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I want to start this message by apologizing to the Jewish scholars. I keep telling you that I try so hard not to be arrogant and to judge the things that they do unless it is truly Christ in me bringing Christ into the message. One thing that I have been saying for a while now on multiple messages is that I have been commenting on their salvation by works, that according to the Jewish scholars, the way you ascend and attain to salvation is by doing what they call the Mitzvahs, and there are a couple of hundred, I 365 what they call positive Mitzvahs, Mitzvahs means good works. There are 365 commandments that thou shalt do these things, thou shalt, and there are, there are less than 365, I do not recall the amount of negative thou shalt not, and I have commented on this, I have been commenting on this for the last couple of years as salvation by works and I completely failed to understand that this law was given to them before Jesus Christ, and it was not just a law.


Just as the sacrifice of animals under the covenant that Jehovah made with Israel, just as the sacrifice of animals could not do anything for us at all, but when the Hebrew children kept the covenant with Jehovah, He honored their keeping of the covenant, and then He kept His part, He protected them, He imparted spiritual power to them, etc., etc. In the same manner these deeds, these deeds that thou shalt do and deeds that thou shalt not do were and are I guess to the people who are still in that aspect of the covenant with Jehovah, they were commandments that when fulfilled, opened up spiritual doors, because this was the fulfilling on the part of the individual of a covenant made with Jehovah. Did I lose anybody? For the Hebrew children, the keeping of the Mitzvahs is much more than good works. 


According to my understanding right now, as an individual fulfills their commitment, Jehovah causes them to ascend spiritually. Each Mitzvah is associated with a particular degree of spiritual ascension. This is really interesting, what I have been teaching recently in these meetings is that each revelation or each degree of the revelation of Jesus Christ that comes forth in this ministry, is associated with a particular rung on the ladder, on Jacob’s ladder, and Jacob’s ladder connects this world which is the world of Asiyah associated with Malkhut, with the world of Atzilut, which is associated with the glorified Jesus Christ, that is the heavenly realm Atzilut. There is only one world higher than that, and that is almost untouchable, I do not know anything about it and I do not think the Kabbalists do either, but that world is called the world of Adam Kadmon, and I remind you that the Kadmon means primordial talking about the primordial Adam, the zygote from which all of humanity was engendered. 


I guess this is when the Lord gave me this understanding as I have been preaching and it is only a month or two that I have been preaching the revelation, that each new accurate understanding of the Scripture or correction of the Scripture, and in the LEM meetings, we are doing the virgin birth now but we are preaching the truth about the virgin birth. Each level of truth, especially those that oppose the doctrine in the church is nailed to a particular rung of Jacob’s ladder which connects heaven and earth. And we are down here on earth trying to climb Jacob’s ladder. We are climbing it with our mind if we can believe and not just believe intellectually, you have to receive it in your spirit as truth, Christ in you has to internalize it, first you hear it from my mouth and then you get your witness from the Lord Jesus, and then Christ in you has to internalize it. At the moment that it becomes a part of your spiritual fiber, at the moment that, that revelation becomes a part of your spiritual fiber, you have ascended to the rung of the ladder that connects heaven and earth that is specifically associated with this doctrine. In the same manner when the practicing observant Jew performs his Mitzvahs, he is being associated with or nailed to a particular spiritual aspect. 


I want to clarify this and all of the words are jumbled up in my head, so just bear with me. I believe that the covenant that Jehovah made with the Israelite children, the Hebrew children in Mount Sinai only required obedience on their part; that was the law. Let me do this first, let me remind you about the covenant that the church today calls the old covenant, there really is no such thing as an old covenant and a new covenant, although you may hear me using those terms when I talk to people who believe that there is an old covenant and a new covenant. When I am trying to relate to people who believe that, you may hear me using those terms, but there really is only one covenant that Jehovah made with the Hebrew children on Mount Sinai.


Jehovah ministers this covenant to the Hebrew children on Mount Sinai in one way, and He is ministering the same covenant to the church today in another way. Let me put it in other terms; I am a business person, and I have an offer to make whoever, I make an offer to you, I will save you if you do this. I will save you Hebrew children at Mount Sinai, if you keep the law, you honor the sacrifice of animals, keep the Mitzvahs, keep the Passover, keep the feasts, I will be your God, I will protect you, I will meet your needs, and I will defend you in every area. 


It is the same covenant coming from Jehovah to the church, I am your God, I will protect you, I will meet your needs and I will save you, but you do not have to sacrifice animals, what you have to do, the new law, the renewed instruction as we heard from the apostles is, do not eat anything strangled, abstain from things strangled, and from fornication, and of course those are spiritual laws,


I cannot do the whole thing right now but that is spiritual fornication, and spiritually things strangled, you are now released, you, the second group of people that came along a couple of thousand years later, you are released from animal sacrifices, you are released from what the Scripture calls the law of ordinances; you do not have to do what the Hebrew children in Mount Sinai did, but I am giving the same offer to both of you. 


Can you hear that, this is the same covenant and I as the business person or as the Lord, can change the terms to 50 million different people, He could say to 50 million different people, I require something different from each of you but the message on my part is the same, I will be your God and I will protect you, it is the same covenant. You cannot protect yourself, that is why I will be your God and I will protect you. You cannot meet your own needs, that is why I am your God and I will protect you. You cannot help but sin; therefore I will forgive your sins and protect you from the sowing and reaping judgment that is unto death for sinners. That is what I am going to do and I have a different requirement for two groups of people, same covenant.


How is Jehovah going to fulfill this covenant with us? His promise is to be our savior. The covenant that Jehovah makes with everybody is the same, I will save you, I will be your savior, I will save you, I will be your savior, okay everybody, same thing? How is He going to save us, how is He going to be a savior of trillions of people, however many people will ultimately be on the earth at the time that we are fully in perfected covenant with the living God, so we will say 50 million, I do not know where I got that number from, we will say 50 million people. How is the Lord Jesus; Jehovah is now appearing to the foundational essence of God, the essence of God, appeared to the Hebrew children by the name Jehovah; Jehovah is the God of Israel. That same fundamental essence of God today is appearing to the whole world. In order to indicate the difference between the name of God that appeared to Israel in Mount Sinai, and the name of God that is now available to the whole world, in order to indicate that they are not the same thing, the God that appears, the formation of God that is capable of appearing to every human being on the face of the earth, not only Israel has taken a new name. We have to distinguish between the two names of God, and there are many names of God. Anybody who studies the Bible knows there are many names of God right? I hope you all know there are many names of God. 


Jehovah is the name of almighty God in the personality in which He revealed Himself to Israel. The Lord Jesus Christ is the name of the personality in which almighty God revealed Himself to the whole world. Everybody has not received Him, has not received His revelation in this hour, but Jehovah cannot be accessed by non-Hebrews, He will not answer you. Is He a cruel God? No, the mechanism that creates the communication is not in place. The way Jehovah communicates with the Hebrews which today the ten tribes are lost, so the residue of Israel, of the twelve tribes of Israel today is what we know as modern Jewry. 


The mechanism for communication with Jehovah, does anybody know what it is? How do you access Jehovah? How does the Jew access Jehovah? Through the law, you have to be sacrificing animals, keeping the Sabbath, doing the Mitzvahs; you have to do the whole law. Jehovah said, I will meet you between the cherubim. There was a physical ark in Israel which I do not believe exists today, but even so the physical ark is just a type of the mind and the heart of human beings, I will meet you between the cherubim. Who are the cherubim? 


Christ in you, by the terminology we are using today, Christ in you and the glorified Jesus Christ, to the Jew of the civil nation of Israel, who were the two cherubim when the law was spiritualized? It was the Adam in their heart, there are two Adams. If you read my alternate translation of the Old Testament, Adam appears on every level, so the Adam that exists in the individual, and then the Adam from a higher world. Sometimes they are called the upper millstone and the lower millstone. Why would Adam be called a millstone? Does anybody know what a millstone is, what does a millstone do in the Scripture? It pulverizes the meat and what does that symbolize in the Scripture? Judgment, Adam is the judge, righteous Adam is the judge, and judgment comes from underneath from a righteous person in the earth, and from the righteous person above.


Israel, in order to contact the living God and to acquire or to compel Him or to at least request of Him that He fulfill His end of the covenant, to protect Israel and to be their savior, they have to fulfill their end of the covenant, which is the keeping of the law. The world cannot keep the law. Why is it impossible for someone, for a non-Jew to keep the law of ordinances, the law that was in place in Israel, why is it impossible for a non-Jew or a non-Hebrew to keep that law, who are the only ones who can offer the sacrifice? Who is the only one who can offer, who can slay the animal? The priest, you have to be, you have to have a descendant of Aaron sacrificing an animal, and even aside from that, you have to have a temple, with all of the rules being fulfilled, outer court, inner court, fire burning, eternal fire burning, all of the rules have to be exercised and it is highly unlikely, I do not want to say impossible, although I think it is impossible, if there were a temple in place, if there was, an Aaronic priest in place that he would offer a sacrifice on behalf of a non-Jew. It would not happen.


A whole new system had to be set up to embrace the whole world or to make all of humanity, to give all of humanity an opportunity to relate to God. It is still the same covenant, whether the Aaronic priest is sacrificing the animal or the Lord Jesus Christ which is our high priest, is the mediator between the man in the street and God. The bottom line is this, the living God, the creator of the universe says, I will be your God and you will be my people. I will protect you, I will save you, I will meet your needs, I will defend you in military situations, nobody will be able to hurt you when our covenant if fully in force. 


Because He is doing it one way with the Hebrews and He is doing it another way with humanity at large; does that make it two different covenants? No, it is the same covenant, it is the same covenant. Now we come into the question, how is He going to do this? How is He going to protect every individual? How is He going to hear every voice that is crying out to Him? How has the Lord Jesus Christ experienced all of the sins of humanity, how? How is he doing this, how is His son doing it? Christ in you the hope of your glorification, the hope of your being delivered from this body of death is Christ in you. That is still the same covenant, it is the fulfillment of the promise that was initially played out between God, almighty God and people, two categories of people, the Hebrew children and the non-Hebrew children, who were incapable of doing any more than the Lord asked them to do, they were not capable of doing more than honoring the law with all of the sacrifices and all of the Mitzvahs, and the church today is not capable of doing any more. They are confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord, studying their Bible, confessing their sins, and praying and hoping for salvation. What is the difference? That was the first phase of the covenant that Jehovah made with Israel and with the church, it is the first phase. What is it called? Reconciliation between God and man, the Lord is saying, Mankind, you can access me, you can have access to me, I will be your God and you will be my people. That means you can pray to me and I will hear your prayers and I will answer them. Not only will I answer them, He said, He said, I know what you are going to pray before you open your mouth.


Did He not say that? The first phase of the covenant, all you have to do is follow the law Hebrew children, Christian children, all you have to do is be faithful to the degree that you could be faithful and I will protect you and I will hear you when you pray to me, and I will meet your needs, but it is not the fulfillment of the covenant. 


How do I know? The church is as sick as the rest of the world. I have a kidney infection. I want to tell you how upset I was that I had to go a doctor yesterday. Jehovah is not fulfilling His covenant with me, I am Jewish okay, but of course I do not keep the law, but the Lord Jesus Christ is not fulfilling His covenant with me, He is not. Does that mean His is unfaithful? No, what must it mean? If there are two parties to a covenant, and when both parties are fully fulfilling that covenant, the promises will be kept, but the promises are not being kept, what does that mean, who is not fulfilling the covenant? Me, I am not fulfilling the covenant, but I am doing all that I know how to do, I have not arrived there yet. 


Because of my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, He is changing me every day, He is teaching me every day, I understand more every day. I am confessing sins that I did not even know was sins every day, and as I mature, eventually when I grow up, I will be able to fully keep the law, by the internalized son of God inside of me, my righteousness, this man Christ Jesus in me, my righteousness. This man is made unto us righteousness. That is how it says it in the King James. The more I live out of Christ Jesus and the more I reject my old man, the more I fulfill the law. Jesus said, I did not come to take the law away, you know He said that right? He said, I came to fulfill the law, I will satisfy the law, and I will enable you to keep the law by my supernatural miracle working power after I put it inside of you. When you fulfill the law, the enforcer of the law whose name is Satan will lose all power over you. That is the covenant, no old covenant, no new covenant, no Old Testament, no New Testament, the testament, the Scripture and the covenant that Jehovah made with Israel in the first instance and the same covenant that Jehovah in His new garment called the Lord Jesus Christ is offering to all of humanity in this second instance.


I will put my laws inside of you, He said, I will put my law inside of you, it will be impossible for you to sin, and Satan will be retired. That is the covenant that God is making with all of humanity, and do not forget that Elohim after Noah lands on this side of the flood, Elohim made a covenant with Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, which was in addition to the covenant that Jehovah made with the Hebrew children. Every human being on the face of the earth today is a descendant of Noah, is a descendant of Shem, Ham, or Japheth. Every human being on the face of the earth today is a recipient of the covenant that Elohim made with Noah’s sons, with our ancestors. He said he is not going to destroy the earth by water anymore, the earth will continue, what is not said, is that it will continue until Jehovah’s law is put in your heart. 


He said, Look, you are all a bunch of sinners, you break the law continuously, you are violators, we are in a criminal world, but I am not going to let this world be wiped out, I will not let Satan wipe you out. No matter how long it takes to get you in shape, and to get my deliverance inside of you; because it is our head that is our problem, the way we think is our problem; as long as it takes me to straighten you out, I will not let Satan destroy this world.


We have people of all elements in this society railing at God, over the generation, saying, What kind of a God is this, look at the wickedness that He lets reign on this earth, look at the abominations, look at the cruelty, why does He not do something? He is waiting for us to repent. Everything that happens is a sowing and reaping of ourselves as an individual and as nations, as a nation and as individuals, everything that happens is a sowing and a reaping.


Finally, Jehovah said, Well I give up on you guys, there is no way you are going to stop sinning, you are fallen, you are completely fallen down and you absolutely cannot stand up, so your only hope is the fulfillment, is that I fulfill not only my side of the covenant, but your side of the covenant. You guys cannot do it, I recognize there is nothing, no power available to help you except me, so that means I have to confirm both sides of the covenant, and I am going to do that by putting my law in your heart, but there is already a law in your heart, it is called the law of what? What did Paul call the law in the book of Romans; there are two laws, the law of life, and the law of sin and death. There is already a law in your heart, it is in my way and will not let me in. Therefore I am at war with my people. 


Jehovah’s word is on the line, He said, I will be your God and you will be my people, and I will protect you and I will defend you, and I will feed you and I will take care of you, and I am not doing it, because you are not doing your part, it does not seem to bother humanity, but it bothers me, says the Lord, therefore I am going to fix you, I am going to do whatever is necessary so that your thinking should line up with my thinking and when your thinking lines up with my thinking, your behavior will line up with what I require of you, and then both of us will be keeping the covenant and you will be delivered from hell and death. Is that the most amazing thing you ever heard of? You cannot keep your end of the bargain, so I am going to fix you so that you can keep it. That is absolutely amazing. That is what He is doing.


I told you all of this more less as a review because I had to repent that I really had a wrong attitude towards the Jew, the observant Jew today because I think they are very, considering the numbers of Jews, the majority of them are secular today, but the observant Jews that keep the Mitzvahs, and I know in my heart that my attitude was wrong towards them. It was as if I was saying, Well you know what a worthless thing that you are doing, here you have this great promise from the Lord Jesus Christ and you are busy doing this worthless thing. That is not really accurate. As they do the Mitzvahs, they ascend spiritually. To whatever degree the Lord is still honoring that today, that is what they believe. If it has changed, they do not know that it has changed. My whole point is it is not empty works that they are doing. Just as we sit here listening to Scripture that is causing us to ascend, they are doing the Mitzvahs that are causing them to ascend. 


I have to apologize to them in general and I keep saying, I do not want to be ignorant anymore, and I was ignorant again. Especially when it comes to the Jewish Sages, we really have to be very careful; they have an incredible amount of knowledge and thousands of years of experience. They are missing the key though, there is a whole bunch of knowledge and wisdom and it is all locked up, that is the mystery, that is the way it is expressed, the Hebrew children today manifesting as the Jewish Sages that exist today and the writings of the Jewish Sages that go back a thousand or two thousand years, mostly about 1500 years, they have all of this incredible wisdom and knowledge, and understanding and they cannot make it work, they cannot make it work. It is the most powerful incredible dynamo, and they cannot light the match that is going to make it blow.


What are they missing? Who is the key? Jesus is the key and they are blinded to that, they cannot see that the match that is going to light the dynamite, they are dynamite, there is power equal to dynamite in this Jewish word, and mostly men, I think the women do not study that much, they are just filled up with this glory of knowledge and wisdom, and I heard a rabbi preach online yesterday, the man was anointed, nobody could tell me there is no anointing left in Israel, the man was absolutely anointed, but they still are mortal men, they are still here, they are still going around the mountain, nobody has ascended. They have not ascended. They have all of this treasure locked up in a box and they cannot find the key. 


I do not know to what degree that they understand that everything that they are doing was not the whole covenant, the whole covenant was not revealed to them, just the part that they were able to do at the time was revealed to them. They do have some revelation; they are waiting for Messiah to come. They do have a revelation that Messiah is involved somehow, but they are blinded to the fact that Jesus is Messiah. They are lacking the key; we have the key, and some of the knowledge, the knowledge that has accumulated. I could not even attain it in one lifetime; it is knowledge that has accumulated over thousands of years from multiple men. 


It would be like somebody today wanting to be a physicist. First you have to study and learn all of the material and inventions and knowledge that all of the physicists that accumulated, going all of the way back to the first physicists, and then you take it from there. There is so much knowledge there, if I could study every day I do not know what would happen, I cannot study every day, it is just too much. With all of that wisdom and knowledge, they cannot light the fuse. They are still going around the mountain.


I mentioned this recently in a LEM meeting, the fuse that is going to light the powder cake, is the union or the unification of the observant Jews and the sons of God. It will be the reunification of Israel and Judah, the power that was present under Solomon plus, but there is no way that they are going to join with us while we are preaching false doctrine. 


To get back to my point for today, I see, and I am asking the Lord to correct me if I am wrong about this, I do not see any, the ministry that the Lord has given us that by revealing spiritual truth and studying it and listening to it and studying it and internalizing it to the best that we can, thereby ascending to the rung of the ladder that, that truth is nailed to, I see that as a spiritual growth attained by inquiring minds. When I compare that to, I should not say spiritual growth, spiritual ascension attained by spiritual growth, and when I look at the performance of the Mitzvahs, I, and I may be naïve here, I do not see it as having to learn and believe something that could be really painful for somebody to believe, I see it as just doing the deed. This is what you have to do, thou shalt, I will do it, thou shalt, and I will do it.


I see the Lord honoring the keeping of the Mitzvahs, okay, I am talking about the fulfillment of the covenant, the Lord is fulfilling the covenant by putting His son in us Christ Jesus, who is capable of wiping out all sin, that is the fulfillment of the covenant. I see, and we are really just one church, we are really Israel, the church is Israel and Judah is Judah, we are really one nation in Israel because there the divided Israel and the unified Israel, the church is the separated Israel and Judah is Judah, but it is the same covenant to everybody, and the fulfillment of the covenant is Christ in you the hope of glory. The difference is power, internalized power, which will result in permanent salvation through spiritual growth, through the growth and maturity of Christ Jesus in us, as opposed to the impartation of spiritual power through obedience. I got it out.


I am going to say it again, I see the keeping of the Mitzvahs as the impartation of spiritual power as a result of obedience, it is the same thing as I call the imputed anointing, they are getting, to whatever degree they are capable of ascending, or to whatever degree they were capable of ascending before Jesus Christ through their obedience. It is a type of the imputed anointing, because it does not really change them, it does not change their spiritual understanding, or their spiritual growth, they are just being obedient in the physical behavioral aspect. What I see happening here I believe is a move towards the fulfillment of the covenant in us. 


Let me say this first, what I see the Jews doing that whatever spiritual growth they may experience or they may have experienced before Jesus was resurrected, it was imputed, just like the power that was imparted to the church is imputed, there is no permanent change in them, it is a result of obedience to the law, and with the church it is faith in Jesus Christ or obedience to the law, it is in both instances imputed. What I see happening here as our mind and our spirit is capable of digesting advanced doctrine without going into fits of fear, because do you realize there are thousands of people that would be in fits of fear at the things we are preaching here if they were to hear it? They are fearful.


What is happening here is that we are moving into the fulfillment of the covenant. Christ in you the hope of glory, as we can digest and internalize the truth that Jesus is giving to us these days, we are ascending on that ladder, Jacob’s ladder a rung at a time, with regard to a permanent, the fulfillment of Jehovah’s covenant with mankind in the form of a permanent spiritual ascension from which we will never fall again. 


Jesus Christ is resurrected never to die again. That is what I was trying to get out, that there are different degrees of spiritual power, and even the spiritual power that Israel has seen over the years or over the centuries has been an imputed power and the proof of it is that they lost it. The proof of it, the proof that they are on the same or a similar level to Adam that fell, is that they lose the power.


There are two kinds of immortality, and the 2nd level of immortality really has a different name and that name is invincibility. Adam in the garden was immortal, he could have continued on that way forever, he was innocent, he had never sinned but he was capable of sin, but he had never sinned, and immortality exists in righteous, so he had never sinned, he therefore was righteous, but it was an imputed righteousness, he did not do anything to deserve that righteousness, it was given to him, just like righteousness was departed to the Hebrew children at Mount Sinai. All they did was say, Yes Lord we accept your covenant, and righteousness was imputed to them.


That is pretty similar to the church today, saying, Yes Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior, and righteousness is imputed to them, but it is temporary.


That righteousness is temporary and it gives us grace that is what grace is. Satan has to keep her hands off of us in every area that we are willing to confess sin, so that we can study and confess our sins and repent and get Christ Jesus built up in us. That is what grace is. I do not know even one person in the church that understands that. It is just a tragedy; they just do not understand it. 


I see that as a similar aspect of the one covenant that Jehovah made with Israel and that He is making with the world in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. The fulfillment of the covenant is the maturation of Christ Jesus in us to the fullness of the stature that we saw in Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus of Nazareth, our example of what we can hope for, He escaped from this body of death. He escaped from this prison house.


I just wanted to say that, that is my exhortation for the day. Are there any questions about what I said? There is only one covenant, the Lord is ministering it differently to different people, and the Lord can do anything He wants you know. He said, I will have mercy on whoever I decide to have mercy on. That is what He said, one person lives the other person dies; He does not owe anybody any explanations.


One person gets healed; the other person does not get healed. We are challenged to love Him and honor Him anyway, and it is just foolishness to do otherwise, because He is the only one that can help us. Man, and I do not exclude myself from all of these things that I say, we are just so foolish sometimes, some people actually get mad at God and cut themselves off from their only source of deliverance, the height of pride. That is why we are where we are.


Brethren in this hour, not only are those of who are receiving the truth that the Lord Jesus is pouring out, not only are we ascending spiritually, and not only, did I finish what I was saying about the two kinds of immortality? I do not think I did. The first kind of immortality you can die to. Adam died to that immortality. We are the residue; we are the condition he fell into when he died. Jesus Christ glorified is our example of invincibility, mature immortality, He can never die again. He can never fall again. That is what is available to both the Christian and the Jew that is willing to go through the processing which will result in the death of their old man, and renew them in Christ Jesus, invincibility, that is the ultimate promise, but it is at the end of the process, there are stages in between. First we will return to the condition that Adam was before he fell. Basically I think that was what the Lord wanted me to tell you that as strange as it may sound, the church is in a very similar condition that Judah is in today, and for those of us who are willing to listen to the advanced doctrine that the Lord has given us and be willing to have our sin nature exposed because I believe the Jews are willing to listen to the doctrine, the issue is the exposure of the hidden sins of the heart and the utter betrayal of our old man in favor of our new husband which is Christ Jesus.


We are the key, we can light the fuse of that incredible body of knowledge and wisdom that is in Jesus and we are supposed to be rejoined, and we will be the completed Israel of God, Paul called us the Israel of God in the hour that it happens, it is going to take a complete miracle for those observant Jews to even look at us.


As far as they are concerned, we are unclean, I am a woman, it is just going to take a complete miracle, but it has begun, and you all may know that there was a very revered rabbi in Israel who left a letter with instructions to only open it after he died, and he said that the Lord had given him a great revelation. When the envelope was opened, He said, Jesus Christ is Messiah. 


There is already a group of followers following that. The Lord is going to do it. I am forgetting to say something, I guess I said this whole exhortation to apologize to those who observe the law that I did not understand that there was spiritual ascension associated with every, with the fulfillment of every Mitzvah, but that spiritual ascension would only be unto imputed power. 


I guess what I am supposed to talk about is this concept of falling down. Those of you who have been studying with me for years, like ten or fifteen years, you may recall about ten or fifteen years ago what it was like to be around me when I was preaching, because, and what it was like to be around me was like you could not even move or say anything, or I would fall down from the place that I had ascended to, to teach you from. Somebody put a TV set on once, and it just completely, I just completely fell down. I described to you over and over again at that time that the Lord raises me up to a spiritual place that is much higher than my natural state in order for me to preach to you. It was not my natural state, and the slightest little irritation would knock me down out of that place and I could not bring forth the message. That went on for a long time. It does not seem to be the case anymore, apparently I have grown up to the stature of the place from which I am preaching today, so it would be like someone jumping out of a window when the window is on the ground floor, there is no place to fall to, because Christ Jesus in me is ascended to the level at which I am preaching from today, he is grown up in me.


This is a benefit of the fulfillment of the process that is fulfilling Jehovah’s word of Christ in you the hope of glory. This is my point, Israel fell down, they fell down, they were powerful spiritual beings, they fell down, they were immortal like Adam was before the fall and they lost it. Jesus is resurrected, never to die again, that is the fulfillment of the promise and it is what we are striving for today, the fulfillment of that promise, we are working the works of God that His promises might come to pass in our life, and I told that I heard a rabbi, listening to a sermon online last night, it was from a man who is dead. I do not think there are that many rabbis that preach like that because the way the website was set out, this was a special rabbi. He was very, very anointed, it was very difficult listening to him because he was preaching half in Hebrew, I do not know whether it was Hebrew or Jewish, and the other half in English, and it was exciting that I understood a few words, but not enough.


It was very hard to listen to him, but he was talking about repentance, and he was talking about why Moses was not allowed into the promised land, I found it absolutely fascinating. He took almost a half an hour to make the point, that repentance, now this is really important, can everybody hear this? Repentance does not restore you to where you fell from. In other words when that use to happen to me, when somebody would ask me a carnal question or break one of the rules around here and I would fall down, that person could have repented for twenty minutes and I would have said, I accept your apology, but I have fallen down, I cannot bring forth the message. That was his point; repentance stops the judgment from going any further. 


The Lord is reminding now about the thousands that died from murmuring, the Scripture says Moses held up the brazen serpent and the plague stopped. This was not murmuring, this was not complaining, Oh my back hurts or I do not like what the pastor preached today. Murmuring has to do with witchcraft, they were practicing witchcraft, murmuring implies the muttering of spells, that is just an aside. Moses held up the brazen serpent and the plague stopped, and everybody that was still alive repented, but did all of the dead people repent? No, the damage was still done. This was his point; Moses fell down when he hit the rock.


The Hebrew children were testing him severely, and he judged them out of his carnal mind, but of course he fell, not even that, you know that was not even it, the fact that he hit the rock was just the proof that he had fallen down, the Hebrew children whose carnal minds he was judging had attacked him just like the prophets of old attacked Elijah and he fell down, and he could not get up so he judged them with his carnal mind. This is the key; this is the reason why Jehovah would not let him into the promised land, because a particular level of spiritual power is associated with every spiritual level that we ascend to. 


If I am judging your sins at a particular level, the way I am judging your sins today is at a completely different level then the way I judged them even a year ago or two year ago. There is a particular level of power associated with my ability to judge your sins at this level, and it is a higher level of power than I had, the way I was judging your sins a year ago or two or three years ago. Just as there is a particular level of power associated with every doctrine that you can receive, there is a particular level of power associated with the level at which any minister can judge sin. Because Moses did not stand when the Hebrew children attacked him just like Elijah did not stand, Moses went down and could not stand up again, and Jehovah said to him, you need a particular level of power to enter into the promised land because Anak is there and all of his children, and you are not just walking into the promised land, there is going to be a warfare, and if I let you go in at this level of power, you will be destroyed. That is why Moses was not allowed in, he lost his power and Jehovah would not let him go in and be destroyed. 


I want to tell you the message just really blessed me. We need to know this that repentance does not restore you to where you were when you did the sin, whatever you did. Anybody who thinks, and I actually had some arrogant Christian say to me once, Oh put it under the blood, put it under the blood, you know. That is not even a true repentance; even a true repentance will not restore what was taken.


You have to seek God for restoration, it could take years, it could take a week or it could take years. Remember what happened to Elijah, he fell down pretty low, but because he had a particular call on his life, it was the will of God that he should be raised up at that time and when he could not do it by himself, the angel of the Lord had to come, and feed him spiritual food, he was raised up on doctrine brethren, what do you think that spiritual food was? 


We are fallen down and we are being raised up on doctrine, we are being fed the spiritual food that raised up Elijah. We do not know how long he was down. He could have been down for years. You have to read the Scripture with a spiritual mind, we simply, the Scripture simply does not say how long it took Elijah to stand up after he ate the spiritual food, and remember he needed two doses of it, the angel came back again. We are in the process of being resurrected to a higher level at this time.


I was talking about the spiritual power associated with levels of judgment, there is spiritual power associated with levels of knowledge and of internalized doctrine and spiritual power associated with levels of the ability to minister righteous judgment. That means to ascend in Christ Jesus you need to ascend on both legs okay, the doctrine is on the right side and the judgment that you minister is on the left side, both sides have to ascend, you have to ascend.


Understanding the doctrine is not enough, even if you could teach it, it is not enough, you have to come to a place where you can minister righteous judgment, and you only get to that place after you have your sins judged sufficiently, which could be going on for years. Am I condemning any of you? No, I am giving you information, anybody who thinks that they are ascending on understanding of internalized doctrine, you could really have internalized it, you are not going to be raised to the level of warfare that is necessary before the Lord is going to let you into other spiritual worlds. The Lord is not going to let you enter into a spiritual world where you are going to be killed as soon as you open your eyes.


What am I telling you? Internalized spiritual doctrine is not enough, neither is having your own sins exposed and judged enough, your own sins have to be exposed and judged to the point that Christ Jesus has risen to a level in you where you can legitimately judge righteous judgment, you have to ascend on both sides, judgment and doctrine, to ascend into the next world. I guess that was the message I was supposed to get out. We do have some people in this ministry that think they are going to make it on doctrine alone, a couple of people, but you are not going to make it on doctrine alone, you are not going to make into the next world. The Lord still loves you, the Lord still loved Moses, but He said, Moses you cannot enter in. It was Jehovah’s decision that Elijah would be resurrected after Jezebel knocked Elijah down, and that Moses would not be resurrected after the Hebrew children knocked him down. What is the difference between the two situations? I do not know but I would really like to know. The only thing that comes to mind is that the prophets of Baal, they were all Jezebel collectively, that went after Elijah, and they were unrighteous Hebrews who actually preferred Jezebel’s table to serving the living God.


The children in the wilderness, I do not know, maybe they had a right attitude and it was just their carnal mind. I expose sin with people, sometimes people are very willing to have me do it, but Satan in their unconscious mind attacks me anyway. These two people are in two different categories, somebody who will refuse to hear what I have to say and attack me, and somebody who listens but does not have any control over Satan in their unconscious mind attacking me, the judgments on the two are completely different.


The Lord just reminded me that Elijah was not born of a woman, Elijah has no genealogy, as far I know it is my opinion that he was self-incarnated man, he was not born of a woman; that is my opinion. That would be the difference right there. Moses was a type of a human being of an Israelite, a Hebrew just going forward in the process available to him through the covenant with Jehovah which will end in salvation, deliverance from bondage to the powers and principalities that were created to be under our authority, the whole world flipped over. The man who was supposed to be ruling, Adam, became subject to the powers and principalities that he was to rule over. That is our condition; that is why you cannot understand me, that is why you are sleeping when I preach to you. I want you all to fall out of window so that I could wake you up, (laughing). 


I still do not have that really straight what happened to that person that fell out of the window when Paul was preaching, I do not really think it was a physical window, I think he fell out of a spiritual window, and a window is that which breaks two different worlds. Are there any questions or comments about this? Okay. 


12/28/10 Transcribed by RLR

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