An Overview of How the Christian Broadcasting Network Supports Israel


A teacher and expert in biblical teachings, Sheila Vitale is the author of more than 40 books and 1,000 audio lectures on spiritual topics. Ms. Vitale manages Christ-Centered Kabbalah and is the pastor of Living Epistles Ministries. Sheila Vitale also supports the work of organization’s such as Hadassah, Feed the Children, Family Radio, and the Christian Broadcasting Network.


A nonprofit charitable organization, Christian Broadcasting Network relies on public donations to support people in Israel in multiple ways. The network uses its funding for deploying humanitarian projects that focus on economic development, education, food distribution, and the provision of other forms of assistance.


Financial contributions to Christian Broadcasting Network are also used to support independent journalism operations in its Jerusalem-based news bureaus. These operations are devoted to sharing news from Jerusalem with the rest of the world through the production of podcasts, broadcasts, and online media. Film production is another means through which the network educates the world. Documentary films produced by the network tell the true history of Israel, explore the country’s culture, and support its right to exist.

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Christ-Centered Kabbalah is a part of Living Epistles Ministries, a not for profit corporation. As such, we do not: 1. Endorse or oppose either directly or indirectly any candidate for public office. 2. Donate or contribute to any candidate's campaign. 3. Participate or engage in political fundraising events, or otherwise solicit contributions for any candidate's campaign. 4. Distribute statements for or against a particular candidate. 5. Engage in any other activity that may favor or oppose a candidate.