632 - 1 Part

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You have to understand that the Lord started to move way before that, of course all things are possible with God, but it is really impossible to get a diehard Muslim to convert, so if you listen to the man’s testimony, the Lord started tearing his confidence in Islam before he sent the Christian to him. As I was saying, you all, everybody that just received what that young man said, I want to tell you that you are in a female mind, because you are not thinking right. At the very least, well what I am saying, if it is true that is wonderful but I am more inclined to believe it is the fantasy of born again Christians, you have a female mind, Xxxx.


Understand me, it is a wishful thinking, it is prideful, braggadocio that is saying, I am a born again Christian and millions of Muslims within ten years will give up their faith. Well if it is true, but maybe it, even if it is true, is this man a prophet of God, or is it the braggadocio of a born again pride filled Christian, and Xxxx I love you, I want you to go up with us, but I have to keep telling you, a knowledge of the doctrine is going to get you up there, it is the male mind that ascends, the female mind does not go up to heaven, the male mind goes up to heaven, and you still have a female mind, so why am I telling you this, I am telling you this so that you should know that you do not have the wedding garment that you need to ascend.


What that, when you read in the Scripture about the wedding feast and Jesus is saying to that person who was present at the wedding feast, you do not have a wedding garment, you have to leave. That wedding garment is a male mind, the Lord Jesus Christ is not marrying our female mind. I do not know what you are thinking but you act like you take my corrections very lightly like it is no, there is no remorse, there is no what I would call repentance, it is just, you are just very, it is like you are just, like it is nothing. That is fine, you are not insulting me, but I am telling you because it is my job to tell you that your mind is still female and that you are not going to ascend on the doctrine alone, it is only the male mind that is ascending. What came down from heaven, only what came down from heaven is going back up, and the female mind never ever was in heaven, and never will be in heaven.


If you want to ascend, you need to get on your face and find out how come you do not have a male mind, and you do not take correction very well, you do not, you know, so this is nothing personal between you and me, it is my job to tell you, look at you there is no remorse on you at all, Xxxx look at you, there is no remorse, there is no conviction, there is no fear, there is no nothing, it is like a just blank look. How do you feel, you know, I just told you, listen to what I just said to you. I said, Xxxx, you need a male mind to get into heaven and you do not have one, what is your reaction to that? What do you think, what do you feel, what is your response to that?


COMMENT:  Only that it is the mind of Christ Jesus that is in you and me. I have sin my heart?


PASTOR VITALE:  No, Xxxx, that is not the answer, I just said, you do not have what it takes to ascend. What kind of a reaction do you have?


COMMENT:  The Lord has given it to me, I believe He has given it to me.


PASTOR VITALE:  This is called a lack of repentance, I am identifying what is going on in your mind, I am not mad at you, and I am not fighting with you. Your pride is extremely high Xxxx, and you are responding out of pride. Instead of saying, Look, this would be a response that would get you some help, okay, and now I am going to exaggerate so you can see, Oh my God, I do not have what it takes to ascend, you know, Lord, what must I do, how come I do not have it, how come other people in the ministry have it, how come I understand the doctrine so well and I do not have the mind of Christ? There is no concern in you at all, you put the whole burden on the Lord, and that is not how it works. What you are saying in so many words is, Well there is nothing for me to do, there is nothing for me to repent of, the Lord is going to give me what I need and I am okay.


COMMENT:  inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE:  Xxxx, listen Xxxx, honestly I am trying to help you, that is all this is, what you are saying now is called justification, you are justifying yourself, listen Xxxx.


COMMENT:  You still never give me a handle on something that I can do, I have never grasped...


PASTOR VITALE:  But Xxxx I just told you, let me try again, because I want you to come with us okay...


COMMENT:  And I am going, I am going by the grace of God, I am going, anything that has to be done Lord, do in me, I repent, (a few inaudible words).


PASTOR VITALE:  Your pride has to be broken Xxxx, your pride is very, very high.


COMMENT:  What am I prideful about is what I am saying?


PASTOR VITALE:  Well, you have to understand that pride has many, many, many faces, and what the average person thinks is pride is only the tip of the iceberg. The average person thinks that pride is, Oh well I am better than you are, or I have got this and this makes me a good person because I do this. Well that is just the common manifestation of pride, that the man on street would call pride. When it comes to spiritual things, pride is everything that opposes the word of God. Pride is everything that opposes Christ. All of us, we have two sides to us, and hopefully Christ is in there, I do not know, He may be in there, I have to believe He is in there to some degree, or you would not understand the message, so at least you have an imputed Christ, beyond that I do not know, I am not saying you do not have Him, I do not know what you have. We have Christ, and then we have Leviathan, and they oppose each other, and the question is, the one who we respond to, the one who expresses himself through us, whether it be Christ or Leviathan, that is who we are.


That is what pride is, pride, listen pride is a way of thinking, and pride is a way of thinking, it is way, way, way more than what the average person would think is pride, that I am better than you are because I have money, or I am better than you because I am gorgeous, or I am better than you are because anything, that is just carnal stuff. The pride that God is dealing with is our old man, it is a whole nature that is associated with a way of thinking. That old man and that way of thinking that is associated with him is not going up.


COMMENT:  Now for me to believe that for ten years it is possible for the sons of God to manifest and for the truth to come and flow into all of these people that are so zealous for God, ...inaudible, will not receive it?


PASTOR VITALE:  Well I did not say, well listen...


COMMENT:  Even the way you are speaking.


COMMENT:  The way I am speaking, every time I am...inaudible, you tell it is pride, is that true.


PASTOR VITALE:  It is that you are resisting what I am trying to tell you, it does not matter what and Xxxx this is going on for years, no matter what I try to tell you, your response is to defend yourself, except last week, was it last week, you had a breakthrough last week Xxxx, you had a breakthrough last week when we all tried to show you that you had a wrong spirit towards something that, that speaker said, you really had a breakthrough last week. Let me pray for you right now okay. Father in the name of Jesus I pray that, that breakthrough should continue Lord, and that, that breakthrough should manifest today and that Xxxx should have some progress today Lord, she is in your hands to break that pride because, well it is not up to me whether she goes up or not, but from based on what you taught me, that pride is not going up, and it has to be broken off of the part of her called Christ which is of your nature and your life, and Christ is completely buried under this pride Lord, so I pray that you break it, and that we should have some positive conversation today or we should change the subject because I really do not want to waste anyone’s time just striving with her. I pray that Christ should rise to the surface, Christ the one who will be taught and that Cain, the one who will not be taught should go down under or we will change the subject, in Jesus name.


As I was saying, we are to test the spirit on everything that we hear, and in addition to testing the spirit you have to look at who is speaking and what the circumstances of it is, and we are commanded to lay hold of every imagination and try every spirit and it the female mind that believes without testing a statement like that, a statement that has worldwide consequences, that millions of Muslims will be converted within ten years, it needs to be tested, and anyone who believes that without testing it, is thinking with a female mind. Let us test the spirit, let us test the spirit, who is it that was saying that? Everybody open floor, any input at all, let us test this spirit, who is it that made that statement.


COMMENT:  A baby born again Christian.


PASTOR VITALE:  A baby born again Christian. Anything else? I guess it is possible that a baby born again Christian could have that word, personally I doubt it, but anything is possible. Anything else? What about baby Christians, what do we know about baby Christians? There are full of what?


COMMENT:  Boasting, they take the Scripture and they...


PASTOR VITALE:  They are full of what? They are filled to overflowing with pride. Pride is spiritual immaturity. Anything else? The floor is open, anything else? Well that is pride, that was boasting, that was a boast though, yeah, it was boasting. That is all pride. What I see in that though, at least one of the things I see in it is a statement of course which is still pride to prove that I am right and you are wrong, that I have departed from Islam, and I have to justify myself to all you millions of Muslims out there, you are going to find out within ten years that I was right and you were wrong, and you are all going to be converted. You know that is what the church says to all of the Protestants that departed from the Catholic Church, they will be back, and you are going to find out that I was right and you were wrong.


COMMENT:  I did not see it like that, I saw him as realizing that there were so many Muslims that were disgruntled with the Muslim lifestyle as he was, that they would start leaving like he did.


PASTOR VITALE:  Well that is your female mind, now you have to decide, Xxxx listen, you have to decide whether you want to learn from me or you want to keep your own thought process. Now, you have been learning doctrine from me for years, but as long as I know you, you have not been willing to learn anything else from me, and you need a lot more than doctrine to ascend. As long as I know you, you have been in the ministry since like 1993 I think, and you have never been willing to learn anything but doctrine from me, but we teach the mind of Christ here, we teach how to be a spiritual male. We teach how to think with the mind of Christ, and at least one of the reasons if the whole reason, that I do not think you have made any progress at all in that area, is because you instead of submitting and learning you just come back with your own thoughts, and you make a controversy out it, and then you decide to keep your own thoughts, and you have not learned a thing.


COMMENT:  Does not one have to learn the basic word of God before they can go on to learn the doctrine of Christ?


PASTOR VITALE:  Xxxx I am not going to have a conversation with your carnal mind, I am just not. Of course this is much more than me saying to you I am not going to have a conversation with your carnal mind, I am very concerned for you, I have been concerned over you for years, you will not learn from me. What am I trying to do now, I am saying, why am I saying these things? That you should at least know what I think.


COMMENT:  Do you think I am not trying?


PASTOR VITALE:  I would not say, if what you are saying to me is, Pastor Vitale do you think I am consciously not trying to learn from you? The answer is no, I do not think that you are doing that, but I think that you have a serious problem with pride, that if we do not break that pride on you, Xxxx you are not going to accomplish your dream.


COMMENT:  What am I to do to break this pride, is there something that I can do about it?


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, that is an excellent question, thank you. Asking that question was a breakthrough for you, okay. What you have to do is lay aside your own opinions and seriously consider what I am saying, do not come back with what I am saying with, Well you thought this way, Pastor Vitale, but I thought that way, lay down your own opinions and listen to what I am saying, and pray that if what I am telling you is true that your opinions are the female opinion and that the male opinion is here, that you want the male opinion.


You have to stop opposing me you see, can you understand what I am telling you, that I make a statement and you come back and say, But I would think it would be another way, and then when I was not as mature, when I was less mature than I am now, we would wind up in a fight. That means you are not learning from me, because to learn from me, you have to lay down your own opinions, at the very least temporarily and be willing to be taught, not just doctrine, but how to think with the mind of Christ, and at least for this meeting, assume that your thinking is wrong, it is wrong reasoning, wrong reasoning. This is not only in Christ, there are people who are not Christians who have an ability in the carnal mind to think logically and to reason logically, and basically that is what I am teaching here, I am not teaching something that is completely restricted to Christ.


Most of the people that come here, have a problem in this area, almost everybody that comes here has a problem with their logic and their reasoning, and the mental process by which they draw conclusions, and I am here to help you all with that, but I cannot force it on you, you have to be willing to learn from me. If you make your opinion equal to my opinion, you will never learn from me.


To answer your question, and the Lord just, now this is from the Lord, He said to me, Just like when you go to a twelve step group, they will tell you in order to get help, you have to admit that there is something more powerful than you. Most people are familiar with twelve step groups, are you familiar with that concept at all, are you aware of that concept that they tell you have to admit that there is something more powerful than you. Okay, so if you want to get the mind of Christ, and if you want to learn to think and reason and logic the way He does, you need to accept the fact Xxxx that I have an ability that is greater than yours with regard to reasoning and drawing logical conclusions and that, that is one of the things that I teach here.


If you want to learn from me, you have to accept the fact that your opinion is not equal to mine, when it comes to reasoning and logic and things that I am teaching here. If you could believe that, you will have taken a great step today.


COMMENT:  When you open the floor and you are asking for opinions, does that automatically ... your opinion?


PASTOR VITALE:  No, no but if you listen to yourself, when I try to teach you, you come back at me and say, but I think, I have a different opinion than you do, I have a different opinion, so then where do we go from there. This is what I am teaching, and you have a different opinion and then where do we go from there?


COMMENT:  You have always taught that we always have a right to have an opinion, but I am willing to back off.


PASTOR VITALE:  Xxxx this debate goes back years between us, okay, everybody is entitled to an opinion, but the female opinion is not welcome here, because the female opinion should not speaking in the church, because all of the female opinion does is create an argument. The female opinion creates a controversy. We could have twenty people in this room or a hundred or a thousand, and if everybody is thinking with the mind of Christ, everybody could have their own opinion, but and I am sure with all of the years that you have been in the church, you have heard this expressed as a great orchestra playing together, all of these different instruments okay, but they make one beautiful sound, so when everybody is in Christ, we make one beautiful sound, we do not have to all say the same thing, and because none of us is perfect, we could all come up with different suggestions and different ideas, all out of the mind of Christ, and be in agreement, be in spiritual agreement, but when the female opinion comes in, she starts a fight, and we use to have some really bad fights because I was not up to dealing with you. Today I refuse to fight with you, (chuckle).


COMMENT:  You said, Xxxx you are just sitting there, there is no response from you, and yet when I did come back and respond, I was told that it was my tone or something like that.


PASTOR VITALE:  I am trying to help you, if you just let me, Xxxx I have been waiting for years for you to let me help you, do believe that, since 1993, I am waiting for you to permit me to help you, so the answer to that question is, that no response was a prideful response that started a controversy. That is not acceptable, but we did get a godly response from you, after I prayed, and that godly response was teach me, tell me, well but you have never, I do not know that I have ever heard you say that in fifteen years, and that spirit that was there, it was a right spirit, and I am not talking about doctrine now, because you have always let me teach you doctrine. This is not doctrine, this is what we are talking about, is building the nature of Christ in you and the nature of Christ begins with the mind of Christ. The nature of Christ is a degree of morality okay, but that degree of morality, that manifests itself through our personality starts or rises out of right thinking.


If we do not have the thought process of Christ in us, we will never manifest the moral authority of Christ Jesus, and it is the moral authority of Christ Jesus that translates into the power of Christ, that is going to change this world. It is His moral authority, it is not about healing, it is not about deliverance, it is not about miracles of bread or fishes or feeding the poor, it is about His moral authority. When His moral authority appears in the earth, then all of these other needs will be met. Any attempt to meet these other needs without His moral authority, can only go so far, and they are imperfect.


What we have here is a group of people who have been permitted to experience the world to come, the new age. The new age is more than doctrine, it is the moral authority of Christ Jesus which arises out of the way He thinks, and the way He reasons. Being the teacher that He raised up, if I say to you Xxxx is not that I do not want you opinion, I am telling you that your opinion is coming of the wrong side of you, your opinion is not coming out of Christ, your opinion is coming out of the female or the prideful side of you, or our of Cain, and you need to seal that off.


If we need to seal off Cain so that Christ can stand up in moral authority in us, I am not helping you by letting Cain speak through you, I am not helping you. Christ spoke out of you today when He said, Teach me. I am trying to help you to recognize when it is Cain speaking through you because Cain is our immoral authority, she is the end of us, she will destroy us, she will prevent us from ascending. What you are up to right now is that I am trying to help you to understand that most of the time your opinion comes out of Cain.


It is not that I do not want your opinion, I am trying to seal off Cain’s opinion thinking if I could just, and I cannot do it unless you help me, okay, if I could just shut her mouth, okay, if I could just shut that woman’s mouth, maybe Christ in you will speak, and maybe the more He speaks and the more He exercising speaking through you, the stronger He will get to resist that woman in there that is crushing Him. Am I making any sense to you at all?


It is not that I do not want your opinion, I do want your opinion, this is a, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, we have liberty in Christ Jesus here, but of course, and everybody cannot do whatever they want, we all have to be in submission to the Spirit of Christ, so if I am preaching, you speaking up does not mean that you have liberty to interfere whenever you want, but especially when we have a meeting like this where the floor is open, the floor is open for everybody speaking out of Christ, the woman cannot talk in the man’s club, this is a man’s club. I have been watching a lot of British movies lately, with the men, women cannot get in here, you know.


Maybe the next time now that your pride has done down, okay, and you are in a good spirit so I could at least talk to you without being threatened with an argument, okay, I know you, I grant you, you do not know you are doing it, but that is what you are doing, that your attitude is provoking an argument which in previous years I could not resist, this year I could resist, we do not fight anymore (chuckle), absolutely, well no, but that was okay, I thank you, you are all training, you all make me what I am today, every one of you, and I thank you for that.


Look, why do not we do this, if you can just understand, and I think the understanding of what I just told you, that when you say something, it is not that I do not want you to speak, it is that I am saying, Xxxx that is Cain in you, and that the next time it happens, instead of me doing what I have done previously, now that we have this understanding, maybe right then and there we will pray, and I will say Xxxx Cain just spoke in you, let us pray and ask the Lord to shut her mouth, so that Christ can speak in you, let us do that right now okay? Okay.


Father in the name of Jesus, I thank you for Xxxx’s progress Lord, and we just seal Cain’s mouth, we just gag her, and we put her out of this room Lord, and we pray Father that Christ would arise in her Lord, and that, so that she could experience the male opinion arising in her mind. I think everybody here in this room would agree that if you are willing to do it, that you would give Xxxx that experience of thinking with the Christ mind, which is a mental exercise that is way beyond understanding doctrine, and it is the foundation of the moral authority of Christ Jesus, which will eventually bring peace to the whole earth and right all wrongs, right all wrongs, bring the ultimate justice and peace to the earth in Jesus name we pray that.


Further along those lines brethren, what is happening is the world of God, okay, this is a CCK meeting, the world of God you know which is Atzilut, the righteous moral authority of God that comes from Atzilut, it is the Lord’s desire that it should appear in the earth. This is the whole concept behind the sons of God, behind the appearance of Christ Jesus, about His moral authority appearing in us, we are just the beginning, okay, it is His intention to bring the righteousness and the moral authority of Atzilut here to the earth, that is what the kingdom of God is, it is the moral authority of Christ Jesus. He says that He is going to rule in earth as He rules in heaven, as He rules in heaven, that is what the Lord said to Nebuchadnezzar. He said, You will live like an animal until you learn that the kingdom of God is control of the earth as well as in heaven.


The kingdom of God is coming to all human beings, it is just starting with us, it has to start somewhere, and it is more than doctrine. It is His moral authority, it is learning what the Lord says is right in every little circumstance. No matter how insignificant that circumstance appears to the female mind. You are not the only one, it is everyone who has the female mind, I am up against this a lot you know. The female mind sees issues that Christ takes seriously, the female mind sees them as insignificant, and petty, but the Lord is concerned with righteousness in the most simple interaction between human beings and sometimes the interaction is not even between two human beings, sometimes it is a reasoning in your own mind, sometimes that is so subtle that the person does not even see it themselves, but I see it.


The reality of the fall brethren is that Adam had a moral lapse, the fall was a moral fall, and everything that played out of that, that resulted in us, we who are spiritual beings appearing in animal bodies that cause us pain and get sick and die and have all kinds of problems, this is just the outplaying of a moral lapse that Adam had.


The way the Lord is rescuing us from this, is by a complete reversal of what happened to us, that statue in the book of Daniel that is going to be taken down by the rock that is cut out of the mountain without hands and the rock hit that big statue in the feet. That big statue is really Cain that is built up, this whole world is Cain you know, and she is strengthened by her mother Satan and her Father Leviathan. Sometimes I get confused, I do not know if the statue would be Cain or Leviathan, probably it would be Leviathan, and the feet of the statue is Cain.


This man that has been built up, this is not the man that Jehovah built for the Eyn Sof. God almighty, the unknown one, there was a reality of the highest God, as we do not even knew, He does not even have a name, He is unknowable, He is all that there is, He is out, well we are inside of Him, He is outside of us, He is inside of us, He flows through us. He is so beyond our human comprehension that He took several steps down and related to the Jewish people through Jehovah, and today He relates to the world through the Lord Jesus Christ. The salvation brethren is a reversal of the moral lapse.


It begins with the understanding, the reversal begins when we can understand that no matter how righteous we think we are, our righteousness in God’s eyes is what? Is filthy rags. Does that mean that it is not worthwhile to live as righteous a life as we can? Of course not. I would much rather be a respectable citizen of society, a church goer and a Bible believer than a serial killer or a rapist, I mean let us not be silly about this, but the Scripture clearly tells us that the very best, the flower of human society is nothing but a sinner in comparison to Jesus Christ.


That is the reason that we are stuck down here, brethren we are in the wilderness, going round and round, the forty years that the Hebrew children spent in the wilderness, well I am not saying that did not happen in the natural, but I am saying first in the natural and then in the spiritual, it is happening in the spiritual today, and spiritually speaking forty years, just a round number, we are just walking round and round and round the mountain and we never go up, we think we are going up because we make progress on the circle of the earth, and we live in America.


Thank God this little condo that I have here would be considered living like a king in other countries, to people in other countries, but we have so much food that most of struggling with our weight, and we have all kinds of blessings and computers and all of this knowledge that is floating around today is incredible.


We think we are making progress, we think we are making progress because we now have a social conscience and we are trying to implement national health care and we think we have made progress intellectually, we think we have made progress academically, we think we are making progress socially, you know, because now we care about each other, and we just kill each other in different ways, that we do not kill people anymore, we just make slaves of the state. We think that we are maturing, but we are not brethren, we are deceived, we are not maturing, we are, we are not maturing towards God, we are maturing on the circle of the earth in such a manner that the Lord will be, to maintain his own righteousness, required to knock down what we have done, because our own self-righteousness is bringing great destruction to Christ amongst other things, so we have not made any progress at all. We have not ascended at all. Of course we have a whole element of spiritual society in the third world countries which is now here, all this third world spirituality, this non-Christian spirituality that is here, but brethren all that ascension is in the wrong time line, they are ascending in the wrong time line.


They are ascending in a manner which is cursed by God, so even if they would not be cursed by God, they can only go so far, they cannot go all of the way. What is all of the way? Eternal life without sorrow. The Serpent is incapable of providing eternal life without sorrow. I believe there are ascended masters, and they continue their existence, their personalities are preserved by the power of the Serpent, they will only last until the Lord brings down this whole age, it is a farce, it is not true.


The way home is by a reversal of the fall, and the reversal starts at the lowest point that humanity has fallen to, the place of immoral, moral lapse. The Lord Jesus is come into the world and He is going to the deepest of sinners, the people who have had the great moral lapses. This is why the Scripture says that the alcoholic and the prostitute are more likely to enter in ahead of the Pharisee.


How do you deal with a moral lapse? You start instruction in morality. Well you said, I have never stolen, I have never committed adultery, I have honored my parents, I have kept the Sabbath, I have never murdered anybody, I have been honest in my business dealings. Does that not sound familiar? Was there not someone in the Bible that said something like that? Was not that rich man in the Bible that said that to Jesus, I have done all of these things, I have kept the whole law, and Jesus said to him, what? What did he lack? Exactly, He said, Sell everything that you have and follow me. You do not have the mind of Christ, you cannot, and you do not have the moral authority of Christ Jesus that will deliver you.


What does that young man want? Everybody is looking for deliverance from the pains of this world, and they want to be delivered without dying. That is what we are looking for, deliverance from the pains of this world, and he said, I have done everything, I have kept the law, what more, what do you want from me, what more is there to do? And Jesus said, Sell everything that you have. He did not mean that he should give away all of his money, he meant everything that you believe is not valid in my kingdom, all of your reasoning, all of the way you think is not valid and has no value in my kingdom, it just has value in the circle of the earth.


Thank God, if you think that way, you know, that you do not steal and you do not murder and you do your best to live a godly life and moral life which is the morals of this world, thank God that you and your children and your grandchildren will have hopefully the best that this world can offer, they will not go to jail and they will not become drug addicts Lord wiling, they will not become prostitutes, will not become alcoholics, but they will find some kind of, some degree of happiness in this world, maybe they will find a, if you are not following God, you should be married. If you do not have a definite call on your life like I do, you should be married. Nobody should be alone, you should either be married to God or married to another human, hopefully they will find some happiness in their life, with a partner that will make them happy, hopefully they will have children that will make them healthy and give them joy.


Hopefully you will have lots of good friends, and good times together, but that is all on the circle of the earth. That is what you get from keeping the law, He was talking to the Jew, that is what you get from keeping the law or if you are not a Jew and you are not under the law, that is what you get from being a good person, and visiting people in the hospital, and tithing and donating to the poor, and having compassion on people, that is what you get, a good life in this world, but that is not a reversal of the moral lapse which caused us to fall down into this world.


Reversal of the moral lapse begins with the impartation of the seed of what you lost, and what we lost was the moral authority of God. The reversal of the fall is the impartation of the seed that has the potential to recreate the moral authority of God in the individual. There has to be a medium through which that seed will be planted, or in which that seed will be planted. Jesus clearly said, that with many, the seed is sown and the birds just come and take it away, and it is lost.


There is only one good ground that the seed will grow in, that seed is the, that good ground, is Abel within you. Abel and Cain in the individuals, in human beings today, there is a seed of the Serpent, and there is a seed of Christ, or a seed of Adam, Christ just means the anointed one. The woman who was deceived by the Serpent, she committed spiritual adultery and received two seeds, she received the seed of the Serpent first, and then she received the seed of Adam, and she gave birth to the dual creation, Cain and Abel, they are inseparable, she gave birth to a two sided hybrid creation of good and evil, and the evil was speaking to his brother one day in the field, and slew him. The evil slew the good, and then we had an evil creation.


Then God gave the woman another seed, another good seed, Adam gave the woman another good seed, because only the evil seed remained, only the seed of the Serpent remained. Seth was born and once gain the creation was good and evil. On the other side of the flood, the creation, mankind manifested the good seed over the evil seed. I do not even know for how long, but for a long time, and then little by little that evil seed rose up, climbed up from under the ground, and overtook the good seed again, and mankind became morally reprobate.


Do you know what reprobate means? It means without Christ, it means without the moral authority of God, that is what reprobate means, without the moral authority of God, without Christ. Jehovah came and He had to wipe out the whole incarnation, He did not wipe out the spiritual world, He did not wipe out the spirits that were incarnated in that world, Jehovah wiped out the incarnation of the spirits.


What spirits? The spirits, all of the pieces that Adam fell into when he fell down, all of the souls or all of the sparks of the souls, all of the souls, Adam’s great soul, when Adam was first created, he spanned all worlds, he was conscious and manifesting the authority of God in all four of the spiritual worlds. He was conscious in Atzilut, the world from which the power to create comes forth. He was conscious in Beriah, the world where that which you imagine is created. He was conscious in the world of Yetzirah, where that which you imagine takes form, and he was conscious in Asiyah, the visible world which was not this world, each world has multiple worlds, each world has four worlds within it or more than that. This world, this solid world, is a prison house. Adam was the ruler.


Brethren, the analogy is, the parable is, look at your body now, we can only understand what we are capable of understanding at this moment, imagine your heart and your liver and your spleen, and the cells of your blood, and everything that inside of your skin that makes you, this skin that makes you look like you are one person, but you are not, you are filled with trillions of cells and organs, and your mind rules over all of them. Your brain rules over everything inside of you. You have part of your brain that is conscious and a part of your brain that is automatic. The automatic part of your brain controls the breathing functions, your heart functions, well you, whatever your name is, you are likened to what Adam was in the day of his creation, you are the whole, but all of the cells within you rise up against you and try to kill you.


Does that sound crazy to you? Well what do you think disease is? What do you think diabetes is? What do you think Chron’s disease is? What do you think heart disease is? What do you think cancer is? It is the cells that are partial, a part of you, you are the whole, the parts of you that are inside of you, are in rebellion against you. They are in rebellion against your authority, and they are rising up to kill you.


We are in the same condition that Adam was in before he fell, only we are already fallen, but that is our condition. Our own body is our enemy. Have you not heard of autoimmune disease? It is very common in our society today. Autoimmune disease is the body turns upon itself and tries to kill it, tries to kill the whole.


Why do you think it would be doing that? Because there is an intelligence brethren that is beyond the individual, and it knows that this whole some day is going to give over to the Lord Jesus Christ, and kill the spiritual forces that dwell within us, so the partial tree which is within us tries to kill the whole tree, which we represent. Each human being is a microcosm of the whole creation, which is beyond my ability to comprehend. I do not know that any man can comprehend the fullness of the creation, so let us not look at the macrocosm, let us look at the microcosm, I am telling my body has been trying to kill me for a long time.


The seed of the moral authority of God has to find a place in us to embed itself, just like a male seed entering into a human woman, can fertilize an egg from that woman if the egg is not, does not embed or grafted to the womb, that conception will pass out of the woman’s body. We have the imputed Christ. What is an imputed Christ, well the Lord Jesus Christ has touched Abel in you, and there has been an awakening, Abel has awakened, and now there is a union, there is an egg, a spiritual egg floating around in you, formed from the union of the Lord Jesus Christ and Abel in you, but it has not grafted yet, it has to graft to you, it has to cleave to you.


Did you know that it is a miracle every time a woman conceives, that the woman’s body is antagonistic to male sperm? I saw that in a medical video, just the secretions of the woman’s body are designed to destroy the male sperm, it makes no sense to anybody that we should be made that way, unless you understand that everything that we are is given to us to understand spiritual things, or understand our condition. This is our condition, humanity is female, and the Lord Jesus is coming to us to impregnate us with His child, which is our savior, and we do everything we can to oppose Him. Even those of us who are given over to Him, like you must be if you are here, or you would not be here, there are areas in our lives where we resist Him from our own mind, from our own emotions, we resist the one that is trying to save us because we are born with the mind and the rationale of the Serpent, and we have to acquire the mind of Christ and the rationale of Christ, if we do not acquire it, we are not going back up because that is what is going back up, the male moral authority of God is being extricated from our being, I just saw a flash of in vitro fertilization, where the doctor takes eggs from a woman, and then fertilizes them in a petri dish, that part of us which is of God is being extricated from this whole mass of flesh which is our prison house.


This mass of flesh is not being saved. The emotions of Cain within us are not being saved, they are being destroyed, there is just a tenth in us, just a drop, the good ground that can receive the seed of God is just a tenth, it is just a tithe of what we are. All of the forces of the Serpentine world fight against the seed of Christ that wants to graft itself to us. We see a knowledge of the doctrine of Christ, most likely, and I do not have a hundred percent answer on this, but this is how I see it, and I do believe I have the mind of Christ, a knowledge and an understanding of the doctrine of Christ would indicate that, that connection has been made between the Lord Jesus Christ and that drop of good ground in you.


It is like the center of a target, compared to all of us that drop of good ground is very small. If the doctrine of Chris is blessing you, most likely the Lord has touched you, but brethren, unless that seed grafts, unless that seed grafts, it is going to pass as spiritual menstruation which is what the Scripture was talking about when Jehovah said to Israel, you know, that you have just brought forth wind and your righteousness to me is as filthy rags, you have menstruated, you have not produced the manchild which is your moral authority that comes from God.


It is good if you understand that doctrine, it is good if the Lord Jesus Christ has found that tiny spot of good ground in you, that is a miracle, but you must not stop there, that seed must graft, because it is only what is joined to that seed that is coming out. When that seed grafts to you, when it grafts to you, I believe it is grafting to your heart center, wherever it is grafting to you, it is extracting from this whole mass of flesh that we are, everything that belongs to God, and then it is departing from this mass of flesh.


Is that not what happened to Jesus? Did not the witnesses at the time see the physical flesh body of Jesus of Nazareth collapse? His physical body did not ascend to Atzilut. Everything inside of that man, Jesus of Nazareth that was of God departed from the sack.


If the seed in you, even if you have the seed of God, if it is not grafted to your soul, it cannot extricate your soul, separate your soul, deliver your soul from this flesh, it has to graft. We see that, and let us just follow our train of thought here, the Lord is restoring the moral authority of God, that is the focus of the plan of God, it is not healing, it is not deliverance, it is not speaking in tongues, it is not prophesying, it is not doing good deeds, it is not feeding the poor, all of those things are good works, but that is not the ultimate goal of God. The ultimate goal of God is to restore His moral authority, also known as His righteousness into His people. The problem is that there is a squatter who is sitting there right now who is opposing His every effort to graft and to mature His moral authority in us.


This reality is expressed in the Scripture in the book of Thessalonians which says, that man of sin, sitting in the temple of God calling himself God, but says the Scripture, the Lord shall expose him and shall root him out with a burning fire. That burning fire that is coming to root the squatter, to root Cain out of the place where Christ should be, is Christ Jesus in another man. He is coming to burn Cain out of that temple of God, so that Christ in you, so that seed in you can sit down in that temple and mature.


He is coming with judgment, He is coming with judgment brethren. The whole church world is waiting either for a rapture or a miracle revival, the Lord is coming with judgment, and the judgment is for Cain, because Cain must be removed from his position of authority over Christ, for the promises of God to be manifested in your life. There is not a physical rapture brethren, it is a rapture of mind. It is a rapture of consciousness, it is a rapture of soul, it is a rapture of spirit, but it all starts with the way you think.


That is why Paul said you have an old man and you have a new man, and they both cannot continue, they are not equal, and the new man, no matter how humble that seed is, Jesus said, the most humble of seeds is greater than the greatest manifestation of your old man. It is a new nature that begins with the way you think.


The feet of the statue was us, iron and clay. Any comments or questions on that exhortation that just came forth here? The moral authority of God brethren. There was a time I was not living here at the time, I was going to Gospel Revivals at that time, I asked the Lord you know, what is it, what is your main purpose, and it took me years to find out, and I am not in any way putting down the church that I was in, each ministry teaches what God gives it to teach, but I never head this in that church, but deliverance was taught in that church which was probably all I could deal with at the time.


We see that it could take people, depending on the person, it could take them a whole lifetime of reading the Bible, of getting deliverance, of getting healing, of learning to give rather than receive, of overcoming selfishness and overcoming immaturity, to even be prepared for the seed to be grafted. That is what Jesus was talking about when He said, so much seed is just wasted, because the person’s personality, their heart is not ready to receive it, so we could spend a whole lifetime being prepared to receive the moral authority of God.


That is not an easy life to live, being an expression of or a house of or a house where the moral authority of God is manifested. It is a lifestyle of continuous warfare and continuous service to God because the more God gives you, the more you are required to give it out to other people, and once the moral authority of God is rooted in you and let me make this very clear, the moral authority of God is not a finite thing, the moral authority of God grows at infinitum, it grows infinitely, it grows unto infinity. Everything is relative, in other words, does someone manifest the moral authority of God, how do we determine if they manifest the moral authority of God, or what determines if a person’s righteousness is self-righteousness or if they have a little bit of the moral authority of God, or a lot of the moral authority of God, everything is relative to your maturity.


I do not know how to measure you, but the angel in the book of Revelation is measuring us, God has the ability to look at us and make a judgment as to whether or not we are manifesting the moral authority of God, to degree that He would expect from us at this stage of our development. I do not know how to do that, I just know that I must be doing something right because I keep growing and He keeps on blessing me, and He keeps on sending more and more people to me to help in this way, so I must be doing enough right for Him to be trusting me with His people, to teach His people to whatever degree I can teach them.


The moral authority of God, is a living thing that increases in direct proportion to our ability to bear it. Brethren, do you understand what I am telling you, that the moral authority of God brings judgment wherever it goes. For someone to be executing judgment beyond the moral authority that they do possess, could get them killed, or if they are going beyond the moral authority that they truly possess, it could bring a destructive sowing and reaping upon them.


The moral authority within us is limited by our maturity, and little things in our lifetime, little disciplines in our lifetime collectively determine our ability to carry the moral authority of God, the ability to do as you are told, the ability receive instruction, the ability to tell the truth, all of these, the ability to show up every time you say you are going to show up, all of this builds a personality and then based on the whole personality, the Lord makes a judgment as to how much moral authority you can carry. We all have immaturity in certain areas, but it is the Lord that makes that judgment, I do not make that judgment, you have to look at your life.


The test of moral authority, is that you bring the judgment of God to people. If you want to know if you have it or not, that is how you know if you have it or not. Do you have the moral authority of God, are you dealing with people in areas where they are wrong, and are you doing it in righteousness? Do the people you bring that correction to, do they grow, do they get help, are they maturing?


Does the anointing fall when you talk to them? That is the moral authority of God. It is only given in direct proportion to the maturity of your personality, and to the condition or another factor is the relationship within you of the two sides, the relationship between your left side and your right side. The relationship between Cain and Abel, the relationship between Leviathan and Christ Jesus, to what degree is Abel in you resisting Cain? To what degree is Christ Jesus in you warring against Leviathan. What is the degree of the warfare within you? That is how you measure the moral authority of God within you.


The witness, this is very important because we have people all through the church world thinking that they are anointed to counsel people and to bring judgment and to correct people and it is not true, they are doing it out of their carnal mind. The test is that God is your witness, your witness to your moral authority is God. What happens when you correct people? Do you destroy them, does it end your relationship? Do you help them, does the anointing fall? Are they delivered from the problems of their lives? God is your witness.


Jesus said, I do not have a witness outside of me, God is my witness, it is the Father within me that witnesses to the works that I do. The fall is in the process of being reversed, starting with the spiritual feet which signifies our carnal mind. Ministry to the carnal mind designed to destroy it. Xxxx has to leave at five, and there is something that I want to say to her. We sort of got off on the track with regard to that gentleman saying that in ten years all of Islam would dead. Things just do not happen, outside of a supernatural incredible move of God, things happen slowly, and usually most people that know anything about God would agree, that even the change that God brings, it happens slowly. Look, we are the forerunners into the new age, it is happening slowly, so you do not bring down a whole religion in ten years unless you go out with an army and murder them, God does not do things like that. If God is going to bring the change, it is highly unlikely that it would be in ten years, more likely in a thousand years and that is what the millennium is all about.


The millennium is a thousand year period in which a group of people will begin to manifest the moral righteousness of God, and the power that arises out of it, will come forth to begin the conversion of the world. It is going to take a thousand years, not ten years. Things just do not happen that quickly. The sons of God are already manifesting, sons of God manifested years ago. I do not know that they are going to manifest publicly, the one who is going to manifest publicly is Christ Jesus, and I know I had that on a message, but it takes time to get new things into your head but I know that I preached that. The one who we are waiting to appear is the manchild, we are not waiting for the sons of God to appear, we are waiting for the appearance of the manchild. The manchild is Christ Jesus, the manchild is the offspring from the Lord Jesus Christ. The manchild has to be born.


Have you been listening to the latest messages of the Paschal lamb? Well maybe you do not have time with your mother. These latest messages are very important okay, the manchild has to be born in us, He is the child, the offspring, just as a woman would have a baby of the union of the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ in you. The manifestation of the sons of God? Christ is the son of God, Christ Jesus is the offspring of the son of God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, He is a new birth. All power is given to the manchild, not to Christ. Christ has to get married, there is very little power in Christ Himself, there is some power, but there is very little power compared to the power of the offspring of the marriage. He has to be born and then He has to grow up to full stature, He will manifested, well He will be manifested to the degree that He will have power, I do not know that the whole world will see it initially. Paul said that only those that have the same spirit will recognize them. I know before the Lord called me I did not even know anything like the Pentecostal church existed, I was 27 years old, and I did not even know the church existed.


There are people out there who will not know Him, that He exist, and there are people out there who do not know the sons of God exist. The son of God is Christ in you, He is the one that is getting married. All of Jesus’ offspring are male, the marriage is between the male Christ and the male Lord Jesus Christ. It depends on where you are, the manchild exists as one entity in the higher worlds, but down here He exists in the individual, He will exist in the individual when He is born.


We are waiting for the birth, we are waiting for the birth the appearance of the manchild. I think it is going to happen hopefully within five years hopefully if not less. What I do not think is going to happen in ten years that all of the believers in Islam are going to convert in ten years, it is going to be a process, it is going to be little by little. Even when Jesus Himself was resurrected, the whole, Christianity as it presently exists, was started with a very small group, it took years to be what it is today, it is 2,000 years so far. It is going to be a process. We did not even know about the manchild, we were waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God which manifested in 1992, the sons of God manifested in 1992, Christ is being educated in this ministry. Christ is appearing, the sons of God are appearing. I had a word of knowledge that the sons of God would manifest in 1992 and I was bitterly disappointed because I had the wrong idea of what that meant, and when I questioned the Lord on it, He told me, that when I came back from Africa, I came back with an anointing to judge sin, and that was the beginning, that was the appearing of the son of God in me, and Xxxx was my first patient (laughing).


The sons of God are appearing in this ministry, Christ is awake, Abel is awakening, the awakened Abel is Christ, and what does Christ do when He awakens, He starts to deal with righteousness. The sons of God are manifesting and I am sure they are manifesting in other people across the world too.


You have to understand, see that is the big problem, the Scripture is so misunderstood, and that is what just happened to you Xxxx, you heard that, that man said Islam was going to come down in ten years, but it meant something else to you. All that it meant to you was that the Bible would go out to the... but that was not what he said. We have to work on your mind, because you draw a lot of conclusions, do you understand what I am telling you? You draw a conclusion from he said. What he said is all Islam was coming down in ten years, so you drew a conclusion that was not what he said.


That is what we deal with, because that is what the carnal mind, it draws conclusions and then it gets into trouble because it is not thinking clearly, so that is why we need the mind of Christ.


The sons of God have already manifested, there are the sons of God I think throughout the church, the son of God is Christ, that means whenever Abel is awakened, the son of God has manifested in that man. If Abel has been awakened, what does Christ do you know, Christ preaches, Christ manifests the gifts, you know, the imputed Christ, the Christ that is not grafted, is all through the church world, the sons of God have manifested. What we are waiting for now is the manchild, the offspring, you cannot have the manchild until Christ wakes up, because the manchild is the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ. The manchild is the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Christ.


The marriage is between the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ in us. He is not marrying the whole man, He is marrying Christ in us, and we, Christ in us, Christ in us is going to have a child, and that is the male child that is going to come with the moral integrity of God and with the power. First you have to get the Christ in you, the grafted Christ before you can get pregnant.


COMMENT:  And that is not going to be like what happens with the Holy Spirit where you know it happens like that, where it happens so suddenly.


PASTOR VITALE:  Slowly, you cannot see it, it is revealed through the way you think Xxxx. It is revealed through the way you think and that is what I am trying to do for you, I am trying to get you to understand enough to cooperate with me so that the mind of Christ can come forth in you. To do that, you have to be willing to admit that the way you think is not the way God thinks, and then we have something to work with.


COMMENT:  Do you recognize this coat?


PASTOR VITALE:  No, did I give it to you?




PASTOR VITALE:  Oh really? Give my regards to your mother Xxxx, okay, bye.


This meeting is over, God bless you Xxxxx, I will try to call you next week.


01/17/09 Transcribed by RR



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