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 By Pastor Sheila R. Vitale


  The Palace Of Adam Kadmon

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Chayyim Vital was Rabbi Luria’s primary student. Rabbi Luria did not write down his teachings and did not want them shared with anyone other than the inner circle of Kabbalah students that he taught. Rabbi Vital wrote down his understanding of Rabbi Luria’s teachings and published his notes in seven volumes called Etz Chaim (Tree of Life). The Palace of Adam Kadmon is the first volume, and the only volume, to date, to be translated into English.


Etz Chaim is authentic, kosher THEORETICAL (Philosophical) Kabbalah.


Many books have been written ABOUT Lurianic Kabbalah, but The Palace of Adam Kadmon sets forth Rabbi Luria basic teachings, which are preferred by the majority of Kabbalah students today. The popularity of The Tree of Life is second only to the Zohar.


532  -  Parallel Universes

542  -  Introducing Adam Kadmon

553  -  Circle, Pipe, Line

560  -  Shattered Vessels

883  -  How The Vessels Were Made [Video]

922  -  The House That Jack Built [Video]

944  -  The Gate Of Reincarnations - Chapter 7 (6 Parts)

987  -  Phinehas Is Elijah (7 Parts)

1120 - Kabbalah & The Son Of Man (4 Parts)

1121 - Adam Kadmon & The World Of Points (5 Parts)

1124 - About His Toenails (6 Parts)

1127 - The Descent Of The Seed [Video] 

1128 - Radical Kabbalah - The Book (3 Parts)

1129 - Primordial Kings, Spiritual Truth & Ascension [Video]

1130 - Shema, The 3-Fold Unity In Kabbalah & Ascension [Video]

1131 - The Third & Imminent Incarnation Of The Primordial Kings [Video]

1133 - The Kabbalah Of Second Thessalonians (3 Parts)

1134 - Female Waters, The Holy Spirit In Lurian Kabbalah (7 Parts)

1137 - The Head Of The Corner [Video]

1166 - Revelation 16 For Spiritual Adults (4 Parts)

1192 - Standing Against The Outsiders (4 Parts)

1207 - The Placeholder Angel, Another God [Video]



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