971 - Part 2

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     OK, brethren. The name of this message is "The Righteous Nefesh, Part 2." And you may recall -- you have had a couple of weeks in between. But before I went away for the weekend, which was, I guess, about two weeks ago, the Lord gave me a quite incredible message, which surprised me. It came out of nowhere. And just for your information, because we are always supposed to be learning to live the spiritual life, brethren -- so I thought you should be interested in hearing what I am about to tell you.


     That -- it was a Saturday that the Lord just dropped this anointing on me and started speaking to me with this revelation that I quickly just jotted down. And on that same day, Brooke had ministry. Brooke and I live in the same house, and Brooke had ministry. She was out for the day with someone that she ministers to, so it was no accident. She claims that it was a very highly-anointed ministry for that person. So that is no accident that it fell on the two of us because it really was the same anointing that fell on the two of us.


     And that happens lots of times. It probably would not have surprised me if it fell on everyone in the ministry, but you all did not recognize it, or you did not think it was necessary to talk to me about it. All of these things -- we get attacked in our mind when you just -- you recognize the anointing, and you thought it was just on you. See? So I am just trying to tell you that, when the anointing falls, it falls on the group soul, you know. And when judgment falls, it falls on the group soul.


     So it is really important that we recognize a heavy anointing when it falls. And if you want to take the time to let me know, it is usually a learning experience if you would let me know if you recognize it, that something -- that there was a special anointing that day or something special, or something unusual happened. Usually, it turns into a lesson. It is very important that we learn to walk the spiritual life because that is what is going to save us. OK. These are the last days, and Jesus said it would be like it was in the days of Noah.


     I listened to an interesting video on YouTube last night. I did not listen to the whole thing. But the narrator, whoever he was, was saying -- there was a right spirit on the man, but it was an indictment of the church, saying that the church -- and he was nondenominational -- he is saying nobody is preaching what the Bible says. We have all of these people that think they are serving God, and none of them are really saying what the Bible says.


     And then he said something about Noah, which I thought was really interesting. He talked about Noah building the ark for 120 years, and he said Noah did that. He spent 120 years being despised and mocked and criticized, with no sign, other than the first instruction to do it, no sign from God. There were no miracles. There was no one speaking in tongues. There was no healing or deliverance. He just built that ark for 120 years, you know, and nobody around him even believed that God told him to do it. Do -- are you aware that, at the time that Noah was building his ark, it had never rained? It had never rained. Water had never fallen from the sky before.


     So when this narrator was saying this, I really thought about this ministry. And that is my complaint. I do not know whether it is your complaint or not, and I hope it is not a -- it is a c- -- I hope it is an observation and not a complaint. I really would not want the Lord to find me complaining. But it is an observation or an acknowledgment of the frustration here that no -- I just recently told Susan, I really am not -- I really have no intent to send out any books anymore because we have been doing this for years and there has been no response. If there is a response, they despise me. And if they despise me, they despise you. If they despise the ministry, it has to affect everybody. They despise us. We say we are not -- they say we are not of God. I have already been thrown out of two synagogues or two churches. I forgot what the second one -- the first one was a couple of years ago. The second one was -- oh, yeah, I was thrown out of the Hauppauge Conference, so to speak, thrown out. They did not ask me to physically leave, but they packed up our books off the table and just took them away.


     So we are sending out all these books; there is no response. If there is a response, it is a negative response. And this is just what I came ho- -- I think this started after the Hauppauge Conference, after it looked like it was just -- we were go- -- an opportunity opened up to display our books at a conference. And someone gathered up his forces and complained about us. And the woman that gave us the go-ahead to put the books out did not even wait for us to come back from dinner, just packed them up and moved them off of the table. And when I spoke to her about it, I think she said they disgusted her or they horrified her. It was a very -- she had a very strong reaction, something like disgust. That may not have been the word that she used.


     And these were not all Kabbalah books. So she said she could not even remember what book bothered her. And I know that -- so there was one book, "The Evil Children." Maybe I am going to change the cover on that book. But the table was all full of books with very nice covers, nothing wrong with the covers. Maybe this one book, you know, that is -- maybe I made it too extreme. I do not know if I did or not. But it was an evil-looking face. That was the name of the book, "Evil Children."


     So I have just come to this conclusion -- I think it is a delayed reaction from what happened in Hauppauge -- that God has everything under control. We are in a bubble. Nobody can recognize us. Nobody understands what we are doing. If I try to tell them, they do not believe it. And our -- what is happening to us really lines up with what this narrator said about Noah, with -- and actually, it was a word of knowledge that this is Noah's ark that is being built here. OK.


     So there is people looking at us. People are saying, what are you doing? They come in here; they look around. What do you do here? You know, we are just a phenomenon. No, they do not understand us. Nobody understands us. There was -- there were quite a few people that did not show up at our office warming. A couple of them apologized, said they could not make it, but most of them did not let us know. There have been several people that I said to -- after they said something nice to me, I said, well, why do you not come around? I will show you the office. Let me take you out to dinner. You missed the office warming; let me take you out to dinner. Not one of them has taken me up on it, not one of them.


     The only exception, if he is an exception, is the gentleman from Joyce Meyer Ministry, who comes to visit us once a year. You know, but he was coming whether it was -- he comes once a year anyway, so it was not that he took up my invitation to buy him dinner because he missed the office warming. It is a different situation. So -- and it used to be that I would give a book to everybody that came into the office. We had two computer techs in within the last week. And I realized, after they left, that I did not even offer them the book.


     So the Lord has everything under control. Nobody can see us; nobody can understand us. If they have a reaction, it is either fear or disgust. And I actually was reading in -- I believe it was in John the other day. They not only rejected him -- maybe I was reading in Isaiah. They not only rejected Jesus; they despised him. They despised him, despised and rejected.


     So what is the point of anything? And I said to the Lord, you know, I do not want to have a wrong attitude, but I am not going to be giving out the books anymore. I do not want to, but I will do it if you tell me to. And then these two men, these two computer techs, were here, and I did not offer them books. So God has everything under control. Nothing is going to happen until he presses the on switch or the go switch. OK. Nothing can happen; nothing will happen.


     And it is interesting that Tasha is here today because, as far as I understand it, she -- Tasha is the last person that came into the ministry before the door closed. And the Scripture says, when Noah was 600 years old, God closed the doors to the ark. And then right after God closed the doors to the ark, it started to rain. So Tasha was the last one in the ministry before the doors were locked. Nobody can come in here; cannot get in. The door is locked. And then it started to rain. Well, how did it rain? Well, we have been getting incredible revelation here.




     Those of us that have been here, the revelation has been incredible. The rain is the Holy Spirit of truth that has been coming down on us. But the rain that has been coming down -- well, I was going to say the rain that has been coming down has not done any damage, but it has done damage. That rain -- it has blessed us here. But all of this trouble that is happening in the world, the opioid crisis, the -- all of the crises that is happening in the country and in the world -- the society is descending. Witchcraft is getting strong.


     The Lord told me, a long time ago, that the flood waters -- well, the waters came down from above, and they came up from underneath. So the waters that come down from above are the Shekinah; that is the revelation that we are getting here. This is in the Scripture. And the waters that came up from underneath, for Noah's flood, was Satan rising from the underworld. So both have happened. The revelation has come down here, incredible revelation that has blessed us and built us up in Christ Jesus. And the Satan's waters have risen from underneath. And it looks like, eventually, they are going to meet.


     Brethren, this is revelation -- I have never thought of this before. The waters that are descending, they are descending in the form of a cloud. But what that means, that they are descending in the form of a cloud, means that they are not individual drops of water coming down but that there is a body of energy coming down from above. And there is a body of Satan's energy rising from underneath. And at some point, they are going to touch each other. And that is what is happening now. This is what the Lord is saying. That is what is happening now. They are about to touch each other. And when they touch each other, there is going to be a big explosion.


     I do not -- if I am supposed to know what -- exactly what is going to happen, I keep telling you, I do not know. The devastation, the destruction -- that is Satan's waters rising from below. That is the sowing and reaping judgment. The waters coming down from above is not only the revelation but, as we have been instructed here -- and we found out here that you cannot receive this kind of revelation and not be simultaneously dealing with your sin nature because the same Spirit that gives this wonderful revelation, that has brought tremendous deliverance in my life and, I think, many of the people here -- you will all have to speak for yourselves, but I think everybody here has received positive spiritual growth. OK. That same energy, that same kind of positive energy that does that for you, will take the form of an angel that will bring judgment on you if you are partaking of this glory unworthily.


     And I use that term because that is the term that the church world uses with regard to taking Communion. You know, if you take this unworthily -- but the church world thinks it means a little cracker and a glass of grape juice. If you take it unworthily, to be honest with you, I do not know exactly what the rest of the Scripture is. Usually, it is -- usually, Roses is the one that looks it up for me. If someone could look that up for me, I would appreciate it. He who takes this bread and wine unworthily, something good will not happen to you. So perhaps in the next few minutes, Rose will tell us what the rest of the Scripture is.


     So there is two judgments happening at the same time: the sowing and reaping judgment, which is just -- which is on the world. The sowing and reaping judgment is the law that judges the world. And if God's people are in the world, then they are judged with the world. See? But the judgment that is coming from the cloud that is descending -- because the Scripture says Jesus is coming with clouds, right? The judgment that is coming from the clouds in this world, OK, is the judgment that comes from partaking of this word unworthily. So that is the reason why God has us sealed off. People would be dying if they were -- if they had any ability to understand this world, and they were taking it in and, as a carnal person, they were using it for themselves, to glorify themselves because they wanted to be a preacher or for hearing it incorrectly.


     We are told in the parable of Pardes that there were four rabbis that descended into Pardes, Pardes being an acronym for the four different ways of understanding the Scripture. But the letters of the first typify the Hebrew words. And only one ascended, we are told by the parable. Only one ascended in peace and descended in peace. OK. He went in with a sound mind and sound health, and he came out with a sound mind and still healthy. One of the others physically died. One of the others became a heretic. And then the fourth one, he was so in love with the word that he sort of had a Lazarus experience. He ascended out of his body because he just loved the word so much, and he lost contact with his body, and his body died. And that -- I have believed that for a long time, that that is what happened to Lazarus, except that Jesus came and reconnected his body, his soul to his body. See?


     So you have to have something that grounds you to the earth, or you fly away. Now I am in danger of that happening to me because I just love this word so much that I would spend my whole life just in the word, and I would probably fly away. That is why it is really important that you have something that grounds you. I do not have a natural family, but I have a spiritual family. You know, I am expected to preach here twice a week. I used to preach three times a week. I used to preach more than three times a week.


     I was just talking to Brooke about it last night: how, when Seeley [SP] and June and Rosie were here, and sometimes Mary but mostly Seeley [SP] and June, we had impromptu teaching lessons all the time. We would go out to eat; I would be preaching at the restaurant, you know, preaching, preaching, preaching, preaching. See? So what we have not really seen -- yes?


          Rose gave the Scripture --


     Oh, yeah?


          -- that you wanted.


     What is the Scripture?


          1 Corinthians 27-32: "Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread and drink this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and the blood of the Lord. But let a man examine himself; so let him eat of that bread and drink of that cup. For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily eat and drink damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord's body. For this cause, many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep. For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world."


     In the context of what I am telling you now, that is a -- I am understanding that in a different way. Brethren, Scriptures can be understood in multiple ways. Today, I understand what that means is that, for you to be eating of this spiritual bread and of the spiritual wine, which is the Spirit here, you have to have something of Christ in you. The carnal mind would not be interested in this doctrine or listening to this doctrine or being sitting in the same room with this anointing that is flowing.


     So to eat of this bread, which is the doctrine, partake of the Spirit, drink of the Spirit, OK, unworthily, means that you have at least enough of Christ that you want to be here but you are not rebuking your carnal mind, which is Satan and Leviathan. OK. And so it will eventually destroy the body of Christ in you. The body of Christ in you -- you do not accurately discern the body of Christ. You do not understand. Anyone that is doing that, anyone that is taking in this doctrine and this Spirit and not dealing with their sin nature does not understand. They are not accurately discerning the body of Christ, that there is actually a Christ child in them, something -- a Christ child being formed in them that must be defended against the dragon that is threatening it in Revelation 12.


     And to study this doctrine or any true doctrine of God without having an accompanying doctrine about the dragon that is threating to kill what is being born in you -- because when you take in this Spirit and this word, you are literally taking in the Spir- -- the male Spirit that is fertilizing and producing, that is fertilizing your soul and producing the offspring of your soul, which is the man-child. OK. And if you do not understand that the dragon is present, he will destroy that. Whatever degree of development that Christ child is in you, the dragon will destroy it, and you will be guilty of the body and blood of Jes- -- of Christ Jesus. You will be guilty of his death. Did I explain that? Did I explain that?


          Yes, yes.


     You will be guilty of the death of the Christ child. And that Christ child that is being formed in you -- he is the life of the body. This Christ child that is being formed in you -- you see, these words -- Jesus said, "My words are Spirit, and my words are life." They are actually building healthy flesh in you. But it is not the flesh of the physical body. It is the flesh of Christ Jesus. You are actually getting what would be the equivalent of cells being transmitted to the spiritual life that is being built inside of you.


     That is what the Scripture is talking about in the Book of Genesis, when the people around the b- -- the Tower of Babel are saying, let us go forth and build a tower. They are talking about building the flesh, the spiritual flesh inside of them that will give eternal life to this exterior body, that will build this exterior body. When that spiritual flesh is built in you, at some point, it builds an exterior body, which is the skin of the spiritual body that will last forever. See?


     So if you do not recognize what is happening and you just like the doctrine, at some point, it is going to kill the Christ that is forming in you. And then the other side, the dragon, will capture all of the energy and become a monster. You will become a monster because that which grows in us spiritually is what we become. That which grows in us spiritually is what determines what we will be because we are not fully grown; we are not fully developed, if you can hear this.


     And this does go in with what -- with my message for today. If you can hear this, we are all likened to ovarian eggs in the spiritual, in the body of the spiritual man called Adam that is being -- that was being formed and died and now is being raised from the dead. Adam is being raised from the dead. And as he is raised from the dead, his ovarian -- his spiritual ovarian eggs, you know, are becoming virile again and capable of producing an offspring. His soul, the ovarian egg, is like -- it is -- that is another way of saying the soul, OK, because the man Adam has five grades of soul.


     The full-grown man of Adam, Jesus, the glorified Jesus Christ, who is the last Adam -- he has five grades of soul. So we do not have all five grades of soul. We are not immortal because we do not have all five grades of soul. But the lower grade -- one of the lower grades of soul, the nefesh, is likened to the ovarian egg. And when that ovarian egg produces the offspring of the interaction of Elohim and the soul, that spiritual child gives eternal life to this outer form, which is the skin, only one layer, the outermost layer of the spiritual man.


     So to listen to this doctrine and drink down the Spirit and not understand any of this -- and this is what was going on with the congregation of the Pharisee in the account of the Gadarene demoniac. They were just loving the doctrine. See, it was building up their ego. But that Pharisee was not teaching them to confess their sins and repent of their sins, if God would grant them repentance. And they were about to be destroyed when Jesus went to visit that congregation. OK. They rescued all of those men from the false prophet, from a teacher that was teaching them probably spiritual truth but out of a wrong spirit and was not accompanying that teaching with the nece- -- teaching about the necessity of dealing with their sin nature. And of course I am talking about the Alternate Translation of the Gadarene demoniac.


     Well, I will say a few words about it. Well, we looked up every word in those accounts. One of these days, it will be a book. I do not know when. I am in the middle of about five books right now. But I would much rather believe the Alternate Translation, brethren, which indicates that there were basically two Gadarene demoniacs, and they were both the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth. And what it turned out was that there was, you know, a soul or an ovarian egg or -- and that was something that had the ability to reproduce, something that came from Adam. It was a part of the spiritual being of Israel that was -- that came from the promised seed. Jehovah gave a promised seed to Abraham, and that promised seed went through Abraham's genome to that modern day of Israel, and it was present. That was a many-membered seed, and it was present in a lot of those Israelites: that promised seed, an element of soul, one of the five grades of soul, an element of soul that had the potential to be fertilized by the seed of God and to produce a hybrid offspring, you know, a hybrid offspring.


     See, in the church today, if -- who even knows if it exists today? Brethren, I have so little contact with the church world or the outer world, but they used to teach in the church. Jesus Christ, both man and God, man and God, the hybrid, the God-man, man and God -- Jesus of Nazareth was not man and God. He was a human being, born of a woman, like we were. You know, and his soul was fertilized by the seed of God. And he gave birth. His soul, the soul of Jesus of Nazareth, which was the promised seed that came down through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, gave birth, produced that male heir, but it was a spiritual male heir. And the outer body of Jesus of Nazareth was not part of it because flesh, brethren, cannot inherit the kingdom of God.


     The kingdom of God is spiritual, and flesh cannot inherit that which is spiritual. So the outer shell, which was Jesus of Nazareth -- it had to die, see? So the spiritual man, the Son of God -- I am sorry. The Son of man -- and by the way, in that message, Part 1 of "The Righteous Nefesh," I made that mistake twice. I said Son of God, but it was Son of Man. Sorry about that. It was towards the end. So the soul of Jesus of Nazareth -- one of the elements of his soul, which actually was the promised seed that Jehovah gave to Abraham, OK, reproduced. It brought forth fruit. It produced the heir, H-E-I-R. It produced the heir, see? It produced the Son of man, man being a translation of Adom [PH], Adam. He produced -- the soul that reproduced was a soul, a grade of soul of Adam. Adam performed his function.


     If you -- it always helps to think of Adam as a king. And think of him in terms of the royal monarch, the European monarchies: how important it was to produce an heir. Well, Adam had to produce an heir, brethren. He had to and has to produce an heir. Well, the heir is Jesus Christ. And now the heir is that which was born from Jesus of Nazareth, which today is called Jesus Christ. Jesus of Nazareth does not exist anymore. That body died; that personality died. OK. That which was born from the soul which was called Jesus of Nazareth -- that is what has survived. The fruit, the offspring, the heir that was produced by the soul called Jesus of Nazareth -- that is what has survived. And that heir, that H-E-I-R, the offspring of righteous Adam, which had been regenerated in Jesus, OK, that heir -- he is the reality of what exists.


     This body, these human bodies, they are just the outer shell, like the shell of the cocoon that a caterpillar is in. It will not survive. But it will stay with us until the fruit of the Spirit is mature enough to exist without it, and then it will fall away. And in that falling away, the consciousness or the personality known as Jesus of Nazareth was transferred to the fruit of the Spirit. But now he is in a new form.


     I was at a luncheon yesterday, and I had the honor of the little girl of the birthday man, who chose to sit next to me: precious little 2-year-old, beautiful little girl. OK. But if you did not know that that beautiful little girl would look like an adult woman in a few years, you would th- -- you would -- you just would not know that. So when the personality of Jesus of Nazareth, OK, that transferred to or matured into the man-child, see, the man-child -- it is Jesus of Nazareth in another form, just like that little girl, OK, will be that little girl 15 years from now. She will be a beautiful young woman 16 years from now, ready to get married. OK. At 18 years old, 18 years of age, it will be the same little girl, but she will not be the same. She will be the same, but she will not be the same.


     That is what Paul was talking about when he said there are many kinds of flesh. There is the flesh of birth; there is the flesh of reptiles; there is the flesh of human. There is different kinds of flesh. And Paul said, "Do not be silly." He said, "Do not be deceived. That seed which is sown, that is not what is harvested." What -- the final product does not look like the seed that was sown. We are all seeds that are sown. Actually, the seed is inside of us, but we are the outer shell of the seed. We are that which was sown, the seed in a shell. The end of us will not look like this.


     So Jesus looks different. That is why the Scripture calls him our elder brother. He has experienced, fully experienced, the birth. He is the hybrid. He is God-man today, not Jesus of Nazareth. The glorified Jesus Christ, he is the hybrid, God and man. But I would not say all God and all man. No, no. He is a new creature. He is not all God; he is not all man. He is a new creature in his glorified state. He is the offspring of Adam of creation. Adam of creation was created; God formed him. Jehovah formed him from the dust of the earth. But the glorified Jesus Christ today is the fruit of that Adam that was formed from the dust of the earth. He is the fruit. He is the hybrid, the true hybrid. He is that which came into existence from the union of God and man, but not Jesus in the days of his flesh.


     Brethren, there is so much that needs to be corrected in the church. I like to listen to Farrakhan once in a while, and I listened to him not too long ago. And he was telling his congregation that Jesus, in the days of his flesh, was not Messiah. Jesus was not Messiah in the days of his flesh. He was the Son of God and the Son of man. OK. He was not Messiah. Who was Messiah? Messiah is the hybrid. Messiah is the fruit of Adam of creation that was born incarnate in his skin. Jesus, in the days of his flesh, was not Messiah.


     So the Jews that are all upset about Jesus being called Messiah -- they are right. He was not Messiah. And the Jews, they will tell you he could not possibly have been Messiah because Messiah is going to bring peace to the earth, and he has not done anything that Messiah was said to have done. Jesus of Nazareth -- not Messiah. Jesus of Nazareth, the shell, OK, the human shell, our whole body, including our internal organs -- we are the skins that Jehovah gave to Adam in the garden.


     So when -- so the spiritual definition of skin is not the same as human definition of skin because, if I talk to you or anyone out on the street and I say to them, what is skin, they would say, well, it is this layer right here that, God forbid, it could be burnt off or scraped off. Or -- but that is not the spiritual definition of skin. The spiritual definition of skin is the whole animal, the whole animal body. Whether it is organs and its tissues and its cells and its blood -- everything, the whole -- this whole body is the outer shell. That is the skin that covers the spiritual man inside or the seed of the spiritual man inside, whatever is gestating inside of you.


     I stopped to explain skin, and I lost my place. I was talking about Jesus not being Messiah in the days of his flesh. Messiah is the hybrid, the true God-man, not Jesus of Nazareth, the true God-man inside, invisible. See? And he was fully joined to the skin that he was gestating in. So in order to release the fruit of Adam, OK, he had to be separated from the skin. And the only way to do that was for the skin to die. Jesus of Nazareth, the skin, had to die. Then the hybrid, the true God-man, OK, that was born from the soul of Jesus of Nazareth, see, was born from the soul of Jesus of Nazareth and the Spirit of Elijah that was conceived in the soul of Jesus of Nazareth. There was a conception.


     When Jesus was an -- well, before he was an infant. With Mary, there was a conception of the spiritual man and the birth of the physical baby. The spiritual man-child was conceived before there was any physical consummation of the marriage. See? That physical consummation of the Spirit of God and the soul, OK, that was happening inside of Mary, who was the outer shell -- that conception took place when Gabriel spoke to Mary. And then after she married Joseph, the physical child that the soul that already was conceived entered into was conceived. So there were -- although it is not -- the word conception is not used. Joseph begot the physical child.


     So Jesus of Nazareth was not Messiah. He was the skin in which the gestation of the man-child was taking place. And when that man-child was mature enough, or that hybrid God-man was mature enough to exist outside of the womb, the womb being the skin of Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus of Nazareth died because that fruit was breathed out before he -- before his body died. I know I have taught this many times. That is Scripture. You can find that in the King James or the interlinear text.


     And what is confusing, what confused me for a long time, but I think I have finally got it, is that all of these elements of Jesus -- they all have the same name, Jesus. So Jesus breathed out of his body. He breathed out of his skin. And what Jesus? Jesus, the fruit of his soul, also named Jesus, breathed out. And then Jesus, the skin, died.


     We read about Cain having a son, Enoch. He built a city named Enoch. He named his son Enoch. We see the Bible characters traveling to certain geographical areas and naming loc- -- cities for themselves or cities for their father. So this outer shell is Sheila. The man-child that I believe is conceived in me, not fully born yet, I do not believe -- his name is Sheila also. My soul -- I think I have three grades of soul. They are all named Sheila also. That used to distress me. It distressed me because, when I cannot understand something, it distresses me. But it does not bother me anymore. I fully understand it.


     So it is true to say that Jesus is Messiah. He is Messiah today, but Jesus of Nazareth was not Messiah. But Messiah was born, and not even -- well, the soul of Messiah was born out of Jesus of Nazareth. And when it was mature enough to survive outside of the womb, in the spiritual dimension, his body died. But the soul of Messiah still needs to be attached to a skin to appear in this world.


     So Jesus, who was now a glorified man with the miraculous capability of being inside of an infinite number of people at the same time, OK, he is now acquiring skins for himself because he is a many-membered soul. And he is inside of you, and he is inside of me, but he is not fully mature yet inside of you and inside of me. But he is doing the same thing in us. The soul of Messiah is doing the same thing inside of us that happened inside of him, only he is in the place of Elijah, the Spirit of Elijah or, as he said, the Spirit of Elias. He is interacting with our soul and our -- that union of the Spirit of truth.


     It is not the Spirit of promise, brethren. It has to be the Spirit of truth. That union of the Spirit of truth that has interacted with our soul, with the regenerated or the reborn Adam -- not with our dead Adam, not with our dead soul, but righteous Adam that has been reborn in us. He is called the second Adam, OK, that has interacted with the Spirit of truth. The second Adam and the Spirit of truth that comes from the Father, OK, produces a fetus. And that is what I think I have and probably most of you have. I do not know. But if you are sitting here, you must have something. You know, and that fetus is developing in us, although I do not know of any one of us that are capable of surviving outside of the body.


     So right now, what did I just say? I do not know any one of us, including me, that is capable of surviving outside of the body. So now I am talking about the spiritual fetus that is the hybrid between the second Adam in me and the Spirit of truth. But I could be talking to you a minute later and say my hand hurt me and I am still Sheila. It is the same name. If I am talking to you about this outer shell, I am Sheila. If I am talking to you about this second Adam inside of me, if in fact it is the second Adam speaking through me, which I believe it is today, OK, it is not inaccurate for me to say that I am Sheila the Christ at the moment. The Christ within Sheila is speaking to you. So you just keep the same name.


     It is like the Hebrew language, brethren. I have told you this many times. The Hebrew language, in its pristine state, has no -- what is in -- the Hebrew language, when it is written for people that are familiar with the language, has no vowels, no punctuation, no periods, no commas, no quotations, no vowels and no punctuation. And you read those letters; they just go rows and rows and rows and rows of Hebrew letters. And the Spirit inside of you reads those letters as he wants you to understand them. So if you do not have the Spirit of truth, you will never find out what the Spirit is saying by reading a book of Hebrew letters.


     It is really quite amazing to see that. Years ago, I used to see newspapers, when there were a lot of immigrant Jews around in the Bronx, and there used to be newspaper stands. You see the Jewish newspapers, and it is just Hebrew letters, no punctuation, no vowels, nothing. And there are people reading it, and they know what it is saying. It is similar to me trying to get a message to you and using the word there, and you know whether I am saying T-H-E-R-E or T-H-E-I-R depending on the context of the sentence.


     So Messiah today, the fully mature Messiah today, is a soul. He is a soul. He does not have a full appearance of a soul inside, attached to a body. The bodies that he is attached to today have in them the second generation of Messiah. His offspring, the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ, is the man-child being formed in us, if he is being formed in us.


     Maybe you just have the second Adam. I do not know. The only thing that matters is that you are on the right path. Do not compare yourself to anybody else. The only thing that matters is that you are on the right path and you are headed in the right direction, that you have got something that is eating this food that you are hearing here and drinking this wine. And you just keep it up until he is born in you. That is our hope. Christ in you, the hope of your glorification or the hope of -- you are the hope of God's opinion. What is God's opinion? That Christ will be born in you, that Messiah will be born in you, that the offspring of Adam will be born in you. And then after he is born in you, he has to affect your body, see?


     For years, I did not understand why, in the Book of Revelation, when it talks about the four-faced man in the Book of Revelation, it talks about one of those faces being a calf, meaning that which is born from a cow. I did not understand it until very recently because the Christ that is -- the Christ child, the man-child, is not a calf. He is a lamb. So what is the calf? Well, what is the calf? That is why we only read about it in the Book of Revelation. It is the new body. The calf that is part of the four-faced man in the Book of Revelation, OK, that is talking -- he is an element of our glorified body. So the physical body is born again too. We are going to get a new material body, maybe not physical. It is called a calf though. OK. Calf to me sounds pretty physical. Of course, lamb is spiritual also.


     So Messiah is the soul of Messiah attached to a skin. So technically, Messiah is not here today. The soul of Messiah exists in the other spiritual dimension. And there is some immature, beginning model of Messiah in someone like me or anyone else that the Lord chooses to reveal himself through. You do not have to have a public ministry. If the Lord reveals himself through you at any time, that means -- what should we call you? And this would include me too: a conditional Messiah. Sometimes you are Messiah, and sometimes you are not.


     That was what happened to Jesus, when he said to the Pharisees, "Before Abraham was, I am." It was not Jesus of Nazareth talking. There was the second Adam talking through Jesus. "Before Abraham was, I am." I existed before Adam. I ex- -- even after the fall, the regenerated second Adam did appear in the earth before Abraham. Where did he appear? He appeared in Nimrod. Or that could mean, before Abraham was, I am existent. So the Pharisees got all upset. They wanted to kill him because he said he was God. That was Jesus saying, "I am." He was saying, "I am God." Well, Jesus was not saying, "I am God." The second Adam spoke out through his mouth.


     So, brethren, one of the things we are being trained to do -- and it is very, very hard to do -- is to be able to experience this. How am I going to say this? The spiritual reading or the reading -- we are told that -- well, the name of this ministry is Living Epistles. OK. So that name came from the Scripture. We are all living epistles to be read of men. Paul said we need to be read of men. We each have a message. OK. Well, as I preach like this, you can say that you are reading me. But in another way, OK, you can think each of -- of each and every one of us as a letter, as a Hebrew letter. So the body of Christ, when we are fully mature, will be giving a message to the world that will not deviate. There will not deviation; there will no contradiction; there will be no mistake. We will be evident for anyone who wants to or anyone who God equips to read us. Why? Because the Messiah will be fully revealed through us. And the message that he brings will be demonstrated in our lifestyle.


     The message that he brings -- what is the message? What is the core message of the Scripture? Eternal life. We will be immortal. You see? So what is inside of us now? Either you have the second Adam, or you have a fetus or an embryo that is developing and eventually will be fully what the hybrid -- not the calf now but the hybrid child. That will be the Son of man. You do not have to say God and man. His na- -- his identification is the Son of man. The Son of Adam implies that, if there is a son there, that someone impregnated that soul that produced the son. So to say the Son of man implies the presence of a Father. So you do not have to say God and man; you just have to say the Son of man, implying he was -- that the soul that produced the Son of man or the Son of Adam was impregnated by God. He was, you see? Cain has not been born yet, brethren. All of humanity is a manifestation of Cain, the illegal seed that came into existence by the seed of the serpent rather than the seed of the Father. He cannot be born. Our whole world is in utero. This whole world is in utero, brethren. Cain cannot be born. He will be born as a monster.


     You know, the Book of Enoch talks about monsters. And I think most of us, at least me initially, was thinking in terms of a physical monster because I said to the Lord, what kind of monster? The Book of Enoch speaks a lot about monsters. What about monsters? What kind of monsters? Then for a while, I was thinking, well, Leviathan and Behemoth, they are monsters. No, brethren: spiritual monsters. Cain, fully born, is a reptilian. It is a cross between reptile and Adam. It is a monster. Compared to what he is supposed to be, it is a monster, meaning it is a negative birth. And not necessarily what you see but his mind, a negative mind, a negative soul -- that apparently can be born with some degree of immortality -- I do not understand it completely -- born in an immortal state, being in an immortal state while separated from God. That is hell, brethren. That is eternal hell, the elements of the creation that are trapped in that.


     So we are told that Jesus went to preach to the angels that are in hell. Brethren, the angels that are in hell are inside of us. They are trapped inside of these bodies. Those are the angels that are in hell. What angels that -- what angels are in hell? The ovarian eggs that were raised from the dead in national Israel, that were resurrected in national Israel and then went back to sleep and have some degree of semi-consciousness in spiritual Israel. We do not know who spiritual Israel are. We will not know until his eyes open and he wakes up. See?


     But Cain is also trying to be born. He cannot be born, see. So the first Adam is trying to produce Cain, fully born; the second Adam, trying to produce the man-child, fully born. And the man-child is not Abel. This is the -- all right, I guess I am pretty much telling you what I have written here, or it is coming out as an exhortation. Abel -- and I mentioned this in the last message. I have been blinded to it all of these years. He died. Abel died. Abel was righteous. We are told in the Book of Hebrews. The Book of Hebrews talks about righteous Abel, but righteous Abel died. But he did not cease to exist. What did he become when he died? He became Leviathan. Righteous Abel became Leviathan.


     So let me see if I have the whole exhortation before we start going through the notes. I have some interesting notes here, [?if there is?] anything else that you want me to tell. OK. So the main revelation here that came down, that started to come down a couple of weeks ago, is that the second Adam has to give birth to the man-child. It is the second Adam that is giving birth to the man-child. So first, Adam has to be raised from the dead or regenerated. Adam is being regenerated. Jesus talked about the regeneration. And then when righteous -- when Adam is righteous again, which is of the new birth, it is Adam that is being born again. OK. Then he has to become pregnant and give birth to the man-child, which man-child then produces the flesh of the calf that is born, the new body. So we have got a ways to go.


     So what did the Lord tell us? So judgment is coming on the church. I do not know. I honestly -- maybe I am in denial. I honestly do not know what form of judgment is coming on the church. I have to be very careful. I do not want to condemn anybody. You must understand that, anything negative that happens to you, God's motive is to birth the soul of Messiah in you. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus for those who are called according to his purposes and love the Lord. Brethren, it is just -- it is virtually impossible to do everything that we have to do. I continuously am frustrated, myself, with regard to not seeing spiritual things, you know.


     Something happened the other day where I should have realized that it was -- someone was possibly in the chatroom, possibly bringing curses. And there I am, passing out, OK, while I played the video for you on Friday. Those of you that could see me, those of you that were here, I was literally laying down in my chair, did not feel well. And I did not put it together with someone being in the chatroom. How could I not put it together with the possibility of a curse coming in, whether someone was in the chatroom or whether it was coming from another place? OK. Because Christ in me, because the Christ Jesus, did not see it, and the first Adam in me did not see it. So here I am, preaching it, and when it actually happens to me, I do not see it.


     So the bottom line is we can only do the best that we can do. We will never be perfect. No matter what I am teaching, learning it, knowing it intellectually, is completely different than applying it or recognizing that that is what is happening to you when it happens to you. Recognizing what you have been taught about, recognizing what I teach about when it is happening, when I am in the midst of it happening to me, and it is all mind control -- and I do not see it. How can I be teaching it and not see it when it happens to me? Because I still have two minds. And the first Adam is layering over the second Adam, and I do not see it.


     So we are in this state. We are in this dual state that James talks about. He says, brethren, how can this be that sweet and bitter water flow out of the same fountain? It is not possible. It is simply not possible. But it is possible because we are an abnormality. It has to be corrected, and Jesus wants to correct it. So if we really cannot see, we sometimes -- we have to get hurt so that we can see it, if that is what it is going to take. And some of us get hurt more than others. Everyone gets a judgment that is specifically designed to produce the result that the Lord Jesus wants to produce in us. And what is that result? That we should produce fruit.


     We are all the plants. We are living the parable of the seeds -- of the soil, the parable of the soils. The seeds are falling upon us. It is falling upon me too because I am not always -- frequently, it is the Christ in me preaching, and I have never heard it before. It is not unusual. So the seeds are falling on us. They are falling on the good ground. The good ground is the second Adam. These are spiritual seeds falling on our soul. If it falls on the soul of the first Adam, one of the judgments -- either it will be eaten by the birds, or when it sprouts and the sun comes out, it will dry up because there is no root. It will not go through the full process. Only the seed falling on the second Adam can produce fruit. Only the second Adam can produce the fruit.


     So it not that God is a respecter of persons that he favors this one and he does not favor that one. Everyone has the opportunity to pray for truth. Everybody does not pray for truth. I -- you know, but by and large, the people that are born with the sleeping seed, that which makes you a member of spiritual Israel, you are the ones that have the option to -- that, when these seeds hit you, OK, they will awaken Abel from sleep. It does not make you any better than someone that does not have the seed. It is just the reality. Eventually, all of humanity will be saved. But there will be many who pass out of this world, and they were just here temporarily because this is the -- just like a woman that has two ovaries filled with ovum. How many children does she have? All the others never come to the fullness. But if you have an existence in this world, you will live out your life in this world. And you could have a good life in this world.


     So again, that is the main message. That -- the new revelation that came forth with the first part of this message is that the second Adam is the regenerated righteous Adam, and he has to give birth to an offspring, which is the Son of man, the Son of man meaning the Son of Adam, OK, implying that the Father is present. There was a male seed present. You do not have to say God and man. He is a God-man; he is fully God, and he is fully man. First of all, it is not true of Jesus of Nazareth. It is true of the glorified Jesus Christ. But the best way to express who he is and what he is and what his condition is, is to call him the Son of man. He is the offspring of righteous Adam, and that offspring was fertilized by Elohim, the Spirit of God.


     And that, brethren, is [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. That is a very new revelation for me, and it is still blowing me away for some reason. I do not know why I have certain reactions to certain truths and certain reactions to other truths. I do not know why. But I always thought that Jehovah was higher than Elohim. Lord God, Jehovah, Elohim -- I always thought Jehovah was higher than Elohim. I do not think that there is any incident of the name Jehovah in the Scripture not accompanied by Elohim. But the name Elohim is definitely present, not accompanied by Jehovah.


     And I have actually taught you, and my understanding was, that Elohim is the generic word for God. It means -- it just means God. Jehovah is a name of God. You know, and I thought, when you -- and actually, I read this in a Kabbalistic paper that, if you find Elohim by itself, it usually means just an angel. So I guess that is where I got it from, a Kabbalistic paper. It means angel.


     But it seems to me that the Lord is saying otherwise, that, first of all, there is more than one Elohim. There is Elohim up here, and there is Elohim here, and there is Elohim down here, just like there is Sheila on the outside, Sheila in the middle, Sheila on the inside. Elohim, God -- that is the name that we read about in the Zohar.


     And someone recently said to me the Zohar has been debunked. Well, I do not know. Maybe it has been debunked for you. But for me, it is a very good tool that the Lord uses to teach me, and he does not teach me anything that is debunked. The Lord has taught me spiritual truth out of the Zohar. And so from that point of view, it is not debunked. Maybe if you want to take it as a whole, say that it was proven to be unreliable, I do not know about that. But the Lord teaches -- has taught me and us great things out of the Zohar.


     And the same people that I hear saying that the Zohar is debunked say that the New Testament is debunked. Well, it is true; the New Testament was changed and gone over by the Jesuits, and there are a lot of errors in it. But it is a tool that the Lord Jesus Christ used to teach me everything that I know and to develop Christ in me to the point that he has developed in me. He only has imperfect tools, but the Lord Jesus Christ is perfect. He is a perfect man using imperfect tools, and he has used those imperfect tools perfectly in my life and brought me to where I am today. OK. So I still do reference the Zohar, you know. I have no problem doing that.


     Brethren, I lost track of what I was saying when I stopped to make that comment about the debunking of the Zohar. What was I talking about? I was talking about the offspring of the second Adam. Righteous Adam has to be regenerated. Then he has to give birth to the fruit of his soul. Do you have a question?


          No. I think you were talking about Elohim and Jehovah.


     Oh, yeah. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. Yes. So -- right, so Elohim -- that is what I read from the Zohar or from the writings of the rabbis. And, yes, I read the writings of the rabbis. And the Lord Jesus Christ -- that is another tool. The Old Testament as it is written, the New Testament as it is written, the Zohar, the writings of the rabbis -- I have a perfect teacher who teaches me from imperfect tools.


     And so today I stand corrected. Elohim is the highest name of God that was involved in the beginning of the creation in a very, very high place, which we read about in the Zohar. There is some exciting teaching coming forth from the Zohar about a beginning, not the beginning -- there have been many beginnings -- but the beginning that we read about before the seven days of creation, that beginning over there. That was Elohim.


     So Elohim is a generic name for God. My understanding today is that it is Adam Kadmon or primordial Adam who was God. You know, but even then, as soon as you put a name on him, you restrict him. Elohim is God. He is God inside of the empty space; he is God outside of the empty space. He is God; he is the generic name for God. So Elohim, who brought forth the seven days of creation, is higher than Jehovah. Jehovah is the name that Elohim takes in the lower world.


     You know, one thing that I have not straightened out yet -- maybe someday the Lord will give me this answer. The first world that came into existence, the world that was created for the seven days of creation in a very, very high place -- OK, that world, where those seven days came to pass, is in a higher place than the place where the name Jehovah is. Adam, the first man, did not exist. He was not formed from the earth. I hope I got this right. Adam was -- Adam, on the sixth day of creation -- the Scripture says, "Let us make man in our image." So the blueprint went forth, OK, and that was in the highest world, OK, where the command went forth. The word of God went forth from that high place. But the place where we are told that Jehovah formed the man from the dust of the earth, that is a lower place because the whole creation is descending. It is invisible up here, and it is very ethereal. It is like -- well, that is the only word I can think of at the moment. It is very thin. It has not taken form yet.


     So the -- and just think of it in terms of the human embryo becoming a fetus, becoming a baby. And as the creation becomes more and more visible, OK, it goes through a series or passes through a series of more spiritual worlds or spiritual dimensions. So in the spiritual dimension where the man that is in God's image, that is in the image and likeness of God, in both male and female -- that spiritual man, at the place where he -- where Jehovah forms him from the dust of the earth, OK, that is a lower world than where Elohim brought the seven days of creation into existence.


     So I know that it is possible that the word Elohim is speaking about an angel, but we should not assume that. When we -- if we see Elohim alone, if we see Elohim separate from Jehovah, I used to assume it just meant an angel alone. Now I have to ask the Lord, well, which Elohim is this? I think, pretty much, though, what the Scripture is saying, or what the Lord is trying to tell us, is that anything that we would read about in the Scripture, beyond those first seven days of creation -- once we get past that, anytime we read about Elohim after that, it is not talking about the creator because the creator, Elohim, takes the name Jehovah in his interactions with Israel in this world. But, you know, brethren, there was no Jehovah on the other side of the flood. And I believe the first time the name Jehovah appears in the Scripture is when he spoke to Abraham.


     So there are Bible students -- and I did it myself. You know, you read about the pagan gods, and it sounds like Enlil is Jehovah. You know, that is what it sounds like. That is what it sounds like. That is what we read about in the pagan literature, in the Sumerian literature. We read that Enlil brought the flood and that the other gods were really angry at him. Ea, a god named Ea, was really angry at him. So was -- is Jehovah Enlil? No, he is Jehovah. You know, the highest one, whatever, who does not even have a name, appears in Enlil. The highest one, he appears as Jehovah, the highest, the Most High God.


     That is interesting because it was maybe a year or so ago that I asked the Lord. That was one of my prayers. Lord, who is the Most High God? I would have to -- because the Scripture talks about the Most High God. So, Lord, what does that mean? Is it Jehovah? Is it -- what is this Most High God? You know, and now I think the Lord answered that question a good year or two after I asked it. The Most High God, God in his highest form, higher than the form of Jehovah, maybe higher than the form of Elohim -- he does not have a name. He is the Most High. He does not even take the name Elohim.


     So part of the thing -- well, part of what is happening to you by listening to you, and what is happening to me as the Lord teaches us, is that our mind is being developed. Brethren, we have to learn to think outside of the box. We will never understand spiritual things, thinking with the same mind that we were thinking with yesterday or the week before or the month before. Every time the Lord tells us something that -- our reaction might be, oh, wow, I never thought of that. You know, every time we have that -- and some people call it a eureka moment. You know, our mind is expanding. Our capacity to understand is expanding. The last thing we want is to be in a box where our eyes are down and we cannot see another person's point of view or we cannot entertain a new thought. It is a terrible place to be; it is an aspect of death to be so involved or to have a thought or an idea so important to you that you do not even want to hear what the other person has to say and consider it.


     I look forward to the day that you all can be like I am in this aspect, that I can listen to another thought and not be raped by it. I can listen to what you are saying. It is very, very hard to turn me from the doctrine that the Lord gives me. It is very, very hard to do. I do not want to say it is impossible, but it is very hard to do. Though I have believed things over the years that the Lord has proven to be wrong, it is very hard to do.


     So I think that -- are there any other -- are there any questions about this exhortation? Yes.


          My question about -- you make a reference that Abel died and became Leviathan.




          I thought Abel is Christ in us. You know, the sleeping Abel wakes up and becomes Christ in us. Is that true?


     Well, and that is the correction that I am making.


          So --


     So it is not true.


          So it is not true. So when somebody -- so we are all born with Christ, the one is -- but it is a sleeping Christ. And if it does not -- if we do not pursue any spiritual activity, it just goes out of this world?


     No, we are not born with it. Lord, please help me to explain this properly. When Adam died, Adam was literally -- Adam that was formed in the world of creation, he was literally God's ovary. He was -- that was his whole purpose for being born.


     So we had some studies here, and I st- -- I actually just recently referred to it and did not finish my thought. Years ago, when we were first learning Kabbalah, we had studies on the world of points that Rabbi Luria talks about, the World of Points. I have not been able to fit that teaching into my current doctrine right now. OK. But there was -- according to Rabbi Luria, one of the first worlds that came into existence was called the World of Points. The first was the World of Bound Lights; then came the World of Points. Then came the world of Atzilut, which is what we deal with now, the World of Emanation. And from the World of Emanation, the mother of the World of Emanation is bringing forth Adam of creation.


     So the World of Points -- this is my best -- it is a very good question. This is the best way I can answer it right now. The World of Points, God's ovary, OK, consisted of ovum or ova. Ova, I think, is the plural. It consisted of ova. OK. And there was sin in that world. So that world was -- I -- what should I say? It came to an end. OK. Or it emerged, or it evolved into -- because I do not how to connect it right now. It evolved into -- eventually, it became the World of Emanation. And all of those ova were placed inside of Adam, who was formed from the earth. So when Adam died, those ova died with him. When Adam died, he became -- initially, he became Abel.




     So that is Adam. So I will get it out in just a minute. When Adam died, he became Abel. I should not even say when he died. Let me say it this way. When Adam was impregnated by the snake, OK, and produced offspring, OK, that offspring was Cain. And then when Adam gave birth, he ceased to be Adam. It is like, when a woman is a single woman, she gets married and has a child, so now she is a married woman and a mother. She is a new creature. Adam became a new creature. And it was a diminished creature because he was impregnated by the serpent. So that diminished creature was Abel. And Abel was alive until Cain killed him. He was righteous until Cain killed him.




     And when Cain killed him, he became Leviathan. OK. So all of those ova that were in Adam -- he brought them with him when he was righteous Abel. He still had all those ova with him. Then Cain killed him, and the ova died. But when Adam is regenerated and becomes the second Adam, his -- either he receives new ova, or -- I am not sure whether he receives new ova or the old ova are raised with him. I do not know. But he becomes fertile again.




     So the -- and that happened in Israel. So Jehovah raised up -- let us say new ova, but I am not sure whether they were the old ones that we raised or he just gave them new ova. I do not know. Are you following me?


          Mm-hmm. Yeah.


     So in Israel, when Jehovah raised up Israel, he gave -- he brought -- I guess that was basically the seed that was given to Isaac. It was -- to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob -- was the new virile ova, capable of producing the offspring of the soul. So I now see that we have these ova that are present in the second Adam, which is the regenerated Adam. And in addition, we have the human spirit that became Satan and the harlot. So there is, like, a new character here. There is Satan, who became -- the human spirit, who became Satan and the harlot of revelation. Then there is Adam, who became Abel and Leviathan in the fall.




     And then, in national Israel, Jehovah introduced virile seed into the second Adam. National Israel was the second Adam, and Jehovah introduced virile seed to national Israel that went to sleep when national Israel sinned.




     So that -- every human being does not have an ovum, does not have a spiritual ovum. If you have a spiritual ovum, you are a member of Israel.




     So did I explain it? I will say it again. So we have a new element here, an element of understanding. And it is -- I even go deeper in these notes, but I cannot do it off -- what I have in the notes that is off my head right now, I cannot do without the notes. So I will just tell you it was a human spirit, OK. I have been calling her the human spirit. The breath of Jehovah, the breath of the Shekinah that was in the creation, became Satan, OK, the unconscious part of Cain. Adam became a new creature after he gave that birth, became Abel; then when Abel died, became Leviathan. And that was the end of Adam's potential to reproduce. He reproduced as Cain.


     In other words, he -- I did say it. I said it in the plural, but I should not have. He only had one seed, and that seed -- the first Adam only had one seed, which became Cain. And Cain is not fully born yet, but he is on his way. OK. So it is the regenerated Adam, which is the second Adam, that received another seed. That is the promised seed that Jehovah gave to Abraham that went to Isaac, that went to Jacob. So it is not Abel. I did not know it was there before, so I was calling it Abel. But it is another; it is a third element.




     Abel is the soul that died. Satan is the spirit that died. And then we now have a new ova, a new seed that Jehovah gave to Abraham, capable of producing the man-child. And it is a many-membered seed, but it is only one seed.


          So if you do not have the ova, which there are people who do not -- and then I think you were saying they would be touched with the Holy Spirit and then be the branch instead of the root.




          What is making that connection? Because there has to be -- it sounds like there is no righteousness because they do not even have the ovum, which is the aspect of righteousness that God can connect to. What do those people have for God to touch and connect and start? Because I thought it was the dead Abel that turns into Christ. And then Christ will connect with, eventually, the Lord Jesus Christ. So where is the start point for those people?


     Well, that is a very good question. The best that I can answer you now is that there is a memory. Even though the human spirit -- OK, the breath -- it is the breath of the Shekinah. OK. That is the answer. The breath of the Shekinah, which was the human spirit that became Satan, there is -- it is still the breath of the Shekinah. Although she has turned, even though she is evil right now, it is still the breath of the Shekinah. There is something in there that is capable of responding.


          Amen. Amen. Thank you. Yes.


     You are welcome. Thank you, Lord. I almost did not have your answer. I believe that is the answer. And that I recently preached on that, and that -- and we said -- actually, this question came to my mind the other night as I was working on this: that you get people that never heard of Jesus. You never -- they have never heard the name; they do not know anything about him. And I was giving the example of someone who -- their testimony was that they spend a lot of time in the -- in Asia. They were talking about a lot of the Asian people in general, how orderly their societies are, submission to the parents. And how could that be? OK. That potential is in that breath of the Shekinah. And because Satan is both good and evil, you see, Satan is not all evil.




     So Satan can be -- so there is that inherent knowledge of -- it is almost an instinctual knowledge of how to survive, that the parent takes care of the child, that the child grows up, takes care of the parent. And out of that instinctive knowledge, the society developed. And that is how society continues. And it is coming out of that good side of Satan, which is the memory of the Shekinah.


          Yes. Amen. Amen. Thank you very much.


     Do you have a question?


          Yes. Is the ovum that you are referring to equivalent to the soul sparks that you talked about in previous messages?


     Offhand, I would probably say yes. I mean, I could do better if you gave me an actual sentence or something. But most likely, you will notice that what happens -- as the Lord matures the message, the terms that I use change.




     So I would say yes. I would say yes. If you would -- if anyone were to come to me with a particular sentence and it did not work, then I would have to ask the Lord how to make it work.




     So we are all flowing together. OK. Things change, merge. OK. I hope that will satisfy you for now.




     OK, brethren. These are the notes: "The Righteous Nefesh," part 2. And just to remind you, these are the notes that I jotted down as the Lord first started giving me that revelation, the revelation. And these are the notes for part 1 that said were unedited. Excuse me. And I still -- I did not have time to edit all of them, but I got almost to the end. So we will do whatever we can do today.


     Adam was the latest layer of the creation. He was the only aspect of the creation that Jehovah spoke to directly. And the instruction was -- he spoke to him with an instruction: "Do not interact with the other elements of the creation." So we see that the communication between the snake and Adam was an incestuous interaction.


     As I told you previously, the tree in the midst of the garden -- was it really a tree? Was it a tree that looks like the trees outside of this window? I -- most likely not, you know. OK. What -- to my understanding, it would not have made much of a difference if the Scripture said do not eat of that tree or do not eat what is in that cave or do not enter into that hole. OK. Do not eat what it is in the cave. Do not eat the fruit you will find in the hole. It was a doorway. That tree in the midst of the garden was a doorway to the other dimensions of creation. And there were seven major divisions of creation. Each division had many subdivisions.


     I remember asking the Lord, years ago, well, what were these trees? What are these trees in the garden? They are the elements of the sixth day of creation. Many trees -- we do not know how many trees. And there was -- in the midst of the garden, there was something that looked like the other elements of the sixth day of creation. They looked like a tree. They were all trees. It did not look foreign. It did not look alien. It was not frightening. OK.


     But Jehovah said, "Stay away from that," because if you go into that door or if you go into that garden or if you eat the fruit of that tree or if you go into that hole or if you travel to that other dimension, you are going to meet up with another element of the creation that is not c- -- you are not supposed to have a relationship with it. You are not supposed to be listening to that mindset. You are not supposed to be talking to it. You are not supposed to be thinking about what it has to say. It is alien to you. It is an aspect of the creation that is alien to you.


     It is as if someone that never -- that knows nothing about the human body would see blood coming out of -- if I were to start to bleed, they had no idea that there is blood on the inside of me. You know, and blood -- today, we know that blood -- well, not our own blood but anyone else's blood -- we really do not want to be touching that blood because all of the diseases are in the blood.


     So Jehovah said to Adam, "Do not fool around with the knowledge or the information or the wisdom that you can access through that tree, through that hole, through that door. It is not good for you. Stay away from it."


     Actually, I am not sure how this is going to turn out. But as I was working on this message this morning, I was actually asking the Lord, is the snake really the culprit? And I know that I told you recently that the snake was not evil. He was not evil, as we think of evil -- well, it is evil today. That which is evil is Lucifer. That which is born of the snake is evil. But the fifth day of creation -- the creatures of the fifth day of creation were good. You know, Elohim said that they were good.


     So what really was the problem? It says that the -- the Scripture says that the snake was the most subtle of all of the beasts of the field of creation. Well, if you look up that word, subtle, it means wily and crafty, and the implication is evil. But we know that the Scripture is corrupted. We know that this translation is corrupted. It has been written and written and written and overwritten so many times by scribes and rabbis that, if they think something does not sound right, they just changed it. Is it possible that the snake was not the evil one?


     We have the example of Jacob's daughter, Dinah. All that we know is that she went out into the field. She wanted to see what was going on in the land. And she wound up getting raped by the son of Shechem. OK. But we do not know what happened. We do not know if he knocked her down and raped her. We do not know if he seduced her. We do not know if she was -- if she had sin in her and was out looking for a sexual experience. We do not know what happened.


     So we really do not know what happened between Adam and the serpent, except that the word subtle implies that the serpent was dishonest. So he has -- just a question that is coming into my mind. I am asking the Lord, is that true? Or did some rabbi somewhere change the word? Or was it actually Adam? It was actually Adam that did what he was not told to do. Who was the evil one? He put his hand in the hole of the asp, and he got bitten. He went looking. He wanted to see what it was. He disobeyed, and he heard what the serpent had to say.


     So was the snake evil for saying what he had to say? The snake said, "Did Elohim really say that?" Maybe the snake just did not -- was really wondering if Elohim really said that. Why? Because Elohim did not speak to the snake. It was Jehovah, Elohim, that spoke to the man. He never spoke to the snake. So maybe the snake was asking for information, saying, "Did Elohim really say that?"


     You know, brethren -- and I guess I am just asking questions now. I do not know the answer yet. It would be interesting to see if anything comes out under the anointing. I know that it is not unusual. I have had the experience where I have asked a question like that, and the person that I am talking to thinks that I am saying -- how can I give you an example?


     They would say, the sky is blue today. And I would say to them, oh, is the sky really blue? Because I have not been out today. I mean, I do that with Brooke a lot. I used to do it with Susan when the office was in the house. I do not look outside. I could wake up in the morning, and it could be -- I could be working from early in the morning until 12 o'clock before I look outside and see what the weather is like. OK.


     Then someone comes by my office. And I will just say, well, is it raining out? What was the weather like out today? And they say, oh, it is the sun shining, and it is a beautiful day. And I am saying, oh, really? For some reason, I thought it was raining. Is the sun really shining? And then I expect her to say, yeah, the sun is shining. But on occasion, I have said things like that, and the person that I am talking to has come back to me and said, oh, do you think the sun should not be shining? Is it? It is my opinion.


     I will say -- OK. I will say, what is the temperature out there? OK. I will say, do I need a coat today? And they will say, yeah, I think you need a coat; it is pretty cold. And I will say, oh, really? Is it really that cold that I need a winter coat this early? And they will say, oh, well, maybe I am wrong. Do you think that you should wear a winter coat? You know, maybe I told you the wrong thing. Can anybody not relate to what I am saying? Can you not relate to what I am saying? Can you?




     Yeah. So maybe that is all that happened. Jehovah spoke directly to the man, never spoke directly to the snake. And the man went into the snake's hole, went into the lair of the bear, and who knows what she said to him? Greetings, I come in the name of Elohim, the creator. And the snake said, really? I have never been outside of this hole, never been outside of this tree. Is there really someone named -- did Elohim really say that? Is there someone really named Elohim? Maybe that is what happened. And the interaction produced an offspring, which is the offspring of incest, so the offspring was evil.


     It is good to ask questions. It is good to think out of the box. It is good to ask God, is this possible? He wants creative thought. Do not be afraid of creative thought. We will -- we have the Spirit of truth, and the truth will win out. Why will the truth win out? Because I do not have any agenda. I am not trying to prove that the snake is good because I like snakes. I want the truth. I do not have an agenda. It does not make any difference to me. It makes absolutely no difference to me whether the snake is the perpetrator or Adam is the perpetrator. It makes no difference to me at all. I just want the truth. So I do not have anything to be afraid of. I have no agenda, see?


     So if you want truth, brethren, you have to deal with your agenda. You have to know yourself. You have to look into your own heart and ask yourself if you have a motive that wants the truth to be A, or you want the truth to be B because of some way that it is going to affect your life. And if that is the -- if that is your condition, you are not likely to find the truth. You have to be neutral. You have to divest yourself of your own agenda. OK.


     So the snake was an earlier element of the creation that wanted to take authority over Adam and was indeed smarter than Adam. The reptilians were formed on the fifth day of creation, and the Lord told us, in part 1, that their intelligence is instinctual, that they are the animal element. They are an animal element of the creation.


     And I went online, and I looked for some information on the relationship between the reptilians and the mammals. And according to Darwin, OK, the animals emerged out of the reptilians. And that is very interesting because I am told that Darwin's theories have been completely debunked. And of course, I do not believe that we came from monkeys. I do not believe that we came from monkeys, but I believe that there is some truth to evolution in the spirit. It may be true in the spirit. Darwin might have heard, might have gotten a spiritual revelation, and he applied it to the flesh. And we know the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- that is exactly what happened.


     So maybe the reptilians were formed on the fifth day. And the sixth day creature, Adam, came into existence while the reptilians still existed. Maybe it was a many-membered reptilian, and the first reptilians had emerged into Adam. But the rest of the reptilians had not fully evolved yet. Can you hear that?


     Maybe it was the -- maybe the process of evolution of the spiritual, I will say, creation. Maybe the process of the creation was what we are told about the Sefirot: that the first Sefirah came into existence, and then the second Sefirah was born out of it, and then the second Sefirah matured, and the third Sefirah was born out of it. Maybe the creation was emerging in a way very similar to what Darwin heard. He just applied it incorrectly.


     So Adam, instead of looking forward to what he would be in the future, looked backward, looked back to what he came from. And that interaction -- maybe it had something to do with Lot's wife. Maybe it was a similar principle. He looked back. He looked back to where he came from, and it produced an interaction that corrupted the seed.


     Because -- brethren, I believe these reptilians are real. I believe that they are out there and that they want contact with humanity. They believe that they are elders. They believe that they are smarter than us; they are wiser than us. They live for thousands of years, and we just barely live for 100 years. And they are out to dominate us in some way. You know, so maybe they were meant to be one. You know.


     I think I have something about that in my notes. I am going to take a look here. So the reptilians were formed on the fifth day of creation, and their intelligence is instinctual, meaning they do not reason. Adam is the element of creation that has reason. Adam is the element of creation that has interaction with God.


     The reptilian problem is in -- oh, yeah, this is what the Lord gave me this morning. The reptilian problem -- what problem? The problem that there are reptilians that want interaction with humanity. They want to dominate us. The reptilian problem is an autoimmune deficiency of the spiritual creation. In other words, one element of the creation is having destructive -- is behaving destructively towards the other element of the creation.


     It says, if our heart had the ability to become the external communicative organ of the creation, which is Adam -- Adam is the external communicative organ of the creation. It says, if our heart, which you cannot see -- it is underneath the skin -- had the ability to become the external communicative organ of the creation while the body was forced into a secondary, hidden function -- now, of course, that -- nothing like that can happen. You have to use your imagination that we would stop looking like this and we would look like a big heart and the body would be hidden inside.


     Adam was formed on the sixth day of creation, and his wisdom comes from the Lord. No element of the creation, including Adam, was ever intended to function independently of the rest of the elements of creation. And that is what is happening. You see the reptilians out there, the humans here. They are trying to seduce us. They are coming in spaceships. They are doing whatever they are doing. It was never meant to be that way. We are all attacking each other. [?We are?] the victims. We do not know that we do not attack the reptilians. We do not know that what we do does not attack the reptilians. We do not know. But what we do know is that the creation is supposed to be one cohesive creation, and it is in parts that were not flowing together in the same manner that all humans are not flowing together. That is why we have arguments and misunderstandings and hard feelings. That is why we are not all walking in the right direction.


     So I have a definition for instinct for you: "a natural or inherent aptitude; an impulse or capacity; a largely inheritable and unalterable tendency of an organism to make a complex and specific response to environmental stimuli without involving reason." So the reptilians want humanity. They want us. They are coming after us. They are seeking to join with us. That is their instinctive impulse: to be one with us and to dominate us. We are told they want to dominate us. I believe they want to be one with us, and they want to rule over us.


     The breath that Jehovah breathed into Adam was the Shekinah. The tree in the midst of the garden is a spiritual dimension of creation, or the doorway to the spiritual dimension of creation, called the fifth day of creation, which is inhabited by beings identified by scales and feathers. The tree in the midst of the garden is a spiritual dimension of creation, or the doorway to the spiritual dimension called the fifth day of creation, which is inhabited by beings identified by scales and feathers: reptilians, birds and insects.


     Humanity is Cain, the offspring of the union of the fifth-day intelligence, which became the unconscious part of the mind of humanity, and Adam, who became the subconscious part of the mind of humanity, of Cain. So technically, the so-called aliens are our ancestors and did create us, albeit illegally, when considering that the creation is a form or a type of spiritual evolution. Interesting thought.


     The intelligence in the unconscious part of the mind -- that is the fifth day of creation -- are actually a part of the projection of Elohim, who created them. We talked about this in part 1. The creation is actually -- well, right now, it is a perversion. But it is intended to be a reflection, an image of Elohim, a visible image of the invisible God, an image that would reflect the qualities of the character of the invisible God. And the reptilians are a part of that. In the Book of Isaiah, we read about the seraphim, which are reptilians with wings that are praising Jehovah.


     The intelligences in the unconscious part of the mind, the fifth day of creation, are actually a part of the projection of Elohim, who created them. So it is not wrong to say a drop of Elohim rebelled against the whole image of Elohim that was being created. But it is more accurate to say that the intelligences on the other side of the door in the midst of the garden, which is the field of creation, spoke to Adam independently of the whole image of Elohim. Let me give that to you.


     Now what I am referring to here is the previous revelation: that there was the whole Elohim that was flowing through the creation, and there was a drop of Elohim that was inside of the creation that disagreed with the whole Elohim and seduced the woman. That is what I was teaching.


     Now I am putting it to you this way. I am saying the intelligences in the unconscious part of the mind, the fifth day of creation, are actually a part of the projection of Elohim -- that is the image of Elohim; they are a part of it -- who created them. So it is not wrong to say that a drop of Elohim rebelled against the whole image of Elohim that was being created, and that drop was a reptilian because the image of Elohim that is coming forth is reptilians, many-member reptilian, birds, many birds, avians, and many insects. That is a part of the creation today. So to say that a drop of Elohim rebelled against the whole consciousness of Elohim, which is good, OK, and seduced the woman, that one drop could be a reptilian.


     But it is more accurate to say that the intelligences on the other side of the door, in the midst of garden in the field of creation, spoke to Adam independently of the whole image of Elohim, their creator, that was being formed. The drop, of my latest teaching, is the intelligent reptilians, birds and insects that were created to be the immune system, the protection of the whole man.


     And that was such an interesting thought that came to me this morning. Mankind is vulnerable, you know. Mankind did not have wisdom. He was completely dependent upon God. So what was the function of these reptilians? That is the strength of the creation. They were the strong part. And it came to me today that they were actually intended to be the immune system, the defense of Adam on that particular level. So the reptilians became an autoimmune disease.


     They were the strength of -- it is like having -- how do I explain this? It is like having an ability. OK. Well, we have to have an ability to have anger. There is a righteous anger, brethren. If someone is trying to kill you, you are supposed to rise up and defend yourself. You know, there are people that cannot rise up and defend themselves. They will not. They would just stand there and be slaughtered. And there is something wrong with them. People that do not feel pain -- well, that happened to June. Her fingers got burned, and she did not feel the pain. She could not. She had severe burns, second and third degree burns.


     So maybe the reptilians were the strong part. Maybe they were intended, when the creation was integrated properly, to be the defense or that part of the man that would rise up and defend when necessary, whereas the man was purely peaceful. There was nothing aggressive about him at all.


     So we are asking questions now. The drop, of my latest teaching, is the intelligent reptilians, birds and insects that were created to be the immune system, the protection of the whole man. So that immune system went awry. The reptilians now hunt. They hunt the man. Adam is the skin of the creation, and his name, Adam, is the same as the name as the whole creation.


     Here is a definition of skin: "the integument of an animal, such as a fur-bearing mammal or a bird, separated from the body, usually with its hair or feathers; the hide or pelt of a game or domestic animal; the external lining, the external limiting tissue layer of an animal body; an outer covering, such as a rind or a husk of a fruit or seed; and a membranous film or scum, as on boiling milk or drying paint." That is interesting because that is -- that concept is in the Zohar. It talks about this: that thin film of scum on boiling liquid that gets taken off until that which is boiling becomes refined. I do not know how to apply it, but that just struck me as interesting.


     So "a sheathing or casing forming the outside surface of a structure" -- so I explained to you earlier about the skins. We are the skins. The whole body, which we are, this whole -- all of humanity, this whole creation, is the skin of that which was born into the environment that Cain now exists in. We are -- the outside world and our bodies are the environment that Cain was born into. He is not -- well, he is not fully born yet. He was born into this environment, but he is not fully -- how do I say that?


     He was born into this environment, but he has not given birth yet because Cain is that -- Cain is the soul that came into existence that has to give birth. And they are both called Cain. It was a soul that was born from the interaction of the reptilian and the man. A soul was born. OK. But that soul has to produce offspring. So Cain was born, but the Cain that would be the offspring of Cain has not been born yet.


     Cain and Abel are not twins. Cain was conceived and born. Abel was not conceived. Genesis 4:1-2: "And Adam knew Eve, his wife. And she conceived and bare Cain and said, 'I have gotten a man from the Lord.' And she again bare his brother, Abel. And Abel was a keeper of the sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground." So she bare again, but she did not conceive again. Abel was born but not conceived. This means that Abel existed before he was born into the primordial world, which is actually the placental environment that Cain exists in up to this present time.


     So we are in utero. This whole world is the placenta. The whole external world is the placenta. And we know this is a water world, and all of the fluid in this world is supporting the developing embryo, a fetus called Cain. And the part of Cain that is more mature in this world is called Lucifer. So we have a many-membered Cain and each member in a different degree of development.


     Cain has not been fully born yet. And such a birth would be, at the very least, a retarded version of the intended creation, or a retarded version or a retarded model of what the creation is supposed to be, and at the very worst, a monster that swallows up every other element of the creation.


     What are autoimmune disorders? Immune system disorders cause abnormally low activity or over-activity of the immune system. In cases of immune system over-activity, the body attacks and damages its own tissues. That is the autoimmune diseases. Immune deficiency diseases decrease the body's ability to fight invaders, causing vulnerability to infections.


     Abel is the consciousness of Adam occupying Cain, his own offspring, as his subconscious mind. Abel is the subconscious mind of Cain, the premature birth of the image of Elohim that is being created. Cain is the premature -- let us say the premature and perverse -- the premature birth of the perverse image or the inaccurate image of Elohim that is being created.


     Genesis 1:26: "And God said, 'Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over the cattle and over the earth and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.'"


     Genesis 2:4: "These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens." So do you see that play on the words? The generations of the heavens and the earth -- in the spirit world, the heavens was created first. But in this world, the Lord God made the earth and the heavens. And also, please note, in the day that the earth was made first, Elohim is now manifesting along with Jehovah.


     Cain is the nefesh, the conscious mind. Cain is also the name of the present formation of the creation. Cain, the offspring of a reptilian -- or the reptilian. I did not know whether to say a reptilian or the reptilian. Why? Because what we are told is that Adam is a many-membered man; Christ is a many-membered man. What happens in one cell affects everybody. In other words, God can do completely -- complete his word, his plans for this creation, in one cell. He brought forth the offspring of the soul in one cell, Jesus of Nazareth, and it has affected the whole world. It has affected all the other cells. And that is true. What God is doing here -- although nobody else seems to know about it or can appreciate it, what God is accomplishing here can affect the whole human race. And he does it in one place, and then it spreads.


     So Cain, the offspring of a reptilian, which is really one spark of the whole reptilian that became his unconscious mind, killed Adam, his subconscious mind -- that is his conscience -- and became Abel, Cain's subconscious mind.


     After Adam, who was still attached to the supernal mother through the Shekinah, the placenta that he was being formed in -- so I am saying that the Shekinah -- we now have a further identification of the Shekinah as opposed to the supernal mother. I believe I have told you so far that the Shekinah -- I have not made it clear because I have not been sure myself. But the supernal mother, when she is in the World of Emanation above, is called mother. And when she is in this world, she is called the Shekinah. And we now see that the Shekinah is sort of a placenta. We know that the Shekinah in this world is the Spirit of grace, that she is bringing the life of God to God's people. But now we see a deeper definition of her as the placenta that Adam's -- the embryo that Adam is bringing forth is being formed in.


     Let me read you from the beginning. Cain, the offspring of a reptilian that became his unconscious mind, killed Adam, his subconscious mind -- that was his conscience -- and became Abel. And Adam became Abel, OK, and subconscious mind. After Adam, who was still attached to the supernal mother through the Shekinah, the placenta that he was being formed in, chose to disregard his mother's training and thus purged himself of her influence; i.e., he murdered her.


     So Abel was not Cain's brother. And when you look at those words in the interlinear text, it says brother. It just means relative. Of course, there is a specific word that means mother, but this word that is translated brother could mean any relative. So he purged himself of her influence; i.e., he murdered her. And she is buried in the earth. She is buried under the earth of humanity as the human spirit to this very day, which -- we know the human spirit became Satan. Because when it -- OK. The Shekinah is actually the living placenta that Adam was being formed in, the source of all food and nourishment and life to the fetus.


     Placenta: "a flattened circular organ in the uterus of pregnant eutherian mammals" -- it is from the word earth -- "nourishing and maintaining the fetus through the umbilical cord." So the Shekinah is the supernal mother in the earth -- that is what I have been telling you -- responsible for feeding the sparks of Adam, the sparks of Abel. The problem is that he became Leviathan, and he is attacking the very source that is trying to save him.


     And here is another definition of placenta. I do not know why I did both. This article is about the human trophoblast. The general information about the placenta, as an organ of the body -- see, I cannot read [INAUDIBLE]. The placenta is an organ that connects the developing fetus to the uterine wall to allow nutrient update through a regulation -- I cannot read it, some kind of -- and gas exchange, something about elimination, waste elimination and gas exchange. Well, I cannot read this print, so -- this type, this font. So I am not going to read it to you. You will have to read it yourself.


     The placenta holds the fetus, and it connects the fetus to the mother by the umbilical cord. And it de- -- it eliminates waste, and it feeds the fetus. And that is what the Shekinah inside the creation is. And the Shekinah -- that is what the supernal mother inside the creation is, and that is what the Shekinah is. She is the lower aspect of the supernal mother, or the supernal mother in the creation.


     So we now know what Cain and Abel were arguing about. Abel, the recipient of the wisdom of the Shekinah, was instructing Cain in God's morality, which Cain rejected in favor of the counsel of the reptilian, who had become the unconscious part of his mind.


     Abel, who was under the influence of the Shekinah, who was also the spiritual umbilical cord that connected him to the supernal mother, separated from the Shekinah after Cain slew him but continued to be the subconscious part of the mind of Cain, as Leviathan. And the Shekinah, the spiritual placenta that connected Adam and then Abel to Elohim, the only source of life, was trapped in the dimension of the creation called Cain. See, when Cain was born, a new dimension was born and became the harlot of revelation. And Abel, who she is still attached to her, became the beast called Leviathan.


     Abel, who was under the influence of the Shekinah -- Abel was -- Adam became Abel after he produced Cain. Abel, who was under the influence of the Shekinah, was also the spiritual umbilical cord that connected him to the supernal mother, OK, separated from the Shekinah after Cain slew him -- separated from the placenta after Cain slew him -- but continued to be the subconscious part of the mind of Cain, as Leviathan. And the Shekinah, the spiritual placenta that connected Adam and then Abel to Elohim, the only source of life, was trapped in the dimension of the creation called Cain and became the harlot of revelation. And Abel, who she is still attached to her, became the beast called Leviathan.


     So we see that the Shekinah, the spiritual placenta, including the umbilical cord, which has the same name, is drinking the blood of the saints rather than purifying it, the true role of the placenta through the umbilical cord. I thought that was so interesting. So we see the Shekinah, the spiritual placenta whose job it is to purify the blood of the baby, of the fetus, instead of purifying the blood, is drinking the blood of the saints rather than purifying it.


     Revelation 17:6: "And I saw a woman who was drunken with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration." Revelation 18:24: "And in her was found the blood of the prophets and of saints and of all that were slain upon the earth." So here again we see the autoimmune system is failing. The organ that was supposed to be purifying the blood of the embryo or the fetus is drinking that blood. She is completely abusing the role for which she exists.


     These two are the object of salvation, the Shekinah and Abel, the mother and the Son, who were cut off from Elohim, the Father. Please note that Elohim -- excuse me -- that Elohim is the creator and that the name Jehovah, translated Lord in the King James translation, does not appear until later in the process of creation.


     Genesis 1:26: "And God said, 'Let us make man in his image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.'" Genesis 1:1: "In the beginning, God created heaven and earth." So in the beginning, it was just God. It was just Elohim.


     And Genesis 2:4 shows us Jehovah, not until chapter 2: "These are the generations of the heavens and the earth, when they were created, in the day that the Lord God" -- that Jehovah, Elohim -- "made the earth and the heavens." So every reference to God in chapter 1 is Elohim, and Jehovah appears first in chapter 2.


     The name Jehovah appears after the Scripture begins to talk about the creation from the earthen side. This means that Jehovah is the name that appears in the activity of creation, whereas Elohim is the -- my voice software is not doing too well here -- whereas Elohim is the name that always existed. The name Jehovah appears after the Scripture begins to talk about the creation in the earth, but Elohim is the name that always existed.


     The Shekinah became the human spirit, which became Satan and the false prophet. And Abel became Leviathan. Behemoth is the skin that we know as humanity, which came into existence to cover the fallen Adam. Genesis 3:21: "Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins and clothed them."


     They exist as the unconscious and subconscious mind of Cain, the newborn nefesh of the Cain phenomenon of creation. So Cain was born as a nefesh, and that nefesh has to give birth to a child, and that child is Lucifer. The nefesh is born of a spiritual source, such as the archangel Michael, and Adam, which is soul.


     The reptilian that impregnated Adam is actually self-impregnation. The reptilian that impregnated Adam is actually a self-impregnation. Adam actually impregnated himself by putting his hand in that hole, by eating of that tree. By contacting the other dimension of creation, he created a self-impregnation. In other words, Adam impregnated himself. I wrote a book on this, in the early days of this ministry, called "Mind-Generated Incarnation."


     After Adam used the spiritual power of Elohim that was made available to him through the Shekinah, the placenta that he was being formed in, the earlier part of the creation that Adam manipulated for his own purposes became stronger and overtook him. So what I am saying here is that Adam is really the culprit, that the reptilian was just an animal, you know, asking a question, saying, I do not hear directly from Elohim. Is that really what Elohim said to you? And Adam went ahead because it was his intention to self-impregnate himself. And then after that happened, after Adam self-impregnated himself, after the reptilian was used incorrectly, he became stronger than the man.


     Now we do have an example of that. It was in the news a couple of years ago. A woman had taken some kind of -- someone from the ape family as a pet. And she was -- you may recall this. She was -- some say -- well, he was sleeping in her bed. Some say she was having sex with him. But at the very least, he was sitting at her dinner table, drinking wine with her. As bizarre as that sounds, it was in the newspaper. And the woman had a friend visit, and the animal ripped the face off of her friend. But apparently, she was living with that animal as if it were her husband.


     So there is nothing new under the sun. That is what is being said here as this theory is being put forth: that Adam was really the culprit, that he laid hold of the strength of his own creation, which means his own manhood, impregnated himself. And then after the -- oh, wow. I just got a witness from the Lord about that. Because I am sitting here, saying -- because, really, where did I even get this from? And I just got a witness from the Lord.


     So after the interaction took place and Cain came into the existence, the reptilian became stronger than the man. And the witness that the Lord just gave me was Sarah, barren Sarah, telling Abraham, "I am barren, so why do you not take my maid to give you a child?" And then the Scripture says, after Ishmael was born, Hagar exalted herself over Sarah because she -- even before Ishmael was born, when she became pregnant, when Hagar became pregnant, she started getting uppity towards Sarah, who was the mistress of the household. And Hagar was a maid. But because she was carrying Abraham's heir, she exalted herself and started exercising authority over Sarah.


     And that is when Sarah went to Abraham and said, "Look at what she is doing." And Abraham said, "Do with her whatever you want." So Sarah was very hard on Hagar. She gave her a hard time. And Sar- -- and Hagar ran away. But the Lord followed Hagar and said, "No, go back. She is your mistress, and you should go back. She is giving you a hard time."


     Brethren, when someone that has authority over you is living you a hard time, God's answer to that problem is, number one, that you submit. Now I am not talking about you submitting to ungodly -- anything that is ungodly. You should not be stealing or committing crimes or submitting sexually to someone, OK, other than your mate. OK.


     But if you are in a situation, where someone that has a legitimate legal authority over you is being very hard on you, God's answer is that, number one, you should submit. Number two, you should do everything in your power to be kind to that person, even though you might say they do not deserve it. And if God is in it, hopefully, it will turn their heart towards you.


     If that is your mate or if it is your employer or if it is your mother-in-law or if it is relatives in your family -- or what if it is, God forbid, your pastor? What if the Lord told you to go to that church? You needed to be in that church, and your pastor was being hard on you. God's solution is submit to legitimate authority and do everything in your power to be kind to them until the Lord turns their heart toward you. That is the way of the Lord. Anything else is the way of Cain. Anything else is pride and the way of Cain.


     So the Lord sent Hagar back to [?Syria?]. And that is what happened with the reptilian. After he was used to produce the soul called Cain, he started to exalt himself over the man who misused him through an incestuous relationship that resulted in the production of a reproductive part -- that interaction resulted in a soul that was now capable of reproducing.


     So we can actually say that Adam was warned -- get ready for a shocking word, whoever you are. So we can actually say that Adam was warned not to masturbate because his interaction with Leviathan was an act of masturbation. He brought forth seed from another part of the -- himself. So we can actually say that Adam was warned not to masturbate, but then he touched the reptilian, his private parts -- now, we are calling the reptilian his private parts -- we are likening the reptilian to his private parts -- and produce seed -- produced a drop of seed that developed and was born without Elohim. Now remember, the reptilian is the drop of Elohim that was on the inside of the creation. Elohim was creating an image of himself, and so far, what had come forth in that image were the reptilians and the avians and the insects.


     So Adam took a drop of Elohim without Elohim's permission. In other words, the whole of Elohim was supposed to impregnate Adam, but because Adam did not wait for Elohim, he took a drop of Elohim's seed in the form of a reptilian. He did it himself, if you can hear that. So we can actually say that Adam was warned not to masturbate, but that he touched the reptilian, his private parts, and produced seed that developed and was born without Elohim who always intended -- Elohim, who always intended to put on the creation, to take it as a garment. In other words, Elohim always intended to be in the midst of the creation, to wear the creation as a garment, ruling de- -- he always intended to be in the midst of the creation, ruling and reigning over it as a king. In other words, Adam produced the shell of an egg. Al- -- Adam produced the shell of an egg.


     Brethren, this body is the shell of the egg. Adam produced the shell of the egg which breaks very easily. Lives for a season and then dies. Humpty Dumpty, who fell off of the wall, separating from Elohim, was an incomplete egg. It fell before it was fully developed, and that is why the government of Judah, the king's horses, and Adam, the king's mediator, or the Adam's ma- -- the king's man, could not put Humpty Dumpty together again because he was not whole. He did not -- he was missing the life force.


     Adam was an egg that was lacking the life force. Now, I looked it up, and in this world, the shell is the last thing that is formed, but everything is always opposite in the spiritual world. So the shell was formed first. God had not gotten inside of his creation yet. That is what happens on the seventh day. God gets inside of his creation.




     So God was not inside of the egg yet. That is why when it broke, it was impossible to put it back together again. Because he was missing the very core of himself, which is Elohim.


     Now, that is really interesting because I had a prophecy, once we were visiting another ministry, and that woman came over to me, and she had -- and it was -- I know it was definitely God. And she said -- and the prophecy was that my core -- this woman's core, meaning me -- I remember her exact word. I will say Christ Jesus. That was my core. And I know it was true because it was a word that was actually given to the pastor of that church.


     It was -- we had gone to that conference and sat down -- I was there with Joanne [SP], who is not in the ministry anymore -- and we sat down in the first row, which was reserved for the pastors -- visiting pastors. So the pastor of the church came over and asked us to move, and I said, well, I am a pastor, and he did not believe me. He did not believe I was a pastor. So when I went up for prayer, the Lord sent that prophet over, and she announced it really loud, and the pastor came over and apologized to me after that and asked what ministry I was the pastor of. So I know that was God that said my core was Christ Jesus.


     And I wondered -- even recently, I wondered what was there? What did that core replace or what was there? We have learned it now according to this information. My guess was that there was no core. I was an empty shell until Christ Jesus became my -- the core of me. I was a shell that was breaking really badly.




     So the shell is formed just before the egg is laid in chickens, but Adam's shell was formed before the egg was complete. And humanity is that shell. We are incomplete.


     Colossians 2:10: "And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power." And the principality and power is Cain. Satan and Leviathan in Cain. That is the principality of power. And when Christ Jesus gets inside, he becomes the head over the whole principality and power, all of Cain, Satan and Leviathan.


     But Cain, Satan and Leviathan is stronger than Christ Jesus when he first forms inside of us. We can kill him. Our carnal mind can kill Christ Jesus and kills him frequently. So until Christ Jesus, or Christ in -- let us say Christ. Until Christ is rejoined to the Shekinah -- until that umbilical cord is reestablished, and he is rejoined to the Shekinah, Christ, who is our core, is weaker than the carnal mind and the powers and principalities of this skin.


     And that was what happened to Adam. He laid hold of the male strength, because Adam was male and female. He laid hold of the male strength of the very creation. He masturbated. He took that drop of seed and impregnated himself, but the only thing that came forth was the shell. See, he fooled himself. The only thing that came forth was the shell. All of the bodies of humanity were the shell. He could not give birth to God. See, he was lacking understanding. He could not -- what he did could not cause Elohim to fill the void. He was nothing without God.


     The clay which is a part of the Nefesh aspect of soul is formed into an outer shell, a vessel that contains the consciousness of the angel -- I am saying angel. Spirit equals the unconscious part of the mind. The clay which is a part of the Nefesh aspect of soul is formed into an outer shell, a vessel that contains the consciousness of the angel or of the spirit of the unconscious part of the mind. And Adam, which is soul, which is the subconscious part of the mind -- I read that wrong.


     The clay which is a part of the Nefesh aspect of soul is formed into an outer shell, a vessel that contains the consciousness of the angel. Spirit equals the unconscious, and Adam's soul equals the subconscious.


     Apparently, for the purpose of this inadequate creation, Adam was able to manipulate the reptilian to function as spirit because spirit is male to the soul. If you think -- now remember, the reptilian operates on instinct. The reptilian operates on instinct, so Adam was able to take the male element of himself and when -- under the right circumstances, at the risk of sounding vulgar, brethren, I am just going to tell you what God gives me -- a man can function. A man can be -- if a man goes for an examination because his wife cannot get pregnant, the doctor will ask him to produce seed. Well, usually he masturbates to produce the seed. So the reptilian being, functioning on instinct, Adam was able to get him to produce the seed. It had nothing to do with the motions or mind or feelings or anything like that. He masturbated himself to get the seed and impregnate himself. So apparently, for the purposes of this inadequate creation, Adam was able to manipulate the reptilian to function as spirit. He masturbated himself. That is what happened.


     So if you think about it -- and we talked about this in part one. If you think about it, the parents of a human child form him by both their unspoken desires for his future, which writes the programming of his unconscious mind, and the instructions that they give him over the years, which becomes the subconscious programming of the child. The consciousness of the adult that the child becomes is born from the hope of the parents, unconscious, and from their instruction, his subconscious. That consciousness is the newborn Nefesh of a new individual which is actually the product of the parents.


     So every child that becomes an adult is the product of their parents. He has something unique that he is born with. He has a unique soul that he is born with, but that soul is programmed. He is the product of his parents. The human race is Cain, and the offs- -- you see, that is what the Scripture means when it says if you look at a woman, you can know what the man is like. Because although his wife is not newborn when she gets married, but -- and I do not know about today's marriages, brethren, but traditionally, in a marriage where the man is the head of the family, and he is the support of the family, and the woman is basically in a servant role to the man. She is supposed to -- that is what it is supposed to be, ladies. Do not throw eggs at me. It is supposed to be ministering to your husband and raising your children, which are his children, and being responsible to keep the household in order and a godly place which is a haven -- a safe haven of comfort for all members of the family. That is the model. That is God's model of the family. Your husband takes care of you financially and wherever his strength is required, and you minister to him to make him comfortable in every way that you can because he has the responsibility of providing for you, both material, financial, emotional and emotional support and guidance as the head of the family. That is the model, brethren. That is the model.


     The human race is Cain, the offspring of the union of the fifth day of creation, and Adam, the sixth day of the soul. So humanity is the product of incest and, in particular, the product of self-impregnation. The human spirit, which is -- became Satan -- the human spirit which was the plac- -- [?was?was not?] initially the placenta of the fetus of Adam that was being formed, became Satan, and then she became the harlot, and Satan is the harlot in Revelation who fornicates with the Nefesha [SP]. That is the plural of Nefesh. The harlot fornicates with the Nefesha [SP] -- that is the kings of humanity; that is Cain -- and abuses and condemns and punishes Cain to point of her death.


     So Satan is the adversary that accuses Cain -- that is us -- that accuses us and punishes us, if she can do it to the point of death. So that which was the placenta of the creation, that which was given and created to nourish the fetus, to eliminate the waste, to purify it, to feed it and care for it, OK, became the accuser of the brethren and the fallen creation.


     The human spirit is Satan. The placenta is the harlot of Revelation who fornicates with the Nefesha [SP], which are the kings -- the spiritual kings of humanity, which is Cain, and accuses, condemns and punishes Cain, that is the conscious part of the mind, to the point of the death of the body called Cain.


     The angels that sinned, which are trapped in the hell of their own making, and that hell is the mind of Cain and the physical body -- they are trapped in this physical body, and the body is reptilian. And every once in a while, someone is born with a tail. I do not know if you know that or not. I do not know how often it happens when a baby is born with a tail. It is -- I am told it is removed surgically [?in the end?].


     So the angels that sinned -- who were the angels that -- see now, this is really interesting. Who are the angels that sinned, that are trapped in the hell of their own making? What I believe the Lord is talking about when he says this -- now remember -- Lord, please help me to say this -- the one that sinned is Adam, OK. He has the potential of repro- -- of the soul that is going to reproduce.


     What is the name of the -- what is the Old Testament name of the man-child? The Old Testament name of the man-child is Cherub. Now I think the whole Christian world anyway, if you hear the word Cherub, you think of this chubby, little baby -- angelic baby, undersized baby. So for years, I never understood where that even came from, and then I found the word -- I found it. I do not know if the word -- yeah, the word Cherub is in The Zohar, and The Zohar tells you that the Cherub is very small and with a babyface. Well, it is the man-child. The Cherubs are the man-child -- or the man-children -- the male offspring of the soul that are not born yet, or if they are born, they look like Cherubs, or they are the babies. That is what the Cherub is.


     So the angel is that which is being born. The son of man is an angel, the hybrid, the offspring of the spirit and the soul.


     Now, brethren, there is more than one kind of angel. There is different kinds of angels. Because when I prayed this through this morning. I said, Lord, I always thought an angel was the thoughts of God. That when God wanted something, he thought it into existence, he thought about it, and the angels came into existence and went to bring it to pass. Well, that is still true. And there are the archangels. And I am told that a lot of these angels that come into existence when God thinks of something, and soon as they accomplish their goal, they disappear, or they cease to exist. But then there are archangels that continue on, like Michael and Gabriel, OK, or -- they do not disappear. So -- and then there are the Cherubim -- Cherubs which are the Cherubims which are angels. So there is different kinds of angels.


     So the angels that sinned actually is Adam, [?where?or?] Adam himself is not an angel, OK, but it was Ada- -- listen, God help me to explain this. Adam is both male and female. So it was Adam that sin- -- was a part of Adam that sinned. It was the female part of Adam that sinned with the male part of Adam, and they brought forth an offspring which must be an angel. That is the definition of angel. Cain is the evil angel. So the angels that sinned, you could say it is Cain, or you could say it is the two -- it is the male and female elements of Adam because they are what they produced. The male and female elements of Adam are what they produced. They became Cain. They became Cain and Abel, and then Cain killed Abel. You following me?




     Have you have all had it? This is a very deep message.


            Mm, yes, deep.


     Have you all had it? Maybe we will -- I think that I am losing you, so maybe we will end a little early today. Because there is no point in going on if you are not absorbing this. We will end this right here. We will start here with the angles that sinned. And if the Lord let us me, those are [?required?] [INAUDIBLE].


     Any questions? Everybody OK? You all understand everything perfectly?






            This is Brett.


     Hi, Brett.


            Hi. I guess, I have one question. In case I might have missed it, but, you know, we are talking about Go- -- who God is in different realms, I guess, but -- and first and second Adam. But how d- -- who is the father then? I mean, am I getting -- is -- I guess that was my question is what is -- who is the father?


Well, it depends on the context of the question. The father in general is Ancient Adam. That is the first man. When we are told in the book of Genesis, "Let us make man in our image and in our likeness," the first man, Adam, came into existence. Now, you might have heard me say that Adam exists on multiple levels. Adam -- that first man that was perfect, his name is Ancient Adam, and he is in the image of God, and he is perfect, and he is bringing forth likenesses of himself. So he brought forth the man, Adam, that was formed from the earth. He is making a model of himself. So the father is Ancient Adam. He is called the A- --


            OK, he is Ancient Adam.


     He is --


            OK, so -- but the father is the Ancient of days. He is also called the Ancient Adam.


     Yes, the King James says the Ancient of days, and the Kabbalists say Ancient Adam or Primordial Adam. It is the same person.


            OK, so they are not talking about Elohim, or is that --


     Yeah, that is a very good question, Brett [SP]. I have had the same question myself. As of now, I do not think so, but to be honest with you, I guess Elohim could be called the father also, although I do not think so. But you are asking questions that are very high. I do not know the answer to them. So I would say, no, it is not Elohim, but it could be Elohim, you know? You cannot get caught up on these questions because we just do not know the answers yet.


            No, that is fine. I mean, that is -- I am just telling you what came to my mind as far as --




            -- asking the question. So this --




            -- is what I have.


     OK, and then also --


            OK, thank you.


     You are welcome. And then also the Lord Jesus -- actually, Our Father is the Lord Jesus Christ. So we see fathers on -- the father exists on many levels, and our fath- -- because we are really in a very low spiritual place. So Our Father -- our immediate father, is the Lord Jesus Christ. But Ancient Adam is Our Father too, and the Scripture does not distinguish between the father, the grandfather, the great-grandfather and the great-great-grandfather, so we have more than one father. I hope I did not confuse you.


            OK, thank --


     You are welcome.


            Thank- -- no, that helps. That -- it just -- what you just said about we have      different fathers just -- it really helped me when you said that.


     OK. I am glad I could help you. OK. Yes.


            Rita [SP] asked, "And Adam Kadmon, where is he in there? And that is also the       name of Ancient Adam and Our Father. Is this also then" -- sorry. I read that. Let me re-read it because I kind of messed it up. Where -- she is basically asking   where is Adam Kadmon in all of this? And is this also the name of Ancient Adam and Our Father?


     Yes, the -- and Kadmon is the Hebrew word for primordial. I am trying not to use that word anymore because it is so far separated from the Scripture that I am concerned that people outside of our ministry will tend to think the word is not legitimate. But primor- -- Kadmon means primordial, and primordial means ancient. So they are the same person. Ancient Adam, Primordial Adam, they are the same person, and the Ancient of days is the way it is said in the Scripture. So I hope I answered that question.


            I think [INAUDIBLE] question.




            The harlot that is on the dragon -- the dragon [?Leviathan?who flieth on?],    which is evil, and the harlot is a human spirit, right. Are they going to be saved    o- -- and they are in the realm of Cain, and Cain is going to be put to death.




            Will either one of them be saved, or they going to be put to death also?


     That is a very good question. It is a very interesting question. The -- actually, the death of Cain is the ripping apart of those elements. Well, let me try again. This is really a good -- let me say it in a way that I hope you all can get it. It is very important.


     I have two hands, OK. Now if it were possible for my two hands to become one, if you can think of these two hands, is they are now a new entity. OK, I no longer have a left and a right hand. My fist came into existence. I now have -- this is a fist. I no longer have a left or a right hand. And when my fist dies, what happens? I now have a left and a right hand. What happened to the fist? OK. You cannot have both. You cannot have two hands and a fist, OK? It is one or the other.


     So the death of Cain is actually the liberation of the human spirit and Leviathan. OK.


            [CROSSTALK]. Now the --


     The human spirit, which is -- and which is actually the breath of Jehovah, which is the Shekinah again, gets purified by being thrown into the lake of fire, OK. And Leviathan, which is Abel, he is brought to repentance through trials and tribulations, and is born again as the second Adam, and Cain --




     -- ceases to exist.


            OK, amen. All right.






            Thank you.


     You are welcome. And that is what the lake of fire is. And the devil -- the false prophet is going to the lake of fire, and the devil is going -- the devil is -- I say the devil is the personality, which is the Nefesh, which is Cain, in agreement with his own corrupt mind. So he gets caught, thrown into the lake of fire, he breaks apart, and the human spirit gets purified, OK, and Leviathan is -- does not go into the lake of fire. The -- because that which can be burnt -- Leviathan is wood -- is purified with water -- with the water of the word, and the lake of fire -- what goes into the lake of fire is that which, not will be destroyed, but which will be purified, which is the human spirit.


     So that is what the trials are all about, brethren. All of your heartache, all of your trouble, all of your suffering, OK. God's motives in bringing this upon us is that we should be purified and ultimately return to eternal life. That is his purpose. But Jesus said to Paul, "Do not push against the pricks." Do not be reprobate silver. Do not be someone who is going through trial upon trial, and you are burning, and you are tormented, and you never get delivered. You never get purified. You never receive understanding or true repentance. You do not grow spiritually from the pain. I hope nobody here ever has their testimony about the pain. All of the pain you went through was for nothing. Let it be for spiritual growth.




     That is my prayer for all of us. In Jesus' name, amen.


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