Sheila Vitale is an experienced biblical teacher who dedicates her time to unique and esoteric translations of the Old and New Testaments. For the past three decades, Sheila Vitale has served as the founder and pastor of Living Epistles Ministries in Port Jefferson Station, New York.


Since its founding in 1987, Living Epistles Ministries has provided an array of biblical resources, teachings, interpretations, illustrations, and other media to the public. The organization offers many resources free of charge through, while also distributing free literature to lending libraries across the United States and maintaining a storefront on Amazon.


Living Epistles’ Amazon storefront features a range of Kindle Edition and paperback books for purchase. Currently, books available through the store include Christ Centered Kabbalah Media Catalogue, Phases of Creation, Three Israels, and even alternate translations of biblical passages. In addition, Ms. Vitale regularly posts updates to her blog, which are presented on the storefront’s main page.


To visit the Living Epistles store on Amazon, visit

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