640 - Part 2

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Praise the Lord, this is part 2 of The Red Heifer, which we started to preach last week and it turned into a very exciting message. I know that we have people with us that were not here last week, so I am going to synopsize somewhat, and well we will take questions, so do your best to follow us. The red heifer is a commandment or a statute under the Levitical law. There are certain circumstances under which a red heifer or a red cow has to be sacrificed. That red heifer is a great mystery, it used to be, we are told in the Scripture that in Bible days, there was a phenomenon of a cow, a purely red cow being born in the herd. I guess, I hope we all know and if you do not know it is okay, that most cows are either brown or black or I think bulls mostly are black, cows are brown and spotted. A red cow is a very unusual phenomenon.


We are also told that there have only been nine red heifers, this event of the sacrifice of a red heifer or a red cow has only occurred nine times in the history of Israel or nine times since Israel agreed to enter into a covenant with Jehovah on Mount Sinai, it is prophesied that there will be one more heifer, one more red heifer sacrificed, and that red heifer will be sacrificed by Messiah when He comes, the purpose of the sacrifice of the red heifer, is the purification of Israel from contact with a dead body, the purification of Israel, and the men of Israel from contact with a dead body.


Please note that basically the whole law is for the men, it is not for the women, in natural Israel. In spiritual Israel, we are the Israel of God. Some of us are natural Israel, but the Lord is talking to the Israel of God today, you can be a natural Israelite, and a member of Israel, or an Israelite of God today also. Today we know that all of humanity is spiritually female, whether you are in a male physical body or a female physical body, we are all spiritually female, but those of us who have Christ grafted to us are spiritual males in God’s eyes. Today, as far as the Israel of God is concerned, if Christ is grafted to you, you are eligible to be purified because all of Israel, men, women, children, and we have spiritual men, spiritual women, and spiritual children in the Israel of God today, all are ritually impure. What does that mean, ritually impure? It means we are not eligible to have contact with the Lord, we are not eligible to have contact with God because we have not fulfilled the laws of ritual cleansing, which means we are morally clean.


We have to be morally clean to have communication with God. If we are not morally clean, what happens if we are not morally clean? Do we contaminate God? No, if we are not morally clean, we die. Contact between an immorally unclean person and God results in the death of the person who is not ritually purified. We saw the example of that with Uzza. Uzza was the young man who tried to stop the ark from falling, and the ark, the ark was being transported back to Jerusalem and it was being carried as described in the Scripture on rods, and the rods were carried by Levite priests, I am sorry I should not say that, the ark was in a cart, and all of the rules of transporting the ark had been fulfilled, in other words they were according to the law as Moses had written down, but the cart started to shake and it looked like the ark would fall off so a young man named Uzza thinking, now listen to this, it is important, thinking that he was doing a good thing, or thinking he was doing a work for God, reached out to touch the cart to stop it from falling, and he was killed. The reason he was killed was that he was not ritually clean.


We are told in the Scripture that David was very upset with the Lord that Uzza died, for the death of a well-meaning person, who was not ritually clean that came in contact with God, this is the reality of it, that ark, that we read about in the Old Testament contained a powerful manifestation of the Spirit of God. I do not know how to describe the degree of energy or the degree to which that manifestation of God’s power was in the ark, I do not know what to measure it against, was it the fullness of the power of God, I doubt it, because if it was the fullness of the power of God, I think the ark and everything around it within the whole earth probably would have blown up. My guess is that it was the most powerful manifestation of the energy, see spirit is energy, it was the most powerful manifestation or the most powerful compression or the most powerful, the most powerful manifestation of the energy of God that could be contained inside of a wooden ark, or that mankind could tolerate even though it was contained inside of an ark, but the Lord said through Moses, only Aaron’s descendants, only the Levites could touch this ark, or minister to this ark, and not be killed. What is so special about Aaron’s descendants? The only thing special about them is that God said, You can do it, and brethren, I am not being irreverent, I am just trying to make a point so that you all can understand, God said, There is nothing special about you, but I am going to program the computer, so that if someone with a Levite genealogy or a gene pool touches anything to do with the ark, you will not get hurt.


Those of you that know something about computers, you may know you can type in a rule, we have fire walls in our computers, fire walls, hackers cannot get in, but if I want to let your computer into my computer, I just program a rule that says when your computer recognized by your IP address, approaches my network, it can come in. God programmed the ark so that someone that is a Levite would not get killed when they touched it, but Uzza apparently was not a Levite. God was not up there with a lightning bolt saying, you broke my law, wham, whack, you are dead, it does not work like that brethren, neither does the sowing and reaping judgment work like that. The sowing and reaping judgment was put in place before the beginning of this world. It is the law, it is the spiritual law upon which this world is founded.


Everybody is subject to it unless the Supreme Court, God’s Supreme Court, the highest court gives you a special dispensation. He is not up there looking to get us, neither does he have agents that are looking to get us other than Satan, Satan is His agent, let us put it that way, yes, Satan who stands in the eaves waiting to enforce the sowing and reaping judgment, she has a reason to tempt us to sin, because she collects the spoils of our demise, or she collects the spoils of our disaster, but Jehovah Himself is not out here trying to get us. Try and see this, He has appointed an agent, Jehovah has appointed an agent that exists in this world, let us say an unscrupulous agent, let us think of it in terms of the mafia type world. There are people that will take a contract to kill somebody.


Satan is down here, she takes contracts, she is spiritually low, she does not care about righteousness or unrighteousness, she just knows that if she kills you, she can take let us say the money that is on your body, for example, she can empty out your pockets and take whatever you have. It is in her best interest to kill you, she will benefit from it, but she is not doing for righteousness or unrighteousness sake, so Satan is God’s agent, yes God has an agent down here that can only kill us or hurt us if we violate the law.


Yes it is in her best interest that we violate the law, but it is not in God’s best interest that we violate the law, God does not want to hurt us, God does not want us to violate the law, but the one that is down here who benefits when we violate the law, she is tempting us. I hope you can see, did I make that difference clear?


I told you all of that to explain to you that the whole church or the whole Israel of God and natural Israel today are ritually impure. What does that mean? We have not fulfilled the law that makes us eligible to come in contact with God, but the high court of Jehovah has made and exception, and there are some people who are programmed to enter in pass the Lord’s fire wall to enter into His presence and not die. What is it that qualifies this group of people to enter into the Lord’s presence and not die? It is the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. The blood of the Lord Jesus Christ has to be painted on our doorposts. The fact, that first of all it is not the physical blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is the spiritual blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is His life force, His spiritual glorified life force that exists permanently for all time, to come in beyond time, hanging in the high spiritual realms of the world of Atzilut.


The Lord Jehovah has made a way for this blood to pass down to us, and to be painted on our doorposts. What are the doorposts? I believe it the doorposts of our mind, it is our being, it is our whole, the doorposts of our soul. The blood of Jesus is in His, is His spiritual sperm, it is His life. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. Brethren, the Holy Spirit is not the life, Jesus the Christ is the life, the glorified Jesus, His blood is life. The Holy Spirit is given to lead us to Christ.


It is the Holy Spirit of promise, the promise that the life of Jesus will be grafted to us, and that the fulfillment of the promises will be attained by us. The Holy Spirit is the gift, the free gift to people who do not know anything about God, but have been granted this special dispensation to learn about God, and hopefully receive His blood, which is the beginning of the process. Receiving the blood of Jesus which is the seed of Christ, of the glorified Jesus Christ is the beginning of the process known as salvation, and the end of that process is invincibility. There are two stages of immortality. Immortality from which there is a way to kill you, which is what happened to Adam in the age of innocence, he was immortal but he died.


How could that be? There was a loop hole in his existence, he was immortal, he would have lived forever, but there was a loop hole, he was subject to sin, and he fell prey to that sin and he died. Now that he is resurrected, in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and ascended on high the Scripture says, He can never die again, He is now invincible, the second stage of immortality, nothing can cause him to die now.


Brethren we are not saved until we become invincible, we are in the process of being saved. Those of us down here in this world which is the world of action, the Hebrew word for is Asiyah, brethren the best of us, we are so fallen, the best of us, the people that have the most intense relationship with Jesus Christ including me, we are so fallen. If you can understand that, you would not have any problem believing that we are ritually impure except for that blood that is painted on our souls, that is joined. What does painted mean? It is joined to our soul. We see in the Old Testament before Jesus was glorified, before Messiah came in, of course the Jewish people do not believe that Messiah has come yet, they do not understand, or at least it is my, I do not want to be arrogant because some of these Rabbis are very brilliant and I do not know what any individual Rabbi believes, but from what I have read, it is my understanding that the Jewish community and the best of their sages do not understand that, well they do not understand one of two things, either they do not understand that Messiah is coming in two stages.


I know that the literature says they believe there are two Messiahs, one from the tribe of Joseph and one from the tribe of Judah but I believe the Lord has taught us here that there is just one Messiah and He comes in two stages, and these two stages are two thousand years apart, so far, two thousand years apart, because the second coming, what the Jews believed to be the coming of the Messiah from the tribe of Judah is going to be the glorified Jesus Christ appearing in Judah, so Jesus is Messiah, but they have not received this yet. As far as the Jews are concerned and as far as Israel was concerned, Israel after the flesh, Israel has been ritually impure since the golden calf incident. I have printed out some of these Scriptures, I do not know how familiar you all are with the golden calf incident, I will read the Scriptures to you, I am just waiting for the Lord to lead me into the right moment, I have all of these Scriptures printed out for you.


There is a provision under the Levitical law, for the men of Israel, which today we are talking about any human being that has the blood of Jesus joined to their soul, you are the spiritual male. So for Israel after the flesh, the provision of the purification of the ritually impure person, why do I say ritually impure? Because we are all impure even after we do the ritual, even after the blood of Jesus is joined to us, or the natural Jew does the ritual, we are still impure.


We just received the benefits of a pure person. Let me say that again for you. I went through that way of how we are not allowed in, we are not allowed pass the fire wall unless we are programmed to be let in, well Jesus Christ right now is in a state of being, that if He were to appear in the flesh today, that He would be pure in His nature. We are not pure in our nature, we are impure, the fact that we have to be ritually purified is that it is a special dispensation. Even with the blood of Jesus on us, or the men of the Old Testament with the ashes of the red heifer, they and we are still morally impure. All of humanity today is morally impure.


We are fallen, all of us are morally impure. Whether it is the men of natural Israel that have the blood of the red heifer sprinkled on them, or those of us, of the Israel of God, that have the blood of Jesus joined to our soul, we are still morally impure, but the Lord is letting us in to His presence, why? Because He has decided to let us into His presence, it is called grace. He said, I will have mercy on whomever I decide to have mercy on, and it is my business and not yours. The fact that we are led into His presence does not mean that we are morally pure. This is a major issue in the church today.


The church does not understand that we are all morally impure. The thought of dying and going to heaven and that is the end of the whole salvation process, brethren, the best that I can say for it, is that it is naive. We are morally impure, we have just received a special dispensation through the blood of Jesus to draw near to the Lord, on a condition, brethren, every promise that we receive down here from the Lord is conditional.


The condition upon which we are allowed into the presence of the Lord is that we pick up the tools that He has given us and begin to purify ourselves, from what? If we are morally impure, you need to be purified from sin. We cannot be purified from sins that we do not know are there. We have to go through the process of having our sin nature and the hidden sins of our heart revealed, and it is taking a whole lifetime.


This is the purpose of ritual purification. It means that we are purified by special dispensation, it means we are not really purified, but the Lord said, I am not going to let that mark on your soul keep you away from me, so you have permission to touch the ark and you will not get killed because I typed your IP into my computer. We are all morally impure, Israel after the flesh, who knows they are morally impure, and the Israel of God, most of which you do not know, they are morally impure, and even those of who know that we are morally impure, a majority of us still think that the blood of Jesus joined to our soul is enough to do the job of salvation, but it is not brethren.


I have been preaching for years, the reason we need to be adopted is that we do not have the nature of God, we cannot be His son unless we can represent Him. That is what a son is. A son is the representation of the Father that brought him forth. We need a new nature, a completely new nature. This is the body snatchers brethren, the body is staying, the personality is staying, our local surroundings and relationships are staying, but our guts, our spiritual guts are being completely converted into the nature of God to the point that who we are today, the essence of who we are today is being swallowed up, and we are being absorbed into the gene pool of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Everybody is yelling hallelujah, thank God, that means you have to bear with the pain of the process, but the knowledge of what is happening makes the pain of the process tolerable. Israel after the flesh, they knew that they were impure, and in particular, the law says that they were impure, after they touched a dead body, the law of the heifer, of the red heifer is the ritual, that means all of the laws and procedures that would purify a man having come into contact with a dead body.


In part one of this message, we spent a good amount of time, actually it came forth by revelation, after you left, we had a good half hour, so you really need to get the message, it came forth under the spirit of revelation that the dead body that we all need to be purified from, talking about Israel of God, of course it is all of us, but the Jews, Israel after the flesh do not know it, the dead body that we have to be purified from, is the Serpent and his nature that is inside of us.


The earth is dead, the animal kingdom is dead. Jesus said, I am the life. That means everything outside of Jesus is not alive. Who is Jesus? This is important, this is very important, who is Jesus? Jesus said, I am the first and the last Adam. Jesus was the Adam was immortal that died to His immortality, and He is also the Adam who was resurrected out of death, and is now invincible.


We need to be ritually purified from contact with a dead body, and the dead body is inside of us, you see. The Levitical law which is for Israel after the flesh which is a type and a shadow of the spiritual reality, but to them, you have to understand, to Israel after the flesh, when they lived it, and as they live it today, that is the their reality. That is a type and shadow of the spiritual fulfillment of what Jesus wants to do for us, but to them it is a reality. I talk to you about this all of the time. When I tell you that this world is an illusion. The first time that I heard that this world was an illusion, I was very offended. I use to get offended a lot in those days. Today, I do my best to not get offended, because I find out most of the time when I am offended, I am wrong anyway, or I just do not understand something, or I am just being ignorant, so these days when I do not understand something, I deal with it by saying, Lord please explain it to me.


I can have an opinion, I say Lord it does not sound right to me, but I have said this to you so many times and you have shown me that what I have heard was right, I reject my opinion, I stand neutral, I throw off my opinion, I just want to hear what you have to say.


I found out that this world is an illusion, but I was really offended, someone told me this world was an illusion. What do you mean? I was so sick in those days suffering every day of my life, how could you tell me this world is an illusion when I am in pain every day? I was a part of the illusion, so it was real to me, that illusion was real to me, because I was trapped in the illusion, see, but I am not in pain every day anymore.


What is the definition of illusion? The definition of illusion is temporal, it is temporary. That means when the Scripture says to us, that this world is an illusion, which Paul says in other words, it means that no matter what problem you are going through right now, it is only temporary, no matter how bad things look, it is only temporary, because this whole world is an illusion, nonpermanent.


What you think with your mind comes to pass in your life, if you think that your present trouble is endless and that there is no hope of you getting out of it, it will be very difficult for the Lord to deliver you, because you will not be able to see His deliverance if it is standing right in front of your face.


We have to know in our minds and our hearts, that no matter what the problem is, it is temporary, that there is a solution, that Jesus has the solution, He is the solution and we wait for the solution, and look everywhere, every person we meet, every day we wake up, every time we go out of the house, it should be in the back of our mind, we should be conscious, I do not mean that it has to absorb your life, you do your business, but that awareness should be there, that anywhere, anytime, anyplace, a spiritual door could open. You could meet somebody who has a word of knowledge for you, they may not even know that they have a word of knowledge for you, you have to be looking everywhere for what God wants to do for you. That is how we call into existence that which does not yet exists. It exists in the spiritual plane but we have to call it down into this plane by recognizing the spiritual signs which are subtle.


You have to expect it, if you do not expect it, it does not come, or if it comes, you cannot receive it. We are talking about ritual purification. Our lack of moral purity is temporary, why? Because this whole world temporary and because the Lord has given a way, both to Israel after the flesh and to the Israel of God, to be ritually purified and to be able to enter into His presence without being destroyed. That means that the reality is coming. The problem for the Israel after the flesh is that they know that this purification is not coming until Messiah comes, and right now they are blinded to Messiah.


We are going to take a look today at the ritual of the red heifer and how it purifies the men of Israel after the flesh and how the fulfillment of this law, a statute, a law of the red heifer, how it is fulfilled in the Lord Jesus Christ because Jesus clearly said He did not come to take away the law, He came to fulfill the law. That means every aspect of the Levitical law that we read in the Scripture has a fulfillment in the Lord Jesus Christ and that does not mean the Lord Jesus Christ out there, it means the Lord Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus in your heart. It has to happen to you and first you have to have His blood which is really His sperm joined to your soul so that Adam can be raised from the dead in you, because the resurrected Adam in you is the reality of the purification, and that is not a ritual purification, that is the fullness of the purification, in that the resurrected Adam in you will tread sin under his feet in you.


Until Adam is risen from the dead in us, and has slain or has put under his feet sin and then of course, the next stage, Adam resurrected in you will marry the Lord Jesus Christ, and birth the manchild in you. The manchild when we give birth to the manchild, Christ Jesus, His job, He is the avenger of blood and He is to slay Cain, and that is the complete destruction of our sin nature. The resurrected Adam in us puts sin underfoot, and His offspring, the offspring of the resurrected Adam in us, will completely destroy our sin nature, and that is the fulfillment of the law.


Again, the ritual of the red heifer, the statute of the red heifer, is purification from exposure to a dead body or contact with a dead body, and the dead body that we are dealing with today is the dead Leviathan within us because the whole household of the Serpent is dead. Jesus is the only life. The reality of the creation of which we are a part, is that we are a mixture of spirit, soul, and earthen flesh, flesh made from the earth. The earth is dead brethren, the earth is dead. The only thing that the earth can produce is weeds, and the Lord wants His cultivated plant growing in the earth, so all of the weeds have to die. When I say the earth is dead, what I am talking about is that the earth is forbidden by God to produce or reproduce its own seed, the earth does have a seed, and the seed that the earth produces is the animal nature that we identify by the personal name the Serpent. The earth does have a seed.


That is why we read in the book of Genesis, and the heel of the seed of the woman shall be on the head of the seed of the Serpent, two seeds brethren, the seed of the Serpent which is the consciousness of the earth, and the seed of, actually it is the seed of Jehovah that is coming forth. The earth has a seed, but it is forbidden to grow that seed, it is forbidden to reproduce itself, it is spiritually illegal for the seed of the earth to come forth and if it does come forth, it is to be ripped out like a weed in our cultivated garden.


I hope I made it clear, just to synopsize, the ritual of the red heifer is purification from contact with a dead body. In the Israel of God, if they touched a dead body, they were purified and they went about their business and they were purified, but we today brethren, we touch a dead body every day. The dead body is our other side. Our dead body is our old man, our old man is dead.


Paul talks about a law of sin and death, and a law of life which is in Christ Jesus. Our old man is dead, but is walking around. Did not Abel die and his blood cry out from underneath the earth? Death from a spiritual point of view, does not mean cessation of existence. Nothing dies in this world, nothing dies, it just changes form. Everything just breaks down into its atoms or its subatomic parts and reforms, there is no death from that, to the point of cessation of existence. Even if this world were to blow up tomorrow, there would be a residue, the world would blow up into whatever it would blow up into, and then the pieces or the atoms would reform. There is no cessation of existence, just transformation.


There is just transformation and either we transform towards the nature of God or we transform away from the nature of God. Again that is why this world is an illusion, it is imperfect. Our bodies change, those of us that are thirty five do not look we looked when we were twenty one, right, Xxxx? Our personality is changed, our mentality changes, our opinions change, as we grow and have more experiences, we change, we transform, and those of us that are serving the Lord Jesus Christ, Lord willing we are transformed everyday more and more from glory to glory into His image.


We look forward to that day when we will be a perfect representation of His nature. Do you know that, that is the promise, that we will be a perfectly accurate representation of the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, that someone that wants something from the Lord could come to one of us with full confidence that they will receive the word of the Lord, and the power of God that will bring a positive transformation concerning a particular problem in their life. That is what we are supposed to be. That is what Israel in the flesh is supposed to be, but it is not, and we are not. Why? Because the dead one, the dead one, death is living through us, the death that appears on the pale horse in the book of Revelation, we are the horse, you see, humanity is the horse, Israel is the horse.


Israel is that pale horse. Why is it pale? The color that signifies life is manifest in Adam’s very name, the name Adam comes from Adamah the earth, the red earth. Life is signified by color, but the church, the Israel of God, and the Israel after the flesh, with some exceptions of course, and maybe there are no exceptions, no I am going to say that there are exceptions. The Scripture says, Once the Lord is joined to you, you are alive.


Israel after the flesh and everyone in the church that does not have Christ grafted to them, is a member of the pale horse company and death is riding on them, and hell follows after them. Their life is hell, what is hell? It is the absence of God in their nature. They may have a Bible, they may get blessed at a service out there.


We continued, the Israel of God continues to be ritually impure even after the seed of Christ is grafted to us because the dead one still lives through us. Every time the dead one thinks through you, you need to be purified again. You need to go through that ritual again. Thank God we do not have to go through the ritual of the red heifer. The end of the whole process of the red heifer is that Israel has in its possession ash water. The ashes of the red heifer dissolves in the water, and they sprinkle the water on themselves, and Jehovah says, I perceive you as spiritually impure. Does the ashes of the heifer have any power to purify us? Absolutely not, the Israel after the flesh? Absolutely not, neither do sacrifices in the temple, neither do any of the laws, it is all an act of faith, you obey God and He protects you. We have the blood of Jesus painted on our soul, does that mean we are without sin? I have heard preachers preach that. Absolutely not. We are still morally unclean because the dead, we have touched the dead one, the second that, that blood was painted on our soul, we touched the dead one again. How do we touch the dead one? The word touch brethren, the Hebrew word translated touch, is a euphemism, a nice way of saying sexual intercourse.


Brethren, references to human sexuality in the Scripture are used to explain spiritual relationships to us. You all know that the Lord has promised to marry the church. We know that there is such a thing as a marriage between the spirit and human. We are already married. The whole problem is, we are already married, and we are married to death. Brethren there is no consciousness in a human body without a spiritual marriage, because the human being, the animal part of the human being, the body and the personality that goes with it, is the ox, it is the ox, that spiritual life rides, you see, spiritual beings ride from the inside.


In this world Beriah sits on the back of the horse. Spiritually speaking our rider is inside of us, and the whole physical body including the personality is the horse. We are the skins that Jehovah gave to Adam and the woman after the fall, not the skins on our flesh, but our whole three dimensional being is the skin that surrounds the spiritual being whose is at our center, at our spiritual center. Let me say it again. This is a deep message. Even those of us that have the seed of Christ grafted to us, we need continuous cleansing because we continue to touch or have spiritual sexual intercourse with death, who is our husband. Death is the one who has incarnated us and is therefore our husband. We have a continuous ongoing act of spiritual sexual intercourse with him because withdraw of that union, and withdraw of the spiritual male and female would cause us to cease to exist. Spiritual intercourse produces a world just as human intercourse can produce a zygote, the beginning of a new life, spiritual intercourse produces a world.


In spiritual intercourse there is no separation, in the separation the world comes to an end if there is a separation. Brethren that is what happened with Adam when he fell. What happened to the garden? What happened to the garden when the woman turned towards the Serpent, she took that Serpent as her husband and the garden of Eden ceased to exist, and she entered into her husband’s house, and this is her husband’s house, we are still in the house of the husband that we chose when we were in another form as the woman in the garden, that was the female Adam in the garden that chose the wrong husband, instead of the male Adam, she chose the Serpent, she was tricked.


I do not think her heart was evil towards God, she was tricked. Does that excuse the crime? She is reaping what she sowed, we are reaping what we sowed. We picked the wrong guy, and we are still trapped in his house. Not only are we trapped in his house, but we have born his child, and the child of the Serpent and our spiritual being, the fallen Adam, is our inner man, and as soon as Christ is grafted to us he becomes our old man, thank God.


We still are in contact with a dead body. The Lord says there is no life in this world, there is no life in the Serpent as your husband, there is only death, and we have permanent contact through an act of spiritual sexual intercourse with the Serpent, and for the Lord to separate that union, will cause this world to cease to exist. The separation of this union is called, well I should say, the anticipated separation of this union, what union? The anticipated separation of the union between the Serpent and our inner principle, which is the residue of the Adam who fell, the circumcision of that union, the much anticipated circumcision of that union, will end this world, wherefore, the Lord will not perform that circumcision until we are fully married to the Lord Jesus Christ.


We will be existing in two worlds, we must be existing in two worlds before the Lord performs that circumcision. It is not His will that we should cease to exist, we are being transformed from within. I have told you, I have expressed it previously, as the spirit that controls our brain, our organic brain is the control panel that runs our lungs and our blood and all of the functions of our body that we need to continue to exist. Right now Satan is sitting in the captain’s seat of the control panel. If that upsets you I am sorry, I have just told you the truth. Satan is sitting in the captain’s seat! If you have the seed of Jesus Christ grafted to you, His assignment from the one who sent Him, which is Jehovah is to overtake Satan and cast her out of your organic brain, and take over the control panel, at which point it will be safe to circumcise us away or to end that act of spiritual sexual union between Leviathan and his agent within us which is Abel. The Lord corrected me on that a couple of months ago, Leviathan has an illegal connection with Abel, our potential for Adam to rise from the dead in us.


Does everybody have this? We touched, the word touch is a euphemism for sexual intercourse, we are sexually connected, spiritually sexually connected to Leviathan and the whole Serpent’s household, every second of every minute of every hour of every day of our life because without that connection we would cease to exist.


There is a process going on in which the Lord is raising Adam from the dead within us, whose assignment is to cast Satan out of our organic brain and take over the control panel, so that Abel in us can be severed from Leviathan without the death of the horse which we are. Judah is the horse of the Lord, if you have the seed of Jesus Christ grafted to you, you are spiritual Judah, if you are not spiritual Judah, you are a part of the ox company or the jackass company and that is not to insult you, it is in the Bible. At the moment, I do not know when which word used, but that is what we are brethren, and it would be a honor to be the jackass that the Lord Jesus Christ rides on, and I believe that our life would be better than any other person’s life in this world if that were the case.


The Lord has offer us something even better than that. He has offered us the privilege of being His horse in a relationship likened unto dressage, which is a particular kind of horsemanship, where the rider, the horse has no bit in its mouth, no reigns, the horse is so perfectly trained that the slightest pressure from the rider’s knee instructs the horse what to do. That is the privilege that is being offered to us. It would be a privilege to be the jackass that the Lord Jesus Christ rides on in this world, and our life would be better than any person the world. The Lord has invited us higher than that. He has invited us to be His horse in a dressage relationship where the rider is so perfectly joined to the horse, on every level, spiritual, soul, understanding, I do not know if physical is right, I will have to think about that, but we will be so completely joined in purpose and will and committed to each other, that for all intents and purposes we would be one.


Wherefore the Scripture says, You can be as great as your master, but you cannot be greater than you Him. That is my introduction to bring you all up to date on what we taught on part 1, although it is completely different so listen to part 1 also. What I would like to do now is read the Scripture from the book of Numbers, I say it is the Levitical law because it came down through the Levites which are the priests, but this particular law of the red heifer is found in the book of Numbers 19:1-13. Before I read this does anybody have a question, any questions or comments, if you have a question through the telephone, you can present it also? Any questions or comments? Okay. I am going to read Numbers 19:1-13;


NUMBERS 19:1-13

1. And the Lord spake unto Moses and unto Aaron saying,

2. This is the ordinance of the law which the Lord hath commanded saying, Speak unto the children of Israel that they bring thee a red heifer without spot, wherein there is no blemish and upon which never came a yoke.

3. And ye shall give her unto Eleazar the priest, that he may bring her forth without the camp, and one shall slay her before his face.

4. And Eleazar the priest, (that is Aaron’s son by the way), shall take her blood with his finger sprinkle of her blood directly upon the tabernacle of the congregation seven times.

5. And one shall burn the heifer in his sight, her skin and her flesh and her blood with her dung shall he burn.

6. And the priests shall take cedar wood and hyssop and scarlet, and cast it into the midst of the burning of the heifer.

7. Then the priest shall wash his clothes and he shall bathe his flesh in water, and afterward he shall come into the camp, and the priest shall be unclean until the even.

8. And he that burneth her, shall wash his clothes in water, and bathe his flesh in water, and shall be unclean until even.

9. And a man that is clean shall gather up the ashes of the heifer, and lay them up without the camp in a clean place, and it shall be kept for the congregation of the children of Israel for a water of separation, it is a purification for sin.

10. And he that gathereth the ashes of the heifer, shall wash his clothes, and be unclean until the even: and it shall be unto the children of Israel and unto the stranger that sojourneth among them, for a statute forever.

11. He that toucheth the dead body of any man shall be unclean seven days.

12. He shall purify himself with it on the third day...



Well let me just comment here, he that toucheth a dead body of any man shall be unclean seven days. Brethren we are in the 6,000th year, we are just beginning the 7th day of a week of 1,000 years per day. That means we have a good thousand years to go before Israel is purified, fully purified never to fall again.



12. He shall purify himself with it on the third day, and on the seventh day, he shall be clean, but he purify himself not the third day, then the seventh day he shall not be clean.



I did not intend to comment on these Scriptures, but I cannot resist it, does anybody know what happens, happened and happens on the third day? What happens on the third day? Christ is resurrected on the third day. Christ within Jesus, Christ within Jesus of Nazareth was resurrected on the third day, that is a spiritual third day. Brethren, we are all experiencing the seven days of creation, each day of creation is a spiritual experience, it is something that is happening to us, it is 1/7th of the fetal development of Christ Jesus within us.


Each day is 1/7th of the fetal development and his environment. When Christ is raised from the dead in us, or when Christ is awakened or when Abel is awakened, we have experienced the third day of creation. The law reads;



12. He shall purify himself with it on the third day...



That means the awakening of Christ, how is Christ awakened? Christ is awakened when the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ touches him. It is only the living seed of the glorified Jesus Christ that can awaken Abel from the sleep of death. When that happens we have experienced the third day of creation. So it says;



12. He shall purify himself with it on the...



With what? With the ashes of the dead heifer, with the ash water, which is talking about the glorified Jesus Christ, and we will go over those types shortly. When the seed of the, when the living seed of the glorified Jesus Christ awakens Abel in us, and then his name becomes Christ, we shall be purified



12. ...and on the 7th day,



and that is what we are in now, we are in the beginning glimmers of the 7th day, when the Christ that has been awakened in us is going to defeat death, it is going to actually defeat death in us, and we have a 1,000 year day. That does not mean that every member of Israel will not experience full life until, for a thousand years, I do not know, it could take a long time, but there will be one here or there, or one of some people coming ahead of others, but I have told you this for a long time, in my opinion, that we are going to, some of us are going to experience something similar if not the same thing that Jesus was experiencing in the days of His flesh, but we know that before that, we are going to be experiencing longevity. The Lord has taught us that the next step for us, in the condition that we are in, is to enter into the longevity. That means those of us who are believing this message and sitting under this anointing and doing the best you can to confess with and deal with your sin nature, we have every reason to hope and to believe that we are not going to die at the normal time of life, that we are not going to die at 70, 80, 90, or even a 100 years of age, we are going to, we have reason to hope we are going to go on to 3, 4, 5, 600 if not 900 years of age. Hopefully, I want to see the end of the age, that means I have to go into the 900s to see the end of the age. We have every reason to hope that, that is going to happen to us, and that we will be fully productive, not 90 or 100, or 110 years old sitting in a wheel chair, deaf and blind. No, no, no, no, no, no. when Moses was taken, his eye was not dim, he was in full strength when the Lord took him.


This is what the Lord has taught us, we should, not can be, should be hoping for longevity, everyone sitting under this ministry, you should be hoping for and expecting the Lord to bring you into longevity. Then some time during this 900 years or this 1,000 years that we have already embarked upon, that longevity will translate into the first stage of immortality which is the condition that Jesus was in, in the days of His flesh, and then after that, at some point, invincibility, but encourage you all to not be thinking in terms of invincibility. Let us stay with what the Lord has for us now. Why? Because we only have so much energy brethren and only so much time in the day. What we focus on is a prayer.


Do you understand that what you think about during the day is a prayer? What you think about and what you expect and hope for, is a prayer. If you are thinking about or focusing on something ungodly, the Lord will reject your prayer, but Satan is not letting it go. That is how the Scripture can say, and that which he feared came upon him, because fear is a lack of faith and Satan picked up that fear and satisfied that person’s prayer.


What you hope and desire is spiritual, and sends forth spiritual energy into the spiritual world. You have to careful what you hope and pray for, or what you think about or what you fantasize about.


We have people in this world today, Christian counselors saying, fantasize, it is okay. No it is not okay! It is definitely not okay to think about another woman when you are sleeping with your wife, it is not okay. The Bible calls that incest, did you know that? Did you know that, that was in the Bible brethren? Who was it that fantasized about another woman when he slept with his wife? Jacob was the one who slept with his wife Leah, but thought that she was Rachel, had a different woman in his mind and the fruit of that union, even though Leah was his wife, and even though Jacob was tricked, he had sexual intercourse with a woman while thinking about another woman, right, are you all with me? And the fruit of that union was Reuben. What was Reuben’s weakness? Reuben’s weakness was incest. Reuben slept with his father’s concubine, and was rejected by Jehovah as the one whose tribe would carry the seed or produce the Messiah.


He was rejected, Reuben lost his birthright, that was his right as the firstborn. Reuben lost the right of the firstborn because Reuben committed incest, slept with his father’s concubine. Where did this weakness in Reuben come from? The weakness in Reuben okay, that if you are just going to look at this world, what did Reuben do, where did this spiritual weakness come from that he committed incest with his father’s concubine? It was the fruit of Jacob having sex with Reuben’s mother while thinking about another woman. Did you get it? Okay.


Jacob when he was sleeping, when he consummated his marriage with Leah even though he thought it was Rachel, it was not Rachel, it was Leah, and produced a son that had the weakness of incest. All of you who, you all everybody here listening to me, you should have some interest in deliverance and in your own family line curses, if there is any kind of problem in your life recognized or not recognized or suspected that would go along with incest and incest, what goes with incest?


Incest goes with bestiality, and incest manifests in all levels as described in the Scripture, incest with other members of your family, incest with children, incest with mother-in-laws, incest is far reaching, I preached on this last year sometime or it is in the Bible if you want to check it yourself, you cannot be sleeping with your mother-in-law even though she is not of your blood, she is your mother-in-law.


Do you know that if you are raised up in a family where there an adopted child, you could be no blood relation at all, if the natural child and the adopted child get together, it is incest, you were raised in the same family, it is still spiritual incest. The offspring of such an act produces the weakness, well it carries that weakness to your children, but I just got off the track. Men and women thinking about somebody else when you are having sex with your wife produces a child that will be vulnerable to incest. Why am I telling you all this? Break the curses brethren.


I do not know about you, but I do not know my grandparents, I did not know my great grandparents, I did not know my great, great grandparents, but if there was any kind of this fantasy going on, on my family line, I confess that sin and ask that the curses should be broken on my family, and ungodly soul ties with that relative should be broken, any residue of that ungodly soul tie, if they are dead, or if they are not dead, maybe they are not dead. Was your mother cheating on your father?


I am not saying that you are not legitimate, maybe your mother cheated on your father, came home, had sex with your father, and your father was your father, but maybe she was thinking about her boyfriend. Maybe she was not physically cheating, maybe she was just in love with somebody and thinking about him when she slept with your father.


I am telling you, we are encouraged to do that in today’s society, it is very dangerous. Fantasy is dangerous, your mind is creative. I do not know where that came from brethren, but it came, so I do not know where it came to this message but God put it there so He put it there.



12. He shall purify himself with it on the third day...



We are going to be purified when Christ, when Abel is raised from the dead in us, by the blood of Jesus, that is a form of purification, but it is not enough. Why do I say it is not enough? Because then the Scripture says, And on the seventh day he shall be clean. We are purified when Christ is raised from us, but we are not clean until the seventh day, and what happens on the seventh day? On the seventh day, well two things happen on the seventh day, Adam is fully raised from us to the point that he puts sin under his feet, and the manchild is born in us. We see that there are two stages of being made clean. Verse 13;



13. Whosoever toucheth the dead body of any man that is dead, and purifieth not himself, defileth the tabernacle of the Lord...



Remember that word toucheth, that word touch is used consistently through the Scripture to signify sexual intercourse, it is even used in our language, the euphemism in our language. We touch this dead body continually, we have a permanent touching, a permanent connection with death. Every human being born of a woman has a permanent connection with death. We are the offspring of death. That is why we die. Brethren, it is so simple. It is so simple but nobody gets it. If you have the son of life, you cannot die, if you have the son of life you cannot, how does life die?


If you are fully saved because you answer an altar call, you should not be dying anymore. How does life die? We are the offspring of death. Everyone that is not a son of Christ, everyone that does not have life grafted to them, because we are told in the book of Deuteronomy, as soon as life is in you, if you are not joined to the Lord by His blood, not by His spirit, you are still dead.


Those of us that are alive, are just alive by a hair, we have to wait for the seventh day to be made clean, to be made invincible that we could never die again. Of course we are still married to death anyway. If Christ, if the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ is joined to you, we have two husbands, we are all adulteresses. Did you think James was fooling when he called us all, or whoever he was talking to in those days, Ye adulteresses and adulterers, he was not just playing with words, we are all adulteresses and adulterers. We have two husbands, we are committing adultery upon the Lord Jesus Christ. We are still married to our first husband, and we will not be free, and we will not cease to be adulterers and adulteresses until our first husband dies. Then that law ceases to condemn us. We are condemned, we are not delivered yet brethren.


Do not lay everything aside and put your whole effort and life breath to evangelizing others, what about yourself, you are still dead! I am telling you the teachers in the church, there is a heavy judgment coming on the teachers in the church, because they are killing their people with their lying message. Great, great judgment is coming upon the shepherds and in particular, on the shepherds that address the truth in any area, and tell their people that the truth is a lie, great judgment coming brethren. On verse 13;



13. Whosoever toucheth the dead body of any man that is dead and purifieth not himself by having the blood of Jesus or the seed of Jesus grafted to him, defiles the tabernacle of the Lord...



Brethren, if all you have is the Holy Spirit, you are still defiled, you are unclean. Do I tell you this to condemn you? Absolutely not, the truth will set you free. Find out what you need to do to get the blood of Jesus attached to you and do not spend your whole waking moment dreaming about a ministry that you are not qualified for, or dreaming about evangelizing the world, or thinking about something that you can do that is going to make yourself a big shot in your own eyes. I do not know where this message is going brethren, I am really not talking to anybody here, I am really not, only God knows where this message is going.


We are the temple of God, so whoever touches a dead body, whoever is joined to Leviathan which is all of us, and is not purified by the blood of Jesus is still unclean, you are unclean brethren, you are unclean. What does that mean, unclean? What does it mean for us here, what does it means for someone who wants to minister? Unless you have a special dispensation from the Lord, which some preachers in the Holy Ghost do have, you know, you are not supposed to be joining yourself to other people, you are not supposed to be looking for ministry, because you are still unclean yourself, and you might hurt them, they might hurt you.


There is just an exchange of sin when you join yourself to somebody else, unless the Lord sent you to the person. I do not know whether the Lord sent you to the person or not, but if He has not, I mean it is no skin off of my nose, I am not looking at anybody here, I am just telling you, when you minister to somebody there is always an exchange. They get Christ from you and their sin touches you and you have to throw it off and sometimes it is not easy. If it is not Christ in you and it is just the Holy Spirit in you, you can be corrupted in certain areas. I am not saying you cannot get delivered if that happened. Who needs the grief? Who needs the grief? One more time, verse 13;



13. Whosoever toucheth the dead body of any man that is dead, and purifieth himself not, and does not have the blood of Jesus grafted to him, becomes a defiled tabernacle of the Lord...



I do not mean to condemn you, you can get cleaned up, but you are not ready to be ministering unless you have a special dispensation from the Lord which some Holy Ghost preachers have.


...and that soul who defileth the temple of God shall be cut off from Israel...


What does that mean, you will be cut off from Israel. It means that if you wind up ministering a false doctrine, if you wind up ministering and it is not the Lord, okay, you are cut off, let us leave it with doctrine as an example. You are not supposed to be ministering deep doctrine if all you have is the Holy Spirit. That is why most preachers in the church will not touch deep doctrine, because they have some revelation that they are not qualified to do it. The problem is, they are not touching it themselves and they are stopping their people from learning deep doctrine or the doctrine of Christ from the people who are authorized to teach it.


They are not saying, I am not qualified to teach spiritual doctrine, but the Lord has shown me someone who is, let me get them in here and start teaching the people, or let me start studying with that person and teach the people. They are not doing that. They are saying the Lord has not equipped me to teach the doctrine of Christ, therefore, you will not learn the doctrine of Christ, therefore the doctrine of Christ is not of God. The Lord has not told me, therefore it is not of God, and no one in my congregation is going to hear it. That is how they are defiling the temple of God, and that is how they are cutting Israel off from God, and that is what is going on, basically with the Pentecostal church, and even the Baptists and a lot of the fundamentalists, Lutherans, they teach the Bible.


Wherever the Bible is being taught, and that church or that preacher has been contacted by or has been touched by the doctrine of Christ, and they have pronounced it unclean, and the preacher has pronounced the doctrine of Christ unclean. This Scripture is for them. They are defiling the tabernacle of the Lord, and their soul and the souls that they touch shall be cut off from Israel. Who is Israel? Israel is the reality of the body of Christ. Christ Jesus exists in the world of Beriah. We have had this in recent teaching. He sits on a throne in Beriah, a higher world, two worlds above our world, and He contacts us by sending forth aspects of Himself that passes through the astral plane down here and touches particular people down here. The only connection to Christ Jesus is through somebody that has become a channel for the essence of Christ Jesus who is up in Beriah.


If you are a preacher or a pastor or just an individual, and you are counseling somebody who the Lord has brought the doctrine of Christ to and telling them to stay away from that doctrine, you are cutting yourself off from Israel or the kingdom of God which is in Christ Jesus, which is in Beriah, and you are cutting them off too, and you are guilty. You are unclean because the water of separation was not sprinkled upon you.


If Christ was grafted to you, if Christ was truly grafted to you, you would know that the doctrine of Christ is the message of God, you would know that. How come some of us know that, and others do not? Because if Christ is truly grafted to you, you know the truth when you hear it, you know your master’s voice when you hear it. We see how few people I the church have the blood of Jesus grafted to them. They sing about it, I sang about it for years, the blood of Jesus, I cannot sing, cleanses me from day to day. You know the song I am talking about? It is not cleansing you and if it is not grafted to you.


It is not the blood of Jesus hanging up there in the sky, it has to be grafted to you, and when the blood of Jesus is grafted to you, it effects your life, and it changes your life. You do not stay the same and then die and go to heaven. It is a false message. Let me try this one more time, I never know what the Lord is going to do. Verse 13;



13. Whosoever toucheth the dead body of any man that is dead, that is our old man or our inner man, and purifies not himself with the blood of Jesus defiles the tabernacle of the Lord, that is our self and the people we are teaching, and that soul shall be cut off from Israel, that is the kingdom of God, which is in Beriah, the world of creation, because the water of separation, was not sprinkled upon him...



Brethren, a man’s semen is called water in the Scripture. There is a water of separation that has been realized in the spiritual sperma of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that man that does not have the spiritual sperma, the water of the Lord Jesus Christ sprinkled upon him shall be unclean. His uncleanness is yet upon him. I gave you some Scriptures at the end of Thursday’s message, I do not know if I have it on my notes, but I gave you all of the Scriptures, I guess I do not have it here, talking, that tell us about Jesus sprinkling His spiritual blood on us. You will have to listen to part 1 if you want to get those Scriptures, unless you can find them yourself. This whole message came forth from actually a class that I am taking.


I am taking a class, I have the book here, and this whole teaching came forth from this book. No one has the book except me, I would like to take a break now and what I would like to do is just, and this is what I did last week, I just went through the chapters and commented on the few sentences that I have highlighted and the Lord just built it up into the incredible message that it became. When we come back from our break, we will just do this again, I will briefly review the few sentences that I mentioned last week, and then I will go on until we finish all of the comments that I have noted here on this textbook. Basically it is about the fulfillment of these Old Testament Scriptures in Jesus Christ, in the glorified Jesus Christ, and how exciting it is to see the reality of the Scripture and what He had to do, what the Lord had to do and how much He, how much has occurred just to save us from the fall, we are the female Adam who fell. There was no purpose in the Lord wiping us out and starting again because we would just make the same mistakes again. I am convinced that it did not have to go this way, I am convinced that Adam was given a real opportunity, the female Adam was given a real valid opportunity to be transformed into the internalized image of God without falling, but failed to take the victory.


Did God know, this is a big issue in the church, in case you do not know it here, did God know that Adam would fall? Yes God knew that Adam would fall. Did God plan that Adam would fall? No, I absolutely refuse to believe that God planned for Adam to fall. What God planned was that His nature would be internalized in Adam whether he fell or whether he did not fall. God’s will is that His righteous nature will be internalized in Adam, and Adam is the creation of God.


Jesus said, I am the first and the last Adam, I am the creation of God, the breath of Jehovah joined to an animal, an earthen animal with the breath of Jehovah ruling over the nature of the earth, that is the creation of God, that is the will of God. Was His intention that Adam fall? Absolutely not, and God being righteous made a way for Adam to go through and become invincible without falling, but yes God knew that the weakness in the flesh would result in the fall, but God still is righteous, the opportunity and the way was clear for Adam to not fall. God did everything He could do to warn Adam and teach Adam to avoid the fall, and what was the fall? Adam in order to become the creation of God had to learn how to live with or be joined to the earth, which has its own evil nature.


The Scripture says or Jehovah says through the prophet Isaiah, I create the evil, I create the evil, and I form the light. Jehovah created the evil for the purpose of forming the light because light, if we were a light being against a light atmosphere, nobody would see us. The whole purpose here is a visible creation. Jehovah formed His breath, which is His son inside an earthen animal, but the earthen animal is not passive, it has its own nature which is completely antagonistic towards the nature of God, 180 degrees opposite. It is just like you are training your teenage kid to drive a car. It is not so bad when you have an automatic car, but you know what happens when you try to drive a stick right? The car bucks all over the place right, when someone does not know what they are doing?


Adam bucked one time too many and he went catapulting out of the Garden of Eden. What happened? He became subject to the evil nature of the earth that was really his spacesuit so to speak. We are the suit, the earth is the suit, the covering for the son of God to express himself through, and the goal is not to crush the consciousness of the earth, that is not the goal to crush the consciousness of the earth, the goal is to crush the evil inclination within the earth and influence the consciousness of the earth to agree with the righteous nature of Jehovah.


Let me say that again. Adam’s assignment is not to crush the consciousness of the earth so that the earth is an android with no thoughts, or no desires, we are the earth, it is not the intention, the Lord’s intention to crush us, if it was His intention to crush us so that we would do what He wants, we would have been crushed a long time ago, His intention is to convince us that His way is better and bring us to a place where we would be in full agreement with Him, to crush our evil inclination, so that we can come under the influence of the godly righteous nature of our husband which is the male Adam who is supposed to be internalized in us through resurrection.


The Lord is not crushing us, He is crushing our evil inclination, but it is not enough to crush our evil inclination, we must desire His righteousness for us to come into, for us to become an aspect of the creation of God, we must desire His righteousness, if we do not desire His righteousness, the evil inclination will not be crushed.


You see, this is what happened to Adam, to the female Adam, he was practicing, he was supposed to be in training to bring the evil inclination under his authority to do what I just described to you from a position of kingship, from position of authority over the evil nature. What happened was that Adam fell under the authority of the evil nature and now he has to bring that evil nature into submission from underneath him, if you can think of two wrestlers. In the first instance, Adam was on top of the evil nature, had the evil nature under a body press, but the evil nature got up and flipped Adam over, now Adam is underneath the body press of this giant gorilla, so it is much harder, I am sure you can all understand how much more difficult it would be to overcome the gorilla, when you are laying under his 500 pound body or whatever it is.


Everything is still possible with God though, all things are possible with God, it is just much harder and much more painful. That is what happened, and this is who we are, we are the female Adam who married the snake by mistake. We thought God wanted us to do it, or we thought it was God, I am not really sure, something like that. We did not know we were disobeying God, but it is still sin, you see, it was our weakness and weakness is sin. That weakness could have been blotted out and absorbed into the righteousness of God if we would have obeyed the rules, but we did not obey the rules because we were tricked, and we were tricked because of our weakness so we are going the hard way, and yes God knew it would happen.


God is still righteous because there was a way of escape that we failed to take. Brethren, we are in the beginning of the seventh day, the worst is over, the worst is over, longevity is within our reach. Brethren do understand that everything that the Lord preaches in a ministry that is available to the person, if He gives the preacher faith to preach, than anyone sitting in that congregation should have every reason to believe they will acquire faith. A preacher preaches the Holy Spirit, everyone sitting under that preacher has every reason to hope that they will receive the Holy Spirit. The Lord has given us the message of longevity, you have every reason, everyone in this ministry, you have every reason to expect it, reach for it with your mind, expect it, it is coming.


We are going to take our break and then we will start going through the book, and we will see whatever else the Lord gives us today. Praise the Lord, the Lord told me to tell you that, well at least to clarify, that when Jacob consummated his marriage with Leah thinking that it was Rachel, that was incest right then and there, because he was in his mind sleeping with his sister-in-law. That was where the incest began and that was why Reuben inherited incest or a potential for incest, which incest is qualified him for the birthright of the firstborn.


We are going to take a look at this book now. We are told that the concept of the red heifer is to teach us that something can be transformed only though something that is higher than itself, human beings are capable to be transformed, well of course this is what the book says, it can only be transformed upwards by contact with something higher than yourself, and likewise we can be transformed downwards by an intimate contact with something lower than ourselves, and when I say intimate contact, that could be a mental or a spiritual contact. What we join ourselves to brethren, is what we become. That is why the Scripture clearly teaches us to choose very carefully the company that we keep, the Scripture says, Do not be joined to an angry man, or you will become angry, do not join yourself to a sinner because that sin, the potential for that sin will transfer into your consciousness through the relationship, and in an area where you may have never been tempted before, you will now be tempted. Join yourself to holy people brethren, now that does not mean perfect people, but it means people who desire to live a righteous life. It does not mean people who never make mistakes, it says avoid, it means avoid joining yourself to people who are habitually sinning without any desire for repentance or change. Join yourself to holy people, because when you desire the kingdom of God, and you desire righteousness, and are doing everything you can to change, the Lord considers you holy, that is why His people are called saints. He calls us saints believing that everyone that is joined to Him is desiring His righteousness.


He thinks good thoughts towards us and thoughts of life, not thoughts of death. Moving on, we were told last week that Solomon who was the wisest man in the world, could not understand the law or the statute of the red heifer, it was beyond him. I did not think there was a Scripture for that, I just noticed it myself, I would like to look it up, this reference is Ecclesiastes 7:32, Solomon said that the concept of the statute of the red heifer was beyond his ability to understand it, yet Moses understood it. The explanation is that Solomon’s wisdom was the wisdom of intellect, it was the wisdom of this world, but Moses’ and I will not call it wisdom, Moses’ understanding of this statute, came from a higher world. It was spiritual.


Moses understood because he was in a face to face relationship with Jehovah, and received that information from a higher world. The knowledge of the understanding of the statute of the red heifer was beyond the understanding of someone whose mind is grounded and rooted in this world. The understanding that is coming forth here is coming from a higher world. It is coming from the world of Atzilut where the Lord Jesus Christ is, and He said, Where I am, you shall be with me. We are with Him in mind, our body is not there, and all of our soul is not there, but a part of our soul is there. Our, the soul comes in five parts, this is not a message about the soul, but there are five parts to the soul.


Another way to say that, is even the spiritual aspect of the soul of the average person could not understand the statute of the red heifer, but when Jesus said, Where He is, we are with Him, it means that we have been given an aspect, one of the five aspects of soul.


Let me say it this way, one of the two of the five aspects of soul that are the higher aspects of soul that are not available to the average man. The five aspects of soul are the Nephesh and the Ruach which everybody is born with, and then the Neshamah, that is your spiritual soul, your ability to become spiritual, and I am now told that everybody is born with that, but not everybody develops it. Then there are two more levels of soul, the Chayyah, and the Yechidah. I have been told by a Rabbi are only present with Israel after the flesh, and of course I did not answer him, but brethren if you have the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ grafted to you, you are now a member of the Israel of God and you have everything that was given to Israel after the flesh on Mount Sinai plus the glory that was given to Jesus when He was glorified. Actually we have more, we have more than what was given to Israel after the flesh, we have in Jesus Christ, what Moses had. We have what Moses had. Whereas in Israel after the flesh, they had one leader that had a face to face relationship with Jesus Christ, and the others were the people that he taught. Israel after the flesh has this opportunity and will at some time in the future, when they receive their Messiah, be as Moses was.


We can understand this statute because Moses is with us right here internalized in us. Praise God. Just to synopsize that, let me say it this way, the spiritual reality of God which comes from what we call, we the church call the kingdom of God, the spiritual reality of God, it is nothing that could be understood, and yes I am looking right at you, there is nothing that could be understood by the human mind, no matter how developed that human mind is, and I am telling you again only because I love you, okay, you know I am not after you right? This concept that you have or use to have that you need to see evidence and proof and that is how you base your decision, God does use that, God bases His decision based on the principles laid out in Isaiah 11, we do not use these eyes or this nose, or these ears, we have to use our spiritual facilities to come to the conclusion that God would have us to come to, or to understand the things of God.


We need the mind of Christ, and some of us have the mind of Christ but we still use our carnal mind, because we cannot tell the difference between the two, so that is one of the things we try to do here, to teach you all to distinguish between the thinking of the Christ mind, and thinking of the carnal mind and we recognize and we learn how to use the Christ mind and we recognize the thoughts of the Christ mind, by contrast, by contrast.


The thoughts of the Christ mind are radically different than the thoughts of the carnal mind, so if I say something, or I share my perception with you, that sounds so, and you use to tell me for years that it sounded crazy to you, the things I said, sounded crazy to you. The things that I say sound crazy to the carnal mind. What you can do if you want to, is do the best that you can, ask the Lord to help you to divest yourself of your own opinion. Sometimes I call it standing neutral, some people in other philosophical circles call it nullifying yourself. Get rid of all of your opinions, because it is your opinion that what I was saying sounded crazy, that was blocking whatever God, whatever witness God wanted to give you, your opinion was blocking it.


We need to ask God to help us to get rid of our opinion and equip us to just hear His truth, just hear His truth, but as long as we stay offended or convinced that the other person is wrong, it is going to be very difficult if at all possible to really hear from God in an unpolluted way. We need to give Him our opinion, Lord I think that was wrong, Lord I think that sounded crazy to me, but especially if it comes to doctrine, I believe you placed me in this ministry under Sheila, so help me to just let go of my own opinion so that I could hear what you are going to say to me. You have to get rid of that opinion because it is a good chance that it is your carnal mind.


You do this believing that if what I have told you is wrong, that He is going to deal with me, but most likely it is your carnal mind that does not want to let you receive it. We need to throw off that carnal mind, like throw off an overcoat that we have, because it blocks us from hearing God’s witness. There was someone in this ministry that waited two years for a witness and when they finally got their witness, they were amazed at how obvious it really was, but Satan had been blinding them, two years they waited. They had the presence of mind to live with it for two years waiting for God’s witness, they must have followed my rules, they were probably not criticizing me and just saying, Lord please help me, I am willing to admit that I am the one that is wrong and Sheila is probably right, show it to me. In their heart, you see probably did the right thing with their mouth, but in their heart they were probably still thinking that I was wrong, that is why it took two years.


Once you get use to this practice, and God can do it for you, He can help you to get use to it, that you really can do it, you really can throw off your own opinion like an overcoat, and say, Lord if it is true, I want the truth, I want the truth more than I want to be right. When you really start practicing that, you get your witnesses right away, it should not take two years to get your witness. It was a miracle that they got their witness after two years because they probably were still holding that, that they were so sure I was wrong.


Moving on, the text book is quoting the Scripture actually that I just read to you here. Speak to the children of Israel that they shall take to you a perfectly red unblemished cow, upon which no yoke was laid, give it to Eleazar, the cohen, that is one of Aaron’s son, and he shall take it outside the camp and someone shall slaughter it in his presence. Eleazar, the cohen shall take some of its blood with his finger and sprinkle it toward the front of the tent of meeting seven times.


The cow shall be burned and I guess the seven times must mean the seven years, applying the blood of Jesus each of the seven days of creation. The cow shall then be burned in His presence. I was curious as to why the cow should be burned and I went into a whole explanation on part 1, how I disagree with the church teaching that Jesus was sacrificed through crucifixion instead of the animal sacrifices and I am not going to repeat that today but one of my biggest arguments is that if Jesus really, if Jehovah really was bloodthirsty, and He just wanted a blood atonement in the flesh, and Jesus really was in place of the animals, then He would not have been bled to death, He would have been boiled or burned because all of these Levitical sacrifices are either boiled or burned.


I pursued this and I found out that this is a judgment for idolatry that the burning was a judgment for idolatry. I just finished what I was saying, I was just giving you a reminder of what I preached on part 1, that, that was what I, that was the point that I brought out that if this burning of this cow is to typify Jesus in the flesh, how could that be because He was not burned, He was crucified. I have a note for myself here that this burning, the teaching, the Jewish teaching is that this burning is a judgment for idolatry, so how could this apply to the Lord Jesus. This is what I came up with. I have something else first here, I will come back to that.


I looked up in the Scripture because I knew that there was one sin, I can only find one sin in the Scripture where the judgment is to be burnt, and it occurred to me that this is where the Catholic church gets burning people alive from, and not only the Catholic church but the pilgrims were burning, which is a lie. Actually I did not find anything about burning a witch alive, if it is in there I did not find it, just this Scripture that says, Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live, but the judgment for burning is for harlotry. I thought I printed out the Scripture for you. Yes, the judgment for burning is for a harlot and we see in Genesis 38:24-26, concerning Judah and his daughter-in-law Tamar, for those of you that do not know the story, Judah, the prophesy that Judah will bring forth the Messiah came down from Jacob the father of the twelve sons who became the twelve tribes of Israel. He prophesied over his son Judah, that Messiah would come from that tribe, and the reason for that, was that Reuben was rejected as the firstborn, he lost his birthright, and the next two brothers, Simeon and Levi were rejected also, because they had a violent nature, as we see in what they did with Shekem, which I cannot go into that right now, if you are interested, you will have to look it up yourself. They were very cruel to what they did to prince Shekem and his tribe. The headship of Leah’s offspring went to Judah. Judah had three sons. He must have known that the Messiah was coming from his seed because he was prophesied over, and his oldest son married, and the Scripture says the Lord slew him because he was wicked. Lots of people are wicked and the Lord does not slay them, they live out a natural life, why would the Lord slay this young man because he was wicked? Because brethren, it was prophesied that Messiah would come from Judah’s seed. The Lord made a judgment that the offspring of this young man would not have qualified to be an ancestor of the Messiah, we do not know what form that wickedness took, we just know that the Scripture says the young man was wicked the Lord slew him, and I am telling you that the reason was that, the reason he was slain was because Jehovah made a judgment that he did not want Messiah to be a descendant of this young man.


According to the Levirate law which you may recall me talking about, for Israel after the flesh, there is something called the Levirate law, that pretty much is founded on the belief that if a man does not have offspring in this world, that he ceases to exist, his soul in this world ceases to exist, and therefore, if a man die without giving his wife a child, there was now incumbent upon his next relative or most likely his brother to marry the widow, for the specific purpose of giving her a child and in the event that, that happened, the child that was born of the widow and the brother-in-law was supposed to be a reincarnation of the dead brother, that is the belief.


Judah’s oldest son was slain by the Lord, and the second son married the widow according to the Levirate law, and the Scripture says that the second son was wicked also, and the Lord slew him too. I suggest to you for the same reason, Jehovah made a judgment, based on what, I do not know, but He made a judgment that this young man was not, well the seed of this young man was not acceptable to Jehovah to be the antecedent of the Messiah. Judah had a third son, and he did not want to give his third son over to this woman, her name was Tamar, because Judah said, Wow, I have already lost two sons, if I give my third son by the way whose name was Shelah, if I give my third son over to Tamar and the Lord slays this one too, I am going to be without a son and then I will not have an heir in the world. This is a big curse to be, for a parent to be alive after all of the children have died, that is a serious curse and a sign that God is cutting you off from the earth. Judah, instead of seeking the Lord and asking what the problem was, and asking, and presenting his fears and concerns to him, Judah said, I will break the levirate law, and as the story goes, his daughter-in-law Tamar tricked Judah her father-in-law into sleeping with her and impregnating her. This is the account of Judah finding out what had happened. Genesis 38:24-26;


GENESIS 38:24-26

24. And it came to pass, after about three months...



...after that encounter, that sexual encounter between Judah and his daughter-in-law, he did not know it was her by the way, she veiled herself and tricked him into believing she was a prostitute.



24. And it came to pass, after about three months, that it was told Judah saying, Tamar, thy daughter-in-law hath played the harlot, and also behold, she is with child by whoredom. And Judah said, Bring her forth and let her be burnt.

25. When she was brought forth, she sent to her father-in-law saying, By the man whose these are, (showing him the proof it was Judah’s belonging) I am with child, and she said, discern I pray thee whose are these, the signet, the bracelets, and the staff.

26. And Judah acknowledged them and said, She hath been more righteous than I because that I gave her not to Shelah my son. And he knew her again no more.



Of course, Tamar was pregnant with twins, Perez and Zarah, and the whole Davidic line of kings from David through Solomon came down through Perez. We see that the judgment for whoredom or for harlotry was to be burnt. It does not say in the, this is just a complete aside, it does not say in the Scripture to burn them alive, that is to me the most horrific, the human race in medieval times was terribly violent, what they did to each other was unbelievable.


I think if somebody committed a crime deserving of death, you kill them, you do not disembowel them or hang them on a cross or burn them alive, it is just absolutely inhuman that anybody could even you know think that, that would be an acceptable way of death, but that was what it was like in medieval times. I just wanted, as I said this is an aside, I have a problem believing that God meant burn them alive, and there were other Scriptures in which I read kill the animal, we are dealing with that right here right now, kill the animal, slaughter the animal, and burn the flesh.


My belief is that the Lord meant to kill the person and burn them. I know in one movie that I was seeing about people who were martyred doing the Middle Ages, the execution of, the guy was tied to the stake and the executioner strangled him and then burned when he was dead. I could see that and I am told that in Africa they are still, it is still recognized that there are people practicing witchcraft, and if it turns out that a woman, usually a woman or it could be a man, if it is recognized that there were women practicing witchcraft, that all of the men of the family get together and if it turns out that they agree that she is practicing witchcraft, they kill her and they burn her body.


I do not see any reason to burn people alive, for whatever reason that bothers me. Going on with this book, so we see that burning is a judgment for idolatry and for harlotry. Why do I say it is a judgment for idolatry? Because the golden calves were burnt. Moses burnt the golden calves when he found out that Israel had made golden calves and for those of who are not familiar with the Scripture, I have these Scriptures for you just in case there is somebody that is not familiar with them let me get it for you.


This was after Moses went up to Mount Sinai to receive the ten commandments from Jehovah, and when he came down, Joshua was waiting for him on a lower level, and it says Exodus 32:17-20;



EXODUS 32:17-20

17. And when Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted, he said unto Moses, There is a noise of war in the camp.

18. And he said, It is not the voice of them that shout for mastery, (mastery over their enemies or over their souls) neither is it the voice of them that cry for being overcome (they are not crying for help) but the noise of them that sing do I hear.

19. And it came to pass, as soon as he came nigh unto the camp, that he saw the calf, that is the golden calf, (that is the golden calf that Aaron made for them, all the Hebrew children, all those agreed threw in their golden earrings, an Aaron made an idol for them), and the dancing and Moses’ anger waxed hot, and he cast the tablets out of his hand and broke them beneath the mount.

20. And he took the calf which they had made and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to powder and strewed it upon the water, and made the children of Israel drink of it.



We see that the burning of the red heifer, the reason the red heifer is burnt, is that, it is symbolizing the judgment for the golden idols were burnt so the animal, that is the sacrifice for that sin, is burnt, and we established on part 1 of this message how the sin of the golden calf in the eyes of the Rabbis and I believe in the eyes of Jesus, because I am satisfied that He established it for us on part 1, that the sin of the golden calf is the equivalent of the sin of the female Adam committing adultery with the snake. We established that on Thursday and basically the issue is this, both of those crimes resulted in death, and that the antidote for death, does anybody remember what the antidote for death is? Resurrection, the antidote for death is resurrection, we died and the antidote for that, for the condition that we are in, is resurrection of the righteous one within us.


This concept the cohen, that is referring to the descendants of Eleazar, Aaron’s son, and the principle here is that it cannot be Aaron himself who makes the sacrifice because Aaron’s sinned, Aaron was the one who made the golden calf, so Aaron sinned, and when you sin, you cannot forgive your own sin, that is why we are all in the trouble we are in, we cannot forgive our own sins, that is why we need the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive our sin, but now we are looking at the type of the Lord Jesus Christ, this is the red heifer which is the atonement for the sin of touching a dead body, and we touch that dead body all day long, we already established that, and we cannot forgive our own sins. We have to be forgiven by somebody who has the authority to forgive us, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ, our righteousness.


I am just reading down here, and the cohen shall take a piece of cedar wood, that is Aaron’s son not Aaron, and of course Jesus is our brother, He is our brother and He is also a son, the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ, is also a son. We are saying the son of the first Adam who died, is the one who is going to forgive our sins. Can everybody see that, this is the fulfillment of the law brethren, every jot and tittle Jesus said He was going to satisfy every jot and tittle, the offspring of the one who died. The first Adam died, he was resurrected in the man Jesus of Nazareth, and his son Lord willing is in us. The forgiveness of our sin of touching a dead body will be ministered to us by the manchild within us when he is born. The offspring of the one who committed the crime.


The cohen shall take a piece of cedarwood, hyssop and crimson wool, and cast them into the burning of the cow, and we will get to the point where we discuss what that means shortly. The cohen shall be unclean until evening, and the principle here is that the person who does the purifying himself becomes unclean. I am going back and forth between the Old Testament, red heifer and what is happening in this New Testament with Jesus Christ, so if you are not following me, let me know.


The one who ministers the purifying right of the red heifer becomes unclean until evening and he himself has to be cleansed. What does that say about us? I mentioned this earlier. Those of us that have Christ awakened in us, Adam is rising in us, when we minister to other people that need deliverance, we really should not be doing it unless Christ is grafted to us because the uncleanness that we are dealing with to try to help the person gets to us and then we need to be cleansed.


If we are a person, and again, unless the Lord Jesus sends you, you can be a Holy Ghost person if, like we were in a deliverance church for all of those years and the Lord anointed us to not be hurt by it, but everybody is not anointed to cast out demons, that is a gift that everybody does not have. Of course if you find yourself in a situation where you have to do it, you have to do it, but by in large, we have to be anointed to do it. I am not anointed to do it anymore, the Lord moved me out of that ministry. That does not mean that there is anything wrong with that spiritual ministry, He just moved me on to other things, and I will do it, if the situation presents itself, but I am no longer specifically anointed to cast out demons.


Here is the issue brethren, those of us, it does not have to be casting out a demon, praying for anybody that has a spiritual uncleanness, we become exposed to that spiritual uncleanness, so unless we have Christ grafted to us, and He is sending us to do that kind of work, we can receive the same problem that we are trying to help the person from. Actually the person can get delivered and we can wind up with the problem.


You know brethren, Christians are so full of pride, and I was so full of pride when I was a young Christian, we think because we answer an altar call or because we speak in tongues that we are going to run out and pray for everybody and deliver the world, and it just does not work that way.


We can get hurt because the truth is that we have very, very little power, we have very little power, and unless the Lord has sent us, we can get hurt really badly. Some of you may have heard the testimony about the evangelist in Guatemala, who was turned green by a witch doctor. I mention it from time to time. He was sent by God to be an evangelist in Guatemala, but the Lord never told him to go after that witch doctor, and he went after that witch doctor and preached, I am sorry but the carnal message of Jesus Christ to the man, and the witch doctor turned him green. It is my understanding, his skin turned green, and it is my understanding, it took him six months of deliverance prayer for his skin to return to normal.


How did the Lord let that happen to him? Because the Lord never told him to go preach to that witch doctor. You all know my testimony, more than once, the Lord has told me, a witch has come after me and the Lord said, she is too strong for you, if you take her on, if you yield to your pride and take her on, I am going to let her have you. You do not go up to fight unless the Lord tells you to go up to fight. We read in the Old Testament about the warriors of God going to the prophet saying, Seek the Lord on our behalf, shall we go up to battle or shall we not go up to battle.


You do not go to battle based on your own pride thinking that you can just do everything because you answered an altar call and you speak in tongues. God have mercy on us all, the pride in the church is disastrous, run for your life. Do not take on that evil unless the Lord has told you He is with you. Run from the unclean thing. Flee, the Scripture says, Flee from fornication. That is not just talking about physical fornication. Fornication is union with an unclean spirit. So if you take on an unclean spirit in a person because your pride tells you that you can help them, you are joining with that unclean spirit, you may be joining with that unclean spirit in a battle, but you are still joining with it, and we are told to flee from that union, flee from that fornication, unless the Lord in you is going up to that war, or you will be in trouble.


The Scripture says, also the one who burns it, not only the one who slaughters the cow but the one who burns it shall wash his garments in water and bathe his body in water, and he shall remain unclean until the evening. We see that we become unclean when we encounter unclean forces in a spiritual battle, and only those of us that have the blood of Jesus with us, fighting with us, will be cleansed, we will be cleansed as we fight the battle. The Lord Jesus Christ, His presence and His will that we should be doing this, will be cleansing us every second that we are being polluted by that unclean spirit, we will be cleansed and we will be polluted again, and we will be cleansed again, because the Lord in us is fighting that battle.


A ritually clean person shall gather the cow’s ashes and place them outside the camp in a clean place, and it shall be as a keepsake for the congregation of the children of Israel for sprinkling water for purification. The one who gathers the cow’s ashes, shall wash his clothes and he shall be unclean until even. It shall be an everlasting statute for the children of Israel, and for the proselyte, the one who is converted who resides in their midst. I do not think I made it clear that this cow that is being sacrificed and burnt, that it is typifying Leviathan, it is typifying the harlot in us.


Who is the harlot in us? Does anybody know who the harlot in us is? Abel is the harlot in us. Abel is the one who is joined to Leviathan in this unholy marriage. Abel is the residue of the female Adam who sinned, and he is the harlot that we read about, and I think it is Revelation 17, riding on the beast, this whole creation only exists because Abel the residue of, or the seed of the woman is in this ungodly union with Leviathan without Abel which is the breath of life, the breath of Jehovah’s life, there could be no creation. The one who is being burnt is the harlot and what is another name, what other role does Abel fill in the end time? He is also the false prophet, he is the lamb that sounds like a dragon, that has two horns right, and what is the judgment for that second beast, where is he going? He is going into the lake of fire.


We see that Abel has to be burnt, Abel purification is through burning, and what is the burning, who is the lake of fire? The lake of fire is Christ Jesus, amen, so this is typifying, this burning of the harlot typifies the judgment of our soul, so when Christ Jesus in one person goes to another person and reveal sin in them, it is not a pleasant experience, and it is not pleasant because Abel in you is burning. If it is truly Christ Jesus in the person revealing that sin, the lake of fire is coming out of the mouth of the person revealing the sin and burning Abel in you.


That is the reality, that is the spiritual reality of the burning of the person who is guilty of harlotry, but I do not believe that anyone in the natural is supposed to be burnt alive, that is just barbaric. I made it clear to you that the one being burnt is the harlot, so the cow is typifying the fallen Adam who has become one with the cow, you know we are the cattle, we are the animal, and Abel is one with us, he is the breath of life, of us in our fallen state, he is the breath of life in our fallen state or in our exalted state. In our exalted state, Abel is the root system of Adam, so when Adam is fully resurrected in us, Abel is still the breath of life, he is the root, he is the foundation of this existence here.


There would be no conscious existence without Abel. We are told in the Scripture that we are getting a new foundation, a foundation, a golden foundation, and that there really is no other foundation worthwhile, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ, covering over Abel. Abel is the seed of the woman.


One who touches the corpse of a human soul shall become unclean for seven days on the third and seventh day he shall cleanse himself with the ash water of the cow, which we now know to be the ash water of the cow, and we now know that to be that the residue, what would the ashes be? The ashes would be the residue of Abel after her is burnt. Abel is going into the lake of fire. The result of Abel being burnt in the lake of fire is that he will be divested of or separated from his unholy husband which is Leviathan.


Sometimes in some Scriptures I read that the spiritual circumcision will be done with a knife and in other Scriptures like this, it appears that the spiritual circumcision will take place through burning in me, in the day that I can understand that difference between the two, I will share it with you. I am sure both are true, you know, just that spiritual circumcision being expressed under different conditions, or maybe one is for Abel and the other is for Cain, I am not really sure.


We see that the ash water of this ritual, signifies the burnt Abel, the purified Abel, and who is the purified Abel? How does Abel get purified? He is not even going to be thrown into the lake of fire, until the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ is joined to him to awaken him. We see that the purified Abel is now joined to the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ, rather than to Leviathan, or his ashes, or Abel’s ashes, the residue that is left after he is burnt is joined to the Lord Jesus Christ.


We see that the ashes signify the purified Abel, and that the purified Abel or the ashes of the purified Abel can used to purify other people because the purified ashes are joined to the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ. What does that mean? It means any one of us, who has a particular measure of purification, only Jesus can determine that, I am not about to try to determine that, but those of us in whom Abel has been burnt to a particular degree and joined to the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ, to a particular degree, becomes qualified or by the Lord Jesus he becomes an agent of the Lord Jesus, to produce purification or to minister purification to other people, and what is that purification? That purification is the exposure of their sin nature, which means that the words of this qualified person becomes the lake of fire to Abel in another person, and burns away the bands, that exposure of sin burns away the bands that Leviathan has on that person through the truth and the power of, through the truth of the purified Abel and the power of the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ that is generating that truth.


On the third and seventh day, we already know that on the third day Christ is awakened in you and on the seventh day there are two aspects of cleansing, one is immortality and the second is invincibility, we talked about that at the beginning of this message. He shall cleanse himself with Abel’s ashes, so that he can become clean. This is the person that slaughtered the animal and burnt the ashes, but if he does not sprinkle himself with it on the third and seventh day, he will not become clean. We already discussed that, very interesting, Abel is the ashes.


Moving on, we have another couple of pages to look at here, we should be able to finish this up, we will just do as much as we can, that is all. The text book is saying that we now have a translation of a commentary on this ritual. They shall take to you from your own possessions, just as they remove their own golden earrings for the golden calf, so shall they bring this cow from their own possessions as an atonement, and now we are going to, this is going to be broken down. So shall they bring this, it has to be from your own possessions. Remember, this ritual, in case I did not make it clear to you. This ritual is the atonement for the sin of the golden calf, I do not know if I made that clear to you today, but I do believe that I made it clear on part 1, the ritual of the red heifer is an atonement for the sin of the golden calf, and we established in part 1 how atonement for touching a dead body can be the equivalent of atoning for the sin of the golden calf.


To make it simple for those of you who did not hear part 1, the answer is, that they both result in death, they both result in death, but if you want a better explanation, please listen to part 1 of this message. In any event, there is an equivalency drawn between the Rabbis and the Lord has witnessed to it here, between the sin of the golden calf, which is also the equivalent of the sin of Adam committing adultery with the snake, and the judgment for touching a dead body, so now we are talking about the sin of the golden calf.


I am going to say it again, somebody did not get this. There is a moral equivalent between touching a dead body and the sin of the golden calf. The teaching here is that there is a moral equivalent between touching a dead body and the sin of the golden calf, and the moral equivalent is that they both result in death, that we do develop this more in part 1 of the message.


Because, also the principle here is that just about all sin, just about all sin, since the sin of the golden calf reverts back to the sin of the golden calf, that is the same thing as saying, in Adam all died and fell into a sin nature. Every sin that we commit goes back to the fact that in Adam all died, and we received the sin nature. Every sin that we commit goes back to our sin nature and we have a sin nature because the Scripture tells us, in Adam all died, therefore we are dead and guilty, and we are dead, and the reason we are dead is that we must be guilty of Adam’s sin or we would not be dead. Everybody okay. Let me say it again. Every sin known to man, comes out of our sin nature, and we have a sin nature, because we are told in the Scripture that Adam died and we were in his loins when he died.


We were the sperm, well actually it was the female Adam, we were the eggs in the body of the female Adam when she died, and we inherited her sin, just like Reuben inherited the potential for incest, that his father committed with his mother even though Jacob did not know he was committing incest. That means we, any individual can be committing any sin that could be an immediate result of our parent’s sin, and it is possible that we did not know that our parents did it, and that our parents did not know that they did it, but this sin is still passed on. If we go all of the way back, every sin that we commit goes back to our original ancestor, Adam because Adam sinned and that sin was passed on to the future generations.


You say, Well the Bible says the sin will be passed on to the third or fourth generation, this must be who knows how many generations it is? Well the answer is brethren that because the sin is passed on to us, we commit the same sin, and it is passed on to the third and fourth generation, but every generation commits the same sin, because it becomes embedded in our nature, it is a spiritual gene, that potential is a spiritual gene, and the only thing that will save us from it, before the Lord Jesus comes, the only thing that will save us from it, is a commitment to obey the law of God. We are told such as incest is wrong, and even no matter what we are feeling, we refuse to do it, we will be saved from the consequences of it. If we yield to the temptation, we will merely continue the cycle. Even if we do not yield to it, it is still in the spirit, so our children are still subject to it more so than another person.


Our children are subject to it, because it just keeps on rolling. Of course we know that everybody has a potential for every sin. Some people have more potential for some sins than others, but we are all sinners, that is why we need a savior. That just rolls from generation to generation, and for whatever reason, and now we are comparing Israel after the flesh to Israel of God in this study. The Rabbis of Israel after the flesh, they teach that all sin goes back to the golden calf, they do not teach that all sin goes back to the fallen Adam, and the reason they can say that, that all sin goes back to the golden calf for Israel, is that we proved in part 1, that there is a moral equivalent between the adultery of Adam in the garden, and the sin of the golden calf.


Those of us who are not Israel after the flesh who have studied the New Testament, we say in Adam all die. In Adam all die, all of humanity died. The Rabbis are talking about Israel for Israel, the sin goes back to the golden calf, and because all sin and all death goes back to the golden calf, the Rabbis are teaching for that reason, if you want to be purified from the sin of touching a dead body, you have to take the cow from your own herd, just as the Hebrew children took their own earrings and gave them to Aaron to build a golden calf, the sacrifice that is going to undo your sin has to come from your own possessions. Let me say it again, somebody did not get it.


As far as our, the part of this message that has to do with Israel after the flesh, the Rabbis are teaching that all sin, no matter what your sin is, it goes back to the sin of the golden calf, and we established why that is the case in part 1 of this message, that this sin of the golden calf is the equivalent of Adam’s fall. What was the sin of the golden calf? It was the people of Israel that went after Aaron and put upon him to make this idol, and they gave of their own golden earrings and their own gold to Aaron to form this idol. The judgment or the purification for this sin, purification always comes in reverse, so if you took, if your ancestors took their golden earrings to make the idol, now you if you want to be purified, you have to take the cow of your own herd, you have to pay for it yourself, you have to give up something that belongs to you for the purification. Everybody got it? Okay.


The teaching says, So shall they bring this cow from their own possessions as atonement. I believe that is in the Scripture. A red cow, this is the commentary now, a red cow, this can be compared to the son of a maid servant who soiled the king’s palace, a maid servant who soiled the king’s palace. They said, Let his mother come and clean up the mess. Similarly let the cow come and atone for the calf. Spiritually speaking this is a CCK message, who is the mother, who is the mother on God’s side, who is the mother? Binah, yes Binah is the mother, absolutely, Binah, that is a level, it is one of the ten Sefirot, Binah is the mother and the Lord Jesus Christ is, well the Lord Jesus Christ is ascended beyond the level of mother, He is the ancient of days, but He manifest Himself to His people from any level that He wants, as the ancient of days, mostly as the mother or as wisdom, which is the father.


The Lord Jesus Christ by in large is dealing with His church from the Sefirot Binah which is the mother and her attribute is understanding. This can be compared to the son of a maid servant, that is us you know, or Christ in us, who soiled the king’s palace, they said, Let his mother, let Binah come and clean up the mess. The Lord Jesus Christ is here cleaning up the mess, and most of us are a big mess, if anyone is going to admit it, we are all a big mess. Similarly, let the cow come, and atone for the calf. Let the cow come and atone for the calf. I explained this earlier that the cow is Adam who died, and is now risen from the dead, and he is now Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the first and last Adam and Jesus Christ is our atonement, is He not? He is the atonement.


Jesus is the atonement, His blood, joined to our soul is the atonement. I just did pick out a Scripture for you that I wanted to read to you, showing you the calf in the Scripture, we have in Ezekiel 1:10;



10. As for the likeness of their faces, they four have the face of a man, and the face of a lion on the right side and they four had the face of an ox on the left side, they four also had the face of an eagle.



That word, Hebrew word translated ox is Strong’s #7794, and it is a masculine noun referring to an ox, a bull, or a cow, so we see that, it is a masculine noun referring to a cow, which is a female. We are male and female. We are female, I told you this at the beginning of the message, the whole human race, whether you are a physical male or a physical female but we are male if we have Christ grafted to us. We are a female that has the authority to behave. We are still female but we have the authority to behave as a male, and that authority is the mind of Christ.


Even if you have Christ grafted to you, if you are living out of your carnal mind, it is like having a gun, you may have a license for the gun but you really should not be using it if you are not living out of the mind of Christ. I just wanted to point that out to you once again, that we are spiritually female but some of us have manhood grafted to us, and that means we can go back and forth, we can be a man, we can be living out of that male mind every day and then if we are afflicted in our emotions and we are knocked down into our female mind, we are a female again.


In fact, what I am trying to tell you brethren, is once you have reason to believe that you have entered into spiritual manhood, that does not mean that everything that you think, say, and do for the rest of your life is guaranteed to be spiritually male, we need to know that we are a spiritual male but we are still, our potential to be spiritually female is lying right beneath our manhood and we can flip over at any time. We need to be on the lookout for that and those relationships, the relationships that we have in Christ Jesus, and this goes for me too, you know, if anyone sees someone is really fallen, and you pray about it and if ever you see that I am really down, you should ask the Lord but you should definitely let me know, you should not wait until I almost die in the spiritual battle and then come to me, and tell me, Well I knew the whole time that you were overtaken. That does not do me any good at all, you need to come and tell me, or I need to come and tell you if I think that you are overtaken in your mind.


You have to be very careful, that is not a license for you to be criticizing me, or telling me how to run the ministry, you need to find that fine line, if you really think I am in trouble, you have to come and tell me, okay? Okay.


Where is the calf in the Scripture, where is the calf? Revelation 4:7, and the first beast was like a lion and the second beast was like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle. We see the ox has now become a calf in the New Testament, and that is the reality of being born again, that is the reality of being born again, the ox typifying the whole creation, that means spirit and earth, the soul man and the earth man, the whole creation, how do I say that, you are all looking at me, just hold on for a second, before we are converted in Christ Jesus, before He converts our soul, we are on ox, all of us down here today, we are an ox, and because we are an ox. We live in large part, an animal life, our mind desires the animal things in this world, I am not condemning anybody, I am just like you are, I like to eat, I like to do all the kinds of things that animals do, just like everybody else.


That ox is going to give birth to a new creature, and the new creature will still have an animal nature, but it will be a calf, it will be smaller, it will be young and it will be under the dominion of the resurrected Adam and it will never grow, the whole point is that this calf is not supposed to grow up, it is supposed to stay young and small and under the authority of the resurrected Adam, as I explained to you earlier. We are to have an animal nature, we are to have animal inclinations, but they are to be dormant, they have to be rejected in favor of the higher things of God, and that is what we are in training for right now, we are being trained to learn to prefer the higher things of God, and that is very hard because it is our nature to desire the things of the flesh, but through experiences, through painful experiences, the Scripture says through sufferings, Jesus learned obedience, and through suffering, we will learn obedience to the higher mind.


What does that mean? That does not mean that we will be beaten into submission. It means through the pain that we experience by preferring the animal mind, we will learn through the intelligence that the Lord gives us that it is in our own best interest to resist the inclinations of the animal nature and cleave unto the higher inclinations and the higher mind that comes from God. When we suffer enough because we prefer the lower things, we will then choose the higher things, and when we choose the higher things of God, the nature of God will then put underfoot our inclinations for the lower things, and there will no longer be a war.


There is a labor, we experience a spiritual labor of keeping sin underfoot, and that has to come to an end because in the world to come there is no more labor. Oh you thought that meant no more washing dishes, and no more washing your car and no more having a job. That may be true but this whole world in which we have to wash dishes, keep the house, go to work, and maintain our car and everything that we do, all of this, the activities of this world arise out of a mind that needs to tread sin underfoot, and when the day comes that we are converted and the mind of God is prevailing in us, and the mind of God is treading our sin nature underfoot, with our agreement, this world will change, and there will be no more dust, there will be no more dirty clothes, there will be no more need to hold a job, we will be fully sustained by the internalized life of Christ Jesus within us, and our activities will be spiritual.


I just had an interesting thought, I watched a very good series of movies recently and I like to see movies about people that really existed, and this particular series, it was about, well actually I just have the wrong movie, I just, well it does not matter what it was about, we are running out of time here, but it was about people that did fellowship with the royal family and the extended royal family, and there was one scene in the movie, there was a woman, a woman and her American husband was in fellowship with this royal circle, and the American man was not into sports, so the conversation ensues between the wife of a prince and she says to the American woman, Oh, how strange that your husband is not into sports, if he is not into sports, he must be home all day, how boring you know, what does he do with himself? If he is not into sports, do you hear this? If he is not into sports, he must be home all day and terribly bored.


She said to the American woman, What does he do all day? And the American woman says, Well he has a job in an office, and the royal, I guess she was a princess, she was married to the prince, and she got all embarrassed and said, Oh, I see. Do you understand the type of this? I have told you recently how the royalty of Europe is the natural example of the spiritual royalty that we have a promise of growing up into, because we are kings and priests, so here in the material royalty, they never work, the royalty of England did not work. I have been watching a lot of movies about the royalty of England for some reason, and in another movie, the man, he was a lord and he was losing all of his money, but he said, Take a job? I do not work, I am a gentleman. The royalty of Europe do not work.


That means there is not going to be any labor when we grow up into our spiritual kingship, but what will we do all day, if we do not hold a job, like the common people hold, will we be playing soccer, what is it that Prince Charles plays all of the time, and the young princes, polo, all of these games that they play, all of these sports that they play, is that what we will be doing as spiritual kings and priests? I do not think so. I think we will be very busy doing the work of our Father, and we will be playing war games. There is a Scripture in the Old Testament that talks about Israel coming out, the different tribes coming out to play games. If you look up that Hebrew word, it means war games, and you read about that Leviathan, that plays in the sea. That word play means war games. We will not be playing polo when we grow up into our kingship. We may not have a job, I do not have a secular job, but I work very hard and I am involved in a warfare continuously, and I am involved in my Father’s business continuously. There is no such thing as not working.


You have to do something. The royals in London, they work very hard at their sports and very hard at what they do, and their competitive, they are not laying around the house doing nothing, and there is no laying around the house doing nothing in God’s royal family either. Wherever that came from, I do not know where that came from, but it is for whoever is going to hear this message. Everybody works brethren, you either do spiritual work or you do carnal work, everybody works, no retirement, everybody works. The cow is coming to atone for the calf. The cow signifying Adam before the fall, the cow signifying, the whole creation that looks like an animal, but has the nature of God.


Brethren that is what we are destined to be, an animal that has the nature of God. Is that the most incredible thing that you ever heard of, an animal that has the nature of God. That may sound incredible to you, but I have news for you that ever elephant tiger and moose out there thinks that it is absolutely incredible that we are animals that walk upright and talk and live in houses and wear clothes. It is all how you look at it brethren.


Moving on, let us just finish this up and see what we are going to do here. The word red, the lesson says, this alludes to the verse, if your sins prove to be as red as crimson, but the word crimson also means worms. It says here in the book that Israel became perfect on Mount Sinai. That is very interesting, in other words, they were raised to life on Mount Sinai, were they actually, well they were probably raised to the state that Adam was in, okay, that is what we are hoping for after longevity and then to be restored to the first stage of immortality, the state that Adam was in, he was perfect.


This book is saying that Israel was restored to Adam’s first estate on Mount Sinai. We know that Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments and that he broke those Ten Commandments because of the idolatry, and that resurrection that Israel had experienced was lost, they died, so they were raised to life on Mount Sinai and then they died almost immediately.


The crimson dye signifies the worm. Jesus clearly said that there is a worm that dieth not, and that worm, that worm is a seed, it is a larvae inside of a, it is Abel, Abel is in the form of a worm these days, and in fact Jehovah called Jacob a worm, a spiritual worm. This I told you about, that the offspring that Christ Jesus in us has to bring the atonement, not the Adam who fell, I told you about that, and then it says that it should be a heifer that never a yoke was laid upon, and the book says, Just as they cast off from themselves the yoke of heaven, I do not receive that, I find it very interesting. When the Lord brings me into these studies where I am dealing with a Jewish teaching, I see in many instances, their revelation is very deep and a witness to what the Lord has taught me, but sometimes I see either they just did not rise to the occasion or the writers of this particular book just did not, maybe they had the high revelation but they decided not to put it in this book.


The cow is to be cow upon which no yoke was ever laid, and I believe that to be, I mean I do not accept this, just as they cast off from themselves the yoke of heaven. No, no, a cow with no yoke on it, that is a cow that was never in bondage to Leviathan. Jesus said, My yoke is, my yoke is light, so Leviathan has a yoke on us, we are all yoked to Leviathan, so this cow that is going to be sacrificed, it is going to be sacrificed in a state of symbolic purity, a cow that was never yoked to Leviathan. Of course Christ Jesus, the manchild that is born in us will never have been yoked to Leviathan.


I see the not having the yoke is having to do with Christ Jesus being the atonement within us, Christ Jesus being the one that will be ministering out of us to another person to purify them, and Christ Jesus in us the manchild will be the one that purifies us when we become polluted from ministering to a person with sin. I think that I am overlapping a lot here with the symbolism but I do not have the time to do the whole thing and I do not, I would have to put it on the board and show you the relationships and I do not even think the Lord wants me to be doing that. I do not even know if He wants me to go to a part 3. I am just going to read you this last paragraph here, I think that I pretty much made the points that the Lord wants you all to hear, I doubt that there will be a part 3.


This is interesting, I was really hoping that the Lord would bring forth some revelation on this if I got to it today, it says here, well the Rabbis relate this whole account of the golden calf to Mariam dying, they say about this time Mariam was dying, so I am not going to be relating that passage to all that I have told you, I would like to just pick up here and look at this point, and the question is, Why is the passage relating to Mariam’s death, adjacent to the passage of the red heifer? I do not think that in the Scripture although I think that in the teaching that Rabbis relate the two accounts.


Why is the passage relating to Mariam’s death adjacent to the passage of the red heifer? It may be in the Scripture that she dies right after this statute is given, I am not sure, if anyone is going to check up on this, and you find that the account of Mariam’s death does not happen in the Scripture, right after the giving of the statute of the red heifer, then the answer is that the Rabbis relate the two incidents, and we are going to look at this. The answer is, to teach you that just as sacrifices bring atonement, talking about the red heifer now, so do the righteous, so do the deaths of the righteous secure atonement.


This has been an issue with me, and it was brought up to you all two years ago, a good two years ago it was brought up to you all, this issue of Jewish, serious Jewish believers, going to the grave sites of who they call righteous men to pray. When I first heard it, it was very offensive to me, and as I have told you, I tried very hard to not be offended anymore. I have had it before the Lord for two years, and I still do not receive it, and in my opinion there is something still wrong with that teaching, I am open to the Lord, but as I continue to pray about it, I now find out that the belief is this, that the Neshamah, that is the third level of soul, the Neshamah hangs around the grave of a dead person after the person dies.


The first two levels of soul, the Nephesh and the Ruach, are in the body, so when the body dies, they are gone, the Nephesh and the Ruach is gone, but the Neshamah is the mediator you might say between the human being and the higher worlds, or between the human being and Christ Jesus or the mind of Christ.


I think that this teaching is rooted in the belief that every person, well again the Rabbis would say every righteous person who was serving God, that the bones of their carcass is going to be raised from the dead in the time of the resurrection, that they believe it is going to be a physical resurrection that is going to be rooted out of the physical bones, just like I tell you that Abel is the root system out of which Adam will be resurrected, the belief in Jewry seems to be that the physical bones of the physical body of some person that was a righteous man, a good teacher, you know, someone who was committed to God, that those actual bones just like Abel, Abel in each of us is the bone, is a bone of the Adam who died, Abel is a spiritual bone of the Adam who died.


When we read about Ezekiel and Jehovah saying to Ezekiel, Can these bones live again? I suggest to you He is talking about the spiritual bone Abel in each of the members of Israel, that when Abel is awakened and everyone who is a member of the Israel of God, we will have Adam fully resurrected in the earth and His presence will be in Beriah.


At least at this point, I am still open to God, because I do not want to be ignorant, I really do not, I want the truth, but I cannot see it. This teaching that Neshamah, the mediator, the aspect of soul that is mediator between the Nephesh and the Ruach and the Chayyah and the Yechidah, which is the higher soul, that mediator, mediating aspect of the five levels of soul, hovers over the bones of the dead person in the grave, and so the Jews claim they are not praying to the dead, they are not praying to the dead person, they are going to the grave, because the Neshamah, is still functioning and it is hovering over the grave waiting for the resurrection of those bones. When they prayed, they communicate with the Neshamah, and they contact the higher worlds, or God so to speak.


When I listened to this of recent date, I said to myself, Wow, this belief is so close to the truth of Jesus Christ, do you see how close this is to the truth of Jesus Christ? That they see a holy person, but they are not looking for the resurrected in Jesus Christ, He rose, in Jesus case, He rose from the dead and appeared, okay, and He is a whole spiritual man ascended on high that will communicate with anyone who seeks Him by faith.


He says, Whosoever will come, by faith, but Jewry believes, no, no, no, no we have to go and speak to His aspect of soul that still is hovering at the grave site. Am I reaching you all, I know it is late, and it is time to end, am I reaching you at all? I do believe, I am open to God, I do my best to be open to God, and I ask Him to help me to be open to Him but, brethren I have been praying for years how to minister to the Jew, that means there has to be an answer if I ever get an opportunity to speak to a Jewish person about this, I have to have an answer for them, and I do not have it.


I am just starting to see the parallel between what they believe, and what happened with Jesus. Again, I do not have time to put this on the board, I just want to leave this with you, because if I get you all thinking about this, maybe I will get the answer from the Lord. In Jesus’ case, He was resurrected, there was no body, there was no grave for the Neshamah to be hanging over, there was no, I wonder if that is the, I mean I believe that the practical of the clinical reason for His body disappearing was that a body only remains, okay, I just had a thought, the teaching that I have given you, is that if a righteous, if someone who is alive departs from this world, the body dissolves, there is no residue of the body. If a body is left over, it means that the person was a sinner.


This is what I have on the board, I have drawn, I have divided the board into two parts, the left part says Jewry, the right column says Jesus. #1, this is Jewries beliefs, not their beliefs but this is what is happening with Jewry, they are dealing with a body, a physical body that is in a grave, as far as the doctrine of Christ goes, I guess I should say the doctrine of Christ. This is not just a belief, this is what is happening, in Jewry it is what is happening on the left side of the board. On the right side of the board is the doctrine of Christ. I do not want to say Jewry, this is what is happening, let me say what is happening in Judaism, this is going on today. What is happening in Judaism today, they are visiting grave sites, the doctrine of Christ says that Jesus’ body dissolved, there is no grave site to visit if they wanted to, Jesus’ body dissolved. What is happening in Judaism today, they believe that the Neshamah remains at the grave site, and I said this before I got up to draw the Nephesh and the Ruach dies with the body, but the Neshamah, that is the mediating aspect of the soul that connects the lower two aspects, the Nephesh and the Ruach to the two higher aspects, the Chayyah and the Yechidah, that Neshamah, the Jewish doctrine today says remains at the grave site, attached to an hovering over the corpse, actually the corpse.


They claim they are not praying to the corpse, they are praying to the soul, to the Neshamah which is hovering over and attached to the corpse or the bones prepared to resurrect that body, or at least prepared to be joined to that body when the Messiah comes and resurrects the body, so the Neshamah is watching over it. The doctrine of Christ says that the whole soul of Jesus ascended. #3, Jewish doctrine today believes that the physical body will be resurrected from the bones of the corpse, of the physical corpse. #3, the doctrine of Christ says that Christ within the man will be resurrected, the doctrine of Christ says that Christ within the human being will be resurrected, but Jewish doctrine teaches that the physical body of the dead man will be resurrected out of the roots of the physical bones of the physical corpse.


#4, Jewish doctrine says that Neshamah hovers over the grave site protecting, I do not know if they would say protecting, just staying in contact with the bones of its dead host. #4 the doctrine of Christ says that the whole soul of Jesus now married to Elijah, so He is even more than a whole soul, when Jesus ascended, He was more than the five levels of soul, He was the whole five levels of soul of Jesus Nazareth joined to Elijah, Elijah typifying the male Adam. The ascended Jesus, has so much more substance to Him. Compare the belief that only the Yechidah and the Ruach of the holy man of the Jewish doctrine ascended, that is what Jewry is saying, only the Yechidah and the Ruach, the two highest levels of soul ascended, we are saying Jesus’ five levels of soul, because the two lowest levels of soul that are supposed to be joined to the physical body, did not die when the body died because the body did not die, the body did die but then it did not, this is such a sticky issue to teach, technically the physical body of Jesus died, but then it disappeared, so did it really die, or was it, did it really die or did it just appear to die, but I cannot get into that now because it is another whole message, but let me get back to the point of this message here.


I am drawing a comparison between the Jewish doctrine and the doctrine of Christ. The Jewish doctrine says, only the Yechidah and the Chayyah of the holy man ascends. The doctrine of Christ says that the whole five levels of Jesus’ soul including the Nephesh and the Ruach that the Jews believe die when the physical body dies, ascended with Jesus. Let me say that again, the Jews believe and it is probably true, that the Ruach and the Nephesh, the two lowest levels of soul that give animation to our body, the blood and our lungs and everything and the whole function of the body, are the responsibility of the Nephesh and the Ruach, and the teaching is that the Nephesh and the Ruach die when the body dies.


I believe that the Lord has told me that Jesus took not only His Neshamah, His Chayyah and His Yechidah with Him, but He took the Nephesh and the Ruach with Him when He ascended, He took His whole man, He was able to take His whole man. I will come back to that later, I think the Lord is explaining how, but I will come back to that later, He took His whole five levels of soul and they were married to Elijah, His whole five levels of soul. According to Jewish doctrine, only two levels of soul ascended. According to the doctrine of Christ, Jesus’ five levels of soul ascended plus they were joined to the glorified Elijah. Is there any comparison at all between a man whose whole five levels of soul that were married to the glorified Elijah? How can you compare that to the Chayyah and the Yechidah of the holy man whose corpse is in the grave. Did I make my point, do you understand what I am saying? #4, the Jewish doctrine says, that the Neshamah hovers over the grave site, and I believe they say it is attached to the bones, and the doctrine of Christ says that the whole soul is now married to Elijah and ascended to Atzilut, there is no Neshamah hovering over any grave site. There is no grave site, and there is nothing of Him in the earth, other than that which has come back out of His glorified condition. There is no residue of Jesus of Nazareth in the earth, the whole thing went, everything was saved, His Nephesh, His Ruach, His Neshamah, His Chayyah and the Yechidah, the whole thing, the whole ball of wax was saved, everything, and that is really interesting, I think I can make my point now, I did not have the words a few minutes ago.


I have been teaching you here for a couple of years, that the sign of the righteous man or the sign that somebody is truly alive, is that when they die to this world, there is no body, because they took their whole soul with them, and if they had some sin in them, their carcass remains and the proof of that sin was the carcass, but I now have a technical explanation of that. For a carcass to remain, it means that the Nephesh and the Ruach is dead. The Nephesh and the Ruach died, when the Nephesh and the Ruach die, a carcass remains. When the whole soul is saved, the Nephesh and the Ruach included, there is no body. In other words, let me say it another way. For a carcass to remain, that carcass contains the dead Nephesh and Ruach. That carcass is the residue of the Nephesh and the Ruach that produced the blood of the animation of the whole body.


For there to be no body means that the Nephesh and the Ruach were not tied to the earth. A carcass means that the Nephesh and the Ruach is still tied to the earth, and even Jewish doctrine believes that, that is what they tell you, the Neshamah hovers over the bones which represent the residue of the Nephesh and the Ruach waiting for the resurrection of the physical body. The resurrection of the physical body also must mean the resurrection of the Nephesh and the Ruach. Are you following me?


When there is no physical body as was in the case of Elijah and Jesus, and Moses, we are told they never could find his grave, maybe there was not any grave, and Enoch, well Enoch is a different category because we do not know, Enoch was not homosapien, but he is a type. Following what we just said, that if the corpse is the residue of the Nephesh and the Ruach and that the Neshamah hovers over the grave waiting for the resurrection of the physical body, that must mean also the resurrection of the Neshamah and the Ruach. Right? Are you following me? Then the converse must be true, if there is no physical body, that means there is no residue of the Nephesh and the Ruach, that means Jesus’ Nephesh and His Ruach were saved.


That is what full ascension means, His whole soul, all five levels of His soul were saved. In addition, He was married to Elijah, so He was twice the man that His whole soul was, and He ascended to Atzilut. #5, Jewish doctrine, causes the Jews to pray to God through the Neshamah of the righteous man that is bound to a corpse in the earth. I honestly do not know whether God hears these prayers or not, as I understand this more and more, I know that there is a big revelation coming of exactly what is going on here and we are very close to it now, they are praying to a, this is what they claim, they are praying to a living Neshamah, that is the middle level of soul that is still attached to a corpse, so that Neshamah is now mediator between a corpse buried in the ground, and the ascended Yechidah. The doctrine of Christ says, that Christians pray to God who is speaking today through His son Jesus, and that is Hebrews 1:1 if I am not mistaken. Christians pray today to God, not through a living Neshamah that is attached to a physical corpse, who is the mediator between a corpse and an ascended Yechidah, but we pray today to God through His son Jesus who is alive, fully ascended in Atzilut, but speaking to us through the earth of humanity.


He has fully ascended in His wholeness, and has come back, He has already returned, I hope you all know that, He has already, He returned on the day of Pentecost, but He is buried in seed form inside of humans, and we are waiting for Him to appear in His human hosts when He returned. It is striking me as bizarre. Jewish doctrine says they are praying to a living Neshamah that is attached to a dead corpse. Brethren, the whole Jesus, the glorified Jesus, which includes Moses and Elijah returned on the day of Pentecost and is speaking to the world through dead corpses, are we not dead corpses? He is speaking through us. It would not surprise me, do you know that question that I would like to ask, and I do not know if I should ask this of the Rabbi or not, I do not know if he would know the answer, but the question in my mind is, at what point did this doctrine come into Jewry. How long have they been praying at the grave site of a holy man? When did this start? Did this happen in Bible days or did this just start in the 1500s or so, or a thousand years after Jesus appeared? I just feel in my spirit that this is a new, something new, I personally cannot read anything in the Scripture about anyone even visiting the graves of their dead wife or husband after he died.


We know that Joseph brought Jacob’s bones into the new world, but there is no talk of any worship or communication through those bones. I really feel in my spirit that this has just started over the past 2,000 years, that some Jewish sage or person, I do not know what to call them, Rabbi, some Rabbi was meditating, and got this revelation, got this revelation that somehow there would be communication with God through the soul of the holy man in the earth, and because he could not comprehend that Jesus is ascended, this is how it came out, the letter of the law killed it.


I would be willing, if I was a betting man, I would bet money on it, I am telling you, some Rabbi meditated and got this revelation, it is a true revelation, that now that the temple is gone, the prayer must have been, now that the temple is gone, how do we communicate with God, and the answer came down, you communicate with God through someone in the earth. I do not know exactly how the person heard it, but Jesus is speaking to us through the earth, and it got twisted up in their carnal mind and this is what they got, they had to make it work. When you get a revelation like that, you have to make it work. That is how it worked, this is how they justified it in their mind, that they went to the grave of the holy man and his Neshamah is there, and they are to communicate through that with the higher soul of the righteous man. Did you follow what I just said?


Wow, brethren, what a twisting of the truth, what a twisting of the truth! Some Rabbi got a true word from God and could not believe the truth of it and it got twisted to this, which is as much of a perversion as the rapture doctrine. Satan has the church tied up and Satan has the Jews tied up with some false doctrine that is an abomination. The next thing that is going to come is that the Lord is going to have to tell me how to answer this question. This message is going to be transcribed and put up on the CCK website, but at the moment I now understand the problem. You cannot, it is not at all likely that anyone will hear a solution from God until you understand the problem with your Christ mind. This is the first time that I put it on the board that I understand the problem some Rabbi got a revelation and misinterpreted it. Now I have to wait and hear what I am supposed to say, I may not have an opportunity to say it to a Rabbi, but as soon as I get the answer from the Lord, I will be preaching it and transcribing the message, and putting it right up on that CCK website, as soon as I get the answer.


I think we are going to end here and unless the Lord tells me otherwise, there will not be a part 3 to this Red Heifer message, I think that I made the point very clearly to you all. Are there any questions, anybody here, anybody on the phone, anyone listening in through the phone, any questions? Oh, you have a question, okay.


COMMENT:  This is not the same, but it is similar in the Catholic Church, they are praying to the dead bodies, but at least they are praying for the Neshamah and what are the Jews praying to?


PASTOR VITALE:  Well I am not really sure but I think that they are praying to the Yechidah or the ascended soul. They are breaking down, it is my understanding that they are breaking down the soul into the five levels and they are just praying to the ascended soul which is now in the presence of God.


COMMENT:  The Catholic church thinks they are praying to them and even talking to them, to this dead relative to help them with their situations.


PASTOR VITALE:  It is the same prayer.


COMMENT:  Yeah, it is the same, I do not know whether the Catholics took it from the Jews or the Jews took it from the Catholics, there is something there that is not right.


PASTOR VITALE:  Wow, wow, okay well this has been a very profitable day, I love when God does this, when He involves the whole body, because when I get a revelation like this, it is because of all of the strength that I am receiving, from everybody that is listening to me, because I have been praying about this for two years. Is there anybody else that has a question, anyone through the telephone?


I re-did this board, and I am thinking that Jewish doctrine does really not focus on, or even possibly give any credence to the salvation of the Nephesh, I think that they do not separate, it appears to me that they are not separating the Nephesh from the physical body, that they think that the two are one, that when the physical body is resurrected, then the Nephesh will be automatically resurrected and they see the Nephesh and the Ruach just as the functions of the physical body, whereas Christianity focuses on the salvation of the Nephesh, talking about the salvation of the Nephesh, so I read you the board. On the left side it says Jewish doctrine, on the right side it says doctrine of Christ. #1, Jewish doctrine. They believe in visiting grave sites. The doctrine of Christ says there is no grave, Jesus’ body dissolved. #2, Jewish doctrine says, the Neshamah remains at the grave site, the Neshamah remains at the grave site, that is the middle of the five levels of soul, the mediator level of soul. The doctrine of Christ says, the whole soul of Jesus ascended, all five levels of the soul of Jesus ascended. #3, Jewish doctrine says the physical body of the righteous man will be resurrected from the physical bones of the corpse. The doctrine of Christ says, no, the spiritual man, Adam will be resurrected from Abel, his spiritual bone in the physical man. #4, Jewish doctrine, it says Neshamah is the mediator in the earth and it is attached to the corpse which is to be resurrected.


The doctrine of Christ says, all five levels of the soul of Jesus married Elijah, and this is the salvation of the Nephesh. I do not if that is right, let me read that again, #4, Jewish doctrine, the Neshamah is mediator in the earth, and it is attached to a corpse which is to be resurrected. The doctrine of Christ says that all five levels of Jesus’ soul married Elijah which saved the Nephesh, okay so the Nephesh is not being saved from the resurrection of the corpse, the Nephesh is being saved by being joined to the one who is alive. Are you with me. #5, Jewish doctrine says that Jews should pray to God through the Neshamah of a righteous man which hovers over his corpse, and his grave site. That number is wrong over there, #5 of the doctrine of Christ says, we pray to God through His son Jesus, we pray to God who is speaking to us today through His son Jesus Christ. We pray to God who is speaking through His son Jesus, who is alive in the earth of humanity today. Of course we are technically dead corpses because we are alive by faith because His life is grafted to us, but technically we are the dead corpses that He is joined to.


We see that the problem of Jewry, the problem of Jewish doctrine is that they have taken high spiritual doctrine and they are perceiving it in the natural world, they have taken the doctrine of Atzilut and they are applying to Asiyah, and it is dead, the spirit maketh alive and the letter killeth. They have taken this high doctrine and they have absolutely killed it. The conclusion is that it appears that Jewish doctrine says that the Nephesh will be saved through the resurrection of the physical body. I have written here, I, e, the physical body first, and then the soul, but I do not event think that is right, I think what I said earlier, is that they do not see any difference between, they think it is interchangeable to say, Nephesh, Ruach, and physical body, they think the two are interchangeable. When there is a physical body, there is a Nephesh, Ruach, there cannot not be a Nephesh, Ruach without a physical body.


We know there can be, a Nephesh, Ruach without a physical body, because our Nephesh, and Ruach is joined to Jesus, and Jesus’ Nephesh and Ruach was joined to Elijah, His Nephesh, Ruach did not die with His physical body, His Nephesh was saved, that is why there was no physical body, His Nephesh, Ruach was saved, and it appears to me that the Jewish doctrine does not even think it is possible to save the Nephesh, Ruach, other than through the resurrection of the physical body. Are you following me? That is what it sounds like, that the only, that the Nephesh and Ruach are inseparable from the physical body, and therefore the only salvation, and they would not even use that word I do not think, of the Nephesh, Ruach, is through the resurrection of the body, just like we are saying, there is no salvation aside from Jesus Christ, they are saying, there is no salvation aside from the resurrection of the physical body, a complete perversion.


Let me say it again, the doctrine of Christ says the doctrine of Christianity says, there is no salvation apart from union with the spiritual body of the Lord Jesus Christ, and Jewish doctrine says, there is no existence whatsoever for the Nephesh, Ruach, other than through union to a physical body. Wow, wow, Lord, you have got, I am so glad I do not have your job Lord, I do not know how to teach this to the Jews, I do not know how to teach this to the Christians, they all need a complete miracle, what they need is the mind of Christ, otherwise they will just, it is just never going to happen Lord. It is just never going to happen short of a miracle, and my understanding of the miracle is, that you are preaching this high doctrine through a corpse, which is me, you are preaching, well I guess, the Lord just explained that to me, when the seed of Christ is grafted to you, your soul is alive, my body is still dead, and if the Lord does not intervene, if I do not go into longevity, this body is going to die, and that which is alive cannot die, so it is my body that is still dead.


The glorified Jesus Christ and His offspring, are attached to a dead corpse, my soul is saved, my Nephesh is joined to Him, but my body is still a corpse.


It is a complete lack of spiritual understanding, it just boggles my mind, that there are thousands, do not know that people that come from other countries on a particular day, I think they just did it, it was on the day that the, either his birthday or his death, I do not remember it was the date of his death or the date of his birthday, of this and I am not saying Rabbi Schneerson was not a great Rabbi, I am not saying that, but they come from all over the world to pray at his grave, on either his birthday or the date of his death, they come to pray to his Nephesh, asking the Nephesh of this dead man to be a mediator, and I do not know maybe he is not dead, let us give him the benefit of the doubt, let us say he was, he just stayed in the Scripture to such a degree the He touched Jesus Christ, even though He did not know it was Jesus Christ, and He went to Abraham’s bosom, you know, his Chayyah and Yechidah went to Abraham’s bosom when he died. Let us say that is true, that he is now an ascended master and a great man of God, he still is not the mediator.


It appears that Jewish doctrine says that the Nephesh will be saved through resurrection of the physical body. What a mess, what a complete mess! They seem to be, at least this is the way it appears, again I do not know what they say in their inner circles when they are alone, but it appears that they do not have a revelation of the righteous man, being fully ascended and it is just like right in front of them, it is right in front of them and they do not see it because Rabbi Vital, he does talk about righteous ascended masters coming to dwell in human beings, either for their own benefit to deal with some sin, or to help that particular person overcome their unrighteousness.


They know that Elijah is glorified, but they do not seem to put it, it is right there in front of their nose and they do not put it together, that a glorified man would come and permanently reside in another human being, they are just one step away from it, that the righteous man comes and dwells in a human being for a season, either for his own purpose or for our purpose, but they do not see the unification, they do not see the union of the fallen soul to righteousness, they do not see it.


It is right in front of their face, and they do not see it. I will tell you, this is going to be an exciting day, just the fact that this message is being preached, and it is being preached through Christ Jesus from the world of Atzilut, it is going into the spirit, I am telling you just like the Berlin wall came down, people prayed for years and years and years, and then in one day that wall started to come down, for all intents and purposes came down, one day they started knocking it down in one day. This veil that is on the mind of the Jews, it is coming off, and as this message is preached from Atzilut, that veil is dissolving, it is going to start with just one or two here or there, it has to come, it just has to come, but it is going to go, I think it is going to go to the, maybe I am wrong, to the most spiritual people first. It has to come down through the teachers.


If it is just the man in the street that receives Jesus, it will be good for that man, but no, this whole body of teaching has to be disproved. The body of teaching in the church has to be proven false, and the body of teaching in Jewry has to be discredited, it has to be proven wrong. I do not know about the church because not many people in the church follow this teaching, but these Jews that know all of this advanced doctrine and they study the Hebrew sages, and they understand it, their mind is very brilliant, their mind, they are smart you know. Did you know that Rabbi Schneerson was an electrical engineer? Yeah, a lot of them, I mean I do not think I am smart enough to be an electrical engineer, I just teach this stuff because Christ is in me. A lot of them are very, very brilliant people.


This doctrine has to come down, they will never come unless they see their doctrine disproved, they are going to have to see it on this level or they will never come, they are just too smart, and they are spiritual, and they love God. It has to come, it has to come through proving their doctrine wrong, so now it has to come.


Wow, it is getting closer, it is getting closer, it is getting closer and closer. Xxxx did you have a question?


COMMENT:  In the Jewry doctrine, what would they do with place of somebody that was in a home, and the home completely burnt and there was no bones found?


PASTOR VITALE:  I do not know Xxxx, I do not know what they would say to that.


COMMENT:  Even some of them in Atzilut.


PASTOR VITALE:  I do not know, if the Lord make a way, I will ask the Rabbi that, but I do not want to make him suspicious of me and I would not want to hurt him, I would not want to hurt him or make him feel embarrassed or used in any way, I really would not want to do that. I am honestly there, I had this discussion with the Lord, I am honestly taking this Rabbi’s course, I am not there as a plant, or to hurt him or overturn him in any way, I am honestly learning from him, and all of this, as the Jewish teaching mixes with what I already have, the answers are coming forth, but I am honestly in his class, and I do not want to do him wrong in any way.


COMMENT:  Is there anywhere on the computers where you can asked questions of the Rabbis?


PASTOR VITALE:  I have tried over the years, they do not answer me. Either, I do not think it is that they do not know the answer, I think it is that they do not know who I am and they just, they only answer deep questions like this to someone they know personally. No Rabbi has ever answered me through a stump. They all have on their site, stump the Rabbi, and every time I have ever asked a question like this, nobody ever answers me. God bless you all.


08/15/09 Transcribed by RLR



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