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Good morning everybody. It has been a very strange day, yesterday and this morning. I really do not know what the message is. I have 2 potential messages. I have Part 4 of The Luz Bones and I could finish up what we started on Sunday, but there is nothing on my heart. That means the Lord probably has a message that I have not heard yet.


I do not know whether it is because the witchcraft is very high. It may be that. I had a phone call this morning, and when I picked up, they hung up on me. I do not usually pick up unidentified calls, but I did not have my glasses and I could not see the caller ID. I thought it might be serious because it was only 8:15 in the morning. So I picked up the phone, and they hung up in my ear.


I have no anointing to preach at all and we have to overcome this. Sometimes this happens because the Lord has a message that I do not know anything about, but every once in a while the oppression is so high that it crushes the anointing. What I usually do when something like this happens is to find out if someone has a testimony.


Do you have a testimony? Would you like to talk about what is going on in your life? If something does not break through, this could mean that there is a key that would start me preaching, and one of you has a testimony that will relate the Lord’s message to me. It is either that, or, we are just completely covered over. In that case I will start reading the Psalms.


This does not usually happen, although you have to know that as we ascend, we ascend into the astral plane (maybe this is the message).


As we ascend, we ascend into the astral plane. Our ultimate destination is the Kingdom of God which is the world of Beriah, the world of creation, which is above the Serpent’s habitat. Basically, it is a world without sin. The world of Beriah is a world without sin. Adam sinned and he could not continue to remain in Beriah, so he fell down into Yetzirah, the astral plane, and ultimately materialized in this world.


The closer we get to the spiritual Canaan land, the heavier the warfare because we are pressing through the depths of the astral plane. We are having a parallel experience to what the Hebrew children had when they came out of Egypt. For them it was in the natural, they were actually physically travelling, and they had to physically overcome actual material armies. That is where we are.


I know that the Lord spoke to me yesterday. I had a very busy but carnal day yesterday; it pushed me physically to my maximum. So as I got home at about 10.30 in the evening, the Lord started talking to me in the car, in the parking lot. Actually, he had started before that.


I received an email from XXXX. (I read all of your emails. I read them over quickly to see if there any prayer requests, or any kind of emergencies, and then I go back to them to really read them in context.) I do not remember the context of what was in his email, but he talked about a previous dream. That is what I remember, so maybe that was the important part.


Someone else had the dream but the Lord did give me an interpretation. The name of the dream was The Red Truck. I looked it up and I just looked it over briefly. It had to do with the Lord revealing that the spiritual power behind what is happening in the country today is the King of Assyria.


It was the physical King of Assyria that conquered all of the neighboring lands, and attempted to conquer Jerusalem also. Actually Assyria conquered parts of Israel (the northern Kingdom of 10 tribes). Assyria was a great empire.


Israel was captured by the Assyrian empire and the Israelites were taken into captivity in Assyria and the king of Assyria sent other nationals into their land to occupy it and literally changed the nature of Israel and made it into a country foreign to Israel.


For those of you who have eyes to see and ears to hear, that is what is happening in America today. I knew it was happening in Great Britain also but it really hit home when I spoke to someone recently who travels to England a lot. They told me that a large percentage of the European British (there are a lot of British citizens today that are not European), have left Britain. The original British have left Britain. They have emigrated to Canada or Australia.


Britain is a multi-cultural country. What just hit me in my mind when I said that to you is that Britain is going back to a tribal mentality. I am no historian, and I did not expect to be preaching this, but based on the knowledge that I have, what was in England before it became England was tribes, just like the rest of the world.


I know it was true of China; it was true of this country. There were just groups, tribes, varying warring tribes all over Europe, all over the world. Each tribe had its chieftain or warlord. What happened in Europe was that the strongest warlord conquered Europe, and it broke down into a variety of nations.


The Lord teaches me a lot through movies, and I watch a lot of history movies. I did not know this, but Italy was a group of warring factions, each with their own warlord. Germany was just a state. It was part of Prussian influence, and there was always conflict, fight between the tribes and the warring factions. The one who was strongest brought peace by conquering the weaker tribes. Eventually we wound up with Europe as we know it today.


Some of the wars of Europe are recent enough for most of us to know. There were wars, mostly between England and France. Before England became England and the power that it was, there were warring factions. We know about the Celts, the Angles, the Saxons.


There were warring factions in England. Basically one faction was Christian and the other pagan. The Christian faction eventually won and brought peace to England, and England became a united country. They came under one nationality. They all became English.


The same thing happened in this country too. There were different American Indian tribes. Some of them were peaceful, but the warlike ones made war on the peaceful ones. So there were warring factions in North America also.


When the European colonial powers came to North America, they were fighting also. The British had their territory, the French had their territory, the Dutch had their territory, and the European Spanish had their territory. There were wars until the strongest faction wins, to the extent that the other warring factions stop fighting. That is how peace was made previously in the world.


When I was sharing the news with you that I had heard, that by and large, the original British citizens had emigrated from Britain and that Britain is now a multi-cultural place with all different cultures, especially the culture of Islam, what came to my mind was that Britain is breaking down into a tribal nation again.


I have read that there are whole sections of London that have been taken over by Muslims that if you went there you would think you were in one of the Arabic nations. They have permission from the British authorities to rule that area under Shari law. The women wear the burqas (the head-covering of Muslim women). It is really a country within a country, a nation within a nation.


I personally believe (and I do not think I am alone in this belief) that it is really just a matter of time until war breaks out in Europe between Islamic and Christian forces. The Islamic immigrants that have moved into all of the European countries do not want to assimilate with Europe. They are dead bent on turning their new country that they are now citizens of, into Islamic states. It seems to me only natural that at some point war will have to break out.


So we see, not only Britain, but Europe, breaking back down into tribes, at the very least, Christian and Islamic groups. I understand that there are 2 kinds of Islam, Sunni and Shiite Islam, and the Sunni Muslims and the Shiite Muslims hate each other. Therefore the 2 types of Muslims would be fighting with each other for a while if they come in and take over a European nation, to determine what kind of Islamic laws would be implemented there.


What I see happening is that the peace that really has been held together by God, largely through the United States of America, is breaking down. Not only is the United States becoming Islamic… Well we are not there yet, but I do not know what will happen to us before we get another President, if we do get another President. Who knows what is going to happen.


Even if we get a majority in the congress this November, President Obama rules by fiat. He just uses the executive order. He is using the law, the right of the executive branch, in a malicious way.


You have to understand that the country is under judgment, and unless the Lord intervenes the present form of government will continue to deteriorate. He will intervene, but we do not know when he will intervene. Until the time comes in his plan to bring in the Kingdom of God, the present form of government will continue to deteriorate.


I see that the world peace that existed since World War 2 is breaking down. We know that there were wars like Vietnam, Korea and all the others, but the degree to which we had peace, at least European peace, is breaking down. It is breaking down and we are being thrown back to almost pre-Christian times. That is where we are headed. We are headed to pre-Christian times, when the warlords roamed the country side and each was a law unto themselves for his own tribe.


One of the brethren sent me an email, bringing to memory this dream called The Red Truck. So I looked up the dream and it was about the King of Assyria. It was at the time that the Lord was giving me the revelation that the principality behind what is going on, not only in this country, but in the world, today is called the King of Assyria. That is the principality that materialized in this world as the actual physical King of Assyria.


Everything in this world is merely a reflection of something in the heavenlies. What we see here is a flower at the end of the vine that is deeply rooted in the heavenlies. None of us exists of ourselves. We are all expressions of an invisible spiritual force, whether you believe it or not.


I go through periods where listening to the news really distresses me, and I would really like to go put my head in a hole and hide. Then I have to rebuke it, because we are to have faith in the Lord Jesus, no matter what happens. We are to have faith in him that all will work for the good.


Basically, this dream about the red truck came at the same time the Lord was giving me this revelation of what is happening in the country. Such information will help us to understand and believe that God is in control. No matter what it looks like in this world, God is in control.


Understanding will always calm us. If we could just understand what is happening (to whatever degree the Lord would permit us to understand it), it would help us to stay calm, to resist fear, and to find out from him what our part is in what is going on.


As far as I am concerned, I believe my part is to bring forth this message. I cannot tell you that you do not have another ministry, but basically everybody that is here forms a localized body of Christ that is actually bringing to pass the Kingdom of God. Everybody that listens to me and can be in agreement with me (to whatever degree you are in agreement with what I am preaching) forms a localized body of Christ that is actually bringing to pass the Kingdom of God. What we see in this world is the materialization of a set or system of ideas. That is what is happening in this world.


I told you on Sunday about a movie that I watched on Saturday. The name of the movie is Inception. It is not in DVD form yet, and I do not know when it will be, and I do not know if the Lord will let me take time during the whole meeting to show it to you and comment on it


It is from a science fiction point of view. These people go into dream states, and go into other worlds when they are in a dream state. The point I want to make is that when they are in this dream state, there is all kind of warfare; high rise buildings collapsing, secret agents chasing them down the street with guns, trying to kill them, and so on.


This concept of the warfare in the dream state (of course these are my words) is really the reality of our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is part of another world, and those other worlds are more real than this world. This world is just a picture, an image of what is going on in other worlds.


Depending on the degree of maturity of our soul, we could be in multiple other worlds. If you are here, I would expect your soul to be in Yetzirah at least, and if Christ is attached to you, then you are in Beriah. Our hope is the union of Christ in us (who is in Beriah) to the Lord Jesus Christ who is in Atzilut, and Atzilut is attached to the world of Adam Kadmon who is attached to the Ayn Sof, the ultimate immortality.


What we are talking about is the union of heaven and earth. We are talking about the impartation of all of the powers of heaven to this world. I am talking about immortality, righteous immortality (there is an unrighteous immortality which is inferior to the righteous immortality).


How can you have 2 degrees of immortality? You can. There is a degree of immortality that you can die to, although it is very hard. Adam was immortal and he died to his immortality. It is an imperfect immortality. It is hard to die to it, but it is possible. The perfect immortality is in the Lord Jesus Christ. Once you are attached to that fully you can never die again, because he can never die again.


I just went off on a tangent. Let me see if I can get back to where I was.


We are talking about this country. I was telling about the movie called Inception. The principle that I would like to talk to you about today is that wherever they went in the dream state there was continuous danger and destruction. At one point, the scene was in the middle of a downtown city and this giant train just pulled right into the main street of the city, killing and knocking down and destroying all the cars and people that got in its way. In the dream, that was someone’s subconscious mind destroying what existed.


What am I trying to tell you? We are told in the Book of Jeremiah that if the Lord is not satisfied with what is formed (and this whole world is what is formed), he smashes it because it is just made of clay, and he reforms it.


Jeremiah 18:4


And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter:  so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it. KJV




That is what is happening today. Everything that is happening is a smashing of that which exists, in preparation for the building-up in its place of the Kingdom of God.


If you are a student of history and you can hold in your mind an idea of say 500 years, from what you read in a book, you would see that things just change. One day, for example, a country could be under the dominion of an empire, and then that empire is defeated… Take the Soviet bloc in Eastern Europe, it was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, it broke up and the states held by the military power of Russia under the union became separate countries.


So things change. History changes. The borders of countries change, the type of ruler ship in countries change. The leaders change.


Mussolini was an evil leader and the Italians threw him out. That should be encouraging. Hitler, on the other hand, was not thrown out by the people. Was it because they did not want to or because Hitler was too strong? I do not know. However, I know that in Germany Hitler was defeated by the allied forces. I am sure there was help from the allied forces in Italy but I read from the history books that the people threw him out. The Italian people hung him upside down.


It was not the German people that killed Hitler, but of course we are talking about the generality of cases. There are always exceptions. In Italy, the Italian people executed Mussolini. There are nations in Africa where they have thrown out tyrants. In one nation, the Christians clandestinely prayed for years until that dictator was overthrown.


Things change. Rome ruled the world, and now Rome is not even a nation, it is just a city in Italy. Things change, just like the shifting sands, things change. But for those of us that have this mortal lifetime that we are locked into for 70 or 80 years, it is hard for us to see, to look at history the way I have just described it.


All that we see is all the buildings falling down (I am relating it to the movie). As we walk through history, the buildings are collapsing, spiritually speaking. Everything that was built here is collapsing. I believe the core of the warfare is in the United States of America, and secondarily in Britain which appears to be already completely overtaken.


I believe at the moment the warfare is here. The reason it is here is, I believe, the USA is the 10 tribes of Israel (the Northern Kingdom). Israelites from the 10 tribes of the Northern Kingdom settled in Europe and the USA, and the USA is the tribe of Manasseh. It was prophesied by Jacob that Ephraim and Manasseh would be the greatest of all the 10 tribes.


England and the whole British Empire was a manifestation of Ephraim, who is suffering right now. It would be interesting to do a study on all of the Scriptures that have to do with Ephraim, because Ephraim is not doing too well. The USA is Manasseh. We have done a lot of studies, and the one book by Mr. Allen that I taught you from (I did not preach the whole book), has on its back cover the flags of each of the tribes of Israel.


In the wilderness the tribes of Israel each had their own flag, a standard. The flag of Manasseh looks just like the US flag, with stripes and stars. It is amazing. Mr. Alan had a reproduction of the flag of Manasseh on the back of the book. Today, when I drive down the street, and I see that flag flying, I look at it and say, Manasseh! I just know in my heart, I just know that it is true.


The stage of the current action of events is primarily here, because Israel has to stand. The whole world is an out playing of a play. It is a play, we are a stage. Paul called this world a stage, and the struggles and spiritual warfare that are going on in high spiritual realms are merely reflected in this world.


The struggle that has been going on since the beginning of time has been a struggle between 2 cosmic characters, Cain and Abel. From a higher perspective, the struggle is between the spiritual male and female who are the progenitors of mankind. They are ordained by God to bring forth humanity in the earth. That is the struggle, and the female killed the male, and as the union broke down and fell down into the lower worlds, this conflict appeared as Cain (female) and Abel (male, the weak male).


We learned in a recent message that the reason the male was so weak that the woman could overtake him was because he was not joined to the one above yet. The son (male of the reproductive parts of Adam Kadmon) was to marry the daughter (female of the reproductive parts of Adam Kadmon) and bring forth mankind in the image of God. The son was not strong enough to overcome the warrior like tendencies of the woman. The female is a warrior.


The son is not strong enough to rule over his wife unless he is joined to his father in the world above. Because the female overcame the male before he was strong enough to make a proper marriage with her, you might say, they broke down further into Cain and Abel. As we all know, Cain killed Abel, Cain being the one who survived.


The female killed her husband and they fell down into a lower world. The woman materialized in the lower world as Cain, and the male that was not yet joined to his father materialized in the lower world as Abel, still weak, because he is still not joined to his father. I am not sure what world they exist in, so for now, let us say, Yetzirah. Cain and Abel exist in Yetzirah. They have together materialized this world. The forces of the woman on various levels have materialized this whole world.


I have lost my train of thought. I do not know what my point was. Let me see if I can get it back.


We were talking about the King of Assyria, and my point was, how everything is changing, and I was telling you that the battle that is being fought…. I was exhorting you to not be concerned over the destruction that we see happening in this country because the country is experiencing what Israel experienced under the reign of the Assyrian empire, what is called multiculturalism.


I am not against other nationalities; I am not against other people, but I am for controlled immigration because if you have uncontrolled immigration it swallows up the original character of the nation, and I am told this is what has happened in England, and that is what is happening here.


The original nature of the Americans, who made the country what it is today, is being changed by over-reaching immigration policy. Immigrants are supposed to come into the country and desire to be Americans, and are supposed to become Americans. But the American culture is being swallowed up because a lot of the people coming in today are not looking to become Americans. They are looking to make America like the country they came from, and to a large degree, the American culture is being swallowed up.


At some point there has to be a breaking down into factions. This concept of multiculturalism, which glorifies and encourages a previous culture to continue to exist in this country, with anti-assimilation, has to result in conflict between the factions, at some point. If you do not encourage assimilation of the immigrants coming into the American culture, and you encourage them to have their own separate communities, it would result in conflict between the different communities.


Years ago, there were Italian areas, Jewish areas, there were areas where the immigrants lived and they had their own stores with their ethnic foods, but their children went to school and they had to speak English. Their children became assimilated into the culture. But today, that is not happening because the government is working against it by having legal documents, and issues to do with the law available in several languages. People are no longer forced to learn the English language.


Now, we see our own government encouraging the 2nd and 3rd generation of immigrants who in the past would have been assimilated, to stay in their own culture. In effect, the culture of the immigrant is being transplanted into this country, and that is exactly what Assyria did to Israel. It is being done again.


The point I was trying to make that I think I lost, is this. The reason the USA is so important is because it is Israel, and there is a God in Israel. He may not have been showing himself outwardly for many years now, and ignorant people do not believe that he exists.


However, he shows himself in his people, but if you do not have spiritual eyes to see him, it is very easy to believe that there is no God that has made America what it is, or that rules over America. We have these other forces that have risen up.


Everything that happens has its consequences and plays itself out on higher and higher realms. I do not know how many years this multiculturalism has been going on, but it must be 40 or 50 years at least, where our own government has been working against assimilation and literally setting up little countries within the USA.


Now, it has appeared in our Federal government. We now have a President who is not a product of the American culture. I am not saying anything bad about our President:  I am just telling you the truth. The man does not think like an American. He is not an American in his heart, and he was not even raised in this country.


So this multiculturalism has now worked its way into the White House, and the whole administration. The American culture has been broken up. For those of us who do not look beyond our own little world (which is many people, I am not insulting anyone), this is very shocking and it can be very frightening.


However, if you can see this in perspective, that history is always changing, and nothing remains the same forever, you would be encouraged. Governments are always changing, and cultures are always changing, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. It always is this way.


That is why this world is called an illusion. I told you many times that when I first heard that this world is an illusion, it offended me, because I did not understand what illusion meant. I wondered how this world could be an illusion when I am feeling the pain (I was very sick in those days).


However, that is not what illusion means. Illusion means not permanent, impermanent. Things change. Those days I was so sick, today I am not so sick. Things change. The world has changed. I am not living where I used to live. I am living in a different place, I have different furniture. Things change.


America is being dismantled, and it is fighting for its life. A lot has been done to dismantle us and change us, but that is not the issue. The big question is what are we being made into? Change must come. Change comes in different ways. The hardest way that change comes is with war. I hope that never happens here.


What is happening in this country is that change is coming through our government policies. If you look with your carnal eyes, it looks like we are heading for socialism, at the least, but very possibly worse than that. If you look at what the intention of the people in power is, it looks like we are heading for worse than socialism.


We see socialism in Europe, and in Canada, but the forces are bringing radical changes here, and I really believe that we are heading for a dictatorship. They want to take away our liberty and freedom of speech. They are succeeding in destroying the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. Now they are going to stop teaching it in schools, under the guise of a budget cut, just like they say they are going to cut back on firemen, teachers and police. Why do you not stop building the turtle crossing? They are just lying. Evil powers have reaped our government and they are destroying what we have been for over 200 years.


My message to you today is, what we need to look at is what is coming. When Joseph was reconciled to his brothers who sold him into slavery, he said to them, You meant it for evil, but God meant it for my good.


Genesis 50:20


But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. KJV




Joseph was the viceroy of Egypt. He was as Pharaoh. He had all the powers of Pharaoh. Pharaoh was the only one higher than he was.


The spiritual principality called the king Of Assyria means evil to this Christian country. He means evil to Christ, and to everyone that honors Christ. The King of Assyria wants to destroy Christians and Jews, but I believe the King of Assyria and people who manifest his nature are more concerned about Christians today than they are about Jews.


This is because the Jews do not appear to be manifesting much power today, at least not the Jews in this country, and Israel is in a lot of trouble, being threatened by Iran, Lebanon, and other countries. Israel is not strong from a natural point of view. We know that Israel’s strength is the God of Israel, but from the natural point of view, without the USA backing up Israel, they are not very strong. They are too small.


The forces are seeking to really destroy the people of the one true God. They are really after the Christians, because the only spiritual power that is being manifested today, that I know of, is coming from the Christians. I do not see any spiritual power coming from Israel in the Middle-East. Israel in the Middle-East is caught with fighting factions.


There was a big issue in Israel recently where the ultra-orthodox rabbis were trying to pass a law that would determine who is a Jew. I do not really have an opinion on this as to right or wrong; I am just giving you the facts. This is a big issue in Israel; who is a Jew?


Israel is a little postage-stamp nation, where Jews who are being persecuted from all over the world want to come and live. The question is who is a Jew? Even if you live in Israel, you do not have the right to vote unless you are a Jew. Arabs cannot vote.


From what I understand, Arabs have a good life in Israel but they cannot vote. It sounds on the surface like it is not fair, but look at what is happening here. We have let all kinds of non-Christian forces into the nation who are willing to vote for these ungodly powers, and they are voting us right out of our own democracy.


Israel, realizing that there are so many Arabs living in the country has said that they cannot vote. Israel is a democracy. You can come in and you can live there, especially if you were there when Israel became a state, but if they let all the Arabs living in Israel vote, it would not be Israel anymore. So they passed this law that only Jews can vote.


The Jews fight amongst themselves. The orthodox rabbis have a political representation in their government, they have their own party. They were trying to pass a law that would determine who is a Jew, and it is a very restrictive way of determining who is a Jew. This has to do with the belief or teaching (I may not have this exactly right but this is what I think) of the rabbis, that to be a Jew, you have to be born of a Jewish mother.


If you are born of a Jewish father and a Christian mother, according to the rabbis, you are not Jewish. If you want to live the life of a Jew, you have to convert. It is not enough to say you have Jewish blood through your father; you have to be borne of a Jewish mother.


A lot of secular Jews do not want this law passed because it is going to cause a great divide amongst the Jewish people. In other words, a great percentage of the people who have called themselves Jews may no longer be Jews. This would lead to factionalism and great discord amongst the Jewish people.


We see the orthodox rabbis trying to bring Israel under the law and secular forces opposing them. I really do not know what God would have them to do. My whole point in telling you all this, is that Israel without the USA is not strong. Aside from that, I do not see that Israel has any spiritual power, although we saw spiritual power in Israel during the 6-day War in 1967, when Israel defeated Egypt in 6 days. There was obviously supernatural support from God.


As far as I know, there has been no sign of supernatural support since that time. Whether there is supernatural power there or not, I do not know. My opinion is that the forces in the White House right now that are trying to destroy this country do not see Israel as a threat, but they are very concerned about praying Christians. They are very, very, concerned about praying Christians.


What is the crux of what I am trying to tell you?


The Lord was speaking to me, surprisingly, as I pulled into the parking lot last night. He talks to me all the time but this was unusual. I pulled into the parking lot, and I just sat in my car for 15 minutes, listening to him talk to me about this. I do not think this has ever happened before. I do not even know what it means, but I was remembering the email that XXXX had sent reminding me of the red truck dream which revealed that the King of Assyria is behind what is happening here.


As I just explained to you, he is bringing in other nations to replace the true Israelites. I think there are thousands of mosques in this country already. I heard that on TV the other night, thousands of mosques. They are changing the face of the nation. They have not even come in and built their mosques and say we just want to worship in peace. That is not what they want.


They want to bring Sharia law into this country. They are saying that they want the authority to rule over their own people with Sharia law. That is just one step towards imposing it on all of us.


I told you of the case of a Muslim woman who was apparently raped by her husband, and she took him to an American court. The Judge ruled that the man was her husband so he could do whatever he wants. She appealed and the decision was overturned. But as someone said (maybe O’Reilly, or Hannity, I do not know), why is that Judge still on the seat? Why was he not removed? I think a lot of these Judges are appointed for life but was he chastised? A rebuke could have come forth from higher Judges. Nothing was done, except that his ruling was overturned.


Everything is falling apart. The righteousness that was in our government is falling apart, and the few men or women who are standing are up against incredible odds, because this system is being torn down.


I remember when the Lord first brought this knowledge to me that the forces of evil think they are serving their god, the Serpent, and think that they are going to be replacing this nation with the Serpent’s government, but they are just doing the work of the Lord. This is all coming down because it was imperfect, and the Christian people that God gave this nation to have turned away in large numbers from God.


Brethren, if it was not for Christians voting for Obama we would not have these problems right now. There are many, many, Christians in name only, that are just seeking for the loaves and fishes. They just want blessings for themselves. They think they honor God but they do not.


How do we honor God? He said if you love me you would obey me. How can you obey him if you do not know what he wants? How is voting for a Muslim in the White House obeying him? Even if you did not realize he is a Muslim, the man is not right, and a lot of people are still sticking by him. How can you say you are a Christian when your mind is so diverse from him?


How can you vote for a man that believes in partial birth abortion, that believes in killing a baby as it is coming out of the womb? How could you be a Christian and vote for that man as President? How? I will tell you how, out of selfishness. Many people were convinced that he would help them personally.


As far as God is concerned, the country has turned away from the God that made them. As for the remnant that is faithful to the Lord, he will take care of us in our place, but the country is being torn down, because the people have turned away from him. This is how God sees it. How have they turned away from him? They have elected a man that hates him. They have elected local officials that hate him. That is how the people have turned away from him.


You might say, I go to Church every Sunday, I do this, I do that. No, No. You have voted to destroy what God has raised up. You have turned away from your God. Therefore, it must be this way.


I believe that it would have been possible for the Lord to bring the Kingdom of God to Israel without this kind of destruction, just like I believe without a shadow of a doubt that Adam could have been perfected without having to fall down into this world.


The problem is, as a nation, we sinned, just like Adam sinned. For years I stood by my guns and I told you I did not know how it would have been done, but I could not believe that it was God’s will that Adam should fall down into this world. I do not believe that it was God’s will that Adam would fall down into this world, and that we his descendants will experience the torment that we experience. I could not believe it for years, and today I have an understanding that will support my faith in God, that God would not do that.


Today, I understand, going all the way back before time began, if the woman had not sinned, if she had remained up in the high spiritual realm which is beyond time (the world of points), the son would have been joined to his father, and then the son would have married the daughter and there would have been a perfect world, which would have materialized as perfect beings. But because of the sin of pride, the woman fell down into this world. She materialized in the image of the Serpent.


Here is the key. Now that we are down here, the only way back up is to have overcoming experiences. The only way back up is to have overcoming experiences in which we overcome the sin which is in our heart.


We are born in sin, shapened in iniquity.


Psalm 51:5


Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me. KJV




The Lord gives us his power, he gives us the Holy Spirit which is his dunamis power. He gives us Christ, which is the exusia power, which is the authority over the Serpent. The only way back up, so that we could live above sin and therefore above death and torment, is to overcome our sin nature within ourselves, and then we ascend out of this world, as we saw Jesus ascend out of this world, and as we saw Elijah ascend out of this world.


But if there was no fall, I believe that Adam would have received, in his inward part, through union with his father, everything that his father was. He would have been a spiritual man who would have materialized as a visible man who would have had all of the fruit of righteous overcoming experience.


In other words, we are supposed to be growing up to be mature spiritual beings and maturity is founded in righteousness. We can have all the gifts in the world, if our world is not ruled by the indwelling Christ, whatever we have is worthless. Is that not what Paul said?


1Corinthians 13:1-3


1 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.


2 And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.


3 And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. KJV


You can speak in tongues, you can prophesy, you can preach the Doctrine of Christ, you can have all of the out-playing of Christ, but if you do not have love, if Christ is not in you, whatever you have is worthless. Paul was talking about Christ in you when he said if you do not have charity. If Christ is not the driving force of your life (and Christ is love, sometimes love exercises righteous judgment, but Christ is love), if your world is not ruled by the indwelling Christ, whatever you have is worthless, because Christ is the only one that is eternal.


If you are not living out of Christ in yourself, you would die like other men. This is what the Lord was talking about when he told Israel, ye are gods, but ye shall die like men.




Psalm 82:6-7


6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.


7 But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes. KJV




Jehovah was saying that Israel had the potential to lead a God-like existence, not only in immortality, but in righteous immortality, righteousness meaning, peace, a positive existence. But they died like men. Israel died like Adam died because Israel did not live out of Christ. Israel had an imputed Christ.


I believe it was as possible for Israel to enter into righteous immortality as it was for Adam before the fall to enter into righteous immortality. But Adam could not do it. It was possible. God would be unrighteous if it was not possible. Adam fell because of his sin. Israel fell because of his sin.


As we have been taught here, there were 2 twin sons born from Judah, and Messiah is to come out of the line of Judah. The twins were Pharez and Zarah, and the Pharez line produced the Davidic line of Kings through Solomon, and that Israel died. The last King, I believe his name was Jechonias was so wicked that he went into captivity under Nebuchadnezzar, and the Lord said, there will be none of his descendants sitting on the throne of Israel.


Jeremiah 22:30


Thus saith the LORD, Write ye this man childless, a man that shall not prosper in his days:  for no man of his seed shall prosper, sitting upon the throne of David, and ruling any more in Judah. KJV


So that line of Kings that was to produce Messiah, that came out of the one son of Judah, Pharez, died. Adam failed because of sin. Israel through Pharez failed because of sin. Then the Lord raised up another Israel through Zarah, that Israel that we see today, Great Britain and the USA primarily, and Israel in the Middle-East.


Great Britain which is Ephraim has failed. Manasseh, which is the US, is being destroyed. If God does not intervene we are dead ducks, and Israel is a dead duck without us.


Here we see the third attempt of God to raise up the Kingdom of God in the earth. The reign of Solomon was a form of the Kingdom of God on the earth. I believe the reign of USA and Great Britain was a manifestation of the Kingdom of God on the earth. Do you know that we live like kings here?


I think one of the greatest failures of our education systems is to not teach our children what it is like in other worlds. It is a great failure because you do not appreciate what you have if you do not know what it is like in other countries.


I was in Greece years ago when I was pretty young. It was before the Lord called me. We were at a farm house and the Greek farmer was so happy that we were there and he was going to make a special feast for us that night. I could not wait to find out what it was going to be. It was baby lamb chops!


I looked at the baby lamb chops, and was disappointed. At the time, I ate baby lamb chops all the time. The man was so excited to give us this delicacy; I think he saw the disappointment on my face. For him, that was something that you eat once a year. They had a hole in the ground for the bathroom on that farm. You had to chase the flies away so that you could go.


Then I went to Nigeria. On my first trip to Nigeria, the evangelist that met me there at that time wanted my companion (I think it was Sister June) and I to meet some tribal king. So he took us to this tribal king’s house. It looked something like this place, and he was living like a king in Lagos.


Even our people on welfare have more than a lot of people in Europe. It has been a great, great, failure of our education system to not teach our young people this.


So we see that God raised up another Israel through Zarah. Of course Messiah cannot come through the line of Zarah. Messiah has to come through the line of Pharez, but the natural line of Pharez came to an end, thousands of years ago when Judah went into captivity under the hand of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.


But Messiah will be a natural and spiritual descendant that will come out of the line of Judah. We all know that descendant is Jesus of Nazareth who was, according to his father’s genealogy, from the natural line of David. He came through the spiritual line of Elijah. It was the Neshamah of Elijah that was incarnate in Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus said, if you can receive it, this is the spirit of Elias.


Matthew 11:14


And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come. KJV


It was the incarnated Elijah that the Magi came to see. It was the incarnated Elijah that the Magi brought gifts for. They were not kneeling down to a little baby. They knew that, that little baby was an incarnation of a great spiritual prince. That great spiritual prince rose and he fell. The Jewish literature says that there will be a Messiah Ben Joseph who will rise and he will die in battle.


Jesus was crucified, and he was resurrected. He became a glorified man, and he took his body with him. He was the first begotten of the dead. When he was risen, he was no longer Jesus of Nazareth. He became the Lord Jesus Christ. The man Jesus of Nazareth was a personality and a body. You and I, we are a personality and a body.


Jesus was joined to his inner man which was Elijah, who had already been glorified. We are talking about a personality and a body being joined to a glorified man, and a new creature came into existence, the Lord Jesus Christ. His personality and body was joined to an already glorified man. That is what the Lord Jesus wants to do for us.


The Lord Jesus today is that glorified man who is visiting us by his spirit, and he wants to marry our personality and our body. The personality and the body are linked, although I believe Elijah took his personality with him, but not his body. They can be separated. We have done studies on that. There is a Scripture in the New Testament that talks about the separation of the soul from the body and the joints from the marrow.


Hebrews 4:12


For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. KJV




It is a miracle to separate us into our parts without killing us. It is a supernatural miracle of God to do that.


Brethren, this is our destiny. Do you really believe it is the end of the world, that we are going to concentration camps, and that we are going to be gassed, and whatever kinds of stories are out there in the internet?


What do you believe? What you believe would come to pass in your life. As I preach this message, I in conjunction with whoever agrees with me, we become thought forms that are at war on the highest spiritual planes with the thought forms that say that this country is going under a dictator and Christians would be persecuted and massacred. We are at war with the mentality of God’s people.


It is essential that you believe the truth. If (God forbid) it ever comes to the point that there is a soldier knocking on your door, you have got to believe the truth. The truth will set you free. The truth, if you truly believe it, will change the circumstances out here.


This is our job; this is our part in what is happening in the country today. We are to preach this true message, and to believe it, and to send out though forms that would war against the powers that are saying this country is crumbling and going under a dictator, and it would never be what it was again.


On TV yesterday, Glen Beck said that he was having fellowship with some people and they were just wondering what this country would be like in another year or two. The way he was presenting it, you would see that he was thinking (if you read between the lines) that there is a possibility that we could be under a dictator. He is hoping for the best, but he thinks that is a real possibility, and he was melancholic.


I am not criticizing anybody, and God forbid, I will never criticize Glenn Beck. The man is making a great sacrifice, for God, and for all of the people of America and for America. Maybe this meeting today is to strengthen Glenn Beck. We do not have to talk to him directly to strengthen him. If in fact this is the message that the Lord gave us to help Glenn, the thought forms that are being produced from this meeting are going direct to him right now. They are influencing him right now.


Glenn does not have the message that we have. He does not have this message, that Christ is going to stand up in his people and he is going to defeat the Serpent. Anything can happen temporarily, but the end of the message is clear. Christ is going to stand up in his people and he is going to defeat the Serpent. He is going to bring the Kingdom of God to the earth, a world of peace, and there can be no peace between men if there is no peace between men and God.


Christ Jesus must stand up. Preaching the truth is an integral part of his standing up. We have to believe it. What we believe changes things. He has to stand.


I believe that the Serpent is behind the destruction of the Israel of God that the Lord raised up here, and I also believe that God is going to take the result of the destruction right out of the hands of the Serpent. I believe that we would see the Kingdom of God in its place. It is going to be very similar to what happened in Russia, with the Communist Revolution.


The Russian Orthodox Church had the people in the grip of their hand. The Communist Revolution destroyed the power of the Russian Orthodox Church and today there is some degree of freedom of religion in Russia. It was better than what it is today. It is getting worse, but there is still some degree of freedom.


The revolution broke that grip of the Russian Orthodox Church, and it also broke the grip of a very ungodly dictator; it was a monarchy, a royal dictator, the King, the Czar, as they call him. The people could not even breathe. He had no mercy on the people at all. People were starving to death. He was completely disconnected from the people. There were many factors that led to that overthrow of the Russian monarchy but it was an ungodly monarchy.


Even at the very end, when he saw that his monarchy was over, the Czar wanted to flee to a country in Europe but nobody would take him. At that time, the political situation in Europe had already matured to the point that just about every European government had a parliament and the King was subject to the parliament. So they already had some representative form of government where the people had a say.


Russia was the last European country to have a parliament. Russia is partially Europe and partially Asia; they call it white and black Russia, and the monarchy was in the European part, St Petersburg. Russia was the last European country to have a parliament. The Russian Czar was the last monarch. He absolutely refused to have a parliament or give the people any say at all.


Did you know that it was not the Communists that overthrew the Czar? There was a revolution in Russia from forces representing the people who overthrew a tyrannical Czar. After that, the Communists came in and took it away from the new government. Something like that is going to happen here.


I am not saying that was a good thing. God would always do it peacefully if he could, but sometimes he cannot do it peacefully, when there is no one in the earth with enough power to do it peacefully.


I do not know how far it is going to go before the destruction stops, before the Kingdom of God is established and takes over, I really do not know. I just really do not know how far the destruction here has to go. However, I know that whatever is being done here in the name of the Serpent, they are going to hold their power for only a brief season, and the Kingdom of God will take it right out of their hands.


This is what the Lord was talking to me about in the car last night. Maybe this is what this is all about; we are here to strengthen Glenn. I do not know. I have no idea. Some things he tells me and some things he does not.


Further, as I was sitting in the car and listening to him, I was thinking that the change is going to be initially imperceptible, very hard to see. Christ is already in the process of standing. From a lying down prone position he has to sit up first, then maybe he gets on his knees then he starts to stand up and his legs have to straighten out. He is in the process of standing.


We are having some victory. Do you know that the forces that are opposing the government are having a lot of victory? The Tea Party Movement is a big victory. There are people standing up to oppose the government. God raised up Glenn Beck. Rush Limbaugh has been fighting since 1988 for the Lord, and there is Michele Bachmann. There are some other senators and people in power that are starting to speak out, they are just beginning to find their strength.


However, there is hardly any voice at all coming from the Congress. I do not hear anything of power coming from the Congress. It is really amazing that they are just quiet. I do not want to criticize them, I am just looking and watching for where God is raising up heroes, people who would speak out, no matter the cost.


That people are speaking out is a sign that the Lord is in a process of standing. If he was still lying completely prone, we would be under a dictatorship by now.


The Obama administration is in disarray. President Obama’s poll numbers are falling. I think he is down to 41% approval, the last that I heard. Things are not going his way. He and the forces behind him, and all of the people with him, were somehow expecting to stir the poor people of this country, hoping to get them to rebel. They are into class envy; they are into pitting factions against each other. They want to turn the poor people against people that have money in this country.


They were really hoping for riots this summer. I do not want to count my chickens before they hatch, but today is the 12th of August (2010), and I am hoping we are going to make it through. In the heat of the summer in the ghettoes, where they do not have air-conditioning, passions rise. But it is not happening. And more and more people are realizing that something is very wrong.


People that gave millions of dollars to the Obama campaign are realizing that something is wrong. Business men gave millions of dollars to the Obama campaign, and they are realizing that something is terribly, terribly, wrong.


Everyone is starting to see articles here and there in the press speaking the truth. Initially the press was completely subverted, however that happened. So we are making a lot of progress.


You have to realize that Christ is not yet standing up fully. Christ in the people is weaker than the powers of the government. Obama has the force of law behind him, so the force of Christ manifesting invisibly through the people would have to be stronger than the spiritual force that raised up the government. It is not just Obama. It is through the judiciary, the whole government is corrupt.


I heard from XXXXX that there is a movement in Minnesota to take the voting rights away from the people who would vote judges into office. These people are so embedded and so widespread that I just stand here with my mouth open. They are all through government, on every level.


Where were we when this was happening? It only happened over the last… well Glenn says 100 years. The Lord was telling me about it 30 years ago or more, when he first called me, but I did not understand what he was saying. I was having dreams. I now know that the Lord was speaking to the soul that was incarnate in me, whoever he is that has this mission, saying, Come on, you are in this woman who is all fallen down, but you have to stand up, because the country is going under.


The Lord Jesus was speaking to the soul that is incarnate in me, and I, the personality, perceived the communication as a dream that I did not understand.


What I am trying to say is that Christ has to be stronger than the powers that are in control right now, otherwise he would not even be able to do what he is doing. There would be no Tea party Movement. There would be no Glenn Beck. There would be no Rush Limbaugh. The government would have succeeded in shutting them down.


The force of Christ is raising up and strengthening people to stand against the force of government. You cannot see it, but at some point in time, some determined point (the point is probably not even pre-determined) one of those forces is going to buckle.


Either the ungodly forces behind the government break down and are overrun by the Christ side or the ungodly forces that have taken control of our government break the powers of Christ, and we go into full dictatorship, and whatever else would happen. Freedom of religion cannot survive what these forces would like to do.


Right now, everything is coming to a loggerhead between the Christ forces or armies of God, and the ungodly forces. We really are the armies of God, and everybody has their own role. Our role in this ministry is to preach the positive message that most Christians do not hear. Rush Limbaugh has his job, Glenn Beck has his job. Everybody who is speaking out on radio or on TV has their job. Even if they do not have a public pulpit, everyone that is speaking out has their job, and Christ is being magnified in the earth in his armies, and they are coming at each other.


Did you ever see one of those movies where 2 armies approach each other and start fighting and killing each other? You could see it with the way the British used to fight, the soldiers in their red coats all lined up, and they go into battle beating their drums. I have also seen pictures of pagan battles where the pagans are on horseback with their swords, one line of cavalry on one side of the hill, another line of cavalry on the other side of the hill. They just rush at each other and start killing each other.


That is crazy but that is what they did, 2 lines of soldiers just rushing at each other, and everyone trying to kill as many of the other people as they can. If you do not think that is insane, you are insane because that is insane.


I had a male friend once, who told me that, before my mind was liberated. Not that I disagreed with him, I had just never thought of it that way. That was what he said to me. He said, men with guns shooting at each other, it is just crazy. In those days it was only men who were in the army, I think. The military was not integrated like it is now. I think they had the women’s corp. I think, I do not know. Maybe they were already integrated. I do not remember how long ago it was, maybe 20 years ago, probably more.


That was what he said to me in a conversation one day. Men with guns shooting at each other, that is just crazy. Today, here I am saying the same thing. War is crazy. The only reason we have wars is because there is no power in the earth that is strong enough to bring the aggressors to their knees, without 2 lines of soldiers trying to kill each other.


When it came to World War 2, it was the allied forces led by the USA that brought the aggressors to their knees but at the cost of many, many, many, lives. That was the manifestation of Christ to the world at that time. But it was not an erect Christ that won World War 2; it was a lad that won World War 2. It was a Christ that was not joined to the world above.


The intention of God is to join the heavens, the powers of Atzilut and higher, to our earth. That was a boy, a spiritual boy, who won World War 2. Christ the lad, Christ in the people who was not attached to his father above. His father was strengthening him but he was not attached to him. When the boy, the son, is joined to the father, peace will come without bloodshed. It will be a spiritual enforcement.


This is the lad rising up again. The powers that we see rising up in the country opposing the ungodly forces that have the reins of government in their hands right now is the lad rising. He is called the lad in the Zohar. He is a boy, and he is fighting the forces of the woman that he is supposed to marry, spiritually speaking. He is going to marry the forces.


The Serpent is the woman, and she has 2 sides. The bottom line is when the Serpent is joined to righteousness, the Serpent becomes a positive force. The Serpent is the woman. Nothing is destroyed in this world. It is just converted, changed into another form. The only thing that ceases to exist, the only annihilation, is the temporary formations of the personalities and the bodies. That which is annihilated is something which never was. Something that is a temporary formation is an illusion.


I have 2 hands. If I fold then together into a fist like this, I have a weapon (let us say I want to use it as a weapon). Now, if I want to destroy this weapon, I unclench my hands and have 2 hands again. That weapon is annihilated, and the reason this weapon of my clenched hands can be annihilated, is because the weapon was a temporary formation, and the only reality is that which formed it, my 2 hands.


The weapon is a temporary formation of 2 real things, my 2 hands. When I break up this weapon consisting of my 2 clenched fists, do you see any residue? Does anything die? Is there any ash, any dust, any flesh? Is there any residue? No, there is no residue because this clenched double fist is not real. It is temporary, so when I break it up, all that you have is the 2 elements that formed it.


That is what happened to Jesus’ body. His body was a temporary formation that was dissolved. The force that formed the body was joined with Elijah. It was the only reality in the man, Jesus.


We see the lad, the son, the boy, the off-spring of Adam Kadmon, rising up in this country. He is fighting valiantly and making progress. We are waiting for his father to join with him. It is possible for him to win without his father joining to him, because we saw it in World War 2, and other wars. It is possible if the hearts of the people turn to God.


Are there enough Christians to turn to God? I do not know how the Jews are seeing this. To the best of my knowledge, the Rabbi that I have a relationship with right now just walks in a lot of faith. I believe he is prepared for anything, including martyrdom, if it comes to that. He just walks in a lot of faith. If you ask him what the world would be like in the days when Messiah comes, he will tell you that it would be something like this. Any other thoughts that he has, he does not share with me.


The lad, Christ, is very much active in this country. His strength, the strength of the lad, the boy, the son (not the glorified Jesus Christ, but the Christ in this world that is not attached to his father yet), is enough to bring about victory, although his wife, his sister, is stronger than he is. When enough people manifest him, the lad is strong enough to win.


He won during World War 1 and 2. During World War 2, just about the whole country was Christian, with very few exceptions. They were in Church every Sunday. I do not care how carnal they were, they were in Church every Sunday, manifesting their religion to the fullest extent that they could, asking Jesus to deliver the world at the time.


The more people that are manifesting Christ or that are turning to the Lord Jesus, the stronger the lad gets. How much Christ can do in the earth today, since the country is so backslidden, at least with Christianity, I do not know. However, that is not our hope today.


Our hope is not that Christ would spread horizontally (although that would be wonderful, we would like him to spread horizontally and become stronger), but our hope is that, the Lord Jesus Christ, his father, would penetrate into this world, and join to the boy, making him stronger than the woman, which would put an end to the conflict.


He would put an end to all conflict in the world, including Iran, in an instant, like that, thump, just like the dropping of the atom bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima put an end to World War 2 with the Japanese. It would be that fast, only I do not believe there would be that much destruction.


We saw the dropping of the atom bomb that ended World War 2. That was in the natural. It was an overwhelmingly devastating weapon that put an end to the war, and because it came through natural channels, there was great destruction.


We are waiting for the union of the upper worlds to this world which would put an end to the aggression instantly, hopefully without destruction. That is our hope. It happened first in the natural, and now it would happen in the spiritual.


For now, I just want to wind up what the Lord was telling me in the car, and then we are going to take a break. I do not know what we are going to do after the break.


I think that for quite a while the appearance of Christ in the world is going to be invisible. It is going to be like a creeping progressivism. His presence will get stronger and stronger, and we would not even see how it is happening. But I believe it is spreading to more people, and more people manifesting, or at least, worshipping Christ, has to be a factor.


It says in the Scripture, that in one hour Babylon fell. Of course it is a spiritual hour.


Revelation 18:9-10


9 And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,


10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. KJV




The principle is this. The 2 forces are inexorably moving towards each other; the ungodly forces that have the reins of government, and the forces of the lad that is in the people but not yet attached to the higher world. They are moving towards each other, just like those 2 lines of cavalry that I described to you earlier, on the 2 sides of the hill, or the 2 sides of the plane.


They are rushing at each other, with swords drawn, and the moment is coming that they are going to clash, and the battle will become visible. I do not know when that would be, but I believe that for a season the presence of Christ will be invisible. Only those people with spiritual understanding will be able to see him moving on behalf of the country, and the world. It is beyond the country, it is for the whole world.


Israel is the interface through which God reacts to the world. He loves all of mankind, and he intends to save everybody that is real (if you can hear that). He will save every aspect of Adam’s soul that fell down into evil. The evil male and evil female are producing temporary off-spring. The off-spring is temporary because this evil male and evil female do not have the maturity, which is the spiritual strength to keep their off-spring alive.


Every single one of us is like this fist. The body and its personality is this fist. We are an illusion, a temporary formation of the fallen male and the fallen female. The only personality and body that would survive is the personality and body that is in existence at the time that the spiritual male and the spiritual female become reconciled or re-joined to the world above.


I believe that the Lord has told me to tell you that we are in that season now, and everybody that is within the sound of my voice has reason to hope that they would be one of those personalities.


There are 2 main points that the Lord was making in the car. One is that the Lord is increasing, but he is increasing imperceptible. The events that are happening in the country are still alarming. They are quite alarming, but Christ is growing stronger. There are 2 armies in the earth right now, and we can read about that in Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels.


It is happening in the spirit, and not just down here in this world of action. It is happening in the spirit more than down here. What is happening here is just the out-playing of what is happening in the spirit. The 2 lines of cavalry are headed for each other. The sword is drawn, and they are yelling battle cries, if you can see in the spirit. I do not how it is going to materialize in our lives when the 2 lines actually meet each other, when that conflict happens.


Maybe I am preaching this to you as a warning, I do not know. I honestly do not know. Whatever you see, whatever happens, do not let it take away your faith in Christ. Stand tall, believing the truth that the end of the conflict is the establishment of the Kingdom of God in the earth.


Jerusalem is a spiritual city. It is a natural city but it is a spiritual city. Each one of us is Jerusalem. There is the body of Christ which is the macrocosmic Jerusalem, and then each one of us is a microcosm of Jerusalem. We are all complete, just like the seed of an apple has all of the elements of the whole tree. We are all complete.


That conflict can be happening in your life right now. Do you have a big problem in your life right now? Those 2 armies have already come together in your life, and when you take the victory in your life, that strengthens the whole body of Christ. When we fail to take the victory in our life, it weakens the whole body of Christ.


You should not be condemned if you do not take the victory, I am telling you this to strengthen you. If you do not take the victory, you need to stand up and start all over again. You are not just fighting for yourself. You are not an island unto yourself. We are all cells in the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the only alternative is the body of the Serpent who is being destroyed.


What I am trying to do is to raise your consciousness up out of your own life. I am trying to get your eyes to look down the road, beyond yourself. Do not have a tunnel vision that sees only your immediate self and surrounding.


I am not diminishing your problems. I know your problems are painful, but I am telling you that if you can succeed in getting up out of your tunnel vision, and looking at the situation in the country and the whole world, and God’s plan, it would bring victory to the problem in your personal life. Jesus said that you should get your eyes off yourself. This brings the victory in your personal life.


To the fullest degree that you are able to, do your best to not let your pain interfere with your walk with the Lord. I am not diminishing your pain. Keep your commitments. Fulfill your obligations. That is how you get through it. Keep your eyes on your commitment to God and the other people who are depending on you and you would be amazed how the other things in your life will work themselves out, how doors will open for you.


I am not putting you down if you have a tunnel vision. It is the typical human reaction. I am preaching to try to encourage you to change that typical human reaction. The typical human reaction is to turn into your own problem, or your own family problem. That is the typical human reaction, and it is the worst thing that you can do.


You have to take care of what you have to take care of, but if you can look up, and function in your commitment, function on that level of Christ, you will be amazed how doors will open for you in your personal life. The things that would have taken you maybe days to do when you were looking down only at yourself, if you look up, and look at Christ and your life in Christ, doors will open in no time. They will open.


When we have tunnel vision and we look at our own problems and are focused on our own problems, God cannot move, because we are trying to solve our own problems. You have got to let him breathe. The way you let him breathe is by taking your mind off yourself and putting your mind on the people of God. Worry about someone else that you should worry about. Pray about somebody else. See how you can help somebody else. It really works.


I have trouble in my own life, and I have given the last 30 or more years to the Lord and little by little, everything is disentangling. I have had problems with my family, and I was really amazed with myself last night, to be honest with you. I used to get hysterical. Years ago I was hysterical, and I would be on the floor, on my knees, screaming and crying for God to please help my family.


I got a phone call last night and the whole family is in crisis, and I was as calm as can be. I hung up the phone and went back to my work for the Lord. It did not faze me. What can I do? I know he is in it, and it looks like everything is falling apart, but all he is doing is hopefully bringing them to the Lord. What can I do?


In the past I would be hysterical, crying on the floor, banging on the bed, calling up other people to pray for them. I was so upset I could not even pray myself. I wasted all of that time. I had so much work to do for the Kingdom, and I wasted all of that time.


He has to help them, because he is faithful. Why would he not want to help them? I am his faithful servant. I know there is no miracle that would take away all the problems. I know that he is not going to go bup! and then they are going to be okay, because God does not do that. We have to come to him from a conviction in our heart.


Sometimes, when you are very stubborn (like I was, and they are), you have to have a lot of convincing to convict you. You have to have lots of trouble in your life, before you realize that he is the only reality, he is our only source of help, and he is all that matters.


When you come to that realization that he is all that matters, and when you really believe that, and live your life for him, everything else just tends to work out. However, it does not work out without pain. Your children or your unsaved mate or family members have to experience what they have to experience. You cannot save them. You cannot keep them from pain.


It is just like with your natural children. When they are little children, 2 years old, you can stop them from running unto the streets and save them from that pain. But once they become adults, you cannot save them from pain. They have to have their own life experiences that would mature them.


You give them all the information and all the guidance that you can, and then they are in God’s hands. You do not own them. They do not belong to you. The best that we can hope for is that God is there in the background as they labor through the experiences of life, and that God’s presence in the background will result in a positive outcome from the painful experience, rather than a destructive outcome from the painful experience.


Right now I am thinking of somebody that I have known in the past that was severely incested by their father, and there was no forgiveness. They swore they would never forgive them, and they were a bitter dried up person. Life was overtaking them and destroying them. Then we look at Joyce Meyer. I also know of another person who incested all his 10 children, and at one point, they all went to visit him before he died.


Some people overcome and other people do not overcome because they put their mind on themselves. Serve God brethren, and everything will work out. If it does not work out you still serve God. I cannot promise you anything. I cannot promise you that if your child is sick, that he will live. I cannot promise you anything, other than what the Scripture says, that if you love the Lord your God with all you heart, your mind, and your soul, all things will work for your good.


Romans 8:28


And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. KJV




How could losing my child work for my good? The Lord will use it to develop Christ in you, because his purposes are the only reason for your existence. I cannot understand that myself. I do understand it but I do not understand it. I understand that if you lose a child it works for your good because Christ will come forth.


You have to see the higher view of it. Your child was a temporary formation of the elements, of the substance of God that was in the creation, and it was not God’s will to override the rules or the laws that are operating in this world. God does not kill children. God does not bring forth death. Only the enemy brings forth death, but God can override the rules of the enemy, and if your child died, it was not his will to override the rules or the laws that are operating in this world.


Whose child died? Why am I talking about this? Does anybody have a child that died here? This is the 4th or 5th time I am speaking prophetically like this in a meeting. I have no idea whom I am talking to. If your child died, it does not mean that God ordained it. It means that he did not interfere with the judgment of death that comes upon all men.


The hard truth of the matter is, God only intervenes or interferes in the natural course of things in this world if it is for the purpose of promoting his own program. That sounds selfish until you understand that God’s own program is the salvation of the whole.


The only one that I know who lost a child is XXXXXX and I thought she was over that, unless it is somebody that had a miscarriage. I do not know.


Brethren, are there any questions about this issue of what is actually happening in the earth?


The lad is fighting very powerfully in the earth and he is battling strongly, waiting for his father, the re-enforcement, to come and join himself to him. There is a great conflagration coming, a great clash of the 2 armies (this came forth under the anointing, I did not hear this last night). There is coming a great clash of the 2 forces in this nation (actually in the world but they are materializing in this nation). There is a meeting of the powers. The powers are going to actually meet. Up until now they have just been waiting, brandishing their swords and shouting.


There is about to be a clash. I do not know what that means, but be strong in the power of his might. Do not let anything keep you away from Church unless you really have a responsibility that you have to take care of. I encourage you with all of my strength, no matter what you feel like, do not stay home. Do not stay home, drag yourself to Church. You are better off here. Do not let the circumstances overtake you.


I do not know what is happening. I do not know who the person is that lost a child. I do not know when or how or in what way this clash is coming, but we have been encouraged. If you are fearful, you need to rebuke it. If you are yielding to your fear, you are opposing the positive thought forms that this meeting was supposed to produce.


Therefore, if you are afraid, you should rebuke it, not only for yourself, but to be faithful to God, and to fulfill your part in what he is doing. You need to rebuke that fear and embrace the positive aspects of what I have told you today!


The end of everything that happens would be for the good. The Kingdom of God is about to appear in the earth.


I started to tell you about Jerusalem. I said that the body of Christ is the macrocosmic Jerusalem, and each of us is the microcosmic Jerusalem, and it is that Jerusalem that is coming down from heaven at the end of the Book of Revelation.


When I say you are Jerusalem, I do not mean your physical body is Jerusalem, I mean your inner body. Christ in you is your inner body. He is the New Jerusalem. He is coming down from heaven, from the Lord Jesus Christ to dwell in you. This is for all of the peoples that do not have him. This is a prophetic word.


I think everybody here has the imparted Christ, but if you do not have him, you are going to get him now. He is coming down. The New Jerusalem is the new inner man, Christ in you. He is coming down for everyone that professes faith in Jesus Christ. If you do not have him, you are going to get him, and if you do have him, maybe it will strengthen him. I honestly do not know. But this is a prophetic word. He is coming.


Do not be afraid of the battle however it may manifest in your life. He has descended, not the Lord Jesus Christ, but the seed that is coming for Christians of faith. Christ will be grafted to them. This is very exciting. It is a very exciting word. It has to happen, because the people that have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ have to be strengthened for the battle, and the Holy Spirit would not do it.


He is faithful. You have to remember that he is faithful. No matter what it looks like, do not turn on God. Do not turn on God and do not turn away from your responsibility to be a part of the positive message in the earth. Do not yield to that fear. It is sin. It is sin to yield to that fear. Do not do it. Cleave to the truth, and to the positive message


Brethren, I do not know where all this came from today. Well, I do know. It came from the Lord. Does anyone have anything to say before we stop for the break?


COMMENT:  I do not remember how you worded it, but I definitely received it by the spirit. You said that Jesus Christ did not come to meet our human desires and hopes but is building Christ in us. I am not saying it the way you said it but….


PASTOR VITALE:  You said it very well. Jesus Christ did not come to fulfill our human desires and needs, which is what the Church teaches. I had WLAX radio on for a while yesterday and that is the whole message in the Church today, but that is not why he came. He came to fulfill HIS desire and need, and his desire and need is the deliverance of fallen Adam from the grips of the ungodly spiritual woman, and to save the woman. He is here to save the whole of humanity that is twisted and broken.


Along the road, as we serve him, he meets our human needs, but he does not meet them fully. He will never meet our human needs fully brethren, because in order to meet our needs fully, he would have to build the animal side of us and he is here to destroy the animal side of us. He meets our human needs to the degree that we are comfortable.


I think he wants us to be comfortable whilst we are serving him, but we cannot possibly be without any trouble, because that will make us want to stay here in this world. We have to choose him if we want immortality, and there is no immortality in this world, and we do not want to go. The human nature does not want to go, just like Lot did not want to go.


He does not bring trials and tribulations upon us, but trials and tribulations which rise up in the flesh is a natural outcome of the fact that we are following him, to whatever degree we are following him, and he is not taking them away.


He is not taking them away. I had to tell someone this yesterday. He is not taking them away. We have to overcome. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. What he takes away is the obsession. If you are a drug addict and you really cannot stop, he will take the obsession away from you.


In other words, before the Lord removes the obsession from you, if you exercise all the faith in the world that you have you could not stop. However, when he takes the obsession from you, if you exercise your own strength through faith in Jesus Christ, you will be able to stay away from drugs. He helps you when the playing field is not level, where the problem is so strong that you could never overcome. He comes in and he levels the playing field. He gives you the power to overcome. He weakens the enemy and strengthens you, and now he says, go fight the battle.


Life in Christ is warfare. It is an overcoming life. God does not take our problems and our pains away from us. We have to seek him as to what he requires of us, and what path we should go, to overcome.


Lord, how do I overcome this problem? How do I do this? How do I pray? What do you require of me? He will tell you what to do. He will give you the battle plan. If you fight he will be there giving you the power to fight, but you have to take the first step. Then he gives you the power to keep on going.


If you ask God a question, and you do not hear from him the next day, that does not mean he is not answering you. I hear from God as well as any Christian, if not more than any Christian I have ever met, and he does not answer all my questions the next day. Some questions I get answers to right away, but not all.


That was one of my biggest complaints to him earlier on when he started to show me, years ago, that he wanted me to come to him directly, in many areas. I said to him, Lord it is really hard having a relationship with you. If I had a relationship with somebody else, and they are sitting right across from me, I would ask a question, and expect them to answer me immediately.


I ask the invisible God a question, and I cannot see him. I cannot see any reaction on his face. I am met with silence. It is either he answers me or he does not, and if he does not answer me there is no explanation. Either he answers me or he does not.


I had to learn to stay neutral. This something that I have been encouraging you to do for years and I know it is not easy. You need to ask him to help you to stay neutral.


You ask him, and if he does not answer you, you ask him again. He would not be mad at you if you ask him every day. However, because he did not answer you in a day, or in a week, that does not mean he is not going to answer you. Maybe you are not capable of understanding the answer yet, or it is possible he is sending you to me. For some answers he does send you to me. That is true.


However, I would hope that you would have an understanding in your heart and know when to come to me and when not to. If you asked the Lord a question, I hope you would know if it was a question that I would answer for you, not that you would come running to me each time you had a question. It is a very fine line between the two.


One scenario is you have not got any answers from him because I am the one that is supposed to be answering you and you have refused to come to me out of pride. You are in pride. That is one scenario. The other scenario is that you do not hear an answer in one or two days and you come running to me for everything. That is idolatry for me.


In the first instance you are in pride which is sin. For you to be in sin the Lord has to have told you in some way, to come to me for that question, and then your pride is keeping you away. So you are in the sin of pride.


On the other side, you are in sin of idolatry for me. If you ask the Lord a question and he does not answer you in a day or two, or a week, and you are running to me because you think I have all the answers (and maybe I do have the answer, and maybe I do not),you are in idolatry.


The bottom line is your heart. You are not supposed to be in pride and you are not supposed to be in idolatry. You are supposed to say, Lord, this is my question, should I wait for your answer or should I go to the Pastor (or anybody else that might have the answer) right now? Then you see what happens.


The chances are, if the answer has to come from me, I may answer you in a meeting, or in a conversation. I do not know. What I am telling you now is that your heart has to be right before God. The fact that your heart is right before God is more important than you getting the answer. You may not think so because you want the answer. But I am telling you, from God’s perspective, he is more concerned that your heart is right than you get the answer to your question.


Therefore do not be in pride and stay away when you should come to me, and do not be in idolatry because you do not have the faith to wait for the answer from God. How would you know the difference? You would know the difference by judging your own heart.


This is what I would say, Lord, I would really like the answer to this question…. It is an irritation in my mind when I have an unanswered question, or it used to be. These days the Lord has given me the victory, what the Jews call nullification. It is a nullification of myself. I ask the question and I let it go. If he answers me, he answers me. If he does not, he does not. Whenever he answers me (tomorrow, 10 years from now) is great. I die to that need to have a quick answer.


For years, it annoyed me if I did not get an immediate answer. I wanted an answer quickly, and I complained about not getting a quick answer for a long time. In most instances now (I cannot say a 100%, none of us can ever say 100% about anything), I pretty much have got the victory.


This is the way I deal with it. I die to myself; I nullify that need for an instant answer. I take the position, if he answers me, he answers me, and if he does not, he does not.


For those of you that have not arrived at that place, wanting the answer to your question is like an irritation in your mind, in your heart. It does not leave you alone. That is what you have to die to.


How do you know whether you are in pride or whether you are in idolatry, whether you should come to me or not come to me?


When you ask him with a right heart, he will make it known to you. Lord, this is my question. Should I wait, or should I go to the pastor? If you are going to have the pastor answer me, how long should I wait before I ask you again if I should go to the pastor? What would you have me to do, Lord? I really would like the answer to this question. I understand that the most important thing from your point of view is that my heart, in wanting the answer to this question is in a holy condition before you. And that I am before you in righteousness, and that I want the answer to this question with Christ, not with my carnal mind, and I will wait, Lord. I will wait until you direct me to the source of the answer, because I do not want to be in sin before you. I do not want to be in pride. I do not want to be in idolatry. I understand righteousness in me is more important than my receiving the answer to this question. Lord, let me be righteous, let me abide in holiness. If you would be so good as to answer this question, however you get the answer to me, I would be grateful. The most important thing in my life is that I do right, and that I am righteous and holy as I could possibly be at this moment before my God.


Our character is the most important thing, holiness and righteousness. The character of Christ should be our goal in all things. Whatever else he might give us in addition to what we must do or how we have to live for that righteousness to come forth in us, so be it.


I have been telling him a lot lately of how crowded we are here. More than 20 years ago he promised us a ministry house, and it is not here yet.


This is my position. I thank God for that study that he gave me. Things were really hard before that. I thank God that I have a place that I can call my own, where I can close the door and have some peace even if people are working in the house. I do not want anything that would jeopardize my relationship with the Lord, but I would really like a bigger place. I would like a lot of things, but I would not give up one iota of my relationship with God for a material thing.


I live in peace most of the time. Sometimes I get frustrated, when I trip over a wire or something (laughter) but I know in my heart that I am not willing to give up anything spiritual for a material comfort.


The ministry house will come in due season. It has to come, because it is beyond me. We have guests coming in from other states, from other countries. They should have a bed to sleep in. So the house has to come in his perfect timing. I do my best to be content until then, because I know that every discomfort in this world is doing a work in me. It would fizzle away and dissolve when the character that it is supposed to produce in me appears.


Every discomfort is producing a degree of the character of God in us. When that element of the character of God appears in us, the discomfort will no longer have a function, and it will disappear. That is just the reality. That is the way it is. That is what Paul was talking about when he said that we should be content with what we have.




Hebrews 13:5


Be free from the love of money, content with such things as you have, for he has said, "I will in no way leave you, neither will I in any way forsake you." KJV






God has your life in the palm of his hand. He loves you. He loves you, and he is trying to get you back up into the eternal realms.


Do you remember what I said at the beginning of the meeting, that if Adam had not fallen…. I do not think I fully expressed that point. If Adam had not fallen…


There is a particular character that produces immortal life that God intends for his son to have. We are his son, we are the collective son. There is a character of Christ that will appear in us as we overcome our sin nature. We would become spiritually male and mature, and able to deal with worldly problems.


We would be helping other people that are not as mature as we are to solve problems to the glory of God. That is what manhood is. It is leadership. Manhood is leadership, whether it is in the natural or whether it is in the spiritual. If you are a man, you are in leadership. Either you are the head of your family or you are the head of something. If you are a man, at the very least, you are ruling over your own life, but usually the Lord gives you responsibility in the world.


When we overcome our sin nature and stand up in the character of Christ, ultimately when we stand up in full stature, we will be ruling over all the powers of the world. We will be ruling over nature and all the negative elements of the world. This is Adam’s destiny, to be spiritually male, and a godly ruler.


The only way that fallen mankind can get into this condition is to go through trials and tribulations, and have overcoming experiences. That is the only way we can arrive there. But it was not so before the fall. Before the fall, it was possible to attain to that same state of spiritual manhood without experiencing evil and having to overcome that evil. Through union with his father, Adam would have become a spiritual male, of the same quality that the Lord Jesus Christ is today.


The Lord Jesus Christ attained to where he is by overcoming his sin nature. He started as a fallen man and ascended by overcoming his sin nature, but that is only because Adam fell and we all ended up with a sin nature. If Adam did not fall and he remained above time, beyond time, he would have eventually emerged into the quality of a man that we see in the Lord Jesus Christ, without having to have experienced the fall, and having to have experienced the evil that we experience today.


Right now, because we are fallen it is the only way back up. This was not God’s will for us. It was his will that Adam would have become a full grown man through union with the father, but he fell, and this is where we are. This is why we see in the Book of Daniel, the stone cut out of a mountain, hitting the feet of the statue.


Daniel 2:32-35


32 As for this image, its head was of fine gold, its breast and its arms of silver, its belly and its thighs of brass,


33 its legs of iron, its feet part of iron, and part of clay.


34 You saw until a stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image on its feet that were of iron and clay, and broke them in pieces.


35 Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken in pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshing floors; and the wind carried them away, so that no place was found for them:  and the stone that struck the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth. KJV


The statue represents the inner man, the image of the Serpent. The whole statue has to come down. The process starts with the feet, in particular the toes which represents us, the individual.


Those 10 toes of the feet of the statue represent the 10 Sefirah that are here mixed with the clay. The toes and the feet are iron and clay mixed together. Iron is the spiritual man and the clay is the flesh. The spiritual man that is down here is iron, the spiritual man that is up there is gold.


The process of restoration begins at the lowest point, which is us. We are the lowest point, and many of us were very, very, weak when God called us. That is where he starts, and with overcoming experiences, he desires to restore us to immortality. He desires to restore our soul to immortality. We (you and I) are the personality and the body, and we are temporary. We are an illusion. If we cease to exist, there is nothing in its place.


We are this fist that is made of 2 hands clenched together. When I unclench my hands, we cease to exist, and there is nothing lost. We are just separated to the elements that formed us. However, in this hour we are so close to the dawning of the Sabbath day that it is possible for everyone in the sound of my voice to enter into a spiritual experience called longevity.


Something would happen to us to bring this to pass, there would be some degree of union from the world above with us that would preserve our body and personality. This would extend our life span so that the work can be completed in us, the work which will fully restore us to the higher worlds and immortality. Believe.


We have someone in the ministry that is 89. Believe. There is longevity on her family line; there are people in her family that lived into their 90s. There are others in the ministry that are close behind her. I am hoping with you, and I am hoping for myself.


Whatever God preaches is what he desires to bring to pass in our lives. If you are in a ministry that is preaching faith, he wants to give you faith. If you are in a ministry that is preaching deliverance, he wants to give you deliverance.


He gave me the message of longevity several years ago. That means he wants to give it to you and to me. You have a choice to believe or not believe that you are going to attain to it, but why would you believe you are not going to attain to it? Let us believe we are going to have it. Believe!


We are at a point in history where history is being made, right here, right now.


11/22/10 Transcribed by MML


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