Not Without Blood, a Book by Sheila R. Vitale


Sheila Vitale serves as the founder and pastor of Living Epistles Ministries, a teaching ministry that publishes and distributes a range of Christian literature. In addition to her various leadership roles at Living Epistles Ministries, Sheila Vitale has authored dozens of books, including the paperback, "Not Without Blood."


Subtitled, "Understanding the New Covenant," Not Without Blood explains that Jesus' sacrifice gained access to the throne of God for all humanity, but each individual must offer up his own sin nature in exchange for Jesus' righteous nature. Jesus' spiritual DNA is the foundation and spiritual glue of "the Israel of God," a new spiritual nation consisting of people from all races and nationalities.


Specific topics covered in Not Without Blood include the three phases of the New Covenant, the forgiveness of sins, and the difference between the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ. Living Epistles Ministries originally published this book in August 2014.

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