Alternate Scriptural Translations by Living Epistles Ministries


Based in Port Jefferson Station, New York, Living Epistles Ministries was established by pastor, teacher, and author Sheila R. Vitale in 1988. Also an experienced translator, Ms. Vitale has provided Living Epistles Ministries with a number of alternate translations to scripture.


The Alternate Translation of the New Testament, for example, can be described as an amplified interpretation of spiritual principles only lightly touched on in other versions of the New Testament. Taking an especially esoteric approach to the original scripture, this new translation is a must-read for any family interested in developing a deeper understanding of scripture, though Ms. Vitale’s work should be viewed as a supplement to the New Testament, not a replacement.


The Alternate Translation of the Old Testament has similarly been developed as a valuable research aid for dedicated students of the Bible and those seeking a more meaningful spiritual connection with God.


Ms. Vitale has also published the Alternate Translation of the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John, as well as a number of original works. More information about her writings can be found at

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