Giants Noah And The Flood

Giants, Noah And The Flood


Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2007 2:02 PM

Pastor Vitale,


You mention that the word "Also" means "to sin with an apology"  I looked that word up 1571 and I don't see where you get that meaning.  It says (also, even, yea, though) and a few other meanings but nothing with regards to "to sin with an apology".  I also looked in the Gesenius' and don't see any mention of it.  Could you tell me what number you found that in the lexicon.


This comes from 604 CCK part 1, Giants, Noah and the flood.  If you go down to the third comment of the message and then your response and the second paragraph from your response you will find the definition of "Also"  I have underlined it for you.


COMMENT: Noah preached for twenty years.


PASTOR VITALE: And Adam’s first day was a hundred and twenty years. Is that not interesting. I wonder if Noah is not Adam at the end of the hundred and twenty years. You may say, But Sheila, Adam fell, but it says right here, I think we already read this in one of these verses that Adam repented. When Jehovah pronounced the hundred and twenty years upon him, and I am going to go over that with you again, Jehovah pronounced a hundred and twenty year judgment upon Adam after he repented, okay, and at the end of the hundred and twenty years, throughout the hundred and twenty years repented Noah preached to all of his evil offspring, and none of them repented, and then God locked Noah in, and wiped all of the evil descendants.


Is that not interesting? It is interesting to think about anyway. Let me go over this with you again, we are on verse 3, and Jehovah said, My Spirit shall not strive with Adam, the Hebrew word translated strive can be translated judge, and we know that Jehovah is a righteous judge and He judges sin, and there are consequences to sin. But Jehovah said, My Spirit shall not judge Adam, Adam is a translation of man, and then a translation of always is beyond time. The Hebrew word translated always is the word for immortality, I have been translating that word immortality or immortal for years now. The Hebrew word translated also, now this simple little innocent sounding word also, if you look it up in the Strong’s lexicon, there is nothing controversial about Strong’s at all, the word means to sin with an apology. You have to ask yourself why the King James translators would translate this word which means to sin with an apology as also, and the answer is, they did not know what else to do with it, because you cannot translate something that you do not comprehend. You can look at the words, and you will choose meanings of those words that fit in with the knowledge that you presently have.






Sent: Friday, June 01, 2007 6:19 AM



It appears that “to sin with an explanation” is a conclusion that I drew from the meaning of the Hebrew word and its roots.


Strong says the word means “lean.” I concluded that “lean” can be interpreted to mean “without oil.” I further concluded that to be “without oil” (the anointing) – means to be in a fallen state, which is called “sin.”


I then looked up the word in Gesenius and found that it can be understood to mean “except.” I put “to be in sin” together with “except,” and concluded that, when the context of the verse supported it, the Hebrew word translated “also” could be translated, “to sin with an exception,” or “to sin with an explanation.”


You will find these kinds of conclusions being drawn as a matter of course in Kabbalah teachings. Such conclusions are shocking to the Carnal Mind, but make absolute sense to the Christ Mind. This is why believers who are still in their Carnal Mind should not read or listen to Kabbalah teachings: When their Carnal Mind cannot follow along with this kind of “Christ Reasoning,” they will conclude that it is a false teaching, or come to some other negative and destructive conclusion.


The bottom line is that the written word is a point of contact, or “jumping off point, from which the Lord can lead the seeker into any aspect of Truth that He desires to bring them to.


Love, Pastor Vitale

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