Simple Tips for Effective Scriptural Study


Sheila Vitale is the founder and pastor of Christ-Centered Kabbalah and Living Epistles Ministries. An established author, Ms. Vitale has published numerous books and audio lectures. Sheila Vitale furthers the understanding of biblical teachings through her work with Christ-Centered Kabbalah and enjoys studying biblical scripture. Below are a few tips on how to enhance scriptural studies.


1. Create a reading plan. Decide how you will approach reading the bible. A bible reading plan may be helpful, and many good plans are available.


2. Check your understanding. As you read through biblical passages and chapters, ask yourself what you are understanding. If you fail to understand a particular scripture, ask your pastor to help clarify it for you.


3. Evaluate what you have read. Consult with others to be certain that your interpretation of what you have read is correct.


4. Apply what you have read to your life. The final goal of scriptural study is to personally apply the teachings in your life so that it might be transformed.

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