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We will start with Tasha’s questions.


Question number 1: How do I know what sin needs correcting in my life? The answer to that is that we wait for the Lord to direct us as -- first of all, to reveal the sin, and second of all, to tell us that that is what he wants us to work on right now.


And he has different ways of telling us. We do not usually get a telegram saying, now, this is your sin, and this is what you are working on, but when sin is exposed, the Lord has a way of exposing things, and usually the exposure comes in our relationships, in our daily interactions with the people that we know, and, in your case, it would probably be with Jesse and/or Sandra.


It does not have to be someone in ministry. If the per- -- we need somebody who has the ability to recognize the sin in our everyday conversation. That is the trick, you know. Somebody could tell you, well, you have the sin of pride or you have the sin of witchcraft, and what does that mean to you? You know, if your heart is right, and you say, “Oh, sure. OK, amen. I have witchcraft or I have pride.” Then what do you do about it?


Well, you can ask the Lord for repentance, but it -- the point is that it is not practical. At that point, that knowledge that you have a particular sin is not practical. It becomes practical when the sin manifests itself through an interaction with someone that you have a relationship with. So you can look at it and say, “Oh, wow.”


Because sin is motive. You see, sin is motive. So when you are dealing with somebody that has discernment, you may not say anything that is wrong, but that person will recognize the speech of your heart. Because the words that come out of our mouth are just language. They are not really speech. The speech comes from our heart, and only spiritual ears can hear the speech that comes from our heart. So if someone has discernment, sometimes our mouth says one thing, and the speech of our heart, or our spiritual speech, says something else.


Most of the time, we do not realize that we are doing that because people who are following the doctrine of Christ or are following God in the best way they know how, they are not deli- -- they are not knowingly seeking to hurt anybody or hide themselves from God. We do not know. We do not know that we are sinning. That is the whole issue. If we knew what we were doing and we had the ability to stop, we probably would all be risen above our sin nature by now, which state of being is there is a solution to all of our problems.


So that is the whole issue: We do not know what we are doing, or we do not -- we cannot see sin because sin is in our mind; it is in our heart; and it is in our motives. That is the key word: Sin is in our motives, and motive comes from the unconscious part of the mind. So it is either the Lord Jesus Christ, who is in the unconscious part of the Christ mind who is motivating us, who most likely has motivated you to be at this meeting today, or it is Satan in our carnal mind motivating us to think ungodly thoughts, and the pride, resentment or --


Satan does not always motivate us to think ungodly thoughts. Sometimes she motivates us to think wrong thoughts. And, now, every thought that is a wrong thought arises out of pride because if it is a wrong thought, it cannot be coming out of Christ; that means it is coming out of pride. But it may appear to us to be a legitimate option. It does not -- the thoughts that come from Satan do not have to be evil thoughts by the judgment of this world. It does not have to be an evil thought. It just has to be a thought that opposes the will of God in your life.


That is, if it is not evil in and of itself, it is not -- if it is not arising out of witchcraft or rejection, it is just coming out of pride because if it is not coming out of Christ, it has to be coming out of somewhere. So if we cannot identify it as witchcraft or envy, if we cannot identify where the thought is -- where the wrong thought is coming from, we just throw it in the mailbox that says “pride” because pride, it stands across from Christ.


  1. OK. So sin is revealed in the way we related to people. It is revealed in our relationships. So the chances are that if sin is going to be revealed in you, the Lord might reveal it directly in prayer, or he might reveal it to Sandra or Jesse, or, as I said, it could be anyone in the fellowship that has godly discernment. It is just that it is usually the elders, but it does not have to be the elders.

But then we run into a problem, you see. The discernment of sin, the recognition of sin in the way we communicate with people -- and that is a good point. It does not even have to be our words. Our reactions to people can be sin. In other words, if there is some kind of problem between two of the brethren, and one of them is not willing to communicate, because you cannot solve the problem if you do not communicate, that is sin. So the person may not be saying anything. They may just not be responding to your email or responding -- or not responding to your phone call, or n- -- or even if you approach them at a meeting and you indicate that you are not willing to discuss the issue: You just say, “Well, excuse me. I was in the middle of a conversation with someone else,” and then you never get back to them. So that is behavior that is revealing sin, but motive is the same. Whether the sin is revealed in the words that you speak or in the way that you behave, the motive is always the same. It is just a question of how you are dealing with that sin.


Now, this is a very important issue, and I just had to write an email about this to somebody this morning. So I guess it is in the Spirit. Let me share it with you.


“The fact that you can discern sin in somebody does not necessarily mean that your discernment is arising out of God. It does not necessarily mean -- it might be, but it does not necessarily mean that your sin is arising out of the Spirit of Christ or the Holy Spirit, and -- or if your discernment is arising out of the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ within you, that does not presuppose, it does not guarantee, OK, that you are going to deal with what you are seeing in a godly spirit.”


So, number one: It is -- there is a spirit called divination. It is a form of witchcraft, and it is an intense discernment. It lets us see right into the motives, right into the heart of the person, and we can pick up sin -- someone that has a spirit of divination will pick up sin accurately, maybe even more accurately than someone who is doing it out of the Spirit of Christ, and that is sin. That is an invasion of the person’s privacy. That is viewing their innermost heart when the Lord has not revealed it to you, and is -- it is a spirit of witchcraft.


So if -- and I -- well, it is very hard. I do not know how to describe to you to distinguish between a spirit of divination and a hol- -- and one of this -- holiness from God, whether it is the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ recognizing sin in you. It is a spiritual discernment. I would not -- I do not have the words to describe to you how to distinguish between the two.


So if you start seeing sin in people, it is a good idea to run it before the Lord or to definitely go to someone else in the fellowship [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- if you are going to someone else for this kind of issue, you should go to the elders, you know, and tell them what happened, describe what happened, and ask them for their opinion as to whether or not you perceive that by a spirit of divination or by the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ because you do not want to be going around seeing people’s sins before you are ready to deal with them. That could be a devastating thing because if you see somebody’s sin and you deal with it in an ungodly manner, you become guilty of your own sin. And in the situation that I am going to share with you, the person who discerned sin in another person engaged in a sin that was more serious than the sin that she discerned.


Why? Because the sin that she discerned was hurting one person, and that person who was hurt recognized the sin but acted out -- she was wounded, and she acted out in a way that was threatening the whole ministry. She was responding to witchcraft with witchcraft, and the first person who committed the witchcraft just hid it from me. I did not know. Hid it from me. Just showed it to the person that was hurt. I cannot do anything if I do not see the sin myself. I cannot take your word for it that somebody sinned and go and bring a correction. I cannot do that, see. So the wounded person was acting out in a -- she was upset and hurt and wounded and acting out by a spirit of witchcraft herself. That was threatening the peace of the whole ministry and me personally. So I wound up dealing with the -- and rebuking the victim of the original witchcraft but who was manifesting witchcraft herself in response to the witchcraft.


So we see that the spiritual life is very complicated. It is not simple at all. So what have I told you? Let me review. We can discern sin by a spirit of witchcraft called divination, or we can discern sin by the Spirit of Christ. I do not think the Holy Spirit discerns sin. It would have to be the Spirit of Christ. But even if we are discerning it by the Spirit of Christ, the danger that we are in is that we will react to what we have seen out of our own sin nature, and then we become partakers of the original s- -- of the guilt of the original person who was manifesting sin. It is not a simple thing. That is why Paul says and warns us to not judge before the time. He says do not judge before the time because if you are judging somebody out of a wrong spirit, or if you see something and you reacted in a wrong spirit, the judgment will fall on you as well as the other person.


Well, just briefly, to just tell you what happened this morning in the email that I was talking about, the Lord eventually vindicated the person who had been originally hurt. You see, if you -- someone sins against you and you come to me or you go to Sandra or Jesse and it is not appearing to them, they cannot see it. You -- all that they can do is to pray about it, and you have to more or less suffer the loss because there is no vindication for you because the elder cannot see what happened. In that event, the Lord will vindicate you, but you may have to wait two or three months or a year. Who knows?


The Lord’s reaction is different than human reaction. Human reaction goes right in there and deals with it, but when the elder cannot see what you are talking about, then you have to wait for the Spirit of God, and you may have to wait a while. So you have to be very careful. This is your challenge, and this was the positive thing that I had to say to the person who wrote to me this morning.


Basically I said -- well, I acknowledged that -- it turns out that you were right. I now know that you were right in what you told me about that person, but I did not do any -- I said I did not do anything. I did not fail to deal with the issue correctly because you cannot expect me to deal with something that I do not see for myself, [?OK?]. But, look, the Lord has vindicated you, and now the word of the Lord to you is that in the crisis -- somebody sinned against you, and you were so upset that you manifested witchcraft, a strong a spirit of witchcraft that was bringing chaos into the ministry, in return, and, therefore, you, the victim, were the one who was rebuked. How unfair! Yes, it seems unfair because you were the original victim, but it was not unfair because you were manifesting witchcraft in response to the offense, but the Lord has revealed the true nature of the two people involved, at least at the moment.


We all need to know that at any moment or any period in time we are either Cain or Abel. We are either Cain or Abel. We have an overall persona at a particular time in our life: Either we are Cain or we are Abel. Now, you could be Cain at this time in your life, and in a particular incident you can manifest Abel; or you could be Abel at this period in your life, and in one particular incident lose your temper and manifest Cain. It is very complicated, brethren, but with the mind of Christ we can understand it.


So this is what the Lord had to say to her. There was an emotional upheaval, OK. Someone sinned against you. You were upset. I rebuked you and told you that if you did not stop making trouble in the ministry I was going to have to put you out of the ministry. I cannot have chaos in the ministry, OK. If you have a legitimate complaint, the Lord will deal with it. If I cannot see it or I cannot judge the issue -- you know what God said to -- Jehovah said to Moses? “I am putting you in charge of these people. If you come to an issue that is too hard for you, I will judge.” So in this circumstance, the case went to the Lord because I could not see what the complainant was talking about.


So now that the whole thing is over, this is the word of the Lord to the victim, the original victim. He said to her if this -- in this incident and at this time of your walk, you are Abel and the other person is Cain, OK. Why? Because you, when you were rebuked, even though you were the victim, in your mind, you did not know that you were doing anything wrong. You did not know that you were manifesting witchcraft in response to being victimized.


So in your mind it was very unfair that you were the one who was rebuked, but you submitted to the authority even though it looked to you like the authority was wrong, but I was not wrong because I could not see the offense, and I had to stop the chaos in the ministry, see. But you submitted to the authority, and you did what I told you, and you are still in the ministry, and you are still partaking of the fellowship of the brethren and of the hidden manna of the doctrine of Christ.


The other person did not -- when the Lord exposed their sins, OK -- because I could not see it. So the Lord had to expose it. When the Lord exposed their sins, they did not do what you did. They did not submit to the authority. They did what Adam did in the garden. Adam hid his sins behind fig leaves, and he blamed the woman. So in your behaviors in this circumstance, OK, even though I had to rebuke you for the trouble that you were making because you were upset, OK, now that the whole matter is finished and we can look at the whole affair as a whole, the fruit of the whole affair is that you were Abel, who had a moment of manifesting Cain when you got upset, and the proof of the pudding is that you are still in right standing with God, and the other person. who was showing no sign of sin at all at the time, is now no longer in right standing with God.


So I hope -- that is sort of complicated. I hope that you got something out of that and that it makes some sense to you, but the bottom line is this, that our lives are -- our spiritual lives are on the line, and our elders are just human. God sometimes -- justice with God is very long -- a long time coming, and our job is to stay in right standing with God. If we lose it for a moment -- we get upset and we yell; we do whatever we do; manifest witchcraft for a brief moment -- we have to repent and get back in line.


Division is never of God, and any incident that happens that divides you from the brethren, OK, is Satan manifesting in your mind and in your motives, and that is obvious sin. Any event, OK, that you take into -- the solution for which you take into your own hands and depart from the conflict, OK, you are acting like Adam did. You need to trust God. Paul said suffer the loss. Do the right thing in the circumstance, and the Lord will surely vindicate you and you will not suffer the true loss, which is the loss of the doctrine of Christ.


So a whole -- the -- like, at this rate, I will never get through all these questions, that is for sure. So how do you know what sins to deal with? The sins that you deal with are the sins that manifest, and when you are around spiritual people, sin has a way of manifesting. It manifests in the way we relate to one another. We can see it if when we get hurt or upset, we take authority over ourselves, not over the other person. Ask God about it, ask the elder about it, you will find out why -- every time you are upset, brethren, that is sin. You need to find out why you are upset. Was it pride? Was it anger? Was it resentment? Was it jealousy? That small feeling of discomfort that you had or that moment of a wrong thought in your mind, even if you come right back to it and say, oh, that is ridiculous, that was sin in your mind, you see, and that is how you -- that is the sin that you deal with. You do not deal with the sin that is not manifesting in your life.


If we looked at all of our sins and tried to deal with all of them at the same time, we would get nothing done because your mortal foundation is a foundation of sin. We were born in sin and shapen in iniquity. What does that mean? It means our mortal foundation, that which keeps us in existence in this world, is sin. Sin is inside of us. It generated us, see. So you take it -- one thing at a time.


There was somebody -- there is somebody in the ministry who has been here for quite a while, and they used to come visit me, and every time their visit was over, they were saying to me, give me a list. Write down my sins. Give me a list, because they wanted deliverance so badly. But I could not give them a list because I did not even see all of their sins at that point, and even if I did see their sins, it would not have -- a list would not have done them any good. You have to catch the sin while it is manifesting and rebuke it and burn it at the stake; chop it up; kill it; chew it up; chew it up to pieces and burn the residue when you see it manifest. That is how you change. That is how you know you have deliverance because the Lord will send another test, and you will behave differently in the similar test.


It is a long process, and there is really no way to make it go faster than we would like to. We can speed it up a little bit. It is like a child that goes to school. You know, the child may be an unusually bright child. I think today they just give them en- -- an enriched curriculum. Years ago, they would advance the child. If you has a four -- a child in fourth grade and they showed that they were very bright, they would move them to the fifth grade and the sixth grade, and there were one or two occasions where we had a 12-year-old child in college. So somewhere along the line the authorities realized that that is not good for the mental health of the child, and they stopped doing that. They just give enriched lessons to the children, and they keep them in their own grade. That is what they do today.


So, brethren, that was in answer to “How do I know what sin needs correcting in my life?” It is the sin that is manifesting that is correc- -- that needs correction in your life. And then Tasha  said, “I feel like I have been trying to think up the sins in my life that Christ might have me repent of, but doing this out of my carnal mind is pride,” and that is correct. “So when I am young in Christ and cannot distinguish very well the difference between Cain’s thoughts and Abel’s thoughts, how will I know what sins need addressing?” The ones that manifest, Tasha, the thoughts that if they could do it, would drive you to think or do wrong things. Usually if you think wrong things, eventually you do wrong things. Those are the thoughts you deal with.


Question -- are there any comments to that before we go to question 2? Any comments? Any responses? Any additional questions? OK.


Question Number 2: and Jesse gave me a note saying, “The question of Tasha is referring to longevity.” “In the message we listened to today, which is around the throne, but I do not know what part that is, Sheila, you mentioned that the process we are going through will take thousands of years and that we are just at the beginning of the process. Maybe the answer to my question all depends on spiritual growth, but does this mean that the bodies we have now will most likely die?” Let me mark that. [AUDIO CUTS OUT] that is the question mark right there. “If so, I feel a little discouraged in my carnal mind, but know that Christ in me needs to grow and become stronger nonetheless. I know that sin is death, and we are overcoming death by birthing” -- I lost the end of the line. Sorry. Death by birthing -- “by birthing and growing Christ within us. So is there a possibility that we will live for thousands of years,” -- that is another question -- “or is sin too great in our lives that our bodies will most likely die in this lifetime?” That is a third question. “If our bodies do die and Christ’s spirit within us is passed into another bo- -- fleshly body, our spirit will come into this -- our spirit will remember the teachings we had in our current life, right?” That is a fourth question. “Will Christ’s spirit within a new body ‘remember’” -- she puts that in quotes -- “at an accelerated rate or come into this ministry sooner in life, so as to bring God’s ways to completion eventually?” Those are very good questions.


  1. OK. First one: “But does this mean that the bodies we have now will most likely die?”

That is a good question. Let me start by saying this: The message that is being preached in the church, or the message that has been preached in the church for the last 2,000 years has been an evolving message. The message has grown, OK.


The immediate answer to your question is, no, it is not likely. What I am trying to tell -- it is not likely -- let me -- it is not likely that we will most likely -- that our bodies will most likely die. It is not likely. Today, it is not likely because the Lord -- we are on the threshold of entering into the next stage of God’s plan for the salvation of mankind. What I am trying to tell you is that God did not give this message to people 100 years ago or 200 hundred years ago. It is not God’s intention to frustrate us. He gives us -- he -- the message or the portion of his message that he gives people is what they need for the moment.


So we see that there is a lot of immaturity in the church. I am having trouble getting this out. How am I going to say this? We are spiritual children. The Lord has told us we are spiritual children, at least at the beginning when we first come to him. So we believe in Santa Claus, you see. The church at large believes that at death they go to heaven. They do not see -- OK. They do not even think about the -- that there may be a day that their physical body will not die. They think when they physically die, they go to heaven. They see the reward that comes from God within their grasp. That is what I am trying to tell you.


So for thousands of years now, at least 2,000 years -- I do not know how the Jews really deal with it, but I think they -- the Jews deal with it the same way. They see the reward that comes from God after physical death because the human mind -- excuse me, the human mind would be greatly grieved to think that we have to live this life, working as hard as we can to stay in right standing with God, and then the reward is not coming for a couple of thousand years. That would break the heart of every carnal person, you see.


So the spiritual children believe in Santa Claus. They believe that when the -- that the body will be resurrected at the end of time, and in the meantime, after physical death, the soul is with God. So it is OK if you have to wait 3,000 years or 4,000 years or 1,000 years, I do not know, until your body is resurrected because your soul is with God in the meantime. So that false message that I am calling -- I am referring to as Santa Claus exists in the church, and some measure of it exists in Jewry, and the Lord is winking at it because the spiritual children cannot bear the truth.


What is the truth? That at physical death, the physical body dies and the personality that grows out of the physical body dies, and physical bodies and personalities are not resurrected. They only exist for a season, you see. The soul goes on. But I do not know anybody, and I have never met anybody in my entire life, that is so spiritual that they identify themselves only as the soul which they are. Everybody that I know identifies themself as the personality and the body that they are, and that body -- this body, this physical body is not resurrected, see.


But, to answer your question, we who exist in this generation where we are at the door of moving into the next move of God, we are hearing the truth that y- -- what is the truth? That your physical body dies and your personality dies, and it will not be resurrected. We do not believe in Santa Claus anymore, and the reason that we can hear this truth is because we are mature enough to hear the rest of the truth, at least the part of the truth that the Lord is giving us now; that, yes, it is true, if our body dies, OK, that is it, but we are at the door of a period called longevity.


Oh, what do you mean? Going to heaven after I die is it not true? There was a preacher on Long Island once -- I talk about it once in a while -- who preached one day that we were going to heaven, and that we would be walking on streets of gold, and he was an Italian preacher, so he figured there would be Italian food there, and they would be having Italian food every night, and they would not have to work, and everything would be fine. That is Santa Claus. That is not true, see.


You see, either you believe that, yes, your body dies a physical death, but Santa Claus takes you up to the North Pole, or you are now mature enough to believe that, no, that is not true, but I have the hope that my physical body will not die because the Lord has taught me about longevity.


What does that mean? It means a reversal to some degree -- it may not be exactly the same, but a reversal, a return of the condition of the body, of the outer covering of humanity on the other side of the flood. I do not think that Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth looked like we do. I do not believe that they were Homo sapien [sic]. This physical body is the third stage of the fall. Shem, Ham and Japheth and Noah, they had some kind of covering for their soul. They had some kind of body that was capable of living up to 900 years.


This physical body simply will not endure, even for 200 years. It simply will not endure. It starts to get old and wax away like grass. It starts to dry up. As you age, that is what happens to your body. It dries up. The body is wearing away. I think it was Jesus who said it is moth-eaten. This garment becomes moth-eaten, you see.


So you, Tasha, and all of you people who are listening to me, I tell the truth, there is no Santa Claus, and if your physical body dies, it is over. You lived for a season, and you died. The soul that is incarnate in you will go on, but you are the body, you see. But we have this hope, you see: Christ in you, the hope of glory. We have this hope that the resurrected Christ in you will quicken this mortal body, you see. That is what the Scripture says. If that spirit that raised Christ from the dead in the man Jesus of Nazareth, if I might say, if that same spirit dwells in you, it will quicken your mortal body.


So we have this hope. We have a choice. Do we believe in Santa Claus, or do we believe the hard truth, that if we die, we are dead? But we might not die because the door is opening to the beginning of the next age. We are entering an opportunity to enter into longevity. A spiritual door is about to open into a spiritual a realm in which these bodies do not die.


We do have two scriptural witnesses to longevity, one more complete than the other. The first scriptural witness that I am aware of is Abraham. Abraham -- I really have to look this up. I think lived to 175 years, if I am not mistaken. But what happened to Abraham was that it was the will of God that he should father a child when he was 90 or 100 years old. I think he was 100 years old. I am not good on the hist- -- on these little details. So you have to forgive me. It was either 90 or 100 years old when he fathered Isaac.


So how did that happen? See, both Sarah and Abraham laughed when the angel of the Lord came to them and said, “You will have a child. You will have” -- they -- Jehovah said to Abraham, “You will have a child that will come of your own seed,” and Sarah was told -- or she was listening at the door, and she was told that she would bear a child, and her a- -- her response was, “That is ridiculous. How could I at my age even engage in the act that results in procreation?” She was an old woman! Abraham was an old man.


How did God do it? It is a big mystery. How did God do it? Sarah conceived, and she went through the birth process. Now, those of you who are listening to me that have had children, you have -- you know what the birth process is. Can you imagine a 90-year-old woman going through that stress and surviving? It is physically -- aside from the fact that her reproductive organs were dried up, I -- it is hard to believe that a woman that age would even have the strength to survive something like that.


So what happened? How did God perform his miracle? He put a spirit inside of them. He gave them something that they did not have. He imparted of his spirit to Abraham and to Sarah, and that spirit that he put inside of them renewed their youth. It was a spirit that came from another age. Jehovah laid hold of a spirit that is not of this world, and he put it into these two people, and it affected their physical bodies. It enabled their physical bodies not only to live a longer period of time, but at the moment that the spirit entered in it renewed their youth. So even though they were 90 and 100 years old, or thereabouts, they found the physical strength -- their reproductive organs became alive again, and they found the physical strength to engage in the relationship that results in procreation. As a matter of fact, after Sarah died, Abraham married Keturah and had many more children. His youth was permanently renewed. Even though his -- this body had been around for 100 years, he had the body of a young man, and Sarah had the body of a young woman. It had nothing --


Do not believe your age. Those of you who are 21-plus in this ministry, do not believe your age. Do not accept it! Do not accept in your mind that when you get old, or as you move on in years, that you must not feel well or that you must get sick or that your body will dry up. Do not believe it. Believe God, and God is preaching in this ministry that a door to longevity is opening.


What does that mean? It means that a sim- -- a s- -- if not the same spirit, a similar spirit to which he gave to s- -- to Abraham and Sarah is g- -- about to be imparted to some people -- only those who believe it. You are not getting it if you do not believe it. You are not getting it if you do not know about it, and you are not getting it if you do not believe it. It is about to happen again. God is about to give that rejuvenating spirit that comes from another world. It comes from the world on the other side of the flood, and he about to give it to us for his own purpose -- not because we are cute and he just wants us to live longer.


We have a job, brethren, and the job that we have is bringing forth the hidden manna to the church and to Jewry. This is not -- the ability to understand this message, to preach it, to teach it, impart it to others, this ability is not acquired in one year or two years or five years. This ability or this knowledge, it is acquired over a lifetime. So if we die a natural death, who is going to pass the message? It is not just the message, it is the annoi- -- it is the -- this message raises up Christ in us, who is going to continue on with the work of helping Christ to be -- Christ Jesus to be born in this world.


See, Christ Jesus has already been born in the man Jesus of Nazareth, and he is up in a high world, a high spiritual world called Atzilut. God wants Christ Jesus appearing in his full maturity in this world, which is called the World of Action. So Christ Jesus is being born in this world in the people, OK, who are receiving this message because the message produces a reality of Christ in you and a maturation of that Christ in you. It is not just a message. It is not just intellectual. It is producing a spiritual man that -- within you that can be liked unto the fetus that eventually became Isaac and Sarah.


So the Lord is opening that door to longevity because he intends to save humanity, and he is doing it through people. So the few people that he can get to believe this message, we are the candidates who would enter into longevity. So do not be Sarah. Do not stand behind the door and laugh. Be the one who believes.


So, anyway, the second witness to longevity in the Scripture is Elijah. Now, Abraham died. You know, he married Keturah. He had a whole bunch of other kids, and then eventually he died a natural death, but the second example of longevity is Elijah, who did not have a natural death. Now, I cannot go into the whole teaching here, but we are -- it is being preached here that Phineas, the grandson of Aaron, is the person whose name was changed, and he became Elijah. So if you could believe that -- and I do have teachings on it. I do not -- I am sorry, but my record keeping -- we need so much help here, brethren. The recordkeeping is very poor, but -- so I cannot even recommend the messages to you. I have talked about it in several messages.


So if you can receive that Phineas -- Phineas is the one who killed Zimri. It is just one little Scripture, I think, in the Book of Numbers that -- right after Israel survived Balaam’s attempt to destroy Israel, and Balaam failed because God would not let him do it. The very next chapter in the book says “And the Midianite women came into the Israelite camp and seduced the Israelite men, and Israel was being destroyed.”


So there was a man called Phineas. He was the grandson of Aaron, the high priest, and he stood up -- the Scripture says “He stood up and he slew Zimri,” who was having an affair with a Midianite woman called Kozbi, and he slew them, the Scripture says, in front of all Israel. I do not know whether they were having sex out on the porch or whether -- I do not really think so. I think what it means is that all Israel knew about it, and that was a spiritual act that put an end -- I guess all of Israel became frightened, and they gave up their adultery. And Israel was saved because Phineas did that act. He took his own life in his hands.


Why do I say he took his own life in his hands? Because if it was not God moving him to do that, it was murder, and he was guilty of murder, see, but it was God moving upon him. And eventually the reward that he received from the Lord was that he received intense spiritual growth, and when we receive intense spiritual growth our name changes. When you receive intense spiritual growth, or as you receive intense spiritual growth, your name is changing to Christ. We are told in the Book of Revelation we will receive a new name, OK, a new stone, a new seed, a new foundation, and a new name, and that foundation and that name is Christ.


So Phineas received a new name. His name is Elijah -- his new name is Elijah, and if you follow the timeline, Phineas lived -- b- -- if you believe that they are the same man, Phineas and then Elijah -- also known as Elijah, lived for something, like, 556 years, and then he ascended into heaven without physically dying.


So we have a scriptural basis for it, brethren. It is very real, and the Lord told me several years ago when I was seeking him as to how salvation would manifest, you know, how we would get our translated bodies and all the questions that we ask God -- he told me one day that we are not going to go from this body to a glorified body. God does not do anything radically. Everything he does is slow, and, now, there is a stage in between this fallen body and a glorified body, and that stage is called longevity.


So I do not think that we are going to -- it is still a big mystery to me what humanity looked like on the other side of the flood, but I do not think we are going back to the bodies that they had. I think that these bodies will receive a special dispensation; a spirit will be injected into us, which will enable them to live, you know, for hundreds of years. And during those hundreds of years, we are not going to be eating Italian dinners and walking on streets of gold. We will be -- we will receive longevity because we have a purpose in life, and that purpose is whatever part God has given you in the preparation of the doctrine of Christ and the spreading of the spiritual food and the impartation of the seed of Christ to the Israel of God. Now, the Israel of God is the ch- -- the members of the church and the members of natural Jewry who are called -- and then what does it mean that they are called? It means that they are carrying Christ, that they are pregnant with Christ.


So it is hard work. When God calls you, it is hard work. You do not take vacations anymore. If you do get a vacation, it is a special blessing. You do not get the kind of vacations you get when you have a job in the world. You work all kinds of hours. Sandra and Jesse work all kinds of hours. They do not get paid for what they do in the ministry. At this time, they are not getting paid for it. It is a sacrifice to be called into the kingdom of God, or in the vineyard of God, but it is a great blessing that we get paid for in the future.


You get paid in the future. Or you get paid as you go along. You get enough that you need, but the main reward -- because we are pro- -- brethren, we are promised peace. I do not know about you, but I am feeling pretty good today. You have all cheered me up. I do not always have peace. We are promised peace. We are promised contentment. We are promised perfect physical health. We are promised security from inva- -- the invading hordes. Invading hordes of what? Demons, disease, whatever problem in your life is a manifestation of the invading hordes that are trying to destroy you because you are pregnant with Christ. So the fullness of those promises do not come until the end, or until you have been laboring with God for a long time.


So, brethren, we may get through one page of these notes today before the -- before we finish. OK. So that is the answer to the first question, “But does this mean that the bodies we now have will most likely die?” I recommend to you that you do not believe that. That is true -- most likely true for the rest of the world, but tho- -- the rest of the world has their own comfort, Santa Claus. They either believe that they are going to die and go to heaven, or they believe that there is nothing after death, so they have nothing to worry about. But we who can hear this message, if you could tolerate what I just said to you, you should not believe that you will most likely die. You should believe that you will most likely enter into longevity and work, be given a job in the vineyard of God.


The next question is “Are we overcoming death by birthing and growing Christ within us? So is there a possibility that we will live for thousands of years?”


I do not know. I honestly do not know whether I said that in the message that Tasha is talking about. I ask you all to try to understand that I preached those messages in -- maybe in 1990, almost twe- -- 20 years ago I preached those messages. So, number one, I do not remember what I said. Some people, not realizing that, they either call me up or send me an email saying, well, you know what you said in that message 20 years ago. I do not remember what I said in the message from last week, you know. So I do not remember what I said in the message, and the revelation that I have has matured in me and has grown in me. So I honestly do not know whether I said that or not, but today I do not believe it would be thousands of years, even -- e- -- for those of us that go into longevity, and, again, I could be wrong about this. I cannot tell you that the Lord told me this for sure, but my feeling right now is that there will be approximately 1,000 years or just short of 1,000 years of this time of longevity, and then we will have a -- an Elijah experience.


What happened to -- well, I actually I should not say that. Hopefully we are going to have a Jesus experience. What is the difference between Elijah’s experience and Jesus’ experience? Elijah went up to the next world. OK, there are four spiritual worlds. There are four spiritual worlds, brethren, that are basically dealt with in the English translation of those worlds, according to Kala- -- Kabbalah, is this world, which is the World of Action, and right above us is the World of Forms. It is similar to what you would know as the astral plane. That is where all the demons are, and the evil entities. Every evil entity is not a demon. Some of them are spirits. Some of them are other species. And in the world above that is the World of Creation, where the Garden of Eden is, and above that is the God world where Jesus is right now, and that world is called the World of Emanation. It is the world from which the power of God shines forth down into the lower worlds to keep us alive, [INAUDIBLE].


So I am just trying to think of a way to make this simple. So Elijah, I believe, ascended out of this world and took up residence in the World of Creation, which is the third world up, and I believe that he left his body behind. Now, his body was not found, and the reason that his body was not found is that the only time a carcass is left -- a carcass, a dead body -- the only time a dead body is left when the personality leaves this world -- how am I going to say this? -- is when the person truly dies. Let me say it another way.


When the -- when a personality leaves this world because God has granted them access to a higher world, they do not leave because of death, see. They leave because they have been caught up to a higher place, and in that event, there is no body left behind. When somebody dies in this world -- because Satan, who is the god of this world says, “I now have the authority to take your life.” You see, this world is the World of Death. So every human being that enters into this world, Satan has a right to them. Satan’s rights are limited by the -- their --


Everyone comes into this world with rules, or with a writing, I usually say, and writing -- I do not believe that everything is written in stone, but you will come into this world with a writing that says “You are destined to die prematurely,” “You are destined to have a long life,” “You are destined to have many children,” “You are destined to be barren,” and then we go forth and we have many experiences and many opportunities to interact in this life, and it can play out -- the writing that we come into this world with can play out in an infinite number of ways.


The issue is that what we come into this world with will eventually come to pass in our life unless we have a higher authority to overwrite it, and when we have access to the Lord Jesus Christ, that is the hi- -- he is the higher authority that said to Satan, OK, concerning me, you know, yes, she came into this world with a writing that said she would die prematurely, but I do not agree with that writing. I took a big pen and crossed it out, and I am still alive today. I am prospering, and I fully intend to go into longevity, see.


So -- I lost my train of thought. What was I trying to say? I was talking about longevity and Elijah and not taking -- and not leaving a body behind. So when your whole soul goes up, the body is just a garment that is made from atoms that just disintegrates and turns to dust. The only time there is a carcass is when -- how do I say this? The only time when there is a carcass is when the whole man is not raised up. Something is left in this world. I do not want to get too deep. Let me see. I will try -- I will go one more step, and then I do not want to get too deep.


This world -- when we come into this world, we come in with a soul. Well, first of all, there are five levels of soul. We are born with a soul, which is the life of the flesh, which is in our blood, OK, and that soul comes from fallen Adam. Then, hopefully, we receive the seed of a higher soul, which comes from the Lord Jesus Christ, OK. So when a person dies, if they had the soul that comes from the higher world, that soul goes back to the Father, but the soul that comes from fallen Adam, that actually generated their physical body, that goes back to the earth. There is something like that in the Book of Ecclesiastes, which says something along those lines: one thing goes up and the other thing goes down. The thing that goes down is the soul that we got from fallen Adam, who i- -- which generated this body, and it resides in us in the form of our blood.


Now, the spiritual man -- OK, and this is what happened to Jesus. This is what happened to Jesus, and this is what happened to -- I was going to say Elijah. Their experiences were similar but not exactly the same. Let me start with Elijah. He -- the soul that Elijah received from God overcame -- took authority over and overcame and joined itself to the soul that came from fallen Adam that generated the physical body. So when Elijah received permission to rise up and take up residence in the higher world, he took that soul of fallen Adam with him. He regenerated, he resurrected, he saved the fallen soul that was in his blood, Elijah. So when Elijah ascended, the physical body just turned to dust and deteriorated because the body is nothing without the soul in it. So they could not find his body.


Jesus went to the next step, see. Jesus not on- -- well, Jesus -- the soul that came from God within Jesus took authority over and saved, or rescued, the soul that had generated the human being, Jesus of Nazareth, but in addition that soul that was in Jesus of Nazareth was so powerful that when the physical body that was generated by the fallen Adam turned to dust, OK -- and I am making this simple, brethren. This is a metaphor. When that physical body turned to dust, when the soul was pulled out of it and it turned to dust, that glorious soul that was inside of that body that was Jesus of Nazareth laid hold of all of that dust and ingested it into the spiritual man.


So Jesus did not leave his dust behind. He appropriated, he absorbed the dust of the physical body, and the result of that was that Jesus became a shapeshifter. He acquired the ability to appear in this world with a visible body, and on occasion he even appeared to have a physical body; he appeared to have a physical form on more than one occasion. Elijah never appeared again as Elijah. Jesus appeared again as Jesus after the resurrection, and then he took other forms, see.


So how did I get into that? So we have two witnesses of longevity in the Scripture: Abraham and Elijah [INAUDIBLE], and I do not know if I finished that. So the people who leave a body behind, the people who leave a carcass behind, what it means is that their -- the soul that came from fallen Adam was not saved. The soul that came from fallen Adam, that generated this physical body, was not saved. If that soul is saved, there is no body left. So all of these thousands and millions of people that died because they knew -- after they knew Jesus to whatever reason -- to whatever degree they knew him, and all of these people alive today that believe that those relatives are saved, they are mistaken. The only one who is saved so far is Jesus, as far as I know.


First of all, we are in parts. So what salvation are we talking about? We are talking about the salvation of our soul, but there are five levels of soul. What are we talking about? We are talking about the soul that is already dead, the soul of fallen Adam that already is dead. We are not talking about saving the soul that comes from God. We are talking about saving the soul that comes from Adam who died, and that soul is in our blood, see. So if there is a body left after physical death, it means that soul that came from the fallen Adam was not saved. I am sorry. The physical body that is not attached to the soul of God dies. The personality that grows out of the body dies with it, and the soul that is in that body, that is in the blood, goes back to the body of fallen Adam that is trapped down here in the earth, and you are not saved.


So your mother is not in heaven. Your dog is not in heaven. You can believe in Santa Claus if you want to, but you will not hear about Santa Claus in this ministry [INAUDIBLE]. God is not forcing anybody today. You can ch- -- believe in Santa Claus if you want to, but there is no Santa Claus, brethren. Worse than that, Santa Claus is a demon, you know. You know Santa Claus is St. Nick, you know, that he is Satan. Did you know that? Yeah. So -- OK. Santa Claus gives you gifts that are temptations to sin. OK, brethren.


I am on s- -- I am question 2. OK. So is there a possibility that we will live for thousands of years? No, I do not believe so. I mean, it could be that I said that way back then and I forgot, or it could be that Tasha thought I said that, but I do not believe it today. It is no big deal. I think that the period of longevity will be just short of 1,000 years, and then people will be ascending into a higher spiritual world where they will not have a physical body like this. So they will not have a body that corrupts like this. They will have a physical body that will endure forever. There is another age that is coming: the world to come, immortality without sorrow. Immortality without sorrow.


So -- Tasha asks: “So is there a possibility that we will live for thousands of years, or is sin too great in our lives that our bodies will most likely die in this lifetime?”


Well, both are true. You know, the body -- this body would most likely die in this lifetime from sin, except for those who are receiving that special dispensation from the authority that is higher than the writing that we came into this world with. So you believe for it and do not accept any other answer.


You know, one testimony that I have about when the Lord first called me, or shortly after the Lord first called me -- well, when he first called me into ministry -- my testimony is that he told me to go to Nigeria, which is in Africa, and I had no money to go. He told me to pack; I packed. I went and I got my shots. I bought the things that I needed. That was the limit of my money. I had no money for the plane ticket at all, and the night before the plane was taking off -- because I was signed up to go as -- with a -- as a part of a group, but I had no money.


The night before the plane was leaving I said, well, I guess I missed God, and I am going to have to go out and face everybody. My parents thought I was nuts, and a lot of people even in the ministry thought I was crazy. And so the night before the plane was leaving, I said, well, Lord, I guess I missed you. I am really sorry, and his response to me was, “Pack.” I woke up the next morning; the plane was leaving in a few hours, you see. He told me what he wanted me to wear, you know, and the money came in just a few hours before the plane [?went off?].


So this is my position: I will not give up on longevity as long as there is breath in my nose, [INAUDIBLE], and that is what I recommend that you do. I believe it. I believe the Lord is giving it to us, that he is telling us about it, and on my deathbed -- and after I got that word I almost died. I was at death’s -- I have already been at death’s door, [INAUDIBLE]. You have to believe what God tells you, even if you are at death’s door. You have a choice: You can believe what you are experiencing, or you can believe what God told you. And he could even raise you from the dead if you die. He can do anything that he wants, [INAUDIBLE]. He has full control over your life and this whole world.


  1. OK. I answered that question. Two more in this paragraph. “If our bodies do die and Christ’s spirit within us is passed onto another fleshly body, our spirit will remember the teachings we had in our current life, right?”

Well, it is not our s- -- OK. It is not our spirit, first of all. It is the soul that reincarnates, not the spirit. The spirit is the breath of life that is intermeshed with the soul, but the soul is the level of consciousness. Spirit is not a level of consciousness. It is power. It is breath, OK, but to say that we will remember something that we learned in this lifetime, we are talking about consciousness, so that would be the soul, OK.


So from that point of view, what Tasha says is correct, but -- how am I going to explain this? The soul is not ours. You see, this is the perception of the people in our world. We are -- in our fallen mind, we are very self-centered. We bring everything back to ourselves, and understandably so. There is no condemnation in this. It is just our condition because, excuse me, we are very vulnerable. We need protection and sustenance from the outside. We need clothing. We need houses. We need food. We need transportation. We are very vulnerable, you know.


I walked into the house the other day, and I saw a squirrel. It was so cold out. We had to -- you people have 30 degrees below zero. I do not know how you even stand it. The very thought of it makes me shudder, 30 degrees below zero. I think it was 20 degrees here, and for us that was very cold, and it was snowing. And I just saw a squirrel, and he had no clothes on, just his fur. And I looked at that squirrel, and I said, wow, you know, he has that fur on in the summertime. He has that fur on in the wintertime. The animals are more provided for, for survival than human beings, and it is just the truth. We are very frail. We are, very, very, very frail.


So -- I forgot the question. What was I talking about? Oh, remembering the teachings, yeah. So it is not our soul, you see. So the fallen mind says, well, it is our soul. No, it is not our soul. We are the garment that the soul is dressed in, you know. And this is just a problem that we all have. We all go through it. It is just a part of immaturity, that we make ourselves the head when we are really the tail.


Tasha, this is no way a rebuke to you. It is just -- what I am thinking about is I got j- -- recently got an email from someone through the webmail -- through the website, and it is just so evident that this is the thought process of the fallen mind, you know. So this man who came into the website, he said that he is 42 years old, and he has been looking -- all his life looking for God, and the Lord directed him to our site, and he started to read the basic principles messages on the Living Epistles site, and he is all excited, and the first form of communication that he has with me, the teacher that God brought him to that has all this material on this website, OK, that did not stop him from thinking that God sent him with a message to correct me because he did not like a word that -- he did not like that I was using the word garbage to describe the human body.


So that is the condition of -- that is the immature spiritual condition of the mind of fallen man, OK. He thinks he is higher than he is, you see. The Bible says that Moses was the meekest man that ever lived. Moses was a warrior. Moses was right there with the armies of Israel. So the tradition says Moses was the one who killed Balaam with his own hands, Balaam the sorcerer that tried to destroy Israel. So how was Moses meek? He knew he was not higher than God. He knew who he was. He knew that he had no power, except what God gave him, you see.


So we all go through this. It is immaturity in the church. We find people that have gifts that prophesy in the church. Sometimes their pride gets carried aw- -- they get all carried away with their pride. Prophecy in the church is given unto you. It is a spiritual gift. Why would you be proud of prophesying? You did not do anything to get it. Did you study to get it? Did you fast to get it? Did you train? Did you go to the -- to another country to get it? No, you just woke up one morning or someone laid hands on you, and you started to prophesy. So what are you bragging about? You see.


So this is the condition of the condition of the fallen mind: We think that the soul that gives us intelligence above the animals belongs to us, but the truth -- the exact opposite is the truth. We belong to the soul, and the reason that human beings die is because the soul is not strong enough or is too fallen to keep his house alive. We are the house of the soul that lives in us. He is our master. We are the cart that the soul travels in or the horse that the soul rides in, see, and people die because their master, or their husband, is either not connected to God or -- if it is just the fallen soul, he is not connected to life, and, therefore, he cannot keep us alive. Or if Christ dwells in us he is not either -- he is not strong enough yet to keep his horse, which we are, alive. Judah is the horse of the Lord, see, and we are spiritual Judah.


So the question -- Tasha, the question is not a valid question. The soul does not belong to us, and also it is not the spirit that reincarnates. It is the soul. So I think I answered that for you. But, anyway, to answer the question, the soul that is in us, OK, a soul that has acquired this esoteric knowledge -- see, you cannot just acquire it intellectually. It has to become a part of your spiritual being. You have to -- this is spiritual food that you have to eat. It kind of becomes -- just like when you eat a chicken, it becomes your flesh. When eat physical food, it becomes your flesh. This spiritual food is actually the flesh -- it is actually the body and the blood of Christ that is being formed in you.


That is why this is the true communion, not crackers and grape juice. This is the true communion. This is the hidden manna. It is spiritual food that builds the body and blood of Christ in you as you ingest it, as you hear it, as you believe it, and as you live out of this mentality that it is giving you in your life, OK.


So the soul that comes from God -- well, maybe the -- maybe even the fallen Adam -- it is possible that when that soul reincarnates, yes, it will advance quickly into spiritual doctrine, but that soul has nothing to do with you. The personality that does not survive this existence dies.


And, actually, I used to -- I have not talked about it in a long time, but I used to teach the concept of the spiritual lifetime, and the example that I would give is this: I would say, well, how old are you now? OK, you are 30 years old, let us say. What happened to your body when you were 25 years old? What happened to the physical body of the 19-year-old you? What happened to the physical body of the 10-year-old you? What happened to all those physical bodies? They have all been swallowed up into the one physical body that you have today.


In the same manner, the soul that reincarnates, and each time it reincarnates, it has a new physical body and a new personality. So what happened to all those physical bodies and personalities that that soul, that reincarnating soul has lived in? They are gone. They are turned to dust, and the physical body that that reincarnating soul has today is the fruit of all those other bodies because the physical body that the soul incarnates in is formed, and it is a reflection of the degree of maturity of that soul. Excuse me.


So when the soul was in its first incarnation, let us say it had one body, and in its 10th incarnation, it had another body, and as the soul matures because of the experiences it is having in the bodies, OK, by the time the soul is ready to have a mature manifestation of itself, the body that it generates, because the soul generates the body, will reflect the maturity of the soul, which, if you can hear it -- which body, if you can hear it, will be a reflection of all of the previous bodies that the soul has incarnated in, if you can hear what I am saying.


Because, brethren, the physical body has to be strong enough to sustain the soul. When you have a mature soul in you -- if you are a personality in a body, and you are the house for a mature soul, life gets pretty hairy. The winds are very strong. The spiritual experiences can destabilize you, and that is why the Lord has raised up this ministry. If there is another ministry that teaches people how to live the -- and survive the spiritual life, I do not know about it because I was looking for it everywhere and could not find it, and then one day the Lord said to me, “I want you to -- I am going to teach you, so that you can teach others because I” -- he never said to me it does not exist, but I do not think it exists.


So acquiring a spiritual life can be destructive to you. OK, it can make you sick. You can die. You have to know how to live this spiritual life, or it can ruin you, and that is what we teach here. I do not know how much of it -- the brethren in Minnesota have been receiving yet, but there is a lot of instruction here, and the rules are very strict for a reason. Discipline is essential because we start to -- well, we start to tread the paths of the highest spiritual worlds, and there are entities up there that are much smarter than we are. We have a physical body down here, and our soul is in another world, and most of us, when we first start that -- having that experience anyway, most of us are very naïve and childlike, and we may not even recognize that we are being approached by an entity on another spiritual plane. They know all about us, but we are very, very naïve.


Jesus called us sheep, and the reason he called us sheep is because we are so incapable of taking care of ourselves in the spiritual planes. Sheep have no ability to take care of themselves. They have no claws. They have no teeth. I do not think they have any -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] certainly no teeth that bite. That is why we are called sheep. We are helpless without him in the spiritual planes. Actually, anywhere we are helpless without him, but we think we are OK down here in this world, but in the spiritual planes we are in great danger and helpless without him, see.


So it is very dangerous to pursue a path that results in spiritual ascension without Christ being grafted to you. It is deadly without Christ being grafted to you, and it is very dangerous to go ahead of the Christ who has now become the master of your soul. He is your husband. The grafted Christ is your spiritual husband, and you are supposed to be in submission to him, not go ahead of him and not lag behind. You are supposed to be finding out what -- where he wants you to be and following him.


So I do not know why I told you that. This happens to me all the time. People in New York know all about me. I go off on a -- I say something that I want to explain, and then I forgot -- I forget where I was coming from.


So the question that I was looking at -- oh, yes, the soul, OK. Yes. So our soul, OK, does not remember what it learned with us in its next incarnation because it is not our soul, [INAUDIBLE], but our soul -- or not -- I am sorry -- but the soul that was incarnate in us, when it reincarnates again, OK, will have a part of its spiritual being some memory or some aspect of the experiences that that soul had when it was incarnate in our bodies, whatever experiences that it had that impacted it. We have experiences that change us. Experiences are supposed to teach us. They are supposed to impact our lives and change us.


So whatever changes we experience through genuine exp- -- the soul experienced through genuine experiences in the flesh of any particular person, that experience becomes a part of the soul, and that is what the soul brings to the next body that it incarnates in. So from that point of view, we can say that we, the mortal soul, which we are, and the mortal body, which we are, we do have some heritage in the future world if the soul that is incarnate in us has any -- what is the right word? -- has any significant experiences in our lifetime.


Now, it is possible -- now, I am talking about spiritual experiences. So it is possible for a soul to be incarnate in a person that never has any spiritual experiences. And I am not in any way putting down the life of this world. The life of this world is valid in its place. We are talking about souls and spiritual things here now.


So if somebody is a -- is the vessel -- the house that an incarnate soul lives in, but they never mature to the point that they begin to pursue spiritual things in Christ, because we do not want spiritual things outside of Christ, and that soul never has any significant spiritual experience while he is incarnate in that body, my understanding today is that there will be no memory of that body/personality combination that goes on at all.


But the -- in the event that an incarnate soul is in a body that is having spiritual experiences, so that the soul is growing from the experiences that the house that he lives in, which is us, which is human, is having, then there is something in the form of memory, there is something in the [?strong?] of spiritual growth in the soul that reincarnates that is some immortal remnant of the personality that [?existing?existed?]. Does that make any sense to you? Did I make any sense? Yeah? OK.


You thought these were simple questions, Tasha, huh? I am really glad that we are having this meeting today because I think if I had to write an answer, probably nothing of this depth would come forth. There is something that happens when I sit down in this chair to preach. The Lord just -- is just pouring out great glory for you all. So I am really glad that we are doing it this way. Let us see what else we have here.


“Will Christ’s spirit within a new body remember at an accelerated rate or come into the ministry sooner in life so as to bring God’s ways to completion eventually?”


Again, it is the soul -- it is -- see, the spirit is just the breath. The soul is the whole consciousness of the man because there are five levels of soul. So when you s- -- when you are talking about the whole man, certainly in Christ, you are talking about five levels of soul and the breath of Jehovah that is within it.


Yes, someone -- a person who is the vessel of an incarnating Christ -- another way to say that is if you have the Christ seed grafted to you, OK. If you are the house or the horse of Christ today, yes, you will mature more rapidly. That is what happened to me. I really had very little, if any, spiritual background. I went to Hebrew school for t- -- I think one or two years. That is all. [INAUDIBLE] I became -- I was exposed to the Spirit of God in the synagogue and to the Bible in general -- to the Bible stories in general, but I was not raised in the church, and when I f- -- when the Lord finally got me to the church, I was already -- I was well in -- I was in my late 30s when the Lord first got -- finally got me to the church.


And look at me today. All of the other people that were my fellow brethren in the church at that time -- it was somewhere in the early 1980s, I think -- most of them, they may have matured, but I do not know that any of them are in the ministry, and not only am I in the ministry, look at what I am preaching. So how -- I mean, how did I get to be here? It had -- it has to be the soul of Christ that awakened in me, who is a mature -- I would -- I am an old soul, OK. So it has to be that an old soul -- that a mature manifestation of Christ is in me -- is incarnate in me.


And -- but even so, I did not receive all the knowledge that I have by channeling because, you know, people who receive messages from the occult, frequently a spirit comes to them and just dictates to them. There is someone who wrote a whole book on that. It is called the Seth series, and she was a teacher or a professor of parapsychology, and a spirit guide -- a spiritual -- you see, when a -- OK. I just heard a contradiction in my mind. And a spirit came to her and dictated all these books to her.


So I just got through telling you that it is -- that a spirit is just breath, and it is the soul that incarnates, and now I just told you that a spirit came to her. So you may have heard that contradiction, and here is the answer to the contradiction: It was not a spirit that came to her. It was a spiritual being, a whole being that came to her, but the tendency in our culture is to say a spirit came to her. But the spiritual being came to her.


So what I was trying to tell you is that to get where I am today, I did not sit down and have a spiritual being dictate to me, as the woman who wrote the Seth books did. Everything that I have, I had to work for because what I do have is integrated with my own soul. What I have from God is integrated with the soul of the fallen Adam. The soul of fallen Adam that is in my blood is being saved through the intertwining of the soul that comes from God that is talking to you right now with this soul in my blood, you see. That is how the soul of fallen Adam is saved. It has to be intertwined with the soul that comes from God.


So the Lord did not dictate to me. I -- because that knowledge that is dictated to you, it becomes head knowledge. I mentioned this earlier. We have to actually eat this food. It has to become the flesh and blood of the Christ within us if we are going to hold onto it; or if it is going save our soul, it has to become the flesh and blood of the Christ within us, see.


So I have worked for everything that I have. I spent long hours studying, looking up in reference books, writing, working long, long, long hours doing that to be where I am today.


Ah. So I think I have answered -- well, let me see. This last question is: “Will Christ’s spirit within a new body remember at an accelerated rate” -- well, that is true, yes -- “or come into this ministry sooner in life so as to bring God’s ways to completion eventually?” Yes, I think I answered that. The answer is yes.


Question number 3: These questions are from the message Judah and the church today. God goes forth and he looks upon the sons of men -- excuse me. He recognizes the ones that have been incarnated at his will. That he knows the seed of his life is buried within them. He calls them out of Egypt. He says come forth and at that point, whoever you are, you become two men.


So Tasha’s questions are:


So there are some people who are just Fallen Adam? The answer is yes.


There is no Spirit of Christ buried somewhere deep within them? No.


There is actually a time and a place where God divides us into two men, spiritual and carnal? Well, the time and -- it is not really a time and a place that we are divided into two men. It is the seed of Christ. If we have the grafted seed of Christ, that is quicken. That scene has to be quickened. It has to be -- it has to awaken. That is the point at which we become two men, Christ and Fallen Adam.


And the latest revelation that I have on this, which I just shared with the brethren here in New York recently, is that the grafting of the seed of Christ really has not started to take place yet. This is an explanation -- a possible explanation as to why there is still so few of us and the church cannot seem to understand that this message is of God. Is because you need to have the grafted Christ to recognize that this message is not God. And the reason there is still so few of us -- I think there are about 30 or 31 of us right now, and the reason there is so few of us is that the seed has not begun to be grafted yet. We read about the grafting of the seed in the book of Ezekiel. I believe it is Ezekiel 9 where the [?inkhorn?] writer is assigned to go forth and seal in the foreheads all of the people in Israel who were moaning and groaning for the sins in Israel. In other words, the Israelites that recognize sin in the church or in jury, is we are talking about the Israel God, that is the Christians and Jews that have Christ quickened in them.


So who are we if the grafting has not started yet? Who are we, and who is we? We are everybody who is listening to this message and recognizes that it is of God and consuming it. We, I believe, would have to be descendants of one of the tribes of Israel, because the only way that I know of that the seed of Christ can be found in a human being, other than grafting, and now I am hearing that the grafting has not started yet, is through the genome of Jacob. And we had a series of messages here not too long ago. I am sorry. I do not remember the name, but if you really want to know, you know, give the office a call. We can certainly give you the name of this series. And it had to do with Jacob, and how Jacob received this seed, the seed which was originally promised to Abraham and appeared in Jacob. The seed was imparted to Abraham in a form that it could be passed through the genome, through the genes. And then Isaac imparted it to -- well, actually Isaac held on to -- actually, that seed -- this is very interesting. I did not realize this before. I get revelation while I am preaching brethren. I never realized this before. I think I actually thought, recently, that the seed was passed in the genes as far back as Isaac, but it was not.


OK, I am not making myself very clear. Let me try and put this together for you. Yes, the seed that was promised to Abraham became a part of the gene pool or the genome that could be transferred through birth and the person of Jacob. As far as Abraham was concerned, the seed that was given to him was passed to Isaac through a personal relationship with his son. In those days, the fathers and the mothers, you know, trained their children up -- you have -- you know, some of you were doing homeschooling right now, but that was the way it was years ago. There were no schools. You lived to- -- the family lived together as a community, even not that long ago, you know, maybe 50 or more years ago in this country, and maybe you still do in Minnesota. I do not know. In New York we do not do it that way, but I know that not all that long ago, in history, 50 to 100 years, people just stayed in their homes. If they were on the farm, they all worked on the farm, and they all had a community. Their community life was in their house. Here in New York, anyway, we do not have anything like that. A lot of families do not even eat at the same dinner table. They come in at different hours.


But anyway, Jacob was the first one to have that seed embedded in his gene pool. So Abraham educated Isaac. OK, we are told when Isaac was weaned, the mother had the child until he was weaned, and then if it was a boy, the father took the boy and raised him up to be a man in the image of the father. So Abraham imparted all that he had received from Jehovah through education to Isaac through education. And Isaac was holding onto this spiritual seed, that is what the blessing was. We are told that Isaac was prepared to give all that he had received from his father to Esau, his firstborn, and the Lord was telling him no, do not give it to Esau. I know that the general rule is that you give it to the oldest son, but the nature of Esau was not a Godly nature. The nature of Jacob was the nature that was in submission to God. So I want you to give all that you received. Isaac, I want you to give all that you received from Abraham to the youngest son. But Isaac could not hear that. His carnal mind was stronger and he was prepared to give all that spiritual substance which was the foundation of what we know today to be the Israel of God. The beginning -- The Israel of God which has not come into existence yet. The Israel of God are Jews and Christians that are imbued with Christ. It is in the process of coming into existence right now. The beginning of the Israel of God was with that substance, that spiritual substance that Isaac had, and Isaac had the ability to give it to either son.


So it was not yet in the gene pool yet. And this is what the blessing was all about, that Isaac said to his son, Esau, go and get me some venison and cook it, and I want to -- I want -- I am ready to impart to you your spiritual legacy. So when God saw that Isaac was about to make that mistake, he moved through Jacob’s mother, if it really was his mother. I do not know whether it was his mother or some aspect of Jacob’s mind. They do not really know, but God moved upon him to deceitfully trick his father. He -- Jacob did that at the instruction of the Lord. Therefore, the blessing -- it was not just a verbal blessing that was given to Jacob. Jacob received the whole spiritual inheritance which today, all these thousands of years later, is about -- is in the very beginning stages of coming into existence as the Israel of God.


So first, we are told -- first, things happen in the natural, and then things happen in the spiritual. So before the Israel of God came into existence, natural Israel had to come into existence. Jacob received that blessing from his father and that seed, that glorious seed that Jacob received through a verbal blessing, spiritual power and spiritual legacy was imparted to Jacob through the medium of Isaac’s words, that seed of Christ that was given to Jacob manifested itself to Jacob on the road to Laban’s house, where he was going to find a bride. You may recall right after Jacob received the blessing, Esau became murderess towards him and his -- Rebecca, his mother, you know, told him you should run to my brother Laban. You know, get out of town because Esau is going to kill you. So Jacob took off. He left home. And when he slept, if it really was physical sleeping. I do not know, but on that road, when he was alone, that seed which was imparted to him by his father manifested itself to Jacob and had an experience with Jacob and became embedded in Jacob’s gene pool. And that is the spiritual reality behind the whole account of Jacob falling asleep on the pillar and having an experience with the angel and seeing the ladder that went to heaven.


So if you are hearing this message today, in my opinion, you most likely are a descendant of one of the tribes of Israel. Now, you may know that today the only identifiable tribe of Israel is Judah. The people that we know as Jews today. And in -- amongst the people that we know is Jews today, there are some members of the other tribes. We know if you ever met someone named Mr. Levy [SP], he is from the tribe of Levi. And there are other names that might indicate other tribes, but there is no tribal identification today of the 11 tribes. Have you met a Mr. Cohan [SP] or a Mr. [?Cohen [SP]?Cone [SP]?]? They are also from the tribe of Levi.


So that is my opinion that I -- for a while I was teaching you that we had the grafted seed, but no. We do not have the grafted -- well, the seed is grafted, but it was not grafted from the outside. It is something that we were born with and when you came in contact with the anointing that promotes this message, it quickened what was in you from birth. So that is h- -- this is my opinion as of the moment. So those of us that are called to hear this message and to be matured in Christ Jesus, we are being trained and raised up and strengthened to the point that we can go forth and be -- and do as the inkhorn writer did and seal all of those in Israel who were moaning and groaning. In other words, those who truly love God and see all the sins in Israel, so that we can go forth and give them the seed of Christ so that Christ can grow up in them and be a part of the deliverance and the salvation that is being imparted to the Israel of God and whoever else might desire it of God.


And the issue is that it is not a simple thing to graft the seed of Christ to another person. When we try to graft the seed of Christ to another person, their carnal mind rises up and says, no way, you are not going to touch me. Now, of course, we get into that problem with -- amongst ourselves sometimes when our sins are exposed. We do not really want to admit it or deal with them. But the only issue was whether or not we eventually do deal with them. Jesus said that he told two men to go and serve him, and one man said, no, I will not do it, and he went away and changed his mind and did it. And the other man says, well, all right, I will do it. And then he went away and he never did it.


So it does not really matter if sin is revealed in you and your initial reaction is, no way, leave me alone. The only thing that matters is what you finally, actually do. Do you submit to God, whether it is having your sin exposed or to the ministry that he has called you to? What we actually do, that is what counts, and it covers over every negative reaction in -- that we had in the first place. Because sometimes we are fallen and sometimes we have negative reactions in the first place. The only thing that matters is what we actually do.


So it is no simple thing to give this great gift to the rest of the Israel of God, you know. That the great gift -- it could involve actually grafting the seed to people that do not have it. It could also involve awakening the seed in people that do have it, but their carnal mind was so strong that they were not awakened at this point. And then, of course, we are ministrators to the Jew. [?Now,?] to the Christian and the Jew that are called to this firstfruits company, the Jews should have Jacob’s genome in them, and they do. That is why we see -- not all Jews, but we see many Jews that really do -- I perceive Jews that really do have an anointing, those who study the word of God and seek the God of the Bible. They definitely have something, and what they have is this seed, but it can only mature so far until it is joined to Chri- -- to the Lord Jesus, you see. It can only mature to a particular point, and then they cannot go any further until they receive the union that seed must join with them to become unified with the glorified Lord Jesus Christ. Otherwise, they cannot continue on.


So we have to become strong enough so that when the carnal mind says, no, no way, that it does not kill us, because that carnal mind can kill us. And if we are trying to join this seed to too many people at one time, that collective carnal mind can seriously do great damage to us. So right now the plan of God is building up this small company of people. The plan of God right now is building up this small group of people who we are -- Sorry, I just got thrown off with that. So the seed -- What is happening now is that the Lord is building up this group of people who we are, so that Christ Jesus in us can be so powerful, that we can go forth and more or less draft the rest of the people who the Lord is calling into his army without being damaged to ourselves. So our job right now is to minister to the Christ within ourselves.


And I have been preaching that here for a long time. There is nothing wrong with wanting to minister outside of ourselves or help the poor or help the hungry. It is absolutely -- that is an altruistic work. That is fine. There is nothing wrong with it, but once Christ is active in your life, you should be doing ministry to him because that is what the female church does. The female church goes forth and ministers to the poor and the hungry. That is what the spiritual women do who do not have the male seed grafted to them. Once you have the male seed, you need to be ministering to that male seed, and how do you minister to him? Well, you are studying the doctrine of Christ. And when we can never get enough of it. There is so much material, and every time you listen to it you get new revelations and it is continuous work to do to minister to the Christ within you, to see that he is healthy and he is growing up.


Remember when I told you before the break that this is spiritual food. [?This faction?] of Christ is spiritual food that is literally building the body and blood of Jesus Christ. I am sorry, not of Jesus Christ, the body and blood of the son of Jesus Christ inside of us. Just as natural food builds our physical flesh and that we die without it, the Christ seed or the Christ child or the Christ fetus within us, he will die if he does not get this food. He will not mature, he will not grow, and he will die as an atrophied seed. So that is what I mean when I say ministered to the Christ within us, all of our energies in [?spare time?]. Unless, the Lord directs us elsewhere, and our spiritual pursuits need to be pursuing the doctrine of Christ and whatever instruction or whatever direction the Lord might be leading us personally. Basically, the Lord leads the course of study by directing me to preach what he would have me to preach. So the Lord is taking the lead into what we are studying, and in your case there in Minnesota, the Lord has taken the lead. And the guideline, the outline of the earlier message is [?of lamb?], but the Lord speaks to Jessie, and I do not know whether Sandra chooses who own messages or not but basically the guideline is there but the Lord is leading them to give you all what you need, so that you can grow up into his likeness and go forth and fulfill his will in the Earth. That is what is going on today.


So that is my opinion at this time, that we all -- all of you -- well, with me it is obvious because I am Jewish but you all in Minnesota, I do not think any of you are Jewish there. So I -- it is my opinion that you must be descendants of one of the other 11 tribes which have lost their identity. That is my opinion for you to be even listening to me.


  1. OK. So are there some people who are just Fallen Adam? Yes, everybody who does not have the seed, but even people who have the seed. Let us say people are members of one of the tribes of Israel and they do not know it. If the seed is sleeping in them, then they are just Fallen Adam. If Christ in them is not awake, then they are Fallen Adam. See? And that explains the account in the New Testament of the disciples crying out for help when the scripture tells us that Christ was sleeping in the bottom of the boat. And they would th- -- and the disciples were crying out, Lord, help us. They were crying out to Jesus, Lord help us. But it was not Jesus sleeping in the bottom of the boat. It was Christ sleeping in the bottom of the boat, and the boat is the disciples. So Christ was present in the disciples, but in their moment of distress, he was sleeping. He was sleeping, excuse me. So how do -- Let me explain that a little better. What was the moment of their distress? The disciples were pursuing spiritual experiences. They were probably meditating and were probably ascended into the astral plane, and Satan was attacking them, most likely that was what was going on. But Christ within them was not rising to defend them or give them advice or tell them what to do. Most likely because they were afraid. When fear rises in us, it pushes Christ down underneath. So the disciples cried out to Jesus, the Christ, to help them, but it was Christ in them that was sleeping.

So if you have the seed of Christ and he is sleeping, you are just Fallen Adam. The only time you are Christ is when Christ is active in you to some degree. The Christ consciousness must be active in you. Now the world talks about the Christ consciousness. Leo [SP] Cole [SP] talks about the Christ consciousness, but that is not the same Christ consciousness that I am talking about here. I am talking about the consciousness of s- -- the grafted seed that you inherited through your ancestor, Jacob. The Christ consciousness that the occult world talks about is pretty much the -- is the -- how do I explain this. The Christ consciousness that the world talks about -- we all have -- all human beings have -- maybe this is where Tasha was coming from. All human beings have the breath of life in us. We would have no consciousness if we did not have Jehovah’s breath. Jehovah breathed the breath of life into the man, and it became a living soul.


Now, the living soul. The soul that was alive died, but the breath of Jehovah is still present and it would be have no consciousness at all. That breath takes the form of the oxygen in the blood and our humanity, you see? But that breath is not the person -- it is not the person, it is not the seed, it is not the soul of the son of God, OK? There is a seed that comes from God, and in the teaching as it came forth down here, we called that seed, Michael. It gave my personal name of Michael, OK? And he comes from the very high realm of the Spirit. He is the -- we called it the spiritual seaman of God. It is the ability of God to reproduce himself in the form of a man in this fallen world. That is the consciousness, the seed, the soul of the son of God. OK, and it is that soul. The Kabbalists tell us that it appeared the first time in Enoch. I accept that because the Lord has not told me that it is not true, and it sounds OK. I cannot see anything wrong with it. I am just not sure how the Kabbalists got that. Most of what they get, they get by revelation. And I read that years ago, and the Lord has not told me that it was not true, so I go with it. But that is not my revelation, and the reason I am telling you this is that the day might come that the Lord tells me that it is not true. So I am telling you that it is a Kabbalistic revelation, that I have not received directly from God, but it seems to be right, and I am flowing from within unless the Lord tells me otherwise.


That seed then also appeared. It appeared in Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or it was imparted to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. What was so special about Abraham? Did you ever wonder what was so special about Abraham, that out of all the people in the world, God chose him? Abraham was not incarnation of that seed. There is a seed that comes from God who was assigned by his father to appear in the visible form in all four of the worlds. That is his mission. And so he takes on the flesh. He takes on humanity. He takes on personalities. And he is working in the Earth to bring forth a people that he is calling the Israel of God. A group of human beings, all of which will manifest the nature of God, his father. That is not the breath that Jehovah breathed into the man. That is the seed,


that is the soul of the son of God. So every human being that is born of a woman, we all have that breath of Jehovah that is in us because we would not have any existence without that breath. It is the oxygen in the blood. It is the breath. It is -- the Kabbalists call it the winds that blow in our lungs. That is the breath of Jehovah. It is not the seed of Christ. Jehovah, the name of God, Jehovah, comes from a b- -- there are -- if you could think of God in 10 levels, you do have some exposure to the [?Sefirot?]. You are doing Kabbalah. Think of a man in terms of 10 levels of spirituality, OK? The name of God, the name of Jehovah comes from the third level down, the third level from the top, and the attribute associated with that name is mother. That level, that -- God manifesting at that level, the third level down from the top, is assigned to bring forth the children, the son of God that I mentioned earlier. That seed which is soul, that is planted in human beings, it is a particular level of God that assists him as he brings forth the Israel of God as series, a whole group of human beings to which he can manifest the nature of God in a visible form. OK.


So Jehovah’s breath came from the mother. OK, the third level down that is associated with the attribute mother. The one was raising up the son, who is buried in the Earth, trying to bring forth a visible form of himself. But the soul, OK, comes from a higher level. The soul comes from, at this point, I believe the soul comes from the highest level, the first level down. The first -- Not the first level down, the first level of the 10 different levels of God. It comes right from the top. The male is coming right from the top.


So all -- physical men and physical women are all spiritually female. We are all spiritual female, and we need to be married to survive. If we do not engage in a spiritual marriage, our physical body and our personality will die, and that spiritual marriage needs to be to the son. OK, we have the breath of Jehovah that -- well, right now, we are fallen. We have the potential to be the third level down from the top because we have Jehovah’s breath. That is our potential, that we fell. OK, but our husband is coming from even two levels higher. To be honest with you, I am not sure whether it is the first level or the second level, but the male seed comes from above where the female is in. It is either the first or the second level.


So the answer -- what I am trying to explain to you right now is this concept of Christ consciousness that you hear about in the occult world. What they are talking about is that breath of Jehovah. They are not talking about the male seed which is the soul life of God, which is that -- the personal name of the soul life of God is called the son of God, not just a breath but the whole consciousness of God. The whole consciousness and if [?I am a whole?] 10 levels of its own, that is in submission to his father that is destined to be a reflection of the nature of his father down here in the Earth. So when Adam died, Adam, when he was initially existing in the garden of Eden and he had that breath of Jehovah within him, he was alive because he was connected to the higher world. But then Adam sinned and he -- and the sin resulted in the disconnection -- his disconnection from the higher world, and he fell down into this world. Th- -- Now, the breath of Jehovah fell down with him because we would have no consciousness if we did not have breath. The breath of Jehovah fell down with him, the soul seed of the son of God did not fall down with him. OK? Excuse me. When Adam fell -- let me say that again. When Adam fell, the breath of Jehovah which came from the level called mother, the third level down, fell with him. Otherwise we would have no consciousness. But the soul level called the son of God, OK, did not fall down with him. That was the separation, the male separated from the female. The female fell down. The male is still up there. So all of humanity is spiritually female.


I mentioned this earlier, we are very -- we are in a very vile state. We need shelter. We need clothing. We need r- -- houses. You people in Minnesota, you are in a lot better place to get your food in a crisis than we are. We are just really -- A lot of New York is we are just really [?ruined?], you know. There is all talk of a famine coming. We have to believe God is going to take care of us. We do not even have the land to plant that you have, but those of us that have land would not even know how to do it. To plant and plan, and do all the things that you do. It is great that you still live out in that way, you even know how to hunt and get something to eat. Someone like me, and there are a lot of people like me, in New York we just -- if the Lord did not intervene, we would just perish. We could not go to the supermarket and buy a chicken, well-packed, nice and cellophane wrapping. You know, we would not even know where to begin.


So anyway, I am losing my train of thought of what I just -- hold on, please. So the -- it was the breath of Jehovah that fell down. Every human being has that, but that breath of Jehovah had fell down, became swallowed up by or became subject to the soul life of the Fallen Adam. OK, now, distinguishing between the spirit and the soul. The spirit is that breath that gives us conscious, we are -- we have animation. I even conscious -- have animation, we move, OK. I do not want to call it life. We have animation. That is the spirit, OK. The soul life of Fallen Adam is evil. The soul, the whole consciousness of -- containing all the attributes of the man called Fallen Adam, is evil. Then the -- but the soul -- the whole consciousness of the son of God which we made above is righteous.


So we have a Fallen Adam down here who has the breath of Jehovah that has been completely overtaken by the evil soul of the Fallen Adam, because the soul is a whole man. The soul is a whole consciousness. I should not say a whole man because technically Fallen Adam is only half a man, because the male seed is above. But as far as Fallen Adam below goes, the whole consciousness that exists down here is soul. And the breath of life is interwoven with that soul, but the breath of life is completely overtaken and used by the evil consciousness of Fallen Adam. It has the breath of Jehovah. It has no consciousness of its own apart from Fallen Adam. It is just like the movie “The Matrix.” That breath of Jehovah has been woven into the soul of Fallen Adam, and it has been appropriated and it is being used. Its energy is being used to produce th- -- well, the animation. I do not like to use the word life. The animation, the existence that is down here because this is not called life, it is called death. But it is a form of existence, [?you see??]


The Christ consciousness that the occult people -- people that follow the occult talk about or in other religions or other spiritual disciplines, they -- what they called the Christ consciousness is an awakening of the breath of Jehovah that takes on a different -- I am going to say consciousness, but that is not the right word. A different attribute, OK? The breath of Jehovah is completely overcome by the attributes, by the whole consciousness of the fallen man. And then some people, that breath of Jehovah separates somewhat so that it is identifiable as being different. It stands out from that whole consciousness of the fallen man. It acts different than the rest of the world. How does it act different? It starts to show spiritual attributes.


So we have a fallen man, a whole society of fallen men, that they live a good life, you know. They eat, they drink, they marry, they play ball, they hunt. They do whatever people do. Whatever you people do in Minnesota -- I wa- -- someth- -- People who hunt here in New York, well, I am not one of them, they d- -- they leave the carnal life, and there is no sign of spirituality at all. So the awakening of that spirit of Jehovah within them, to spiritual interests, is what the occult people call the Christ consciousness. They are talking about the potential of every human being to be spiritual, but we are either spiritual in the soul of the Fallen Adam or we are spiritual in the soul of the righteous Adam. Because there are two Adams, the first Adam and the last Adam. The first Adam is of the Earth, Earthy, and the last Adam is the Lord from heaven. So we have that breath of Jehovah in both places. The breath that gives animation, not consciousness but animation, OK, is joined both to the consciousness of the Fallen Adam and to the consciousness of the soul of God of which is the son of God. OK? So the people in the occult, they know that every human being is not spiritual, that every human being has the potential to be spiritual and that potential to be spiritual is Jehovah’s breath which is in every human being. But how we become spiritual, whether we become spiritual in Fallen Adam which is ou- -- to our destruction, it is forbidden by God that would be the female spiritually. We are forbidden to pursue spirituality through the Fallen Adam. So whether we become spiritual through the Fallen Adam or through the son of God, OK, determines whether or not our spiritual activities or our spiritual education is legal in God’s eyes.


So, you see, the spirit of Jehovah is indeed our potential to be spiritual, but it cannot exist by itself. The spirit must be manifested through a whole consciousness. So that is who -- I think I explained it. That is who the people that follow other religions, that is what they are talking about. It is basically new age that talks about the Christ consciousness. That is what they are talking about, the spiritual quickening of a human being that does not have the soul of Christ. They have the soul of the Fallen Adam. Now, they would not tell you that, but that is -- would be the -- as far as I know, that would be the definition of the new age. The new age people who promote that doctrine saying that the Christ consciousness is the quickening of spirituality in a human being, and it is true. Everybody has that, but everybody does not have the soul of the son of God. Fine line difference, brethren.


See, this is why we need the mind of Christ. The two natures or the two souls are c- -- are interw- -- are largely interwoven, you see? The two natures, the fallen nature and the nature of God, they are so close. That is why the scripture talks about dividing the soul from the spirit and the joints from the marrow. The natural mind could not cut these corners, which is slicing things so thin, you need the mind of God to understand it, and if you do not understand it, you will never separate.  One of the signs of separation, we are called to be sanctified, which means to separate. From what? It is good if you separate from the world. You stop smoking, you stop drinking, you stop fornicating. That is good. It is a form -- it is definitely a form of sanctification, but these sanctifications that the scripture is talking about is separation from your fallen nature, you see? And you cannot separate from your fallen nature unless you have something to separate into. So you cannot separate from your fallen nature unless you first have Christ within you. And then once you have Christ within you, you cannot separate from your fallen nature unless you can distinguish between your fallen nature and your Christ nature. And that is the separating of the soul from the spirit and the joints from the marrow. Paul says the sign of spiritual maturity is that we can distinguish between good and evil. Somebody said to me many years ago when I preached that, well, what do you mean that is a sign of maturity? I know evil when I see it. Son of Sam was evil. Charles Manson is evil. That is not what the scripture is talking about. It is talking about the ability to distinguish between the carnal mind and the Christ mind in one’s motives. [?See??] Because the behavior frequently looks the same. We are not talking about serial killers here, that is easy. I know Charles Manson is evil, that is easy. We are talking about two people doing the same exact behavior, but each person being generated by a different motive. Therefore, one, the behavior is evil. For the other, the behavior is good.


I mentioned to you earlier about Jacob. How he dec- -- yes, it is true. His name means deceiver. And yes, he deceived his father, but God told him to do it. Why? Because that spiritual substance which was the foundation of the Israel of God that is just coming together today. We are talking about the salvation of the human race. Isaac was giv- -- about to give it to the wrong son. It is not easy being mature in God, brethren. Because anybody that is hearing me say this you, now, could possibly come up against the temptation to be deceitful and say, well, that is OK. It must have been God that told me to do it. God sent a lying spirit to King Ahab. God lies. See? But God lies, but he does not sin. Well, sure, that does not make any sense at all. Well, spiritual things always appear to, or frequently, appear to be contradictory. God’s motive is perfect. Motive. His motive is perfect without exception. His perfect -- his motive is righteous. It is unto life. It is because he loves us. It is because he wants good for us. It is because he wants the salvation of mankind. He wants an end to evil deeds in the world. His motives are perfect. Therefore, we can say God does evil perfectly. He does evil, because we are fallen. We are fallen. And people who are fallen, who have it in their mind to follow after their fallen mind and will not listen to reason, one cannot perceive the spirit of God. They must be stopped. As God decides to stop them, so he sent a lying spirit to King Ahab. Why? It was time for King Ahab to die, says the Lord. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] God does evil perfectly. His motive is perfect. He does what he must do to pursue and to implement his plan in the Earth, and to bring it to ultimate fruition.


So you just had a lesson on the Christ consciousness. The difference between the Christ consciousness and the Christ. I hope you all got that. The Christ, excuse me, is a whole man. He is soul. He is soul. He is the son of God. He comes from a high spiritual place, and he has the breath of Jehovah in him. The Christ consciousness is that breath only, and that breath is joined to a fallen evil soul. OK.


  1. OK. Does anyth- -- Does everything that happens in the spiritual realm have an effect that happens in the natural realm? Yes, this natural world is merely a picture. It is an illusion. It is a reflection of what is happening in another world. Everything that happens, everything that you see has a root in the spiritual world. This table, this computer, this telephone, this glass of water is an illusion. It does not really exist. Now that principle used to really boggle my mind. What do you mean this water does not exist? Here I am drinking it right here. It is a picture. It is a picture of something that exists in a higher realm.

The word illusion means changeable. It does not mean that it does not exist. You see, I used to think the word illusion meant that this world does not exist, and in those days I was very sick and suffering, and I was very offended to think that someone was telling me that my pain was in mind, and my physical disease was in my mind. But then the Lord taught me that an illusion means impermanent. I can pour the water out of the glass. I can smash the glass on the floor. Today, the glass is here. Tomorrow, I will be preaching at this same table, and the glass may not be here. Today, I am preaching here. Tomorrow, I may be preaching from another location. Today, I have a green couch. Tomorrow, the Lord may change the couch. It is not permanent. Illusion means not permanent. The spiritual forces in the worlds above that manifests themselves through this world are in conflict right now. There is a struggle going on. A tremendous struggle between the forces of the Fallen Adam and the forces of the son of God, as to what this visible world will look like and be like. We call them the left and the right column of the Sefirot. There is struggle, OK, and one must prevail over the other. One must increase and the other must decrease. The -- If the left side of the side of the Fallen Adam prevails, he destroys Christ. Whenever he prevails, he destro- -- he completely destroys Christ in that situation or in that person. When Christ prevails, he does not completely destroy that attribute of Fallen Adam. He swallows it up, you see? The salvation in the form of being swallowed up. He changes it. When the son of God confronts an -- and this is, like, an attribute of soul at a time, OK? We experience it as conflict within our own emotions or our own mind, or we may experience it as conflict with another person, OK? There is a godly resolution and an ungodly resolution. If two people are in God, and there is a conflict, the godly resolution is communication and a godly compromisa- -- a coming to the middle. You have a left and a right. You have to come to the middle. And both parties have to join in that middle consciousness which is righteous. The righteous solution under God. And coming together on that middle consciousness involves both parties giving up whatever God says they have to give up. It is called compromise, but there is a godly compromise and there is an ungodly compromise. So when Christ prevails over the other side, OK, he adopts the other side. That is why we are being adopted because we are the other side. Fallen humanity, we are the other side. That is why we are being adopted. An adoption is a principle in the New Testament. It is in the Old Testament too, of course.


So Christ Je- --




So Christ Jesus, when he enters in, OK, swallows up the other side, thus saving it. When the other side, which is Fallen Adam’s mind, when he can do it, when he can overcome Christ, OK, he does not swallow him up. He destroys him, and the person remains evil and dead. The person remains dead.


So does everything that happens in the spiritual realm have an effect that happens in the natural realm? Yes, everything. Like, when talking about Judah and Ephraim. Did the things with Babylon happen in the natural and also in the spiritual at the same time? I have been talking about Judah and Ephraim. Did the things with Babylon happen? I am not sure what Tasha means, maybe she means the Babylonian captivity. Did the things with Babylon happen in the natural and also in the spiritual at the same time? Well, they always happen simultaneously. There is a -- I call it a reconciliation factor between what happens in the spiritual plane and what happens in this plane. We just seen it today in your broadcast. I was talking, and you were seeing an empty chair. OK, there was a delay. That is a good explanation or an example of what happens when we try to relate the spiritual plane to the natural plane. And along those lines, the scripture says, to God one day -- what is one day to God is a thousand years to man. What is one day to God is a thousand years to man, down here in this world, in this lowest world, the world of action, it takes a thousand years for what happened in one day in the higher world to play out down here. Now if any of you -- if you have seen the movie Inception yet, it is really an incredible movie. Very incredible movie. We see the same set of people on four levels of consciousness, and you may recall if you did see the movie that, I think, it was 10 years, five minutes, and the surface world was 10 years in the lowest world, or something like that. OK. So what is happening in this world is not always happening simultaneously with the world above. As a matter of fact, it is not happening sim- -- well, that is interesting. It is not happening simultaneously with the world above, but there is nothing new under the sun. What is happening in the world above is happening over and over and over and over again in this world. You see, what -- if you -- let us exercise our spiritual mind, brethren. It is not -- it does not work in such a way that a particular event happens in the spiritual world and then that event happens in this world. Spirit is completely different than -- the spiritual world is completely different than this world down here which is a fallen soul world. What happens in the spiritual world are called archetypes. They are called archetypes. They are foundational thoughts. They are -- That is why Jesus is called the foundation stone. He and the seed that he gives us is the first seed of a whole being, Chris Jesus, in you. It was going to be built up in you, and if the Christ Jesus in you, it is just one member of a whole temple that is being built up. The spiritual temple made without hands, you see?


So the -- I do not know if this accurate but let us call it thought. The thoughts that come from the spiritual plane are archetypical. They are suggestions, in other words for example, they are archetypical, they are architectural. In other words, there is going to be a temple that is going to be made without hands down in the visible world. That is archetypical. That is an archetype. Who is going to be the temple? What people will be the temple? What will they be like? Will they be physically female? Will they be physically male? And for each person, what country will they live in? What language will they speak? What will the living apostles in New York be like? What would living apostles in [UNINTELLIGIBLE] be like? None of that is coming as a command from the spiritual world that has to be played out down here. Just the archetypical thought. There will be a living apostle ministries. There will -- because God gave me that name. There will be a living apostle ministries, and living apostle ministries will teach the doctrine of Christ and Christ in Kabbalah. It is not written in stone that the teacher will be Sheila Vitale. If I fail somewhere along the line, if I did not -- if I departed from God or committed some serious sin, the teacher of living apostle ministries would not be me. God would have to raise up another living apostle ministries. So the concept of a ministry in the Earth at this time in this year, it is teaching the doctrine of Christ and Christ in it Kabballah. That is an archetypical thought. Who the people would be, where the location would be, how many we would be, and exactly how this message would come forth is not written in stone, and is not archetypical. It could be me. It could be someone else. OK?


Now, I am believing God that everybody that he sent to us, in whatever location you are in because we are all over, they are -- We are in London. We are in Nigeria. We are in other states. We are in Illinois. We are all over the place, OK. Every -- I am believing in God that whoever he sent here, whoever the Lord has placed here, will be here. And whoever God has not placed here, will depart from us. That is what the scripture says. If you departed from us, it is because you are not one of us. Now, you can depart from us and then come back, because it is not the immediate that counts. I just talked to you about that. It is your ultimate decision. Remember I just told you that there were two men, Jesus gave them both an assignment. One said I will not do it and left, and the other said I will do it but the one who said he will do it did not do it. He may have meant it when he said it, but he did not do it. And the one who said, no, I will not do that, did it and came back. So what counts is the end of the picture, not what you say at the moment. So if somebody has departed from us now, that does not mean he is not one of us. We have to look into the future. Find out in the future whether or not they were one of us.


The spiritual life is a challenge. It is not set in stone. It is not black and white. You have to go with the punches and discern the signs every step of the way. So what was my main point. I just forgot my main point again. I am talking about -- OK, I was ex- -- OK, the question was, is everything that happens in the spiritual world, does it manifest in the natural world? Yes, it does. OK? But not in the same manner, OK. The archetype, the seed of the idea -- This is the whole principle of the movie “Inception,” brethren. The seed of the idea comes from the spiritual plane, and how it plays out in this world has to do with the forces and the principalities of this world. If you are watching Inception, the way it is expressed in Inception, there is an architect who erects or creates the layers, OK? What is a layer? There will be a living apostle ministry, or there will be -- OK, let us leave it that. There will be a living apostle ministries. That is the layers. Then the -- then Cobbs [SP] says in the movie, well, the architect creates the layers and the subconscious mind of the person that is kidnapped into the dream, that does not go into the dream willingly, their subconscious mind fills the layers.


So we all have received [?the seed?]. We recei -- We are all experiencing inception here. That seed which is the soul of the son of God, OK, which we received for now, I am preaching that we received through Jacob, our common ancestor, OK, is manifesting itself in a mu- -- right now, we are about 31 people strong I think. I think the number is 31. In 31 different ways, that archetypical -- see, that archetype that says the seed of the son of God will be manifested through a series of human beings, through a whole group of human beings called the -- it is collectively called the Israel of God in the Earth. That came from the spiritual plane, and it is now manifesting, as far as I know, maybe there is something I do not know about. And at least 31 people that are being -- that are hosting the son of God, the young son of God, and these 31 people are in submission to God to the degree that they are subjecting themselves to this instruction here, to this preaching and this instruction, which is actually building the body and the blood of Christ within themselves.


Now, as I read the scripture, this archetypical thought is supposed to extend to uncountable numbers of people. Remember in the Book of Revelation, we had all those uncountable numbers of people dressed in white. OK, so I -- as I mentioned earlier, the Lord starts with a small group, OK, because most likely my understanding today is that we were born with the seed. He is raising us up to a position of strength, so that we can go forth as the inkhorn writer did, and awaken that seed. And other people will graft it to other people so that archetypical thought that there will be uncountable numbers of people in r- -- wrapped in white -- the white robes of righteousness. But exactly how it is going forth, I do not know. And we do not know. It is not known, OK? Because the principalities of this world are subservient to the powers of the invisible world, that from where the archetypical thought is coming forth. In the world, it is called micromanaging. I do not like to micromanage. We have several employees in this ministry. I do not like to micromanage. If somebody is in charge of a department, you have to go to that person. I am not going to override the person in charge of the department. If you are a department head, it is because God appointed you and I trust you, and if somebody that is working in your area has a question or an issue, they have to go to you because I will not get involved. I will only get involved if God shows me that you are really doing something wrong, or if I have a request to make of you. I do not micromanage. That would be called micromanaging. If I make you the manager, and I am telling you to do this and that and this and that, you do not -- that is not a good plan. When you have an organization, we want to get the best from everybody whether you are an employee or you are a volunteer. We want to get your best. We want to get the -- we want to encourage you and work with you so that you can do your very best. And micromanaging does not bring out the best in people. It brings confusion into the ministry. So that is why you have to go to the right department if you have a question or an issue, because that is a godly way to get things done. And we are building a whole structure here. God is building a structure here. He is -- we -- he has the foundation of the ministry that is going to feed the whole Israel of God. We are the Joseph company today, storing up the food in ourselves. OK, the food is in the form of audio messages and transcripts, but it is also being stored up in us. Lord has a whole plan for each and every one of us, to reproduce the Christ in us. We all have an assignment that we n- -- it may not be visible to us yet. We have to grow up into that assignment, because this is just the foundation stone here. The Lord Jesus fully intends to save the world. Certainly intends to save Israel. And, of course, he cannot save the world without saving Israel. Why? Because that is his plan. He is not going to violate his own plan. Israel is the mediator between God and the rest of the world. So that is what he is doing now. He is raising up the Israel of God which is comprised of both Jews and Christians. He is raising up the mediator. So that he can get to people that cannot understand him or cannot hear him or just simply cannot do it on their own which is everybody. Nobody can do it on their own. It is very hard being midwife to Christ. If you have Christ grafted to you, you are a midwife to that baby, to that spiritual baby inside of you. You are responsible to bring forth that child with it life in it, not to have a still born child. That is no easy thing to do, because we are experiencing the spiritual practicality of what happened in Egypt where Pharaoh commanded all the male children to be killed. It was spiritual forces assign to kill the Christ child within you. They do not particularly care if you die or not, but if killing you is necessary to kill the Christ child, they will kill you too. And if you do not die but the Christ child in you is killed, would you really want to live after tasting this glory? Would you really want to live? But that is another issue.


OK, let us see what else we have here, brethren. Tasha, I did not finish the first page of your questions yet. I guess I had the seeds of the next -- of this next meeting that we will have, because we really should do this, at least -- at the very least a few times a year.


  1. OK. Did the things with Babylon happen in the natural and also in the spiritual at the same time? Yes, they were happening at the same time, but they were not happening in the same way, and your perfect example, again, is “Inception.” You see, the four different levels of consciousness, was is on a plane, one is a hotel, another one is in someplace in the North Pole, OK, and another place is in a palace in Japan. And all of those worlds were in sync with each other, simultaneously experiencing the same archetype, but experiencing it in a different way. And the bottom line, which really -- I do not know how well they showed it in the movie, but Kabbalistically speaking, our mind is supposed to ascend -- it [?would?] mature and ascend to the point that we are conscious on all four levels that we are -- excuse me, that we are conscious in all four worlds at the same time. Adam, before he fell, was conscious in all four worlds at the same time. Now, right now, if you are listening to me, you are conscious on multiple levels. You are conscious on the level of your animal nature. You are probably going to have something to eat after this meeting is over. You are conscious on the level of Christ. Right now, Christ should be up in you because of what you are listening to. And you are conscious on your carnal level, which you may be fellowshipping in your carnal level, when the meeting is over, and you stop to eat, and maybe you are talking about your children, someone just got a new tooth, and how is Joseph doing, and that is talking through your carnal nature, and it is not an ungodly way. That is our humanity. So you are most likely conscious on at least three levels right now. I think it is more than four levels because each level is subdivided. So the carnal mind that we have is subdivided. We are conscious, subconscious and unconscious in our carnal mind, and conscious, subconscious and unconscious in our Christ mind. So we really have access to more than four levels if you stop to think about it. OK.

Or is it something just natural, sometimes just spiritual and sometimes both? No. Nothing happens in this world that is not a reflection of what is happening in the spiritual worlds.


Next. Are judgments going to take place regardless if we are breaking curses or not? If judgment is in God’s plan for something that our ancestors did thousands of years ago and it has been building, is there ways to stop them legally or is it that if it is in the plans, it is going to happen, regardless? Well, my general response to that is what I said earlier, that we come into this world with a [?writing?]. We come into this world with an archetypical plan, a foundational plan. You will live a long life, you will die prematurely, you will marry and have many children, you will not marry, or you will marry and you will be barren. You come into life with an archetypical plan, and only th- -- as far as I know, only the Lord Jesus Christ can override that plan. That archetypical plan that we come into life with, that we are born with, where does it come from? I do not think I want to get into that right now, where it comes from. I do not have the answer for you right now, where it come from. But we have always petitioned the Lord Jesus Christ to break the decree, see? To break the decree, because if we come into life with a -- for archetypical plan, OK, if the architect that drew up the plan for this incarnation of the soul that we are housing, is that you will die prematurely which was in my case. That was the plan of my life. I started to die, I think it was 10 or 11 years old, yeah. There -- It is possible -- it is called a decree, OK, that there is a decree of death on you now. As I have always said what could a 10-year-old child have possibly done so serious that would have brought a decree of death into her life, OK? It had to be something beyond the natural trial. Now, in my case, apparently I w- -- I do not -- aside from saying that it is Christ, I do not have to identify the soul within me, but apparently I, Sheila, am the house for a soul that is an old soul who came into this world this assignment to be teaching you what I am teaching you, which I do not think anybody else is teaching. I really -- I prayed for years, brethren, asking the Lord to bring me in contact with other people that had the same message, and the ministry is, like, 23 years old. It has not happened yet. So I really do not think there is anyone else. I have met people that have one portion of the message or a [?spirit little?] revelation in some areas, but the way this whole message is coming forth, I really think that this is the only place in the world for it. And actually, I believe the Lord has confirmed it. To me, he has called us the reception room. This ministry is the reception room to the ascended kingdom of God.


I am losing my train of thought because I am getting tired. Just bear with me for a minute, please. What was I talking about it? I was answering this question. Oh, about curses, breaking curses, yeah.


So when we -- yes, when we come into this world with an ancestral curse on our life, and, of course, what I did do, we have to activate that curse in our life, you see. When we are born with an ancestral curse, the way things work is that we repeat whatever the crime was. We repeat it. We do not understand that. We do not know that we came into this world with an ancestral curse, but somehow, because we come -- because we are an incarnation of that same soul that is reaping what is sowed in a previous life, we tend to do the same things that are way when ancestors did. And in my case, I will use myself as an example so you can try and understand this. I, as a 10-year-old child, had an unusual amount of pride and rebellion. I was a very rebellious child and filled with pride, and I was insulting. See, the Lord put me in a position to start studying the scripture when I was 10 years old. Did I have a clue that this was my call in life? I did not even know what it meant to have a call in life. Did my parents have a clue? No. I came from a secular Jewish family, and one day my mother woke up. Secular, meaning they did nothing to practice the Jewish religion. I lovingly called my father the ultimate anti-Christ because Jewish people are not supposed to eat pork, and they are not supposed to eat bread on Passover. And we lived in a community where my mother had a lot of friends in the area, and on Passover, my father would sit there eating a ham sandwich. You are not supposed to have bread in the house. You are not supposed to be eating pork, and my mother would shiver that the neighbors would come in and see him eating like that. So I called him lovingly, the ultimate anti-Christ, and that is my way of telling you that there was no practice of Judaism in my life, whatsoever. And my mother woke up one morning and said, I think I want my daughter to go to Hebrew school. So most people, if they would have that experience, they would send their daughter to a reformed Hebrew school. My mother sent me to an orthodox Hebrew school, and she could not tell you why. It was God told her to do it, because this was the call in my life. So I was disappointed. A rabbi did something that disappointed me. I -- there was a prize was given. I should have won it, and the rabbi gave it to the daughter of someone who was a big donor to the -- a big financial donor to the synagogue. I was wounded and shocked that a rabbi would do something like that. I was naive. I was a child. And my reaction to the pain was to leave the course of studying. And my mother just did not want to fight with me. It was -- I was a very rebellious child, and the position she took was, well, this is not a matter of life and death. She is not telling me she does not want to go to public school. If she -- it is my money, my mother -- my parents did not have a lot of money. My mother worked. She -- I am spending my money for this school. If she does not want to go, then why should I spend the money. That was my mother’s position. Who knew that I was called to do this.


So my rebellion and my pride which was wounded, activated the family-line curses in my life. I -- How do I know who this soul was incarnated in in a previous lifetime? Maybe this soul was incarnated 50 times and someone who was called to obey God through teaching the word of God, and 50 times that soul could not bring the physical person it was incarnated in into submission to do what it was supposed to do. So here is that soul incarnated me, and it is happening again. The human being that has been generated for this soul is rebelling against the call on the soul again. And all of the power of the curse rebelling against God and idolatry because that kind of anger is idolatry for self. The most important thing to me was me and my pride, but, of course, I did not know it was important. Neither my parents nor myself knew that it was important. It was an extracurricular activity in our consciousness. But when I turned from that assignment, when I -- the personality turned from that assignment, the judgment for all the other incarnations, all the other personalities that that soul had been incarnated in, that said, no, I will not do it, fell on me.


Why did it fall on me? Because it is the end of days. And it had to happen. This teacher, the kind of teacher that God has made me, had to appear in the Earth at this time. That was an archetypical command. A teacher of the doctrine of Christ had to appear in the Earth in this time period, and the soul that was incarnated in me is the soul who is the teacher. So the body that he was in at the time, must come into submission, had to come into submission. So the whole power of generations of rebellion fell on me and tried to kill me, and would have killed me if the Lord Jesus did not intervene. And the reasoning intervened was that the purpose of the judgments falling on me was not to kill me. The purpose of the judgment falling on me was to bring me into submission and get me to start studying. But I did not understand, and there was no one in my life to explain it to me, you see? There was no one in my life that was hearing from God that could have possibly told me this. So the only way the Lord could get me to do what I was supposed to do was to bring me to the point of death. To the point that I cried out and I said, God, I do not know what I did but I am sorry. I do not know what I did. I suffered for years with all kinds of plagues, everything written in the book. Sores on the bottom of my feet and ulcerated sores on my legs, everything in the book happened to this body. So I came to the point where that was what I said, I do not know what I did, but I am sorry. And even then, it took all of those years from 10 to 11 years old until I was in my 30 -- I was in my -- I think I was in my late 30s when the -- when I finally came to the Lord Jesus. And shortly thereafter, he started me studying. So this time I sat in my chair and I learned. All of that -- I had to go through all of that because there was no one in my life that could have gotten a word from the Lord for me and said, Sheila, you better not quit that Hebrew school, because God wants you there and you are going to be in trouble if you do it. There was no one in my life that could have said that to me. So I had to go through all of that.


Now, you, whoever you are that is listening to me today, you are one of those people who will be there for somebody, some day, sometime, to tell them this is the word of the Lord to you, and you better not do that. You better not make that move that you are thinking of making. Better not move from whatever -- I did not necessarily mean to change the location. Whatever it is you plan on doing, you better not do that because you are leaving what God wants you to do, and you are going to be in a lot of trouble. Brethren that is called the white throne judgment. We are being raised up as the mercy of God to whoever God sends us to. Now, whether they listen to us and take the warning or they do not listen to us and they do not take the warning, we are the mercy of God sent to that person that we told the truth to. Whether they accepted it or whether they hated us for it or whether they called us wicked names and told us that we had bad motives because of it. We are the mercy of God and will never know what we are saving people from by telling them the truth. We will never know if they take the correction to heart. If they do not take the correction to heart, we will find out what we might have saved them from.


We are a living sacrifice. We are living sacrifices for God. We are his mercy to the human race. That is who you are. You do not live for yourself. Your personal gratification is not important in life of the whole scheme of things that I just described. If you are suffering today because certain needs are not met in your life, just hold on. As soon as you are mature enough, the Lord will meet your needs through a higher medium. He will meet your needs through spiritual ministry. You are vessels called out and consecrated for the work of the kingdom. Do not be deceived by your humble surroundings. Do not be deceived if you are suffering and your emotions or you do not have enough money or whatever your problem is. Do not be deceived. There is glory wrapped inside of your humanity. And he loves you, and he has an assignment from God to act out through the members of your physical body and your personality. He does not want to hurt you, but if you start to deviate too far to the point that he will be in tr- -- your soul, the soul in you, if your humanity deviates to the point that you are hindering the work that the soul has to do so that the soul will be in trouble with God, punishment will fall on you.


So find out what God wants you to do. There is great, great wisdom available to us today. We are very blessed people, and we are very important. We have a very important job to do. Do not be deceived.


I think that was ending the service today. Sounds like the end to me. It is just about 3 o’clock. Four hours, that was what I said. Well, I am going to put a note over here, and Tasha, if you can wait for the answers to these questions, I would like to pick up with this on another date, but it would not be for another coup- -- for a couple of months. If you think you could wait for the answers to your questions, I would like to do that. So you can just let Jessie know what your answer is. If you do not want to wait, then I will answer your questions and we will get some other questions. I will let you all know when the next session will be. This has gone very well, and I would like to do it on a regular basis. It seems to me right now, to be more practical than traveling to Minnesota, at least at this time.


So are there any questions or comments from anybody either through the phone -- Is there anything there on the chatroom? Does anybody have anything to say? It has been really good seeing you. Sue sitting there with her arms crossed. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Do not get near me.


OK, it is really good seeing your faces again, and as the Lord plans it in his time, I am sure, eventually, I will be back in Minnesota. I just do not know when. For a while, I was not feeling too well. I think it was last [?year?]. The last time Jessie asked me if I would come which was, like, about 14, 15 months ago. I really was not feeling well. I was not up to traveling, and now it just does not seem to be the right time. So you w- -- you should not want me there if the Lord is not bringing me. Everything will happen in -- according to his plan, and in due season.


So I love you all. It was really good seeing you. And I will let you know when we can do this again. OK? And does anybody want to ask me anything over the phone before I go? I leave you all speechless, slain in the Spirit. I keep saying that, you must all be slain in the Spirit, except that I can see you sitting out there. OK, God bless you all.


Transcribed by Verbal Fusion 10/26/16
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