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While I still have the energy to sit at the computer I have a dream that I dreamt last night. It's one of those silly ones.


[Pastor Sheila says:] this is an exciting dream -- definitely not silly, but spiritual


I dreamt that I had an empty space in my kitchen where the stove should be.


[Pastor Sheila says:] a kitchen is the place where food is prepared, and food is the source of the energy needed for life. The stove cooks the food, which converts the energy needed for life into an edible form. A kitchen without a stove suggests the availability of food in an inedible form.


The empty space within a kitchen might suggest the kabbalistic "empty space" in which all the worlds exist, separated from the Infinite One by a boundary. In this scenario, the stove would  represent the mechanism that converts the energy of the Infinite One into a form that would nourish the worlds


this is not my home here in XXXXX. It seams that when ever I dream about my home its a different home.


[Pastor Sheila says:] that's because this world is not your real home


Some people came to deliver the new stove in an old car from the 1920


[Pastor Sheila says:] a car represents a natural way of accomplishing something. The past signifies the "old ways," which signifies spiritual power.


 with a big back seat


[Pastor Sheila says:] subconscious part of the mind


and a big trunk.


[Pastor Sheila says:] unconscious part of the mind


Then managed to get it in the back seat. 


[Pastor Sheila says:] understanding concerning the nourishment and healing of the worlds has centered, or is about to enter the subconscious realm, where it can be recognized and understood


When the guy brought it into the kitchen he said "this is going to fill the empty space."


[Pastor Sheila says:] I believe the Lord is telling us that His spiritual power to meet our needs is moving into our world


I had no idea who these people were I have never seen them before nor were they anybody that I know if in my life.


[Pastor Sheila says:] They represent the Sefirot of the Lord, the vessels that contain His essence.


The Lord has been speaking to me about this issue, and you received a word of knowledge about it in a dream, because your whole family is sick, and you must have been crying out to Him, for relief  

God bless you and your whole family. May you recover quickly.


  Love XXXXX

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