Sheila Vitale established Port Jefferson Station, New York’s Living Epistles Ministries in 1988 and continues to oversee activities at the teaching ministry as a pastor and instructor. Sheila Vitale is also a prolific author whose publications include her personal, esoteric translations of both the Old and New Testaments. She is also the author of Adultery: Real and Spiritual Applications.


Released in 2017, "Adultery: Real and Spiritual Applications" functions as an in-depth exploration of the subject of adultery, as well as a series of related topics. Spiritual examinations of adultery range from discussions of the act as the foundational sin to marriage as an embodiment of an individual and couple’s link to Jesus. In regard to real-world applications, the book provides insights into topics like divorce, how adultery impacts children, and second marriages.


Adultery: Real and Spiritual Applications makes numerous references to scripture, including an explanation of 1st Corinthians 7:15. It also uses more contemporary examples of important talking points, including depictions of adultery in movies.


The book is available on Amazon, along with the author's additional writings. More information about Living Epistles Ministries can be found at

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