A pastor with over 20 years of service, Sheila Vitale is the founder of the Living Epistles Ministries in New York. Sheila Vitale is also the founder of Christ-Centered Kabbalah, where she publishes and writes articles about this unique version of Kabbalah.


The purpose of Kabbalah is to discover and understand the underlying mysteries of the Torah, so that the most positive life experiences might be attained. The traditional methods include meditation on the Hebrew letters and gematria, a form of numerology based upon the numerical value of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Christ-Centered Kabbalah employs neither of those methods. which, basically, depend upon human intellect. Christ-Centered Kabbalah attains the goal of revelation knowledge of the mysteries of Torah through a relationship with the Man, Christ Jesus, which delivers the desired knowledge, directly, without any calculations, by the power of the Holy Spirit of God. Each aspect of revelation knowledge attained is linked to a particular degree of the morality. of God., so a knowledge of the Law is necessary, as well as the willingness to subsume one's own opinions, traditions and beliefs to those of God. The reward for such a sacrifice is revelation knowledge of the Scripture that is equal to the degree of morality that produces the longevity of life experienced by humanity before the deluge.


Pastor Vitale teaches twice weekly on the Christ-Centered Kabbalah You-Tube Channel, and maintains 3 additional You-Tube channels, the Living Epistles Channel, the Short Clips Channel and the Messages Read For U Channel.

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