Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 2:40 PM

Subject: Question On Leviathan


Pastor Vitale,


I was looking at the illustration for the LEM message 611 Salvation By Works where it has Abel as the fishes of the sea. In the past, I believe you've referred to fish as being the symbol for leviathan. My question is, how then does Leviathan relate to Abel?


[Pastor@LEM] Leviathan is to Christ Jesus as Cain is to Abel. Leviathan is the name of the collective fishes. She is the big Fish, the singular or unity or collective of all the fishes of Satan’s sea.


Just thinking aloud now - are they both symbolized by fish i.e. Abel on the righteous side and Leviathan on the unrighteous side?


[Pastor@LEM] yes, but they are in different worlds, or heights.


 Or is Leviathan actually Abel?


[Pastor@LEM] no, they are on opposite sides.


And then who is the dragon, I thought Leviathan was the dragon?


[Pastor@LEM] the dragon is in a higher world than Leviathan, and exercises a higher authority. I am not sure right now, but I think the Dragon is across from the Lord Jesus.


Can the dragon also be the fish?


[Pastor@LEM] technically yes, because Leviathan is the Fish and also a manifestation of the Dragon on a lower plane of consciousness.




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