Sheila Vitale has been writing and publishing books of Judeo-Christian teaching and exegesis under the auspices of Living Epistles Ministries since she established this ministry in 1988. Sheila Vitale also delivers regular lectures, including the recent series called, "The King to Whom Peace Belongs."


Ms. Vitale live streamed The King to Whom Peace Belongs series in March and April of 2020. Recorded versions of these live streams remain available for public viewing through the Christ-Centered Kabbalah YouTube Channel, and, in total, the lectures span many hours.


Very little is said about Melchizedek in the Old Testament other than that he was a priest that appeared at the time that Abram returned from the slaughter of the kings. The New Testament, however, reveals that Melchizedek is a spiritual title (not the name of a person) that was inherited by the Lord Jesus Christ, the spiritual High Priest of the Order of priests from the tribe of Judah that is about to appear in the earth. He is called "The King To Whom Peace Belongs" in the Zohar, an esoteric commentary on the Torah, because Jehovah established this new priesthood, which requires an immortal High Priest, through "The Covenant of Peace" that he gave to "Phinehas and his seed." The Melchizedek priesthood replaces the Aronic priesthood, which descends from Aaron, Moses' brother and the first priest of Israel. Moses and Aaron were from the tribe of Levi. The Order of mortal Levite priests served Jehovah through the Israelite temple which no longer exists. The Order of Judean priests serve Jehovah through their immortal High Priest, the Lord Jesus Christ. Melchizedek unifies heaven and earth, which restores the relationship that Adam had with Jehovah before the fall. He is called “Christ Jesus” in the New Testament, the only Mediator between God and mankind.

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