on a tree, the level of vegetation, the wind blowing him back and forth will never allow him to rest, and this will be his punishment. Well this is very interesting because according to my understanding of the doctrine of reincarnation through Kabbalah, is that if in fact I taught wrong doctrine in a previous lifetime, in this lifetime in order to rectify that sin, I would have to be a teacher of true doctrine, and here I am a teacher of true doctrine, and a teacher of true doctrine in a position that is causing strong opposition to come my way, strong opposition and since I am a leaf on a tree, I am feeling that strong opposition, blowing on me, trying to knock me off of the tree of life, because I am standing there teaching the true doctrine.


You know when I studied this last night, I was in awe, because the thought came to me that wow, the Scripture says that I am being persecuted for righteousness sake, in the areas where I truly am being persecuted for righteousness sake, if I am being persecuted for teaching this doctrine, that is for righteousness sake, but if the truth of the matter is I am in this position, both of teaching the doctrine and of having all of these winds blow against me because in a previous incarnation I taught false doctrine, that even though the persecution is for righteousness sake, I am still reaping what I sowed in another incarnation. Are you following me?


The Scripture that came to mind is the Scripture of the man who was healed by Jesus, and when the disciples came to Him, they said, Which one of this man’s parents sinned, that he should have this disease? And Jesus said, No one sinned, I do not know if He said no one sinned, but he said, This healing or this condition is for the glory of God. The disciples knew and everybody knew in those days, well not the Sadducees, but all of the Pharisees knew that everything was a sowing of what one has reaped, so if one had an affliction physical or otherwise, that it was because of the sins of one of the parents. Jesus was not saying, No, that is no longer true, He was saying, I know it was the sins of one of the parents, but now that forgiveness of sins is available, it does not matter whether it was the father’s sin or the mother’s sin, because now deliverance is available, confess the sin, confess the sins of your ancestors, repent, and in Christ Jesus receive forgiveness of sins and deliverance.


This is what I received last night, I do not know if I made it clear, I will say it again, that this concept of being persecuted for righteousness sake, or I even tell the Lord from time to time, I am really getting tired of it, I am very happy with the privilege of preaching the doctrine of Christ, but I am really getting tired of being knocked around, well I knew that it was a wrong spirit, and I knew that it was coming out of pride, I was trying to deal with it by telling the Lord how I felt, but it was coming out of a belief that I was truly innocent, that because the winds are coming against me trying to knock me off of the tree of life, because I am preaching the doctrine of Christ, I was believing that I really did not do anything do deserve this.


With this teaching, it takes a whole new slant on it. It is a reaping of what I sowed in a previous lifetime of teaching false doctrine. You have to come back and do the opposite. I am now teaching true doctrine, right? At the same time that I am doing something good, I am reaping the spiritual effects of what I sowed, a continuous wind blowing against me, trying to stop me from preaching the right doctrine.


Why would that be a judgment on me? Because in a previous lifetime, preaching a false doctrine was a power that was directed towards the people that I was teaching to turn them away from God. In this lifetime that power is turned on me, a persecution coming from people hurting me, trying to get me to say, I am going to walk away from this, as if I could really walk away from this. It is this wind, it is this spirit coming against me, trying to turn me against God, at the same time that I am preaching this glorious doctrine. Do I need to say that again, you are all looking at me, are you following me at all?


You know, well it changes the whole atmosphere, I no longer have, well I did not even have a right to say it the last time, but I can no longer say to the Lord, I am fed up with this, you know, I am happy that you called me to preach your doctrine of Christ, but I am really tired of the persecution, how can I say this now? If I understand now, both the teaching of the doctrine of Christ and the spiritual persecution is a judgment for what I did wrong in a previous lifetime and as the Kabbalists would put it, in this lifetime, whoever I was in that previous lifetime, is being rectified. I am being, I am making up, or correcting what I did in a previous lifetime, at the same time that what I did to other is happening to me.


Anybody that is listening to this message, you need to understand my understanding and it is really not so different than the Kabbalistic teaching if you can find it, is that we do reap what we sow, and there such a thing as salvation by works, I have a whole message on it, but it is a Living Epistles message, salvation by works is real, after we have been joined to the Lord Jesus Christ. A reaping and a sowing of what we have done in a previous lifetime will not produce righteousness in us, unless our spirit is first joined to the Lord Jesus Christ. That union of our spirit to the Lord Jesus Christ is the forgiveness of sin, it is the atonement, it is the blood on our doorposts that causes the angel of death to pass over us, it is grace in our life.


From that point forward, as we experience lifetimes which correct what we did wrong in a previous lifetime, we move forward because our sins are forgiven. Does anybody not understand what I just said? To be experiencing what you might call a rectifying experience in this lifetime before you are connected to the Lord Jesus Christ, will do you no good at all. Of course, I must add that this situation that I am in teaching this glorious doctrine and experiencing this spiritual persecution is only something that came to pass in my life after the Lord joined me to Himself.


I do not even know that rectification which is the Kabbalistic term, I do not even know that rectification in its true meaning takes place for anyone in this world before they are joined to righteousness. I have read just last night in this book and I did not, I will just have to tell you what I read because I do not know where it is, but I found a paragraph that actually teaches my whole message of salvation by works, and the way Kabbalists explain it is that unless you are joined to righteousness, but it is their concept of righteousness, you just keep coming back and sinning again, and then you have to come back and back and back, so they do have that revelation, I just at this point do not agree with them on what we need to be joined to, which will make our contrasting experiences rectify our soul. Does everyone understand what I just said, you need me to say that again? Okay.


I found a paragraph in this book, THE GATE OF REINCARNATIONS, explaining the same principle that I teach in my message SALVATION BY WORKS, and this is the doctrine that, reincarnating into a lifetime where you rectify what you did in a previous lifetime, like I must have been, obviously in a previous lifetime preaching false doctrine and now I am preaching, not only a true doctrine, but a true doctrine that is controversial, that, that will not help you, that is called Tikkun, it is called rectification, that it will not help you, reincarnating in situations that will correct past situations, will not help you because in this reincarnated lifetime, you will just sin again, you will commit more sins and you will have to come back again, and there is no end to it. The answer is to be joined to righteousness so that your sins are covered, and when you come back into a rectifying lifetime, it works to your good, because any new sins that you commit in this lifetime are covered. That is the way I am preaching it.


I am sure if a Kabbalists heard or reads this message, they will disagree with me, but I found what I believe to be this principle in the Kabbalistic literature only couched in different terms.


I continue to be amazed, my carnal mind keeps wanting to say that I am amazed that the Kabbalists have this whole doctrine of Christ, but that is just my carnal mind talking because the truth is that I should be amazed that the Lord has given me this message that has emerged after thousands of years into the Judaic literature, these great Rabbis that have been studying and teaching for years have brought forth this doctrine, Rabbi Luria to bring forth this doctrine studied with all of the masters before him, and that little ol’ me got this doctrine after thirteen years of seclusion and whatever emerged out of that afterwards. I have to keep correcting my carnal mind. These men have had this doctrine for thousands of years, each generation of sages building on it and perfecting it, and I got it in thirteen years of seclusion, that is the amazement through Christ Jesus, and this is the greatness of our reincarnated God, because it is Christ Jesus, the Lord Jesus is reincarnating in us.


He, the Lord Jesus Christ is the culmination, the completeness of all of the great men of God that have gone before Him, and He is in me, and He is in you. His only problem is knocking our carnal mind out of the way, He wants to do the same thing in you that He is doing in me, that He did in Jesus if He can just knock out our old man. This is the message. Reincarnation is real, rectification is real, but it only works after you are joined to the Lord Jesus Christ who covers your sins so that when you reincarnate, you do not incur new sins that you have to reincarnate to correct. Are you following me? No? You are following what I am saying? Okay.


The issue is the Kabbalists is this, first of all they do not teach about non-Jews, I do not know what they think about non-Jews, but from what I do know, I would expect them to say that non-Jews do not reincarnate. They teach that women do not reincarnate, only men reincarnate, and that women, and I think they would say, non-Jews go to Gehennom. You have to understand what Gehennom is, according to the Kabbalistic literature, there is no eternal torment, but there is a place of painful correction, and it is called Gehennom, and the Kabbalistic literature says that men who study Torah, do not have to go to this place of painful correction called Gehennom, which lasts for twelve months.


I do not know what twelve spiritual months means, what that says to me is what I believe, is that there is no such thing as eternal torment or eternal hell, but that when God comes to deal with us, it can be very painful, for a season, and then our old man is shrunk and atrophied, and Christ comes forth in us and when that man-child is born in us, good things start happening in our life. I believe that. This is very interesting, I want to share with you what the Lord showed me as I study this, and in particular, this verse. I guess I am all over the place today, I am in section 5 right now, just in case anyone wants to follow up on what I am teaching about, I jumped to the 19th introduction, section 5, and it is called Redeeming the Good. This is the paragraph: The Sefer Ha bahir, that is a book, it is like the Zohar, actually it predates the Zohar, it is a spiritual book, insists that a person pursue that guilty in order to find merit for them, like one who runs after his own life. This is because the evil person whom the righteous person pursues to find merit may possess good sparks the righteous person lacks, while he himself may have received the evil person’s bad sparks. Are you all following me?


However, through a relationship of love, he, the righteous person can remove the good sparks from himself, from that person and achieve completion while giving away the bad sparks and completing the other’s evil. I mentioned this in a prior message, so maybe I have to correct it, and that is why I am going here.


On a previous message not too long ago, I told you that I had read this and I just cannot believe it that the Kabbalah is teaching that a good person will be born into a relationship with an evil person and the good person will extract the, because everybody is a mixture of good and evil, that the good person will extract the good from the evil person and complete their goodness, and give their evil towards the evil person, so the evil person becomes all evil and is destroyed. I said, That does not sound right to me, I cannot believe that.


I have to repent because I made that comment on a message on a recording before I prayed it through, and today the Lord has explained it to me, well last night he explained it to me, He just really excited me. This is what this verse is talking about, who is the righteous person?


Jesus is the righteous person, it is not a good human, and an evil human, Jesus is the righteous or the good person, that is coming to all of us, we are the evil, mortal humanity in relationship to Jesus Christ, we are the evil one, so He is coming to us and He is giving us His goodness and He is taking our evil, and He is putting our evil in Gehennom, what is Gehennom? The Kabbalists says it is after physical death, but no, I am in Gehennom right now, I am in the lake of fire, my sins are being exposed, Cain in me, the evil one okay, is in Gehennom, and I will tell you it is more than twelve human months, it is going on for a long time, and my sins are being burnt away by the righteous one, the Lord Jesus, who came to make an exchange with me, He gave His life for my life, He gave His righteousness, and He is taking my evil.


He has given me and you His righteous life in the form of Christ, and He is taking our evil, not to destroy, well He is taking our evil and He is purifying it in the lake of fire, not to destroy it in the sense of throwing it away, but is purifying Cain and putting her in her right place, under the household of God. This is the alternate translation, I worked it up last night.


Jesus Christ the righteous through love joins with the good sparks in human beings, and that is talking about Abel and achieves completion for Abel, and Himself, and He also reveals the sins of Leviathan who is completing Cain, and sends them to Gehennom.


Listen, just as I just explained to you, I am preaching a glorious doctrine to correct my preaching of false doctrine in a previous life, and at the same time I am being afflicted spiritually with spiritual winds because I influence or exerted, I do not know if I exerted pressure or not, but I influenced others to believe false doctrine in a previous lifetime, and in this same manner of, considering rectification, the Lord Jesus Christ is coming to all of humanity, He is giving us His righteousness and His righteousness is completing Abel in us, so that Adam is regenerated in us, right? And He is taking our evil, Leviathan and Cain, and Satan, and putting them in Gehennom to purify them. It says here to complete the evil, He is completely the evil as well as the good.


Can you hear this, he is completely Abel in us, and He is completing Cain in us, although the way it reads here in the book, it is really hard to see that. It says through a relationship of love, which is sounds bizarre if you do not understand it, Jesus comes in love, the term love implies union.


Through union between the glorified Jesus Christ and Christ in us, through that union He the righteous person, Jesus can remove the good sparks from that person, remove them from the influence of Cain, remove Abel, take Abel out from under the ground, remove him from the influence of Cain, and achieve completion. Abel is completed, we are complete in him, it is in the book of Ephesians, and also this came forth in the last Thursday meeting, Jesus is being completed in us because to be complete you have to be male and female, and Jesus is male and we are His wife. He is being completed in us, and we are being completed in Him.


Through a relationship of love, He the righteous person can remove the good sparks, that is Abel from that person, and achieve completion, for both the person and Himself while at the same time, giving away the bad sparks, that is Cain, and completing the other’s evil. When I first read that, it sounded to me like completing, making that one completely evil so that they can be destroyed, but that is not what the Lord is saying, He is completing the evil as well as the good, He is completing the evil as well as the good.


COMMENT: I was wondering about that leaf that is on the tree, I was thinking of this woman that has children in another state, and she is not letting them learn any of the doctrine, and what will happen you know to her in regards to that leaf on the tree?


PASTOR VITALE: Not only is she preventing well the one daughter anyway from learning the doctrine of Christ, but she is fighting with her husband trying to stop him from learning the doctrine of Christ, and we now understand that the judgment that will come down on her will result, there will be a judgment on her that will result in her being a teacher of the doctrine of Christ, that is what we just learned. If you turn to people away from the truth, the punishment for you is that you will teach the truth. The punishment will result in you teaching the truth, whatever it will take in your life to bring to a place where you will teach the truth in your life or in the next life.


What we see today is a lot of judgments and changes coming in the same lifetime, because of Christ Jesus. According to the Kabbalistic teaching, you would come back in the next lifetime, and be a completely different person, but today we know that Jesus changes lives and you become a completely different person, you become a new man. The last segment that I wanted to share with you in this message, that concerns what I said before we took the break that Jesus is coming to complete the evil as well as the good, He is completely the evil as well as the good, He is come to complete Cain as well as Abel in the individual, and I was teaching that years ago, that both Cain and Abel have to be ministered to and ascend. Abel gets fed spiritual food, and Cain gets ministered to on the levels of social skills and communication, and everything that you would hope a person to be educated to as a human being, educated with as a human being, that would make them a fine example of humanity to the world.


Jesus is coming to complete both the evil and the good in one individual, He is also coming to complete the people who are more evil than good. We are all a mixture of good and evil, I have been preaching that for years, we are all a mixture, so if you are thinking of measuring a human being on a scale of one to ten, if the person’s good parts or good attributes are above five, he is a good person, if his good attributes are below 5, you might qualify him or call him an evil person, depending on the way a person lives their life, the way they relate to other people and the way they live in this world.


Jesus is coming to the evil as well as the good. When I call someone evil I mean they are more evil than good, only Jesus can make that judgment, this is a philosophical discussion. We have a lot of people in the church world today that think Jesus only comes to the good people. We have people believing and there is a whole religion, I believe the Catholic Church teaches this, or at least I hear it mostly from Catholics, that I have to get myself in good shape and fixed up and become a good person or Jesus will not come and save me.


I am making myself good so that Jesus will receive me. I think that I even to the degree that I have studied so far, I see that train of thought in Kabbalah, that when we, and Kabbalah is talking about Judaism, when the Jews purify themselves enough through multiple reincarnations, Moshiach will appear. We know this is not true, we know that Moshiach has already appeared once and now He is appearing in the spirit for those who can see Him, and He is coming for the evil even more than the good, He is coming to the people who are dying because of their sins, and those of us who are dying are steeped in witchcraft and I include myself so do not be insulted, most likely there has been evil in your background, maybe not an evil that you can recognize, I do not mean that you are a murderer, evil could be pride, idolatry, or witchcraft that you did not recognize or that you are not aware of, that your ancestors were involved in.


If you have a spirit of premature death on you, if you are young and chronically ill and in your early years, this is a judgment for evil.


You have to believe it if you want to get delivered. I believed it, I repented and I got delivered, there is no condemnation in this truth, nothing happens by accident, if you are chronically ill at a young age, drug addict, alcoholic, in poverty, if there is any kind of severe destruction on your life, it is a judgment for something that was done previously, previous generations, your parents, or who you were in a previous age, of course most likely it is the same person that was our parents, but I do not have the last word on that, I do not have the last word on anything.


If you are not prospering in life it is a judgment for something you did previously, and only pride would stop you from facing up to that and getting your deliverance. You do not have to know what you did, if the Lord tells you He tells you, all you need to do is look at the results, you are sick. I was sick, I was not fighting with anybody as to what I may or may not have done in a previous lifetime, just fix me. That is the attitude that gets fixed, the person with that attitude gets fixed, the person that says I am innocent does not get fixed. That is a spiritual law and it is not my law.


I got really blessed the other day by Rush Limbaugh because he said something on the radio, he said, I do not know what he called them, people with public, I do not know how he described them but it was a positive description of a certain category of people that lose their train of thought and that it is not unusual, and that it happens to him too, so that is what just happened to me, I just lost my train of thought, and that is why I am talking about Rush Limbaugh, so it happens to other too, I do not feel so bad.


I was trying to, I was talking about Jesus completing the evil as well as the good, so in each individual He completes Abel the good and Cain the evil, and then when it comes to whole people, He is after the evil people of this world even more or at least as much as He is after the good people of this world, because the evil people of the world are in danger, they are a danger to themselves and they are a danger to everybody else. That is very interesting.


Along this line I also read in this book last night, THE GATE OF REINCARNATIONS, I was all over the place last night, about the spiritual Passover, Rabbi Luria does not say spiritual Passover, but he talks about the generation of the desert, the Hebrews who were present in Egypt at the time that Moses led them out of Egypt into the desert where Jehovah entered into a covenant with them. We know from the King James translation that there was some Egyptians that went with the Hebrews that came out of Egypt, we know that right? Did you know that? Did you know that Xxxxx?




PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, there were some Egyptians that recognized the power of Jehovah and went with the Hebrew children. What I read in Kabbalah, and you know sometimes even I who I preach by revelation, it is just really shocking to the carnal mind to hear something like this, like what I just read, well Moses was insistent that the evil from Egypt come as well as he was insisting that the Hebrew come. We do not read that in the King James that Moses was insistent that the evil would come, so it must have come by a spirit of revelation, but it was shocking to me to read that because I had never had that thought in my mind before. This gives me an opportunity to feel or experience what you all feel when I say something by the spirit that you have never thought of or would have thought of in a million years, it must really shock you, but I train myself because I was shocked for the first time in a while, I train myself to not yield to that shock, it is just my carnal mind that is shocked.


Since I have confidence that the Lord has led me to the teacher and a translator who has so much truth. I trust the Lord to help me if something in here is not wrong. When I read that, that Moses was insistent on getting the evil, on the taking the evil, I believe he is calling the Egyptians the evil, out of Egypt, I said to myself, Well, I could have said where in the world did they get that from? They must have gotten it by revelation, so I am going to believe it unless the Lord tells me that it is not true, or brings some other kind of correction to me, because there is so much truth in this book, what have I got to lose by believing that Moses was insistent on bringing the Egyptians out as well as the Hebrews, how is that going to hurt me to believe that? So I am going to believe it.


Then the author, Rabbi Luria went on to say, the reason Moses was so insistent on taking the evil as well as the good, the Egyptians as well as the Hebrews, is that Moses recognized, now listen to this, Moses recognized that all of the people who came with him called the generation of the desert, whether they were Hebrew or Egyptian, that they were reincarnations of aspects of Adam, and I am paraphrasing this in my own words, they were reincarnations of aspects of Adam, that came from the same high place.


The Kabbalistic teaching is that if you can think of Adam in a humanoid form, of course primordial Adam did not have a humanoid form, the Adam who fell did not have a humanoid form, but just so that we can understand, if you wanted to think of Adam who fell in a humanoid form, he broke into the round number that Kabbalah says is 600,000 pieces, but that is just a round number, I have been preaching for years, he broke into an uncountable number of pieces that I call Abel, all of the Abels, there is Abel in you, and Abel in you, and Abel in you and Abel in you and Abel in me. There is a piece of the fallen Adam in all of us. He is the one that gives us consciousness, and that is why he was captured by the Serpent because he was needed to form a creation that has consciousness, even though it is not life, it is consciousness.


According to the Kabbalistic teaching that the pieces of Adam that broke apart are not all equal, some are good, some of us have evil in us that came from the brain of Adam Kadmon, the Adam who fell, others in us have an Abel who came from the kidneys of Adam who fell. Some of us have an Abel in us that is a piece of the feet of Adam who fell, and we are not all equal.


Paul says this in the New Testament, he says, one is the eye and the other is the hand, we are not all the same spiritually, we are not all the same. The teaching that I was reading last night says that Moses was insistent on taking the evil with him as well as the good because all of them, the evil and the good, the Egyptians and the Hebrews all came from this same high spiritual place, which I am guessing is the brain of the Adam who fell. That sounds to me just like what the Lord taught me about five years ago when he brought a couple of people in this ministry and He had me to tell them that, well this one man that I have in mind, that he is a spiritual black belt and if he does not get joined to Christ, Satan is going to draft him.


Since then a couple of highly spiritual people have been joined to this ministry and the same message has gone forth to them, if you do not ground into Christ, and right now, and I keep saying, there is nothing special about me, it is the work that the Lord is doing here, if you do not plug into what Christ Jesus is doing here, Satan is grab you, because if you think in terms of chemistry, you are like an atom that is floating around that is not joined to anybody, if you do not join to Christ, you are going to be attracted to and joined to a Serpentine molecule.


We have got a couple of people in this ministry right now that I have told that to, and I told you that the Lord told me to tell you that, you are highly spiritual, the creation is rising, in spirituality we are all ascending and if you do not join to the body of Christ, if you do not make an active choice to be joined to the body of Christ, you will default to be joined to the body of Leviathan which is death.


I thought that was just so exciting that the Lord is seeking to save even the evil people in this world. You have to understand the Lord’s definition of evil. It is someone who is not serving Him, it is the same thing Him saying that He loved Jacob and He hated Esau, it is not human hate, the love of God is union, when your spirit is joined to Christ, He loves you, it is like in our humanity we call it love making, like a husband and wife make love when you make love, you know sometimes sex is not love, sometimes it is just sex, but the idea is union.


If you are not in union, you are not loved, and if you are not loved, you are hated, that is the spiritual understanding of love and hatred. We see that Jehovah had moved on Moses to gather in the highly spiritual people whether they were natural genetically born Hebrews or not. Today the Lord Jesus Christ is out there looking for highly spiritual people to save them from being drafted or absorbed into the body of Leviathan, and they were all from the same high place, just one person became evil and another person became good, and one incarnated as a Jew or a Christian, and the other incarnated as a worshiper of some idol, but the Lord is seeking to join Himself to an to purify and save the evil as well as the good. Is that not exciting? That just really excited me.


Also what excited me is that, I realized that we are of the generation of the desert. Everybody I believe who can understand this message and is seriously pursuing it, we are of the generation of the desert, we are the same people that came out of Egypt that died in the wilderness that are getting another chance. I am very, very excited about that, and that whole concept winds up with my teaching about the spiritual Passover, we are going through Passover again, we are doing it again, because we did not make it in the wilderness, if there was a natural wilderness, it probably was not.


I also remembered that there was a, it went on for quite a while, months, that I would see visions of people crossing the desert, it was a big caravan of all of these people crossing the desert, I could see the strain on their faces, I could see the desert, I could see the dust, at the time, and this was years ago, at the time I came to the conclusion that I, the spiritual experience that I was having at the time was that I had come out of Egypt and I was crossing the desert.


After reading this I am more inclined to believe that it was Christ in me that was remembering that past generation, that was reliving a memory of that past generation of coming out of Egypt, that having that desert experience, whatever it was. You are all looking at me, anybody have a question or a comment on this? It is very profound I guess, because you are all just looking at me. Maybe it has not sunk in yet.


We are about to see the signs and wonders that were perpetrated against Pharaoh to let God’s people go, if you are trapped by Pharaoh, Pharaoh was a high manifestation of Leviathan, if your Christ cannot get away from Pharaoh in you, judgments will fall on you so that you can depart from him and worship the true God, interesting.


I wonder if I was teacher of the Egyptian doctrine in Egypt, I think that, sometimes, well I will not even say that, who knows, I do not want to start guessing. Anyway, this was a very exciting message, let me see if there is anything else the Lord wants to say. I think we have had enough. I guess that is pretty much it for today. Do you have something to say?


COMMENT: I just think that, I do not know if everyone has a wilderness experience I know that Xxxx and I had a wilderness experience and I think it is like part of it, you come out of Egypt.


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, okay, I only have one question for the Lord, I asked Him earlier, sometimes it takes a long time to get answers to my questions, if we are the generation of the desert, if the people who are receiving this message at this time are reincarnations of the people who came out of Egypt, how come there are not more of us, is it not true that there were thousands of people who came out of Egypt?


COMMENT: 6,000,000.


PASTOR VITALE: 6,000,000, really? Did you read that somewhere, 6,000,000?


COMMENT: I read that somewhere I do not know if it is true, but...


PASTOR VITALE: What I am thinking is there was 6,000,000 Jews killed in Hitler’s Germany. That is very interesting, well however many people came out of Egypt, how come there are no, those numbers are not here now? Maybe it is going to start now, I do not know, maybe we are the first to come out, I do not know, very interesting.


COMMENT: If that is true the maybe the Egyptians are going to start giving you money.


PASTOR VITALE: (Laughing, and laughing, everyone is laughing). You know that is interesting, I read something about that recently. I have always been taught that according to the King James anyway, that the Hebrews almost forcibly took the jewels the money from the Egyptians that supposedly were their slave masters, but the Hebrew word that is used does not indicate that, the Hebrew word that is used indicates that the Egyptians were neighbors, that they were neighbors, that the Egyptians lived in the same place, the suggestion with the Hebrews like next door, and the Hebrew children said to their Egyptian neighbors, Well, we are leaving Egypt now because our God is leading us out, and the Egyptian neighbor said, Oh, God speed, here is a pair of earrings to take with you.


I read that somewhere, (laughing), and it seems to go along with what I have been saying all along that I do not believe the Jews were in physical slavery, especially when I read about them longing for the garlics and the leeks and the wonderful life in Egypt, it is hard to believe that they were eating food with these delicacies, I do not think they were in physical slavery, I think they were captured by Egyptian mystery religion, and they were worshiping Egyptian gods, that is what I believe.


That is certainly the case today, the church is definitely worshiping another Jesus today that wants them to be happy every day, and then die and go to heaven, instead of being the defenders of the innocent. This is an interesting contradiction that we have to watch on television or we have on television, obviously we do not have to watch, a series called of the Charmed Ones, about good witches whose commission in life is to defend the innocent, but we do not hear that preached in the church, that we are supposed to be defending the innocent. You have to see it on a witchcraft program, that we are supposed to be defending the innocent. I see the true message of the Scripture worldly spiritual presentations, I do not hear it in the church. Everything is backwards, is that not amazing?


And that we should know that when we meet up with somebody in Christ, our job is to save them, not to force Christianity as we know it on them, but to help them with whatever their problem is at the moment, to help them find God by meeting their immediate need. I do not hear that taught.


COMMENT: What is that Scripture, love thy neighbor?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, Love they neighbor as yourself, but we studied and the Greek word translated neighbor signifies the one who serves God, your neighbor is the one who is close to you, the one who serves God with you, but there is another Scripture that says, feed your enemy, so feed your enemy the spiritual truth, you know as the Lord opens the door, you know, not by banging them over the head, you cannot force it. Our job is to be seeking out people who are truly looking for God, you know, anyway, I guess that is it for today. It was a good message, God bless you.


10/31/08 Transcribed by RR


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