A Look At Kabbalah Part 3

A Look At Kabbalah Part 3


Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2008 7:46 PM


Subject: Questions from meeting


Pastor Vitale


I read the message "A Look At Kabbalah" 531.3 today. The following are questions from the meeting:


1. We know that the Doctrine Of Christ teaches that Leviathan is supposed to be the father and Satan is supposed to be the mother. But what happened to make Satan the father and Leviathan the mother?


This question came from the following comment in the message.




“COMMENT: Who is the mother and father on Satan's side?


COMMENT: PASTOR VITALE: Satan is the father, and Leviathan is the mother.”




Leviathan is the Father and Satan the mother. I had this wrong at the time that I preached this message, because, at the time, I saw Satan as more powerful than, and as the warhead behind Leviathan.


Today I understand that Satan is the female, but she is Jezebel, who has ascended above her husband and taken the authoritative role.


2. How did this process take place? Or how did Leviathan allow this to happen?




When Adam fell under the dominion of the Serpent, the whole creation turned upside down.




“PASTOR VITALE: Of whom? Cain [inaudible] PASTOR VITALE: That's right, but who are they the mother and father of?


COMMENT: The Fiery Serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the Fiery Serpent”




The fiery serpent is Cain, the offspring of the seed of the snake which was imparted to the Woman when she rejected Elohim’s instructions, and believed the Snake.


At the time that I preached this message, I thought that Cain and Abel were the fiery serpent. I thought that when Abel is underneath Cain, Abel is so overcome that the two are indistinguishable, and collectively known as “the fiery serpent.” This is why I said that Satan and Leviathan are the mother and father of the “whole” fiery serpent, i.e., both Cain and Abel.


Today, I know that this is not true. Abel continues to be distinguishable from Cain, even in captivity, where we see him described in the Book of Revelation as “another beast,” who has two horns and speaks like a dragon:


Rev 13:11

11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.





Now, brethren, common sense tells us that lambs do not have horns, right? So the correct translation is:


11, And I saw [Abel] rising from under [Cain’s] earth by the compound power (two horns) [of Satan and Leviathan], and he appeared to be [Abel], the lamb [of God], but he spoke as though he were [Cain], the dragon, [the child of the Snake]. (Alternate Translation Bible) ATB




The Lord Jesus, marries Abel while he is still captive under Cain’s ground, which awakens Abel from the sleep of death. The awakened Abel receives the “title,” of “Christ” (the anointed one), which indicates that Abel has been liberated “by faith,” and will begin, once again, to reveal the nature of God.


Wherefore, it is appropriate to say, “Abel, the Christ,” if we so desire. This understanding makes “the awakened Abel” and “Christ” interchangeable.


Abel is the lamb, and retains his identity as a lamb, even when he is completely overcome by Cain; that is, Abel is the lamb whether he is speaking the words of God, or the words of Cain.


Abel in captivity (still under Cain’s ground) has the righteousness of Christ imputed to him, i.e., the righteousness of faith, but is not righteous in and of himself.


This is why John identified Abel within Jesus as the “Lamb of God,” to distinguish him from the lost lambs of the other Judeans (Pharisees, etc) who were under the control of Cain, Satan and Leviathan.


Abel is “the Lamb of God” only after he ascends above Cain, and mounts her.


Jesus of Nazareth was not the Lamb of God. Abel within Jesus was the Lamb of God.


This understanding of the lamb is set forth in CCK message # 630, The Paschal Lamb, and confirmed by the alternate translation of Zechariah 9:9, as discussed in Part 2 of that message.


3. What happens to the energy of a member in the family who dies?


Does that energy fall upon family members?




Energy exists in two forms: spirit and soul. Those who have a soul from God, have two souls: mortal and immortal. That which belongs to God, the immortal soul and spirit, returns to God. That which belongs to the earth, the mortal soul, returns to its source, the group soul of the family that spawned it.


And if the energy is negative can we translate that energy from negative to positive energy?




Only by sacrificing Satan, Leviathan and Cain, the source of the negative energy, to the Lord Jesus.




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