Having studied the Bible and Torah for more than four decades, Pastor Sheila Vitale is the founder of Living Epistles Ministries (LEM), a publisher of Judeo-Christian literature. Drawing on her understanding of Jewish and Christian scripture, Sheila Vitale has authored dozens of books which are available through LEM’s website and Amazon. Two of her most recent publications are “The Latter End” and “Judah, The Church Today.”


“The Latter End” was published in August 2019. It is a comprehensive analysis of Zechariah Chapter 5 and Isaiah Chapter 6. Some topics in the book include The Battle Is in the Church, Understanding Symbols, and Fiery Trials.


“Judah, The Church Today” was published in December 2018. The book draws similarities between the conflict of Israel and Judah with the struggle between the spiritual and natural man. Topics covered include Judah’s Sins, The Love of God, and Put Away Evil.


Looking forward, Pastor Vitale is set to publish a book called “The Mystery of Melchizedek.” Grounded in her understanding of Hebrews, Chapter 7, the book will explain the transfer of authority of the priesthood of Israel from the tribe of Levi to Judah.

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