Alternate Translation Of The New Testament By Sheila R. Vitale

As the founding teacher and pastor of Living Epistles Ministries (LEM) in New York, Sheila Vitale oversees a teaching ministry that provides Christian literature and access to audio lectures on spiritual principles. Sheila Vitale has authored several books based on her extensive studies in the Scripture and the New Testament. Among her signature works is the Alternate Translation of The New Testament, which is part of a three-volume series.


Its chapters present paraphrased translations of the New Testament, along with deeper, or amplified, examinations of spiritual principles only found by studying the Interlinear text. Multiple versions of Scripture verses are also included to demonstrate the progression of Ms. Vitale's understanding of them.


Numerous encyclopedias, dictionaries, and search engines were used to attain information regarding related topics. Additionally, meanings for Greek and Hebrew words were researched through two Interlinear Texts, three Hebrew-English dictionaries, and multiple Biblical Dictionaries. The book is meant to enhance understanding of the New Testament, rather than replace traditional translations.

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