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We are the Joseph company and we are preparing the corn for when our brethren wake up, see our brethren are in Canaan right now, Canaan land, and they do not know that we are here, because they think that we are dead, you know just like they thought Joseph was dead, and something is going to happen.


What is going to happen most likely according to my understanding right now is that a lot of Christians that have pursued God in the Holy Ghost and have rejected the doctrine of Christ because they did think it was of God, they have the imputed Christ, the end, as far as you can go, as far as you can go with the Holy Ghost, is an imputed Christ.


When you reach that imputed Christ, that is as far as you can progress in the Holy Ghost, and then you just continue on a straight line, until that imputed Christ in you somehow I am not exactly sure at the moment what to say to you, but somehow will start to recognize that He is hungry, and just like an infant awakening and starting to cry for its mother, that one at a time, people having this experience will realize that they are not satisfied in the church.


It is going to be a supernatural move from God, it is going to come from above, an individual at a time, and as they cry out and as they are prepared the Lord will lead them to us, or to our website, however it will happen. It is going to be a general awakening in the church, and all of the Christians that have an imputed Christ, and Jesus tells us there are many of them, He says the fields are white to harvest but the laborers are few.


It is going to be a sound, it is going to be a, you know this is a CCK meeting so I can talk in Kabbalistic terms to you, the Zohar says there is going to be an impulse that will come from the world above, an impulse, a vibration. Think of a cow prod touching somebody who is sleeping, and impulse is going to come from above. That is how the Lord calls us, He does not call us in language, although even if He calls us through a preacher, it is still a vibration because my words are spirit and my words are life. This is deeper than a preacher, this is an impulse, a vibration from the highest realms calling the sons of God to come forth.


Someone asked me the other day, When will the sons of God manifest, and I said, They have already manifested. The question is, What does manifestation mean? They have appeared, look at the church, anybody that has an anointing in the church, there is a level of understanding, some people in the church are very anointed, some very anointed preachers in the church, anointed on their level, they are in sonship, according to Kabbalah, they are 13 years old.


Basically to be a son of God and to be 13 years old, to be Kabbalistically 13 years old, you need to be moving in the spirit. Spiritual Christians are manifested sons, they are manifesting the Spirit of God, they speak in tongues, they dance in the spirit, some of them have a level of understanding in the word on the level that they are at, so the sons of God have manifested brethren, and they may have manifested a very, very long time ago. I am not willing to commit myself on that, but of course it is one at a time.


There are many sons that are manifested right now. As I said, that is the Kabbalistic age of 13, what we are waiting for is not the kids, we are not waiting for the kids, for the sons, we are waiting for the man, because the son is not powerful enough to deliver from hell. It is just the truth. What is the major function of the son according to the Scripture? What does the son do? All judgment is given over, somebody?


COMMENT:  To the son.


PASTOR VITALE:  To the son, judgment is in the hands of the son, the beginning of the mind of Christ, the ability to judge righteous judgment, to recognize righteousness in a situation that makes you a son. Actually speaking in tongues does not make you a son, but it is a sign of the move of the spirit in your life. Brethren, with God everything is mind, everything is mind. You are a son or a young son when you are able to recognize righteousness, and if you can recognize righteousness and you are in this world, then you are going to be recognizing unrighteousness wherever you go because there is unrighteousness wherever you go in this world including the church.


If you think everything is wonderful in the church and everybody is fine and you are under that kind of fantasy, most likely you are not a manifested son. You may be a son but you are not manifested. What does that mean? You are still under the authority and the mindset of Cain. But a man, we are waiting for a man to lead us out of Egypt, and that man is Christ Jesus and He Kabbalistically speaking is 20 years old.


The next growth spurt after that is a 120, I do not really understand it myself right now, but it is 13, 20, and 120.


Of course we are talking about degrees of power, why would I say we are talking about degrees of power? You have to understand what God’s intentions are for the world. If you want to understand why I talk about degrees of power. What is God’s intention for the world, why is God sending a Messiah? Is He sending a Messiah only for Israel? Not according to the Hebrew literature.


According to the Hebrew literature, Messiah is sent to the whole world, He is sent to Israel first and then He trains up Israel who are to be teachers for the rest of the world. The intentions of God through the Messiah or before Messiah ever appeared, the ultimate original foundational intention of God towards mankind is that the whole of humanity should know Him, that they should have a knowledge of the God of Justice. There are many gods, but there is only one God that comes with the law, and the law condemns, Paul tells us that the law condemns. Does that mean the law is bad? No, Paul said and I say to you absolutely not.


To be told that you have broken the law is not intended to condemn you, it is intended to prepare you to reject whatever is in you that is unrighteous that you did not know was unrighteous, so that righteousness can come to you. The God of the Bible and the God of Israel is the God of justice. There are many gods in this world but they are not Gods of justice. There are gods that take the energy of the people who worship them and then throw them away like dirty rags when they are finished with them.


The job of Israel and the job or the purpose of Israel and the purpose of Messiah is to bring a knowledge of the God of justice, a righteous God who demands righteousness in the smallest little interaction between two people, as well as in the highest greatest interactions in the higher worlds between Himself and the principalities in the higher worlds. He is a God of justice, equity, fairness, righteousness, this is why He is our hope.


Would eternal life without justice and righteousness be a good thing? Paul said if Christ is not risen, well then you are just like everyone in the world, you have no hope, so Christ is risen, what do we have hope of eternal life, what kind of eternal life? Eternal life where there is justice and righteousness and truth and honest dealings between people. That is what Jehovah said to Nebuchadnezzar, You will live like an animal until you understand that the God of heaven controls events in the earth as well as heaven. All of you people out there, and it has been said to me, I have heard it with my own ears, yes, I believe there is a God, I believe there is a creator, and He created the world and He started it spinning and He walked away, and we are on our own. No, we are not on our own. It has taken all of these thousands of years since the fall for the Lord to bring to pass in this world down here Asiyah, His plan for humanity, a Messiah, a prophet manifesting through a nation, through a prophetic nation, Israel, sent to the world, to give this good news.


When I first came to the church, when I came to the Lord through the church, I had no Scriptural background, I had never read the Bible, and I use to hear a lot especially in the one church that I went to, He is risen, and these people would run around, I met a woman from the Assemblies of God once, who was trying to evangelize me, He is risen, she came to me and said, He is risen! I said, Well that is nice. I thought there was something wrong with me that I did not get excited, I comprehended that He rose from the dead, but I did not understand why I should be excited about it.


I want to tell you that I am more excited about a spiritual force of justice and righteousness coming into this terrible world than I am about eternal life. I would like both, but I want to tell you that if I had to choose between a force, a spiritual force which means the power to implement it, the power to implement justice and righteousness in this world, for everybody here, if I could, if my choice was either I could have that or I could have eternal life, I would choose, Dear God, let your righteousness come into this terrible place where so many are suffering.


That is what it is all about, and the second assignment of Messiah is to reconcile Israel. Brethren, I have been preaching this here maybe for the last 6 months to a year, I have been preaching it here, that all 12 tribes must be reconciled, that the power, the righteous power that was manifested in Solomon’s Israel, Solomon was the second king of Israel, and the second king to reign over the united 12 tribes, David was the first king. The power that was present in Solomon’s Israel was the power to bring peace to the whole known world.


Messiah is to bring peace, and the Lord was talking to me about this last night, and I have to tell you that I am praying that my spirit should stay in Christ but sometimes it just gets too hard for me, and as the Lord was talking to me about this issue, and I realized that this message that I am just telling you about the purpose of Messiah and how to identify the Messiah, what did I just say, let me recap it for you. The Messiah first of all is not coming just to Israel, He will be of Israel but He is sent to the whole world, He will be someone will bring world peace through righteousness and justice. We have a lot of people today talking about world peace, but they are going to force us to do what they think we need to do to bring world peace, that is not the world peace of God.


Messiah is coming with world peace, through a knowledge of the God of justice, and the second thing He is going to do is reconcile and be powerful enough to rule over a united Israel. We know today, or at least I think today that, that is talking about the Israel of God. Why would I say Israel of God? Because the 10 tribes of Israel are no longer existing in a formation of tribes, they are no longer living in a tribal existence, even though Israel is all over the world, the Jews are all over the world, at least they know they are Jews, but the other ten tribes, they do not even know who they are, and most likely they are all reincarnated in the church, but there is no tribal identity.


How do you restore a united 12 tribe Israel when 10 of the tribes have no tribal identity? It has to be by the spirit. That is it, Messiah will bring world peace through a knowledge of the God of justice, not through putting, threatening to put you in jail, if you do not join the crowd, which is what is happening today through the socialists, through the socialists societies in the Christian world, and He will reunite the 12 tribes. How will He reunite the 12 tribes? It will be through a knowledge of the word brethren, it will be through His Spirit and through a knowledge of the word, it will be through the word of God.


What I started to tell you when interjected this last 5 minutes, that as the Lord spoke to me last night, and we were having this discussion, I thought about what the church is preaching, and I just started to laugh. The church is preaching that if you do not believe Jesus you are going to burn in hell forever. Compare that to what I just told you. The truth of the Scripture, I believe is a promise of eternal life through a knowledge of the God of justice and that is what the Jew believes, and the church is threatening to burn everybody in hell forever if they reject Jesus, and they expect to evangelize the Jew, so I am sorry I started to laugh, I am glad I am not laughing on the message this morning, but I said, Lord please help me to stay calm and to stay in the spirit, because the more He teaches me, and the more delivered I become in my mind, the more ludicrous the teaching in the church becomes to me.


That is bizarre, to have a knowledge, a little teeny tiny knowledge of the God of justice and a teeny tiny knowledge, that is all we have a teeny tiny knowledge of His intentions for humanity and then to have a group of people come to us and tell us that same God is threatening to burn you in hell forever if you do not believe in His son. Is that not the most bizarre thing you have ever heard of in all of your life? It is bizarre! I expect that the majority of evangelists or preachers or whoever they are, that do reach out to the Jew with this message of burning in hell forever or with this message of deliverance from burning in hell forever through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I think a very small percentage of them even have a knowledge of, let alone a comprehension or understanding of the concept of the Jewish Messiah, that He is to bring world peace, and reunite the Israel of God as a spiritual leadership and high priesthood through Christ Jesus in the earth.


I do not think they have ever heard that because, once you hear that, how can you come around and say, Well I believe that, that you are going to burn in hell forever if you do not come, how can Jesus Messiah bring world peace if He is burning two thirds of the world in the lake of fire, eternally? The only Jews that can come to the church are Jews who do not have a knowledge of their own faith.


They may be drawn by the spirit, but there is no way that they can believe that doctrine of burning in hell forever, I mean how can you go from world peace and reconciler of Israel to the glory that existed in the days of Solomon and greater and for what end? To the end of the glory of God appearing through the whole earth for all men, how do go from that to being burnt in the lake of fire forever, how do you get there? Brethren, there is a great gulf between those two doctrines, and no one can get across, and I want to tell you the only hope of getting across is the mercy of God to the people that believe that the God of justice wants to burn them in hell forever, or the would probably reject what I just said, that the God of justice will burn people in hell forever who reject Him.


There is a great gulf between the Jewish doctrine which I believe is the truth of the Scripture, and the doctrine in the church. I believe that, you know what else the Lord was telling me last night, was it was referring to the parable of the prodigal son, I think, I am not exactly sure. Does anybody remember how they teach that in the church? What do they say that the younger son that comes back, does anybody remember that story in the church?


COMMENT:  That he went out into the world and he came back.


PASTOR VITALE:  I mean who was he?


COMMENT:  I do not remember.


PASTOR VITALE:  Okay, well it came to me that the younger son that went out and spent all of his living with riotous living, well just for those of you who are not familiar with this parable, Jesus told a parable of two sons, and the one son asked his father for his inheritance before the father died, and the father gave it to him and he spent all of his money on riotous living, he wasted it and he wound up living in the pig pen, and eating what the pigs eat. Of course this is a parable brethren, and he woke up one day, he opened his eyes and he realized there was no quality of life for him, and he thought, Well maybe if I go back to my father, he will receive me even though all of my fortune is gone, maybe I could at least have some hope of being restored to some quality of life. When his father saw him coming, his father saw him in the distance, he was so excited that he saw his son coming back, that he made feast for him and gave him, put a ring on his finger and covered his feet, which is his carnal mind, and put a coat on him, and slew the fatted calf which was what they did for the honored guests. In other words, in those days, first of all they lived in tribes, and every family had cattle, so they always had a calf that was grazing, and it is not bad, you know you had fresh meat when company came, you just had to slaughter the calf, I mean that is some way to start dinner, to first slaughter the calf and butcher the meat and then cook it, so that is what it means, he slew the fatted calf.


Then the oldest son who never did anything wrong, who never departed from his father said, Well why are you doing that, he was very jealous, he said, Why would you do that for the son who left you, went away from you, wasted all of your substance that you had left him and had led this lewd life, why would you slay the fatted calf for him and not for me, who never left you, never did anything wrong? If I remember correctly, the way I have heard it preached in the church is that the son that went away and lived in this lewd life, was the Jew, I mean this is the way I have heard it preached from Christian preachers, and when they come back, there is going to be great jealousy in the church when they are restored, that is how I heard it preached.


The Lord told me last night, No, the son that went away, the younger son that went away are the Jews who became Christians, and in today’s world, I believe anybody that is truly, that truly has a relationship with Jesus Christ, either you are Jewish or you are a reincarnated Israelite, that is my opinion, Israel is Israel is Israel, no matter what kind of people they incarnating in, Israel is Israel. I am not saying everybody that goes to church, but everybody that truly has a relationship with Jesus Christ, you must be reincarnated Israel, that is my opinion.


Of course you could be a stranger in the camp that the Lord has adopted, but by in large, you are reincarnated Israel. This is what was coming to me last night, that the younger son who went away and spent all of his fortune are Israel, the 10 tribes that went away from the ruling tribe of Judah, and all of the Jews that departed when Jesus was revealed to Israel. Everyone, they took their fortune, they took their spiritual fortune and they wasted it and they gave it to other gods, and a lot of Jews became Catholics, and we know that the god in the Catholic Church is not the same God of the Bible.


That is what came to me last night that it is the church today, the church today is the entity that has wasted their fortune, we have had 2,000 years the church has existed for 2,000 years and after 2,000 years we are still celebrating pagan holidays and worshiping false gods, I should not say we, you know, those of us that are still doing it, some of us know the truth, but large numbers, the church at large, Christianity is known by the celebration of Christmas, with all of the hullabaloo on TV during the holidays, do you ever see one person from Jehovah’s witnesses or the worldwide church of God or anybody, any movement that does not celebrate Christmas and calls themselves Christian, have you ever seen one person interviewed saying that, Why do these Christians not celebrate Christmas, has anybody ever heard anything like that? No.


Also, whenever there is any talk (inaudible) in the Christian church the news media show the polls, and the only thing that you see through the news media of Protestant leadership, is when they are doing some kind of an investigator’s report trying to find out that someone casting out demons or healing the sick is a phony, that is the only time you hear anything about Protestant leadership.


This is what the Lord was telling me that the younger son went away and spent all of his spiritual strength is today seen as the church. I guess, there are plenty of Jews who are not practicing their religion, but Judaism, the core of Judaism exists, and there is a core of Rabbis that preach and anointed word, I am telling you anointed, a true and anointed word, they just do not believe that Jesus is Messiah, but they have got a grip on that Scripture that the only person I have ever seen in the church had anything like unto it was Pastor Saunders, I have never seen it in anyone else in the church, maybe one person I saw on the 700 club, but he was so unusual that they put him up on the 700 club, because it is not in the church at large, this level of understanding.


When God judges a nation, He judges you by your government, that is why the United States is in trouble now, because our government is changing God’s laws. When the laws on the books of the United States were in line with God’s law, and there were people breaking the law, the Lord did not punish the whole country. Now that the government is breaking the law, the whole country is in trouble, well the same goes for the Jews.


The hard core of Judaism is still faithful to Jehovah, they are still studying His word, they are still preaching it with power, I heard it, I have heard anointed Rabbis preaching the word, they are lacking the revelation of Jesus’ Messiah, but they know that word and they are preaching it under an anointing. From that point of view, I am saying the government the spiritual government of Judah has not departed through the God of the Bible, so who is the one who departed? Those who went out and became Christians, and the reincarnated 10 tribes, they are the ones who departed and gave all of their energy to other gods, and Pagan holidays. The way I have heard it preached in the church, it is backwards, well that should not surprise me that it is backwards.


The church is waiting for Israel which is really Judah to come to her, and they are mistaken because the church has to go to Judah. Brethren, the church has to submit to the eldership through knowledge and understanding in the word of the core of the godly element of the Rabbis in Judah, they have got a knowledge of the word, they can teach the church something that she cannot even imagine in her wildest dreams and every year the teaching here sounds more and more like what I hear from the Rabbis, we have the same spirit, they just do not know that Jesus is Messiah yet.


Somebody has to say, somebody has to blink, the church is waiting for Israel to come in, and the Jews are waiting for, I do not know that the Jews think of it in terms of the church, they do not think of it in terms of the church, the Jewish leaders are thinking in terms of Israel, of the Israelites that have departed from their God. They are waiting for them to return and acknowledge the spiritual leadership of the Rabbis.


Everything is all screwed up, but anyway, in Jesus’ day, the leadership was corrupt. We know that the leadership was corrupt, they crucified Him. There are problems, there are problems in the church, there is problems in the Judean leadership, there are just problems everywhere, all that I am telling you that there is a core of Rabbis that know this word in the most glorious way, they have the most glorious insight and revelation, they do not call it revelation, do you know what they call it? They call it light, the light, the understanding of this word.


Everybody has got their own piece, the church is corrupt, there is a lot of corruption in, not all Rabbis are of God. There is one Rabbi that is being prosecuted now for child molestation. I hope nobody, I do not want anybody here to think that I am saying that everything that is Jewish is good and everything that is the church is down, I am not saying that at all. I am saying that whatever is real in the church, those who have a true relationship with God and whatever is real in Judah, those who have a true relationship with Jehovah, it is Jesus, they do not know it, they call Him Jehovah, they do not use that name either, that is another, I am talking away today, so I am not going to go into that, but the Jewish people do not use the name Jehovah, they do not pronounce it that way, wherever there is a person, Jewish or Christian was a true relationship with God, Messiah is going to unify them. That is my whole point. Paul clearly said that, not all Jews are Jews, not all Christians are Christians, but those who really have a relationship with God in the days of Messiah will come together as one spiritual entity and be the Israel of God.


Those are the signs of Messiah, peace and unity through a knowledge of the God of justice, do not believe it when you hear all this new age propaganda about peace and unity that is being brought into existence through oppression and forcing of the people to do what the powers that be think will bring us unity into existence. Where the Lord is there is liberty, where the Lord is, there is diversity in righteousness. You cannot be diverse from God in an unrighteous way but within the family of God, there is much diversity.


I do not really know where that came from, but our message for today, we should start a new file. I wanted to clarify what I was saying about the church is expecting Israel in middle east which is really Judah to submit to the church, to accept Jesus as Messiah, and submit to the church. I believe that the Jews will accept Jesus as Messiah, because He is Messiah, and I believe that, that truth will be revealed to Israel that Jesus is Messiah at the time of the second coming of Christ, however, I do not think that, that revelation to the Jews that Jesus is Messiah will result in Jesus submitting to the church, do you understanding what I am saying?


It is my understanding that the elders, for lack of a better word the elders of the church, that they believe when the Jews do accept or recognize that Jesus is their Messiah, that the Jews are going to give up everything that they know of and how they worship God and come after the way of the church. I do believe that the Jew will have to give up the keeping of the law because you cannot really, you cannot follow after God in the spirit and keep the law, you have to do one or the other, because the flesh lusteth against the spirit and the spirit lusteth against the flesh, and you cannot have it both ways. Either you are going to be under the law or you are going to be following after the Spirit of God.


Not only that, but one of the Rabbis that had a relationship with Rabbi Bar Tzadok, he told me and I do not know which sage, where he read this, but he told me that one of the great sages did say, or did say in his writing that the day would come that Israel would be out from under the law, that it was recognized that the Law is just temporary until Messiah comes. I do believe that, that Israel will have to give up the law, and start to submit to the authority of God, and the authority of God in the individual. The fact that you have ruler eldership in the church or rulership in the church does not mean there is no authority in the individual. The God that you all have a relationship with has placed you here to be instructed by me, but you all have your own relationship with God. You are not here because the law says, that you have to be here, you are here because the spirit that you worship has placed you here.


The Jew will migrate from keeping the law to knowing God through the spirit, but to think that the teachers, not only the teachers but even the congregation that reads these really great Scriptural commentaries that come out of the Rabbis today, that they are going to lay that down and come into a spirit filled type church, these people who believe this in the church, they are in for a big shock, they are in for one big shock, because it is not going to go that way, it is the brethren in the church that are going to have to lay down their false doctrine and submit to the eldership of the Jews in so far as their knowledge of the Scripture goes.


Eldership has nothing to do with how chronologically old you are, or how long you have had a relationship with Jesus, eldership has to do with the maturity of the mind of God in you. The church is going to have to bend its knee to the teachers of the Scripture, to the Jewish teachers of the Scripture. Obviously, the Jews are going to have to at some point recognize Jesus as Messiah, but brethren, you have to understand that the Jews want to recognize their Messiah. It was even said to me about one Jewish man who was a very intelligent man in the Israeli government, okay if Jesus is Messiah, if my God will just show it to me I will believe it, he has not shown it to me.


Believe me, they are waiting for Messiah to come, they have got a lot of trouble over there, especially now with what is going on in Gaza, they are waiting for their Messiah if it is Jesus, show yourself. Jesus has not revealed Himself to the Jew in a manner that the Jew can believe that it is Him. Now the burden, for the Jewish person that is saying, If Jesus, if you are Messiah, just show me and I will believe it, just help me from that point on, the whole burden is with Jesus.


There is a plan, Jesus has a plan, and everybody is waiting, and all faith is hanging in the balance until Jesus’ plan is perfected enough to go forth. Brethren, what is the plan? The plan is the doctrine of Christ, and Christ centered Kabbalah. The plan is a body of revelation of knowledge of the Scripture that is of the same spirit as what comes out Judaism yet with no compromise, it is not a compromise, it is a maturity that has evolved out of the Christian church whereby the spirit that is preaching the word has ascended to and arrived at the place of the elders of the knowledge of the word. Can you hear me? They are not even going to look at anybody until they see that same spirit, that same understanding of the word.


Then, when, and of course I speak about the Jew collectively, it will be one at a time, then when it is recognized, there is coming out of the Christian church, there is appearing in the Christian church, a level of understanding, a level of light, of understanding the Scripture that is at least in the same ball park as the Jews, then after they accept that, and I do not know how long it will take after that, then perhaps they can see Christ in the Kabbalah. I do not see how we can show any observant Jew, and I use the word observant, that is not really an accurate word, because you can be observing the law and not be spiritual, any spiritual Jew, I do not believe that you can show any spiritual Jew who studies Kabbalah, studies the Zohar, that you can show them that Jesus is Messiah in the letter of the Torah, I do not think it is there, it is in the spiritual study, it is in the spirit of the word, it is in the Zohar, and the other books of Kabbalah. It has to come to the Jews by revelation, by light.


I want to repeat that, it is coming, the union, unification or the reunification of the twelve tribes, ten of which are existing through reincarnation and do not even know who they are, is coming from a twofold plan. The Jews have to recognize that an element of the church has arisen to the level of understanding of the Scripture that they have been at for 4 or 5,000 years, however long it is, and the church has to recognize that they have been in false doctrine and submit themselves to the Spirit of truth. That when the unification is going to begin, and then the second phase is the revelation of Christ in the Kabbalah.


We are waiting and hoping, for the first stage, but maybe they will even come simultaneously, I do not know. This was the point that the Lord wanted me to clarify, because I said to you earlier, that the Jews are not even looking towards the Christian, they are just looking for the Jews that have departed from their faith to come back, and the Lord wanted me to correct that, because the Jews are looking for the departed Jews to come back to a relationship with their God, but once that happens, once Israel is restored, and they are also looking for the restoration of all Israel, and I have not read anything that would indicate, I have not found any writing by a Rabbi that would indicate how they think it could possibly come to pass that probably millions of descendants of the ten tribes would come back into a tribal formation, you know, whereby one might say Israel is reunited, I do not know. I have not read anything of how they think that might come to pass.


Then again, on the other hand, it is my understanding that the great sages believe that the physical body is going to be resurrected, and I cannot go along with that, so I do not know whether they have an explanation or they do not have an explanation. Again, what the Lord told me to correct is that the Jews do intend to teach the world. Their understanding of the Scripture is first Israel has to be reunited, and reunited through a relationship with their God. Brethren, any spiritual unity outside of a unity, everybody having a relationship with the God of justice, is not a true unity, because every other spiritual entity and power, forces its subjects to comply.


The God of the Bible does not force its subjects to comply. However it may look that way to some people because when we persist in disobedience knowingly or unknowingly, when we disobey God, we come out from under His protection and the god of this world starts whipping us. Again, God is in control of everything. Let me put it this way, it not God, I hate to use this expression, it is not God’s best, it is not God’s first choice that we should be hurt, but if we are disobedient, He turns us over to the one who will discipline us, and that is Satan, she is the mother.


Anyway, it is in the Jews understanding that they will be the teachers to not only to the church but to the whole world, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrian world, but they know that they cannot fulfill that call until Israel is unified, and Israel is not going to be unified until Messiah appears. That is the revelation of the Jews.


Let me recap, the Christian church is waiting for the Jews to admit that they were wrong and submit to the elders of the church, or at least come in to the practices of the church, and the Jews are waiting for Messiah and the reunification of the twelve tribes at which time they will be the world teachers. The Christians are waiting to teach the Jews and the Jews are waiting to teach the Christians, only the Christians have it wrong, if they think they are teachers, so there is a great breaking coming on every side, because in the Jewish community, I think that there are some there who are saying, I do not care if it is Jesus, I just want Messiah to come, but I think there are many, many, and maybe even the majority who would rather not be wrong, and they may resist on that basis, that they would simply rather not be wrong, and if that is where you are coming from that you cannot receive Jesus because you do not want to be wrong, then it is going to be hard for you to accept it.


It is a mess, when I have conversations, when the Lord has conversations like this with me, and I think along these lines, I just say, Lord, what a mess, you know, you have to bring all of these people, and all of these groups and all of these nations into order, but you see it is insurmountable for me, I could not eve, I would not even know where to start, but Jesus is in Atzilut and He is on the throne in Beriah and He is going to do it. Everything is under control. It looks sometimes like the whole world is falling apart, and we know that we have a pretty serious situation in the middle east right now, we will see what will happen, there have been riots against the Jews, but no other power as far as I know, I have not listened to the news, and somebody correct me if I am wrong, no other power has risen up against Israel. No other power has risen up to join with the Palestinians militarily other than of course Hezbollah in Lebanon, but that goes without saying, that is just another terrorist group. Someone is saying that Israel is going to attack Iran, what did you hear Xxxx?


COMMENT:  It was on channel 26, he said Israel is asking for permission, but they do not want to stop, they want to get everything done before Obama comes in.


PASTOR VITALE:  Asking who for permission?


COMMENT:  I do not know if it was the U.N. or who, but they want to do it, they want to get that where they (words inaudible).


PASTOR VITALE:  Oh, well we know the U.N. will never give permission, but they may be doing that just as a formality.


COMMENT:  And there is now 900 dead and they are not taking the guilt because as many times that, I do not know whether it is Palestinians or whoever it was, Muslims, that it killed children, many, many children of Israel, so they cannot be held back by that, they are going to fight through because they have to get it done before Obama gets in because they feel they will not have an opportunity.


PASTOR VITALE:  Okay, thank you for sharing that with us. I just want to clarify something that Xxxx said, one of the complaints against Israel right now, we might hear, Well Hamas has been bombing Israel for a couple of years now even though they signed a peace treaty, they have been shooting rockets into Israel while the peace treaty was in existence, for I think 2 or 3 years, if I am not mistaken, I may be mistaken about the time, so a few people got killed in Israel, and Israel finally decided to do something back, Israel has all of this sophisticated military equipment, planes, and tanks and whatever else they are using that Hamas does not have, they are just shooting little rockets over there, so there has been a big outcry in the world, saying that Israel has killed 900 people, and I do not have the right number, but let us say 100 people were killed in Israel over the year, and that it is wrong that they should do that, it is morally wrong that they should do that.


That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of in all of my life, you know that a nation should not do what they have to do to stop the murder of their own citizens because only 100 Israeli citizens were killed and it is going to take the death of 900 Palestinians to stop it, that is crazy. Egypt and I do not know who the other country was, who was trying to cause a cease fire, and Israel refused saying, We do not want a cease fire, we want to disarm them because they have been killing our people.


Again, when Hamas sends rockets into Israel, they not only send them without, well let me say it the other way first, when Israel attacks Hamas, and Hamas is in Palestine, first of all they are doing the best that they can to not kill civilians, they are doing surgical attacks, but the members of Hamas themselves hide amongst the children and the women and the innocent people, hoping that Israel which is, and I am not saying Israel is perfect, but there is certainly a moral force compared to the Palestinians as far as I am concerned, their motives and the reasons for all of this attack and this warfare, this is what Israel is saying that they are doing the best they can to not kill innocent bystanders but Hamas does not try to avoid killing innocent bystanders, on the contrary they shell schools and places where innocent people are, and they are not going to take it anymore.


If you look at the surface, 900 compared, and that 100 number, I am just making up this, I do not know what the number is, of Israel is killed, it sounds wrong on the surface until you hear the whole story of what is going on. Israel is saying, We are not going to tolerate another death, we are going to disarm them, and so I heard someone on tv on one of the talk shows, I really wish I could have recorded that and I would like to hear it again, he was talking about someone who had written a treatise on this concept of morality, and he said when you apply this guideline to morality, you do not compare numbers, you do not compare the 100 to the 900, that is not how you compare or determine the morality of a war, then I do not remember the rest of it, that is why I would have loved to have recorded it, but basically what he was saying is that they have a right to stop these rockets and to do whatever they have to do to stop it. All of Europe and a lot of other countries are up in arms, but of course, I think it is the governments of Europe, Europe are very pro-Arab. We have listened to some on line lectures about this a couple of weeks ago, as to why this is so, post war Europe has cleaved unto the Arabs states like this, it is basically for oil, it is not for any moral issue, it is for self-preservation.


There does not seem to be any desire for justice or righteousness coming out of the government of Europe with regard to this issue. Israel has to do what it has to do. The whole world is waiting to see if God forbid Russia should step in or China should step in, we could be in the midst of World War 3 that easily. As of now, nobody has, no nation has joined militarily with Hamas, only Hezbollah in Lebanon and other terrorists groups, so now we will see what happens when Israel goes into Iran. Brethren, even if it turns into World War 3, we have to know that this just a shaking that is bringing this age to an end and the only reason this age would be coming to an end is because the new age is already here. The new age is that butterfly in that caterpillar casing breaking forth, so Jesus said, Look up because your redemption draweth nigh. We have to keep everything in perspective, stay very close to the Lord, and believe that if there is going to be any tragedy that will come in our area that we will hear from Him, and we will, when we are obedient we will be safe.


You have to be open to the voice of the Lord. Anyway, that was why I came back to this topic to tell you this that there is a lot of change coming and there are going to be a lot of surprised people in the church and in Israel, and in the middle east and in Judah, there are going to be a lot of surprised people.


The Jesus that is going to be revealed to Israel in His second coming is going to be, well radically different than the Jesus of the church today and going to be significantly different than the Jesus that appeared to Judah 2,000 years ago, He is going to be significantly different. How is He going to be different? Let me review this for you. I guess my message is going all over the place today, let me review this to you. The two comings of Messiah are linked, and they are linked in degree of maturity, they are not just two equal comings of Messiah, Jesus is not going to come again and say the same things that He said 2,000 years ago, and this time for some reason, according to some church sources, the Jews will be so beat up for their disobedience and so punished that this time they will accept Him. No, no, no, Jesus said to His disciples, You know not what spirit you are of. No, Jesus, the first time that He came, brethren, the message here just keep getting more radical, but they just keep getting more true, and the truth is that Messiah is coming in two stages of maturity.


He was revealed to the church in His first stage of maturity, and He will be revealed to the Jews in His second stage of maturity, and the Jews accept for a few that did follow Him initially, did not recognize Him in the first stage of maturity. We are told in the alternate translation of Romans 11, I think it was Romans 11, God help me please, that the Jews that recognized Jesus in His first coming, were spiritual Jews, Jews that not only kept the law, but they were spiritual Jews, and they had some measure of the mind of God, and they recognized Jesus, but the majority of Jews did not because they were under the law.


Even if they did recognize Him, on some level He did not line up with what the teachers of the law were teaching and they cleaved to the law. That is what we are told in Romans 11, that the Jews failed to recognize Jesus because you need to have a spiritual mind to recognize Him and also, they needed the spiritual strength to depart from the law, because the apostle were telling everybody, the apostles were saying that Jesus was Messiah were telling everybody that you do not have to keep the law anymore, just do not eat things strangled, and do not what? What were the two commandments? Do not fornicate, do not fornicate, do not fornicate.


They were not talking only about physical fornication, they were talking about spiritual fornication which is what? Anybody? Spiritual fornication is what? Idolatry, it is idolatry. Spiritual fornication is idolatry. They warned the people, do not engage in idolatry, you know, and stay away from things strangled, and again that is beyond the food that you eat, it really means keep yourself clean from. I do not have a full revelation on what that means, so I am not going to say anything about that. That is one of the things I have before the Lord, what the spiritual implications of what that means.


The Jews that did not follow Him, we know that hundreds turned away from Him when He said to them, You have to eat my flesh and drink my blood, hundreds turned away, why? Because they were not spiritual, and they thought He really meant they had to eat His flesh and blood. It was just the spiritual Jews that had a personal relationship with their God who were able to comprehend Him, and the others were carnal, and they could not come.


The first stage of the coming of Messiah was the time in which Jesus Himself was being saved. Brethren do not turn off the message. I am telling you the truth. We have found out that Jesus was not born God, He was born a human baby from a human mother, and as the result of that woman Mary being impregnated by her husband Joseph, there was a human ovum and a human sperm that produced the physical body and the carnal mind of Jesus of Nazareth. He was also born or there was also born with Him as a Gilgul, a reincarnation from birth, Elijah. Elijah reincarnated as a Gilgul in the man Jesus and became or was that child Jesus of Nazareth was that human higher mind.


Brethren, the teaching as far as higher mind goes, the Kabbalistic teaching and the Christ centered teaching is that we are born with a Nephesh. Every human being born of a woman is born with a Nephesh, except possibly, for maybe some bizarre situation, maybe autism, I am not sure about that, but everybody has a soul, immortal soul that gives animation or existence or consciousness to the animal part of us. Then when we become spiritual, we receive a Ruach, that is the second level of soul, and it is a spiritual soul, then you become spiritual.


Some people in this world, they are spiritual from birth because they are born with that inheritance, I was not born with that inheritance. I always loved spiritual things and one of my crimes before I came to the Lord was I was so attracted to spiritual things I was reading tarot cards, but of course that was not God, I repented, I had to repent of that, and I repented, but I was never very good at it, I was never particularly spiritual on the other side, thank God, but I pursued the doctrine of Christ with all of my strength, I served God, I followed Him as He lead me, and somewhere, somehow along the line, I received a Ruach, and I became a spiritual person.


The third level of soul, now you are not born with a Ruach from God, well in most instances you are not, you know, some people are born with a Ruach from the other side, they are born very spiritual, I was not. I received my Ruach as a result of chasing after and panting after the God of the Bible. When He saw me running after Him, He gave me the power to run after Him. Then the next level of soul is called the Neshamah, and that is the intellectual mind of God. That is what I preach here and that is what is available to you here if you will submit yourself to the spirit and the ministry, the spirit here, the word here, and whatever ministry God gives you from me, if you are willing to submit yourself to it, it is possible for you to receive a Neshamah, an intellectual, the intellectual mind of God so that you can stop thinking like a spiritual female and start to think like a spiritual male. You receive that intellectual mind of God as a seed, and then that mind has to be fed and it has to mature in you, and it has to overshadow your female mind. You have to be willing to give up your female way of thinking, if you want that seed of the Neshamah to grow in you.


When I say that Elijah was Jesus’ higher mind, my understanding today is that Elijah was the Neshamah. Jesus was born with a Neshamah which was the spirit of Elijah. Who was mine? I believe I have a Neshamah today, I believe I have the intellectual mind of God, so who is my higher mind? Who is my Neshamah? Somebody? Yes, well not Christ, but the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ is the awakened Abel in me, He is my Ruach probably, I do not have all of this straight, well the Ruach came and awakened Abel, something like that, but the higher mind, the intellectual mind of God comes from outside of you, Christ is a part of you, so it is the glorified Jesus Christ that is my Neshamah.


For Jesus to have been born with a Neshamah, since the Neshamah, the intellectual mind of God, comes from outside of you, or beyond, it is something that is beyond who you are, we are told that Elijah was born as a Gilgul in Jesus, I am drawing the conclusion that Elijah was Jesus’ Neshamah, and His potential to mature into the higher two levels of soul which are Chayyah and Yechidah, which I am not going to, that is not this message, but Jesus had got the whole bag, He was so completed through His marriage to Elijah, and He was so fully completed that He was able to shed the shell of this human body which is likened to the caterpillar casing, and to continue to shed the outer casing, and He continued to exist, the personality of the man did not dissolve. It is my understanding today that when this outer casing dies, the personality dissolves, and only the worm, the core of us, the core of the fallen man that incarnated goes forward.


Jesus was a human baby, He had a human mother and a human father, but He did have something that we did not have, He had a Gilgul, He was born with the spirit of Elijah, He was born with a Neshamah, and that Neshamah not only matured in Him, but that Neshamah which was beyond the child Himself, interacted with Abel in that child, because every human being is born with a Cain and an Abel, that is the mortal foundation, that is the worm that Jesus talked about, that is the mortal foundation, and so Elijah interacted with Abel. Abel was awakened, Abel matured, Abel married Elijah who was within His very being.


Brethren, this is the marriage, Christ in you has to mature to a particular age at which point the Lord Jesus Christ is penetrating into us and marrying Christ in us, and the Holy Spirit is not the bridegroom, the Holy Spirit is the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit is female, she is just an element that is sent forth to draw you, an element of the glorified Jesus Christ that is sent forth to attract you to Him, but the Lord Jesus Christ is the bridegroom and He is marrying Christ in you and there is an offspring of that marriage, and the name of that offspring is Christ Jesus, the manchild, the only mediator between God and man.


The sons of God are the Christ in you, the son of God in you is Abel who has been awakened and manifesting some aspect of the Godhead, not speaking in tongues, some aspect of the nature of God. That is who the sons of God are, Christ in you who has been awakened. The sons of God are manifested, they have been manifested for 2 years, but not in everybody, they have been manifesting in some people for 2,000 years. Today Jesus said, the fields are white to harvest, so the sons of God are manifested in a lot of Christians today, they just do not know what to do with the manifestation because the doctrine that they are being taught is so incorrect that they are not using what they have. Jesus said if you do not use it you? You lose it. There are thousands if not millions of Christians that are about to lose it.


This is the truth, Jesus the Messiah, Messiah of the world, not only of Israel, in His first appearance was being saved Himself, and in the process of salvation He manifested as a son of God, He was identified as the lamb of God, He healed and delivered, and He Himself said, Tell that fox Herod, today I do cures, and cast out demons, and on the third day I shall be perfected.


He was not perfect! Come on, wake up everybody! He said it Himself, He was not perfect, but He was perfected, and at the time that He was resurrected, at the time that He departed from this body, this sheath of Jesus of Nazareth, He was perfected. I think He still was not God, even at that point, why not? Because what makes Him God? What makes Him God is that He is a resident of Atzilut which is the God world. He said, I go to my Father. He returned to the highest world where every resident of that world is God. Today He is God, He is fully ensconced in Atzilut, and He never leaves there. He may reach down to us to touch us but He never leaves there. If He left there, He would not be God anymore, and we would be in trouble, because we need a God.


In the first coming of Messiah, Messiah Himself was saved. Brethren, it is such an obvious principle. The Lord has raised me up as this teacher of the doctrine of Christ, today I am doing something that I do not know anyone else is doing, maybe in the future there will be others, I do not know anyone else who does this, I do not know anybody else who teaches this doctrine, I do not know anybody else who for years has been helping you all to see your sin nature so you can deal with it.


The Lord had to save me before I could do it for you. I am not fully saved, but I am saved to the level that I can help you with what you need to do to get to the level that I am at now. First He saved me, and now through me He is doing it for you. I ride on the plane and every time I ride on a public plane I hear a stewardess warning everybody if for any reason you should need to put on an oxygen mask, put it on yourself first, and then you help everybody else.


What is happening here that I was saved to this level, and now the Lord through me is saving you to this level, in that same principle, Jesus was fully saved, and in His first appearance He was not fully saved until He departed from this world. The first appearance of Messiah was the salvation of Messiah, and His second appearance, the second appearance of Messiah that is going to appear to the Jew, that is going to convince the Jew, is the appearance of the glorified Jesus Christ through His son, Christ Jesus manifesting through a human being, with great wisdom and however it is going to manifest the power to unify or reunify Israel and bring peace to the world.


Messiah is going to be a man, going to be a spiritual man whose mind will be so powerful because He will be indwelt by Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, and the Lord Jesus Christ is in Christ Jesus, so the second coming of Messiah is the double portion of the Lord Jesus Christ plus Christ Jesus, the offspring of the male child of humanity. That mind is going to be so powerful that He is going to influence all of the minds of the world to recognize the God of justice.


His mind is going to be so powerful that rebellion and arrogance and pride and all of the problems that we humans have are literally going to shrivel when they come in contact with Him. This is what the Jews are waiting for. I believe, I know that the full message is in the Scripture of, well the Jews know that Messiah is coming twice and again, when I talk about what the Jews know, I do not know what all Jews know, I only know what I read and I really just know a little bit of what they believe and I certainly do not know what they believe, what they talk about in their secret chambers where it is just all tradition where they do not even put it down in writing, or if it is in writing, it has not been translated into English yet, but I think the knowledge of the time when Jesus appeared, what was going on in the minds of the Pharisees, and now remember the Pharisees, they had already been separated from their God, they had not been a profiting Israel I think for something like 400 years, so Israel was fallen, she had been thrown out of her own land, she had been conquered by Nebuchadnezzar, been in captivity for 70 years, came out of the captivity, rebuilt the temple, and then fell again.


How do I know that Israel fell again? Because Jesus said to the Pharisees, If you were of your father Abraham, you would know me. They were fallen, they did not have the intellectual mind of God, they did not have the Spirit of God, all they had was the law. They were fallen again, and they, the spiritual Jews that had a personal relationship with their God, recognized Him, but the governmental Jews, the leaders, the high priests, who were cleaving to the law did not recognize Him.


When He comes the second time, they are going to recognize Him, He is coming in a different way, He is coming in a perfected state, although He will be revealing Himself through an imperfect man, their Messiah is coming as a perfected being. I do not know to what degree they have that understanding, again, the Lord was talking to me about that last night too, because I keep telling Him I really need to understand where their revelation breaks down, because I believe some day, I will be ministering to them, maybe it will just be through preaching like this, or maybe I will be talking to them, I do not know, but I need to know where their revelation breaks down because I am finding out that they have so much truth, where does it break down?


I am thinking right now that it breaks down at the point, and of course the Lord could tell me I am wrong right after I finish telling you this, right now I am thinking that their revelation breaks down at the point of understanding the birth of the manchild, that they understand, I have just told you what their concept of Messiah is, that He is going to be a human being born of a man and a woman who will have this great mind through a relationship with their God, that He will be so powerful that He will bring peace to the world.


I think that they do not understand this manchild, that the relationship and not only Messiah but that is now available to all of Israel right now, we are told to the world, available to the world, although most of the world will not come, that this relationship between God and Israel has another stage to it.


I believe that the Jews know about the marriage, they know about the marriage to their God, but do they know that there is a child that is to be born of that marriage and that, that child that is going to be born of that marriage is to, the result of that child being born of that marriage will result in the destruction of their sin nature, because it will literally swallow it up and that they will be a whole new creature. I am thinking at this point that, that is where their understanding breaks off, that the fruit of the union of the relationship between man and his God.


There are going to be a lot of people that are going to have to change their minds about a lot of things, and those of us here that have been working very hard for all of these years especially these last couple of years since the Lord revealed the truth about the virgin birth, you know we have been working very hard with some, as He reveals to us some very shocking truths that when the word gets out there, there is going to be great persecution for what we preach here.


Right now the word is not that advertised I do not think. Anyway, I think that is where their light dims, and again my understanding of all that the Lord has taught me, is that the reason that the light was dim in a place like that, about the manchild is because if you think about it, what it is really saying is that the individual, the greatness is not going to the individual, it is the child of God in the individual, and we are just a house, we are just a chariot.


Yet, the Jewish literature talks about things like that, it talks about being a chariot for God, but somehow I do not, that is where it breaks down where we have to accept the fact that we are nothing, but then when He reveals Himself through us, we are everything, and it sounds okay to your brain, but are you really, and I am not talking to anyone in particular in this room, I am talking to anybody hearing this message, are you, only God knows, are you really capable of laying down that ego, laying down that self, you know, or are you just saying the words, Yeah, sure, I am nothing and God is everything, you know, only God knows the truth of it.


God knows the truth of it. I will leave you with one thought before we take a break anyway, that also according to my studies it is my understanding that this group of us who are going through hard times and submitting to the exposure of our sin nature and whatever price or pain it is causing us, to find out that we have been wrong about all of these things, that the Lord has chosen us because we are strong enough to go through, He has chosen us because we are strong enough to deal with the persecution, to deal with the trouble, to deal with the disappointment, and from that point of view we are being sacrificed for the many, because we are strong enough to do it, we are strong enough to suffer for the many.


What does that mean? We are strong enough to suffer so that Christ Jesus can be born in us so that we could become powerful enough to help the others that would have never made it if they had to come through at this level. Jesus was the first level, I do not think I could bear being crucified; personally I do not think I could bear it. I tell the Lord all of the time about my weaknesses, you know, and I just pray that if I should in any way be tried, that I should not fail Him, but at the moment I think of certain things and I do not think I could endure it, but we are not all called to be crucified, Jesus was called to be crucified, we are not called to be crucified, we are called to have our sin nature exposed and to be persecuted by our families or for believing that Christmas is a pagan holiday or whatever it is that you are going through.


We are the next level going through, and when we stand up in power, it will make it that much easier for the group that comes after us. We could not be doing what we are doing now if Jesus had not gone to the cross. If we were not going through what we are going through now, the next group that is coming in, would not be strong enough, in whatever way the entering into the new age of the next level will manifest, I do not know how it is going to manifest.


I know when we use to be in old order deliverance, those of us here who were, we use to say all of the time, I mean how could this be, it would be three of us or four of us would be praying for one person, for 1,2,3,4 hours to cast one demon out of them, how are we going to get the whole church, let alone the whole world delivered, it just seemed impossible, but that is the level that we were at.


Today, we see that the deliverance is coming by the power of the Spirit of the Word. I do not know how the power is going to manifest towards the next group that comes in, but it gets easier. Everybody that is here, you are here because you are strong enough to take whatever it is you are going through for God’s purposes, for the salvation of the whole, for the peace of the whole world, I should say first for the reunification of Israel, and the peace of the whole world.


COMMENT:  From time to time the Lord has given me several articles to write that are what I call very concentrated short articles, but simple, and the past couple of days the Lord has been upon me to do one, and what He has been telling me is idolatry for the natural blood of Jesus, that was spilled out on the ground. Even with the Jews, they were not to have this world, (inaudible word), they want the Messiah to come just like many Jehovah’s Witnesses, all of these religions, and it is another way of Satan, what he said to Jesus, Keep my kingdom going, and we all have that little aspect in us that we have to let go of. When Jesus is saying to them about, Follow me, He was telling us not to follow Him like a duck would follow around, but to go up with Him, go to the same progression that He went through to be saved, as you said.


PASTOR VITALE:  Do you think that there is not going to be, what the Jehovah’s Witnesses vision, what is it, do you not think it is going to be, peace on the earth?


COMMENT:  A thousand years something like that, they believe it is going to be for all eternity, but they have nothing beyond that, it is still their way of holding on to this, the good life.


PASTOR VITALE:  The physical life you mean.






COMMENT:  It is idolatry for this human blood, and it also opens up a whole new pandora’s box where when Jesus had brothers and sisters, they had the same blood in them. Everybody is going after these grails and things like that, saying that the blood is so, it is idolatry, and all of the different manifestations that take place with it.


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, it is, thank you, okay Xxxx.


COMMENT:  This is not my testimony, but something I want to say, you had mentioned something that when Jesus was resurrected, He still was not God, and He had to go to heaven, all of sudden I started to think of Mary Magdalene, all of these years I use to wonder why Jesus had said, Do not touch me, I have to go to heaven, He did not want to be interrupted, He wanted to get, finish the whole job, become God.


PASTOR VITALE:  Well that is a possibility, I do not really have a strong opinion on that. Some people say He was all.


COMMENT:  He said He had to go to heaven.


PASTOR VITALE:  Well, not heaven, heaven is Zeir Anpin.


COMMENT:  He said, I have to go to my Father.


PASTOR VITALE:  I said He was going to Atzilut, the God world, but I do not know that, that is why He told Mary to not touch Him. That is a conclusion that you drew that He said, Do not touch me, I have not yet ascended, so I wonder what it means too, like somebody think well He was in the process of this, well first of all He had shed the physical body, so He was a being of energy, maybe she would have been electrocuted just like or maybe she would have died like Uzza died when he touched the cart, you know. We do not know what that means, I mean you may be right, but we do not know. I hope you all understand that when you come up here with an opinion, if I do not, I may not disagree with it, but if I do not agree with it, I cannot say it, because a lot of people put a lot of stock in what I say, so I do not know that, that is what it meant, but it might of meant that. Thank you very much.


COMMENT:  Can I give my testimony?


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, go ahead.


COMMENT:  I was going to give a testimony after Xxxx this morning, I had already told you about it, but I have not shared with the brethren. First of all I am going to go back to Christmas time. The woman that cooks for me is Buddhist, her husband is Catholic and she kept saying, Why do you not celebrate Christmas? Because there was nothing Christmas in the house. I said, I just do not celebrate it. She said, Well you are a Christian, why do you not do it? I said, Well the Lord took me from it about 30 years ago. She let that go, and I was noticing things that she was doing like when I go up, I would sit in my little corner and I would have to come around, and when I come around, I would hear it was quiet, and she would be sound asleep in her rocking chair, so I let it go because I did not know how to talk to her, because if I did it would have been in the flesh.


So days went on, and days and weeks went on, and the other day, I told you about it, the Lord said to me, integrity, integrity, over and over again, and He said, check on her, so I stepped up, and walked over very silently, all of the other times, she sneaked up and made me think she was doing something, this time she did not have a chance, because I walked in on her. I had to say to her, What you are doing, you are taking money from the government, the government pays for you to take this job here. Well everybody gets 15 minutes. I said, Everybody? She said, Yes. I said, They never told me that. So I said to her, Would you mind, I might call the company. She says, Alright. She even gave me the number. She dialed it for me and I called them, and they said, Absolutely not, you do not get that, the woman just started saying that. When it was finished I said to her, If you are too tired, maybe you should not be working this many hours, make it less. She would not want that, because she wanted to get those hours because Monday I do not go because I am volunteering, so Tuesday instead of 2:00 it is 4:00, and Wednesday it is 4:00 because she goes to take her daughter to Karate, then she gets her ten hours by coming on 2 hours on Friday. I said, Maybe you ought to rest. She did not want any of that. When it was all finished, she was so apologetic, she came right over to me and hugged me, and she said, I am so sorry, and now she finds something to do, she does not become idle. I wanted to say, I did not have guts to do this, I cannot say it to somebody, unless it comes out in the flesh, and but this time the Lord did it, so I had to let her know.


A few days before that I had a dream, and the dream was of me seeing a pair of shoes on the floor. I said, Ooh those look nice, tried them on, and I knew that they were size 61/2 and I am a 7. I said, How come they are so comfortable yet they are a smaller size, and the only thing is, they are so wide and they are so loose. That was the end of the dream. I told it to Sheila. At the end of the day she said, Feet mean carnal mind, and she said, Oh wow, your carnal mind is getting a little bit smaller, and I could believe that God was doing that. I guess God is still working on me, you think you are not getting anywhere, and God is still working.


PASTOR VITALE:  Okay thank you Xxxx, God bless you.


12/28/09 Transcribed by RLR



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