628 - Part 1

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Praise the Lord everybody, we have a very interesting message, it is called WHEN I SEE THE BLOOD and it is taken from the Soncino Zohar, Volume 3, pages 109-118, it is a very deep message, we have not had a deep message or message to this extent or to this depth in a long time, so some of you may not remember some of the principles, maybe some of you were not here, when I taught them, I will just go into principles taught previously to the degree that the Lord lets me, because I do not want to deviate too far from the point of this message. In particular what I have in mind, we have already read the notes and I talk about the tzlem image, so I would expect that nobody here remembers what that is about.


I am going to go over it lightly, if at the end of the message the Lord lets me review that, I will do it, if not, our responsibility is to get to the major point of this message. We are going to be reading these verse from the Soncino Zohar and I will be commenting on them. Before I start, on page 2, what I mean by parenthetical study, is that as I said before we started recording, I was naive enough to think I would preach this in one message, and I realized that I had to add some text from previous pages in order to explain the subject of my comment on page 2 so that is what it means parenthetical study, it is verses from another page that really did not have anything to do with this message, except that it is not going to make any sense to you unless I explain it.


Also, before we start with the notes, the Lord wanted me to tell you or to show you what I have drawn, on drawing #1, most of us here I think would know that we typify the temple of God, that the whole message of the Scripture is not only for nations, it is not only for Israel, it has to do with each of us as an individual, and that we are told we are temple of the Holy Ghost and that we are to be inhabited by God, we are house for God, the invisible God wants to be revealed in a visible world, and we are the house that He enclothes Him so that He can be revealed.


Some of us may remember from previous studies that there are three layers to the temple and we are talking about the Jewish temple now, for those of you who do not know it, Christianity is a Jewish religion, Christianity is Judaism, taken to the next level. Judaism believes in Messiah, has been waiting for Messiah, for thousands of years. Christians, at least the original Christians were all Jewish, they were all, they were not Christians, the original disciples of Jesus Christ and the apostle were all Jewish, the only Bible that they had was the Jewish Bible, and they were waiting along with all of Israel for Messiah.


Israel, well first of all Israel was destroyed, Israel went under judgment and was destroyed, so the Israel that we are talking about at the time that Jesus appeared was just the tribe of Judah, that was Israel, truncated Israel, Judah. Judah was divided, and we have been studying another message here which I do not know if the Lord will ever let me finish it called Israel and the nations, where we talk about what divided Israel, and that is based on what Paul had to say in the book of Romans, what divided Israel two thousand years ago, was whether or not Jesus of Nazareth was Messiah, and there was some Jews that thought that He was Messiah and other Jews who thought He was not Messiah, what is significant is that the Jewish establishment at that time did not believe that Jesus was Messiah, and they conspired to crucify Him.


Thereafter the Jews that believed that Jesus was Messiah were still Jews but they were persecuted by the Jewish establishment. They went into hiding. It was not until, and I am not too good on church history, it was not until at least ninety years later, and maybe more unless somebody here knows, when the followers, when the people who believed that Jesus was Messiah began to be called Christians.


At that point, the doctrine, Jewish Scripture began to become perverted, and that happened when Constantine who was an emperor of Rome, decided that he needed to control the people, there were a lot of Jewish, now remember Judah was a vassal state of Rome at the time that Jesus appeared, and Rome did not want any trouble, they did not want to have to send soldiers in to put down uprisings all of the time, they wanted everything to be peaceful, they wanted all of the people, all of the vassal states to pay their taxes so that the Romans could be rich, and we have something called the Pax Romana for those that are familiar with it, the Roman peace, the Roman peace, you make trouble I kill you, the Roman peace.


There was trouble stirring when all of these Jews and I guess some converts from Rome who believed that Jesus was Messiah, and who knows you know to what degree miracles were taking place at that time, we do not know, we really do not know. There was a rustling in the Roman Empire, and why do you think the disciples, the apostles were jailed for what they were preaching. In one place the Scripture says, You will not preach in that name (meaning Jesus) in this city or in this town, why? What were they preaching? They were preaching that Jesus was a king, and that He was risen from the dead, and that He was not only the king, He was the king of kings, which means He was greater than the Emperor of Rome, ah hah, danger, my kingdom is in danger. This myth as they called it could cause a lot of trouble in my kingdom. So Constantine had a stroke of genius, he said, well let us everybody become Christian, and we will mix all of the pagan religion with the Christian religion and make one perverted religion and I will become the head of the state religion, and I will not have any more problems.


Basically that is what happened, is there anybody here that disagrees with my history? Basically that is what happened, and that is when all of the pagan doctrine got mixed with the Jewish, with the deep understanding of the Jewish Scripture and became the perverted myth that is in the church today. That is the truth. Christianity as it is called today and somewhere along the line, as political forces started to flow to corrupt the true message of Messiah, a division came, and the people who believed the false doctrine, the pagan doctrine that had now been mixed by Constantine with the Jewish Scripture became called Christians and the Jews who never believed that Jesus was the Messiah remained Jews, and the separation was established. The bottom line is that Christians worshiped Jehovah, the worshiped the same God except that Christians believed that Jesus was Messiah.


If you are around Christian churches and you want to take notice you will see that they intermix Jehovah and Jesus because they do not know what the difference is, the basic Christian teachers, they do not know what the difference is but they worship Jehovah. Any Christian church, that is truly a Christian church will tell you, Yes, Jehovah the God of the Old Testament, we believe in the Old Testament. There are some fringes that do not believe in the Old Testament anymore, but by in large Christianity believes in the whole Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament, and Jehovah is the God of the Old Testament. We worship the same God, we have the same Bible, at least the first part of it, we agree on that, that it is the Bible of God.


What is the problem here, why are we separated? Because the false doctrine that has utterly corrupted the church. My whole point today brethren, is that for those Christians who get a deep enough, or attain to a deep enough relationship with the Lord, we are going back to the doctrine before it was perverted, and that doctrine, that true doctrine is not anywhere in the church.


What we have, as far as the books go, what we have is the deep teaching from the Jewish sages. Today Judaism is completely fragmented, completely, there is not only reformed conservatives and orthodox, there is like multiple levels within each category, and there is a category of Jew that studies the ancient sages.


Those of us here have had a miracle, if you are here, you have had a miracle, somehow by the grace of God, we have connected with the Lord Jesus, the glorified Jesus Christ, who we believe is Messiah, to such a deep extent that we have begun the process of returning into the deeper most place of God, and the temple that I have on the board shows the Christians in the outer court, which is the where the Christian churches, it is the reception area.


For years I had dreams that I was the receptionist, and I could not understand it, because I am the reception area right now, if you think that this is pride then do whatever you want to do, this is just the truth, I as far as I know am the only teacher who has a relationship with Jesus Christ that can connect the belief, the understanding or the truth that Jesus is Messiah to the deep doctrine that will equip us to return to the most holy place where life is. This is where life is in the most holy place, that is where Jesus is today in His ascended condition, and we are all out here in the outer court.


If you are here and you can understand what I teach, what I teach from the sages, from the Hebrew sages, you must have somehow by the grace of God fused with Jesus to the point that your mind can tolerate it. Brethren salvation is the result of the union with the Spirit of Christ, union with the Spirit of Christ does not occur in a moment of time, it takes a lifetime, if not lifetimes to join our spirit to Jesus Christ, why? He is holy, what happens when sinners join with holiness, what happens? We die, we die.


It is an absolute miracle that those of us who were separated, Paul says, lost without hope in this world, that we could actually have a relationship with the living God who is in the most holy place, because He has extended Himself and sent a savior to us to draw us in little by little, and that drawing in or accompanying that drawing in, we have to be spiritually cleansed, or if we get to close to the king in this most holy place and we are not cleansed, we will be burnt up, consumed. There is no returning to God without dealing with our sin nature, and this, I am sorry I am never condemning anybody, I am trying very hard to be kind about this, but this fairy tale that you live your whole life as a sinner because you read your Bible, you are going to be returned to the king after you physically die, it is a childish belief that is entertained by the people in the outer court who have merely been reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, and are languishing out here, they are sick, they are dying, they are emotionally distressed, they are dependent on the medical system, does anybody know who is the head of the medical system of this world, does anybody know? Who remembers? Who is the head? Is it Jesus Christ? Is He the head? Satan is the head of the medical system of this world. The Lord lets us use it, because our bodies are of this world.


If we are not close enough to Him where He is healing our body, by all means, go the medical system, all you have to do is look at the symbol that the medical societies have. It is Satan’s medical system. Most of here have been in deliverance, we know all of that. It is very easy to establish, it is pretty much you learn this in what we call old order deliverance. The outer court, we want to associate a level of doctrine with each of the three places of the temple of God. There is a temple of God, a geographical physical temple, or this is just a wall left, but there was a temple in Israel, but the Bible says we are the temple of God, so there is three levels within us, the outer court which is this body, the inner court, which is our soul and the most holy place which is our inner most point where our spirit meets the Spirit of God. The outer court is associated with the surface of the literal understanding of the Scripture and the moralistic understanding of the Scripture. You can go into the most carnal church and they pick up the Bible and tell you, and give you a message on morality, the Bible says this is right and the Bible says this is wrong, that is a part of the literal understanding of the word. The holy place, the doctrine associated with the holy place, the Jews or the sages call hints and I call it logical conclusions drawn from the Scripture, but you cannot drawing logical conclusions from the Scripture unless you have a deep knowledge of the Scripture, you have to really know at least portions of the Scripture, I wish that I knew the Scripture a lot more than I do, but I have got what I have got, you may not have to know the whole Scripture, but any area where the Lord talks to you, if you can, you need to be able to acquire a deep understanding to look in one book and compare it to something in another book, and draw conclusions, logical conclusions from it, so we do that here.


The most holy place, that is where Jesus is, and He said, We are there with Him, He said that we are seated in heavenly places with Him. That does not mean our body is there, I wish my body was in heavenly places, I would not have the problems that I have, but our spirit, you know to be honest with you I am still struggling with this spirit soul thing, and the Lord just reminded me that we have two souls, we have a mortal soul and an immortal soul, so our mortal soul which is largely our emotions still is, in the outer court, or not even, not even in the outer court, because outside of the outer court is the nations, they do not have anything of God.


It is the soul that we receive from God that joins Jesus in the most holy place. For those of you, if you were not here years ago, all of the drawings are available, you can see how I drew part of us, the ox or the animal, part of us is still down here in this world, but our spirit or the soul that we receive from God, is all the way, we are stretched, and those of us, the soul that comes from God, which is really the resurrected Abel, and people who are in this condition where Abel is resurrected in them, you seem very strange to the world and the world seems very strange to us, we do not seem to fit in, because we are in this world, we are not of it, our heart, we have a soul from God, that comes from a higher world and longs to be in that higher world, but we have a body to take care of down here, and we have emotions to take care of down here, so we are in a predicament.


My whole point of what I am trying to tell you is that to be delivered from hell and death which is just another way of saying salvation, we have to return to the place where life is, the most holy place. We read about that in the book of Job, where it says, And they were headed back towards Eden, and there was fire behind them and Eden was in front of them and they climbing walls, that is us, that is talking about us. The fire that is behind us is the purifying fire that is purifying our soul because we cannot go forward unless we are purified and I talk about that over here.


The soul of the carnal mind that enters here, enters into the most holy place dies to the life of God. I am told according to what I read that in the past days, when the temple existed and the high priest entered into the most holy place on the day of atonement, that it was possible for that priest to truly die if he was not properly cleansed, so they use to tie bells around the feet of the priest so that if he died when he was in the most holy place, they would pull him out, because no one would go into get him, they did not want to die also. That is what I am told.


I believe today, I do not think, based on what I know, I do not think that someone physically dies from entering into the spiritual most holy place. What is the spiritual most holy place, it is the mind, it is the place where we seek to understand the deep things of God. I do not think you physically die unless perhaps your motive for entering in is very evil, but I do not know, but because of Jesus, because mercy and grace is in the earth today, I think that if you have anything of God at all, that you would die to the life of God, and the reason you die to the life of God is because you can only understand the truth of God which is the mysteries, the explanation behind what was just read before we started recording, the truth, deep spiritual truth that is behind that spiritual message that is printed out in your notes, that can only be understood with the mind of God.


If you try to understand it with the mind of natural man which we call the carnal mind, you must get it backwards because the carnal mind and the mind of God are at complete opposite odds, 180 degrees apart from one another. It is impossible to read the holy book given to Israel by Jehovah with your carnal mind and understand it as the author intended it to be understood, your carnal mind will surely twist it, and when you start believing twisted doctrine, believing twisted doctrine leads you to a deeper relationship with the spirit that is confusing the doctrine, and eventually you depart from Jesus, and you are worshiping Satan who is giving you the understanding of the false doctrine.


This is the secret of Jezebel that we read about in the book of Revelation, where Jesus is saying, that Jezebel feeding false doctrine to my people. These are people right in the church understanding the word of God with their carnal minds. That situation has to be corrected. The Lord just wanted me to put that on the message before I start teaching you.


We are going to be reading this portion of the Zohar and the only reason that I understand it because it is hidden, the truth is hidden, it is because the Lord taught me the doctrine of Christ. That is the only way I can understand this that He enlightens me to recognize the doctrine of Christ, what He has taught me in these mysterious words. I find it personally very exciting to see something in a book like the Zohar that I have been teaching for years, it excites me because it says to me that I have truly, it is my witness that I have truly heard from God. If you are hearing this message or reading this message and you are someone that does not believe that the Zohar comes from God, then you have two witnesses that I am not of God and that the Zohar is not of God either, because of the problem that the carnal mind cannot recognize deep teaching which the sages called the sod, that is a Hebrew word the sod, the English word in the Scripture is the mysteries, if you are somebody who cannot understand the mysteries or even if you do not understand it with your mind, if you do not get a witness in your heart that it is of God, you are going to say that this is not of God, and we need to live with that, you can convince people what you are teaching to be of God, they have to get their own witness, it is as simple as that.


I want to end this exhortation by telling you that we, the, I hate to say Christ centered Kabbalah because it is not, I am not talking about our ministry that exists in this carnal world, I am talking about what Jesus is doing here, okay, He told me to call it Christ centered Kabbalah, but what we have here is the materialization, the manifestation of the middle column of the Sefirot, I am going to put that on the board for you now.


I hope you all have a recollection of the three columns of the Sefirot, left, right, and middle column and the middle column is the balance, the right column is kindness, either when either the left or the right column get out of control, destruction comes, if judgment, there is no right column the judgment becomes harsh judgment unto destruction, if you have only the right column, we cannot survive on goodness alone without correction because you go into destruction that way too, you cannot give away everything that you have, you cannot be kind to people who are trying to kill you, you have to defend yourself.


If you have only the right column, you will be swallowed up by the evil in this world. What I am trying to tell you, and I am going to put on the board now, is that the left column of the Sefirot signifies Israel with the law, with Israel, the Lord gave the law to us through Israel, and the end of the law is death because nobody can satisfy the law. That is why everybody physically dies after a season because the law, it is the law that kills us, nobody can satisfy the law, we all sinned in the depth of our being. We have thousands, probably millions of people in the world that do not understand that because they think they are good people, the problem is that God is not fighting with the masses right now, He is just telling them through His preachers that your definition of good person does not line up with God’s definition of good person, because if your definition of good person lined up with God’s definition of good person, you would not be dying, or you would not be aging, and the previous generations would not have died, and you and all human beings would not expect to die at some point.


Obviously God has a controversy with us. When I first came to the Lord and I started reading the Scripture, that one of the things that confused me. He says through the prophet, I have a controversy with you, God has a controversy with me? Yeah. Yeah, what I think is okay, what I think is right, what I think is good, shock time!! He does not think it is right and He does not think it is good and His righteous moral law is killing us because of it. Shock time everybody, Satan is not killing us, Jehovah righteous law is killing us, because our opinion of righteousness does not line up with His opinion of righteousness, and He calls our righteousness filthy rags, but He calls it self­righteousness, yes filthy rags also, and the self-righteousness He considers filthy rags, why? Because He does not want us to die, He does not want us to die, but there is no way He is going to bend to our will, so we will keep on dying until we bend to His will.


The Lord knows however that we are just sheep, and that people are ignorant and He has great mercy on us because we are so ignorant and to think we are smarter than God, He just has great mercy on us.


Anyway, I was waiting for the board to be erased, I was going to do drawing #2, I am going to show you what the Lord is doing here in this ministry, the spiritual work that He is doing here, can be likened to the middle column, the left column was the law through Israel, which is harsh, harsh law, the right column is the mercy of God given through Jesus Christ, the Jews have not returned to immortality and the Christians have not returned to immortality, what is the problem?


The Jews believe they will return to immortality by doing, by keeping the Mitzvah, by keeping the commandments of the flesh, things that you physically do or physically do not do, they think they will eventually will return to immortality through that, the Christians believe they are going to return to immortality because they have a relationship with Jesus Christ and they think it is after death so nobody has disproved it, well why not. Both are not true. What the Lord is doing here and again it has nothing to do with me or this ministry, it is His work that He is doing here, it is the combination of the two, it is the combination of the law and all of the teaching and understanding that comes through the law and the mercy of Jesus Christ combined and mixed together that produces a human being that has the potential to return to immortality, through the righteousness of the law that we hope at some time to be able to fulfill because we are joined to the only one that has the ability to fulfill the law.


Jesus said, I come not to take away the law, but I come to satisfy it, so that it has no more power over you. If something you are doing is causing you to be killed, stop doing it, so you can live! The whole problem is, none of us has the power to stop evil thoughts that God considers evil that come out of our unconscious mind, that we think are okay. But through marriage to the Lord Jesus Christ, through the joining of our spirits and the rectification, the correction of our fallen soul, we will be brought into a place, a spiritual place where we can ascend back up to the most holy place, with impunity, without being killed, because this man, Christ Jesus is our righteousness.


The law is not our righteousness, our own opinion that what we are doing is okay, is not our righteousness, He is our righteousness, and through union with Him, He destroys the sin in us without killing us.


This is what I call the white throne judgment, the church world believes the white throne judgment is the judgment of the heathen, brethren, Jehovah and the Lord Jesus Christ are concerned with the church, judgment is for the church, for the church, for the church. This concept that the church is okay, and they are out there saving the heathen, they have got it all backwards. You know they have to have something to do, Christians have to have something to do, they have to have an activity.


Last week I went to a local church, I have not been to a local churches in a long time, but I went last week, and now those of us here know that the church on Long Island is languishing, the anointing is languishing in the church on Long Island. I went into a church that used to be hopping, and it was pitiful, the pastor was blaming the congregation, saying they need to go out and save people, because there is nothing there. Why are you coming to church, there is nothing there? Well then it must be on the outside. No, no, maybe you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing in the church where you are. Confusion is covering the church like a blanket today in most areas, great confusion, and the reason for the confusion is that a new order has come in to existence, the middle column has appeared through a doctrine called Christ centered Kabbalah which is a combination of the law given the strictness of Jehovah, the mercy of Jesus Christ, and deep teaching through which our mind is converted to the mind of God, our mind is being saved first.


Drawing #2, I am showing you the middle column, the only way back to Keter, which is in whom immortality dwells alone in Keter, we are told in 1 Timothy 6:16, true immortality only is available at that height where Keter is, the height of Atzilut, and that is where Jesus has attained to, and the middle column is the only way to attain to that which we lost.


Jesus said, in the book of Revelation that we should return to our first estate and our first estate was immortality, we have to return to our first estate and higher, we are to return to invincibility, Adam had an immortality that he was able to lose, he died to his immortality and became mortal, we are returning to that place, immortality which we can lose and then even higher which is called invincibility, immortality, a state of immortality from which you can never die again, that is the testimony of Jesus Christ, He can never die again.


Therefore in Him dwells the only true immortality, the immortality that Adam had that he died to, was a form of immortality but it was not a true immortality because he died to it, and does not the term immortal imply unending life, yet Adam lost that unending life, he fell down out of the world where that was available to him. Jesus Christ has ascended to a higher world, when Adam died he was in Beriah, and Jesus has ascended to Atzilut and He can never die again.


We are attached to Him, the soul that we get from God which I use to call a spirit, in the, when I was first teaching the doctrine of Christ is attached to Him, if we are reconciled to Him. The rest of us is down here and He is dragging us up. The way He drags us up is by our mind first. If we want to ascend into the place of true immortality without sorrow, we have to line our thoughts up with His thoughts. Well what happens if you do not attain to immortality without sorrow, you continue to reincarnate and who knows, next time around you may have something worse than this, do not be a wise guy. I am not talking to anyone in particular here, I do not know where this message is going, do not be a wise guy!


Right now I am thinking about John McCain’s testimony, he was in a military prison camp where they were torturing him every day and they found out that he was the son of the high ranking officer after a year and a half they wanted to release him, and he said, First man in, first man out, I will not take special privileges, and his tormentor said, Well who do you think you are, you are so tough that our torture is not bothering you? Now we will really give it to you. Do not be a wise guy and say that you are not interested in true immortality, because if you think you are suffering now, you do not know what you are going to get next time around.


This is the only way to go brethren, and the only name I have right now, is Christ centered Kabbalah, but I guess for me, I guess the name that I have to put there is true righteousness, because the law did not give us true righteousness, the church obviously does not have true righteousness, they think they are going to die filled with sin and wake up completely righteous, those are children’s fairy tales. The church has not attained, as Paul tells us in Romans 11, we studied that in our message ISRAEL AND THE NATIONS, Israel has not attained, Jacob has not attained, the pathway to true immortality without sorrow, to putting an end to unceasing births and deaths, and the troubles of this world, is to ascend to the place of true immortality through Christ, the mediator, Christ the resurrected Abel in you, He is in us already, the Lord Jesus is reaching down from this high place and His goal is through a series of steps to raise us up to where He is.


He wants to put an end to reincarnation, He wants to put an end to death, and hell and pain and suffering, and we are told in the book of Revelation, No more tears, but you do not go to sleep and wake up and be delivered because we are not infants, we have to grow up to be spiritual men, and we have to fight our way up to the top, we have to fight our way out of this world that we have fallen down into.


Brethren, let us start with this message, obviously it is going to part #1. Reading from the Zohar: Now we read in regard to Job that his sons went and feasted and sent and called for their three sisters to eat and drink with them. I am not going to read these Scriptures, most people are familiar with them, if you are not familiar with them, get the notes, if you are listening to this message, I have printed it out in the notes, I am going to go on with the crux of the message.


While they thus feasted and made merry, Satan the accuser was daily present in their midst, but he could not prevail against them as it is written, hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house. That is what Satan said to Jehovah, and when Job made sacrifices, he did not give Satan any part whatsoever for it says, he offered burnt offerings according to the number of them all. I did get that Scripture for you, brethren we given spiritual sacrifices, we are told in the New Testament that we offer up spiritual sacrifices, and this is a great mystery, every decision we make, every thought that comes into our conscious mind or that remains in our unconscious mind, it either has to be from Satan or from Christ, there is nothing in the middle, and in order for Satan to think through us, she has to kill Christ, because they are both vying, both Satan and Christ are vying to be our thoughts, so for an evil thought to arise in us, even so far as just the unconscious mind, at that moment, Satan has to kill Christ and offer Him as a sacrifice to the Serpent.


Every time Christ wins the battle, He sacrifices Satan unto God, and wins the battle. This is what the spiritual sacrifice is, and the ultimate sacrifice and of course Satan and Leviathan are one, the ultimate sacrifice and we will get to that in this reading, is the boiling of Satan’s sea, and the Leviathan, the Serpent is in Satan’s sea. When we boil Satan in order to distill her and separate the energy that belongs to God, from the earth which is polluting God’s energy, we have polluted energy, it is called Satan, and she is evil, and what she is, is the energy that comes from God polluted with the consciousness of the earth, so her judgment is to be boiled.


Brethren, this is a basic Scriptural principle, evil must be separated from good, the good must be liberated from the evil. Down here this is a world of mixture, we are all good and evil, our spirit is good and evil, our soul is good and evil, everything is mixed, the doctrine of Christ describes that in an easy way to understand it, saying our mortal foundation is Cain and Abel, and Cain is the evil one, Abel is the good one. In most people Abel is completely overtaken by Cain the evil one, but we all have good in us, every human being has good in them, and we are overcome by evil to varying degrees, none is righteous, the Scripture says none is good, none is 100% good, no not one, we are all good and evil to varying degrees.


The deliverance of God comes through the separating of that which in us is good from the evil influence, that is His goal in our life, to separate that which is good, that which is within us, and we call that goodness Abel, to separate him from the evil influence, and then after he separated to strengthen him to grow up into a full grown man who will then turn around and overcome and destroy the evil influence for the salvation of the whole man, that is the plan.


Brethren, before the good can be separated from the evil, you need to learn how to distinguish the good and evil, and the problem with the carnal mind, and the average man, is that what they think is good, is really evil, even the people in the church, the carnal believers in the church, they come up against a believer who is speaking the truth out of Christ and they declare them evil. To the carnal mind, Christ is evil, Christ has come to destroy the carnal mind, and as far as Cain is concerned, Christ is evil.


Do you know not too long ago, I was teaching somebody privately, it was just the two of us, and I heard Cain in that person saying, How disgusting! I heard it clear as a bell, completely disgusted with the truth of the doctrine of Christ.


Christ is evil to the whole household of the Serpent, so if the person is in their carnal mind, and you are in Christ, you are evil, that is how Jesus was crucified. When we talk about sacrifices, I do not know, I do not know to what degree the Jews today understand the spiritual aspect of this, you have to remember that this incredible work called the Zohar was written in about the year 1500, round about that. The great sages that the Jews study today are not alive anymore.


Since the understanding of the Scripture is a mystery, only transmitted by word of mouth for centuries by the Hebrew teachers, I do not have any clue as to what is being taught amongst the Jews that study the sod, I do not know what they understand. My understanding is this, that they do not have at this time a revelation of the middle column coming forth in an individual. If I am wrong, I apologize.


This is my understanding, they perceive the promise of the Scripture to be to the nation of Israel, to the physical nation of Israel, the promise of the Scripture to the physical relation of Israel, but the way it happens is that first it happens to the individual members. The strength of the God of Israel has to be restored to the individual members of Israel, and the strength of God is righteousness. Righteousness must be restored to the individual members of Israel, and then they will stand up as a nation and throw off all nations that are oppressing them.


Part of the reason I am told, that the Pharisees rejected Jesus as Messiah, is that He was not a military leader, they were waiting for a leader that would overthrow Rome and restore Judah and Israel to its pristine state with its own kingdom with its own king, not dominated by anybody. They did not understand that the men of Israel, the human beings of Israel had fallen spiritually, and that the only way the nation of Israel will rise again in the power that is prophesied, is when the individual Israelites stand up in righteousness.


The Jews believe keeping the Mitzvah is going to restore them to righteousness, it is not true. The Christians believe they have it all because they answered an altar call, it is not true, it is the mercy and the grace that comes from Jesus Christ which stops us from getting killed as we approach God, and the power of the law, which when we honor, well of course we are not doing temple sacrifices anymore. We are honoring the law through our relationship with Jesus Christ. Our desire for righteousness brings us into the depths of this message, which restores righteousness to our mind.


Righteousness must be restored to our mind, and then our mind deals with any unrighteousness in our emotions, and when enough of the people in Israel are restored to righteousness, the whole nation will stand up and overthrow the oppressor. Brethren what is happening in our country right now is that the righteousness that fueled us to be a primary factor in the winning of World War II is dissolving.


Righteousness in the individuals is dissolving. When righteousness dissolves the nation becomes weak, the individual becomes weak and eventually the nation becomes weak. Righteousness must be restored to the individual before the nation will rise again. The United States has not fallen yet, but we have made a good start in that direction. There are a lot of people praying, and we are all hoping for the best.


We are reading: He offered burnt offerings according the number of them all, this being an offering which ascends entirely on high, talking about Job now, so that he gave no portion, I am sorry this is not talking about Job, this is talking about the perfect person, let me read from the beginning of the paragraph again at the bottom of page one.


While thus they feasted and made merry, Satan the accuser was daily present in their midst, there is Job’s children, but he could not prevail against them as it is written, hast not thou made an hedge about him and about his house, so that is Satan acknowledging that Jehovah had made a protective hedge around Job and his family. When Job made sacrifices he did not give Satan any part whatsoever, for it says, he offered burnt offerings according to the number of them all.


That is what is required, this being an offering which ascends entirely on high, so he gave no portion to the other side. We are talking about Job now, had he Job, done so, the accuser would not have been able to prevail against him. Had Job done so, had Job given any part of his sacrifice to Satan, that means, if his heart was not pure, it is possible to have only a partial sacrifice, maybe you can confess your sin, but you are not repentant, maybe only partially repentant.


I experienced that recently, the Lord revealed sin in me, and I knew that a full repentance had not come forth, all I could do was say, Lord please help me to repent, because I knew that a full repentance had not come forth. Of course this book is written in the natural, we are talking about him in the spiritual, but we are being told in the book that if Job had given a partial sacrifice, only a partial sacrifice to the Lord, Satan would have been able to hurt him, this is the message that I have been teaching you here for a long time now. We all sin, and we sin from the unconscious part of our mind, the conscious part of our mind and in our behavior, we sin on three levels, brethren, nobody could hurt you if you had no sin, so we all have sin, this is the principle, I am trying to teach you this so that we can all get free and get delivered.


We are being told that Job gave the complete sacrifice, he gave, we might say he gave the complete glory to Jesus, and had he not done that, had he given only a partial repentance, the accuser which is Satan would not have been able to prevail against him.


These words for some reason, they are not making sense to me, and I went through this before I put the notes together, and I thought I had straightened it out in my mind. Job gave no portion to the other side, had Job done so, had he given a portion to the other side, the accuser would not have been able to prevail against him. Hence, see the great mystery here, let us go, let us do the parenthetical study first. The great mystery here is the reason why God let Job be attacked by Satan or tested by Satan. We are going down the part that is red.


Rabbi Eleazar then discoursed on the verse; And there was a day when the sons of God came to stand before the Lord, and Satan came also among them. This day said he was New Year’s day, on which the Holy One sits in judgment on the world. The sons of God are the supernal beings who are appointed to watch the actions of mankind. The expression to stand before the Lord is parallel to the verse, all of the hosts of heaven standing by Him on His right hand and on His left.


Brethren, this lines up with Paul telling us that we are to judge angels. Those of us in whom Christ Jesus is mature enough sees sin everywhere, but we just watch. I told you this many times also, we do not move, we do not judge sin, we do not say anything to anybody unless the Lord moves on us to act on it. The sons of God are the supernal beings, that is Christ in you or Christ Jesus in you who are appointed to watch the actions of mankind.


The expression to stand before the Lord is parallel to the verse, all of the hosts of heaven standing by Him on His right hand and on His left. Christ Jesus in us is on the right and left hand of the Lord. In this verse, it has a more special significance, to make manifest the love of the holy one for Israel. For these messengers who are appointed to watch over the works of men, read in the book of Romans, that the ministers that God appoints watch for your soul, we watch for your soul.


That means if we are truly appointed of God, we can see your sins, we do not, I do not always tell you, I see all kinds of things but I do not always tell you unless the Lord tells me, it is time to tell you.


These messengers who are appointed to watch over the works of men, roam hither and thither through the world, now that is with their mind brethren, gathering, and in the spirit, they move in the spirit, they go hither and thither in the spirit seeing all kinds of things, gathering up the deeds of all creatures so that on New Year’s day, the day of judgment, they may stand before the Lord, with their burden of accusations.


Yet of all the peoples of the earth, it is only one, Israel, whose works are examined by them carefully and in detail, for the Israelites are the holy children in a particular sense. Brethren, we are not to judge the world, judgment is just for the church. The judgment of God is for the church, the sowing and reaping judgment is for the world. For the Israelites are the Holy One’s children in a particular sense, and when their works are not according to the divine purpose, they actually weaken the power of the Holy One Himself.


What that means is the Holy One in the earth, the body of Christ in the earth is weakened when there is sin in the church. When there is sin in a local fellowship, the strength of the whole fellowship, Christ Jesus in the fellowship is strengthened, if there is sin in the fellowship. But when they do His will as it were, increase His power and might, give strength to God. When I first heard this kind of teaching, it really offended me that we could weaken God or give strength to God. He is God, the issue is we can weaken or give strength to the body of Christ that exists here in this fellowship, or the body of Christ that exists in the whole church on Long Island, or the body of Christ that exists in the whole church. We weaken or give strength to the manifestation of God in the earth, not to glorify Jesus Christ.


The Lord just told me to say something, and I did not get it, I just rebuke all of these interference here this morning in Jesus name. There was something about the body of Christ He wanted me to say. Oh yes, and does anybody know what we might say the body of Christ is according to Kabbalistic terms? What is the name, what does call the name of His presence in the earth, anybody? He calls it His name, He calls His presence or His reflection or His image which we call the body of Christ, He calls it His name.


That is why He says, my name and I are one, He says it over and over and over again in the Scripture, my name and I are one, my reflection or my counterpart in the earth, that is Jesus up there in Keter, my counterpart in the earth and I are one. The same mind, the same motives, same plan, same purposes, I just look different because of outer garment that I am wearing down here in the earth.


It is the body of Christ, the name of God in the earth that gets weaker or stronger depending on the degree or the lack or the presence of sin. Thus, the sons of God, the supernal messengers when they stand with their accusations against Israel, stand also against God, and Satan came also among them. Also, signifies that he came with the set purpose of displaying the superior power. Let me say this, the messengers of God, that is the people who are seeking to save Israel by pointing out their sins, but Satan comes too, they both come. Any minister that reveals your sin in condemnation is Satan coming to you. Any minister of God that reveals your sin with the purpose of helping you to overcome it, is an angel of God, they are both coming.


Satan came amongst them also, she sees the sin too, also signifies that he came with the set purpose of displaying his superior power as the greatest of all of the celestial accusers, and so making it difficult for Israel to obtain forgiveness. Sometimes I do not agree, as far as I know, the doctrine of Christ that the Lord has shown me, does not agree completely with the way it is presented here, but I see the spiritual principle behind it, because I think that the Zohar is saying, that the accusations that come against Israel, may not be coming from a godly source, I am not sure what I would say if I saw this in the Hebrew, but this is how the Lord is showing it to me, that when he says, I am going to read it again, The sons of God are the ones who watch Israel and look for sin, thus the sons of God, the supernal messengers, that is Christ in you, when they stand with their accusations against Israel, stand also against God. I would never express it that way, and I have had a lot of people tell me when I reveal sin that I am accusing them of sin, and my answer to anybody who says that, is that I am not accusing you, accusation is a spirit, accusation is a spirit that is not from God.


I am stumbling over this word accusation and this is the way I am perceiving it, when the people of God who are anointed to reveal sin stand against Israel, legitimately revealing their sin, Satan the one who is the accuser and the condemner comes also. And he came with the set purpose of displaying his superior power as the greatest of all of the celestial accusers and so making it difficult for Israel to receive forgiveness. When the Holy One saw that they all came thus to accuse, He said unto Satan, whence comest thou? In other words, Jehovah realized that Israel was in trouble. Israel was in trouble, there really was sin in Israel, and Jehovah was seeking to save them from destruction. Brethren, this is why He sent Jesus, to save us from destruction because we are in sin.


Jesus wants to save us because we are in sin, every human being deserves death. This is the Zohar’s explanation of how the Holy One wants to save us, or what He is going to do to save us, because we are Israel, we are the Israel of God. When the Holy One saw that they all came thus to accuse in an attempt to save Israel from utter destruction. He said unto Satan, When comest thou? What are you doing here, and Satan replied, From going to and fro in the land. We all know that the control of all lands is entrusted to the supernal chieftains. I believe that each human being is a world, we are each a world and we are the land, and what this is saying, is that we all have a spiritual authority over us, save that the land of Israel alone.


In other words, that is just another way of saying, once we become attached to the Lord, we are no longer subject to the, we do not have to be subject to the sowing and reaping judgment if we follow the Lord’s plans. We are also told that there is truth in astrology for example, we come into this world with a plan, with a written plan okay, and that plan can be for good or that plan can be for evil, and our plan really can be read by astrologers and palm readers and all of the witches, but once we are attached to Jesus, we do not have to follow that plan anymore.


If we come into this world and there is a plan for evil to destroy us or take us out prematurely before it is time for us to die, a death in the arms of Jesus, that can be changed through confession of sin and repentance and the mercy of Jesus Christ in our life. This is what is being spoken about, you see. This is a great mystery brethren, but mercy was available to Israel, it was available for Israel, but it was not the same level of mercy we have today.


The level of mercy we have today is that Christ Jesus is formed in us and becomes a permanent vehicle by which we can be cleansed from sin. What the Jews had at the time that this was written, before Jesus appeared, what the Jews had was a temporary deliverance from sin. They could be delivered from sin, but there was nothing permanent in them, there was no one to say, Go and sin no more. The vehicle was present in what Israel received from Jehovah to be cleansed from sin, but the vehicle to stop them from sinning again was not present, did I make that clear? Some of us went to see a movie not too long ago, about two young ladies that went to a Kabbalah school in Israel and they are experiencing, it was a very interesting movie, I looked on the Internet, I wanted to see if I could not get a copy of it, it was a farm film. It was a fascinating movie to see that the Jews, and this was a modern, about modern Israel, this means the Kabbalists today have rituals and rights that can literally bring forth deliverance in people.


This is very important, I am going to say it again, for the relationship that Israel has with Jehovah even to this day, for those people who truly seek God, through His Scripture, through His holy Scripture, there is provision for deliverance from sin, but there is no provision to seal off the source of the sin, to stop it from happening again. Did I make that clear? Brethren that is what we have in the church today, we have a provision through Jesus Christ, and the deliverance that so many Christians say is not even valid, they say a Christian cannot have a demon or whatever else they are saying to justify their own sin, we have the same provision, it may not be manifested or acted out the same way, but Christians today have a provision through their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ to be delivered from a sin that is afflicting you, that means a sin that is killing you, that means a sin that is making you sick, that means a sin that is hurting you emotionally, we have the same provision in a different way, than Israel had, but brethren neither Israel nor the church today except the few that are going forward today have the second stage of the promise, which is Christ in you the provision which will stop you from sinning again so that you do not get something worse.


I am going to say it again. The church today which is lifted up in pride against the Jewish people and their, whatever knowledge they have, the church lifted up in pride thinking that they are supposed to save the Jews, when the Jews can run rings around them doctrinally, except for the one truth that Jesus is Messiah, they have the same thing that the church had, neither the church nor the Jews have attained to the fullness of the provision that will cause us to stop sinning, therefore cutting off the power of the law to destroy us.


I am going to say that again, neither the church, nor the Jews today have set in place in the church at large or the Jewish nation at large, the provision promised by the Scripture to seal off that potential in us to sin, and it is the potential to sin that causes us to continue to die. Christ Jesus growing in you like a spiritual plant, will swallow up the weed which is the potential to sin, that is what Jesus meant when He said to the adulterous woman, Go and sin no more. He did not mean use your will power and stop sinning, He said, Go, I have sealed you off in that area, you will not sin like that anymore. Neither one, the church nor the Jews, neither Israel, neither natural Israel, neither Jacob or spiritual Israel, which is called Israel have entered into the promise of the fullness of the Scripture, cessation from sin, which leaves no legal ground for Satan to touch you, if Satan touched you, you have sin.


We see the whole suggestion here is that Jehovah looks at all of the accusers of Israel, and He says, Wow, Israel is going to be wiped out, everybody’s in sin. Look at the church today brethren, everybody is in sin, the whole church is going to be wiped out on judgment day. I better do something, and He says, I am going to divert the accuser, Satan who is going after, who has now the legal authority to destroy God’s people, I am going to divert him, by saying here, chew on this bone, you do not have to go after all of Israel, take my servant Job.


There is something like that in the book of Genesis when we are told that the evil men of Sodom were banging on Lot’s door demanding that he turn over the angels to them, or the men that came, so that they should know them, and Lot said, Do not do this wickedness, here I have two daughters, take my daughters. I prayed about that for years brethren, that is horrible, just do not take these holy men. Of course there is a spiritual understanding of that, I do not believe Lot turned two physical daughters over to the mob, but there are a lot of Christians who believe that, I do not know what the Jews believe, it is called the principle of the scapegoat. I have a whole message, a whole Kabbalah message on the scapegoat. When I first heard it brethren, if something offends you, you need to pray about it because a lot of the things that I have read here have offended me and they have turned out to be true. God gives Satan a bone on the day of judgment, to save all of Israel from being destroyed, and I am going to tell you in advance what the Lord showed here when I prayed about it. He said, Here, take my servant Job, and do whatever you can to him, just do not take his life. The reason Jehovah turned Job over to Satan, was that He knew that the faithfulness in Job would stand the test, even though he had sinned too. Satan had legal ground, to try him severely, but the Lord knew that if Israel was tried that way, they would not have the faith to stand, and all of Israel would be wiped out.


He said, Here do not, if you try to judge all of the sins of Israel, you are going to have some trouble, you know, there will be opposition and here, take Job, forget about them, take Job. He turned Job over as a living sacrifice, knowing that Job would survive. I will tell you when I read this, when the Lord started to prepare me for this message, I said, Lord could that possibly be true? At this point I have been shocked by so many things that I have read that my initial reaction was, that this cannot be true, I am not doing that anymore. The Lord said to me, Sheila, I have done with you, He said, I have put you in bad and dangerous situations, knowing that you would survive and the result of it was that people got helped. Is that not true? And I said, Yes Lord, it is true.


That is what He did to Job. Brethren this is the ministry of the sons, we have not seen anything yet, I mentioned my recent experience to the Thursday group which I really do not want to put on this message, where I was really put in a position of danger, so that the Lord could reach the person that I talked to. I also told you how four years ago, I met a 32nd degree mason on the bus, and said to him, he said he was Jewish. I said to him, Were you Bar Mitzvahed? He said, Yes. I said, What are you going to Shiva to get healed for? And I knew from a conversation that we had, had, the man cursed me right to my face and walked off the bus. I prayed in every way that I knew how, I do not know how the curse would have affected me if I did not pray, I prayed in every way that I knew how, and I went into such pain in my feet, I was agony for two to three days, because I did what the Lord told me to do. I found myself on the bus talking to this man and I said what He told me to say, and the man cursed me to my face, and I was not strong enough to not be affected by the curse.


What happened to me did not shake my faith in Jesus Christ, did not turn me away from my service to Him, so He knew that what I experienced would not cause me to depart from Him and He subjected me to that to speak to that man, who was probably going to die or come under some heavy judgment for going to Shiva, and the man told me the one he prays to is Shiva, he told me that. God put me in danger to save somebody else because He knew that my faith was strong enough to handle it, and I guess I will read it soon, it says here in the Zohar that Jehovah knew that Israel would not stand, would not survive the judgments that they legally, that they legally deserved.


So if Satan went and executed the judgments on Israel, on let us just say by example, anybody here, if she were to really reign down on us everything we deserve without Jesus interfering to smooth away, we might not survive, we might die from it, we might lose our faith, which is spiritual death which leads to physical death.


That is what it says in Zohar, Jehovah knew Israel would not survive, so He said to Satan, leave them alone, take this one, no trouble, no fuss, you do not have to fight for it, take this one. Is anybody not understanding this?


Brethren, this is, this message is not for the faint hearted. A relationship with Jesus is not for the faint hearted. I have described, over the years I have described it many times as the courtship with Jesus, the marriage to Jesus, the honeymoon and then you settle down to life, the troubles of life, that come to you when you are married to Jesus. He sends you out, we are the ones, our physical person, we are the ones that carry His Spirit, we are the personality that speaks His words. If you are a mature son, all you have to do is read the Old Testament, Jehovah was always sending prophets, and even in the New Testament He sent John to criticize, it was not a king to criticize Herod, accusing him of incest.


Brethren, when you have an intense relationship with Jesus, He sends you right into the lion’s mouth, what about Moses, going right to Pharaoh, brethren if you are in danger through your relationship with Jesus Christ, you are still young, you may still be female, if you are a male, you are a very young male. Am I insulting you, do I intend to make you feel bad? Absolutely not, you have to know who you are and where you are, and you also have to know what it means to be a spiritual male.


Paul said, Endure hardship like a good soldier. Paul described the walk of Jesus as a warfare. Where do you see that in the church today where they are preaching about the blessings you are supposed to get. What does that mean? The church is filled with women and children. The way to immortality without sorrow is through spiritual manhood. Brethren, if you have been called to spiritual manhood in this hour, you really do not have a choice, because if you turn it down, when you pass on, you do not know what your next reincarnation is going to be like.


I would take what I have brethren, I would not risk being born into another lifetime without a relationship with Jesus and having to go through what I went through for all of those years before He found me, and picked me up, and started to set me straight. This hardship and this warfare and whatever pain that I experience because I have done what the Lord told me to do, is absolutely worth it to have Him as my husband and my savior in this very dangerous world.


We read in the Zohar, So Jehovah said to Satan, Where are you coming from? Did you ever try and change the subject when it was a difficult situation? Here Jehovah sees Satan is headed for Israel to destroy them, and Jehovah says, Let me get Satan’s mind off of them, Hi Satan, where you are you coming from? And Satan replied, From going to and fro in the land. We know that the control of all lands is entrusted to the supernal chieftains, that is the powers over the non-Jews or non-Israel, the Jews and the Christians that serve the God of the Bible together are called spiritual Israel.


Hence, when Satan said the land, God knew that he intended to accuse Israel, and therefore straightaway asked him, Have you considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth. He is a prized plum, do not go after the guys, the members of Israel that are so weak that you could knock them off easily. Does anybody not know that Satan never goes for the strong ones, he goes for the weak one first, right? Jehovah is trying to say the weak one of Israel, the women and children, the ones that would be knocked off, He said, Do not do that, here, take, here is a good challenge for you, try Job. God knew that he intended to accuse Israel and therefore straightaway ask Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, in order to divert him to another subject and make him leave Israel alone, like a shepherd who throws a lamb to a wolf in order to save the rest of the flock.


Anybody hearing this message, or reading this message or sitting here who is offended that God would do this to anyone, least of all a faithful servant like me, right? The mystery is that the end of Job was better than his beginning. He went through all of that, he was faithful to God and ascended to a higher place than he was at before his trial started.


The mystery is that God does reward us for our faithfulness and when we survive and prevail in difficult situations, we receive spiritual growth and we start to ascend up this middle column on our journey to immortality without sorrow, and there is an end, the day comes that we will be at peace, brethren, until that time, we are His army and He is sending us according to our faith, He is not going to send us someplace where we will be destroyed, He will not give us more than we can bear, but according to our faith, He is sending us into dangerous places to make contact with in the hope of rescuing some of His people that are completely lost to Him, this Jewish man going to Shiva for his healing. That is a Hindu god for somebody who does not know.


Thereupon Satan left Israel and turned his attention to Job saying, Doth Job fear God for nothing? As if to say, No wonder the servant fears the master who gives him all of that his heart desires. We see that Satan picked right up on it. Yeah that is right, Job is going to be a challenge, I can see that, and he picks it right up and he says to Jehovah, That is right, that is right, this guy Job that you bless so much, do you really think that he respects you for it? So Satan took the challenge. Remove that providential care from him and then see what his fear and reverence will be worth. Mark this, when in the hour of need something is thrown as a sop to the other side, like the lamb thrown to the wolf, the representative of the other side, that is the Serpent’s side, soon ceases to attack its original victim, this is the reason for the offering of a goat at the new moon and on the day of atonement, for Satan occupies himself with these, and leaves Israel in peace.


Brethren if you stop to think of it, I am sure all of you at some time have seen a movie or have been in a real live situation where someone is being picked on, and some kind of champion steps in whether it is the guy’s father, or someone who knows how to fight and says, Why do you not pick on someone your own size.


That is what we are called to as spiritual men. It sounds very exciting, we are going to defend the innocent and the weak, but we do not expect to be hurt in the process because the carnal mind says, Well surely the Lord will defend me completely so that I will not be hurt, I will just go in there and get rid of these guys, no. So does the Lord want us to be hurt? How come we are hurt in the battle? We are hurt in the battle because we too have sin, and we are hurt to the fullest degree of the sin that we have. The issue is and in situations that I have been in, I have never let go of the Lord, I may have mis-stepped, but I have never let go of Him, and I never stopped praying and He got me out, and I He likens this to someone going undercover.


Did you ever see a movie or hear about a detective going undercover and he gets, and the undercover life becomes more real to him then the wife and kids and the life as a policeman that he left behind? One movie comes to mind, so the authorities in police department started contacting him and saying, You have to come in out of the cold because you are going under, and he was falling in love with some woman there forgetting all about his wife, and he did not want to come in. It was a tense part in the movie where they finally got him to come in, and they got a hold of him and everybody was hugging him and patting him on the back, and his mind was wrecked, but he did the job, I believe they got the criminals and put them in jail.


It is a fantasy to think that we are going to be fully delivered before He sends us to war. What does that mean? Where we are going to be so without sin that we will not get hurt in the warfare. We will get hurt in the warfare, but we will not be destroyed, again as you heard me preach over the years, the Lord has likened us to the dirty dozen, do you remember seeing that movie, The Dirty Dozen?


All of us, all of humanity, we are spiritual criminals, and the Lord came to us, especially the bunch here, we are David’s band and he came to us and said, Well you are going to die anyway, or you are going to rot in jail anyway, so I am taking you, I want to put in the army and I am going to train you to go undercover and do whatever you are going to do, and if you survive you will not have to go back to jail. That is His promise to us. Nobody wants to hear that.


Back to page 2 and Now I will try to explain that paragraph in black to you, in view of all of this, because it is a mystery because the Zohar does not use the personal pronoun so we have to guess who he is talking about. Now he is saying, This being an offering which ascends, Job, well the offering that Job gave that we are talking about is an offering which ascends entirely on high, so that Job gave no portion to the other side. Had Job done so, had Job given a portion to the other side, had his repentance or his performing of the law not been complete, the accuser would have been able to prevail against him.


Hence in the end, he, Satan, anything in green I have added in, Hence in the end, he, Satan only took what was his due, he only took the energy that he could take from Job that was legitimately due him because of the sin that was presently in Job, as to the question which might be asked, why then did God allow Job to suffer like that? The answer would have to be that He YKVK, given Satan his due because of the sins of Israel, see Satan got his due from Job, and Job survived. Satan is taking his energy, Satan took Job’s energy to the degree, so that look at all of the sin that Job must have had to go through what he went through, but Job survived, his faith in God survived.


Had Satan given his due because of the sins of Israel, had Satan gone to the weak ones in Israel and given them everything they deserved, they would have never survived.


Cain, the unholy side would have separated itself from Abel the Holy One, and so allowed the latter to ascend undisturbed into the higher spheres. My comment is this, now I had to pray over this for a long time. Let me read this again, as to the question which might be asked why did God allow Job to suffer like that, the answer would be that had he YKVK, Jehovah given Satan his due, because of the sins of Israel, Cain the unholy side of Israel, would have separated itself from Abel, the Holy side of Israel, and so allowed the holy side of Israel to ascend undisturbed into the higher spheres. In another place we are told, that it is this separation that is desirable. Remember I said that at the beginning? God wants to separate the good from the evil so that the good can join with God? Well how could that be happening? If Israel’s sin were judged, had Jehovah given Satan his due because of the sins of Israel, Cain the unholy side would have separated from Abel, the holy side and the holy side would have ascended. How could that be? And the answer is a trick answer, which is in my comment in green.


The key here is that for this to happen, to sinners that were so weak that Jehovah knew they would have been destroyed when their sins were dealt with, for the holy soul to ascend in people in that condition, the man would have to die.


There are two ways for the good to be separated from the evil, one is that you die. The Scripture says the spirit goes back to God who gave it. Another way to have the good separated from the evil is for the good side to so join, well we say with Jesus Christ, right now a lot of Christians would be, I could just hear them screaming at this, there was provision before Jesus Christ, they would have joined with Tiferet, they would have joined with an imputed Christ Jesus that had been formed in them.


Remember there is no difference between the church in its present condition and Israel, in so far as the forgiveness of sins today, neither has attained to the end of the promise which is the sealing off of our potential to sin. The church thinks they have it over Israel, but they do not. Is anybody not following me? Neither has attained, so I am going to read this again. As to the question which might be asked, why then did God allow Job to suffer thus? The answer would be that, had He, Jehovah given Satan his due that was due him from the weak ones of Israel, Cain the unholy side of those weak ones, would have separated from Abel the holy side, and so allowed the latter to ascend undisturbed into the higher spheres through killing them. Can you see it? Everybody okay? Okay.


Page 3 in the black. But since He, YKVK did not do so, He did not turn Israel over to Satan, the Holy One let justice be executed on Job, because Job survived the judgment that he deserved. Now brethren listen, very important, Satan when it comes time to execute judgment, he is not going after the strong ones, he is going after the weak ones, so God turned Satan away from the weak ones to save them, and he turned the judgment on the one that He knew would survive what he deserved.


The others would have deserved it, but they would not have survived. But since He, Jehovah did not do so, He did not turn Israel over to Satan, the Holy One let justice be executed on Job, justice, everything that happened to Job was just, everything that happens to us is just, right.


Mark this, as Job kept evil separate from good and failed to fuse them, how did he fail to fuse them? No matter how he was suffering, he did not blame God for it. He was judged accordingly, first he experienced good, then what was evil, and then again what was good, and this is really important, everybody hear this, for man, that is you and that is me, for man should cognitive, you should be aware of both good and evil, there are some people right here in this ministry that sometimes they just like to see everything through rose colored glasses.


It is good, for man should be cognitive of both good and evil, and turn evil itself into good. This is a deep tenet of faith. Brethren, you cannot turn the evil into good if you do not confront the evil. We just had this conversation a couple of days ago. We have got to look at the evil to bring lasting help. If you just bury it, if you do not see it, if you make believe it is not there, maybe you are safe for the moment, but that evil is going to rise up and bite you and if that evil has its eye on someone else, it is going to bite someone else. We cannot deal with it unless we see it and look at it and talk to God about it, and analyze it and understand it and then we find out from the Lord what we have to do to turn that to the right side.


The plan is not to just wipe out the evil. Somehow that evil has to be manipulated and moved or controlled so that it can do good. The example that we have in the Scripture is that the Serpent’s household and mankind is like a wild raging bull that needs to be castrated, and when a bull is castrated, it becomes an ox that pulls the plow and works for the good of mankind. That is the principle in the Scripture. The evil inside of us has to come under the authority of Christ Jesus in us, so that the whole man will be a force of good, a force for good and a source of good.


We cannot bring the evil inside of us into submission until Christ Jesus is formed in us. What we see a lot of people thinking, is that it is a good thing to have Christ Jesus formed in us, but they are not too happy for the warfare that is going to bring evil into submission to Christ Jesus in us. I tell you brethren, and it is right here in this teaching, that if you do not get Cain circumcised, even if Christ Jesus grows to full maturity in you, if you do not deal with Cain and you do not get her circumcised away from Leviathan, the household of the Serpent that Cain is connected to will rise up and destroy Christ Jesus in you.


When you are strong enough to do it, you have got to take authority over your sin, because if you do not seize the moment, that sin will get stronger and overthrow you. How silly of me to think I would do this in one message right? We are now in the middle of three messages, I do not know if we will go back to the others or not, and as I have explained to you before, the Lord is just, I guess I just spend too much time on it. When He wants to go on to another subject, He wants to go to another subject. We may go back to Israel and the Nations, which I think is there is one more part on that, and then Hair, we may go back to that, but I do not know.


This is a very exciting message, I would like to finish it, we will see what happens next Sunday. My comment in green, after I said this is a deep tenet of faith, my comment is, this deep tenet of faith, this potential to turn evil into good, is the middle column, that is exactly what the middle column is, it is the merging of the right column of goodness with the left column of evil, the right column is Abel, the left column is Cain.


That is how we make evil good, we merge it into goodness and through Christ Jesus, our righteousness, we bring the two sides into the middle column and we return to righteous immortality without sorrow. We are not getting rid of Cain, we are destroying Leviathan and Satan, because Leviathan and Satan have been born illegally, but the root Cain, which is our the dark side of creation, and we need a dark side for the negative, we need a dark side to appear, the darkness forms the light. Cain is not being destroyed, but Cain is being reigned in, and she is being brought under authority.


In order to do that, in order to reign Cain in, you have to cut her away from Leviathan who is attached to Satan who is attached to Pharaoh, who is attached to the Serpent. Cain has to be rescued. Do you know that all of us have potential to do wrong things? All of us have potential to do things that are not good for us? Simple examples are, overindulgence, alcohol, eating, whatever, fornication, whatever, we all have potentials to do things that are destructive. We have to reign in the power, by the power of the righteous of the mind of Christ. We have deal with our emotions and our destructive tendencies. Cain is our spiritual destructive tendency, only she is pretty strong because she is hooked up with the Serpent’s crowd, and we would never overcome her if it was not for Jesus.


Brethren, life is in the middle column, and you can only get there by dealing with your sins. Rabbi Simeon continued, it is now fitting to reveal mysteries connected with that which above, and that which is below. Why is it written here, come unto Pharaoh? Would it not rather to have said, Go? It is to indicate that the Holy One, blessed be He, guided Moses through a labyrinth right into the abode of a certain supernal mighty dragon, that is to say, Egypt’s celestial representative, from who many lesser dragons emanate.


What this is telling us is that when Jehovah sent Moses to Pharaoh, it was a spiritual battle, and this supernal mighty dragon, supernal means in a high spiritual world, from which many dragons emanate. Well one might say that each of us has a dragon within us. We are told in the book of Revelation, that old Serpent, that dragon, the devil, and Satan. Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and the devil is the personality who agrees with the other side. That is our old man, the devil is our old man. Just like we say Christ Jesus exists in a high spiritual plane, and each of us, I mean the body of Christ, which is Christ Jesus, exists in a high spiritual plane, and each of us is attached to that collective body, that is what this is talking about. It is the body, actually the body of Leviathan, what does that mean? It consists of all of the people who are given over to their other side. In high spiritual realm they exist as a great dragon.


Those of us down here who are given over or are into submission to Christ Jesus, in a high spiritual plane, we exist as the body of Christ. I know that I have taught this before, if you go up high enough, the warfare is merely between, well if you go up high enough, there is no warfare, and as you descend the warfare is between Christ Jesus and Leviathan, and as you continue to descend, both Christ Jesus and Leviathan are manifesting through a numbered amount of human beings. We read about that in Revelation chapter 12, And Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels. The warfare exists on all spiritual realms except the highest realm, the Keter, where the Lord Jesus Christ has ascended to.


Moses was afraid to approach him. You know when I read this I was really set free because I am not too happy about the latest assignment that the Lord may be giving me, I am not even sure that is an assignment yet, but I have experienced fear at some of the things that I have seen in the spirit, and I go before the Lord and I say, I just repent, you know that I at least I have temporary fear, I do not want to give you a wrong impression, I have some concern but then I just get past it.


I was so happy to hear that Moses was afraid, as he went to Pharaoh. This is saying, Moses was afraid to approach not the man, Pharaoh, but the celestial dragon that was manifesting itself through Pharaoh. Moses knew that he was not going just to a man, he knew that he was going to a man that was supported by a very, very high principality that we are told here is a supernal mighty dragon. Moses was afraid to approach him, because his roots are in supernal regions, and he only approached his subsidiary streams. The streams, what that means, water refers to spirit, so there is this mighty supernal dragon in a high spiritual realm, it can be likened to a great river and then streams come out of the river, and stream, the water of the dragon’s household, is in many human beings. We are saying Moses just approached his subsidiary streams, but he knew that no matter how harmless a man looked, or even if he knew that Pharaoh was not harmless, that he was capable of a certain degree of magic and spiritual power, Moses knew that he was defended by a mighty dragon that was much more powerful than what he was able to recognize in a single man.


Brethren, that is a principle that we just do not see in the west anymore, the west, by the Lord stamping out witchcraft through the law, which is now coming back, because the law is being relaxed, but in this country you would be arrested if you were reading cards or doing anything like that years ago. Witchcraft was put to a minimum in those days you know, but the result of it was that the people in the west became naive and unbelieving with regard to spiritual things. People who are spiritual brethren, they are defended by a spiritual entity.


If you meet somebody who is a spiritually powerful person, you should know that there is an entity in the unseen realms that is defending them, and you have to be a fool to take on that person. If you see somebody spiritually powerful and you size them up to think if you can take them on, and you are only sizing them up for what you see, not recognizing that they have an ace in the hole, that there is a powerful entity that defends them, you are spiritually naive.


Before you start up with anybody, you should really count the cost, especially today, you do not know who you are talking to out there, you do not know what people are into. You just do not know. It happens, not only spiritually, it happens in the natural too. Years ago, I was at the Copacabana with a group of people and they were at another table, in those days anyway, the Copacabana a lot of mafia people were at the Copacabana, and at that table you could tell that they were mafia, and they were just sitting there making a lot of noise but not bothering anybody.


There was a man and his wife who obviously it appeared they were from out of town, they were not New Yorkers, and this must have been their big day that they were in New York, and they were at the Copacabana, and the guy must have been drinking too much and he stood up and starting yelling at the head guy at the mafia table telling his to shut up and waving his hands and his fists at him, all of a sudden all of these bouncers are out of the floor surrounding, with their hands on their pockets, you know, waiting for any trouble, and the head guy who was working for the Copacabana, spoke to the mafia guy and he held his hand out and he says, it is okay sonny, take it easy sonny, you know, he was afraid the guy was going to shoot him, he said, He is just a hick, take it easy sonny, you know. The guy sat down. They could have had a shooting right there in the Copacabana.


Here is this man, he saves up all of his life to take his wife to New York to the Copacabana, and he is taking on some big shot in the mafia. We do the same thing spiritually, when you challenge somebody you better really think before you challenge somebody, you do not know what you are up against. Another situation that comes to mind, is that years ago, I was a waitress briefly and I was working in this upper class restaurant, they had Matra Ds, and flaming deserts at the table, and I was one of the waitresses with a second waitress who was standing there when the Matra D was doing one these flaming things, and one of the women at the table asked a question that it could have been considered a silly question, I do not remember what the question was, you know, about the food obviously, and the Matra D answered her and the other waitress said to me, something to the effect, Well is that not stupid?


I did not even think anything about it, but about ten minutes later after that whole thing was over, some man, the man who happened to be with the woman, came over to me and asked me a question that seemed strange to me, and I found out later, he just wanted to hear my voice because he was looking, he wanted to know which waitress insulted his woman, and it was not me, and he recognized the voice of the other one and she was fired.


You do not know what you are doing brethren, you really just have to be very quiet, especially when we are spiritual people, do not draw any attention to yourself, be quiet, be nice to everybody, and pray all of the time, because this is a very dangerous world, and if you are pregnant with Christ, you are a target, Satan is looking for any possible, to hurt you. You are responsible for that child you are carrying. You are not your own brethren.


When the Holy One saw that Moses feared the dragon, and that none of the supernal messengers were able to overcome him, he proclaimed, Behold I am against thee, Pharaoh, king of Egypt, the great dragon that lieth in the midst of the rivers which hath said, My river is my own and I have made it for myself. There is a Scripture that says, When nobody would go in the name of the Lord, He sent His own arm, His own arm delivered Him. What this is saying is that Moses and none of the angels in the higher realms could overcome the dragon, so Jehovah Himself took on the dragon and rebuked him. Behold I am against thee Pharaoh, king of Egypt.


You know when someone with spiritual power or natural power says that to you, Behold I am against you, that is not the end of it, Behold I against you, you better hide or run or do something. There is another Scripture that says, A soft word will turn away the wrath of the king, but of course in this case, there is nothing that Leviathan could do except self-destruct, which she is not going to do. Behold I am against thee Pharaoh, king of Egypt, says Jehovah. What confuses so many of us is that the judgment of God to our simple mind takes so long to come into existence, but by God’s point of view, judgment is executed immediately.


Actually another way to look at it, Jehovah says, Behold I am against thee Pharaoh king of Egypt, and the next thing that happened is the Jesus appears and brings reconciliation between the people and God and the sons of God are being raised up, well people look around and they say, Well look Satan is still doing all that she wants to do, who is stopping her? The plan is in action. Jesus was born, it is 2,000 years, but the bottom line is that the Lord has a plan and the plan is that Christ Jesus inside of human beings are going to bring judgment on the great dragon that lives in the sea, and until the sons of God are raised up to spiritual manhood capable of fighting this war, the transgression continues, and down here in human years it is 2,000 years already, and I do not know how long it was before Jesus was even born. Of course, the Lord is beyond time, that is hard for the human mind to comprehend, that it could take so long with so much suffering going on for the judgment of Jehovah to fall upon the powers and principalities that have kidnaped, overshadowed, and to date controlled humanity, except for a few, and those of us are only partially delivered, trust me.


Page 4 in the black; actually that is interesting, I printed out the, I included in these notes the actual Scripture Ezekiel 29:3, which says, Yes the Lord took care of it directly, but He spoke it through a prophet, speak and say, Thus saith the Lord God, Behold I am against thee Pharaoh, king of Egypt, the great dragon that lieth in the midst of its rivers which hath said, My river is mine own and I have made it for myself. His river is not his own, he has stolen it from Adam who fell as a result of the conflict.


We see that even when God speaks, He speaks through a man. Yeah, truly the Lord Himself had to war against this dragon, and no lesser being, this is the mystery of the great dragon, for those who are familiar with the esoteric law.


Well He does not really tell us what the mystery is, but I believe that the mystery of the great dragon is that the Serpent seduced the woman that Adam fell, that the dragon came into existence, and stole the holy substance and he stole the seeds of the sons of God, it is like stealing a woman’s ovaries, he stole us before we were born while we were still in Adam’s womb.


Remember Adam was male and female and he was told to go forth and multiply and fill the earth, so his ovaries were stolen, only he existed on such a high spiritual plane that the ova in his ovaries appear as us, that is who we are, we are the ova of the fallen Adam’s ovaries, at least Abel within us is, what you see outside is just the casing.


That is the great mystery of the dragon, that this world was not formed by God, this world was formed by that great dragon who stole the holy substance and he kidnaped the holy seed, he kidnaped the children of the kingdom, and formed this world with the holy substance.


We see that we are in the likeness of God but we are not in the image of God, because the whole world is formed from God’s breath which formed the holy substance, the life force of the holy substance is God’s breath, but God did not form the world, it is His substance, but He did not form it, the Serpent formed it. That is the mystery of the great dragon, as far as I understand it, I do not know what the Zohar says about it.


It never ceases to amaze me that people and Christians can actually think that God formed this world, because they see beauty in nature, the kings of the world are the people, so you see beauty in nature, but the kings, the rulers of the planet is mankind, and brethren mankind is evil. I could not help putting in a couple of Scriptures from the book of Revelation chapter 17 verses 1 and 15, which says;




  1. 1. And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me saying unto me, Come hither, I will show unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters.
  2. 15. And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest were the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues. KJV

My comment is; The dragon is male to Abel who is completely given over the mind of the beast, and the average person out there and a lot of the people in the church, Abel within them has not be quickened, and he is still buried under Cain’s ground, and is repeating everything that Cain says, and Cain is saying what Leviathan and Satan say. And this is the false prophet, Abel in anybody, believers or otherwise who are repeating the talking points of the Serpent’s household, is the false prophet, looks like a lamb, has two horns like a lamb, but talks like a dragon.


Abel, he is supposed to be the sacrificial lamb within you, but he is speaking the words of the dragon, he is the false prophet. Abel is the root and residue of Adam who fell, who was YKVK’s wife, and is thus become an harlot, Abel has become the harlot because of her fornication with the dragon through her unholy and reversed relationship with Cain, Abel is supposed to be ruling over Cain, but Cain is ruling over Abel, and Cain has made our potential for righteousness, holiness and immortality without sorrow, Cain has made that potential a harlot. Abel has completely taken authority over him and brought Abel into the lifestyle of the dragon, the unholy lifestyle of the dragon.


Say Rabbi Simeon further, It is written, and God created the great dragons, the taninim, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly after their kind, and that is Genesis 1:21, I did not reproduce it for you here. This verse he said, we have already discussed, but the words he created the great dragons contain a yet more special and particular mystery. They refer to the Leviathan and his mate. Who is Leviathan’s mate? Satan, Satan, yeah. When I first read this in my studies, in my advanced studies, I was surprised because I thought that Satan was the male, until the Lord explained to me, No, Leviathan is the male. I have been preaching for years that Leviathan is the Serpent’s male organ, spiritual male organ that is penetrating human beings through his connection with Cain.


I said, Why is Satan the female, I thought she was the prince of the power of the air? The Lord said, Satan is the female, but she is dominating the male, she is dominating the male, she is Jezebel, she is ruling over the male. They refer to Leviathan and his mate which was slain and is preserved by the Holy One for the regaling, and that means the feast and celebration of the righteous in the days of Messiah. Brethren, that is interesting that the Zohar says that Leviathan was slain. I guess that has to mean that Leviathan was slain in the high realm of the spirit, I have to believe that at the moment that Adam fell, the plan of deliverance for fallen Adam and all of us was already constructed in the highest realms of the spirit, but it is taking time to work its way down through here.


As far as I know, Leviathan was not slain until Jesus Christ was glorified. In order for Jesus Christ to be glorified He had to overcome or slay Leviathan, and because He did it, there is now a way for us to do it. The only possible solution to what may be a contradiction is Leviathan was slain in the high realm of the spirit and it is still working its way down, and Jesus’ overcoming of Leviathan and slaying of Leviathan, was a manifestation in this world, and possibly the next world of what was done in the high realm of the spirit before time began. Is everybody okay with that, anybody not understand that? Of course this feast and celebration in the days of Messiah, what is Leviathan’s judgment, somebody? Does anybody know what Leviathan’s judgment is? Leviathan is going to be consumed. Leviathan is the fish that Jesus was cooking on the shore when His disciples saw Him there, he was cooking fish on coals of fire, that is the surface understanding of the message, I do not know what it says in the Interlinear, but by in large, Leviathan’s judgment is to be consumed by the high priest.


Satan is going to be boiled and therefore distilled, the energy of God is going to be separated from waste, and Christ Jesus will swallow up that energy and make it His, but Leviathan is going to be consumed by Christ Jesus. It is the Spirit of Christ that will be acquiring the spirit of Satan that is separated from the waste, and Christ Jesus will be consuming as a feast Leviathan’s flesh. Leviathan is in the water where Satan is being boiled. Leviathan is going to be cooked, Satan is going to be swallowed up, Leviathan is going to be cooked. Christ Jesus in you and Christ Jesus in me is supposed to be consuming the flesh of Leviathan, talking about our old man.


That flesh has to be consumed. In order to become a part of the middle column, Cain and Leviathan and all of the principalities of the Serpent’s household, in order to be joined with the right column, and for the middle column to emerge and come into existence, the right column has to consume the left column, thus giving birth to a new creature, the middle column.


Did not Jesus say something like that? He said, I am the beginning of the creation of God, a new creature, you are a new creature, we are new creatures, in Christ Jesus. That means that the middle column in us, Christ Jesus in us is born when our right side, what is our right side? Abel, Abel strengthened by the Lord Jesus Christ, wages war against our old man which is Leviathan and Cain, and consumes him. This is the new birth, it is the birth of the middle column in us. Christ Jesus is the fruit of the merging of the left and the right column, He is literally born through this merger, and what happens in a merger?


Brethren, when a woman conceives, this goes back, I am preaching this stuff for seventeen years, this goes all of the way back. What happens when the woman’s ovum joins with the male sperm, what happens to the ovum and the sperm? They both die, the sperm dies and the ovum dies, how can you say they die Sheila? They cease to exist, the only exists is the zygote, the new creature, there is no more sperm, there is no more ovum, there is now a zygote, the first cell of the new baby. This is the new birth brethren, our goodness has to merge with our evil side, and there has to be righteousness born in us.


Goodness will not save you, and goodness is dangerous because goodness has the tendency to become what we call today political correctness where people do not want to speak the truth because sometimes the truth is shocking. When you say it, you do not go and blast it from the rooftops, you speak it to someone who you can trust, but sometimes the truth is shocking and painful and very hurtful.


Goodness when it becomes politically correct, becomes very destructive, it becomes more destructive in my opinion than outright evil, because outright evil you can recognize, that is evil, but the goodness that will not deal with the truth, or that will manipulate and twist the truth so that one can feel good because speaking the truth that is painful can make someone uncomfortable, so let us not speak the truth, that kind of goodness is more destructive because it is much harder to see, and it is much harder to overcome. That is what the feast and celebration of the righteous is, which will only come to pass in the days of the Messiah, will only be consuming the flesh of Leviathan when Christ Jesus is born in us. There is a Messiah, Jesus, and Messiah is being born in all of us. Messiah above, and His name below, Messiah in us, because Jesus exists above, Messiah can exist in us.


This consumption of Leviathan’s flesh will take place in the day that Messiah is born in you, but He could not be born in you if there was not a Messiah. Another way to say that is Jesus will always have the preeminence. We will pick up with part two of this next week.





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