A Son Is Given



Sent: Monday, December 21, 2009 10:43 PM 

Subject: A Son is given - the spiritual man revelation


Pastor Vitale,


Hello, how are you doing, are you still snowed in, where you able to get out? I want to share a revelation with you that I had since Sunday meeting. A lot is flowing though my mind, so I hoped that I am able to explain it clearly.


Something you said caused me to think about the number seven. I was led to Genesis chapter 1. 1-31 and Genesis 2:1-3 this is where the revelation began. As I read those verses, I perceive that the creation days that are mention are spiritual energy centers and that it is the spiritual spinal column of the spiritual man. I know that you have many messages concerning the number seven, but I do not recall any of them talking about the separate days of creation as being the spinal column of the spiritual man.


As I continue to read Genesis chapter 2 it talks about the four rivers, then I perceived that Chapter 1 is talking about the spiritual body and chapter two talking about the head of the spiritual man. Both chapters could be talking about two spiritual men.


A SON IS GIVEN and that son is being formed in you. I agree with you that you are being caught up. I was told this when I was thinking about writing you tonight.


You are in the process of being caught up; also, you will drag us up to our own spiritual level of our spiritual maturity, wisdom, understanding and our relationship with the Lord. Being caught up comes with power to overcome the opposition within us. We must study, confess our sins, etc and continue the process towards being caught up in the spiritual spinal column of this first Adam before the fall. I mention to you in a pervious email that I had been reading the “Quantum Mechanics in Creation,” messages. I picked up part 16 message #385. This book comes close to my thoughts about the spiritual man of creation. See Illustration 1 in #385(16). That illustration shows the spiritual man with a spinal column with the seven seals. Furthermore, I was thinking about all of the messages that you had taught. It is coming from another level in spiritual energy center in the spiritual spinal column of the spiritual man.


I hope that my thoughts are not confusing and you are able to understand.


In Christ, XXX


Pastor Vitale's response:




Your revelation is true, only the Adam that you have in mind is not the Adam who fell.


The Adam who fell, fell from the World of Beriah (creation), the third world down.


Adam Kadmon, the primordial Adam who we read about in Gen 1 is the Adam you have in mind.


This AK never fell. On the contrary, we are all a part of him:


Acts 17:28

28For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.



The World of Adam Kadmon is the 1st world that we are capable of hearing about.


He is the mediator between the created worlds (the four we study) and the Ayn Sof, the Unlimited One.


He is the creator because he has been commanded by Jehovah to go forth and multiply.


The Adam who fell is a reproduction of himself in a lower world.


AK brought forth from within himself 10 energy centers, called Sefirot.


The lower 7 energy centers are called the 7 days of creation.


These 7 energy centers are in the process of being reproduced in us.


Each of the 7 is a world unto itself.


We must experience all 7 Worlds, and have many experiences in each of them.


These experiences of the days of creation, are building our new inner man inside of us.


We experience each world on many levels.


It is my opinion that anyone who is truly in Christ is experiencing all 7 worlds at the same time.


At some point the Lord Jesus who is in the World of Emanation, which is sustained by the World of AK, will join himself to us.


When this happens, we will experience the fullness of the third day of creation:


The energy that flows from the Ayn Sof through AK, and from AK through Jesus, will then flow through us, and we shall be restored to the life span that the beings on the other side of the Flood exprienced.


We shall be restored to longevity of Life, and live for hundreds of years.


At some point, we will be completely delivered from death.


God bless you.

Sheila R. Vitale,
Pastor, Teacher & Founder
Living Epistles Ministries
Christ-Centered Kabbalah

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